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hMfcM My, ImMji IxntH
1001 M. WIsVTON, tDITOR.
ssr The publication oBoe of Ik aTstoaaal
FeVMsam U at the eortaeaaw eersvsr of 0 aad
Seventh street, second fioor, over W. D. Bnep
sereVi store. Intraaoe ota Bevontt street.
aw llli IMIn every .-(
We Jura been Induoed to offer our dally pa
per to soldiers, wtto shall form dubs, at the
following low rates i
1 cop, 4 mootbt tlAO
ft oopise, months.... 6.00
10 copies, 4 months 10.00
All over ton copies, at tk rata of ono dollar
per copj for (our month.
ftf The names most always be accompanied
with tbe money.
ja-Writs the namea distinctly, and girt
the company and the Dumber oi the regiment
fm The papers "111 be mailed to one name,
or too name will be written separately, IT de
sired. CwtddbV Conclusion of the Trip to 11a
nuu;" extract from the speech of Mr. Blake,
of Ohio; chaplains for the navy; Important
military news; miscellaneous matter.
Yesterds7, the President, baring approved
the bill abollshiog slavery in this District, sent
the following messsge to both branches of Con
gress: Uttmt-citUtni rfOu Senate
and ifouss cj Rqvtitnlalixts:
Tbe act entitled " An act for the release oi
certain persons held to service or labor In the
District of Colombia," has this da; been ap
proved and signed.
I hare never doubted the constitutional au
thority of Congress to abolish slavery in this
District, and I hare ever desired to sea the NS'
tionsl Capital freed irom tbe institution In some
satisfactory way. Henoe there has never be en,
in mj mind, any question upon the subject, ex
cept the one of expediency, arising in view of
all the circumstances. If then be matters
within and about this act which might hare
take a conrso or shape more nthfsctory to my
judgment, I do not attempt to specify them. 1
am gratlDed that the two principles of compen
sation and colonization are both recognized and
practically applied in the act.
In the matter of compensation it la provided
tnat claims may be presented within ninety days
irom the psssage of the act, "but not thereafter,"
and there is no saving lor mlcors, femes-covert
insane, or absent persons. I presume this it an
omission by mere oversight, and I recommend
that II be supplied by an amendatory or sup
plements! act. ABSAHAM Ll.NCOLS.
April 16,1602.
Mr. ElherldM . tW Clock of tbe House, baa
returned froaB a jrWt to Kashvlue and other
parts of Tumaiili; vldtbjf hie, boms (and
family) bos ether place, ns brings an en
coursilng report of the stale of feeling among
the substantial population of Tennessee. At
certain points Nssbrlllo, Memphis and at the
owns alcng the great railway lines-there is,
andenlsbly, a good deal of disloyal sentiment
remaining. This is easily accounted for, these
localities having dona a fine, business with the
rebel Government, and especially the War De
partment of that miu Government. Dnt away
from these centres, among the yeomanry of tbe
Bute, there is a very general loyal reeling.
The common people are sick of the rebellion,
add will gladly welcome the old Government
and the old Union.
We have seen other gentlemen from southern
Tennessee, who know very thoroughly the
topography of the country, and they assert that
loos the bridges across the Tennessee river
have been burned, the position of Gen. Mitchell
is perfectly safe. Beauregard cannot now send
troopa against him, and previous to the late
great battle, Beauregard bad called In all hb)
troopa from Decatur and very many from Chat
tanooga. In Eastern Tennessee the rebels have
all they can do to keep the loyal people quiet,
and can spare no troopa to attack Mitchell.
It Is quite probable that Knoxrllle and East
Tennessee will soon be In oar possession.
In Nashville and Louisville the universal
opinion seems to be, that the disattera or the
lint day of the rilieburg battle are escribed to
the criminal neglect of somebody to provide
against a eurprlse. It was this surprise which
cost us so many prisoners and eo much artillery
on the first day.
Tbe President signed the District emancipa
tion bill at an early hour yesterday, and the
notification was brought to Congress shortly
sfter one o'clock. A message was sent to the
Senate, nominating the following gentlemen as
commissioner! under the act: Daniel R. Good-
toe, Samuel R, Vinton, and ex-Mayor BerreU.
We trust that the buslnessof transporting slaves
from the District to Baltimore will now case.
how n rrnoMt!
Tbe Maryland Aras Sv.ti yesterdsy morning
contained three or four columns of late news
from Richmond one or two dsys later than
any other newa received honorably and hon
estly. The aVeies Sort II notoriously rebel in
its sympathies, and in Its republications or the
villainous Richmond journals, it answers all the
purposes of a genuine secession journal In Bar
llmore. According to Its mode oi managing
things, it may regularly republish the R'ch
mond Enquirer, simply leaving off the name and
putting on its own instead. But the question
is: how does the Artcs Meet get the Southern
papers! Who keeps up this new underground
railroad T"
asislsaty Cauanime evt emii-
ft Bx-Beesetarv Oaiamn was. arrests la
ajfclphhsin Tuesasy W, on warrant lasted
ft tbe aharWs oaaoers, on coaafiaiM or rissvje
Batler, ft' alleged Illegal detainer (a Fort 1
feyslte. ', - y v'" 'Jx
To-night a hundred citizens, neaaea oy a
number of publlo oaeers, visited the realdence
of Mr. BuUer and regaled him with Ike solsa
of horns, Mdlosaad olher discordant Instru
menu. '
Mr.'.Casasron had. made ready to atari for
Europe at an early period, and this arrest will
materially Interfere with his arrangements.
Mr. Wall and friends, of Burlington, N.J.
were la Philadelphia all day, welting to casti
gate Mr. Cameron for tbe arrest of Mr. Wall
laat fall.
The e x-Seeretary was guarded by the United
Slates marshal, the district attorney, and others.
For the present, Mr, Cameron haa declared
his Intention not to sail for Russia until theJ
case In qucatlon la disposed of.
Tbe arrest took him entirely by surprise, and
oocaatontd much mortification.
Gem. Poster's Balloon RKCostKotsaixc
Oa the 11th instant Gen. Porter ascended in a
balloon to take a look at the Yorktown rebels.
