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ti'k A I I.
NO. 273
" '. M (
I , HAvT DlTAfttVBirTi r i
Siirum If Cbuhmrtbn, .', Sept. M, 1M2. 4
SEALED PEUPOSALa la fcmkh iHUrfcte tar
lb. navy for lb Ileal yu eadlai Bom JnatMI,
win d. received ai wis nnn uui a v-sioea it. ,
of th siit October next
These proposals milt OS
endoned " rrapMll he Xe&rtili tvrbU Htm,
ue . varam
be dletlBgalehsa
or umrmcnon' an , vast trev aar
ntm nlhaa '- ' " I
Tlia raaierlals and anMsa embiwad la tba classes
named ars penieaiarrf deseritsd la tba printed
schedules, say Bf whiea will bs fBialahed to nab aa
deelie toofirfoa appUaaUaa tatba ooramandaata
cf tba reepeetlrsyeMs.er to tba navy afaai aaarart
thereto,.. thsaa f all tba tarda, ape appltsallBB
to Ibli Bareaa. TbJt dlviele. lato alaasssMlBB for
iba eonvenl.flee craaalera la Stan, aaoh poriloeu
only will ba lumtaaed u era aataall nqalred for
bid l he oomiMadut and evy ami of eaebita
tlon will. In addition to tb i chad ale of olaeeee of
tbelr own vaiia, bare s eopyof the eohedale of tbe
other yatde , for exaaelaatloa out;
h turn whleh It
nay be ladf ed whether wUl JadrabU to nuko
arplleauoei ftrtar of the ellaeee of thorn rerdi.
rviioaauow itvwj or am nmn oi mow rwai.
Offtrt mtut b tntate for tlia halt of th elui at
4bt Ttud pon om of th prtnlaMt tebedKliWi or U
itiioi oooformlty tbanwttb, or thtf will not m ood
lidtnd. ! oompnttmf th eluMt.tno prlot Uttd
in tba eolnttn or 91 ion will to tnt ihmdnril.ua too
iit'i f tka oltM will Io crrM mi Mooodlag
tOthpMMIltnwi. V Ar X C ..'!.
Tho oatnet will b MWintod to tho lowwt Uma
AU blddn who gtTM protr oMmrtty for its falfll
catnt TbUMtd8tirtrTMthtrtflittorH
all tho bid fcr toy ol4M, If dttnud oxorbltmnt
'A.l ortidof mui b oi tlw t-tt bwt qumt to b
dUTir4 la tht aMTrytrtl la food'ordtr.omd la
ratUblo TBOMli and 0ULfftif Brvfforif nurkod with
tht nuat of tho eontrtotor, u th ttf.tfi'T &i
tho txpuM udntkof tho teatrMtor, ul la all
TMDMtfl nt))Ot VO tbO IniptOttOB. BMUWOBMOt.
cotut, wiht,o., of tho rud whtro notlrtd. and
to tho tnilro utWaotloa of tho ooonuadutieroor.
Blown aro nfmtd to tao oonuaaaduta of tat
rMTwallTai Trdf for UBtelM. laiBttraatkmi. or etir.
ttouiar dctorlotlja of tho aruetio; tad.'aU olhor
ihl&iblBgtqatl,nfnnoBwlll bo flr War
tioioof AmtrtMB Bi4turotaT.
Kriry OaTfr,unqitr4 by tho ltwof loth Aogut,
1 6M, mut bo ooooa.pu.td br a wilttoa gaaraattt.
Ibt form of wh eh uhortwttn glrta.
Tho-t odIt wtaott offirt nuf bo tceopttd will bo
ootlded, and tto contract will bt forwordtd at oooo
itafrctfttr aa pneutobtt.whleh thty will bo rt
qairtdtotzrettttwlthlo ten dap afttr lt reotlpt
tt tht put ofllot or pbtjt Bfao Btnwd bf thoai.
Hnmiii In tha fall monnt will ta raanlrad to
lira tht ooBtraot, and toalr rttpcatlbtUtT oorUttd
to br o United atatat dutrlot Judgt, Ualttd Btatoi
u itt riot Bttoiar, oolltetoiC or navy agtat At ad
ditlonal trcaxnr.tnutT par mbmbi wui bo with
baid from tht ataoaat of the bUlt notll tha eoa.net
hall hart beta oonplettd; tad tlthtr per etntam
of taehbUl,BpproTcaJatrlplioatobrfotoofamaed
anti of tho rttpwtlTt yard, will bo paid by tht nary
agent at int pmnu 01 aeiiTtry in otruneaite 01 in
acbtedneu or TrtMory notet, at tht option of Ue
ItltitlpolaUd Intbt contract that Ifatfanlta
made br the partlM of ttw flret part ladtliTtrlng
all or any of tho artlcUt Benlonad la any olaai bid
fcr In tht contract, of tht qmllty and at tht itmt
a-d placet aboTt prOTidtd. than, and lathateaae,
ihe cos tractor and lit tnrttua will forfeit and pay
ta ika Ualtad Siataa a inn of moner cat txoiadtnv
twlea tha amount of aioh eltaa. which mir ha rs
ooTtnd fiomtlno to time, according to tho ast of
uongraca in toai 5 wrmi a, appruraa jaarna at
InclaiiHo 11 and thoto following, If a quantity
in aaai'ion eqaai vt in iao 01 uw coniraoi u aa
uaqded. it U to bt famished oa like ttrnu and eon
atilcna daiittg tho lecal ytar ,
W blob Item a firm mut ba itgnad by all tht avm-
1, , of , In tht State of , hereby
egret to farahh and delirtr la tho nepeotlra nary
yarda a'l tht article named In tht olaeeea hereunto
aonexfd. agreeably to tht prorltlOBt of tht tehadnite
tberetor.aad 1b 0 nformlty with tht adTertleemeat
bf the Barren of CoratrnotlOB.Ao ,ot aSd Septtm
bir,ied2. Shonld mr offer bt accepted, I requtat
to ba addraa od at , and tha ooatract teat to
the nary agent at -. or to , for otgaatora
ana cerunoaie
Klgaatart, A. U.
