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vol. n.
NO. 262
O ll O L A L,
Barf so tf Yards and Docks, Sept. 1, 1M2.
BBALKD rKOPOHALB for oh class separate.
it, cnJcmd Jropftul for Clan No. (name the
blass) fur tha navy erd at (name the yard,) will
be received at tnli ofllee until nocn on the totta day
of September Intt i for furnifhlns; and deliverlnjt at
tbe eo?ral navy yards named the materials and ar
ticles embraced Id ptinted ecbedules, wblcb will be
tarnished on application, and sent by mall. It so re
unrated, to rersous desiring to offer to confraot for
ay or all oi the claeti named therein, by the com
taa-tfaote of tha several navy yards, for the oleieei
lor tie yards under tnelr command, or by the nary
agent Learest tbtrtto,orby tte turten for any or
an tee yards.
2? prevent amfulim and mtttdktt fa tailing the
frri, iw bid inlt It received icAtYA contains cttieu for men
then one yard in one inrdajt: and ess a lndlTldaal or a
Brm must e!gn the bid and contract.
Bidders are hereby cautioned and parrlonlarly no
tlOed that their offera mail be la the form herein
after prf write d, and be mailed In time to reach their
dcatlnatlor before the time expiree for receiving
thearns bt I will be considered wkirh thall be reeeictd
afttr f jvr! ttaud, end m ollcwance triU bt Made for
fiUum of the mitt.
loKaaid against offers being opened before um
time m;i o.utoJ , bidden are requeoted to endow on
the tn i t-e above the address, and draw a line
"Proroal ftrOaufl'o name tV cbut ) fvr fas Aeny
jmw cu intmt vi yara,"j
Totbe Chief of tee llarcanol Tarda and Dooki,
Wfenliftui D O
Form of Offer
(Here date the offer.)
l (hara Ifttfil thananui or names comDOetn the
firm i nr MiB.ua tha tnmi.) In the Htalo of fname thai
State,) hereby offr "0 furcioh under your advertise'
mnt dated taate of adrertliemant,) anambjeot tJ
all the requirements of the arjno, aod of the print
schedule to whLh It ref-rs, all the artJolea embrace!
in Clan Ne (name the dies) for the nary-yard 4 t
(name the yard,) according to said ached ole, Tit ;
their parte on the printed uUs from the scheduV ,
t-ndocp-wlt taoharllIe aet the price and carry rt it
the amoui r iu lie cclaintu for doliare and cent , j d
foot up the aff reitnt urount ot the bid fcr 1 m
c!a.e, amountuia; u (here write the amooat In
I t MUtny agent (bfractmcttcaftnt, lfi we
t rf qartd br ihe rchedulv) lor the aopply nralei the
ulcKii t, d -f i-'tueOJ, by a son rtaldent of the p laoe
of !ejry;i.nd eaonidmy "Str beacoepted,! re-(lUMtthac-utractmay
be vrtvwd andeeutt the
nfy ;n:at (namethdjiayy tortlgna'Airwand
(Htre .befcldJeranJeio; r t-btroi 1i.ellmt
fn of Gvartinlte.
Tha uodtrt'gne'J (name of fuaranlc i oi.e
the town .1 1 Rd U tate of (came the buu ,i and (cnne
orttir suuautortftc.,)berebynndeHa8.ethatthe
?'. tao-d frtoe tbe biddr or bidden) will, If hu
or ihflrl ffer iJ abcvsbe accepted, en ler Into con
iiaot wi a tb United Stutre rrtthin fifteen daya after
t.edatofni.othjoo2hthuportoaoBor the ao
cptaoc9 cf t or their) ofler before nwntloned
Wltui: (fllgf.ature of guarantora )
iceitlfy that the above namea (hen canm the
foarmtcri) are knowu to me u be good and rrepon
rio'o Ruur tutors Lu thU cw.
iBi(fDtur )
'I j be ii'gntd by tlie db)tict Judge, district atior
ry, ooliio or, nary agent, or aume peraou auown t9
! lit i i t'i w tviponolbltj.
liiwITo. l. hrickri; oihsaNo 'l Htone;claw No.
S YtUoiriUieilmbtr;eifvaNo 4. ellow Ine lum
Ler.clslS'o ft. Oak and bud wood; elaee Wo. ,
Whit piie,riia;e, Juniper, and oyprtM; claw No.
7 L.!inf.hir,(-LilpIatoi;clatiNo a. Cement, claea
Ha V GrjTtlLrd moljclaMNo lo.alatt.claaaMo.
U Irc.liWKUis.Ltd tplKta.clau No. U. Dteel;
dais Nu. U tbfi, cteMAo. 16 Paints, die, and
iIhm:c1om No. lo. Ship chandlery; xlau No. IT.
Uara'Aart;claia No. la. Htatlonery;ciaaa No. 19.
Hie wtd:claai Ho 20. Uay and etraw: olam No.
'.1. Prorender; clasa No. &S. Charcoal; clana No. 28.
belting, pHQilntf, and hoee: olaaa No 14. Htrm and
' lubrKutiag olla; data No. !. Iron eartinga, olaaa No.
w. Aoge;o,a.eNo. ST. Anthracite coal; due No
'23 Bitumluouj coal; clasa No Si Copper and com
i J ilcn xulli, gnu No. n't Atacblneiy and tooU.
0153 No 1 Drlcka, clmfeNd 2 titone;clau No.
i Oak and herd ood; clrne No n. White pine,
ciuc,Jjp-iptr, ant cyprea,claMNo. T Llme.halr
audp!t.ter:ctktoNo 8. Cement; ctaij No 8 Q ravel
ftnda.nit,c'a;No 11. lronfUou nkllaaud iplkei;
viamNo li. Kul,cIafJ o. IB Pig Iron; olaaa No.
' ll. Fnea,cIa.-sNo is. PJnte,olU, andilasa; olaa
No. 16. litlp otiandlery; olaa No. IT. llaraware,
, lwNo. 16 Stationery; claw No ltf. Vlre wood;
foimNo 0. Ilay and ftruw.elaeo No. 21. Provender;
KiaeaNo 23 Curcoal,clauNo. 'ZS. belting, pack
md, and Iiom, ulMa No 21. bpetm aod lubricating
wl;claiNo. 24 Iron caitiog, claw No. 2fl. Auger,
.laaefo 'a" Antaraolu coal; clue No 2V liltuml-
mtj tlnmberlkad (oal:clati No S). Seml-LUuml-
tious, liicud top, ta , coal. clwttNo. BS, l-.xteiulon of
CIoaKo. 1. Br'cka.cldaa No. 2. Stone, claid No. 8
Yellow pia tL.ttr,ulaa No. 4 Yellow pine lum-.ber.cla-i
No. a. Oak and hardwood; claw No. o.
White pint, apmce, cypres, and Junlper;eUAiNo.
' Lime.Liilr. acdpbBKr.cU-iNo. a Cement; olaa
No . Grevelaiidsnict.cUMNo 10.8)ate,claMNo.
H tron, nun iuii) bsatpitrv, eiue no ii. owu,
vuliwNo li Piglrjb olauNo.14. Files, claea No.
'16 Polo'a, wlu, nnd glaes.ctuasNo. ifl. Bhlu Chan
Jlery.olio iN i ;: Ilardtvare.claMNo. 18 SUiloa
ry,ciHNj vi iley una ktraw.rUiM No 21. Pro
fitultt c:.o Zt CLrccal.dusNe 24 CeUltig,
nuckJiy, t-- r'e,c:aMtto. H. tipermand lubrloat
MDcoib.c aulw i-. Iroa vtwk. nlDlnir.&ot olus
,.v. ii 3i.M,cl.tt ). 27. ft5tQJmlte coal, OlbS
!o. 10 2 j.i ;.fu, B-MAd U,i , o . 00 iU. clue
floteci- i
C!1l'. xr L. it J 1. 3l0T.Cli3N0 4.
' Yf Jo t r j? ci "i a ;.o 5. 0 acj lird wood,
cjum- j. Vi ijim. fcinop, JauJjvr, and cy
Lrea,cj'9i v 7 X -.ha't, and pu'.er,ciMiNo
fv Grvu JdtvUido. 11. fro.ijtotnallaand
ipike, tlit wU wtt,.tflw No 11. rilea, clasa
Ao l". I"'' V,oi a-d glwi, clawNo. 18. dhlp
rtipdlery, cli No J 7. flardwaro, oLss No.
.Ntatkmeiy, -iru aj i-. ire wooa;iaaa ao, w.
Illay tudf-r., Cifaa Wo Ul. Provnaer;olae No
i-v (m j.iiL- lIius No. S3 Bflllins. DkfikJi a. and
'L'iw.clM'Blo 24 Sperm and lnbrl3iiingolia;clau
llNo an. Auifrt;eli.aNo 2T. A maroon; ooal;ulad4
'ho.80 beau bliuminou, BiOad top, &o , coal, olam
No &i . 4,rpiritd oompotition niu, clwiffo 31.
