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vol. n.
NO. 263
.NaVT DtriXIktlKT.
JttiTfauef Omttrvction, itc Sept. 88,1802.
flIIALKD TBOPOSALy tolanilrhmaterlalifor
t)tiu.Tlof tli A oa year ending soth Jane law.
mill be rcc Ifrt it thla bantu nntll fi oelo kPM.
of tht 2M Oeiobrrnext Theae p opoale tntut be
endor Ad I nixxaU fir ita'erldli for tht Aery. JPurrau
;r fVotfrucrioji," &o , that tt ey may be dlattugnlebea
trcte o Jir barineit letter.
The mi rl&ln and artielce embraced Id the elaatta
nuned are panlrnUtly deacrt'ed In ihe prlrted
"ichiu'nle, any of erhl.h will be toir ! ka to inch m
t1ft.li to offer, on application tithe . nundanti
cf the rfiKtlre yerai.or to the navy ageni neareet
ttivrnto.ftid chose fail tbo tarda, upon appllottlon
to ttua Uuren j Till dlvliion into o nates telnjr lor
the cvenl-no of oeae lu eeob inoh portion
omy will be furobhed a are eotualty reqolred lr
bid. in commandant ami navy agent or eaebeta
Hon will, In addition to the tcheduie of taws of
their own ya'de, bare a copy of the echtdnlea of tte
oiherya'di, for eimlnil-ra only, tromvebton it
mayo, j Ofed wr ether tt lllbedealrai.e tonti.
at plication far any of the cla of thoi? anl
Offers matt te nude lor Ibe whoe tt the daa at
en? ya.d ipontnaof the printed tchadulea, or In
etnet rCLiorml y therewith, or ih7 will not be cjo
rid rd la coropatinji the claetee tbi price itntd
to the co!am'i tv p Iocs willbe ttcitandard.atJ tbe
ftf rega ot tha clasi tsUl be canlvd ont aceordlijs;
Ihettootxact wl 1 be award'd to the lovreet bona
fM tatlr -who reives prober rrcvrltytor Iti fmfll
rota The Utlttrd UtaiM rtecrvte lu right to ij ct
all tha T lit Ut any f Ian, tf 4r2uM v TblK.t
A Ir eleiunat bet! tberi ry '.i'Ujt,toltf
dtlfd-ad In 'hi navy iiird to Ux. oriirr.and la
nitH(0 v fal e&rt I aOKae, p Dertjr mat lu.
tn-oaiUt of the rontrator. anthi eait nuybe,at
tte tapewe aadn-kofthe ooninotnr,aad In all
rep4cu utjct u tbe loeptetifw, auiieniit.
oouit.n'ght.fco , of the yard wbre reotl.td.and
to the cmlm AUnaoUonot thecoiaaii.dAat thereof
Lldden are eferrd to the icmmobdenUbf the
riAieeiUeyerdf for Mtnplee, InitmoUooe, or ar
tlcuar rttsbily I n of tbe rtlcl, ind all ubr
ttUiip beiogtqa J, it. I reiiw will be gtrcn tour
Hi mo! A,cjru).n m n'aa nre.
Every uflt-r.e rtqairrd by tbe tewofKth Auffttit,
1i4Q ra i be KOou-pantrd tiy a wil ten guarantt,
th- urn of Tth fa i brmwltn given.
Thononir hoce Offtre miy be tcccptM Uill be
eoil8fl and tte erctrct win be for vardtd a ioon
tbr. alter a pro ica I , which tbey lit be re
quired to ex erne wl hl. ten day et'r I a receipt
tthj peficClur raTy gutj named by thetu
hur.la In the fmi hmonntwtll be repaired to
itzo ih contract, and tclr rciA.tslllUly oeitlfl'd
fv by a United Utatu dutilet ns Dbed HtatM
JtOctial ttcntUyitncDir pet auiuo will be With
hii fni th auca t of the bUli nnll tbe oon riot
ii 1 bJVr beca coap'ewd; d (1 hty per c-n(nm
va ot'i,aprcvta i iriproi u iut &uuv
a. Him refptctlre yard , wl 1 be pa d by the aeTj
a. - d.t thfj Tulnta oi d IIvcft In er lfleatei ot Id
i trelm.ii tr Irtaeory notei,at th opUn of tte
It ii tipjlatcd fatha contract that If default be
mace h lie fartleaof tueflnt part inoellTiloR
ill in isf of tha artlcl e mn loood in idt c ait bIJ
for In tha contract, of heqa lit y and at the lme
enapaevi anvre proTMra.incn.aiu ininaivaiw,
iha out atur atirt l1 tnrnilta will lorlclt and av
tn the UuliftJ btates a mm or money uot t xa edlug
twi?jtne emeu it of ach elm. which sur Li r
"toreud libra time to time, according tuibaaotof
.v.n;iet8lu tnateae prr ded, approved iiarohS,
Ijc!ui No llanl thoMfoIlowlor.lf acuaatlr
u hlol Ion cqua t the face of the o.ctraoi U d
nindt d. It la tn be f jrnUVd on like trnu at.4 cn
J1Upa dnrtdff the Axal year.
trm tf OJTtr,
hl h fitofc firm ranit hi tinned ty all tho ttura
I, ,of lotln Saeof , hereby
it tu fnr.lth and del Tf r In tw rpwuie navy
aru a 1 tbe artlnlra nttned In 1 10 ilacMi bereenu
iflojc dg-rfeablytotbepruTlrioeioitheichednieM
inerrr(aud U r nfortnuy with the advertisement
of the Bur n of Co ntrnrt!on(4o o id Septem
bir.lftj Sioold mi offer be accepted, I requeo
to i aodrcs ed at ,and tbe contract lent to
the na-y aot at --, or to - t for iljnalnre
tol certificate
Sljtutore, A B.
lbichelolo wLIthlhe blMer rncloiri must be
i aeti d to tU cffnf and eerh of them ilrfntd by him
Ofp t tee oi anli In the chednle the price must
t wt, the am )W t rarn 4 out, th agg eet footed
l tit wh aw.andthj iraonnt liavwUe written
In ku' irtberartlae nbu LUdontt raldernar
ua la. wh-r tbe ar Jclei are to te delivered, thy
;a'it rtjia luihilr otfor a penon tn whom 0'dr
,jtbm are to b delivered
Fotm of Guwnltf,
l Le nodAeUQMl . i f , In the Mate of
, md' -of ' intho state or
hereby suarsnty tht tn rise the forgoing bid ot
for any of the classes tucrnla namea be so
(eptpd.he or they wilt, within ten dayi alter the
ixcelpt of tlt ointraoi at tbe pevt ufuoe naroei,or
navy igot dwignntttl, Yt ute the lontraot fbr the
'Mutt, with Fod and sufficient euretlei, and In cafie
rim . .- ehfill Ull to t-uur Into coiitrsft ai afore
nld. w noaran y to make good tha difference be.
twiidthti (.tfjr of the said -- - and that which
jdsy bearcApted
1 h fbyeirtry that the abot e namM are
Vuoi to uio as men of property a .d able to make
filgoitn.'-i.O. U,
To ne 'tn.M by the L'nltsl lat-o d' trtot JuOs,
CiiltA Bwiee dixtitct atlortsy, ro'.Irrtor.or nary
Sri, art frn a Im of (A Vr'M Malta, approved
Ju'y 17,IBb2.
iej 14 J!fi 'fcrtfw ewi ul, Thatnocorttic
jo-or oflny Interest Hrein baloetrauiierred
by be i arty or i ,,t9 towbtiu inrhrjntraotor
order nay b iri?h to any other tarty or pailei,
audthat ray ui.hliniile' shall pue the annul
ovjito the o ntrctr Otder tranifprrfd,oiar as
ihjlTnliirtJaueare fircrroed Vcridftf, 'hit all
tht lrtit m irtim nrn hiffty lfkPivadtothe Uni
ihd S nifcr any bitAth ot ucd rntric: ty be
tuiiraol c? ryorparMra ......
rtta I And tn it further rnarlnl, Th-it 'ThiDcrer
koyra.tra.t r for ta tit olco, Ciottt-a urn.,!
rattol ijo.mobKoMof war, and lr imydercrlp
tlon ot nu plu for tho army ur navy of tbe United
Ma . hX te found guilty by & court tnaittaloi
ire n I ot ulltnl uefTlcci vf auty,hd thall be pun
i IiM by lUt, 1 ui nnoumet, cr titch o tier punish
mentfe) th court ra rtlal iball aJjuigs. and auy
i.jd whje nit coatrivt tofurolshtuppllfHof any
Uu'lor d iOd tlon lor tuu army or navy, ho (hill
t deemed r. d tukea ui a part ot tbe land or naval
nt.w.f itiul'.tirl Hutiu fjr uLLm lie ahnll oon
triu lofnuJtliBAtaeuptiliod. and bmU"'ttihe
rtUi itl r -umtijtj f.r the jovenmn-nt of ttu
liitd mid Clival lorv wl un i ouwi oiaie
Ihcfolonlnaro thrjaee required at titer.
p,o treoay yaiibt
riasVNo t 'r;.l-. ok L k, Xn 1 Wlilta Oak
Ki, ISi & White Oak rmin! ouoat Timber, No.
