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W The publication ooe of the rto"j
emMvrn In At the northeast eonier of D end
Seventh street, seoond floor, orer W. D. Bhep.
herd's store. Entrance on Barents; street.
MuriiJ, nwurj II, IMS.
0T HeartlaK Nateer every paaje.-
The Senate, on Thursday, In the matter of
Ibc complaint! igalnet the Secretary of tha
Navy In connection with the employment of
Mr. Morgan In the purchase of rfseele, unanl
mously came to the just conclusion, that before
any action thould be taken to bla prejudice, be
should bare the opportunity to present his tide
of the case. Even the Impulsive 8enator, Mr.
Hale, who bad at first lavored a more summary
proceeding, yielded, at laat, to the justice of
this couree.
If Mr. Hale had known the whole history
of the cam tn " a New Bogland State," where
an Executive Council voted to diamlaa an ab
rvnl man from office, without a hearing, upon
the authority of a legislative report, be would
hardly hare expressed bis approval of It, or
bare cited It as a precedent to be followed.
Six months afterwards, the same Executive
CoudcH, after bearing the party concerned,
voted to reverse tbelr own decision, and did to
with the concurrence and approbation of the
autbor of the report upon which tbey had at
first acted.
The pergonal pmltyof the bead of the Navy
Department Is not put In question Tbe com
mission which he allowed upon the purchase
of vessels was tbe fixed mercantile commis
sion, the same, by tbe way, which has been al
lowed by another department, to other mer
chants in New York, upon purchases for the
Iiurnslde expedition, to the amount of a mil
lion of money. la the case of Mr. Morgan, the
circumstances, that he Is a relative (by mar
riage) of the Secretary of .the Navy, and that
tbe necessary purchases proved, in the end, to
l vastly greater than was originally expected,
naturally enough provoke comment Indeed,
we should be wantiog in frankness, if we did
not admit that they afford fair occasion for re
gret. But they weigh as nothing 'against the
tfflciency, honesty, and success with which the
rati conocrns of the Navy Department havt
bean administered elnce the 4th of March, and
wm Mive, too, lb it It will be shown, In the
end, tbat U e ommlrsioos allowed to Mr. Mor
gan are far lees than the sums saved to the
Government by his employment
J& Mr. Alexander Wolowskl, pianist and
composer, proposes, sometime next week, to
giro one or two grand operatlo concerts with
iwrvrnl ol the best artistes of the Italian Opera
The sime artiste gave a concert lately in Phil
adelphia, and we copy what one ol our con
temporaries says of their success:
"Tut. Mtnn.il, Kind Hill. A grand con
cert was given on r rlday evening tor tne bene
fit of the Volunteer Refreshment Saloons, and
have made soma wonderful discoveries at
tbat brilliant concert. Here In our very midst
we have had be most admirable prima donna
tar superior to any of those that Messrs. Stra-
koech and Ullman have given us. Wo want to
sav tbat we could nave bad the most accom
plfshrd and finished artist like Madame Gom'g
1 wolowaia, me riaiijrDier a brave general
She has a soprano sfogato (high) voice ol
great extent, a voice cultivated to the utmost
and capanle ol tne most Intricate execution
add'ng to this Ii-t peculiar grac, finish ol
stile, and an admirable m'lbod. Madame
G iner de Wolowsk sang bcr celebrated Echo
oodk in tne greatest perfection, and was en
iorcd. Her execution of tbecavatlna Lucia
and variations from De Deriot were wonderful
As to the Spanish Bolero, It was sung with
crest spirit and beauty, and was most enthusl
otically encored and most gracefully repeated
by tb chaimlog, graceful and attractive
prima donna, Madame Gomez de Wolowika.
Alier this great succew, we hope, of oourre, soon
in hear her again. Signor Rldolfl, a mortasree
blo and pon-erful birllooe, has an excellent
method, and is a perfect musician in science as
rell sj art, like all meat elns-ra are. Risnor
G Garibaldi, a rich, deep, mi How basso, Mich
Dins have never beard since the daya of Mart
i)l, full of fire, passion, youth and enthusiasm
Where has Garibaldi been hiding himself all
thl time, and allowing ui to be ralisfled with
tinkers not possessed of half hla merit ? Mr.
Alexander Woloweki, the great pianist, plaved
wilh wonderful execution and brilliancy; he
xecuiea reverai pieces ni nis own compost
lion, which were most enthusiastically recelv
rd, and us Musical Box repeated. la ooe
word, this coneert was tbe best of the s-a-son."
We cannot doubt f tbe success of these
artists In Wasbiogton, and If Mr. Bland, the
manager of our Theatre, could make arrange
menis with Mr. Wolowskl to have these arllsls
her, we think it would be beneficial to him
and very pleasant to our music loving public.
Tin lk'TCUiNMO.v Fimilt will giro one ol
l Mr sweet concerts to-night, at the rooms of
thn Young Men's Christian Association, direct
ly opposite Brown's Hotel. Tbey are ro well
koown In this city, that no enlogy by us is
necessary to induce an attendance. We would,
tbi-ri'lorr, simply say that those who desire to
hi-ar tbem should go early, lest they lose tbe
J- The Provoet Marshal General, at St.
Louts, lsud an order, January !, requiring all
publisher of newspspers, in tbe Slate of Mis
sourl.Bt. Leuta city papers excepted, to furnish
him a copy of each Issue for Inspection; a
lallure wilh whlc'i order will render tbe paper
liable to suppression.
,K-Tbe ,ir, In pursuance of tbe plot to
break down the legislative branch of the Gov
oinmeni, to which we called attention yester
day, contlnuee Its daily assaults upon Con
I ress.
p- Tbe captain of the British steamer which
recently arrived at Annapolis, is now in Wash
ington, the guest of Lord Lyoos.
roar RoTif- The steamer Oriental, at New
York, brings Port Royal advices lo the Clb
Inntant. Tbere is nothing new. Gen. Stevens
rtmsins In slaU quo. Two of bis regiments
bad returned to BUton. Head.
