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jtetijmal Ijltytth'ttraii. ' :-
NO. 5208
Ap$lttfm having been made nailer tht Mt of fie
J tint, 1800, fbr the relsne of the land fimali di
settbed hmlatwhloh we alleged to have bwu lo
or destroyed, notice le liereby (hen Mitt, nt the daU
following the description of each warrant, sen
OAtUnete of like tenor will t issued, If no valid ob
lection should then appear.
No. ea.o-i-j.for leo acres, (at)18l7.) la favor of
William Mark, Matilda Admlro, Klixabetli Bash.
1 n ton Stark, and others , brothers and sisters of
Allan Hi ark. deceased, private of Captain TrlpIeU'e
enmpany, Ylrst Kentiekr volunteers, (war with
dicKigu,! uaivu Apru J iwuaii a, ini.
1 1W)
I of
Mach, 1885. la the name of William llraokett. ud
wm granted December 39, 1806 August 3, 1891
No. 1,310, for 100 aeree, leraea under the net of
September IMO, In the nam of JoUan Mar. and ,
wan granted April so, 1812 Aagnst 3, 1893.
No. 3183, for 160 acres, lsn.d under the act of
March, ) 815, in the name of fetter, widow of Joseph
H. ekwell. and .wa granted June Vfl. 1864-Aujtnrt
2,l8fll -
No.fiOA41ferl30 aes, Issued under the Mt of
March, lsss, In the name of Laurn widow ol Ira T.
Day, fend was granted February 3, 18M Aoguit ,
No.'3 347, loriSOncrtf, luned under the Mt of
March, 18(6, In the name of Sarah, widow of Warren
llumpus, and was granted October 2, 1845 August
No 14,330, for 120 acree, lotted under the net ol
March, 18 In the nam of Elisabeth 1'., widow of
Uiujamln W. lJrookhonae aud waa granted Septem
ber e, lS56-AugUkt0, iS62.
No 128. for 130 acrei, laiued under the aot of
March, 155, In the name or Henry Uopes, and was
granted April 25. 1W August 0, 1583
No. vl.3t, for 110 aens, 4ud under the act of
March, 18a, In the name of Elizabeth, widow of
Jottnaardnet,and u granted October I, 1855
A"gust, IBC3.
No. 41,870, for 130 acrea 1 aucd under ttie net ot
March, 1855. In the name of Mary, widow of tiearge
14 risht, and waa granted January 1, 1816 Auguit
No. 23,075, for 40 aores, taued under the net of
September, 'M0, la the name of oy Ilober, and
wm granted October 31, 18U Ana oat 0, 1801
No. 88,0x0, for 40 acrea, Netted under the act of
S- ptember, i80, la the name ot Content, widow of
KlHMttmlth.Jun , and waa granted Jnne 24, 16ft t
AUgaatO, 1H1.
No. 01 ,369. for 40 acrea. Issued under the act of
September, 18&3, In the name of George Aherman,
and waa Kranted July 20, 185A Auguit B 1503.
io 0,113, for 160 aorta, leaned under the act of
March, 1655, In the name of Abigail, widow of Levi
Mo ie, and waa granted September 12,1856 Auguit
9, 18:2.
No 12533, for 80 acrea, lued under the aot of
March, 1855, la the name of Cynthia, widow of Gun
n. i llttchtne, nad wae granted November, 20,1855
Awt 23, I8iu
No. 7803, for 100 aorei,lwued under the aot ol
3KrcU,18:5,lnthe name of Timotry P. JcbnMm,
and wm framed March 7, 1858 Augu tso, 1863.
No 67 7C6.Ior 100acre,(act of 11th February,
1847.) In favor of Edward Martin, of Capt. Brownie
company, battalion or Mormon volunteers, la the
war wl h Mexico October 31, 18C3
No 100,740, for 160 acrei, ltod under the aotol
March, 1855, in the name of Abigail Joy, former
wl owof CbrUtopherUrant.aadwMgrantedMajcb
4, 1862 October 11,1863.
No, 80,0 J7, foriw acrei, iHned under the act of
March, inw, in the name or Amca Uarrett, and wu
tfranted Mav 10. 1858 October II. 1667.
No 70,431, fjr 160 acre,! sued under the act of
.uarcu, inoi),in mc name oi aioun iienjaminJinawai
grant d December 18, 18 7 October 11, 1863.
tOetEru II HA4ia,ri
J WAfliitaaTox, D. C, Joly 33. 1882.
SEALED PROL'USALS will be reoelvedat this
office until August 4th, 1862, at 12 o'clock m., for
Jumlshlng and delivering the following articles, the
comlog year, at the United State TenltenUary,
Washington, D. O , viz:
2,ooo lbs. of the best quality of oak tanned, slaugh
ter Bole Leather, weight from 10 to 34 lbs,
Der lid?.
1,000 ft ol oak tanned Wax Leather, fromilaughtfr
qualhy will be required for a sample.
2,000 lbs of Broom G.ro, medium size, a quality
that will work itself, and mike a good
qutllty of brooms.
0,003 No 1 ba Uroom llandlea
&01 lbs. Tin Wire, liest uuallty.
203 " llroom Tmnc, bt quality, susrttd colors,
1 he above quantity to be delivered monthly.
l,Mxtj.l4 cr striped Cloih, striped to be of light
tlrab aud blue Mack color, about 8 Inches
vriic, con n warp ana woollen niung.
500 yds ol 1 filter Cloth, unc stripe, for shirts,
loon of cotton twtlied hhlrtluir. vd. wide.
Itio above cloth to be a heavy, fervlceable
40bbln. Hour
40 bush roUtot'B
L " small uhlto lleaiis
fiMiibn CodMith
&oo hhouldoifi
aim " Sugar
150 " Cotrec
ioo Soap
43 gait. Vloegur
40 ' Blolatnei
4uo lbs. Klce
15 M Pepper.
The above groceries to be larnuthed the 1st
of each month
150 lbs of fresh Beef, without bone, per day, for
four days In each week
150 lbs, of corned Beef, without bone, ono day In
a wi ck.
100 tons white aih egg Coil, to be delivered In the
month of Senteinber
Samples of Moluneftmtist not be If bi than )i gal.,
Ulce, loap, ctffee and sugar mutt be 6 lbs. sam
All the above articles will vary Inquantlty, as the
consumption of tbo 1'cnlrenUary may require
All bills will be paid In 3 mo so days from the
time of the delivery of ttm goodi, If famished ao
uordltrg to agreement; If not, all moneys which may
Iv due will be torfeliol.
froponalit will be addrewe t to" II I. King. War-
neii, w unniuaiua, f. ," anu cpaomu a ropu'
Mate" II. I. KINO,
jy23 taugt Warden.
JJ O W I ojj?.
PKOfOSAI) from Dcalen and Mil era are luvl
THillt hu il h dyof Augnat, 1862, for furnlshtnc
VLOUR to the SubUtenc Department, of the same
kind which lus been recelrtd byiheUolted Slate
(luve EDient, an-l known as No. I Extra
Saroplcsofthls tl?ur can bs setn at the Capitol
Uakery. In thin city.
It I- desired to make a oon'ract for 20,000 barrels;
should however, any pencn desire to furnish a lea
Muantii he will state the precise number of barrels
In his bid
Ine contractor will be required to furnish at the
rate ofa&out 5c0 barrels dally, until the ooo tract 1
No Vlour will bo received which does not come up
to the rtacdtrd at the Government Inspection, made
Jut before tba put chase.
The Flour to be d-livered at the llallroad Depot
in watningion,oranyoiine u arenouies in ueorgi
tinm.D U
llovernment reserves the rUht to reject any bid
lor any proper cause.
