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NO. 265
1 '.j.." 'I' '"."ty LnaVew.
ana bib.
i Tr
. . . WitrH f f torf iirfiVa, tfc, titpU St. 1802, ,
BhALKll PKOPOHALS to lureUh mauJlaleifoi
the navy for lh lWcal year ending soth Jane IWB,
il. be ived .at this bureau M S o'clock P. M.
of tb stlit Oelobe r Bf xt T bet piopot ale rou.l be
nJW " PrtvoMi for JfofertaH fee (Ae JYarv. JTureaii
if CnttfnieHm," to t lb it Uey to If b tUatlnnlihta
rom othtr baalnrei letters
i ue nia-emii ana artlolee e mbraccd la toe classes
named are particularly deeerlted in Ihe printed
Kbedulee, auy or which will he fatnUhed to inch a
detlre to offer, ua application to the oommandanle
cf the retprcUte yards, or to tlie navy agent neareei
In reto, and thoe of all ibe j arda, upon application
to thla Unrein. TMidlvfeloo lulooiaseee letnjr for
the &ivinl'BC4 id dealeie la eaeh, audi portloiu
only will t rurnlabed as are aotutlly required fur
ltd. 1 be commandant and navy agent oi each lie
lion wilt, In addition to tbe tchedute of datees of
their own TUdi, hare a cony of ihc schedalei of tbe
other 'yatde, for eaaminatioa only, I torn which it
may be judged wbcthrr II will be deelrable to make
a (ilt cat ion for any of the elapses of tbote yardt.
Offers mutt be made for the whole of ihe clan at
any yard npon oti of Ihe printed schedules, or to
sirlot conformity therewith, or they wUlaot U eoa
ildered. In computing the claws, tbe price atated
la the column ot ptttHi will be the standard, and tbe
agxrega'e ortheeiau will baeanled'oui according
Ihe contract Mil be awarded to the loMtMna
i bidder who girts, prober erarttyior ite fulol
miit. 1 be Ualtfd Blaiea reaerrea the. right to nh ot
all Ihe Md for auy elm, If drerofd rxoibltaot
Ail in id, 1 lyuflt bf ol the rajr beet qaihty, to be
dtirrej In 1h lry V"l ( KJ tnJar,Bn1 U
uiubl trwk ! unejTH', property marked with
tbinmeof lb eoutraotor, aalbe eae may be, at
Ibe rxpDM kud rk of tbe contractor, and In all
rcapfOti inbjeot 10 tbe iMptohon, mtaraieawnt.
ouuiit, weight, 4o ,of ihe yard wb.re rostUtd.and
I j ibe entire citlifactlan of theeoramamlint thereof.
BtJJtia are icferred 10 tbe oommandanta vl lb?
rirceoilrd yard fr Kkrapli, Inhtrnctloo, or tar
(L'Ulir fJarlfUn cflbe artfclrii; and. ll oiber
lblngibeloffiufttrtftrerije will be riven toar
lij eeof Antenoan ruarutaotnre.
trrry offer, ti required by tb law of luth AauM ,
If 10 uut bf ftccooipatilrd by a witileo guarauue.
Ihe lorra or wh cb u herrwttu gl?eu.
I otve ouly v,li4' olTera miy be rcete1 will b
r-jtltlfd,ai.itlecju1rict will be forwanlnl sodo
tbrraiur a prao'icsMfMvhlcti tbey will b r
qaitelty exicute wlihla ten daya alter lm receipt
at Ihdp.itotfipeurnary agrny i)iui3 by llwoi.
bVt,e4 la tb- full amount will be required to
Uan tbti coutraot, and Inelr rep(uqiUllty cetllHtd
1 by a United UWte dutriot Ju tr. United Stctfi
Ulilrlct Mtoinry, collector, or uaty agent. Aa ad
dtilonat icrurlfy.twrtjtT per centum will be with
beta from the amount of the bill until theoon ract
ihall hae been combined: and ilhty per crr;tuM
of each bill, approved U trioleate 0yt1i&jiutnard
jtj ot tbe teapvotUe yard-t.VHl be paid by the navy
$ent at tbe plntioi dellrery In rer illicit n ot la
ilrbiedurei r.t 1 rtaaury notee, at th option of tie
G ore mm eat
ltleillpiUttd In the coutract ibit II dafaul be
made by the parti of the lint tart iu delireilns
il or buy of tbe nrtlcln mniMouwt in any c:au bid
of la tbe 0OULreCt,Cf tbe quality DUd at fhu time
aud pJacfa abuve provided, then, aud lu that cm,
ttiecjot'ictoraad bt inreUtWiU forfeit and lay
ti) tbe LTnliAj tiiateeainuiur tuonfiyotevp4luj
twice the aniouiit of m.fi rli, wUifU rfuy bf rf
C07erU Irom tiue tatluie, arforJing tuttectd
Uonjiers In that 64 t trvlJM, initi?rj MsrchS,
lticU8No it fcid llioee followlaj. If aqnaoltiy
In ad iltion equal t tbe face of the 001 nut U tin
mnddtUU to be Uruiibid ou ltk lefiw aidcju
ol'kni uuilfad ibe Cecil yt-ar
ibmt of 0rf
Which fri m a fji m mujt ba tlTid by alt tb; mrm
I, , f,f - , a toe fltate of , terrby
iguj ufuTiibih and deliver In tbe rMpecthe naty
Tird all tbe artfclea nimed lu the claawi Lcreunto
aux. d, agreeably to ibe pro- UIoa ot tbe obeduu
lutraivr, aua in o miurioiiy who tua RtiTeriiieueui
ci the liiireiuof C'OEilruetlon. Ad..oi v:d SvT.Uin
t4r,lC2. Should my offer be aceepted,! request
inirwurnMii ,iuu u.r ewuiract eent iy
tbe nary agent at , or to for algnalure
Signature, A. U
D;t i P
Sutubtdle wbicb tb bidder fcploeet tauat be
i,f4tobUcitTar,aud u.;h 01 t,htaUutd j biu
fir n',j t etch it 1 tale In tlw Mbadule tlw &rbi tuuit
t ft,tbe atjijnut ormd cut, ft agieiiaie fitted
up Jtr eico cmei, auii me lucuni usiawirs hiiiibd
In wot J If the pirtlei who bid do not reside near
11.1 tdiia irl.er tha irtlcUa kr tote dellreied.lher
md t Dkiie in tlulr offer ft-rafnto wbomo'dr
04 litem an iu v uatitcrtu
Forh of Ouatjulre,
Tin nniaieijned, ,of in tbe U.ete ol
. . .,an -of .in tba U:W ot ,
tiitu-jf t.arinly tuit In cm the tori-HOtiiff Md ot
'.for auy of thjclu4ti thaieio iiinej ! ic
reited,he or they nlll, within ttu uayg alter the
uoelpt clthe onitraet at th pait cmoe samel, or
miy agent delgnatrd, exreute tbe contract fcr the
lime, uth pfM and tufDclutrareUefl; and lu cat
lj rbtli tall to enter into ooolract at afore
raid, we f(uirun'y to make good the dltUn-uon be
twtejthe onar ol the laid - and that which
may be accepted,
Cljuitarjcltwoaarint;ri( . JJt
t brety certify tbat the abort named . are
known to me aa man of properly aid able to make
gocj inir rnarauier.