Gin. Dintul A order wm Issued from
the War Department yesterday, transferring
Gen. Bearer Iron Kansas to WecUrn Vlrflnle.
ruo ruHniTtox.
'On FrMViHon. A. W.'CUrk arejeated Um
TUi..nk rAmi Mm Turk rolaaleera
y-WM BvBw '-. - - - - -- IVMfirajlDC K
whfciUaOfgimBUlMiw)ri,inooBU., v
a full account of which trill appear In our ' ...... "f"t- ... ami
a Aetlets.
early it thoasead oeplea of the JtsaexV
itam are circulated among the floating pope!.
itoa every flay.boeteae ttelarge nasaber served
to reciter aibeerlbere. AdrerUMH will take
eoti ajoeoraaBgra
The lit etwre ef Dr. Chtsvtr.
The lecture of Rev. George B. Cheever, D. D.,
before tbe Washington Lecture Association,
upon the "Justice and Necessity of Immediate
Military Emancipation," was scarp ana aasa
In ma & tlamaaflua Made, burnlnc with tha
fiery aeal of conviction, olsar with the logio of
unonalned reason, and electrtoal In Its effect
upon the popular heart He took tne position
lhat alavarr was annihilated br the act of re
bellion ; that the Uovernment could only crush
the rebellion br conquering the rebel States
and reducing them to Territories; that our
armtea were acting only aa a police force, to
ruard lha ahoit of an Institution that had now
no existence under our Government; that the
loyal slave States were delaying the progress
of our arms more, aa friends, than they could
aa nnan enamlaa: tbat we should arm the
slaves, and sweep from the handa of rebellion
all mat can am it, ana proclaim, u not oy ue
Praaldanl. then br act of Conxress. the free
dom of every Individual In the land wbo yields
allegiance to ine oouniry. ne win noi auempi,
m riar. for want of room, even to aiva aa Idea
of the effort a few lines would utterly fall to
oompass it Dut win endeavor to give lis prom
inent points tn the next Issue. It was received
with voolfsrous applause br a crowded au
A Case of Allrctd Bigamy.
Yesterday afternoon, a preliminary examin
ation waa held before Justice Ulberaon, In tbe
case of Mrs. Augustsrfer.obarged with bigamy.
It appeared from the evidence that Mrs. Angus
terfer (whose maldsn name was Ellxabeth Yea
bower) waa married to John Auguaterfer about
tne year isoi, oy tne tier. d. v. riuais, ui mia
city. It was proved that, In consequenoe of
family feuds, they separated last April a year
ago her husband transferring to bar all his
real and personal property, for certain consid
erations. Subsequently, Augusterfer left Wash
ington, and enlisted aa a volunteer from the
nimia nf If laanurl. It waa acknowlednd on the
Rart of his wife that she bad received letters
om btm since his absence.
It was also shown By several witnesses tnat
the acoused acknowledged that she married
Charlea II. Johnson, on or about tbe 33d of Oc
tober, 1861, stating at the same time that she
had naara or ner ionner nusuacu a aeain. dot
eral of the witnesses attended tbe wedding fe-.
tival; and in addition to tnis, Justice waiter
firoduced a marriage certificate, under seal,
rom a reverend gentleman, whs performed
the matrimonial ceremonies on the 13d October,
18111, In the oity of Baltimore, In the presence
of two witnesses, giving tkelr names.
Justloe Waller testified tbat be was well
acquainted with Augusterfer and bll wife, and
a few daya previous to the 25th of December
last, received a remittance of 116 from Augus
terrer, with Instructions to divide It equally
between his three children.
Mr. J. H. Johnson represnted the prosecution,
and J. B. Bradley, Ben., Esq., tbe defendant.
Tha dahndant naa not present at the trial.
The evidence being clossd, Mr. Johnson pro
posed m argue ine case.
Mr. Brad,ey desired a postponement for tne
weeks, as a messenger had bean dispatched to
ascertain whether Augusterfer was dead or
Further proceeding la the lass were accord
ingly postp-nai until lha 31st Instant.
Death or Ooloml Godwin. C"ilnel B. ijod
win. well known In tbh wmmmily, died last
nleht, at hla residence i"Mr thin Ity, of an
affection of the heart. O'MieHlodwinreomved
to Alexandria from Die Interior 'f tbe 6tate
some years since, and, during bis residence lo
this community, has n many friends by a
cordial warmth of dlspaaltlon which haa been
very rarely equaled. He waa, at one time, a
member of the Virginia House of Delegates,
and, under tha Administration of Mr. Buch
anan, Colonel (1. beld the position of deputy
oolleutor ef the port of Alexandria. Many
regrets trtm our people will follow him lo bis
Cur Tuaotun sr lis The United States steam
tug Telegraph arrlt ed at this port laat night In
a sinking condition, iind waagroundsd in Prince
street dock. She was cut through astern about
sundown while near Fort Washington in en
dsavoring to tarn around. 8he had onboard
at tbe time soma Federal soldiers, who were
taken nfT by the buals of the United States brig
Perry. Tan corpses were also taken off. Tbe
UCai II.'IT II--I1 ill m'rti hiwi.utii rwiu nuv-
merged.aml her bow aground Loi.nl .Yttss,
Marriage la Hlgli Life.
On Thursday afternoon, a large and fashion
uhia aaaamhlaaa nf ladies and aenttemen con
gregated at tbe ohurth of the Epiphany, on U
atreet, oeiween iwailiuaim AuinevuiiiBiroaia,
to witness tne marriage oi waiter v. uaviuge,
a prominent member of the Washington bar,
with the accomplished Miss Fannie Washing
ton. The oeremony was performed by the
Rev. Dr. Hall. The happy pair, after receiving
the congratulations of their numerous friends,
started for New York, In the evening train, on
a bridal tour.