JiluohUey an'l tools
OiimNo 1 CIauilnjttciaju ,o I(at,toule,aud
tr.IiwOC.fJ'i a.'iP o i rufi'ium.ciutiinu i upjowii-xi
L.i3Mbr.. K. l)rv tfoooe.c'a ao. ft lire-id. ao .c'ui
No 1 V locru,cTiifiNo 8 Coal, law .N D 9 TalnU,
iniu, UU'J ha" t'in,,iu 'u iriiiiBtwq cia no it
;Liir iIijNo 12 Hw wood.clws :lo U Tro
nnUi, rlanaNit 11 Micllabeoua Oaad No U
VlUrdwA,oIaM No It) btattoovry
cum Nn 1 Urlcks chtMNo. a Urone.claM No
U lell.w nine Inmber.ClaM No 6 Oik and html
"uoca.d'wiNo tt Wthe pine. epruoe.JunlDur. and
v.rpr9rjs,cuj No 1 Lime, hair, unJ iluotvr: clans
tf. 9. Urivl uuJjacii, class No. 11. Irou, Iron
ii(jia,aua ;iCi-i,oift'ko w. aieei, ciaa Nu 18
l'liriru.1 (' 1 t 0 It Kllofl. Olud Nn IK. Paint
eoils.acd fc d.;dars No. Ii3. Ship chaudlcry. clau
TNo IT jrardwMJ,oIa No 18. hunoadry, clasa
SotVi llr.'WioO, claw No. 0, Hy and atraw.
vUwNo. vl Provender, clina No. U Cnarcoal , clus
.No. Si. Etli'nj, pocking, andhreti, oik No. 34.
Iblermaiia luynoaimn fiu, view rta ai, Anmraoite
local, claea No xt I'ltununonii Cumber laud ooal;
wiaitrt No t2 MaoLlnery and tools
f tut iChMalti wll elate tbe time within wLlcli ar
u;kwUlbc required to be delivered, and tiere
tbe prinud astaule hnnt oicd.the periocs staled
in itfordo.irerlesruuMl be copied la tbe bldi All
theartlcuH i lshiuay be contracted lor musi be de
Uvered u ouch place or pUoes, looludlag drayage
and oartitfie to the place where used within the uavy
) rn, tvoti4t oi , tvi nuibU lav vavr IB mKUO, aa
muv ti lirif.t4i(f In Ilia iVimniitiilliir AiHua i lnni.i
and. altoiUr xhiuxn being equal, "preference wili
be filvrn to American manufacture. No article will
l rvoenea uiwr ib rxiiu-aiioD oi me period epocl
Add In tbe ictt-duta tor Ui oimplctlon wi dellve
i-tei.uu,eeLti'rrltt.lr ast'torlzed br t'i Ueuaitmntit.
JacomiuUagilie ritsnu. the price stated in tbe
oo In tun ot puces will b the utitnddrd, and the ag
rtrcRaieuf tuoctu a wultncaxrljj mt acvordiug to
It lit j ta Drcrldedlntlioconlraoi.nnd la ha du.
UDLlly ut -tt'ood by the bidder, l ut the Amount
endnuuilitr ot HrllcieeeoasiBi usd m ulaRMi bead-
ed a'J c nsneoun-arefiecinea wtlie jrrtafJquui
ii.v winch rav u- reQUlred.Md wlII tu iu t at
rordfterminiEg the IcMcit bid, butint coiurcUr
u to f jtbisi inire or la of the ald enic- ar
Helen, iwt inturk (uiintirucnd ttn.h fuii, tV
ter,L cedow hm-jf itm quauLti Hated
in.l nn tbitl .lit hifll tlirOL'HK Uil LO.t filtt.u .r.all
L m-d u't-oieat notice; duigthe tUuU year
t' requi i te i rur leu tbanticse eyaolfied, tha
pricti hiui :o-Ja the earns.
Pddders tie ctutlcsnl against tutlng flotltloua
prtw In their offer
All tlie ar iie uuct; thd oontxnst suit be of the
beitqua.ny.sL.va.'edla yood order, le of ail ad
crnrynharKe ur epere w the GovTnnent, and
wnMrdC fn tui IciixuliOli. CL-Ui-t.MJiirllt.ir mtunri.
moat't i jm'1 unvy yard, and b In l rwits
sati:uEi v.j i id coirroaaunni uitreoi uicbiera
Bfer..riv,'- to tbe M'd ir pUns.ftpwiOoiuons.or
mole-, t JC hJV luilliO dtmjlDL'ona ul th artlQla
or p!aur i tLiy aiy deidrt, YYtciUddcff
ahallbelodonbtute the preoUe article named la
the eobednle, they m a apply to the oonunandlng
ofteeror the narr vj rd an tuf te mvlmm tor
erlptlon of the artlot or article in doubt, whlou
Information the ealtf offiaer wtil aire In wrltlnc.
Contraaton for elai eaa headed afimellanMiuI''
who do not retlde nej u the pUce when the aitlolet
propoealA an arent a the city or principal place near
the yard of deUref y, who may be called upon to
dellrer mrtlolea will out idem when they ehalle re
Apprirva roreuf a in ue mil amouni oi ue oon
trotw4U bertqnl -ed.anff twenty per eentnm aa
aodlUtiel atcurlt deducted from each payment
until Oie contract I tall hare been computed or oaa
celled. nnlei otbd vrV autnorlfed by the Depart
ment. on clMe ct arllclee beaded 1( MlaoeHane
oua,' to be o:ici d an reqmlrtd durtog the flieal
J ear. the twenty J xriiea'um retained may, at the
laort tlon ot the d nu hwdant. be paid quarterly on
the tf rat of JaauaJ y, April, July, and Ootober, when
the I leltrerlea tut e been MUafaetory. and the bal
anci (eighty per 4 eat) will be paid by (he mpeotlv
nar'agantawttUln thirty day after the preeeaU
tlof of blUa.ln Utpllot,doiy Touched and ap
pro zed,
un Uil
Dart of tb e cer eentnm reserved Is to be tmld
allthe relsjted atticUa offered nnder the mm.
trl ct shall hara been renored lhm tha nrd. ubImi
rp dally anthofiied by the Department
J it will be stipulated in the contract, that If de
fa alt ahaU be made by the parties or the first part In
da 'ltrerlngalloruiroftheiutlclee mentioned In any
ol ass bid for, of the quality and at the times and
9 laoee aboTe piorlded,then and la thateiae the ald
F vtlea will forfeit and pay to the United Ktatss a
a um of money not to exeeed twice tbe amount of
I neh elans: which mar be recovered, from time to
' dnw, acoordlng to the act of Congress In that case
prvTiaea, npptovea Aisron o t tats.
Tbe euretlea mait lira the eontrut. and thalr re.
jponslblUty be oe rtlfled to by a navy agent, collector.
tuBuiot airarsvy, or aviue maer psrsoo sauaiaewruy
hwwb 9 uie Bonia.
It Is to be pi OTlded In the contract that the burean
shall hare the power of annulling the oon tract,
without loss or damage to the Oorernment. In oaae
CengreMrhall not have made sufficient appropria
tion for tbe article named, or for the completion of
works estimated for, ana on wucn tnis ndrertue
ment Is based, and shall also hare the power to In
crease or diminish the quantities named In the
claaees net headed Miscellaneous" In the schedule,
twenty fire per centum.
Persons whose offers ihall be aooepted will be nov
Ufle4 br letter throe ch the Dcst office, which notice
shall be considered nfflclent ; and if they do not
enter Into contract frr the supplies specified within
fifteen daya from tho date of notice from the bureau
of the acocptacco ot ih'lrbiJ, a oontrsotwiU b
made with pome other person or penoos.and the
guarantors cf suoh defaulting bidders will be hld
reponslbla lor all delinquencies
Ad offers not made ta gnd conformity with thfo
ftdvr'eser.twlllfat ths option ot the bureau, be
Thove only whOM offers may be teoepted will b
noticed, and contracts will be ready tor exeoutlcu
M iwn uireaiur ma may uenwuvnciB.
Sep ft wlw
DtroT QonTK8MasTia'e Orrics.
Corner of Klahtwnth and G streeu.
WawmoTtw, D C..Beptember9l,18A9.
Sealed Propoaals for tbe delivery of (5fW) five
thousand Cords of WOOD to the Government will
be received at this offloe until Saturday, tbe (lat)
first day of Ootobrr, at (12) twelve o'olook m
lutnuw mj v, umu, ivwiiv, nun tiicivuaHvauie.
(4) four ret long, and split to ths ordinary size of
cora wooa.
The wood to be delivered In Ibe city of Washing
ton at each points as the Depot Quartermaster ehall
direct, corded In ranks (it fror feet high, delivery
not being considered complete until so corded,
measured andtospfcted.
An Inspector will be designated on the part of the
Oovernnvnt to Inspect and measure the wood, and
suob aa does not conform to the above specifications
wltl be rejeoted.
All to be delivered on or before the (let) first day
of Deoember, 1842.
Payment to be made upon the completion of the
whole contract.
The lull name and post offloe address of the btoVt
must appear in the proposal.
If a lid la made In the name of a Ann, the names
of all the parties mut appear, or the bid win be
oonaldered as the Individual propojal ot the party
signing It.
Proposals from ditloyoj parUm win not be amsulerxt,
and an oji rfalUgiance muit aecompany coca prvpon
turn. Propofals must be addratsed to Col. 1). II RUC
KEH, Quartermaster V. fi Army, Washington, D,
C , aut mult be plainly maiked " Proposal for
The rctponslblllty of the guarantors must be aliuwn
by the vfffcial certificate ot the Clerk of the neereAt
district ooart, or of the United Statea dltrlot s'tor
1 he ability of the bidder to fill the eon tract .should
tt be awarded to him, moot be guarantied ay two
responsible penonj,wha sgistures must be ap
pended to the guarantee.
