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jaTha publication once of the Nitiokii,
KimuoiK la at lb northDBl oorner of P and
Piventh streets, ootid floor, ovar W P.Bhep
herd's bookstore. Entranoo on Seventh atreet.
Wednesday, ooronun a, lew.
ItnilCC TO ADTERTIGGna. All U.usIm.i
advertisements mint be p&ld for In advance,
and should ho bunded In before 9 o'clock., p. m.,
to ensure tnetrappearanoe on the fctiowlrj
la limes of trouble?, lecel contests assume
national Importance. A stilklog example o)
this may be found In tbo election for Governor
of Uw Slate or New York, now approaching
By tie force of circumstances, In part, and
partly from dellbereteckolce.H'vretloSeymont
stands to-day as Ihe opponent of onr war tot
the Union; and blseucceii wonld be a victory
to tbe Bcnih mere tban compensating for their
recent defeats at Antletam and Corinth. It ii
much to ba regretted that thli Issue haa betn
made at sttoh a time; although we have every
confidence that Gen. Wadsrorlh la a candidate
who will do no discredit to any enterprise upon
which hie name haa been embarked.
It Is not to be concealed, however, that the
contest will be one of intense partisan bitter
nets, aad that the Union candidate stands In
Imminent danger of receiving a ranch less ma
jority than should be famished by a Stale so
loyal as New York. The fierce fend betwein
the veteran regulars of the Republican party,
ltd by Tbnrlow Weed, and the swarming irrtg
nlar leTlea, led by Horace Greeley, msy oper
ate to tbe serious detriment of the candidate
who should receive equal support from both.
Gen. Wadawcrtb, moreover, never having been
a Democrat, he cannot hope to draw eft euch a
large defection from tbe war wing of that party
as would have naturally flacked round the
standard of Major General Dlx, who was the
choice, as candidate, of the Weed Seward Re
publicans. That Mr. Weed will strain every nerve for
General Wadsworth'a election, we, who know
him well, have sufficient confidence In his high
toned patriotism to believe. But that he can
allay local animosities and parly Jealousies
amongst his subordinates and small party man'
agers, Is something of which we have cot only
doubts, but fears. The zsoifb of the Greeley-
ltca will be tbe zero of the Weediles; and it
will be extremely difficult, indeed, to prevent
the local leaders cf the Republican Weed
Seward wing from making bargains with the
Democratic wire-pullers, locking to the re
election of Secretary Seward to the Senate,
when the vacancy occurs.
These dangers aro only mentioned on th-)
principle that it Is b:st to leck every threaten
log calamity In the face. Bsycnd any dcubt.
the whole recession sympathy of Ihe North will
be concentrated in favor of ireymour'e election
Money will be used without stint by tbe same
Interest which supports the WorU newspaper
as Ite organ; and union the moat earnest tier
tlona be made In General Wadsworth's behalf,
the cause of the Union stands more than a lair
chance of encountering a heavy blow and great
discouragement tn hia person. Let all the In-
raaee of our Government departments, there
fore, be placed liberally at hia disposal; and
let every truly loyal man espouse Wadsworth'a
cause as a part of tbe war for the Union It
wonld, perhaps, have been better had the direct
Issue lathis shape been avoided by the noml
nation cf General Dlx; but, having been made.
It only remains for us to meet It with every
energy at our command, and do all that can
by possibility be done to prevent n virdick by
ine great state of new iork in favor or Sey
mour's secession-sympathy and ' peace at any
price "policy.
Gin. Wadeworlh Is stroug in an unblemished
character, possessing force, integrity, courage,
generosiiy, and tbe sincerest devotion to Ike
great Interests of the Republic. He was liberal
to tbe Irish nation during the datk famine-
days of 1847 ; and on the breaking out of tbe
war, all that he had, even to his life, he frankly
cnereu to ine puDiic service, tial lioratlo
Seymour, pertooally, possesnes a character as
spotless, family claims as strong, experience
In party-management mnch more extensive,
and, on the whole, abilitres inllaitely more
keenly trained for encounters of tbls descrip
tion. Uis veto on tbe Maine Liquor Law has
secured fur him the vote ot an Interest lament
ably powerful in all State or local straggles ;
and It Is not to be denied tbat bis Interests are
In the hand i of political leaders, the ablist,
most experienced, and most unscrupulous in
tbe great political State of New Ywk nhlle
Wadsworih's cabiuet council threatens to be
compoted nf men like Horace Greeley, George
Opdyke, David Dudley Field, Curtis Noyts,
and such like man whu hate never been dis
tinguished lu politics as the shrewdest of man
agers. General WaisworLh should at once ap
ply himself tu draw closer the bonds of his al
liance nl.b the Weed wlog of tbe Republican
party thus allaying party animosities and
availing himself of that knowledge of party ma
chinery, which Can be obtained and used In no
other uy.
arr-We clip the lollowlng from the bmJay
Morning Ch'onlclt, of Ihe Stb Inst.:
J. S. B. Todd, whu has been eleoted delegate
In Coogreis from tbe new Territory of Daotab.
is a brother of Mrs. Lincoln, and a graduate of
wen roioi tu iii. tie resigned nis position in
the army a few yars ego, and took up a resl
dence In Dacotab, from which Territory be was
appointed a brigadier general of volunteers on
the 19lb of September, 1861, He has been most
ol ine lime, ana we neueve is now In command
In Northern Missouri.
It would be hard to find more blunders in a
single paragraph than is contained in Ibis.
I. Mr. Todd hss not been elected u delegate
from Dacotah, but was badly beaten by Gov,
JJl--.t .
'J. He la not a brother of Mrs. Lincoln.
X Ue Is not n brigadier general.
-I 11U only command a Dacotah was as sutler
to Fort Randall; end finally, his 'Initials are J
B S. and not J. S. B.
AoihT or the Stiti or MaiNE. -J, W, Hath
away, Krq., of Bangor, son of tbe Iste Judge
Hathaway, and agent lo- tbe Slate of Maine,
has arrived In Washington and baa rooms at
the National.
Mr. Hathaway will soon open an cilice here,
and will attend to all business appertaining to
the welfare and Interests of tbe soldiers of the
State of Maine, in connection with the army.
This aueeUon troubles a good many people
immensely) and Ihe precise t'atus of the col
ored population, alter this war haa ended, Is a
question that admits of different opinions. The
solution of the apparent difficulties surround
ing this question Is nol so perplexing now as
many people Imagine.
