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(2-iAstL y-4.
vol. n.
NO. 207
Thn nndtnricned commenced, In tha menlh of
lomoher, 1800, lli pbIlcUon,lnthiioit7to(
a weekly newapapar, tj&,U1 the National Jifjmtt
It in printed on n tail; nheet, twsnty-MTtn
by Torty-lwo tnohnii, an.l fnrnlihed tt the low
priced HUted below.
II contain all fiia original tnatUr of the
dally Natinnal MipuMican, with the eioeptlon
nflooal news not lotnreetliiK to country iub
It will Rive full report of the proceedings of
OougreM, and of the other department of the
National Government-
Iteentalni all the new of the dy, foreign
and domentlo, market, &4,t Ac, m well ai an
original crrenpondence from all parti of the
country. The mtsoetlaneoui department will
receive ipeotal attention, and. In all renpeoti,
the effort will be made to eetabliih the chand
ler r.f tin Kationa1 lbfu)Aran e a Family
Washington being now the (.Antral point of
the current military operation!, great attention
will be Vatd to fiimlahlnc the readers of the
National ItspuMipan with full, and eipeclally
with accurate, account of the prograM of the
war for the Union.
In politics, the paper l Republican, inilaln
Ing the Administration of Mr. Llnoolu.
There In nn other Repnblloan paper In the Dis
trict of OAlnmhia, or In the vicinity of It, and
It Is believed that rAoent events have opened to
nuoh a paper an Important sphere of useful
effort. The time has oome, when the actual
administration of the Government upon Re pub
lloan principles will eiplode the mlsrepressn
tat Ions whloh have made those principles so
distasteful to the Bo nth.
But It H not only here, and In this vlolnlty,
that the projectors of the National HepuUxcan
hope to make It useful. To the whole country
they offer a journal which will discuss national
piilltlrs from a national standpoint, and whloh
will iitivor be swerved from patriotlo duty by
nil? ve rpowe ring pressure of local Interest.
One copy, one year $1.00
Three copies, one year 5.00
Five copies, one year. 7.00
Ten copies, one year 12.00
1 wenty copies, one year 20.00
One copy, sis months 1.00
Throe copies, sis months 3.60
five copies, six months . 3.60
Ten copies, six months 8.00
Twenty copies, sli months 10.00
Payments always hi advuuoe.
When a Club of subscribers has been for
warded, additloun may be made to It on the
xatne term. It Is not necessary that the sub
hcrlbers to a Club should receive their papers
Ht the same post office.
Money ratty bo forwarded by mull, at our
t ifc. t Jirge amount can b remitted In Treas
ury noteK, or uVhAji on Bton, New York,
t'hiU-'elpMrt, or Baltimore; wmnllor amounts
In totd, or In nolo of (lvent bunks. Addross
Washington, V. O.
T Tuk DiU.r Natiokil Rkiublioih Is pub
lihed every morning, (tjmirtaja excepted,) at
the following rates:
One copy, one your . . f 3.60
Five c pins, one uur 16.00
Oneoopy, six months 1,75
Five copies, six months 7.60
One copy, three months 1.00
Wi'HiNOTof , I). C, July 22. 1862.
SKA LED PROPOSAL!) wilt b received nt IhU
office until Auf ait 4th, 1882, t 12 o'clock m , for
lurnUhloff end delivering the following srtloles. the
coming year, at the United Htates Finite nUarr,
V.QOO Ibi of the but quality of oak tanned, ilaujth
ter So! leather, weight from 18 to 21 lbs.
jer iiui.
4,000 It oi oak tanned Wax Leather, from slaughter
hides, wtll flniuhed Fire sides or this
quality will be required for a ample
.',ooo lbs of Broom C.rn. medium ii, quality
that will work ilaelr, and make a good
quillryof broonu
fl.ooi No. 1 b llroom llandlea
603 lls TIa Wire, best quality.
soa Uroom rwIneMtquality.siiflartt-dcoIori.
Tim above quantity to be delivered monthly.
1,600 yd ol striped Cloth, it ripen to te of Ught
drab and blue blaok color, aboit U Inobea
wMe.coUin warp and woollen tilling
too yJd oi tghter Clotb, tame stripe, for eblrU.
1,000 " ofcottou twilled thlrtlog, U, yd. wide.
The above cloth to be a huavy, pervloeable
40 bbls "Flour
40 bush Potstoea
6 Kraal I htt I team
frOlbH OotltHli
too " Mioaldeia
aoo Sujiar
150 coifr
00 " Uoaji
45 gall Vinegar
10 " Mol (
400 Ibi Kica
16 " Pepper.
The abave groceries to bo lumUhal the let
of each mouth
lf.0 Iba of fresh Btef, without bone, pr day, lor
four days In each week
Ibulba of corned Beef, without bone, one day la
a week,
loo tons white mIi egg Coal, to be delivered in the
month of Uepwmber
Hamplrn of Molaiaeamuat not be Um titan )i gab,
In ugla&ijar.
HUe, eoap, ocllee and sugar muttbeGlbs earn
plm All the above article will vary ia quantity, as the
consumption of the l'tmitentlary may require
Alt bills will be paid in 3 to 90 days irom the
time or the delivery of the goodi, If farninhed so
oordlog to agreement; if not, all moneys which may
bo due will be forfeited.
PrcpofiaUwlUbeadlreuel to" H I. Klog, War
den, WaahlDgtOD, 1, C ,'' and endoreed Propo
ssU" II. 1. KINO,
Jyia taugi Warden.
no tiiic orsriukCHH or xtiic ammt,
Jiut arrived, a dlrvoi loiportaUon per uamei
Fulton, from kuropo, a very One and large awwrt
uent of Marine, Opera, ield Olaawe, and Tele
wopo.whiuhl will rell a very little above theooel
la Pans. As to the qualities, there are none sups
rlor to ts had. having been selected purpoeely loi
thia market, AUo, a large aud well aborted vtook
ot Opera Glanaes, Alioroeoopce, go!d,iilver,and suel
Upeolaotee and bye Ulaadej.iuiuid to the sight by
the uh of an Optometer. Ajoonslderable number ol
eerUtioates to be seen at my oQloe, from gentltmeD
who have been salted at my old establishment.
m rrnmylvaniauveDne, between Four-auda-hutf
and smhStreeti.
y M.taM1tiMiit Is wp atlra.
aiaua futd t tutL The trad supplied
iMjt 10 ly
muwawo tvomn,m "
rj BooH:sirxXat
No, 171 Ftmntyloanxa am., Washington, J), tt
Books bound la every Btyls,1arksy,Koroooo.Uus
a,aa40sir !
ONAlit STORBB. Ac., lS0a-03.
