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NO. 258J
V "Wt 'W ' Ur- 'r' '' ' W
V '7" IT itl M" '
N- ' . - - - IW ,
To thi Editor of Ihijftttioml Rtpulliian! v
My Interest Id the emancipation and colo
iiization of tbo free people of color baa caused
me to giro aerloaa consideration to this' rab
jcct for Hoveral yean.
My deslro has been to find a locality (or tbo
lolorrd man, contiguous to the United States,
wlkre nucha settlement might bo Initiated,
as would lead ultimately to the founding an
impiro of his own nationality.
I am entirely satisfied that Oentral Amer
ica la not only better adapted to this enter
prise, than any other part of thla continent ;
nut that the African people of thla country
niu destined to become eventually tbo domf-
mint and governing race of all tropical Amer
ica. From thla view, it la not eaay io orer-wtl-mate
tbo ini'dai itip In so vast a work. The
cucccm not merely of the first settlers, who
might compose the colony, but tho fate of
succeeding generations, Depends upon toe wis
dom and virtue witch attempt to start Into
life a schema having for its object the re
demption and tlovation of a distinct pnoplc.
While the coll and cllmato of Central
America would render many parts of it at
tractive for an initial colony, tho weakness of
tbu uor.ernmenis in tnose countries is sucn
that, with the exception of British Honduras,
there U not a spot where this would not to
day prcFent an Insuperable objection against
any iHort to lentfit the colored peoplo of this
country by a removal there.
Kxccpt in British Honduras, it would be
absolutely cccefsury to purchtso by treaty
the right to protect the colony, (rum the fact
that tho-n Governments are unable to afford
it; and without which, the condition of these
people would be in no respect advanced be
yond what it now is in the Southern States.
This cost of purchase, together with a large
annuil expenditure for the maintenance of its
iro. eminent, would iuvolvo a pecuniary Dor-
!en which the American people would be most
iiQwiiiing to assume, especially at una time,
and which no friend of colonization hore has
nor contemplated.
Hence it is that, for many months, my re-
I'uuctica tuve been directed to urltisn iton
I ua.1, as affording an easy and practical solu
tion of the whole question.
TLeio the colony would be under the jutis
ii.etion of a stable and powerful Government,
li iecdly not only to us, but to the enterprise
itself; and not only friendly to emigration,
bit recently has enacted colonization laws
tor the purpose of receiving the very class of
personi which it is the Interest anal purpew
of this country to furnish. There our emi
grants would find themselves, at once, upon
an entire social and political equality with
the native and British residents, efcd protec
tion to life, liberty, and property perfect.
British Honduras is nearly central of all
the countries bordering on tho Carribean Sea,
ind is destined to become the Mediterranean ol
tho Western Hemisphere.
Stand Creek lands, to which public attcn
tion has recently been given, embraces one
nunarca ano nity square miles, situated on uw
Carribean Sea, and distant from all the prin
cipal ports of tLe United States, by steam,
iroru tour to seven days.
It is in the direct track ol all vessels trading
to the Central American ports, and the com
mercial cities upon tho tooth shore of the
Carribean Sea; so that emigrants could reach
that destination upon the ordinary commercial
vessels employed in tho trade of that and the
adjoining countries, thus affording frequency
ol intercourse and cneapcess 01 transportation.
Special charters of vessels would not be
icquircd, and a settlement trace fairly inaugu
rated, upon this locality, the passage from
any of tho' Stales, to the colony, would be
effected as readily and as cheaply as upon any
of our great western lakes. The expente of
the passage would be from 82 to $10, accord
ing to the accommodations furnished, which
would bo eo trifling that it would readily be
borne by the emigrants themselves.
All the natural products of the East Indies
nuy be grown with facility on these lands, and
transferred to our commercial marts in ten
lays, instead ol tin monthi, as is now required
Irom tho Indies. It will be, in effect, to create
a new India; and with such material as we
havo now to Btart the enterprise, it seems fait
to ceneve a great era in mo History oi toe col
ored race has been reached, and a new and
mighty Industrial empire is about to dawn
upon the world.
Anna Eu.a Caiuioli..
September 22, 1802.
Ihe ktlcls Incltlnp; the Insllaiaa tollc
botuon. At a recent oounell of the Heoomonee In-
-rflans, bull at Klahena, Witconsln. some re.
mirkaMe ataUmente wore made. One of the
cMcf (Ueh-rbi ks-nilo) bald tbat Dandy, the
chief cf tbe Winnebagoes, bad told blm that a
blow nan to be struck this summjr at the wblti
brttlers, tbat be (Dandy) bad commualoated
with tbe secessionists of tbe South, and tbat all
the tribes oi tbe Northwest were torlooUls
summer and make common cause with tbt
rebels. lie tald further, tbat If tbe Menomo
nees would lolathe m, they would be croteottd
by lbs South, but irthey would Pot, lbs other
tribes would make war on them and extermi
nate them, several other cblera followed with
slmll.tr revolutions of the consslraov concealed
against tbe whites at tbe Instigation of the
ribels. Tbero was a general and irallfvlnir
exprrecion of loyalty among the Menomoneee
ac tbe meeting and a determination on tho part
of tbe chief i to remain faitbful to their treaty
obligations and peaceable towards the whiles.
llie till II bod. Iitanil ll.glraent Lieut.
Col, Curtis.
Tbe 4th Rhode Island regiment was very
tartly cut np in the battle of Sbarpsbirg, Md.,
losing all bat about two hundred of Its men,,
and nearly all Its Held and line cfflors. Lieut.
0 )1 Curtis and Capt. Baffrem, of this regiment,
when it was withdrawn, took unsketa and car
tridge boxes from dead eo'dlers, joined the 31st
ivnnsyivamo, ana lougni ids oattrs out, esea
;lng uaburt.
Meut. Uol. Cirlls entered tbe regiment as
Adjiiant, with the rank of Lieutenant ; he
loug'.t at Roanoke Irltnd uodar Buroslde, and
was promoted to the Lieutenant Oolonelor at
Ibennuest of bis General. Be Is a son of the
late Uiorge Curtis, President of tbe Continen
tal Bank, ol tills city, and formerly an engineer
on tbe Oentral l'atk Ha Is evidently tbe right
Maa oi man .new sqtk juommg srot.
A little clrl about Ave years old who has a
brother In one of tbe Philadelphia regiments,
una v,co nas oeen taugoi oy ner metasr to sat
bar prayers on going to bed at nlgbt, wai told
sne oe-gut w rruirmuvr uor urmuvi iq oer pray
ers on ro'oj to bed at nlgbt, but nothing fur
ther was suggested. Tbe next nlsbt, on retiring.
tbe little one h her prayers said, "Ob, Lord;
1st brother Joe shoot the olhets, but don't let
the others snoot J oe."
rrt'fflVhlN'sW York hrtnlaf Poit '
Emigration (o the United flates,
-, Tl, I , .
leerstAir awrfls Clrealar toHr Dlplo
M1- .A.WHtHT.t
Comtneaii of tlie French Press.
u ThS followfnff circular hu hMn u)i1ruvl
by Secretary Seward to all tbe agents. nd
oonsuls of the United States : y
" DtriiTKiirr or Etiti.
Washington, August 8, I8C2.
"To (As Dlp'omalto and Consular Offlari oftht
vnuta ouatt injonum eouiurus,'
" At no former period of our history bava
our agricultural or mining Interests been mors
prosperous than at ibis Juncture. The fact
may be deemed surprising In view of the en
hanced price for labor occasioned by tbe de
mand for the rank and file of tbe United States.
