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asum.wwajaiwi.1 IW'.VHtUaVla'I'.'tlJWIIJ.aw
UY W. J. MtUtTAUlt At CO.
-Mill M WfcSTON, fDITO
Tli s jmMlontlon oIQcq of the National
Km bmc an U at the imrtheant corner or Danu
HvnUi trfttn, deoond floor, nrer W. D. Rliep
herd's bonk Morn. Kntranro on Seventh street.
Monday, July 28, 1862.
Panic Aloiu thk lUfrAiuNOCK, Oiltzens
nloni? the Rappahannock and Pt&akiUnk rivers
hit repteftfotol to be In great oonntrnatloo
fepclally those wbo rect nlly desert el the rebo
caufti unit took the oath ol allegiance lo this
Marauding parties of rebel cavalry are said
t j bo making their appearance at times la their
vicinities, and impressing citizens Into the ser
vice of the rebel government. The alarm Is so
(treat that large numbers of men sleep nigbtlj
in i.onU out lii the stream in order to prevent
being turprircd and captured.
ttebel outrage are beginning to be petpe
inittd in tbn vicinity of Alexandria and Wash
ington city. Afewnlgbts ago, u party of rebels
appeared in the neighborhood of Tails Church,
mid tmpresttod and c&rrkd oft" th lion-en ol
luyal fatmerf.
Cincinnati IUnls Rkmomnu thkir Fumm
vnti Sahs KutriNa. The Ute rt'lel raid of
Juhnnon Into ludl&ui, and tho alarming prox
imity ol rebel guerilla binds to Ctocinnatl,
have created o much alarm, that the Cincin
nati bankers are rapidly pending their funds to
Chicago Over $2,A00 000 lu gold have been
already forwarded
Coi-McQUAtaSAiK at Homic Col. .lumen
McQaade, of Oneidi county, New York, ur
nvd at Ullca on Wednesday. The fire bells
were mug, calling tho people to the dpot, nnd
tLti gallant tolonel was takeu in the shoulders
ot the croud and conveyed lo bi home.
Col- Nohion Stiu, Misst.NiJ. CI. Norton, ol
the I'weui) lirfctOhlo. lmti not jet been found.
The order lor lit arreit ua tounjed. In part,
upon his unauldierly conduct In concocllntomJ
pubtlshiug fali'ti ftccutut .oil againit (if u Mitt li
r, iu ft rail til bringing hh churge, it iny be
bad, to the no llet of his tfiipertupt.
DiTTMt of Se ks I'inks The fr-UA rport t f
the battle ol Seven Pin- in jud iMiied It
claims thectiptureof lOcaunon, T.oOO tnunkptf,
me garrl uu and lour ngimentul color, t-nlc
und uuup equipage. They iu mi ta lufMut abf.ut
4 ,:'.()(); but udJ, . u cit ipl.ni, Ihil the union
lots exceeded 10,000
IUi.timokk .o ai.tv. -All the welon tvte
bers of the second branch ol the City Cuiincil
have resigned, In compliance with un Intimi-
tlon from (Jen. Wool tbut tstir ieijinatloQ
Mould tend to the preservation cl (H-ace. A
peciul flection will sooti take phre to till tha
varancits with loyal men
Cait. AUwiKUt Si spkm.kd.- UapL Mans
field, lat Provost Marshal at Fredericksburg,
has b'cj snfpTdcd altogether from duty, and
tent back lo Gen King, who is ordered to in
stllate un examluatlou Into the cburgen agaluet
The Detroit bree iVew learns that Senator
Chandler, of Mlcbigin, purpose to ranw a regl
meat and leud It Into the field. It udds: " His
rat Mealth, und his Influence with n part of
th people, would enable him to ralm men . ury
The CoTRAiun in Alkxandkia, according
to the Alexandria Gazette, have received during
tb last week over $500 for labor performed
lor tbeGovernment.
EiiPLorsiKNT of Nm-rors -In nil the war
meetings, thin fur, tin ptopl-, by ppecchei, or
resolulinmt, have given ihir hearty approval
o! employing colored men In our military und
naval M-rvlCf.
$&r lieutenant Ileury A, WUy, U. H. uuvy,
wtn on Katurduy tip pointed iw jHitruit to the
Chief ol the 11 jreau of Ordnance, created un
tier the act of CongreM, July 5, I8C2.
wSkt Away. All dvilUn-, newspaper cor
rfhpondtuit Included, luo been expelled from
the lutea ot General McClt llanV uimy
LtUkKAL.'-'lhri PhlUdephia unci Knudoig
IWitroadCoinpny have dubprlbei $J." ooo io
ward the war fund of that i iy
Tiiouiiiti AnolTPosrAUK bTAMiy The l.l
1'iwing vlewt on the subject of uMiig putlug
httuipH utt currtncy. which we copy lioui uu
excbuDe, ure worthy of condderailon :
The expediency ol tht portion ff the law
authorizing th exchange o I (bipotugotitampH
for Treasury notea U t xcecdingly ueitIoij ibte.
It put" them on , pur wnh Treasury imtt and
loaken li rn ilabfe to the sume depreciation
wbeuevtr the supply greatly exceeds tbu de
mand. The euVci. 'iiuct bu a iuctit oui increajH
in value, wwii will fall heavily on the pocrer
classes, lint the law may hate auotber effect,
that ot helping to drive pperiu out ot the coun
try. The exchange was unreeeary lo leyalizo
their us us ennency, as fpecle for small change
Is as plenty ai ever In the country U U only
hoarded, und Itn line tti pjy postage would ket p
it tit boiii't and make the prHiuestamis tqulva
if-nt to 'pecie, becansH they would become ita
subcUtu v fnr a nocecary purpo It in to be
hoped tlui the remedy U yet in tho hauds o!
th Potimohter General One thing he Khould
dn atone, which li lo withdraw the stamped
tmvttlopea Mtid oiher subirHuieii for HiuuipB. so
us to ttdu'tje the deaiiud fur the stumps. The
former for obvl-ut remon-cinnot be uved uu
currency and me not uHenti x but comparalivu
ly few jtemoiiH iwing them to pre pay postage.
Prlvnt 1'rvpcrty lu Vlrgtnlu no Loiiutr
lr be t'rotcttcil.
The following order has been itwucd by (; n.
Pope :
Hkaduauticrs Aitur oy VntmMA,
Washington, July '.
General Order No. 13
Hereafter no guard n will be pUcd over
private houses or private property ot any d
scrlption whatever. Commanding offlcfrs are
responsible for tbu conduct of the troops uudt r i
meir commaua, ami tue articieuol war nun the
regulations of the army provide ample me irs
lor restraining mem to mc lull extent retjulrej
for discipline and efficiency. Soldiers were
called Into the field to do battle agalust tfan
enemy, and It U not expected that their force
and energy shall be wasted ii protecting pri
vate property of luoiwiuoht hi die to the Gov
ernment. No soldier serving InthU army shall
be hereafter employed in such ecrvlce. !
uy command or majou ukniikai, 1'opjc. '
GkO. I. ItUtKlLCH, '
Colonel, A. A. G , and Chief of Staff
From-CNm. MeOltllw'i Army.
