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rabttiM Ml', tap , ,K.
otonot m. wciton, imtor.
star The pibUoaeteja Mm ofshe JvWiewea
ft,uMttm littUi north ooraar of D u4
t'rventh street, MOOM loot, emr- W. D. Bhep
1 ei d'.i store. abUM oa Bevrnth street.
fetwiay, Haitk 1, IMS.
lUTUTHtHi marmor.
In tbe Senate yesterday, Mr. Cuu offered a
substitute for (bblll la abolish slavery In
this District, reported by Mr. Morutru, from
the District Committee.
Soma 'of lb additional provisions la tbe
substitute propcied by Mr. Cuu, asem to be
It allowi no compensation for alar children
under tbe age of fire years, whom It tnnu OTr
to tbe guardianship of tbelr parents, next ot
Un, or tbe municipal authority.
In respect to eleves of alzty years of age and
upwards, It provides that tbelr Talus shall be
paid to tbe municipal authorities for the sap-
port of each slaves. Tbls is, we sappose, upon
tbe principle that all which slaves can earn
alter that age, or, la other words, tbe Talus of
their services, Is not more than soOctent to
provide for tbelr maintenance to the end of
tbelr lires, aa obligation now resting upon
tbelr owners, and tbe performance of wblcb
cannot be practically secured In any other
way, If ilaTery is abolished.
Instead ot providing a special commission to
appraise the Talne of the sUtcs to be liberated,
It dsrolTes that duty upon an existing trlbu
nal, tbe Court of Claims.
One of Its proTistons ha a bearing beyond
this District, being, In fact, a modification ot
the fugltlTe slave law, wherever applicable.
Tbls modification is, In substance, that no per
son alleged to be a fugitive Slavs, shall be re
strained of his liberty, except after legal pro
ceedings founded upon tbe oalh of the claimant,
and wbtcb oath shall include an averment that
tho claimant has not been concerned In re
bellion, either by bearing arms, or by aiding
and abetting. This will, la the first place, con
fine tbe remedies of Ihe fugltlTe slave law to
loyal citizens, and, in the second place, will
put aa end to the detestable practice of arrest
ing men upon tbe presumption that they are
stares, merely beoaute they are not white.
Before an arrest can be made, somebody must
appear claiming to be tbe owner of tbe party
arrested, Terylfylog that claim by oalh, and
purging himself, by express denial, from that
presumption of disloyalty which attaches to
slaTeholders, after a rebellion in which nlne-teen-twentietbs
of Ibst clsss of persons bare
Been concerned.
Mr. Moasiix'e bill is assigned for next Wed
nevdsy, and it la understood that Ihe Senate
will continue Its consideration, until it la mo
tared and passed. The amendments proposed
by Mr. Cube, and those which will doubtless
bs proposed by others, will of course consume
some time, but we can wait patiently If the
measure will be thereby further perfected, and
more especially as lis flnsl adoption by Con
gress is now regarded as quite certain. The
day of Its patcage Is looked forward to, with
great bopes, by tbe mass of the citizens o this
urn or Bsa CTsBaftaV
The late English mttws and majaalnes de
rate much spas to Aaaarlean eCtbi, espeolaUw
to fte expects of tbe rekelllotyeod fka e&sottf
tbls oMlwar en the 'relation of,e UnMet
SutM and Grata! Britaata. If Ft '.'i
Cotmrn'i isMtt jfajaibM r.ftwtnaty tasa
aa elaborate rtloVsoa "Tfte SssftoM tf Brit
ish A'ort -America," In which tbe most bitter
complaint Is made of the home gortrament for.
allowing Ik Stat of Mala to retain tbe south
bank of th St. Johns' rlrtr. This area, they
ssy, is far more keenly felt In British North
America than la Kaglaed, prsoUeally Isokstaff
the upper and lower British Prorlaeea.
It says "-tuck errors tela inevitably bring about,
oms day, sitter a rupture er a notification of IS
cmsshow sr iMjtvtwer."
Mmmttan't Majatbu tar February, 1861,
rnblaabsd'at Cambridge, has a long paper on
"TUBttrotftctffAjnfioanlXfflcut." The Style
of thought may b gathered from tbe following
"When tbe secession of the South took
place, It was regarded with suppressed satis
taction by a lart portion of tbe British nob-
lio, who were weary of transatlantic arro
ganoe, Intolerant of transatlantic manners, and
glad to witness the embarrassment ot a great
and noisy democracy. Lord Palmerston. pro
claimed perhaps with unamlable baat that
would watch the progress of America's
Internal difficulty, with the eyes of France's
neutrality, a coia jusuoe was proraisea toe
North, in ber Msieslv's proclamation i but an
edict, which nlaead Bonthern nrtvatcera on a
footing with Northern men nf war, was Itself,
aa we uaninei ot wasniniion not unnaturally
eompinineo, a sure recognition 01 ine noutn,
While snlnlaiera aaanmid this attitude of ostan
tatlous Impartiality, moatlnflusntUl Journals
asoiarea tneir ftunesion m ua onus 01 twn
federate Indenendence. war for tne nreserva-
tlon of the Union was pronounced inlqnltous
ana uniusunaoie.':
iUaefeuood's Magatbii for Febraary devotee
an article of thirty pages and more to " tbe
iCurtNfrioip -tennecc.