(liDitutf,0 11
Hit a
lo be lgud I y tbe Uttltel Ctitei dlitrlct Judge,
Uniud Ltalfi rtutttst attorney, collector, or uavy
J3h act fiom a luo of the Ifn'Utl t:UUi, approved
Jjee. 11 tiJ tt hnihrr rnartrJ, That no cor tract
or order, or auy liiirnvwt therein tiball be trantterred
by the patty rr (utllei tohom mch conlrart or
order may bit niru to any other imttyor piiriiei,
and that jy iin h triu.lec ihall ciua the annul
ia i.t f ttmcjuircicr otJt-r truii.lTird,o lur im
the Ifultr l Mtnlrabr om'trutd 'rjeiJ.l, tint all
l.fiibliliii.iou ftte htttby ifrned t. tit.' Unl
ul Unt tiior tuybie.chol auclt conlract lythe
couiractl-i party t r firites
tire i And ts it fuftktr eru.-jJ, That uueoerr
aut c tit i not r for turfiatei.cl clotbluiiT.atrai.ain
uuulilju,iuuulttoflauf war.aud Ux every drtcrip
ttonol eut'piieti for tbe array or navy of the United
mates .hall be ivund guilty by n court nut t lit 1 ol
triud or wilful neRltnl ofduty.tlJ ahall be pun
bjl by bitd, iiujiluuwDt, . r iuoh oilier punish
bienl 8) Old COiltl ntlttial that! atjUlga. htid 10)
i eiHoti who bhdll o.itrivt to ltinilh mpidlei of any
lindor dttctiitlwu br tu army or nary, be dull
U dt-erred ttd taken aa a part wf the U'nd ur naral
t.irfPr,i H.d llitfd HUtui fjT ubicti hr-shall C. U
irar4 to fat tilth hl J enppllee. ant be tutji.cti tbe
rules tnd rulatl'iit f r tne gott-rbiuera vi tba
UiiU febd uatai lot era ct iu utitteu aiaiea
Tbe lidioninjf ere the clatuej required at there
tp'onre my yerd
C.ltflio 1. While OU Ugd, N. 'i lute Oak
Ktel, No t Vt bite ttak PruinUcutcu Umber. No
. ul.l. rtV aVIdi.lr lU.k k t a.MiiA. I'ln. I mu Mi.
7 irlluw Tin Ueauiri No H elu(v Pine Hlat
acaspdr limrer, No iu mte flue Alaat inn
bar, No li .V'bii- Tine Dnuk and UoirJ-, No l.i
a t.h Plank and Uoardat Nu 1J t hlte Atli Oa
No. 15 llickrrv Uuue, No lo Mack Walnut and
vnerry, no w liyiwii wu iw ., uiu- wannuvex
8ud tiVadiDff, No .i liliok.'Jrujr, Ni u.1 U
nuinTllv N' ' Iiwn, No -ii Otffl, Nu 8 liuii
U.lkri. No J3 Iritu NallH wfOUitht mid futt Nit
lid l.rad, No bi Ucau.t (In. No 84 loola jr
Utortd, NO .11. White lead, No -7 ilC I'alot-
No M Colored I. ma, Uryer, No. M liuaied
uil, jurimiiue, ariiiid; no 41, it 1 a an, no -11,
fUCl. I to. iu, Ur, No 41 Ull, 1 allow. Mutfi; No
4d Btitjceiiautoua-Ury (looda. ilair Cluiii. bblu
l.'hatidlei) l r cuutdruollbn t la A ibdlt-r liou
and Kima, l lard uu, r Aiiw'eliauroua luoUlui
t-uglorra, U rooking liteiulbt, itiOijen. A.C , II
l.ethrr, II. !!.-, 61 Hruabea: N Itjulln-, Dry
Uoode.o l.antnui. UieruiOil.U bblpCUau
tilery lur tiuifa n..d .iUiiiiiir'ut, a stationery, 1,
CltueNii I M.HOik l.ogt, No li WhueOak
Kerl I'tenet, No d bile tik Prduilaououe Tito
bar, No 4 While Oik I'Uuk; No 0 UUow 1'iile
l.pga, No 11 While fine Logi, Dunk, and lioarda,
No li A eh I g klJ rUi.it, No id UlaokWai
tiUt,Mah(giny, aud t.Urry, No IH lec int. No
jy Siiitr.Oak iliavee and lleadinK, No i, IA
bumMtiT No jfr liou, No ji JJierl, No n. Iron
Unit-. N 1 ' lion Nbl n, wionuht and out; No
M l.a.l. No in Vltceu.riiu, No td Hardware,
No til imIh i-r Nturvit. No :ri White Lead, No
u loo I'aluie. No i Colored falnia.Uryrr, No,
li 1 1 itoer il Oil Itiipt-uline, and uiu'th No 41
(ItatH No 41 I'ltcli und Uonln, No 41 Fiah Oil,
Ullow, ucd hoap, No 4fl. Mitcellaneoua liry
ttoode, A riollrr iron and Hlveta, U t'lg liou !
lard Oil O lUUtr feltiuK, r Uura fatking! V
AllaCfllauauUd TooU ir I ilgluevra, (1 Oxtkiug
ri.tn.)tU mid Swv.i, H frlacCauvaa, I Coitim
Caura, J i"lax and Cotton Twluo, IC f.eaThet(
t. HA. nf Rni.hca N Huntlflik and Urv Uondi
O Lanlatna, 1' lar for Ilifewaik; Q Sperm Oil,
M Qhtprnanaiery ror iicret una etiuipmeuii; u
buttaiery, 1 bire Wood; U Ox HtJi. ftrrop.
CUm No. 1. White Oak Lot, No 2. U bit Oak
KftalVitcai, Nn 8 Whit Oak 1'roTuliououi Tim
ber, Ko 4 White Oak IMink, No 6 wuu 0k
tvnci, no o leuow riu iwi. J . "
riutvuzui No 8. Tellow rice Milt Timber; No.
' WMKOm MiitIlmtMriNii.il. WMtol-im
'"t '. ! u.ki1J Uoar,l., No. il. 1 lili. Ojk l!.)rJ.
il nuk; Ko 11 Ah l.ojri iiul nn; No II.
ft"1.!; t0' ,ft 1IMry K i"il llinillulkri,
No. W Ulick Wilnt,Ullert Nl. 17. Oypr.M No.
?' I"S I0.1'- WhllOlVlliioa ll.iilnni
NO. TO. UIcSim; No 21, Cltr; No. 8JM
noi7iro. S3. l.ljnoioTll.Ti No. JV Iron, round,
ntt.irdaquiiv; No . DImI; No. in. lrcnBplkn;
No. 'J1. lruNIU,wioinMiiiJeut; No ao. l.c.j,
NO. 31. Zlno, 1 In; No. u liinlwiro; No.M TooU
fornor,oi No M. Whlu tiidi No S7. loo
1'ilnl; N. OT. (.Vlorrd Pilnti, Drrrr; No. 19 l.ln
Md Oil. Tariw.llnr, Vankli; No. 41. (Ilix; No.
49 I'llcli, UoHln, Tit; No. 44. H.h Oil, I. Mow,
SoipjNo 4l. lll.o-llmroiii Dry vod, A Uollrr
lroih,lKiyrU;ll, n Iro.iC Urdotlg D. iwil
H Fjinog : K. dual Piotloji V. Miwfll.ij.oiu
lool. lor Kuglnrrn; U 4Juoklon lJt.DHIU,Htoiii(
ko.!ll Klix Qintin, 1. Cotton Cilivtm, J. Inluf,
li. Irfilkrr;iU' IIomi M. Uruih.i; N. Iluntlnr ill't
llrirllooil: o l.ul.rif: Q Hmll K. HIM,
('litndlrrr for ilorri inA f.lalininin, s NUli.mrrv ,
T. ilt food.,
v riiii.APF.i.riiu
CliM No. 1. AVIillf Oik I.O(, No 1 bile Oik
Kfl Fiicri. NoJ.1. WbllfO.k l'(onmou,4 Tim
lrr; No 4. Wlille 0k 1'ljul; No n Yillovrl'ln
funk Rlnck Loi; No 7 1 rllotr I'll. Hraral: No
a. Wlljw fin AlMt iO,l Kr T.lulitr, Nil 10
Willi I'lurMut lid Uoir llKlr,o.il Wblt.
floe l.ort, I'uuk, Uoij.li. io No. 13. Atli l.,'l
in.l Funki; No 14 Wliltr AIi()n, No lt.Wbll.
il.krl llickiiir,t!ipi.tia lltri; No ti M.li.ior,
HUei IVnuiif, Uhtrrr, No, 17 Orprni, Dtdif
HotrdA, No. ih. I,04uflt No uii llUflk 8prudi flfir
Jiw n iifRUiuviiir. o 1 ITWH. IOUiU.
iqutri;No.g 8trrf;No.7. Ifl'ii 1p,l
NAOfiiru A.IU, .,l.t ym i,i Kirao. rti.l
No. 31 iino,llO No SJ. HiTr.hira; No II Tool,
lor llom, NO. 3 Willi' I.gtil, No. 31 JUO l'ilul.
