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rabllihed tail;, Snadaji RiMpUH,
y W. J MdltTAMH a oo
i i i
arTht publication iBo. of th. tlalvmnl
pubHoan Is at to. oorthaast oonisr of D ul
Tialh tlrMt, Moond loor, om W. D. Sh.p
"'ti'ion. Bntrano. on BTanth str.st.
Taesdar, April S3, IMS.
ST R.a4l IMUr sm t-wij pag s.t,
W hare bn Indaoed to offrr oar dally pi
per to soldlsra, no iball form clubs, at the
following low rat :
1 copj, 4 months 1.40
S copies, 4 monihi 6.00
10 coplrs, 4 months 10.00
All oyer ten copiea, at the rate of one dollar
per copy for four months.
JW The namea mutt always be accompanied
with the money.
ftf Wrlta the namei distinctly, and give
the company and the number ol the regiment.
ftf The papers will be mailed to one name,
or the names will be written separately, If de
sired. -
In speculating the other day upon the possi
ble force of the enemy at Yorktown, we refer
red only to the while population of Virginia.
Homer sometimes slept, and we confess that
we forgot tor the moment that the rebels possess
a certain kind of common sense which some
other people lack. They never make a point
of oolor, when they hare work or lighting to be
For example, we find the following In the
Fortress Monroe correspondence of April 19, in
the Baltimore American.'
"The rebel guns, especially those on the
heavy works, are manned altogether by ne-
f;roes, or at least all the work of swabbing,
oadlna:. and shlfllnz is done br them, witb
white men to oversee and direct them. So
oon as a nun Is fired white faces can be seen
peering over the ramparts to see the effect of
ids nan, ana our rnarasmen cnoose a wnue
mark with their rtfles In preference to a black
Tblt Is not an "abolition" story, as the Balti
more American detests an "abolitionist," much
more cordially than it does a secessionist.
The rebels hare a hardy negro population of
four millions to draw Soldiers from, and they
will make use of tbem in that way, more and
more, as the war progresses.
We gather tho following interesting facts
from the last quarterly return (ending March
31) of Mr. Clephane, our city postmaster:
Tbe amount of stamps sold reaches the as
tonlshlng sum ol $68,705; number of free let
ters, 792.284; the balance paid to the Govern
ment Is t.'2,'00; the amount of unjxiicl letters
Is $2.0 W; for advertised letters paid during
the quarter, $349.
Daring the quarter there were received at
the Washington office 5.000 registered letters
3,89:1 sent away; the fees for the latter amount'
lng to $195. We hare the pleasure to state, as
In oar report of the previous quarter, that not
a single Instance of delay or loss has occurred
to any letter so registered.
The letter-carriers also appear to hare dis
charged their laborious duties with great fidel
ity; tbey have delivered 162,133 letters and
23 323 newspaper'.
Toglre tbe members of Congress, officers at
the Capitol, correspondents, and all other per
sons, the most ample time for writing their let
ters, the Postmaster General has established a
brauch post office in the Capitol, from which
letters are expedited to the Tcry latest mo
Tbe Washington poet office continues to re
ceive all letters and newspapers for all tbe reg
iments composing tbe army of tbe Potomac,
assorting, bagging, and transmitting them reg
ularly to the nearest points Indicated by the
officers commanding. This serrlce, however,
yields no remuneration to this office.
The N'iw National Tuiathe. This is said
to be tbe largest theatre in the country. It Is
under ihe management of Leonard Grover. It
opens to-uigut with a comedy combination
oompany, and witb a principal actor who is
said to have (In that line) no superior In the
United States. There Is a season for all things,
and therefore for mirtb, and the promise of that
at the New National Theatre is most abundant
Illinois ai Frue Ducks. The draft oi the
Constitution of Illinois, which has just been pre
pared by the Legislature, and Is to be submit
ted to a rote of tbe people In June next, con
tains tbe fallowing pruviiionsln relation to the
colored population:
Sec. 1. No negro or mulatto shall migrate to
or settle In this fitate, alter the adoption of this
Sec. '.' No negro or mulatto shall have th
right of suffrage or bold any office in this Bute.
Sec. S Tbe General Assembly shall pass all
laws nec'ssary to carry into eni-ci toe provi
siona ol this article.
Yoritowv. In the affair of last Wednesday
at Lee's Mill, in which the Vermont troops so
distinguished tbemelves, It is reported from
Norfolk that Hon. Howell Cobb, now General
Cobb, commanded the rebels. A regiment from
North Carolina, one from Georgia, and one
from Louisiana, were engaged In the tight.
p There baa been quite a dsmand lor tbe
paper containing our " Editorial Trip to Ma
nassas." We have repnhlirlied It in our wttllv.
Of which we have a tew copies left, which can
be obtained at this office.
Abouton or Slavsiiv in nit Uisthict or
CoLl'HBIa. The Senate, yesterday, confirmed
the nominations of the Hoourable Samuel F.
Vinton and Daniel K. Goodioe, Esq, as com
missioners under the bill for the abolition of
slavery In the District of Columbia. We bave
heard of no nomination lo the place of James
O. Uerrrtt, who declined tbe appointment as
tbe third commissioner.
While Inspecting the Monitor, Capt Jrtfere is
reported to have said:
"If I knew s much of tbe Merrinoc from
newspsper descriptions and pictorial represen
tatioua and diagrams as tbe rebels know of tbe
Monitor, I would go up to Norfolk ami sink her
lielore sundown."
aTGen. Shields his been nominated
major general.
Bad as the day was out of doors, yesterday
was a very lively day In doors at the Capitol.
The rain pound bard without, and the debate
raged furiously within. In the Senate, Gen.
Stone was the aubject of the exciting discussion,
and In the House It was Gen. Fremont. The
day was spent In discussing these two gentle
men. acx. trroNK.
Mr. McDougal opened the debate in the Sen
ate by a somewhat bitter attack on the Admin
istration, or the War Department, for its sr
rest of Gen. Stone, and Its refusal to glre blm
an Immediate trial. The speech was In pre
cisely Ihe same rein as the one he delivered
last week upon the same subject. He attacked
Mr. Blanton, the committee on tbe conduct of
Ihe war, and almost everybody suspected of
Instigating the arrest of the Massachusetts gen
eral. Senator Wade replied meet eloquently.
He certainly nerer did belter In his life, and
succeeded triumphantly In defending the Ad
ministration, Mr. Stanton, and the committee
on the conduct of the war. Other Senatora fol
lowed, and It became quite evident, before the
debate was concluded, that Senator McDougal
would obtain little comfort frnm the action of
the Senate upon his resolution.
Sundry uneasy ra trials, baring heard that
sometime last winter Gen. Stone attempted to
insult Senator Sunner in a private letter, have
attributed tbe arrest of tbe General to Ihe
active exertions of the Senator. The story.
which has been zealously circulated t'rongh
the newspapers, was at all times preposterous,
but Mr. Sumner squelched it by a flre-inlnuto'e
speech In the Senate yesterday. He stated
that he knew nothing whatever respecting the
arrest ol General Stone, and expressed the
hope that a trial would be granted him In
stantly, unless a great military neces-ity for
bids. So tho scribblers, who hav chargid tbe
arrest of Stone upon Mr. Sumner, are without
an excuse for further story telling upon the
WHY STOM. IS .NOT Till 1 1).