If the ruling race Is disposed to deal justly
by tbe Inferior auJsut.jil-inae of the people
of color, much of the seeming difficultien whlth
environ the subject will disappear at once, auJ
light Kill bie.k in upon Iho national vision,
tnd tho way to a perfect aJjiislmout of tbli
vexed question will be elucidated by that over
ruling Provldenoe wbonevtr falls a Common
wealth disposed lu act humanely, aoy mole
tban It falls to iustruct the individual mind to
saf and just conclusions. Some free States
have constitutional provisions which prohibit
free colored msn from comlog into their terri
tory; others have made laws to that effect. All
ibis Is absurd and wicked. These decrees are
Inhuman, antl-Uhrlstlan, diabolical The col
ored man, bcrn on the American soil, Is entitled
to all Ihe immunities and privileges of an Amer
ican citizen; and any attempt to deprive him
of this Indefeasible right Is a wicked perversion
of mere poa-er, which cannot be justified in tbe
light of Christianity nor of modern clvlllzs
tion. The policy of this Government always has
been, to invite the oppressed of all nations to
free homes and to all the privileges of cltlzjn
ship In our broad land; and Ibis Is right. Tbe
men of every nation come among us and find,
or should Cod a cordial greeting. This Is onr
boast Who that has a true American heart In
bis bosom, dispute or denies this right.
Now, why shonld wo deprive tho colored
Amerioan of this same privilege, which we
agree to accord to the people of other climes t
It is said that the colored man Is not a co
equal, that he is an Inferior, that there is a
strong prejudice against him, that the white la
borer will not consent to labor by tbe elds ol
the negro, that there are other and Incnperable
objections to admitting the negro to this equal
ity. All this we freely admit; bnt we. are equally
certain that tbe notion Is all wrong, that the
prejudice Is a wicked, unnatural, and unchris
tian prejudice, and can have no fonndatlon Id
justice, and should have cone In law end
None of the people who oontend for tbese
prejudices and for the exclusion of the negro
from these rights, of locomotion and the free
choice to go where he pleases to earn bis
bread, ever ralte the slightest objection to tbe
negro's ccollju'ly to tbe whlto race, while he
Is tn slavery. The moment he Is free, then
they clamor for his removal. He smells bad;
he Is a nuisance; he should be removed trom
the country 1 1
Now all this Is shallow. It is mere pretext
It rests upon no just principle, and Is unworthy
a freo people.
It will bo ajid that we Ignore obvious die
tlucuons among men and races; that we are
lu favor of negro (quality; that we would in
troduce amalgamation, and all. the evils which
would eprlog from such an unnatural state ol
society. Wo do an such thing. We ask for no
other equality except equality of rights before
the law If we may endure the negro aa a alava
in this oonntry, we may and ahonld accord to
his his rights aa a freeman. Why not ?
Bat It Is said that the negro Is Ignorant, that
he will not work, and that infinite trouble will
grow ont of allowing btm his freedom
If he be ignorant, slavery made him S3, aud
bo can never be instructed while In the servl
tude tbat cbatuliem Imposes But be will not
work I All experience shows to tbe contrary.
Ho does work where he is free How is it
with Ihe emancipated slaves in this District
la not cash bettir than the loth
We do nut pndertake to say, of course, that
the negro is perfect, tbat none of them are
lex and thriftless, but we do undertake Lu
say, that In tbls partioular, all things consid
eicl, he is not unlike other people.
Tnere are no rules without exceptions. If
there are many lazy negroes, there era also
many lazy white men, bnt it does not follow
from facts like these, that either are to be en-
,iaTeii 0 tu. Ueannt.
A na(0 disposed to do right, to deai justly
by tbe negro, to act up lo tbe light of cbristl.
acily, and In accordance with the advancing
ciiillzaticn of tbe tlmta, will find no difficulty
In aicerlaining tho negro ihJ.r. Tbe question,
what shall we do with tbe negro, will answer
Glcious news from Geu. Grant's aimy Is
flashing along the tclegrapblo wires as we go
to press, tncouraglcg the hope that he has suc
ceeded In convening tbe repuke ut Corinth
into an astounding disaster to the rebel cause.
It is almost loa good lo be true, but Ihe coun
try has been taught to expect great things of
General Grant whenevir the opportunity of
achieving them Is presented. We reserve com
ment for further advices.
Oct. 6-12.29 p. m.
Maj. Gen. Hiixeck, Ueneral-ln-Chlel:
Generals Ord and Unrlbut came upon the
enemy yesterday; and Uurlbut, bavlog driven
la small bodies the day before, alter sevon
hours' bard fighting, drove the entmy five
mil s back acroas the Ritchie towards Corlntb,
csptnrlng two batteries, about 300 prisoners
and many small urms. I Immediately apprised
Gen. Ror-ecraos of there facts, and directed him
to urge on the good work
Tbe following dispatch Has bn received
from Cbevalla
"Oct Clo Majir General Gbiht The en
emy are totally routed, (brewing everything
' Signed W. T Roeicms.il "
Under previous Instructions, Hutlbut Is also
following Gen. McPherson la lu ihe lead of
Rosecrana' column The rebel Gen Martin ie
said to be killed.
U S Osim,
Mcjor General Commauding
Cou Hamilton. Tbls genllexan's visit to
Washington at this time, has reference to a
governmental expedition tn Texa, to aid In tbe
deliverance o tbe suffering Unionists there,
whom Col. Hamilton has left Their condition
Is one ot suffering, such as no human being can
depict in all its horrors.
Will not some gentlemen cf our city move in
tbe matter, and Invito Col. Hamilton to address
our cltfzsne, at ench time and place as may
suit bis convenience ? Let us have a meeting.
fsvll. G. Uedrlck, Esq, brother In-law of
Secretary Smith, his resigned his position as
sope'lntcndent ol tbe Fatent Office building,
and intends to return to Indiana.
Our Forces Make a Huooeiuful
Bald upon the Bebels.
They (Irt Jeff. Thompson's sword,
Spurs, and untile.
The following report hss been forwarded to
the heaJquartora of the nrmji ,r
Hi trqpiim hh Ui p't of the (let r,
New Orleans, Sept. 24, 1S.
lIuoR GtMRiL B. V. nutt.tn,
drnmoTidlf; Powrfmeiil ( IhtOulf:
OKNfRiL Pursuant to Tout nrderoof thblllb
instant. 1 embarked, on the afternoon of that
day, on board the steamer Ceres, at Ltkrpott,
with thre e companies nf the Twelfth regiment
Cipl. Tbornti u, FarrlDgton, and Winter, and
one compauy (Cipt. P ckerrnn 'el nf the Twen
tv sixth Msisachusett. rcclment. I bad pre
aninn vmuiiiuta, oomraaoaea respectively ny
viousiy sent iuu men or ine inirteauin uonnoo
llout regiment, on board the gunboat New Lon
don, whose commander, Opt. Read, bad klnlly
nonsented tu co operate with mo.