It may, therefore, be confidently assorted tbat,
even now, nowhere else can tbe ladnstrlous
laboring mm and artisan expect so liberal a
recompense for his services a la the Dolled
States. Ton are authorized and directed to
make these truths known lo any quarter, and
In any way which mar lead to lis migration
of snob persons to this oountry. It Is bf listed
tnai a Knowledge or inem win alone snraca to
cause them to be acted upon. The Govern
ment naa no legal autnonty to cmr any pecu
niary Inducements to tbe advent of Industrious
foreigners. Wiluim U. Stwisn '
Tbe Paris Trust of Bintember 4 publishes
a copy of this circalor, furniebed by Gonial
uigoiow, ana gives n a warm approval, a
" bsstens to recommend to those of our work
Incmsn and these are oount4 by tbontands
who with horror res the approach of winter,
ana witn mat season toe rigors or a lorceos'is
pension of labor, to respond to this appeal snd
to cross the Atlantic. Tbev will thus secure
their families, through the benefits of blab
wages, abundant supplies. We admit tbat tbe
circular of Mr. Seward meets, on our part, wltb
lessfnthn'laso. We therefore recommend t)
the French workIbgmn, notwltbstasdlng
degree ol omfort acquired readily and a for
tune for some of tbem at least,' which tbu
Prtttt holds oat as a mirror' before tbelr eyes,
to be on tbelr gunrd respecting tbe promises of
tbe American Government It would bare
tetmed Decenary, for Instance, under tbo pre
sent circumstances, tbat tbe circular of Mr.
tieward sboald have lurormed us whether the
wages ' would be paid la ' ooln ' or la that
' paper money ' so readily Issued, we acknowl
edge, but at tbe same time so little to be trust
id. That would have been an Interesting psj'-
scri turn
In order lo Induce ' onr worklngmen ' to
emigrate, the Pratt adds tbat they will enjoy
a privilege wmen tne native oorn American
bas not, vis: ' they will not be subject to tbe
draft.' Nothing more seemed wanting to com
plete the circular of Mr. Seward.
" Loma BsLtrr."
The following Is fr ;ra tho Phart dt la loin:
" We publish elsewhere a circular from Mr.
Sjward, minister of foreign oltilts at Washing
ton, which Is deservlDg ol especial attention.
Our pro-slavery papers have published with
great readiness the cessation In the movement
of Immigration, by which our numerous Euro
pean worklngmen were carried forcibly to tbe
United States. All tbat can contribute to the
weakening and ruin of the great Amerlosu
Ripubllo excites tbe joy of tbe shameless friends
of the South; and therefore they have pleasant
ly lntlsted upon the seriousness of this fact
Were we to believe them we ought to see In It
a forced result of the pending contest belwe-n
tbe Federals and the secessionists, a sign of the
disorder consequent tbereon, and a proof of the
sufferings of commerce, Industry, and agricnl
ture on tne otner side oi me Atlantic me
current of emigration was necessarily to stop
la view of tbe stagnation of aSUIrs and want of
Well, then, all tbsse pictures, pushed to
tbe utmost, were either false or exaggerated.
Doubtless tbe war in America has caused greal
sufferings; doubtless the productive foict-a ol
tbe country have felt this unlooked-for event,
but lu foot consumption does not become less
in a nation Decant r. is ngnting i and Lecause
great dangers are run, the people do not, on
tbat account, become savages. They have
wants which must be supplied ; they still con
tinue to lead a civilised life, and In tbat uy
way they secure work and bread to tbe blur
log olasses. We will say more : war, In re
nulring tbe employment of many bands form
erly dedicated to tbe labors cf peace, lauees a
forced augmentation of the wages.
"inis is evident irom ine circular oi Mr.
Seward. Tbat paper Is an appeal 1 1 tbe work
men wbo, la England and elsewhere, are vio
lins to tbe cotton crisis. In going to tbs
United States they will bave nothing to fear,
ss foreigners, to be subjeoted to tbe law ol
conscription. Tbe situation of sflilrs otT'ri
them, on tbe contrary, tbe certainty of going
to take tbe place, peaceably, In the mionfdc
torles, mines and farms of tbe Americans who
serve under the banner of the Union."
A Noble Gift San Franelseo Leads.
Tbe following letters speak for Ihcmselrei:
Sam Fiuicisoo, Sept. 20.
To II. W. Bellows, President, and George T.
Strong, Treasurer, U. S. Sanitary Commie
We have this day forwarded lo you, per
steamer, malls on Eugene neuy uo , New
York, for one hundred thousand (f 100 000)
dollars, contributed by citizens of ban Fran
clrco for tbe relief of sick and wounded sol
diers and seamen of tbo Federal army and
The Committee with, If there are branches
of the Commission In St. Louts and Cincinnati
Independent in their organization as regards
money, that a portion of this sum should go to
Arrangements have been made with Eugene
Kelly & Go. to pay you at once, If necessary.
See them and Inform us by telegraph.
S. II. F. Tebcuenmicheh,
Chairman Central Belief Committee.
James Otis, Treasurer.
Rev. Dr. Bellows, President of the Commis
sion, has sent the following reply:
Nzw Yosr, September 22.
To S. II. F. Teschenmacher, Chairman Central
Heller uommittee, ban i rancuco:
Your magnificent contribution will electrify
tbe conntry. Thanks to Godjmd tn San Fran
cisco for such unparalleled generosity. We
shall make equitable distribution of your boun
ty. It will be staunching wounds and cooling
fevered lips before this reaches you. On tbe
strength of it. I telegraphed our agents con.
stantly to spare nothing on the battle-Gelds of
Maryland and Virginia, where we ore dlaluri
log hcspilal stores at tbe rate of Are army
loads psr day.
Your example will reanimate all our chles
and towns We shall luck nothing from New
York, Bcstoo, ' Philadelphia, Cincinnati, St
Louis, Gblcago, when tbelr already noble
example Is outstripped at a bound by the
youogest greal city in tbe nation furthest
from tbe seat of war and already nearest to the
slok and wounded on her battle fields,
n. W. Billows,
President of Sanitary Commission.
S!4 a darkey, "Ef elav'ry am tbe cause of
tbe war, and ougbt to be wlpe'd oat, dea tbe
nfgga am tbe cauio of elav'ry and ougbt to be
wiped out too j'kase Ibar would be no war
wlaout iUt'it. and there would be no ilav'rr
wldoot tbe nfgga. And wbo made tbe nlf gar
Tak kar dat jou don't wipe oat too maoh."