Is It possible that auy man of brains cannot
understand wby Gen. Stone Is not granted an
instant trial? The wilnesses he would sum
mon are to day on the field of battle. He would
call Gen. McClellan as ono of his witnesses
can the Government spare him from York-
town! On both sides, not less than one hun
dred army officers would be called as witnesses.
Is It not easy to sec that they cannot now be
spared ! The trial will ocfnr at tbe earliest
pisslble moment
mistuvT IN TUG UOUk.
Mr. Dlren, of New York, upanod the debate
In the House upon Fremont snd tbe fortifica
tions at St. Louis. Mr. Diren wanted Ihe fort!
flcation contracts Inquired into at once eren
if General Fremont bad to be called from the
field, we suppose. Mr. Dirco nsed rery barsh
language towards Gen. Fremont, and Mr. Col
fax lelt justified, in bis reply, to characterize
his speech as " mallgnauL" Mr. Collax's re
ply was worthy i f him when he is In hi. best
trim. He defeudid tho General Willi great
ability from thi so congressional attacks made
upjnonecf our generals who is periling bis
life lor his country. By degrees tho eld ques
tion ol Fremont's Missouri catnpalgu came up,
and Col. Blair got the floor. Ol course, be spoke
witb ability he always dot's and II h had
only been on the right side, be would hare suc
ceeded. As It was, he called out Thaddeus
Sterens, who made a learful use of tbe Inreo
tire of which he is the accomplished master.
The speech swept everything before it. The
fact is, Mr. Sterens Is so given tu startling as
sertions and effects, that one lears to trust him.
One of tneso startling speeches yesterday wae
in these words: "1 rertly bellere the 'con
tracts committee have cummUtttl more frauds
than tbey bare dijeorered !"
a naiNT hat.
Outside ol Congress, little was slirnug yis
terday, except the rain. In tbe course of the
day, a wild story was floating orcr the loan
tbatMcClellan had broken through the enemy's
line of fortifications at Yorktown, but with great
loss ol life. Before night, ihe idle tale had
skulked out of sight. Among the note-worthy
people in town j jst i ow li Mr. Glddiogs, Con
sul General at Montreal. He was upon the
lloorol the House yesterdy, and listened to
the entire debate concerniig Gen. Fremont
with apparent interest. Gen Hitchcock has
just returned from a trip to Fortress Monroe
and Yorktown. We bear that be brings up an
encouraging report of tbe state cf things there.
The army Is waiting patiently for tbe signal to
push on to rictory. Tbe late rains must cause
a great deal of Inconvenience and some Buffer
ing to the army of the Potomac, but it will
soon be orcr, and, with the aunshlne, lively
mlllury iiovemcnts will come.
Tbe statement of tbe lidtUijcnitr, ytsUrdd)
morning, that the President went down toAqula
Creek, Saturday ulU'rnoon, to confer with Gen
MoDowcll regarding new military movements,
was " contraband " on Sunday mgbt None ol
the newspaper men were permitted to send It
over the wires tiien, though it came out In the
lnttUbjenccr Monday morning. It could then be
used, and was tent ut onco over the Mires.
I his censorship ol the press works very queerly
sometimes, but if the Government really can
be aided by It, grumbling is out of tbe question
But dots the censorship do anybody auy good?
That' tbe question. Spkctatob.
From the star ol last evening
TlislloiiiltMe at the Military Pflson.
Military Governor Brigadier Geueral Wads
worth and l'rovost Marshal Major DoaUr ban
been for some bouie engaged Ih an investiga
tion of tbe circumslautes of tbe shooting ol
Jesse 11. Wbartou, in Ibe military prison on
Capitol Hill, lust night
Irom tbe testimony taken, we bear, it up-p-ars
that the d ceased violated the rule of the
prison, that bos, up to Ibis time, been well ob
served by tbe prisoners, forbidding tbtin to
obtrude tneir persons or heads out ol tho win
dows. Hi was ordered by the sentry oil pusi
No. $ to withdraw bis person within Ibe win
dow and respect tbe well known rule. Inaliad
of so doiog,he replied wtb oains and linprtca
tloos upon tbe seutry, who thereupon called
tbe corporal of tbe guard and reported to bim
tbe facts. The corporal ordered the sentry to
renew bis order .to the prisoner to withdraw
bis person into the window &vt of which be was
leaning, and if be lulled to oJjcy, to shoot him
The sentry reuewed tbe order, alien J,he de
ceased bade blm dtflance, leaning turbcr out
nf the window, baring bis bieual, and cursing
ihe sentrr with autul oaths; calling blm a
d d Yunkoe son of a h b; a northern son of
b b; a d d hired scoundrel, too cowardly to
enforce his order by shooting, ie. The sentry
then fired, shootlog Wharton lu lib. head, tbe
wound proring tatul this mornlug.
I'relimluarr to tbe txauilnalioo of tbe case,
tn t corporal of the guard and the sentry who
urea were pucea ucuer arrest.
Full Particulars of the Capture
oi apaincnicoia jN
InterMtiag Details!
The Nary Department has received full
particulars of the caplura of Apalacblcola,
by our foices, about three weeks ago. Tbey
found there parts of white families, some
Spanish fishermen, and slaves, numbering, In
all, about six hundred and fifty souls. Tbn
fortifications were not of a formidable charac
ter, and were built of sand. Commander Stell
wagon refrained from hoisting the American
Dag, from humane motives ; the rebels threat
ening that If tbey had any Intercourse with our
troops, they (the enemy) would, on the first
convenient opportunity, burn tbe town, and
bis boats lying too far up the stream to pro
tect them.
The exodus of tbe poor women and children
Is represented by the negroes as being truly
heart rendlfg. Tbey were taken away during
a heavy storm, carrying with them but small
portions of their furniture and household
effect, and were obliged to cross the river on
ntfls lu the midst of the deluge.
A number of pilot boats and schooners were
also captured, some of which ran aground In
attempting to cross the bar, and by the order
of Commands Stellwagon were borned. Two
of them he determined to send to Key West for
adjudication; one of them was losdid with
The rebel troops in the rlcinlty of Johnson's
Landlr g had been for fire months engsged in
building a gunboat not, howercr, haring met
with much success.