The object In view was to surprise lbs village
if PoooliatiiuU, the headquarters of tbe rebel
(Ictieral Jeff. Tbomuaou, fort) -elahl allies north
of tho city, on the line of tbe Jackson railroad.
Tu tbat end the New London was to land her
men at Manobao bridge, whence, at daybreak
next morning, they wero to drive the enemy
tbat rolsht ba found there northward to Von
ohatoula, while the remainder of tbe force,
having f lund our way fifteen miles up tjie Tan
alpaboa river In the night, should havA landed,
marcnea six miles westwara ana capiurea run
cbatoola In season to secure those of the enemy
who had been driven up from Paaa Manchac.
The attempt at surprise failed, for not only was
tbe New London unable to get over to bar into
uancnao faistnue darcness, nut ine ceres,
too large for the easy navigation of the narrow
and wlndlns Tanalnahoa. tailed In eaoh of tbs
two succeeding merits to reach her destination
on tbat river tn season to admtt of onr gaining
Ponchatoula before daylight. I resolved, there
fore, to go with that steamer to Manohao bridge,
and did ao on the mnrnlne of the 1Mb. From
that point Captain Winter was sent with his
company eoninwarti, to roans idv oeairuciiua
or ine railroad on ssancnao is ana more com
plete, wbloh duty be thoroughly nerlbrmed.
Uapt. Plokerlng's company was left to guard
the steamer, and the oompantes of Captains
inornion ana rarringina oezan a lurceu
march of ten miles upon Ponchatoula.
A locomutlve coe mile below the village gave
notice nf our apprcaob, (which could not be
aoDoealed,)and ran northward.givlng tho alarm
at tbe village, and thence to Camp Moore for
reintorcemeots. we met en entering i-oncna-touU
a dlseharce er canister, at seveutv
yards, from a light battery, In charging which,
captain inornion leu aavereir wouoaeu. um
company then under Lieut. Illght reinforced
Captain Farrtngtpn's first platoon on the ene
my's right, while Lieut. Coon, with tbe secimd
platoon of that company, took a position under
partial cover on tbe left of tbe enemy's line.
From these positions our men poured In so de
liberate and dsstructlve a fire, that the enemy
was driven from the field, the artillery gallop
Ing away, frllowed by the Infantry on aroal
through tbe forest In a northwesterly direction.
We then set fire to a train of upwards of twen
ty oars laden with oolton, sugar, molas.es, Ac,
took tbe papers from tho fort and telegraph
office, (deatrorlng tbe apparatus of tbe latter,)
and den Jeff.Tbompson'a sword, spurs, bridle,
Ac, from his quarters lu the hotel, (the sword
w4 preesntcd by the so-called Memphis pa
triots.) A written document was obtained whlob
showed tbe rebel force at tbat point to consist
orthree hundred troops of the tenth Arkansas
regiment; one company of home guards, and
one oomuany cf antllerr tAiu six pieces.
I had, however, received reliable loforma
tion tbat the enemy's force was a v, eek prevl
ous only two hundred InUntry, and no artille
ry The reinforcements had taken pUoe at a
stibequent date. Our forco engaged amounted
tn hut one hundrod and twelro men. Ws left
nf killed, wounded and missing, texclu-tv of
lhoie who have Just crme In among the last
tha gallant Thrn'on,) ten men at ToLchatouU.
Surgeon Avery, Ninth Conuectlcut volunteers,
wlih his atteudxnts, voluntarily remained with
the wounded, but the former has since re
turned. We brought tn eleven men. more or leas aa.
veralv wounded. One fatal oaae ot aun stroke
v-eat-kjbj1 Aa. -j s.k ettjaskrAsaa. flaaaa mIuph
from Ponobaloula waa neoeasarlly along the"'1'
rauroaa, inrougn a swamp, anaonwaioa mere
Is no cover for troops, and It was therefore Im
possible to bring off those of our menwho were
most severely wnunaea, ae iney wouia ne ex
nosed for a lona distance to tbe fire of the ar
tillery, wbloh, with horses attaohed, woutd be
brought back upon the line of the road aa soon
aa we ahould have left the village. It did ro
return, at tbe signal of the Inhabitants; but,
mougu actively servea, aia us no nsrm.
Surgeon Avery reports twenty (20) of tbe en
emv killed. Cantatas Thornton ana Farrlntr.
ton and tbe tftlcers and men of their respective
commaods, though nearly exhausted by the
march (tw.i mites of which waaoveran open
trestle wnrk) In tLe heat-of the day, behaved
ncbly In tbe fight. Captains TJokerlng and
mnier, auor a Tery rapm maron, lor wmen
thev are entfilod to much credit, came up after
wo had left tbe vlllsge, covered our rear, and
ss.lsted In bringing In tho 'rounded. Lieuls.
Mil ten, Allen, Furegasa and Commander Ouoh
Hiiao, U 8. N., who aorompanled the expbdl
tlon, rendered Important sefvjces, and their
gallantry durlrg tie action deserves special
I have the honor to bt, General, very res
pcclfully, your obedient servant,
Gsosoe 0. PlROI.0,
A. A. General.
iioa lbs Mew YorkEvtulig Tosr
She Postage BlMinp illfllenllrt
We have omitted to protest against the re
cent regulation of the Postmaster General, for
bidding the use, on lettets, of soiled stamps,
because it was so unreasonable and so flagrant
ly unjnst that we felt sure the order bad been
drawn up by some clerk unskilled in the use
ot language, and would he modified cr with
drawn as socn as its effect became known at the
Department But we bear nolhlrg of correc
tion, aud are forced to belUvetbat the Post
master General either does not yet understand
tho effect of the order, or Is rrgardless of the
Injustice be docs.
It is Ihe business ol Ihe Pest Office Depart
meat, by lis local-officers, to guard against
the nse of stamps which have already once
been used. To do this, they are at liberty
to deface there In any mannir they think
most effective. But to refuse to admit a
stamp because It has become soiled, Is to re
fuse to boner an obligation freely entered Into.
A merchant might as well decline lo recog
nize bis note cf hand because it had become
worn In Ihe holder's pocket or safe, or a
Judge declare a deed rr other document in
valid becaute it was musty, creased, or soiled.
As the recent crder of the Prilmaster Gen
eral is uudeibtnod and euftrccd, the Depart
ment is doing jntt Ihot,
The people Welti itilhormd, by an act of
Congress, lo use postage stamps for currency;
they eubuiitlid lo the inconvenience cheer
fully; they held the Government's note ot
band goal, be it for Ihree cents or for 1300.
