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NO. 261
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John Ball dearly lorn to. moralise oo 04
mote lnMsnelghrr'ieTe.;It it hlf fondest
putlmc; ooe he goes, at with n ration te
frmhlnfftowltoe.' Bat this nobto Pharisee)
1m Dothloff to T of the many bean whkh
obscure his own vision. Standing tn the blah
places of the tvnagogue, be devoutly thun
God that ho it not u other men, poblioul
and sinners, and.pnfll hltuelf ont till oat
fears for the Ball the fate whleh overtook toe
frog. yr
A everUKlcas, toe good xfuu
impcrfcctlontof bit own. He b, nrhapf, not
a bad fellow in the main: but he it no talnl
ODlra rberiaee and
a common acoM. .Wa. all. know.
the Hnntlogdon forgeries in' New Totk
pinnud tome vean am. If r. Boll at oaea I
In them new and lmrUtlble,evldairqa,cf tbei
rottenocst of dcmocratla iotUtotloM bat 1M
Bonpell ate, the extraorfinaiTrraicalitlarbf
tno British contai tn me jjaraaneuet, uw
nightly garottlng and highway robberlet U
London itreett, the cnrVras.anddlaejngtfM
dUcloanret of what it called high llfc?" nudi
on a recent trial concerning the "enamelling"
of a woman of rank tbeaeand other erlmet
and follies of couraeprore nothing, i
There it koIdb on at thit time, la Borland,
a system of swindling to braien, toenormoot,
o atrocious, that it if tafe to tar, .It would
be tolerated in no other civfliaejd .Montrfv-
Yet we hear of no measure! taken to pot
top to ton latejt am greaten or unguan
cheats, which, at the reader 'will tee, injure!
in a Tital point thousands of the'Iower and
middle claists, and bieaka the molt solemn
trusts, to enrich a few eonwleneeleai bnt emi
nently respectable acoaodrelt. It has been
remarked, for tome time past, that many Eng
liih life and Dro Insurance companies were
quietly disappaaring, swallowed np, one after
another, like tha fatldoaof Egypt .b certain
leaner but more Voraclont fellows. Recently
theuAmaloramatlon of Insurance Oomnanles."
as it is called, bat attracted the attention of
one or two journalists, wno nare cad xae oonr
age to expose the inlqaltr.
It seems that durini the last eighteen nats
no less than one hundred and fifty-three Eng.
lisn insurance companies nare oeen " amaiga
mated," or, In other words, roare transferred
their business to other concent? "It it more
than Drobable." san a' write lnMhe London
Rtvuw, from whom we take tha singular fact!
glwn below iciJ-
"That many of tha compulse that hare been
thus absorbed wen not In a lonritUnc oondl
tlon, and that their amalgamation Into more
prosperous associations sarad them from being
dlMolred, and wound oplaChanosry. Bnt
these operations are no long, confined to weak
or decaying companies whose 'business Is not
lane enough to be carried on nrofltablT as a
separate ooDotrn. One mayaow constantly sea
proposals for the amalgamatlorof oompanles
whioh, np to the moment of tba adrsritsemeut
which calls attention to the subject, bad a high
reputation, and against, which notia whisper
was heard tending to throw flouhl on their
credit or standing. iThlslstha.fsature whloh
eItss necnllar slKnlncance iotheoreeentmore-
ment. Amalgamstlen is no lonirsr resorted to
solely as a naaus o(aToidlng Chancery. The
transler of a oomnanr is beoomlna as common
as the transfer of a ship.- The process of ab-
eorotlon Is adranolos: wltn aeoelerauox Tslaol-
ty, and strong companies at well as weak ones
are gradaally disappearing. Mo proprietor of
shares In an assurance company, and do holder
of a policy, can now be certain that he may
not read some morning In the Times an adrero
tlsemsnt calling a general meeting of the pro
prietors oi nis laTonie company to oonsiaer
the question ef dissolving it, tana 'transferring
Its business to some other atsoetotlon.'t
That this Is net an OTersUtament It abun
dantly shown In the 'exposure before us. But it
will be asked, Why should a prosperous com
ptny sell ont and surrender Its existent Into
other bands! What Influences are or oan be
brought to bear to tadnoe directors and officers
to giro np a profitable business f II appears
that this wonder Is acoompUabedby susystsm
of black null, Intimidation anafpod, which it
would seem Impoeslole for a commercial'-oom-mnnlty
to tolerate. Ths prosperity of 'tAi In
nurance company, like that f a txpk, nssanp
on its fair fame. Now the rascals who. it ills
shown, make a trade, and a rery profitable one,
of "amalgamating" insuranoe oompanles, begin
their operations by causing it to be rumered
that the company they hare plotted to. .destroy
Is about to sell Itself out to another. This" 're
port once set aOoat, and ollents avoid the com
ptny, the luckless dlreotors see' rum . starttg
ihem in the face, public confidence In them Is
shaken, and they find themselves compelled to
content airalost their will to their own destruo
tlon.and are Indeed plainly given to understand
that It will not even do to Insist on terms of
The London J?ettu says :
"The mode In which the Drofeedonal imal
gtmators regards Insuranoe companies differs
little from tdat In whloh the class of nersons
called wreckers look on ships., la the -eyes of
toe inner ue oniei use or a smpiis so oo sirtna
vd ; in those of the former, an usuranoe oom-
panj exiau uui mr iod purpose oi oeing amal
gamated. In both cues plunder Is the promi
nent 'object, and the same unscrupulous means
are employed to attain It When the amalga
mators hare fixed on a company on whloh they
wish to onerate. thev sit down 'before II and
commence their operations according to a well
ooniidered plan. Bribery Is the first step. If
they sucoeed In obtaining one or two friends in
the management; the company must soon ca
pitulate. Negotiations are at once commenced,
ana n oegins 10 do punitory mown mat amai
samatlon is In contemnlatlon. Prom thai In.
slant the credit of the association, which Is Its
very life, Is materially damaged) and the com
pany will. In all nrobabilliv. b ultlmatelv
compelled to yield. Thus the trail Is laid in
secret, and while the proprietors are all on.
oocsolons of any danger, this new Quy Fawkes
and bis associates are standing ready with the
tigat iu weir uauus.
The same writer continues
"Though these transactions ordinarily escape
the publlolty of a oonrl of Justice, II is not pot
slble to prevent some scraps of information
from escsplng. Humor Is busy with the name
of at least one gentleman of mark and position1,
who, out of the ruins of Insuranoe oompanles,
has managed to secure between sttO.OOO and
100,000 for himself. Bis associates have not
been Idle in appropriation a share of the nlun.
der. It li not surprising that they should wish
to extend so profitable a business. Not content
wun meir 111-goiion nooiy, tney are on ue
oonatsut lookont for new prey."
To show the extent to which these reckless
swindlers have carried tualr work, the
continues :
'To take a single example of what has oc
curred since the year 1851. Within that period
the 'City of London absorbed elxbl oom
panles and ended by belag itself absorbed by
the 'Eagle.' The process Is, therefore, not
always attended with ultimate taeesst, . Alt
the experience whleh tha Osy of latstsW had
sWalaed fa jreylnguponlts weaker rivals could
not sate It from the Jaws of lb giant 'Eagle.'
vuriag ue same interval, tne vast mentioned,
eoafeay hbsorbed seven other" companies b
sides, tie -City of London.- The Eagle' there-fbrtlatthepresenltlme;'conrIils'-pf
at lesst
strtPsnteparaWcomrUi, sJidlU vflYaofty U
not yet satiated. Its appetite, Indeed, seemh
to grow by. what it, feeds upon, and nothing
now so ds too large lor-iis ospscions
'At this rerr moment II is bronoelns: to
swallow a oomnanr. the animal Income of which
amount! to no leas a sum thin S9,W. This
.been nootsd, and I r lot
,can taeceed in landing
m fcflt with as Hill.
mr aa ahv of the smaller frv tbatcassi
prevlonsly Into their net." j
Inatubseqasntnumbtrlbe writer gives a
detailed account of " the' wreck of the Areut.''
tbeUsestlnsUnoeof this prodigious twlndla
nis is in company oaring an inoonte or
ttOO.OOO aortannm; to whloh tUuslon U made
abOTC-Itteems that the ."Argus ''is' to M
transfsrrMtotho Sails.'--whtoh'acrees to
aatvm all Its liabilities In consideration or rei
bstTlig about two thirds of, a Urn acoomula;
aainaa now, in. possession u,ue ,"Argns.-
Ont of the remalnlog third the offloers, of the
disappearing oompaov are to bt compentated
for lest of situations; the rogues who bars
wrecked ,tbe."Argus " wM probably gel a bltei
aad the remainder, if any, will be distributed
among the nnfortnnate ibarebolders, who have
not been consulted until the Isst moment as to
tbe.dastruotton of ..their property. The still
mere unfortunate persons. who had. made pro
vision for their families hy . Insuring their lives
In the " Argus,"- and.who would seem to have
the greatest interest at stake, were not con
sulted at all.' They were sold like sheep In the
now to DuraoT a ooxtant.