W llneaa.
The ecU Jute which lle bidder aacloeta malt bt
Dajttd to hie offer, and tech of tbtm tlemfd br him.
Oppie.te aeon article in tho atbtdalo tht prioe mart
be eat. tha amennt earned out. tbrtggieiate footed
upfvrtacbnlaaandtha ameant Iiiewlee wnttflh
lu worda If the iartlee who bid do not raelde near
1 h nlaea whero tha artlclea ara to be delivered, they
mu.tname latbtlr effer a pereonto whomodera
Dai iubiu ara u vw utuTfiiu
Form of Guarantee.
The Bodeielgned, , of, la tha Btala of
, , ud or . in ma state or .
bereby inaranty thit In oaaa tha foregolog bid or
. ...... lor any vf lhaeiaeaea tharala named f ao
fantad. ha or thar will, within ten dive altar tha
rtttlpt of tbe contract aiUe poat ofiloa name J. or
oevy agent daelgnatcd. axecuta tha cjmtraot fur tba
IB ma 1 wiia itiwu wau iviuiuNiiiBif un; inu u van
Ml hall f li to enter lato ooUrtot aa afure
aald,.we guaranty to maaa good tht dlffarenot be
iwttathe offer of the aid and that which
say bt aooepttd.
Signatures of two gaarantora,! y
I brreby certlly that tht abore named - art
keowAtomtaa man of property aid able to make
gooa meir gnaraoica.
oijBaiu, ui ui
To bt algned ty tbt Ualtad State di.Ulct Indgt,
Untied Siataa dietrict attorney, collector, or navy
Extract from a tato cf th United Statu, ayprovtd
Kc U And Uitfurthrr tnacUd, That no oor tract
cr order.or any Intemt therein ahail betrauterred
cythe party or prttiee to whom aucUoontraotur
crdjr maybe given to any other party or parUee,
and that any euch tHnifer ahall eaua lha aonnl
mentor the C3n tract or order traaatefred.io far aa
the United fltatee are concerned, .fret-.!, that all
tha tight 01 action ara haicby weired to tha Unl
tadSiateafcr aaybiaaoh of enoh oontxact by the
tantraoiiog Prty or partiei.
8o. 16. And U t farther madtd, That wbenerer
any coorraob r for ubetitet.ee, elothlng, armi, am
uuoltlon.munlctonaof war, and lor every de.crip
tinn ot unnlfta fur tlia armv or navy of the United
tftaiea thali ba foond golltybya court martial of
naua or wmui nerieci 01 amy, ne idiii ot pun
i,bed by fine, imprwonment, or tuuh other punliU
.ottiitaa the oourtmirtlal anall adjudge and any
Lemon who eltl eoatraot to furnlah tnppuea of any
tind or drf.ctiptlon.for tot army or navy, be thill
o deemed a.d taken aa a part of tha land at natal
feroee of tha United fltatea fvr wblch be ahall coo
UHttufwnUhealdauppUee, and be ubiiOt to tha
riilrj and reAotatlona for the government 01 ine
UQti ana aayai iurca 01 iua uuuhi maiaa
1 La tollowlux are the olaaaea requlrvd at the ta
pactire nary yarua.
Claw No l. White Oak Loga; No. 3 WLlio Oak
KtcliHo. a WaiUOak I'romUoutu Timber; Np.
i rttiiiuiiruni.fio liiiowrioe loii:Ho.
I Afcllowrine Bvama; No Yellow lloa lint
ti-dBpar Timber: no 10 wuia rina Haatllm
car, No 11 White I'loe Plank and boarda; No is
4.V1 1la.lr anil Unaiilat Wit 11 T7tila .t n.Mi
No IS HCokerf JJutU, 'No it. Black WbIdbI Qii
untrrrj Eta. II iifprew: nm. i lfoiw.KBt.TM
tai treidloii No so. lllaok Spraoa; No. 13 Llj
Bumiltc; N.I tt. Iron; No. 2a. 8laal No 117. Itoo
UUIIIBi 1" !' VM, .IV, au. AJBVt till ! A I WH
plkee; No 88. Iron Ktlia wreaght and out; No
id, novBi. i.o and not ao.t toou ui
blurt a: No. 89. White Lead; No. t7, Zlne TalnO
fiiuiri, iu. ui. ivaasta aabu 41Vi Bli .uiv Ittuu
No. 64 Colored Palnte, Dryer: No. 80 Lioeeed
on, inrpenune, varnua; no i. uiaaa: no. as.
