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FcbliiM Dillj, Xnndaji FiMptrd,
i s
ass" Th. poblloatlon oHoa or tha JValvoiwI
1 avuMm la at tha nortbaaat ooroar of D ml
(taranth alraat, aaoonil oor, OTar W. D. Bhap
rani's atora. Entranca on Baranth alraat.
MaHy, Harck 31, 1841.
tr n.atflssa- luur am av.i7 .
llKl'UUblUAn iu lULUianvi i
av. I
we navo oeen inaucea 10 oner our uany pa-1
per to soldiers, who shall form clubs, at the
following low rates :
I copy, 4 months $1.50
6 copies, 4 mouths COO
10 copies, 4 mouths 1000
All over ten copies, at the rate of one dollar
per copy for four months.
f& The names must always be accompanied
with tha money.
pSr Write the names distinctly, and give
the company and the number of the regiment.
pf The papera will be mailed to one name,
or the names will be written separately, if de-
kxdoum raun tiik duthict.
The AWiy Uironiclt of yesterday, says thit
"during the past two days ouo hundred slaves
arc known to haTe been removed to Uarylaod
from this District." This corresponds with the
statement made by us several days since, but
which. was vehemently denied by an eateemed
friend, whoso communication we published
last week. We hear constantly of cases of this
sort of removal of stares, and that It is going
ou upon a large scale, is uoiuestlonabte.
The rale of compensation proposed In the
bills pending In Congress, an average ol three
hundred dollars for slaves of all ages and con
ditions, is regarded hero as most ample and
even liberal, and tha removal of slaves is to
tie accounted for upon some other ground than
the Inadequacy of the amount expected to be
paid lor them by the Government.
Many of these removed slaves are owned In
Maryland, and have been merely hired out
here. As cmipensatlcn Is only to be made to
residents of the District, tha carrying back to
Maryland of this class of slaves Is essily un
derstood. No compensation is to be made for tbr
stares of secessionis s, or fcr staves cow ap
parently or really held by loyal persons, the
title to whom Las beeu derived from cr
through secetslonls's. It is this clause of the
bills pending in Col gress, which explains a
Urge p-irt if the removals a slaves. Cen
science makes cowards of us all, and in add!
lion to the large number in this District known
to be secessionists, the number Is still larger
of those who know themselves to le recession
isle, and are constantly upprehinsire of belrg
toiinil out and prured to be so.
Wtitu old Major Noah waa defeated once as
a c iiidldatc for the cClce of sheriff ot the ell)
ol New York, he explained it the next morn
ing In his newspaper, by sajlog that Christians
ilisl.knl belrc tanged by a Jew, ard tha he
htd b"en beaten by a combination of "these
who expected to be hanged, und of these teio
A.eio Uittuwjht lo bt liari'jnl" Tbe number cl
such persons in such u place as New York
mutt be very great, but not greater than cl
those. In the cily cf Washington who know
Ib'insctvia to bo seccsslon'sts.
Dut, however wa may explain It, the fact Is
certain, that slaves are being removed from the
District at a repld lute, it is doubtful If com
pens illou will be claimed for more than one
thousand, and these ot the least valuable class
it will be sei n how senseless the clamor Is, In
rej e;l to tho ' tearful' increase of tree negroes
by the abolition of slavery. We had eliveu
thousand Ireo negroes by the census or 18ti0,
and have now a good many m re. Tho add!.
Hull of u thousand, or IMeen hundred, would
never be noticed, or thought ol by anybody,
except lor the outcries of blatant pro slavery
it 'mag guts In and out of Congress.
It stiiuld not be forgotten alo, that the total
colored population, (lave and free, of the Dis
trict, is being reduced by tbe measure pending
for the abolition oftlaicry, to tbe extent of all
the slates removed to escape the effects of It,
und will bo reduced hereafter by piohiblting
the bringing In ot negroes In the condition of
Hereafter, not only cannot slaves be brought
In here by residents, but they cannot be hired
out here by Virginia and Maryland owners, to
compute ttlib free labor, black or nh to.
A Hi md u. Ninety-seven "contrabands"
arrived at l'liiladclpnla on Friday, hiving been
senl thcru Irotn General Dunks' commind
Thsy had been employed by the Government
ou the llaltiinoro aud Ohio railroad. Three of
thorn had been tho tlaves of ex Senator Mason
at Winchester, two of them had been llin stairs
ol lion. C.J Faulkner at Martlntuurc. These
" contrabands '' were received aud taken care
of by tho colored peorlo of Philadelphia, many of
wnomarc wealthy, borne of tha" contrabands'
had moroy which they hod earned working for
the Govrrnm-nt. One of them had upwards of
one hundred dollars. Some lewd fillows of
the baser sort in Philadelphia, endeavored to
got up an e:ltnmnt against their being
brought to that city, but without much succeir.
I Faovr. Tbe Orange and Alexandria rail
road Is repaired to Manassas and four miles
beyoud. Cars, with a party of " distinguished'
passengers, went to Manassas on Friday. As
far cs Warreoton Junction, tbe railroad Is
prelty thoroughly demolished, as It doubtless
Is or will be farther, by burning the tier, bend
ing the rails, destroying bridges, 1;.
Warrenton Junction, which is HI teen miles
b'yond Manassas, is occupied by our troops.
Tim bridge over tho Rappahannock, which is
ten mill's beyond, has beeu burned by the rebel
K'lerlllae, who hive retired to tbe other side
of tint stream.
Rauroim-Ontlifl Manassas Gap railroad
the damage done by the rebels Is confinej prio.
rlpally to the d-strucllon of lha larger brldgee.
Jl the cumpany owning thai road bss not en
tlrtly collipwd, it may itself put the road in
operation before long.
A law should be passed authorizing the Gov
ernment to hold a Hen on all abandoned rail
roads npilri'd for military purposes, for tho
cost of tuch repairs over aad above a fair al
lowance lor tie uw of tha property,
It haa bcn dlscorered that the propoaed
Titemgf. plating vtrt srtlti.alM porttoofof
fecesa! la tk occoaMloa or our Mess, aMer 1
the reflation of tM Treasury Dapartmsnt,
and cosAnlag it to petasna llceeatd by that
Department, it illegal. II baa aocordlaglj
been abandoned, and commerce now follow!
tbe Bag.