As a curious looldent In the hlstorv of this
latest and most' dishonorable of Inanclal ewln.
diet, 'we 'cite the following account of the
meant utea to aesiroy tne "Argus " company,
taken from the Journal before mentioned. It
It MSMwbat long, bnt it will repay perusal.
"The most remarkable feature connected
with the amalgamation of the Argus' Is that
II has been effected against the wish of the dl
reotors. The entire , transaction' was the sole
work ot flva gentlemen who held shires in the
company, tul vtr not in tmy uoyoanjuctd iclh
Ut pumajtmtnl. The matter was' so skillfully
oonauctea oy inese persons mat tne enarenold'
ers had no. choice but to accept the oronotal
made to them. The plan of operations was
described by one of themselves at the general
meeting or tae propnesjnrs, ant irom tnat ao
ooont the following particulars " have been
gathered. In April last, them fire eentlemen
succeeded In- 'getting themselves appointed a
committee of Inquiry to consider ,wnat steps
could be taken to benefit the compaoy.
" This appointment Was made In conwauence
of representations by one of their number
mat tne ousueas or tne association was not In
a flourlshlnc' state: and with the view of ena
bling the committee to make suggestions for Im
provla it thev had the nowerof examlnlnar
rus doms ana papers oi ine company, too
nronnauon una oouunea ror one purpose was
empioyea oy tne committee lor quite a diner
enl one. The directors havlni nceltlvelv re
fused to entertain the Idea of amalgatton, the
oonutltlee resolved, without any authority
whatever, and. In fact, behind the backs of
both shareholders and directors, to enter Into
negotiations for that purpose themselves. Hav
ing inus aewrminea 10 ouer tne company lor
sale, they had no difficult j, according to their
own account, In deciding where to look for a
purchaser, There could be no hesitation on
that point, and they Went accordingly to tha
gaiet omoer oi too asguv
" If practice In amalgamations could make the
operation pleasant to the morlbnnd company,
It could not fall to bs so In the bands of Mr.
JTelUooe. That gentleman has, perhaps, greater
experience in transactions oi inis sort man
any other Individual, and his nsme has. In con
sequence, becomb a potent word of terror In
tne insurance worta. . Tne tnreat oiDeingftaod
ed over to the office over which sir. Jelllcoe
presides Is always sufficient to coerce directors
or reduce refractory shareholders to order. A
cartons Incident which cccurred during the
meeting Just mentioned Illustrates bow widely
the reputation of Ifr. Jelllcoe It spread. A
shareholder named Hornby having censured the
oomautee .ror.ei cnoa offering ine 'Argus'
to' tne"aaurie.' instead or putting; it un to
ths highest bidder, was twitted with having
himself gone to Mr. Jelllcoe and offered to sell
the 'Argus' for a commission of two per cent.
The meeting was Instantly In an uproar, the
shareholders being Justly Indignant that any
one of their number should presume to dispose
of their property wltUutthoIr sulhorlty. When
order was restored, Mr. Hornby denied the
choree so far as retarded the 'Araus.' but ad
mitted its substantial truth with reference to
another oompany or wnlch he was a share
holder. No one at the meeting appears to hare
hrqulred what was the remuneration to be re
ceived by the committee for their labors in
transferring the 'Argus.'
"It is somewhat atrange that Mr. Jelllcoe
should listen to proposals coming from persons
wno nau no snaaow oi auinority rrom eitner
the shareholders or directors or the 'Argus' to
enter Into such negotiations. The five gentle
men who carried the Argus Company Into the
market, though accidentally in poesetslon of
minute information regarding Its affairs, had
no more authority to sell thi company than
they had to sell tne buslnera of the London and
Westminster Bank; and yet Mr. Jelllcoe and
ths directors or the 'Eagle'- treated with them,
and, after due consideration, made them an
offer of amalgamation. Tha matter was then
completely In the hands of the committee of
five. Their next step was to call a meeting of
tne snarenoiaere, ana lay tne proposal Derore
"It was. however, aulto evident that the
oommlltee had gone so far as to leave the
meeting no alternative In the matter. When a
scheme for amalgamation has advanced so far,
It is Impossible to stop. Oue thing Is quite
oertaln observed one of the shareholders,
tnat tne gentlemen nere taxing notes will pro
olaim II aloud through the empire that the
"Argus" Is a falling company ;' and people will
not feature to Insure there. Mr. Lloyd, one
of the most conspicuous members of the com
mittee of amalgamators, used similar language,
oy way oi inreai. -1 wu you mat we uve re
qulsltlonlsts shall not be likely now to let this
matter drop. It would be annihilate you and
us, gentlemen. It cannot stop. Whatwacald
by Mr. Hornby Is true I an Insurance cfllcels
lib Onsar'a wife there must be no suspicion.
Tha moment there cemea suspicion, there Is
ruin.' Thus Mr. Lloyd scknowledgcs that he
and his associates have, placed the Argus ' In
a pcctlon from which tbere Is no retreat. He
makes II a matter oi boast that tbey have run
the.vessel aground. The thing has no doubt
orien ocourrea Deiors nut ne oniei aotora
have seldom made so frank a confession.
"II Is not intended to deny that there are a
few. oases In whloh amalgamation, with the free
consent of all the parties conoerned, may be a
proper oourse to follow. Hut It oannot be de
sirable that one or two persons who have no
thlflff to do with the management of a comoauv
should have II In their power to force amalga
mation on both directors and shareholders.
This state or things It rendered possible by the
fact that there are companies who are ready to
treat with unauthorised persons, and do not re
ieol offers from whatever Quarter thev mav
oome. In this, as la other things, demand cre
ates a supply. There are persons quite willing
so give a nsiping nana to nutso tne aissoiu-
Hoo or a oonpaoy. .., ..
, " Mr.Kcfd Informed the 'Argus' sharehold-
ers, with the view of restoring any doubts tt
to tha legality of their proceedings, that he bad
already assisted at fifteen or sixteen cases of the
sort, and bad a couple more on bit bands at
mat instant. Tne presenoe oi uat gentlemen
Intn Insurance comoanv seems bv.hlt own
oonfeeslon to be fatal to it Any such ateocla-
uod inei numners ar. idoya among ih mem
ber bsd better look to Itself. Ten- to one he
has a scheme In bis pocket for handing It ovst
to the 'Esgle,' or to some other socisty that baa
no objection to treating with person! that have(
no sulhorlty toselL" I
BOLOvaa.iso oriuu.
nnaalaatbroaah lisssssssl trsjasftesa Wsah-
Uftoo to Tae Ouenvsr, witbeatsksags of ears
dally at f a. la. sals p. as., aad elan grsatsr ta
daoemrat to tae travaUag pasHs skat aa ctBtr
cnsarEB rann.
This Is tbtoalv teats that tanas beawsgs frost
Wublaftoa ettytetke West Tsskstsgeal aatd
asedi aad psasaagsrs have the BrtvOsfe c( laytas)
over at any point oa ths roats.
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at O'elask, t. K,
Ths new and saanlftssat stsssssr OITT OF BOB
TON. Wm. Wlleoa. oacsauadsr. tmaa Haw Terk-.
K, t nmnusjs, mm Datmraays ( aaa
ndon luBdars, Wsdassdays, aa4
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f bs new and saanlSeeat sttaatsr OITT OF HBW
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York Mondays, Wsaaesdays, and Fridays tram
Raw London Taesdsys. Thariaavs. aad Satar
xuttH.nomaa u. swsn,
eoauaaadar. from 2fsw
day -.
Tneae two aew steaawrs nave Men Biut sxpnsaly
for this route, with all modern tmprovsaarats,ta
elsdlng Water Tight GoavartaMnt. aad ars ths
oolv steamers ever Dalit for Long fslaad Boasd
with this mat llfs-prasarrtng tmprovemsnt.
uonaaauui WHwmiBr w stcaBKri eaca way.
