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NO. 270
11 i MiMMiBiiMBBWHBMWBWBBBgMBnBBWBWMMwmniiiirrn mrr-ii mini mini mini r'T'nn i ir id i mi hi mm, r ,11 w m iiUiirTrnnHnnnTriTi!
I ill Hi NAVY ,
Havt DiritmuT,
0ttri tf thngrudton, ifc , Sept. H, IMS.
StALKD PUOroaALS lolntiUtiMteiUlifor
th ntrr for 1h A-ct, rtnt vodlnf toth i. IMS.
will J raf If td it U.U Binn utU S v'elook F. U.
ol th Slit Oototwf utxt Thtt niOfKMftto nut b
t ndor'td Proponlsfar MatwiaJt for LU Any, Himra
Omamdion" ko , tbtt T mtr b dUtinfUtW
from othtr tmatatn latter
Tb ma triala and arttoUt rabnotd In tbi claatM
Dimtd ar panlealarlr 4arUad la iht printed
itbtdulu , any of whlofa will ba faiatilMd to aaeta aa
de.lit toortr,on application totba oommaada&ta
cf the ratptoUT yard. or to tba nary aftnl aaaraat
tbtrcto, aal tbosa f all tba Tarda, npoa applloailoa
to thl flan t a. Thli dlTteloa lata eltatM balatr for
tba eoDTiniDei of dtalati In aash, ioh portlou
only will ba farntshtd u aia aotoaliy rtqalrtd ft
bid. Ttia oomtnandaat and B?y af nt f aaab ita
lion will. In addition to iha itbcdaia of olaaari of
their own yard, ba a copy of ia aohidaln of tba
oihtryard, for uamlaatlan onlr, fromwbleh It
may b Judged wbatbtr It will ba dulrabla to auaa
arplloatlon for aay of tha otuaca of thoaa yardi.
Ofleri mtut ba mad for tba who: of tba elaat at
any yard wpoa on of th printed Mhdalt,or In
met aosformlt tberrwtth, or thiy will not b aoo'
itiirtd. In computing; tba elaMet, tba prlot itatad
In tba eotoma of prist will ba tba itaadardaad tba
age ra'a of tb olaai will ba oaiilad oat aeecnllig
to lb prtoaa itatad.
Jnt aoatraat will ba awardad to ua lowttrt (dm
Ut blddir who rim mot ar itnritf tor Ha fait I
mant. tha United Brat rarra tha nflht f fftf
all tha bid for aar alaa, tf daaaaad asofMtaat
Ail arilolumiut baof thararvlMitaBKluv.loba
d)lrtred In ih nary yard la good order, and la
tultabla Tiaaali and ickari, properly marked with
tha nam of tba oontraotor, m th om may b, at
tboaxpaDM aadrukoftba oon!raetortaad la all
. rcipccta tnbjaet to tba lopotion, nuaauraaitnt.
couct,wt1ght,ftc f of tba yard whore raoalvid,aaa
to th entire aatlifaotlon of tbeeommandtnt tberaof.
Bidden are icfrmd toth eommanduta of tha
respaetlr yard for eunptc( Initraotloai, or par'
tleular deeorlpilm ofth arttolee, and, all other
thloga being qail,prcfrnc wtU be gitin to ir
tloiea of Amertoin mbftufftotnre
Erery offat , m required by th law of loth Anguit,
1840, nut be acosapanled by a wihtenvarantte,
tka torm of wh ch i herewith glran
Thoa only nhoM Oder raar be accepted will bt
notified, and tie eontrot will be fbraarded aa aooa
thmaftcr a tyo teal,wbloh tbey will bare
qotredto cxeuf wl'hlo ten day after Ira reeeipt
at the peat fncc or nary aginoy named by them
ttureilej In the fall amount will ba required to
rlgn the conflict, and tielr rcaponilblUty eettlied
w cy umira oiaiu oinnoi Juflft, uniiea otaiea
dial riot attorney, ecllcctor, or navy agent, Aa ad
dttlonal tfcnrlty.taenty per eenlum wfU ba with
heia from the amonnt of the bUU uatlt the oon raet
iball hare been completed; and tlahty per centum
of each bill, approved Itttriplioat by the oammaid
any or the re pectlre yard-, will be paid by the naff
act nt at tba point ol delivery In oartlaoate ot la
debudnm or Trcaaory notaa. at the option of ita
If . OoTemment "
iilll UnUiUU IU 14J VVUIIKI U) (4 UtIBUIl WW
made bribe parties of the ftret part in dellteilog
all 01 aMi of tngartlelca me mloned In any claaa bid
for In the contraot, of iha qatllty and at tba time
arlplacei atcTa rorlded, then. and Inthatcaae,
the cont-iotor and iilj aareilre will forfeit and r.ay
to tba Uclui matea a asm or money not ezet edlog
twice the amount of anch clisit. which mar be re
covered from tlrne to time, according to the act of
Uongreta Id that c e prgTldtd, approfed alar oh 8,
la claa 17o Hand thsa following, If a qninttty
tn tiJUl ion tqnat t? the face of the cjntraat la d
maadvd. It la to be furokhf d on Ilka tarcu and oon
dlU-DJ dartag the Caoal year
fbrm of Qffw,
iTtiah frcm a firm meat b ilgnad by all the n m
1,. , cf. ,Inth4 mat of - -, hereby
rgue to fur&iih and dI tcMu the reipeotlre nary
yarda a'l lb article djqM tnthectaaMibe.-etinui
ibereior, aud Is o pformiiy with the advertisement
of the llaraaof Coritrnctlon, Ao 01 tfd 8eptem
ber.laol Should mr offer ba accepted,! request
to be add re ad at , a&d the oontract aent to
the nary agent at , or to , for elgnature
and octtlfioata
ilgaalure.A B
The eohedule which the bidder eneloec mail be
twud tAtvUafTar.andetehof tbaa alaaed by him
Oppoi te etch anto )n the hbedal th prta aaual
be Mt, the am&unt carrud on), tba aggieaala footed
op fr each claim, and the meant likewise written
ti word If the partiefi who bid do not retdde near
the place wber th arilcUear too delivered, they
mu'iname lothtlr offer a person to whom a den
ca ihcm are to b de.lvered
Form of Guarantee.
Ihenadeielioed, -,of . in the State ot
, and of -, In the State of ,
hereby Ruaranty thit Jo casi tha turcROing bid oi
. , fur any of the olaeea therein namea be to
reptJ, ho or they will, wlihla ten days after thn
receiptor th contraot at the poet cCDm name t, or
navy agent delgnttid, execnte the contract fbr the
earns, wtlU ftood and iiifBolrnt anretlea, and la oas
taM ,- ihall tail to eater Into contract u afore
tald, we guaranty to make good the difference be.
iwiealtw offer, of the itltf and that which
may ba accepted.