Whv shonld one breach of the Government now
ttiru dcubt oi, wLat has become a part of
tho currency of the country by ao order
which is unreasonable and unjust 1 As soon
a i the new " posiage currency" is issued In
sufficient quantities, tbat will naturally replace
Ihe tumps. Till, then, the Post OOLe Depart
ment should devife a metbed lo guard Itself
against the frauds of bad men, without com
milling a wholesale Injustice on tbe commu
nlty. The recent order certainly protecls the
Dpirlmrnt; but a notice tbat no stamps
would berealler be received for poatsge on
Utters, would perhaps achieve that end more
effectually and would not be much mere nn.
We are happy to find Mr. Dole, Com
missioner of Indian Affairs, has recovered from
his late illness, and b ablo to attend to tbe bu
siness of his office sgaln.
Thaevhllus Piataona en tha acmnelpa-
Tho following lottcr from Professor Thto-
philus.rarsona, nf the Harvard Law School,
to the Boston -frfrerfiKr.lvra the opinion of
that eminent nnd "conservative" Jurist on the
question ol emancipation. It willxbc read
with interest :
To Ihe Editor oflht lioiton Daily Advert iur:
Some' penuM ifrnouuee the President's pro
clarcstlon 03 unconstitutional ; and thh word
exirta end should exert great Influence. I
luppoce it cf itain that he has no power to
einanc pale Mat im ufl a civil net ; that he lias a
ro'rilitutinnat tinner tn do lliii aa a military
id, goiiudul on a military necessity, that
the conmaoJi'r-iu chief of our army BIu9t b& e
th rtolit tn Imlit nf the eststptirR nml tlir
I orCl! rf thi, necessity. It follows tha'. if he
t!' ,. J , V: " ,., ,l .i e
ha! "? it !. n, 7. ,V "nmptlon of a
nower he did not rightfully possess, but in the
exercise of a right that belonged to him.
I am not au abotiuonist. i, did not expect
or desire this measure, nor do I eee its neces
sity. Bnt why should I oot defer to the judg
ment of the President t It was his duty to
form nnd to act upon this judgment. He haa
acta! undcr'presaure, but ft was a pressure on
both sides. He knows all the facta upon
whics I conld form an opinion, and many
whlcl I do not, He must know better than
I liov far it will be a beb and how far a hiu
derarce in the work he has to do. And he
must know better than I can whether such a
meanre was necessary to arrest imprnding
and tarjortant Derir from abroad, would it
not be very foolish to suppose the judgment
of one who had only my means of judgment
likely tote wiser than that of one who has
the means which the President possesses ?
All ages nave aclcnowiedgea, ana none more
than this, that an army is but a useless mob
until discipline gives tq it order and unit; ;
and tbe essence of discipline is obedience bv all
to all who are over them In time like these
should not our whole people fed tbat they con
stitute the army of the Union, and that somtv
tnirg analagous at least to military suooroi
nation ought to exist among ust Bnt there
must always be one vast difference between
our military order and unity and our civil or
der and unity. In the army this discipline
rests on compulsion ana force, in civu bi
fairs irtnost come from self-compulsion and
se'f Imposed obedience. Are these Impossible
vi-tnM in a Tlftmhlic I
A short time may deteimrne wnemer ma
nation U to live or die. And tbe influence ol
th war and of its result may be as brpad as
the worldandaslastingas time. Andhowmuch
we are doing, which, in its greatness, is worthy
ot the hour I We are pouring ont our best
blood like water. Some of us how many I
off r up onr sons, and send them to the battle
with a ssille, and, when they die, bury them
almost wlthont a tear. Can we not sacrifice
our pKJndicca and pur passions, our cherished
opinions, our partisan habits and associations,
and even ine assertions ana ociarniiuua tu
which we stand committed? Most not these
sacrifices be made, unless we are willing that
oil ftlhpr tAfrlfiwa shonlil be unavailing? Is
our rjatriotUm no longer catrtot'um when, it
demands not money, for that we are ready to
give; not cllort, formal we are wiumg to
make; not blood and life, for them we are
pouring ont ; but submission simple, hone st,
iinhmlinn to constituted authority.
But I will not pursue this course of thought
any lurtner. or myseti, l uave now uo pun
tlra. and desire lo have none, but for the pur
pose ol tiutaining my country, and, therelore,
its government in every way I can, and with
the whole ot the little atmigtb I possess.
Cam6ndge. T. P.
Hoy w ara
PrrlHfi fur
The followlngoharaoterlallo letter, llkeevery
thing proceeding from the lips or tbe pen of
ltsuthor, calls to tbe peiformance or praotl
cal duty:
Fr;m tbe Pbll.delphla American riMbytrrlso.
Wasbuiotom, Sept. 26, ISM.
In mr church hosnlial we have divine wor
ship tury evening at Cf o'clook, consisting of
singing, accompauiea Dy toe meioueuii, reau
in nf Rcrii.tiira. Isomeilmee an exhortation.)
prayer, doioingy, and benediction. Preactdng
every DaDuain murniug.
Before the edifioe was ocoupled by the Gov
ernment for a hospital, we bad four stated
services, now we nave eight. In these ser
v o, I stand In the pulpit on the main Boor
(bordod over the pens) and on which are
ISO beds. The ihitlcnia are furnished with
" tho soldier's hymn book," and manv of them
Join with us In our songs of praise. Why may
not tbe hour ot our evening norsblp be tUt
hour for ooncert praer in all places for the
divine blessing on our country the President
of the United Btales the army the navy sick
and wounded soldiers the parents beroaved
nf their sons, Knd widows and orphans, in these
fearful times.
For these we daily pray, aud have our even
ing worship for thla set purpose.
A returned Baptist preacher wbo went to the
Peninaula to attend alck and wounded, and waa
made prisoner at "Savage Station," told me
thla morning that In his two months' Imprison
ment he preached and ministered to five thou
sand of cur brave fellows, and that everywhere
be delivered my message as he was leaving
this city for McClellan's army: "Tell the bote
we are praying for them." Ihopreaahersald
tbat thla h as me greatest comfort ana" encour
agement lo them lu their trials.
Now lot us have this evening ooncert of
Draver In closet, family, session room, and in
all places, and lot this faot be oommunlcated to
tbe army," We are praying for you," and even
Stonewalls would be broken and scattered, and
our c iuse triumphant.
Many thanks for the many articles from the
many hearts and hands for our sick and wound
ed, recently sent, and promptly distributed.
John 0. Suim,
Pastor t cunn rresoytenan unurcn.