The rope which held the balloon was nine hun
dred yards long, and only gave a limited view,
but when he reached the end of It, It snapped,
and he ascended to an Immense height, giving
him a clear flew of the enemy, and a location
directly over them. This was not the most
agreeable placo to come down, so be ascended
a little higher, and struck a counter current,
which bore him over the Union camp, when be
Immediately descended, unharmed, In good
spirits, and pleased with his adventure.
fS- " f.iH.mm-r'mrW'a
(Arrival tf the mum ,Cula J
- MfimtcU-PmrlUnMt.
Halifax, Aprli 16. The steamship Canada,
wltbTlverpool advices to tte UTtBTBttant, has
arrived nere. ( T ' "
; ' The House of Commons on Friday debated
the uesllon relative to the valia of forUBoa-
Uods and floating batteries. 'A resolution was
adopted providing Tot the suspension of the
works at Billhead. It will shortly consider
the expediency of empowering tbe Government
to'.oac nroney already voted for forts In con
structing Iron-sheathed vessels. The continen
tal news Is generally unimportant.
The latest market had not yet been received.
Consols closed on Friday evening from 03 to
93 for money.
Dreadstuffs are quiet Flour Js.decllnlng.
Provisions quiet. American sroruriUes Arm.
1 1 '
BcBartaeit of thi eM4oii,
Woodstock. Vs.. Anril IS. A national sa
lute, as ordered in celebration of recent vic
tories, was Bred here today at noon by direction
of General Banks. Grsat enthusiasm wu man
ifested throughout the division.
The rebela still continue to fire at our
From Fortress Monro.
How tub Rebels Get them Nrwa. A few
days ago tbe Hercules captured several sloops
and shooners In the vicinity of Smith's Island,
in the Chesapeake. Onooeofthem, the Velma,
was found a large mail, containing about two
hundred letters, in charge oi a captain of the
Confederate army. This Vessels had cleared
from Baltimore for Poconoke Bound, with a
cargo consisting of provisions of various kinds.
Instead of being discharged In a Maryland port,
she wu taken over to Great Wyoomtco river,
and there discharged in Virginia. ' The sloop
was returning In ballast for a new cargo, and
was captured with the correspondence on board.
It appears abe had been engaged In ihts cor
respondence for five months.
Arrival f Ike Frock Mlalster.
TLK. The Chicago Tribune, of last Monday, baa
many details and Incidents oi the great batUe.
Our force at Pitlabnrg Landing on the mom
leg of the first day U stated at 46,000, which
was Increased during that day and the succeed
ing night, by arrivals from Crump's Landing,
alx miles below, and Savannah, twelve miles
below, and of the advance fores of Gen. Butll.
Tbe force at Crump's Landing was 18,000 men,
under Gen. Wallace.
The Fifty-seventh Illinois regiment,
Baldwin, lost 163 in killed and wounded.
Tbo Fifty-second Illinois regiment,
Sweeny, lost 138 In killed and wounded.
The steamer Woodford landed 600 prisoners
at Cairo April 12.
Of the Fifteenth Iowa, Col. Reed, the Lieu.
tenaot Colonel and Major were all wounded. A
special dispatch of the Trilnuil says of It :
" This noble regiment arrived on Haturd.v
with 1,015 men. Onlv 407 answered to tbef
names after tbe battle. Ihey bad received
louir guns at oi. urais, ana leu rieoxuK only
two weeks sio. Thev were in I'renlis's divi
sion. Nearly all of tbo Fifty-eighth Illinois,
uu ido bigotu, ana i weuin, ana rourteeoin
Iowa were surrounded and taken miaoners
while maintaining their ground and fixating like
"The Eighteenth Wisconsin reached Pitts
burg Saturday evening, and marched to the
front of Sherman's division. Thev were ex-
fiosed on Sunday to the heaviest Ore, returning
t with an energy worthy of veterans. This
regiment wss entirely raw, end bsd only been
paraaea a lew times, bsd been hurried down
from Milwaukee right Into the heat of the fight,
and many had never loaded a gun until they
did it before tbe enemy."
The hospital steamer Louisiana arrived at
Cairo, April 12, filled with wounded soldiers, of
whom 41 were rebel soldiers, taken prisoners.
Among these last was a son of Gen. Sam. Hous
ton and a son ol Pierre Soule.
A correspondent of the Cincinnati Commercial,
who left the battle ground on Tsursdsy last,
estimates our loss In killed at Irom 1,200 to
1,800; wounded, 3,500 to 4,000; missing, 2,500
Tbe rebela lost more In killed than we did, but
not so many wounded. About 1,000 unwound
cd rebel prisoners were taken and about 1,200
wounded. Up to the lime be left 2,200 rebels
bad been burled. Our troops retook on Hon
day all the batteries lost on Sunday, and cap
tured twelve pieces from the enemy.
lie says that the day after the last fight-that
la on Tuesday General Beauregard sent a flag
of truce, requesting permission to bury his
dead, and saying : " Owing to the heavy rein
forcements you received Snndsy night and
Monday, and the fatigue of my men, I deemed
It prudent to retire and not renew the battle."
Tbo permlaslou was not granted. The bearer
of the flag admitted that General Beauregard
received a slight wound In the left arm.
If any one were to Jidge Senator Powell by
bis late colleague, Breckinridge, he would say
that bis very long speech delivered In the Sen
ate, yesterday, against confiscation and in de
anoe (!) of the Constitution portends his future
open treason. That was the way ol Breckin
ridge. One day he wu agonizing over tbe
Constitution in the Senate the next in arms
against IL Mr. Powell admitted that men
would call him traitor " because he defended
tbo Constitution." No, sir ; that Is not the rea
son. His because you and your friends arc
alwsys bellowing against every attempt to put
down the rebellion, (m! newr sat a word tujaintt
j.e n!Won Use'! Nobody doubts the loyally
oi Mr. McDougall, though he did attack Socre
tary Stanton so severely. Why! Because he
votes men and money, and talks sgalnst rebel
lion. Who ever heard Powell say anything
agslnst the rebellion! Who ever beard Val
iandlgbamt These gentlemen are never indig
nant at anything Jeff. Davis dees, but are for
ever boiling over at Mr. Lincoln's conduct
As for tbe argument of Stnator Powell, It did
not amount to much. Mr. Wade was right, the
day before, when he said that If you bunted
deep down luto the hearts of these people who
make so muih luss over the conduct of the
Government, you will find traitor blood there.