I ' i Saturday, July 20.
Nina huoAted woendsd paroled prisoners
arrived here yesterday from Hichmond. Two
died before they arrived at Petersburg. They
left yesterday nfternoon for the Northern bos-
piiaip. juore win be received to-morrow. .
A lUg of truce boat, containing Col. Wrlffht
and Lieut. Col. Sweitzer, yesterday went to
Aiken's landing, 21 miles above City Point,
to nwet ltobertOulUonnrlydJUll Attorney
ai wasmngion city, appointea commusioner by
the Conlederates to carry out the new arrange
ments for the exchange of prisoners.
The Schooner Louisa Keeder. containing
4,000 bushels of condemned corn, and anchored
la the middle of the river, was boarded last
night by a party of rebels who came from the
opposite shore In a boat. After setting the
off with them. The schooner was destroyed.
Generals llalleck, Dix, Meigs, and Durnslde
left here tfals morning, alter paying a visit to
General McClellan.
General Marcvs health havlns been restored
he has resumed his duties as chief of the gene
ral's stair.
The flftff Of truce to-dav brought down Ur.
McGregor and Rev. Illram Cldy. Third Con
necticut regiment ; Drs. Stone and Grey, U. H.
A., and Hev. G. W. Dodge, of the Eleventh
Nw York, who were taken prisoners at Ball
llun and just released from prison at Salis
bury, North C-iroUoa.
Latest from General Tope's Division
Camp at Waterloo,
Fauquier County, Va., July 2G.
(Sen. Pope's recent orders have caused great
excitement among tbu citizens of this vicinity,
particularly the latest, In regard to taking the
oath of allegiance. It Is asserted that there are
not more than two men in this connty who
have not taken the oath to support the Southern
Cool wit racy, ttud that rather than renounce
thi-t, men, women, und children express tbilr
determination to go South.
Mrge number ot our soldiers have an Idea
tbat Gen, Pope's orders give them permlfon
to help tbemielve to aovtblnc. Thev have
been roaming through the country ktlUug
chicken, sheep, etc., extensively. Some of
inrm navtug been puniaoea severely oy itietr
officer, such practices have nearly waned.
It Is reported that p-irlles follow the army,
enticing men lo de-ert and fu robbing them
with outfits ot clothing for that purpose. A
large nutrbcr bavlrg deserted within a week
or two past, between forty ai u fifty from the
One hundred and tltib New York, gives color
to tbl-" statement.
Some, doubt I ti. desert lor the nuruoHe. of
j lining other regiments and getting the. bounty
Recruiting officer should govern themvlves
act ordlogty
Latest from Europe.
Vxrr Rah., July J(I Thi sleiHner Edinburg,
uitii ijtvirpool ciiie to me j.ii, tii pa"Hti
Kxlri treixht boat pavsed Cape Hace at 7
p. in. todiy Sbe met the Glasgow Fleering
up me cnaun9i on me morning or mo imn inn.,
and the Arabia ofT Queenstown the night ot
In lh absence of further uah in the Ameri
can paper", there U little to cay In Iur0pe
upou tne war (pientlon.
Tbu news in unimportant.
No cominerchl news received
From Fortress Monroe.
rORTKkH MoRok( July 2'i. The steamer
John Brooks came down Jame rher last even
log with releoeed priouerj from Richmond,
montof whom are either ick cr wouoded
All of them lelt on some eteamer for Toint
Look Oat Hospital this morning.
Dr. J M. Cuyler, the efficient Medicil Direc
tor of the hospitals ut Old Point, left hre last
evening lor Washington to take a promi
nent position elsewhere. General regret 1
expressed at his departure frotn this place.
Dr. Gilbert takes his place here.
Transport with the balance of our prisoners
from Richmond are hourly expected to arrive
1hT is no nws from up the James river
Capture of K-eDel.
Littlk Washington. Va.. Julv 2G Yeittr
day lour guerillai fired upon and wounded two
men. General Williams orderlies, two and a
bull miles from town, ana killed one borse.
They had beeu eatiDg dinner at a farm bouse,
where the proprietor urged them to remain
Captain Dennlxon. of the Mlcbtgau cavalry,
commandicg General VillIam escort, went
ou and brought In elsht VlrginUrs from the
neighborhood, oue of whom wa. a soldier, and
evidence cbowfd that be wai cf tbo party who
fired upon the orderlies within the past three
General Hatch has crowed Swift Kan Gap to
McGaugheysLowu, and thence down tbe-valUy
to Lurnv. wbicn is now occupied by oar forcer.
We met no enemy In force, but brought In
several prisoner".
Jackson Is reprenented trill In the vicinity cl
uoruoutiviue, uppareuuv uwumng our au
Ger. It inks' corps h eligibly sitnited lu u
wtll v. allied anti lertllt locauoti.
Itie whole auny i uu'cionly awuilmg or
ileM iu go ft rward.
Th btst of spirit previll.
A Tirn.sAMt Contraiiamm hate been tent
sent from Norfolk to Gen. McClellan's army, to
unload ve-tseU und build wharves
Gen. Mkauuj-u U creatlug u sensation by Us
patriotic Hpwcbe' in New ork hi olject be
ing to fill up bin liirb brigade, which lo will
soon fio
Tbu ArkunHa-, which i a ram lot wtll on a
gunboat, Is not inoic than bill as large ns t.ne
oi imihs guunoau1; is low una tut, covered
with uouIj1 railway Iron, ( Tral'); built with
slanting sideu without decks or a ty openings
or upertuitN cuv the ports; cirries 'i large
guns, thre ou each fide, two forward and two
alt; had o e chimney; uud looks aim tt, if not
quite, invuiiicritnie. ,ne h ui a ugni brown
or reddir-h brown wi, much like the bunks of
the Mls-drfsippl, uud at a dlsUnce could not
Wt'll tie uifttnguisticd idieiroin.
The Arkansas his a Vi ry heavy und sharp
wrought Iron prow; i'4 weight is reported ut
un ions, luouiru i mink un n mucn exAir-
geraUd; and t-lii could run dowu the Queen,
or any boat In the ram flt-a, us easily as she
could no et:g fcbell.