Uli.k Dn.l. !. Mn 11 mi T.l). 11.. . T.
o llWelieneoue Dry Oooda, Hair Cloth 8hlp
Chandlerr fcr ounatruotlon. Claaa A. Boiler Iron
and Rtvete; U. Lard OU; P Aflaoallaneoua Toola Mr
r ogmrara; u. loosing utanaua, oiovee, ao ; u
flax Oenvaa: 1. Co i ion Canru. P Twine. K.
leather: H. tloaa; M. broabea: N. Banting. Dry
Uooda, O. Lanurna: g re'm01l;U HhlpChan
dlery.rbr atorea and equipment; 6. fitatloneiy; T.
L'Ieji No. 1. White Oak .Lou: No. 2. White Oak
KeelPleoefi No. 8 Wblta Oak Promlaououi Tim
Lu, No. 4 While Oak Plank; No. o. Yellow Ploe
l.ogi, No. 11 White Pice Log. Plank, and Boarda,
No 18 AihLoga and Plank: No ie. Black Wau
nut. Mahogany, and Cherry: No. 10 Locust: No
tw White Oak Btavea and lleadlng; Mo.ic3, Llg
uumvltv: Ho 2b. Iron: No. SO. Sierl, No. 27. Iron
Mplkea; No !il Iron Nalla.wronght and out; No.
i-d L.ad: No. l.lBoandTla: No H3 Hardware,
flo 81. Toola for fitorea: No. 3d White Lead: No
hi, luo Palnta: No 88. Colored Palnta, Dryer; No.
uj Lioeeed Oil Tuipentlne, and Varntab: No 41.
illau, No 43. Pitch and ROnla; No 41. Flab Oil,
fallow, and Soap; No 48. UUcellaneoua Dry
Oooda; A. Boiler iron and Klvete; B. Pig lion: C.
Lard OU, D. BoUerPeltlotf; K. Gum Packing: P
MUoallaneout Toola fur Eogtnecre; U. Cooking
otenalla and Btovee, 1L Klax Canvaa: I. Cotton
Canvaa. J Plax and Cotton Twloa; K. Leather;
1. U om; If. Bruahaa, N. Bantlag and Dry Gooda;
O Lanurna; P. far for Rsptwaik Q. flpermOll;
ti bhlp Chandlery for atorea and euutpmente, B,
StaUDDtry; X. Vlra Wood; U. Ox Qldea Ibr rope.
Claaa No. 1. White O.k Lon; No 8. White Oak
Eeairieoea; No. 8. White Uak rrom
tcr; II o4 Whit OU Plank I Ho.
rronuaottoal Tim-
u-.u. Na A Y1Iasa Plna
No 7. ftuw
it Tlinbtr; STa.
jfiaaBtaxj; Ho. I. Yellow iHnt
lo Wbluriaa VaitTlabar; No. II. While Pin.
Lon riaak.and Boarda: No. Is. ITblia Oak Hoard,
aalriaak; No. II. Ab,L0jti sail rbuk; No.lt.
Art Oara; No. IS. nickorr Ball. Bad UaBdtolkta,
No. la. Black WalBat.Cbarrr; No. 17. CrpraaiiNo.
II. Loean: No 19. wkl'a OiV BUtm aad Baadiaf;
No. w. Black Spraaai No ili Gadari No. 11. Jl
koiaaj 1 1N0.H. UiD.mrlta; No. u. Iroa, roaad,
flat! aad aqaara; No 16. Staal; No. 17. Iron Spike.;
No.tl.lroaNaila,wcoBhtaii4Bt; No so. Lead;
No.ll. ZlaaiTla;Na.u Uardwarai No.M T00U
(or rtorta, Aa 1 No II. Wklu Laadj No 17. Zlao
ralat: Na.H. Clorad ralaia, Drrari No. 19. Mo
and Oil, TarpaatlDa, Varalab; No 41. Olau; No.
tl ritca, Koala, TaV Wo. 4i. Flab Oil, Tallow,
dvid nu. ... ..ua.iia.Mni. k'rra00".) a' duiki
Iroa bad Klrat.j B. rulrOBsO. Lard Oil; D. Boll
rr Faniai: H. Uaai raeklai; r. HlMaUaaaoai
Toola far Kaf Isatn; O Cookloa Utaaalla, Btoraa,
iib rw.VHtH.il. bnimwiiiwiiiw. vrmvj
ik. lAwani i.'uoaa! ai uraJDM; n. naaiinff aaq
urvCModa: u lAauraa: u HD.rmlll'U. Hhlo
ChaadUrrfsr rtorta aad qilpmBl; 8 BlatiOBarf,
T. riraood.
- Olau Ho. 1. Wbita Oak Lon; No. . WMIa Oak
VilaI " W Whll. n.W I.um.lial.nia Tlaa.