The I ad lea Herb Oselor,
Frum Jansdi, will deicriba dliesHS and tell his
patisats tbe nature ot their complalati or
Illness without recalling any la
formatioa from Ihcss
JVo I'Atigi fvr IbjKiiUatwn vr Ainu
oca aotro.
We aw, such Babes as haic no strife
With Natore or tha Laws of Life
With Blood oar hands we atver stsla
or polton mea to eae uitir pain
Our Father wucm all goodness tills,
1'rovldts the means to eore alt Ills.
I h sliaole II rbi bcBcatn oar fpcl.
Wcl. u,rd, relieve oar pain complete
A simple Herb, a simple I lower,
Call'd froai the dewy Lea
Iheee, thtse shsll pprak Willi tombing power
Of change aad health to thee
srastiiigton BuiilinQ, F.ni(i,azmutt afaurMfitmu'ej
taaU frvn BroKn'i ll'ittt
o oharge for Compilation jsnlt So
hllllagtoat's Prlaa Slatlonary Package,
rontalnlaa owsr rlftr eenta' worth of Gool Station.
ery, ahwoae piece of Jewelry Trice only v cents
(erpacsage. jan iu at
Whttahwrst. Ho. 434 Fiaa, Avtaas,
Is selling original carles At visits photographs
of Osnerals Scott, McClellan, Wool, Banks, Fre
mont, Butler, and others. Our likeness ol
McClellan is the latest published, and Is oon
aiiiarad tha heat In existence. Bee our photo-
graha In oil and water nniors. aiso portraits oi
distinguished men. Attention or military men
I is called to our full length lettertyues, for send
ling by mall. deo i3lm
India RabberOeetls.
Buobrr RUaWta tor BAlauri. si "I aaah
Bobber 1'oBcbos and Ulaalets cooiblted, 1160
India Rahh r Coats, whl'e and hlaok, S3 to each.
lad a Rubber Leaaini.Bl nr nalr.
And all kinds
Uaber Goods-lneludlBg Rabbcr
Boots aad Show, Bather Btopp r for Bottles. Door
H ati, Undersheetlng fjr Bedj la sickness, Ac , As , at
mSDaisciarers'pric, at it a HALL'S
India Rubber Warehouse,
aOH renniYlvBBia avenue,
dec 19-U Het Wlnth aad Teatb sts
On Thursday evening, tho Slh InstRHt, of
scariei isver, jinnib oaii,, ageu aevnn years
and eleven months, youngest child of William
u n.,1
ner muvrai win iaao piai;v irutp ma reai -
dance of Mrs. Tucker, No. V Ninth street, at
10) o'clook toil aornlog. '
.TM H.KNATE. .. ..
. I VamMTVefauory 10, lMt. &
Tha VICE PMMDKNT presented a coamu-
Icatton fro thi Governor of Maw Mexico,
bodying hi legislative mteeage and .other
refarrad i
y Mf. BUMNKRI From eilltsni of Maasa.
chusstts and New York, two petitions for the
abolition of slavery.
Br Mr. collameri From ueorge Kisaoau
Br Mr. POMEROY i From clt lane of Psnn-
srlvaBlLfor the. termination of slavery .with
me reoemon.
By Mr. WILKINSON t Two petition-, frosj
citizens of Minnesota, fer tbe abolition of sta
By Mr. HOWE i From ellltens of Wisconsin,
for an armory on Fox river.
He also presented a proposition therewith,
lenaerirg iana ana water power tor mat pur
coNTbrrcn xucttoN.
sir. iianti, as a question oi pnvuegeiooiain
ed the readlag of a newspaper article, charging
him with daairlne In atata off tha declaim an.
nn the Btanton Lane resolution till the meeting
of the Kansas Legislature next week, and
declared that he had not tendered bis raslina
tlon to the Governor or legislature of Kansas,
ner had he accepted the brigadier generalship
no kindly tsndsred him by the President and
Senate. Tbat, before be accepted the briga
dier generalship, he Intended to realgn, and to
gtve the Benate full notice ol that resignation.
That Colonel Wler'a testimony waa now here,
and he desired a rota. That the Kansas Legis
lature mat In retular session next Tuasdav. and
he would be glad lo have a vote before tbat
dar. That be nad no personal feellnta of hos
tility toward his contestant, exoept auch aa
would naturally be aroused by an attempt to
oust him from bis seat four days after be bad
taken It, and those feellogs be nad endeavored
to conceal in tnia oouy aaa eisswnere.
xxrrtsioN or bxnitoss.
Mr. TRUMBULL called up the resolution re
ported from the Judiciary Committee, expel
ling Mr. Johnson, of Missouri, from his seat In
the Senate. The report represented the Sen
ator to be absent from bis seat, not replying tn
ins cnarge prererrea a montn ago in tne Ben
ate; he had expressed lolent secession sent!
ments. and was supposed to be In tbe Confed
erate lines.
Mr. BAYARD expressed his willingness, for
these reasons, to rote for his emulsion.
He was expelled by a unanimous vote of
those present thirty-five Senators voting yea.
Mr. TEN EYCK moved the consideration ol
the resolution reported from tbe Judlo'iry Com
mittee, fur the expulslun of Mr. Polk, of Mis
souri, for reasons similar to those of the preri.
eus oaae. Atraed to br a unanimous vote.
On motion of Mr. TRfJMBULL. It was voted to
transmit these resolutions to the Legislature of
Un motion or Mr. URIMB3, the bill providing
for the better administration of orlminaljuatice
In tbe District of Columbia, was taken up and
amended In minor nolnta.
Mr. POWELL moved to add. In the section
providing tbe disoharge of prisoners against
whom the grand jury could find nn bills, after
theclauseexceptlngcertalo persons, the words
--ana lugiuve siavss," mat tney migni not oe
set at nearly wnn ine rest.