M'ltllama' Compouad Battery Inolliar
Instiumsatof Dsstraetlaaw
No war'ever developed 'the genius of
ucsirucuoa so marvellously as uo war in
which wo are-'now 'engaged. Having
outstripped- every other people in the
arts of peace, the Inventive genius of the
i .... . . i .. . ..
lanseo ls.now doing the sime thing
In the art of war. Ufs achievements belong
both to the land and, to tbe water. And not
the least among tbo various .Yankee achieve
ments in the art of war, Is Williams' Com
pound battery, (as we Mill call It until offi
cially chrstcned J the Invention of J. n. Wil
liams, of Skowheaan. We will not give a
description ol thla battery, which we have
just examined, bnt will only ray that, tn con
struction, u is oi ine simplest Character sim
ple as a wheelbarrow that it cannot easily
get out of order, and Is dangerous only to the
roe. Its si?e can be so varied as to throw all
sorts of missiles solid shot, shell and canis
ter. A battery which would throw ounce balls.
and first hundred and tixty a minute, without
difficulty and without recoil, can be carried
about by one man. With prepared ammuni
tion at hand, three or four men could keep it
constantly at work throwing more shot than
a whole regiment of soldiers wltb the ordinary
musket. It would be simply Impossible for
a rcglment.to charge upon ono of these bat
Again: a battcrv throwing a two Inch ball.
discharging as rapidly as thd one of smaller
make, and rifled bo as to throw two miles,
would not weigh more than five or six hundred
pounds. A, battery of thla kind, throwing
canniater, any sixty small shot at a time,
would throw, and with ease, ei'gAfeenfAourano!
taof a minute. Indeed, there Is almost no
limit to its capacity. For a body of troops
to come within range of, or to charge upon,
such a concentrated engine of death dealing
missiles, would bo .sudden annihilation.
Twenty men could work such a battery.
and it would throw as many ehot as a hun
dred ordinary neid pieces, worked by two
thousand men. The battery is so constructed
that it cannot get hot and thus compel a ces
sation of work. Should it fall into the bands
of tho enemy, through any mischance, it could
be "spiked" instantly by removing the spring
which explodes 'tho capj. Wherever a musket
or light artillery can do used, on the land or
on the water, tbero Williams' battery can bo
used, wltb all lis tcrriblo concentration of de
structive power.
In speaking of this invention, we speak of
no humbug, but of .a real, practical thing,
which has been tested by the inventor the
merits of which army oOiccrs have acknowl
edged. We bcllevo this battery, which in
volves a principle never before applied to en
gines of destruction, ia destined to take the
place of all light artillery, and otherwise work
a great revolution in tho art of war. Porf
fatid Advtrtiwr.
F.om tbs IT. Y. Evening Putt.
An Incident,
There Is a little incident of the advance of
General Morrcll's forces tbat illustrates tbe
bravery of Pennsylvania troops. When wo
had approached within a mUo of the liver,
(says a correspondent.) it was discovered that
opposite Blackford ford, on the Virginia bide
of the Potomac, there waa planted a rebel
battery, which endeavored to dislodge our
troops by its fire.
To this battery tbe battery of the Fourth
New York replied, and co effectually, too, as
to cause a hasty retreat of tho cannoclers,
leaving the rebel battery standing alone
Just' then an order came from tbe headquar
ters of the corps to procure a hundred men
from the different regiments for the purpose
of eroding the river, seizing the battery, and
throking It into tbe river.
Of Ibis detail fifty men Vert td be furnished
by tbe Ono Hundred and Eighteenth regiment
(a uitv Philadelphia regiment, tbe Oorn Ex
change,) aad so soon as Colonel Provost, the
iu'f.unding officer of this regiment, was in
furntt d of the fact, be rode up to where the
rcs'aicnt was encamptd and said to the men
wbo were renting upon the groundt " Boys,
fifty. men from th's regiment aro wanted to
Join fifty others fiom tho brigade, to cross the
river and take a reoei naiiery. Are mere
fifty men in the One Hundred and Eighteenth
wno wi i volunteer lor mm purpose r
ine spoccn was magical, lor almost m tne
twinkling of an eye two hundred men sprang
to their feet and advanced to the front, at the
same time calling to the officer who was to
command them, (Captain Rlcketti, of Sixth
and Vine streets, Philadelphia,) "put down
my name, uaptain, una mint, unco organ
ized and joined by their comrades, who were
to partake in tbe expedition, they advanced,
unaer cover of darkness, to the river front.
There tbe Fourth Michigan regiment was do
ing picket duty.
The advance of the body being perceived
by the rebil sharpshooters, who were stationed
near tbe mill, just across the canal, (for a ca
nal Intervenes between the Maryland side and
the river,) they opened fire upon our men,
which was quickly returned.
The rebels then fleeing, soma soldiers con
nected with the One Hundred and Eighteenth,
Berdan's Sharpshooters, and the Fourth Mich
igan regiments, beaded across the river and
apja cragged ascent whero the rebel battery
bad been planted only a few minutes previous,
only, however, to find that the battery bad
been withdrawn and tho rebels bad fled.
A little later the body returned and were
saluted with three cheers by tho regiment.
Among those wbo volunteered their services
upon the hazardous undertaking was McAI
pin. At an early hour dnrlng Ihe morning
this portion of the centra column was advanced
across the river, as also those upon the other
Illinois Cotton.
We have seen a sample of cotton irown in
Illinois, about fifteen miles north of the Terre
Uaute and Alton Ilallroad, from seed procured
In Tenceisee, and planted last Hay. It Is of
fine quality, equal to the beat Tennessee, and
wa are told tbat the yield of a patch of die
aires will amount to fllteen hundred pounds.
At tbe present price this will be a very print
able crop, much more so than wheat or corn.
There are In Illinois, more than two millions
acres of superior cotton lands, altuated ' south
or the place where this sample was grown, ana
from tbe experiments In Its culture made this
year, In almost every Instance satisfactory, we
are led to believe that cotton Is to become a
staple article of Ihe produce of Illinois. One
planter alone la preparing bis ground with tbe
view to planting twelve hundred acres, and
many others will engage tn the business more
or lees extensively.
Copartntnhlp heretofore eiUUng between
LYLE e. COKKlrf li tbii day dleolTedy mutual
eo&Mnt. JOUN a LTLH.
j. A.'Gorrii?.
John O, Lyle itm eonUnaei the tmataeet at t
ftld itand. i v ,
"Z-1 .. .- ' ' . i
WaaaixsTsa, Jalf H, lags.
lha Hallantry of smr oewemla avwd tne
Valor of oar Troopia i
The great numbers of rebels dettreyed In the
recent battle, and tbe lorg Ik pf.onr ewn
killed and wounded, exhibit In ah unmistaka
ble manner (be valor cf our patriot' soldiers,
and do more to vindicate oar eaauf tbaa even
mote decided but less costly eucttjers. Such
me as foogbt at lliddletown, Barkittsvllle,
Sharpsbarg and Anlleiam arelnvtooible.
But we are principally struck" Mia tbe con
aplouous gallantry of onr generals In these
days of Imminent dinger and epleued sttcoe",
as manifested, among other wsvs.bv tbe casu
alties among them Mansfield killed; riook-r
shot In the foot, and declaring ithat he bad
rather been shot In tbe head after the battle
that In the foot during Its progress; Sedgwick,
his horae shot under him and blxttalt twice
woundsd, refusing to leavo the Sell; Jtartinn",
Richardson, and half a score of otitis wound
ed but undaunted, lead us to think that re are
to have no more disasters on acooanl of luke
warm or Incompetent leaders. 1
The examnle Is now fatrl Ht i a general
knows what Is expected of him, and IfcOlellan,
Hooker, Rlohardson, Bnrnslde, Sumnsr. Frank
lin, Sedgwick, narlinff, Mansfield, Kearney,
Stevens, ueuo, tne living ana tne assf, are the
men to Inspire all other gederals to a close
following of tbese splendid examples. To be a
general should be to become a hero, and so it
win oein tne tuiure.