bar; Ko. 4. White Oak Fleck; Mo. a. Yellow Via.
nana, dwvk waTt ' nuuvriu oaaiaa; nu
B. ltUW A jaipam BB1U Drr liBWBJC j aiv.
vvhio nat aaanataapar iimoer; no. 11. nauie
laeiLOjtf, riaaa, JHparaa.aatao.ia. abb ioga
iflo.ii WDite Ainuare: no it nnite
Haart Hi
HickcrrtCaptan Bara:No U Maboaany,
Waiaat, Chtrnri No. 17. Orprata, Cedar
; No. IB. Looaati No. uo Blaok Spruoa Spar
flat, and QBara; Mo. 21 Btaai;No.27. Iron Spike.,
No. St. Iroa Nalla. wroogbt and ent; No. 80. Lead,
No. 11. Zlao.Tlai No u" Bardware; No.M Toola
tor aiorta; no. jb wuta Lead: No at zibo ralat:
No. u Oolorad ralatf. Drier; Na. la. Lmaead Oil,
TarpaaUaa, Varai.h; No. 41. Olaaa; No. as. Fltok,
Ur, mU No. .4. ruh oil, TaUow, Boap; No. as.
HlaaallaaaoBa Vtj Oooda.-balr, alotb, l.d-Sbip
Obaadlarr fMiooBatraeUoa; A. Iron Blreta for
uouara; B. natron; V. Lard uil; u. noutrt-Mlt
lag; K. aaaa rasklBf;r.'atlasallaaaoaa Tools foi
.ninr.n? i. luokih - ... - mar., mk:
riaKGaamaa: I. Cotton Caav.se: J. Twlaa: K.
i .ku. t.. u n w... y n--.t- 'r.
UHllHTi U HUN: H. BnilHI.j .. V..IIDiVI
uoooa; s Dp'rni uii;n. snip voanoierj lor Olvr.
Equipmeati: S Btatloaerr; T, Fire Wood,
CluaNo.l WbltsOakLui; No TellowPln.
Plank Stock Lon; Nt. It. walls Ploa ; No 18. Art
riaak;No lt.lrt Oar.: No II, Ulckorr Ban; No.
la. Black Waiaat; No. 17. Orprrai; No It. Sistm
aad HaadlBta; No. II. Poplar, No u. Iroa; No 29.
oie.1, CV..I. irD opisH, no 10 irua n.u.j no.
0. Lead; Na II. Zlae, tin, .older; No. tl Usrd
ware; Mo. It. Wblte Lead; No. 17. Zinc ralat; No.
la. Colored Palate: No. I.. Linseed Oil. Varalab;
No 41. Olaaa; No. 41 Oakaa; No. 4a. PItsb.iar;
NO. 44 Brown Boap; No. 4a btleoellaneoaa Orjr
lioDdB. Bhln Oha.dl.rv. Aa . for flotutrafitloa: Na.
41 Tanks aad Oallera; No. 49. logo! Copter; No.
pu. biiaia iron, no oi roica: no. .1 UMiowa, .L
Boiler Iron and Blreta; B Pis Iroa; O. Lard Oil;
D. Boiler Feltlnaj K Oom IV kJn: : r". Hi ciUsne.
obi Eaginter'a Tools; Q CooklBA Slorea, Ao ; II.
Plan Cant an; L Cotlon Caaran; J. Twloa, K
Lra'ber; L. Hose; M Bnubee; N. Banting and Trr
OoodajP. Oaa Pips for atraraar flttlng.Q Bperm
OU; B. 8blp Chanillervfor atom and equlpnitnta;
B. BUlion.rr- T. Fir. Wood
aep at lawlOotll
Frofeaaor ALBXANDEIt WOLOWbKI, i'ianUt
and Oomaoaer, haa returned from the London Exhi
bition, and opena a course hr tha Fianoaad Slog
Ing by hie Ne w aad Hltny lifted lie too i. r trota
aor Wolowtkl! tyatem, a peraon having only a alight
knowledge of mueio will be enabled Id a very ihort
time to rad mnaio with great facility, and eacioata
operatlo ae well a tlaaaloal mueto with rata perfeo
tfon. Aa to the Tooal part, by hu way of vooaliza
lions ha arrlvaa at moat extraorillnarv reaulta. ran
dan tba vetoa Dowarfal.aod anableath alnser to
Lvocallae with faetllty. aoouraey, and fine quality ol
. rrwiaviui nviowaai ivoeivee vimtara aaiiy
from a to 4 oolock p. m , at hit raaldenoa. No 461
Tenth atraet, between K aad V, aep li lm
S roa
Youivca- XjA.iie;h,
15 ay awd laatt Sprwe Htrott,
Tht ttgalar oooret of bulraotlon lubracts tin
KaaUaA and French LaEgtiagaa and Uteraturea
Laain, if required and all tht oranohta which uou
atltttte a thoroogh KnglLb aud rtneli tdnoatlou.
jfranoh I the language ol lha family . and la too
atantly apokanln tht InatltBtion. It la the object oi
particular attention, and la taught Iron, the rod!
meDUtotnahlgbeatooaraaof Uteratare and Com
lha eaholaatlo year oomnieuoea September UUi
Clraalart.Btai..oan bt obtained irou-
fay l-n Prlnolpal of Cbegary luaUtaia.