Mm. polk-,ordkrs;thb'.ailroad3
' r. V fflll Iff
a. Leuit, Feb. r& Memphis newspapers of
the 1Kb lnatanj say.tbet QfnFolk Issued order
IhsTdajr before for tbe track of th Memphis
sad Ohio railroad to b torn hp, and the' brMiff
destroyed,' preparatory to an eraonatlonof
Columbus and the demolition of the fortifica
tions at that plaoe the forest to fall back to
Island No. 10, about forty-fir miles below Co
Iambus, which It Is said completely commands
the river, and can be fortified with heavy guns,
and mids Impregnable against any river at
i ,
From Fortress Monroe.
FoaTBxas Motra"!, Feb. 17, (via I'.iliini re,
Feb. 28.) A flag of truce to d, i i iumii t
than 60 people to Onu.ey M.vul.
We learn the following Kontlicm hf
A meeting of cotton and tbi.o(ip!niit-'ri u
held at tbe city ball, U Elcbciond, , nn We'lim
day evening, to take Id" ccnsli'or '"n tho
roluntary destruction of tbe CKttousnd It' icco
crops, In Tlew of th fact lliut Hie enemy's
alrortawer mainly dtreoted lim.trdi nil blag
the Bauth of tbe atcumnl.ll jo of tlmao two
great staples- Spesehes worn made, uud a
committee waa appointed to preparo buslnus
for an adiournsd meeting this evening.
Tbe ateam-tug Tounx America went to the
aeslstanc of th R. B. Forbes, before reported
Ksuore Koove xisr una, vesieraty irorumg.
Tbe craw were all taken eff and brought hero.
defence of Canada." assumes the fact ot a war I toxether with officers' banaxe and a larca nor.
.. ..... . T. T . ..
with the United Stat t.1863, and .JSS'&
it with satlsfaotion. "Tho campaign," says
JUacfcuosd', " is jnst as likely to end by estab
listing a new frontier for Canada, with Port
land on one flank and Lake Ou'arlo oa the other,
as by leaving the enemy in permanent posses
sion of a mile of Csnsdlaa territory."
The writer in JBIackuooi. argues that there
will be no rupture of Ihe peaoe-nuw existing
with tho United States, until tbelr Government
can place gunboats on the lakes In force ad
equate to the command of the St. Lawrecce,
and Its cbaln of Inland seas.
The London Quarterly considers the break
ing up of the Federal Union as an accom
plished fact, and devotes much spice to tbe
failure of the great experiment of an elective
The object of the proposed war with tbe
United States Is to obtain a rectification or Ihe
boundary, bringing the Una of Canada down
to the open sea at Portland, and giving sym
metry and strength to their North American
Tbe PrTUon of Iasks mt Valaable
Ijetters Mailed by Bald tar.
Tbe following le tier bas been addressed to
all tbe generals commanding depsrlmenta, la
the expectation that they will cause tbe lofor-
mation to be communicated to their respective
Posr OrncK DirAarsiiKT,
Appointment Office,
Frbruarv 26. 1M2.
Sia: In order to prevent, aa tar as possible,
or rainaoie letters maura.Dy loiaiera in
Tux TJovmxiD Ba.i This bill which baa
p unJ the House ot Representatives in soma
form, no less than five different times, again
ia!td the House yesterday, by a most em-
p'nttc rote. We presume this time It will be-
o.mo a Uw, ss it is a measure popular with
ix 1 ptrtlee. The amendment proposed by Mr
11- hnan, was well calculated to defeat tbe
'h;le design of the bill. This amendment
propos'd to glre tbe bounty to the soldiers in
I. d grants, instead of money. Tbe result
u ulil bard been that all or tbe available land
vroj'd bare to be given to tbe soldiers la land
win i ants, which would never bar been of real
Uaifhto thesoldierr, but would go Into lbs
UnUofthe (peculators throughout the conn.
t-, while tbe lands would remain unlmprored.
A tbe bill now is, it grants a homestead to
h iA tettlers on tbe public lands, who will
improve the same. Thus the rest public do-
uijiu or the great West will be Improved, the
wealth, and consequently the revenue, of the
i.a'.ion enhanced, and great encouragement and
useHtance will be given to the Industrious
poorer classes of oar own and other countries
to provide for themselves comfortable homes.
Our soldiers will receive their bounty in
money, which will be far more accentable to
tbem, while at the same time they will bare
the same right to the publlo lands ai other cit
izens, and the Shylocks will not bare the oppor
luouy, lor tne purpose or speculation, of keep
ing these lands out of tbe hands of those who
would become actual settlers.
in amHa.TR. m
tfltaa oflrortMra
i H
Michigan 16 Ap-
the rarloua camps, this Department recom
mends that each commatder ot a regiment, or
a urigaae, snau appoint a inuvwortny agent,
into whose baods all letters from soldiers, con.
tainlng raluable enclosures, shall be placed,
with prepayment by stamps, and the register
ing fee t f five cents. It should be the dutv ol
said asent, to deliver inch letters to a conve
nient post office dally, or aa frequently aa malls
atre sent irom sucn omce. witn two l sta snow
ing 'he name of each writer and tbe address ol
eacn letter, one list, with tbe letters snd reg
istering fee, should be placed in the bands ol
tbe postmaster or reiriatering clerk, who shall
algn and return one copy and file the other In
nis omce witn mo data wnea received.