Tbs House Committal on Elections, in the
ease of Bylogton against Vandever, have de
clared that a man cannot be member of Con
gress and oolonel in the army at the same time.
They uy:
The committee are, therefore, clearly of the
Opinion that, in whatever light Col. Vendeier
h mrarded. whether u an officer of the militia
of Iowa, actually mustered Into the service of
the United States, or u an officer of the army
proper of the United States, his position is not
only Incompatible with that ef Representative
In Congress, but also that his case falls clearly
wllD.n ine last clause oi u tun section oi ah.
1 of the Constitution or the United Stales,
which provides that no person holding an office
nnder i he United States, shall bs a member ol
either House (of Congress) during his continu
ance in omce.
"The loyalty, patriotism, and valor which
nramntod tiol. Vandever lo ieave the compara
tive ease Ol una xtail auu wso upuu Diiuarji
the labors, vexations, hardships, snd dangers
of the rrcruiting service, the camp, and the
battle-field, Impressed the committee with tho
warmest admiration for his character, and ex-
Cited in them a strong desire lo find some valid
rrMon for reporting in favor of his retaining
his seat. This they have been unable to do ;
Tnd tbe great Importance of the principles
Which govern the case, aa well as the twul ju
tidal character imposed, In these investiga
tions, upon the committee, forbid them to al
low prepossessions or favor to affect tbelr de
cision." I It Is supposed that other members of the
Hours will be affected by this decision.
TEMUTuar or'IamrrwA. Tils proposed Ter
ritory, a bill to orgsnlze which wu yesterday
Introduced into tbs Senate, is Intended for the
colonization of our.Indlan tribes of the Western
borders, where every head of a family may have
a free homestead of a quarter section ol land,
and where no Indian agent or white trader ahall
molest or make them afraid. It lies between
Kansas and Texas, having the Arkanau and
Missouri boundaries for Its eastern line, while
Its western boundary Is tbe twenty-sixth meri
dian of west longitude, down to tho parallel of
3C 30, thence cut to tho twenty-third meridian,
and thence south to tbs Red river, and by Its
course to the Arkansas line.
.xsaVTho President yesterdsy nomloated to
tbo Senate James G BerreU, (ex-Mayor of
Washington,) Hon. Samuel F. Vinton, late of
Qbio, and Daniel R. Goodloe, formerly of North
Carolina, commissioners lo Investigate and de
termine tho validity and value of the claims
presented under the act for " tbe release of cer
tain persons held to service or labor In the
District of Columbia." It will be recollected
this bill declares, from and alter its passage,
"neither slavery nor lovoliintary servitude,
swept for crime, whereof the natty shall be
Only convicted, sbi-ll hercaller exist In this Dis
Ms. BiAKe'tj Hrr.Kcn. We publish on the
outside an extract from tbe sbls speech made
In tbo llousn by Mr. Blake, cf Ohio, iq fatot
or emancipation In this District. The extract
which we mike, showa tho Importance of the
measure to Ibe growth and prospirltyof Ibis
city, and deserves to bs carefully read.
that on Frldsy sfternoon and Saturday tbo
United States steamer Jacob Dell diaeovcred
rebels, and even two batteries, at Potomac
Creek, pear AquIa,ons or them a water battery
and the other on a high hill.
Tbe Nashville Umom. We receive with Id
finite gratification this nobis, out spoken Union
paper, published on what was a few months
ago rabid secesh soil. Its appropriate and pa
triotic motto Is, "For freedom and nationality."
The number before us is the second issue of tbe
psper, and we are glad to learn that It Is meet
ing with that success which II deserves. We
bid the paper God speed, and long may It live
to add fresh fuel to that patrlolle fire which is
now burning so brightly upon tbe hearle of the
people of Tennessee.
Cattain IIoLUks, The St Louis JhpuUkan,
of April 12, baa a report, which we are sorry to
say. Is doubtful, that tbe famous Captain Hol
llos 'la among the prisoner lakeo at Island
Ho. 10. ' ' J'7 "' -
The Situation. The public is strained up to
the hlghist point of anxious expectancy, by
the great military movements which are pend-
At Yorktown, tbe public is only permitted lo
know that vut preparations are making both
for attack and defence, and that the crisis can
not bs long postponed.
In the valley of the Mississippi, Com. Foots
Is reported to have csptured Fort Pillow, and
only one other defensible point remains be
tween that and Memphis. The opposing armies
at Pittsburg and Corinth are almost In Bight of
each other. The railroad communication of
the enemy towards the eut has been broken by
(ho destruction of bridges only twelve miles
from Corinth, and his next retreat must be
southward -to New Orleans, or to Columbus,
Mississippi, Any day, or any hour, may bring
news or aecuiva bouuub.
From tbs Nuhvllle (Tenn.) Union.
Uctamlng to thttr First Lave.
For several dsjs the office of Governor John
son in the Cspltol have been thronged with
secession men and womm from the city and
adjacent country earnestly Interceding for their
sons who have been or are now in the rebel
army, and expressing the utmost willingness
and evi n anxiety to take the oath of allegiance
to the good old Government, and faithfully dis
charge the duties of law abiding and loyal
citizens. Some of these distressed parents, for
whom we feel tbe deepest sympathy, say that
tbelr sooa were virtually forced Into the rebel
service by taunts and menaces, others that their
priae lea tnem to volunteer lest tnry should be
subjected lo the degradation of a draft, and
otocrs irom various mango innuencer, so oarer
to oe resuica oy inougutieaa aurenturers, ana
ambitious young men.
Haov Instances ol tbe most sffectlne nature
could be adduced, but we forbear to Intrude
upon the sanctity of private grief. God forbid
that we should utter one word that would
Oause lo bleed afresh these wounds, which a
parent's heart only can know, and which so
many tamers ana mowers leei tnrougsoul Ten
nessee In this hour of our nation's deep affile
lion. Tbe Improvement In the state of the
publlo mind Is most gratifying, and will be
hailed with rapture by every patriotic heart.
ine worn or restoration progresses, most cheer
ingly, The spell of treason is broken, and I he
demon of enchsntment lies powerless at the
feet of our country's genius.