.By the act ol July 13, 1601, tha Prwldcnt
trasjautbortied, under ctrtaln circumstances,
to declaro the lohabltanta of a Stale or district
In Inturrectlon, and, bj proclamation, to put a
atop to a'l trade between the Insurrectionary
region and the remainder of tbe country ; the
penalty lor illegal trade betog forfeiture of the
;ooda selr.vl. By hit proclamation ot August
itiin me i resilient iniernicwa laiercourra wim
the lnhabttanta cf "Georgia, South Carolina,
Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama,
Louisiana, Tesa, Arkansas, Mississippi j ex
crpt the Inhabitants of that part of the State
of Virginia lying west of the Alleghany moun
tains, and of such other parts of that Etate,
acd tbe other States hereinbefore named, as
may maintain a loyal adhesion to the Union
and the Constitution, or may be from lime to
time occupied and controlled by forces of the
United States engaged In Iba dispersion of raid
The Treasury Department, therefore, has no
right to Interfere at all with tbe trade with any
region "occupied and controlled by fercrsot
the United States."
Cost of Gkmrjlh. Mr. Grimes stated In
the Senate, on Friday, that the present number
of brigadier generals In tho army of the United
States was one hundred and eighty, and twenty
major general!, and that the pay of brigadiers
was a trifle short of $1,000 per year, with an
average of $300 fcr commutation of quarters,
Ac, $9C for fuel, and something further for
lights, stationery, or about 1,61)0,000 per an
num, as the total expenses for generals, and
that there wero generals enough for an arm
of 730,000 mex. He asserted that our army
waa tbe largest, best clothed, and best fed In
the world. It might have been said, too, with
entire truthfulness, that It Is the healthiest army
in the world.
One of the best local Institutions of the city
is the neat little newe'depot in tbe lobby ol
iba City 1'istOnic. Tbe proprietor sells the
New Yoik dallies at Vine rents eac . lie also
delivers the Philadelphia Press and Icqutrer,
to subscribers regularly. The Cincinnati Dallj
Gazette and Commercial, Chicago Dally Trib
me, St. Louts Dally Republican, ard the I)al
tlmorc and Washington papers, can always be
tuued on hla table. Also tho Continental, At
lantic, Harper's, and all the principal monthlies
and weeklies.
l'apers done up for mailing, and magsz'ues
cut, without charge.
Hi also keeps for sale the Government pa
per wrappers, slsmps, nnd stamped envelopes
it th putt i tllce rates, which Is a great publit
Tin National Republlctn cat alwa't bo ob
tained at this stand.
gt-vr to Fiikt Du-AwaitK. The rebel prison
ers captured at Wluctiesttr In tho Ulc battle at
it at po'nt, were brought on to Daltlmore, ana
for a few days quartered in tho jail In that city.
They were removed from thence, by boat, or
Saturday afternoon to Fort Delaware. During
their stay in Baltimore thy were furnished with
underclothing, shoes, and other artlclea ol
clothing by the Government, and presented a
much bitter appearance whin they 1-ft than
ibi y did whin they entered tho city. Blanket
were also furnished to those who were without
ihem. Moat ot the prltoncis were dnsed Is
uniforms made out cf bumeepuu, but scanely
two ba's alike were to be discovered in the
croad becesh Is evidently bad elf for " tile
pieces." The dlllerence in the appearanco ol
Uncle S im's soldiers and tbe followers ot Jrfl ,
was maiked and striking.
The prisoners were escorted to ths boat at
Light street wharf by several companies of a
Pencsylvanla regiment, followed by an Im
meose crowd, a laigs proportion of which was
composed of women, soma cf whom waved
'heir handkerchiefs, and cheircd lor Jeff.
Gitta Pun-in. Wo would call tbe attention
of the efflcers of onr army, and all others who
are exposed to tho Inclement weather, to the
adrerti ement In our columos of the water
proof army goods for ealo by D. W. Umber
nine, at 519 Seventh street. Ho keeps the
goods for rale In any quantities, at manufac
turers' prices. This Is somethlog entirely new,
warranted to stand In any climate, free Irom
any unpleasant odor, and does not becomo soft
and sticky. Call on Mr. Umberhin:, and get a
circular containing full particulars.
Tin: Diitbiit Bit.. The action of the Senate
upon the bill abolishing slavery In this Die-
Irttt, mtst await the pleasure of such members
of that body as may wish to speak upon it.
Mr. Muaitii l has been pressing lis considera
tion every day, and will continue to do so,
until a vole Is reached. It is hoped for to mor
row, or next day. All the Republican Sena
tors, It Is expected, will sustain the measure,
Ns'WHrarirt Cohmodorss. Bennet, of the
New Yoik JUra'd, upon the strength of once
having owned a yacht, which be piloted safely
through Plum Gut, criticises the Navy De
partment for permitting the escape of tbe
Nashville, li'nnet Is angry about tbe Preel
dent's emancipation message, and vents, upon
the Secretary of tie Navy, his Ill-will against
the Administration.
Miss Cariiuu. on Etite Sovereiuntv. The
reader Is referred to an article on tho Sover
eignty cf the Slates, by Miss Carroll, who Is
griicrully comdderid most excellent authority
upon all constitutional questions.
Host it u. Htithtu a The numbor nf sick in
the BleLl'r division hospital during the week
ludiog Saturday, March 20, was eighty. Four
teen have been returned to duty. No deaths
Pnrraiiivn to Rin itiom niuiior. The
Richmond i'o''ilre", in a leading article, ad.
vIsps clli'iw "to remove, if posrtUe, before
llieudvaii'e el llipenimy, everything which
will conduce to the efficiency of Ills military
operations, and to destroy what cannot be re
moved." Vismvo FoRTHs-HS Komiok. Vlce-rresldcnt
Hamlin and oilier notab'cs left this city ou
Saturday, on board llio'KlDg Phillip, for Fort
ress Monroe.
'm Uniot lata Tak riimtr byitndh't
H Itbtl Omlrr! l
M- jr: ;5K
On Saturday afternoon, a detacbm ni' of
Stewarl'a Virginia Cavalry mad dash at 'he
residence of a Union ladyjtamed Tcnnant, who
lives about a mile and a half from Difficult
Creek, and about six miles 'from the Chain
bile engaged in ransacking ana pillaging ma
residence) of Urs.Tennant, Ibey were discovered
bv a portion of Col. Bayard's Pennsylvania
cavalry, who at onca charged downipon item,
when quite a smart engagement ensued, which
resulted In tbe hasty flight of tha rebel cavalry,
but not before they bad secured Mrs. T. and I
her daughter, whom they conveysd away In
Mr. Tennant'sWgy, inV) wnlch they had pre
viously harnessed the horse for that purpose.