Dr. Johnson, who abounded In rhetorical
antithesis, In speaking tf tbe bravery of tbe
English soldiers, a century ago, saltl : " By
tboso who bave compared tbe military genlu
of tbe English with that of tbe French nstlon.
It la remarked thai Ihe French cEiaere will
always lead, ir the soldiers will follow, and
that tbe English soldiers will alwsya fellow If
in'ir (racers will leao."
Our glorious aimy fa tbe Maryland battles
has, by Its valor, enerzy, and succirs, seemed
to claim tbe prats) lite both to French and
English. Tbe cffl:ors hive led, and tbe men
havt followed, without toy (, and we are per
mitted to add to Dr Jolnson's curious distinc
tion, this: The Amerlcsn officer uUl lead, and
the Amerioan soldier ulil follow. Such is tbe
evident determination of bntb. and the aooner
tbe rebels are assured of It the sooner the re
bellion will come to an snd. Phmilphla In
oulrer. BraiiNis'a OriNi0NorMa.STiTr.V3' Srizcu
Thaddeus Stevens was romlcated for Con
gress in the Ninth District of Pennsylvania two
weeks since, and made a tborou;hly radical
speech upon accepting the nomination ; an ex
tract from which was copied lito the Earning
Pott. Mr. Buchanan took occasion to remark :
"Itla aplty tbat Mr. Stevens nade tbat speech,
because ft will be published In tbe Southern
papers, and tbe cbulAenters to! In mors excited
agnnsl us than evtr."
The Indian Troubles In the Northwest.
OtuitA, Sept 20. The messengers dlepalcbed
by the Act'ng Governor, Paddock, to the
northern settlements of this Territory, some
two hundred miles from here, riport tbat the
panic created by the Indian massacres In Uln
nesota has eutlrely subsided, and tbat the set
ters have returned to thlr hsmes. There are
now no hostile Indians within tbe limits of Ne
braska Ti rritory. There Is not the remotest
probability if any trouble to settlers, In any
section, from Indian depredstlons.
Proferm ALKXANDKft WOLOWbKI, rim lit
Had tcibpoM.-. hu rttained Irom tb IsOudoa Kxbl
bttloa, and openi & oours frr th riiDOiid BiPg
ta( br lite Ne and SirovlWd Mtbo i. Uy Vtolt
or Wolowtkl'j 7i tern, ixn m tuvlngouly a -light
ktowUdf of iud.il will tm tnat)Id la a very iivrt
tuna to r ad mium wltb grtat facility, and tx ou t
operatic v wml aa clmlctl mm o will, rara ptrfoc
Hon. Aa to tba Tootl narl. hv bii war of Tocallia
iin.baariiT.a at mm. extraordinary rMults.ren.
uer cn Trio jj
vooallis with fH
dera tha Tdoe powfrful.Uid nat.iitli linger to
rooauia wiin imxij. aovorw , ana uaa quti'ir "
on. VioUbct Wolow.U raot.vM Tlstltur dally
from S lo 4 o'olcck p. m , at hit rnld'Loa, No 4M
renin mwi, mwu a. ana w. acp it-iiu
j ron
1347 nt lSW Bprnc 81rt,
The regular cuvm of lnatntotlGo einbraoM th
KoaLjUh and French Langaagfa and Literature
Isaua.if requiredaod all tbt trauehe wbiob cod
itltuta a thorough EogHnh and French education
Fi-fnohlMhe language ol the family, ana Is con
tanUy rpokea tn th lustltalioa. It U the objot oi
purtLcnlar attention, and li taught Irom the rudj
menu to tha highest t ours of Literature and Cora
ibe NholMtio year oommtnoc September 1Mb
aiid oloeee July 1st.
Circular,, hi . oan U obtained iron
my lO-flu rtutclpal cf Clrgsr IoxUtufe
Mm. co turn ly and oauuutkii's
AVfc wit Canter ef U and J ifiX l rtilt
Tbe usual braoohec of tdiKUtlou, lno'.ulua; AJg
bra, Ueouie ry Latin, and Vocal Moijo. FrtuJi,
ftriBti.Dr-iwinff.aad Ini'rumfntaL Mtiiio at mod
erate extra charges Speolil hour dtfoted to young
laii preparing icr mxn ouwjm ua o?uegvf. or iw
become teacheie cf ordinary a'hovla.
Uwpocaei given to lcjiirlei through tbe poit
offlta wp Mht
Maplewood Young Ladies Institute,
Ccmmenou lu .orty-thlrd icml annual tMaion,
October 18A
Xte att-sdanc and Itf faoilitif for education, art
uuaffeoieJ by lh war Daughter, of inliiury nwi
roelTtd on reduced terma.
For circulars, fddrtM
' He.. C. V. SPEAK, the FrlsotpiU.
tag 26eodlm
Girole Institute, .
Soxr Toung XjAciloas
Mo, 01 It alreet, near tbo Circle,
Sedon oommeaoei on the lit of September,
Termi per Quarter of Ten Week, $13 French ud
' Spanish, Italian, German, Latin, and menl othei
language) taugM In tbe urns nouool
Dr. A ZArFOKE will give threa leotoroe eail
week ou Literature and Science, and otherwise an
tit whenever b can juie time from hi medical pro
few Ion.
aug So lln. A ZAFrONK.FrUcipal.
15 1 Wttt Sire
Tlus flntlAa af thlt InatKntlon will be retained oc
the 8th of September. Circular may be obtained
at tbe principal bookitone U W luningion, or Dy
addntflng the prtuclpat,
aaa r etrelu brtw.in 11th and 1111,
One of the oldert, oDOtT thorough, and mojt delrabe
Bcnooiaior loungiaiufiana nunNiaiiH wj,
feeeelon ocmmenou teptembr fih Tultloa ao-
oordlng to age and advancement
aa.3-du 8Ur L. C LOOM 1 8
I'utUo Bobol-Tlw Ucnoordls ail O.MdS4
Wieata; also Worrsa's Gsosrap&ki ootl Kcrls
UIwnuT, i tniruaaouoQ rndcs.
tallsarplref Sjhoot Bjoks oa htad. at ths
Boolstors or WU.BaLLaNTYNK,
Sep IS 3w 49S 8TSaUl stic.t
BDBQi.au rsoor
S A. F J3 S .
ators, It loalb Foarth strwt,
rulodtlphla, Pa.
OrAtrs rsodtta tj
i. nr. n affKPnERD.
.. .
Pn O r o i a i ,
Bureau f Tarrfi and Docki, fee pi. i, itUt d
SEALED rROPOSALS ftreact'lwVeo'rite
lr, endorwd ,lropial for Claei Ifo, (raee tbe
elm) fcrthemvy yard at (n.me the yard,") ui
be neelved at ihle offlae until aoon on tbe ith day
of September laet for firtilhJn.f an dellvetlag at
tbe ewferal nary yarde nimed tbe miUm;, ara ar
tlelca ranraced i piiateircTiedB'ei, wtKwiu ot
luiDlibeJ on appIicsilon.mdMi't by mall, if i r
queated,to prroodlrlrg to offer to eontraot iv.
an or allot the e!aMM turned therfla.br iheotm
mandanti of th lateral crr yarii, for the tla
agent ararrit Uwrtto, or by the buna u foraoror
all the yard,. r
Iff firrwi ffivtvut ana tn vatcrt via wrwnrg utm ?
fen, no bid Kill remvei wkuh eotMimt dattet for mart
iAinw4 yard in vn ef . a jd eah Individual o: a
firm tQU.t agn the bid pd contract
Bldirri are hereby cautioned acdpartlcuUrly U9
tlflfld thatUielr offera maittoto the jorm hereto,
after prtorlbed, and be milled la time to reach tt rlr
dectinatlo belor the time extlrw for rtlvnr
thee.: UdwOlU miutdirtd wVc ihall tx raWe-d
afitr im fnod Hated, nd M Uawanc uU U made for
Jailmrfi of th mil.
