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NO. S59
v ;i th Ptealoeat ays.
Tho WhlUmiborg Timtt published tbo loV
lowlnjr xtraet of a print letter Iron a gen.
tirman at Washington:
" " Tbo President Niger U op for cote, sod
now look out to iw. tho far fly. Ha hu been
dlnppointed and mortified beyond mrastire by
recent crrau It will take a week or two to
repair matter", and tben for vigor. Home of
the peacock officers wbo have failed to come
op to the rcratch will now hate to rlre place
to iseo ol braioraiid stability. No more lool
in, no more trilling will! be allowed. ' Old
AM ' is mad, bis old western dander la np,
. d I Utd beard blm as, aooo pretty strong
... Uuxmagr within a few daw pat, In' privaw
come here from tbo North, pretending to rop
resent tbu wishes of the whole world, and at
moat annoying the life out of the President
and hie Cabinet offlcen, by asking Impotalble
things of them, will now be tabooed. They
nave Kept ue wheel or me war machine loot
ed long cnongb, and the President and Halleck.
will now no the machine themselves, and en
tirely on war principles. Your folk la the
Went cannot possibly feel more chagrin at the
discouraging situation of affairs at the present
moment than we do here, and the President
(tela wor-c than any other man in tbis nation
possibly can. But we arc full of courage.
'Are we going to be whipped to death J" ask
cd an Ohio congressman of the President, ye
tcrdty. ' Whipped I' exclaimed the Prtii
dent, indignantly ; '.There is no such thing in
the books these Southern rascals will find
thenuelve buried ontfer'a Northern avalanche
sooner lhat von think, and like the boy who
was struck by lightning, tbey won't know
wha ailed them. Never say whipped while
there Is a Ood In Israel.' This the Pretldeni
said with ranch mphasls. He don not dream
ol snch a thing as failure in this war. Hi
sees bow great mistakes have been made, and
tbey will bo remedied as far and as soon a
?'6tblc, at.dguardid against in the More
lis great wleh just now U that be was a mil
Itarv man. II Fie was, I actually believe hi
would hlnrnlf go forth and lead our army to
Damn W.biter la til. Coma,
We find the following account of the pri
vate lumral of Colonel Fletcher Webster
and of the inspection of Us illustrious father's
remains, In last week's Issue ol the Plymouth
The tomb at Mtrshfkld once agalo open
wide its portals to receive the last of the eon
Ol the "Great Kxpounder."
The funeral of Col, Fletcher Webster took
place at his residence in Harshfield, on Wed
nesday, Sept. 10. The body was broogh'
down from Boston in a richlv-caparlanned
hearse with four horses, by way of Bingham
and Honth Shore. Several coaches conveyed
bis Boston friends from Kingston depot, vnili
a Urge assemblage- gathered from lbs" neigh
boring towns. Kev. Mr. AldVn, to filiate
pastor, conducted the Mr-view; the body rest
lair on his father's writing table in the library
aeobnUng to bis dying reqaost A large pro
cession followed his body to the tomb, when
the et.ffia was deposited with the family whom
it nation mourns.
By request of Peter Harvey, Esq., and oth
ten, tbe e-keo box containing tbe great states
man coffin was opened, and thdmetalllccovrr
of the glas i removed. How were the feelinge
of too personal friends stirred within them
to Bod those lineaments and feature, which no
man ever looked upon to forget, retaining ttx
name color and impress natural at when ten
years ago tbey gave him no to the grave.
The eyes were more suuken, but the heavy
vhadows beneath the brows were always there
in life. Even In death, and for a decade th
raptlvc of tbe grave, that kingly presence In
spired the same deep reverence and speechless
awe as when in the living temple of his match
less mind. Said one who looked opon his face
again: "I forgot all else, and cannot tell yon
any tiling of to tomb or surrounding objects."
Tbe velvet pall with Its rich embroidery was
In perfect preservation, though deprived of It
primitive gloss.
In silence the lid waa dropped and tbe box
recloeed. Farewell, thoa great departed I
KartU'e communion with thee is o'er. No more
choll human eye behold that face over which
thonght and feeling once flashed the light and
shade o.' that "imperial mind." Rest, noble
statesman, with thy patriot sons I Thy mem
oty '-still lives" enshrined In a nation's adml
ration and gratituda.
Dmu.uxt KirLoir On Wednesday last,
uuiuni-i ucorge w. uerry, 01 ue- uarrtaon
County Home Uuardi. left thlacltv with six
hundred ol Colonel Tevia's cavalry, for the
purpose of rcconnolterlng up the Kentucky
Central railroad as far as Falmouth. Before
reaching Falmouth, however, the officer In
command ol tbe cavalry declined going any
further, and started back towards Covin?.