The only casualty to Col. B-ynrd's cavalry
In tho skirmish, was the wounding of one rob
dler, who was conveyed to this city the same
night. The loss of the rebels could not be as
certained, although It Is supposed some of them
must have been hit.
Mrs. Tenaant haa lost a husband and eon,
who died In lighting for our Dag, and now her
self and daughter will have lo suffer the her-
rnra ol Richmond's loathsome prisons and the
Insults ot rebel Soldiers, while Ihetr remaining
property Is exposed to all the devaslloos of
The Island No. 10 correpndent of Iba Chi
cago Timei writes rather a desponding letter.
We extract a few paragraphs, which will show
the extensive scale upon which the stege Is h
log conducted.
Eich day makes a revelation of added
strength to the enemy's works ber; and tbe
industry snown uy tuemin conitnusiiy sirengin
enlns? their old batteries, and adding new ones,
evinces their conception of the Importance of
this point, and the det rmlnatlon to make a long
and desperate fight. Indeed, t' at tha gnnboats
alone, without the co-operaiion or laoa rorcee,
will be able to drive them from here is, lo say
the lesst, doubtful. So lar we have obtained
no decided success, tnougn sneiung tnem con
linuously for overs week, and In fact we have
not succeeded In drilling tbe Are-from a por
tion of their batteries, though our gunboats and
i portion of Colonel Buford s command have
been temptingly exposed.
They are very cautious In showing us (he
exact location ot tueir cannon by urlog tnem,
and thus giving "' the range. Perhap. to'
economy of ammunition Is necessary, joined
with an inclination lo be foxy, ami Induce us to
believe that we may safely venture farlb-r
ibwn. But Com Foote thinks too much of his
cunboats. and anurecla e too well the enor
mous consequences mat would attend ttietr loss
to venture wtui mem upon looi-nardy experi
ments. His ft itilU Is m w not only the guard
f the river nroner. but ol Mlsscnrl. Ken'u kv.
md Cairo, fcr we have above lslaod No 10
iio army now lhal c uld wlthsliii-d a wrll-dls-clplined
and effective force ol 22,000 men, anil
it Is prec'scly at this June me In tho Southern
armies that w.) should look for bold at d di s
perate meaeurea they are necessary to retrieve
t filling cause and ch( r disbe irtened Iroops.
The anxleiy lo get a boat d'wn to Nov
Ma lrld sremi to be understood by the seceh,
and tbey, bei lg fearful of some of the tun at
tempting a pirstgu In the dark, have built et
night enormous tires al the head nf the Island,
and audited ttielilumlnalljn with a revolvirg
reflector, that hI Intervals throws It rays en
tirely across tho river, making tho Kentucky
shore distinctly visible. It Is it scene for a paln-
auuvi, ruino hvu unlet1, are iue low.
black LtitN of our cunboats. eurr:undt-d with
their transports ard. at short Intervals, send
lug an enoimous shell high up In tae datkness,
x strike In their f.rlifl'atlons, which lay firm
tnd ellent,.dlsdiining to reply, while at Ih-lr
veiy base runs the ttirb'd and turbulent cur
rent of the father of rivers Si strong is ttm
llght that ccciisionatiy tho dim outline nl a
iuldlr can be seen going around the fire Tn
island itself Is aim ist submerged, aud, being
covered near lh banks with a thick growth of
bush", It stems the covert at onca ol secrecy
and danger.
vcunaiMUTT or our ccsmiTs.
The enormous gum wblcl we well know the
seceeh have there, Sred full upon our gnnboa's
from the elevation which tbo bank of the river
gives at this p jint, would uo doubt disable our
floating forts, as we should, in passiog, bu
obliged to present our broadsides and stern to
their aim, and It may not be generally under
stood by your readers that these are tha moat
vulnerable parts of our iron did western boats,
the bow being intended always to face the
enemy, and toerelora triply snielded.
The tenacity with which they bold on bere
S roves how valuable time is to tbem, and when
riven irom bere It will doubtless be seen that,
while fighting at Island No. 10, they have been
easy as oeavers erecting stronger ana more
tormiaaoie loruucations at points tower uown.
Where these points are, wo will only know
when we get to them, and, perhaps, as in this
instance, shall be rurprlced Ibat such natural
facilities for detenus should be overlooked.
The 1,300 miles ol river Irom St Louis to the
Gulf is very imperfectly known to our generals,
tnd we are dealing with an enemy perleclly
acquainted with every winding, cape, and bead
v V
Tut Istknoed A'SissiN or Fbimukst LIN
COLN'. Many persons ailed to believe that there
was no intention lo osalnate President Lin
coin before be osmmed tbu duties of his ouho.
Recent developments, however, have not estab
lished that fact; but point directly to the per
son who wsh to perform the bloody dm d.
A short time ago a Baltimore gambler named
Byrne was arrested In Richmond for keep ng a
gambling house, and for bis suppos.d dlslny
alty to the Confed .'rate government To prove
his loyalty, Byrne summoned WirfM, who t st
ISed that Byrne was not only loyal to the rebel
cause, but that he was tho ciptain of tho gang
wtio nere to kill Mr. Lincoln. uton his to II
mony Byrne was dlsmbsed.
It was for a long time supposed that an Ital
ian barber of Btltlmore had agreed to become
the Orslnl for the murder ol the Prea'dent, but
he was probably ouly one ot the conspira
ci.ea.-Tbs Richmond JJmjulrer, of the 13th
Inst, says that Congress and ibq Virginia
House of Delegates olten without a quorum,
often sacrificing time, which should be given
to tbe country, In debate affecting personal In
t'rets, am " m-lancholy spectacles," calls at
tentlon to tho contrast In titles between ribal
and Union tfu"ers brigades ol the latter, lor
HtatnpV it Hull Run, being commanded by
cilnuiH, whiln In Ihe South "a few moulln,'
caiiipilgnlng, Hiilicut an exploit, perhaps with
out a sight i f tlie i ueiny, puts every horseback
officer on Ihe stretch tor largo promotion.