No r colowfl rilnti.Dryrr, N. 30 LinKdOil,
l.rD.otlal. Virwiili: No 41 4lliM. No ,!t I'lrnh.
Ur, rol 1 No. 4. I'lkh Oil, Tillo. Soip, No 19.
1IMI1uoii l'jy Uoud., bilr, ololh, d .'IMp
Cniodltrr lor oomtriiollon, A. Iron Ittrtln foi
noiifri; n nrironju urd (Ml; l. biir Fflt
laf, K. (lum Picklurr F UliO.llin.onrt Tool, lor
r niiin'rrii: tf. L'ooKintf ui.nuii. mavr a; li
, VM1M). A. LUIIVI IU, f. 1 nit.; Ik.
Ipilhfi. I, llo.i; M. UrotlKK. N IluulluK, Dry
(looJ.; li .1prmOM,R fiblrt C'tanudl.rv for .Sicr.
Kqnl mrnti; B Stltiootry, T Htr n'i
ClmNo 1 YMtUikI.n; N.i Vrllow rini
riil.kl.livk L0J1M. li. Willi, riin, No I'l A.h
rUok.No 14 AU llir No It Hickory Ilin.No.
10 HIck'VllfMI, No 17 l.'ll'r.f, Mo M HikTia
tHdIIsllnf:i;Nv. SI. Poplir;No II, Iron; No .'.
attil.'No v7.,IrnN,lkp.; No sti iron nilc, llo
30. Laid, No 31. luo.tlu, ol.lrr. No :'A tt.nl
wir.; No M Willi? I, nj; Ko. 07. Srwa Vilnt.No
.'8 Oolorrd l'ilul; tlo 8 l.lnnreil ull VarnUti,
No 4J. (lliM No 43. Oikun; No 41 Pllfh.lsr
No 44 Hrown Hoop; No. 40 MUo.ltineooi liry
Uoo,la, Ship CUitiilUry. ao , lor ootutrucllon: tit.
4 liulllnd (lill.ya; No, H Init.l Coff.f , No
1,0 Ctllln Inn: No 1,1 ITllfl, No M UrlloKa! A
Hollrr Iron ao.l KIWi: 11 lig Iron, II. Lard Ou,
I tJo;'irWItlor,E. nam V.i king. F SIU'.IU'.
una t.tinlort-r'. 'fools; (I CoitklOR .(j0',.a, A3 , II
Flan CiuviM, I Cotton Cinrriva, 4 lifln., k
liilier, I,. l.i. , M llruibra, U Uunllon and Ur,
(looda.I' Dm Pipo for a'litnrr nnlog.o ?iirrot
Ull: It. Hlilp Cliioillery lur utoree iitd Hiulliiufrita
a. 8l.llun.ryiT Hr Wind
hlii Cinviil. 1. Cotton CiQTib. J. Tnli,; K,
I'rofenor AI.KXANUKU WOLOWMttl. Pnl-l
and UouiuttPf, lia-t returned troni the liutluu ! abl
bitiou.audoteiiit u court Ijr ihe Piauo iml SIhr
lg by hleNiw and liiullurd atflhot, lly fiolva
or Uolowkrat)Hteni,aierflJn having only aftlibt
kuOwlede or toufllt) will ba euabled lu ft rtf tUort
ttmetorrad munn with ureat facility, and exeonte
opr ratio aa well u clmtlcftl inuno with rare peifeo
lion. Aetothti vooal pari, by blaway'ol oCiH
tlatf.be arrlrea at, uoi-l extraordinary reiulte.reu
djri tl.e Vice powerful, and rnableethe finver to
ooal lie with facility, aoounoy, und line quality ot
lone PiofMRor Wulofnll teoelrei vldtora dally
from It lo 4 b'cU-ok p. m , at hie rvnideoce. No 4,'. I
Tenth street, betweou h and . a?p i Ira
1547 Hint IS'iU Hi.lUa MJ...I,
, riUi.AUH.i'uiA.
Ibe regnlar eour ot liMim&tln rmbieoca tin
r'.ualuh Mltd bieuoh l.nttKitUK-a aud l.lleialuiea
Latin, il required aud all the braurhea hMIi t4i
atituteu thur JU-tb 1 nglitli uu 1 hrinilli r UtjatluU
Fteuob lit tbe language 01 tue lamily, au 1 id bOu
fetanUy apokeulu tbelusUtutlou It ta i.a t-LJiCloi
paitkular nttetillou, aid titbt troa tb itidi
itieuttttothe hl,(t.t;atKj,iru ci .iUratare ind Coid
lb miuouilia year oounnrtoaa bti;..Ur Hit.
aotcluara July lt
t.'tlCUlala, la , i-au ba oLIaluaJ ffi-lil
my lo -01a frtuolpal ol (Jbexary liiptltuie
(Hvolo luBliluio,
ho, il) li bU-cel, Hur the I'lrrU.
Nediiton comiiVuoetou Ibe Ut of ,SefetulT
! Tetrad Kr Quarter cf Ten Vrk4, tl? I lencn aid
01 Unit- lllt.llli.eO
tfaulih,llalian,(leriJbu, I atiti.au I teeralothrt
UuUBJiea UUKht lu Ibe tiauieiuilitHil
Dr A AlM'ONI. will elin time I.oiurea eal.
wn-k on Literature Mud ht-imon.uiid 1 iherUe a
alat whrOcVrr lit I'UUhpart lime troin I.U ue,tU kl r.t
ttUgVft ATrn A 7.U'rO,NK, rrlifi.il
VT Ut1rillUHoblt J
l.tl IWJ.Vrrsl
Tbe diitl.-aol llilt lnxtltutii.il will be rraumed Ou
tbr bth ulJrtember t'utuUta u.mv I i-btaiurd
at the pruuipal lo..k biorra hi vrlim.,i h, r hr
Kdilnaiiig Ihe prlut.il it, ,
uug-.ti- ll'&filin M .1 IIAHKD lfU
I Si IllUltHil.':, tiNUllMI AMI fllh.M'H
tllAKlMrVl.t ailtl 1A M'HUill..
no iiu rrt.wbi mu tii,t ,
.Vtoi UkiUwQt. ItaiAinaMi. J V
TMtt luAltutlou it uow upen lor ti. lepuu 01
put lie t Ircttlan to be ha I hi the lloVtturei und
IAl-'AlluVlaU INHllilU h'.
j 'M I aiiect. l.ttwtei. lerh und latti,
Ouebl lhetilileit,niuni lbt.rugh hd rn.wt dt-.iir.bU
:(t,ll iOln tf )obliK I Ittlita HO I Ml-ieea 10 Ibe f U y.
banrUiU 0 iU.QjeuOe fKplrUitr Bill lUlUnu l
O'Jl-tliliJ Ul kftn Ulid u Urilt't-Llrut
fcul3-dliP blaij I V 1 ODMI.t
Ibe underalgued bevabare to call ihe alien tirn tl
the toiU feus and Utlng ootuiu uuuy 10 lie Homf
beluajuat i-pued irliie acoimm.dM .ft ..lHrftiia
uieu ami ladira.
11m llMirJn iiluruitbed la epbntdi I tle Urtfe
airy ruonia.ubauihua. and pailtra lint ulIo mi
b?aU( plied lth all tbedrlttfjuitkOf the wacuii tu
paini ur ex)etui rball bet-piled to fle nalMnrtlou
to ull who uuy pitroniie the bdue ilirul klteu
tou tooedem ihut may be gtrrn ur itiutra,e j , at
ttlline aud lbligtiJtf "TaU.rJ
Home eligibly hlMiated ou the corner ol Twentieth
and Kbtrecta wrt,Uir)y orcii4ed by 'juiteuu Gtii
etal Lauaon
fce2tr-II fil OhOi: U OfTKN.