3breby certliy that the above named are
k kuowntonw aa iP4n of property a-d abletomike
good their guarantee
Signature, Q U
To be ilgntd y the Onltel State district Judge,
Onlted fitatea dMilot attorney, colleotor, or navy
Extract from a tmo of the United Staie4, approved
Juty 17,1862.
cJec U An 1 bttifurtXcr enacted. That no cor tract
cr oidtr cr aav lnicrat thf relu ehall be traanierred
by te party rr yajtive towbnm anch contraot or
croeru.iyD givfn io iiy tiuer iiiwr iriiai,
and that auy auob trasffe' shall otu-e the annul
meat u tha ciptrjct or irder transferred, ao fur aa
thi TJcr4 State arc Oddcerued rovubJ, 'htall
the tlglilii i aetiinare lieitby retervei to the UnJ
tei 0 h fcr mi) bioch tr uoh oootraot Ly the
rr.ntn.ftit iir nariv n nurllea
1.0. 10 And 1 if further tructmd, That whenever
auy coutiat r tor eutiUBieoca, cioiung, iroi, am
munliljn.muM'ionpof war, and for evory detorlp
tlonol aui)ntl"a t r itiearmy or navr.oitne united
mates i lull be found guilty by a oourtmaitial ot
fraud or wl.ful negUe. of duty, be ahalt be pun
1 had by floe, Imprisonment, cr luob oiber punish
tncnt a th tourt martial thall aijuige. and any
peieou who shall omtraot to furnish supplies of any
kind or d.iofijtloa for tne army or navy, he shall
be deemed aid taken a a part of the land or naval
fore 01 me u.iihi diiim ijt um am robu vvu
tratit tofurnlfhaaldauppllai. and be aubjeot to tha
rule and rtiniatlun fjt the government cf the
1m d aud baval force ot .he United State
Ihe following are the elaataa required at the re
apeotlv navy yania.
Claw No 1. Whit Oak Legs, No 3 Whit Oak
Keel, No 8 TVfclt-O-k PromUcuoue TUnbert No
wniteOak Plank, No e Yellow Pine Lot. No
I Yellow Flue lHamef No 8 Yellow Pine ltaat
end bpar Timber; Ho 10 White Pine Hast Tim
ter; No 11 White l'lne Plank and Bo.rds, No la
AfhPlark and lUard, No II White Ab 0ra.
No IS Uickery butts, No 18 Black Walnut and
Cherry, Nu 11 Uypraie. No 19 Wblt uak Stave
andKeiding, No '' lllaok Spruv, No. 43 Ltg
numvlt, N Sft I rem No 2d SUwl, No 87. Iron
Spth.cs, ho ti Iron Nl a wrought aud cut; No
tJ Lud. No 81 Zlie and Tlni No 84 Tools fjr
Stora, No 14 White Leid; No ui ItLcPalat.
No B Colored l'ulnia, Pr)er, No &) I.tnseed
Oil, TrnpemlM, VarnUh, No 41. (rlasn, No. 48.
Pitch, Hot-in, I'nr, No 44 Oil, lallo. Soap, No.
id Miscellaneous Dry tioods, llalr Cloth, Ship
Chat.dlery fir fixitiuntlon Llawj A. Uollttr Irou
atdlllrni, C LirJOll, F MUcellaurous Tools far
1-Qlntere, O Qucklug Utftnells, Stare. Ao ; II
Max Canvas, t. Ctmon Oanva. P Twlue; K
leather. II. How, M Brtuhe. N. Oantlug. JJry
fiOodj;0 Lanttros.Q Spe"m01l,lt ShlpCban
dlery tor more and iqulpment; S Btatfoavty; T,
ClAfsNo I WMte 0k Lege, No. 'i WblieOek
Kell'lccir, Nu 3 Whlio Oek Vromlmjucui Tim
bir. Zo 4 vlii e Ok 1'Uuk, No 6 Yel'ow Pino
I cgs, No 11 White Plae Log. Plank, and Sourda,
No 18 Ash Log and Plank; No to. Blaok Wal
nut, MahcgMiy, d CLerryi No U Loouat; No
19 White Xtak Slaee and llrading, No .8 Llg
nutnvltiB No 'lb Iron, No Sfi Stetl, No ST. Iron
tplkei. No 8 Iron Halts, wroght and cut; No
CO Lad. No 8 Zlroand flo; No. 63. Hardware,
No 81 Tool r r Mior.i. No. 8 White Lead, No
U7 Zinc l'alnts. No 04 Colored Paints, Oryr, No
S3 1 luheed Oil Tutpenttne, and Vain'ab.No 41
iIUm, No n Pilch and Ko-in No 41 Fish Oil,
Tallow, and Hoop, No 4A Miscellaneous Dry
Uoods, A Boiler iron and Ulrete, B Pig liou, (I
Lard OH, O Boiler veiling, E. lium Pkcktng, K
MUOtsUaneoua Tools for KuglneeH, O Cotkfrg
tJteiHlIs nnd Btovrs, If HaxCanviu, t tottou
Cinvax, J 11" and Cotton Twice; K Leather,
L Uoeut M Brushes, N Bum log and Ory Uood,
O Lanterna, T Tar for Sireweik, Q Sperm Oil,
K Ship Chand'cry lor store and equipments, S
' Stationery, T, Firj Wool, U Ox Oldee fbrvepe
ClauNo 1. White Oik Logs, No 1 White Oak
KeelFlecti, No. 8. Whit Oak PromUcuoui Tim
bert No 4 'Whit Cuk Plank, No Whiu Oak
Knaes. No TaUw PlnslVogi; No 7. . Velkw
10 White Fine alst Timber, No 11. WUu Pine
Logs Plank and Boards; No il White Oak Boards
and Flank; No 18 Ash Loci and riask; No 14
Ash Oaret No. 15 Hickory fiatte and IIead4kea,
No 16 Blick Walnnt. Cherry i Nt IT. Cypress; No.
It. loca-t: No in. White OaV SUr and Heading;
No. SO. Black Sprnee; No l. Cedar; No 11. Ki
bogaayt No. 38, Llganmrllie; No. . Iron, rtu4,
flat, aid" aquare; Ho 58. Steel; No. 17. Ironiplkee,
No. 81 Iroa Nails, wrought and cat; Ne M. Lead;
No. II. ZlnttTIn; No S3 Hardware; No.M Tools
for store, Ac ; No M Whit Lead; No 17. Zinc
Paint; N.U.Olond Palate. Dryer; No.tf.Lla
eeed Oil. TorpenUne, Taralaht No 41. Olaee; No
a Pitch, Boetn. Tar; No Tlah Oil, Tallow,
SoapNo 4ft. MUoellaoeoae-Dry goods: A Boiler
Iron and Ktratei B nfjroai O.Xard OU; D. Boil
er Felting; X. OeaTloJ F. UleaaUaneoua
Soola for glners) O Cooking UUnells, Stoves,
fie I B Flax Cannae 1 1. Cotton Canrasa, J. Twine,
K. Leather; h. noaet If Bnubea, N. BnnUag and
DryOoodai O Lantern: Q fi perm Oil t It, Ship
Chandlery for ttorra and equipment, 8. BUtwnery,
T. Fir Wood.
ClaeeNo 1. White Oat Logs; No I, White Oak
Keel Pltoee.No 8. Wbiu Oak FromUenon Tim
bat; No 4. Walt Oak Flaakf No. $ Yellow Pin
Plank Stock Leg: No. T. Yellow Flee Beam; No
t. Yellaw Flae Mart and Spar Timber: No 19.
White pine Matt aad Spar Timber; Mo. li. White
Pre Los, Piaak, Boerdj.AejNo 19. A ah Legs
aad Flanks No. 14 White Ajh Oars; No I White
Heart Hlokory.Capttaa Bars; No 14 Mahogany,
Black Walnut, Cherry; No, 17 Oypreii, Cdar
Board) No, 18. leW; ho. so Blaek Satne Spar
Timber: No. It Ltganmvttai: Na aft Iron, rowad,
flat, and eqnara; Mo. 28 Steel; No. S7. Iron Spike,
No i Iron Nalle, wrought and cut; No. 80. Lead,
No 31. Zlno.Tin; No 84. Hardware; No.S4 Tools
ittre'orrs; No. 88 WhlULeadiNo 87 Zlno Paint;
No, 18 Colored Parnti.Urjer; N 89 LlntaedOU,
Turpentine, Varn'sh; No. 41 Qlasa; No 41 Pitch,
tar. rosin; No 44,-FUh Oil, Tallow. Soap; No 4a.