FaaMBrs mooeed traaa Hsw Loadon lmau.
dlstely on arrival of steamers, by Exsreas Train to
Boston Woreastsr, Lowell, Lawrence, Fitehbarg
ZtaabUtGoaoord, ths White Moaatalns, ao.t Sbo.
rasseitersrstarlag from Boston leave ths Dspot
of ths Boston aad Weressttr railroad at ISO p. M.
Vforoester 7 r. St., arriving at nawijondoa t.ss
P. M.
If rl-ht taixa at ths Levari Bates, aad daUvarae
la Boston early tha next day.
fitata Booms Is abondanos eaa be bad oa board
steamers, or at the Boston or Raw Tors: ofllass.te
advuoa. H. 8. MABTIN.airtnt.
miy ts flaw, n. b.
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12.10 p. m. Aoooianoaftuoa, tuny, tor ron Jrru
iod principal lUUdu.
ijno p. m. Way, for Xtddltowatlfsnrbargta, and
tn ermedlaU ttattou.
& oo p. m. Nif ht KsTpratf, dally, for Duklrk, BqI
falo, Cuadtifu.and pttaolpal ratlooa. Tht train
of Satnrday rana throufh to Boflklo, bat dtaa not
run to Dunkirk.
7.00 d. m. Kmiarant. for Dunkirk and Minolnal
Tae xxprtm Traina ooanaot at uonaumi wtta
railroad f r Buffalo . at Elaln with tha Oaaandalgua
awJ WI.A.H Vllla D.llMui. a4 S3S aWaAm lk
suau aaamesus sr tuim asaauusim miwiKumiumjaj wiui
the Syraoiuo Kallroadj at Oorslaff with tha railroad
for Boolustar and Boffalo: at Onat Band, with tha
rmiiromu mr asruioai mm t ouuug un Aniuirn
with the Lkktt Bhora iullroad ror Glare luid. Clncln-
DtU. Tolwlo. Daorolr, Ohloaf o, to., and tha Canada
up li Oantral fivperlntauant
Diror QffaaraaM&stna'a Omca,
Corner of ljhtaoth and O etracta,
AYAiHiioTtftT, D O..SptabrM,laWi.
Sealed Proooeale for the dellTerr of rsjbooi fire
thouand Cord of WOOD to tha wreruiieal wlU
be rerelTed at thte offloe nntll Saturday, tha (lit)
flr-t day of October, at (11) twelre o'etock m.
The wood to be bard, aound, and meronantable,
(4) tour ret loag, and ipllt to tha ordinary Una oi
The wool to be delivered tn tha city of Waiblnf
ton at inehpotnta aa tha Depot Qaartermuter ehall
dlrcot, oorded In ranke ( tour feet hlf h, diltrery
not btlng coiuldercd eoraplata maUl ao oorded,
mcMnred and lupreted.
An lupeotor will be deelfttatad on the part of tne
OoTerom-nt to lnipeot and isaanra tha wood, and
tub ai d'ci not eonform to tha abore svaclftaattona
win 01 rrjaoiou.
All w be deUrared on is banva the tlM trtt day
of December, 1M2.
rstymeiK w uiniafapwuiiniuiiigiaw
whole oontraoL
Tha fall name and port offloe addraas of ttM bidder
muit stDDeer in the DroDoeu.
If a eld la made la tha name of a firm, the Bama F
or ail the partite mart appear, or ue Did will be
considered u the IndiTldau propoeal of tha fatty
tljnluji It.
lropoeals from Udofd jxrtfct wO md be twws'iirert,
and on oaA ofqUtgiamot mmt mwomftm taA fsrcposil
',n' ...
rrop'waia man oa aaaraataa to uoi. u. a, auu
KEB. Quarternuetor V. H. Armr. WaeblosTton. U.
C, and moat be plainly marked 'I'rapoaala fbr
The responsibility oXthafraarantortmmftbaihown
fcv le aKcisil aertiif o&ta of tnealerk of the nsurtut
dutrlot eonrt, or of tha 0nked Utatea dlitriot a :tor
a.. a.litaaa.A kUJui. sail at.uA .huts
It be awarded to hlm,mvjt be gaanuiUad oy two
rriponuoia vnouw,moam eifuiww nmn o ap
pended to the gnaraatea. r ,
Bidden mutbapraarat In paraon when the blae
exeoDtaed.or theur Droooaala will not be oonild
'f . . - ...
uonae in the earn or un uoaanna aouan. eif&ed
by the contractor and both ol hta (aarantotf , will
be reoolred of the inoonafol bidder noon ilxnlntf the
Aa the bond moat aooompany t&a aontraot, It will
beneoeeury lor bidden to hafa their boaAnaenwtth
them, or to have bonde alffnadln antioipatioa and
icadytoba prodaoed when tha oontraot la elgnea.
BUmei lor bondi oan be procured vpsn apnilaatior
bfing made at thU offloe, either perwmaUy, by let
ter,or by teleg raph.
We, , of the county of and State of,
and , of the eoonty of-, and .., da
hereby guarantee that - to able to fulfil a con
tract la aooordanoe with the Unna of hie proposition,
and that ibould hit propottuon be aooeptad, ha wtli
at onoe enter )nto aj oontraot In oooraaoa there
with. Should the contrartbe awarded Urn, wu are pro
pared to become hlitaourltlH. - ,
111 1U11 HNUIW BUWI UW stVJWJUtmji UtSJ san
otrtlflcate abova maaUoaad.1
The DeDOt Qaurteffnuator reeerreu to hlmMlf the
right to reject any or all bid that be may dem too
high. D. D. BOOKBB,
uoienet una efuunannaeiar.
wx-mT-r 0-, -w-MVU.
Stt Pennsx-lTanlasiTasM, bmnil Uth
and litis strMta, mortti aid.
srBCTAOLKS aad BTB OLAMM, wllh ro
nloe Urastllaa Pahblss, (qaarts.) tmproTtag aad
strenrthsnlna-the Unpalrd .ysalsht.
Of loperior qaalltv, lor day or altht
BTKBEOSOOPM aad V1BW8, ddmatilo aad
lro, I
at tha lows Bswtesk nstsas, whslaaSeav se
aad Oossseeer, hu retamsd Irera tha Loadun Kxkl
MtMa,uidopansaeoarM fjr the Piano aad Slat
Kins; by his Hew and 8lm,llilcd Msthol. llr Prole.,
welowikl's tystem, a person havufealy a allxlt
iwladis of muilo will be esahled la a very short
time to ed mssle with (rest facility, and sxteaia
emails as wsU ss clauloal mssle with ran psrftw
Hon. As to ths voeal pari, by his way of ToeaUn.
tloa, he arrives at motKitraoreiaery retails, na
ders ths voloe poweifal, and enables the elai er to
vsoaliM with facility, aocaraoy, aad flas Qaabty ef
toaa. rrafsesor Wolowill neslvat vUlturs dally
fkmu S to S o'olcek et. m . at hu rMldana.. Ha. aai
Tenth street, betwssu E aad F. ssp litlm
ItXT aad Man lersM BtrMt,
The rsfslar eoarm ef mtmelloa embraeee the
XaaUah aad FreMh Lanasaa-aa aad Ltteratans
Latta. tf reoalrsd -and all Iharanehaa- whlah sen
stttits a thorooxh Kagllah aad Fnnoh sdnoatloa.
Fieaek Is tht laima. ef tha family, ana la ooa
atutlytpakaalathelastltattoa. ItbthaoUkstoi
jarnealar attaatloa, aad la taasht from the rail
salstnttishTsaaal anansfif T filial ami Oom
an aaaotaaao year oommaaoea eccumoar tata
tad slows JalylA
unman, ao., oan oe ootainra ironi
my It-em Prlaelpal of Chegary Institnta
Oirole Institate,
aroxr ITouns; XatacUoam,
no, St K street, sisar tha circle.
Session eomsMnots oa ths 1st ot 8aptamber,
Terms per Quarter of Ten Weeks, 112 Fnnoh and
wma uwiauca.
flnanlih. Italian. QtrmiB. Latin, and Mnnl ntlww
laarasxe taotttt in the sama eobooL
Dr. A ZAPPOHB will lira three laoturea mh
week oa Llteratara aad Sounoe, and otherwise as
sist whenever ha ean spars time from his medical pro
eaf It.
Mrs. A. ZAP FONE, Prlaelpal.
miss aaaoraa'a
Tha dotlea of thl. Institution will ba nanmed ad
tha 8th of September. Ctrealars may be obtained
at the prlnolpat book stores la VTaehlogton, or by
addreanaxtb. prloclpal,
MADAM UATHILD ELKIN harlot lately ar.
ltredlathUcltr,hfa tha honor tolntbrm ber
Iriends and the pabtfo.tbat she glrcs IfSMinsla flvg.