Navr DsraarMtHr,
Bureau of Provlilons and Clothtog,
n PROPOSALS, aealed and endorssd ''Offer lor
Small B teres," Ae , will be lecclted at this Bureau
until 3 o'clock, p. m .on Monday, the 4th day ol
August nsxt, lor furnUbtoa- sad dellverins; (on re
eelvlngun days' notice) at the nary yarda at Bos
ton. VasauhusetU; Brooklyn, New York; and Phil,
adelnhla, Pennsylvania, auoh quantities cay of the
articles named In the following classea as may be r e
qulred or ordered from the contraotor by the Chief
of this Bureau, or by the respective commanding
offioers of the aaid navy yards, dsrlog the SksI year
endrng 80th of Jane, 1S, vii:
Class 1.
SsU water Soap.
1 as soap mast be maanfaotured from eooos nut
oil. and be of the ben quality, dsnonlnsted white
salt water sosp," and be delivered on thirty days'
notice In good strong boxes of about 71 pound each,
aad, after impaction, the boxes must be hooped at
esctt end at the expenee of the contractor,
A contract will be mads for 200,000 pounds, and
such further quantities u may be required during
the year.
Cuss 2.
Jaok knlree Helseers
Spoons Needle, per 1 ,000
Forks ThlmMeS
Raaors. in ilngls eaies Can openers
Rsaor stisps Iead eye Buttons,
Ctaaa 8.
OUt eagle Coat Battona Qllt eagle Vest Buttons
Dp medium do
Class 4.
India ruibsr or gotta peroha Bhsvlrg Boxes
Do do Fine Combe
Do dJ Coarse Combe
Clam I.
BcrubBruthe Shaving Brushes
Shoe Brushee Wisp Broome
Class 0.
Gram for lied Shaving Soap
Beeswax, In ,' lb. eaket, Blacking, boxes of
Class 7
Cotton spools of Noi 12 and 18,100 yatdi each. S
ooris, equal parts
Thread, black and whits. In X pound paokages,
equal to Marthall's beet quality, and In susb propor
tlona as may bs required
SUk,sewing,blne black, pure silk, troy weight;
wrappers notlaolused, per ounce, In tr pound pack
Ribbon, hat, best French black, 12 yards to the
piece i width 1 K lnchea
Tspe, white linen, 4 yards In length, Inch wide.
Tape, blaok, twilled cotton, 8 yards In length, X
Pocket Handkerohleislootton, fast colors, S3 by ao
Inches, wslfht not leas than 2 oz, each, texture S by
S to x inohi ' '
Clam I.
(UbedeUmAl (U New York ony )
Mustard Heed Bottles lor Huitard and
Blaek Pepper Pepper
Corki lor Muitsrd and
Pepper bottles
Clam 9.
Stearlne Candles.
Ths candlss must be " sixes," of prime leaf lard
stearlne, 8 10 inches In length, txctusU cf tip, tlxcuu
dies to weigh not lew than 14 ounce 60 loo, nor more
than 16 ounces, and be paid for scoording to the ao
tual weight, without reference to commercial usage:
the melting point not to be less than 140 degree
Fahrenheit. The wiok mart be braided, and oom
ooeed of TS cotton thraade of thn bert nvilii oi Nn
27 yarn. The eandlea to be delivered on thirty days
notice, in good boxes, containing about ao pound
caca, nun ta irax to uo maracu wim ine conirscwr'S
name and the weight of the candles.
contract will ne made lor loo,ooo pounds, and
such further quantity as may be require! daring the
All the articles named la a oUm muit be Included
In the offer.
Before opening the propoeala the Bureau will ee
timet e the probable wants of the service for the year
of those articles ths quantities of which sre not spe
cified, and make that eitlmate the standard by which
to decide In ascertaining and determining the lowest
aggregate bid for each class.
All tho foregoiog articles must be of the beet qusb
ity, and conformable in all respects to ths samples
deposited at said navy yards, and lubjeot to mch In
ipeotlon at the navy yard where delivered as the
Chief ol the Bureau may direct; the Inspecting offl
car to be appointed by the Navy Department.
All the anlclea to be delivered free of any inci
dental expense to the Government, in proper vewele
or packagei, and the price of each artlole muit be the
ame at the respective places of delivery. Packages
in whloh the above articles are delivered must be
marked with their contents, and the name of the
contractor, and be ufflcient to Insure their tempo ra
ry f afekeeplng
The contraotor must establish agencies at such sta
lions other than bis residence, that no delay may
arise in furnishing what may be required, and when
the contractor or agent falls, promptly to comply
with a requisition, the Chief of the Bureau of Pro
visions and Clothing shall be authorised te dlieot
Surehases to be made to supply the deficiency, under
is penalty to be expressed in the oontraci; the reo
ord of a requisition, or a duplicate copy thereof, at
the Bsrsau of Provisions and Clothing, or at either
of tire navy yard aforesaid, thai! be evidence that
such requisition has been made and received.
Two or more approved sureties, in a sum equal to
the estimated amount of the contract, will be re
quired, and twenty per centum in addition will be
withheld from the amount of all ttavnienti on ac.
count thereof a collateral security, to scours it per
formanoe, and not in any event to be paid until H is
the amount of all deliveries mad will be paid by the
navy agent, in Certificates ol Indebtedness or Tread
urv notes, at the option ol the Government
Blank forms of DrODoatJ miv he fihtilnad nn an
flloatlcn to the navy agents at Portsmouth, New
lampshlre, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, BalH
more, and at this Bureau
A record, or duplicate of the letter Informing a
bidder of the acceptance of hi proposal, will be
deemed a notification thereol, within the meaning of
the act of 1S18, and his bid will be made ami accented
I. Art.. fAMH I . .. .rtl.k .111. . te., J.
Every offer made must be accompanied tea dl.
rented in the act ef Congress making appropriations
for the naval service far 1646-'47, approved loth ol
August, IMS,) by a written guarantee, signed by one
or more responsible persons, to the eftVot that he or
they undertake that the bidder or bidders will. If his
or their bid bo accepted, enter into au obligation
within ten days, with good and ufflcient sureties,
'o furnish the supplies proposed The Bureau will
not be obligated to consider any proposal unlets ac
companied by the guarantee required by law; the
competency of tbe guarantee to bo oertiued by toe
navy agent, dktrloi attorney, or the colirctor of the
1htlttnhmf bidden it aalbd to tt mmitea ami d.
icnji&on cf artidnrequirtd, of, in (Ae innctvm ifart
reception, ajvit but rigid companion mHU U mad ttttwetn
tke article offered and tki iampUt and contract, recetmn?
noiu that fall Mow Vumt and tketr aiimiion ii aUopar
ticularlv directed to Uu joint re$otulion tfVtk March, lbftl,
and to Ou act of 10M Jufrutf, 18.
juiy e lewtw
TIIU ST. LOUU, Clietuut litrt.
Between Third and Fourth, Philadelphia.