Col. Berry was not to be baffled io his enter
priae in this way, so no trained ahead In com
pony with Ureenbary Bccd, United States
arihal of Bourbon county, and nine oter
men. and reached Falmouth In a few hours,
Cnding it evacuated by tbe rebels. The little
band nod not been there long, when twenty-
lubt Texan Ranirera came into thn nliu- ..tut
immediately attacked Col. Berry's small force.
desperate fight ensned, resulting in the
retails being driven out of tbo town with a
Ioms of two killed, four wounded and one
pruoner. Une of Col. Berry a men, named A
McNeca, from Harrlscn county, was badly
wounded. This was the rmlv casualty nn our
jido. Tho nbels tkreatenid to return soon
witu a cannon. Tbey burnt the nilroad m ai
Falmouth in tbelr retreat. Col. Borry, find
ing thtt hi men were nearly out ol amtnunl
Hon, d fmetl it advisable to fall back a dia
tauceof four milis, where, at Ut accounts,
he was encuraned. exDectlnr rolnfrnvment..
hm he would push on aftir the rebeU. Tbe
prisoner ceptd was brought to Covington
yeaterday, and handed over to (Jen. Solti -Tin.
A Wrmaii. orr to tuk Wia, W. H, r
lloemer, tbe poet of Avon, bae Joined Barnet'a
ntl battery, Mr. lluimer baa a ion In the
army, aaothxr In the navy, and none to leave
behind him at home. Ilia yoangeat, a proml
tnK boy of fifteen, waa recently d-owned In the
8uquebanna, and the sorrow sirlokeu father
now goes to the flild, hoping to find there In
scenes of activity that obllv loi, for sorrow that
a unlet home In the valley of the Oeneaee will
riot anord. He Is not, however, a stranger to
lead Bjd steel, for he wa for a Ua la the
Florida war.
We hear from Memphis that den Vllllplgue's
forces are i enorted to be stationed twelva mile.
from Memphis. In thi vlolnlty of BeraaadO),
iuo aruy h ttrecsianngs u ai ttouy
"imittut" wskwaaaklii.M
The Boston Tmvtllrr notloes tbe charge
that this la one or the bad words Introduced
by tbe present war," and expUhw Oat it is
much older than the present war."
And so It is. Washington Irvltur, to Us
Inimitable " Knickerbocker's Hiatorr of New
York," published almost three quarters of a
century ago, speak of tbe Tan Bummers as
the first that ever did kick with the left foot ;
gallant hvjhvhadtrt, and tamers ol raccoons
by moonlight. ' '
Flint, in bis well-known " History and Ge
ography of tbe Mississippi Valley," has this
passage : " Tbo propelling power tA the keel
boat is bv oars, sails. Mtilmr coles. Ac. and
when tbe waters are high, and the boat runs
"" ZSntoWH'
Kaffir 25 iS hi. ?N.?Kfri.aa. n
too tbnk all oar -ettettn eo? -flfaffltaTIri
bincd conld havecompvlted young bushwhack'
-i to wear coats and shoes In reoilaUoo
rooms f"
Hal ihnrton. aa Ram RlWr " in Ua Ka.
tare and Human Nature," says, ' every bush
whathr and forest-ranger thought be knew
where to find tbe trees.''
Flint's definition of " boebwhaclrrair." trav
elling or palling through tbo bqsbes In a keel-
ooat, along swampy etrcama and nvi r Danu,
or on foot amonu tbe forest undergrowth,
coea nearest, probably, to the now common
senso in which tbe word is used.
TnKATUi cTnLioiuru--leBrlUihateafn1
erForcuplns, whlei bad bien enaaged it tak
ing s an' logs In tho Atlantic, for.ulrgraphlc
JurM,hBd reroreWtoPl loath.' ThtLlv-
rfool Jfn urjsayif " '
euma el ine soundings extended to a deptD
of twenty-lve hundred fathorra. Tbe visit of
tee steamer to Boskall on the 14 h of Ann at
-tms to have been prompted by a desire on
no pan or ue oros or ine Aimiraiiy.to di
tble (o JadKe. bv a kaowledce of Its di-D'b and
ctiaraeter, of the expediency of dropping a
enow acrosi iQis nans, lor tne purpose oi con
aecllor Ireland Uh Iceland aod America. O
'he ridge of the banks, soundings vailed frnn
nloety te one hundred and sixty fathom.; 8 I
were moat abundant; the bittom consisted rl
ud and aaud. Toe diagram , reiurna, ana
'eporti from the cfBiera eagaged en board th
Poicuplne have been sint to Whitehall for the
oontidtva'lon, in the first place, of tbe Lord'
f the Admiralty, after which communication
will be made by their lordships to the directors
of tbe Atlantic Telegraph Company.
Wbit Wtu. Hoxxt N.t Dot -The late Sit
Bob;rt Peel "poke In the Houae ol Commona
io the year 183S, to the fulloirlng effect:
" When I was Chief Becretary or Ireland, a
muidrr was committed between Osrrkkon
Salr acdClO'm.l. A If r bad a ditadli
revenge towarda a llr. . and he employed
our men.'at two guineas each, to morder.blm
There was a road on eaob side of the river itatr
nwa wuriv. io uivddii, aaa.'Biaoipa; (wi
-nen on each road, the racane of hi' vletlm waa
lnpoalble. Ha was, uereiore, foully mur.
trreai ata me oountry was so anne.rd 6y tble
islsros rrlm that the 0rmment offered a
--,! of Mt fur it. dlaeav n orraoh oi
he murderera. And-sw It be) MHeved'tbai
be ml'Oreaut who bribed the marderera wa
-he very man wbo cam and (ra the In'orma
loo which led to their exeoutlnrj and wi'h
he hands I paid, hi Dublin Catle. the fas
r 2,000 to that monster la human shape."