2o bumau being wai vH ble on ui about her
34 Kbi passed down the river, though her guns
Wrtr- promptly and accurately firud, und her
iiimten sbarpsbooters directed their pieces at
every man they could sen within ranue. The
sharpsboti-rpj wt re very iudiwtriou and ener
getic, and tblr billo weioconiUntly whistling
through thu air, thoutfli theli fhiro uoto was
generally hwulbwd up in tho deep roar or
loiul Hhriek of the h.uvy uhh
A Kfoivknt ok Hnnuim ar CmrAuo -We
leftin, from the HVjUciei'jsf ot St Louis, one
of tho beht Get man dullks cl the I nittil Ktite,
that Mr, IIuHitig.tbe Germ tu fisttltr tf Chicago,
has applied lo ihu l'retident for rnjiiun to
raise u regiment of negroes In Chicago. Mr.
Hewing is mud to he a niuu of Iron energy, cf
indomitable couragu, and a uire talent of or-
gunUatlou, and to hue utijulrtd, by his hu
mane utlitude toward tbt) negro populAtlon,
iheh enthusiastic attachment
From Memphis and V'ioksburg.
Disloyal ClUieisHcqilrMlto tioHoulh.
BwHtnh Atttraplifig to Kradc the Knroll-
Burning of Warehouses.
elxnr of tha U. H. nteamrr Coll I num.
MEHruis.Julr 25. -Major Geuerat Sherman
assumes command of thin cltv on the 2Gth InsU
and will enforce oil orders Issued by his pre
decessors. Four hundred perions took the oath
of allegiance yesterday, and one hundred and
thirty received passes to so South. Many ex
pected mac, upon uenerut snerman 4 arrival,
me oracr requiring mem io take me oatn or
leave would be modlfled. and have delayed tak
ing action until to-day, consequently the pro
vost in ax bars omce nos been tbrongeu uy ap
plicants to solicit patwes to-go South,und tbwe
desiring to take the oath.
Vlcksburg advices to Sunday night, the 20th,
have reached here. Our mortars lu been
shelling the rebel batteries for several hours
with no reply.
Commodore FarraKUt'e fleet silenced all their
guns while running down Iut night.
Tne canal is completed, out the water will
not be let In till the river rUri,
Cairo. Julv 2C. The steamer Wilson, from
Vfcksbunr. arrived lout uluht. When in l'rince
ton Bend, eighty miles above VIcktburg, she
was fired Into from tbo MiMiscIppt s'de by sev
eral six pounders and u score or two of mus
kets, and hit about sixty times, moHtly by miw
ket balls. Oue shell pawed directly under her
Doner, ho one mm.
St. Locis, July 23.- CousMerabl excitement
existed here to day, In touvqueiice of persons
endeavoring io evade tne enrollment. Tbe
British consul's offlco has kceu crowded by a
large number of persons claiming protection
under the British thg, to exempt them from
enrollment among the militia, under the recent
order of the Governor.
An excited crowd gathered around and many
Indignant citizens present were disposed to
furnish the perfidy ol American residents h ay log
Amlllesand their business permanently located
heir, who, lu the hour of peril, seek to sneak
from duty by enrolling themselves as subier-ta
of Great Britain. Several pei sons attempting
to get protection papers were eeverely haudled
by tbe crowd, und numerous urrests were made.
Several affrays and struggles occurred between
tbo disturbers and the policemen, and there
were one or twoatlemp.s ut rerwriance A de
tachment of the provost guard wuh onb ted i ut
and by timely exertion nippirhwd th out
CAino, July "2C The steamer EvansiIIIe.
from the Tennessee river, briugi'nows o! a
renei ram at tioreoce, a labium, un 'nn'H
day, they entered the city and burntnl ull ihe
warehouses used for commlsi)arv and utiartet
master's stores, and all the store, and all tbe
cotton In tbe vicinity, 'lueyntit deiei the
United Slates tteamtr Ci'llimia, ued fur con
veyltig army suppllt's, ucd look id I the money
neionging io me uoai una pass ngers, ami men
burned her.
Tbe property destroyed Is said Mlm of great
value. A small detachment of G u. MilctieH'fl
lat.j army was also captured. They then pro
ceeded down tho Tennessee river lo Cbickaaw
In the vicinity of Eistport they burued nil the
warehouses which contain! cotton Another
band of forty rebels attacked u w agon train
near I'Utsourg sanding, and captured sixty
wagons conveying commisttaty und quarter
master's ttores.
The Rebel Gunboat Arkansas,
The Rebel Braves our Eutlre Fleet
81ie Hiuisthe Gauntlet Unhurt
Tbe moil brilliant aud dasbbg exploit of th
war was bravely executed n few days ngo, In
the Mlaalnsippi. by tbe rebel gunboat Arkansas.
It sterns that fomo tl ue ago she was taken in
an uuOnlshed state from Memphis, up the Yazoo
river; yet none of our ofllcers attempte'd to
learn where she was, or whether tbu reports of
her fuvlnclbtllty were true or false, although
Lieut Col. Ellet urgtd the importance and ne
cessity of a gunboat expedition day utter day,
and even sent up Ihe Queen of the Weiit und
Switzerland to do Ihtf best they could under
tbe circumstances.
No precautions bad been taken to capture; or
destroy tbe new mounter Ihe inmth ol the
Old river wmh not even guarded ; and ho the
Ark mux rnuiH like u thief In the night, albeit
Farnigut had bw u unutliclally uuied (he rebel
gmb'jil would leue Llverputd l.uiding at
mi'luigui un uonJuy, July 14.
At la K idic came when leant looked lor, aud
her poweia have been eeveiely put to tbe teat,
aud have provid wLat has been eluimed for
her the Merrimuc of tbu Aliw-iippi,
We aro Indebted to i be pcciKl correspondent
of tho Uhbmt, utio way uu eye-wit tut, for the
following graphloaccouutot ihe pasftageof tbe
Arkansas through oui fleet, uu 1 tbe contest
wblc'i dukiiuI. Tbe letter is dated " oil Vlf ks
burg, July lfi ;"
On tbo morulugol the liih, itv.urt.lHUr
mine! to make a recounoicsauLe up (1.h Vaoo
river, as far an Liverpool Lundiuif, toteiirn the
situation of tblugs In that locality. Accord'
logly, tbe Iron clad gunboat Caionddet, Capt.
Ilenrv Walke: tho woodcu L'unbuit Tvlir
Capt. Wm. Gwin, and thtt nteam ram Qiiten of
the West, Capt. Joseph Kord, Kit the lijet for
the Yuzoo. They bail not nrocHeded more tlmn
seven miles up the Old river, into which the
Yazoo empties, before they discovered a
strange and mjsterlouM-IookiDg crali dtscend.
ing the stream rather slowly. She was light
brown In color, not mure, than one ball u
large ad one of DayuV r;unboats, and had a
single chimney.