Bidders must be prosjnt In person when the blda
are opened, or their proposal will not be consid
Bonds In the sum of ten Ihouaand dollars signed
by the contractor and both oi tits gairaoton, wilt
be required of theiuooessful bidder upon eljjDlng tbe
Aa tbe bond must aocoini any the oontraot, H will
be neoesaary for bidders to have their bondsmen wltb
them, or to hare bonds signed In anicipatlou and
icadytobe produced when the oontraot u signed
Blanks for bunds can be procured upon appiloatlor
being made at this offloe, either pereonaily, by 1st
ter.or byulegrapb
We, .ortbecouoty of and Stats of,
and , of the county of- , and - . do
breby guwantee tuat Is abls to fulfil a uoz
traot tn aocwsne vriti the terms of his prooJUoi .
ondtbrtLe.!i i.sprcpc.ttioa beaooepicd, he will
at ono eater tcto a oontraot U aooordaoc ibMri
Should t9 contract be awarded hkn, we a: pr
pared to become hlsaecurrJes.
(To this guarantee mnat be appeLied tit cfficial
oe rtU-.ata above mentioned J
The Depot Quarteruaiter reservM to blmU the
right to reject any or all bids that he may dm too
mgn. if. u. nuuabu.
Colonel and Quartermaster.
ftept a-dt OoU lit.
70S JiPflTOa, jOja
nkwunpc!7 e';r',nwi s.idyrcc8n.n
t : t,
(rtoni'w ;-neptodJ
A. U'c'.ack, 1. K,
PUCK Btf N K , l-OOVOKTr.qiKl'HllU.t:!,
Tt.ebkWbndmagnlUJdntsteAinirOirf Oif W)H
ION, Wu Wlloox,oommandfir,rroiu New Yur
Tuesdare, riiurdays, and tiaturdas ; and troa
Nnw Loudon Moodayfl, WedneeUayi, aid Frl
ThenewandmairnlfiontBlcamer01TY01 NKW
YOUfX.lhomM G. Jewett,oonuuandr,frou Ne
York Mondays, Wednetdays, and Frldayat troa
New London TuMdaye, Thoreoaya, and tutor
These two new itearoere have been built exprcsalv
for this route, with all modern laprort-n.eutd,ln
eluding Wator Tight Compartment, and are tbi
only steamers ever Dalit for Loo; jiland Sbond
with this great Hie preserving Improvement.
Conductors accompany the steamers each way.
Passengers proceed from New London Imme
dlatcly on arrival of steamers, by Express Train tc
Boston, Worcester. Lowell, Lawrence, Fltchburf
Nashua, Concord, the White Mountains, Ao Ac.
Passengers returfng from Boston leave the Depot
of the Boston and Worcester railroad at I 80 P. M
Worcester 7 P.M., arriving at New London war
P. M.
Freight taken at the Loweat Bates, and deliver)
in BotJton early tbe next day.
Stats Uocum In abundance can be had on board
steamers, or at the Boston or New York offices, Is
adranod. U. B. MAE TIN, Agent,
nuy-tf Pierio, N r,
pasMnger Trains leave ou Pavonta Fo'rry from
foot of Cban'bers trt as follows, vis-
tioou. u Wail fdr Dunkirk and fntermsdlate eta
lhls train rcmatns over night at Kim Ira and pro
ooeds the next morclng.
7 '.rOu. ni. ItxpredSficr Buffalo and principal iu
tcrmediatestailoDS K ,0 a m Milk, dally, for OtiviUe and luterme
ii,Xi stations
U U p. m. AooommndaUoD. dtUy, tor Port Jervia
and principal atatbvs
4 00 p to. Way, fur Middletown. Newburgh, and
In'ennedlate stations
& oo p. m Night Eiprcus, daily.for Dunk'ri, But
nlo, CsoadUgua, and ptliclpal siatloiut 1 ha train
of faaturdty runs through to Buffalo, bet dees not
run to Dunkirk.
7 00 p.m. Emigrant, for Dunkirk and prlnoirsl
The Kxpres Tniiu couneot at Hoiuellsville wtth
railroad f-r Buffilo, at tlmtrm witn ihe Canandalgna
and Niagara Falls Uailroad; at BlngUmton. wlih
tbe Syracuse Hall road; at Corning with the railroad
for Rochester and Buffalo, at Great Bend, wltn tbe
railroad for bcranion, and at Buffalo and Dunkirk
with ihe Lake Shore JUUroid for Cleveland, Cinotn.
nati, Toledo, Detroit, Chloago. Ao , end tbe Canada
MP 13 General bopenntendet.
Narr DaraaritaNT,
Rutteu rf r.rtjrfmrfioti. if. . hmt. 99. Ifi5
BEALED PBOP0MAL8 to turnieh materlala for
the navy for tbe fiscal year ending soth June 180.1,
will be received at this Buru ntll fi o'clook p. M.
of tbe 21st October next There proposals must be
endowed " ProvoeeUfnr Material for the Va, bureau
rf VmururiUm'i ao ,that uiey may be dhtlngolshed
from othsr business letUrs
The materials and articles embraced In tbe classes
named are particularly deeorlted In the printed
reaedu!ei, eny of which will bo I uirliied to euch as
desire to offer, on application to tbe commandants
of the respective yards, or to the nary agent nearest
thereto, and I hose of all the yards, upon application
to this Bureau. This dlvhlou into clames being tor
the cotveulenos of dealers in each, suahporiloni
only will be furnlabed as are actually required for
bids. The commandant and nivr scent 01 each ata
tlon will, In addition to the tcbeduie of classes of
tneir own yards, bare a copy of the schedules of the
other yards, for examination only, rreni which tt
maybejedged whether It will be desirable lo make
at plication for any of tbe classes of those yardi.
Offsrs must be made for the whole of the clans at
any yard trpon one of the printed schedules, or 1j
strict conformity therewith, or they will not be con
side red. In computing Um olasees.tbe price staed
In tbe column ot prices will be tbe standard, atd t jc
aggregate of the class will be carried out according
Tbe contract will be awarded to the lowest rVna
flit bidder who glvea proper security for Its luiut
menu TEd-United mates rrMrvtsthorht hi to reject
all the bids fcr any clasi. If deemed exorbitant
Ail articles mast be ol tbe very betrt quality, to be
delivered in the navy yard In good order, and In
lultable vessels aod paeknget, properly marked with
the name of the contractor, as the cane may be, at
the expense and risk of the contractor, add In all
respects aubject to the Inspection, uuaeutement.
count, weight, Ac ,of tbe yard whore wid,and
to the entire satisfaction of the commandant tVreof.
Bidders are referred to the cemmanisntacf the
respective yards for samples, instructions, or par
tlcular description of the articles; and. all other
things being equal, preference will be glvsn to ar
tlcies of American manufacture.
Every offer, ai required by the law of loth August,
1U6, must be ecoon.pa.nled by a written guarantee,
thi form of wh ch h herewith given.
Tho-e only who offers may be aooepted will ba
no'ified, and tbe contract will oe forwarded a aoun
thereafter as pracucaMe.whioh titty will b re
quired to ex t cute within tui days arer Its reotpi
at the peat offlo or tiai y atjency named by them
hurt tie in tbe full ttmcuntwtll b nqulred to
sign the contract, and their respcnaibllity certlKtd
to by a Uclted States district Jude, UlI ed fttaten
district aUjrny,brUect9r, or ravyngebt e al
dl;icLal s'curlty, twenty per centum till be witb
fcsia from the amount oft he blli until tbe oon. tact
eb,U have been completed, and eUbyper cnuiru
cf eiih bill, approved iatrplcite by t ,e Ojzaiiu
ants ct tbe r?6pi'Ctie ycrd, will he pant by the navy
agent at inj points ot delivery in ceriiH.atna ot In
debiednea' or Tree jury notes, at the opiltn cf t' e
ltlatipcJited fntbe coaot that if d'tilt be
made by the partieeof tne drc: part in dellveil'.g
all or any of the artioUa men loned 'n any ctaes tta
tit in tbe contract, of inequality an 1 at the tine
and places enore prorldM, then, and luthatcase,
the contractor and Lie enretUamll forfeit and lay
to the UnltAd States a aumcf money not excfedlng
twice trie amount of sucholiu.nblch may be re
cororid from time to time, aivordtng i.t'ijaot of
Cvngreea In that eare rrovlucd, approved March a,
1843. '
In clssa No. ll and thce follow toy, 11 a quantity
In addition equal it the face of the coutract is de
manded, it Is to be farnlnhed on like tsrma fnd con
dltlctvs ilurlog the fiscal year
brm cf Offtr,
Wtitob from a firm must be tignM by &I the uiu
I, , of -, In the blate cf ., berrby
agree to furnlh and delher Inthe rpecttte uay
yards all the articles named lntheciaeesbrtuuto
annexed, agreeably to the provHoni ol tbe schedule
therefor, and in conformity with tbe advertisement
of the Bureau of CocstrucUoa,Ao ,ot rtd beptem
btr, 1802 Should my offer be accepted,! request
to be addressed at -.-., and Ihe contract sent to
tbe navy agent at -, or to , for s'gualure
and certificate.
Mirnatur,A, it
ThescbeJulo hied th blddt-r enclonfs mail be1
Dasted to his olTfjr. and tstra of them tinned bv Mm
Opposite etch article In the rebednle tbe prloe must
oe eei, me amcuni oarrica om, u aggteitaie looted
up for each cIsm, and the ameunt haewbio wrltf'n
In words If tbe parttei who bid do not redds pear
the place wbese tbe articles are tott delivered, they
mutt name Inltulr offer ft peraou to whom O'der
ob inem are 10 ot uriivsrcu
Form of Guaravttt.