Ing In the Italian brilliant operalle atyls; alio bal
lads, atd Itssons on tha Piano, by Madam Klkln's
Improvsl ootdsased sratem The popll alll read
maslo with facility, and a aecnta well In a very short
time. Beildence, No. 810 F street between Klerenth
and Twelfth.
Baeepuoa hoars from to 0 o'clock.
a. 14 St
Ho. iso rasasivam Avaara,
Aaam Birfldoije, iraialnpton, J). O.
This XvUtatloa U t.ow open lor too reception oi
nnrlls. Clrcnlara to ba had at tha BookitArca and
sets iw"
BSS I etnas, batwean latb and IStb.
Oae of tha oldest, most thorough and mont dclrable
Bohoola for Toang Ladles and Muues In ths cliy.
fianlon eemmenoes Ueptember 8tb. Tnltloa ao
oordlng to age and advanotment.
ansa an Lmarj a,, u. .uujaio
Harness Manufactory,
409 Seventh Street,
I sunsfastars of tha best material, aad ban coo-
strntly oa head, a large and varied assortmant ot
salutary ana nuieos- naaairs,
Breast Collars,
Fslt Saddle Cloths,
Patent Feed and Watte Baokua.
Otaears' Baversaeks,
Ofloers' Fine Sword Belts,
Bait Trimmings, aad
Field Olaai Oana,
Sola Leather,
Iron Frame,
Dram, and
Wood Box Tracks.
Traveling 11.14,
Harness, ao
Aa X maaafaotare Trunks extensively, and necse
sully have all kinds of Trunk Material,! am batter
prepared to repair Trunks, &o., thoroughly and
promptly, than any other establishment In the city.
jyT jaaiiu a. lurnaa.
J Irom the People's Clotting slots, Mo. 400 sev.
enthatseot.nearF- They oat wear anything yea
ean bay, and they are sola so ehetp at
No. 490 Stvinlh street, near F.
I would advWe all to oome and bnv their Clcthlox
at SMITH'S, No. 4)0 Ssrsath street.
re .do ara wlu you will acme to 8tIITII'B. No.
too seventh street, near K.opo alia City Po.t OOoe,
to Day yrnr viotntng, sainunug uo.u, irunat,
Hats, and Caps.
Seventh street, Is lbs best plaoe la town to bay yoar
C otblnr,. Faralthlng Oooda, Traoks, llats, and
Cass. J. U. BkllTir CO., Clothier,, 4C0 Bsrenth
Gall soon and sea our new st:ek of Fall and Win
ter Clothing, wblohwsara tel Irgat very low prlees,
Seventh etreel, near ,
Oraat attraetlona at No. 440 Si.enth itreel. Naw
stock of Clothinx Just arrived, and sclllojt at our
usual low prises. J. U. HM1TII A CO., Clothiers,
No. 4M Ssvenib street, and corner Twentieth street
aad Psnn. arsnus, .
Great bargains la Clothing, rurihhlng Goods,
Tlatj. Cata. Boots, and fiho... on tha oorner oTTwtn.
tlsth stzsst and Pcan. avenue.
SMITH a 00., Clothltrs, First ward, eor. Twen.
tlsth street and Psnn. avenue, Is ths cb.spest place
la town to buy your Fall and Wlnur Clothing.
Call at tha Vint Ward Clothing itora and get
your Fall and Wlntsr Clothing, Uat-, Caps, Boots,
ana Shoes. BalITU ft 1.0 , Clothlsrs,
Oor. Twentieth street end Penn. av.
Twsutlsth stisst and Pennsylvania avenue.
Yon ean boy year Clothing, Hits Cars, Boots,
and Shoes on.sp, comer of Twentieth strest ami
Psnnif Irani! avenue.
Copartnership heretofore exiting between
LYLB ft OOrrul kthladaydbsoWrdVmataal
consent JOUN 0. I.Y1.K,
JohaO, LyVe stul ooatusas the bailors at t
,0X181,1801. lyaa
ITavt Dsaaavasat,
BaTSaa mfTmrA and nnflki. Nnc I. lam.
SEALED rsorogALS fbr each clan aeparala
ly, aadoned "Proposals for Clam Ha (isms the
elass) (or tha navy yard at (nam. tha yard,") will
be mclrsd at this offlo. aatll aooa oa the 18th day
or Septsmbsr last , for famlihlai aad dsllvsrlag at
ths nrersl aary yards assasd lha materials eider
tlcOM embrad la pruned soasdalet, whleh will bs
lunlshed oa applloaUoa, sad sent by saall, II so rs
qsested, to peraoos dsslrtar to tsar to ooatraet fsr
nay er all or lha elassem aanud therein, by lbs ena
mandants of ths ssveral aavy yards, for tae ala sea
tee the yards andar thslr neeswial, er ty the aavy
aaant SMarest uiereao, oe by Ihabareaa foraav or
all the yards. I
fa fiwil sflsyasaM an! asaasaM at seaaav tat tf
ran.M ass w naaw saw wmaaas am
ilea awa part aw awe aaialaji: aad each ladlvtdaal ol a
arm mast slaa tha bid
Btdsera ar. haraby saauoasd and particularly at
Utcdthatthalr aekra aaaaaaara tha (ana harsaa.
attar prascrlbed, aad be msllael la time ts rsaehithssr
deetlaatsot baton tha tlaaa extlrae for reeslvisjr
thamias IM wants laillnf tabid aaaO la taaiaw
aywrtaspartd8Bsjd,aadits alliasati wal as stats far
To gaaid agalast ottsrs betatg opeasd belora tha
time a.-potatsd, blddars arc reqaected te endorse oa
tha-envelops abova the addrarf, aad draw a Una
asdtr the andontmrat, thai:
"fneamali far Omt th. (taasMtasalass) far sV jrsnp
TotbCUefortaaBareaaot Tarda aad Docks,
fHero data the offer.)
Z (ben tneert the name CTjaanMe eompoelnf tha
Arm J of (name tha tovnj in tha Stale of (name the
Bute,) hereby offtr 10 famah under your UT-rtiee-meat
dated (data of adrertlM&vant,) andfubjeot to
all tha requlrameuta of tha aame, and of tha printed
Mhedula 10 whloh It refert, all tha anlolei enibraoed
In Ctaae We. (name tha elaas) for the.aaTy-.fard at
here paeu on tha printed olaaa irom tha Mhedula,
and opposite eeoh antola aet the prloa and carry out
the amount In tha oolumni for dollar and oenta, and
foot up thoafgrrfate amount of the bid fir tha
olaae.) amtntlnt to (here write tha amount ta
I pr poae aa my acent (here nana the afent, tf one
u rcqulrad by the whedule) for the eupply under tha
olatw-a mlecellanaauj. by a non-reeldent of the place
ofdelwerytand akomlarmy offer baooepted(l re
queit tha ooutraet may baprtpand andee&tto'the
nary agent at (name tha at eacy) lor ilfuaiuree and
I litre tha bidder and each member ol the firm to
Ibrmof Guarantee,
The nnderslKued (aame of guarantori of (name
the town.) and Bute of (name ihe Bute,) and (name
of teoond fuarantor( Vo.,) hereby undertake that the
ebove named (name the bidder or bidder.) will. If hU
(or their) offer abore be accepted, enter Into eon
tract with tha United Statea within dfteea daye aitor
thidalaofnoitoethrooihthepoetoiaoeof the ao
ceptance of hie or theUloffer before mentioned.
WttxestMl fHlaTBxatnr Of sTalsaTtlBtOfwL l
I oertlfy that tha iUn namea " (here name the
elDla fuarantort tn this ease.
To ba elned br tha district ladn. duutct attor
rey.oolleotor, nary afent, or tome penon known to
Ultj uaitii MJ um IwaJtUtasUDltJ.
OlaeeHo. t. Britkj; oiaeeNo. a. Btont;etau No.
t Tellowplne timber; elaAas4.Tellow pine lum-
ber;claaBHo. , Oak and hard wood; olaee Mo. 6.
f Ulk piuej. as,siU, JUtUIrttAUU WJrCamli eiCaaal 11 w.
T. Lime, hair, and plaster: oUmNo. a. utment; ctaoi
Aio. w. ursTeiunaisanaieiiHaio. to. oiaie'oiaeeflo.
lis Iron, Iron nails, atd pUae; olaee No. li. bteel;
olass I 0. 14. FUee: clue No. IS. faints, oils, and
f Ism; diss No. la. ahlp chandlery j class INo, it.
tiardwarej cites No. 18. BiaUcneryjcisss No. 19.