151 Wnt Xtrtet
lha dntlea of thl. Inatltatlon will bu raanmel on
tht ith of Seplember. Clroulara may ba obtalurd
attne principal oooa eioree in waaiungiou,or uy
aaareaaing uie p
Bug 'iOTTAl
Olrolo X xi-a tltntui
No Ol K SiaET,NeaaTatCiKOLe
TEIH18,pir Quarter of tea week Quarter com
mtno sg at tht date of adnlolon :
KlemeBtarr Claatea In EoglUb tJ 00
AdfaneedOlaaaeeln KogMib Islteratura and
a. leDoe Included , o 00
Klenieotery C aua In hnalub, French, and
UukJC... K00
Advanced Claiaea la Kogl'ib, FrvLflh, Bbd
Untld M 00
Extra etiargu for UpanUhaiuiao, llalUn, Latin,
and other Language.
Dr. Z APPONE will alva Lectnrea, and othn wli
a-ahr, vhanever ha can apart time from hie medloal
MRS. A. Z APPONE, I pfinCinfcvia
DR. A.7APPONE, J rrlncipali.
DB Z APPONE cootlnuri to rollclt Ihe patron
age of tbla eommnolty In bla profeaalon aa a Phyl
oiau aud flmglcal Dan'Ut. lie will attend almoat
exeuslvely to offloa prao.ice, and will, therefore,
bt found at the loilltute, cr la that viciolty, almoai
at all hour. oot 3
Ida I etraet, bitwtiu IVtU aul lltli,
Oua of tba oldest, nioet thorough and root de-ilralb-Ubhoulator
Young tadiai and Mla-M io tba city,
BaitolOQ oomiaenoea tteptembur bit. lulttud aC
oordlng to age and advauoement
au 'i3-dif latari I.. 0. 1 OOUItt
1 ba onderalgnad bega leave to oall t he attention of
the eltliana and traviltng eommunliy lo the Uoave
be haa Juat opened for the aooommodailoa ol gentle
men and lad t re, with day or tauie bsard.
Tht Htuat laturaltbed In eplendld sty la large
airy roome, chamber, an J parlora Tha table will
bt eupplled with all the delloaolea of tbt ataeon No
pain or a ape oat ahall be (pared to give atUfacUon
to all who may patronlia tht honae. Sirlot atten
tlon to oeden that may bt given lor diuera, Ao , at
tentive aad obliging atrvan.a
Uouat eligibly aituated on tht corner of Twentieth
and P ttreeta wt-t, lately occupied by Surgeon Gen
aral Lawaon
atse-tf aKORGKW OWEN,
Formerly of BatfaloN. X,
481 ZtiTlxAtlx Htreot,
Invite the atteulion of SUTLERS and DEALERS
to their Rxtentlva Stock of Uoode particularly
adapted ttBultara' wanta.aeleoted with the grille a
oare, aod now offered at low prloca for oub
Alao BOOTS aid UUOKd, and a geueral aaeurt
ment of NOTIONS "
Pleaee give ua a oall.
lap flw 491 NlbtU atreet
PALL and WINTER Ololhlng. wMoh wa are
aelllngatvenr low prioea, It L A BallACo,No
801 beveath at ret t, between I ard K Cama one, coma
ail to u a tieau a uo to ftet your uiotning, mr
anth atrttt, between I and K, Now la the time to
buy yoar Clothing at L A. Uaall A Co. No Ml Sav
anth treat, between UK. Kcptclal attenilon la
called to our new tck of Pall ana W Inter Clothing,
uiun mrnMu.BB uvwi, uaia. aaa aie.
L. A. BE ALL a CO ,
Clothlan.Ko 891 Seventh atrtct
Tho ebeapeat Clothing house ia town U at . A.
Beau A Ooa , No. 8Q1 Seventh atrttt, ttt. I and K.
rC- o BOITOV, m
(laalail Kzaaptsal J
At, I O'alNk, T, at,
Tbs new Bud raajraiflssnt atssBtsr OITT 07 BOB
TON, Win. WllorajaoBiniandcr,lroaa New Task
nnti.ja, inimiri, ..a Mianiar. I aaa rrov.
n.w uvnaew Honaar., rr.iia..n.
aawaad aianlllosat eteaaaer OIT OVKTHW
TOKK.Tborau d. Jewell, ooauaaadar, froaa Haw
Tork Uondara, WeSoMdsre, aad rrldara i froaa
New LoBdoa Taaadaxa, Tkartdan, aad BatBr
xaem two new aisaaMra days Dean onus sarprsau,
for tbla ronts, wttb all modsro laaproranianti, In
elndlae; Water Tlsbt ConpartaMat. and aja tba
onlv ateavers ever BaDt for Long Island Boaad
wltb tbla areat life orsserrlaa ImororenunL
CoailBctors aoooispanr too steaaen.easb way.
raaaeBgars proeaed Iron New Londoo Inuao
uw.ij vm am.M v. ii.mmi.iU m.Myiwm . nua Ml
r Beaton, Woroaetsr, Lowell, 'Lawrence, rttabbati
r.areaai. ininu iron iHajuai war. u. Mm
of tba Boston and woroaetsr railroad at I M P. M
Worcester 7 1. M., atrlrlag at NawLondoa t
P.M. -
KreUM ukea at tbs lowsat Bates, tad dlllrarao
in Boston earl J tba next dar .