An she approached, tho mysterious stiauger
turntu out io io me mucu-taiked or Arkamtai,
the marine monster, which the rebels bad de
clared would sweep tbe Union flotilla from tbe
In another moment a heavy report was heard
from the enigmatical gunboat, and u huge
round shot wunt bowling ovet the deck of Ihe
Tyler. Another and another followed, und
tbo craft Increased her speed perceptibly, tbe
Tyler meanwhile turning tu give her a broad'
side. Before the Union veu.ul wan In position
tbe enemy was upon her, and dUch urged ibree
guus at her In rapid succerfefou. 'the Tyler
lired ber broadside, but the phot seemed, even
ut that distance, to huve no tUVct on tbe rebel,
while the latter had piercd her opponent in
several places. Tbu ftruuer ws iron clad
and very stropg. No further evidence was
wauliuz to show hew vastly tb wus the i-tine-
rlor ol thH wooden vewhel, which hjoii turned
her bow down stream and eteumed toward the
Mlsflfuippl m rapidly as possible.
htraoge to say, the Arkansas, In spite of her
strength nnd weight, 14 quite fast nearly u
much so m the Tyler and kept very tloee
behind her, firing at regular Intervals, whtl
the Nationalist returned tbe hostile favors with
ber', Horn guns. Alnost every shot of the
enemy did damage; though most of them In
jured the boat only. One roundshot entered
above) tbe ulern notd. aud kilted nnd wounded
eight or ten men, carrying uway the heads of
lour sal lorn who were Mundtng in n line nnd
working thf piece. -
There was every prospect Hie Tyler, would
be ftunk or blown Into the air Yetlier bra to
officers and crew, though they ..regarded t heir
yuumuoufu uecperaie, biui xepi up a respon
sive Ore. Tbe enemy's shot crushed and snlin
U-red her Umbers, and few of the loval hearts
on board expected to escape.
auo iyicr put on an eieam j and suit sue
coma gain mite upon ner pursuer, wnicu fol
lowed with the cruelty of a fury and the direct
uese oi a iaie.
By tbe time tho brave Unionists reached tha
mouth of Old river, eight of her men had been
Kiueu ana seventeen wounded.
The Carondelet had not ascended Old river,
but hod remained at the mouth, while the gun
boat and ram v ent up the stream, and, as she
was Iron-clad, her brave commander and crew
determined. If possible, to stop thu course of
lueir leanui adversary.
Atrroon as the Arkauw appeared In sight,
the Carondelet fired on her, and received her
heavy ordnance in return. Mvenil nhot and
shell passing through the wooden portion of
uu; nanonai snip, ami kilting u men ana
wounding 22. Fur a few minutes the fight was
very brisk, but It soon became evident to Capt.
Walke that he was no match for hit antagon
ist, und he concluded, therefore, tu board her.
An order wa given to that effect, and the
Carandolet ran alongside her Iron foe, and a
number of brave fellows leaped aboard ; but
fiuding there was no apparent possibility of
geitlug below, or Inducing tbe enemy to come
out, they were compel led lo return to their own
vessel. A brave nnd gallant act was theirs,
though, In this Instance, valor did not obtain
its reward.
How violent weie the impnTitluiis ol tlui
sailors when thy dii-covered they could not
reuch their enemies, for whrae lives ihey
Ibirfcted burning to uvetige their companions I
Ihey went back with dejected fated aud terri
ble rage, that longed to wreak Itself upon the
bendi ol tbe rebels. But in valu, for the Ar
kansts steamed off from her antagonist, thongh
not before one of her shot had burst a steam
plpo on the Carandolet. caurimrsoruH torlv or
fifty of her crew to jump overbnaid, and as a
lewoi mem are mining, there H little tloubt
they were drowned, roriunntelv. ni mm wad
scalded, and the pooi fellows who were Inst
were wo victims ni ineiriinn upprenenMous.
The steam ram (Jmvn m the West, finding
that she conld do nulhln? with her form Id Kb I
rival, aleo retired, with the Arkansii niter In
hot haste, occasionally sending a shot ufter her.
The only sign of lite about the moLster was
u thick, heavy columu ut black Miiok- nro
ceudmg from her solitary rbimLey,
sne noon tnminirned tier speed, aud It was
Generally supposed hi wuntd reiiscend lhi
Yazoo. No tine believed she would dun lo
Come doWU tl the ll-et, whele ievti)eil -iuiii
shf'mu-l Im ONerpOWt'leil l,y h in l nnt-
rlor foic"
Thn lion moster did not Mup, howetr, but
continued her course steatlily mi'l slowly tow
aid tmr ene-, kpinj In iit channel, wllh
out turning l.j ih.t ,uu or left, but tiring btr
guiuuitTY few'secoud-iat the neurLvt vespeR
ia.NMtl TUrt flAUNTI.KT.
1'iHmu4 a formidable gauntlet lo inn
I'll teen war vessels uud seven rams. Would
she contend with them ulone Could she hope
to ti-cap n them hII? Bid bu dare to rush
upon her own destruction" From her move
mints, she evidently old.
There were the INrlford and the Richmond,
with tbclr huge batterlen of 2G guns each ; the
Oneida, the lrotjuol-, Wivabfckou, Scioto, 1)4
Soto, und Wyoming, uf Farragut'u Meet j and
the Iron rlad Benton, U-toev, Cincinnati, Louis
ville, Sumter, and Gener il Bragg, ot UavisV fto.
tilla, with the rams Switzerland, Queen ol tbe
West, Lancaster, Mingo, Lioness, Hornet, and
Fulton. This formidable array had no terrors
for the Arkansas, bbe moved ou ai If they had
not been there : and many of the officers of the
fleet were for a moment lost In wonderment at
tbe extreme boldness ot her mol perillous at
tempt. Ai she moved dowu, one ol i'lirraul's
guiiboats open d fire upon her ; I ben another
aud nuotbtr. Whether they struck ber or not,
1 could net perceive : but their shot could not
have, harmed liti rhe replied promptly, and
tbe fire soon grtw warm.
The hot summer morning thrilled with the
rox of tbo battle; und the shells went hissing
through the nir liko groat serpents, writhing
den true lively through ppace. The few silences
were Impressive almost awful ; and I conld
hardly turn my eyes away from tho small,
slraoge, fearlem mil descending Ihe river
with the black trail above und behind her, and
tbe baleful flash of her hteadily-ieplying guns.
ToV Arkansas soon arrived where several of
tbe rams were lying, and tbe Laoctwter turned
to butt her. Ju-t as the ram had presented her
bide, tbu rebels fired two ot ber guns, uud In
stantly tdeum In great volumes was t-een to
pour out ot the Lancaster. Tho mud -receiver
of tbe ram had exploded, but with bow fatal
an effect was unknown.
The casualties bain riuco beeu ascertained
to be U In killed, wounded nnd in Inning.
The oi her rami had not wifflclent steam to do
uy damage, -uid were compelled, therefore, to
let the enemy go by.