To guatdagaloit offera being opened before the
time a: pointed, bidden are requeued to endorae oa
the envelope above the aftdre, and draw a 1U
under the endomrant, tku:
ltroooialt for CLxtt Ao. (name At c'om l for tiu Attn
Fanf al (immi the ard.")
To tbe Chief of Ue Bureau ol Tarda and Doer a.
n aaaugxou v. u.
v Tvm of Offer,
flferedaU the offer
X (bar Inter the name or nauee compoalng the
Urn,) of (nauae the town,) In tbe State of (name the
State,; hereby oflr io furo h under your adv. rt ee
ment dated (date of adrertl tment,) anu tubjott to
icbeJuie io which It ref-n, all the artist? nob race J
in O.aw Ne (name th clw) tor the nkvy-yard rt
(nine the yird.) aoeorJing to atld t-bedule, vn
(here paste on th9 printed clasi irom the rctiedulv,
and ovrotio each aricle eet the prke and ear y (ut
tbeamouotInUiecklumnfaiililaraDdccLt a d
foot up the aggregate amount ot tht lid tr tLe
olati,) amouuung to (here write tha amount u
I rr pcee m my agent rhtra name the agent, if one
la rt a aired ttv th iLhedulti for theenDDlv under tt
ii inat rrnnirimrnis ni in simi. miia at ants atituit u
olaMvi mLceuaueuUri, y a aou realdent of the place
of delivery, and iWtila ray ffr be accepted, I r
iueit the ovutrect uiy be (rtpared audeeutto tbe
iiavv agent at (name the ag:acyj loralgua.ure. and
i Uire tne bidder and esch member oi tbe firm to
tbrmof Ouarantte
Tbe uxdcnlgned (name of gnaraaTj of (name
tha town .a and Mta. of name the HtaU.l andrna ue
of eeoond guarantor, le ,) hen by undoitcke that the
above naoted (name the bidder orbiddeii) will, It ItU
i or mtiri buer ee bdutv ue Kwuwa.innr laio vu
tract with the United State within ftfteeacLsja lur
thjdtt of nmlo throogh tbe post office of the ao
oeptaneeof hJi or thcli offer bcfjre mentioned.
n line; (oiuBiuif vi guiovwtuis
Inertlfv that tha abnv batata flire in ml (Ii
guarantor!) ate known to ma to be good and tu ot.
ilble gaaraniora in thla can.
IDignaiui j
To he aimed br tha dlitriot ladge. dieulct attor
rey.oolleokor, nary agent, or tome peruOJ known to
the bureau to be mponalDla
Claai No. 1. llrlilut olaM No. a Hiocc: o!ai No.
3 YellowplnatlmteriolaasNo 4. Yellow ilniium-
cerioiaeifio o. uas aaaoirairiMi; ciaw av v
Wbite pLue. epruce, Juniper, and cyprtw; olaasXTo.
7. Ltme, hair, and plaatei ; clan No. a. Ccthenti da-i
11 V V sjlailuiaooiiuimaoaiw tv, uioiv.vhh tw
11, Iron, Iron naili.atd xlkeiol"a No. 12. Meett
olaMNo. 14 Flici: elasiNo. 1. 1'alnti, oil, and
giasi, Cia flu. 19. odjj cainajeryj oiws no.
if ard ware; clan No. 18. Htalcnery;clau No 9
U woodioiaii No 30, Hay asditraw: ola-e No
tn, Fiovender;clau No. .3. Charcoal; claw No i3
Bel lit g, packing, and boae:olaM No tl. bftrm and
in&rlcUiig olli, clsui No. 8a. Iron eaitings; t.l$ No.
26. AUjter.jcle.eNo ST. AnUnolteooal; Clara No.
SS.lJItamlnouicoxl: olatwNa. Si Coppei andecm
ptjiaonnaUi,OtaHNo. atl Machine y and tool
Clau No. 1. Drlclu; cUnNe. a. Stone; elara No
6. Oak and hard wood) claw No. e. White pine,
epruce, Juniper, andOrpre.;elaaiNo. T. Lime, Lair
and p'ruer: clui No. I, Cemtnt; elaae No. 0. Uravel
andiatsd.olauNo 11. lrun,Uoa naLUand plk;
o ui No. 12. steel; o'aii &o II Flj iron; cle Ko
l,Filce;olakiNo. la. Falnta.olli, and.la; cla i
No. la. chip ouatdltry; la.i No. 17. Harawa c;
olaaiNo is fitMic. ry; clieNo. 10. Fire wood;
oiaee 2io, if). lUyui.il tiawjclaNo.2L Froveudrr,
eiMf No. 2i Chucoil;ciauNo as. neiilo ptoi
it r.tndhoif: olui N j. 24. Soe:a and iuttrloatinji
oll(;ilaMNo. & lronCskUng,tlttNo '.n Aujen,
Ciaaarto. a7 nuiraoiie Mi;riu nu xv oiaumi.
noo Cainbcrlaiid coal; clue No. 3. SeAibltuml.
noui, Urod top ao ,a,oai;claMNo S8. Exteniiuno'
Uoepltal at CbtUta.
Cla a No. 1. Brtcii, :1a- ?I? a. Stow; claai No. 8.
Yellow pLnUubr;a)aM jo. 4 Yellow pine 1 urn
br, elaae No 6. Oak and hardwood; cliw No 6.
Wnlleplue, iprnoe. cypreHi,and Juniper; Cbai No
7. Lme.hair.andpuiur.cU 4No S Cemaut.clus
Ha B. ilraralaad aand. olui No. li). Slate: ellM ISO.
U Iron, iroana.la audrpUti, clai No.lt btrel;
ciaeiiio U. rig irir, ciiit . ciic.;ioua no
16. Fvlnti,onitand gUeJiCljeeNo aft Ship chn
dlcry.oluriNa. IT. Hardware;ciaaNo. IS mailon
ery; cUm No SO. Hay andetraw;cauNo 2i. Tro-
veuderjclaiiNo. 'At Chrco-vl,cUat r,e. W Celtic g,
mafiktiiaT. and buie'claMAo 34. Hoeim and lubrlcat
(nir niu.ei&Ad No. fii. Ironwork. ulolni:.&0.: oliui
Nu 1. Atigen;clwaNo -7. Anthracite coal; clan
No. 80 Html bitumlnoui, Hroad top. &o.,cok1,c1vi
ho. el. uotper ana cowpytiuun cfeiujciiieo iiu. im
Uiaai HO. s iiii;a,uiouB av. a. owuiiuiisi tw.
Va-liniar nin lumLar. olfau No. 8. 0ik and hrd wood:
OlINitu O. mil e iint; pirutw, uuivr, auu vjr
pt-e, OiaM HO. T. iinr, onir, ana piaiier; cian v
w. Gravel and iind;la-Jo. 11. Iron, Iioj naii and
ip'EeeiclaMffo. li StethoIatH No 14 FUci.olau
No. la. raint.i,oili and glaw; cla. No. it), ouip
chandlery; etau No. IT. Hardware; claw No. lit
HiaiiAnarviciaiu uu ir. sub wiiuuikiasa nu. aw.