I .... .- fV.I. 1 ...! K. n -llA (IU t n '.Hi
n bUTiniK i muk, 4v v A Tiun iu .v ijiiu
Yt.J'in ri n iWcnu; No8 lui ow ffm M it
trj Ifo it Vkbk finer aukatid I j ra, Aw tn
Aih fiilk NL(t II ardi, iVO 11 irp . u w if.
JI'i. 15 fi tker Kutte, Nj 0. Blvck Walnut iwd
Cherry ri i tt jprCf-i: no iv ti uu wa ntiri
aul aaitg, Vi -u Uackhpruj-: Nj.S3 Ug.
luniMtM, N it Jronj Wo W Htol, No 87. 1 on
Hpk.ti.o 1J iron Pi I 4 wrouaui ana cm; no
if L.ud. No fti 1 oanJTlni t 84 lnole fir
don.A) A White ied, ho 37 Iec fal(it,
1N i Coloied l'aln n, ir,er; No n Linseed
on lurTh-mio, am ii, no i uuw, no
riltu i.unin, iur, iiu -t m iniww,ovi(, ni
tit Mlicnt.,cj' fry Ooods, Hair rioiu, Ship
Cha iI-v i r otuttrujthm (1iuh A. ttollrr IrMi
a.d Ulvue, U larlOU.K Muctl aneouslnoliiior
btfluesit, u inking l triuiiB, VP4, irr ii
Ijiir. fi. How, M UrushH, N Itjntlur , l'ry
diry.fjr norM and (.qulpmeui rf Stationer 1 T
CU'fl No 1 W lie Oak uvea. No 2 While Oel
KaelFleou; li.Z Wlihe (U 1'riiaUououi Tiui
b ij o 4 HUi Oj1 ri-ok, No n itlowl'lnu
Loi No 11 Uhltn I It l.ojj , iUnk,and Uoard-i,
j. 4Ulil and I'lani, No ill tlliCkWi!
i hi piny, i.id 0 tn rryi No IS Lcrmt; No
4 lu 04. .rJtaes aad lUedloK, No vJ. l,lj(.
oiir -i tw i& Iron, No So. Die 1, No 27. irun
riru , N 3 Iron NtU, wro(ht and cut, No,
0 JLvad, No fll.Zl I' end Tlu, No 3 llafjw.ra,
Wj si rooli f r biort,No ?.8 While lead, No
87, Zl-o r alnis. N-i f Colored Paluia, lryer, No
"tv Mfatetd Oil ru'psuilue, and Vain'sh, No 41.
iilsw Nv.43 Plirb ar.d ll.tn; No 41 FUh OH,
Tallow, aid ''cap, No 40 Mlieel'ar.t.oiit Dry
liuod, 1. Boiler 1 run and Rivets, B Pig lionj j
LardOl1; D Ualier i'eltliig, a. Gum PkUtog, F
UkO lUneous Tools for Euglnecr, O Ouikbi(
I til 111 til oiuvrs, " 1IUAV1UTIH. 4 vm i u
Cto'Tt:: J rUx and Cottoalwl e, II Leathii;
7".. T. n .7i,.. r u. t .! ii.u Haa.1.
Luu'erni, P. lar for R te a Q U perm Oil
tx bh'p Cbsjid cry for stores and euu pmenu, 3
buu.usrn T rir Wooi; U Ox Uid a t it-
C'tMl'a 1. White 0k Logs, Ko 8. Whit Oak
10 White Plo MutTlmT., No 11. While Pine
Lorn Plank and Boards, No II. IV hi Oak Itoards
andPliLk; No 1C Ah Ixws and riarkt Ho 11
AbOan: No. 1ft Iluko Butts and llandjiitkas,
No IS Ulack Aalnut,LhryjNj 17 CypreHtNo.
IB Locntt No 10. white OaVsltaree and Heading ;
No. 10. UfackSpniO'tf N tl Ctrdar; No. SJ. nt
hoxauy t No. SJ. Llgaimvlir No 25. Iron, round,
tlt,t,atdtur., No to.Bteel, No. 27. Iron Spikes;
No. 21 Iroi Kails, wiontht and cu , it? 3a. Lead;
no. ai, Aino iin; on im uaniwari: ri jwu
tor rtoiMj o i No S3 White Leid; Nt t7 loe
ralnt; N .at. Colored iralnta, D-yeri No. S3 Un
s-tdOM, Tnrpentlie, Varnish: Ni 41 11sm; No
M Plieh. Koln, Tar; No 4i Fish OU, Tallow,
boip; No 4d.xMUcellapeo Pry goods: A. Bator
'roe and Rlreti, D. riglroot O. Lard Oil, D Doll
er 1'eltlng; K. Onm racking: V. Mboelianeoui
Toole f r Engineers; O Cooking tJteiiUi,fttovfi,
Ao ill i lax Canvaes, I. Cotton Canvafs; J. Twine:
K Lrather; L. Hoee; AX Rrvbea; N. Banting and
OryOoodat O Labteras: Q Sperm Oil R. Ship
Cbatdlery for atort-i bod Cfiairuentn, H Stationery,
T. tin Wood.
ClaMKo.l. WhiUOak Ttge ; Na I White Oak
Keel Fltcw; No 3. White Oik Proiaucaoaa Tim
Ur; No l White Oak Plana; No ft. ltllQ Pin.
l1ank Bfck I fias. Na.T. te low Plan D ami, No
b. ilw 1" Man and ftpar Timber: No lo.
White Pine t ai J 8i-ar Timber: tf 0. it White
Pine Lot, r xa, Djarde.M : No IS. Ash Lofri
at.fl PlarTr No. U Whlta AjhOan. No 11 White
Heart Il.ctry.Cipitaii Hare. No 0 M-ho, any,
Hiaca v ainni, unirry, j, it uvprne, au
Ttoft-rts, No 1 l.octisi. bo 20 Dlack Mpiaoetl.ar
Hat. and ouare; Mo 29 fiUal;Na OT. Iroafcoke ;
No VI Iiiii4a,wrwightadcot!K.M. LmAi
No II 71, T 7 UMiwMdJflOM Tooln
I riKRii U on nuiivurau.no Hi lugitiui.
No. 85 ooljred Taint. Uiyer; Ne 19 LlnaeedOil,
tnrpentlne.Vanib; No. 41 Qlane;No.43 Pitch,
ttr. rualn : No. 44. 1 kh Oil Tallow. Moan: No. 40.
MIeeilaueons Ury Goods, hair, ololh, ad 6btp
Chandlery for oomtnclon; A Iron Rlreti fur
Uoiierr, B ply Iron; 0. Lard Oil, D BotnFaH
tir; K Gun I'aoklrg; F' UlMellaneoaa Toole for
Klax Cinraae; I. Cotton Ca avast: J Twloe: K
Liaiher:L 11 on; M. Bnubn: N Onntlog.Dry
Oooda; Q Opnn Oil, R. 8hlu Chandlery for more
KquJpircbti, S Htattoneryt T Fire Wood.
ClirtN'o t WhieOaiLg: No 0 Yellow Pine
Plank Sleek Logs: N'.U We jMte; No t3 Aid
Plank;No 14 Aah Oar ;No u Hickory Br;No
to It aok W lent; No 17. C p-eef No VJ Stavti
ana nvajiDjn; no. ruy' v zo irua,iw o
S'eel; No. ft Iroa Spikes; No 8 Iron naa: Ko
jo. Iiit- Nj 81. 21m. tin.inldat! No FB Uard
wai; No so Walt-Lead: Ko.87. 7tno Taint; No.
iB Culored Paloti: No. 8 s llnMed yii t arnub
No 41. Olaiu. No. Ii. Dakn : No 4S Pitch, tar
No. 44 Brown Sap, No 46 AtUCallan, ooj Dry
uoooe, onip jnataiery,o , lor gontimcioo, no
0 Chain iron; No 61. rolee: No :j B lowi; A
Boiler Iron and Rlret; IS Fig Iron; 1. Lard Oi;
Ii Bol er Feltlufj K 0m Pa king: P. Ill 0(Uan.
j'm Luglneera Tota; Q Cooklog Sloee, A) ; )l.
i. .x Cauvasi; l. Cotton Cuajs; J. Twite; H
tVa-herjU njoejM Bruhii,N. BondnganDr
Oooda: P Oae Pip for reamer fitting; Q Spe m
OU; It nhlp Chandlery for etorei and rqniiibeDti,
a SUtlonery T Fire Woud.
np4 lawtOaHl
Prof'Mor ALKXANUE1 notonrhl, Fiu'jit
and C.mBOM , hta returned from tl L ji 1ju khi.