A flkltr, crowded tiitn utmost r inanity, put
orf from the Ltncasler, but before tbe reached
tbe shore ebu miuk; but nearly all her Inmates,
(some VI or 11,)iave two or thn e, were picked
up by tuga th it went lo their aNiitance,
Tbe Lanciter In Nverely Injured by Dm
Arkaucan' shots, ami eeemed tj In nLiug. 8he
made ilgnals ot distreMt, und the Hwii7erlnnd,
Queen ol the West, and Ch impiuu No. li wont
to her uld ard lowed her up tbe river, down
which she hud been for noine time helplessly
drifting. J
Tbe Richmond and Hurt lord fired u uumber
of gum) ai tbo dangerous enemy pawed ; but,
strange lu sy, gave her no maguitioent broad
side, om 1 bad expected they would.
The Oaelda blazed; the rinmternnd General
Bragg let ofr their Dablgrens; Farragul'tf gun
Itoats threw pondutou- thoL; the ClncuiuaiTand
Louisville thundered; ihe lssex and Benton
howled forth their rage, in the shape nf immense
shell, ut thu arch fott
But the arch foe lieiituted not, reckitd not,
turned uot aside.
Onward and foi ward the Arkansas moved, u
it nil j wtie coiered with the armor cf luvlucl
bility, uud beyond the power ot harm. Again
and again her guns flashed, tohe pild her re-
spexta tit all, and the water, and tbo trees, and
tbu nbuit'H bur.) the in irks ol itm full lug t-hot
In thu dntaiit forst a llvu tik was rent us by
a tbundet bolt, and iu the remote fields tbe
earth wai pljwed up byubbull im 11 a mine
bad txpluded in the curth.
'1 be nceii- ws nrand ttnd ituiireive. It wui
sad, howevti, to u loyal spirit to orwene Ibe
Indolent but leurleas fuu pilug tin long line
ot fiio iricalhed- running the dangerous
gauntlet without receiving nu apparent wound.
Atier bdo nad paftsea an mo uniou vei-sels, she
sent back their thota iKHiutly, und ul Un din
appeared around the head ot tbe penln-ula, und
ran under the guns of onu of the wattr batteries
ot Vlcksburg, where she hud been unxlously
uxpec'Led aid wberuthe must htvu been re
cti ed wllh profuse welcome he merited
sueh wclcuiut', und, even hough an enemy, we
award her ptalse fur her biilhuut diring in a
ItiuBt uiiht.ly caue.
Dfntau Co.w bstion. The auuual conven
tion of Aineilcau Benllsts will sit thirj year at
Trenton Fulld, uu Tuesday, August Mb, at 10
o'clock a. m., and will continue In semlon sev
eral days
r.,iin.Rit n innu- ii.inrinnnp1 la soon
Corcoran, so long imprisoned, la soon
nlflubfut '
lo be released
By the Presideit of the Uitted Mates of
. ' . T- 1
In puriu&ncs'of the sixth seoUon of the act
or Congress entitled "An act to suppress Insur
rection, to punish treason and rebellion, to
sole and conflsoate tho property of rohels,
saHl.ior otherperpo8et,i''npprtnred July 17,
mi, and which act, and the Joint resolution
explanatory thereof, uro herewith published.
-AorDain-lt,0;o,.l,resldent of lhe,Uolleti
states, do hereby proclaim to and warn all por
sons within tho contemplation of said sixth see
tlon to cease participating lo, aiding, counts
rmncing, or abetting the existing rebellion, or
any rebellion, against, the Government of the
United States, and to return to their proper al
legiance to the United Stale, on pain of the
forfeitures kjiJ seizures ns within nod by said
sixth section provided.
In testimony whereof 1 have hereunto set rov
hand and caused the seal of tho United Btates
to bo affixed,
Boue at the City of Washington, this
twenty-fifth day of July, In the year 'of
(l. s. our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and sixty-two, and nf the Independence
tf the United Btates the elghty-Roventh,
Abraham Lincoln.
By tbe President :
William II. Bcwarii, Secretary f State.
Public No. lfiO.)
AN ACT to suppress Insurrection, In punish
treason and rebellion, to eelze and oonnsoale
the property of rebels, and lor other pur
poses. Be U cnacteJ by the Amaie and Mount of Rtn
resmlattvta of th UnUetl Watts of America iu
(bnijress assembled. That every perron woo
shall hereafter commit the orlmo of treason
against the United States, and shall bo adjudged
guilty thereof, shall suffer death, and all tils
slaves, f r any, shall he declared nnd made free;
or, at the discretion of the court, he shall be
Imprisoned lor not less than flvu years, nnd
lined not less than ton thousand dollars, and all
bis staves. If any, shall bo declared and roado
free; said fine shall bo levied aud collected on
anyorhtlof the property, real and porsboal,
excluding slaves, of which tbe said person so
convicted was the owner at the tlmo of com
mitting the said orime, any sale or conveyance
to the contrary notwithstanding.
Sec. 2. And be U further enacted, That If any
person shall hereafter Inoite, Ret on foot, assist,
or encase In anr rebellion or insurrection
ngalnst the authority of the United States, or
the laws thereof, or shall give Hid or comfort
thereto, or shall engage tn, or give aid and
comfort to, any such existing rebellion or In
surrection, and be convicted thereof, such per
son shall tie puulshed by Imprisonment fur u
penoauoi exceeding ion years, or nya nne not
exceeding ten thousand dollars, and by the
iinorauon oi uu nis staves, u any ne nave; or
by both of said punishments, at the discretion
of ihe court.
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted. That every
person guilty of either of the offences described
in this act un ui be forever Incapable and dis
qualified in hold any ofiloe under tbe United
Sec. -I And be , fur'her enacted, That this
.it i liull int be conrttrud lu any way to affect
or alter Ihe provcui ion, cuuviotlon, or punish
ment of mi, person nr nersous tulttv of treason
iiK'tiiirit tho United States before the passage of
iu in hci, uiiioss sucu person is conviciea unaer
this act.
Sec. fi. And be it farther enacted. That, to
Insure the speedy termination of tho present
rebellion, It shall be tho duty of the President
of the Unitod Btates to cause tbe seizure of all
the estate and property, money, stocks credits,
and effects of the persons hereinafter named In
this section, and to apply and uso tho same and
me pruceeas lasrooi lor me support oi me
army of the United States; that Is to say:
first. Of iny uerson hereafter actlnirHs un
officer of tho army or navy of tho rebels In
arms againm me uovornment or mo unitoi
Soconlly. Of any person hereafter noting as
rresiaeni, vice rremaeni, roemoer or uon
gress, Judge of any court, cabinet officer, for
eign mlnlslor, rommlssloner or consul nf tho
no-e itlled Confederate Rlitten of America.