Mat audsiUAM: olui No. 11. Provtnier. olaM No.
i ri.iiic.al: clurt No. S3. Btlltni. paokluff. and
boieictoMNu 21 Sperm and luilciUagoti;olae
No. 80. benu-Litumlnoui, HtOad top. Ia.. co,1; cIiuj
No. 81. Copper and ocmaosltion niils. clasa No. it.
Uachinet j and tool.
ClaMNo.LClotMng;oai9No t HaU, boot. , end
hhoeiiclaaeNo. 8. Frov.non:claANo. 4. Orooe.lee;
claei No. 8 Dry gooitcU i No. tt. lire ad, Ao ; clam
Ne. T. IVbaoco.elaa-No a. CoaljolaNiNo. b. Fauita,
olli.and g.aai,ciaflAo lu DrickiftVo.;clauNo n.
Lumbtr;ilaaeNtf li. 1 ire wood; clan No. is. Fro
venJer; claieNo U Uioellaa,eoui; clou No. li.
Hardware; claai No. lo. Stationery.
ClauNo. 1. Uricki, ciauNo i. flt-me.claw N
4. Yellow pine lomber; claai No. S. Oak and hard
wood;clauNo 0 Mhlte plae.ipruce, Juniper, and
(jjpr-ia.cliMNo. T. Ltme, hair, and ilaiwr, oia
Nu.B Oravrl andeanJ, iUai No. U Iron, iron
oalli, and iplkti,cUi4& IS Sttcl: claai No 18
Fig Iron :c!w ho. 14 Flloi; olasi No 15. Faleti,
olli, and glij;oUaj No. la. Ship ohandlery; chua
No. 17. Hardire;clau No. 8. Stationery; clan
No. IB. Flro Wvod, claai No 94 Hay ana itraw;
elaaiNo.Sl. rrovender.cUeiNo. M Charcoal; olavi
No IJ. Peltlnf, pnosring, and hme, cIum No, 24.
tiperiu and labrloatlng olli; claia Wo 17. Anihraolte
oolIj ciwi No ao lilt u mint ru ComberUnd cosl,
elau No. la M&obiocry and tools.
The ichedule will iraU the tlmei wi'hln wbloh ar
tlcUi will be rtquired to be delivered; and wbere
the printed lobedulo li not uaed, the perinea elite
in ItfvrdillvcricimuiL be copied In the bide All
the artloln wiion may be contracted for mud be de
llverad at euoh place or pUcea, Ucludlog drayage
and cartage to tne place where used within the navy
yarJi.rtaocctivoly, for wblah tneodrru made, ma
may be dlreoie.t by the commanding clll:er hereof,
aud, all other thing being equal, pre ft recce will
bo glvtn to Araerlcau toauufacture. No urt.cle will
bereoelved alter the expiration cf the period -pr-cl
tied In the .ohedulai for the otmpietioa I diive
rtea, unleii ipecllly authorUcd oy tue Depa taunt.
In computing Ihe claaeafl. the price it and la tbe
oolumn ol pMM will be the itandard, and the ag
Sregate of the cla a will be carried nut Mttoidiug to
It it to be provided la the contract, and to be die
tlnctly uodeirttooJ by thu bidden, that the Amount
and Biimber of arlloiei enumerated lu oIaeM head
ed Ul'O'lUneou-" are i.ecifled u the prob-M ijuan
i .irr m iv ha twoTitred. aa well aa to Iv dtu
fordiUrmlalngthaloweit 111. tot the cop meter
i. tn r.sniuh mora or lt?H ot the laid eoumer&Ud ar
tlolM.emd nuc jutmhtui, and atmch tmet.tu Ike
buTMU or cummanJatU may rcfuiri: moh Increase, how
ever . not to exieed one ball of the quautitlea lUtel
(aid rfqiudUoni lent through the pot office ihall
be deemed -ulBolent ncUoe) during the tlol year
ending 80 hof June, 1&8, nod whtther the quanti
tie. required be mere or le than thoee apedned, tha
price hall remain the lame.
Bidden are cautioned against itating fictitloua
pricei in their oflere. .....
All the artlclei under the contract must be of the
bait quality, delivered In good order, free of all aid
every charge or expeue to the Government, and
lubject to tbe Inspection, count, weight, or mew ure
mentor the laid navy yard, and be In all reitwcta
eaUafactory to tbe commandant thereof. Bidden
are referred to the yard lor plana, apecifloetiooi, or
smhaIu nit bb rnrtherdiYBoirlTitliiiii of the artlolea
or explanatlona they may dealra. Wbea bidden
hall be In doubt u to the preolae artlolea named In
the noheda.e,they will apply to tha oowmaaillng
or artlelee la doubt, wbleh
iQlfmailou the tild tfflr wlii give ra writing.
Co a tree ton for cliteet headed Mlaoellaneoui?'
wbo donot reside neat the place wbare theaitlelei
UK,iU3bedellvend.lilhepinalrii tonaaaalu lhalt
prtpotujla an agent at tie elty or principal place near
the yard of cell very who may be called upon t
deliver arllclei toUJiaut delay when thty ahall M re
ApproTe-1 aurettea la tbe full amount of the ecu
trait will bertanlretl.at.tl twentv ncv ecu turn aa
additional eeounty deducted from each paynunt
until tha contract ihall hive been completed or cno-
Lkd.ualfM othirwiat aathoriaed by tbe ir ir
"'", UDCla-nei or articles beaded Uteeclliaa
21. .le delivered aarwjelrad derteg thi.ffcal
'.& oUs"7 pereantam retained may. at the
Uie nrat or Jaiittai . & t-- .li ni,haf t.u
tbe i dcllrenea hjve'iT,- 'aatlffactory , and the b tl
"?wi"l'h'rtraVrtirthe rreMDU-
uon or biiu.ia tripiwaMuit-flnchiti 'and ap
proved. No pat of theperceetumnarTedis.tAKf DAid
BBttl all the rejected artlolea offend under J.wl.
tract ahall bave ben remove d from the yard, unlet
proiiiir uainonsra py . iepmrancni.
Ir will b itlnnlatrl in the tviatnet. that If da
fault aha,!, be mads, hv the vtirtlM of ihe lint Dart in
usiiTcnur ji or rot oi ine aruoie) otnuuina m U7
claas bldfor,of th qriUiy aid at the time aid
plaort Ibove pi o tded, i ben and In that eaae t he aald
Darlie will rbrfii and da to the United State i a
ura of money not to exoeel twlca tbe amannt of
oca cive; wmca may De rcTfrea.iroia umi io
Umt.u'ordlng to the act cf Congrtee in tbat oaie
l"'Tijea, epp oti Jiarca , iin
TbeiaretlcimutftlTii the conrraat, aad their r
apouiiblllty b eer.jfie.t to by a navy agent, collector,
d:ilct attorney, rr ime ether ptrwn eatUlaetorlly
aaoana to tha bur aa. . . .