Munn ana cpin. a r-art 1 rr ft I inujbnu rims
lai by bis Kr ana fllmellfltd M.llir ".; rmtu
tot Wulowkl's lyitem, n person r
'v a sitsht
. .ijort
,y. na ck cnte
'tli tHn Drlc3
tune to r sit malia wlm great U
cperat a w.,1 as eiautou niw
lion. As t
to tbe Toeal nari. i v I ni tooiliTa
iljD,bearrtrH at moattxtrson its.wn
dors the T.ioe poweifal, ami n . ..."'i tu
voca'Us with fei)lyt aecuruoy, va . . ,j..l tr ol
tons Pcofei'nr Wolowikl receive tL'r. dally
lrom 3 to 4 o'cliek p. m , at hi. rcldeoc. No. 45.
Tenib ttreet, hl.tj K acd K. wp w lm
15MT and 1SS9 Bprne. KtrMt,
1 L, NKnlar coarse cf liutruotlon embraoes tn.
LFeslUb aut Frtnob Lannfises and Lireritur
rLaaj,tfnqutoVat a'l4niu.hri wxiuh coo
.utate a trorousa e.Bao&n ao-i s reicn euaoanoii.
Vrenoh 1. th. languaff. ol th" lamily.anu boon
stantly pok.n In the luatltntlon. It U the object oi
partlenlar at'entlon, and Is tanaht lrom the rod!
ao&ts to tbe highest coarse of lateratare and Com
ihe scholestto year oommenoes Septsmber Uth
anil olo.es Jal let.
Ctronlars, &o , ean be ootaued trum
say ID-ta tlinolpsl o( Chegari Instltata.
Cirole Insiitute,
' 3Bol Vouui Xao.cl.lots.
to, At K suet, n.ar the cltole,
Session eomveooes on the 1st ol Oepteaber.
Terms per Quarter of Tea Weel., $lSFrenob sail
Muilo laclailed.
Spanish, Itallsjl((lrman, I.tln, and several othsi
lancusae. taugat lu tbe sun. soaoob
tot A ZaiH'ONR will give three leotiirea tail
w.,1 nn 1.1 .r.iar. uid Hoi.dco. and otherwise u.
slit wbeasf er b. osnsi u Urns liou bit meaicalpro
fsselon .. . ,.A.. w. , ,
aogss airs, a 4ArrimB,iiiacirai.
slisi iiaaaorra's
151 Writ .-!
Tbe dotles ot lid In.tlintifl will be reiuuted ci
th. eth or September Clroolars may ba obtalaml
at tbe prlaolpal boot stores in tVartlegton,or hi
addrculng tho piiuclpal,
aog ai iioin
itiiAUUtcu ana la uiioie,
: i3u Htt'jiiTv mia. Avrunt:.
Sewn builUnfft, M'a thit. fr!u, V. C
Ihlilu tttntlonls e-owupeiifor tue rcoipMonot
pu lit. ire a law to be tud at toe Uookitores ana
at the echunl
i03 I etreet, hetween 13tli anil 14th.
Due of theoloet, inos1 thorough and matdtli lle
achooia for Young Lad I, and Mis.ei in ifce cl y.
bewlon cwmmenoe' isepiemher Sth luttion &e
cordlnRtoagaandadvnnoment -MTa
The undersigned bea leave to call the .tten'ln cf
int citirmu ani rev jmg w-iujiiiii y w u
he hs Jus. tptn lor tin acoonunoda lot ot geutie
men aid Udits .......
Tha JInte lifnrnlihed In spUndld dtjlrlarae
r .i,..1..b ...1 mol.ira ( list tllls flll
hisfUppUed ltbaluhd(uiooie9ofthesraun No
lain VT Cila.U BUau 1 ,'ait.i i,.,............
10 sJl who nay p-uronlXi tb home 8 riot at en
tuntooedtrithat my be given lor dint ri, io , at
.nlifia tl Ltial j austrvtks. a
j loiue eltxtOly ft u aUd on lh i.iruer of T nr attath
urat Lawson ,,
rorauri of Bofl-lo,N 1,
rv 3 y
1 T
Naw Ii tha tlras to bur vonr Tell Clothlna; at No
4Q4 bevenlh sirett Where you can find all the la-
,ed style gcuu at rioriuvro prices
llo I Hot For Meventb street, No 40) A luge
Invoice ulCIothh g, at very low prices, ao uw
enin stteei n i .
a n vavtOfcKvaOold.bnv vour t'loibloff at N
4M Btventh atreet.cppoelt' Post Otnou.at 10 ir
3ent below the murk. I uilr, la Treasury note
Bulth's.No 460Bvuo h strenc, Is tbe oheapttut house
mtcwntn buy ynur Clotlilof , rurnlshlne; Oooda,
iruna), ubts, anu -.(.'
te iV-Oni
FALL and WlNTFU C o h.ug wlucb we are
tvltlug at very low price, at L A it all a Co , No
HBei.tbsireei,bctwe4inIadK Odtneone,oome
all toll A Ball0f to at your CiotbtOK, fur
nlsJilng(rtdi,rru k ,11a s.and Oaps.No ifil ihf
ni sTrvrt tttween I and K NowUtbiUme to
t uy your Clothing at L . Li -li i Co No tOl tjev
enth aUret, beweea UK. L5pctil attention la
called to our ne w ock of all and Winter Clothing,
Ucnta KurnUhlxg Goods, Ilat-, and Capi
L. A DC A Lb CO ,
Clothiers fT 5oi aeTcnth ctrt
Tho oheapeit Clotbti l.' -o id town la at L. A.
U.ftll & Co'i , No 01 tM-cotb street, bet. 1 and li
te So n
lonal ajeatlenatap adlotJ
SPh. ...iu -. u.... sa Kt4 )(tha
Brlefb. PamptJete. Betoru, or any ictitlaa rt
TtroT QoiaTxavisTiR'a Orncc,
Ccikrof Uuvmtb x 0 itrutK,
Wabihoti . i J..6ipteti.ber Si, lfto).
Sealed Pruooatli for h delivery of iSjiiu five
thowand Cords of WOOD to the Government will
be received a ihlaotnoo ontil batnrday,the (let)
kvst day of October, at (12) twelve o clock tn
luiwuvu iw vv tiBiu, auuiiu, uui uivrvuauiautc.
(4) four f et long, and split to tbe oralnary alio oi
cord wood.
Toe wood to be aeuverea in tho ciiy or washing
to j at such points ra tho In pet tVuerteruui r tbatl
dl.ee. orded in ranks (it I ur Ui hlh, Unlivery
not " "if, oonsldefi-d oompleto ontll so corded,
neasured and Usp cted.
An Inspector will be designated on the part of the
Ouverem nt to Inspect atd measure tbe wood, and
anob ud ea not conform to the above specification
wl Ibertjiotcd.
All 10 b delivered on or before the (1st) first diy
of Deoembcr, 1902.
Payment to femadeon theoomplttionof the
whole contract
The fall name and poetoflloe addieee of tbe bidder
most appear In the propoeat
11 r. bid la made In the name of a Arm, tha nam
(fall tbe penl" mot appear, or tbe bid will be
coesldcred aa tbe lnoirlda.4 piopo! 01 thaptrty
tiintog It
rroioeala from iuloyat partis vl not he cmrifared
and an oa" nfaI-yfenvs tniuioevrnfaiy uuX jYtjH
Prop vate must boaddrvsed loCM D n HIT'1
Klid, Qaarur master V Q Army. Wsrblbgton, '
O , aim rtt t be plaluly mitbM ' ProrofiU (-t
WcOd' "
The responalbllliy of tho guarantor mul b shown
by the oal certificate ot the clerk or thi neareet
duiriotoort,ororibe UJied 8 tat. district a tor
The ability of tha bidder to till the contract, ehcnld
It be aw rdedto bin, must be guraailed hy two
responsible peiTons, whose alguattuee must be up
pended to the gnaraatee
Bidden mu be ores ot in pereoa when Uie blda
are opened, or their proposals whl not be coniu4
Bonds In the rum of ten thoniiod dollare rlgnj
by thi0ntroor atd both o his trunrautun, ill
bo r jq aired of tbe rnccessfui bidder apn sljnln tl.
ovn tract
Ai the bond miut aowompany the centred, li r
be neoeniwry Jor bl idem to have tht'? bondi-men with
them, or to have bonds ttgued In aotoipaUon and
eadytobe produced when tho Ublia''tu signeu
Blank for ut,ndscan bepioourod upiu appilaatl n
bblng made at this otLoe, either prsnail, by 1m
ter,or bytelegratb.