In addition to Ibe above, Ibe same paper
records with great satisfaction that "a large
number of natlre Tennesseans, men of intelli
gence, character, and Influence," have applied
to Governor Johnson for authority lo raise
troops for the Union army, und gives assurance
that a much larger number ol natives of that
State will volunteer In the Union army than
ever got Into the rebel army, either by volun
teering or the draft.
naaac of Truoe, asto .
KnaTRKm Ifnhsne Anrtt 15. The weather
Iji . i... 1..U.. fc..ti. Jt tu..uttr 1 lk..l .
plcre warm and so little wind that the expanse
of water between Old Point and Sewall's Point
bore scarcely a tipple. On the clearing up of
ine log at an early nour ait eyes were cent in
the dlreellon of CrancV Island, exnectlnz lo
see the Merrlmao with her Iron clad coat rldtog
on the waves, nothing, nowever, coma no
seen of her, snd she bu not been visible since
she moved off to Norfolk on Saturday evening,
after lying all day, as it wu supposed, aground
off Craney islands
The Das ol truce that went un veslerdav
brought down a rumor that it was lbs Inten
tion oT tbe Htrrimac lo come out to-day and
shell Ibe camp at Newport News. This infor
mation wu conveyed to one of the men on our
boat by a hand on ibe rebel boat, but up lo 5
o'clock this evening It baa not been verified,
tnougn it la oigniy promote tnat sucn a pur
pose may be entertained.
tbs general Deuei nere is tnat tne great de
sire of the Commander of tho Mcrrimso is to
obtain acoees to the York river, and thus co
operate with Geo. Johnston in his efforts lo
auvs osoaiten. stcuieiian. r or mis purpose
she is endeavoring to draw tbe Monitor up
beyond the assistance of ether vessels and
make a desperate effort to dispose tit her u a
means V getting rid of the main obstruction In
her way.
The French steamer Gasaendl arrived here
this moraine from Annaoolis. brloilos M. Mer
oer, tbe French Minister. At 9 o'clock ho ww
wu saluted by the Osssfcndl, and landed In
company with the command) r of that vessel,
who worn received at the wharf by a delega
tion of the staff oi Gen. Wool, and escorted to
the fort. On reaching the fort tbe salute wu
rfspoaded to from the water battery. Tbe
Minister spent about an hour on shore when he
returned to the GMseodl, which immediately
got Up steam and proceaed up to Nortollr.
She did not stop at Craney Island, but look a
pilot from the rtbel flag boat snd went on up
the Elizabeth river to the harbor of Norfolk,
Some speculation la entertained here In naval
circles as to what course the French Minister
and Ibe steamer will pursue at Norfolk. Will
hn sslute the rebel Ills', snd will the rebel
guns raiute ue rrcocn nig I
rutn ov TRLTK.
i There wu a flag of truce this afternoon from
Norfolk, bringing down two ladies to go North.
Tbe French steamer wu going np when the
rf brl flag came out and look from on board of
I.ibi Aaexltns aaeitl IHftn AtAeamiail An 4a rTAlAtlr
LP I ss aitusf ewuu, eut. s cwasas via vu aw tiui '
I The flag boat brings no pspers or newr.
Tits Merrimao wu not in signt, anu Das ev.
d-ntty returned to the Norfolk navy-yard. Tbe
naoas on Doara tno nag noat naa sumo tall,
but disclosed nothing u to tho movements of
the Merrimac. Some of the rebela bantered
oir men oa the subject, saying " there wu no
use In wutlng coal;" that "she could come
loto the Roads whenever she chose to do so ;"
that "our vessels were afraid to come from
iider tbe guns of the fort to meet her," 4o.
raou Toarrow.N.
We have no special news from Yorktown.
N, othlng hu tranrpln d rxcept some skirmish
lag. with but little advaolsge to either tide.
The Union and Sinclair guns were each fired
lt day to try tbelr range Tbe shot from the
farmer fell a short distance off Sewell's Point.
A auuivi wm wiuugu, iluui I'unvia. wuicu
was current there, that Gen. Buell had been
lie Battl of PitUbmrg
' 'HfcLAsiwsM? Pirniiciia, Ta
April 9.
Captain X 11. Jlclane, AijuUml Oenenif, lh
parfmenl of the Mu Isslppi, Bt. Louie:
CarrAra:- It becomes rv dot sratn to report
another , battle fought, between two great
armies, one ooatendlng for the maintenance of
tbe best Government ever devised) and the
other for "Its "deal WCUofl". Iris pleasant' to
record the success of the army contending for
the former principles.
Oa Sunday morning our pickets were at
tacked and driven la by the enemy. Imme
diately, the five divisions stationed at this place
were drawn, up la line ol battle to meet them.
The battle sooa waxed warm on the left and
centre, varying' at times to all parts of the line.
It wu the most continuous firing of musketry
and artillery ever heard on this continent, aod
ww kept up until night, when, the enemy hav
ing forced the entire line lo fall back nearly
half way from their camps to the landing at a
late hour In the afternoon, a desperate effort
wu made by tbe enemy to turn our left and
get possession of the landing, transports. &g.
Th's point wu guarded by the gunboats Tyler
and Lexington, Captains Owyn and Skirkuen,
commanding, with Tour 10 pounder Parrot!
guns and a battery of rilled guns ,
As there. Is a deep and Impassible ravins
for artillery or 'cavalry, and very difficult lor
Infantry at this point, no troops were stationed
nere except the necessary artillerists snd a
small Infantry force for there support. Just al
this moment tbe advance of Major Gen. Bnell's
column, a part of the, Division of Gen. Nelson,
arrived, and the two Qenerals named, both
being present, aa advanoe was Immediately
msae upon tne ironi ot me atiacx, ana. tne
enemv were soon driven baok. In this renulse
much Is due to the presence of the gunboats
Tyler and Lexington and their able comman
ders, Captains Gwynn and Shirk, United States
During the night the divisions nnder Gen
erals Crittenden and MoCook arrived.
General Lew. Wallace, at Cramp Landing,
six miles below, wu ordered at an early hour
in toe morning to noia nisaivision mreaainess
lo be moved in any direction to which II might
be ordered. Al about eleven o'clock an order
wu delivered to move It up to Pittsburg, but
owbg to Its being led byaclrcnltous route, did
not arrive In time to Uko part In Eunday'a
During Ibe night all wu qiilel.end feetlog
that a great moral advantage would bo gamed
by becoming the attacking party, aa advance
wu ordered soon ah day dawned, (tnd the re
sult wu the gradual refuise bT the enemy at
all points of the lino from nine till probably
five o'clock In the afternoon, when It became
evident that the enemy k ere retreating.