The uudeiatgned, ,of - , iu tbe tt'ntc of
. ..-,anu ' oi - -.inina ataie oi ,
hereby guaranty that iu ease tbe foregoing bid oi
. .for any of thiria therein namcu b as
repled,he or they will, within ten days after the
ttoeljtof the coutract at the pus. ttlioe natnnl.or
nsry agent detlgnatcd, execute tbe (outroot for tbe
snmetuith good and euflicivLtauritios, and la case
eaia - wiu m lurmrr iniucoririii'i us ui.rn
aald,Auguaramy tomukc eool thx difrcrvncr tw
twtmthe cller of in bald and that vLun
miy be aocepted
.Hljtatur-jollwiigjarsctori, j
W ltaeu.
1 hereby certify that the above oamdd aie
known to ma aa men of property and able to nuke
good their guarantee
To be aijned br the United States dl.tilct jule,
Unlit d Sutea district attorney, C"-..r:tor or nMy
acf from a ?aw cf (hr. Un'UJ SaU, appMid
iimy n, itoz,
twO 1A Af let: fur K.? fP(VtI TLit CO fui XiC
oroer.or anvlotbriBti'filri .hall Dctraa-idiud
by the part or pa ,j u hcia tturhcnntratrr
otirmaybe giren ic:couur lurrycr pariioi,
and that any buch traniiar ebatl c.ii-f the annul
mentor the oontrsctcr order t iniifrred,our a.
the United States are ooncerutd rVoitdnl, hat all
the i Ishts oi action are hwebv resened to the L'ni
ted States for any bieacu ol ucu contract by the
contracting party or parlies.
Sec. 16. -inJ bt U further enadnt. Thai whenever
any cootraou r lor autipictenc, ciotnn, aim, ati
mu oil Ion, munitions at war, and tor ctiry iiicrlp
tlouot buljIis for the armr or nivv rrii L'mttfd
States thali be fouud guilty by a court martlilot
irsuu or wiuuj niitoi ui uuiy,iie mail ne as
label by tl is, lnpnonriLt, cr buuho her iuu'si
ment as tne curtmirtUl btjall adjuags. and f.uy
nersji) wV a'ull coutritt to rurul-ti biipptie of any
kind or dacristlon for tue uimy or nty,be th
be deemid at-d Ub.en lift part ". tfie laud or .p vo
Jorcea ot the United Utttim ut which bo nhali run
traot U iuruUhealdsupnlua. and tc lutjti tuM
rules and r.auUtlou4 icr the fcrniaeu oi tim
laud and utnal loisoi iho United Mates
Tbe lolloping are theolaiwcsriqu't at tti r
apteilveosry yanU
Class No 1 WblteOak T.rg4, .No 'J WMUiOA
Keel, No. 3 White Oak 1'romL.ouoiH rimbtr, No
4. White Oak Plank, No 0 keltow l'Jne Lo.No.
7, Yellow Plow Ui-umn, No n lellow Ym M it
aodSpar limber, No 10 White Plue Meat liui
ber, No 11 Whits I'ine Plank and Itotrds, No m.
Aih Plank and Hoard, No.lt WMt Ah Oars,
No. 13 Uiokery Butu, No 10 Black Walnut nnj
Cherry, No 1? Cyprew, No 19 White Uak Staves
andlleadmg; No '."i Black Spruce, No ?3 Lig
numvit,N'i 86. Iron, No. HU Steel, No ST. Irou
Spikes, No S3 Iron Natla wrought aud cut No
so Load; No. PI ZIlcsuJ lln; ho 81 TnoN for
Storea, No St, White LotTl, No 37 Ilc l'a'nti:
No s-t Colored Paints, Dryer, No ; 1 l3nd
UlI, Turpentine, Varnldb; No 41 dim No 41.
Pitch, Kofln, iar, No. 41. Oil. lal'iw, U.'ap, No.
40 MUcelianeous Dry Good), Hulr Cloth, vt ip
Chaudlery (or oonitruotlon llass A Boiler Irou
aud ltlvets, C Lard oil, f Miscellaneous loolsior
I.nglneers, G Cooking Utvntfils, SlovtM, AO , 11
Flax Canvs', 1. Cotton Cautas, 1' Iwint, h
Leather: H. Hoee, M Brushes, N Hunt lux, Dry
Uoods, O Lanterns. Q HpenuOil K Shlpituu
dlery.for stores and tquipment 6 Stationery, 1
lire Wood.
Class No 1 U t.itf DA Lo No 2. TVhile Ojk
Ki'el I'ieCM, No 3 lilto Oak rrotcl-icuoua utn
b)r, No 4 Whitu Oak 1'ltnk, No tl hlow 1'itis
Logs, No. II M htte Pino Lok, Plank, sl4 Lourd;
No 11 A Mi Log and Plana, Iu U Piaca WU
nut.MahCfiauy, and Cherry. N 1H jcu, No
It Wlu to Ojk Staves aud llordlcv fa .3 I Iff
nua(:r. No ii Iron, No so Hit1 i N I iru
Spikea, Nn '. Iron Nalln, ro'lit aud cut No
SO Lvud No 11 lcoand lln, No J HanUwre,
No. M Tools 1 r lures. No 3d bit I ead No
87. Zloo ralnts , No j) Colortd Palms, Dryer, No
8t. Unwed Oli luipailue, ami Vmnltili, No 41
Glaas, No 13. Pliih and UMd Nj 41 FUh Oil,
Tallow, cud Uor.pt No 4t) Mucellaueoiu L'jv
Goods, A MoUer iron ai J Ulvets II 1'ix lion, if
LSnlDll. U UoIlfP fltlitir. W limn 1', Aln.r F
Mlbt-illieous TooU fir Foginer G On ti g
Canvai, J iMax and Cotton Tnlra K Lealhoi
L Uws M Brushes, N Uuolg kd j.VyGoodi,
O Lontercn, P lar for Rjpewaik q Sim'-mOtl.
it. SolD Chandlery lor tlit Mid euu.pmcni li
htativoery, T Fln Wood D Ox miu for roi s
CIwsNo 1 Wh'teOak Legs; No S WhiUOak
Kaal Ptasdl No. 3 Whtt Oalt HrnmiMnitiia Tl.
ber, No 4 WhUt 0 plank No ft tt.i' Oik
twnces, no o isuow rioe Loga, no 7 yJjw
Pine Bsami; No. 8. YtUow fine aiaat Timber; No.
14 WMUria Mst Timber: No It. While Pine
logs.ritdk.snd Boards, No.ll. White Oak Boards
aeil'Uuk, No 13 A-1 1 Log and Planki No 11.
AsliGars: No la. Hickory Butte and Handspikes;
No lo. Bfsck Walnut, Cherry: No IT. Cypress, Ho.
is, Locu-t: Z.'o 19. White OiV Stares and flsadng,
No. SO. I'lsokEpruce; No si. Cedar; No. 33 Ma
hogany: :-vo. 21 LtgnumTtta; No. 35. Iron, round,
flatrftidr-qvr, Ko 30 Steel; No. ST. Iron Spikes;
No. 94 In. j ;.Us.wrcus:ht and cut; No so. Lead;
No 21.ZL - iln; No M Hardware; No. W Tools
I or storff, Ac No so. White Lead; No ST. Zlno
Paint: No. 38. Celored Paints, Dryer: No.ft9. Lln
seed Oil, Inrpentlce, Varnish; No. 4l. Glasa; No
43 Pitch, llosln, Tar; Ktt. 44. Kish Oil, TnUow,
Soap; No. 40. MicellatiecuJ Dry goods; A li-Uer
Iron and JUvtts; B llg Iron; O. Lard Gil, D Boll
er Keltlog. L. Gam racking; F. Mlsoelianeoua
.Tool iat Kng.net r j O Cocking CtenaUs,Htoves,
Ao II Flax Canvau, I. Cotton Canvais, J, Twine:
ix jjv&ioci, a, now; at unuoea; . naniug ana
Dry Goods: O Laatersi: Q Sperm Oil It. Ship
Cbardleryfor atorce&ndequlpmentr;S Stationery,
Cla.aKc.1. While Oak Loga; No. 3 White Oak
Keel PibCe: No, 3. White Oak Promucuon Tim
b-r, No 4 Wnlte OVi Phnk, No 0. Yellow Pln
j-ieaa utock hogs; no. 7 xtuow rine uama; no
h. YUw I'ine Mat and Spar Timber; No 10.
Wilt Pine Mart atdnur TimMr Na. 11. Whlf
Pine Los, P.ank, Beards, &o ; No. 13. Ash Loga
and Plank.; No. 14 White AshOars; No II White
rieart llickcry.Cspbtaa Kara; No 10 Msboxasy,
Black Walnut, Chtrry; No. it Cypre.a, 0dar
"uniuij itv in uwiin; iiu..M uiact opiaoe opar
Timbei, Ifo 31 LIgnumvtts; No 6. ltuu, rooad,
flat, and rquarc; Wo. fl filtef;No 27 Iron Spikes,
No it. Iron Nails, wrought andent; No. 30 Lead;
No. 31. Zlno, Tin; No 3J Uardware; No. 31 Tools
forstcrrs; No SO White Lead: No 37 7lnoPalnt.