The undersigned having leaved for a terra ol years
this popular houtie. have the pleasure of announcing
to their friend and the travelling community that it
ts now open for the reception of guest. The bouse,
sinoe the first of March last, ha been entirely renc-
TKWU uu nuiwu iu pupvriur iunur J aw npaiT
meat are large, well ventilated, and furnished In
modern style It Is centrally located, convenient to
all the depots and steamboat landings, and In the
immediate vlolnlty of the Custom Xlouite, Poet Office
and the Corn Kxohange.
Connected with the Hotel Is a Restaurant for the
accommodation of those preferring the Kuropean
plan Prloe of Room from 1 hree to Seven dollars
per week, according to location
Board 11.(0 per day. Table d'hote for merchant
ana oiuiocw men irum i id u
my 6-m
No. 530 Pennsylrsmla Avenue,
Awnings, Flags, ients, Hall Bags. Horse Covers,
Signs, Wagon Covers, Ao , made at short notice.
my 9 tr
POU AQ1! I A U H !; K K
On and alter Monday. July 2lst, the steamer KKY
PORT will leave her wharl, loot of Seventh street,
at 8 o'clock a m , lor Aqula Creek, stopping at
Alexandria, and all Intermediate landings Ke
turning, will leave Aqula Creek at 4 p m , arrlv
Ing at Washington at ty p m. For freight or pas
ssge, spply on board, or on tbe wharf, ol
WM R SNOW, Agent.
NOTlCfci to KXCUltHIONinTS. Parties
wiahlegto charter the KKYPORT lor Moon,
light hxoursloni, will apply onboard, or of the
Agent, at the foot of Seventh street, between the
hours off) m.. and 6 P.m. Wears prepared to
aooommodale parti to Olymont for day exsurslons.
Leaving and returning eur regular hours.
Jy 24-fl WM. R. SNOW, Agsnt.
aco. v, ltioa.
KKB, 9, IHVil,
lb shorteet,qnlcket, and bset route from Hut
more to the
On and after Sunday, Keb'y 0, 1bc3, PaAnenitei
Trains will arrive and depart from Calvert Static
as follows t
Mall, at 8i a.M
Haffalo Kxpress .e &i p M
Parkton Accomodation... ..4 A1 P, M
rHtNburgaadnarrishurgKxpreM H50P U
Parkton Aosommodatin,at .8o0 A.M.
Buffalo Kxpreatf.,,.., ,,,..810 a, M,
PlttaburganoVUarrisbnrgKxpreH ,.a W P. M.
Mail 8o P.M.
Ths o A. M. Train from Washington oonneot with
the 8 2s A.M. Train from Baltimore for the Wel,
aad for Buffalo, Klmtra, Rochester, Dunkirk, Canan
dalgna, and Niagara Kalle, and for New York
The It A.M. Train from Waahlagtonooanect with
the 8 00 p. M. Train from Baltimore.to Wret, North
and North west, end K.lmlra aud Buffalo and Ho
The a 00 P. M. ItUn from Washington ooaaect
with the 8 so p. M. Train froa'Baltlmurs for Pitt
burg, Uarrlsbarg, and tbe Wert, and is a direct eon
neouenfor Lebanon, Raston. Atlentown, and New
York, via Central Railroad of New Jereey.
Try this route to New York '
aar The only Train Isavtmr iialumore on Sunday
Is ths 8 to P.M. Train, for lUrrlsburg, PitUburg,
Chicago and the West.
1 he only Train airtvtng In Baltimore en Hadav
lsthe820A,M. Tram.
feb 0 J. N lHiARUY,Hup't
rhllatlflphla, Wilmington, and Baltimore
On and after MONDAY, NOV. 18, 1861,
For tfalttmore, at 8 SO a. m , 8 14 a m , 11.86 a. m ,
(Kxprres,) and 10 80 p in
for Chester, at 8 H a m.llKi.n ,848eadlOM
For Wilmington, at I 80 a n.llli m ,11.88 a
m ,8 46 and to sop m.
KorNswCMtH.atS16e.ro andseep.m
For Dover, at 8 U a m and 8 46 n oi
For Mllford, at 8 16 a m
For ballebnry, at 8 l&a m.
Irfave Baltimore at 8 W a m . (Kxpreui.) 1 06 p
m , (Express,) fl 30 and 7 pm. (Kxpreu.)
Leave Wilmington at t so and 11 8.1 a m , 4 14
8 46, and 8 80 p. m.
Leave Salisbury atJMp m
Leave Mllford at 4 66 p. m.
leave Dover at 0 a. m undo lop in
Leave New Castle at 11 a. m and 8 10 u. m.
Leave Chester at 8 20 a m., 19 16, 4 60, and 9 80
Leave Baltimore for Salisbury and Intermediate
stations at & 20 and 7 p. m ; for Dover and Interme
dlate stations, at 1.06 p m.
leave Chester at 8 46 a. m . 12.06 nnd 11 .20 n. m
Leave Wilmington at 4 80 a. m , s 26 a m , 12 81
p. m , and 12 a. m.
FRKIOUTTRAIN,wltbPanger Car attached,
Leave Philadelphia, for Perryvllle and interme
diate place, at 6.10 p. m.
Leave Wilmington, for Perryvllle and Intrrmedi
ate places, at 7.10 p. m
Leave Baltimore, fur Havrn de Uraoe and Inter
mediate stations, at 9 a. ui
At 3.80 a. m. and 10 (0 p. m from Philadelphia to
At 7 from Baltimore to Philadelphia.
1 he 8 80 a. m Iraln Imm Philadelphia to Haiti
mere will run dally, Jonddyi exenied.
a. M. KRLrON,
Jaa3-tf Preeident.
by tbe eplvndld and superior eteam -Jf"k.
of great etrength aad ppeed, but particularly adapted
to the navigation of Long Island Sound.runnlng In
connection with the Kali River and Old Colony
railroad, dlstanco of 68 mites only to Uc.on
Mave Pier No 8. North river, near the Battery.
Ike etsamer F.Mr IKK BTATK, Cap! Brayton,
Mondays, Wednt.Adays,and lrldiiya,nt 4 o'oIook,P,
M. , touching &t Newport eacli uay.
Tbe steamer METROPOLIS, Capt Urown, oa
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and baturdsy,at 4 o'olock,
P. M.,touchlng at Newport eaoh way
1hH steimers are fitted with commodij UU
rooms, and every arrangement for tbe wcuntyand
comfort ol pawengers.who ate afforded by till route
a night's rt ou board, and, ou arrival at Fall river,
Brooeed per steamboat train, reaching Uwton early
te following morning, or may remain on board un
til starting of the accommodation at s A.m., by
which they may reACb Boston about s 46 A. AI.
A baggage master 1 attached to each eieenier, who
receives and ticket the baggage, and accompanies
the same to Its destination.