Before the close of the action the advsn:e of
Gen. J. J. Wood's division arrived in time to
lake part in tbe action.
My force wu too much fatlgu'd from two
daya' hard Oghllog and exposure In tho open
air to dreoohlns! rain, durinr the Intervenlna:
night, lo pursuo immediately, and the night
cioeea in ciouay ana wiin neavy ram, maxtng
the roads Impracticable lor artillery.
Next mornlnc Gen Sherman, however, fol
lowed the. enemy, flndlnp that the main part of
the at my had retreated In good order. Hospi
tals oi ine enemv s wounaea were louna su
along the road u far u the pursuit wu made.
eaa Doaies oi tne enemy ana many graves
wsre also found.
I enclose herewith the report of Gen. Sher
man, which will explain more fully the result1
a the DUrsult and tho Hart taken by each sepa
rata command. 1 cannot make Special notice
In this report, but Will do so more fully wbsn
the reports of the Ulvlslou commaqders are
Banded In.
Gen. Buell, commanding in tho field with a
dlatlnot army long under his command, and
which did such efficient service cammanded
by himself In person on tbo field, will be much
belter able to notice those of his command
who parttcnlaily distinguished themselves thsn
I possibly can.
I feel ii a duly, however, lo a gallant, an
able officer, Biigadlcr General W. T. Sherman,
to make special mention that he not only wu
with his command during tho entire of the two
days' action, but displayed great judgment snd
skill in th 1 rnanacetneni ol his men. Althoush
severely Wounded In Ibe hand on the tirst day
his place su never vacant.
He wu again wounded and had three horses
killed uuder him In making this menlloa of
a gallant inicer, no dlsparagtmeat la intenaca
v outer aivtaton commauuers.
The abovo Is received of Gen. Grant's re
port up to the hour of going to press.
I r
', PetWeait'
A movement hu been started In Chicago to
pen a subscription ihrougDout ino united
States for the purpose of procuring a per
manent Lomestead la luiaoM lor ttea. sugw.
Confirmation of the llattle at
Apaciie Pass.
1 KAttSAiCrrr, April U Hon. K. M.Stanton,
Secretary of War : The Fort Union mail brings
confirmation of the battle of Apache. Pass. Our
Ipsa la 150 killed, wounded, aod missing. The
enemy acknowledge their loss to be from three
to four hundred killed ahd wounded Nlnetv-
three rebels were taken prisoners, thirteen of
Whom were officers. Our forces csptured and
burned sixty-four wagons lsden with provisions
and ammunition, killing 200 mules.
The Texans attacked our battery fonr limes,
the lut time coming within forty feet of our
sjuns, but were repulsed with heavy loss. Col.
Hlough is encamped at Hernial Springs, forty
miles from Fort Union. The Texans fell back
to Santa Fe. Col. Canby, with 1,000 regulars
and Kit Carson's regime ut, are reported within
three day's march of Col. Slough t and Col.
Slate is on the Jornlda with reinforcements for
the enemy.
, i ,
Commodore Foote Commences,
tbo Siege of Fort Pillow I
Is Buhoi-WutrruiaBAM an AcouTioxm !
Under the above caption, the Maryland aVsioi
Slitd, of yestotday, publishes the following
Utters. Hiitore: I send you tho following
extract Irom a sermon delivered In SL Luke's
churcb. New York. August 21. 1832. bv Rev
w. u Whittiognam, tne present uisnop oi
" Against onreUoie beinge, to i, our prttle has
made us sin, in withholding that measure which
hu been so bountifully dealt to us. it's are
free; il is our glory. But the poor black still
groans in slavery, no is suae a wins; mer
chandise, while we are too proud (fain would
I imnnte it to ink source, rauwr man nara-
hrartedness and cold-blooded love of gain I)
we are too proud to own blm for a man and a
brother, riven in nts slavery we aeny mm tne
best of boons the treasures of the mind: be
cause we dare not give him moral power. O,
that bis stgba and tears be not bottled up for
witnesses sgalnst us I that hta moral degrade
ilon, and, tar worse, the eternal ruin, which
mutt loo often be Its fruit, be not required at
our hands 1"
"qg.g.".1.0 ,
m RiaATH;'jh ' Wr
EDxOiprni,1862j U
for.tWaaThllttaa a alaVerv'Wero
submitted by (erai'Senators from citizens of
rennsyivama, aassscnusetts, new York, and
rrom the women of Delaware and Pennsyl
vaaWiii - a -"w ", ... , .. i. -
Memorials praying the passage of a general
bankrupt law, were submitted Irom o.tltens ol
Iowa, Michigan, and New York, and fiom clti
awn of PennrrlvsnlarTTOionstrallnr aralnst It
,1 From citizens of Pennavlvanla. nravtns Iks
'!-. m -., t ' '- ' F .
location oi a nauopai armory ana. tounury at
Herrtsburg, In ttatfState; rl rf . ( ' l
irom citizens oi lows, praying me aaopuon
of sack mist and regalsUons for.tho army and
navy u will give freedom to all "persons held
to service and labor " under the lare of certain
States within the military and naval and de
partments or districts occupied or to be occu
Sled by the army and navy of the United
tales, with a legal compensation to loyal
From citizens of Mlohlgan, praying a reduo
lion of the proposed tax on manufactured
lumber. i ,
From citizens of New York, In favor ol Mr.
Blair's bill for a ship canal, from Like Michigan
to the Mississippi river.
From a branch 1 1 ih r'otill n-u'lliok, of SL
Louis, praying Coogrtss lomako provision for
the Floyd acceptances. (
From citizens or New Yoik, remonstrating
sgalnst the passage of the tax bill, and praytog
ine issue oi Treasury notes ror al leut one nan
the amount of our unfunded debt.
From clllstns of New York, praying that the
tax on spirits may be collected where- tho ar
ticle is nrat proaucea.
KirusTH or GoxxmxES.
Mr. TRUMBULL reported back, from tbe
Judiciary Committee, a bill In relation to Uni
ted Stales cotlrts In Michigan. Passed.