Eimilar services to these are held, as often as
circumstances will permit, la several other
hospitals. ""
Feci GovgnsioM w WAsnraaTo.v,-Governor
Andrew Is here Interceding with tbe authori
ties for tbo purpose of getting permission
to take heme all tbe sick and woucded soldiers
of tbe State of Massachusetts, tbat are able lo
be moved, It seems lo us that It should be
Governor Bradford, of Maryland; Governor
Motgsn, ct New Yoik; and Governor Motion,
are sun in town.
1'raau.ML Gov. Morgan, Win U Aspli
Will, and Hon. Hiram WalbriJge, of New
York, and Gen. BayarJ, U. ft, A , are stopping
at Wlllards'
Dr. Ii. P. Oabccck. V. H U; Dr. Conerly,
Jersey Oily, and E Thurbei hnilth, New York,
are at the National.
John II. Hall, and Win 01.1 e, New York;
McGatger, Philadelphia, aud Wm. B. Dacca,
Mass , are at tbe Metropolitan
S-Tbe Commissioner of loternsl Revenue
will shortly Issue, a pamphlet containing the
rarious decisions which have been made rela
tive to business connected with that bureau
Tbe 'work Is being prepared with all baste, and
Its publication in a lew days will greatly con
venleuca tbe business ioterests of the ootn
munity. Maims Iiiuie Association. We understand
this association will hold an adjourned meeting
at tbe residence of S.,P. Browne, Esq, on F
street, Ibis evening, at which it Is hoped there
will be a full attendance, as business of great
Importance will claim attention.
The Battle of Isslsa Oast. Hoseeratu' Or
iters altaatlea of the Two Armies.
Coaivm. Bent. 28. 1602. Gen. Rosecrana'
headquarters are now at Corlntb, Grant and
Ord having gone to Jackson.
Tue army or Price Is now at Kipley, about
40 tulles southwest of Corlntb, and If Rose-
crabs Is permitted to have his own way, he wilt
beat up Price's quarters some fine morning In a
mannir that will Interfere materially with rebel
IlrirxjuiiiTtnn, Arvt or tuk Hiiaiasim,
CoHivru, MhM., Sept. 27, 18C2.
General Osdfh.1. No. 130. -Tbe geui-ial
commanding has forborne to notice In oideis
lb facta ami results ol the battle of Iuka, un
til he should have btfare him the leporU of ail
the commanders who participated In Hie ac
Brothers in arms: You msy well be proud
of tbo battle of Iuka. On tbe 18th you COL
ceBiruted at Jacinto; on the 19th you marched
twenty miles, driving In the rebel outposts for
tho last tight; reached the front of Price's
aimy, advantogeously posted la unknown
woeds, and opened tbe action by four p. m
On the narrow front, Intersected by ravines and
covired with dense undergrowth, with a siogle
battery, Hamilton's division went Into action
against the eomblned rebel boats. On that
uutqaal ground, which permitted Ihe enemy to
outnumber tbem tnree lo one, iney lougnt a
glorious battle, mowing down the rebel bordsa
until, nleht closlnz In. ther rested on their
arms on tbe battle-ground, Irom which the
enemy retired during the night, leaving us
masters oi toe neia.
The general commanding bears cheerful
testimonv to the fiery alacrity with which the
troops of Stanley's division moved up, cheering,
to support, when called for, tha third division,
and took their places to give them an oppor
tunity to repienisn insir ammunition; ana to
the-msgnlfloent fighting of tbe 11th Missouri,
and the gallant Mower. To all Ihe reulmente
who participated In the fight be presents con-
Satuiatlons on their bravery and good conduct,
e deems It an especial duty to slgnalixe the
asm Indiana, wnicb, posted on tne nil, neid
lis ground nntll the brave Eddy fell, and a
whole brigade of Texans came In through a
ravine on the little band, and even then only
yielded a hundred yards until relieved.
Tbe Sixteenth Iowa, amid the roar cf battle,
the rush of wounded artillery hones, tbe
charges of a rebel brigade, and a storm ol
grape, canister, ana mutxeiry, stooa mo a
rock, holding tbe centre, while the glorious
nun lowa, unacr me nrave ana aisunguisnea
Mathles. sustained bv Boomer with cart of his
noble little Twenty-elxth Missonrl, bore the
thrice repeated charges and cross fires of the
rebel ten ana centre wttn a valor ana deter
mination seldom equalled, never excelled, by
the most veteran soldiery. Tbe Tenth Iowa,
under Colonel Perczel, deserves honorable
mention for covering our left flank from the
asaault of tbe Texas Legion. Sands' Eleventh
Ohio battery, under Lieutenant Seurs, was
served with uneanalied bravery, undor cir
cumstances of danger and exposure such ss
rarely, peihaps never, felt to tha lot ot a slot
gle battery during tne war. ine inirtj-ninu.
Ohio and Forty-seventh Illinois, who went In
to position at the close of tho fight, and held It
during the night, deaerve honorable mention
for the spirit ihey displayed In tbe perform
ance of their duty.
The general commanding regrets that he
must mention the conduct of tbe Seventeenth
Iowa, whose disgraceful stampeding forms a
meiancooiy exception to tne-gtnerai goou
oourage of the troops. He doubts hot that
there are mtny good officeia and men lu that
regiment, whose cbeok born wttn tbame and
Indignation at the part tbe regiment acted, and
he Icoka to Iheru aud to all Its members, on ILh
first opportunity, by cnuepiouous gallantry, to
wipe out tbe stain on their fasr name.
To the brave and gallant Hamilton, wbo
formed and maintained his divlslou under the
galling fire from the rebel front, having his
horse shot tinder bira In the action; to tho vt
eran aa.l hrolc Halllvan, young lu years, bm
old In Until: Col. Sanborn, oommandlnc the
leading brigade la Us maiden battle; Brigadier
Geuersl D. 8. Stanley, Indefatigable soldier,
ably aiding tbe advance division; to their ataff
officers, as wen as to tne regiments wuicu nave
been mentioned io this order, tbe general com
mandlng tenders individually bis hearlfelt
tbaiks and congratulations, inelr gallantry
aLd good couduct command bis respect, and
has added a page lo tbe claims tbey bav. on
the gratitude ot it great people now struggling
to maintain national freedom and Integrity
against an uuballoived war in favor of caste
and despotism.
To Colonel Mlzner, chief of tbe cavalry divi
sion, and to tbe officers and men of his com
maud, the general commanding here publicly
t-ndera his acknowledgments. For courage,
efficiency, and for iucissaut and successful
combats, brt does Lot believe they bavo any
euprluis In our advance on Iuka, anil dol
ing tue action, iney aoiypenornicaincir au'-y.