1 uflllrlly ul lluirilo, N. 1,
it. V
I 'X' .
Now I, tbe lime to buy your Tall nothing tt No
4uoiM0iiihireft. Where yon can bad alt Hir U.
lent aiyir gwua ai n .niii.ru piuea
Hot tlo I Tor lUCi.th lire!, No ICl A ltira
luoioo(dlJl(.thliif(, at n l04prica,No idoUey
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'Wlied ftFfery luoniitiii, (d.tndyi eicapted,) at
tbe 1 dl.T,ln!i rates-
On oupj.otiB year
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luindkrii, It.uradaya, ad Hatuideva , uj iro
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NiW l.ili luenJuja, lliuiM,iaa and Hat
ltniMt (wo tit aUau'em batf berbtuilt earraai
lof tttia lOUle, milt till lniWu lUiDlOteuiaiiIii(lu
uiu 1111 it aier iikiii uui tiiiuK-iiij nun Die 1111,
1 ulv neat'ieia ver balil lor I oujir (.land aoimd
With IbtJ Hlat 1IU pi Cm) l Vltlg luipttrrUent
i'wtidatiura auoouiitauy the atuttUit-ia ttii way
faaiiCUHuia , tOored lltUl Uivf Lu&doo lilaia
ditirly biinrlUat .! bUAui,(,bv k kpruM llaiu r.
I'odttil, Multaeter. I oell I aWTtlttV, fUilit.itlt
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(I. vi a ui AUillvt Dunkukatid iutermdliie ita
1 hi triiti re m 1. 10 orr nl.ht at Flioira and 1 ro
Ceeda tilt) Heal luvrulu
t iti 11 10 1 Hprena, lur iibUaio auj priuupai in
Term? bate filatUina
ftmiu ro Alllk, dally lor OlMille aud lutirru
dixte aUlloU-t
:b ro Aroouiinoiatlot), only, l.r Port Jtrfla
bud lumclpal eutiii-a
1 im p ui ay, lor Mid Hctornl New burgh, and
in t-ruiidiate btationa
too p. m Mi lit l.pief,LUily,ft,r luukltk, liul
Ul.i, Cnliadalf ue,nd pllUClpa' aialioitii Ihe liaiu
1 .Saluiday ruua iMounto imttaiutDut aea 1-01
to DunVllk
7 tit) p m hinlyTaiit, Ur Dunink a ad prluolp-tl
I tie Lxprir-a lialui Conine! kl UorurlUvllle wild
railroad lr lbtualo.in 1 Imlra with the Cnuandalgui
and Hi(iil alia Uuthoad, at lUu-l.nutou, with
l Le Hviaiu-'i Uailrcu.t.ul Coii.luK with Ilia railroad
lur ItoChlntrr Ull 1 I Oil alt. kl lilt-Hi Ut'ud, Willi the
raliioad lor t iiau tu, mi.i ai nuuaio au 1 iMiukiia
uittt ihrt 1 akahl.cre Ifalltoad (or Cleveland. Cincin
nail, loldd, lrir.'H, ChKagi, o , uud the Caaala
t'llAUUtd MlNOl,
eep 1 J ilebiul SuirnuivuJcUt
ATn.lt lillll.it'.
in aoufe.iuebca 01 lh lowt.e'1 of (he watrr In II e
fleueral Ht-i-eni'lr it will be ntioefemry, uulem groat
ei'uhouiv tf vifttur li practiced, tor tlie 44ovruuieut
boon to Html utt the tupply to cit.rona eutlrd'
All leitSOUn ate, thatetore, lorbUdrU tlUe tba
bydriiuiacu Priibavlvai li aenue,or uu any biriti
or avKouee muter the r-ue tt id buptrrlnlon ot the
i-'iiniiuUlonttr of Publlo Hulldlnga tor wnterlug tlie
atreeia or pawiuenta, cr Ur auy pi iv ate urpott
And atliare.ua ualdg the water are urgently tell
Cllid to la ai aoohtiiulual in ill Ue B4 poeetra
bep t Comubnlonrr 01 Public Uul'dlflgj
Oopnncrblb hirctofra anUtlng bktweiu
tilt o viirrm 14 ii.iat 144 y ui-tt
dy dl-wlrtd by matna)
juuxi u 1.1 Lb,
JchuO lyle ctlii ccututiii t j tu-ufii t t
iU3Ctcn J)yJ.U1l )yi
nr mm j. A ..
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I'ourtgo, ob, rojr hrotiiir, courai,
(lod will culda Hit n.oula rlrc
(lod will ituld. Hit ptoula rifle
In the morrow diwn alii brlthl'i.
On the morrow dnwn will brlcliln.
Boiiterlng fir lb thtdtrn of nllit.
W)inl llioui,h m roiicr npuoitf In fi spor.
Itlghl iliHll In IL. oiipreull'
And Itioiigh Freedom tteme lo rSlor.
Vol rIir wears her cont vt ln.il
ilbirp und mntir nie the Uneeai .
Whoae Oorro tliriutebe balti I Maui,
(IckI will Itrlke with lightning kVnai,
He wllltive Illichnaen Itnd.
Then tike hetrl, ami eeate to rfeml.te,
litter nn more and repining;!
Lnnlc abore, and Ibrougli tbe ilru.tn
Smile to tie Ibe elltel-llnln i
An.) reiiiemberlbal thou doeA
Naught ilifaoul ahall feel I. wro-g;
Life In hand, go lorlU and alru(af
For the wenlc agaioat tbailr.w,.,
I'ounrlU loud will rail and-muriel.
Tralluli illKo lo orr. rve." wo.
Filling allll In atop Ibe current,
Oriby Jmlh'i realstleas fl;.w.
As Ha w.vei rile high and higher,
Then tbe people's aoul shall rite,
And tbe righteous, golden sentenof
Flash before the uatlon'a eyea: '
Tbat all men are born to freedomi
Equal souls hare to save;
And 'lis wrong and bitter sinning,
iloldlog fellow man as tlare; ,
Then when Qoil ahall clear tbe sbalows
That hath v.lled our sight lor jars,
Wo can rttid lls shining letlere
All Ibe heller lhiouh i,ur team;
lifehel Kiwi rroni lli lJotona-WII
Hamabnrar, Va., Iielng fortltted-Umlon
Force ait the Whit lloua-othe.m
'A'elegiaplitfi New Pence I'ropoiftiuna.
From tbe Hlobmoud Kcqulrer of the ith.
A toldier v ho U juat frc m tbe Potomil rngton
eajB that the piiitlt-s of tba enemy whS have
bticu cuuiruiUlDif raIJi la LouduUQ atkl Fan
quid hatti dUapneaieil. During tblr advi'a
tiirtu (bey vleltu.! UUdleburg bu.I Uppeivllle,
and paroled all the elck h.-UietsuDil etmgftUrs
wboto tbe; found therj. 'Tbey tuaJe a tlnsh
lowrjrili '(.lis, lor tLu i.tirpoad of r op hiring
den. ftlnbone abtl olbur n fleers, Iiili ibey
Uarnetl were In that vtelully. Their cfurl, in
thlj reYpvct, wai a failure. It la reporirfd that
tbey captured Col William Smllh, wbdwaaoa
bin way to hia bomo io Fauaaifer. wouiJetl.
fi om lb battle OdU ol 8barpaturg. But (tough
bo bad lo bd driven aa rapMlp aa greatly lola
ciiai bU UUcomrutt, h4 eOdbfed capture. He
La two prtlofnl ihi Touadk in hid arm, bit no
buieH uiu broken,
Vt ar4 happy lo uudentaud that the aotlctt
01 tue endiny in toat quarter bavo weu atopped,
11 luuttuu ini'y bttvu uui ewu aevereij pnniibeij
ab h niobablf.