Astvamar runs, in oonnaotlou with this Una.be
tweeu Fall river and Provldenoe, dally,eneept Bun
days. t night to Boston U furwardrd tbruugli with gieat
dlspateu by au Uxpre lraln,MtiMt mi hll
river every morning. Sunday -.ixoepted, at 7
o-clook.for Boston and New BedloM, arriving at It
dcettratlonataboutllA M
For freight or pSMage. apply ou botira.oraUU
otnoe,on Pier No. 8, North river For state rtorai
and berths, apply on board, or II deal red to ours
thera In advance, to
uk IT tf 70 and 11 Westetnet N V
via 9m
(Sundays F.xoepted,)
At d O'clock, P. v.,
1 he new and magnitlaect steamer CI VY OK BOH
TON, Wm Wilcox commander, from New York
Tuesday, Ihuredayi, and Saturday; and intu
New London Mondays, Wednesdays, and hrl
The newandmagnlflcenibresmerCll VOt NKW
YORK.lhomas U. Jwett,oommander, Irom New
York Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays, Irom
Nsw London Tuesdays, Thursday, aud Satur
days. The two new teats ers have been built xpnMiy
for this route, with all modern improve taunt, in
oludlng Water light Compartment, aud are tti
onlv steamers ever oullt for Long Islaud Hon ad
with this great life preserving improvement.
Conductors accompany tbe steamers aaoli way
Passengers proceed from New London Imtae
dlately on arrival of steamers, by Kxpreu Train to
Boston, Worcester. Iowell, Lawrehoe, Fitchburg
Nanliua.Coooord, toe Whlt Mountains, ao , ao.
Pakngersreturlng Irom Koxton leave tbe Depot
of the Bonton asd Wo reenter railnad at 8 b P M
Worcester 7 P.M., arriving at New Louden use
P. M.
Freight taken at the Lowest Rals, and delivered
in Boston early the next day.
State Rooms In abundance can be had ou board
steamers, or at the Boston or New York office, ic
advance. K. S. MAR1 IN, Agent.
may tf Pier 89, N. R
FuaeD.6r Trnj l..v ma p.vobI. trrtv
uid Look Pook, Irom foot ol Cbuaberi .truei.-SJU
New York, utollowi.vU:
At 1 A. M., KXl'KKSB, forUunklrk, ..1 Bult.Io,
anil prlnoipu lotrm.Jl,t. uutlooj.
At 8 A. ., MAIL, for Dunkirk, ud iuiriuiui
BUUoni. 1 bU Train romtln. over nhiht .t hlntln.
.ad prooMd. tn next morning.
At a A M , UH.K, dill?, for OlUvllle, and inur
mediate fltatione
At 11 A. M , ACCOMMODA1 ION, dall, for furl
JervU, and prineipal atatlone.
At i P. 61., WAY. for Mlddletown, Newtinr.li
and Intermediate Utatlond
At ( r. H , NIQUT KXPKKH3, dally, lor Dan
UrktB.ffalo, Canandalana, and principal tititluna
Tue Train or Saturday .top. at all Mull Train m
tlona, and rune only to Klmira
At 0 r. 11., ACCOMMODATION, for llorntii
,Ule, and prineipal Stations
CUA8. MINOl Uen'lsop'l
HATIIAM1K1, UABSII, KMelvei lot It
Tlie lutaorlbcr respeotfully inform, the public
that lie uae re opan.d the above pleu.nt relr.at for
till, trann. and that hereafter, on every MON DAJ
and TilUUaUAY, at a o'olock p. m , there villi t
a lland of Mualo In attendenc.
A In. Tea pin Alley and Shooting Oallery have
been ereoted for the amuMment of visitors
Glabi and AMOclatlons oan have the us. of the
Oarden by giving notlo. to tbe proprietor. He
pledgee hlmulf that be will im hie beat endeavors
to pleeM all who will honor Mm with tbelr preHnoe.
my li-m EKDST LCBrrLKK.
)k.KNIla 0'10JC, JVH1L , MSI.
-. . TO Alt wiwm 11 Ma r ivnvtxn.
Appllftaiiun having br.n mad. aad.r tbe aot of tW
J..., 1J. for the reiMi.of th. land Warrant, d.
eerlbed herein, wbleh are aUettd to have bM. lout
or dMlroyrd, notlo. U hereby given that, at the date
wT. w.,v v. u.s krih win nima, ii nov.ua OD
tatlon shonld then idm
n,N.?; 6,;,for lo .ores, (aatiutt,) la f.vor of
William Stark, Jit HUH Admire, Eliubeth llu.h,
. ff"J. "!" "here, brothers and mors ol
Allen Stark, deceawd, prlvau of C.puia Trlplrtt'e
ai.ileo.) daud Annl i. i.Mia..t ' i.
No. Mw, for IM acres, tamed nnder the' act ol
m,vu, io, in in.nam.oi uennen iiarrman, and
waerranted JulT.iuA.aart. imq '
.No. ,so,om, tor luo acres, lam.d under tb. act ol
Match, ism, in tbe nam. or William Uraok.lt, and
ws granted DeMmber m, 16 Ang.il a, lsnl
No. 10,219, for loo acres, lamed under the act of
uiwawr, iwv, in in. nam. oi Julian nay, and
was aranud Anrll K). l.S'jA mui.ii.vi '
No.CUJ,ror loo aoree, laaotd nnder tlie act of
""? i., into. nameoi rmmr, wmow or Jeeeoh
Kookwell.and was granted Jane so, llie-Anmftt
'No. (0,141, ror 120 acne, Issued naJVr the act of
hbivii, jaw, in ui. nam. oi i,anra, wiaow oi ira T.
Day, and wu granted February J, lUs August ,
No. 23 U7, lor 110 acre., UueJ under th. act ol
March, lUS.lath. nam. of S.rah,wliloiv of Wanna
Bvmpus, and was grant! October izvis&a August
'No. 1I,U0, for Im acree, li.ued under th. act ol
March, 185V In the turn, or Kllsabrtli I'., widow of
Bjojimln W. llrookhouM. and was grauUd Mfpleni.
hero, lltt Aognitn. 12
No. 198, for ISO aons, Iseusd under the net of
March, 1865, in the nam. or Ucnry Koie, and wa.
granted April 26. 1868 Auguat 0, 1863
No -.11,831, for lto acres, lud ander th. act of
Imaron.lSSt, In th. same of Klliabeth, widow of
John Gardner, and wu granted Ootober 8, lsf6
August B.18CI
No. 41,8)0, for no acres I sued under lli.act ol
March, 1B66. In the name or Mary, widow of (leorge
Wright, and wae granted January 1, 186s August
'No 23,16, for 40 acres, Issued under th. act ol
September, I860, la the name ol Uuy llober, rii,I
waa granted October ai, 1861 August , 188.