A failure to register Increases tbe danger ol
It Is respectfully ruggested that yon take
aucb order upon the proposition as the Interest
oi me soiaiers unaer ronr command shall re.
i nave ue nonor to be, very respectfully,
your ouwueiu servaut,
Joun A. Kisso.v,
First Assistant Postmaster General.
stroyed. Tbe rebels had threatened to tako
her) but tbe captain ahox ed the greatest oool
ness In danger, and deserres great praise.
".mcflmona, reo. w. a. new ana extensive
cotton and woolen factory near Augusta, Ga.,
waa burnt on Tuesday night. Tbe loss Is
heavy. Tbe cotton factories at Columbus and
augusta, Oa.,bare suspended temporarily, In
consequence of material Injury to their dams
and oanala by the recent freshet.
"Atunuta. Feb. 16. The Savannah BcDubli-
can uf tbls morning mre that lbs communica
tion witn rort I'uiiuti naa Dsen eueotuairy
closed by tbe Federal, who hare erected three
oaiieriea ir neary guns at commanding
"juemDtis. sen. aa. t.aia aavicas irom nasn.
tills state that the Confederates at Cumberland
uap sxpeotea an artillery engagement. The
r eueraia tnere are irequenuy in aigni.
XouueUIe, Feb. 27-Tbe New Orleans Bee
confesses to the magnitude of tbe calamity at
Fort Donslaon, and oonderons the neglect and
apathy of ihe Confederate Government In not
sending ulficlent numbers of troops westward
ly. It aays a general oil to arms baa become
an Inevitable necessity.
Tbe Memphis tcatancne or the 33d says that
tbe Oovernor of Alabama has called for twelve
regiments from that Btate, and if not forth
coming, other means will be used to fill the
Tbe Oovernor of Oeorxla ca'U also for twelve
regiments from that State, and aays If the re
quisition Is not filled by the 4th or liaroh a draft
will be ordered.
A oomoanr near Klnxston. Boston eounlr. Is
preparing to turn out one thousand pouada
saltpetre from a saltpetre cave In that vicinity.
The peach and plum trees in Rome, Georgia,
are blooming, and tbe wheat crop la promising
and almoat too forward.
Oo ton curds are being manufactured In Daw
son, Georgia.
Tbe War In ft rkamas.
Caoss Hollow, February 21 Our army Is
waiting for supplies, and will not be likely to
move for ten or twelve days. Price and Mo
Culloch are berond tbe Boston Uountalni.
Our troops took possession of Fayettvlllo at
eleven o'olook yesterday morning. Tbe ruins
ui mo tuwu wore amoking wnsn nur troops
Tbe rebels are badlr demoralized. A Lintil-
ana and a Texas regiment are with McCul-loob.
fix Soldiers Drowned.
Binnr Hoor. Fahrnarv 27 Rlv mm m
drowned In tbe Potnmao yesterday by the up-
BotuiiKui n uuh auvjr aii usiooKeu to com
pany P, of Col. Geary's regiment. Their names
wsre aa follows: Abram Bplcsr, Alexander Hel-
verson, Jobn Wood, Artllp, and Jchn
Torode. The unfortunate men would not have
met with the disaster had tbey not becuuio
auarmoa autue oareeniug or toe ooat.
i i
Dackasr arnd Tllakaaaa lent to rort
th ooBoer
piston. Main.
From New York, for lh emanclnallon if
elsree, aa rendsred proper on the theory ot Mr.
Sumner resoluMesaa.
From cltlzsaa of Mlohiaraa. for a nar i ileuu'
MOtrsrlTf.'l a ', hil
- rromtosiowawguiaiar, asking an order
to taaselh.! Mian of gold opoo-4 ban
net of the Iowa Third and Strenth regiments,
lh aassei. Bio Mill aadttsrmosL W
atouTtoNiOr surMtr'nt tsb-dbtiiot or tx
Mr. CLARK" Introdnoed a bill to abolish
slavery In HwDisbrtot ol Columbia, "i
to rxcociuoa iUBTauiTS.
Mr. WILSON Introduosd a bill to encourss
enlistments in the regular "army of the United
States, and for other purpose. --
(.Tbls bill prorldes a bounty of 125 for en
listments. .
KMOurnoaT or ikqutit.
Mr.r.WItfON submitted a resolution r.
quel ting tbe Secretary of th Treasury, to com
munlcat to the Senata; from th report of Ed
ward L. Pierce, Information relative to th
condition and .want of, tie people or color la
(hit portion of South Carolina now occupied hy
the Federal arms, and asking w' at arrange
ments bad been made in their behalf. Adopted.
MB Iran imitv
ft r. STARK, of Orekoo.' offered a resolution
that the papers In his case be nferred to tbe
Committee on the Judlplary, with Instruction
to investigate me cnargee preierrea ; and that
the committee be emnowrrcd to send for ner-
s'lds fcnd papcrs-V ,
Relying upoa his consclousne s of loyalty,
arid rleldlofir to no man In natrlotto devotlun
to the banner of his country, Ao , Mr. Stark de-
msuuea an luvesugauoo.
Mr. HALE moved to lav the resolution noon
the table. Tbe Senate bad already decided
upon the caso. and settled the Question. -
air. euiniut.tiiia ineoeoaie wouia regret
toe vote oi veneatuv lor itaeu ana lor tne una
dole Involved. He did not wonder that Sena
tors Kit anxious to relieve tncmseires or tnetr
rerpontibUity by orderlog a further examination.