Col. Hatch font bt and whirried tho rtbeis
at Peyton'e Mills on the 19th, pursued tbe re
treating rebel columu ou the 20ih, harassed
their rear, and captured a large number of
arms. Duriog tbe action five privates of tha
Third Michigan cavalry, beyond our extreme
right, opened fire, captured a rebel stand of
colors, a captain and lieutenant, rent In Ihe
colors that night, alone held their prisoners
during Ihe night, and brought them in next
The unexpec,iea accident wnicn alone pre
vented us Irom cutting off tbe retreat, and
capturing Price and his whole army, only
shows how much success depends on film In
whose bands are the accidents as well as the
laws of life.
Bravo companions in arms I be alwavs ore.
pared for action ; firm, united, and disciplined
The day of peaoe, from the hands of God, will
soon dawn, when we shall return lo our happy
homes, thanking Him wbo gives both courage
and victory.
uy command ot Major uen w. a. ucaecrans.
II. G, Kr.xi.iTT,
Lieutenant Colonel and Chief of Staff.
For tbs Nsllonil Republican
TalCBroph the President, aad f.ct lbs
Column Stove Unl "
Bo shouted Douglaa In Ihe hour of dissolution,
as momentary remembrance of his Imperiled
country flitted through his wandering mind,
and ths same Is to day tbe about of the entire
loyal heart of tbe country. The people want
"tbeculumntouovr ohI" I have Just returned
from a three weeks' Journey through the great
Northwest, which has sent forth Itsjallant sons
ao guneiously for this terrible war, and Is still
ao unhesitatingly loyal and patrlotlo, and
everywhere 1 found It to be tho earnest wish
that the column should oo roawinn I The last
man and tne laat aouar are atine aervloe or the
Cuvernment. Tbe newspapers have carried
tha tidlnea of the Thavor nnterDrlae fur tho
redemption of the State of Florida:, tho fair
young queen of the Houtb, and thousands of
tue maiwttri auna ui tue west are eariieatiy
anxloua to give bcirt and arm to tbat noble
enterprise. They look upon tbe soheme as
something that proailses a poaltlve acoom
plishment, tbat assureA tbe early return nf a
rebellious State to Its old loyally. Thoy llko
ihe enterprise In all Its details, and tbey have
an abiding filth tn Ell Tbayer, for thoy remem
ber tbe persevorance and skill with whtoh he
wrought In tbe laying of Ibe foundation nf the
free State of Kansas. Tho people of the North
west, Mr. Editor, moat earnestly desire that
Florida's column shall hove oh I And will you
n.rmii ma tn use vour columns as the medium
of telegraphing that fact to the President t
Wathington, Oot. 7, 16C3.
Dissbleu SniDiERU. It Is understood tbat
disabled volunteers, or such as are not suffi
ciently strong to serve lu the field, will be de
tailed for guard duly at hospitals
Lord Lioi.i. Lord Lyons is expected to
return to Washington In tbe English steamer of
the lltb Inst.
Jltr. J.HJUF.S CLARKE atid hit
hanio, at the Olympic.
Massachusetts People's Conven
tion. Bostom, Oct. 7. The People's Convention,
which met la Fanenll Hill to day, was largely
attended, two hundred nnd nintly nine towns
bilng ropreaenled. Linus Child, L'tq. presided.
Genoral Dereua, uf Worcester, was nominated
aa a candidate lor Governor, by acclamation.
From Fortress Monroe.
Fortress MoMtor.. 0.L C General Vlele,
Ullltary Governor of Norfolk, boa found It
ntewsary to Issue a moro stringent order legu-
luting IntercouriA between that city and other
points. Tbu General notifies the people that
una oruer win continue in rorce nnui more
general good lalth Is exhibited towards the
Government; and unless the attempUtovlolule
the military laws neceAarlly established shall
be dlsoountenanced and suppressed by tbe cit
izens of Norfolk, they will hate to blame thenf-
selves alone for tne conssqnencss.
The transports Mania' Leaf, Thomas A. Mor
gan, nod Commodore arrived here tbls morning
leaded with toldlers; some aio returning from
the hospitals to rejoin their regiments, otheis
aro new recruits.
The dig of truce boat expected from up Ihe
river wttn (eioasea prisoners nas not yet ar
rived. Fortress Mosroe, Oct. 6. The steamer Bel
videre arrive to day. with rebel crlsoners from
Fort Delaware, and the New York and other
steamboats are nourly expected with more of
the same class. Thev number eighteen hundred
In all, and will be sent by a flag of truce tu
Aiken's Landing.
Tbe flsg of tmce boat Mctamora has not yet
The War in the Southwest.
St. Louis. Oct. 6. Advices received from
General Scbofleld slate that with a powerful
lorca ue won go oiiuruay at oarooxte, sixteen
miles Irom Newtonla. where a rebel force of
10,000 strong was collected. He expected to
reach there to-day, and If tbe rebels do not
vacate tve place, we may expect to bear Im
mediately o( a battle. No apprehensions ate
entertained as to the result, Scbofield'e army
being superior to that of ihe enemy, and In
excellent fighting trim. The only thing feared
Is that the rebels won't fight.
. Advices, dated the 4th Instant, received frost
Green Castle, Missouri, convey reliable Intel
ligence that all the Texan troops, under Ibe
rebel McBrlde, hare been ordered to return
borne forthwith, In consequence of tbe Union
victories at Uatsbal and Shreveport, Texas.
The troops thus referred to are estimated at
2,000 In number.
SrjuxortELn, Mo., Oct 4 From a private in
the Siitu Kansas cavalry, who participated in
the fight at Mariana, nu Tuesday lost, we learn
tbo following particulars:
Colonel Solomon, on Mondsy, learning that
there was a rebel fore?, which was supposed to
be five hundred strong, at Newtot la, teut about
six Lundred troops against them, one hundred
aud seventy five being Infantry, and Ihe b.lauce
cavalry, under command of a mujor of the
Ninth Wisconsin, whose name we did not learn.
They charged into Newtonla on Tussday morn
ing, aud found that tbe rebels had been heavi
ly reinforced, bavlog a Licaestlmtled at seven
thousand, with six pieces cf artillery.
Our men bad to get oul tbe best way they
could, tbe Infantry fighting them for three
quirters of an huui. As they fell back out ul
Newtopia, compauy U, of tbe Sxtb Kuaeas
cavalry, about lot ly strong, were surrounded,
but cut their way out.
Tbe Federal troops fell back three miles,
followed by the rebels, whan tbe loriner met
reioforomente of three hundred cavalry and
l.nir plecee of arUIUry, tuaktug-'hit pl-v.s lo
all, and, In turn, drove the lebele back Into
Considerable canouading was kept up lor
eouie time hetweeu tbe two armies, our men
now having three or four regiments In tbe con
flict. About nlgbt our troops commenced lall
lag back' to ramp.