Bute Rooau la abaadanos aaa ba had oa board
teamen, u at tbs Boston or New Tor oOoss, It
adnace. B. 8. MABTTN. Aral .
mir-tf rterft, N. B.
paaaangar Tralat leave tta Pavonla Fatty froaa
foot of Chaaabere etrt. aa lollowa . via:
e.00 a. m. Uall for Dunkirk and (otermidlata iu
Ihla train ramalaa over night at Elmlra aad pro
oeede tht aaxt mora lag.
T.OO a. m. Eapreta.tor Bafalo and prtiolpaT la
ttrmadlata tut lone
0 00 a m; Milk, dally, (br OtlirlUt aad laterme
dute atatlona.
1X16 p. m. Aooo-nmoiatlOB, dally, for Port Jervla
jtnd prtnolpal atatloa
4.00 p. m. Way, for Ulddletown, Nawburgh, and
la trmedlata ntatlouid-
a oo p. m. NUht Kxprtae, dally, (br Daaktrk, But
w,vaiUButi)iui.awu prinoipi riugii. lue iraiD
of Satsidiy runa through to BBflalo. bat data not
run to Dunkirk.
too p.m. emigrant, tor Dunkirk and principal
Tna Kxprea Tralna connect at HornaUarUlt with
railroad fr Buffalo, at Elmlra with tha Casandalgua
and Niagara Falla Railroad; at Blnghamton. with
tba Byraouaa Kallroadj at Cptnlog with tho railroad
for HoohMter aad Buffalo; at Great Band, wflh the
railroad for Hcrnn on. and at B.ffalo and Dunkirk
with the IsBke ehora ieUroad fcr Cleveland, Clnoln
natl, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, As , and tha Canada
Np 11 Generar.fi uptrmtendeat
ptioroBAi.H roH rrATiouBsaT.
Taiasuar DramaiiT,
ill bertotlved atthlj Diputmeat unMl tae glib
day of Ootober, 1882, at 19 o'clock m
Sampleaof the art clei to Claral will ba foraUhad
to panlea of airing to bid, on application at tha De
partment. Tbt Deran-ffenl reaetrei to Peel! tha right to
orOrthe wriilog paper plain orfdntlload to any
reoulrel pattern
Delirerleaof all artloUa In tha tevt ral elaaaea muat
comply with tha written ipcoldoat tone, which will be
tnrilaoe d to blddere, with tha aamplaa of artlclea In
,tl dellver'ca will be lubjeot to Irapcctlcn by an
expert detailed foi that purpoee by tht Secretary ol
the Treuury,and Ihe delivery oi aoy Inferior ar
Uo'e hell be deemed aufflolant cbum to aanl tht
Dellverlea m uat be free f charge, at Ihe 1 raaaary
Detartmeat, Waahlagtoa
F,ioi prOpoaal muit ba elgned by tba Individual
vrllrm meting It, and be accompanied byaaatli
faotory guarantet that tha bidder wJH eaeoute a
oontract,wlihoodandautflolent bojdi, If hla bid
bt accepted.
Iba failure to comply with anyone order under
a contract to operate to the fetM.uieor the entire
penalty of ihe bond, or thebviretary of the Tree
ury may dlreci the purcuaee In open market of euch
qnantlt eeof any artlclea aa ahall be neoeiaa y to
tupplythe deficiency cauied by auoh failure, and
charge to the eoutiaotor liny per ceotunof tha price
wMch tt ihall b loand ntceuary to pay tor auch
Pftttal unaccompanied with tatl (factory auar
unte a wl.l not be eone dered, and coot ac'a wll be
awarded only to Mtabllihei manulacturara ol cr
dealer In the artlclea.
Ctais 1
White Cap Paper.
White Legal Cp P-iptr. ""
White gaurto Poet Paper.
Willie hote Paper
.allow 1-nvelope Paper
Broun Wrapping 1'a.er.
Red ltiottlcg l-ir.
Card Blcltiuv Boarda
hita Kuelopee, official ;.
White Knvalope letter a ze.
Whl e fruvrLDee. rcta alit.
White Envelope, oiUcfal alza, cloth lined
Copy Id ft Paper
WLiie i
Dciav Pauer
White Super toial Paper
Clam it
Beit quality Copying lak.
Beat quality Blaik Ink.
Beet quality Blue I ok.
Beat iaeli y Writ lg laid.