Tbe batteries on St. Vincent's Pass were de
stroyed by our forces, as well as others in tbe
Commander Stellwaguu thinks the men am
entitled to considerable credit, baring been
engaged In heavy work from twenty-four to
thirty-six hours, which was cheerfully nccom
In his speech in tbe House, April 11, upon
the District (mancipation bill, Mr. Uiilchlnr,
of Ohio, said :
Wllh s'avery in the District will fall tho
barbarous code wblcb upholds It. The cruel
ties and oppressions beru practice I, In hearing
and in sight nl the nation's representatives, ant
a burning disgrace to a nation claiming civili
zation or prulesslug humanity or Christianity.
i win reier oniy to a lew wen autnenticateu
"Knanuel Mason and bis wife were claimed
as tbe property of Mist Forrest, formerly of
Marlboro, Maryland, but in the year 1859 reel
dent or the District of Coinmbla. Some years
since, Mason purchased his ireedom for $300
He afterwards hind the time of his wire by the
month or year, and kept housn in tbe District,
and has raised several children at bis own ex
penc; and as soon as tbey were large enough
to be of rlut., Imiog born of a slave motb.r,
according to Ihe law ol slavery, were ibe prop
erty if Mis Foi rest, und th'y wcro all taken
Irom him by tho alleged owner ol bis wl'r, ex
cepi u nine son caui'ei uen." About on.
year before March, 1809, Mini Forrest look th
wlfj of Mason borne, leaving only with th.'
father Hull B.n. Some time after, an officer
of the District called on the father lor his eon
Ben, that he, too, might bo sold for the l nefl
of his nrcmnded misiri'ss. The officer tuuld
not find him. and ho requested Ma-on to go ami
iook up me hoy ana tiring mm to tne ornc
The father did not produce the sou as directed
lie was consenucn.lv arrvateu, mod. ami con
victed, and too lollonii.i; n Mice ol blsiilitli
contained in the Aalumal irtltui'jtnctr of Ma
ii, var.
buianuel Mason, (colored.) recently con
victed of harboring Ins son, a slave, ibe nro
perly of Miss Forrest, was yislerday senuucrd
to pay a uo-i ol 10 i.ti. being si cu for eviry
hour the slave was su harbored; urns-half o'
said amount to go to the use of tbn owner ol
tne slave, and tie other hair to tbe United
Staffs. Tbe defendant was plated in jail till
tne noe sn-tn us paia."
Waxiiimitun Citt, IJ. C , May 10, IS a
To Hon. Jude Cravtniim) :
We, tbe sub-criheis, neighbors and acii'ialul
ancrs of Emanuel M imhi, do most iisp.-itfully
ik oiit bon ir to b a lenient as po-. ililx i
sa'd M isnn's case. Wh lure to. yeais Known
Mssoii to be an Indiii.tilous. tnortl. lenmerat.
ioor, peaceable, hi nrst man, und wo have
reas-in io lo'iiev. nut ' mile. lien.' twlioisthi
last and yi ungeet cMM of Mason,) left MasonV
resilience nitnoui an direction ol ibe lather,
the said Emanuel. Aud, luitber, we do knoa
that " little Beu " was raised Irom birth unil
Infancy In the bousu u'Ml ut the cost of said
Emanuel, Mi futhi r ; and thtt bo htid never
been out of the possession ol Mason up to lb..
lime ine pracer citnie lor me uoy in sep'otnbei
last And, lurther, we do nut belUre tia
Emanuel knows atjytblog of Ms ("Ben's")
whereabouts. And.) farther, pleaseto takeinto
consideration tbe fact tbut Emanuel baa been
confined In jail a lun time, lu wit: mora than
forty days since his trial and conviction. And
finally, think, oh I tblnk of n lathei's feelings
John- W. MiLLisn.
Anna ilL'ST.
W.S Wkiuut.
Nll'UOLIS McClllllLN.
T. Lou xu.
Cju-fTioNAiiLKLMYALTV The Whetlinj (Vu.)
InttUijmcer says :
" fte understand thut Judge ununiis, of
Kan iwha, it abcut to proen. biin-. t b.'tori
tbe United StsUs Cum t, and OBk leave to plead
the cse of lhoe who have been Ind cted for
treason in that county. As the Ju '(re 'luirow
ly escaped an lsdiclmnt bimsell, coulrary, as
eveiybody admits, to bis deserts, it Is not sur
prising tbut he has a strong inclination to make
an argument on that side of the question. We
irusi mat annuo Jacasou win seo narrowly ui
it, that such a questionable loyalist goes ihrougli
tbo last formula necessary tu sutisly tbe stand
ard of practice In his court.''
Heaths or koMUts.
The following deaths of soldiers have occurred
since our last report:
Stephen Kegg, oompany U, ti;th N. Y. btate
t.eorge Frsy, company I, 2id Maasathusstta
Leander Rsynor, company II, 102d N. Y. vol
Wallace Chandler, company (I, with N. Y.
11. Welch, company U, 4th Vermont volun
teers. K. I. Ilaii,c mpany II, 107th I'ennshunlu
M. Krrelt, Lompany I, lttb Pennsylvania ol
L. II. Wright, company K, lulst New Yolk
Klloy Weaver, company C, lib Penns Ivanla
Michael liurrs, company A, abtb New York
Ira Van A uken, company 1), U4d Now Yotk
1. Shaddi.uk, 2d Uihlncl nl Columbia volun
teers. Jas. II, Oould, oomoany A, 2d Wisconsin vol
Corporal llavid Young, company C, 101th Nsw
York volunteers.
Wm K. Harper, company K, 'id District of
Columbia roluntsors,
David Deck, company 1, 11th Pennsylvania
I'olorDuklus.cunipaiiy II, 112th Penusvlv aula
I.uclen Chandlor, company II, Tiith New York
Relatives or decoaved suldleis can be lur
rdshtid with all the Inlormutlon they desire in
relation to tbe burial place of their friends,
Jbc., by oaliluic on J W. Plant, Uuv eminent
undertaker, llt Seventh street, between (1
and II.
I DtMth of Gov. Harvey.
Cairo. Anrll 21 Governor Harver. of Wis
consin, was drowned 'near Sarannab, In tho
Tennessee river, on last Saturday night He
was stepping Irom one boat to another.
The body bad not been discovered when the
dispatches left.
From Fortress Monroe.
.- rf
FoRTRtsa Monrox, April 20. The weather
continues unpleasant, with a cold rain and
wind from th north.
The Rip Rapt opened upon Sewatl'a Point nt
about half past six o'clock yesterdsy evening,
firing for aboat fifteen minute. -The rebels
replied with one gun. The firing was very
There is nothing new from Yorktown to-day.
Adrlces up to this afternoon represent every
thing as nnusnally quiet there.
Tbe sale of Harper's Weekly for Ibe present
week has been stoops, on account of contain
ing llloslratlona of our works In the vicinity of
Dtparlmtnt of the Shenandoah.
Camp nksr Sparta, April 20. Ererjthlng
was quiet along our front yesterday. Our car
airy reconnolssnnces have penetrated ihe ral
ley for some miles towards Uarrlsonbnrg. Tney
report a large quantity of forage and fri sh pro
visions there. Deseriers report Jackson's ad
ranee to be at McGsugheystown, east of Har
risonburg, and that he is still retreating.
Ashby's command sllll forma the tear guard cf
the enemy.
Tbe signal officers report Ihe enemy's car
atry to be In sight yesterday afternoon.