No bid will be received from contractors who
have previously laiiei to comply with their con
11 dders must be preient in person to respond to
nieir diub
Tho oa h ol allealanoe must accomDanv each bid
Firm making bids should state the names ot all
the paitkslnteresttd
j aymcuin 10 am nwia in nimnuij hwwi nu iu
bids to be directed to "COL A. BKCKWITH A.
D. 0., and O. S., U. S. A . Washington, D. O. ;" and
endonitd "Proposals lor Flour." if 3)
pt. 9, itom.
FKB. tf, 1(K4.
KABfllPBti rfWDir Daiiuraw
The shortant, qatokeet, and best rout from Befu.
On and altr Samtav. Vh a unri'..u.,.
Trains will arrive ud depart from Culvert MatTon
IVU..I i
'. IHA.H
BiSklo KxprtM , ,jo V. M
F.tktoo AooomodatloB l.oo 1. M
PKHl)rf mi HutUbsrf Expmi 130 r M
Pwkton AMommodUM,tt I.M A.X.
BaffftloEzpr ,. LI0A.il.
Plttitnux nd nurlibug Kijnm 1M P.M.
Wall (.tor. M.
Th A. If. Trala ttom Wwhtecloa HnWi wttb
ud for Bilklo. Bbsln, KMbMMr.Pukbk, Oun!
Jticu, uil HUfu ttlii, u for K,w Tork
The 11 A. It. Train from Washlagtou oooneots wttu
ie S.M P. M. Train fron HiltJBMMU WMt.TfMh
and Northwest, and Elmzrm and Buffalo tad Ko
The 4.00 r. M. Train trout Washington oonnaets
with the MO P. M. Train from BaJtSbre for Pitta
burr, Hamsbirg, tad the West, aa it a dlreet eoa-
neotten tor Lebanon. Easton Allentown, and New
Tort.vla Otntrul KallroadofHew Jersey.
Trr this roata to Naw Yarh '
, jKst Tha ool Train leavini italttmora oa Sunday
toWtiJO P. M. Train, for llarrtsburg, Plttilmrf,
Ctdeaco ud the West
fcb; J. a. DoBABBT.gupn.
The Poiomae Steamboat Company
WILL dispatch a boat from the foot of Seventh
utrtet, Washington, every morning, (Sundays
excepted,) at six o'clock, for Acqula Creek, stepping
at Marbury'a Landing. Returning, will loavs Ao
quia Creek every day, (Sundays excepted,) at U
o'clock p. m.
In connection, a freight boat will run every day
For freight and paauge,apply on board the boats.
On Saturdays, th boat leaving at six o'clock In
the morning will extend her trip to Plney Point,
and principal Intermediate landings Returning,
leave Plney Point at eight o'clock on Sunday
Fare to Acqula Creek, $2. itound trip, S3
Fart to Plney Point, 33.
For freight, or paasage,apply to freight agents oa
the wharves.
Wash! gton, Jane 14, ls3.
J WAHIOT0rT, July 22, 182.
aot of.Coogreat, approved Julj-11, 186., the price of
gas la wasninftou u nzsa at twenty eight (21) onta
vms uuuurcu vviw tvw w tu uviciBUiat, BDU UIV
ty (soj cents to all other consumers, (Isstead orthir
ty five (85) cents aa heretofore,) subject to a prompt
payment "discount of tea 1 10) per . entum on all bill!
lor gas, If paid at the ce of Vu company wirkim Jlw
o) amn irvu vu irnuiuun lavrroi, pruviuea au ar
rears shall have been jtrevfouify ptd'
Ileraafur (excpt In oaaea ol bills rendered mnlv)
art bills for gas will be rendered asontJUy, nod on the
trslday Of the month; and the diMxurti lllundraa
circiiWJ!crt, b allowed on any bill after live o'clock
p. m , on the fifth day Irom Its presfntaUoa, and
then only upon payment made at (Ae tflc of the com
panv, 514 Kleventh street, alt wnart having been
DrevlOTulv cald. It will thud be Men taut In order
in save the dtjeoynf. montXbt bills mastba nald OVwn
L--1-1-. u '.i.. .i.a i. : .t:l ;.v' "
rv u(w ji. m , vh uio iixia uaj o wmou mouia.
i ne no ai congress uiacea 'ail nut tor gat" (in
ame tooting as to dtrewu, and the Company must
tneuy aanera a inie requresnani.
By orde. of the Board of Directors.
ly 21 eo'i Secretary in Charge.
Harness Manufactory,
4u ueventli btreet,
orrotm odd tbllows' hall,
I BunafMtar of tb, boit m,trbl, and htr, oon.
lUntly on htni, a luga and varied awortment of
Military and Cltluai' Saddlra,
Brtut CoUan,
Kelt Baddl, Clotlu,
Patent Feed and Water Bucket!,
Offlcera' HarerMeki,
Offlaen' Vine Uword Ileltf,
Bell Trlnuntnae, and
Field Olau Cim
Bol, Leather,
Iron Frame,
Drew, aod
Wcod Box Trunk.
Trawling Bag,,
llarneai, &0.
Ai I maaufaotare Trvnkj exteuiifely, and neeei.
aarilf have all klndt of Trunk Material, I am Utter
prepared to repair Trnnki, fco , thoroughlr and
promptly, than any other eatablkhment In th, city.
S A. V 13 S .
Store, 10 south Fourth street,
Philadelphia, Pa
Orders reoclved by
Comer of Ueventh and D streets,
an IT I i WBrihJniiUin t .
rpHK HT. LOCIM, Chestnut Street,
J HetwLun Third and Fourth, Philadelphia.
t he undersigned luviug ((.aned for a terra ol years
thli popular houMe, hive the pleasure of announcing
to their frltnds and the travelling community that it
i now open for tho reception of guests The house,
j nee the Drat of March list, has teen entirely renc
viUcd and rt lit ted in superior mannor t the upart
UfU am large, well vootllated, and furnlshfd la
modi rn tyle It Is centrally located, oonvenlent to
nil th iltpots and steamboat landings, and In the
immudlatb violnlty of the Costom House, Post Office
ni.ft h Corn Kxchaoge
t'onimotnl Kith tho lloUl U a Ueetaurant for the
accommodation of thodo prelerrlng the European
ptan. iVM ot liooras irom lhrve to Seven dollars
nt wcia.nvvviuiuK w ivrtiivm
wuutu 91 uu jvr uaj, huh u uuw tuj unrouuu
and business men from I to 3 n m
my 6 cm
DiALaae ih
AND kxcuanoi;
'1 he htgbeet prlcee paid lor
Jy S8 lml
MARBUAI.l. ADAU8.No 311 Klghth Itreet.
between L and 11 etrceu. take great pleuure to call
the attention ol bin friend, and the pubUo la general
to hi. lee Cicem, Confeotion'ry, aod Hatlog Saloon,
No JU Elglith .treel, between L and M ifreeu.
aiuo m auenuaPH. .very mum. jeTlm
On and after Monday. July Slit, the steamer lit: Y.
rOKT will leave her whari loot ot Seventh atnet,
at ao'clook a in, for fula Creek, .topping at
Alexanorla, apd all Intennedltt, landing. He
tarntag, will leave Aqula Cretk at 4 p. m , arrlr.
Ing at waihlngtou itl);p m For freight or pa
age, apply on board, or on the wharf, ol
WM B SNOW, Agent.
OTICK TO H.XCu7tNIONl TS l'artlel
wUini to ob.tt.rtbe KEYl'UKl' lur Moon
light hxcuntona, will apply onboard, or of th.
Agent, at the loot of Seventh .treet, between the
hour, of On m. and a n. m. We are prepared to
rnMhhed ut tonloratity with the reMlaUun of th,
Senate of Jaly le, 1M1.