We, ,ot thecoVBy of and DAe cf
and .of the count? of .and - - de
hereby guiranitg that Is able -0 falHl a evu
traot in accoroance with te terms of his propoaltio
ana mat tnooij nia propu! 10a or atyepieq, nt wu
at onoe enter into a Ountruot In accordance there
wltn. ,
Bhoald the oontrut be awarded Ura, wa ara pre
pared to become his rccurlLUi
(To thli guarantee mn be appended tba effi tat
certificate above mentioned
The Depot Qutiurmatr roserrca to hlra'eli tht
right to relent nr.y cr ail bide that he may rt-em to
bJgh U. n RUCKZR,
Colonel and QaartermMtr
tept-J-dtQct lit
AdSfi; "",. m
Pill T,
(tiandayi ETWjtcd
At 5 O'clock. P. t ,
PlKtt 80 N. K , FOOT OF TKflTHk ii I Lh I ,
Tbe new and magnlfloent ateamtr OITT Otf ItOh
rue., wnx ivii(wx,c9mmanuertirviii new ler?-
IVbi 1
avs. TbcndavT. and Satnrdara t and lrjo
nayr, ana sainraa
Uondaya, Wedae
New London Uondaya, Wednwdaya, aa-t rl
The new andjntanlTcent 6 1 earner OITT O F N I W
TOKK.Thomsa Ci. Jcwot,oommacrtar, froj Ni
York Mondays, Wedadaya, and Trrldays; fnn
New Londin TnrsdiyF, Thtuwiayf, t-il aiatu
These two new ataiaer.. have been b all t ex, rcdj
lor this ronto,with all modern liDrovomnti, Iti
Olodlnff Watrr JlM Oon.aaim.nt, end nre ihi
iW taiir rer ivullt tor Ion-i Uaan-t o'jud
tth thin j7rr at lift prcervn iirprjveiitfni
tlonduaoM a"owry te aoesaura auh nay.
Pa Imogen jrocefd rvcnw ioadn Ipjic
dlittly ,o ftfhal of pet,njra,by Vr " Tiain ti
Bojton, Worcortr, Iovtrll, I.nwonoc, KttJ,,nrJ
Nanhtibtdmcord , tn W Mu Mountains, tA to
Vtuceat(era rett'ting Jrou Boston lca.o Ute Upik
or the TkMton a t Woronle r rttlroftl at s 1.1 k M
Woftir 7PM, arrlTirg at New Lonrtu i' ft
P M.
irulghtuken at the fewest llatatt, atd dillve'cs
in lWon early the neat day.
State Kooms tuabundinoeoan be had on lorrc
fteamers.or attboUwton or New York otnoes b
advuioo 1.. J ai Alii IN, Apent .
nity-tf PicrM.K. K.
vniia raiiiWav.
4. tutnger 1 rilni leave ri Pavonta t'i rzj fVoa
foot of Ohtmbtr -itt-t as f illowa, vU
000 a m Miilfjr Dunkirk and Intermediate ttii
ihlc train leinilna over nlghl at Flmlra and pro
oeedathe next morning.
7 CO a. ra hapten, lor BoCilo an1 principal In
termedlate eta loua
9 co a 11 MUk,dally lor OlUull acl Intonae
dlate aiatl sun
1 ir. y. m. Afw r modeiioo, aauy, ror rort .ir u
and prlnoipal btMlo-s
1 oy T. ui W ay, lor Mttdlitowi, Netvburgb, and
In ennvdUle Mtaiion
6 0ojt m NUUt Lip-eM dally, for Pinklrk.Ilnt
faJr.Ca.iad l,zua.aLd mUdt a r'ii-M riiatrJc
vf pa tin d y rims throu.-'h ) J ffi o, b .t dts loi
run to 1unkirk
?oop m J.mIgnnt,for DuiklrV. and prlnoipal
fno Ktpri Trulufl connect at HorccliBvllla witl
railroad f r Bon At, at F.lmlra wttu tie Ouuoudalgu
and NUifira Falls 11 n roiid, at 111. .hauiton ul I
tbe sSyraoune Italtr.ad, at Co ULg tlth tho railroad
for It.chMtr and DuiUio, at Great Hood, with th
r-illroad for horan en. and nt UlIMo nod D11ufc.il,
wl h iho I okoahore hln-ad tor tiee intl,OInotn
Litl, roleay, Detroit, Cbloigo, A.c , nod tlm CVuudj
rrp 13 (lena'al fruronnt. ndi'nr
401 xviliitto. Stroot,
llKTWtl.V D AXU K SIRiEfll,
Utile Uieatlen'ltnoftUTI.KHS ana OK ALIUS
to IliUr ha.len.ite Mk or U ,oa iuiUculudj
adatUiltoHnlter.' wsnu.. elected wl b ibs gisslct
Obi.. an'J rownunvq .1 i''w tn c. .wi im
PBoVl.ilOSB, .
Aim UODM ar 1 SaOka, and a general atort
mentof "Nonosa'1
nwt dr.... .11 BARNrslCO
Sep C 4di lMLth utrttt.
T.fllUrC.IIKNTN lO VOLVNrh.n .Hi
Wvhlnfrtun, tf pumtier S, 18
T Lo nndenlgned cou mi lee to eccourp volun
tr enlietmi ntu nnd,r the not approved Ai gus U
lSfri, futitlcu ' an act mauna; BprupriaiiMu iui
hmtitl.a f.i tnlunteer en.btiueDl
n, urivuy HV'lllJ
thui lnt.te.ted thst ibev may oe loun 1 at ihe t illc
vl Jhucaa. t, Llod, No.e foevtntb sinrt wM f
Otliteen r. ana r ircei. uniiu, tiviu ivud ai.c! i
duy, 10 carry in o effect ihe prot Imons ot tl e hi i
rtoneil aut.WLers arrsagtmeat. will do n sue to 1 6j
anu rvicl.e Ihe lounilr. ofleird hy tin t-orlrsl or
of Wa.hloeUm
I Uu bounties IILimr liiui nm uv vy ii. irriua i u
Hi d lint to rsinlug to tl sir full ecjtoi .etuea ol met
tb.diBt aiid beiond lilstriotcf OolumMs It. at
mntj. sod tni.n lo in formatlja ot otlitr ar.J anii
uonsl realm.nl.
lionrj of A) hru en
WM w. uarbbY,
tlonr J ol CoinKion Coiinoll
I'kTKIt f 1UUON,
lAMla llAMti,
rpi-.t.wiw "re
l ll.A. iAl' I' N V,
Diysitldu and Dentist,
Odlos.Mo H U stnst, netr lbs ri;w
Dr itai'lONKoosUiuelto rive Injtrao loni to
Msdloal S udent. and ethers b. Anaiomy, Pnyelolo
Cr. theml Uy,O.'l0ay, B.rfaoy.fvl TUluos ethel
aBObe.ofsrleuoeeoa.tea .u ' te Uoonv
.,. nt I,, th .ante hnlai, n. r'
Tilts Raw MVltlO UOilK. FOtt TUE
fubllo SoIml-tbt Oencordla and 0la4
Wiuain, Uao Warrsa'a Gsograybiea aa4 Kerl
UlUPWl .1 lUUWBCUlll Sltvmw,
A lull sucrlr of School Boon on bauo, at tht
Bookstore of" v M, BALLaSlTHB,
p le-8w 4 Dsveatb susst
We sta Coming, vath.r J.ff.r.on.
r v im i. OBirriTit.
Wo ar. coming, Father Jethnon uot no
went war,
Two hundred thousitud stout and Btroug, all
eager (ur the fray
From the Fntomao'e u lading stream, and Mary-
Wo are coming, Father Jefferson, a whipped
trod uied up band,
V.'p are coming, Father Jefforsi'U, eunie tiveuty
tbouiand lets,
'A kid mlitate you made, dear did, although
yoa did yonr best,
For Maryland lovea her country, and you were
mlslcfor -ed
We're comlog. Father JtCcrfon, sf eking shel
ter from tbe storm.
We ire coining, Father Jefferson, to get away
from "Mack,"
lie's olm npon our rear,rioir dad; we besr hit
rICos oractr;
Tie hat whipped our RresteU generals, and
we're comtog sdly home,
71th teaiful eyet we'ro looklnc for old nich.
- rcond'a tunny dume.
We aro comlcjt. Father .Teo"srsoii,e that tbe
way It clear,
We aro fearful that young Blgel Is ahead with
" Ltger Bier,"
We fear that grim old Helntrelman tt close
upon our track:
We are cotnlng,FalherJe1Terson, If we only can
get back.