No. 88,941, for 40 aoree, Issued under the act ot
September, 1860, In th. name of Content, widow ol
EllasSmltb.lun ,and was granted Jun. w, 1861
Augutto.ltfl. '
No 0169, for 40 Mres, Issued under the aot of
September, I860, In the nam. or Ueorg. Sherman,
and was granted July 30, 1863 August 9 1803.
no 6,11s, ror 160 aons, Issued under the act ol
March, 1866, In th. nam. or Abigail, widow of Levi
Morse, and was granted September 13,1866 auguat
No. 13,833, Tor 80 acres, Issued under tb. act ol
March, 1866, In th. name ot Cynthia, w!4ow or Our.
dlu llatchlns, and wu granted November, w, 1866
Aug. 23, 1884.
No. 18,663, for 160 acres, Issued under th. aot of
March, 1866, In th. name or Tlmotry 1. Jchnson,
and wu granted March T, 1868 Auguitso, 1863.
No 67 766, for 160acrH,(act of 11th February,
1847,) in favor or Edward Martin, of Capt. llrown'e
ounpsny, battalion of Mormon volunteers, In tb.
war wlih Mezloo October 11, 18(3
No 100,740, for 180 acne, is.usd under the act ol
March, 1866, in tb. name of Abigail Joy, former
wiaow of Chriatoplier Grant, and wu granted Mai ch
1,1863 October 11,1809.
No. 80,097, lor loo acna, leaned under the aot of
March, 1866, In the nam. of Amce Barrett, and wu
granted May 10, 1868 October 11, 1863.
No 70,438, ror 160 acree, leaned under the act or
March, 1866, In tb. name'or John ltenjamln Jind wu
granted December 18,1867 October 11,1862.
e T I O .El ,
PROPOSALS from Dealer and Mil n ar in.i
ted till the 12th day of A us tut, .862, for furnishinc
FLOUR to the 8 ubslitenoe Department, of tbe name
kind which has been received by the United Htale
Government, and known a No. t Extra,
Hamplesoftbls Flour can be seen at the Uapltol
Bakery, In thia ctty.
It li deelred to make a contract for 20,000 barrel;
should, however, any person deeire to furnlnh a leu
.entity he will state the precise number of hrrel
In hi bid.
The contractor will be required to furnish at tbe
rateof about 690 barrels dally, until tbe contract U
No Flour wilt be received which does aot come up
au aaiw utetuuiiu i ,iibj uuriruUKUl llwyccuUD, D1IUB
juit before Uh purchase.
1 he Flour to be delivered at the Railroad Depot
u 11 niiuiM wui vr au r vi uia 11 rcuuugc in UCOIKC
town.D. u
Government reserves the rlsht to reject any bid
for any proper earn.
No bids will be received from contractors who
nave previously laiiea to comply wiui lueir con
Bidder must be present In psraon to respond to
kick uiurj
Trie oaih of allegiance must accompany each bid
Firm making bids should stst the names ot all
the parti? interested.
Payments to be made in Treasury uotM, and lb
bid to be directed to " COL A. BKOK WITH . A
D. 0., and O. a. ,U.B A , Washlngton.D C.,"and
endorsed "Proposals for Flour " Jy 9)
wit known and dallahttnl rMort for
those seeklna health and nbuure la now oven for
the reception of visitor The undersigned begs
leave 10 aiaie mai me piace lias oeen renuiit witu
very large and oomfcrtable ootlages, aud newly fur
nished, now bathing houiw, lor ladles and gentle.
turn, .sm (i.sHuiu wumii. .iw iiu ur VXpTDJf
ha tetn spared to make it u&exoeled by any salt
WBiar umittutm iiihw iu ui uu.u oi.n) u lasie
will be supplied with all tho salt water delleao.M,
such as sou and hard shell crabs, flu oysters, Ter
rapins, cheep bead and other fob. flia bar will be
furnished with oholce wlnm, liquors, sogers, Ao
(Jood anstintr. and alwavs plenty ttsblnit. and sail
log boats for the enjoyment of tue gneat, free of
charge.' Attentive andobllglag servant A splen
did ooUllon band ha been engaged to the staton,
and the proprietor begs leave to state tbstnotblng
bubii ur in. Houuut wu uu pRii a giveaausiaciicn
to all who may give blm a osll.
Terms 1 2 per day, 910 per week, SStf per month,
children and servant half price
All visitors are required to furnish tbelr own
bathing clothe. R J. UARH1IALL,
Jyls Proprietor.
H A P 13 .
Btori , le uuUi Fourth street,
Philadelphia, Pa
Order received by
, Corner of Beveutti and D street,
au Ii ly WaAUlagton. I O
Hsventb street, opposite tbe PottOmoe, I tbeohesp
est and best ICaUng place in the oily of Waabington.
Bee the prloe
Roaet Beef, and the best Bread, Butter and Pota
toe, 16 cent
Roast Pork, Bread, Uutteraud Potato, lb ceou
Rout Mutton, Bread, Butter and Petatoe, lt eta
Beef Mteak.Bread, Butter and Potato, 16 U
Ham and Kggi, so cent.
Veal Cutlet. Bread. Butter and Potatoe, 16 ct
Coffee and Rolls. 10 ct
And all other prloe In proportion,
h-very artlole served up In the eeubllobmeut Is of
lb best quality and equal to any hotel n the city
iny ft
PaoTUTsn Nut and Dsfksid Accounts
By G. 'I. HOU8R,
CounelIor at 4uaw,
)D iiUSugiicut..icW ItirSa
lea ytari in tkt 3tii4 and Untitd OtalM Court.
vie gratis
I Ii. hlgbeet prices ald lor
(iOl.l), SII.VKIt AND 01,11 UKMANDNOTrH.
Jy S3 imd
(lamp FumJtun and Tin war., to b. had or
Ho UlUenathatceel
Pallid at the Heamd Uuikm of Ms Thirty-
ttvenlh Oongrm.
troBUO -No. 9D.1
AN AOT changino; tho namn of th. Amnrlf.n
btilll achoonor " Cnrtl Mann " lo that of
Bt U enadnl lu (A. KenaU ami House of Rtn
mintallues of the United Salts of America in
iwttjj tuiernouu, ioat toe oolleclor or toe
ciMtoma or the port of Detroit be and be la
hereby authorized, under the direction of the
Secretary of the Treasury, to laeue a new regis
ter, license, or enrolment to the American built
ecnooner " uurtla Hann," In the name of the
" Supply," the same being owned by ii, N.
Approval, July 1, 1862.
Pijbijo No I0)
AN ACT changing tb. name of the American
built schooner "Tom Dyer" lo that or "Dol
phin." Be U cnacfctl by the Senate and Houie of Rep
reaentattvttof the United Slates of America U
Umgresi utaembted, That the collector of the
customs, of the port of Detroit be and he la
hereby authorized, under the direction of the
Secretary or the Treasury, to laeue a new regis
ter, license, or enrolment, to the American built
schooner "Tom Dyer," in the name of the "Dol
phin," the same belnst owned by II, N. Strong.
Approved, July 1, 1862.
Public-No. 101.
AN AW lo provide for the appointment ol an
Indian Agent In Colored') Territory.