Thirdly. Of any person acting as (lovernor
of a State, member of a Convention or Legisla
ture, or judge of any court of any of the so
called Confederate States of America.
Feurthly. Of any person who, having held
an omce of honor, trust, or profit tn the Untted
Mates, shall hereafter bold an offlco In the Re
called Confederate States of America.
Fifthly. Of any person hereafter holding any
office or agoncr under the Government of the
so-called Uonieaerato states of Amorica, or
under any oi tne several mates or tne said Uon
fedoracy, or the laws thereof, whether such
office or Keener be national. Siato. or muni
cipal iu its namo or character: Proetded, That
ine persons iniraiy, louriniy, ana uitniy above
de sc rl ho dV shall have accepted their appoint
ment or election since tbe date of tho pre
tended ordioan co of secession of the Btate, or
shall have taken an oath of allegiance to, or to
support tho constitution of, the so-oalled Con
federate Slates.
Sixthly. Of any person who, owning property
in any foyal State or Territory of the United
States, or in the District of Columbia, shall
hereafter HBslst and give aid and comfort to
such rebellion; and nil salea, transfers, or con
veyances of any such property shall be null
and void; nnd It shall be a sufficient bar to any
suit brought by suoh person for tho possession
or the use of such property, or any or it, to
allege and prove that ho Is one of the persons
described In this section.
Sec. G. And bt UfurUier enacted, That If any
porson within any Btate or Territory of the
United States, other than those named us afore.
said, after tbo ihiasage of this act, being en
gained In armed rebellion against tbe Govern
ment of tho Untted States, or aiding or abetting
such rebellion, Bball not, within sixty days aftor
public warning und proclamation duly given
and made by tbe President of tbe United States,
cease to aid, countenance, and abet suoh rebel
lion, and return to his allegiance to the United
States, nil the estate and property, moneys,
stocks, und credits of such person shall be ha-
Die losoiure as aioresaia, ana n snail ne tno
duty or the President to seize and use them as
Nforesald or tho proceeds thereof. And all
sales, transfers, or conveyances ol anysuoh
property after the expiration of the said sixty
daj s from the date of such warning and procla
mation ltall be null and void; and It shall be a
Buflloientbar to any suit brought by such per
son fur the pussoHslon or tbe use ot such pro
perty, or any or it, to allege and prove that be
Is one ol tbe persons described In this section.
Sec. 7. And be U further enacted, That to
secure the condemnation and sale of any of
such property, after the same shall have been
seized, so that it my be made avallabto for the
furnoto aforesaid, proceedings in rem shall be
UHtltuted In tho name of the United fitatfl In
any district oourt thereof, or In any Territorial
uourt, or in the United States district court
ior inn uisinci m e;uiuniuia, wiimn wnicn ine
property above described, or any part thereof,
may be found, or Into which the same, il
moveable, may first be brought, which nro.
ceedlngrffcballconlorm, an nearly as maybe,
to proceedings in admiralty or revenue oases:
and if Bald property, whether real or porsonal,
shall bo found to have belonged in m nrnn
engaged In rebellion, or who has given aid or
comiori inereio, ine same snail oe condemned
an enemies' property, and become the proper
ty ot tho United Slates, and may ba dismtsAd
of us the court shall decree, and the proceeds
uioreui pum iuu iuu .treasury i me united
States for the purpoturt utoreaafd.
Sec. fl. Ami be it further enacted, That the
several rourut aforesaid shall have power to
make such orders, establish such forms of de
cree and walo, and direct such deeds and con
v cj anoes to be executed and delivered by the
ii arshals thereof where real estate shall be tbe
subject of sale, us shall fitly and etllciently effect
the purposes of this act, and vest In the pur
dinners of such propurty good and valid titles
thereto. And tho Bald courts shall havo power
to allow suoh fees and oharges of their o racers
asBhRllbe reasonable and proper In the pre
mises. Nc. ;, And be it further enactul, That all
rtUvcfl of nnrsims who Bhsll hereafter ba en.
gaged In rebellion against the Government of
in e uimea mates, or wno suan in any way give
aid or romfort iberoto, escaping from such
porsona and talcing retuge within the lines nf
itm army; and all slaves captured from such
persons nr deserted by Them and coming under
ihe rontrol of the Government of the Unitml
Mates, and all slaves of such persous found on
lurj ooiny wiimn any piaco occupied by rebel
loroos and mterward occupied by the forces of
the United Stales, shall be deemed captives of
war, and shall be forever free of thoir servl-
nine, ami noi again nem as slaves,
S'.c. 10, And bt ii further enacted. That no slave
raping Into any State, Territory, ur tbe Dls.
trlcl of Columbia, from any other State, shall
Iia ilAlivnr.d iin.nr fn inr VHrlmnartwl nr titn.
d.re of his llbertr. eio.Dt for crime, or iomo
offence ngelniil the law, unltu toe penou
claiming ,nld fugitive ebulfinlmike oatn that
ine person u wnom to, UDor or eernoe oi auca
iusiiit. i.mi.kvu "' u.aa.i.Bi.iawiuiiiwuor.
and baa not borne arma agalnet the United
States In tbe present rebellion, nor In any way
glren aid and comfort tMreto; and no person
eocagaa in we military or naval service 01 iqb
Udted Btate, akall, under anr pretence what
ever, assume In decide on the validity of the
claim of any person to the service or labor of
any outer person, or etirronner up any siico
person to .tba claimant, on pain oi -being dls.
missed from the service,
fcko. 11. And be U furihtr eruxctnl That tie
rresiaeni or tne untied matea is aumorizeu to
employ as many .persons of Afrloaadesoent aa
ne hiay deem necessary and proper for the
suppression of this rebellion, and for tbls pur
pose he mar organize and use them In such
manner aa be may Judge beat for the publlo
welfare. ,
See. 12. AndbtU furihtr tnadtJ, That the
President of the United States Is hereby au
thorized to make provision for tbe transporta
tion; colonization, and setllomont, In some tro
Steal country beyond the limits of the United
tales, of suoh persona of the African race,
made free by the provisions of this act, aa may
be willing to emigrate, having first obtained
the consent of tho Government of said coun
try to tbeir lirotflcllon and settlement within
tbe same, with all the rights and privileges nf
Sec. III. And be it furihtr enacted, That the
President Is hereby authorized, at any time
hereafter, by proclamation, tfl extend to per
sons who mar have participated In tbe exist
ing rebellion In anr Htate or nart thereof, oar-
don and amnesty, wltb such exceptions and at
nuuu iimo ana on sucn conauione aa ne may
deem expedient for tbe publlo welfare.
Sec. 14. And bt it further enacted, That the
uourta of the United Btates shall have full pow
er to Institute proceedings, make orders and
deorees. Issue process, and do all other things
necessary to carry this act Into effect.