Messrs. FESSENDEN and BROWNING, with
scmo fecllntr. repudiated the Insinuation that
thty were anxious to relieve themselves rrtm
A eertonat dltcuatlon of some acerbity here
occurred between thess members.
Mr. STARK asked Mr. Bumner If he consid
ered him. (Mr. Stark) d'sloyal in his remark,
that the Senate, by that rote, bad opened the
doors ol disloyalty t
Mr. SUMNER denied that be bad prtju Iged
Ihe case. Upon that evidence, uncontradicted,
be was assuredly disloyal.
Laid over.
annrrioNAL clurer.
Mr. BltaRMAN fcaked tho immediate passage
of the House bill to provide additional clerks
for the Assistant Treasurer in New York.
On motion of Mr. FESSENDEN. the Legls
latlve and Executive Appropriation BUI wax
taken up, amende ana passed.
In the Leg'slatlre and Executive Appropri
ation BUI, ou motion of Mr. GRIMES, was in
troduced an amendment, appropriating f 100.-
000 to erect and complete a j til for I ho Dlstrlot
or Columbia, upon Gbvernmout reservation No.
13. near the Alms House, which was diseased
ana passed.
assisTivr secretary or tux interior.
On motion or Mr. HARLAN, as an amend
ment to the Legislative and Executive Appro
Drlatlon Bill, the office or Assistant Seoretarv
of the Interior was created, with a, aalary ot
Adjourned to Monday.
i Z : 72
gnmest of too who wapos this bill seW to
on raw rear taat;tM rresidsnt,by sasae
tJaoaaaasXwojrid rlaweToluotrs
pnrjn ol thf oonstrnotloq of a ralK
aaismma. ,; PMunt want to
rallael, he earn do It, whether thlslfil
oraosW 1.-3 Ki &. i -,
t Uf. TAN TALTsawnBiisr af K.te Varlr
onVred aa amend meal for the payment, a en
timers, of all who bar been mastered Into
the service as Infantry, but who bare been
employed a engineers. Adopted.
1 he am-1 dment proposed by th committee,
hot ' h- i fflct rs shall b commissioned by tbe
I'rw'-Vnt.lrstead of the Governors ol tbe States
f irnlshlag them, was loot
Tbe'aaeLdaeat'bntvBf Mhfeoorpr oa th
sime looting as this branch of the regular army
was adopted. H
Tbe question was then taken on tSe passage
of Ihe bill, and It waa lost yeas 67,-nays 67.
noxurrxiD bill. '
Toe next order being tbe cons'derstlon of
toe Bin giving nomeiteaos to actual settlers on
the publlo dcasaln, '
Mr. HOLMAN, of Indiana, addressed the
Hon at considerable longth, la faror of his
owe amendment to the bill, giving bounty land
to the soldiers.
Th amendment or Mr. Holtrian was lost.
The swestlon Was then taken on tha nuaaisa
of lh bill, and It waa passed you 10S, nays
16. . -On
moUoaofMr. COX, of Ohio, the House
aojournea mi ssonaay.
Tm Western Bitti and tux SiNrraxT
Coarxiaaioi. The steamboat Allen Collyer,
which has of late been employed In tho x
elusive service of the Sanitary Commission, Is
reported to hare arrived at Cincinnati with
eighty-one severely wounded men, who will
remain under the tender care or the women of
that city. The Collyer, on her trip to Fort
Donelaon, was loaded with hospital stores, and
also tock thither Doctor Newberry, one of th
secretaries of the Commission, ten surgeons, and
th'rty nurses. The western depots or the Com
mission remain tolerably well supplied with b jd
clothing and snob ardoles aa can be readily pro
rlded from household stores. Its treasury,
howerer, Is nearly depleted by recent urgent
demands for articles and strrlcesof a different
JtaT Tbe army promotion! for gallant Ber
ries, s In the late brilliant rictories will probably
be announced during next week. Thy bare
been delayed until all the official reports shall
have been received.
Vauotion salkf.
''- Trail Dy l
'Sr.WBlM WILUAJW, Aaelleaaesiyf I
tmwMMXJMj't atrru mt ''farnr nronrrTriiw tram-i, 'a
mi mm vm nruurwTBbHr.flA.i . -". - lt
-...,..... vmnvua,l.lJJ., AT AUCTION.
olnr store, at is o'3lo;k, a large snd graeral sssoitl
new aad Seeond hand Farnttare,
pa Horsa, Bteksway aad Usrasss,
Oas Vsraliara Wsxoa.
L?M.?D( ud Gardaalaf laaplcmesta. such ail
YTbeslbiriows wMeled adosr, CulUvatorJ
iSbsaL.jKT" '- """m-
AI o a Has doable barreled Shot Gua, with many 1
other artleles whask-wa'dtsaa anneseswr to
----.--v. u.ue.t, m ,, lliblAJUO,
ts-t Auctioneer.
TY a. O. Meauitua CO., Awetloneers.
rtfMrcanAND xij-xcb or a iauilt
nimurine IJtUM the city.