FUe wood; olass No. ao. Bay and straw; olae No.
21. Piovender; elaee No, u. Charcoal; olass No. SS.
Beltloff, tracking, and hose; elass No. al. Beeno and
lnbrlCtaiing oils: cls No. 2A. Iron outings; elass No.
SW. Augers; ela.s No. IT. Anthraoltacoai;olai No.
28.1iUtmlnousooal: class No. at Coppei and com
pohltton nails i elass No. SI Maehlna.y and tools
Clean No. 1. D ricks; olass No. J. Stone; elass No.
1. Oak and hard wood; class No. 0. White pine,
stpruoe, Juniper, and oypreea; class No. T. Lime, hair
and plaster: olass No. 9, Cement; olass No. e. Orate!
anaemnuioiBssno. 11. iron,iton nausana spuei;
eisee No. li. Hteel: elass rto. U Fit Iron: otase No.
U. Files; oUts No. lft. Paints, oils, aad lass ; elan
No. la, bhlp enandlery; clans No. 17. uardwae;
olaesNo. 18. SUUonery; class Na 19. Fire wood:
olaw No. 30. 11 ay and straw; class No. 31. Pro fender;
Viua nu. aa vumruwi, visBeanu- ate. uviiibk, tmam-
lttg,andhoee; clauNo. 3.Jipeimand luorloatlng
olli;olastNo. 2ft Iron euUnge, classNo.se. Aogert:
olass No. a? Anthracite aoal-cUwNo.19. tihuml.
none Cumberland ooal;cltu No. o. Bemi-bltuml.
nous, Dtoad top, Jw., coal; class No. II, Bxten-lon of
nospiuu m jaciaK.
Olass No. 1. Drleks;olass No. 3. Stone; elass No, I.
Tcliow cine timber: alsse Ma. 4. Yellow Dine Inn.
br: class No. ft. Oak and hardwood; elsssNo. .
tv oue pine, spruce, sypress, ana juniper; cuss no.
T. Lime, hair, and pueUr ;claa No. 8 Cement; elate
Aiu. v. u)-! aau suanA(am!s, aaw. a v. dish, eiBeaaj aiu.
It Iron, lion nails anoipUrs; eUus No. 11. Steel;
oiuiiio lit. rjf iro; mutflo. i. aiiei:oiMino
lft. Points, oiU, and glass; elue No. e. Snip cben
tltftrvf cits No. 17. HirdwiM'CluiN.. la Su.laa.
erfielsssNo. io. Hav and straw: elass No. 3i. Pro
Tsadcr;olas No, Si Charcoal :olss Na. 33. Belting,
pacsung, eavaa omt,mi8wio a. opein ana inDrwui
lDgolis,oiassNo. lft. Ironwork, piping, sue.; ciss
No.Si. Augere;elaMNo 37. Anthracite ooalj olati
110. bo. otnu DiitAnunoBi, aTjrwta wp, . . eosij eiets
no. si. ivuppcr ana ooaipowuoB iui;im ao. se.
Stl SaTj. J 11Jak.al.uWn a llMa.at.utla t
Wltasmj Avii. A. avis, wassaaw aiia at. aj ujasw . aj ismtsj Alia. m.
Tllow nine lumoer: class No. I. Oak and hard wood :
elass No. e. White pins, spruce, juniper! and cy
pra; class Na T. Lfnu, hair , and piasurj class No
H. ursTti anu swiUiguHaao. 14. inm.iroii nausana
p'kes; class rto, II Btetl; class No. 14. FUee,elass
No. lft. Paintn,oiis and glass; elass No. 16. Bhlp
chandlery; elaee No. IT. Hardware: elass No. Is
Btatlonsry; class ho 19. Fire wood; class No, so.
Uay anaetraw; oiassno. 11. rrortnaer; oiass No.
'ft Chavteesl: clsaa No. U. BaldnaT. Davaklar. inJ
hoee; class No. ft. fiperm and lubrlo.tlng ol s; class
No. m. Aausni class No. 37. Anthrad'e ooalteiasa
No. SO. Bfinl-bituminous, Btoad top. an., ooal; elats)
ro. si. uoppcr ana omnpoHuua nnus; oiassno. mA.
sCaolilnety sad tools.
Clan No. 1. Clothing: elass No 3. IIata,boots,and
UiUl VAtVttl A1W. aiyieHUHtiilisatliiU. . UIUOsj'ismj
class No. ft. Dry coods; elate No. 0. llresd, eto ; olase
AlO. la WsaSBM,WsAtam A1W. e V-lii Sltasssl a U. . ATsalBUl,
otls, and glass; oiass No. 10. Dricks, ha.; class No. 11,
Lumber; tlees No. IS. Flra wood; olass No. is. pro
render; class No. 14. Mlsoellabeous; olass No. lft.
Hardware; class No. is. BUtlonery.
Class No. 1. Drioks; elass No. 3. Stone, elass N.
4. YeUowDtnalumber:elass No. ft. Oak and htvrd
wood; class No-6. White plas.apruocjunlper.and
eypnestelaas No. T.Luna, hair, and plasur; class
No. 9. OraTtl and sandj elass No. 11. Iron, Iron
nails, and spikes; olass No. 11. Steel: elass No li.
Pig Iron; elaee do. 14. Files; class No lft. Paints,
NalT. liErdware; class No. .1. Stationery; elass
No, 19. Firewood; class No. so, ua ana straw;
slsss No. II. ProTendsr;olsssNo. tt. Cnarooal; elass
No. IS. BsltJng, pecking, andheee; olass No. 34.
hMrm and InbrtostinAtoUs: oiass No t7. An.hraDltsi
coal; olass No 9. Bituminous Cumberland ooal;
Ulan -w. . Mkawunmtj aau tww.
The eohednla will state the times within which ar.
tlclciwlilbe required to be dellrered; and where
the printed sobedule It not used, the pvrloos states
la It for dsllTerlea mnst bo ooptedln the bids. All
the articles wnieti may be contracted for must be de
llvered at euoh plaoe or places, lacludlog drsysge
and oartage to the plaoe where used within the nary
yarde, rest actlrely, for whleh tne offer is made, a
may be directed by the commanding officer thereof:
and, all other things being equal, prelersnoe will
oe gl'fn id AnwrtoiAu inimitMJnuw. nu ariioisi wut
ba received after the expiration of the period ip"Ci.
tied in the ioheduleefor theecmpletlon at dellre
risa. anlees iDeelallT authorised by tue DeDajtnsenL
In oomputlng the olasses. the prloa suted In the
oolumnotprioeewlllbetha lUndard, and the eg
Segate of UeolaswtU be carried cut aoooidicg 10
a prices Hated.
It li to ba prorlded In the contract, and to be dis
tinctly understood by the bidden, that the amount
nil nnmhtr At irtioles aaumerated in elasM head.
ad 'MloUaneoui"are ipeolfled as thwproboU quan-
uty wuonmty Deituixa.M wu u u ax am
for deUrmlnlng the lowest bid; bat the oontnotor
U to farnlsh mure or less of the said anumeraUd ar
tlolee.ond Miuca juantiUa,oid ttuck Meui.tu tfu
buncm or commandant ma nrinj moh Inert ate, bow
STsr, not to esoeed one ball of the quantltlei bUted
(and rcqaUltlons tent through the pat offloe shall
be deemed eufflolent notice) during the tinoil yoar
rndlaglU:h of Jane, lsei; and wbtther the quanti
ties required be more or leu than those speclflod, the
prices 1 ball remain the earns.
Bidden are caatlonad tgsinst stating fictitious
prisei In their offers.
All the artioles under the contract must ba of the
best quality, dellTwrod In good order, free of all and
erery charge or expense to the Government, anl
subject to tne Inspection, ooent, weight, or measure
ment of the said nary yard, aad be In all respects
satisfactory to the commandant thereof. Bidden
ar Mfarrad to the Tard for nlans. sDeollcattoas. or
samples, and any further daaoripttoas of the aftlelee
or explanations tbsy nay desire. When bidden
shall be In doubt as ta the precise articles named la
Hriptlonof the article or articles In doubt, whleh
Monuuioa tno said tflUef wl 1 giro In writing.