Brigadier and major general, terms that ought
to sound ul inert awiul In the oamp, are made
i.'je,ii by tbu cugrriies', and la eoini cases,
doubtless, the Indelicacy with which the are
Al txaicaaawerss. oaeira-s
ixcnism, March 20, 18CJ.
To Bsto. Cx. aatSFnllLIis,
Comm'i 2nd Division, 5th Army Corps.
' lnnaVli.1 I h'si r.Btiar.tfullv.to rebort to Vou
lhal altar having received on Sunday last, the I
zjanr jssren, wt7 o'ciock a. n.,auiruvr w im
port forduty.Mueda-aamn ba y(mru, I tell
hsa'o.harters for RernstowW to assist Colonels
Kimball, Tyler and Sullivan, In their euarl as
commanders of brigades., fighting, this enemy
under nen. Jackson, and to ensure a unity ol
action of their thro'' respective commands,
reported at half past nine A. M,to col. Kim
ball, acting brigadier nnd senior, officer on the
field, who waa stationed upon a hill about one
half mile west of Karnstown, which latter place
Is Intersseted by the turnpike leading to Biros-
burg. There 1 informed myself ss In the ovents
wbloh had transpired prevl-tas to niy arrlr.il,
and understood that the enemy wno. In en
deavoring t id rive In our plokMs the day barare,
had been romt'sed.h.id ipened Willi hla' artil
lery at about o'clock. At M.l Upon our forces
aaaln. and that, slnfetl&t time we were en
gaged in raspUrrilnt; W hla battery of four guts
which he then bad lo play, and endeavoring lo
repei nis small out narrassing attacks oi cavai
ry upon our chain of sentinels. ,
Reconnoltorlng tbe ground surrounding me.
I found that between the bill upon wblchFI
stood wl b Col. Kimball and Ihe hill opposite
us, upon which tho onemy's bittery was
posted, about aatf anilte distant, a ravine was
llrg, running from coat to tteBt, which ts en
tirely free pf wood. Whenabout half a mile lo
tbe east a forest eonnocted both hilts, thrnui.li
the rentrotif whlcbtpssses amud road, and la
bounded on lis extreme right by unnthor mud'
road leedlng lo Cedir Creek,
the left (west) of the turnpike Is flat andoon
parallvely llttia wooded.
We placed In position a six-gun battery, com
mandad by CJpi.Jehka,1st Virginia artlller, ',
to oppose tbe enemy's four guns, wbluli lalti r
we o soon relnforosd by a whole batter; ,
wberoupon Cpt. Claik's Itgular,ballory'wi
put In prnongatlon nf Ihe i former names'.
Doth batteries were foughi by Col. Daun ,
chief of artillery of (Jen. Slilelds'a division, In
person. Our lira from ths two batteries In,
cama too hot for tbo enemy, iindthey brought
it third battery in the direction of ,tlieir
right wing, In such a position upon onr twp
b.itlerles on tho bill, that they rifil'ded
thorn, but with this inaceoiivre exposed
their battery to a raking fire of una of the Olilb
batteries, placed near Kernstown tn defend
the pike, and llioy were necessitated In limber
to tlio rear with All Ibolr batteries, but enri
Untied tliclr fire.
In the meantime, tho lufintry regiment
wero moving up to tbo support nf our hattorles
an1 formed fnlo line of bailie about a lhnustn
yards to tho rear of our batteries, when at o.ie
llio enrni)' heivler battery moved lo IL
front, and threw, In rapid succession, h num
ber of well aimed shells Into our batteries
and tbo cavalry iind Ini.vutry sta'ioned upoi
tho Intorlnr Blope rMha battery htll, nrd th,
neecsstty tn etnrm nnd tako their guns l-ec.inv
evident. r
In coi Junctl'in with Colonels Klmli ill uni
Tyler, the following Inlaulry.ridiaenls war
drawn up Irr mass, parnllef wftli eic'i other
The right resting upon the mud road passlni
through the f.'rcst.was held by tbe 7th Oblo.lhe
67th and Slh following, and the i'th Indiana
flth Pennsylt.t'da, nnd 29th Ohlo.a little to the
rear, thus leaving the llOlh Pennsylvania and,
the UMi Indiana, and three companies nf tbe
Slh Ohio, In reserte. During the linio lliera
arrangements uero made, n messenger waa
sent to you, Ueneral, to b ive your upproval n
tothfs fliuk movement, and 1 personally api
pr.a.dallthecommanderaintherear and flank
of our Intentions, so as In keep tin m on the
mcii. .
Col.flaum was enjoined tr keep'hfs artillery
,S lha lnmr tm him. m,A Ufhrn lliA nrrtaK
- "- 1
caino to move on, everything was roady to res
apnnd. (jin.Tilar mucd lis column bylliej
rlkht Hank, as fir as Cedar Creek road, rested
his right upon the s tme, and tbe left upon the
liefnro-mentioned mud road, pushing forward.
11,1011 Ik 1 1 roads aomo cavalry ,changed dlrei tii rt
to the left, right In front, and moved silently but
ledily upjn Hie enemy's left, through the
noods for about haU it mile, when, coming
upon a more sparsely Wooded ground, he niadej
half a wheel to the lett aud twoni in the fate
of the extreme flank of the enemy, who re
ceived him, piatcd behind a mono wall, at
about 2U0 yards distance, with a terrtflo volley
from rilled arms; but still on went the regiments,
without a return fire, .and then threw them
selves, with Immense cheering and an un
earthly yell, upon the enemy, who, receiving
at fifteen yards our first tire, fell back across
the field, thus unmasking tan tl pound Iron
runs nblcb burled, on being cleared In front,
death and destruction Into our ranka with tbelr
canntster. Uat sliU onward tie went, taking
one L.ttn and tvto c itssens, and making lbro a
short stind. Agiln the enemy unmasked tao
brauplenes, which at last dipva uepy their
vlgdrouaflro back, but I caused the ciptured
run to be tipped over, so that tbaenerey in
regaining the ground could not drag It away.
Tbe 5th Otdo and Rt'h Pennsylvaniathrew
thcmaalves once morn, ulih (Ixod baynnets,
forward, the, former toeing four times, tn a few
minutes, their standard bearer. Capl. Whit
oome, at last, tool; the i oinra up again and
cheering on Ids men foil nlm. H ton Colonel
Murry, whilst gallantly leading on MaMtferegl
ment. In fact, that ground 'aa atrown wllh
dead and wounded. (Iftnvnil Tylnrbat thero
hla ntd, L'eut. Williamson, or the 2'Jih Ohio.