Mr. POWELL asked for the yeas and nays.
There was no quorum voting.
Mr. URIMIB had baan aatonlahad at tha rare
la'lon of horrors In tha District Jail, only sx
oeeded by those of the Bastile and of the pris
ons of Venloe. He found there 218 persons,
"black spirits and white, blue spirits and grey,"
ol all colors, ages, and both sexes, with little
regard lor degrees oi criminality nine ooys
being confined with murderers. One black
boy attracted hla attention particularly. He
was asaeu now long oe nau oeeninere. " une
year and four days." Whyf He bad run away.
" Are you a free boy !" "Yes." On inquiry,
he had been there thirteen months ana four
days. There was no evidence tbat be was a
sla e. A white man had been there alx months.
He had Implored bis Jailor to know Why he waa
imprisoned. He waa alok and anxious to cat
out. An order was fonnd for his dlioharge.
but he waa still tbere kept lu prison. Aootbsf
colored bor. a servant of an officer from Pitts.
burg, a free man, had lung been confined, and
was still there on tbe first of tbls month. Per
sons In the District were In tbe habit of laylag
in wan tor negroes wno anouia iraaverientiy
get a rod beyond tbe prescribed limits of tbe
old Maryland law, throw them into prison, and
obtain the fees acoruing.
Hs moved the bill be made the special order
fer Tuesday next. It was si ordered.
On motion of Mr. HALE, the consideration of
tn gunnoai dim, a part or tne unnntiiied oust
ness of yesterday, was postponed till Hop
On the motion to refer tbe papers affecting
tbe loyally of Mr. Btarke, of Oregon, to the
juaietsry uommmee,
Mr. BAYARD held that Mr. Btarke bad a con
atitullonal risht to bis seat, and that tha Ken
ate had nn authority to refuse to Hwear In a
senator constitutionally appoiaieu, inougn us
be guilty nf crime, or an Idiot. The remedy
was iouna in ine constitutional rignt oi two
thirds of tbe Benate to expel any member.
Mr. BUHNER adduced evidence lo prove that
each House bad the constitution! rlxht to
ludse of the election or auallfioiillnns of its
memoers. its gave as a preoeaent tne case or
rniup narton avey, or isaryiano, snowing loy
alty lo be held as a qualification.
Mr. COLLAMER wished to refer tho papers
to lbs Judlolarr Committee.
Mr. TBUMBULL aald the Benator from Dele,
ware would admit Jeff. Davie. Beauregard, and
the whole Confederate clan, upon the principle
ne naa announcea, ana protested venemenuy
acalnst the Justice and loraltr nf the position.
On the Question of reference to the Judlclarr
Committee, Mr. BAYABD asked for the yeaa
and nays; wblch were taken yeas 28, naya II,
as touows:
YEAS Messrs. Anlhonv. Bruwnlnr. Chand
ler, Collamer, Cowan, Davis, Dixon, Doullttle,
Fesssndsn, Foster, Orlmes, Hale, Harlan, Har
ris, Mowe, Johnson of Tennessee, King, Lane
of Indiana, Lane of Kansas, Morrill, Pomeroy,
Sherman, Blmmnns, Sumner, Ten Eyuk, Trum
bull, Wade, and Wilson U.
NAYS Messrs. Bayard, Bright, Carlile, Ken
nedy, Latbam, Nesmitb, Pearce, Powell, Rice,
Saulsbury, and Thomson 11.
ArrOI.NTHXtfT Of blTLlllM.
Mr. WIL30N called up the bill for tbe ap
pointment of sutlers In the United States army.
After the adoption of amendments, one of them
allowing sutlers to credit soldiers to amount of
one rourtn oi tneir wages.
u,. i.ank. or Kansas, moveo to Birixe out an
after the enacting clause, and substitute a
provision abolishing regimental and nrigaae
autiarahlos in the armv of the United States.
He knew of nothing sold br sutlers tbat
was needed by tbe soldier. The offloe Is a
nuisance to tbe service, (luard the sutler as
yon may, be will sell liquor.
Ur. wir.lON tbouxbt the abuses of the sts
tern would be corrected by this bill, ne bad
bean abused as never before in his life, libelled
and slandered, receiving anonymous notes
threatening violence, by persons interested In
the business. He was moved by no personal
feeling, but acted only from considerations of
puhllo good. He would cut up tbls abuse, root
Mr. LANE said the only way to keep liquor
out of tbe army, was to Keep out tbe sutlers.
Tk. H.nnior waa kissing the band lhat emote
him. Threats Bnouia naio iiqviucu nimiupm
down tbe whole system.
Ur. TbiS t,Xi;n.aoiGl'uflu biih-ib atnmi iub
sweeping ebarges mads againul them. Thsre
... hnnut and honorable men among them.
it. nni.KINRON haltered this law would be
abused as well as tbe old one. Many officers
were Interested wun me ruuere, ana tue law
could not be enforoed.
Mr. WILSON detailed many of the abuses of
k. ...tm. nf two hundred and five reclmenta
In the servloe, one hundred and forty-one of
tbelr BllllOrS SOia liquor, nemo m meui uu
list of one hundred articles sold: It should not
contain a firth, psrbaps not more than a tenth
...... artlolaa. The br gade sutler in Bloklea'
I brigade received large sums, at every payment
I "I'lfr V. C ...lr-.nl! aiilWa. rni-
ioi too ibbu,iivim ---.------v -i '"
their privilege. A single ludivldua bad the oon.
trcl of seven uUiriblpi, and rsoslved Minor.
mons Income without a dollar, Invested. The
suuara were at tha rata of .10,001,000
mt raart aftaatt 15,009,000 of wMoh wm pr nt.
nnwwir.UH.il esia,"ixiss no ns'
I klsa no nand.
MUjrmauikee me or not." (, . ,.