'I'HK l'j!0l.l.AAT10r.
'Xbe proclamation ol the PresIJsct (.1 tba
L'nll.l Stales, on (be subject of emancipation,
Is a profound erldenre that the Ailrotclplratlua
1 1 In cirn-st and fully nrottted lathe necet-
jilyif pulling a speedy end to thla mottcaue-
lc:i, crnetanrt murderous rebellion. The time
I kbcrvm lor Its publication Is also admirably
adapted to the end In vlorr. The rnunti7 hat
been sadly desolated by the ravages of arms J.
hosts, mourning baa vlelted thousands ol once
happy hotels; widows und orphans are calling
upon Heaven for v-njoance, ami Heaven's
KInc; will have respect to that orphanage and
widowhood. The great army of tra'tore, under
its great leaders, nod by authority cf tha Con
federate Coogrecs,lnToded the tlorlb, entrench
ed Ittelf In Maryland and threatened Peatayl
renin; they hare now been driven back again
to thjlr " old Virginia homes," and hare thus
demonstrated to the country, tbtmselree, end
the world, tha utter Impracticability cf any
eerloua advance within our linen. Jost at tble
period, arter eighteen months or armed resist
ance, with the Imprrsalont cf mostaerlooa d'
font ai il disaster, deepened by tho rlevr ol
their grand army In rail retreat, after an
acknowledged repulse with the lose of thirty
thousand In tbe late "Battle of Ihe War," at
this period Ihe proclamation of the President It
sent to the rebellious at tbe warning, Ihe admo
nition, and tbei entreaty of a lather, who tbua
beseeches them to rclurn to their alleglanoe,
and commands " peaoo " on earth. Ample
time It given for compliance three months ar
allowed, nftr giving time for thlt proclamation
to reach thn uttermost parts cf Ihe Kepnb lo.
Ample time It given for reflection, and the
rcli'i, eolemn monthj ol Autumn are cboaoo
lor thi purpose.
'Jr. (X coin ae w.ca to axdeute the lew,
and he hi long delayed to act In compliance
wl h this enactment of Congress, In the hope
ibut the rebellious Slates would rxallre tho fol
Iv and alMurcltr of tbo murderous enterprise
Into which they wero betrayed by Ihelr restless,
amuuior.3, ana treasonable tenners. Toey bare
now three months to rttleot, poujir. calculate.
ami determine. Tto Hcenes cf tho last rear
and a half are before them, with their eigne cf
ucfolntion non taiineps, evideoces ot lallnre
and defent. Tbe leaves of Ihe forest, as tier
fall In coanllcss uiyriails, hhen tbaktn by Ihe
bret7es ol autumn, must strongly remind them
of lbi fall ot their countrymen la this usel' es
war. Suspended comnerr jbamloncd trade,
n'glooted agriculture, tinlto lo admoninh tl e
sober and rt flectlve people In the rebellions
Stnies, tbat It would be wisdom to comply wiih
Ihe Invitation contained in the proclamation.
II, however, alien nil, they should ebonse
war ri the; I bin pence; If they should decide
lo peixlet tu treuton rather than enjoy the con
eclcti'ueMi of patriotism, tho boriora of war
inti-niifled will be visited npon Ihom as n pnn-
Isbinent ot ttieir mtu voiuatury cnoico
As tn tho puller ot ttlt mcr.mrf, turo will,
cf necetslly, bo a grent virlety of opinion
whether tl o President Is not responsible for
ttio adoption ot tho uiuasure. Toe Congress ol
tbfl Untied Stetes fiuCHd the law, and the
Uousilttttiou nukes It the duty of the rrctldoot
lo ev.ecuio It. Ho has willed, and hoped, and
delayed, and now proclaims, to all concerned,
Ibut iho lav will betid uted in those States and
dlstrlcm luiitict inrebelll.'n nt a certain inline
Slavery 'a the admitted cause f the war and
robellioo, and tbe (luvernratnl has putlently
endeavored tn crush tbo tebelllnn wlthutit dis
turbing thlsrtlilion in ibe.'ltates where it ei
Ijih 'this cllirtof the (loverument has letn
si.uloitDily mnuile"t and protracted lu satisfy
the iuostdroted friend ollheln'tliiillonwhois a
Unlou mnu The rtepubllc baa aln-tdy suffered
lu a (.ecauiary poUt cfTicw, to nn amount fur
la 1 1 tens ot tho value of every sUve on th)
Oontlnent. Tho pailecce and substance of the
patriotic ami Ian .biding clt lew have b en tof
nciently rshausied already, and tbe country
and tba Proldent fuel tbat It It time to strike
a blow tbat will tell on the outlaws, nnd re
ii.ii',0 the oaun.
Nor Is It auy atiiuin objection that a few
loyal cud deputed mvu la tho South should
suiter In tfcli net of ncesilty, for they will share
ahLo with all other pairlols'ln the blwelntrs of a
permauent psteei and, superadded to this Ihe
prcciarniuon into atsurcs an snen mat tncy
shall be comnernnted for their lo. No one
co.nplnlna of tbls aesuranre of the President,
but It would also he an nctctifial Jasticotha1
Northern patriots shoullbe rolmbnrsed lot
Kroptrty lost und deli. a rondi aUd In tbe re
elllous Stalts. Ah to the policy and tip"
dloncv cf Ihli raeasurit we have nothing to do
NwwSPlty, tell prtservallon, nitlonal exltt
ei'Lc freedom, alike demand It. Humanity
civilisation, chrlsilanlty, peace demand It; th.
public welt irn demands It, the Constltutlm le
iiilri's Ihe President lo protect!, and eerve al'
1 Lote, and tbo President marchra stralgbi
. rnanl In the Hub of hh diny,and Iboconutry
ill. sustain him Hoosun
Wishimhon, D. U., Kept. "i, lew.
PiiaioiicOosDtcv. Wo I'inrn lhal Charles
fj. Train, on Wa rectut villi to woiMngtnn for
ihe purpose of afTuiillne; aid, comfort and sjru
pathy to tbe sons of Massuchuetts who had
beon wounded In thelialtlr.ebetveenPopea d
JaokJon, fouud Brigadier Genival Gordon ex
hattsted by his severe lalots nod without a
ilcgle cillser on his staff to render h'm eervlct
In tha battles which were then Immlueiit, all
having been either killed or illi solid. On ui
certalolng tb'.s fact be Immediately tendered
h'.j services to tbe General, which were grate
fully accepted, and bas been srrving In Hie re
cent fierce battles on the General's stall at a
volunteer, without compensation. All toner
aod pralte to our Ooagrtuman, who, In the
hour of bis oountrj's greatest need devotat bis
Congressional Vacation to her service on tbe
battle flelJ. .Boiton Journal.
'slt rtlKSiOKM'fl 1'nOCr.AMVTIOV.
Vt'e talie from tbo New Votk Indtpcndtr.1 tie
following extract npon the President's etnaiM
rtt', i proclamatlou,
It bus the true ring:
lhat proclamation Is tho drawlux of a sword
that can never be sheathed attain. Tho terr
existence of the loyal btates will now depend
upou the entorcrment ol this tlcroa. Slavery
Is the heart bl tbe South. The South will for
give everything else; but a scrlo us and avowed
determination to subvert fait, will never be
forgiven. Wo en inline how a party might
have sprung up .J hersorin, Dy-and-by, tnat
woulil.jay to the tiuntb, only a traction of rad
icals etcr meant to subvert slavery; the loyal
masse rerpectea your rigau. mate aril ueroa
ulght have become friends agalo, If only CorUt
cr bis poor were on tbe crors I
But thatdolotlve glozs and hollow tract ara
no longer pcnible. The nation la commuted.
Either there must ba rovob ' In the North,
or else all dlMenllenta must sit, ard the
North Uand M a mighty nult with the l'reil
dsntl The proclamation u a trar meutrire. I' Is
decme J Ofedful bi tbe safety of tha country
erd tCn wecaeiof nnrmli!tiryaaIt( TM
la r.ot aba ih, President's belief. It It th
COLrlctlon of almost every abl general, wl'h-i
out regard to poet political affiliations. Fre
mont Is no stronger on thaigronnd to-day than
aro Barnalle, Hooker, and aleClcllau. "there
can be no party found In the N tth a jaloat tbe
Admlnl .trailon, on this ground, Ihst Ii not a
psrty agabtt Urn war.