Con true ton. for eltvets headed ' Mlsoellaaeoue?'
who do not ravlde ntai the place whare the a Uales
are to be delivered, w Id bo required to aaase I a their
proposal an agent at the elty or principal plaoe near
tha yard of oeUrery, who may be eilled apes, to
deliver articles wukow 4dy when they shall M re
quired. -Approve
unties In the fall amount of tno eon-
tract will . ba rcaulrad. and twenfv nar oantam aa
additional soounty deduewd from each WaasJ
swui un guowwi uul siTt oei" ooapi wq Dreasa
oolWd.uoUM otherwles aithorloed by the lpart
ant.' onelaases or article- beaded " MIsoeBaea
ous,Motedelverdaa requlrod during ths, fiscal
Jeer, tha twenty per oeutum retained may. at the
uwretloo ol the eommaadent. be paid quarterly on
the first of Ja- uary. sprU.Jaly, aad Ocu.ber.whsa
the denvtriee have bee eatt-lWory , and the baL
aace (elgaty per ceet) will be paid by the rwepective
aavy agenbi wlihln thirty days alter the Breasata
Uon of MUs.ln rlpUeae,daly ToaeaVtd and ap
proved. No pat of the per oentmm rerve1 Is to be paid
uul all the rejected articles offered asd.r tha eon.
tract Shall have been renored iroen tha vard. nnisaa
paotally authorised by the Determent
a wm vw vuaiaisn iuam ovairjii', inns u oa
fault itiat. be made by the pirtJee of he tiv part la
delivaring all or any of the erttelee menUoowd U nay
Olass hlfTfor. of h naall anrl at that Mm ansl
parties wiU forfeit and pty to the Uolied Statso a
'Ban of monry net to exceed twice the amount of
ansa eleta; whloh uay be r covered, irom time to
time, ae ordlng to the not of Congrtes in that ease
fuviuwu, airp tjTv snsiixiu ,
Tbeauretieemutttlga ths contract, and Ihetrra- 1
aWll HsaasI kill.. K - ,!..).. . -. ulluta..
jr-'sawawssas j we vt( isiw s av vj aa ita j tagvisti wiisviv') t
dutilct attorney, or seme other person Mtuaotorlly I
known tithe hnreau. '
It Is to be 9. ovlded la th' contract thit the bureau
hall have the power of aanui'leg the ooatraet,
without loss ord am 1 ge to the Qot ernnuat, tn esse
Congress htll not have made-iuflolent apvroprta
tlons for the articlae named or for tne oosnptctHm ef
works estimated for, and on which this advertise,
ment Is based, aad shall also have the power to In
crease cr dluilol.h ihe qeamlttte nsmed la the
elas0! net headed " MlseelleLeoue" In the eohedule,
twenty fire per eenium.
Persons wboee offers hall be aooeptad will bo no
tlflea by letter ihroegn tbe pit offloe, whlth notloe
shall be ennriden'l umeitnt ; and If 'hey do not
enter into oontraot fjr the supplies pretued within
fllteen days ftom tbe dale of notloe from the bureau
of the aooeptanoe ol lbetrbid,a oontr.ctwill b.
made with some other person or persons, and the
guarautore of such dsfaultlag bidden will be held
responsible for all dellnoueniTea.
All offers cot mads fa itriot tmtmwM$mWk this
advertisement will, at the option 01 the bureau.be
Those onlv whose offers mav be accented will ba
notified, and contracts will be ready lor execution
u soon thereafter aa may be .practicable.
cp a www
PuopusAi run UATikUJALa for
Till! HAVTi
Natt DavauTutsn.
ttmrwom tf Omtiyctvm, etc, Bept. 11, itOI.
BRALBD PBOPOSALS tolurnlthmaterlatefdr
the navy for th' fl-cal year ending loth Juae ties,
will be received at this Bureau until 0 o'eio.k P. M.
of the Slit October next These 9 oposalt mast be
endorred " PnpotxUfor Materials for Omt aVary, 9urwM
CnutrvcHm," Ae , that tt ey may be dlitlngulshed
from othtr btulntsi letters. .
Ths ma trials and artioles embraced In tha olasses
named are irilcnlarly deeeriied In ihe printed
iohe!ulei, any of wnlch will be Iniclihed to inch as
deme to oner, 00 epplioalion to the oommsodan's
tf the respect! f e yeras . cr to tte navy sgem aeaef
inereio, auo inoaa 1 an am 1 aros, doh vpiigiuen
to this Barcau. Thldlvliion latoqeses being tor
the cor.vniro if ote'ee In each, suchponloa
only will be farobhed as are actually required fcr
bldai. The commandaat aad nsvv eaant ot eaeieta
lion will. In addition to the iebedne of elassre of
tneir own yatdi, nave a copy or tne ecnedair e or tne
other vatde. fbr examloatl.tn only, trom which It
may be j .dgt-d wl.ethr It will be deslracle 10 make
arpiioaiaOB irr any 01 ma eiames 01 inotja varai,
Offen must be mtde for tt e who.e of he class at
any yard upon one of the printed schedules, or In
strict coiiforml'y therewith, or thev will not be oon-
sldrred. In computing tbe efaases the price stated
in the column 01 puces win oe the reoaera, eta tne
aggrega'e cf the class will be carried oat ececrdlig
Tbe contract wl.l be awarded to the lowest 60-a
AJs bidder who atvea croiar Mcuritv for Its fntfll
ment The United State r serves the right to it Jtet
all the bids fr any olass If deemed exorblutt
A1 an teles must be of tbe very best quality, to be
delivered In thi ravy ard In good order, and tn
suiubte vessels and packages, pr perly marked with
the nam or tne MifMitr, M . - a, t
the expense andrL-korthe ocmractor, and in all
reipeols mbject 10 tbe loiptchcn, miasaia-atnt,
count, weight, c, of ,the yard where rect lad, atd
to the entire satlstactlon of the oommendint thereor.
Bidders ate icfcirtd to the ecmmandsntstf the
rcRpeotlve yaid for simple, Instructions, or yar
tlcular deecrlpil n of the srtlclei; end. all other
tbinuB being rqual, prr-renoe will be given toar
tides ot Amerioin nai u facta re.
Xreryoffer,as required by the law of loth August,
IMS, milt be eeooapanled by a wiliten gaerantte,
tbe torm of wh eh i herewith given.
Thore only whoee offen may be teoeptct will be
notified, and tte 0 ont not will be tor warded m eoon
thirvafler at prseiear-I, whloh tbey alii be re
quired to ex emewi'btn tendey at-er le rteept
at th peet efflce or navy a j. ncy named by them.
bureile In the foil etnoant will te teqnlred to
Ign thecontrset,end t elr rentes ilbllity eeitil d
to by a United States di.tr lot Jalge, Ualied SUtee
district attoin'y.Mllcctor, 0 nay sgent. Aa al
dUlonal etcuilty,taeiity per oenum will be wta
beta from the amoutt of the blile uottl the eon raet
ball have been oompteicd; end il hty per e-ntua
of etch bill, avpn.vcdl triplicate by tne 0 mmi d
ante ot the respective yard-, wM be pa d by the navy
agent at tbe pilots ol d'ilrery la orr.lfloatn ot la
dtbtedon or Treasury notes, at ths optlcnof tbe
ItUiUpslatid tntbe eootraet that tf default be
made by the partlee of too first part in dell ve log
ail or aoy of tbe artlol s nvu loned in any a ass bid
for In tbe contract, cf thequlltyend at the line
and paces above provll'd, then, aid to that case,
tbeeirt'ietoraedll i-ureUrS will lorett and tay
to the Cotul Btates a n of money Lot xe-edlog
twice the smouit of s eh elue. ahleh mtv br re-
covered li cm time to time, according tu the aet of
u.ngieteio taaieae pruviata, epprovea msreo e,
loelM No 11 end those followtas, If aquaart'y
in adil ion equa t the face of the ojmraei is da
nundtd. it Is to be f-rolthi d on like terms and on
oMcna durlog the flsesl year
Jbrmcf Qftr,
Which from aflrmmust b tinned by all the mt m
berar I ,cf - , In the StaUof - , hereby
agree to furulih aod dl ver in the rwpeclve navy
yarde a'l tbe artioles nmed Id the e.aee bo'eanto
annex d, sgrseably to the pmvbior s o- ths chedu
there fur, sad la 0 nformliy with the advertisement
of the Burrtuof Co strnet'on,ao 0 .id Stptsm
br, UCi. Should mveffer be eecepted,I request
to&catfdrs elat --, and tte oon tr set scat to
the navy agent at , or to , for slguature
aad osrUfloata.
liguature, A. B.