. Exoept tkfjadli
ood'i oinr wmu 2
DKN objeoted to H Ml t tHo
movea to rerer.n oaoi so ti
moved to arawieVaV
Ittdrt a' Bill aBOtlants
ing tobanoo in amy Rations. ,
i.wniHaii ninicBituufni.il au WTH, rra
aneoeaearjervtl; buttle Waa not prepared te
rerard them aa an art!. Ha eltad an Instance
in wbloh a tutlir bad saved much suffering to
fa reailnent br aitin credit to aoldlars.. ....
iMr.OARLlLEske Indignantly against the
sharks that followed the soldiers who ware
fighting Um kattUa of the Muatif . .- -
A motion here being made lo adjourn,
Mr. BICE offend a .resolution ,te' emend tbe
ralss, ao that fire 'dollars be deducted from
the pay of every Senator absent upon adjourn,
Bsnl. ' ' ' . '
on motion of Mr. DIXON, the u and nays
were tailed upon. the question of amendment, r.
'Daring th call or the roll, lie aSMnUea re
tirnedi and tbe, Vote etood-yeas lli nays It. .
"Adjournarl. "-' ' '
The SPEAKER staUd that tbe first business
before the House was the demand for the pre
vious question, but as this was prl vats bill day.
It woald ro over until Tueadar neit
The srriAKHH laid oerore the Mouse a com'
musloatlon iron the Secretary of War, in an
swer to a resolution caHIni tor information
relative to the battle ol Ball's Blafl. , He autea
that measures have been taken to ascertain
wbo waa responsioie, out it would not oe com
patible to nuke known these measures at the
preseat time. Referred to the Mint commutes
to iDquiro uiiu mn wniuvvi ui iuv war.
Mr. WRIUHTi of Pennsrlvanla. reported 'a
lotnt resolution from the Committee on Mllllarr
aiairs, autavnzing tne oeoretary oi war lo
teat Sanderson's breeoh-losjdlng cannon. Re
ferred. ' Mr. BL IKE, of Ohio, offered a resolution In
structing the Committee on Military Affairs to
leportto the Bouse, by bill or otherwise, bow
M.M.nl.Mlil.MlhM. . mrtmr I Ik. ..
and now many are required fur the service of
tie united mates army.
Also, to dismiss all but those that are abio
lutalr nscsssarr. Adopted.
un motion or air. mr.vbns, tne nouse went
Into Committee of tbe Whole on the slate of the
Union, (Mr. Campbell, or I'ennsylrania, In the
chair,) and took np House bill making appro
priations for the civil expenses of the Uovern
ment, Mr. MoKNIQHT. of Pennsrlvanla. waa In
favor of reconsidering an amendment that was
raoiea ins oinsr usy, cutting on ineworxoi
he coast surver.
Mr. BIDDLE. of Pennsrlvanla. did not for a
moment suppose It waa nscessary that tbe
operations of the ooaat survey thould be sue-
f tended during the continuance of thla rebel
If, as It was said to be, self-defence is the
first law of nature, the work ought to be ion
tinued, for It can only serve the Government,
while It waa impossible tbat It could enure to
tbe benefit of the rebels.
Mr. FESSENDEN, of Maine, thought that this
coast survey work ought not to be retrenched.
Mr. CRISF1ELD, of Maryland, aald it was aaa
malts of economy that It waa desired to sus
pend Hie admitted useful Work. But It was not
eoonomy, for It would be Impossible to celled
together tbe valuable employees, If once they
were disbanded. The suspension of the work.
In this view, was a measure of extravagance
If the work was to progress In tbe future, let
them not lose the advantage already gained.
He hoped that when the subjsct came before
tbe House, It would strike out the whole pro
tlso, and that It would Insist on prosecn log
the work.
U. UlVUAnfl fW.--uaA. ..MIk.M.M.
Si, naJnw, vi imuinnf,wi in yivy
osltlon was simply to continue the expenditure
of a half million for lha banaflt of a few sen
tlemen who bad light work and large pay. It
waa unwise ana imprunent to continue toe
usslsss and expensive work, which was neither
of service to tbe pursuits of peaceful com
merce, nor el beneat in prosecuting tnis war
esneclallr at thla time when their coasts are
overrun with privateers. He was In favor of
the proviso.
sir. t. a. lAinnunu was is lavor oi re
l"1"""" all the expensss to i their utmost at the
present time, and he believed tbat the coast
survey oeiongea to mat category.
Mr. PIKE, of Maine, tbouxbt the coast survey
waa more of aluxurv than anvthlnz else, and
therefore, he was vt Ifllng to dispense with that
institution. .
Mr. R. CONKLUiU, of New York, was not in
favor nf disbanding this coast survsy.
Mr. MoKNIOHra amendment. not to atop the
Mr. STEVENS moved to restore that portion
of tha aacond section of the bill for the neces
sary expenses in oarrylng Into effect the act of
July IT, Inn l, ana tne actoi Augusts, taui, id
addition to tha anpronrlatlona made br these
acts, lor tnose onjeois, one nunerea tnousana
Mr. DAWES, of Hassaohuaslts, aald It was
said, tbe other day, that tbe Government could
uot go on without these appropriations were
made, and that these men would not budge an
Inch, except they bad seven hundred and fifty
thousand dollars. If so, 1st othsr parties do
tbe work. If tbey think tbey hate got such
bold on tbe treaaury that tbey oan fix tbelr
own price, and dictate terms to tbe Govern
ment, It IB lime tne uuiernnieni Knew it. na
would frankly say that, forthrse hundred thou
a nd dollars, thsy would engrave aa many
treatury notes aa would ahlogle the whnle
Bnutbern Confederacy all over. If the Gov
rnmant i-annol io on without xorainx traltora
or allowing those wbo stand In the plaoeeof
traitors and aiciaie terms to u. it is time tue
country knew it. Tbe honorable gentleman
Mr. Stsveks cannot show lhat the demands
made by the country upon us, and scrutinise
and mil off these ex-rescences and charge
against the treasury. He would tell him, when
he comes with a tax of une hundred and fifteen
millions of dollars upon tbe people, he will
thei asoertala tbat the people have tbelr eyes
open lo these things. The whisky rebellion
iDua nnnirh tn ralBa an arntr.and teoall Wash
ington from his retlremont to put It down. He
Will noa mat un cauiiui vuiuruo m mi ui uun
k,.r.ArmA nd efiT mllllonB to oarrr on the Uov
ernment, unless he shows slnoerlty in his de
mand IO OUl OU anu uuiiail IUI iibuub nuu
blunders of the treasury. ...... ...