MlaeeOaseoue Dry Ooea, hair, cloth, aad Ship
Chandlery for oonitraQtlon; A. Iron Bhets for
Bollerejt B Fig Iron; O Lard Oil; D. Boiler Felt
lng; R. Onm Packing, f ktlaoellaoeona Tol for
Engln'ers; G. Cooklag Uunalla, Sroree hs. H
Flax Canvas , I, Cotton Cauveaa: J Twin. K.
Leather, L Hose; M. Brnabc. N Bunting, Dry
Goods; Q 8prm01l,R Ship Chandlery for Store
Equipment; S Stationery; T. Fir Wood.
Olase No I Whit Oak lga, No A Yellow Pins
PlankStockLogeiNf.li Wall Pine: No is. Ash
mu,,v uui.nv uiv.vii uiiniuv
16 Black Walnut; No 17. Oiprece: No 19. Stave
aia ncsamp; no zi. ropiarjiio xo iron; no zo
Steel; No. w. Iron SplkH, No 18 Iron nail: No,
80. Lead, No 81. Zlas, tin, voider; No. '3 Hard
ware: No. M White Lead: No. 87. Zlno Paint: No.
tB Colored Falnti, No t Llnaeed OU. Varnish,
jo i. uiaei; no i. uiiQia; no s srtioD,inr,
So 44 Brown Soap; No 4ft Allacellaneoua Dry
oods, Ship Chandlery, fco , for oonitrnctlon; No
48 Tanke and Galleys, No, 49 Ingot Copper; No.
60 Chain Iron; No 61. Poles. No 1 Bdlotis, A
S oiler Iron and Rivet; B Pig Iron; O Lard Oil
Boiler FeltlnajE. Gem Packing: F. Mlotllane.
oue Euglaeer'i Toils, Q Cooking 8 love, A ; U.
Leather; L Uoee;M Bmhea,N B'dntlngandbrr
Ship Chandlery for store and equipments,
a oiBiionerj i.vire xy oca
aeple lewtOom
una iiompwer, nme renLraeo irom iu tonaon jlxqi
bitlou, and open a oour fjr the Piano and Sing
In ir bv hie New and Slmelifled Melho i. Ur Po:im
eor Wolowtkl'f system, a peraan bavlogonly a slight
kcowledge of maalo will be enabled In a very abort
time to r ad musio with great facility, aud txiouie
vperauo w wan a viftSMoei nua o wim rare pcrira
tfon A to the rooal part, by ht way of vocaliia
Uon, he arrive at most extraordinary results, rn
den the vtte powerful, and enables tha atoger to
Tocalli with facility, aoonraoy. and tin quality of
ton FfOfor Wolowskl receive visitor daily
from 3 to 4 o'clock p. m , at hie residence. No 4a I
Tenth street, between E aad F, eeplS lm
IftUT svmA xstao silrme Blraat,
Ihe regular conrae of Inatrncliou smbrae ui
Knallab and trench Languagea and Llteratutev
Latia. if required and all th Itranohea wbiob oft.
titnte a thorough English and French ednoatlou
French U Uw language of tb family, and 1 roa
stnntiy spoken In the Institution It ie the object ot
particular attention, and la taught (torn tb rudi
ments to th blgheat conrse of literature aud Com
ihe eoholautio year oomme&oea beptsuber lttii
ebd oloeee July 1st.
Circular, Lj , oan be obtained irora
tuy t)tm ' Prtholpal of Ohegary Itutitafe
T Mia naaaovaa'a
151 Wett Strut
The dutloa ol thli Institution will be resumed ol
thj th of September. Circular may be obtained
at the prlnolpal bookstore In Washington, or by
addressing tlu principal,
aug 2-TTt54m UJ, HABUOVfe.lt
Olrolo Xx3.awtltik.toi
No 81 K SmEXT.Naia iBaCiBOta
TEKM3, pir Quarter of tea wccki Quarter com
mtno ng at the date of ado lit Ion
hlementary CI is tee in English . te $0
Advanced Class la Kigifih Littr.tur and
S.lece Included ., 9 00
Eieme&tary 0 a la EoglUh, French, abd
Huflio.... 12 00
Advanced Claje in Ebglsh, Frecth, end
Mails ... 18 00
Extra charge for Spinish, German, I'aiun, Latin,
and ether Language
Dr ZAPFONU will bit Leotuiea audciUriwi.
a'sitt, whenever he oan spare tlm from hi mcdloal
M&8 A ZAPPONB.l Prlini.
.DE A ZAPrONE, rrtaolnej
DK ZAPFONEconUnues to aollclt the patroL
age of this community in bit profession a a Pbysl
oian and Sorglcat Dcn'lst. II wlil attend almost
v Ulllilf iv wwavar yiaviiut) nniiiu.i.ivia,
be fomrt at the Institute, or In that viciclty, almost
at an noure ooi n
No. 180 FieMevvsaia Avaica,
.Snra Buildi-p, WanaiiM, D C
This Institution 1 how opu for tne teceptioa o.
publls circular to be bad at tbr Bookstore and
at the school
J65 I trt between lBth antt 111,
uue oi trie oiast!, aoei inorougn ana mom aesiraoie
School lor Young Ladle and Alia in tb ol'y
berlon oommenoM September 8th Tuition an
cording to ag and adrauof-ment.
aua5-dtr (Btarj L 0 LOOMIS
1 be undtiralgued beg leave to call (be attention wf
iue en liens e,uu iraTtnug ooioinuniTy vt me uoue
tie ama jusi openea ior m aBOOoDunouaaiiun oi gciiue
men atd ladle, with day or taoic b rd
The HatuM Is turnlihed In eclendld etvleUriie
airy rooms, chamber, and parlor. Tbe table will
beuriliu with all tbadelloaoUB of the eaason No
fmim ur vsiieiuw nuaui u ptvewi iu giTw Hiuiacucu
o all wbo may patronize the bouse Sultt alien
tlou to oedere that may be given lor diners, Ag , at
I entire and obllalna eervama
House eligibly situated on tb corner of Twentieth
una v sircci wtei,iHiy ovvupiea wy surgeon un
erel Lawaon
9tt tf GKOKOE W. OWEN,
Formerly of Buffilo, N. V.
481 3SHirx atreot,
luvll. tba Alt.ultou of 8 U TL1SBH Aud DKALKKi
to tbtir KiuubU. Block or OooJi jiArUuularly
AdiptMl t. ualt.ra1 waoU,ieliotd with lb ,r.at6t
cm. .ua uuw ou.rvu . m, iiiv.. lur tt.au
!(. .uu uu. va.im iww iiv.i
rHKuRuvro MKAlb
m nui to,
AIM UOOn And U1I0KI, aud A gonl AMrt
m.Mtof "NOtlONB "
fUAM glT. Ul a 011
UABNfcS 4 00 ,
po w !9lNlBtbrtr.t
So. m PfruuvlooMta aar., Wa$Uglo, D. C
H.W KUill'l-W UaUl,
roa aoiTua,
(Budtyt BzMiUd J
k o'tiotk, r. a.,
riKK W M. K , rOOT Or VUlTMr MKKHr,
Tb. uv ..d m.BU)A.tit ftAU... flITT nr IU1H
TOM Wu. WUooxloonuaABd.rflrau M.w Torlt
TnHaATl, Thind.pt ABd BAtardAjr. l .ad Itoa
H.tt London H MidAi, YltiaMd.jt, aad ft!