At Oenerat llatpital. Judiciary Sjuan, July 18.
th U. 8. Infantry t
1ZID UO UU, ...(. A
llth dO do S
ltth do do 1
l.thdo do 1
4th do Car 1
flih do do 1
tth do Arlillarv.. 2
Id Main. Volantem.. 1
set do oa l
tth do do 1
nth do do 1
llth do do 3
let do Car 4
3d do Bat 3
Id do do 1
eth Termonl Vol 4
let Hue. VUnnteen.. l
td do do 1
Tth do do. 1
otn ao do 4
loth do de l
llth do do t
12th do do 1
isth do do 4
llth do do 1
1Mb do do i
20th do do 1
Md do do 3
ltth do do 1
lttuhodeiausdcar.. I
Ath dd Bat.. 1
otb New York Militia., l
I4'h do do,... 4
toth do do.... 1
lit New York vol.... 1
th do do 3
loth do do 3
ltth do do
19th do do 1
31st do do a
31d do do 1
28d do do 3
nth do do. 1
sotli do Vol 3
Sl.t do do 4
331 do do 9
Ud do do 3
nth do do a
sth do do 4
31th do do a
3Sth do do 1
lath do do 1
eoth do do 9
41.t do do 1
42d do do 1
4ith do do 1
49th do do 4
&4th do do 3
Uth do do 3
16th do do 8
Md do do 1
04th do do 8
tlth do do 4
08th do do 1
09th do do &
70th do do 3
Tltt do do 1
Ttth do do 3
Tlth do do 1
9lh d. do 1
tit do do 3
Uth d do 3
911 do do.. .. 3
!Ud do do I
oath do do 3
90th do do 3
98th do do 3
lOCt'i do do 1
104th do do 3
106th do do 3
107th do do 3
let New York Car.... 4
3d New York Cavalry. 1
9tb do do.... a
JdN.Y.Battery l
8th do do.... I
IrtN.Y. Artillery.. .. t
lit New Jeney Vol... 1
tth do do... 4
Tth do do,.. 1
th do do. , 1
let do Civ., t
83d Pena. Volunteer, T
tlth do do 1
tsth do do
lit do do 1
Ud do do 1
ttth do do t
tlth do 'do 3
let do do 4
o.d do do t
3d do do 3
80th do do 1
71it do do 1
TSd do do 1
T3d do do 4
Ttth do do
84th do do 1
uth do do 1
eoth do do
93d do do 3
uth do do 1
oath do do I
loiit do do 9
load do do 4
103d do do 3
lotto do do 1
lotto do do 3
110th do do l
111 do Beeem 4
4th do do.... 1
Mh do do.... 3
th do do,... 3
Tth do do... 1
8th do do.... 1
tth do do.... 3
loth do do.... 3
llth do do.... 1
llth do do ... 3
lit do Bine,., a
l.t do Caralry 8
4th do do.... l
lit do Artillery. 1
4'hOhlo Volunteer,.. 1
tth do do 1
Tth do do 9
ttt do do 1
00th do do 1
s?tn do do l
Tth Indiana Volt 1
13th do do 1
lath do do T
3d do do 1
3d do Cavalry.. 3
ad Wiicoulu Vol 4
6th do do 10
Tth do do 13
lit Michigan Vol 1
3d do At 6
3d do do 11
4ih do do 1
tth do do 11
Tth do do 1
ltth do do 1
Tth Virginia Vol 3
2d D.O. Volunteer... t
tit U. 8. Sharpahooter, 1
Id do lo T
Soott'iN. Y Cvalrv. 1
ath IUlnolt Cavalry. . 3
O.il. uo vol.... 1
SdUxeeliiorBatlery.. 1
Total. 391
M Douglas Hospital, toner of 1 afreet an4 Nat
Jtrsey Avmut.Jiiy 18.
3IU. a. Art t
tth do do 1
th do do I
tth do Cavalry 1
8d do Infantry.... 3
3d do do 1
th do do 1
12th do do 3
17th do do 3
lit Maine Cav 1
ud do Vol 3
3d do do 1
tth do do 1
tth do do 1
th do do 3
Utli do do 3
ad Vermont Vol 1
81 do do 1
tth do do 4
th do do 1
lit Henaohtuetta Vol 1
Dth do do S
llth do do .... 1
12th do do 1
lflth do do 3
lath do du.... 1
Z2d do do 1
id Bhode Island Vol 1
lit Coi.neoticut Art ... 1
litN. Y.Art. 1
3d do do 1
ath do Caviirr 3
3d N.Y. State Militia. 1
9th do do 1
20th do do 3
8d N. Y. Volunteer,.. 1
tth do do 3
Tth do do 8
12th do do 1
ltth do do 3
lttn do do 1
17th do do 4
llth do do 9
33d do do t
tlth do do 1
25th do do 1
30th do da 1
37th do do 2
oth do do 1
33d do do 1
39th do do 1
3S1h do do 2
tlth do do 3
31th do do 2
toth do do 9
43d do do 3
48d do do 2
44ih do do 1
4tth do do 1
toth do do 1
tlth do do 1
ttth do do 8
tsth do do 1
67th do do .... 9
tlth do do 3
out do do 2
uth do do 1
loth do do 1
Ttth do do 9
78th New York Vol.. . 1
17th do do 1
ttth do do 1
8tth do do n
llth do do 2
aid do do
vjo ao ao .... s
94th do do 1
Doth do do 1
91th do do.' 3
looth do da 3
102d do do...... 2
load do do 1
icith do do 1
lit U. S. Chaaeeura ... 1
lit Long liland Vol... t)
HtN. J. Vol. 2
tth do do 2
th do do 1
7th do do l
Ith do do l
lit l'enn. Artillery.... 1
litrenn. Car......... 2
12th do Mo 4
231 do Vol 8
Slit do no I
49th do do 4
lit do do 9
81 do do 1
old do do 1
9th do do l
ltth do do 1
Ttth do do 1
Hit do do 2
83d do do 4
81th do do 2
Uth do do 3
93d do do o
ltth do do 1
lOMt do do 9
103d do do 9
load do do a
loithdo do 1
lotto do do 1
lit do Beaerve.... 1
ad do do 9
ath do do 3
loth do do 9
llth do do 1
lit Virginia Art l
lit Loublaaa Vol 1
lit Ohio Cav l
in Michigan Vol 1
9d do do 1
3d do do T
tth do do 1
tth do do 2
loin ao ao 2
3d Indlina Cavalry... 1
13th Indiana Vol... . l
14th oo do l
3utb do do 3
7th WU. Vol 2
lath do d? 2
lit Bcrdan Sharne'r. . 1
3d do do 9
Total 311
At Union Chapel Hospital, WaJuneton,
July 19.
lit New York Vol.... 2
3d N.Y. MlUtla 3
3 h New York Vol .. 3
10 h dj ao 1
27ch do do .3
321 do (1 1 ... I
.ma do do .. I
4uth do do. .. 1
tetlt do do 1
7lh do do 1
oath do do,..., 'i
93d do do 2
litilh d) do 1
lOthl'enu. Iteserve. . 1
let do do 1
21 do do 1
tth do do 1
7th do do 3
llth do'Volanteerl I
031 do do 3
71st do do .1
Slit do do 1
rall'ean Volunteers. 2
lulst do 3
1st Michigan Vol a
3i do 1
in ao v
7th do I
10th ao I
l.tMeie Vol l
llth do I
win ao , 2
221 do i
07th Ohio Volunteers. 3
Otb Main, Volunteer,. 1
tth N. II Volunteer.. 1
ith Vermont Vol I
3d Artillery i
b U.S. Infantry ... 1
Uth do i
llth do
Sih New Jersey Vol.. 1
Total OJ
At Ciancli Hospital, July 18.
Iaooomroodala partlce to Glymoat for day cxem
leaving and returning at aur regular hour,
Jy24-ff WM K 1N0W,A
ol New York Vol..
tth do do...
do. .,
do ,
tth Finn. Vol
do., .