No.CS Colored l'ainti. Drier; Ne 89 Linseed Oil,
Inrpentlne, Varnish, No 41. Glass; No. 43, litob,
tar, roeln; N'n. 44. VM Oil, Tsllow, Soap; No 40
Bllrcellaneous Dry Gooda, hair, cloth, and Ship
Chandlery for construction, A. Iron Rivets for
Boiler-, B. PI Iron; C. Lard OH, D. Boiltr Tell
Ing; K. Gnm Packing;'. MJsoeltaneoua Tools for
Lngln-crs. G, Cooking Uteruiia, Stov &o , II.
1-lax Canvass; I, Cotton Canvtsr, J Twloi K.
leather, I. Hosa, M. Brui'is; N. Bunllng.Dry
Goedi, Q &prmOit;R. SnIttC'-aadlery iosto
K'lUlim.:', S .Sttlcnry, T e'ut Wood.
CU'iNo 1 Whiti Oak L-ffa; No f WllowPin
VI inks tock Lopn.Nc li Wil fla. No n.Ab
Plank; No U.A'h Oarr.No 10 lilckcry Btn.No.
10 Biauc Walnut; No. 17. Cpreo No 19. Si.Yi.e
aulHeailijHiNo 21 PopU;No as Iron, No 28.
Steel, No ; lion Spikes; No iH Iron nais, No.
Si) Lfta lin m Ziic, tin, o.dtr, No M Ilard
wen-, .Vo :o W.tiieLead, No. 3. ZiacPs'u.No
IS Co'ord Paints, No 8 Lbwsd Oll.Yrmisli.
No 41. Qltt, Nc. 4i Oafcu t, No li ritch.tij-,
No. 14 Frown Soap, No. 40 UleoelUrtuai Dr
Goods, 3hip Chardlery, fto , far CMmtruo'lon, No.
Tk:aaal UsUeys, No. 41 Ingot Cprer, Na
;o. Chain Ian, No ii.Polts. No 61 Billows; A
Boiler Iron and Klrets li rig Itot, o Lara Oil,
D. Bol.erFs, tine, B. Oam Pa.kleg;P Vl.c-llar-.
rue Lngjurra Tots, G Cooking Stores, &o , II.
Flax CauTi; 1 Cotton Canvass; J. Twiie, K
Leather.L Uaasj.M BtLnN. N BuntingandDr
Gooda, P. (ras Pipj f-r u"r fitting. Q Sperm
Oil: K. Ship ChanJ!r Sr .erf 1 and eqolp'oents,
B.Sta'lonery f.Fiu 'r , '
Sep 34lawtUCi;i
NKW AND blMPLlHe'J MKl nODroa Pi
ANOHJKIF. and singing
IrulrascrAI.KAANDKU HOLOUsKl, Pianist
aud CotcpOAT, r.u returned irom ih london Lxhl
bition, and opens a course fsr Ihe Piano and King
lag by his New and Simpllded Metho 1. By Proles
sor Wclowfct' ydem, a person having only a slight
kLOwlcdjre vf ioukIc Will b enabled In a. wrr short
Hue to risd muuo with gn.it facility, and exsouie
cperntlc a- we.l as claardcul m 0 with rare perfra
tlon. As to the focal part, by his way of rocallza
tlju,b arrlrte at moot extraordinary results, rea
don the oice powerful, and enables tbe singer to
localize with fuclll'y. accuracy, and fine quality of
luue irruiro-ur lfuitwfai rwwiTSJ Vuiiors ulliy
Irom S to 4 o'clock p. m , at his rrsldenoe. No. 441
1 emu mreei, oeiweej e ana r eep iiim
ir7 and I!4t Hpraue Utrset,
Th regular cou'W of truitruoltmi embraces tL
f UftlUh and trench Longuives and LlUriture.
Latin, If required and all thi cr&noie wblcb cui
ptltnte thorough F.agUib -tod Krnoh education.
French ii the languag. nt th family, and Is con
atantly spoken In the IcsM'utifn. It Is the object 01
particular attention, onJ Id '.ught from tbe rudl
merits to tha hlghiut wti-w: of I Itersture aud Com
1 .c scboiani3 yar ooj.uwmj tleptaiber 15th
a3dolo(i.tly ut
Circulars, Ac , can 1- obtilnl l r.n
my IWu l'rtnolpU cf denary Institute.
Cirolo InHtJtuto,
3fox- Yoiuxr; XiucIIuni
Mi, 01 K street, near the Circle,
Ueisloa ocmmincee ou the Ut of 0ptmbsr
Ifirw icr Quarter of Ten Wet ltd, 1 1 2 French and
aicuc indiudtfd
Sianlib, Italian, German, Latin, ani eeveral other
languaRv1 taught In the aam couool.
Dr. A 7AITON1: wlliglre three lNttr.i eath
week on Literature and Hci-sno"-, and oiberwlse as
ml wlu-- v.r -Cii,-pnt'riejTomhli me Ileal pro
augka Mr A r API rw-S, Principal.
vr G AVr SAY TCROi-,
JSt eK ifTfit
l'h CItiimo tM Initimticn will ta roeunel cr
t! t. sta ot iitp Umber. Ciroalan ma 7 ha ob tilted
at ths principal bonk Mites in WaMagtn,or&j
addreeilng the rrlnclial,
aug 'JO-iri.Bvrj U. J. UAUllOVKIl.
lll.J N' aud DAY bCllUjL,
iV rriTurriiiit AvaniL,
ievin y ,dnji, lcshmgtm, V, C
Thlj lu-tltatt-j I, uowopsnfur tie rrotpMcn c
pupils Circulars to be had at tbs Hoosatcrce and
J HfSI I vttetit, Lrt.kccn YSitt nii.l 1 HtU
i 'PC 01 lln olnsat, i"OA' tburoufh nid ruont dirbJ
HcUkjC slur louiiif LaUintand All- n tu I bo Oltj
I felon n;iuiifnrs -iptt(tibu u rur.tjn if
wordlnx to fcfeu ruati-in'u.ul
bu.j-dtl LLItt', L t lOOtl.i
.he Lrx'tTfrcu ts Uvt t ojJiihHdtta(iuU f
Le cit.es m i isf tiar wjuhlI y to tho House
'u t ip ni lrU.J asSoiULiodaiiva Ot griiLe
1 ten i' ll.rl.s
Lo- liquet Ufurbh.d li ppleudld stfla-larjfs
airy rcoiy,cba:uben,an I pirlnr, fne table will
be supplied with all t!i doUoicl ot the sttou No
painor expt-iifie ehall betrid tuyive s&tlM&Uton
to all who may patronize tho hou. Strut atten '
tion to ovJera that may br given lor diners, Ao at
ui'tlro nod obliging ftrvhu't
lloiuc cligibl) cii uated on t'ie ocriter of Twenlle ih
aud rtren wet, lately occijled br Surgeon Gm
eral Lrwiu
lonuerloi Halslo, N,Y
T Tt. r I rV .
ow Is the tlire to buv vour 1- a'l ( tofilmr at No
4Sti .Seu'cth strvrt Where you can iisJ a'l tbe la-
lCt IV fSWtJ Ilk 11 VI ll'C.U ('I I VLB
Hot Uo Var bevruth rtrnl '. Jl.- A lF.r
Inw.ce of Clothing, at very lu p. ,So. 4O0tier
luilistutt ntai T
A new wuy to e Gold, bu iur I'lottviug at N
49d be, tut h street, omn)3li) lt itttce,at 10 pr
urui urii-n mu maraci jii.i.,ij irvunury no'vi
Htiilth'v.iNo 4pU SevBOiliMi-fet li HiftfiftiinH-t hmi.11
ia town to bay your Clothlag,! iruUilnK Gooue,
j 1 mi.,, unii, sua Ki
ae & vin
J I-ALL and WlNTLHClutJuug wh.i'h wu ar
!!! w at ery low prices, at L A Hull 4 Co , Nu
SCI tie rt.lh ai wet, between 1 brd it l'u eonc,wjme
allt L A H'UTo , Mnet V nr Clo k ng, Kur
ninhias Uo'dMiunk.jIUis.andi ie.lo an Her
(Lth street brlftwu I and K ow U le tbot 10
buy yourCloihiiigat L A Ii all e to, So .1 rr
er.th strMi,lMn 1 t K h-prvul mention la
culibdtoourncwcobkoi ,.! r V an tliAhlog,
. iA Its CU ,
Cl'U j. w tirknth reel
Its cr.sapait Clotbi i tgwi Is at L A
UoaU k Co's , So 661 tv . ,tr4it .1 1 taa K
j'i' 3m
T tO MEMBaKO Of CtiMi.13. HHOrSk
ainvsil iT fcUr- ., a.xVwsca,
ii Xuidenlntedars priiar&u'otTict Hpeeohei,
2niM, I'MupUIfU. nanors, cr fC7 JflMJrtttWa oi
S-ok work audboliiit d'la:t
vr.o.aQAMKiu.L 0
Jtioe ocmer Ipdiaua 1 suu'
i(HjKU rw4 aMoaisct.tbf4:rffE
The HnttlA Autumn or 1H02.
T ju.nu. nBirriEn.
Tha nut of war Mice storm bird lly,
The charglnf trnmp.tn blnir;
Yet roll, no tbonder in tbe nky,
No eartbquike etrlvet below.
Ai.d, c.lm ani patient, Nature lepnpa
Her ancientpromtse we!l,
Tbnuch o'er bir bloom and croennonj awee pa
Tho battle', breath of bell.
And atlll abe valki In golden hours
Through harreathappr raron,
And etlll ahe eara her frulta and llowara
Lllie Jowelstm her armn.