Some of tbe deserters beliere that Jackson
moans to cross tho Blue Illdge ami reach Gor
donsvllle; others think be Intends to mske i
detour north In tbe ralley of the south fork of
the Shenandoah, to attack our left flank.
A northeast storm is prevailing in Ihe valley
Another of Ashby's lieutenants was brourtii
in yesterday.
Othrncisc called t'ort Pillow.
The Rebel Datterics Formidable.
Cairo. Anril 19.- -A SDeoial disnatch to lb.'
Chicago Tribune, dated off Fort Wright, says
me nnng on nom sines on inursnay wss very
heavy. The raorUrs open at noon and thi
enemy replied briskly from their land batlery.
throwing shell cloar over, us and nearly acrosh
the river. Their firing was very accurate and
from very heavy guns. Tho gunboats St Louis,
Carondolet and Cairn, stationed as picket ships
near the pxiremtly ol tne point, Daa to movi
up the river to get out nt range. Tho firing
was kept up on both sides until midnight Tho
crunboats St Louis and Cairo were struck bv
shells, but no damago was done. Yesterday
irr uavi Dill utile nnng was aone, in tne ai-
ternoon tbe mortars were shifted to tho opposite
side of the river for greater protection, as in
Ihcir formsr pssitlon tbey were In great danger
from prowling rebel bands, who bare already
cm the levee in two onnre places w crooar
rass the operations of tho moitars. Deserter
say tbe rebel balti rl'4 no.? mount about fortv
guns, and thai they have sixiy more wblcl
were being rapidly put in position. General
Bragg has command Ihere, succeeding Vel'l
puque. There am about C.000 troops there,
und four gunboals in h- rlrtr, mounting
twenty four nuns
The ace Hints 1ml cats as Ion.; a detention
at this point as ut lslund No. 10. It Is said that
it must finally be Uk n by u laud force
from HoBllicrn Tennessee Ucrt
ell's Visit to Dttatur.
Cuii'Ado, Apill 19. -A spetlal Ga'r iliplcli
to lb.. Tribune says thtt uhen Gcnurul Mitchell
reached Decatur, Alabama, on his Ian. bridge
expedition be took possession nl the telegraph
r.flice and tut the wins, tearing Ducalur arm
Corinth only telegrairh communication. Sub
sequently Beauregard sent a message to Jelf
Davis demanding reinfoicements for Corinu
Hiul declaring la-st otherwist hi could not bold
his position Gen. Mitchell answered Ihe .In.
paten and pr -raised tbe relulorcemcuts.
. An Importint movein-) it has taken pi iei'
since the above, the pirtlculurj ol which can
not be published nt preenL
At the latst datis Irom Pittsburg Linilln,
Iho twoarmlHswcrcnearing each olhcr slowly.
No Maim Cotton The Uiclunoud Kcamintr
"A'KCutluiuati who ba-s just returned from
extonblr rambles in Louisiana and Texas,
says the sugar planters are Icedlng Iheir mo-
loss's to tneir nogs, ana are going in raise
meat from tbe can", and that none nf tbe
planters arc making any attempt to rnlso crops
of cotton. Very fow of Ibe plantations bare
overseen, mot of tbem having gone to the
Another enlargement of the New York ca
nals is contemplated, so as to admit the pas
sage of gunboats. A bill to that effect passed
the Stat i Senate r riday, by a decided inaiorlty.
OmiNANti: CarTCuen iromtu it Enlmy. Since
tbo war began npwatd of five hundrtd cannon
have been taken Irom th'.' r.liels by the Union
Fort l'ulaski, just taken by our forces, was
built at a cost of $963 UOO.
UPk.UA 110USK.
(Ltts 1'hlilisriuoLlo llall )
U 11 A K D OP EM IN 0 N 1 U II T ,
With stlrse'ioa uniirccedeiiteil making a comvlns
llou of tslsnt snd ftuule beauly u cqaslea In the
uiu.i.vi lira .(,'..a.iu, .iiuiuvirK
r.wcet Hongs, Music, anil Melody.
la Mtrdild g liiUgrestTtiuple of Amusement, tbo
Man'gm have spsrvd do exia'a.o Inp ocartngtbe
raoit rsltn. d a tut s and tint ulent lu ths country,
ol both lusli and f male stars of the brightest ma
ihufaMlustiEg ll,nsuo, lite of ICarsls' Troups.
Ihe ohsrmlng H ua.tr.hs, tn m ths new tork
The liesutlful and charming llaumuse, late of tbe
celebratrd Konrsny Iioupe
JllbS MA lit WAL1KM,
rhs brilliant Vocalic
Ibe ibiruilnx DaOHCote
ihe pUkBlnit llalla.1 sf
('iiAitixv h.i.iuiim:
lAuvnlnuCvmtdiansnd lil.h Vojall.t
IIAlllll 1A1- OH
-tm of Momus
LlsbmiiiK: JU I'aiic r
CaliarU a.dU.neial I'trlc-uurr
Aod a h-MtofHI Alts la rapid succ.es.lon
An excellent OUCH M MSA undir Ihe Toadcr-hio
01 ine wen i,onu v 101 Dlii,
asT-trout wata reserved for ladles "fca
ht'ALs. Or' PltlllKSi
PaiuuetU, Si csuts 1 (jflDtlemuu uiao.omtaQibd
by tsalis, to r.reheslrs chslis, bo ornls Cdo.cd gal
Icry.'ift cen's '
Doors op n at T 0 clous : I oooirt oommsnse st 8
o'clock, preo stly Dlt IJ U ItAUttlSON,
spll Aasutaad treasurer
sals ouaap, at SHI HI ti, No 400 fltveutll St.,
opposite Post OWcs. roar 30 dJm
thrty-skvewth cow obebs
a.: in Bi.nt.ira. 4 i '
ill mt am-' t ' I
Mohdat, April 11, 1801.' '
' , , XKStORLtLS. '
' The lullowlni memorials weru nrosented and
dnly re'erred:
Br the PRESIDENT pro km: From clllrenn
of Michigan, praying tbe passage of Mr. Blair's
bill for tbe construction o' a ship canal from
Lake Michigan to the Mls.;- rr.1 river.
From cltliens of New i k i e the passage
of s genersl baokrnpt lav.
By Mr.-HOWE: From r- r 1 of Wisconsin,
several petitions for Ihe esuii Jlraent of mall
routes In Wisconsin.
Three netltions. from cltliens of Wisconsin.
for the nassaie of the bill to conatmct a shin
canal Irom Lake Michigan to the Hl-ttsslppl
From oltitens of Michigan, remonstrating
against tbe tax bill, and praying for the issue
of Treasury notes to the lull amonnt of the un
funded debt.
Mr. LANE, of Indiana, presented a petition
from colored people, praying for colonisation
of free colored persons In C-nirut America.
wiLira a KxrLORixo ExrcnmoN.
Mr C il, LAMER. from tho Committee on the
Library, reported the House joint resolution
for furnishing copies of the record of the ex
vlorlog expedition for the Smithsonian Instltu
Mr. HALE said it was appropriate that Ibe
two most gigantic humbugs ol the ego should
go together.