71irenn.Vol 3
ut.t ao 2
BM do l
uth Fenn Cavalrr . I
1st New Jeney Vol. , 1
31 do do ... 3
cth do d... . 1
3d Delaware Vol . 1
2d Wl.oonala Vol 0
nth do do 4
rtn ao uo
8d Indiana Volunteer, 3
le h do do
3d Maine Vol
3th do
7th do
lit Mate Vol. ,.
loth d
29th do
22d do
loth U. S. Infantry
uth do
CHth Illlnoia Volunt'r, 1
l,t Maine Battery.... 1
tth It. I. Battery, .. . 1
1st do Artillery. .. 3
llarrli Light Cavalry H
M Omerat UotpUal, I airfam Seminary, Virginia
.My 18.
lit U.S. ArtllUr. ... l
91 do do 1
tth do do 3
lit do Shirt,'!,.... 4
2d do do 86
2d do Infaefry .... 1
llthdo do... 1
14tLdo do 9
lothdo do 1
3d D O. Volunteer, .. 1
td Maine Battery a
3d do do 1,-3
tth do do 1
lit Mala, Caralry ....24
91 do Volunteers.. 1
d do do 1
Ith do do 1
tth do do 2
Ith do Vollateer,.. 3
loth do do 1
llth do do 4
12th do do I
lit N. II. Battery 9
Ith do Volnateen . 4
let Vermont Cevalry.,1
Id VermootVol...... 9
tth do do i
Ith do do 2
th . do do 3
td ataaa Volunteers.. .1
tth do Battery 1
Tth Mate. Volentoen. I
loth do do 1
12th do Volunteers.. SI
llth do do 13
lath do do 1
toth do do 1
22d do do 2
Sid do do t
lit Bhode Ialaad Car. 11
1st New York Battery 2
1st do Art.... a
M do Art.... 1
13th do hattciy t
... A..W .via V.V.... d
td ao do... 1
ath do Cavalrr. t
Kenntdv'l Battery, lit
New York Vol.!.... 1
8th do Voluat'n 9
ath do Militia., a
13th do Vol 1
llth do Militia. 2
iTth do Vol t
llth do do 1
,0th do MIU11I..20 i
21. tN. Y. Volunteer!. 4
tld d 11
2td do 14
94th do 17
2ttb do 1
2tth do 11
2Tth do 7
28ui do I
SOth do 13
list do 4
82d do I 3
aid do 3
81th do 8
SMh do 10
aith do
81th do t
89 h do 1
401b do 3
31 do 3
44th do 3
eeth do 3
totn do 3
tld do I
tt'h do 2
llth do 4
ttth do 1
llth do 1 I
tlth do l
61st do 4
otd do 1
4'h do 12
Mth do 8
tlth do 2
Ith do 2
roh do 1
i3d do 1
7eth do I
77th do 2
7eth do 1
Hilt do 3
Mth do 3
aid do io
aid do I
Mth di II
eoth do 1
eith do 41
Mth do 10
uiit do 12
1021 do 3
104th do 40
101th do 41
lit Minnesota Vol 1
lit New Jem v Art.., 1
4th do Battery, 1
1st New Jeney Car.. ,11
Id do Vol.., 1
3d New Jeney Vol.., a
tth do do.., 2
tth do do., 1
Tth do do... 1
10th do do... 2
IM I'tun. Artillery.... t
1st do Cavalry 11
lit do Bet Car.... 2
Ith do Caralry 3
Ith do do.. 4
th do Cavalry 1
Ith do Cavalry...., 1
lit do Won ....... t
let do Reeerve a
Sd do do. t
tth do do 12
Ith do Reserve 9
th do do 10
Tth do Keeerr, 8
10th do Beeerve.. .. 4
llthdo do It
19th d do t
tth do Volanteera.. 1
tth do do 1
Tth do da 1
otb do do 9
llthdo do 9
llth da Volnateen.. 1
llthdo do 1
3ith ao do 4
4etb do do 1
13d do do 1
ltd do do 7
Uth do do 9
lit do do 1
91 do do 1
Ud do do 3
Tld do do 3
Tt'h do do 4
75th do do 1
lilt So do 3
(4th do do 31
ltth do do 1
llth do do 83
eoth do di u
em do do 1
eM do do i
etrh do do 2
aith do do 2
eoth do do 2
lOlltdo do..,,... 3
10W do d, 3
1031 do do t
104th do do 3
101th do do. . . a
107th do do 10
110th do do ....It
lit Virginia Cavalrr 0
lit ao Battery.., 4
Id do H S...... 1
lit do Vol 19
7th do do 10
llth do do 1
lit Ohio Artillery .... 4
1st do Volunteer, .. 1
4th do do 1
ith do .. do il
7th do do II
ith do do.... e
29th do do 19
82d do do 19
Uth do do ....89
67th do do 14
ltt Indiana Art l
3d do Cavalry.. 1
Sd do Volunt'rs 2
Tth do Vol 23
13th do do 12
14th do do 6
lath do Vol 3
27ih do do 1
3d do do 12
Ith IlUnoli Ca.alry .. I
3ith Illinois Vol
ttth do do 1
3d Hlohtgan Vol i
tth do do 1
6th do do I
Tth do do a
Bradlli' Sharpshooter,
Uth Michigan Vol.. 1
1st WlKonilu Vol 1
2d do do 14
th do do a
Tth dl Co 12
ltth do do 1
lit California Vol 1
Wkitby'a Indepenl'nt
Cavalry Company,, 1
Harri, Cavalry 1
CltUin 1
Total 1.4
At Mount Pltamnt General Hospital, July 18
2d U.S. Artillery....
4th do do 2
4th do cavalry....