A eecond time an opposition parly Is crushed
In the eg-". When McClellan waa before pich
mend, and was, every dav, going to take It the
Woods, tbe Erookses, and others of tba Yallsn
dlgbam filth and order, bad prepared, un tbe
eDtronco Into R'chmond, to huuth a piny lor
peace nnd rciuprimlv. McOlellan ) ietrot
wti as dbas ruus to them as to Lid army. Tbey
lost their ammunition, artllbiy, end bsggsgo
traln. Thero wai nut enough i f tbat party left
to laugh at. Cut another pany tt: juet now
been formed. Tbls proclsmat on It like Ithurl
el't rod. It will turn ore ry toad to bis true la
'crnal form. A dlsilmtlnn oetwoen supporting
the war and opposing tho war polloy rf'll be
too nlcato go bafore the people on. Tbey ar
routed without a battle. Thry must go over
to the Seott, or take sldea with liio Admlnbtra
tlon. Public sentiment will compel the latter
coatss. Itwlllba lmpoiilble, then, to per
suade tie South, hereaiter, tbat tbe tlnrtb did
not rnetn to It Jure ber Institutions. I, Abra
ham Llscolc, Piesldent of the Uulud States o'
America, and Oommarder ln-Cblf of the army
and nsrr thereof, do hereby PROCLAIM nee
DECLAEH" Ibis Is the authorized tolca ol
the nation. It Is the band-wrltlna on the wall.
That proclamation cannot bo snppreeicd. II.
edict cannot be rnbb1 nut. Th Southern
eye reads: "isENE, TEKEL, UPHABSIN."
Nobody can berealter mske beilere that
doom bas not been decreed against slavery by
the North as a penally of rtbniUon. There b
oolhlng for it now but do or die. Ona elda or
the other must go down. It It a fight for lite
or death between the North and its principles
of liberty, and thn honlh and Its economy of
No more gulsea ami t eil. No moid side is.
suet No mom deceitful compromises. Tbe
Government bas taken ground, and every man
in the nation must Inke ground. You ara for
or against thbi Government, and thi, Govern
ment Is declared lo mean liberty to the slave '
Tbeie Is no neutral rround lor traitors to hide
in, playing wolf at night and elwrp by il';
The President's prcclnmstlon mil silt the
North, glvo 4inlty to Its people, simplicity to its
oaJAy liberty to lummy . T,iat cho: array
it no longer a inoogtel something L.tweon i
police lorco end apolitical caucus. It Is an
aIUIV organlfd to strike where blow-will be
most telt.
Tba proclamation enianlp il s Mat's lo
tbrlce tbiny days But It emancipates the
Government and tbo army to-day. 1 be uatlcu
it freer tbun It was on the 21t We have n
policy. 1be people will base il npen aprlccl
pie. It Ii the policy ol liberty upen the princi
ple orjTt.i.c. The.uturolsbtforcus' Through
what nark days we ruuet psss, wo know nut.
What battl s and what reverses aro In store,
we do not It iulre. At last, we b ivo a right tu
believe thatUod Is leading tu. Ho who carried
bis people from bot-dage through the wlldor
neis, nnd established them In the promised
land, can surely guide us'
Let sorrows fall last; there laj'y ruicrous'
We behold npon the troubled sea a Christ com
ing to us, walking on tbe waves ! In hi hand
are winds and storms. Kvery hour now moves
toward the great diy of emancipation. At
lergth'the dawn shut bring that dny most em
Inent In onrnnll"niu calendar. Amid all the
festivities thn nsner in tha year, there shall be
a plfatj.y, tRpcr, purer, hulbtr, than ever
came to its wllli the New ear, the joy of n na
tion that, after ions sorrow and shame, shall
cast off rrom Itself tho guilt ol slavory, and
etsnd erect b.fore the world, t consltenl wit
Less lor liberty.
Pro-Slaver)' Kcow.tVnthlngl.ui Itam
lianl Tbe Otfuioi'uf Jmi'Wyfor October has some
quotations lrom ihe numbirof ) Jlov's ilt
rfeie for Pecemliei '-M.lorwririled to tb-i nlltor
by a frlcud lj thehotilli. Whit the rebels won
and hop t to arcrmplblt It nontlr, but some
whul ungruni'anlirr.lit, sit donn t"nsr'iile
iu D Bow, enilili d Wti' of H-o Copfedemej
TLe Present an l Iho Future, br E. Dclanv,
if Louhlana, concerning peaoo Mr. Delasj
" We can jrp no terms, but we must de
maml them. Vfn deelre nothlug that Is not right
and Just, and we will submit to noihlng that Is
wrong. But no peace will bo a-cep able to Ihe
people that permits the Lincoln t irernme'til
to hold I'd abolition orgies and fulminate lis
vile edicts upon sltre territory. MucQ valu
able property of our clilei s bas been du
.rojed ortol3 and carried o3 by the Inv.d
era; tbls should lie accounted for, and paid
The Tankes were shrewd enough to cheai
us out of the navy, but we must luvo bait
of the war vessels and naval armament In
possession of the North at tho corsseucemeQi
ot thlswir. Vie should enter Into no com
mercial alliances or complications with ihcm
nut assume the entire control of our comri-r-
c al policy and rcgul-ttloni with them, tu be
inndiudd at our owu ltrcnilen and pleature
I'hoy have closed ugnltis un all navigation nu
irrule tu t& Mle-ivlppl, Miiteourl, and otbei
rivers ; It Is our rljh nod duty ne-ealier so t.i
regulaie thn navlga Inn of ihe'" stream- as ra ij
best oonform tn mi, own lotertsts It Cnanot
08 etpfoltd that wl slnuld p.rmll the fre.
Lavlgntlon of the lower Mlu'ssippl t be Wert
alter thcyhateclosilll aghlnttns nbovp.wltb
oui tho moit stringpiit regula ions Tl ere le
no palliation In the rrMinw 'hl 'h" blocaa'lt
above was a war n easure , they cannot so
claim It, unless wo bad been acLoowleded a.
belligerents, hence Ibev bivcforfilte.l nllrlglit
to Iree navlsatlju as n peao mtaeiue. 1
then-perm siTon bit clven to iho ireu Slates ol
ihe e't to nivlgato the loTer llMl-slppI, I
should b uader tuca restrlcilon f.a to .2 ird
a commeiiturato roPeune to tbo Gtinredeioy.
aud tbe eirictoct lules regulating tbeltigrese
and egress ot passengers, officers, and bands
Tha Weet Is learning us bow to do without her,
aud wu thank ber lor 1' we shall bare but
little need ot ber produce, as we shall soon
oara a plentiful supply among our own people
An absolute separation from all the North, with
lb tola aud lndepeudeut Control ot all regula
tions with Hi people, ore our best and talent
Urmi of pesos?'
A the oiteul of tV Cc federacy, lw wrltae
tbi .mltbgly:
lave cone; -rcd an ltlet to the Pacific
wl. tjst be m-'i.iaiui-'l though wo can de
slr 'omi ton on Ihe rv.tno coast, but aucb
aa rr. io sufficient to tec .ra tba tetinljus of
our r, t Pc Co railroad through Texas and
Arizona. 'Joward the north and east, the Mary
laod nnd PenM--l. -'i line, Inolndlnj Dela
ware, Ii our ttun landmark. Kansas, on the
other side, must ho conquered and cocGscated
to pay for Ibe nrfjroea stolen from us, aboli
tionism expelled Iron lis borders, and trans
formed Into a slave State cf ihe Confederacy
Perhaps alter wa have dona with Lincoln, th t
arrangement may bo very acccpubto to a ma
Jorilr In Kansas, without force. We will bare
no desire to disturb Mexico to long if c
dues herself peaceably toward us, and, aa a
neighbor, maintain, good faith fa ber dealings
with us. Central America mart remain aa a
fotura consideration; and, lottaad of the acqut
tlilon of Cubs, she bit become our frUndly ol y
Identified with nt In Interests and lutitoilou.,
and to long aa o'le cootlno"". o held slaves,
connected with us by the elosutt tin."
Are, like negroes nod VanUei, lo a&Ta nJ
rights tl (is ust? Confederacy which any ona
Is bound lo respect, Wa recommend Iho fol
lowing lo Ihe oountrrmtn of Dens. Corcoran
and Slgel
All foreigners, cava those now resident In
the Snnth, ate to be exeluded from OU t lushlp
andifCie. "With thu oicepilon of these, and
altar lhat time, nu more ru'as eboald be al
lowed, and no uot; ucoa bo bold, txn-pt bj
mitre born clilx 'tis tf vhe Coufederaoy "
Tre natural ztuiL law vf the old Govern
ment has proved if little b-ntS'. to th.Su hern
S'ntf". Wullet iui Uouiheru ndup'.d oitlXv'ns
hif tu thcm.ivi- rellabl , falihlul, i ad
ru- '3 our Initbuilonj of the Sou h, ue-o ol
tbe North, whi outnumber them ttventr iooje.
bavaunlrers lir arraved tho-elres forecast
and lu front cf Llcco.n'e bcrJes In thowutttoi
rp!3", r.icrder, and dcr-trncilon against tbe
suuin u-rc.iier, uen, wa can maaa r.0 ais
tln jiioa bet ?eun the Yuuk.o nrd thn forefic- r.