Mr. HENDERSON reported, from the Com
mittee on the Post Office and Post Roads, with
out amendment, a bill lo authorize the Platte
County Railroad Company to carry the ovcr-
tana man.
Mr. HARLAN, from Ihe Committee on Pub
llo Lands, to which wu referred a bill sup
plementary to tbe elvil appropriation bill for
toe j oar ending juoe ju, leojreportea it nscx
without amendment.
Mr. TRUMBULL re porlod, rrom the Commit
tee on the Judlclery, the Mil for Iho moro con
venient enforcement of'tho'laws concerning
security to keep Ibe "peace, reported It back
wtinout amcnamcnL '
Mr. WILSONofllassachuselts. asked a dis
charge for the Committee on Military: Affairs,
from further consideration of the bills and pe
titions in relation, to It batlonal armory and
foundry. ,
Mr. HARRIS submitted a jjlnt resolution
relating to compensation or Senators elected or
Appointed to 'fill vacancies. Referred to Ihe
Committee on the Judiciary.
By Mr. rOMEROY : A bill to provide a
temporary government fcr the Territory of Lan-nlwa.
By Mr. HARLAN J A bill for tho relief of
Jainis McAvoy.
Mr. McDOUGALL took the floor upon tbo
special order Ibe resolution of loqulry relative
to uen. stone; tne penaing question oeingupon
the proposed amendment ot Mr. Wilton, of Mas
uchuseits, a substitute, requesting the Presl-
u.iut to communicate to tne Bnaie any inior
mallon relative to the arrest of Gen. Stone not
deemed Incompatible with the publlo Interest.
lie nroceeaeu in a irenerau uiscuasion oi.iue
principles Involved in IhVcatc, and had not
concluded, or answered specifically the remarks
or Mr; Wade, when Iho hour arrived for tbe
special order upon
Mr. POWELL having Iho door, dcclioed to
yield. ,Ue pursued a cooslltutloual Una of
argument, quoting legal authorities, and then
viewed It u a cruel ana innuman raouure.
U.ndlng lo strip women and children or tbelr
meaus of subalstsncC) sod to work personal
sufferings The sect on referring lo slaves he
regarded u r.pposed to the constitutional
guaranties respecting slavery in the States. He
would much prefer thai Aboil ionists should
march up In Ibe weak at once, and pass a gen
eral act of croanUpaUoo, laao to accomplish
the result by the IzvtlRetjoo M'wrkrbllL The
colonization ldawu Isapreelicebleaodlullle,
cvidebtly thrown out lo catch a faw' votes ibat
could not otherwise be obtained. He said it
would be bard to make Seutkera men believe
that Interference r)tb slavery wu not intended,
when bills had beea pasaed to abolish slavery
in the District of Columbia, to create a one
sided article of war, lo do away the dirqualirl
cation of colored men for carrying the mail,
ai d a resolution to induce States lo pass olher
acts of emancipation. He objected lo clothing
the purest man that everjlvcd with the power
which this bill cave lo Ihe President, by which
the will of. the Executive, rather, than ibe Con
slllutlon, becomes Iho law, and 'under which
tela body miibt be visited, u wu Parliament
by Cromwell, and the French Corps LrglttabJ
Sr Napoleon. He concluded by refer, tng to
a loyalty to the Constitution, whlcb had In
some quarters subjected him lo susplciun.
Oa motion of Mr. WiLbON.of Meesachu-
setis, the bill wu postponed to Friday, al sl
A menage Wu received from tho President
relative to Iho bill abolishing slavery lu the
District or Columbia.
Mr. WILMOT made brief remaiks upon a
House resolution snnounctng me acatn oi nou.
Tbomu B. Cooper, and offered the customary
ins senate eojournea.
bill abolishing slavery In the District of Colum
bis. It wu rrad and ordered to be printed.
Mr. BINGnAM. from the Jndlctarv Commit
tee, reported several bills relating lo the con
fiscation of the slaves and property ol rebels,
ova , upon which no action was taken.
Aam ArrsorniATioNS
On motion of Mr.MORUILL.or Vermont, the
House resolved llselt Into Committee of tbs
Whole on Ihe ttste of tbe Union. (Mr. Cox: of
Ohio, in the chair,) and took np for consldtri
Uon Uonse'blil No. 404. "reported froln the
Committee of Ways and Means ,by Mr. Morrill,
providing ror me (t-nciency in me iTeasory,
or appropriating $30,000,000 for the payment
of the two and tbrje year's soldiers; and $100.
000 specifically for ins-Department ?of MlaO.'
souri.v 1'' V U l (iif- '. U
After cdnMderable'fblrllcd ahd excillnr dls-m
pusemniiarUolpatsd III bv Messrs. COVODE.tn
or i'nstiyifnia,.vAi.L.rtuiutiiai,rjiunio,
BLAIRof. Missouri, and others, the bill wul
put upon rUyasargo; and; without amendment,
passed. it -a - .
iMr. JOHNSON, of Fennsvlvanls. announced
the death of his colleecne. Hon. Thomas B.
Cooper, and delivered aa appropriate onlogy
on tho life, character, aod public services of the
illustrious accesses. : ,
Mr. J. offered a resolutlon.whlch wu adonted .
providing Ibat ths members wear crape on tbelr
left arms fir the spsce of thirty days, and that
in lunner nonor to nis memory ton uonse do
now sojourn. 4 ,
Mr. KILLINQER, ol Pennsylrsnla, offeied
fitting snd proper rreolallocs, which' were
RlfViiifnl mil tAiinnlriw ,am.,l, it m tttnh
laudatory character, concerning tbe deceased.
were nsewise maue, uy Messrs. WK1UI1T and
ANCONA, or Pennsylvania.
Alter which the House adjourned.
Dsrauraim or lints. '
lrosUnofon, Jan. 25, 1852.