The sobedule whloh the bidder e ne'otee most be
Sutid to-bls offer, and eeh of them elntd by blm.
ippoe te eea arlloie In the tehedule the price matt
be set, the emcunt etrntd out, tbe egg oate footed
up for each olass, and the emeu at likewise written
In words. If the pertlee who bid do ntt reld t ear
the place where the article are to te delivered, tbey
muttnamc Inlhtlr offer a person to whom orders
oa thesu are to be de.tvertd.
Form cf Guaranta.
The eudet signed , of . in the State of
..and- of lathe State of ,
hereby guaranty thtt In ease tbe foregoing bid 01
-. , for any of theelasse thsrslu namea be ae
cepted, he or they will, within ten days alter the
rtotlptof theoctrsoiat the poet tffloe ntml,or
nvy sgsot detlgaattd, execute the .oniraot for the
isms, with good and infflclent care tie; end In esse
aid a. shall UU to enter Into oon tract as afore
aid, wsejoaran:y to make gooa the difference be.
twrea tbe effer of the eaia end that which
may be aooeptel.
siatunoftwogus.ranton,i g p
1 ht reby certify that the abore named are
known to me as men of property at d able to make
good their goaraiFta.
To be rlflned If the United SUtee dlttrtet Judge,
United States di-trUl attorney, eolleetoc, or navy
sUrosi from a Urn of V Un'Ud SiaUi.atmrovtd
Bee. 14. JnSUMitrOmmtatiwi. Tfast nooortnet
or order, or aoy lntereet therein iball be tram Hired
by the party or paitiee to whoa sueh oontraot or
order may be given to any otbrr tarty or partlej.
and that anv euoh tranaler thsll eia the annnl
Toentot the oontraot er order transferred, so far as
ins unuea diiki era eoucerocdt rromuu4t mr ail
the ilghu 01 action are beieby iceorved to the Uni
ted Siatee for anrbieioh or euon aontraat bribe
contracting party or partite.
Die. to. etna 0 m iiiriMr maasa, inai wuajuejTwr
any eootraet- r for luoeuietoei elothlng. armi, am
munition, munitions of war, and for every detcrip
tton ot euppUee for the army or navy of the United
Btatee saw be found guilty by a court-martial of
freed or wilful aeglcei of duty, be shall be pun.
lined by flue, laprbonmeat,r iueb other punla&
aueataa the court tnisJ ikall aajaagej sid any
psusan wle saxTeentwAse as gejalsh eapptrea ol any
kind or d'tertfrtlon for loo army or aavy. he th II
isetaed a el Utea aa a part of tne uad or ta al
toroeeof theUatnad Bute fjruhlo ihe all ooav
treat to furaVh aald eupplle. aad be ai Jeec U b
ralee aad rreaiatleae Jjt the gov en meat tf ths
land aad naval fbteec tf be Utlied Statee. .
The following are the elaiesi required at the re
pteJte nary yards:
OlesuNo.l. WhlsOk L'g; NrL'WlMtstHk
Kiel; No. I Walu 01 Pr.mtcueu Tlab-r, No.
a. iuwva(iutais,i luintrmi-f iiao,
1 TillowPI-e Btfasse; Ho I Tel ow Pine M et
aid Bpar Timber; it". 1 Wh'te Pise Mis Tim
ber; No. Il Wkit Pine P'aak aad Borde; Xo la.
A-h Punk aad BVarus; No 14 W'l-e a kUmi
No. II Btckery Butts; No IS. BUek Wall at aad
OberrytNo.1T :ypreti No. IS WhituakSaees
aad Feeding! No. Black Bprai Nt SS Us
aumvliai; N se Iraaj No, So, Ste-1; No ST. foa
Spikee; no. M 'Zroa lut e " wreug bt and eeti No.
M lawadi No. Ii.-afi aad TUtNo. 14 TU 1 1
Store; No. al. Wh-to Le.U; No T Zno P-lot 1
No St Colored Pela e..Pner;-o, so. Llaeied
OH, Taventlne, Varnlib; No el OIiim No. ea,
Plteb.Botta.Tsr; No-ei. uil, TalwwaSja; Hj.
4a. Mlsseliaaacaa-Dry Goods, Hair C 0:1, Ship
Chaalery frr -outtiueltnei ilate A. B'lKr Iiou
and Wveta: C. Lul Oil; W Mlecel aatoaa Tooin for
BBglaeen; O. Oooktag Utenslie, 8 otes o 1 K
aVlex Oaava-t I. Oettoa Caaras: P Twn,i JC
flaa.si... IT tVsu.. taaT u.t... sW A..-. 'fi
Auwatsaawij as, sutasao, mm,, aaapsiwwsij ami. UaisaMng, If
Oeoos; O. tenures: Q 8p.aa01;K Skipua.a-
nutf jTot atoras ana tqaipcaaai a. autaaaai T.
Ftrs vTood.
ClMa Va I. XTt tt. O.k .,., SSft , VS-hl . fl.tr
KselPlaei.1 Hi s Wal:s o.k Praalotaifia-b-ri
No 4. Mhl a O.k t-Uab: Nu. s Ylo. Pla.
Leas; He. II Whita rin. Lot., rtsat, sad (krn:
flu. IX AS&Irffs atd Plana; IT. iu JMast !
aatjsahtf mv, and Cterrji An. II. iteefli He.
It. Wilts Oak 8ta.ee aad Uesdlsii "o. 18. Li
aasavlisi: Ko. 26. Iront No. ta. 8 si, Ko ti. irva
psks.; tto tt. Inm Mils, wi.-sht aad eai So.
at lAadjBo.tl.Zl eand Il; Nv 't liar w.n;
Ko S4 Tools r.r aionsi Ss. li. While L..di Ko.
ST. Zlas ralnls: Ho. SS. Colore Talaia lr.r! Bo.
SS LlBMed Oil Tnipsniln. aas VaiaabiMo 41.
alass; Ho. s. Piist aad ato-ini Mo 4. rub 01',
Tallow, aid oap; Me. as. Htsil anaoa. l)r
Oood.: . Botler iraa aad Blniaj a Pis I.obj I.
Lard Oil) D Bolter felilaji A Qaa p. otiai F.
MastllaBMBs Tools for atiiflarri O 0. al ar
tsalls aad Itoves, . rtazCaa.asi I Co
Caarai; J. rlax and CottojTarl .; K. Le.ik.'j
L. Ilws; SI. B aJles; If Baa I g aid a'rv liood.;
O Lanisrna; P. larfsr B-fSwa k; Q SuaraBUll;
It. Blip oh.ad ory far atoiaa sad a, pa.at-t 8.
ItaU.aerfiT rir. Wool; u Ox nJ . far rti.
Olass Vs. 1. Whits O k Leev; Ho X Wart, Oak
Keel Fseoas; Ho. I Whit. O.k t-rotaUaoasTla.
bert Ho. 4 V) Ms Oak Plank; No. a ilu- OJt
Kaeeej Do. I Tellow Pla. Loss: N. 7 r.Ucw
Pa. Bestai! Ha 8. Tel ow PI.. V at Tlmba, t Ho.
it Whlu Pins Hut Tlssbari Ko. 1. W. -a Pus
Lose Plsak aad Boatde; No. Is. VThl . Uik Board.
anaPlaakf Ho 18. Ah Lots .no rla.k, Ho 14.
A.b Oan; Ho. It Bukorj Halts and Hai dsjas;
Ho. IS Blsek ealnst,Cberv;Hfc IT. Cvete;I'o.
IS. Loea-t: No IS. WM'. 0.V Mt.ru aad U.aoas;
80. so. Blank 8prno-; N- n Cedar; Ho. ti. .
bosaarj Ha 33. Ltf unnvllsi; No sv. Iroi., rcaed,
lst,aidsqaar.; Ho VS html; Ho. ST. Ir. a 8 miKm ;
No. II Iro. Hails, w,ca,ht aod ea'; N. t Lad;
Ha 81. Zm. Ilo; Ho as Uardwar.; No S4 loiia
ior,tore,aai No,. Si. WbiU Lo d; N .T Zlas
Paint,- Ha. as. Colored Palais, D v. r; No. IS. Lin
stadOII, TatpaaU, ., TarLlib; No. li Ol.,-; Ho.
'8 Plteh. Boaln. Tar: Ma 4 Fl.n Oil. T.llow.