I hurried back, to brii g up the 110th Penn
sylvania 'and ltth Indian i, by a right oblique
movement through the woods, and the enemy,
receiving all lli rjmblnrd h'ik and Are, re
tired and left ua In possession of our dearly
bought gun and cilssons.
Untied, onward we pressed again the eoe
in) 'a two bran pleoea and .miuketry pouring
in their fire. Three companies nf ihe 8th Ohio
reinforolng us, we gained our brass piece and
Its oalsson, and compelled the enemy to fall
This waa at 7 P. M. I rooted to tho right
11 ink, and caused the cannon to go forward on
the now fast retreating enemy, when I met
it ith six of Asliby'i cavalry, who shot down ray
orderly and killed hla horse, one of their bul
lets piercing my cap. I was computed to use
my sword to kill one ol them.
Tbe cavalry oaptured two hundred and thirty
prisoners and met only with little resistance
from the enemy'a cavalry,
At 8 P. M. tho mnkelry teased. A few more
,inuonljots trom Ibolr fixtremn eft battery
uere llron, a,) na in wunnraw nur auenuon
from tlp-Telreatlni; foe, aud u uaiovo. Ou
inuu remained m tho new of battle, picking
up llio woundvd, and slept upon ihalr arms to
,HW.ike f jr th" pursuit of the enemy on tho
in iruing ol Iba 21th, who fell rapidly back
lioond Newtown, when, at ulna n'clntk of the
nioriliig oi mat nay, aiujnr uenerai uanca iook
(i mould, mil I reporieu nai 1c to yon.
lianeral, I li.itw Hie honor to be, ever ready
to siirvo in an fi irious i h ilv of soidiera under
your alilu loading,
Your inoal obedient, humble sonant,
It, C, SllKinrn,
Naw Jksskv Lftltsun an Thla body nd
Imirned sine 1(10 on Frld ty t ei log last
Tha Central American Transit Company bill
w) pawed.
j0 vft f -'
IV li IV ill H
1 la .. t. A Tr. Iti r
IVIoro Rebel Guhn.
dcaitrnl Despondency In Ten-
ja.fi.Mee. .
! e ' t' " t
-a- i..v j i; .. iu .i . . .
uaiiOi aiarcn tj, aihit a mil ine oomoara
ment of Island No. ID was renowed vigorously
The rebels appear lo havs received and pnl
In position ntw guns of longer range.
inere is notnlng Imnortsm irom Tonnes-e
An arrival from Memphla reports a general de
spondency; but little confidence) Is felt even In
a large force concentrating at Corinth.
Jackson's Pyrotechnic Factory, riill-
routi on viva: cnriAiVrfKs killed
PuinniLrnii, March 29, Jackson's Pyro
technic factory, corner of Tenth and Reed
streets, exploded at an early hour this morning
Four or five persons were killed, including a
son of Mr. Jackson. Tbe bead of one victim
as blown nearly two iqnares, and Ihe frag
ments tl humanity are scattered atut tbe
rules, preseu log a mist shocking sight Ttn
or twiny other employees, boys nnd girls,
were seriously Injured by tbe explosion.
, Tbe futti of many of the victims ot Ihe dia
star, this morning is still unknown. Out "'
The country rtrPIJ-t1"1 re-suua rmpioyeu in toe uu'iu
I ' lilAn h i4 luuin nrpnnnlis Tnr 1n.-l,
,."-' -wmw ..-...-. .-.., .......
'ting lour Known tone mneu. uoori tnn met
m's log la supposed lo bava been tilown to
at(m. Forty or fifty of tho wouudid are t
at the hoFnltal and thilr resld ncde . It Is fesr
ed that a considerable number it them will
not recover.
I s ,
Botreat of Bebels Under Van
Dorn and Prices
Trio Toxau Txroojossc
Iloi.Li,'Mo March 29 Reliable persons ins
from our army In the southwest sav Ibat the
irbvls,tome asou in number, under Van I) ot
and Price, bave retreaud entirely across tbi
II stun Mouoilo,'and arr now at Van llnro
and rortnmllh receiving Htpnlles Irom. Mem
nblsand Little Rock, via Aikaneas' river, which
is nlgn.
l,.-j Texas troop are tnnch disheartened at
the drain, of B-n McCulldch, and Arkansas
Teals the loss of Mcintosh severely. The rebels
are badly off lor clqthlng and hoes. Pike's
Indtins returned to the Indian nation not be
ing formidable la battle, th-y having become
panli stricken at the edict tt our artillery.
Prlc has ra elvml a Majir (S-ocral's com
tu'ssio i In Ihe Confodeiate service.
One nitlmint f Texas troops reached Vad
Itireu o'i tie 15th to reinforce Vai Dorn.
tlor are t-xnictedfr mLoulslant The whole
nutnber of rebl leinforcements will not cxceid
lire tnousind lor the next six wrrks.
1.1'tiU'Uunt Colonel lli-rron, cf the Nioth
lua, wno wis tAtu prisoner, was In the I ands
ot the rela-ls fir two weeks. lie eya tbe rebels
were badly frightened, and that Ibey retreated
very rapidly. During tbe first three days 1 1
th-lr fi ght Ibey bad 'nothing to eat. Their
lanuon and b iggige train uiLrhl bava been ca
slly captured. Curtis' army fell bitk t Kets
viiie io seenre lonisn. Aiitnusa,uortuoi ray
alirvllle, Is en'irely ea'en ou. Our forces sru
now camped hi re waier and fui uge are plenty,
Oar ptcketa exteid Into Arkansas, and Ibe
relief picXeLs come nortn to too iop of li'mon
Uruntalns. Favettevlile la nnoccunlcd. Verv
tltMe Uulon sentiment Ims been developed In
Aika ia,s.
s , s
From Missouri.
Sniu.n, Missouri, March 5'J Tho notorious
hr"ind Oitntill. ttbh two hundrid of his
i.iierilla', ma e a sudden aid un"xprcVd at-
tick on a delacnmentor uo'nuel I'ntiitps' rrg
imeut of M ssourl uittltla, under Major Foster,
at Warrensburir, on Wednesday list, I lit afier
a spirited skirmish Ihey wern tlrlten Irom Ihe
town, with a loss of nine, kills d and seventeen
wounded. Twenty horses were captured. Our
loss was two killed and nine wounded.