?ny Our.
kt ammort irixo Faava Wats at Post Pc-
tA. sit All i he water ud by ibe Union Icrees
(thn forty etghib Now Yoik realmnt) at fori
rnla- tl, ueorttta, la ooodereed rrnm ream gen-
nw info uid ! it water, vj xroarrica
Qllmon, froes Patterson, Hew Janey. Wh
ine need oi water was itit, uum ira const eted
i eondinssr laslde the frt The oondenslst
machines manufacturing 4 600 nallona per day.
mors than la consumed by tbe troops. Tblp
makes good drinking water, and Is nad for all
ordinary purpewa. Before the erection ol
-bese works, all the water had to be brourhl
4 wn ia vtwela from Beaufort aod Bay Point
Vr. Glimor la now chief saparlntendat of
the entire eoooero.
Tn DnnuuH It dewrve. to be staled
that the eeetton of Upper Maryland over wblcb
this fl-roe tide of war is now rolling, la densely
oopulaied, and In lbs Immediate theatre ol
'bese bit lea are the home of very ma at
oeaoeful Dnnkarda, a q'll.t order, white fertile
8'lda and farce Una bnlldloga tell of peaceful
jfcrlenltore, and h ae love of quiet and peace
wa. thus a-roely Invaded by the atom cf a iot
od shell, arid the dread spectacle of garmials
rolled In blood. Tbey are non combatants,
and only email slave holders.
PoiMiimaa'a Eecirs. Information reached
St. Loal by the Njrtn htuaourl train, on 3ep
tembsr 18, that the erllla ohlof, Polodexter,
leaped from Bu4aon Thursday mernlog. Tbe
N'Ut rare to some It Is not a matter of rurnriw.
It waa feared "that a way would be made for
ni. escape." aaa it is new reported mat ue
officers in charge of Mm took the Irons en him
tnd sent him on aome pretext wih two Boards,
upon wnom ne piayea ine ' piayea out" trick
of throwing red pepper In their eyes, and ran
off. This u tho whele slory In a few words.
List a Bcubco A writer In tbe Boat
Pott says of lint: Every ounce of lint rent Io
the army doee mischief. It's only nse la to
cover np the blunders of bad inrgery It is
seldom nsed by tbe best surgeois here. In
Ibe army It la crowded Into wounds bv men
who know no other way to stop hemorrhage,
aod there It remains till It become filled with
81th and maggots. It retains the dlccharges
till they putrefy, and produces Intolerable
sienco. ins lenninauoa ot its wore is tae
death cf the patient.
iKDipriaEKcn to Dura Dcsnw Barrus
A soldier, wbo was la all the battlea before
Richmond, remarks that "It is astonishing how
ludlffarent to danger a man become In action,
after belrg In a abort lima. While supporting
tbe battery eoins ot onr men lay down nn the
erno' d aod slept soundly, utterly regardless ol
'he shells that were bnrailng around them. I
I bad cot seen this, I certainly never would
bavo believed It"
General Tllnhman. reoentlr released from
Imprlsonm-nt at Fnrt Warren bv exchange, la
n w at Jacks w, UlI'lppl. Ue addressed
I e olt'tena of that place, and aooord'ng to a
OiTesunndeninr ine it enmnni u -puca, tato
U it at Fort Warren General Buckoer and blm
elf were thrown Into a dnniraon th'riv fee'
nndor the ground, and for four months and a
nut were excluded irom tne iigbt or day, and
not permitted to exchange a word with any
iividz soui.
Dsira or tdi DiscovxatR or Faurra Blvtv.
Mr. -imon Kruer, tbn dlecovsrer of the tlvir
waion oaus ois nans, died reeanuy at Ht. An
drews, 0. W, He waa a native o Boolland.
Ooa cf his brothers waa a eantaln and another
a lieutenant und r General Wolfe, and partici
pated In the capture of Quebec.
Thin ar ttjna- llvel. In Kantnekr. New.
ioutl was oaptared and burned a few days
iphu un waara arMi o sadanng
RcanioTioit Bntovan. Themulclioonporl
clearing vessels Irom this port waa remove;
yeftarday, and tbe bsstueM was prosehited'as
usual. The reason for the restriction U sUl a
auhjeot of discussion, bnt non have yet been
able lo discover It Ha fim-jre Sun cj wafer-
Ia lb recent Ball Ran bnltlee, the 'Maine
Second, CoL Roberts, lost 81 kllled.'Wonnded,
and ral-alng. and hu but KT tffoUv mn left
The Third lost 63 killed, wuui,dedand misting.