OC.MK. U frantof tha AmttlA. HAmn. M..I..I...II
the Fnitrsai lrfteisor a family le'movlng from
Kxo.lkntftot.wood Caain.no Forte, by Gatbe
ManArlA It.. Ii..hia. m.... '
"-r--- "". awaiai, namgi
Welast rinik nofaa and Aim Chairs
Mahogany Half Sp ring seat Uof.s, Koc1tcrs,and
Pailor Chairs
Roaeweod Mai bis top Centra Tables
lea Wahaat aad Mahogany Bfotxa cs
UrojMl-, Tartt-ply, ana oiher Carpets
llitnlng and I'lsla Cnieau', Washstaads
IUdatsads, Chain, Loanan
Boperlor Kealh rBeda, Dolators, and Plllowa
Hair and Hask Mattrns s, Blaakste, and Com
China, Glass, aad Crooksry Wale
vuvbhih astuis wtuir OLSJTCSa.
Icgeiherwlth a general aiaortment ofElUhen
Terras eath. JA8. 0. McaniEB & CO ,
f.b 17 i AuoUoneers.
Mr. CocuoAai a BEioaoiER. The President
baa resolved, it la said, to nominate Jobn Coch
rane to be a brigadier general, at the Instance
or the New York delegation in Congress. A'.
Y. Times.
It would certainly afford us great pleasure to
announce the promotion of CoL Cochrane, and
we are quite certain it would giro unlrenal
satisfaction In New York, where he Is beet
known, and where he is now more highly ap
predated than ever before.
Atanjr Tracts.
During the last few months, Rev. J. W.
Airord, secretary of the American Tract So
ciety, Boston, has distributed through the en
tire army cf the Potomao nearly twenty million
pagea or religious reading. Room No. 22, Gen
eral Post Office building, is the depot irom
whioh this reading matter has been quietly,
but efficiently, distributed.
The Government, dlso.-rnlng the effect of this
work In elevating the morale or the army, has
placed at Mr. Alvord'a disposal such means ot
aistnuuuoa, mat every regiment Is rurnisbed
once a week with rellilous leadinar without
expense. No religions work is more cheaply,
cuiuieubij, nan capcuiuuiuiy accotupiisnea.
The Soclelr proposes to extend a similar
distribution to tbe armies of th South and
West. Some friends of tbe armr have arraocred
a meeliog, to be held to-morrow (Sabbath)
evening, at Ber. Dr. Sunderland's church,
when addresses will be delivered by tbe sec
retary or the Society, Rer. Drs. Btockton and
Sunderland, and sereral members of Congress.
See arertlsement In another column.
A Nkw Suxdit ParsRWe understand
that "The RtvtBle," a new Sunday psper, will
be Issued to-morrow morning. The editor
Mnjor Cooper, is a well known retired army
officer, and wa formerly connected with the
Ohio State Journal.
Tho psper will be ready for delivery to
morrow morniog at four o'elcok, at 297 D
street, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets,
and will bo sold at wholesale for $2.60 per
Beicrxoakd's Letteiw The letter of Beau
regard found by a serrant girl and sent to us,
would be of some ralue if known to be authen
tic. Will the gentleman who sent It. please
call and glre us more information upon ths
sksr We learn, from good authority, that Ihe
stoty which baa been circulating to the effect
thai the rebels bare suggested terms of snbmls
ston or compromise, Is entirely without f ouada
tlon. And it 1 further ascertained that the rebel
flag ol truce and Howell Cobb's rliit to Fortress
Monroe were relative to exchanges of prisoners.
Fort Donelrom was named In honor or Gen
eral David S. Donelson, son or Androw Jack
son Donelson, or Tennesson
Jfvttutgo X3ayaj,
TUT J. C sevtatllnle At nn A...,
toasiToas, Errscrs ad hood Witr.er.tns Ctar
U0TL, IS this Ciri.-On TIIU KSDA Y MOitM U ,
Msroneth. ai It o'clock, la th. Hall or the Uay
Hotel.ea l'saiajKenla avenue, betastn Third aid
Soar aad a hair atraali. a,a ahall amlt ,m.i. 1.1 ,...
bidder lh. enure Furniture aad KffKls and Gccd
w in oi iu. liiiv atoici, containing aoont one nun
drad rooms aad dolag an excellent business
lumtaiiH ucaMmon will na ain m. nm.
Dfle.Or has mada htl arrurcmanta tn hum In I
o'htr bnalaeis. "
Tsims: oaebarcaah; the remainder In two, four
aou iix moaiaf, aatisiaotoniraecared, with Intereat.
' JA8. O. MeUUIKE a CO.,
marl-d Aucttoneers.
On ths 38tb ultimo, William Uowarr, son of
Peter and Sarah E. Ilannay, aged four years,
two months, and sixteen days.
aa-Th'a K.v.Dr. Kdwarda Is rxpeeUd ta
presoh bli eloatog aermon, at the Foandry Chareh
naerot OatilFoartetnth etnsts.oa CADBATH
MORNIXO, Ksrth i, at II a'elook. mar 1
jar Her. Thai II. Rtocktsa will, bjr Df-
vlna perailts'on, preaeh la the Hall of Ihs Hone of
Kipreaeniatives, to-monew loanaayi.aiii o cioei.
BY BOPITZ tt ORIVFITH, Anetloncers,
vAKn' Attn vrrrruwntr r.nnra
Oa TUESDAY morning. Marsh 4th , co ameucln:
at 10 o'clock, ana contimi ng dally, and In the ivtn
lag at 7K o'cUck, until the whole slock la dipoied
of, w will sell, at th. atora ol Mesare B. & W JUr
aaaato, No. 41, Center Market Spac.. nnfer tne
Av.tae Houm, thtir entire atoekol Oood, con
ot lilac la oirt
Uav-lan Sabla Cloaks, Capss snd ViCorlnea,
. Mink, Eqairrtl, Fltcb, Stone Martin, Water Blink
ami oauta,
Cloits, Ji nd !( Carea, Vio'orlnca,
MuDa,Ciifla, fco., ae ,
Floe sawitnientof Cblldrans' Fancy Furs,
Uenta' Far Col ara and Glow...