Quantrll made another attack on tbe town
ou tbe lollowlng day. The result Is not known.
Lliu'. Col. Crittenden has left Ge. rgetown
with relnforoements for foster. Scouting psr
ties from Ihis r glment bave cap'tircd over two
bui dred kega of n bei powder In Poltls county
within the past few days.
A Beign of Terror There !
11k Mltrmm Rrwlie to Burn the City!
Thrcaltnlng to Shoot Floyd 1
A spen il di'palch Irom Cairn, lo the Cincin
nati Uinuneriiil, gives tho following news,
recall ed frcm Memphis :
lis Informant is a N'Mherner, whose word.
Ihe editor says, may be relied upon. Mempbli
la In a slate of terror. The fair crounds are
used lor a ciuip livery one capable ot bear-
Iricr Hiina Is being luipre"ett Into toe remct
Men aro etan urHRgru iuni tueir iwn. ine
frnclamatlnn ot th 1 mayor in regard to burn.
ai the city has no It-fi jencn. A majority ol
aldrrmeu. lu convention with leading mlllurr
oftloers, decided at a meeting, held a fonnlght
ago, lo burn tbe city when they evacuate. In
spite nf the mayor. There aro no fort' float Ions
at Memphis.
At 1,'ort. Hindolnli onlv four trans are mount.
ed. At Fort Pillow, however, there Is a strong
fort nat on. mounting twenty tiro sixiy-roura
and thirty twos. There are about 7,000 troops
At (few Orleans thero are thirteen gunboats
on tbe ways, to be luted wllh railroad Iron.
The report that the South Is well supplied
wllh provision! is uhsurd. They have not
stock enough 00 hand to lost ex months.
Clothing, auoes, .Us, are al-o very difficult to
obtain. No confidence Is felt In .Southern cur
reucy, South' rn politicians, or Sou'hern mlli
tary leaders. Jeff. Davis was universally de
nouiiccl as Incompetent. Floyd is every whi re
considered au arrant knave.
Mrs. Biicknrr hud arrived at Memphis She
complained or not, bil 1,: allowed Jo go further
North than Cairo, lu the par ir nf the Gay
nan LUiu she ullrocml untverml ultetition by
her liitnrdcniinolail'n nf Pllliw and Floyd,
lh" fuimit"ls reported to have sultbatho
would shtut Floyd wbenerrr bo mm him.
It was the general Impression at Memphis
that a batlle would he rl-ki'd ut Fort Pillow.
At the latter place, however, Hraut la cut oft
by 1 tnd, as Ibe country In th- rrr is ii,tiidated
niul Bwatnpy.
llirraisi. Manh 2'l. -Tnn propeller Ellipse,
which kit hern at lour o'clnek yesterday morn
lug, arrived ut Toledo ut nine o'clock tins
moiuiog, making her regular lime.
The i'leau Is reported still In the Ice below
CIM'tsiaaTI, Warci i'J Parson niowuiow
arrived here jeaterday, and will probably rej
main Bcyeral dtyi,
oil 5twab.
Boirtfis? rJ.i
M I'-finolilster.
The following graphic aooeanlof tha hoirors
of the battia ol Winchester mis written by the
sj-l' enrrespnnenl. "1 i
The scene of the confl'ct Is terrible. Civilians
are gencrslly prevented from visiting It for the
present It Is Impossible to describe the scene
ao as to give n rsallM'loinrnrs'gtnrsTJtoeFi altni
t-rror, which ahy one otlght'tolblliah not to
nercelve while walking sm'd Ibe remnants of
humaejhy'whlah' art Scat tered! abbot. .'iBodlea
In all thefilghtfnl attitudes which a violent and,
nnntnval death conld produce,' ataloid'.llh
blood, mangled and laceratea pernaps, onrn
begrimed and btaejkf lay cal(ered' here and
fiere, sometimes almrrt In heaps!
Some trad crawled away when wounded to a
comfortable place to die. Two men lay almost
ejorered wllh strarr Into which tbev had scram
bled and lay Until death released tbem. In tbe
woods through which onr troops had It) pass lo
Sharga lha rebel! He the lahrost nlimb'er of our
aad. and beyond, on the other sldo of tha wall
from Dentuo. wmen iney poured tneir volleys or
d ins at our men. large nnmnera oi taareneia
lis, pterreo in me roreoeaq or Iocs as Ibey rose
above Ihetr hiding place lo shoot at Ihe FecT
e'als. TbiTe la n perullar'gnaatllneWln the
appesrsec ol the adetys dead. JDId net
tlrlr drees dls tngulsh them, their faces would
nsblo any one Instant y to tell .which were
taverns ana wotcn not. uno wnuia ttbint
the wars all Indians, si verrdeik had they
become from their'exposure, Bleeping wlthoat
tenia sa they did ttt a long time at the begin
ning of the war.
Ju the Court House are plaeed large num
ber of tho wounded, our own and tbo enemies
without dlscrlmlna'lon. and In severs) places
in town hospitals havo been established since
the battle. It la dlffloult to compel one's aril
to dwell lorg enough upon the scene witnessed
there, of tho dying and deadto give tbem a
laitn'ui uoecnpiion. surgeons and atundan's
have been constantly at labor, without, rest, Id
ittendlng te tho ticforlunsts soldiers In Ihe
let, after all their efforts', it was long before
many or tha wonnded could be properly can d
for and Ihcir.wouods properly dressed.