' Lcth mast be necessarily debarred of the
privilege ol oiuteneolp in this lonieaeracy."
TUE f-Vfr.
Rabtl Aoooaeita or tba Dattl.t In Morjr-
Tbe rebel account ef tht great bst'lee In
Marrland. a. given br tbi Peteitburg (V. 1
rprut ol September 2S. admits a lota t five
thuueand men at Eharpsbnrg. and reports th
death cf two general) nnd woundlcj of six
oini-n, cs louowe ;
General Stvk, of Hl)rl;;lppl, oommandlrg
jitcuou's oirt-ion. aitiea. ling idler u nerai
Bra oh, if North Carolina, ).'l!l..J. Bnssdl.r
O-neral B. H Anderson none id in hip, not
aaogtrously. Hrlgr.dl.r Oenr t.1 Wright, ol
Georgia, flesh wounds In brea" n.l leg Briga
dier General Lswlon, In leg. ' jndler Gen
Armlsiead, tn the foot. 1 ri .udtcr General
Blpley, In neck, not dangerously. Brigadier
General Raoeome. of North Carolina, sllghtlr
Tbe Erpnss says tbat tbe arrangement of
thi rebel lino at the battle ol lharpsburg woe
as follows: General Jackson on the extreme
left, General Longsirect In lbs centra, and
Ooneral A. P. Hill on Ihe extreme light, Il
11 Tho experiment bas been made, aod the
retult, wo think, should banish from our minds
the Idea tint Maryland ts disposed nt present
U unite her destinies with tbe South. If the
ia.- r cr.. her people, upon the app-aranra of
out army upon hr sell, wotlld be, ri.n -w
riTsre and rushed by tens o thousands Into its
n..iks. W'r epe !t only ot t e jonty of tboin
for tte denbt not thai tb-r i a v-y respucia
bin minority who sympatbixe warmly with the
South. Tba Stale' government, mjreovr, le
deo dedlr and Intensely devota.1 to tba Union,
(so called, I and the press there, with scarcely
an exception, is of Ihe rama character
'For these retons we think that Gen. f.ee
has tery wisely withdrawn Lis army lrom llary
land. Ihe co operation ot wh o people In his
plans "d purposes was t nl;tf poial'lo for suc
cers. Tbt-y have fulled to r iiond t'i his noble
sppenl In tjp deelred way and the victories ol
Boonol oio and Sbsrp-burg purchased wlih
torrenti ot blood, havo been oidered unpron
able, lo n rudlcrlsl point of vtoiv. Thy bsve.
however, dceponed tho impression uptn the
enemy of the provloti. lt"eoie which wo gave
bin In lie art of fighting, and ibongb iheymay
exult In their rreiy lathion. over imaginary
encr"ees, heralded lo Iho Ivlca dlipntches ot
Mcri.l'an tiui his iruraprt-l'lowcrs, tba no less
tytntr c rrrinoucirois nod editorsol tbe I.lnsolp
Jonrjat' e: Ibey will bo willing enough lo let
l"5 nor '.Is jrmy nlono on thle s'de cf If) P, -Uimao.
We u ucw put da.tprs to r'Khtt In Ir
glnla, r. lara our attention to Pterpolnt mid
iho Dull tor" end Oil" railroad. Tha former
will roon o deposed of, anil e-e trust Ihtl u
porlloi ot our army will b sot Immediately to
work to destroy tl e l-'r lu n way to rotdcr
ltsretoniructlor i'niriellcablet. Every bndi.e,
tunnel, a d culvert eimitld l) lorthnltb tlouiol-Ished-
every einhanknie-M lcveld, every cm
Oiled up, and evpty cruJ tte and rail renitvtd
from Ilnrpi r's Ferry to Wheeling and Fathers
burg. Tbo road bus been a source ol nothing
nut evil to tho Pin" slu'e Itvas undo, r nit
more efptclally since the ccmm'"ipenint t fi'i
war. tcn Its vh le line tin taint r'
,lty a-.l treus n It m b e"u It t" jlf is 1 1
les-anl.'M'1'ed th e.itire region between its
track and lb- Ptuinevlvdnla border, from the
Ohio to the Po'omact.
From the 11 w Totk vs'j:2 X'oii
About ttte lliellleot .vr.tarc,
Ihe Ulrhmund j inruals ila'm tlio ba lie ot
Acllelam as a rlctory. lbey cannot estsblltb
their clatm wlthui.t one thoroughgoing mt.
statement, to Ihe eftrct that en the mon Ing
alter the gr pt buiilu tlen Lrn was prepsred
to resumo hostilities, but oi makmg aa adr nre
ilu d ltat our army bad evaenaievl Itspo.Itloc
and was nowhere to bo tonnd. That this I
untrue Is r.ry well known. It was Lea who
ran away, u.Intr for that purpose It o ilroe mis
akjayr'Aitel elm ti bary his dead. Wr
kuowlrom persons who wera preeent at tbe
battle, and who movtd amoox lbs soldiers on
i be oven'.og aud t to t t following, that onr run
were In hljl spirlis a what th., fell tu be u
tubstatit ai victory ,vrr ihe lebms, ih-.t tte
pilvotes audsiiborutuate ifflvrn eterywheie
tuliy 1 3p:ct-J to reeimo the btun tl.t nixt
.lav, aod slet en their aims nleli lhat hop
and wlibtLoooLfldent Icetiug that tbo fntlur.
lumliv, Tuur'dae would .iruro ihem ih g
rlou I'rinta jf WVdtiesuuy's gill.nt uVhtinJ
Wo i.re iitured thui h 9 was in- eplrlt wnlco
pravulle-l evi'rywfcert. e.n t'i tlela, and tha'
when tjo morntu ol Tboieils vo 'i avva
wlfti i orders tor an ndviKwe the surprlsu
id ur ot our gtllant n Ulleis was great
They fell that, though tbey had lU'.trofeJ stitere
y, they were nbunduaily able to complete the
no eat ul the enemj , ihey wero udmouj to b
Md et-alcstblm, aul fall) ixpeoed n Ufloi
another anil u deolelra defeat upju tha rebel
armies on Trsredty, which h uld rerengi
ti for lbs disanett of tha Dhlck.hvmtuy aod
U .oc-v:.
This Is not tba ep'ilt cf r, tcitcn army, but
nttuer tba OOLCdsLoa derived freut an uic,ue8
tlonabla sscceas, and which goes fai tj wit.
further luccessjs lor .he ottny wbiso is ttu la
spired. Persons who visited Sbarpsbur tbeirilj s!U!r
trie S ght ot Lie, war assured bj el p-otlt
tbst the rebul aioy wu grectly ca lic-uuti
demoxalitvl, that lu rental aiier uj baide ot
Wednesday WM hurried and ceafut osdthi
tba rebel generals were dispirited and d'soonr.
aMl. It was, we re assured, tbe general be
lief In Bharp.burg, that tbe rebels would bt)
cut to pieces Is th lr retreat: and thla lmpret-
sion was obtained by tho residents from lot ex
pressed fears of the rebels themselves.
AH this does not lock Ilka the ancceai whltb.
tha Richmond J jnrnab claim for Lee.
Tha rttw York Twenty ,nrl Rtiltr.ttt
Bntlihe rioi.t ftarpat'a F.r.y
r ha received ooma liforma Ion regard
log the legroes aald In tbe published statement-
o bo two thousand In numb-r wba
were surrendered to lbs rebil at Ilirper's
Ferj by Colonel Miles. Our formant la
' jaecttd with Ihe New Yolk rn.ntj second,
.eglment. remaloed at Iltrp-r'a e'eny re.rly
three months, and vrat there a few daya befort.
the entrend-r. The negroes escaped from tha
rebels in Virginia, and frequently brought
with ibem horso, wagons aod lurnltar, which
they were permitted to nt lor Ihelr own bent
fit A mj irlty cf the ten wera employed oa
iortIliloiis tr.H r m-adldtho wi-hlng for
hrett or f ju ii oota a soldiers, for whici tby
received t coaoiratiroly Urge r muneratl m.