Wo.r, Dier and Dutfalo Can tags R'.bei,
Ca Ism, Dotalses, Baraaes, Challles,
Mooallaa, Vat.noiea, Faaey Silks,
Sheeting and Snlrtlag Oottona,
Llai n Baeatlngs. Towe Is, Natklaa, Talle Cloths,
Clottu, Caaeimares aid Caalnatts,
SUk, Velvet and o.her V.llnga
A tins aanrtrcsat of Cloaks, Mantillas and Dui
Broeha, ttalla aad Woolen Shawls,
Splendid aS'ortmeBt af Ileal, y
Tine Fr n:h Flowers, Blbbons,
ikuciica, Aiiminiiiy;. oi an ama.,
Cleveland, Fsb. 17. Gens. Buoknsr ard Tilgh.
man passed hare tbls morning en route fur Fort
Warren, Boston Harbor, under the charge of
Col. Coates.
Five Dits Later riioM Ecropb. The Hlbcr
nia, at Portland, brings Liverpool date to
February 14.
In the markets, cotton wai advancing; II jur
and provisions dull.
Earl Russell, 'n a late letter to Sir Charles
Wyko, touching Urn rumor that tbe Arobduke
Uailmlllan woull be called to the throne of
Mexloo, says:
" If tbe Mexican pecple, by a spontaneous
movement, plaoe tbe Austrian Archduke on
the throne, there is nothing In the Conrentlun
to prevent It. On the other baud, v... ; M u
no parties to forcible intervontlou lot lui"- ;ur
Midrib. February 13. TI.l)UT.(rr "h - ill at
Gibraltar, although tbe l.ixlloli uuitoi:ti-t
;are ner notice to quit. - vuim lei -.Ttw
tare landed, and will not r" uu'jjiU.
Cotton. -It la represented that considerable
cotton may be expected from Edenton and
other North Carolina porls, In the possession
of the national forces. Tbe people there are
not so much Inclined to destroy tbelr own prop
erty, as Ibe frantic planters of South Carolina
hare shown themsclres to be. The more se
date North Carolinians think it better to cell
cotton than to bum it, a most sensible conclu
sloo, and presaging returning sanity In polili
cal matters.
Gerritt Surra. We hope our readers will
not forget that Gerritt Smith lectures to-night
at the Smithsonian. Mr. Smith Is so well
known that be needs no commendation at our
hands, and we shall therefore only say that he
is one cf iLn purest end ncbleat patriots of tbe
day, find win give nn words of wlcdom and
aaTTbe report of the shooting of Gen.
Bleklea Is wholly untrue,
Nuuvrtxi. Official dlspM.i-; c-. eit ,-il at
headquarters here, slates tluit .i poitloo C G-n.
Buiil's army, under General. N-liou ( A Crit
tenden, appeared on the Cumberland river, op
posite Nashvlll-s on the 24th inetaat, acd cross
ed the river and took possession of tbd city oa
the 26fh Instant, The ieossjoaltts having
mostly fl;d, tbero was somo Unloa feeling dis
plsyed among tho.lnhabltsnts who romalned.
From the following dlspatob, received yes
terday at tho Nu( y Department, it would seem
that one of our gunboats was in at the death:
Oainn, Feb. 28. A dispatch just received
from Lieut. Commanding tlryant says that tbe
gunboat Giiro preceded Gen. Nelson's arrival
at rlasnvilie witu nis origin, amia we waviug
of handkerchiefs.
I will send tbe dispatch with further parttc
ulare. A. H. Footk, FlakJ Officer.
jsy The Idlers oa the streets, Iu the atwnce
of authentic Information through the public
press, bare employed Ih'eaxeUesjJp manuiao
taring accounts of bloody battles on the upper
Sereral unimportant bills were presented,
read tn nrsi ana second urn.', and reicrred to
appropriate commltUes.
Mr. F. A. UUNIUiIG, or N. Y otfertd a
bill to repeal so much of tbe act of Congress
as for jlda the Issue, iu IheDlslrlot of Columbia,
of notes oi a lees denomination man fivo dol
lars. Referred to the Committee on tbe District
of Columbia.
Mr. MOORHEAD, or Pa., reported a bill to
establish a National Foundry east of tho Alle
ghany mountains, and an arsenal and armory
west ot those mountains. Referred to the
Coamtltee of tbe Whole.
Mr. DELANO, of Mass.. presented a minority
report on the same subject. Rcforrid at
The regular order being the bill to authorize
llm employment of engineer volunteers,
Mr. WILSON, of Iowa, elated that he had
learned, irom a source entitled to credit, that
tbe Government Is about to tralld a railroad
fiom Nlcholasritle, Kentucky, to Knoxrille,
Tennessee, a dlstauoe or about 180 miles. Iu
Ihe other blanch or Congress, the confirmation
of a btiaadiet, treneral of railroads is rwndlnx.