The Fourth lost IS killed, 8 1 wcondtd, and 7
mlssmg. Tbe Tenth, Col. Beat, baa bnt 175
IT-oUvs rank and file. Tbe SeosnX Jjatwry
luat 3 men, and, the Fifth lutery U.,
Captain John Adams ha1bcn-art'lted In
Prospect. Maine, for .rndeUng.iha.drjJV lie
was a light hoa kepec under Mr; Ibfhinao.
Araoa uA.,Jwreaee)iC'.iMaMchpir(te, has
tendered the free uea'rf a'new hoax near bis
retMeand fn Brooklfne, erected by the late Wm
ApaMdn, for a soldiers' hospital. Be has also
volunteered hia eervlon as steward ol the hoa
pltal, if It Is established there, and wllb other
msmeersoi ia itnny,wiii see inai an ;n mates
receivo every needed attention.
Hon. Bltsha B, rbtttv, of Bhrdo Itland,
frankly- adalltlng trmf he is eighteen, and
leaving, aa a bachslor-ahcnld, the question ot
forty Ave open, hat pattlotlcallyrtqueited that
bla name be placed on the llat oi those lo be
araiiea eaya tna rrpviuenee ournoi.
A dastardly attempt wt made to firo the
Sla'e a-e al at Hiriford en fiunday a quan
tity of cott'n waal talnmud'wlth bnrulng
niia, a ootue ir ournirg nau and matobea
oavlnpr been found near the building, which the
incendiary had leit behind In bis flight
James M. Beebe, Eq , of Bosion, hu pnr
enaaad cne hundnd mueketi for the use of a
drill club composed of tho young men In the
service of the firm, or which he Is tho r nlcr
partner, and such of tholr friends aa may join
the oiganlx itlox
The merchants and other clltgen cf UostoD
ire pr ptrlng to organlz i n reglu cnt for drill
nd military rcrvlce al homa adontioc the
qnlcki-at and best pien of drilling tbe whole
p 'puia'ion ooinn vomnianiy wnat is nr re by
lw In France, (let any und olhor Kutonean
General Craw'ord's wound, received while
rallilng the regiments of Gurdon'e brliade, I
more eerlont than was anticipated. Pieces of
clothing eontlnux to come out of tbe wound.
Geo. Crawford pasaed through Bagerstown tn
a amouiao on oonoay.
Cawac or Trs A few days ago, tbe most
popular tune In tbe rebel army waa "Mv Mary
iand." Mow It Is " Cam me Back to Olo Vii.
Harness Manufactory,
499 Scwentb Street,
I aaatar of Hu beet nut W, and hava oa
itatty b kaad, a lar a-rt nnad aMrt eat of
lina aaa vauaeai' naaana ,
Breast OoDan,
fAabn ms,
rawa t aad Wat Bufm i,
OacrM Bavanaeti,
OW am' Vine Sword Bella,
Baft Tiiaualafs, aad
lrMtetawC .
Bora Lsatkar.
Ina Fn s,
Drees, aad
Wood boa Traa
As X Baaaautar Traaks axtoorivaly . aad neee"
artlj have all kinds of Trank MeUrlal,! tn battai
pnd to repair Tn oka, aa, taor al aad
proaapUy. Ifcaa any othar eiUbllab .at u Um dty
A ant lurrkiai,
OrnoB ma Cniar Qeara vvierna,
rmty tkii'vtimat,
WoAAMVtofl, tefan 4 SO, 1WS
I'BOroSALS ar lutli.l for mr, tthl.a for lbs
waif tbs ariaf 4 tb. FojOmis the touontnjt ar
ticle. s,OM teas beat qaalltr Tlaotby Hay, Marrlj
balad, tb welaht of caea bale to ba
mtr d iba,oa
2,KW beaaaU f O.U, e( t i but teaUIV, la
roi f sat It, vail ewtt
TJnOeotdi Oak and H'ekorj W"od, U hi
s atd and or tbe bt qaality.
Haoh bid miMt b. . eonp.olea or lbs endorM
mebte two raroomlbt. panoa. that tb oontraaui
If awaiaa wUi bt fa Ul'd.
Mia will b opeaivl from tkoa to ttma as Um ar
tlel'i mar be Md.d,aad eootraa'swtli be iwarial
fee tb quaatltlas a adid.titb. leweat rMponalble
Dldt.rapto beilffl.ototeotax
Tb rUibt la if ,d w aoe.pt all or any pirt oi
ary bid.
p-opo! aaald ba dened " Propoiats for Uav
or O.u, or Wood," aa tb. east may bt, and aa
aia la se rai tavetorea
Llent Cot aad A. D C.,C el Qaatiei wter.
MU2fN a CO .proprletoneflbaswotdn-rt a,
ami sf eats for pro nif Aoerkaa and rom
IVith oVcfem rdr aprrienof in f Ae Ihuinai
Refer toll Jade afiHn, Boa Jtph Holt
Hoa. W. D. DUbop, .z-Oommla-tdtie ot Pateate
aad to ate. tbaa flft taousaad Lan-ntcr wbr
nave bad basuusa den a tbroaA-h bto 0 .' rat
aat AfD47.
rsipul.t of advtoe sent free by natl.