At th y worn allowed OoT-rnaot rati toe, ft
was a - r.eo-A'e. ib-y thcttld ipsrd lietr
a,"o, aud ouMi-ricf ihe conir.Btidl had.
sired cnusldetab a ojrnt-s tl-4 to ba ona to
two bandied dntUrs otoh. All of tbem had
tuonsy, with wtioh they p'epoeed to pay thee?
own expcnsei Mn 1 thoso or their fas llos at
srrna locality etb-re tu-lr froedom mlgbt b-l
enoycd wbbiut fear of iLelr former mas'eru
It was a notleeable luct, however tbat non- ct
theu wero pormlitol to leavo fcr tha North,
while thIr n'!-;ed otvneia csma freely Int.)
o mp and t;!s.t'd lrom axong tba runaway
-us i o- th.t' clalvted, whom they gin-iall?
took awu with tb-'m
It t OilieTed tout tis firs' r tap 'uted bj
te rebels wu ao mere Ian .Tfi7a buadtat),
or r.t rnot tl esu huodi ud. r.ni that the oigrc
ato umtuu tf rcouey tiof bad ejra d, aad
which also b-cime a prct to the reb.li, wta
uot lees thiu ft ty thousand dollir;,
A Eonora, Csl , paper It Informed by a gen.
Liusn who hiji reiuroed Itom t mil to
be Exselslor qnnr t lead, on Sugar Plaa
Crrtk, that ona a lbs binds, wbll dxlfilogi
ttrnek an cxb-asl7 pcrtlca cf tho rjla that h
ilmnsi all gold Oar lofotmtat tajt that tt
.hould judza that snob rock will yield $2000
ier ten This fort'inata c Oae iy la:: we-lc
c-xlrr-d nl,et)-&fc pounds if cctlao by
See dsjs rnnnl g their mill r! h eight tumps,
ind tbo w ek pr vloas one bundre.1 and un
it nudj ol pure tfuld lor sx da).' running.
tba claim bai paid opTatda of tt U'M par
dty lor tjvor-l incntht patt
a rnuuio ti hkicp. vry it.
Tie frrta: external racitrdy ci the a, prepuiX
Iron tie rrope ol Dr Otepnan Swtet, of Conneoti
out, tbe ociLrated bono ifitTinhojo ruoe la an
rtvnld by thai tu a-ty ll"ag man It li aoertalu
and Immediate cere Kr Ubeianatlnn, Goat, ZUeara, .
51a, tfpraUn, Urute-i, Cora, ounji, liorea. Bornej
01 Ja, 1um, Limbao, kit lwiii, Toot bathe, an4
Jl rtnaumattai en t Ntr iOt Iljtrrd.ji. CKterval tit.
Jnrle-i, to
a,u ttinrn-ni i-uon! i s" a Tri
jtICUUV-iOri oCo .IT.'ptleion
KorrTlob. CMiu.
Vct ct ly UirARLUS blOTr. Until AftQ
roi Wa-Wn- n, tt Ly a.l tiV--,
U v rt-jw v
-. b 1 J. A e 4D
nti-Ilhou)uatlo -Baudi
"f -raitT coi-ti
Cf-Jt Vy 'j-yiwmi
tnr-f vj ot.1 .vtr rvtn ajhljtx;,
I ClHtlotVeJ.ieVl
4ii t s d rt- f y-o'f.
Jt bativaeUrrttf ar.Anl iittmor UitT.oj
-t,UitK a ntol ntisl rii 2. i te wornaroaal
-hf todr. abOti tk r. jt,,'4oi.Lj,f -uractao i.i.
"JT3, VpUtVfr mm (lU-tl'l t; t a-d wa 1 v.mu
fnTWiavtiv-nvto t!irnVit-,wA pf-'.-o
Ky thla treatnicTat tbo mdhin.i prrpcrtla), coi
alnwl in tbd Jif), beln-t ot a a,i'y o-vnia teanj
oruf fkiM-, tnl cafnJ ot brlra; iva-ii a-fii
vrx-titi tte) jv-1 ti ty it 'ii, 00 jm Into dirnt cvnitvt wiUi
be flLOflp and pr if nrrt.'jivn, witho jt first pm
oft tliroo3b the poos of dfyc-iin, wbloli rould
end, not ouly to dctragt Lon tn-ir oaraUve power
ruito Irnwdh1 t. hi 1 oranj Kmtdrrai jre tte
UJtoatlon ale r th.' a? m'ii-x tN t(-w ym, ga
rtn te rrolt ot i n m f,.-j pffActtnt;
f7fatt-T, by jrin'-TtsanTjijsMiy ( cisiwtvur, v
id "tftl in.ti.an.traj.ir.vff jim j,V(aI t.ilU'.iA
-ala.isn. 1M1 iUltoli do iMl avturU" Aui
tfanoaitu. AJtrrr, aod will trtbtij ritic tUasy
eiutroii. He i-t" s-r
Mituraticaf-aifloi rfdta aftwdavt,a-.1 we ara
JOLMailUt rU-aifllt f - '' llJ't.n.i tJ-r IJlJa,
we LntMtirM.iw iKh i . oHii -it ir at&aaoT lw
jr:iai' r ri f, n ',i
Prici Tvrd Ii Lv' t bj n dl i.icn ri t ci
j.or byesjn. t rr. Lrs, unth n. nw.?, .
n. Ssj, (r-n re. ncliilfta-e i
.I KM! iluu), P-oprlei w-i
'iOl UxadT ay, e? Ton
Tl 1151 r.j. r r-iJtrt itnl frn
AfTMii.ecdt on In . with tbe widlar'a
un ftav'.ft 1
MA N 11 O O Ii
uvv io ti aow Hetiruucp
Jui rullu ttt a Sexfi c iM'rpi. Vrt 4fKa (Via
men , a i 1? ul i Turtt t Jjm raa orjbTa.or Sen
nil iiiilk' nivotniiurj' miriM'tiix, oeusl
tU r il iitii1o nt- u U.rr'tMt 3ri'lr
I j li.rniHr a" 3r'iy
I'.ta,- ri:.., Ufft
, i'ii(t ' i;.t, " riij, ivt
a I .j 'Ox mo' i lullliU tmi
i 1U111114 i mm aii
kr'i.c Q' or r en vmcu.-i 1 autb3i"
ill liH"tli
ri i u U' tnnAtAkft rii'crer,
cjtijtcd ttvn. t, s pMn tjTt.itjpc.ioany uddriji
jjtina.r? Dr OH J ONLINE.
197 fiwiry Prn Yoik,
lac t it.tMt-tT lf- ffl m ft.
TUUVr. TUuU All I'AJ..aftl.l3.r.
UCMi A CO ,rropictoHOf to Sawtita 4tne1?VK
iu fHtpf fjr pnnvi'-Tis AmerWai atilVorti
P AT h. N T 8.
lVt. Sutitn Yean tpirunte tntht fiHptn.i
JLUUr to lltin JnLt A'4ii. Ilou. Joceth Uolt
tiou O ItlnlaiM;. x C o"-J tjte-p ii rawntj
tnrt to mo,, than Atteen tnotvt tirtoton, who
ua had bu'Htn uoio thrpt,xh Ubtua A Co 'n J-a
nt Aenf;
-"Opiuti oi aavi1" Km it i j hwm
rt-nt Lanw aul Kc(jiU lw psr, cents,
hn obar3 for ecLwu.xt v' rvilT or t y null.
I tvl uiititvrv I., u. i UaUiedt.Uij PatM-t
offl j
umtti ftf - - ara ijff, tiflw i oik, wa bins
on o juti im t ard ft vt ih untv." obojite Uu
tihr Oiisco viar iCcli
Attovuoy for Claimanta,
AND aGit-ST 11JB rstJCUeUMi
ftounty Uuih, rwilons Arrrin
of Piij, Liira F&7, Ut
Wl,l if pivui'v und ttlni-ui aiircrtviu to t'w
iTOir04 .t'U Of .UUt Ul vVfT oerSJClLlJOa aC3.
4h O utrouitrt, i J i x no viiar;r tuure w-
do h t'jm',4 u d Ai'4 jlitfTt'.nrtil Is CaVala
f I'ftuswnp -BJUtvd tW'Hld 'i woiodea or oj
a J '(.riut, ihv rxw taj, wnf jJjj. ftr 't-ulun
.rtf orLJi B ul f iU. r MO Oltid IT m eTOmU
4. di'taa tui-Ls aJ-tltr Ij the Lilt, d fl Mm ik'
rCi .'() ft'iifitJffllw b b-tr awUlTCI KliiVJ
ica ed duriUf throxuilu wxr
Itfug dliiiao vtit niiui-utyr crciber pereocj lit
Wifdit-a fcuiinwi
ihe l?Kvi i"riir l.i1 tor L ti.d W-JTuito;,
43ii 'Vtr fHifMsAtior.
Ba4M woib ire t..
'hjliiirttni, U U,
NO B-iJtpre of raiwe paVUiiajft the abort ctm
vrili be ttUirnl w uf mvbiee tu it aaouit ol thali
gee ia w
tin ,U.

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