Approved, July 17,1802.
f I'cblio Ktaoix-riON No. 64.1
JOINT RESOLUTION explanatory of "An act
to suppress Insurreotlon, to punish treason
and rebellion, to seize and oooBsoate the
property of rebels, and fur other purposes."
Resolved oy the Senate and llcwe cf Represent
atives of the Untted States of Ar.wrtc In Congress
assembled, That the provisions of tbe third
cUuse ol tbo flfth section of "An act to sup-
Kesi Insurreotlon, to punish treason and re
lllon, to seize and oonflaoato the property of
rebels, and for other purposes," akan be so
construed as not tu apply to any aot or acta
done prior tn tbo passage thereof, nor to In
olude any member of a Btate Legislature or
Judge of any Btate court whn baa not, in accept
ing or entering upon his office, taken un oath
tn support tbe constitution of the so called
"Coniederate Btates ol America;" nor shall any
punishment or proceedings under said act be
so construed aa to work a forfeiture of tbe real
eatato of the fffender beyond his natural life.
approved, juiy 17, itiiiz.
d.ntral Urdtrs, No. 80.
War DurAKTaiEM-,
Adjutant GratiUL's Omen,
Wisnixarox, July 28, 1862.
I. The following order of the President of the
United Slates communicates Information of tbe
death of Ex President Martin Van Buren ;
Wishinoton, July 25, I8C2.
Tho President, with deep regret, announces
to the people of tbe United States tbe decease,
at Klnderhook, New York, on the 24th Instant,
of his honored predecessor, Martin Van Bnren.
This event will occasion mournicp; In tho na
tion for the loss of a citizen nnd a public servant
wnose memory will De gratefully cherished.
Although It bos occurred at a time when bis
country Is afflicted with division and civil war,
the grief of bis patriotic friends will measur
ably be assuaged by the consclousncra that,
while Buffering with disease and seeing his end
approaching, his prayers were for the restora
tion of the authority of the Government cf
wnicn ne nau Decn tne neaa, and for peace and
good will among his fellow citizens.
Aa a mark of respect lor bla memory, It Is
ordered that tbo Executive Mansion and the
several Executive Departments, excepting those
ol tbe War and Navy, be Immediately placed
In mourning, and all busineu on suspended
during to-morrow.
It Is further ordered that the War and Navy
Departments cause suitable military and naval
uonnrs 10 iw pain on tnis occasion 10 tbe mem
ory of the Illustrious dead.
Abuauam Lincoln.
II. On tho day after the receipt of this order
tho troops will be paraded at 10 o'clock a. m,
and the order read to them. The national Dag
will be dlrplayed at ball staff. At dawn of day
thirteen guns will ba fired, und afterwards, at
Intervals of thirty minutes, between riling and
setting san, a single gun; and at the close of
the day a national salute of thirty-four guns.
The officers of the army will wear crape on the
left arm and on their swords, and the colors ol
the several regiments will be put tn mourning
for the period of six months.
Dy order of the Secretary of War:
UTuomih, Adjutant General.
Adjutant UentraVs Ojjict,
Washington, July 2f, 1862.
Uuptain W. 1). Link,
Mustering Officer, Uarrisburg, 1'enn.
The call by Gov. Curtlu for nine and twelve
months' men was made wilhout previous con
sultation or direction of the President or War
Department, and, having been mode, It was
deemed by the President and by the Depart
ment better to accept such troop, as were of
fered under that cull. But It Is proper to be
noticed that the law does not allow any bounty
to Ihe nine months' men, except tho twenty
flvu dollars paid at tho time of being mustered
Into ttrvlce. Tbe remaining scveuly-tlve dol
lars is only payable to thuBe who enlist for
three years, or during the war.
L. Tuovis, Adjutant General.
Assistant Adjutant General.
An AbsiaiidlnK flatter Liberal u.vrd
ior in. Apprentmslon,
Wasuimitun, July 2C. -The following has
just been Issued :
HEiuquAnnas Army oy Viruinm,
Woshinirtnn. Jnlw ?l! iftf?
tiaotalu Samuel L. Harrison, of the Nlnptv.
Dllh regiment New York volunteers, Is reported
uv ua cuminuoaing general as oaving aeserted
his company, on the 21st of this month, and
gono to New York, a rtmord of five cents I,
uereuy ouereu ior nis appreueuston.
Uy order of MiJou Ginerai. Pope.
Gioruk D. UcnuLKd,
Chief of Staff.
T I A It It II 111 A UkHhUI,
Prepered and hoM by
A. C. MAdUIBi:, Druggist,
St Louis, Mtsuurl.
Sold la Washington Cl.y. by
ClTABLEa SIOTT, Drugglet,
No 8'6, 1'eaniylvanla avenue,
nearly opposite National llotel.
Army Sutlers,
No, 603, Seventh street west
Jy Jl-lm I
Tha Its .ts Railway,
Great Interest Is manifested In this must Im-
fiortant local Improvement. Tbo traok la now
aid qearly to tbe Circle except the curves on
Plftsenth street. These will tie nomnloted. we
understand, by to-night, and it Is expected that
to-morrow the oara will commence running
from the Capitol to the Circle. Mr. James II.
Upperman, who for firteen years has beon the
popular and efllcient agent of the omnibus
ooach line, has been appointed agent for the
Washington starting point near tha Capitol.
Complaint lim often been made In other cities
nn account of the Injury which the rails prn.
duce to prlvato vehicles. The trouble has been
that the carriage wheela when crossing tho
track diagonally would get caught between the
rails, and In some Instances an axle liaa been
broken by this means. This waa the complaint
against Mr. Train's oelebrated'rallway In Eng
land, and whloh caused It to be taken up. Dut
the rail here Is an Improved pattern not so
deep, and beveled on the Inside so that little
resistance to carriage wheela la felt. They
have now been laid long enough to test this
matter, and aa we bare heard no complaint ou
this score, wo conclude tbat they will operate
1 1
1h KinanelpattonComtuliilon.ri. -
On Friday the following persona obtained
their free papers under the amended aot, Ceo.
K. II. Day, Ksq., appearing aa counsel: Char
lotte Drown and Orange Harbor ami his wife.
On Baturday, Mary Thomas and her child
Mary Catherine Thomas, Ellen Martin, Ann
I'lneo, Mary Thomas, sen., Washington Uhllds,
Helen Darber, Julia Ann Billings and John Bil
lings, were also freed through the exertloos of
Mr. Day as counsel.
A certain owner recently presented claims
for an old woman seventy years of age, subject
to phthlsla and otherwise Infirm, recently de
ceased. The commissioners candidly told blm
thtt ho need not trouble himself about her
value, for they could attach no value to tbe
services of suoh a slave, much to tbe chagrin
of the late owner.
rait Riding.