Tbe lesolutlon was agreed to.
resolution scbxittisd.
Mr. POWELL submitted u resolutiou direct
lng Ibe Secretary of State lolntorm the Senate
bow many res dents or citizens of Kentucky
bave been arrested or impiisoned outside of
lb Stute ol Kentucky since the 1st 01 Sopti m
ber, their uumiiers and names, uud where they
have been lmprboned.
llr Mr. HALl'i: A hill prividlng loi tho se
lection of jurors in Ibe sevcril onrls lu tbo
Distilct of Columbia.
Referred to tbe Cmmiitcn on the Judiciary
By Mr. WILSON, of Missouri : Bills several
Iv lir ibe rellifol S. C Wei ber. J, J Miller.
and James U. Arhbaiigh.
Mr. Mi'DOUUALL having ihu Dour upon the
special order, the resolution o! inquiry rvlalive
Lo tliu ciusis of tbu urrest and conllumil 'm
prlwnmcnt t f Gen. Stone, proc. Mlod In answci
Llie remarks of Mr. Wade, made a few day,
since. He objected lu the incarc raliou ot
men on mere surmise, of wrong and ilo-larcil
that suspicion, tbut cnuld not live In hell, is
msdo the authority of this Government,
-ecrccy, an intolerant spirit, and dcpotl.'
power, th 1 chntncterisLlci of the Inq'iisitioi.
seoincd lo ha llie prltuiiilo ol ivdmiuistrutiv
action. He denounced wills great siverit..
tbu Secretary ol War, and alludid t tbe op
position mada to Gen. McCIclla'i, who, he suld
nod built bia eyilesohlgh utuong the rw ks,
thai the owland vultures c uld not reach him
Mr. WADE said he would briefly reply to
tbe attacks of Iho Senator from California upon
the Administration, tbu Presldeul, and Ihe Sec
retary of War. As that -vcuator had read Irom
an old stump speech to attest his own loy
alty, and seemed enxions eluut his own stand
ng in ih it regard, it .boind he remembt red
that the wicked R'v when no mm pursueth;
ind Ibat tbe quatmi of au 111 easy u nscLn
had be, n mistaken tor au opeu accusation. Ho
was severe upon those who were always prut
Inn of ihe Inlruc'ion ol Ih'i Constitution, bu
wire mild an sucking doves ugiinst armed
Tailors. Yet he hdlovpd that the rebellion
would ! put down uui triitor punlsn.vl, not
withstanding all tho whining in this body m
elsuwhep'. vi r the sutleiins i fspies or lralt
ors heie The rgument ol Ihe Senaloi wii.
precW-ly Ihsl . f Urcckinririge and every iial
tur Ibal Idl lb a fliur and went (ul to flghl bis
country. If It), ro evi r was a comm tii thai
haddschiigrdltsdul; vviibdisciellon, in d-ra
too, cam aod Inrbearano", it was. ibe Commit
tee on the conduct of the war.
He stated ibav Gen ral Stone was himeil one
id tbe first vvl neats culled lu bis cae, and
that it was General MeC'lUn himself that pug
gs ed tbe necsslly ot a sccuud summons,
arter which foilowid bis arrest
lie ilefiiiiled t1..! Pr.vllonf, a man who
never, In word, deed or Iheught, harmed tbe
hulr ot a mati's bead, who, mild und equllablt
though be wa, was bruml.il l.eio l.y the
Knights of Ihe Gold. 11 Uncle i-s an areh in
quisilor Not a ililchaunu-RioLkliilldgu drui
otrat, situih oi Masniai.d 1) xon'a Im , but I
to day a traitor, and their eyuipuihist Is in lb..
Nnrib are littles boliT -n vy, tbey aro lull iltoly
worsn This party propos s n recoiislructiou
My Gisl, what a reconstruction it will be.
Messrs. BROWNING, ClIANULUlt, ULd o h
ers. continued thfdiscuidon.
Mr. OOOLlTTl.i: uioved a nlerenco id Iho
r solution to ihe cotnmtttio o 1 tbo ounduel ol
the war.
Alter rarioim miilons, the inat'er wes laid
over, and tbo Senate went into cxccutlr m
slon. Adjoiirneil.
Mr. EDWAIilla. d New Hatupshlie, inlio
duceil u bill making an appropilatlm for tffa
payiiii'iit tl ISe b ninly In widows and legal
heirs nfvolut.t.ors who bave died or may ill.
or hive i.uii nr may bo kllltd in serviee.a
proridid In the act of July 22, 1801; read first
andseuuitd llniisHnd releircd to tbo Committe.
of Ways ami Means.
niANoiMi rotiT or k.ntiit.
Mr. ALDRICH, of Minnesota, introduced u
bill to a .untie tbn location of the pert of entry
lor Ihu "Minnesota Collection District;" passed
to second readlu?, and relerred lo Corom'ltee
on Commerce
I'LOl'LL'S ritlllf BAII.WAT
Mr. RICE, of Maine, presented rreoluiiins
from the Siuto ol Maine relating to Ibe ptop'e's
l'a3 Be railroad company.
Laid on tbe t ibla and ordered to be prluted
Mr ELIOV. nf Masaachu its, rubtultttd n
rc.olutloncalliug on ibrt.vitTetary id thoTrers
ury lor siatemc.il ol mo .lea expended ill the
millliry Uepa lutein u. mio ., eai. auujiiLU.
On motion uf Mr. DUNN, ol Indiana, the
vote on the adoption ol ihls resolution vvas re
considered, and resolution rejected
iinicunitii U1.M.IULS
Mr. NIXON, of N.w Jer-ey, oireri'il irrsi
lutlon that th i Secretary ol IVar bo r'qnlri d P'
furnl.h to this House n sintement of all thu up
nolnlments lo the rank nl brigadier ptneral
whether In the regular or vlnnterr tcrvlce,
matte between tbo 1st aa ot April, ibiu, ai u
tho 1st day nr April, im..', vvim ine uatc o
thoir icapeotlvH lointnirtdous; udopted.
Mr. 1ILAKE, ot Ob' H're.1 ie-olutl ill
recline the Secrrtaiy ol tl.e 1iiuuty I. cuus
the necessary lilauk foiuis to ho piiuied to
enable Ihe HcK um vvouiino nouiieis, ami in
relatives of dMuvk. il SvldU'ts, to muke mil aid
oli aln their buck pay, and the bounty duo
them for millt iry service; und Unit such blank
lorms be furnished to alt soldiers, and their
Mends call ng on thn Ueasury Department
for the tume. AUipuu.
Mr. PORTER, ot Indlsna, aiibmltted a reeo
lii'lou. which vvua ..Jopled, inslructlug th'
Coimulttie on Invulld Pensions to report
forthwith, It poHeiiiie, and n not, men at the
eurlleai day prnctiiuble, a bill to provide for
llie allowance or pruslous In the tick and dis
abled Unltn aoldlcrs ol lhJ picsuiit war, und
to tbri famlllrs of thosn who have lieeo iu ih,
IlkUkAHfe: OK 1'ltli.ONhR.S.