Pultina- these two facts and Ibis bill together,
and we may. fairly presume that tbe engineers
are for the purpose of b jllding railroads. And
this hill does not dtminisn, aa nas oeeu cieimem,
hut Increases the loroe and expenses of the
aimv.f lie waa ODDosed to mis dui, iortne
very leason mat ne nenerea it to no a pan oi
ine soneme or woion tue rajroou aiiuueq tu ia
to ha constructed.
Ur.liIii.lU, or Missouri, did not see wnat
railroads had to do with tbls bill. Tbo object
of this corps Is to preoede our army and pre
pare tbe roads for the advance or the army.
Mr. MaYNARD, oT Tenoissce, favored the
Mr. WILSON said be was not In favor of or
ganizing a corps for the commercial interests
01 u particular section or tne country.
Mr. LOVEJOY, of III., thought that tbe
transportation of troops, supplies, etc., could
be made by wrtgons snd other ilmtlar convey
acoes, a great deal oneapcr tnan oy Dunaing
railroads through rough mountain ranges.
Mr. TitowuuiuuH. or Micnigan. saia mat
alriadyt We bars a railroad, in tbat section,
whioh, though longer, can be used, without the
en'irmoi.t e.ut'rne of build ng the proposed
road, lie wsa ntnazod when it was made
known Iu this llouto that the President had ai
ready contracted lor the building or a railroad
In Kentucky. lie did not kuow where the
Preatdeut obtained his authority to do this.
Mr. MALLORY. of Ky , said he believed the
President to bo a ilaln. blunt, direct and honest
man, and would not engage in any Itlog of
this Kind wnnout autnoiuy. ,nuat uu aim
done, he did on tbe authority of n law passed
through both Houses of Congress.
Mr. TRIMBLE, of Ohio, could not believe
the construction or this railroad to bo a mlll
Unr necestitv. Ihe Baltimore uud Ohio rail
road Is more of a military necessity, yet it has
been abandoned to the enemy. The cons'ruo
tlou of a double track from here to Baltimore,
is more of a military necessliy. The Potomao
Is blockaded, and ne ara cut off la every di
rection, except one single truck to Baltimore.
Wby lias not the President authorized the con
struction of anotbrr track on thatroadt It-is
surely necessary to fscllliate the transporla
tlou of the cuormoui amount or troops, Ire'gbt,
supplies, etc.
Mr. BLAIR, ol Missouri, said the whole ar-
-Vtpar B.tTlc To rror.-ow Evtnlng,
liaroh Id, la the UNITARIAN CUUECII, eorntr
of Loalalana aresn. and Sixth sueet, this service
will ha observed. Wor.hiptra of all communlona
ara cordially Invited to attend.
Hour of arvlo, TK- I'n'iluat atUndanc. la ar
grnily icquestsd marl
k.mbrolderiea Laces Elglnga,
Cambrlo lland, losertUgs, &e , &e.,
Together lih a gtniral assortment of
Fancy Qooda.
Dry and
Bala poaltlre, without leiard to weather.
jjv.i At4 a uiiuiiiUi
AtarA Fatbits Me. tins to aid Irtaapply
log Btllgloas Btadlng to lh. soldiers or cur army
will b held la tb. First 1're.bytsrlau Church, to
monow (Sabbath) evening, commencing at 7';
o'o'ock. AddieaaM will be mtd. b7 Her. Ilia
Stockton aad Sanderland; ako by several num
bers of lha Senate and House ,
A collect'on will be taken In b half ef this excel
lent work All frhndiof the army are tntitad to
ba present
Waaaisaioa,D. C.,Fb 88,1101. marl
aTarBaT. O. P. LTCOKD, tha aiicclal
Mlaatoaary ef th. Touag M.a's Chrlatlan Auo.it
lljn, Ii expeeUd to arrive la th. ally this day (Sat
ardsy), aad to enter Immediately apon hia appropti.
ate wo k.
Ha dealres to meet the Saperlntsgdenta of DIvU
lons In tt . Library this .vnlng, at ty, o'eloek; and
th Association generally, and other frl.nds who ar
cordially Invlud, In tb. Prayer Meeting, at I o'clock.
Biblical lecture, by B.V. lr. Samson, at 7,1,'
Sabbath, at 11 a. m., th Millenary will have
Dlrln. Mrvlee, In tb Hall of Ihs As orlatlon, tor
military eomtaales qaartercd in Un eliy, and others
who may be plcastd to attand
At 8), p m be will preach to ths men oonncc'ed
with th. Quattermtsr dparlment, ia Union
Chapel, on Twentieth etiaet, near r.nnaylvanla
avsnns, which has been kindly granted for this pur
At IX la Ihs tvcnlng he will attend th. Union
Mettles, la th. lint rreabjtcrlen Church, Four,
and a half a'reet
Members of Ibe Association are earnestly re
qu-sted to at'end all this, meetings, and particular
ly tho. of Hatu day evening
marl It M. II. atlLLEIt, President.
TJY J. C. HeQUIIUD k CO., Aatettoneers.
O i MONDAY AFTERNOON, March .Id, at 4
o'clock, on th. p eml ea, w. shall sell Lot No. 12, In
Square No. 4E6, fronting si feet on Sixth str.ee,
wtsi, Dtiwtcn u ana u itrreis, nsrin, ana ronmng
bck 85 fett to aa alley, together with, the lmpriiv..
man s, conIatlng of a two-atory llilak Ilwclllog
II uaa, wlti a Biiek Bakery attached.