Be it enacted ou the Senate and House ot Km
ruentatim of the fnl(l States of America ir.
KMiigress assemoiea, mat tns rre sident be and
is hereby authorized to appoint, by and with
the advice and consent of the Senate, or dnring
the recess thereof and until the end ol It. n.n
session, after snch appointment, an agent lor
mo uranu juver ana tviatan nanus oi Indians,
m iub a erruorv ot voiorauo. at a saiarv or nt.
teen hundred dollars per annum.
Approved, July 1, 18C2,
Pontic No. 102.
AN AUT for tlie relief of William B. Doddand
Be U enacted btl lAe Senate anil IltHtg of Utn.
mtnla'lves of the United States of America in
uOTrejv auemomt, mat me secretary ol the
Treasury be and he Is hereby directed to pay
uu. oi ine appropriation to complete me road
from Mendota to the big Sioux river, contain
ed In the act approved March third, eighteen
hundred and fllty-Ove, entitled "An act making
appropriations ror the support of tbe army for
tho year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen
hundred and filty-elx, and for other purposes,"
Into the bands of Horace Austin, of Saint Peter,
Minnesota, who Is hereby appointed a corneals
sloner to dispose ol the same, the sum ot three
thousand two hundred and seventy dollars, the
same having been estimated for In said appro
priation, and being: for comnletine a trt of
said road, to be paid out by blm as follows, to
wit: Tbe said commissioner shall give notice to
all persons having claims against William II.
Doud for labor or materials tarnished lu the
construction of said road, by publication In a
newspaper of general circulation in tbe neigh
borhood where said road la situated, for ninety
days, und by posting written or printed notices
in three public places In each county through
which said road passes, to present and prove
mrir cinnns wuoin me ninety uays atoresaia ;
and all such claims, so presented and proved
within the time limited, he shall pay to the
parties respectively, and the residue, after tbe
liquidation of such claims, and tbe payment of
tbe expenses of this commission, he shall pay lo
tbe said Wm. B. Dodd.
Approved, July 1, 18C2.
PtiBUo-Nn. 103
AN ACT to Incorporate tbe Guardian Society
aud retorni juvenile offenders In tbe District
of Columbia.
Be if enactnl lij the Senate und House of Ken.
resentatives ot Vie United States of America in
Lonqress assembled, That Amos Kendall, John
M. Urodhead, Zonas U, KobbIns,Saylee J.Uow
en, Nebemiah I). Northrup, Benjamin B. French,
Joseph Bryan, Peter M lllglnbotham, Thomas
0. Jrnner, David W. Heath, James R. Burr,
Hattnew naite, samuei a. u. aicivlm, John It.
Nonrse, aud Steven Prentiss, and their associ
ates und successors, being members of said so
ciety, by paying tutu its treasury tbe sum of
two dollars annually, or life members, by pay
ing fifty dollars at one time, or ten dollars an
nually, lor six years, are Hereby Incorporated
and made a body polltlo by the name of the
"Uiiaruiuu oucieiy," lor tne purpose ot encour
aging aud aiding linpartlullv such of the noor.
the ignoruut, and tbe vicious, as can be Induced
to make such effort, ba they ought for Ihe im
provement of their ooudilloo, aud by that uame
simii uave perpetual succession, wun the pow
er to use a common seal, to sue and be sued.
to plead und to bu Impleaded, lu any court of
tue united Mutes, lo collect subscriptions,
putke by-laws aud rules needful lor toe gov
ernment of said raid corporation not repugnant
Ui tbe laws it tlie United Sluten ; may have,
hold, aud receive real aud persoual estate, by
purchase, Rtfl, or devise: tnav use. sell, or con
vey the same for tho purposes and benefit of
saiu corporation; may cnoote nicn officers and
teachers as they may deem necessary; prescribe
their duties, and fix ttiilr compensation.
See. 2. Awl be it further enacted. That they
may, at their discretion, receive into u house ol
industry provided by said auclety, any minors,
under the age of eigbteeu years, who shall be
convicted ot uuy crime, olleuce, or mlsde
meauor, other thau such as are capital or pun
ishable by Imprisonment for life; and such per
sons bal be committed by the court or magis
trate before whom the conviction shall be had,
to said bouse ol Industry, with an alternate
sentence to the jail or penlteutlary of tbe Dl
trict of Columbia, II the trustee decline to re
celve or keep them, and to the commitments
shall be anuev.ed the names and residences of
Ihe witnesses examined and the eubstauce ol
the evidence given.
Sec. a. And be it fmtlur enacted, Tliut the
court may, with the consent ot accused persons,
or their parents or guardians, In writing, ar
rest proceedings at any time, and commit them
to the bouse of industry.
Sec. i. And be it further enacted, That the
trustees may reoelve any children at tbe request
of tbe parents or guardians, or next friend, or
the mother, If the lather be dead, or baa aban
doned bis family, or does not provide tor their
support, or Is an habitual drunkard; such pa
rents, guardians, or next Iriend, or mother,
asking a written surrender of such children.
Sec, ' Ant be li further enacted. That tho
liueteea shall not be required to receive any
ofTeodeis known to be extremely vicious, nor
to keep any who may prove lucorrlglhle, or
wbOKtt continuance inuy be deemed lojurlous;
and those whom any two of the trustees or the
siipi tntendenl, if duly authorized by the board,
sliull iilu'o to receive or keep shall bedls
putted of aucoiding lo their alternate sentences,
Hec. C. And be it further eiiadtJ, That per
sons committed as witnesses, aud those under
the age ol eighteen years committed for trial.
shall be placed iu the huuso of Industry In-
stead ol tnejaii or penitentiary, unless they are
so vicious that placing thein tn It should be
deemed Injurious.
Sec. 7. And bt it further enacted, That no com
raltmeut shall be for a shorter term than until
the offender Is reformed or twenty one years of
agn, except sucn aa may ne commute ror trial
or.as witnesses; but any of them who may bt
deemed to be tbaatuiahlv reform.,! m. h. dbv
charged during good behavior, on the order of
ine Doaru oi .trustees, duly entered upon their
Sec. 8. And be It further enacted. That the
superintendent may, with the concurrence of
toe uoaru oi trustees, govern tbe inmates, pre
serve order, enforce dlsolpline, Impart instiuo
lion In the veneration and lore of God, In mo
rality, useful knowledge, and some regular
coirs of labor, and establish rule lor the
preservation of health and their proper physi
cal, Intellectnal, and moral training, until they
atei reformed and discharged, or twenty-one
years of age, or remanded as Incorrigible. Ths
trustees may bind out, with their consent, by
Indenture, any one who nay appear to be suf
flclenllv reformed, where they will have the
benefit of good examnle. wholesome Instruc
tion, and other means of Improvement In virtue
and knowledge, and the opportunity of becom
ing Intelligent, moral, and useful members of
society. They may appoint a committee of
nun or more oi tneir own number to execute
and deliver Indentures, which shall be filed
and kept In the office of the house of Industry.