Mr. POTTER, ol Wlsconln, prininttd a re
solutiou, that Ibu Secretary of War inform Ibo
House woetner lae pus ners luaen nu iu.
slo'n "Vclma"' were releesod bv tho United
States Ci minis loners at Baltimore, with Ihe
knowledge und consent uf ibe lilllltarv au
IhorltlcH of Ibe Department ol Maryland; also
by what autuority uoi. uunier, oi irgmu,
who rcluscd lo tukn Ihe oath of all. glance,
wus released on conditional narote. Ac,
Debute arising, Ihe rcsolnlion was laid over
under the rule.
n wiscoxsts RootrBofe .'
Mr. POTTER nresented the lolot resolutions
n'K ibe Ltsglslatnra of - Wisconsin trnderjng to
Y! President an approval of his course Laid
ii . t (able. . t . ' I -
'. i-oomri auras, arc.
Mi. COX, of, Ohio, offered a resolution re-
uni-Hio- ihe Secretary of War lo infirm tbo
Hon"' opi'n the following euhjeots:
1. What baa delayed his reply to Iho riaolu
tli n ot this House calling for Information as to
the age. sex, condition, Ac., of Ihe Africans em
ployed In General Wool's department
2. What number of stares hare been brought
Into the District, by the army officers or other
agents of the Government from Virginia, since
the enemy abindoned the poeseislon ol 'Ma
nassas and their lines on the Potomac.
3. Wbat number of fugitive slaves from
Maryland and Virginia, and now lu Ihe olty of
Washington, their sex and prt-bable ages.
4. Wbat number of slaves are now at nr
have been sent to Frederick, Maryland.
o. How many are now led and anpported by
the money of the United States appropriated
by Congress to prosecute the war.
0. uywbat authority certain negroes were
sent irom Virginia to Philadelphia by railway,
an 1 at whose expense and Tor what purpose.
7. If he has not the means to answer these
Inquiries, that he take the necessary steps lo ob
tain the desired Information.
On motion of Mr. LOVEJO Y. of Illinois, the
resolution was tabled by a rote of OS yeas to
31 nays.
Mr. WHITE, Hit w, n I led a resolu
tion authorizing he scl oi c o i-illtee of nine
on tbe subject ut LMuru.il u iclpatlon snd
colonl.itlon. lo imploy a c. rk at Ih1! usual
rate of compensation.
Lata on tne isoio.
Mr. DUNN offered a resolution Instructing
the Secretary nf War to prepare and publish
20,0(10 copien of a honk to be entlllid "The
Patriotic R'cord," and to contain a full list of
alt tbe officers and men engaged In tho military
alii naval strricc of tbe Utdteil States, In sup
pressing the present rebellion.
Referred to the Committee oo Military Af.
Mr. rorTER. ol Wisconsin, offend a rcsolu
tlon Instructing Committee on Invalid Pensions
to bring in n bill granting pensions to aick and
disabled soldiers and 'heir families, during tbe
present war. Adopii it
Mr. BLAI'I, tt Missouri, submitted a resoln.
tlon, that tbu Secretary j f tbo Treasury bo di
rected to furnish Ilia Home w lib tbe amount,
and a detailed statement of fxnend'turi-s In the
different military dep irtment, vvb'ch was adopt
ed; ailerwatos re-consiuerrii una rejected.
Mr. D1VEN, of New York, called from tho
Speakt r's I ij.lq Ihu icwlulloi. riqtiestlng the
Attorney Geiii'til to Institute procetdings to
recover troui John C. Fri moiit and K. L Balrd
the sum ol money obtained Irom tbe publio
treasury on the order nf said Fremont, payable
to said iUIrd, as, rot forth In thn report of tbe
wlect cninmlttic to Inquire Into contracts cf
tho Government
Tho debate was spirited und InlerLsting, and
participated in by Musrs.l)iVLN,of New York,
who favored tbe resolution; and Coliax, cf
jnutanit, and &TbVKNS, ot rennsyivania, wno
onnose'd it. Mr. Divkn amonded his resolution
by striking out tbe name uf John U. Fremnut;
wuiii.oii mouonii Mr BTivtM, tne resolution
was laid on ibe uh'e.
militauv liuiLa.
Mr. ALDRICH, nf Minnesota, ottered u reso
lution requiring Ihe Committee, oo l ho Judl-
nlurw In mmrt hiik lloocd hill Ifn tin -..1.
j. 'Cling certain perrons lo military Ir'ai, and
ror otner purpos's; wnicu was aaopie.i.
Tho Indlatiupolis Jourivd says thu dlllcrent
occtipanta of Camp Morton bave the sain de
sires. The l'd ral soldiers want puy roils und
Iho ttbelsjitroiev.
Tin' Cincinnati 7Wg rays that II h- Men
th mlkiil documenta ot a Indue of tin- Koihls
of the Golden Circle In Ih it city, including Its
Cham r, commissiuu ol officers, Ac.
to WSWl
rrniTOnu ,mTwnni misibw
UNITKI18I ATKH patkn 1' ir ICSC,
WAsuuaToa, April 14, 1SSA
OalbeLs.tltu of Cobrri Bur s (ioodvesr, late
of Philsdtlidda, l'a , now ot Ktk.OD, Maryland,
praying I r lliuexleuslon ol a osteal crauled tu
ids sa-fKnee Jamc A t owie ana Ctiarlas Csrr, o
lh?Uttio Mne'i, IHIl.anl- d.tel I.lth orHcpism
ber, islt,ant re 1 uul utliol June, 1S&, loranliu-
ir .vrmeDi in .eiiniiraiusiorooiiBTirgonuiiie uoxrs
or Lours, lor Mven fears irom llie sxDIrHtlon ol
said patent, which Uses plaoe on llie latl day 01
-puraer, ibok
liisorncrva,.naiiDesi.a pennon o iiesri alios
Pa'cnt Oincc oa SI nrtsv. lbs So h of Aue-ust t,eat.
at twelve o'clook 31 , and all penocs ur no Iftvd tu
anicsr and stiuw caus, Ii uoy iltey nave, wby said
riff'ltlon ought not to bu granted
Pcrcons i'PO lng the exteashn are rvnubed to
lllc in Ihe l'a cut Ofllcu thtlr objcollons, siawlslly
et lortl, lu wrlt'ng, at least twenty days before thu
day of hearing, all le-Uiitony flVd by llthcr larrj
labs ud al Ibe said hearing most be taken and
liaussalttbd In accordance with eke rules of ths ones,
blch will b furnished on rpfdioattnn
Ibe tssllinony la the CA'e will bs oloseden Ibe
1 It It ol Auxeit next, driioxltlonsand other psisjrs
relied anoo s lof llmoay niu-l be tiled la lli offtoe
onorLeio e ilttitnonilnxofthst diy the'trxumenls,
It n, , within ten days ibcrtsflcr
o dercil, aUi. Hut tins nolloo b published In ths
t-aliiwtt IfrjuHKan, Washington, D O, aud the
'mi, l'litlasclibla, v.t once a week tor three suo
M-elvs weeks. tie llrst of raid t nblleallons lo Du
ut least sixty days prevlos" to tbu euy t besilne
I 1). 1. UOLXOWAY,
i uoniuili.io o-r ol I'at.mls
P fj Kdilois of llie abevs pspers will (Itase
eopy, aad send tneir bills to tbu Patent OfD.ce, witb
a paper containing ihls nodes ap lo-trtw
WanniHaroj.. Anrll IT. IS i
fin Iht million tif liilbflri. Jtfisiuii. oiCIianfnvlli.