Quit. Lee'a army waa itill ueir Ibe poalitou
leptiriwu ror tna i tetr Uftja
TbuiaJay ubht, abont 70 Yaokftd prlnQQern
atWtvd bv Ibe Cejiitral train. AniAniAvbiifn4rrM
iwo tt'poitoiB of Northern jourualtt. Thufut ro
i)ortiH, ti kL'riaa. wuta oo lioir patoia. MkJ iu
lui mod tboaa with wboui they tonvbraed Ibul
iboy weie (rolog lu ?,rtt tba bi(btaonbe city,"
ana hotf wnai waaiu u.imbu. iiiey ware wen
dunpllod with Federal green backs." and mati
Ifcated a Jetrulo &ell tlT a largt frinor.Dt for
Confeder&te nulea Yankee reporters wso't do
to ba trusted to tac8 tbo tight," erfn ou their
On yeLrday tyenlug aboivt two blind. ed
wo.inded arrUed, and eight hundred more were
einefUd down dnrlocr the niaht. Toe? are
from various recent batllu Gald, andcnnbtllute
tnnie who were not een inly hurt.
Ihe abketA hare asaln taLed reaiou ol
Uillluuibhiug, have mitittM every hill around
tv lib balterlei, und fveu batrladed the elieeta
Kith leucine, Baft4 ti obsttiuu thd chart! of
Cialry. rabrjago thtougn tub) bairMido in el
httt'd by iiKale. uuflicleul to permit thorouch
fro lounly oiia iban at a lime 'Tba "military
fr Troor or me town la in-i L.ieuinnaiit i oiu
n. I ul tbo 61b renneylvAnU, a inJo. mUltitily
f.llu., who hriri, Kllbtu bis brief adminfrHiation
ul u fow daya, conoHUiratcd upLu blmutf tbo
Daired of lUt eutlie emnniiiiiiiy
Ui porta from th r.mib r-l.l.. bj tbrtt thfe
VunLce force at utlotlc Is rortuinly being en
Ihrged A report waste-reived on yenterdiy thut
ldri?e bodim of tbo i-uj-tuy neru lln lauded
a i Ibo Wbito House.
UKN. HKiniTfl mU KKPt.RT v
TttlUH.U'H Ml KNOaVILIK, Ui pt. 'it! FROM
iH'iinnraiur. ;;ept. i. rot. .'it u uoopftr,
A.liulaut and Inspector (lener&l The imii-
Eton al ibla place aurttudered laatulght without
utu drlug a gun. Wa got four tbomand (4,000)
pileoorrs, four thoueaud (4 000) tsmall arm-),
piece ol artillery and rrrunitiona in large qitan
titbit). DiUXiON Bmou
re tee pikiPiWiTfONa
It will bd remtimbeifd that .attain ''I'nace
I'liibuelllorib ' wfre itifc(ii?d to tti4 Cauitaittfo
oil 1'i.rilu lUUtloOa, lu tbe lloiiad ol U(pre
h erulativt'H, botufl dua ago, aud wtrd iliily re
ported OU U have pilbllpbud (be) eport b if
Mr I outtt, thalrraun ol that c.uumillvd, lu ta
vr l tbu polio y ot mabiug peaoH ueituu
nt Ibisiiru't, Ibiuiigh the ucu.'ii ol Giiirbe
'V copy today ou He flhei eUU tl thj quea
tloo, tbe tepuit ot the uiluoiUy ot the uutu
u.llldH, nbloh WiUplr'AvtiUd 10 Ibo tlouae, ou
thrtI9tb Inat, by Mr UaiLB.ial.
'Ibfere id no doubt tbat uu ahote t!nufJee
ary ardeutly drlre peuoo. e Uuyeii wautbd
,m1i. We did not make tbu wui. We klOod,
and are ntandlng on our deleuce aalnat a wick
ed uggte-oiou. Wo are tigblltg lor peace ; ol
noiirar wo ffisli Lr It.
Fur o.iiboWrrt, tooj we look with wucl Inter
ent, nut ouly for ijcuce, but for such a dUUlou
ot the pieeabt ttotiberH Ueptiblic, 63 ahall aeute
pare in Ihe tuluie. Ihia ditMuu Hill nuiely
I'lmie, aud the earlier tbo boiU'r Ila territory,
pi erenla a vut dUproportbti between iu leuglh
ftul breadth llmxiieuiltieationton I wo great
oceaua that look In diilcitut puitaol (be world;
aud they biunepauled Iroiu e.uh by lltty-elght
dgieeii'f loogllu le, and an uir line ot throe
Ihuiuaiid udleH Itua val belt 01 Uuttoiy la
(almost Cut in ttvo betwuon Lhke Eile aud the
Ohio, ibo t'.'-tia.'clliirf ut.k '"-uiK only about
one buudDd uillert wide, Il la i.fntly biidu. ted
Uftttiti by tun titii ii dii piaiud tuai uu imuway
ljlHen the Mirrintl.iul aa.l ihe uoiky aioiiii
luiua It la uiralu iuteitsetrd by tbe fciuat
Uockv Aluiiuiatu faue, wbuUullorie but a lew
doue ot cumuuintcAUoa bettveu iti fustern and
ftBI-lt-ra bttfrrit).
Ibeae geographical vliL i Atioiia an nut the
Oil IV obbtacien toooutiUiuM iiu.ou lueunor
Bllv ol loUMeatb will JuotlilutA n kTietler fiepa-
rutlnt NrtW lloglund willf.etfriMtiuiilp'it.bhe
lb laiing oilier people lor lei udvaiituge u in
h-r ualute and br biti.iy IVunrnlvtiuu has
efor been demandinir what hbe calla tiruteo
tion" tor ber non and coil ed ir nue win go
with New Kogland lor a Uiiil tbt wilt ohtjut
Ueretnatning Stalta. Tb WifaUin Ctatee ate
prodi.Cdra.uudfct&rlffiaio ibeia uothiujt tat u
Ui luc omnia' beaent ibey win anuuiu mu,
If at ull. with areat leliuMauce, aud ooly be
caucu their loland ftliutlou uukei a njt.titln.e
cinecclion a bort of itBCOhBitt iloooei or la-
ur they will prefer lo avail tbetabftlvee of tie
frea navigation ol the MiaiiUelpp "hUb we
hiva ordained, to a connection wilh tlo ta,
Urough the Yaakecs, tor which tbey must pay
mrti enormous ItlLtile. Oiltfurnb, rtlth bor
gold ml nee and her I'acluc front and eaebru
mountain barrier, will undoubtedly, together
with Oregon aud tYaAhlnglou, fuitu a 8 e par ate
f tower She will not be content to tend lor her
aw to WaablnatOu. a dletance bv water of
lght or nine thoireiud ullfR.
lint while we want peace, and waul to tee
the dlvldlou oflhe Uepublio that border ua on
the North, we think, with the minority renort.
that thet best way to secure tbn first In bv vie
oiuuh dghtlog; aud tbe aecood, by leaving the
communities concerned to discover (heir owu
ioterealfl. Any formal overbite or preaalnn lu
duoement ou our part ii likely to be tuiiron
flttued or reeentej. We would keen a ready
ear lur peaceful IntimatlouH, and met! them
wUbJrankjerie; but we umt adnpt our con
duetto Ibe maulfestaUone of Ibe enemy. We
think 11 v?ry happy, therture, that ll.e duly ol
negotiation Ia lodged with tbe same officer to
whom U confided Ihe prOfweultoii ol Ibe war.
Tbu we ate ready to tetpocd lo any lutloia
Hone and In tbe piopei degree and to profit by
any opening tbat may present Itnelfj at tbe lime
tima tbat we auaii canape tbe tndlanlly tr a
con leap tuouii rejecilon ot onr propObltlonn.