Beet quality O aim toe Ink
Kaber'abeat black Lead Pencil,
Noa. 1, l, 3,
Paler'a beat Red aod Blue FaLCIia.
Steel Pen a
Stec-1 Feu hatdlee
Gold Pen i
li.Ht Oultm
Utit lour bladed KoUiA.wtth pearl or etag ban
Beat Eraiu, with Ivory Landlaa
Soiiaore fr office uie
Shea a (or offlc uee
Ci.im 3
Guta Perdu llolara
Nine and twelve Inch Ivory Fo'dra
Letter C Ip
bmill Preach Evltti
Ltrge Vrenoti Fylet
Hem quality FeallDK wax, madi tntlialy Irom
I Ice a rapt.'
I31U Tt,tf, ueciud colore
Pipared ludlan RuLba
'I wite
Best aohdheiJid Pim.
The Draitmauliniertea III light lo aaeept Mia
or icjivijuai iim in s-iawea i rlu v
Uldi which eootala ltema at nrlota leu than thl
falrcoatoi tha arllclaa will be Ueemed frauJu.eai,
ana win noi ue roniiaerea
Secralarr ul the Treaiury
oot ?awlSth
PROPOSALS will be reuelred at the afayor'e
Uttice until is o'ciorK m rn Miaay,ina tun in
a ant, for grading and gravalliog L aireet north,
LutaeiAn Fuurtli and Fifth atteeia wait, tha aravel
to be nine loehea deen In iba ontre. tabennjt oil to
four Inohtadecpat the gutter line; to be raked of
allatoneeoi imnroprr tire ana well rolled wnn a
heew rt Her. The work to be don under the dlreo
lion of the CcmmUaloair of the Western DUtr.ot
and two AwUtant Commlatlonira to be appointed
bytheAiayor r. k uuubh.ii,
oct 9 JilV'ti Cow'r Weatern Dbtrlot
Price M Cehta.
It vIvm an interior view of the Rebellion, euob aa
no other wcrk baa attempted, aod makea tanllog
ryvelatton of the power, purpose,, and Military
uexpoii'iii ci ipe uomu
oot 9-lw Ui Seventh atreel
3nilIS IB T(l GlVlfl NOTIOV, Thai the
L aub.oribfr hat obtained from the Orphan't
ourtof WaohlnetonroiiQty, la the DUtrlet of Go
lumbla. letterj of admlnUtnlioii i.n tha neraonal
r state of Is liabelh Kriea, late of Waablngton City,
dtrosoeed All pirama htviag etalmi tgalnat tha
tall deceased, are hrrcby warned to exhibit tha
eame, with the vAuchtn thereof, to tht tab crlber,
oa or trior th fjurth dy of October next , tber
may otbernU, by law,be exoladd from all beoeflt
ottbeeald etat
Given under my band tbie Ibuith day or Ootobir,
oot 7wCw Adminldrator.
Kuwanu uiuaavi
So. 171 Pwniylsoaia ova., Wathingtm, X). 0.
Boots tccai te "ir aiiJ,Tirtt7,K;roooo Kai
I ?
295 PennsyltanU Avtnue,
295 FeiuuylvimIaVAV6Baie
295 Pennsylvania Avenue,
39 feouth William Strait, If Y.(
89 South William StrMt; V. Y
1.POBTER3 Of..fil, ' '
Choice Brandiaa Wioam,
Ohoioe Brandies jtWiie,
Choice Brandiefl A Wise,
Ohoioe Brkndiee in.e-v
Xalquorai Ooraila tsai
lalquortiji Oordleelaii boi
XalClaTiOorcAlelat t9o
Wt alao of ar lor aale a complete aaaortmaat of
Hermetically Sealed
Fruits, Meai8,.&o.
Hermetically Sealed
Fruit, Keats, &o
Hermetically Bealeil
Fruits, Heats, &o.,
395 Pennsylvania Avenue.
395 Pennsylvania Avenue
Between Ninth amd Wanib Sta.
faai wtt VorintX lot and wont"
Rotaca v htalth to thee,
Worthy toldlar of the free;
Oafte at ala, aa on before,
Mid the battle' blaze and rear.
Thou beat mfcde Beoeaeloa'a rag
Fly before tht Spaagltd Flag i
Beaatlcg Lovcll, Price, Vbb Dorn,
Tboa aad Ubamt have overborae
Soattered tar and wide their Alee,
Heaped the dead la gory pliee.
CoaiatB'a with loaa'a brya,
Intertwine 1b f lory 'a raya
Would that tboa wart here to-day,
Peaat ahOBld follow after fray;
Dayton 'a Crackera, Cakaa and Pie,
All hla Bakery mrpile.
Preeofooat,ah uidgr.ue tht hoard,
N able brother of the twor J .
DiftonV "Split BREAD," CAKES of allde-
.-l !. Dns- afau.... Oai..si lt.. il.iu
Ac , Ac , freah every day at bli Uoloe Bakery, 458
cievenin eireei, Dtiwmo u aou ii.