The superintendent mav let out Inmate, in hire
uunug ine oay-time to employers wnose work
Is not too distant from the house or lniln.tr.
for him to have tbe general Inspection of their
conduct and the treatment they receive.
rJec. 9. And be U further cnacUd,Tb&t If any
apprentices prove untrustworthy and unrelorm
ed, the trustees may, at their discretion, permit
uiir reiurn, auu oraer tue inaentures cancel
led. Fugitives from the bouse of Industry, or
from apprenticeship, may be arrested and re
turned to the house of lnduttrv bv a sheriff.
constable, police officer, or an officer of the
bouse of industry, on the written order of any
two ii ion trustees or toe superintendent.
Sec. 10. And be it further enacted. That nar.
sons under the age of eighteen vesrs shall be
entitled lo a private examination and trial, If
tuey request it in writing, at wnicu only the
parties snail be admitted, their parents, guard
lans, or other legal representatives.
Sec. 11. And be it further enacted. That tbe
expenses ol maintenance ol the Inmates com
mitted for offences against the people, or for
trial, or as witnesses, shall be paid by the
county, and those of persona committed by pa
rents, guardians, or next friends, shall be paid
by the persons committing them, unless the
trustees shall otherwise determloe. The rates
of expenses shall be fixed by the board of
Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That tbe
grounds, and toe buildings thereon, for the use
of said society, shall be exempt from taxation.
Approved, j uiy i, ir?.
Pvbuc-No. 104.
AN ACT to punish and prevent the practice ot
polygamy In the Territories of the United
States and other places, and disapproving
and annulling certain acts of the Legislative
ABwmoiy oi we territory ot uian.
sentalives of the Unitol Stales of America tn
Congress assembled, That every person having
a husband or wife living, who shall marry any
other person, whether married or single. In a
Territory of the United States, or other place
over which the United States have eielnalv.
jurisdiction, shall, except In the cases specified
In tbe proviso to this section, be adjudged
giuny oi uigamy, auu upon conviction tnereoi,
shall be punished by a fine not exceeding five
hundred dollars, and by Imprisonment for u
term not exceeding live years: JYouiderl, netw
Unless, That this section shall not extend to
any person by reison of any former martlage
wboiM husband or wife by such marriage shall
have been absent for five successive years with
out being known to such person within that
time to be living; nor to any person by reason
of any former marriage which shall have been
dissolved by the decree of a competent court;
uur au uuy penuu uy reason oi any lormer mar
riage which shall have been annulled or pro
nounced void by the sentence or decree of a
competent court on the ground of the nullity of
Ihe marriage oontract.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted. That the fol
lowing ordinance ol the provisional government
of the State of Deseret, so called, namely: "An
ordinance incorporating the Church of Jesus
Christ ol Latter Day Saints," passed February
eight.lu the yearelghteen hundred aud fifty-one,
and adopted, re enacted, and made valid by the
Governor and Legislative Assembly of the Ter
ritory of Utah by au act passed January nlne-
Ittlon and revision of the laws und resolutions!
In foroe In Utah Territory, their publication
and distribution," and all other acts and parts
of acta heretofore passed by tbe said Legislative
Assembly of the Territory of Utah, which es
tablish, support, maintain, shield, or counte
nance polygamy, trn and Ine same hereby are
disapproved and annulled: ProttViVif, That this
act shall be so limited and construed as not to
affect or Interfere nllh the right of property
legally acquired under the ordinance heretofore
mentioned, nor with the right "to worship God
accordiog to the dictates of conscience,1' but
only to annul all acts and laws which establish,
maintain, protect, or countenance tbe practice
of polygamy, evasively called pplriluul mar
rlage, however disguised by legal or eecleslas
tlcal solemnities, sacraments, ceremonies, con
secratioos, or other contrlvanoes.
Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, 1 hat It shall
not be lawful for any corporation or associa
tion for religious or charitable purposes to ac
quire or bold real relate In any Territory of
the Uolied States, during tbe existence of Ihe
territorial government, of a greater value than
fifty thousand dollars ; and all real estate ac
qulrell cr held by any suoh corporation or
association contrary to tbe provisions ot this
act, shall be forfeited and escheat to tbe United
States: i'l-oWJeJ, That existing vesled lights
In real estate shall not be Impaired by the pro
visions of (his section.
Approved, July 1, 1S62
Public-No. 105.
AN ACT to provide lor additional medical
orllcers of tbe volunteer service.
Be U enacted bu the Senate and House of lieo
resentativei of the Unitnl States of Amrrlsa It
Omqresi assembled. That there shall be ap
pointed by the President, by and with the ad
tlce and consent of tbe Senate, forty surgeons
and oue hundred aud twenty assistant surgeons
of volunteers, who shall have tho rank, pay,
and emoluments ol officers ot corresponding
grades In the regular army: l'rovultd, That no
one shall be appointed to any position under this
act unless he shall previously bavo been exam
ined by n board of medical officers to be ap
pointed by the Secretary of War, and that va
cancies la the grade of surgeon shall be filled
by selection from tbe grade of assistant euroeon
ou the ground of merit onlv: .incl nroufjwl
further. That this act shall contluue In force
only during Ihe existence ot the present rebel
Sec. 2. lint be if tuither enact!. That hum
and after the passage of this act brigade sur
geons shall be known and designated as sur
geons ol voluntetrs. and shall be attached to
the general medical stair under the direction of
lh0... 1 ,. ., L . .. L
wa duiuu uouer.i, auu uercuuer sucu ap
pointments for tbe medical service of the army
shall be appointed surgeons of volunteers.
oec. J. am oe Hjunncr enactea, mat insieau
of "one assistant surgeon," as provided by the
second section of the act of July 22, 1861, eaoh
regiment of volunteers In the service of the
United States shall bare two assistant sur
geons. Approved, July 2, 1SC2.
, , ,
ficaoioH OiNiaiL's Ornci,
Cljoular No. 1,Mh""!,'"' r. r . Ml.
.iie,Hm,untS1? port,f Sf ,,( 'l wounded
th following details will be bristly mentioned
(n accompanying remarks:
L scaoiar.
JVacurra. Tbe date of recaption, the sltua
tlon, onaract., direction, treatment and result
In all casts.
Gunshot H'ounds. The date of reoepllon.tha
situation, dlrectlun and character; the foreign
matters extracted (if any); and the result In
all casts.
mDUtaiionj. The ti.rlod .ntt .,,. nt it,
injury; th character of th operation; th
time, place and result.
Bisections All operations for, with a state,
msot or th Injury demanding tbsm; the date
yf Injury, th data of operation; tb Joint or
boo operated upon, and th result.
JVveYS. Their oharact.r and itmntMni.
outline of th plana of treatment found most
efficient, with remarks on tbe location and sani
tary condition or oamps, or quarters, during
tbe pr.ral.nce or these disorders,
Dtarrhcea and Dysentery Grade and treat
metit, with remarta on tbe character ci lb.
ration and tbe mode or cooking.