Tbe priwer to negotiate and Ibe power (oMrlke
belusf In Ihe eiiue bande. tbn latlerwlll not be
MiobarraaaM ot. enfewbUd by uullncfy rei-
inrnn, wniid-ibj tiwawr may be eierrieea wim
the delltMoy aud lart iiecfaaary M tbe beet
The M low I oil -bill nataed both hoinsi of the
Rebel Oongre&a on Fildiy
An Act to amend an act entitled "An act lo
provide furtbtr tor the publlo defence," ap
proved lCth of April. 18C2.
TAe (Icmare-if (f tht CotiftJtrate Cta'et of
Amntcaao enact, That the President be. and
he Is hereby, aathorlted to call out atil nlare
In the inllituy lervlcnnf ibeC.HdedeiateStaterf
Ivt thtee yenirt.ti'iles-i (be w.n shill batnbreu
sooner eiidrd, alt wLUcs who uri in-Ucitld ol
tbe Lontedurute otulon, between Ihe iiea ot
thlrty-Uve aud forty-dry years at tbe time Ibe
call or calli may be made, aud who are no I, at
euch time or times, legally fiedipted from
military service, or etich parte thereof as, lo
bis pidgini-nt, may ue Decennary to publlo ile
(ence ; aitcb call or oalla to be nfad under the
provUlons and accordlui; lo ibe terma ol tbe
act to which this Is -au ameodmenl, uud hiich
authority ahall exist In tbe Treetdent during
Ihe preafnt war, aa to all pertoLs who are or
may hereafter become eigbleen yeais ol age;
and, when once enrolled, all peuouB between
the ages of eighteen aud fully Qce years shall
serve their full time:
Provided, T hat If the Pffsnbnt, In railing
out troops ititu thHrvicecf Ihe Confederate
States, aball tirnt cull fur only a part ol the
perdoui. wllhlu tbe ugt-e beiflnbtloitt atnted.he
shall call for those b-lwoim tte ages of thirty
five and any otbfr age Iom (ban lorly llva
yeurs: 1'rov Wed, That nuihliiK herein contained
snail be understood ad repeling or mmlilyme
any part of Ibe act totvhicbltiljfdameudatory.
except as herein etrpresHly stated ; And provided,
futthtrt thoae called out under tola act, and (be
acitowriico inie is au ameuiinieur, snail ue
firnt aud Immediately ordered to Ull tu Ihe
maximum number, the compatilea, baltallom,
iquadrone and regimauU from tbe respective
tales, at the time the act to provide tor the
public defence, approved K,tb of April, 18C2,
was paatvd, aud tbe surplus, if any, shall be
a-sh'uvd to ormuiz.itioUd futmed Iroui each
Slate since the pAseuge of that act, or placed In
new oiganlsillcna to be tfflvreiby tLeiitate
htvtog aticb reiidue, ticcotdlu lo he l-twa
thereof, or diipoeed ot ae now provided by law,
J'-otiJed,1til the Prttnideut Id aa.lboilzed lu
eiiaptfad (he execution (I thld, or (h uct lo
which thltt Id nn umendaieol, iu uny locality
where he may Oud It Impracticable l nvecute
tne same, and, mat lu such localitlad, and dor
ing such siiFpacblou, tbe PrrbUvnl In authuiid
to tective troops luto Lb Crnffderate terrlce
; under any ol tbe acta paaeud by (bu L..nljjB-
raie uongrees, prior to tne tAaagd oi ihe act
to fuilher provide for the pnbli. deft-net, ap
proved lb'tb of April, lef.-.!.
Oolontd W. C. flal bor ne'e regiment of Iar
tlean Raogeis, ou Monday lard, Ibreemlleaftotn
tianklio Depot, id fjoutuamptuu county, ir
Kinla, Captured six mptubeid ul the First New
York caratry regiment, tnounttd t Kidmen, (i'ol
Dodge) These Viinkoca were w. it uil,
bad good htiiaed, Ac In ihe number were two
beigetintd uud A I'orpotal TboyfrVtie uu a
tiiniandiiii itxpfditisiii, when liny ueie iiuex
pri ledly met by a ditnchtiieiii hum f'oloiift
Ulaiboititi d leninitiit, Hinonmled, ntid otdred
toeiitifnUtT, which they veiy widely did 'I bey
weri btotigbt to Kkbiooud yfritfiday und
iiiroed ore i tit tne provoat uuitiu-i
IhMW inn waT.
Mom September IC. K epttcial dlpatcb
to (be Advr)ttier,Siuti Knowilte, dMedyestrr
dav, eAye Major Ouiidrul Jtiuoa lodav uoeUed
a dm patch from IVhherd, contlrming the cup
flirt) ol u,000 piiaoneid al Mumlordavllle, Ken
lucky, and 1,800 at Cave f'ity Tho bilgadj id
moving on Liulsvllle. Tbe totre at NaBbvllle
Is bulweeu four and dee tboitfeand. Our guar
II Us are doing good woik.
Ul., U0UTU
The Houston (Texai) Trteyiaph, ot lb ;J.J
iuBtwit, hrtyo Thogueatlon whelber Uuui Uoua
ton la alive, U agitating ibe press both of tbe
United hiates and Confederate JOtaUa We an
6ei it lid la alive, and Cumpaianvely well,
rebi.tiug ui oia place, ou Uniar iv-int, lew
mltoafrom tble city
I'he Lviuilalon of Ihe lleliela.
Onlrr 1) (lie Guurnor of Mai)ltir.il,
Baltimoiik. Sept ...i -TbefollOivIuiz baa met
been tailed I y (Jov Hradt.t.
STiTi or Martlami
September U', lft.-5.
The expulmon ol (he rebel at my bom the
(oil of Maryland aboiiM not t.e&nriYted to ime
witbont tbe proper acknowledgment and loi
dial tbankn of ber ai.thorltht to ibn-e who
were churl instrumental in (.ompelllin; that
1 would lender, then f.di ou beball o ibe
ftlal of Manlaud InMsj -r (Irueittl Mrl.'l.llin
and the gallant frTiivr ant men itnUr hi
cutiiuiuuif, tuyeittiibl und beaity (Inuks lor
the didtliignUbed cotiraie, bkill, nud paltaotrv
W lib wblCh I but Ui biel einent W im nCCoiiiplit-beii.
It nil c i a lii-lr upon the ubility 1 1 (he cm
muuilf r in chiet undth. bcioiHutu .lendtrnnce
ul hi followeiH, that Ihe loimiry evi ryrtheie
rvcognlre, nud itmt uvrti our enuuded aie cou
strained lo ( knowledge.
To (lOirnnor Curtlii, 1 1 Fehimylvaiiia and
tbe tullitU ol bin .''bite Kb.) rallied wltbettcb
aUcilty at tbe that eyinptoma ot uu Invnbton,
our wutuu'Ht tbatika are ulno duo Tbn tradi
ueria wilh winch Ibey cioetieid Ihe boidtr und
look their eland b'eeide Ihe Marybiiid Brigade,
vhowd lhat the border Is to nil reepectn but tut
ideal line, and that, io audi a latiae aa now
unite i? tie, FonopylvaiiU aud Mar) Ian 1 are hut
1 cannot forbear to no! Ice, in thM ronneo
Hon, the conduct of our own regiments (bat
took part iu the tecent batllea All reports
concur in representing their gallantry aa all
their Stata could deblre Thd numbeis ot their
kiiu.l and wounded, and their torn and tat
teted staadarda, bear witutaa to the position
.1 .J in Ihj Hll Ti ihj 3flHAn,t
i iuey .-tuuiti vmu,
I Third, anl Fifth Maryland regiment, the Tup
I cell Heme BrlgAde, and tbe Flrit Maryland
arUllery, who participated In the recent alrog
gb, I wouM therefore Under the tbaoki thai
at fcojuetly their due.
fiy the Governor:
Wv. B. Hill, Secretary of State.
From New Orleans.
A lltballloaa Agalael the Itebale.