Tbe rebels followed them, when our men
turned ou them, drov Ibrin back tuto New
toula and held the fl-l.l The Federal !
iluting the ,-ay was about on huudreil and
liTrly killed, wounded and ,mi6slng, probably
the most of them taken prisoners. Such of our
wounded as fell Into Ibe bands of Ihe mbels
were treulrd la the inoit barbarous mariner.
LouniMU-E, Oct. C, C p. m Tolegiapblc
communication with Bsrdstowu bus just boeu
re established. Th4 wires will keep pace with
onr aimy as It proceeds South unrd.
Evaruatfon of" srrouhTort by lit staa-tu.
LciiaviLLk, Oct ! -Tbe rebels havi fncu
ated Frankfort.
nrcunublsance lo Cttarlutotvit tubcls
Sakot Hooe, Mn.Oct. C A heavy reccc
noltance, consisting of Ibe Sixth cavalry, regu
lars, and two batteries, towarda Oharlestaoin.
just returned, reports tbe enemy there. A
reoei capiaiu was cupiured. John trwlu aad
David Jumna, company D, Sixth cavalry, were
auieu iu a sairmisu wtin tno enemy.
The Faninil .f major Sttlgwlck.
Stockiiricoe, Mai., Oct C Major Sedg
wick, wbo was badly wounded at tbe battle of
Antletam, from the effects uf which he died,
was buried bere yeetvrday (Sunday) stternoon,
wlih military honors. A large concourse of
citizens and friends from different parts of tbe
country, gathered together lo pity tbe last
tribute cf rerpect to the memory of the brave,
gallant, leurlces, ant lamented soldier.
The lucent Ualraeje ana Hinder at liar
tlsburg-1 1,000 lUwalU.
niRimscno, Oct. C Governor Curtln, by
proclamation, effers $1,000 reward for the ap.
prclieosion and conviction of tbe wretch wbo
so brutally violated and then inhumanly mur-i
dered the little girl, Mary Elizabeth Girmon,
near this city, on Friday lost.
Order of Censure for Violating tbe Artny
A general order, dated October 4, U62, has
been Issued from tbe War Department, as fol
lows: " Captain George H. Johnson, assistant adju
tant general, having sent a loiter to a member
of Congress oenautlrg bis superior officer, and
enoloslng a copy of an nOlotal report of a con
fidential character, In relation to the dsfeooea
of hia nost. and aiklnx that hia communication
be brought to the notice of the Secretary of
war, iniiautjuuiy viniatina toe .army regula
tions and Jleueral Orderif, Is, hereby publicly
" His Immediate commander la not free from
censure, for petmlttlog Captain Joonton to
copy and transmit, out of tbe prescribed oban
nols, Gliolal doouments.
lltS .inw ..IU... .I-aII k.r.af,.. l,t. m, I
. VU.WD. nun,, uviwiio.. ni.uuui
proper authority, permit tbe publication of
any official letter or report, or allow any copy
of such document to pass loto the hands of
persona not auiuonzia to reoeire ii, nis name
will be submitted to tbe President for dismls
sal, This rule applies to all official letters and
reports written by an officer himself,"
Tina la TO U1VK HOTICM. That Ihe
subiitlber tits ootalnsd Irom lbs Urfhan's
Court oi Wublnstoa county, In the Dls'rlct ot 't o
iuuibu, Utters of sdmliitsiralljn on ihe petsousl
estate of Joho M Frits, Isle of W.shlogtou City
and county, deceased All po s hating claims
Sg.last the said drceawd are hersby wartv J lo ea
bibit the saois, wlihllto vtuehers Ibcreof lu ths
lilt.crlbr,pa orberoretlH loarth da of Oitobcr
next , thsy may otherwise, by law, be etcloded
(ruin all benefit of the sld estate
uisaq uadsr my bsLdiitli fourtt diy of Ootabtr,
A. D 160J. lONiTlUa FBIES,
oot 7 8w Admtal irator.
HO It 8 SHOE NAILS -.glut for "Putnam"
machine hsmmsied 110 RS a SHOE NAlLS.st
fMtoiy prices In quantltlas ot IM lbs.) at retail,!
cents advsace oa maker's rales -
oet a twto aoa l'tnn. arsons.
S.-T.-1 8 6 0-X. 4
They purify, streDttbso, and Invigorate.
They create a heiluy wills.
l bey are an amidols to change of water and diet.
They overcome effects of diMlfa'ion and lata hoars
They strengthen Ihe system and enliven tbsmlad
They pirveut iniatmetie etid Intettultlaot levers
They pollly the brtattiandaclJllyof tbestuoiso'i
They am. yspia su I Const trillion
Ihsyoart Diarrhoea, Uholaia.eud Cholera Hot
bns They ears Liver Coaplalot and Nervous Used
Th.y are Ihe brsl Bitters In ihe wotld. liisy ms is
the weak man strong, sod are sxhsastid nature's
great restorer, lbryare mrd ot rurtfiv Piotx
Rem, the celebrated rallsata IKri, roots aid herb.,
sod are tsken with the pleaiureof a bversg,v,ilh
out regard to ageertlneof tsy t'sitinuisily ti
oommsailcd to d.llca persons fqalilng a geuils
stlmnlsnt, Bold by all (Irotrls D.uijl-il, HMs's,
end Ealoolis I II DKAKKaCO ,iw Brosdoay,
New loiE. se u-em
a-U.nl ST lit a Templar. Washington
Conimindstr No I, will sntet st tbe Asylum, eoraer
of Ninth ana D streets, th s (We luud.y) evealeg
at 7 o'clock.
aolourolcg Kt.ls.bU are leip'otfolly lavltsd to
attend. 1ANIKL BUCK,
ocu S Becordsr.
S- IttnillnKs at thu Capitol- Wo an glad
lo loam that Mis Charles Spear will gtva readfrgs
thtt evening InlhaHouie of ltcr-rascntallrei, at 4
o'clock, tolht sol Clin. Sstjiol Bsttirsol Lib
erty. . CC17 II
arWHUa't Vroarsas of Slavery. Oopu,
cf this wsrk are for sale at tha Gfflja of tha llslimt
BfiMkax. Pauphlst elttloa, Si aruts. lisaai
adluoo, ti Mats.
Jrattsntloul Attention! Attention II 1
naatad a few MEN to eomplste a company of tha
Sixteenth rtjimint Virginia (First Eastern va.).
This Is tha oeTy regUnent now two? tow v, aad ds
tailed for CBPEOIAL aKBVICH" by lbs Stcif
tary of War, for datyln the vicinity of Alexandria
and ths forts abnats washiegton, 1). O.