The Secretary orstato will hereafter receive
members of Congress on business on Saturdays,
commencing with Saturday, the first ol next
month. , - , ,
Vallandioium. The Wheeling Intelligencer
aaya of the Ohio traitor, that "it ia a wonder
that this traitor la tolerated on Ihe face of the
earth, much more tbst he Is allowed to sit in
Congress, ilka Catallue In tbe Roman Senate,
plotting all sorts or devilish hindrances and
underhanded stabs to the struggle for our na
tional existence. It ia a wonder some Charlotte
Corday, bereft a brother, has not met blm com
ing out or bla bath, u Danton was met. It la
a wonder some Orelnl. bereft of a son, bu not
waited In tbo crowd fur him. It Is a wonder
that some society of Carbonari, bereft of a
(ountry, baro not entolled blm. Drains slew
a matt for treason in tbe Capitol whose lowest
characteriilaoj would ennoble YaUaaoJfasg,"
The following dispatch has reached Iho Navy
Cairo, April 15. The flotilla has been within
three quarters of a mile or Tort Pillow, and
then, returning, took up a position two miles
further up.
Tbe rebel gunboats escaped below the fort
Ten mortar boats were In position, and bsd
opened fire. This Is up to six o'clock lut
General Pope's command occupy the Arkan
sas tide of the river.
Chicago Municipal Election
OniCAOO, April 16. The Chicago municipal
election hu resulted In tbe triumph of the
Democrats by fifteen hundred majority.
Thrre Is great Indignation expresssd In cer
tain quarters at the appearuncs of the London
International Exhibition Building. The ex
terior ia admitted to be very ugly, But, on tho
ither hand, It Is contend d t'.al, If anything be
ood bricks and mortar in their plainest forms
ad been attempted with a structure covering
upwards1 pi .twenty acres 11 would have COM
This celebrated Irish comedian will com
mence an engagement at the new National
Theatre, which will be opened next Monday
night. See our advert! log columns. We dip
tbe following favorable notices of this distin
guished comedian from exchaogas :
Un Collins St. Loiu Theatre As we
anticipated, tbe house was lllled lut night, the
occasion being the first appearance this season
of Mr. Collins, theemluent Irish comedian. This
gentleman Is greatly admired by tbe lovers of
the higher walks ot Irish comedy. He Is cer
laln.y a spirited vivacious and finished actor
one whose stvls la not marred by the coarseness
and vulgarity ao abundant on ihe stsge In this
peculiar oiass oi ursmsug art, sou nuieu to
refined minds la repulsive. Both u a vocalist
and comedian be ata'.ds In tbe first rank. To
speak of his admirable acting lut night would
b lo repeat the old story ol'prevlous engage
meats. We need Only say that bis talents and
popularity are undiminished and be should
draw out the beauty and fsshloa or the city.
Mr. Collins will appear In two pieces this
evening the "Irishman In Naples " and " How
to Pav lbs rent." In the course of which be
will sing seversl of his exquisite songs St.
Louis uemocrax.
Nitiojul TuaaTxu. The advsnt of Mr. Col
(Ins at this institution hu bad a good effect
upon the exchequer ol the concern. The bouse
on Monday evening wu well filled, and so wu
It lut evening. Mr. Collins played In his
usual vivacious and eloquent manner, winning
frequent applause by Ihe very truthfulness ol
bis representations. He appears sgsln thia
svenlng in "Tbe Irsh Embassador" and "How to
Pay the Rent" two of his best pieces. There
Is noue so popular upon the Cincinnati boards
as the atoreeald Collins, and we are glad to aee
that there la a prospect of a succession of good
houses wnittt ue renains. itncinnait vommer.
eU -
The first branch of the Baltimore City Conn,'
CU baa uilopmn n resolution inviting a atspiay
pi tbn nallo.iiil fl .g Irom tho liousctoi and ship;
.Ittgol IWUimiv, on the lllth it Aprll.ua
manifestation, of gcatltiJu fur dellreraoca from
lbs danxera which encompassed that city oa lbs
19thOf-Ap.il, 1801. .wtouiJi
Wu DxTAKnaarr,
January 21, 1862.
Oitferrct, That tbo War Department wltl bs
clossd Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday!, and
Fridays against all other business but that which
relates tn active military operations in tbe field
Saturdays will be devoted to tile business ol
Senators and Representatives,
Motfttuys to tne Duainess oi ine putittc
Eowi M. SrAirtovi
jaU-tf Secretary ol Wst.
Salt ef Pliree Btillsr ror raise. Imprlsosl.
, (From the 1 htladelphla toqulrer of tf'ednctdAy.J
A writ from the Superior Court wu strred
yesterday afternoon, at the Continental Hotel,
by Deputy Jsherlff Ilclmbold, upon Iho Hon.
Simon Camiroo, at tbo ault of Mr. Plercq,But
ler, or thia clly, for trespass t'l cf ortnfi, assault
and biltery, and fatso Imprisonment on the
10th of August last. Mr. Cameron at the tlrai
being Secietary of War.
Mr. Butler, il wu rumored, was at Ihe time
suspected of a correspondence with the rebel
States unfavorable to tbe cause of the Union,
and during a moment of publlo excitement was
arrested by order ol Mr. Cameron without pro
cess of law, and without any assigned cause,
bis trunks, drawers, wardrobe sod entire spjf
menla search! il and private papers taken pos
session of .by United States Marshal Mlllwsrd
and four assistants.
His office wu also examined Ihe books und
papers taken, and In one hour irom the arrest,
Ur. Butler wu on his way to Now York with
tbo marshall and h's four usistants, all armed
with revolvers, who conducted him that even
ing to Full Lireyclle. A subsequent applica
tion on tho part of Mr. Butler's Irlends to the
Secretary of War, to ascertain tbe reason of
I nts scuou, tnougn in a measure ansnrreo, in
duced no satisfactory response.
Mr. Butler asserts that nothing was found
among his pspers locall in qucatlon hla loyalty
to the Government.
He does uot wish lo exhibit peraoal HI feel
ing to Ur, Cameron, and therefore, In simply
isauing a writ, telraloed from an arrest aod the,
accompanying neceasiiy on the part of Mr.
CatnerpB ol giving security. Mr. Butler
wishes merely to test the constitutionality ot
his imprisonuwnt. The writ Is returnable on
tho 24 day of May next, but the cue may not
be tried nntll November. Hla counsel are Mr.