Pauat Laws aod OefataUees, too pages, n evais
Ho ebar for eoonltatioa, nraTir or by oufi.
rreLmlia Baamlnatloo la Caitediltatj I at i
OOUM.Itft T Park Bow, H Tort, Waoblni
ton, . ar of V aad 0watb ttraeta, opirfMlt. th.
Pat t Owe.. r It antt
. Copartanp h r'o"r sitatlna betrnxn
. wt
PPlrt tl title day dl'MlTeifbv matiuJ
Job O. Lrl nsn a tuaas t i bmHu at t
. j.i.n imi (.,
Wnut.BaaX,t Da.At.RRn
OAbraraAD p-cib8I" baas
Rl P a. aveaoa, bot, Stb an I hdh to ta
il stiff
.w Anu rwKTK a Binuini,
'ion ho tMM i Tur-t fr in riMiO d eist
i bf hu Ne ud 8tarlit(l (Mdiho . HyVnZ
r Wolow'kl'i ajuitm. ptn m birlrgoair lilfht
rirttgtj of nnfU will l taft&M In Terv Hi'n
Mior fa tntU.- run rrf-t iJiu. mail m m
I o,b4iTiTr at mMtwrft MlAU-r rnftlu,iin-
dn tV Toito pow-intifiiftat tftoblsttht ttaitr
tuwiu who ioir VMrtoy t taa m qu ! it ol
fotir. Piofefltr Wulowal tHnt Mtar- tftvUt
ob8io4 i.'tl.ct pn.itkLi mUnm No 46
1ST and ISM tt'ran t .ti
i-mutoci.rbta.1' '
I'nTba i alar a ree'ef Urwl.eeibrta nn
niiwaia trout uunagiaeajteratu -Latla,
tXreia'id-4ud alilhVhrancaet.wbliili e
tltaN a Uur h Eoflati aad T ea edaoauoa
Frtashtta.lat("eata luatbiaaa lee
naaUv rink mtt latitat . II k O. obimt o
partfalar anutto , aid U laetlt Do- tb. nd
"itM nifiwi go jp d or Mteraiir ana oow
he ubolarila eeae MuMnm Sni . iln
and aloat. Jal bt.
Clnaiar., ae. , oaa ba obralatd fro
ar M-Sa rrlaal lot Cbeian Inautafa
Mna. co a no i.y ami dacuutkh-s
KW-Mll Cbmer tf Ittui lifJi i rah
Tbeuftaalbraecbtfioredaeiilo lieiadlD AU .
bra, Okm ry. Latla, nd V eal Milo Praia,
Oermaa, llrawlaff, and tnatrao atai sf aalo at nod.
rata .xtra ebargu SpMl.lh ahd.towdto I
latla. prepartec oraUbMbopij.cd eoUeeos,-io
btem. teetfber of ordl ,ary bo.la.
Uatpocies flraa t laqalrtes tbrouh the pot-affl-a
Maple wood ToBDg Ladles Iistltite,
Ccmueaoea lu rorty-tblrd sial.siiaal seetlott,
Oetob.r a, isas. t
Xta atuadtnoa and lis laallltl a lor d arJoa , ar
onaffvciei by tb. war Uaaabier. of niitta nn
reo. tetd on redaeed trt
Vor ctrenlan, addnw
Um. C. V. 8PKAB,Uu Prtaoipal.
ana SE wdlm
Cirole Ins.itute,
Xoxr Touna
Mo, 01 K ata-aal, near Ui vlel.
Seeiloa ooca -eeooes oo tbl 1st of tleotaaber.
Tama pet Quarter of Tn W..I,, 111 Vrtwti an
muriq IMIW1N.
Spaoub, Itallaa, 0rBn, L.tla. aad tereni otbe
luxaaa uajt'ii la iba cam mool
lir 1 ZaPPUMS llltlr tbnUotis Hi
w.vk on LI er,a a id Noi.be.. aad DUunlH m.
u wbeaevrbcaep aunuuvnib owoicalprt
aa U
Mrs. A ZAPPOg, Prtaoipal.
via. aovaa'a
1SI Wntarat
Tb. dntJe. ot bt lulliatlon will ba imimiI a,
lb. sib oi September CI ealan Bar b braia
(tn. ntinuip.i oooni m in arning-i .irr n
addrts lag tb prtt-elpal,
aui a ITaiim M J IIABBOTU
la 1, tbiscu .b s loaar olar ab
iribdaabd b ya Is.tn.tsi. glv al awf tail
log lalbttluliaiibrilflut urtlo style; alba
ud..& A i.tanm. i, ,k. Hu.it. It .um ajkl b
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medewtih Mawo'brr peraon or peraona.and tht
gaaraoton of raeh dataaltlai bidden vtXl be bold
reap vibl for all dllaqaatia.