...":":" i" v ". x .!.-". iZ'.wr "::.:
iinanoeuniy irvr ura, iryii k mr me cxivii
ton of a patentgranted 10 him July IS l4S,furati
improvement in Ihirahlng Maoluned,forcven)cari
from Ihu expiration or laia patent, whiih taken
plaoe on the IBth.tay or July,Hi,
.t In ordi.rtii.lhat the ald tctittun be lifirii m. the
Patent Oinoe on Monday, ihe 30 h day of June next.
ai ia u ciuua, oi,, bdii ait irooin are Doiinca 10 ap
pt-ar and Phpwcaa e.ffaiy they have, why till j-e
lit on ought bot to be granteJ
l'frtont upi-Os-iug itt rxt n Ion are requited to tile
lathe Patent OlBoc th Ir obji-cilonn. uprolally act
forth In wrlthiir. at l'ut twtittv dan before ihedav
31 tiearl-tg, all testimony Hied by cither part to be
uaed at thu said heart nz mupt be laken aad traua
untied In Mocoidaire ulth the rale of tho office,
wmcii wm d luraittwa on appi oanuu
The testimony In thu caemll bechxedonlhelfi h
uay 01 June nexi; uepo 110ns ani oiner paper re
Ilea unuiiae teat mony mut be filed in thu 01 tee on
or before the morulni; of hat diy, ihe argument
II anv. within ten dan lue titer.
Orderrd. aim, that thN untie j be pub iHliid la thu
Vatfa'iat fji'iMican. WMhliigton, 1 U . und h
11 nittsrf,' CanaDdalgut. N , once a wtet lor three
aucoiaxlve weekijtiie nr I ot sail pu)lOJtlons to b
t least itxty diys rrt-Wu to the day of h( m lng.
1) P. IIOIs1sOVA
Cjramlslon rofPnteuK
1' 8. Ii lltur of th above puprrwtil psjjo copy,
and nd their bills to the Patent Oftioe, with a pa.kf
xinunniog nils) nouoiis ap ' w
UMVi llrtt'All'S I'M'aVix OKMC'H
WAHiiixaintt A(lll (KJ
(tu the petition of Pin hi Ami F.sk txwu il ho,
uf Almond 1 rik,U'i, f Hioc ty.cuuuly, and .State
ulNuw ik prayliii lor the vxteniion ol a pattnt
gtiintcd tube late Almnnr 1) Ft, Xiv M.l"!',
and ru lutd Jts,rt,h ti, Ul Tor an Improvement In
Collin tor neyen years Irom the explra'lou of said
Iatc-t.wltlih takes placo on the Hih day ol Novem
Il l.o-lfnil,lliat thepillitjIill'Nibeheaidut tho
Patent ()incv,tt Monday the VTthday ol ouobir
Bvxt,at li! o'clock in , ud ull ptmoii are no I lite J to
apixaraiidshowoHH.lt any they hava, whj said
petition ouitbt uot It bu granud
Vet-rwn opcmiii ihd cxtennlin aro refill led to
fllo In the Patent Utlloe their ohjuutlons.sitioially
set forth In writhw.at iviut twent) di)u btiore the
day of hearing, all Uutlmony hUl by cither party
tobeuKedat the tald hearing uiu-l b Ukeuaod
Irausniitiid in acvordauoe with tin. mUs ol the
ofll '0 which will bj furnlihc4 on ap, licatlon
Ihe trtttmouy la tho owe will bo cloned ou the
9 h day ol Ucb'bvr ucxt.dcpiMaiuiit land tiher pa
yet relied uiu at ttwUmoiiy wuit be tiled In the
otlUu on or bj ore the morning gt tlul day, the ar
gunmiii. If any, within tin day thrreat cr
Ordered, also, that this tiotloeb- ubli-hed In the
A'aU.vrat.1 tiej'utJican, Ifaslungton D C and 3Viinn,
Nework,.N X .once a week for Ihn! succe-wive
wttsksi the flr.tof aail publluiiions to bt at least
nixly days prevtuud o the day ol heiritig
Commwiioner ol PaUnts.
P 8. 1 Alitor of the atove iaptri wilt please
copy, and ttnd Uttlr bills lo ihe Pauet Utftou, with
a Pper containing this LuUoe npTH lawSw
aiOUK, No 40U beveuth stiect, vhvr yon
cm 11 u the bst stook of Clothiug, Furnishing
Moods, Ti uaka. Data and Caps, at low prioee.
war aiu dJm
No Pasiragsr Train to Manassas.
Was DsrASTMs t.
OJIct 1 Milittiri ft,rtr
mt SupeHtHrmltnt Aillnssdr V H ,
Waihlnxton, Apill II, iae-9
No puHnrtr train will be raa Irom W.l,ln.i,.
to Manassit until further notlcs
Pt' M. D. & Sipt. It. R. U. B.
DrrARTHRxr or Stati,
irasMnoTon, Jan. 25, 1862.
The Secretary of State will hereafter noelr
members of Conaress on business on Hntnr.las
commencing with Saturday, thn first ol uert
- War DirARTHtUT,
January 21, 1862.
fMureoT. That the Was rh.nnrfmi.nl tvl.l h
closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Tbursdayi, and
Fridays against all other business but that which
relates to active military operations In tbe field.
Saturdays will be devoted to the business ol
Senators and Representatives.
stouaaya 10 in cosiness ol the public
Enwnr M. Staotoh,
Ja-tf Secretary ol Wo
4W biake's Plantation Bitters. T.
I860. X.-It InvlgoraUs, ttissglhens snd purines
the system; Is a perfect appsifisr, and ths most
streesbtsand iffcatus, tonlo In ths world It Is
eomposid of ths celebrated Calutya bark, rcots,
ntros, ana pare Bt. Urolx ram Fsrtlmlsily
sdtpted todellcsts females; carts Dyspepsia and
Weakness, and Is last tbe thins for ths ihu, or
ssssoos. I old by sll grocsrs, drugflats, hotels, and
""'wim. r, ri. viiakk a UU ,
ap l-n Ml Broadway, N, T.