In tbe DtlU pf lplember 18th we find the
following story
"The chivalry of Assumption parUhom
fuMng, of cmiree, all the cowardly sugar
ordd of (bat cectlou, wlahlog to give to
the cotiatry a tnatk of (heir devotion to
Ibe came of treason, not long ago pie
vailed on Tboinas O. Moore to dhipatrh to their
amlatanro a troop of guerillas, In order to
force their poor fellow cltixena Into the ranks
of Ihe Confederate army. Accordingly, a few
hundred guerillas, Ibe flower ot the Red river
banditti, were sent (here, and, In a very short
lime, all tbe fighting men of Asaumpttoa were
beiiled In a camp not far Irom NapuleonvlUe,
and placed under the deepolb away ot a ras
Cttltv mllitlA cMoti.!
"No longer able to boar Ih tyranny of their
comma m ler about lfill rwn in Ihecamp, bavins
pintlouftly provided th.-inDes with aaveial
rounda ot buckshot, one nioinlnf. about ten
days ego, choe out cf their number a loader.
Having loaded their goos, they declared they
wouta no lonprer ngnt agatnit tbe United
States Oovernmant. and took uoaeisioa of the
camp, drlviog out all their officers, many of
whom came very near loitntr their Uvea. Dur
ing two whole days they held poanefelon of the
camp, ready lo light any lores sent against
t tie lu. uui no one dared to approach them.
On the Ihlid day tby left for tbolr homes
" The ?ieaL Mooie, It ra eal.l, hu ordered to
Aeii.niptlt.n u Uigrt lutco of kuiIIUh, in order
there lo murdr all tbu ctlUeua loyal lo the
Oe titil I Uullai'e Otdaia
(.piural Iliitler laaued an order ou the 19tb
of September, to the educt tbafanv l hli aol
dteid couvlcted of taking private property
bqoiiiii oe immediately pauuneu. Anotner or
der, dated on the 18th, bays
" All trauafera of property or right of prop
erty, real, mixed, peruonal, or Incorporeal, ex-
cit necetiaarr food, medicine, and olothlnir,
either by way of sale, ultl, pledge, payment,
lease, or Icuu, by any Inhabitant of this depart
ment who has not returned lo hla tr her alle
giance to tbe United State, (having once been
a cltlren thereof,) are forbidden aud void, and
tbe pvriton tranaterriog and tbe pemon recelv
loir flh'ill be punlnbed by line or imprleoument,
or liflui "
A t'ulon Meillng.
A great Union meeting was held In Nw Or
leans September 17. at which (7ol. A J. Uamil-
tou, ol Texan, uiafe a etlniog and patilotio
epetvb Speaking ul the wretched condition
Gl Triai eince rebel I loo. be nth :
1 be Urol act of tba confederated mobocraoy
uf Tex a was to rob the Union Its mother,
who bad picked It up out ot tbo wilderueu a
poor foundling of all the arms and munitions
of war in the State, helped by tbe treachery of
a man wno id now no more. Tula was none
even before tbey bad joined tbe Confederacy.
With the help ol the mooty tbey had stolen at
the same time, from tbe same source, tbey pur
c boned all the powder In the Stale, and then
i wb'ii the people WtAe up Ibey found tbny had
j no urmd, no puwd.r, nothing to resist with, aud
a. i iht were il Ibe mercy oi (bia unprincipled
"The coUderiuenced of all this are too appa
rent to day. Iu all I bo bioad limits ol that
Stale l biie) wm no niaii who coull eay be waa
aciaally pooc Fie might have but an humble
home, a little kg cabin, but be bad plenty
Ibis was bbturn Ihe era of nrfctealou. Go to
that pour man's home now. You will And bis
wife clothed In raffs, and weeniotr for her hue
banl who t-he will tell ynu thtee days au was
dragged oil ui a conscript to pour foith bis
bl&ud like wttifi m lurlberauco ol a rauie
whi. h he dteeta.
Tlie llaltl. ur llic Illy
'ibo Trite DAtt eitjn :
" II bi, amid all Ibe trouble of these tiroes,
a hwljrut of profound pratlltide that, In all bu
uutu prolmbility.our ctiy will be spared a vlolt
uliuti of i pldeiulc didea-iH. Ibe recent cose of
HiidenniblH yellow lmer, which appeared here
and tiiiuinaled Ulally, was liupoihd: but fol
low Ih' Itii IdHd whii h hit past erperfence ha
uoiuonhii ateu to ue cnaructrit.ucd u this awiui
Bcouie.it reamiued iiucouimunlrutt-il, tbe con
dltloti larorabbj to (far geueraliou oi (he die
hukh mil conducive) bt tta etpumlou, 11 Im
potted, not exuding "
A l earner hid ntrtved al New Orleans from
Foil Uuval, South Carolina.
rrom Frrderlrk.
Allaiitpt i Mioot an Aiubulnucr Uilvar
ArilVMl or Wounded rtio Uiatt lu M
ivliiilitciu n uf Aliarylftnti UabaU
Tliiiltl t lllivn.
iJ fecial I) U patch to the Pbila.Ulpnla Inquirer.
FKrorhiek Md Sept. 2'J, lgfiJ -This et-en-log
a eecewlooiet Irom llarpere Ferry, while
under Ibe inOnetica ol liquor, attempted to
hboot an ambulance dtlvu-, but mlued hloi.
lie was arrested and put Iu irons.
A number of wounded from (he lite batilei
aiiUed liom Keedyiivllld tonight, and were
pli.vd lu Ibo bosptfaU bei About 700 men
Ate lupihed to Iru dulje.1 lo tltt MaryUodti
4iivtj Or J J U:.r,.u uf ibtidlv U budily
vOibKt inexauiluiiig (hosd applying lor ei
A number ol soldiera who have aerved In the
rebel army are dully returning to lb 14 place
Srme ot tbe timid cltirena are remaviog (bblr
good (0 Philadelphia, under (be belief (bat
Jackson id again coming 10 ibia State
tecum H ulurky.
LoiuMiir, Lept W - Oen Duel I bat been
relished ol bid command, and Gen. Thomas
Hnvueda him. The cpemy ate lilt scattered
tbiouph tbu adjoining coiuuiee. Geu.Roueau's
division passed iu levlewaud made a street
tiatade today. Tbe (tuopa appeared well
Hi.- telcgiupb lioea between here and Muu
toidilile bate been cut at Shepherdaville by
thd irbtdd. All i.nlei ou tbe Ohio,
FiiAunirrous, Frpl. aO-LVI Ueuuett'd
Cftvnlry baa bud ft bklimlnh aud captured Ibe
TJilr.l (.ViUU rivalry He paroled the non
ca (ui)ln.-n. d (ft), el a mid pilvatei
TlIK 1'lhlMiL ISM Am 'ibo JltflfiSe-t, 01
Fililiv Urit. lemtudd tbn ' edltora ol the J'rtts"
lhat ihe h.Mio-rf ol ibe Mamachueeltd men, lu
luwd id Citiena L'onveulluu, baa1 these veiy
iililnnlUo tfi1 lllltbtul UOldd.
11 n no lime lor ptily ot paiiy uames,par
ly ciikh or party li-uert He whoiainea euch la
n truilur it the people, (n the Government, to
tin t.fal hoped uf humanity. There mutt be
one piiipo-e, one aim "
The uiithtiilneaa ot the woidaia admitted and
appieciated aud their inhUnclivenebsU greatly
aidod when It la remembered that (Ai "One pur
poi and "one aim' of the bfteeu hundred re
pfCtable gentlemen who have slgued the ad
drops referred to, la to kill ort John A. Andrew
and Charles Sumner, and this almply became
they do nut apeak of negro alavery with rever
ence, or handle it with kid glove; and while
pretending to ignore parly and party laeuaa,
tbe new movement h a pirty movement, and
nothing but a party movement, to bring ioj.0
power all Ibe odds and ends, and lag end, ot
all tbdcoet-ctf parllas cf the last halt a dczen
years. John A, Andrew will be elected In spite
of Ihle Illy concealed and virulent parly more
ment again at him and tbe Hnalon arlaiocracy
and ' reapectablHyV' even when aided by the
Portland AdverHtert can't prevent IL Uatna
obaaetUis not prepared to drink oblations lo
alavery from Southern aptt boiea, nor will ahe
do It. Port'oml (Me.) Prut.