It ii to be provided li th eontraot that tbe bureau
ihall have the pover of annntllog the contract,
wibrtutIoior damiga to the Oovernraoni. tn cue
Congress hid not have made rafflolent approprla
tione lor tbe artls'ei tanvd or for the complet'oi' of
work en t inn d for, anion which thli adrertiM
m-itit iaba vl,and ihall al have the pwer to lu
crcara cr clailal-h 'he quamltlte named in the
clMtrit headed" ML-ellaxeotti"in the achi aula,
tneaty five per ctntum. , . ... ,
I'lraoue whoae oflVrx thall be accepted will bo no
tiflel by letter through the p-at offlee, which notice
ahall b oonKlderel eaUjoient I and If they do not
enter tnto contract f-r the iup,lia aprolfled within
Qtteen dayi ft or tbe date of notice from the bureau
of tbe acoptanoa ot their b1 J, a contnetwill b.
made with eome other perton or perrKmi.and the
guarantor! of rucb defaulting1 llddere will be held
reepon-lble for all delinquent. lei.
All r-.ff.sM tint maris In strvi nentfamutw With fhll
advertlwmectwlll,at tha option ot tha bureau, be
Thoee' only whoe offrra may be acceptad will be
nuaiei,ana oouiracu wui ocrnar iur iinvuwu
aa iro'i thertafter aa may bejrractlaable.
lept wlw
. Tbe nrdsrslgsad somnscosd, In tbe nt'sctA ct
Djcsmbor, 1M0, the publication, tn this ell-, of
a weekly oasjP"i oaa"1 " JfoKonoJ JUrpvb
liona. It Is prliiUJ on k large sheet, twtntj-teten
by fcrlj-two lnohns, and la furnished at tne lo
prices stated below.
It oontalr.s all the original matter cf the
daily National ftpuWicon, with the eieeiitlon
of lt)sJ na not interesUnK to country !
Itwlll glre roll reports of ths proceedings of
Oorrress, and of the other department of the
tfstlonrJ OoTe.-n-ns nt, ,
Itoentaloa all the news of the day, foreign
and domestic markets, io., Ao., as well a an
orWaal os-rreepondor.ee from all parts of the
oountry. The miscellaneous department will
reoolvc special attentior, and, tn all respects,
tho effort will he node to establish the charac
ter of the Jl'atitmal AyuWcan ts a r"al'y
Wishlnston being cow tho oentral poll', ut
the anrract military operations, great atuntlun
will be paid to furnishing the readers of tLe
Natisnal Republican with rail, and speolally
with oomtroV, ac?ountj of the progress cf fie
InpoUtlos,t.v.e tV" Is Ileputllcar, ensuln.
Irg the Adirtnlstratlcn of ar. Lincoln.
There It no other Itepubllcan paper tn the Dis
trict of Columbia, or In U lclnlty of It, and
It ts bell ered that rocent erents hare opened to
tnoh a paper an Important sphere of naoful
effort. Ite time haa oome, when the actual
admlnlttraU.n of the OoTemment upon Bepub
lioan, pnnolrloe will eiplode tho mlareprtasa
tatlona which hare made those principles eo
distasteful to the South.
But It le not only here, and In thla vicinity,
that the projootora of the JVaftonal JJfjutIioon
hope to cake It usoful. To the whola oourtry
they ofTer a Journal which will dlsouss national
poliUoa fror a rational standpoint, and which
will nevor te aircrred from patrlotlo duty by
any overpowering pressure of local Isteiest.
One cosiy, one yoar S1.00
Throe copies, one year v.... 0.00
flTS copies, one year 7.00
Ten cjplor, one year M.M
TiTentroorles, one year 10.00
One cupy, ill months 1-00
Three copies, sli months 1.S0
Five ooples, alt months -Q
Ten copies, six months -00
Twenty ooples, six months 10 00
Payments always In advance.
When a Club of subscribers has been for
wa'ded, adMtlons may bs mode to It on the
same torms. It la not necessary that the sub
scribers to a Club should receive their papers
at the same post oBce.
Money may be forwarded by mall, at oar
risk. Large uraounts oan be remitted in Treas
ury notes, or drafts on Boston, Kew York,
Philadelphia, or Baltimore; smaller amounts
In gold, or In rntea ot solvent banks. Address
W. . MUBTAUH A 00,
Washington, J). 0.
ir Tni Diilt NiTioKiL RarciLiotM Is pub
lished every mernlog, (Sundays excepted,) at
the following ratesi
One copy, one year M.50
Five copies, one year 15.00
One copy.slx months 1.75
Five ooples, six months 7.50
One f onr. three months 1 fO
XI. 23 OH X
pnmaEMtnjrG avropmrtit.
The most Effectual in tbe World!
Information may be obtained at
Painting KstaMiahment
Ho. 9 Laulela.a AT., bat. Oth K Till 0Ui
Where every yaxlaty ol
Xa executed with neatneai and dispatch.
To prevent mltakoe, he will atata tbat bla ' art
nMaartatlfa" twferl CZOlulTelT tO the TUlOUi de-
partmeuti of hi trade, la whlob be ohallengee oom
petition, cither In quality of work or reawnableneea
01 pnoe. j "
eu uiuitiu aiuaai,
Hear Pmnryltania Avmut,
Bttman, French, and Catawba ivlnts.
BraaahofseSpraoe street aad J JlfMJ
win svesi, asw inn. s
riotlon of the arttee
are ranolna throe ah pvtmngtr trslasfnra Wuh
Isrton to tbe Ohio river, without oharre of oars
dally at 7 X a. ia. and S p ss. eoo offsrs rreatsr In
daoemeate to the tnvtuog pabUJ that any oUitr
route, vlsi
Tals Is the only ne'e that etwoks boriase from
Washington olty to th. West Tickets good uelll
al; end paM.og.rs have the pilvilege cf laying
ovst at aoy polat oa ths roate ,
rssseegcr. procurtns tlcktts bythU roate, stvs
th. dav ecd czTes ofOraMbef traosf.r.
ttck.u. H.lthedtpotofth. B 10 B II ILrrsrs
seoelved at aer hoar dsrlag the day, and nu chirks
w kaadJlear b.rrtr. eyi If
LO77lJON,K0i:WICU,aua! W OUUKfiTKa.
o an t.
(aundaye Except ad a)
At S O'eloea, P. z;
:oi, w
aa a, u.. root or vjestuv hi ftiaiiT.
newandmasTnlfloeatrteiuner CITVOy tQlt
TOF, Yfm WUooz.oonuusiQjtirJrdU Hew Vcr.
Tueadiye, TLundayt, and flaturda , and iron
He Iondoa BLon(l.ya, TTedaesdayi, and Frl
f h ne-7aa-l mipnlDocnt ilerun-r CIT Y 0 UK V
TOBSiThomaa U. Jei.ett,ooninindrr, frra Kew
York Mondaya, Wedaeadaya, and tVii)it irm
Hew London TutK'ajra, Thuir-'ayf, and Ktstrtr
1 bene two cew tteau-eri bare ten built en pi otvly
for this rente, with all modem tinprofftmtncft.lu
eluding Watur Tight Compsnuifiit. ace are ibe
onlt iteaiien erer built lor Long IiUnd fioond
witi thU great Ufe-preKnrlbg laiproremBt.
Conduction acooinpany the Kte&mtre rtch way.
raanngen proceed mini New London txom
dlaftly oa arrival of TteunerB.by Fsprtrs Tralo to
Boeioa, Worceirter, Lowell, Lawtrnoe, Kitchbur
HaMiua, Concord, tSe White Mountain, 1.0 , o.