4-Np,clal .totlce.-On and trier Tursdsy,
April I, issz, ths train, on iht Baltimore and Ohio
Italioad will commence rut nljg tiaUy, (Sundays
excelled,) (raving tals Station at J 40 a. m., and
coDntctlng at Wtsblnstoa Junction wl'h Mall
rraln for all parts of the Wist Wa Wheeling or
Parkersburg. Ihrouih Moketa sold and blggaae
obecked. tt P SMITH,
31. or TrsnstorHtlo. D A O It. u.
apt dtf l.sur V (JlolrJ
Si-Wsslon's Proctetsof Slavery. Cooks
of tuts walk are for sals at the ofTloe of the KalionaX
ft7Mieaa. Pamphlet edition, 23 cents Hound
ed tlon, lb cents
1862. Armngtintnt for 1862.
Viom Walnut tiect Wlurr. and Ken-
ting ton Dio.U
will ti roLLowi viz: Kirr.
At C A M , vU C-mdon ml Amttoy C. A
Accnmmottsi'lon $3 SI
At o , H ,TraCmitn tted .ftrMjr City New
Jtrwr Accommodation 8V6
At 04 A. M .vliKenilrgtouauft JtrffyC'ity
Mrrn'ng Mail aao
aVt '3 1 31 , viaUamJcn and Ambojr Accom
m (itvioo , 22j
aVt . 1 M ,Tla O.mdenand Ambor C and A
Kxprcat , 8 30
Al . 1. M , tU Cam If n nod Jerjr Cl'y
Krcnlpf Breiu 300
At 4 l U , via Camdoa and Jtiacr City
Sil CluaTcket .. 526
AtO, 1. M., via Kensington and Jerter City
Kiralif Slall.,.. " 300
At 3 1'. M , vU Kfnuinjtton and Jcrecy City
BonthernMall 300
At & 1 M., via Came on aad Araboy Acoani
modation, (F ciebt and raa.nger
,. -sfdolaae t'tkt ICO
r.1 .?i l'-N .Line rutitfaly.BundayiexCirtKl.
1 he U V. M bou'bern Mall ruoa dal.y
i.r ili't0,l .rf!?Vs. fco , at T 10 ao4 A M t
and6tiiaoaMl.I M., from KeMlnAtonTund a;
1'. M..frotn Wilnntmreetwtf
ror jinwi ana intermenute stations at It j.' A.
JI irom Krnsli cton
For raitnyra, Rlvertoa, Uslanos, Iv-rlyt Bur
linsion, Klorencc, Boidcniovru, ftc , at llvi.1.4 A
audftV 1M
btUsillliJOat Trenton, fir IlOrinntAwn nrt lntrm
dfata HU4ou at 8,; 1'. il , from Watnat itreet
MV Kfir NOW York, ami Wa Unana liln 7ta.
tlnjttrnDjpol.take the Care on Kiithatreet. above
nwuui, 'bii an awar ociore arpanure. Tne uar
run intft ihe Depot, ami on arilval of each Triln,
run irom the Depot,
Filly j oanda ot lUftgeft onlv, allowed each p
icnyer. rin)if r ar prohibited from taking any.
Ihiog i Bagtc. tut tlieir wearing apraicl. All
afiM vtr fifty pound, to be paid for extra
1 be loniuany limit th- Ir rtiixm-nrjlUty for Dag gige
to One Dollar per pounl aod lll not be Itable lor
any amount bi-yoj a loo Dollar exrcDt by ttw.iel
c u:ia:t WM. II. UATZUEK, Agent
ap n
1 000 basheli of Jackson VVMte Pot toes.
1,000 bushels of Cuter Potato
1,000 buahol of lluoa Eye fotatoe,-.
1 ,ooo ba'rt of Prime Timothy liar
40 cake of Prlmt New otk Ci eeie
Vox sale m lota to suit lurehn-ers by
apt3-eoJl St Water at..Uecrg:iowut D. C.
F It. h RIIK has the honor ffanntuoclng to the
cttUens or Wanhl.gton sul vlctultr ihnthli M W
fEtllVAL will uke placo at TKMt'EKANCK
HALL. Us'reet, between Ninth and Tnth itreeti,
on TUU1WDAV KVKNINtl, May 8, 1VJ.
LADY, In a privbte lazily, wttlln ten minutes'
walkof the Caplio. Uustbo thorousih'y loyal, and
u oompromlilrgty lor the Union Addrcw, 31. L
M." Ilepablloam Office, giving ternu, ke apn-St
North preferred! to do thn wcrk of a wwall
lam'Iy KeTr recce de-fred Apply lu thct hrura,
1'jrauay or Wtditfaay, at Room id Uuvmeut
1'atent OO-co ap 2: it
TliK PBOPRIBTOU. being abaa' to leive the
city, will dispoeej of a basU wlnoh wilt piy a
goid tlvlDsT toajy onu who wlUvgage In tt,Mltaa
wall capital.
Sale vxiludvely cwh Add re a,
p 23-lw 3SJ K m. net, Wahlag tn. D. C
WANTKD TO UK. hT-IVoiu the 1st of Slay, a
DWbLLlMl toatatLlngfrtiiio to 8 roouH,
with 0it between Tft-tU and r iftecu h ttreeU au t
It airoet snd Prunnyivatiti avenue. AddMM, '.32
Pen iryjvat.U avenue up 3231
P O il
A Fine Larre FROSl' ItOJd to tent, with
boaid Apply at 158 ('vtclftti strtet, bvtween fl
il streets ap 13 eodtt
FpO StlOWMKN ANII 11 nl IUI. All at
1 tractive Diorama, "WASIUNQTOX AND
Mils AU." with other aOLiit.a. ueatlv comDleted.
Uolfenii lor sale at a bargaiu, or ai arrangement
may be made farapertiienhip.ierhipn Managing
nil su uma vnu ui-aita rrii'iitva AUUir',
M U." box 61. Poet Offlw.Waahiiur-OH.O C
ap S3-8t
1.1 Tills Clit
to get our meals, la at thi
4J1 Sevcbih street, 'pposlte the rontOfficj Depart
t-Meals scrvid at all horns -
PAID '10 CI.tiANLlNim
S r ngtranirwpi.t;UuIIy luvlleJ toetoc lo.
We ollti oilUus and itratigrr a laige uuortment
COAl'tf. PANlALOONa,iSkVJVlirtl8,otailoolow
and qualiUe . jual In make and Huinh to tne beat
ruitoui work.
Mersihaut fallora and Clothiers,
J Pa avenue, bet. Oth and tnh, ptarj
fan- nl'
BOAMO WAHTttD-lly a gentleman and hie
wile, wllh a child uot yet two jeari old, in a
private UmUy,tAroiijAfyl'vuand undoitUitly Colon
lo ma nut loexoied lu Dollars per week, lur the
three. Apply at this offloe. apil tt
17U11 UKtfT-A ary de-lrable DWKLLINU
X IKiUtfK.onlwemh, between I and Jt itreeu.
PiK-sewlun glvn on the Ut ol My Apply to T F.
HhUBr.ttr, Claim Agent,4Hti cleveoth street,
ap lv Jt
at HUlTU'd.No. iftU ttevsnlh itreet, opiHmlui
Poai Ofhce. max iW tl3ni

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