TORK.Tbonu. U. J.w.tt, eoBUBABd.r.from N.w
Tori Hondtyi, nrutBHdAll, Bad iTIdAj. I from
M.w LoBdoa T.Mlyi, Tbbima;., Bad SAtu
fortbla roaU,wtth All modtfB ImproTABMata. la
iilaitlBf wiur Tlfht OompartmcBt, aad ar. Uu
only luaBMr. .nr Dalit for Louf ulAad Sovad
wfth thta mat IU. vnmring UnprurAnwatf
Uoadaotor. aooompaaT th. ftaaaMr. .Aob way.
lAiMBfui prooMd troat N.w Loadoa loun.
duMy on arrtTAl of nAABMn.bf Eaprta TtaIo tc
Barton, WorMitar. Low.U, Lar.ao. Pitohbaf,
riAihaa.Oonoordttn. WhluatouBtain.lAo ao.
tAN.Bx.r. ntBrtav fron Bottoa Uat. tb Uadoi
of th. Boatoaaud woroe.ur railroad at t nop, H
Worwrter 1 T.U., arrlTlaf at N.wl.oadoo
P. M
rrMaht takaa at tb. LowNt OaUt, aad d.11? im
ra Bo6foa aarly th. n.xt day.
Btat. Roonu la ahandaao. oan b. hAd oa boArd
Maaun, or at th. Bottoa or H. Tork oHM, Ir
adVABO. K H. MaRTIN.Aa.Bt.
niy-tf nail, it. H
rajcm nja.ix.xrirA.ir-
PaasBtuirer Trains Ibvavja mA PavvAntav Irarvw fxH
foot of Chambers vrjMt. aa follow, via:
8.00 a. m. Mall far Dunkirk and intermediate ita
I hi train remain over bight at Klratra aad pro
oeeds the nea&t morning
7 00 a. m Expraea, tor Buffalo and principal In
termedlat t'loc
9 oo a m Milk, daily for Otltvlll and l&lerme
dlate atatlone-
12 tt p. m. AcoonmoJattoa, daily, for Port Jcnlf
aad prlnolpal atatlje
4 0op ru WayfforSldJslown.Newburgh.aad
in crmediate Mai Ion
t oon. m Night K p. e-, daUy, for Dunkirk. Bnt
falo.Canadtlgna,bbd prtoclpa aiation The train
of Saturday run ttuoagh to Buffalo, but dee sot
run to Daniirk.
T 00 p in. kmigTant, for Dunkirk and principal
T& Kxpre Train connect at Hornellevtlle with
railroad f.r Buffalo , at Elmlra with theCanandalgue
andNUgara Palls Bailroad; at Blnghamton, with
the Syracuse Uallroadj at Coining with the railroad
fbr Booheater and Buffalo, at Great Bend, with the
railroad for Scran on, and at Buffalo and Dunkirk
with th Lake Shorn Kailroad fbr Cleveland, Cinein
natl, Toledo, Detroit. Chicago, Ao , and the Canada
Mp IS General Superintendent
Harness Manufactory,
499 Seventh Street)
I raaoufketur oi th beat nurtal, aad have oca
stastly on haod, a large a&d vatled aeaortcBnt cf
Military and Citlieni' BaddUs
Brent Collars,
Felt Saddle CI Alt, .
Patent Feed aud Wait Bucket,
Officer1 Hareraaokt,
OfflwriFln Sword fielu,
Bait Trimming, and
Field GIm Gem
Sole Leattcr.
Iron Frame,
Drii, and
Weed Box Traaki
Travilisg Sag,
Barseu, to
Aj I maaufaotaie Trunki exteo&ively. ini neoe
arily have all kind of Trunk Material, I am better
pepared to repair TrcoVs, fto , thoroughly and
promptly, thta any other establishment tn the city
irom the Feopl' ClottiUg store, No eao 8v
enth street, near F They cut ar auy thing you
eau buy, aud thoy are sold ao cheap at
No 4W S-venth treet, near F.
I wodtd edrtx all to come and buy their Clothing
at H Ml TH ti, No 4-H) 8 tenth atreet
If yon are wlM you will oom to SMITH'S, No
460 Sevtnth slrtet, near F, opit site City Post OBce,
to buy ytur Clothing, Farnhhtng Goods, Trunks,
nU, and Cape.
Seven h atreet, Is the best plac la town to buy your
0 ol b lng, Fu no iibl g GkoOb, Trunk, Bat, a&d
CjpJ J H 8U1T1IA CO , Oloihiere, 4C0 Seventh
Call soon and see our new at ok of Fall and Win
ur Clothing, which we areeelilrg at very low prUes.
Seventh treet, neir
Great attraction at No 4 0 Seventh street New
slock of Clothing Jnat arrived, and aalling at our
usual low prttee. J 11. Hllirn A CO . Oiothiera.
No 460 Seventh street, and corner Tw-nliih street
and Peon avenue.
Great bargain In Clothing, FureUhlng Good,
Hate. Cat, Boots, and ShOf s, on th corner of 1 wen
tlcth street and Penn avenue
SMI Til A Ci , Clothiers, 1-lret ward, cor Twen
tleth street and Fenn avenue, I the ohcauost place
In town to buy your l all and Wlnt r Clotulag
Call at the first Werd Clothing store and get
your Fall and Winter CI Ahing, Uata, Caps, Boot,
ana Shoe SMlTUAi.0 .Clothier,
Cor Twentieth atrett and Feno av
Tweutleth street end Penneylvanla avenue.
You can buyyeur Clothing, Hate, Cab, Boot,
and shoe 'obeap, corner of Twentieth atreet and
Penntyivania avenue.
ae . 3ui
FALL and WINTER Clothing which we are
tiling at very low prices, at L A Bsall A Oo , No
Wl Bcvcnthstreet.betweenlaT'dK. 0me one, come
all to L A IImII A Co to get your Clothing, For
nlshlng Oo d, Trunk. Ua's.and Cape. No 661 sv
enth atreet, betweeu I and K. Now U the time to
buy your Clothing at L a Beall A Oo. No eat Sev
enth atreet, between I A K Especial attention I
called to our neweiook or Fall and Winter Clothing,
tienU FbrnUhlLg Good, Uata and Cap.
Clothiers. No S61 Seventh street
The cheapest Clothing bom In town Is at L A.
Ball A Co' , No &U btventb stteet, bet I and K.
ea'aia Dm
u conacaueao. ol tbf Iuwdam of lb. w.ttr Iu lb.
O.n.ral Itrvtrvolr It will be neoew.rr , uult-rt gr.at
tconomf of wit.r t iiractlcodi for the UorrrQio.nt
loon to .but off lb. lupply to olU.cn. otlr.W
All DrBOn. ar.. thtr.loni. lorbltden tlud. tb.
bydranu on r.nnylTAclt .rtnu., or on An; ilretti
or ATcnuci una.r lb. o.r. Aid ap.rvuUoa of tb,
Commualon.r of Pabllo Bulldlnx. tor w.t.rlof tb,
tr.,!i or aatemeoui, or for any prlrat, purpc..
WB.t.icr j
And all imiiuu. uiLuft th. nater ar, urfr.utlv toll
elud to b. a. ,coB.mloal In It, u u noihi.
HP S ComalMloiilr of TatEi Dnidin.