Mr. WAbtlDUtuv, 1)1 lllluuia, ran mat ub uiu
cot; and be oouldsay forerery member of that
committee that they had no Idea to attash any
blame to the Beoretary ol the Treasury. He
had the highest opinion of the Secretary. He
.......ci.1 h u lha beat officer that waa ever at
tached to tbe Uovernment since its foundation,
nut aven excepting A. Hamilton, of whom Mr.
Webster said, " be plaoed his hand upon tbe
dead bodr Ol creait, ana u sprung lutu wo.
Mr. STEVENS moved tbat the committee rise,
and limit the aeoate to ooa nuuuu. Agrveu iu,
The House again resolved Itself Into Commit
-. .fih. Whola.
Mr. MOnniLL, of Vermont , defended the Beo
r u.'niNHHAU.of Ohio, waa willing to agree
with Mr. Dawes, that the people would not be
wllliog to pay heavy war taies, unless the Treas
ury shall be protsotsd from plunder; but at tbe
same lime tbey did nnt demand tbat contracts
should be repudiated on hearsay information.
Mr. RICHARDSON thought that the plunderere
against tbe Treasury ought to be punished the
same as criminals.
Mr. STEVENS' motion was lost.
So the clause was stricken out.
Mr. STEVENS moved that the committee rise,
and report tbe bill to the House with sundry
amendments. Agreed to.
Mr. BEDOW1CK, ef New York, said, before
the vote was taken upon these separate amend
ments that have been adopted by the commit
tee, and now before the House, be proposed to
direct bis remarks spsolally to the aot of July
17, making appropriation lur engraiui iraaa
nry notes, and wbluh waa stricken out br tbe
oornmiltee. If these amendments are to be
.nni.H ihar are adopted upon tbe ground
that tbere have been fraudulent contract! made
between the Beoretary of the Treasury and
the engravers.wbohavB contraoted ror furnish
Iiik these notss. Tbe result must be that the
Secretary must rest uudsr the Imputation or
resign bis offloe. llefnre tbe House pass upon
such, ho would beg gentlemen to pause and
consider the evioenon upon woicu msy uave
7rr...:.j ,t,i. ,HmBnt
P't Ji,iVifonttltiu gsid nobodr
laatracwooa to n
shirs, and loolui
Um ntotlttan 4
bad Intimated that there ever.was any charge)
aglnst the Secretary. o
Mr. DAWE4. nf MaasanhaaatU. ahead a raa.
outlon Instructing tbe Committee oa Military
mere ieanyiegierauoo
nan t't ofBpltal M
f 6i4 Fnlaski Continue! hr kw-
- wulUi upH oar Troopev -
THI UHU DXriATXD IK A sklxjiisV.
Charlsattn find laraiiai sUilteii te be Takei.
tWtaadera MatfaatS oeawatreeiaaeeisiaai
rttt kU taiaettt.lt
TnMAt Fight brt wi Imi. iitktM int IvlTjr
Warlike fPsweeesllBie a Caiew.
JVeto rort, January 10, Twelve vessels are
now walling storage for oargoee at Port Royal,
and new storehouses are to be Immediately
constructed. -
Our forces at Tybee Island have been In
creased to about three thousand.
We learn from Port Royal that Fort Pulaski
continues firing upon our troops.
Ooe private waa killed In a skirmish on the
5th Instant, between the rebels' and 'a part of
General Sherman's force on the mainland. The
skirmish resulted In a eerloue Ices to the rebels,
besides asren prisoners.
Commodore Dupont has sent thirty-live hun
dred men to reinforce General, Sherman for
the purpose of making aollve operations on the
railroad bstween Savannah and Charleston,
and has also severely censured Sherman for
want of activity In conducting affairs.
Reinforcements are daily arriving it Port
All the troops are In good health, and eager
for a fight. Progress te being made in the ool-
leollon of the notion orop.
Negroes are continually arriving within our
Frederick. Jan. 10 It Is reported and be
lieved here thatfJeneral Jaoksonbas appeared
before Romoer. Virginia, In force, with the In
tention of making an a'taok upon General
11 Is probable lhat ueneral Reliy will he sum-
oiently strengthened before General Jackson
oan make his propossd attaok, so lhat tbe con
flict will result In a signal defeat of the enemy.
Cairo. January 10. Owlet to the dense fog,
the expedition southward Is delayed.
A portion or tbe roroe naa neen oispaicnea
to Sterling Point. Tho remainder will be put
in motion to morrow, should the weather per
hclw.0 oiariTcn.
Cairo. January 10. This place presents an
unusually warlike appearance. All Is anima
tion. The treops have been thoroughly pre
pared for the great work before them. The
soldiers are evidently impatient for an onward
The fog la rising, and the great expedition
will probably start today.
The troops and stores an all on board, and
the steamers and gunboats are ready to leave.
Baltimore, Jan. 10. The Old Point boat haa
The flag of truce from Norfolk brought dowi
some prisoners dui no news.
naiTii nr aAiinaL rfit.T.
Hartford, Jan. 10. Col. Samuel Colt dial thla
Tbe firearms faotory will be carried on by
tbe present corporation.