Fawengen returing from Boston leaTe ti Deyti
Of the Boeton a,d worceiter railrn't M t aa F. ii
Woroerter 1 P H., amTlng at Hew Ludoa SJ1
rrelgbt taxen at the Lowed Hates, and dc;.Te
in Bostcn early tha nei t day.
Rttm llnamm In abnodataOe CAB be till 01 bvtfi
iteamerisOr at the Boston or Hew1 Tort offt(ta
adnnoe. K. a. blAUTXH. A tent.
nay u irivru, oi. a
foDtJof tJtiarr'bfT trt ae followi, via:
ItOLtn. Miul tir Duoklik and iaterm.dUte tta
l ala train remaioi orer nltht at Klmlra and pro-
oe-dw the beat morning.
7 eo a m. sapreie,ior uquaiv bqh pnatipvi iu
term od (ate ita loci
9 00 a m iillk, dally for OtlrTille acd laer me
diate lutl'-na.
12.16 p.m. Aooorcmilat'oa, daily, far Purt .Tcr U
audvrioolpal autlo.i
ej.oop m Way, lor MleVllctown,HebiirKh, aui
In rmedlate ntatlom
5 Oo p. m HUht p'e-w, daily, tor Dinifrk, Out
fatn; Cna(l ilyui. and prtncljia atimn Ihe trxln
of fiatnrd ir rum throusrh to llniLlo, bat dvtjj Lot
run to Uonitrrk
7 ati ts m. i.migriQt, far Dmklrk aad prtnel.ml
Tim Kxprei Traini enetect at UornailevUle wil'i
railrpad f r BoffU, at Elmira wliu fie U .LaudaJjaru
aodFlMaia Falla Ruiro-ad; at Blrni-nnn wli,
tbcSyraouaeUaiJ'jadjatCoTlng wlLhih raliru.1
for tt:olie.ter and Uulraio; at Orta' UetJ i'li tb
railroad for Soraav on, and at HufiMo and-Durk'-tc
wlihihe Lakbboreilallro4fjrCttVsianC,Ciucm
catlToledot Uctrot:, Chlsagj, ka , ilJ tho Canada
riroada , D ,t
j iauli-o .us aj .
rep 12 Oeneta(u;erint.udjnt.
V. roT Qr&tiiaMA-Tia'i Onii a
Coiner tf Lie bteeotli and U rtrtmi,
u WAHtien a, I) C, fceptfnbr It, Ut-9.
R..iki.rl Vi,raal4 for ihe delivery of iAaO 'i fle
thooTand Cordi of WOOD to the Cloven meut Mil1
be received at iniaumoe nom oa-uruvjr. mj teii
ant day of Octob-r, t (12) twelv u c -k m
Ttwwovd to be bard. eounJ, am mervtun title
(t) four f t long, acd aa.li; to thv ctoi irj-y te ot
o?Hwood. .,
TM WOOl 0 ne Utivciru iu urn nij ut sip '-
touat inch ptio:e sub- Dfprt Clujrtermn n tt.U
dlria'.oirded In tana. (I, Kur leet niQ, Uriiv. r
nOt OellliT rOU-'luei' 14 vuiu,st.n uuus os vva
measured ant iuv oted. , . , L
A4 lnrppC'or will be deMffuited on he part or the
diver cm nttotnrpect and measure tte wcid,i4
lush'and eaao. oonlormto the aov rp-'IQcatloaa
All 10 be' delivered en or lefoie the (lit) flitday
of Ikyiembar.iMZ. , r .. .
raymut to oe raoue ufoa iu vyus? nwu va m
wbnle contract.
Tha fall name and Dortcffloe addria: of Ibe bidder
munt,apper in the proposal
If a t id la made in tha name ol a firm, th nam a
of all the pari it mnt ppar, or tbe bid will te
0O3HlU3rea U iue lU4.ViUilil iiuj.-wiim vi iiiw .
frppoeall from dultyal partiV tnHnri U rvntvSermt,
anion 01A cfatinince mutt axomjiny a.A nn-
' aa a . n 1 re t .!.
rrcp'xaia must ce anare-etu w j"i w. .vu
KEtt.QiarurmaeterU a. Aimy. WaililPtan, l
C , and mu.t be plataly mi iked M L'topo.s fvt
rooa "
by theprfkwXoertlfleateol the c.erk ot t'n uearvnt
dietrlct court, or 01 the Ua-Ked SUtu diet riot attor
k Mlitv of the bidder to All the contract . fhouM
It b awarded to him.muit be gu.rauilea by tvrc
rri t ilble pere4na,wnoM eig tuiure. uu 1 ua jj
nisi .o r.-a in I tn lfnArl tart If u lit Villi
are opened, or their proposal will not le coairt
Bdndflnthe rum of tn thousand dol'aw.Mprtd
by tbe oontroor and btth ot hit gutraotutti, will
be required of thetuccifut bidder upu squint the
o.ntrt .-.,.. hi
Al te TJOliQ mum aourruvau iur w sinrravi, ,. -us
be neoeeury lor bidden to have ttuir boudmeu with
them, or to have bondi .Igaedln aLtcipAticn acd
tradytobe produoed when the contract i(cn.
Blank-lor btnda oan be- procured upjn appiioatii
bttng made at thl offloe, cither per-cna y, by I
ter, or by Ulrgraph
c- iVtha countv of and Ha a of.
and , of tha oounty of - , and , co
hereby guarantee that la ab'e to falUl a con
tract in aooordanoe with the termi of bin proposltloi .
and that ehould hie propoiiilon be accepted, he w U
at oaoa enter inw a ounvowt ia wit.uv mv
flhnuld the eontraot be awarded him, we are pre
pared to become bla MQurlllec
To tLt-i guirantee mut be appended tie tfr.ul
otriifldate above mentioned J
Th Depot guarteruuuurreiervei to blinelf tU
rlaht to reject any or all bids that he may l-it t
hJtl. D. U UUaJoW.U,
s?nlAn.1 aohrf sri.ioltoirrniirieoa
nept 2-dt Pot. Ut.
x Attorney for Claimants,
Boanty Lands, PcmioDt, Arrears
01 raj, liiira ray, m
Will five prompt and efficient attention to tha
Froaeouion of Claim of vcry dettoription agalc.t
he Government, and make no charge unUn tu?
Both refertmca and dkafpi for aervloea will be xuC
latls factory.
jKf leisanOaa aecured for aoldien wounded or dU
eaaea during the exlallng war; alio, forth" wldtjw
and orphan! of aoldien wno have died from woundt
or dlaeaee) laourred while la the United State r
Tloe:a4M.lowuyxorvyioriiienceni i uww jiujrr
deoeaad daring theexlatlng war.
yea divided with attoraaya or other parvoni Jm
warding bualneea
Tha ughoat prloee paid for Land WarranU,
Atlfmryfor t,UtMr-J,
So. 47b seventh atrevt,
Washington, D 0.
N D Editors of papers pahllshlss the abovs est I
wtU be enUUed to nTyHrvlo- to th. amoan J ol th.ir
ehar.s. '
i ie--
U A- Z A P P O N K,
Fhyiltlw and Dentist,
Offloe, Ho. CI K stittt, near the Circle.
Dr. zarPONE ooatlaaee to firs butrno Ions to
Msdujol StadenU and others la Anatomy, rhrslolo-
T. OhemlsUT, Oeslotr, Botaay, ana vulou. ei&ei
teaahespfe4eaeeiaaeotsd with medlclns. Uooms
aSrliUMixashilUUaf, aaW

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