Scorbutic Diseases, Character and symp
toms, with observations on causation, and a
statement of tb means employed to procure
Beepiratoni Diseases, Symptoms, severity
and treatment, with remarks on th sh!trlng
of tb troops, and tb atmosphsrlo conditions.
Nlmllar remarks on other preventive dis
eases. Important oases of every kind should b re
ported In full. Where post-mortem .lamina
tions bavo been made, aooountfl of the patho
logical results should be carefully prepared.
As It la proposed to establish, In Waabington,
an .Army Medical Museum, medical officers are
directed diligently to colleot, and to forward to
tb office ol tbe surgeon general, allspeolmsna
of morbid anatomy, surgical or medical, which
may be regarded as valuable; together with
projectiles and rorelgn bodies removed, and
such other mattera as may prove of Interest
In the study of military medicine or surgery.
Thase objeots should be accompanied by
short explanatory notes.
Each specimen In the oollectlon will have
appended tbe name of tbe roedloal offloer by
wnotn It waa prepared.
, ,, Surgeon Oeneral.
liOTX. Medical dlreotor. will furnish nn.
copy of this circular to every medical officer
In the department In which they are servlnc;
and they will hereafter forward to this offlcs
with their consolidated monthly reports, all tbe
monthly reports of the medical officers under
their supervision. They will also Immediately
transmit all back monthly renort.. and n.n.M
of every kind relating to the above subjects or
medicine and surgery, which may have accu
mulated In tbelr respective offices since tbe
commencement of the rebellion.
BttaaioN Qraui'i Orricr,
, Washington, D. C, July II, 1862.
Clroular No. 7.
In order to give greater utility to the acts or
Hiss D. L. Dix as "Superintendent of Women
Nurses" In general hospitals, and tn make the
employment of suoh nurses conform more
closely tn existing laws and rdrs of tb War
Department, the following aonouncsmsnt Is
mads for tbe Information and guidance of
medloal officers and or all conoerned:
Miss Dix baa been entrusted by the War De
partment with the duty of selecting women
nurses and assigning them to general or per
manent military hospitals. Women nursss are
not to be employed In suoh hospitals without
ber sanction and approval, except In cases or
urgent need.
Women nurses wilt be under th. nnnlrnl H
direct on or tbe medical officer In charge or
the hospital to which they are assigned, and
may be discharged by him It incompetent, In
subordinate, or otherwise unlit for their voca
Hiss Dix Is charged with the diligent over
sight of women nurses, and with tbe duty or
ascertaining by personal Inspection whether or
nut they are properly performing their duties.
Medloal officers rre enjoined to receive her
suggestions and counsels with respect, and to
carry them Into effe. t If compatible with the
uuapiuu serviue.
Aa It will be lmnoaslbla for Mia. Dl. to ,n
pervlse In person all the military hospitals, she
Is authorized to delegate her authority, as
herein defined, to subordinate agents, not to
exceed one tor eaoh city or military district.
tiuui.u mauiug employment aa nurses must
apply to Mias Dix, or to ber authorized agents.
The army regulations allow one nurse to
very ten patients (beds) In a general hospital.
As It Is the expressed will of the Government
that a portion of those nurses shall bs women,
anu as Longress nas given tn tbe Burgeon (Ion
aral Alltliiiritv In ,tani,lu In nrliut nitmha.i un.
men shall be substituted for men, It Is ordered
tuat there shall ne one woman uurse tn two
men nurses. Medical officers aro hereby re
u.din.i nein.r. .-,,, ,ih,, m. n.,...., -,n
M.dloal Oftlcara r.nillrlnir wnm.n niiFSAd wilt
apply to Miss DIi, or to her authorized agent,
for the place where tbelr hospitals r. located.
Bisters ot Charity will be employed, as at
present, under special Instructions from this
Wu. A. H.uuoNn, Burgeon General.
Waa DcraaruiNT,
ADJtTtNT OiNiaat.'s Ornci,
Waabington, July It, 186,
Oeneral Orders, No. 73.
I. The many evils whloh arise from giving
furloughs to enlisted men, require that tbe
pr.iotlce ahall be dlsocntinued. Hospitals, pro
vldod with ample medical attendance, nurses,
food, and clothing, are established bv the Onr.
eminent, at great expense, not only near the
sceuos of active military operations, but In
many of the Northern States, When Ills ex
pedient and advlaable, sick and wounded pa
tlenta may, under tbe direction ot tbe Surgeon
Oeneral, be transferred tn parties, but not lu In
dividual cases, to hospitals at tbe North; and,
as far aa practicable, tbe men will be sent to
Btates In which tbelr regiments wore raised,
provided United Btates hospitals have bson es
tabllsbed there. Such regulations will be adnp.
ted at all tlie hospitals as will permit relatives
and friend, to visit th. pntUntw. and rurntalt
them with oomforts, at Buob hours and In such
mannor as will not Interfere with tbe discipline
of the bospltals and the welfare of the mass of
patients. The rren will thus be under the fos
tering oare of the Ooverument while unfit for
duty; will be In position to be promptly dis
charged if proper, and, being always under
military contrel, will be returned to their regi
ments as soon as they are able to resume their
duties. The unauthorized removal of soldiers
from under the control of the United Btates au.
thorltles, by any agents whatever, subjeots
them to loss ot pay aud other penalties or do
se rtton.
II. At large camps, depots, or posts, where
absentees arrive en roufe to tbelr companies,
the commanding officers will Immediately est
apart apartloularplace where Ihe men may be
Quartered. In bulldlnira. tents, or huts, as soon
as they arrive, and may, without delay, reoelve
rood and clothing. Parties will be detailed to
await at landing places tbe arrival of suoh sol
dlers, and to direct them to their quarters.
iney will do assigned immediately to tempo
rary oompanles, oomposed as far as possible of
men from tbe same regiments or brigades; and
eaoh t f these oompanles will be forwarded in a
body to the command to whloh they belong, ao
cording to tbe directions contained in para
graph I of "General Orders," No. 72.
111. Chaplains appointed by the President for
hospitals, will be aaslgnod by the Burgeon Usn
era! to bospltals In the cities for which they
v,ere appointed. .Should tbe breaking up ot a
hospital leave a chaplain supernumerary lu au)
city, tho fact will be immediately reported to
ihn Ailluiant General. CbaDlalns vlll be sub.
ordloato to tbe hospital surgeons. Leaves ol
absence will be granteu,them by the Burgeon
General uhon approved by the surgeons In
obarge ortnetr hospitals.
By order of the Becretary of War:
L, Tiioxas, Adjutant Central.
Dcmil Convention The anuual conven
tion of American DeutUu will sit this year at
Trenton Falls, on Tuesday, August Stb, at 10
o'clock a. m., and will continue in session sev
eral days.

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