What mean th, gladneaa of the plain;
Tbla Jor of ere and morn.
The mirth thalahalcea the heard of grain
And yelioir lock, or corn?
Ah ' eyea may well be full of tear.,
And hearta irlth hate are hot;
But even paoei come round tbe years,
Anil Natureohangoa not.
She me.U S!.r-stut!cs our bltur grief.
With aonga our groar.. of pain;
She mooka with tint of flower and leaf
The war field's orlmaou ataln.
Stltl, In the cannon's pause, uo hear
Heraweet tluwkaglilng pslro
Ton near to Col for doubt or fear,
She rharca tie eternal calm.
She knowa thaseed ties aife below
Tbe fires thit blast and burr;
For all the leva or bkod vn tow
Hhe waits tin rich return
9be tees with ilearer eje tln curs
Tbe i.ood of jufTerlntr hoi ii,
The tinrls tha; h!osso.n lika '.r IWer,
And rlpeu ll!o her oorn.
Ob, giro to us,)n tlrrea liks thess,
The vision rthor eye',
Ani nae her leldi -rd 'rolls J tra.j
ucr f;oien rropaeclti'
Ob, give to ns 'ler finer en '
Ab.ve tbla floroy cim,
We, too, woulJ hear the bMIs if oheer
l'.lng peace tr.l freedom In '
Sorenade U Gen. Wadsworth.
Specchet bj Oen. Wadawnrtli,
Got. Illulr, of Michigan, K
Gov. Boutwell, of Mail., an. I
jur. I'uilvrtvood, of Vn.
Last SMiiidar ulght wk selects hi tb aa
ctvilon for a g-n j (.nircLritrHtiou in iionor ul
our excellent J!;,'t fSowiior, (Icu. .1 S
The citizens ot .Nun; orIc rcjidln m Wufh
lag ton procured a land and proceeded to the
ran I do do of Gen. Wpdsworth, corner of Nine).
teentb und 1 etreuta, uccompaoled by k larpo
crcwd of citizens, lar thopurpcwi of tendering1
their oompllmenls in honor ol tbe noinlnfUlon
oftiiat dtntiagulahed gentlemao for tbe pout-
tion of chief inagiitrate by Ibe Union Rppubli
can Convention of the State of Ney York.
Companies U and I, of tha Tenth New Jer
sey raiment, were prosent. each man bearing
a torch, with which they formed a circle ot tire
tr anil tbe crowd, while a lue bonlire of far
barrels wat ronrin an.l crackllcp; In the centre
ot tit street, the wi.c!s ff.mlog u giaod IU11
mitati;u ot nnumil beauty efid plarllinj)' ef
A platform itu extemporized 011 the Itotit
porch of the General' reifdence, and the ttara
and etrlpen were grarefuliy lciIoniii'd above Iho
beads of tho speaker
After uiumc by tho baud, tbo .wi bau
to I'ull lor Ucneral Wadtworth, I10, In rpjase,
made Ms appcar.n,T futbrt putturm, ytiid
great ttnthcfiiaftn.
As eoou as tfja rppluaie grejtlu.; ILj appear
ance cf Gen. Wadacrth hd subsided, Lo ud
drefped the crowd Iii tlje toUv J.ij languege
Fellow Citucn I thank jou ici tta honor
which j ou io rue In to akin? this vto't I aup
prae I inayassu-jt- t!at yvu coma to congratu
late r.e unon ..Mie received frrno a onnvti-
ttn recently aBeptolud la Uie Htate of New
tOTK, cucp 63-X u in trucai Mcua 01 tbe
ioTefum' ' Iih tr.ist 'r.ev'Tf I'm oountrr.
uc tbe rjo en ii uJt) -i-sri yi n war
a hodjuhU's to the dla.li'CJiihe'' Lirltin.-, of
Governor ci thvt Mat" v. "laarc .t, and ap
plausu.) Whf.o I caijt iilo myself toovor
ostimate tha ompl!i.iuni pnl In lb. nomlcn
tlon while I oti'iLOt allow icrself t mn.
understand t. or resolve it, iu uuv conaidonhlfl
degree as x personal 1 omplimcnt, 1 niM net
say how Mgb'.y I hppr.'Oitite it. 1 have m.t
warned it, gentlemen, by my publio service,
for, In my native Htate, I have never hold any
pLblio or cfllcial position, mul aih knovc only
.a a LllirMD who has puraued h'i aocjtlco
duriti' luoat oi me mo, onnrei. w the pnH0t
of hi ovn liuWM nnd farm. '4 ln'i'M w ho Iiuo
r uf.bt fur ward uij name hao done mo lHrgo
ly ru iruLt
Uut,gertllcui(iU, wlnlo 1 ciuuu-t Uiu. tl.all! 14
ioiiiitia.tlvn iu tho result ot 411 r ico !i rh
I b.ive rendorod, 1 li the r:w.trdnf ly innt
mino,l do tlaliu 'oi il a rui'iiuo.iiji'Q add a
ui( .itUng pliiJy a . r'.e 1 ( p' .uad. I Luo
bftn brouirt.t forward. keu;cnien.b. 1110.1 ho
aio in crnost, (applm.e.) a.4 tLoy biouifhi
me iorv.ard nccauio tiioy Ltitnou 1 hiimIm
eirnojl. (Kepau ad applause.) ffcusbiuen Lo
liovw tliatthld rebellion run bo finished , that
It taught to bo crusted, (appNuie,) aud they
Irtond that It shall bo -.'malted. iLuudanl
Prolonged ii) plai'o.) They luiund lo uphn'd
thla nob'O l.opu'tilcun tl iurr:nont f ourt,
they intend to hold logotact ll U country : hold
It together al whatevur traininy buneceaaary,
either of life, blood. sutTonugiTtreaKure. (An-
fdaiiMo.) Yea, gentlemen, they tntond to hold
I together, lot tbe exponxe, let the Httrlltce be
what It may bull 1 it tugether nttked.deriolnte,
devastated if need be, (HpplHU,) but ntl I hold
It together onecoimtr, and that a frttvouutnf
(vociferous applause) the Undo I relume, ac't
has been In dayspHsi, for ihe ttpprertsod ut all
parts of tho world. (Applause.) They hate
brought me forward, gentlemen, rt(t tbelr vtand
ard bearer, becaiis 1 believe what I hey be
lieve hiuI think ntut they think, :w leel what
they feol i-u lliin gre it ipiestli'ii. (Apjilause.)
They do net w h, they Uo lint Intend lu survive
tho dismemberment ol their country. (Ap
pl.use.) They do not believe tint (uitlitoaur
vivo It or lLat uiy ehUdren tlould nunlve It,
or that un) thins: uhii U is iniio shouM surit)
It. (Crc cf "tJond," '11 d applause )
These re tho view a. gentlemen, whlt'h have
intluoncod ttieni in briiin t mu forward; aud 1
trust thai 111 lb it I g'u, iiftr pier ma l
iny c'aim lai'ther repeew, 1 ab ill ice-ehe th.
ipprolmttor nd cuppirt o' tho 4oua 01 N'eu
York.li aoaioeiltfUl i leal.wboumj, buhoro.
(App't me
1 do not propoo,nHiUtMiiiHi,im th'e ot i on
It wo ' t bo obviously tirpruj er iu mu, 111 tho
position whlt.li I nowoicupi to put- 1 atlnrge
.ntoa d iruBb'U m ilitt n'ndu 1 ul tl. nr or
the 1 1 Iter ut the iluverniueLt Sufiljiort fr
us t Loci;, veiit'njwtn.thav the Goveriimenl
lus given ' I n tuQtt Hduu.ii ip i repeatJ ks
auraucei ar-d It is tiui.uir.od In thin fcr the
public -jertiscnt of the loyal peopl wh. gather
to its support and the war shall be prosecuted
with tbe utmost military enorgy nurt that all
maanrf u"fnL .C4. and snDllances of Lonorable
war shall be availed ot to cupper! It and bring
this trouble to an end It would b.i?e been
Lrltulmit tt lly In ti Onven,nv;it it would
Lavu been ciinuuai t h-iro uverlooked
one groat elemoa 1- 1 rn society , one
element which rea R vih be, according
as we w.bh it, an eleri- 1. f eaKnesi or an
elenent of strength.
It would hare been criminal folly to bare over,
looked And forgotten tbe fact that we are Alibi
log agalrutt an arlatooraoy base and selfish,
but sllll n rjowerful arlntorracrand It wonld
have been worse than foliy, too, for them to
uave eupposaa inai tney coma puiaown ue
rebellion and save the aristocracy. Loud
npplauso.1 A year and a half of bitter expe
rience has proved to us that we cannot do that,
that we ihall fail in that purpose fall ignobly.
We bare) moistened a hundred battle fields with
the blond of our sons; we are surrounded by
h capitals fall or sick and suffering and wounded
and dying can. Almost every household of the
North la full of groans, weeping fjr aume be
loved member woo baa gone frrth to return no
more and what have we gained '
Is it enough that we are safe on this side of
the Potomac? (Cries nf "No, no, 'IU not!"
Are we repaid for all our sacrifices by this cun
eolation? I think not. " That's no!'' And
what, gentlemen, baa this powerful aristocracy
done for us, that tt is entitled to our sympathy ?