tth do do 8
tth do 'Infantry... 1
llth do do 1
llth do do 3
ltth do do........ 1
1st Maine Volunteers.. 1
21 do do.,:. 1
4th do do .. 1
tth do do.... 8
llth do do.... 2
3d Vermont Vol 2
ad do do 1
tth do do 1
6lh do do 6
lit Man Volnntn.20
ath do do 4
loth do do 1
llth do do 2
lath do do 1
ltth do do 1
loth do do 1
lath do do t
92d do do t
39th do do 2
2d N. LTampehlr, Vol. 1
tth do do. 1
lit New Tork Art.... 2
3d do Vol.... e
Dth New Y Zonare,.. 2
llth New York Vol... 2
ltth do do.... 0
ltth do do.... 1
2uth do do.... 8
list do do.... 2
24th do do. .. u
uth do do.... 1
30th do do.... 1
31th do do..,. 1
30th do do,.,. 2
824 do do.... 1
34th do do.... 2
Uth do do. ...13
Uth do do,.,, t
43d do do.,.. I
tlth do do.... 1
49th do do.... 2
17th do do.... 2
eist do do.... 3
Mth do do.,.. 9
Mth do do,,,. 2
67th do do ... 1
69th do do..,. 9
T6th do do. ...28
Blst do do.... 1
aith do do.... l
ttth do do.. . o
93d do do.... 1
83d edo do..., 1
91th do do..,. 8
Mth do do.... 4
97th do do.... 3
9tih do do.... 1
looth do do.... 9
10M do do.... 7
loath do do..,, 4
iitLoog Island Vol.. 1
Harris Light Cav 9
td F.aoelelor Vol 2
Thompson 'l Bat 1
lit New Jeney Art... 1
1st New Jeney Vol.,. 2
3d do do.,.. 1
tth do do.... 2
tth do do.... I
loth do do.,.. 1
1st Finn. Artillery.... 1
2d Fenn. Caralry. ,. 1
tth I'eon. Cavalry.... o
th do do 1
llth do oo 1
1st do Vol .... 4
aa ao no t
4th do do 2
th do do 1
Ith do do...... 1
Ith' do do 3
9th do d.. . 1
10th do do 3
llth do do
231 do do 3
aut do do 1
ill do do 1
36th do do 1
loth do do 1
Mtt do do 1
tld do do. .1
3d do do 1
ttth do do 1
Mth do do 8
llth do do 2
1st do do 2
3d do do 2
3d do do 2
oath do do l
lilt do do 3
Hit do do 4
83d do do o
Uth do do 11
Uth J) do I
81th do do h
03d do do 2
Mth do do 1
eeth do do 1
Uth do do 1
looth do do 1
101st do do 1
102d do do 2
104th do do 1
lotlh do do .... 4
107th do do 2
110th do do ..16
1st Connecticut Art .. 7
1st Ohio Ar.'llery 1
1st do Volunteers .. 1
4th do do 3
tth do do 3
Tth do do 4
tth do do 3
3d do do l
othdo do io
67th do do t
SOth HllnoilVol 4
Id Ind Cavalry 8
7tnin.lana vol ll
13ih do do a
14th do do 6
19th do do t
20th do do 11
1st Virginia Art 12
1st do Vol 17
Tth do ., t
1st Minnesota Vol,.,, 1
1st Michigan Vol ... a
'2d do do .. 1
3d do do,... 1
tth do dj 2
tth do do 2
7th do do l
2d Wisconsin Vol 4
tth do do... I
6th do do..,, I
7th do do .... 7
Uarlbaldl Guards 1
Cord men of the rath
Ohio Vol! 3
Total Im
At Stent General Hospital, July 18
lit Mate, Volnateen. 3
7th do do 1
llth do do 1
lath do do J
1st Va. Vol 1
6th New York Cavalry 2
17th New York Vol... 3
32d do do..,, l
17th do do.,.. 1
101. t do do..,. 2
llth Fenn Cavalry.. 1
llth do Reserve.. 1
llth do Volunteers 2
t2d do do 2
ltth Fenn. Volunteers 1
101st 'do do 1
102d do do..,, 1
tooth do do... 4
ith Wisconsin Vol.,,. 2
7th do do,.,. 1
SOth Indiana Vol... . I
21 New Jeney VoU. I
uth do do..,, 1
3d Vermont Vol 1
6th Maine do 1
ith U.S. Cavalry.. 1
&fcfc remaining Ih tht Hospital for Urupilvi
Diseases, at Kelorama, July 18,
IstN Y. Artillery.... 1
list New York Vol... I
loth do do 1
lOlst do do 1
2 1 Feou. Cavalry .... 4
tth do do.,,. .. 1
12th do Vol . 1
21 U S. Bharpehootrn l
Oneida Cavalry... 1
loth Virginia (rebel) 1
Quar'mastar'e Depart
luvnt (white) 1
Quar'maiter'a Depart
ment, (colored).... 1
Contrabands 7
Total. . si
At Uarver Gaunt Hospital Washbyjton,
July ie.
l.tU. 8. Artillery 1
81 do do. 1
Ith do do 9
tth do Cavalry..,. 1
3d do Inlanlry.. 3
td do do 9
th do ao 1
8th do do 1
lllli Jo do 1
12th da do 9
lttn do do I
llth do do 9
1st du Sherp'cn. 3
2d do do.' . ie
Id Maine Volunteen. 4
ad do do 1
Ith do do 1
tth do do 8
1st N. Hampshln Art. 1
3d do Vol. I
tta do do... 8
let Varmoat Cavalry.. 3'
3d do Vol....... 3
3d do do 2
tth do do I
tth do do 4
6th do do a
1st Man. Volunteen .. 3
31 do do 1
Tth do do 1
tth do do 9
loth do do 3
llthdo do 1
12th do do 3
Uth do do 10
ltth do do 1
IGth do do 1
la h do do 9
98d do do 9
37th do do 1
2eto do do ,
lit Bhode bland Cav. 1
1st New York Art..,. 2
91 do do..., 3
Id do do.... a
12th do do,.., 1
13th do do ... 1
Kennedy', Battery . 1
1st New York Cav.... t
2d do do 8
tth do do .... 3
Irt New Yoik Vol .... 3
2d do do..., 8
tth do do... I
tth do do.... 1
Tth do do. 1
Ith do do.. 1
8th do do..,. 3
til do do.,. 2
12th 1c do... t
Uth do do.... 8
ltth do do.... 3
ltth do do.. .4
llth do do. . 3
3.1th do do .12
21st do do.... 1
ltd do do T
13d do do.... 1
21th do do.... a
Uth do do.... I
vein ao ao.... 4
I7ih do do.... 8
toth do do.... 8
list do do.... 4
Bid do do.... a
33d do do ... 3
81th do do.,.. 3
ath do do ... 8
oath do do..,. 1
37th do do.. ..11
39th do do..., I'
401I1 do do..., 1
411 do. Co.... I
4Jd do do.... 1
uth do do.... a
4lh do do.... 3
61th do do.... 1
(21 do do.,.. 7
tlth do do ... 3
61th do do.... 1
87th do do.... 1
ttth do do ... 1
61st do do.... 2
62d do do.... 2
63d do do.... 4
C4th do do.... I
uth do do ... 9
oath do do..,. 3
6sth do do.... 8
ath New York Vol... T
Toth do do., , s
Tin do do. .
Tld do do..., a
Tld do do..., 9
Tlth do ' do . 2
81st do do..., 9
831 di do.. . 9
llth CO do..,. 1
18th do do..., 1
17th do do.... I
tlth do do.... 8
Md do do.. ..IB
93d do do.... 1
etth do do..., 1
Mth do do.... I
87th do do.,.. 4
ystn ao ao.... 1
ooth do do 1
lOOth'do do.... 1
lOlet do do..., 4
Id! do do.,., a
lUMn ao ao....
litn n. T. wuttn
lit N. J. Oevnlry
lit do Vol
.th do do
lit Feu. Artillery. . . 9
3d do do 9
lit d, Cavalry.... 7
tth do do 4
1st ao Jttnei 11
lit uo UeMrr,.... 8
8d do do 3
4th do do 8
tta ao ao 0
th do do t
Till da dn II
ltth do do 10
heth do do 6
ivtu us ..,,, 11
llth do do 11
llth do do a
tad do Volnateen. 1
2tth do do a
atit do do a
49th do do 1
lid dc do. .. 3
17th do do 3
lit do do a
old do do 4
63d do do 8
79d do do 8
73d do do 2
Ttth do do 9
Ttth do do 9
81.t do do I
Sid do do 4
83d do do 8
81th do do 6
8tth do do 4
81th do do 4
93d do do a
etth do do 5
veto oo ao 1
1 ooth dO do I
lOtlt do do 3
lcld do do 1
103d do do 2
loithdo do 3
loeth do do 2
li.7tb.do do
uothdo do 3
3d Delaware Vol 1
9dMarylanlArt 1
1st Virginia Vol 1
Tth do do 3
8th Ohio Infantry 4
7tn do do 9
29th do do s
2d do do a
67U do do 9
Tth Indiana Vol J
istn ao do 1
ltth do do 9
ivn ao ao 1
20th do do 3
oath Illinois Vol 4
lit Mich. Vol 10
sd do do 3
Ml no no 1
tth do do 1
tth do do 3
Tth do do It
2d WlAOoniin Vol 3
tn do do
AI Hospital at VotumUon VoCsgt, Washmjton,
uwy 10.
At .Seminary Hospital. Otoryttoan, July 18.