HearoiUnr office, Third street 3d door hslow Fa
avaaas A. C. WIDDICOUBE,
M !idI,Uai.
J4er Grestt Pasmayivantet iiamte. The
aleksrt and safest xoate to the Northwest and
oathwest. Iwo through trains dally, and one or
Sunday. Soldiers' tickets at Oorcroment ratts to
all ths principal points In the llorth and West. For
rickets aad farther lnfcrsaatlon apply at the otllca cl
the "Oreat Pennsylvania Boate.' ocrthcut oorner
Pennsylvania avenoa and atxth street, andor xia
ttonal Hotel. Ones opsa from a a.m. to 9 p.m..
on Sundays a to 4 p a
sag 6-ly Agat
SO-Batchtlor's llatr lire The B.st In
lb World WUUam A. BaUiclot's celshratsd
ITatr Dye prcdecea a clor nst t bs dutlnfcuUbsi
frost aatuisi waira. ted lci to laluis ths lialr In tn)
Isaat; r m dies the 111 stfscts of bad dj u, aod InrU
o'ateslhailalrfor Ufa. OBEY HKD.or BUSTT
HAIB Instantly tarns a splendid Blask or Brown,
Having tbs hair son aad beautlftl Soil ty al
Druggists, ko.
4-iha Otaulne la signs! WILLIAM A
B A TCIlkLOU, on Its ImrilUi it till I.J.
Factory, No all Barclay straa, (I ata Id! tiro!
wsyandls BcuJ,)Nrw Tork ia331
-pcll .totlca.-Ou and altar Taarlay.
April l.iser, the trams an tb luyiirors aud Ohio
Ballroad will cotnmuo ruonbjgxslly, (Qundays
xceptsdj leaving tots fiuuen at 7 10 a m., anl
oouneoting at Washington Juacttou with Mall
I rata for alt parts of the Wsst tu hcclbig r
Patter.burg. lb'tush ticket sold ant b.ggaja
cbtokei. W P. SWIM.
U. of Traiupotiatloa u 4 O. U, K
ap 1 dtf Hutr a Globe
To tha I'uhllc.
DeratiTMCNT or Tnr Itmmoii,
Office .Indian A(7ur, ttplmbtr 10, 1862.
From ialoimatlon received at tbls Depart
ment, deemed euflfrlently sellable to warrant
me in eo dolug, I consider It my duly to nrn
all persons contemplating the crossing cf ths
Plains this tall to Utah or the Pactflo coast
that there is good reason to apprebond ho.tlll
ties on the part of the Daunock and Shoshone or
Saake Indians, a wall aa the Indiana upon the
Plains and along Ibe Plelte river.
Tha Indiana referred lo have during ths past
summer' committed several robbeitesand mur
dera. They are numerous, powi rful, and war
like, and, should tbey generally assume a bos
file attitude, are capable of rendering tbe suit
graul rcules aerors tbe Plains extremely pet II
ous Hence this naming.
By order of tbe ilmotary ot the Interior :
CutaLta K. Mix,
Acllui; OotiimUtioner
tsotlra lo Vscla Sosicarlng or t.cavlua
the Potomac HU cr.
The guard vessels off Alexandra and Piney
I'olnl, on the Potouiar river, will be dittln
gulshed, durlug Ihe day, by a eqemr. wnirx
tua wtru x ntucKoo.t, (lit. Audio's,) ami at
night by two nr.D Lioura.
The ofQcera lu command of these viw-d. will
furnish the Naval Potomac Pass Ie all maeleis
of vessels rjavigating tbe rit-er, after lhe shall
have given proof tbat ihov are lawfully em
ployed. Vessels entering or departing from ths river
will be subject to detention if unprovided with
a pass.
Al.u'w A. Haewood,
Commodore Com'g Potomae Flotilla.
DzranrurNT or burr,
Washington, Jan 25, 18t2
Tbe Secretary of State .will hereafter receive
members of Congress on business ou Catiud&ja,
commencing with Saturday, the first of nvl
IV AW nKrAHTllKst', Ttn Utl. no-s.
Pssscswill not te glrcu to vt.lt ths Navy Yaid
doting ihe lints lbs " Monttes " 'is undergoliig im
pairs Upon ths ooropltlton of ths wotk upon that
vcrs.1, she will bs thrown opin to pnbllo lospictlou
Ddc nolioa ot ths tints will bs glrsu oct e 3r
Worccrlerbbire, Jcha Ball,Riading Ld Il.rty
Saucts, Mashrooa, Walnat. and Tota.to Cst.up-;
Cunoentrattd Milk, Honsv, Koatt fceef.Grcen Cora,
Frtsh Lobtteis Ihlestnbuup and Sjilcvd Oysters,
In Tin Cans, Lsmon, Grape, Pins Appls Olraw
bcrry, Blsckt,stry, Ita.pbetry, and le-ch Jelllss
PlDsAppletiloacr,Btackbity, Rsrpbsrry, Straw
berry,end Obeiry IVstmc; oneikllng O.letloo,
Fatioa. Corn btstch, and Hies Flcuti Bcrdsux.
Otlrs OP and Moaierd Pare Spices, g.cunda?!
unaroaad, CiStkinl, unl n u it Mixed PlcL.,3)
For ulily W It iENM'.V,
0 E Cora.r Unloa Squire, Gsorgototrn.
cctl-st (luisl fcotsr I
paaatcs on tiisi pui'iiuiii,
Oa aud after ths 12lh uillaut day ol bsptitnb.r,
pasts, will bs required from all vt.asls, boats, hi ,
nsvtgsting lbs Potomao tlv.i TUfse ail) bs isau.a
by tbe OumnitndingOlDocrct ths rlntills, aadrfy
bs obuinsd front ths nsvalvs, sols ststlcasd at Atsv
andtia or st the tuontb of Ins river.
Bsoralsrs of ths (levy
Nsvv DsrsatHsar,
SspUmhsrll.lta ,,p u
FMJi'jrr FOIIIIEST sings at
the Oljtuiifc Anftirtfau til-A.
oh i japMc jiivsic mm .ill,
LATE GYMNASIUM, opposite Market space,
opens SATURDAY, October 11.
J VLLI HiiZijifilTOJl'' danc
at the Olympic.
BOB BUTLEB, at the Olympic.
LAVlt.t HEIljrailli, fit her
Uaihuls, at the Olympic.
TOM VAMll'M rniiilr ttlntrlna- uill
make you laugh, at Ihe Olympic.
HARRY TH0.1IV80JT slurs
at the Olympic.
EJUJI.1 .inii.rR dance
at the Olympic.

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