What haa it done for this Government hut to
uae It tor its own aggrandizement; failing in
that, to rise up against it and attempt to over
thrown I aavo never, gentlemen, previous to tbe out
break of this rebellion, failed, on any public
und proper occasion, tu declare my earnest de
votion to the Constitution of the United States,
(applause,) aud my desire to uphold it with
w hat are called the compromises and oonce
a.jas It bfhalf nf slavery. Uat, gentlemen,
eecelon and war bloody and relentless war
hu changed our relations to that which Is the
cauw and source of the war. (Cries of "That'a
so,' and loud applauie.) We have a right; we
are bound, moreover, by the most solemn obll
gattonA of duty, to use this agency use It at
far as we can to put an end to tbla trouble,
nnd to nave the lives of white men, perlahlng
by tbe thousands In this country. (Applause.)
But how long, bow long, are we to bear tbe
insolence nf this Soutberu aristocracy ? linve
wo not borne It long enough T Has It not lop,
enough disturbed and detracted our council,
paralysed our energies ' . That'll ho.") Say,
m.)f; I s4 it not Iodk enough, In the eyes rf th
wbflW olvtllred eorM, eorird tu with Infiiny
Orion of ' cs, yes," nnd " Kvei. . I ilMl.u
ts it niiy, tbo lue I made up. V, i.tve got
ic coqutir it, or b conquered by Iu Wo have
got ) ( rus'i it, be crushed by It (Crit of
"Tu 1' bo V ThU struggle u already far d
rasced It is nar lif end. Wo aro In tbe pans
ii o"i ran 'c, or j are n ilo pangs oi eaor
nisrn If ve would H?va ourselves, we tnuat
oajt out thl'derd, which has tormented ard
diigracei us fro.n tbe hour cf cur national
blnb. ( Cries of "Good," and applause. )
Ve want peace, but more than wo want
peace re waul country. We waut peaee, but
we want an hencrab'e peace. (Applause.)
A permanent peaco, a solid peace. (Renowed
applause.) When we have achieved that, we
shrill commence again on h career of prosperity
which vie have cover known, and which the
world haa never before nltnessed. We siall
eprlog by one bound to be the mightiest, the
ireest anu iub uesi pegpia oa me iat,e 01 tne
earm, 1 wiuk you, eauemtoii, ior jour nirni
1hr cpf'ttkei Ibeiiu'tiiudatald loud applaute,
Loud callti were then inadu fur ex-t.oveinor
Hcutuell.ol Mans., Gov Blair, ol Allchlgau.and
others. In rejponpe to tbt alLi Oen. Spin
ner came forward and Introduced tu the asaem
Id age Gov. Blair, of Uichljmu, who wai re
c&Ived with loud tipplauae, and .ppoki Ad tol
Mr. Chairman nnd Mi-cUleua. You Are
neatly all alrnngera to ru. The faces laee ure
unfamlHar. (A voice' There are some Mich
Igunders here," lau iter. Another voice
" Yen, aud some Micbveesott tx." 1 am glad
in ti It lint, irnt I wtm tlmut to nut, um hfa
Jail 0 nensof one country. Wehavo a coiuniou
Inurehi; wo nave a common leeiing;; ue nave
k common lnheritHUce in the htrttorius aud the
glories of the pant of our country and common
interest in the great hopee 01 the future of th tt
country. 1 tat tho greatest plena art in being
ab'e to apeak here touighi,l this compliment,
ues'gnod for one of tbe most eminent ami pa
triotic won of the j;reat Empire State. (Criea
ol ' r,oiI, and npplatisR.) I feel as If I had a
right to do ho, Inr I am ulsri 1 son of Sew York,
turn ard reared among her people. I know
their patriotism, their loyalty nod fidelity t
the Government under which we live. And I
hive looked with pride and pleasurwunspenk.
able upon the m;hiy exenlous which that
k.reitDiate tinn bneu mtkintuuialutain this
Kreat and K'id Ggveninioiilof ouin tutat, lor
our chilJrun a-t ne!) a: ourselves
It is (rue, fellow citien, that wu urn m the
uildat cf unquiet, eicitlni. and (ery du?r
cuh tiraea. limes th it call for ail the patriot
um nnd fidelity, and ureivth ot character
wbloh the American peoplo possess. Times
whioh call fi,r great steadiness of purpose. In
legrtty, virtue, end rigor, also in tbe Amerl
in peo.i'e. (Applause.) It baa hwm aidd to
you, very truly, that we are In tie midst of
gloom standing Inthe otdit 01 bo;ltas.
Thev md, here, tee men of every Mr st:s,
Tue'v loive ou- t y.u fr m thegtrtt L tj.
from iIjh p;itries,troa re tvn, irota t-
woncibi" .-il trcr- erery ju.-tr 01 lie
icyat w..( , to oa'lle for tie etinente cf the
covn'T Vth.5! x.a fiveu them birth aid 11
whii. ;-er hi.ve fo great a stake.
lb&y have come wtt'i hearts fdtlof patriot
ism aLilove for that oountry- they hate ooine
to lay d..wu their 11 ea for It they bara iomo
tosacr'Citt everything lor It which men bold
deur. They have coma with high hopes, with
Htroara't'g hanneri, and martial musio. With
beart!i moved to hUhet daring, evpeitlnj; to
upocmpHu great results, ami 10 return but
shortly to ihe ir homed again.
1'cr a ye ir yea, fur a year and a hull tbev
have oo,itmutiit to fiouk to the border to npht
thi bittle Yi hiti'e poured theii lorth irom
tbe rlh m "a h niuulor iitui ill never
bflloro dK.ai4.ed we mi Ut hie ri 1 J in anv
I'Vent to f'ght vour reat baltjes i-ti.l tt Oi
t k er.i'n i .'in a. Tho htmy ii. h to d -OKi
.igo ii'M roH-ttbe I'oioin . ip ntni,.r
v hero I iiivo "aid nu ol ll e gallant Minhi
gm ipen n ol i 1 t-tittid lout m
in the !urt uut -punk '. t o u.iro liy ih(y
are on luat vorv p I, inej lie-in t" Rathur
again, and I hear Its ill iLooiiupai(,nn nearly
cluted, h'ul the '-.rmv is to have perforqie I its
oirc!o, mi nettle domi hkuIii upon thi. very
grovil t upend another winter. OcdASmigbtv
avori nd forbid ll' 1 1 ou I ip,.iHU-ii,) .,.
r f ilirom. inuriin nevar oh (tfpiieued
appUme ) Una toniitr m'Lriilii! aa it j,
rcquiriH Ih it IhU bat be iitught tail, and
th tilt b tougliloutln tidittely, 1 tpplaiue )
The m uniliiK wldnwa and weeping orphans
requiro ihut vse ngm uium to aa) aua to mor
row hi .1 tbd nel day. that wu lieht Iheiu all
the tune; that we give them rest neither day
nor nielli lapplausu; but that, aa this war
i-onttuues, it grows slurp, that tho blow a uil
thick, and trtsl.aud that mere he no luteimls-
tnoii ol them.
Our loimlri lannot alwava bo kept in tho
condillou in wh.ch Know is, and I in ty nay to
)du that while 1 blamtt nobi'ly, while I ilnd
tatilt with nobody here to night, 1 with loaay
that te lime has come when the oountry seek
such luailen aa will load tin ho gUml arirlen
to victory lAppliusf.j 1 1 we Ink anjthini:
Are theto not numbera emuiKh' Is thure not
luonej enoujih A re not lue nnn nrave enougu'
Are ttero 1 'I neai.i enough ut ovhiv orl tu
ourvtMe torwaiti 10 inumi'iuiuHuoiH you
all Vno leiion cm itw.inai B ino-o are ro-
vnJcd " iihurdincb vvny, inon, mar wo tnt
have il t rniy 'iwnpiil, 1 vmh tuaiv bitu)r
aiwee it I wore to t an) audllavoi pon
ertok.M ai j but a 1 in) upmontlut tim
ieit )rs" luno that cou'd lie bought, would be a
g olli t re, punb'i.Jd trom Franco with whali
wcrthoilt I'egin to chop oif the head- of the
Ir.i1 nipoteiils, until we nnd a irau who ha the
Hiiiff m him to scour a vnlorv trles ot
Uood, tid appUuso I Now, tiMitlmen, good
homeduesM, kind li.nrtednes, m an ox ellttnt,
h, trj (xcol.eul Ih a, im'. when jou tome to
u ar with soon onem.s ni wo have. It h h been
found in our uspcr'pnee, and will be proved sc
more aud mro 1 al it u necesssry ti treat
them with d dsrtnt artKies Ltan these It has
been said by oue ri our moat aisuntcuisr.ed iet
turer.thit it is necessarv to have a little spice
cftho devil In pretty much everything In tbla
wtrid.tomaLett uocnstull Ilaughter.l and 1
must a ir thit I wish there was a larger Infu
siou of tbla a'emunl In Uw conduct of this war.
1 want to aee the enemy hurl Ibat is my feel
ing. Iwart the blows to be made directly at
the ro st vital parts 1 want to se these great
traitors crushed and destroyed. They are not
ol1? criminals, but they are the most gigantic
criminals thai tho world has ever seen, and
they are entitled neither 10 mercy nor consid
er Mi on of anrairt. ICrles of That' o.,,
Gondlgn punlsnment Is what they need. (Cries
of "That's so," and applause.)
Aodjuat hero, follow citlzins, let me con
cratnlate you and congratulate) the oountry
that the President of the United States, Abra
ham Lincoln, (Ood bless his name,) baa given
us. a principle on which this war can be
fought, (Loud applause. In the midst or
our g'oom In the North, for during the last
Ave or tdx week, the people in their hamlets.