Cth U. S. Cavalry 1
id U.S. Intantry 1
llth do do 1
lit Maine Cavalry.... 1
tth do Battery.... 3
2d do Vol 3
tth do do 1
2d Vermont Vol 1
3 h do do 1
1st Mast Volunteen.. 1
9th do do 3
loth do do 3
llth do do 1
12th do do 1
Uth do do 1
loth do do 2
2.1 do do 2
llttt I Car 2
Id do Vol 1
2d New York Cavalry 1
1st do Art.... 1
2d do Art.... 1
3d d). do 1
tth do do. ... 1
1st New York Vol 3
Id do do 1
3d do do 1
ith do do 1
llth do do 3
18th do do 1
(3d do do. .... 1
17th do do 1
31st do do 2
suit do do 1
37th do do 1
4utll do do 1
411 do do 1
4J1 dO do 1
41lh do do 3
ttth do do 1
illh du do 1
illh du do 1
loth do 1I0 8
61st do do 1
t21 do .10 1
eillll do do 2
72d do do 1
Stth do 10 I . . 2
Mth New York Vol... 1
otth do do 1
90th do do 1
07th do do 1
lotlh do do .... t
Ith New Jeney Vol.. CO
6th do do 2
iui ao ao
ith Fenn. Cavalry.... 1
... UU ,U ..,,., 1
tth do do 1
llth do do 1
18th do do 1
36th do do 1
toth do do 1
6lit do do 1
old ao do 0
oou no ao 1
71st do do 4
list do do 2
noa uo ao i
Uth do do 1
Uth do do 2
03d do do 3
103(1 do do 2
107thdo do 3
liothdo "do 1
1st do ReMrve .
2d do do 3
ju u ao 1
Ith do do 4
loth do do 1
1st do ltltle. 1
Sd Delaware Vol 1
let Ve. Artillery 2
7lhdo Vol...., 1
Ith Ohio Vol 2
no ao at 1
67th do do 1
39th IllinOK Vol 1
Btookunv Mich. Vol. 1
3d Michigan Vol 1
tth do do 1
7th do ao 1
2d U.S. Vol S.S ".. 1
At Asceniim General Hospital. Ustrett, Wash
lwjton,July 18.
mill New Yotk Vol... 1
uth do do... 1
itth do di... 4
ltth do do. .,14
71.1 00 oo... 3
74th do do... 3
34th dc do... 1
Id N. Y. Fire Zouavei 1
lst New York Vol.. . 4
H7th do do... 1
Uth do do... 2
tsih do do... 8
84 h do do... 1
701b do do... 4
Oth New York Cav... 1
93d New York Vol... 1
7th do do. . 1
27ttt do do ... 2
lth do da.... 6
6Mh do do 1
Ctth do do.. .. 2
ent do do .... 2
69th do do .... t
10H" do do ... 1
loth do do 2
721 do do 1
8td do do 1
Uth do do 3
.8th do do 3
llth do do 9
toth do do 1
5th do do 1
blth do do.... 1
Slst do do 1
t7th do do 1
lt Independent New
Tork Battery 1'
721 Fenn Volunteen, 1
3d do Cavalry ... 1
.otth do Infantry.... 1
oth do Ueserre 1
12th do do 3
4 h do do 2
lothdo Vol... . 1
tth do lteserve ... 4
vth do do .... 3
loth do do 1
'121 do Volunt'ri. 1
107ih lnu. Vol 1
iwem ao ao 2
181 do do 1
tsth do do 3
otu uu ao. , 1
181 do do 1
131 do do o
2h Fenn. Volunteen 3
71st do do a
uuia ao ao 1
7'th do do 1
Ith do Cavalry 1
Llnooln Cavalry 1
lit U.S. Cavalry .... 1
3d do do.. ., 1
to do do 1
llth U. 8 Infantry.,. I
12th do Uo...... 1
llth do do 2
IstMalneCaialry..,, 2
3d do Infantry..,, 1
WthJIiM. Vol...;.... 0
ltth do do 2
1th do d, 1
ath do do h
lath do do 7
loth do do 1
33th do do 1
39th Illinois Vol 1
3d New Jeney Vol .. 1
tth do do t
3d N. Hampshire Vol. 1
ith do do.. 1
20th Indiana Vol . t
1st Rhode Island Cav. 3
31 do Inf.. 1
eth Vermont Inf. 1
8d do do 1
3d do Art., 1
tthOhlolnl 1
7th do 1
tth Michigan Inf... . 4
7th do do... . 1
1st do do.... 2
tth do do. ... 1
At Hospital CnttHirit, July 17.
ath New York S M...
Mh do Vol ....
tth do do ...
lid do do ....
3 d dj do
771 tl do do
9Mll do do,.,,,.
961)1 do do
Ith New 1 ork
Uiuuted Itllln
2d l'enn. Cavalry
12th do do
1st Fenn Kexerve Art
uth do do 1m.
Uth do do do.,
ted Fenn Volunteer.
c 1 1 do do
77th Pens. Vol 1
littd do do 1
llth Maine Vol 1
ith do Battery,.,. 1
lUi U. S Cavalry 1
1st Maryland Art 2
IstK I Cavalrr 1
4th Michigan Vol .... 9
1st Vlrelnla vol 1
91th Ohio Volunteers. 1
(,:.t no do 1
7th Indiana Vol 2
Oth Mm Volunteen. 1
Uth do do 9
lit U. S. Artillery ,...
3d do do.
3d do do
tth do dd
ith do Cavalry
lit do Infantry
31 do do...
81 do do,.,,,,,,
llthdo do
llthdo do
llthdo do
UtU. S.ChaaKun....
2d Maine Vol
3d do do
6th do do
Tth do da
llthdo do
MN. Hampshire Vol .
tth do do.,
lit Conaeetlnt Art. . .
UtB I, Art
1st Bhode Island Car,
lit Maanchtuett, Vol
Tth do do.
eth do do.
loth do do..
llth do do.
llth do 00.
18th do do.
16th do da.
19th do do.
Mth do do.
lid do do.
ltth do do.
3d Vermont Vol
3d do do.......
Ith do da.. ,,
th do do
1st New York Art.,,,
7th New York Bat....
3d do Caralry..
6th do do
8th do do
1st New York Vol....
31 da do
tth do do
Ith do do
13th do do
13th do do
ltth do do
Uth do dc
17th do do
llth do do
Uth do do
Slat do do
3id do do
(81 do do
Uth do do
Uth do do '.
37th do do
38th do do
43d da do
toth do do
Uih do do
Uth do do
67th do do. .
1st do do
62d do do
ith do do
Mth do do
ath New York Vol.... i
.. 3
.. 1
.1 8
.. 3
.. 1
100th do
101st do
1 lit Locg Ieland Vol
infliv jeney vol.
3 3d do do..
9 , 8thlf.wJan.rVol.
1 I eth do do..
1 1 2a fenn. tavairy.
3d do
,tn do
ih do
Sd do
oth do
loth do
33d do
stth do Volnnteen,
era ao do.
. 2
.. 1
. 8
. 4
. 1
J 2
.9 1
.. 1
.. 3
.. a
. 3
.. 1
.. 3
.. 4
.. 1
,. 1
. 4
. 1
. 1
. 1
.. 9
M 0"'-Pl'd-, Dillon Hold, comer BrUhs
and WuAfaotonil,,, Gsorgttmm, July 18.
49th do
tld do
17th do
lit do
C9d do
631 do
,9th do
7 lit do
bid do
Uth do
llth do '
331 do
Mth do
Mth do
Mth do
183d do
101th do
106th do
Tth Virginia Vol..'..,
3d Ohio Volnateen.
eoth do do
f th Illinoti Cavalry.
Tth Indiana Vol......
Uth do do
SOth do do
aa xiemgan vol...
eth do do ...