Itl.r ft am CummL.loa.r Baatw.il.
hlth.rto dlipaUd p.iai, aa to tba propar toaatrao
tloa of oartala elAn... or th. t.v bin. Th. l.H.r it
addraaMdtooa.orUi.Falladaipnla aaaaian:
Taaacoat DBTABTiiatt,
CMlM tf ItUnaX ifflMIW,
. Waibhgioa.D 0,8pt. ig.iia,
IiaiToarl.iUrorib.3;thlaiaaalrfil Awbmj
la tba p tBtcd alJpo t aaioatd br roa li oflotaliar wa,
aatkortnd by m., .ioyt th. I.lWr to lb. Balilmore
I ooad lar thai a tav.ra k.ti.r mart b. iLmuiI
a. a null llqaor dcalar, la otdw to aall U4.aor. Ba
I, azpranly p.rultt.1 to tall otaan byartlob irr,
iaouoa M, aad kU lm Umu. aablnllai to
prorld. food and lad(laf ' Im no raaaias lor
tatji.tl.f hlra to aa lallaf hOBaa llaasat
Aay peraoo Mllln. mtat or prodao. at a fall or
ton abomld b. aOBildUad a ntatl daal.
Tboa. wbo t.11 la wafona, froai boom to.koai,,
boald b, iinoMd a, ptdlat,.
I bar. coatllmd ullmuarl a. raaaafaotijr.N.
II 'iwm wbo.onp.Uon b that of 1 ntall
a, a wholxala daaltr; bat If ha aaU U ortftaat pack ,
u il, or by tba plaea, to thoaa who lay toaaUlnla.'
a w ataaaaa itvajnira, mm WatUaVltUfl tttlr
I bve daWldemt ttut itar-nttua hA Ataa MmU. Ik
the prodnoUoai of tba ariUlee eanmerated la tie laet
part of section 1 a not oonddered mannfaeturen
wlthla tb meaning of th act, do not require to
be HoeoMd a mmufdOurm
Tn provlalonj la Motion M, relaUng toinanufac
to re re. de not apply to them, aad they taunt be
IkeaMd as wholesale or retail dealer, a the oaie
may b
Thla decision Involve bakers, millers, and similar
, When baker tell their bread from earu.nped
Ur'a license ehoold be taken out Ur tb driver ot
each cart Butcher' carta are aahjct to the iimi
VaryiMpactTully, Geo S BoutweiL,
Tb following epitome of the t.w.ia relation to
llcettaes, lmporunt
Every petaon, mioolatlon of perron, jpertnenfalp
or oorporatioa.dHtrirg to oh eJn n ifoeftle, shafi
register with th Meemor ot the aaaetament di it riot
In which ha shall design to carry on the trade or
ocoapation, flnthle or their name or atyle j and In
can of am aasoolation or parturablp, tha name an J
redden at th number e of tbenwociatlon or part
ter.blp; eeoond, the trad or oocspatlonfor wMoh
allouf ie rvqnlrcd, third, the place when each
trade dr ec3upeWon Iv to be oarriM on, fourth, ir a
reotllier, the number ot barrels he dwfgoe to recti y:
Ifa pedlar, whether hadeelgte to travel on foot, or
with one, two, or more home, If an innkeeper, the
annual value or rental of the house he intends to
occupy; If the bouie 1 not rented, tha aiaeuor shall
fix Iu annual value Tb aawivor will Uen cert If,
theee facti to th collector, wbo will (rant th
Udenae uron piyment of the fee requIretToy lew
To following pen oo are required to take out
Danker; f, $9)
Anotloneera so
Wholesale dalre In liquor 100
Retail dealer in liquor.. , so
(Thoaa telling la a then three gilloui tit a time
to be ooc deied retail dealers )
RetaUdalr . ., 10
boleaale dealer so
Pawnbroker to
For license to rectify ICObamU
Foreach additional too barrel or fractional
part thereof..
Ovtr 30i) barrel ter yea? 60
Ltsi than 8jo barrel per year
ui appiee ana peionee , tee man no barrel
-, Vttjtmt
Orer 600 barrel per year , 60
Lea than S barrel per year 26
Hoteli, Inns, aad 7i erne
First elsas yearly rental $10,000 and orer ... 200
Second ciaai yearly r ntal M.ooo to $10 coo 100
Third elate yearly rontal $3, too to $6,000..,, 16
Fourth claaa yearly rental $1,0X0 to $2 600. . 10
Fifth olaaa yearly rental $600 to $i,nto sa
Sixth 0 lass yearly rectal $aoo to 1600 .. . it
Hevent eta yMily eeniatloo to a, oo . 10
Klghth elaee yearly renul lea than $100 6
Ealing Hjutee , 10
Broker. , 60
Commercial Broker jo
Land Warrant Broker v&
Tibacecnlst ., 10
Ibeaire.). , ,U0
Jugglers mi
Puoilo Exhibitions and snows 10
uowiiog AUfi ana mnura aaiooi..Dr alley
on able , ,. , 6
rofttectloner 10
Horse Dealer 10
Llrery Stable Keeper 10
uouie uroatrs . IU
rallowCbaodlera and H ap Makers 10
uoai uu jjuimers
Peddlers, with more then two horse SO
Peddlers, with two horsei It
Peddlers, with one here 10
Peddler, on tool , 3
Apothecaries 10
Maounoiurere 10
rnoiograimera. receipt under asu) 10
Photographers, noelptagiou to $1,0 0 16
rnotograi nere, reccipte over 1 1 .000 6
Lawyers 10
fhjslclani, Surgeons, and DentisU , 10
tjiaim Agenii.,..,,) ,, ,,,,,
Patent Agenu , 10
Any person carryinar on a bualntsa without a li
cenee shall f. rfeltfor each tffence a turn equal to
nrea umea iu emouDi or me license lee rsquiiea
Where the anneal trwa racelLt or aalee tf anv
epo liiCavriei. confeciionirs, eating house, toba'oo-
niiu, or nwii aeairs iuiii not vxceaa .,ubu,iniy
ar not required to take out a license 1 be amount
oftbalt grtM receipts or sales are to be ascertained
in aooD manner ae may oe (Jituciibt a oy ue iomuiu
sloner of Internal Ricnue
octT-8t U S Aaaeftor DUtrict Columbia
E y g and E a 1
DBi Vurf JiOaOIIXUllKIt,
Ooullawt and .urlat,
227 PenDijlvania Xrtuue,
OIth bli cxoluatT. Att.aUoa to tha tiutmaat cf th.
Klband KAH
f h.T.iufr.rci from a df,ot of h.Ailna,lnc. lain
log tb. ..rrloe Dr Ton MotuUi.r treat.d m.
lor h. Bam,, and with ptrlMt iuomm Ht hearing
now I, moil acui.i ..a .11 1u.1gTee.010 waling 1 ra
perlncr.i auub a, nol, lo th, fatal, bar, catlrcly
lartme, Llior Dariil Wbitakkb,
Htrrli Light Ctv.lry
WiMni M, rj.pt SO, 162
.xarninad nt bla o01c,froniottlz,n, ol WathlDgton
oot T lm
roll HAi.iiuuuK, vdA roihr iookout
Anu aii. iiir. rninvirAi. ii.nuinua
lb., trainer KkTFOllTwUl IBB htraallar ba-
toot.lpaptrwtiHt.Aob UAy,toublng At 1'OrNT
LOOKOUT And All tho pilnolpal lauduiga on tha
Tbo. wlahlog frtlgbt orpa.aigacaa apply at U
uctWliarf.Wabllulton. and Oovrrnm.ut Wharf,
Uililmorr.and at lb. different I.andlnid on th.
route wu u. snuvr, Ag.at
WAihlugtou, D. 0 ,8pt. eo.ISM oatl
pUOPOHAl.S Flllt Wllull,
a E A t. K IJ PE OP OB A I. a lor two tbouiand
cord, of VINE WOOD, (known In tb. inirt.t aa
D.K.ra' pin., win u. reoaivru unui iuh lki 01 voiu
ber, le2, tb. Wood to b. dallr.ral at any aharr In
tb. oily of Waahlngton or Ueorg.town that may b,
dealgnaud by tha uuderUgced, corded and m.ai
ured (at th, .xiuum of lb. .illar) to Ibe titufiotion
t. ilia !!:. rnm.nt hufftr. Ir I. rffilEHj
Oorernment reaerr. the right to lejeot any bid
lor an o.uav.
l'roio..l to b, addra.ud to 00 U A BECK
WITH. A. D O.andO S,U B A , VI 10 atn.t,
Wi.Ungton, O O , aud mnil " Propo.aU for
Wood -r oot J
OH a. I. K ,
A Hecond hand 80ILSB aad 03C1XLATINO
ENGINE, of Uuta-horw Bdwtr
Apply tsu c8oa. f M
General Lee' Woolut.