Atinaoolu, Jan. 9 A portion of the fleet
bearing tbe troops of Oenersl Burnstde's eipe
dltlon, consisting nf the Finland Second Brig.
Haa aallad Ihla mornlna about 9 o'clock, and
tha easels bearing the remainder of the troops t
at the preseat writing nave aiaamea up anawiu
probably move In a .short time.
8W0ID rarsxNTATioa.
Immediately after drees parade last evening,
Sergeant McMurray, In bebali of the non-com-
mlesed officers of tbe Twenty first New York
volunteers, In a neat speech, presented tbelr
Colonel, W. F. Rouxtu, wlib an elegant sword,
belt, and aaab.
Tbe Colonel received the present In very
graceful manner, and tbe affair passed off In
very satisfactory manner to all concerned. Tbe
sword, belt, and sash, cost 1160, and was pur
chased oi Galt.it Brothers, on Pennsylvania
i. i -I i -i
an- IMITIleOrllAfl bKOTUKSH. Bbt,
Dr. II. W, l'ujo, President of Camberlaad Col
lege, Keatuoly, will leoture oa Tiesday evselag,
Jsnaary Uth Hubt "Jsrro at Mosiic.ii.-
Tha public ars latlted.admlttaaee free. The doors
will be opeard at T r. a., aaa eiosea precisely at
wbw the lecture will commence
jta 11 BSITSt
gta-Partlealar Rallea. Tbe writer of several
anonymous (meuilly) notes to a lauy wan aas an.
minlerad tha vsuom Of a iitsJwPtiM maaUewUl fnc-
UoMry, (of the lrbe of Bajamin,) and bis eallre
keaael.wlll coaler a great favor by making blmell
known to tha parly agglievsa. ins ocjacv is it
dresB-lol, if polbto. Jsn -3t
lha Investor calls the attention of Natters and
oihirs to I his asefal Invention A House cea be
tullt by this Investor without sails, screws, or
llarnes sad ".tables built la tha lama way. It
can ha Put ao and taken Sown wlthost lalary to lbs
Orders can be left wiui
HAwUEL WIHE. Builder.
No ma K street, near 1 Mr eenlb
j ii '-lm tatar Washington, D V.
w inliiia.arl.l.KHa WAHTRD- A lew
I i hundred more L'qaor Kellers wealed la thla
rllrtoopen Restaurants, llefedorles, Taveras, and
lucgshops, la order that tha 1'olca aad l'roroat
(lasrd may hsva fall employatent, aad ths JsU,
l'enlientlary, sad l'oorhoase rasyba kept fed ef
Criminals and l'aopers For tha
Jsall t rcstic Coop
1 111 subscribers have seeured Ibeaxeasj 'tot Msry
land, Uutrlot of Colurabls, and VTrgtele, for ths
ff.lt of
tMllaaaatas rlllhraUd AmiT CtlftlaTt
s strong Caas seat Chair, with back that .fold-1 up as
Jeill-" Oonsr lentil sad D streets.
snins vwnqHKamM
rpaseaaawin afBynyi
W Jit '
leda&it. wlaSti
KbqU thblsHHi
atWursVti. Vn 'SfN..
i mar. anaafl
atl bill. m. ttous
tfuspt. "
ive aaetner er sbeir pupu-
vm auuiaii w, ai w
,TH!tg HWl
ItsttitllM. louinm
Tlekets, to sll parts of the Ileass Metals
Deets opt! at t Coaeert will eeauaeeee at t
o'cleek. mil
laxoaaa oiimiTva
" opsAA ncorraii
.-a' '
fmf tbntm iriirr, leTWKK AM) 1
. -Oaeaaairjatwith.
' i &vm Broud leoy JVew Forfc,
., ' CcatftWag lsef lbs, " . .
. . i- , flCklfj a-TABf Or. MlMITftaUf !
The settle' MtertaliaMit ladertbe fassMdlate dl-
" . '.eioMicamitttv -
rta anw ii liaaal rtamsr ay JNaati ilri
rststt)sr....i.i i Oeetfe Christy.
Other, characters br las eeaaeaar.
' 1ns asmal melaage'nf Blagtaar, Daaeleg, Bar-
Hfqaa vpani, , ., dj taa wnvia eonpaay.
Aeauetoe. Psre,astte, te oeats, OaUery, cents.
, a-pa preparaHn; HEW TBAB'8 CALLS.
Jsn II
- B TIB -,- .
Xaeaa A.aaa.OX'aa 2le9aa Jklpssa
WARD (a his great Ceapa Volavtb
Aftsrooea parrbraaB(e,8ATtniDAT Afleraoea,
at t bWor,lbr Ladies sad Children, with quaatt
tie of r.e-aate. A superb to Wig Dress.
SV All er tas immbbsb uoaraar at every aaier
Ulomeot. Jta e
E strati, itweaa Mlath and Tsath streets.
i i r r Tuesdays aad Fridays.
ODD FELLOW' BALL; Navy Yard, -Mondsys
aad TherMsys
For terme aad etreslan, call on
At S. W. TlroastiBoa'srarahadag Btors.STSTiaa.
erlvaala avsoaa, Between fitatb and Beveath streets,
dee W-lss. ,
t BB. avnainuiB, wmm nfnnB
J !.. Ilnrltr tit Phlladllhla. 1
I Doctor, of PhlUdeisnia, wiu Be la wssn-
- B TT T"". .-1 ..' .i i.:T L' Z
IBfTQa, SI IBB anux nTB m ni, n. o ti niiimbii
ofksvBatk strset sad Leakaaaa aveaae, la Wedaes-
on, at tne drag sieve oi sir. n. a wuie.ewratr
III lhat ere eomjlalarBg wHh Coaghs, Colds. Coa
uaetlea, Lrr-r ComplaTai. or Drsfeaele. saeaM
can ea bias. Ha oan ealy star oee lay. ftBgtrvs
atvtea free, bat chargee three dollars for a tboreeg
eaaauaaisoB wiia ais rcppinnswivr.