Jnl.n Homier, a German, was arretted last
evening for riding at a furious rate down
Seventh atreet, In the Seventh ward. He told
the ofhoer tbat he waa a messenger for the
Government, and he must not stop blm. But
the officer considered reckless driving endan
gering tbe Uvea of children, no part of a mes
senger's duty, and ordered hlra 10 move along.
Being somewhat " boozy," he reslstsd; but the
officer forced bim along to the station-house,
and locked him up for a hearing In the morning.
Quite un excitement waa caused, in the neigh
borhond, by his resistance. -
Commission li.vokait.
We understand tbat the commission of N.
Callan, Esq., aa commissioner nf deeds for the
Stato or Wisconsin, In this city, has been re
voked for the reason of want of sympathy with
the Uovornment. Mr. Callan was a candidate
on the " conditional Union" ticket for Alderman
at the late election, and Wisconsin knows no
"conditions" to loyally, and favors no sympa.
thy wltb the enemies of the Government. Ifall
the deparfmenta of the Government were ad
ministered upon the Bame rigid principle, a
spsedy change would be made in the character
of this city and District.
The W. T. A. Union.
A meeting under the auspices of this soolsty
waa held at tbe music stand In the Capitol
grounds, yesterday arternoon. A good audi
ence waa In attendance. Mr. John Mills pre
sided, and interesting remarka were made by
Mr. Darius Forbes, of Maine; Justice Clayton,
of thta oity, and others. Several persons signed
the pledge.
Permanent arrangements having been made,
meetings will tin hefrl Mt IhA ma nl.n. -..a...
Sabbath afternoon during pleasant weuther.
Alex. Barnett waa arrested In Purdy'a saloon
on Baturday, by Officer Kelly, or the Fourth
ward, charged with picking a soldier's pocket.
The soldier's pocket book, containing 13.1U,
waa found on the rascal's person. Ho was
taken before Justice Walter, who sent him tn
Jail for court.
A Uoose Arrtkt.il.
We found the followlog police report on Sat
urday: "A goose, arrested by offloor II , of
Fourth ward, about 2 o'clock, on Pennsylvania
avenue. Charge-street walking. Complain
antgentleman de Afrlque. Taken before
Justice Waller. Sent to the workhouse to be
disposed or Anally noxt Christmas."
A llaptlsni
SWe learn that the Rev. J. S. Kennard admin
lered the ordinance of baptism, according tn
the forms of tho Baptist church, at the Shilnh
church, on the Inland, yesterday afternoon .tt
six o'clock
On Sunday morning, at ten minutes past twn
o'clock, AaiKDi, the boloved wife of L. Straub,
aged 27 years.
The friends and acquaintances nf the lamily
are requested to attend the funeral, at cloven
o'clock to day, from her late residence, ou
Sixth street, between N and O.
OK It I CI All.
Washington, Jan. 2 lfC2.
The Secretary of State will hereafter receive
members of Congress on business on Saturduys,
commencing with Saturday, the first ol unxl
IKS. The Library of Coagreu will he cloard from
July Slit 10 September lit.
it " Librarian,
r Batchelnr'i Hair Dye Til. Il.st lu
h. World William A. Batehelor's celebrated
llalr Dye prodaees a eotor net ts be dlitinguUhcd
from Bstuie; warraotad not to Injure the lialr In tbe
lean; remedies the UI effects of bad dyei, and lovia
orates the llalr for life. OBEY KKD.or BUSlV
IIAIIt, ustanUy tares a splendid Black or Brown,
leaving the hair soft and beautilal. Sold by all
Drmrglnts, io '
-The Genuine- is .lined WILLIAM A.
jAt uiuuajh, m Me our ium of tath bun.
orr, No. 81 Barclay street, (Late 13 Broad
4ie Bond,) New York my 13 I y
way and
arbvon'i naametic Ins.ee 1'owil.r,
Teited Ior 19 yean and grows In favor. It kills) and
exterminate) Boachce, Bed Bugs, Ants, Vleu,
Moths la Cloths, run and Furniture, urdn In.
sects, An All gsnulae bears the signature of K.
Lvon, and it not nouoaow to tvrjoru or tloaustia amvialt
Beware of counterfeits sndlmlutlona
Lvoa'e Powder kills all liiecu la a trice,
Lvon's rills are death to rati and mine.
Bold everywhere U 8 UAHNK.S.
apso TTS3m
202 Broadway, Mew York.
, jEr-Hpaela.1 Notice On and alter Tuesday,
April l.iUM. the trains ou tn. Baltimore and Ohio
Itailroad will uonunenoe running dally, (Suodaya
excented.) leavlns thta titatlnn ut 1 an m
conneoUng at Washington Junction wtlh Mall
rain ior au iians oi tue we1 via Wheeling or
1 arkenburjr. Ihrouirh tlaknta anM !,. a-
aIimV-, u u aufra. .
M. of Transportation B. ft O. B. U.
Hter ft Q lobe
ap t-dtf
Subscribers to th. It.uublioan, In
Georgetown or the eeventb ward (Island) who rail
to receive their papers regularly will oblige the
sgent, q K Delphey, by leaving notice at Mr.
Shepherd's bookstore, corner Seventh and 1) itieets,
when alt dsllnqueooiei wilt be promptly attended
W- may a
AiHJnlon Prayer noting. The Union
Prayer Meeting wul be held every afternoon thu
week. In New York Avenue caurch, (ltev. Dr. Our.
ley'i,) commenting at a o'clock, and continuing one
hour, . Jy2
jrarWestan'a I-roKr.ia or Nlavery.-Coplea
or thta werk are for iaie at the omce ortho Kalmiat
tVrpuUtuin Pamphlet edition, .ft cents Bound
edition, tnoent
lliCI.JtlUOI.U'K KXTllMJl' lltlCIIII.
BELMBOLDB F.X'IUA i,u't!,,S,WlJ1(E"0
Tills'. rinis'A r ntituuTtn
HELMBOLDS JawUS gffc,S,iaUK,m0
Aid iMMlim wjJ Bpcollle remedy ior Diku. ot the
...,., nuiivvi, urww, Uroiwy.
And til DlMuei of toe Urinary OrsDii.
Ulti Mnd for tha m.li(n at Ann. U
vewart w oounicrfesu.
JeO Su.
riiysieian anil Utnllit.
Offloe,No 61 K street, near the Circle.
111. ZAPPONKeantlnn.a tn .. I-..-....,
Medical htudaatTaml n.l.V I. f '..""!." V."."u?."
y, Cliimlstry, UeolKy,llatany,and varleuothsr
braucueeofaunaoe oonnected with medicine. Jy 4
For the convenience of the holders In tills city!
notea ot the above Bank will be ledeeiaeu a "oar
counter, la United Stiles Treasury Notes, V In
rurronl filarial ' '"
Bauksrt, (M ra. tveaae.

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