BaTTLt-riKLDS The Baltimore. Am says tbat
the beautiful district of country over which
Ibe battle of Sharpsburg ragM preeenta a
melancholy picture of devastation. A number '
of houses and barns weie deelruyed; tence
scattered as If a tornado had swept tbatu away;
bundrede oT acres of corn trampled down and
devoured, and wreck, ruin and dea.iUllon meet
the eye at every turn. A nitjilty ot the bou
eea In f.barpbburg, as well as IbfiSe along thj
whole line or battle, liuui thence loKeedysvIIle,
exhibit marks of having been under Ore. Soma
weie penetrated to three or four different placed
by shot and shell, and lu roauy lostances their
Inmates mads narrow eacapei from destruction.
Tbe amount ol personal properly horiaa,
cattle, boge. eheep, corn, hay and olbsr pro
vender which waa taken from the farmers,
was enormous.
TrvNESSKE TRiiropa AKaraTtn it Cincik
WAn TwoeecefetonUfe, rasrehants of Knox
vllle, Teoa., ware arrested at Ibe GtUon Horn
In Cincinnati en Friday, having bean recognl
ted by one of their vlstfms, a loyal man, whoj
property, amounting to 130,000, was cooflicated
by tbe agency of these man, and be Mmsalt
thrown Into tbe same jiil In which Parson
Brownlow was conftoe-1 Tbe Oattft says :
"With the bitter memory of his wrongs barnlog
In his bosom, the pareecuted man went Imma
diately to the hotel, cbere be founl one of tha
mea just dlsouitelog t splendll dish of snp
Hi wae dragged out and plac.-l itader chaui
of an effiw lu a fnv. niouionta traitor No, -(or
whom the refugee ehUKitiued Iwb love even
lhau tbe drat, made bin appearance. Ibe Ger
mau collated him Immediately, and upon hn
resisting, drew a plalol aud battered blm on
the bead. A crowd which bad collected loter
fered here, being Ignorant of the merits of ihe
case, and the traitor was eaved from a deserved
rastlgatton "
To (he Pat, Ur
DrpARTxixsr or THr Iktxrior,
Office IndUn Affairs, ifri!ir 19 16B2
From Infotmatltm tacetred at ibis Depart
ment, deemed aufficleutly reliable to warrant
me In eo doing, I consider ft ray duty lo warn
all persous contemplating the ending oflhe
PUIiid thla fall to Utah or tbe Pacific cntut
that there Is good reason In apprehend hoitlK
ties on the part of the Bannock and Rhoebon ot
Snake ludlaua, as whII aa the IndiAos ttpon the
Plains and along the Platte rltvr.
The Indians referred In have during tbe past
summer committed several robbeileaand mur
den Tbey are numerous, powerful, and war
like, and, ehnuld they generAlly.aaeumea hoa
tlle attitude, srecsfable of rendering Ihe era I
grant rentes acrtve the Plaint extremely peril
ous Uence this warning
By order of the Secretary ot thr Interior 1
CtiiktFa E. Mix
Acllni; Conimltvton r
WAtHihOloit, U (' , Uei teiutier 30, 16c3
HI- A LI l PHOPOALfl will be reciirad at thli
offloa uoill Tbuivday.o ioLer .d, Uti, at a o'oIock
p ta , for Ue lutiaiJurii.u ot gel au.i plBOibiog
w.-ra at the boipital and diralHof near OL A toyla
Cnuien t
For peclflt.Li,appl.ratba muit be male to
Cpt. K K Camp, at thu oflio.
PropMale mDkt be addreedtoCapt t. Q iiartr,
Aebtaot yuartermarter U S Attuy.and ahouid be
plainly marked " PropoMle lar itaa MiUOfj and
riutublog al tit Aloji.m Hoipltat "
not 1-Jl
rNiiuciLMKiivs io in.ti.srh iuaa.
AlaToa aOrnoa,
UaablnfltOU.Hrpteinber'J, 1681
The under binned committee to euoourade volua
ter entlatiotiutd under tbe aot approved Auaua -,
UOj, enUlled Aa act making aptrJprlailou t.M
bouuUaa to volunteer eulUtojanty nereby aoiliy
thoae Inter eat ed tbat tbey may be tound at ine oibJa
ot Ibomaa K.Lloyd, No a?e tltiveuin street wa!
betwen K and V atreeu north, from aud alter Ihii
day, tooatiy inioeOecttbe roleioneot theabow
reeled eat, where arrangement a will ne made to pay
aaj raaeiv the bounties offered t-y the corporation
ol Washington
Tb bountlee under thla aet ai by lu una lltu
Ited flret ro ratelng to their lull jcmplemeni or ra.i
Uaal-iret anal da30ud illauieit ul liolnmbla Hz
mou, and (ban to lb formation of ether and i.lJi
tlooal itlmante
ii no ri i lu i c.
lioaid ol Aldarmea
Hoard ol iXriubiou Counoil
l'e I Kit 1 HACON,
J A MM .. 1AMH,
On part ol CTtlrant
iep I SUwlw Uaycr
barnes "& daTr
4BL TCtxxtU Wtraot,
UKlViFf N l ANO I. SIKFt.Ta,
iRritaihaatleatiun&fnUTLKHS.ui UtiLKHS
to tbair Uxtensiv uiock of Good particular!
aJiitrdtetiultara' wauta.kalaetad with ma taT(i
car aud uow offered at 1 .wprtoci tor cab
UHiiur Kir i.
PHl-ai-.m l-U Mt.At1
JM.1 t'S 40
ai.a h(H)T acd flUOl'd. aui ft aei.aril hiiirt
mitnl -NutlOHa
Piaaea gtv u a Call
blKr.l tt CO ,
up a aw th Niutnitmt
li It A i' A I I ON,
I'lijslfluu ami UriilM,
omoe,No el h itri, nwr itu Olrcb
iir 7 4PPONK oooilituaa id aire laatruoilaut to
Madical aiudutakud uih.utu iuatotuy, Pnyatolo
ky, ( hamMry, ua.lony, tiiany,i.ud tartouettner
fcraaChaa ol t.labi; C.umJ,td Willi ttlrdljine. ttoui
toe fftit lu tr.a aaina pgimiPr e
'lUlOISlAti ICLiLaOliit
1 Attorney for (Uaunanta,
lloiiQti UUilx, Vcukiuut, Airruri
of Pa), Run Tay, an,
WAhUlXGTOX, 1. ('
vlll fire prompt aud eiluleui aticutiou to iUj
PTomouUou ol tl aim ot evtry u.ii(tiou ajiiat
tne Oovetnment.hud u.ake u.t (.hit he noUaa eu
Mart u I.
Hot It refTnvi ana ciauu ioi en uaa win ua ww
aatufaotory ...
mT" Pualooa aacured ir toldiaia wouuded or 01
eaaed durlug the nintiua war also, Mr th wUowi
and orpnaua oi eoiaiera wno u.n uiu uuw nwHy.it
ordleaiwe tuourred while iu tue Ubiud Stated tar
vice sa,tiMniv J.neylortnebira at lawofaoldian
dtaa'ad durlujj the eaUtini v. ar
teaa divtdad withattorub)! or other paraooi ur
warding butue
1 Ra bldli'al I in-aa Laia tur una ,i arrani)
taukiAd y, LLoiu,
Atttnfihv CtaimJtn't,
No aloderauth nr.t,
VhlDjtvti O U
. aa l ili.hf i.o.j rnl.kl hln.ika ahArarttvl
Will bt CUllllai Id Bf tanliti 10 ta tuiOUUt 01 UitM;
(.aargaa. '
ue iw
UOI b. 154 14 B7f rtf U. "M2l2.,'1
t.aatflMlf , WaSlsW) '

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