All ctr.-ra not made la ttrkt omfVmtfy erlth thl
odrrnisvineat will, at tho.loaoi Um bartaa, b
io onlv wboxe off-ra mar be aoorctrd will b
noUtad and euntraota will be rw-dy tor execaUoo
aa f-ot thereafter aa may be pracUoabla
eept wlw
Th sndersl d ratactd, ta th nwnUi ot
Doeenber, UM, th pi:bIleaUcn, In this city, of
a weekly "wrpapar, ea.1d th Notional Srpvti
It Is pr ted at ohMt, twitTrr
by forty-two Inaoas, aad U fcrnlaaad at tn kr
prios stated btlcw.
R eon Ulna aU to ort-aal matter uf thi
dairy National JttpMicm, with the snoptloi
of loeol saw not tentrU&g to oooo nt
It arm glv faQ rtpert) cf the proesdlaf of
Oonga, and of tha othar dapanjn ta of thi
Ratloii Gov rsment,
R eraUlo all th MW of th day, fortl
aed d axtle, orktta, ., Ac, as wa as ai
orlfU oa rap ondano frr all part r-f the
eouat ' Th mlaonanoas depart rrt will
raottv spela attentlos, and, ta aS rwrpecta,
th tffort will b made to Mtabllsh tb ehara-
1 of th JMrion. Bey M n a a FareUj
w Pr.
Waahlaftoa bertng now th o tr 1 pottn of
th sa nt military operations, gnat attentloi
will b poM to fo tshlng th raadara of tb.
Xtofial BefmbKcm with fall, and spolall)
with enown Uu, aoaowitt of lh profrwn of the
war for th Union.
In poBtlea, th paptrr la BepaWle, ntrtatn
t&c th aa iwiBt h of fetr. LlceotR.
Thr is no othrBpab'Jcn paper In th Via
trlot of Oorunbta, or In th vlolnlty of It, one
tt Is bllvd that ratavntahv opnd lo
noh a paper aa Important phr of naefa
fort. Tb tlm ho or, wt th aetaa'
s BlnlTtra Hon of th QoTtrs ntpoaBpEb
Uoaa prtndple will nplod th mis pre n
tattoaa whloh hav mad tbe rtaolpi to
dtstaatefol to th Bonth.
Bnt tt I not onfy hra, and la this rlernlty,
that the prrdoetr of tha JvVBtonal Bpu.dican
kop to a k tt OMfal. To th hcle ooantr
thy offer a joa al which will dlscnsarUooA
poHdea from a natlcnsl staTdpo'-n., Mid whlol
will rTr b swerved from pMrlntto duty fej
any or rpowartog prtsnr of local Interest.
ey , or ar
rhretoopl, on yar
rtre coplaa, on year
Tan epls, on yar
rwwnty coplaa, on year
On copy, la month
ThroplM, sli month
ft copies, all raonths
Tnoo)ls, six months
Twatyooptes, six moo th.
.. 1.00
.. J.OC
.. 1.0
.. IJu
.. 86
.. fMO
Paymaat always In advaao.
WS a Clnb of nborltr ha beta for.
wanted, addition may b mod to tt on th
aaa term. It 1 not MOMaary that th sub
scriber to a Clnb should rolv thslr paptrs
at th so post onto.
Mocy may b fr.rwardd by mall, at oar
risk. Large amonnt can b remitted In Tra
il notea, cr drafts oa Bortoa, New York,
rhll4lpbi, or Baltimore; sm aUr aoasta
In gold, or In notes of servant banks. Address
W. J. Tt TAQH A 00,
HVuMmoiow. D. tl
- Tn Daar NinottiL Evnuui ta pnb
liahd va ry morning, (Sunday (ictpted.) at
th following rates i
On oopy, one year M.M
Five oople, on T .00
Oncoyy,U months 1.74
nv oople,slz months 1M
fro copy, tare montha 1 10
ririoovi.. I) oiaMai,
A ehole-e earge, cout.t jif cf
11 AY OAH.,B0
WIU be sold low to the ta1., 0 a lurn g t
Uydeillm Joni B rf
Uoorg.tOWD, D. C.
FabUc Bob u be C. aoordia aid O lu.
Wiea,b; leo W.rreo'i 0. g aptut aj,a Kul i
O, amour, at letrod ieila hli,
A lullsafplv ol Hjboo D ok. oa fcvd, at the
&jlo-. of M. UALLtNIYMK,
a 1 3w 4us bf .uih .IrMrt.
TH MtMaiaa of coNoasss, paors.
L UoauU U.mU.Ba.m. as olb
Th aaaaiwaaad are prirBa ta pnat Sptaaaas,
Itiafa, rampUIate, luporu, ar any AaMUpOsa S
P--tr tmtmr mmmKW4Arm
araraaaUf hronvb pa-aeafar t alua fr m Wah
1'ftoa to the OhwtiTer, ultbontcha fr t car
daliyatIK a.in.aadep m.aud o.iaf f t.r to
dtMwaMBta to the tnTLa pabllj that any oUur
roBte.vta: r '
CBRaPER park,
Lt-38C"A.NOM OrOaKH.