Tth do do
loth do do
1st Minnesota Vol ...
za tviaoonaln vol..
ith do do...,
tth North Carolina
At General Hospital, Ecldngton,) Washington,
u. u, juiy in.
let U.S. ArUllsry..,.'! !
tth do Cavalry.. .. J
at do Chaawun.. 1
3dU. S. Infantry 2
3d do do...... 3
tth do do 1
llth do 10 1
12th do do 2
14th do do 2 I
11 Maine Volunteen., 1 '
oth do do.,,,..,, 1
in uo uavatry.... 1
tth N. llampehlr. Vol 1
8d Vermont Vot 1
athMaaaachnMttaVol. 1
toth a do. 9
l.t Conn. Artlll.rv .. 1
3d New York Militia,. 1
3ath do do,... 1
21 N. Y. Vnl 1
7th do. do 1 I
3d lo... do.. 1
13th do do 3
13th do do 1 1
llth do do 1
16th do do 3
S3d do do 1
3tst do do a I
83d do do I I
40th, do do 1 I
Ud do do 1
Men ao no 1
,9th do do 2
tlth do do 1
lit do do 2
63d do do 1
731 do do 8
74th do da 1
lilt do do 1
uth do do 2
97th do do 1
M Exoelslor Brigade , 1
ith New Jenny Art.. 1
1st do Vd 1
8d do do 1
8h do do. 3
Ith do do . I
Fenn Bat.-.B",., . 1
tth Fenn ltiscrve. 1
eth do do.,,. 1
loji do do 2
llth do da 1
llth Penn. Vol 1
Slst do dp 1
eth do do 1
ISd do do 1
83d do do 1
82d do do 1
81th no do. ..... 1
Mth do do 1
lout do da 1
1021 io do 1
Itud do do 1
110th do da..i..,. 2
etth lo do 1
ttth do do 1
,llit do do 1
881 do do.. , . 3
eeth do ao 2
3d do do... . 3
17th do do 1
loth do do 1
1st Michigan Vol a
tth do do 4
16th do do 1
4th Ohio Vol 1
tth do do 1
7th do do. rr.... 1
13th Indiana Vol 9
SOthllUnoU Vol 1
89ih do do 2
lit Virginia Art 1
Total 113
At B.. Bxtabdh Hospital, Buttm Branch,
July 18.
Id Excelsior Brigade. 3
IU uo uo 1
lit New York Vol 8
21 do do 1
8th do do 1
loth do do 3
Uth do do 3
llth do do 3
ltth do da.... 7
20th do do 3
SJd do do 4
34th do CO 3
97th do do 1
3oth do do 3
tltt do do 8
stth oo do 3
Uth do do 9
37th do do t
list do do 3
!2d do do I
43d do do 1
Uth do do 3
Uth do do 1
Uth do do 1
Uth do da 9
3d do do 1
74th do do 1
7h do do 3
8Ut do do 1
87th do do 1
Bllh do do 1
9tlh do do 1
Mth do do 1
9!th do do.. .1
loid do do 1
lit Fenn. Artillery.... 1
4lh do Heierve 2
itu do Volunteen. i
7th do do .... 8
tth do do 1
9th do do 2
loth do do 1
tun do do 4
12th do do 1
23d do do 1
Slit Fenn, Vol 4
loth do do 1
icth do do 7
62d do do 2
63d do dO 2
72d do do 1
B8d do do 1
84 h do do 1
Mth do do 2
with Fenn. Vol 1
102d do do 1
liothdo do 2
81 Vermont Vol 1
aa uo ao 1
3th do do 1
8th New Jeney Vol... 1
7th Indiana Vol 2
lam do 4
20th do 6
31 WUconiln Vol... . 1
ith do do 1
tth do do 8
7th do do 8
SOth Illinois Vol 1
2d Michigan Vol 2
em ao ao 2
Tth do do 1
1Mb do do 9
62.1 Ohio Volunteen.. 1
2d Maine Volunteen.. 1
tth do do 2
va u 1. volunteen .. 1
1st Maasaohiuetu Vol. 1
oth do do . 8
loth do do.. 3
I6U1 do do . a
18th do do. 1
19th do do. 4
89th do do. 3
-2u a. uampantr, vol.. 1
lit Virginia Vol 3
1st uatitornta vol 1
2d Berdan Sharpa'n.. 1
lltU 8. AnUlerr.... 1
HthU. 8. Infantry... 3
12lh do do . 1
ltth do do .... 11
iitn ao ao 0
Ut U. 8. Cavalry 3
Sd do do' 2
1st Maine Cav 2
24 n,w Jceycav. 1
tth Fenn. Cavalry.... 1
llth do do 1
llttt. I Cav 3
1st Connecticut Art... 2
ith Man. Art 1
tth Milne Art 2
lit icnoae island Art. 4
lstNewJener Art.. 1
bcott's 900 1
Total alt
At General Hospital, i41s Qivrch, July 18.
llth New York Militia 4
eth do do... 4
mdNew York Vol 13
Uth do do... .81
SOth do do.. ..13
12th do do.... it
104th do do.'., .20
lOttA do do. ...IK
etth' do do.... 4
17th do do.,.. 1
toth do 'do.... 2
Uth do do ... 4
49d do da ... 2
tub do do ...
Mth da oo ..
77th do do ... . 1
ttth do do.... 2
Uth do do.... 2
87th do do ... 1
esth ao ao.... 4
9ld do do.. . 1
e.th do do.... I
43d ao do.... 1
uth do do.... 1
SID N. Y . Battery 1
Uth do do 4
let Long IilanlVol... 1
llarrli Light Cavalry. I
107th Fenn Volunteen 3
cth do do.... 1
1st do do.,,, a
llth do do.... 3
Ith do do 1
Uth do do..., 4
7th do do..., 9
76th do do... 0
llth do do.... 1
43d do do,... 2
llth Fenn. Volant'e... 2
02a ao ao 1
Mth do do 1
uth do do 1
12th Fenn. Car 3
eo ao ao 2
Ith do do 2
2d U. s Sherpi'ri e
IstN U. Battery.... 2
lit li I Car....;. .. 1
llth Maine Vol 1
3d Maine Battery 1
Ith do do 4
eth do do 4
sd do do 2
2d II s Artill.rr 3
24 Wleoooiin Vol. . 1
eth do do. ... h
Tth do do e
IhN J Vol I
Tth do 1
Ith do 1
tth Ohio Vol a
Ttb do do 3
29th do do 9
2d Mary laLd Battery. 2
Uth line Vol., ..... 2
Uth da do 2
llth Indiana Vol 1
lath do do 2
1st Michigan Cav 1
39th llllnoii Vol 3
th do Cav 2
tth Vermont Vol 1
13th U.S. Infantry,.. 1
Enfanta Feidd 1
Tout 299
At Ryland Cliaptl and Giaet Church Hospi
tal, juiy iv.
ath N. Y. Volunteen
17 h do do
esth do do
63d do do
01st do do
Mth do do
,7th do do
17th do do
62d do do. ...
J8th do do.,,,,
ltth do do
Mth do do
loithdo do
Uth do do
43d do do. ...
83d do do
42d do do
1021 do do,. . .
9th N Y. Militia
ZdU.S Infantry
lira ao ao
1st ae Art
3d do do
tth do do
Uth Fenn. Volunt'n. .
ISd do do..,,
lotto (lo do.,,,
Btth do do,
ooth do do
9th Fenn. lleserve,.,,
lttn (to ao, ,
81st Fen t Voluntil. 1
21st do do 1
'21th do do 1
1021 do do .... 1
lotlh do do. . 1
isd do do 1
ttb do Cavalry, 1
2d do do...... 1
CM Ohio Vol 3
80th do do.. . 3
7Ui do do... 9
66th do do 1
ttl, do do...... 1
10th Mi's. Vol 1
lath do do.,,. 2
Id Milne Vol! 1
llth do do 2
lit Maine Cava'ry,.,. 8
ith Maine Battery 1
1st Virginia Vol. 1
Tth do do 1
lit N.J. Cav 1
21 Michigan Vol 1
linn Indiana Vol 2
dviu iiiiaoia voiunt'n 2
let Maryland Cav .... 1
2d D. C. Volnnteen 1
1KB I. Cavalry ... 1
At Udd Fellows' Hall, Central Hospital,
July IB.