George M. Wbarton and Mr. St. George Tucker
Deliver!" or- Lettefh in London. The Lon
don City Delivery employs MOO letter carriers,
zy mail men wuu norae aua cart, ana ouu suo
poslmselera. The city Is divided loto ten dis
tricts, and hourly deliveries are made. The
nlmust-puuctsallty Is observed In every put
of Ihe operatlona, and no removals of em
ployees aro mado except for' cause. Tbe sys
tem, In Its workings. Is ono ot the most perfect
as well u the most slmplq that could bj da
vjsed. (Hidil Pau.so.Ni. Our city has felt tbe cursa
a prcfi'gale and mercenary clergy, who imd
I their Itflueucc to poison the minds or their
Hocks with treason. The notorious Graves,
itio crazy debauchee Ferguson, and vatlous
ill hers used their pnlplls to do the devil's wotk,
and well did Ihey servo tber cloven footed
mauler. If theso white-cravaled disciples ot
Judas were treated according tn tbelr deserts,
they would be driven forever fiom the society
of i heir fellow men.
Mr. CUTLER, of Ohio, offered a resolution
authorizing John Gilbert lo act as Sergeant nt
Arms during the temporary ansenco oi tne
ttergeant-at-Aims. Adopted.
Mr. STRATTON, from the Commltteo of
Wais and Means, reported back tbe bill
amendatory to an act authorizing tbe Secretary
of Ihe Treasury to Issue certificates of Indi btecl
nees. Passed.
Mr. RICE, ol MsasachuMtls. submitted a res
olullon requesting the Secretary it' War lo
oommunioata to Ibis House whether any chan
grs are necessary in the materials or mode ol
constructing forts and other defences Adopted.
Mr. BLAIR, Irom tbe Commltteo on Military
Affairs, reported a bill providing for tho orgau
Izitlon of a Signal Corps; to serve during tho
presonl war. Passed.
Mr. RICE, of Massachusetts, ofiered a jilnt
resolution authorizing tbe Secretary ot tbe
Navy to discbarge contractors from hlsDepatt
ment when they have filled their contracts, with
90 per cent additional. Passed.
Mr. WILSON, from the Judiciary Commtttte,
reported a joint resolution enacting toat me
Government thall not Interfero In the transmit.
ston of telegraphic incsssges, when the sumo
will not give aid lo Ihe enemy in Government
operations, exoept in esses where, undrr tbe
authority or Congress, Government may at
soma Ibe control of the lines for the transmis
sion ol Its own dispatches. Adopted.
Mr. HICKMAN, of Pennsylvania, offered a
rt solution dirsctlng the Judiciary Committee to
consider tbe report or the commissioners on the
Government contracts at St. Louis, and to re
port, by bill or otherwise, to punish frauds and
reoover mnns irauauieuuy ooistneaf ,x
Mr. WALTON reported back Joint resolution
requiring tbe Superintendent of the Census to
terp rucorda of all adults, males and Ireehold-
ir. iti'O' remitted and ordered to bo printed.
Hen-it HE ilUIH the l'RUii.r.sr.
Mr. Hay, private' secretary, dellrered a roes
tagelu writing to tho Hotuti from Ibo President.
announcing Us approval nd .signing, pf ,1b.
A resolution passed the Wl:ooaifi Assembly
on the 8th Instant tendering to the President of
Ihe United States an unqualified approval of
his course from the day ot bis Inauguration to
tbe present time. There wu but one vote
against It.
BOAIt LI1SJ o-Oaa larga imat room .second floor,
suitable fcr gentleman and lady, or mr two gen.
LlemtB.nteaaantiv altuaud.wlth ail oi Ultra laml v.
at K K. itract, between beooud asd Ihlrdi
apii-i i.
BOA all WASTa D lly a Umtlcunn anil
Wlft. In a nitrate famllv la the ntlrhnorbia-l
ut the Trrasarv or falaat Office. Address, staling
Is ms, J. 1., at this omce. apt? w
Togatktr with olhtr CUBlOttlllEa yiioil Us.
ttaS3AN. wilt be oa Kxbibiuon uadtr lismmtck's,
orncr tf Fifteenth street and Pennsylvania ave
KncaooTV n uiaru a, iut .lie ndncm gi a vnppiea
llllVU DUim.l IIW1M l HU..
Admlttloa 26 est Is.
alAl&BH UP-Tn following! dMOrihed HOGS
two lags hlaok Sows, one large apotted How,
lulun Hjw largai two whl'e h,ws, two able
tilioatf , aod two spotted tjhoais. Tae owner of own
cis are requested io come mrward, prove propetty,
Say expsuse. aed lake thsm away. Kaqutrc ol
AMKH KAN3H.L, at the Government Cattle
Yard, Little a Hill' ssrl-31
GuVaCllMHEiinr stAr.m uv coif iiKUlf ko
I here will be sold at rubUo Auction, en UlUliS
DA V, April zllh, at ta C jrrsl, ucar the Ohservato
ry,( andIwsnlyialtdtreu,alargalotcifI( its
ant Mules, oaadtiuatd si unlit for labile fcrvlw.
Termi oath, la tiJVcnun.nl fund.
J. f. 11ANA,
Canlaln A. O H. IT. H A
M AttSIIALL & 1' AUK, Auctioneers
Wataisaioa, ar-miti, 11.
Os-fio di of tii aa uoaiid ov una irn,
Waiuioro,Apill i,U0i
Iaeom;l ante ath aracentanaoixnent of the city
Councils, the M'Orttarv or the Hoard or ifeallh
hereby gives pabllo nolloe that hereafter he will be
la altsLdauoa at nil ones, la Ihe CITY HALL,
rtto 3, ba ement, west wing every day, Irou uto
3 o'elocs, p. in , f jr Iho purpon of rvedvtof and
reoordlng" ail complaints regarding violations ol
Ui sanitary regulations of Iho city, duly mads
by oillzens or auy c-tnoer ur polios ' and that at all
uthsr tunes may bt found In ihe olnoft a 'ooro;latni
book," la whlju ihosa Interattiad are requested to
record all tuon violations, with the vltw to their
speadr xsuitnatloa, and snoti redress ts the prsscnl
laws afford. O. M, DOVK, U I)',
apll SI Secretory lloud of Health.
a-illlt AI'lOTlOMlUtlALLliU'lOOUK
ticwsta k ol builog ClOihing, ruruianaaf Goods,
? I tusks, Use and Caps, whi.b we are selling at
owir intej than as ofht-r stora In the oily, at
8111 tU B. J. 0. IW dsvtutli Ureal, near If.

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