Termi i Oj. fourth eaah ; th. rimalnier fn six.
ta-elae, and a'ghtaea mntha, with interest, ate irtd
by a deed of ttuat on ti. pnmt ea. Tit!, perfect
JAB. ij AloUUIue & Cu.,
feb IT d Auctioneers
The nlast enth leUure of the course will b de
livered by
Scnjict "The War."
ar T.ckst holders will b. rcqelred to exhibit their
leketa ac th. door to avoid confusion.
II sore opia at T o'clock. Lecture to commence at
8 o'olock.
Tlek.ta "A cants each; to ba obtained at Ilia door
ana at tne ikoseioitb. mar a
w aaniaoTox, it eurnry S3, ihoj
On tha Mtltlo i of H.nrt Rattan, ol Cohara-. Cir -
ada. praslna: for the exlroaion ol a patent grat-tcd
Jans, 1S4S, lor aa Unprorament In Method of Warm
ing ana ventilating isnilJiaga, tor wen yeara irorn
th. expiration ot aald pateni
toe aoa uay oi vaaa, laoa,
which takes placa on
It 1a ordered, mat lha aald mtltlrm h. heard at tha
Pa'.nt Orfiee on M nday.th. eibdayof Jan. next,
at tw.iv. crowns aa ; ana an persona are noun, a to
appear aad ahow cause, If any they have, why aald
petition ought rot to b. granted.
Persona ppo log tbe axuseion are rtqul cd to
Statu ta. l'a"tt omce tbelr ohjtctlona, specially
eet lorth In ar'tlng, at leui twenty days before the
day of heaiiag: an testimony A ed by rlther party
to be tired at the aald hearing must ha taken and
transmitted In accordance with the rules of the office, '
which will be furnta'ieion application.
l no teanmony in tu. oaa. wiu o. cio-ea an tni
SOlh day of May next; dtpoaltlona and other papa's
rcuea upon a. tasumonj muat tw uiea iu mu ou.ee
on or before the mornlngof that day; the argument ',
relied upon as testimony mutt be died In thu olflce
on or u.ior. in. murningoi inai aa;
If snv, within ten da) a thereafter.
u aeraa,aiw, i
Nattmul lltpuUia
O der.d, al.io, that thia notice be Published In the
Ddrmt mmn. Detroit, Michigan.
Washinxton. t C . ai d the
once a wtca ivr
three ancce sire weea; th. drat of said publlca
none to no at least aixty aaja prcvioua to in. car ui
hearing. U P. IIOLLOWAT,
Commlsaloner of ratents.
r. 8. Edlto s of the above papers will please
copy,andsendtcelrbl'lato the 1'atent OtHcs, with
a paper containing this cotlce. mar 1 w3w
BREAKFAST BOLLS, prapa ed on ihe new
prlnelpl., t the A'rated Bread Bakei y, oc Louisiana
av.i us, between Ninth aid Tenth str.ita.
Ready at all hours of Ihe dsy.
mert-ll REQUA t CO.
-a a-eai lira MTV.n MEN WANTEDTO DF-
iVl liver Bread lu litis city. Ihoeehatlogitelr
owit Horaa and w goa ureiareu.
lrqu re at the Aerated Bre$ElJuer.ofCo.)
mar 1-lt' 00 La. arc , bet tlh and loth1 ate
spill IS TO OiVBNUIICr.Jhatthe
1 Bttbferlb.r hath oblalasi from .hj 'rphaaa
lumh ..laViS a? mlnVtration f a the paraanal
iHtate of Cheiley C ffee, lata of Mlfioarl. deceased
All t'sraona navlng claims axalnst the laid deeaaaed
a-a V.eMywas.d to exhtbt lh. aaam, with the
vouch." thtnol, to the .uoierlb.r, on or htlor. the
l.t day of July m Jtti they mat otherwise ly law b.
tllB und.r my band this ith d.yof February,
"mirl-wsw Adialalstrator.
on aiv s
Advance of the Army!
Every OfBocr, Hjldltr, Marine and Seaman should
sa ai. -is1 Jsl. M n..asla nf
Embracing Overcoat orTalmt,
laggings, iiianiei,
ao , KB-, u
Ae tbey woal.l thereby not only ire-srve tlu-lr
heilth but rnabla them to withstand the eever.-et
xpoinre with nit laconrentenoa.
Hnpplrawant long and severely llt by our aiiny.
In u&Vidlng a light, wami and perfectly water jmi
arid, ot Clsttilnti wl.hout the tltunsive Ldr,
llahlpty to peel t IT, and other serloua .Ylta pscu Ur
to India Itubbir Hooja
These artlc'sa hare been subjeo'ed in great ex
trerueioriieat and edd, wl Inut n-ctltlng any Iu
Jjryuhatvar. aid are equally proof against jer
spratioo.olsoracida. Oena Itosecrana. Kelly, and ptber diatlogulshcd
olhcera, recomaerd them as being lupalor to a'l
0 UOr KOO a OI,!0 auiu.
HuDolied In savr Quantity at Manufacturer.' I'i Icea,
by Ihslr agent, No. 1, Seventh s reel, near rtnn
sylrtnla avenue.
For further Information tend for clrouhr.
roriurtueriuiuiu. UMllallSINlJ,
'toir 1 Iran's Agent.
P SUnd. Htoie, Baaameat aad Fixtures near
wnn.vlvanla avenue and Siventb meet, No. 01,
I For terms, apply on the premises. marl 3t

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