Sot p; No. 44. MWnlla.eoas Dry gonde: A B l.r
Iron and aUvsta.B. rtfIroa;u liaill;IJ Boll
ar Falilog; tt Oum Putin,; r. UlMl.ac.oa
Tool f r kaxlnatn; O Coualng Ufo. alls, -tovss,
k til PiaaCan.au; 1. Cottou can...e, J Taloe;
K. Leather; L. Uom; at Bra-tea; H. Uuotin- ana
UrvOood.; O Lanterns: Q Kp.,sne)li- K. bblp
Chat dlerv fbr storts aad eqaipmtats; M. SULoaar,
Class Ho. 1. White Oak L; Ha White Oak
Keel Pl.ce.; Jto I. Whits Oak rromneat,- Tim
ber; No. 4 White Oak Pl.n.; No. e. Y.liow Pla.
Plank Stock Leg,: No. T. Te 10 PI ie B en"; Ho
a T.ll.w Pla. Mart ana 8ir T.naUr; Ho U.
WhlU Pla. Mast at d Spar Tiabrr; no 11 WSIt.
Pin. Lo e, P,ank, Boards, ao.-, Ho. IS, Adi Lgi
and Plank j He 14 White AehOem; Ho l Walt.
Besrt Hiek rr,Csttaa Bars: Ho s M bo a r,
Hlack Walnat, Ch.rry; No, IT Gfpra.e, Cdar
lloatla; No It Loonst; ho to Bl.ekbe 8,ar
Timber: No It. Llganrntlla; No. SS Iron, ouud.
Bat,aad.qaara; stu. SS HWel;Ho. VI. Iron 8 j 8. ;
No IS Iroox.alls, wrought aadiat, Hj.80. Lead;
No. 91 Zlne.Tia; No 5J. Uardaan: N...SI. TojIi
Jfr surt,; Mo. IS White Leaj.No 81 Z 00 P.lut:
la IS Ooijred rsint-. Ofi.r; M. ... L.n.nd un,
inrpeslln.. Varn.h; Ho 41. Olaa.; No 41 lit. h,
tir,roata;Ho. 44. Pkh (ill, Tallo.. koap; N...4U.
MUellaceont Urr 0001., hair, elotb, a.d Soip
CDaitdlerv for oonstr'Slon; A. Iron H1..1. for
BdUers; B Pl Iro,i;C. Laid Oil; I). B -i.rr.lt.
lag; K (Jam Packtg;r MieovlUaa.aa Tola lor
Engia era; O. Couktug Uteusls, Bote, to ; H,
rlax Canvass: I. Cotton Caev.ae: J Twl si K.
Leather: L Uoae; M. Brnsbis; H Baailjg Drf
Ooods; 0 flp rm Oil; R. Bhlo Cnaadlerr lor a. or.
Bo.elpa.nts; SMUonerj ; T Flra Wocd.
Clue He. I Whlia Oak Lg.; Ho. e TellowHaa
Plank Block Log.; H' . 1. will. PI-.; Ao i A.o
Plank; Mo 14 Aah Otr ;Ho It Biokcr B r;Na
it BackW loot; No IT C p-a.; J U 8 ...a
aad lieallngs; No. Si. Popla-;Ho it Iron) No. IS.
8 el; No. .1 Irou Spikes; No I Irou aaa; Na
40. Lrad; H al. Zl.o, tln,.otdei; No 'S Ua.d
srar.: No at Wall Ltad; Hi. 8T. Zao Paat;Na
18. Colored relate; No. S-. LIomsi Oil Vain ah;
No 41. Olaa; Ho. li. Oak, J Ho 4a. Ptub,iar;
Na 44 Bruwa 8oap; Na 49 MUMIlsn.ou Oif
Ooods, Ship Cbai diary, tjot tor eowt-ue loo, Ma
48 Tantaa.d Oall.y.; Mo.4. lagot Cp er; Hi.
to. Chain Inn; No I,. Po.es: hall B lo..; A
Boll.r Iron and SUvaU: B Pig Irott iy. Lard O 1:
11. Bol or roltlaej E O.ra Pa king; e. ta, a llanr.
one bgatr'a To.st ( Cooking Stoves, a 1 1 H.
riax Ca.vssa; 1. Cotion CauvaM, J T.I a: st
L-a berjL. Bjsa;X Dia-h.s;N. Bsa.lag.a4Vr
Ooods; P Oa. P.p. lor ataoaar tiling ;Q Ipe aa
OU: It rlhtp Chan-ilery for atorca aad nauit.a!si
a. Bta lon.tr T rite Wotd.
Mp it lawlOiill ;
AU A It D .
Oax Bau. Ctotarse Boov.
Mr. Braoe. lorri e so. Od.a stall, bs, aoar
optneda naw etoro atNo .64 Siv.btll elrt Jaa
ti.low Ssatth's srhtta hi haa a an, mUsiIi of u.a
nod Boje oloth.ng ai v.tjf low priors; h ts o. trass
of bavlag all his old euttomsis eali oa him, a, tber
oan bar goods at low rine. hiaanoihtr a 01.
In tha OUT, '- BBUCE k CO , Culbius,
Ho. 4U S.v.utu strati, n.ar P.
Call aad ass Mr. Braos, at Ho. 411 Seventh atmt,
tear F.
Mr Braoe hss a Fine Stock of Clolhleg foi Mea
aad B07,' wear, at Mo. 444 Seventh o.r.ei)ippo,ii,
tl j P..t Offlc
Mr Bntoe lathe sain to plussthi Bors la Cloth
leg, at No. 441 1 .Tenth atleet.
Everj body knows that Mr. Brnee eaa sell Bo;o
Clothlug olacspsr than a one .!-. H..404 aav.
enlh S rest, oppoiile Cll Post Offlos
Pr M.n snd B s Clothi.g osll oa Mr. Braei, al
Oak Ball, Na 444 Ssvanth iti.st, batwtss K a ,d P.
Mr Braoe la tbe nan to pl.eas yea 1 1 Boys' Cloth
lag, at Uak Uail.He. 444 g.i.Ltj stra.1, uppoaiu
Civ Poal OfflM.
sal! ta
Tba anderslgaed begs Iter, to eall 1 be attea'tra ef
iba eruaMS and trav ling ooauaatl 7 .0 tba Boas,
ba haa Jast eptaei lor th. aoeommoda loa 01 g.ulie
ni.nai.alad.te. Toe B.aas lifornlibed la .pttadlJ etjle larsa
airv rooms, ehambere. and pallor. r. labia wl 1
b. .applied with all lb. delieaelts ol tbs e.aon No
pain, or axpeuae shell be ipareil 10 give s.tl.uotioa
10 all who may patronlaa ih. be... 8 tilt at ta
ttoo to oedere that easy bt girea tor diner., fci t at
lanilve aod illijl. a soreau a
Udih alialbla si aatsd on tha eornsr of Twrnttsth
ana r sirsu wtet, lastly ocsaplad by Saisvoa O.n
eral Lawson.
aasa tr usutos v. utvan.
lUHatTUIIIt it SbW.
n? n y 1 t .
Mow Is tbs Has to bar soar Pall Clotblis at He.
4oj Seventh strset. Where yoa oaa find all ihe la
teat style goods at Xortbera price .
n.lHol ror B.iaolh stmt, Ho 411 A lyg,
InvolM at Clothing, nt vary low prises. No. 4W Sev
enth etteet aiar P. ... .. .,
AnewweytoaeveOold.bnryoorl'iothlai atHx
4W Seventh etreet. ctpo.li. Post Omc, ai 10 par
oent below the saark.t rnloo.la Ittuaryaoiaa.
lalth's.Ha 400 S.v.n b strati, u tbe 0 uuput hsoso
tn town 10 bay yar Ciothlag, Xornlshuig Qooas,
rraalu, llsu, and Caps.
a. as fcnt
FALL and W1NTEU C.O hing. wluou ws are
atlllng at vary low prloes, at L. A B all a Co , No.
salS.esathstreal.tMtweaaladK C.me oue, oome
all to L A BeallaCo.. to.et yoar Uiothag, S'ur
nlihuiaUo dl. Trunk.. Ua s.aad Caua. Mo el ov-
.nth atrMt bttween I and K Now la llie lliae 10
bay yoar Clothing at L a. B .11 a Oi, Mo ei sev
enth slreei, ba.waea UK. EsiMeial alea Ion la
oailod to oar naw a 00k of kail and w m.tr Ulutiung,
U.oM Foralablsi Owda, Uau, and Cap,
Clothier,, Mo aeltjeveaib, street
Ths anaassst Clothing hnaas la town la at L. JL
BaaU , Oo-iTsIa sam Bavwatk aaireet, hu. I aaa X.
iij v ejAM

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