The court-rooni was filled wllh the sufferers,
lying upon ths ft f , so many that It was diffi
cult to pass about among Ihi ni Among them
was lha Cunfiderale Captain Jone, who had
both eye shot out. and whose face, covered
thtrkly with elollrd blood. pnsnled tbe most
rrpu'e've nnd pitiable sight which one conld
well behold. Some, irom lose of blood, were
win and pale, and some, from tha Ir juries to
the face, were swollen, dl-torbd, and discol
ired. Some, Jndecd. were .cheerful, atd re
h'clng.lhat, while their comrades were maav
of them so serlonsly lojur'd, tbelr slight
wounns wouia soon nesi ana necome nonatn'
ble scars, testifying their patriotism and loyalty
nut toe mijority oi tnose wnion i saw nere
were dangerous wound, and BOine were lo
siller amputations, and tntir fellow-soldiers
about them rulrer ng Irom their own wounds
were obliged to listen to their cr es and groans,
and to hear the grating or tho surgeon's saw, a
rrrmonltor of their own hard late. I saw many
a the agonies of death. One, who was raised
and sea'ed half upright, kannla me now with
bis pale, Borrowmi countenance, lie was
tmost dead, and every moment would raise
his head, open his eyes, and stare a-anlly
ur Mind, as If he would assure himself that he
hail not yet lost all the sense of slgbL
Here also lay some who bad jut died, and as
t pas-ed through tbe hall, a gray bslred guard,
n sting npnn hla musket, with a solemn, grave
r- unt' nanc, wan standing beside a nurchar nf
do id, in fit) attitude cf a death struggle, each
with a paper pinned to his clothing, stating tin
name, regiment, e'e of tha dece-tsed.
Many ladies of the town were seen visiting
all tha hospital. Must It be raid that their
anxtetv was In find out the Confedi rate orison
ers only, and administer to them the comforts
which tbey did not extend to our own: Cao
It be. In such a case, that hum tnity can so dis
tinguish betwm ii friet d and foe stricken down
byeuff'-ring and death? Yet manyhivnob
eerved'the unconcern for the Federal sufTarers
and tbe anxiety and care for the Confederates
wDicn was very generally exuioited at our noa
WJieo Iba rebel prisoners wero being sent
away lo Baltimore, Ibe ladles In town sought
to lighten the Imprisonment by bringing deli
cacies to them, and little prorrnla. and their
disloyalty waa manifested openly, the men as
soring the fair ones Ibat they were still for
Jilt Din.
Rev. Mr. Tern's sermon at the Capitol yes
tei day was one pf tho greatest eft irte of the rea
son, and produced a profound sensation, espe
dally among politicians and statesmen. We
hope the preacher will consent lo Its publica
Tract- von tub 8olwbi Tbe Boston Tract
Society has furolsbed'Urs. Gen. McCleltan with
religious books, In each of which she writes hsr
name and presents them to tbe toldleis of the
Army of the Potcmac.
No CosuicMOiTiON. Gen. Hoger haa Issued
an order prohibiting all per-uos from going
frcm Norfolk to Fortress Monroe.
Gmr.Bom CoNbt'cT. Paymaster Alban V.
Elliott writes us, In behalf of the officers and
men of tbe First regiment District of Columbia
volunteers, tendering their warmest thanks to
Rlgge & Co, banket a or this city, for their
liberal amUlmcly advance of 2S.000, lor the
purpose of paying tbn regiment. What ren-
dera the old (given without rtcurllyof any
kind) more disinterested and patriotic, la the
fact that II brought lliera no pecuniary benefit,
either in the rh'pe of commission or otherwise
SoinifBs' HruiTTAScrs Of 370,000 paid
the lodd Pennsylvania regiment last week,
$12,000 waa sent home to their families.
Par.sox BaowsLow. Parson Brownlow, ot
Tennessee, arrived in Cincinnati on Friday
last, and will probably remain several days.
-tyeee nn article In onr local columns,
exposing llio separation of ft slave family In
this city.
'Vi.Mr 11, Pmiiiji-i la announced lo repeal
hla Cincinnati lecture at Chicago.
It la exm clt d that the 1 ew leiral tender notes
will bn paid out by thj Tieasiiry about tbo lat
ot April. m
SO I. II 1 K It H ' l l N B V
will f jrwaud
to tliB-lr fiinltiea t any fNca on the llic.cf their
Tor any Mm rot axeeellug Fl tr lj;Urn ; ami a
I rOl'Ur lOlllItJ JUllI'Mia-i vi(r-o iw Jiaii.iri iv;t,i4i;ii
ty ouiiofctl R hxy tvttt
'UiPrnTilMftn-a whlh r UjM, Treasury Nulw.cr
Allot niMil urjllf-.v-iioutii ueuiciONfi in kit etivioi
ami Mini'(!lv fstuk'i.inU lia I Iiu lilt ml tin n ftn
fiaiinjj iiii,'twt oil. e nuJ Ma , aid ! -.1 tn,
Iuh icvl h . I'tim er) ( f tun i ron lo wlnm tj lr
ifuM'iil ttic iimuui't ifglbly j-irM.l ttii-rs-mi
HivtUij) h or I ii jiur-nHt- miy te Ii.iJ (tt cur
itli v
loftil lttirrcm,t 4 lYerj.thfl chaifle for re-lulliaiict-
nhtu d be ii'vpaltl
npiic ar.NrLi'.MAX wuo 'iook an
x urcntiiiua toaimwiy, wtvu iu? ajvuio
e (' a ojiuj UaUtiue, win ptcan; riuia
i u. Smith's oiottuog atore,
tt hjj own. itar
,Nu. m Seventh itruvt,
mar -U 8t
irU-r f5"' '
,1ia nut lai-THolrl nt.
.-y -.,-w.
HrJlDoftS; PnnviKT stllviM.ll.'H Orrtcr,
Crrr or- Wisiiimitov, March 29, ltjbi.
Special Order No 21.
The nqnlremeut of l'esiesftom persona visit-
log Maryland will ojase from this dale.
By order!
Msj W. U DoiTfit, Provost Marsbs.1.
S.PKCIAL. dtDS.lt.
PHOTO-IT Maiuuui.'s Otricu,
lV i' City of Washington.
tlltUtt' Wire 28, 180J.
9fM4I4Ord'r,No 19. '
haMhtWlc(ore'tsinM fiom tbeao Head
CjoarjsJY tolhojlisl Instant, wijl not bo renew
ait, Vut.reoogulmd until further orders.
By otdor or Msj. W. E. IJoin.n,
Provost Marshal,
C E. Ilolitxsoi,
roar ID lw Adjutahl.
DtraaniENT ok Bt,
Washington, March 23, 1SC2.
Ths following axtraol from a dispatch re
calved at this Department from Mr, John do U
Montagnle, tbe Consul nf the United States st
Nsntea, la published for general Information:
" I bave tbe honor tn say that vessels coming
from the United Statea to thla port auffor losses
through tha Ignorance of owners as to existing
facta bare.
1 1 propose to briefly and concisely present
these faeta to tha Department.