In their houses, bare been looking on this
war thus far as producing very gloomy re
suits. They have been beginning to aik thorn
selves: And Is It true that we are not to sue
coed in this war ? Is It trim that lhls must go
on forever And in tbo very agony of their
spirit tt.cy have been afkifig : Who shall come
to help us
I tell you, fe.iOA'Citlrena, when that procla
mation; that lmnvrttl proclamation, for it
will live after the little reputations of this day
are dead; when thit fell among them It came
as the gentle rain taltirg open the ovor-thtrsty
earth, f Applause. All their good emotions
rose up within them ; saddened countenance
grew bright ; esd eyes looked again rail of Joy,
Men wbo had no nope agalu gathered all bops,
andjubllantl? ttey said to ono another: Ah,
the time has core", now, whan this thing Is to
be dealt with thoroughly. There will be no
mure tJAilarrlrr: ,Tif . VT havaatruck al
the root of thla mischief, Applause. That
Infernal devil 1 laugblerl called Slavery, which
lies at tbe bottom of tbla rebellion, we now
lake by the throat and throttle the monster.
I Applauao.J Ard wlion tbit la done the coun
try la free, and freo forever! doud and pro
loused applause. 1
ro" myeii,Kenumeu, 1 loei iw 11 me victory
was already more than half wen. We bad be
fore a good causa- tbe cause of our Qovern
ment. We have added now the most Inspiring
idea w hioh ever nlevited the thoughts of men
-thflidei Lihxrly. (Vociferous applause J
Tie iMrld-M lOnos ot " That'i so',f It la
our vnerlciUi id fa it mono upon which wo
(lurh ib tr'' "fd r- rinus battles of out
Involution. ItH the .n' upon whioh all our
history ban been mad rut the Inspiring Idea
that has made us, l- r asho't space of time
as neverwap- hori-"' u of the mightiest peo
pie on the f e 1 1 mrih. 'lis tbe Idea that
shall carry us f " in this war to beoefloent
and o.naln t - ry nnd in tbe future to glory
and norer toe n thA wcrld has never rat
a-seu liberty whlah Inspires every man. Ah,
now wo cai iski up again tne sentiment or the
groat orator 'f Vlraird 1 " Olre me liberty, or
rite tc 3 death" s.cd that, now, is the Ideaof
tbo war. We c wrl'o tn our oaoutobeon,
"Preeiomtfi id! men Mt.-ecauini-pire ourselves,
too, with t9 ciand ida ot meroy aud truth
anil uirnesa uiworca an, we can teej mat we
have a Kczaroilty which become ui. which
beoomea tbe great Amer can people. Xleraafter
no lnso bt poT ns man u weak.no mfcn so
low. that he icav rut Ray to himself. "The
Government c: the United Rtates Is my friend,
and attends the right ard liberties of human
lly 10 me, as well a to the highest bealdeblm "
(Umdappl inrie.J
This idea, fcliow cilleits, will flghl for u
along with our gallant ldters, and now 1 feel
that tbis tctorr Is ertain, I believe that tbe
men who will ad the armlet In this war, here
a ("tor, will be men wt.oatcnrd with lhls great
idea. fho will drink It in from the mouth or
the rrcidcnt, who is the t'omumnder-ln-chlet
of the army and navy of the United Mate.
(AppliuKe.j The element which haa been one
ol power in the Houtb, becomes, immediately,
one nf vtcikncrm. ("That's tbe dootrine," and
applaud.) The men who have raised the pro
visfona on which these soldiers have been kept
to fight uk the black men of the South, whowa
sweat and whoxo u havo furnished the mean
by which tUUwar hm been carried on will
be, in a Urge measure, turned againt them
and tr w ill bo necee try for them to return to
jtiard their own homes, lusteud ol oomlug up
to 1'ennaylvania to ravage ours. , Applause.
All thit, gent'etirtu, will work wonders within
the ueit thrm uioqiLh. Son If it dea nol. Out
timn to ir,V.o, thi, i utw now, nnd all Ibis
time, f Apptau.
Loi mere be no urging. 1 trust there) witlbj
none. lApplaiiHe.; 1 helieve thre will b
none; fur I btolieva, ihov, the win la current of
ihe war will be cliaogd, aud l look forward
to tho uiot CLtnleto atidierUlueiiCivaias. f A
plause J Uurgallaut soldiera, 111 lUeCe.l.wri
be maoired bv tho aittiation of attaira. aa h?
appeir to us now, I am tunrtdfut
Weil, fellow fltiZHtis.ihia w iult 1 wanted
to fa" to you to uuM. T rr it and leading
Mia whkh bat nitructil tbe utiitloo of thw
oountry at inn tiiuo ix 1 oni up.'ti which l
have been addrevliik; I uinh tf delalti
yvii ro longer, lerma oi 'Ui on ' J but I wish
simply tosiy in regard lolhe pal,.ntuin who
carry our tvandfrd In ibis war, and mny oi
them, 1 suppose, aro b-tor9 tns, they need the
euppcrt and the charitr cl allefus. Let ue
nrt ir,et thatweo'tetbeimevery thing whloU
we can poss'bly bestow upon them. They
beir t3 Hiif,'riT'-s fin vr.r tbey (war the
toll nnd the ha-ub.p ct n 'Ibey lay do a
tretr lives ard spi 1 tr?ir blood, and now they
it Or ariTpi'i Itritbityou wlU feel
t , (nil dul (C d ' 'ham fOid
1 f2tIo.vht iii a: imeottne ocmmumiy
cf . shir-: o fc- .1 laey hare dno In b
hab.f t'i fc'u1"n cf MtchUin. I desire here
to-tlytt sjv ttii, Die people ct Waihlngtoa
wh.' he i.ul thi Lurdot friendatlp tolbem In
the'r dL.resa thcro, are ft'preoiNted therein
such a manner ail it Ltab.e to express
Our people all send 101 i.i thlr hearts and their
regard toward tLene s 1 ir, and every cue
who eiten is to top' a Luhunvhand. makes not
one fi-iend hut a m-mudonf frleuls amona
the people wh onnnot be presett to rendet
nafiiHtiiu h.
rellow 1 tttrniis. s hi I the I're.dent anJ
C ,e-t.ni,u1 oi lite L intd tStatea. t4uchlabiii
tb" v r. 'o iluiv tit or uiHii 1 say, statid
hy 'am p.-ci ji t.t n. I 'I iTornmeutoi tee Uniied
Mi. in ppf h a nt 11 a iu arms, hupporl
thi .nin-i r ihd t.t iiajuetit and thoiu win
hold It- h thoritv. with all rour p nver and in
rli 1 i.,H. ae well aa h ui might, for thi, it
rnifittoi - , 1 ii iii lUiin 1 believe thf
will 'i 10 1 i,?r, 1 Wnger, ny dtri,.
it 11 -l ; . . i t o r 1 i fc ' irvi ird now
.fiCpt'i'O. 1, Milt' jM I tut lOViIU
piiMhUiOLt 11 r , ,m trj tvbU'h ahail
lUHke uu iQlrt bordH .cr, that which we
alwaj-t iupt- t : uj we, Ihe test and meet
iniwt-riul tioverni uk t tn uce ol the earth.
Ijhi.iU tuen, 1 no u vou Ktod n'ght.
l.uud c.i'ltwo .mj n ai e lor Gov. B&ui
will iureepon't j.- thaig" mramde
bin uppoinnvO upi n tin plat,ftra, and waa
gieledwtth pnliL.d uppiaue. l!a rpokd
an toUows.
1 lavH coin- hore ti-n if Ut, ontlemea, that (
mu'iii. wit'i i. cprs ihe catUfactlon tLat I
let I that the urea .State of New York, la the
nomination sin tun made of On, Wadawortb
for iho hyhest ofdee in ber irli I, haa already In
dictt'ed her purpose to trui.it iln ihe Cotwtltu
lion and to reftaMib th aulhorltv of ihN
(iotermutiutoer the Mates which lodaydeuy
it. lAppuuiML' i j tuuie" votj, mat 1 may e
pre the belte' that 1 have founded ou m ae
nuuintancn -omowtu intlntile, though uot
length? in it uuraiioo. tuu no wnom me pfo
pie of "New ork am to eltijt to the Chief Slag
istiacy is .1 luan vvortliv u u.l respects of the
suitrtgei o( tho people Urn icat State, aud
ollheco'ilUen.eot 1 irrry.
Til's H u time,
civil liie. nor ii 1
Ho d. 111 I t"ib
earnestm hi 1
wtn.ii theriu- 1 ah
a -u v. oea ntitner m
dint ol armie-i in tin
.f to men nho lack
Jurxetil thrt duties lo
, One ol "That's eo I
And it i the d 1 jt all men, who participate
iu ibt aduiiii'etntioa ot puclic attilrs, due
to tbeoiwit vs, to rbe'r cvuatry, and to Heaven
tu aban icu La pi suiot Jiey bold I applause, )
it thej uo not bi iKve, t roeetlv lully ana
without navQriDg U (ho nrjut cruao to which
thepwiple rt i3l9C3j"ry are called, which la
the maihtalnakiie, ca this "!! ol the principle
ol freedom, not oounded by color, or country
or race, but ackncrl d?ing, tntheOovernment
which we tet up auttn me rignv wnicn wu
reccyuid Iu ail mn that he who has been
created by bin Maker In the imtge of his Ma
ker Is entitled to vqjal rip bis with any other
man in the country or upon the eirtb Ap
plause.3 How, tho, it is ibe denial ot this;

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