Midlers will he easmlaed for eee dallar each. ,
Dr. B. Walla, always ass a rail eappur c
Schaack's andlelme en bead. Jan II-
of Dr
cuuen oaiiot,
Ami all mcipUni ftagts of Consumption
Kr, -to, wh0l-.o..dor9.U.i,bj:
Corner Marytaad aveaas and Beveits. St.
tharlea Allei, W. H EntwMe,
I) ll.cuik, JohaB. Major,
I. M fcaritb, . V Majer,
II. II. Merhersoa, J. W. Natre,
rl.c (oH, J. D. O'Deaatl,
J. 1. MUbare, .. F. Darnoa,
Crurles 8tott. D.U aUagely. , ,
laUsorgatowa bytUdwsU.astsuwoiiTSclsTsU.sad
BASrt t. D. OILMAN, ,
Fsaa. avsaas. near Brawa's Hotel.
Aid by Druggists aad Sutlers generally
rosao ai
mavllx-osocl. XSepot,
And uoie in fA (foetrnmmt Warhowt, mar tin
II B ritsrr, tub. rest N T veil, 1 bee;
p I" I'ltklB. Qrmr id reft Vt vefs, boxes
t 'ol D II WluissBS, siet Vaeaa vols, t bexse
W A Beaksr, SMh regt N T vols. I keg .
U C llalghl, IHh real N T voU, 1 barrel
lUr E irifewes, llth regt N Pvols, 1 hex
Lreat V V Van l'attn, ed legt, 3 boxes
TDea uaaeaa, ucraaa-B o o, i vox
Col MeL Marpby, 1 box
7Mh rest N 8 V, boxes,
MaJ 1' M De Zaai, let regt L I V, 1 best
Uoaapaar K, ssth n T vels, 1 box
i:, Dll Vlotoa.ildN YvoU.l box
J W UaaUllae, lltb A Y vols.l box
CM rl W Black, t bos .
MUirB Tompkins, 1 box
Miss DLDIx, I boxes
1,. Col Basils, lib regt Ex Brig, 1 box
uoi Hsraaa-B cnarpsiiaoiT, i ova
Coeapaay F, Sib Ceaa regt, 1 box
UtptTl 0 Tboeo. IJtb JTY T H, 1
I box
II ntonoam, estra x v o, i pox
Lt Col J A Halter, Mtb M T V rj, 1 boa
Si Malae regt, I box . . ,
LtColManh,iethNJveta,l box
Lt KaasaU, U M IMJs N T voU, 1 box
LtCol BBMdtot,lDex
Ool W It 11 Davis. Comd Light Battery, bexee
m kbe liatta y, SO boxes
Coraaaav A, M rsgt H T H M. 1 Box
I.tColU t 1 nomas, dd regt, i box
Cspt Teates, ssd legt, 1 banal and 2 boats
J ft Csshmaa, Q MAtk VI, 1 box
H 1'roetor, U M sd Vt, 1 box
O B Brauerd.Q at We Vt.aboxee
JWClsrto.UMSthVl.lbox .
Ptnn Reserve Brigade, Use MeCall, 11 boxes
De Kalb regt, 1 hex
Cart J II JtaklBS, Uth regt. 1 box
W letsaer, U Maine regf i box
II UeanasBay. Sd VI i voU, 1 hex
A T rieversnse.eUi Mala. I boxes
Col McCsnn, llth N T vols, 1 box
B Alklnsoa, 1 regt, 1 box
R L Batsbelder, 1st N H, 1 bag
I" Kabbaa.tltb regt, 1 box
Capt ED Bryant Jd,ltleji I box
Co A and II, elk Malae, 11 box
Cast U W Lumberl, eth Mlsb, 1 box
(lea HeComb.l box
W It Covert, tttifN T B V. V box
W Merrill, ad New Jsnar,l box
U 8 White, Id Vermont. 1 box
I, W l'riee, CJ H eth Msiae, 1 box
I, II Harden, tsd regt, 1 box
Hldaar Tllley.'i-I Vt.l box
u M .Foots, MKV V, j boxes.
Cipt Keyaolds, th N J, 1 box
eta Maaa MUiila, s boxes
Mbmilh.e-hN Jtbox
Miss l'ewsU.Uov't IIcspltaLl box
I.t A U Wiash, 1Mb N t B V, 1 box
MIIKIee.lsthN YHV.lbox
J M Uwto, Stewart's Eagr regt, 1 bex
O F Walls, Id N 1 VoU.1 box
H llsaaet, Cala reg,l box
Hev N Wilaoa, 3Stn Peana regt, 1 box
(I II (lailek, Firs Zoaaves, id x
Capt J H White, ssth I'. V. 1 box
C F Bkhersea, td Maine. 1 box
HDr.par,,rth.NYV,lW uB0CJtEB
Jsn 11 iw Quartermaster, Ac
WASTXD-A aitaatlan asVlaltlaaj or
Blsint TKACHKB la a School or Family
Re'erencMWllI Is given Is '.former emjdorsr sod
naironi la ine uuivt iM,p-r, w.. ,..
Jan 11
Washington .D C
-.wTaawaeni WAHTKni90O Il
W to do setvlee la the DbUiel of Cotara
Immediately at Ne. sn Seventh rtroetjbet
ml B1IWB1B.
J urt receiving, ths lsrgest stock ol
la Washington. .
Writlag DiaU, Dresdng CaaM Portfolios, Dlreo-
lion and Alphabet BlC4k,BaiBiFboto.
giaoh Albums, QUI aad MUceL
laaeour Books, la great
varieties, at war
(i.H.mlM.at ailfif" anun
' lleaiie
lee st Corner Seventh and
nd is sueete.
g4lWiTDiLOt fcv mu, JaiHJait iijm;
I v Wheal ehorM prograsuM wilt be preseated.

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