UyMar;lndl My Maryland I
Among tby hllla or blua ,
I wandar far, I wand.r wide,
A lorer born Aodtrm;
I aonnd nr born upon tba hill.,
Iionod Itln tbe Talo,
But eobo only tnawera It
An echo Ilka 1 wall.
Uralarylandt M Maryland I
I bring tbee preaenta Abo
Adaullogaword wlthjaweled hilt,
A Hut of Bourbon wine;
1 brink thee abeeta of ghostly white
To dreia thy bridal bed,
With odrulna of tbe purple eve
And garland, gory red. ,
Mr Maryland! My Maryland I '
Bwaet land upon the ahore,
Bring ont tby atalwart yeomanry I
Make olean tba threehlng door;
lly ready walnaMlo atretoblng far
Aoroae the fertile plain,
And I among the reapere aland
To either In the grain,
My Maryland I My Maryland I
I fondlr wait to aae
Toy banner flaunting In tbe breeze
Beneath the tryaUng tree;
While all try gallant oompany
Of gentlemen, with apure.
Come tramping, tramping o'er the h.tl!,
Aud tramping through the furte.
Mr Maryland I .My Maryland !
I feel the leaden rain I
I see the winged meaieng.r
Oome hurling to my brain 1
1 feathered with thy golden hair,
Tl feathered not tn rain;
I spnrn the hand that f onupd the ahaft,
And curae tbeo In my paiu.
UyHarylandl MyHarylandl
Alaa I the rnthleaa day I
That a.ea my gallant huttonwooda
Ride galloping away;
And ruthl.ee for my obrralry,
Proud gentlemen, with apurfl,
Whosa bonea lie etark upon the hllla,
And atark amocg the furze.
Wadewortti'a Ace. plane, or
aomlaaitloa for Oor.rnor.
Maw Tom, Penlember 29. 18C2
Win Jives S. Wicswobtu : Dear Sir : I
bare Ibe honor to lolorm ron that rou were
nominated for tbe office of Governor of the
State of New Totk br a oonrentlon compoaed
of men resolved to maluUIn tha Integrity of
tne union witnout re;ara to tneir paat party
relatione, anil hold at djraou.t on Iha 24th of
the present mohin .
' I Incloae the series of resolutions adopted by
me convention, aa an inaicatioa 01 us senti
ments and purposes
Your nomination wa made with a very r
matkable deirree of unanimity aud enthusiasm,
and, on behalf of the convention, t beg leave
reipeoiinuy to request your accepiance 01 it.
I am, very respectfully, your obedleut ser
vant, IIcirtJ Ratkond,
Preeident cf tbe Convention.
" WtsnixaTON, Ootober 2, 1862
Hov. Uimi J, UimoND, President, 0 :
Bear Sir: I have the pleasure to acknowledge
the reoelpt of your letter of September 29, In
forming me that the oonrentlon. held at Syra
cuse 00 the 21th of that month, oompoaed of
men raaoivea to meiotaia tne integrity or tne
ITnlAn I.TA.n.ntlvA nf IhAlp nr.vlnn. n.rt a.
eoclatloai, had done me the honor of placing
my came before the electors of the Stale of
ew 1 ork for the otnee ot uovernor.
1 reepectfoUj accept the nomination.
I cordially acred with tbe oonrentlon la the
sentiments eipressod In their resolutions, and, If
ciectea, 1 siiaii zealously taoor to osrry out
their wishes as trelo defined.
I might, perbipi, wllb propriety stop here,
but as lbs duties of my present position will
not allow mo to relurn to New York for some
time, and possibly not until after the election
hss been held. I ask your lodulzeoce while 1
eipres ))rlel3y my rio as lo Ihe questions
inroiveu 10 toe canvass.
I think I cannot be mistaken iu assuming
that the election will turn upon Ihe ui cese.lt j
or sustaining our National tjoverument In Its
efforts to uphold Itself, and maintain its lerrllo
rial Integrity, and espeoially upon the procla
mation of tbe President, issued to that end,
and referred to in the fourth resolution of tbe
I entirely approve f that proclamation, and
commend it to the support of the electors ol
New Yolk, for the following roasons-
1 It Is an efleetual eld to Ibe speedy aud
complete suppreaIoa of thl. rebellion
Six or eight millions ol whins, having bud
time to organize Ihtir government, and arm
their troops, fod and supported by the Ubur ol
four millions of tl,iv.r, pruiicut tbe most lor ml
dable rebellion reoorded In hhtory.
Strike from this rebellion the suppoit which
it deilves fiom the unnqulltil toll of ibese
slaves, aod Its foundallon will be undermined
2. It Is Ihe mrst humane method of putting
down the tcbelllou, the history ot which has
olearly proved that tbe fears of slave insurrec
tions and massacres are entirely unfounded
While the slaves caroeeily desire freedom, tbey
have shown no disposition to Irju-e Ibelr nils
ters Tbey will ceae to work for them with
out wages, hut tbey will farm, throughout tbe
Southern States, the most peaoeful and doolie
peasantry on tbe faee ot the earth
Tbo slave owners oaoa oon palled to labor
tor (heir own support, the war miutcoasj, and
its appalling oarnage come, to an end
3 The emancipation oooe effected, ihe North
ern States wonld be forever relieved, as It Is
right that tbey should be, from the fears ot a
great Influx 01 African laborers, disturbing the
relatione of those Northern industrial classes
wbo hare so freely glren their lives to the sup
port of the Government
This done, and the whole African population
will drllt to the South, where It will fijd a
coogental olltnate and vast trade of land
never yet cultivated.
I forbear to enter Into tbo discussion uftlie
great Increase of trade tu the Northern States
and the whole commercial world, wbiob would
result from tha wants or lour mllllous of free
and paid laborers &vtr Ihe same number held
as heretofore In slavery.
I lot hear also to enter Into the question ot
the ultimata vast Increase Iu tbe produotlou
of the great Siuthern staples. This is uot a
time to consider questions of profit. It will
long be remembered, to tba great honor ol
the merchants, bankers, and nuuulaotururj ol
the North, that giving thn lie to the ealum
ales ol slave breeding aristocrats, who charge
thetn with being degraded and controlled by
the petly pioflts of train.', they have met tbe
numerous acrlus of this great struggle with
a cbeerlulneia and promptness of which his
tory lurnlsbes uo parallel.
Nor is the question uow before us oue of
philanthropy alone, sacred as are the princi
ples therein Involved; nor Is It a queetlou of
abstract Ideas, Involving ati unprofitable dia
cussiou of tbe equality ol races It Is simply a
question of wur, of national life or death, and
of the mode iu which we oau most surely and
etTeotually uphold our tiovernmeut and main
tain Its unity and supremacy.