33th New York Vol . 2
97th no It
soth New York Militia 7
31st New York Vol 1
31th do 3
76th do 8
I'M do 3
eth vVliconain Vol. 3
3d do do 9
Mth l'enn olunteer. 1
101th Fenn Volunt'n I
Hih do Keserve 1
Uhole Island Bat , D. I
3d U. S. Saartn're. . I
lvtii Indiana voi ..., 1
1st Artillery 1
Labonr 1
loth New York Vol.,,
18th do do....
Uth do do...,
ltth do do
mt do do...,
33d do do,.,,
lid do di
49th do do....
rJd do do....
61th do do ...
Il.t do do....
twth do do....
87th do do..
9Jd do do..,,
eeth do do..
10H do do .
1st Fenn Vol...
81 do do
tin do do
7th d do
eth do do
12th do do
26th do do. ..
ttth do do
62d do do
i7th do do
03d do do
72d do do
831 do do
6th do do ;.
eeth Fenn Vnl
lotth do do
31 N. J. Vol
let Maie. Vol t
7th do do a
oth do do 1
loih do do 1
ltth do do 3
39th do do t
2d N. Ilamrshlra Vol. 8
tth do do.. I
6th do do. 1
tth Michigan Vol... . a
Tth do do 1
16th do do 1
2d Maine Volunteen I
7th do do... 1
2d Bhode Island Vol. 2
3210hloVol 1
20th Indiana Vol 7
1st Kxcelslor Brigale. 1
2d do do. ., 1
1-t Mlcblian Cav. . 5
ad Indiana Cav 4
Ith Fenn. Cavalry..,. 1
l.t lterdan Mjarrje'n 2
1st Long Island Vol.. 1
Sd U. U Intantry. 1
12th do do.. . ... 2
3d do Art 1
th do do I
tth do Cav. 2
Mott'a Battery 1
Sto.kton'i Mich. Vol 1
At Epiphany General Hoipital, Washington,
July 18.
litU.H Ar'lllery.... 1
2d do Infantry... 1
3d do do 1
till do do .... I
tth do do .1
otb do do .... i
llth do do .... 2
ith Maine Volunteen. 1
91 N. Hampshire Vol. 1
ith do do... 2
2d Vermont Vol
3d do do 9
ith do do 1
Oth do do 1
eth aw Volunteen.. 6
loth do do .... 3
15th 10 do 1
90th do do 3
21it do do 1
lit New York Vol. 1
24 do do.,,. 1
7th do do 2
12th do do 4
Uth do do fl
1Mb do do .... s
3Hh do do .... 3
auh do do 3
84tli Co do .1
Stth do do . 3
44th do do .... 3
48th do do. . 1
tlth do uo .... 1
1st do do 1
Uh do do 1
uth do do .... 2
oetu do do ... 2
I'M New York Vol.... 1
73d do do.... 1
CJd do do.... 1
Mth do do.... 1
esth do do.... 3
tooth do do.... 1
101st do do.... t
ith do F.xcelalor.. 1
eth do Hliltia.... 1
let Lang Island Vol.. 1
1st New Jeney Vol... 1
3d do do... 2
tth l'enn. Cavalry.. 1
etth do do 1
23d do Volunteen. 2
831 do do.. 2
CM do do... 1
72d do do.... 1
81st do do 3
83d do do . 4
103d do do I
108th do do 1
31 do Heierve.. 8
tth do do 8
7th do do.... '2
tth do do .. 2
eth do do .... 1
10th do do .... e
1st Michigan Vol 3
tth do do. 2
7th do do... . 4
leth do do. .. i
ith Wisconsin Vol.... 1
1st Berdan Sharpi'ri . 1
lotal AM
At Eighth Street General Hospital, Waiting
ton, July 18.
1st Mase. Volnnteen 3
eth do 3
2d Maine olunteers 1
ith do 1
l.t Khode Island VA 3
7th New York ol .. I
loth do 1
ltth do 1
ltth do 3
Uth do I
loth do 1
Isth do 1
20th do I
3r,th do 2
44th do 1
loth il) 1
Ctth do 1
tth do 1
Slit do 1
B31 New York Vol
9oth do 1
loan do 1
sd Fenn Volunteers 1
12th do 1
4'Jth do 1
Ul do 3
cath do 1
m.c do I
aid di 1
tisth do 1
101st do 1
07th Ohio Volunteen. .1
td Michigan Vol.. .... 1
7th do 2
1th do 1
Uth Keg. Infantry.. '2
lotil w
At Tunity Hospital, corner of C and Thud
stieets, Washington, July 18.
ith Vermont Vo' 1
loth Mm Volunteen 1
IstN Y :ha-.'urs I
7lh New York Vol....
10 h ill do.... t)
35 h do do, ,. 1
2d ll do do.,.. 1
.itlh do do.,.. 3
40th do do.... 1
1st New Jeney Vul 2
94 do do..,. 3
31 do do.... 1
3th do do.... 2
Bth do do.... 1
eth Fenn Reserve.... 1
51 h do 1
loth Fenn. lleeirve 0
37111 do Vol . ..
ol.t do do I
021 do do .. 1
mi . u do .... 1
7 .1 do do . ... 1
721 do do ... 2
8W do do.... I
1 t Michigan Cavalry 3
ith do Vol.... I
3d U. S Sharp, re .. I
t.thU. 8 Infantry.... I
llth do J
Total iT
At General Hospital, (I'rlnot Ktreit,) Alezanilria,
Va,, July 21).
1st Milne Cavalry.... 3
3d do Battery.... 1
ith do do 1
12th Mail Vol! 1
Uth do di 3
4th New York Cav.... 1
eth do do ... 12
90th do Mllllla . 1
21th do Vol 1
26th do do.... 1
3ist do do .... 1
3tth do do 1
88th do do 1
49th do do.... 1
04th do do. ... 1
77th do do 1
94th do do a
104th do do t
101th do do
lit New Jeney Cav.. 1
Mil Fenn Cav...
1st do Bides.,
otn ao
llth do
llth di
18th do
3Sth do
tttit do
Ooth do
107th do
do ....
do .
do. ..
Knapp'i Fa. Battery. 1
2d Maryland do 1
1st Michigan Cavalry. 1
8th Illinois Cavalry... I
19th WUconiln Vol.. I
3d U. S Bbarpebootan I
Tth Ohio Vole I
lit Virginia Voll . ... t
, 94
Jyia 3t
wall known nvnd dakiirhtiui reaiort for
those M.klng bealtb and plrajure hnowoten for
tbe reoenUoa of visitor. Tbe underslxard be
leave to state that tbe plaoe baa been rvbullt-with
very large and oomfcrtaale eotUfM. and newly fur
nibed, uw batbtni nou.M, for ladles and gsatle
men, also a splendid whari Nopal... or expense
baa been spared to make It unexoeled by any salt
waterbatlplaoeutheLnl'ed&iatc. Tht table
will be iBppaied witb all the salt water delioaoici,
uob as soil and hard shell crabs, One oysters, Ter
repins, 'beep head and other flah 1 he bar will ha
farnisbed with oholoe wines, liquor, wgar., Ao
Uooo enf Uog , ud always plenty (Uhinj;, and sail
Ids; boats for the enjoyment of the ituests, frteol
charge Attentive aod obliging servants A splen
did ootillon band has beeu engaged lor the season.
and the proprietor begs leave 10 state that aotblng
shall be left undone uu his part to give satianutlou
ta If who mi. vive him a call
lerma Si per day, 110 per week, IM per month,
children and servants bait prioe.
All visitors are rcqnlrvd to lurnlsh their own
bathing clothes K J UAU8UALL,
JyH Proprietor

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