Thl'Utbaoo'y rare that oh k- baKir ir"j
htaf on ety t'th vTevct Tlekcu c u11
b rdj a.i pa -ifrn nev to pittilvfe of tjt-jt
overat ay poljt mih-pir
P r-f-rw pneannv Urkt by thla roTte, a r
th d a ad mt'o n tttM rat(e
RKUlMtlCA TK O-fleY OFr-ICK top-rn"r
tokt-i t m efas ot th- B AU R u tuar
'tot-lve I at an hoor drtg ih day. aud b ob irirr
nr haadUBff aaccMT aaati rf
--BboVHC ru W
bah r
(iondaya Raorpted J
At o O'eloek. r. K-
pikr t9 n b., foot oif ncarar stiucj r
TlMOwudBiarDlictirtamrCirTOX HOt
TOrt.Wn WUoox eomipudcr, trom Raw Ter
Tataiara Thanday. and Batardaya , ad t
Krw rOadon Kondayi , Wrdndap, nt 1
Taiowan4maT...VaBtaataMffCrrro N;
TORK.Tboaaa tf. Jwtt,ooauBaadarTlrcm T. tx
Torh-3fondaya, Wedaedaa, aad Krt1n. frotv
Haw toadon TeMdayt, Thannan, aod luu
Thaee two new eteasacn hare beeo bnllt e-y rf
for thi mat, with all modcro lmprr-f cr-, t
oJadisir Water Ttoht Cknapart-aeoi aad t.a th
anlv atefaara evar oallt for Isg Itai 6zn4
with tbii arret Ufa prwniajr. Improvnsit
Cuodaetora aooompaBy the ateamar eh war
raBirarf proceed from 2fw lizdov itaat
dUttly on arrlral of rtaamart, by Bav-rc Tnvt. t
Oortoa, Woroeftcr, LoU Iwroe, L'it.ia'
tfaabea,ConeoTd the Whit HcBoteia, Af zc
Vwwvngtn rctarlBC frr-i Bortoo Uoth tb Oti
it th BoeloB tdV. orewter rallr'i at t .0 t h
tVoreaatar T F. M., amTlcjr tfawLnr c.r
fljtM taieo at th low8t kUtaa, aod olif ri
n Boaium early the next fy
fltata Uouioa U aaadanoe ean be bad on toire
teaman. or attheBoatoo errlaw Tort oVv l
vdT.noa. X. tt. MARTIN, Annt
mT tf Pl-VaV f
X1I23 an..v.iia7cr.Tr.
vMaxurvr Tralsj laavv wbx rroii airrt fn
foot of 'i,-'h-T r f Jllow . nr
6 Ot a m. Mail fr DoLklrk a-d liitarm dJat ta
tl D--i
til train rrmlta otr nl.htat Emraa3lpi
oad the iit m r lac
fwi in kjiiio, tor Baf lo aad prt04.lpl Id
trmdfa' na lo
rnoi n uiiK.aaiiy rot uutiim aid i-iatmt
dnt a aU tut.
it 1p.m. Awwmj'etlei, daily, fj? PoftJi-r-f.
nd pMaeital tatlja
4(x)p Way, tor Midllttoa-a Ktwbarb, atrd
ib m.ilfat -tv Um
60it. m Nt mi: p ev.da'ly.ror Danlk, bal
fiir,Ct'4 ikb d 'ilfldpa runt Thtrtc
f hatU'd y ruoa tbioojfb ti Uiiffa o, b.t d- lu
ran to .on i Irk.
TOOp m. tm'lTiBt.fof Dnillik aud rUietrl
tH tM.
Tim hxpn a Trilna eouot at DomUiv1lf ntS
r'lroad f rB'ff tu.at Klml'wU,t tUi t ta.'a
.bl "Uataia Kat'a Bir"d;t Bl K$.an wl h
m Briteoa njir art, .t Co itg with ih rwl ruAd
for R olfr and Ualfto; nt -rt bid h rw
mllrjad fwr craa co. -d4 at tibft" lo ad Ifu k t
wih h umk fbor HAtiroid fi Jiev ant C.ieCl.
atl ljdo,ir4iCmwVfj,io ,4 ti ui4..
rep U Oaovatfn "a.i td n.
p avOlAPMALri FiH WuOl).
D rot QcBita-Tra'a Oifmc,
CHtr if tlabitita u- U tr- .
W tmet D Crptfs.bl ir-fi.
Bfald W t-e-l ft h drl fry ot 1 , tin
tbto and Coid f WOi D to th Ootvm mciit ui.
b r.c vtvd a bawtBo aiitll Hb nrd,y, i.t (1.
r t dar vf Oetob r, t (lit twiv- u'ooka
Ta wood tw t hri co i aoi ncrchB bU
(t f t locf(aod arU. to th otiiluarr a xaol
e rl ood
T -o wiot o-adtHd lo beclti of Wbli?
to at aebplaia ra tb Ui-p t mart-im a rr hUl
m to rtfad ib iaisk. , i ar u-t bi4t,d llr f
at ol"ff coatdri ecmg-lcto aatu cried,
oaord aoe I p otfd.