Our foielgu enemies, lor It is uut to be dls
gulsed that we have such reproach ua with
waging a territorial war, So we do, but that
territory Is our country For maintaining IU
greatness and power among tho nailous 01 the
earth, byioldlng it together, tbey hale us We
e.n hear that: but If we were to field to their
suggestions, and submit to Its dismemberment,
iney woum torvvrr umyis. u.
TUU great domain, from the Lakes to the
Qulf, from the Atlanllo lo the PaclOc, one
country, gorerntd by one Idea freedom Is
yet destined to dictate terms, If need be, to the
world In arms; and I hold (hat man to be 1
traitor and at coward, wbo, nnder any defeat!,
any pressure of adversity, however great, an j
calamities, however dire, would give up one
acre of It. (
II Is more than a year since I left onr State.
Great changes hare taken place within thai
period. Costly victor lea aod disastrous defeats
nave, In the vicissitude of war, befallen out
arms. Bereavements and destitution bare over,
taken many families.
1 can only jndjra of the spirit of my fellow
citizens of New York by that of her gallant
eons wbo have rushed to the Held. Tbaee I
have seen li great numbers, and particularly
those who hat.e been In th hospitals within my
Among these brave men, feeble and exhaust
ed by disease, tortured and mutilated by cruel
wonnds, I have never yet beard the first word
of despsir, the first sigh of regret, that they bad
given health and life to their coun'ry.
If we may judge of the spirit of those they
have left at home, and who may yet be called
to tbe Held, by the berolo temper of these men,
we have nothing to fear u to the result.
In the solemn vetdlcl of the ballot, and the
deadly oodict of battle, this Government of
the people will be auatalned
I beg that yon will accept for yourself and
convey to the member of the convention over
wblcb you presided, my sincere thanks for tbe
great honor which they did me In placing my
name before the electore of New York, for
position so responsible and distinguished aa
that of Governor of Ihe Stale.
I am, tlr, with great respect, truly yours,
JiuiaS. WiDawonn.
ftutr.alitisr atnd linpoitaut.
Wo publish bsluw ibe terras oa which pris
oners are now being exchanged:
Win DiriRTMivr,
Adjutant QeneraVs Office,
Waahhghn, Sept 25, 18C2.
General Orders, No. 142.
The following Is the osttel under which pris
oners are exchanged In tbe existing war with
tbe Sojthern Slates:
Ihiall'a landing, on Jamu Rivtr, 'a ,
July 22, 1862.
The uuderelgned, having been commissioned
by tbe authorities they respectively represent
to make arrangement for a general exchange
of prisoners of war, have agreed to the follow
Ine articles-
Article 1. It is hereby agreed and stipulated
that all prisoners of war held by either party,
Including those taken on private armed vessels
known as privateers, shall be discharged upon
tne conmuons ana teims following-
Prisoners to be exchanged man for man aad
officer for officer; privateers to be rdaced upon
thn footing or t fll:crs and men of the navy.
Uen and officers of luiter grades may bo ex
changed for officers cf a higher grade, and men
and itllcers ol dl&eient services may be ex
changed according to tbe following scale of
A general commanding In chief or an kdisl
ral shall Lo exchanged for effloers of Iqnal
rank or for sixty privates or oommon seamen
A Oai officer or major erneral shall be ex
chaoged for ofUiers of eqnal rank or forty pri
vales or common seamen.
A commodore carrying a broad pennant or
a brigadier general shall bo exohauged for offi
cers of equal rank or twenty privates or com
mon seamen.
A captain In the navy or a colonel shall be
exchanged for officers of eqnal rank or for fif
teen privates or common seamen.
A lieutenant col nol or a ooininaoder In the
navy shall be eTchanged for r.ffi:ers of equal
rank or for teo privates or common tesmen.
A lieutenant commander or u rumor shall be
exchanged for officers of equal rank, or eight
privates or common seameu.
A lieutenant or a master In the nivv or a
captain In the army or mulues shall bo ex-
cnangeif fur inisers 01 equal rauk or six prl
rates or cimuiou svumeu
Master's mites lntbeuavyorliaulosMots aud
ensigns In the army shall be eirh.nged for
officers of eq lal ruuk or tour privates or com
mon seamen
Midsblpmeo, warrant oQi?eis In the navy,
masters of merchant vessels, and commanders
of privateers shall be exchanged for officers of
equal rank or tnree privates or common sea
men Hii'ond captains, HeiiUnanls, or mates, ot
merchant vessel! or privateers, aed all petty
officers It. Ihe navy, aud all non commissioned
officers In the army or mat lues, .hall bd sev
erally exchange! for pets ms of tqjal rank'or
for two prfratis cr (iiuaiiu seamen; aod prl
vale soldiers or common seamen shall be ez
changed for each olber mau for man.
Article 2 Luc il, Stale, civil, and militia rank
held by persons uot In asluil military service,
will not be recognised, lb. basis of exchange
being the grade actually held In the naval and
military service of lbs re'pectlve parties.
Article II If citizens held by either p.ily ou
charges ol dl-lotalty or any alleged dill of
fence are exchanged, Il stall ouly be for clti
zens Captured sutlers, lmmU"r, aud all
clriUaus In the aotual service of tbe eilher
party, to be exchanged f r persons Iu similar
Article 4. All prisoners of war to be dis
charged on parole lo teo days after tbelr cap
ture, sud the prlsouers now held, and those
hereafter taken, to be transported tolhe points
mutually agreed upon, ut Ihe exjeuie of Ihe
calHiuIn? parti Tbe euiplus prlsoneie uut
exchingid shall not be permitted to take up
arms ugala, nor to serve aa military police or
constabulary force Iu any fort, garrison or Held
work held by either or the respective parties,
nor as guards of prisons, depots ur stores, nor
to discharge any duly usually performed by
soldiers, until eschaugod under the provisions
of this oartel. Tbe exchange la not to be con
sldered complete until Ibe officer or soldier
exchanged lor baa been actually restored lothe
lines to wBln ne Deiongs
Article 6. Eicb parly, upon Ibe discharge of
prlsoneis id tbe 0 ber party, Is authorized lo
discbarge an equal number of their owu offi
cers or area from parole, furnishing at tbe same
lime to ibe other party a list of their prisoners
discharged and of their owu otll 'ere and men
relieved trom parol; ttuueuabllng each party
to relieve Iroui parole eucb of tbi ir owu officers
aud men us the parly may chouse. Tbe lists
tbus mutually lurnlshed will keeu both Dailies
advised of the true condition of 111) exohauge
01 prlsuneia.
Article G The stipulations aud p'ovlsious
above meutluned tu be of bludlui; obligation
during tbe conllnuuuoe ol Ibe war, It matters
nut wblcu party may nave tne surplus ol
pr.soners, the great principles Involved belog
1st An equitable eiribauje of prlsonors, man
for man, iflher tor officer, ur officers of higher
grade oxebanged lor officers of lower grade, or
for privates according 10 tbe scale of equlva
lents; 21. That privateers and officers and men
of dlftereut services may be exohauged accord
lug to the same scale of equivalents ; 3d The'
all prltoners, ol whatever arm of service, are
to ne excoaogeu or paruieu in leu uays from
the time of their oaplure, If It be practicable
lq transfer tbeui lo their owu lines Iu that
time ; If not, as soou thereafter as practicable ;
1th. That no cflloei, soldier, or employee Iu
the service of cither party is to be oooslderfd
as exohaaged and absolved from his parole
until bis equivalent has a"ttully reached the
lines ot his friends I Stb. That the parole for
bids Ibe performance of field, garrison, police,
or guard, or constabulary duty.