Vessels uiually take rharlera to deliver
cargoes either at Palnibosuff or Nantes.
"Theto ts water enough nt Palmboouf, but
tbe exposures In reaching this ruadstead are
sometlmea perilous.
"The lowest rlter water between HI. Nar tire
and Nantes Is from ten to tn clve feet In winter,
and as low as seven feet in Bummer.
" A vessel drawing nver ten feet must lighter
part or all her cargo at a cost of money and
time to ber owners.
" If the vessel comes lo Nantes, she must pay
pilotage, and, optionally, towage.
"If partly discharged at St. Nazaire, Ihe
oargo la at tbe risk of Ihe ship or the Insiiranco
until delivered at Nantes.
"The vessel pava half brol.cr.igo atSt. N.i
xalro, and full brokerage addod at Nantes.
" Tbe risks on the river aro considerable.
Dtmage from fouling ' Is frequent In acrowd.
ed, narrow, and swift river.
11 1 tconld adcle all chirkr to lie winvftt to ,S7.
JViiratrc, not A'lin'cs or I'MuiltociiJ, iloro Is k
large aafa dock.
" The following expenses of a vessel of four
Mindrcd atvf titfnl'tjour forts will git o shlpott n
ers an idea of costs f river navigation:
"Steam towage from St. Nszalre to
nantea 40,1 irnncs.
'Iteturn towago tnSt. Nazilro . .. 1'jO "
1 Itlver pilotage from St. Nat tiro In
Nantes, wilu steam 63 "
" River pilotago from Nantes, In St.
Nszalre, with steam Wl "
"Total Dilotaeo tilth steam .. let "
" R'ver pilotage from Bt. Nvairu to
Mantes, w iinout siesm iiu "
River pilotage from NanlostoMt.
Nazilre, without steam 110 "
"Total without stesm 'J'O "
" Lighterage from St. Nazal ro to Nantes,
about 3 Lanes per ton for irienf.
"ighterago on fum'iei, about - francs per
"A work Is In contemplation on tho Loire
which exports to make flltecn feet water In the
most shoal parts if the rlvor. lia success is
" Shipowners should know that adviiLt na cm
freight are not usually mule hero until all tho
freight Is delivered."
o rri c t a 1..
TaxistiKr DsrAKTNtuT,
March 21, (i.i.
'Holders of bonds of the United Mates dated
October 1, 1601, and payable three jctrs from
date, are hereby nollued lhal prorlslon ha
been made for tbe payment, tn ooln, ot tho
coup?na of semi annual Interest which will ho
oome duo on tbo lal April, proximo, agreeably
to thtfr tenor, by the Treasurer of tho United
Slates al Washington, by tho Assistant Trn,,s
uror al Boston, New York, Hint Philadelplii 1,
and by the Depositary of llio United SUtos at
Cincinnati, Ohio.
All such coupons, together it ith schodiilea
showing the number of each coupon, and the
aggregate sum of each parcel, must bo pre
sented for examination and teridtation atleast
tbrao full business daya before payment.
Seoretary of tbo Treasury.
1 Dt-.riRTMir.vr op Htatk,
h'ashinqton, Jan. 25, 1862.
Tho Secretary of Slato will hereafter receive
members of Congrws vn buInM on BnttirdsijH,
commeootog with Saturday, Ihe Ant ol next
n February 4. Ihi2.
Not ioi Is hereby Kien nf the ruHmnena nf
thla Department to redeem the Treaaury nntnn
puyable In one year from dHte, nut ho mod bv
the act nf OonreBi ajiprored December vut
1827, and the Treasury notea jnyable tn Kixty
daya Trom date authorized br the act of Con
Creu appro. ed2d March, lSGl.
Intertat on Treaaury notes nf the above tn
sum will ceaae on the 7th day of April next by
the terraa of those acts reapectkely.
fsb 6-Up7
January 21. U62.
Ordered, That the War Department will bo
closed Tuesdays, Wednesday, TLmn-daj, and
Fridays agaJnst all other bufluesa but thut v, Mali
relaUd to active mllttary operations iu tho (lld.
Saturdays will be devoted to the burinc of
Senators and Representatives.
Mondays to the business ol the public
Edwi.v M. Stamxj.s.
ja22-tf Secretary of War.
Healed l-ropot-al-i are lovltcd till the Uth day of
4inl,1K2 at Ji u'clofk,m .loraopplylngilie if t
.Subtiotenct D-ipar'intQt -jUii I.'iQj I.ead ol lUXP
0ri'l.K oa lha boor
The CaUllt to ha e tvered at Wuhlugton city, an 1
ea-.li animal lo vraga lWO tnuadt groai -Aclftbt ;
ro animal idmlttt wUclt weiilut Ut iliaa l,wu
pound Rri
The Cattla tt b delivered at mcU tlutca aud ia auOt
ijuantiihti aaiheti-ivira-otulnu) r qu re
Cattle will b rt'iulrvd uidr tin tuu tract noa
alor tbo contract la cloud.
llelitrsiand Dull not wanted.
A bond, with good and aaiUfactory 'curlty, will
Ooverpruentrervt0 lUelf the rl(ht to l ay iu
Treuury noUe
No bid will be fnterta'nsd when rut In by on
traotora who hare prTtouily tailed 1o ujiujiy ul h
tlit.tr coniracti. or where the tlduu, U xtut 1 1 cent to
reapoad tublabtt,andallbldetobBacoinu Kdby
twu aiaraattaW.
The name oi flrmi nhonld be Matt In full.wl'h
theprejlse addreia ufal! itie n t-mberiui th-y llrw
bn! ( fj tin rani
We, ,ol thecuua-y ul untlti.aiu oT ,
and .iftaevou tyuf .nil .liuti tl ,dj
hereby gnrauty tha Naultt to I JMU a untrnct
U accordance wt bthe lerma ol I la pioiwlthn, an J
hai.iht-uii hu-prop alllon b atcfp ttl.lic nil at
on.e enter Into aeuntraet n accirdntiCai ili-rewl)-Sltould
the kontrart be awrJed luin, wv are prri art i
to t-ecoine liU aecurl.lea
1 hi fuarantue must be appeudel to etch bl 1
mar .A
UoUt-HT AKO bOtll KI
JAZ UUU&JS a. tju , liAttaiu,
mar 20-lw ibi, FlAeutb atrevt.

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