1 toDe u will ( dTi;natdootheMrtdlthr
O ver m at to inp-et a 1 maaoara t wd ..
a-'b d not oooform to Um a Dote apojlAa.tiO-4
Wl ' M I J '
All to b d.livered on or before the ilat) tttU day
or Dwoamb r. Ui.
faymwut tu b made apoa the eomp-ttioo ol the
ohila ooatraot
The tall name and port offloe ivddram of the bMJrr
mat appear ta th propoaai
If o bid la made la th aama ol a Am. Ut aait-v
f nil tba pint a me t rtpar,or the bit I tr
co d rd ae toe lae.vide i p opo al oi th party
I. Bluff it
lrfyoala from 4ir! prti tmJ7 not ot amtvtori.
tndmn t ofitrfancm aauf xonpHftiJi prvf
(. Prcpamaat boad ae d toCt D If , bUC
Kt.t,Q arurma-t U a A m.. VVaM ,ioi
C ateu mot b pialtalr mikd ' fiopa. Ut
TH rpTWbl lir of th jaranf,rmat b h wa
y tt aiJLciil omttuww ft lb-errk oi ta o. et
Jt net oj rt, or ot th D 14 oit dUirie. to
(be t Ulry of th bdJer to All th oaTot, -orta d
( t a rdd to bls.iaB-t b git r . uj io
rre uialola pn-ta whoaa atuiure ma r b tr-
pfM d lOUl'aBlia-it
B'dde ment D ur rt la proa wben tlo 9U
treopvnd,or lhlr prpH-uwil uA f- ooutvi
Bsod-lath ram of tn ihooaaaJ del!fcM .tuei
by ihf o utr o or aid b-Jth o b fBiraa or , iu
th) rxjolf ad yf t-r BoC-f-u blddr upU tJuilM li
Aa i bond moat aOi.-ompany taa o jotraet, H wl.
baoaoaaaary )or bMdVr 'eh4T th4r boodjn.vD wit
tbam, or to have boida lgt4lo iA,toipUoM mi
atvdy to be prodae-d wb th e,oir4. i(ft.')
Biau tor u,Diiae.B ba p ocattd op u ikpAiamttax
b laBudeetthl' otnea either per.oiia.ly, by 1.1
ur, or by tlcraph
W. , of tb cob at r ol - aad ttta'a ol .
a-d- of the eotinty of and - ii
bcreb laara itaathat . U bo ofjJlia
traet anaooor4aaowUUttrBuol hUpropolao- .
and thtbol hoprov-o-l ion bapnm, h wtl
at onee entar tato a OvBtraot In aoeordanoe hr"
an to.
Hboald the eontraot be awvurCVad bim, om are pr
partd tobeooue bliricart-e
(roibltgarJikmtvt b pradJ tha ai.
orrildoata above mnUood J
Tti Depot Qiancrmaiur r-arve to hlmll th
rif ht to rcJeot any or ail bide that ba may t -tt toa
bjb. U. II RUrCKB.
Oo'oo4 and Qaarieruanr
Mpt a-dt Oot-lrt.
x Attorney for Olaimanta,
Bounty Uodi. Ptnsloai, knvm
of Pay, Extra ray, U,
WAsmxGToir, d. a,
WtU ftr prompt aad etnclat attcoiJt-i to ti
provteu too of ulma ot vry oe-ripiku aalrr
h- uovromBt, ai4 make no chars nnla rai
re h rcrVwiao and cWpa tor M"M wiii s1'
r r,baMna aecarad tor aotdlrra woQndM or al
dd iiorlti tb t-xb liitf war, -(, lor io td.v..
nd oriiha a ol ajiairr vtm a w died Iro wvub-Ij
Ot diacaa lut-nr ) hll la th Ut-liid 4 .iftti
voa.ivlfO Bivv U tyy tor ihbii;at UwWadaor
rtc-Ma d dorloit ihvraUilug ar
fat divide- tth sU.oriMiyi or other pcraotu Um
rt 1 1. buttiuasa
Tb Ujik! prt'- PM La'a VTarraBtaj
SO 4?t Tuh afrt,
WaJhlQftoo.,1) 0
n B Editor of paper pobllnhlbf Uw abov ear
rlU bv eeUOvd to my aviTlo- to u aocaoi ol to.
(luargea. T Si I
U it- A- ZAl'i'UNb,
Fhytietao and Ucutiit,
Otnee. Ko. il & atrtat, near ih Clitaa,
Or RPP01BeoaU a w atv Ua rao toaa to
Xtdleal B adenu aal oih.r.l An omy foy-ltlo-
tJ hifai,uoiy.wy"'
rioaa ihf
branoh-e of -Uaoa aueawiia t.bm
W rM 10 VW--aT-

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