Signed John A. Du. Major General
(ligoed D 0. Uitx, UsJ 8neral,0.i. A.
ftumntuirAftT auticlm.
Article 7. All prisoner of war uow h.ld oa
either side, and all prisoner hereafter taken,
ball be sent with all rauanebl dispatch to
A. U, Aiken's, below Du'ch Gap, oo th Jam
river, Virginia, or lo Vlcksbnrf, on th Mis
sissippi tlr.r, In tha SUta of Mississippi, and
fhers exchanged or paroled nntll such ax
change can b efftCted, notice belog pr.vlous
ly given by each party of th number of
prisoner It wilt send, and tb Urn when
they will be delivered at those point respeo-.
lively; and In cam th vlotasltadt of war
shall ehange tha military relation of tb
places deaiioeted la this article to th con
tending parties, so u' to render th earn In
oonolnt for th dellv.ry and exchange of
prisoners, othr plaoos, bearlog as nearly as
may d toe, present local istion of seia
places to th line of said parties, shall be
by mutual agreement substltnted. Bat noth
ing ia thl article contained shall prevent tha
oommander of two opposing armies from
exchanging prisoners or releasing them on
parol t other point mutually agreed on by
aald commanders
Article 8. For the purpose of carrying Into
tffe:t the foregoing articles of agreement, each
party will appoint two agents, to be called
agonts for the eiohange oi prisoner of War,
whose duty It shall belo oommnnlsate'wlth
each other, by correspondence and otherwla,
to prepare th lists of prisoners, to, attend to
the delivery of Ihe prisoner at tba nlsces
agreed on, and to carry ont promptly, effectual
ly, and In food lalib, all th details and provi
sions of tba said articles of agreement"
Artlole 9. And in case any misunderstand
ing shall arise la regard to any clanse or stip
ulation la th foregoing arlloles. It Is mutually
agreed that anch misunderstanding shall not
intertupt the release oborlsoner on parole, aa
nerein provmen, out tnan ol maae to surject
of friendly explaratlons In order that Ibe ob-
j'Ct of this agreement may r.ull'jer bs defeated
nor postponed
Slgnedl JohvA. Dfx,
Major General
fiigned D. B. Httx,
Major General 0 3. A.
By order of the Secretary of War:
L Thomas, Adjutant General.
From Portrcse Monro,
"piatal Correepoadenea of th. Baltlmors Amulean
F0RTIIE39 HotBot, Oot. S, 1862
After a week of the most oppressive weather
the mercury In tbe shade ranging from 82 lo 88
degree, the Salbath dawns once more with
clear atmosphere and a most refreshing breezs
There ate many naval officers In and around the
work. Including several of tbe Spanish frigate,
who have had a tine opportunity of Inspecting
Fortress Monroe.
.Captain Grlrr Tallmadge, cf the regular
amy. and Quartermaster at Fortress Monroe, for
several weeks past has been lying dangeroojly
111 of liver complaint, and his recovery Is coa-
sldersd doubtful.
Arrangements are now making with the view
of mounting those mocster guns, tbo "Union,"
iz Inch, and tbe "Lincoln," is Inch, upon tho
rampart of the fortress. They are now lying
on the senbeach near the llghthonse and tbslr
retnorai will be sliperlnteuded by Lieutenaot
Thomas G. Baylor and Ordnance Sergeant Lei
vers. . We notice already on the rampart sev
eral two hundred pounder Parrott gun, end
understand that two more arc to be placed lu
Among tbe United Blalej vessels lying lathe
Uoads Is the steamer Delaware. She is boand
fur Newbern, H. 0 , with a draft ut men, and
expects to return In a few days The following
Is a list of ber officers : Amos P Foster, Acting
Volunteer Lieutenant Commanding; F B Cur
tis, Assistant Paymaster ; L. Trever, Acting
Assistant Surgeon ; JobnD Williamson, Acting
Second Assistant and Cbl f Fnglneer ; J if.
Kernes, Acting Ensign; J II. Sprigdian and
William H.'Creary, Acting Master's Malta ; A.
Dunbar, T. Brown, nod James Mellon, Acting
Third Assistant Engineers ; 0. S Hallowelt,
Paymaster's Clerk ; R Dodson, Surgeon's
Steward. All bands are well
The 3d New York volunteers, under tbe com
mand of Col. Alrnrd, are how at Fortress Mon.
roe performing garrison duty both Inside and
outside tbe work, and some Idea miy be formed
of the extent of this service whea It Is known
that 180 men are detailed each day aid ulght.
It la regarded as one of the tWst regiments ia
tbe servloe. Fortress Monro has been almost
entirely deserted by Ihe riguUn, only lour re
maining at the present lime.
One ol tbe Snebt ships of war seen for a long
lime In Hampton Roads Is the Spanish frigate
La Prlncesa Asturlas, Cant Jose Maria Alvera
do. She has been visited j a number ol Amer
ican officers, who speak of the condition aad
discipline of Ihe vessel In the highest terms
Cant Alverad on Friday visited Washington
and had an Interview with Ibedpanlab Minister.
The officers and crew of the frigate are report
ed wll, audti ezpeoteto sieaui out lo soe, In
tbe oouise of three or four diys
It Is grallfjlni? 10 perceive that Mtjir Wm.
II Lndlow, of Gen Dlx's staff has received
tbe appointment of Lieutenant Colonel a pro
motion well desorvo J as b- is one of the most
efficient officers iu the service. In addition to
bis ordiuary duties, Col Ludlosv bos charge of
tbe exchange of prisoners between Fortress
Mooroe and Richmond, wbiob requires much
time and lab jr. Thus far his arrangemsnU have
worked well, and there sesms a fair understand
ing between him and Robert Odld, E q , tbe
Confederal Commissioner for the oxchaugs of
prisoners After more ezobanges bavo been
made, b,in parties will meet at City Point for
tbo pnrpote ol final deliberation
Yvoik nen have commenced the 'vork of de
molishing the outbuildings of the Hygalt Hotel,
In acoordauoo alth the recommendation of Haj
Geo. Dix Several months elnce tbe General
addrefsod an official communication to Major
Gen. Halleok, In which hedoolaredihce build
lugs a tiUlsauoc and a dlsgraoe to the army.
Concerning lbs hotel s.ruomre tho communion
tlon avers that it ia a bit d to tbe fortress la
case of the approach of an enemy, espeoially
k It Is much higher than the ramp irta of the
fortress adjacent tu It ; bealdes, If lu destruc
tion by Are should be demanded by au emer
gency, II oonU not be destroyed by fire without
endangering the Government properly inside
the work, which Is of great value. The hotel
will be pulled down and the wood work remo
ved by the Government rullnad to the other
aide of Mill Creek, where It can be erected ou
the spleudld country seat of Col. Segar, Its
principal owner. Il has also been determined
to remove all the buildings outside of tbe fort
ress, but some time will be allowed the propri
etor lu order lu make the necessary arrange
meuts. C, Y K.
Six v men employed In Colt's armory were
among tbe drafted soldiers lu Hartford. Tne
Government ordeted their discbarge I rota tb3
mil tar; service, and sent thorn baot to inn
I ' -!M I ' " '
1 aCKU, llltAuS, and SCBaWS,
Oltll'B.id lUFIw,
l!AIHCI.UTU-at Julr lilo-s.
(IKLtN KNAUr.I.t!) CANtUe,
tVraaeby J01IM K FLVAIjn,
out s Jtso AM P.no arl&us
j.mnu i.kivo,
NIB, PllOPB.siid CAStlNtlx
3ts,YuiNQc;..ifcsiuniii tono
Is without adtBBQ. oa old rstcf
t or sals
juua rt BS.VAU0,

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