J from tbe I'eooia'a ciotniDs atora.no uo Hev
cntb atrcet,aear P They out wear any thin you
van uur.iuu wiaj awiu mt vuiu a
J u.asnTH'S,
No 480 Seventh atreet, near P.
I would advla all to coma and buy their Clothing
ki ami i u o, nv. v oavvuui nravt.
It van ara wIm too will 00 ma to SH ITU'S. No
180 Seventh atreet, near P, opir alte City Pott O (floe ,
to buy your Clothing, PurbUhlug Gosdi,Truuki,
UlUtlDOVipi. .
8venib atreet, la the beet plc la town to buy your
C othing, Fore I thing uoode, Trunkt, Uaia, aiad
Cape J. 11. SMITH A CO . Clotblen, 480 Seventh
Oall aoon and eet our new itcck of Pall and Wlu
trr viwiuiafl, wiiraii wiiiTirun mi ij uiun,
oeventn aireei, near e .
Great attraction at Mo 4-o Seventh atreet New
ltnm at Clolhln luat arrlvad. and aelllna at uui
neual lowpnrea. J It SMITH A CO , Clothiera,
No 4do Seventh atreet, and comer Twentieth meet
and rena avenue
Great berttalne In Ciothlug, PuroLhlug Good,
Hate, Caia, Boota, and Shoe, on tht corner of 1 wen
tleth atreet and Penn. avenue
Dllf 1MI a. fM an.av.l.- T1!... ...A ... r .
Uath atrtwt and Penn. avenue, U the cheapen place
In town to bay your Pall and Winter Clothing
Call at tha Vlrat Ward Clothlna atore and set
your Pall and Winter Clothing,! Rate, Cape. Boota,
ana onoea ami iui wu , suiouAiera,
Cor Twentieth meet and Pmu ar
Twentieth meet anl Pannaylvanla avenue
Tou can bay yaur Cloth'ng, Hata Cape, Boota,
and Sboea cheap, comer of Twenttath treat and
Pannaylvanla avenue
ie .6 3m
ir.a uunuuii lasju tin.
" What waa t' e object of the trip ?'
Tha clty'a wid with wonder
Some tar a acrew waa looea," and let
On chargee In tfca Cabloet ,
They're alt abroad, by thunder '
Daytoo'a " Split Bread" io recommend
That waa the cbjeot and tha end
Of A, L 'a flying vUIt
Said he lo Mac, Sir, by tha rood,
'fie generoni, wboieaome, figkhn) focd,
01 flavor moet exqulalte '
Nor did our Chief, at tha retietv,
torat to pratce the Crackera to J,
And aa UoClallan ate one,
Maid bo, " 1 he beat of Cakaa and Plea,
1 d have yon know, ara made likenla
.iij Union lovisg DstTTotf "
Ihe moet daUoioua Split BREAD," Boaton
CRACKERS, CAKES and rtEj.ln every variety,
made from aoperflot premium flour, tnn-b e.eryday
from the oven, at J AS. L. DAYTON S UNION
BAKk.ttY.4Ui Maveatn luaet, batweea u ana u
oot lw
A N 8 W K. U K 1)
IN F O I) It W O H l U.
Who bakH d.leelatila " Bplil IlrMj "
Cakes, ol all othaia, lar aaaait r
Craeker. or paiast prcmlam Aour,
Waits aa tlte raow aload'a fe.thtry ttica.r
Flea, BDsarpasaf d alaoa an be (aa
To oatrr for tha taste ol uaa V a
Osadlea of d tvor, that eolljpaa
AU wests that m.lt en ladWe llp.r
Oar. who tbeas dstntlea rreab auppUsa
To all oar tint cum laalll.i t
Whjr, OaVION.
Whos ot.b., wcrUor nlght aad daft
I'rodaaa as fast aa aoaiaa oan webjb v
w hoee eostonere an am deolete
HI. sttlflles ' Aoibroalel ITsre f"
Wboia Cake., whoaa riea, do SutUri bay
Vjt all lha eeiaM, most eefarly (
VThcee prIHi for whaU'er jou weut
Ara Barer decoaed exorbltaD T
Wboe alore I. tha ropalar Depot,
Wb.n all vtlio kooi what's n'.ra so J
Wby, BATTOS'fl
Dailon'i Umtoi (BlItBBXAD.oslebratalBostoa
id (intern OBAOKItlUI. BlSiiUI'l!', frstt aad
Plain OAEU, raaey PIS, OANUES, Snaps
Janblea As , Aa , frert .T..T day ai tha Cakary ,
47. a-iareoui enter, Dsiwesa u aaa u.
Ws make the following extraota ftom tha
ape.gh of Hon. Daolal S. Dlclioaon, Jellrered
In Coopar loatltnta, New Yoik t
When Ihe coofldlDtr maaara looked about to
e who were the men for the oriel, among- the
oiuasns or tne toipiro tiute, woo nau Dome
a part In publlo affairs, and were nalorall j look
ed op to as exaraplara in tuch a crlili, there
were two whom sabsequenl events bars made
consplcnooa In domettis hlslorj. Tbej did not,
like the two characterized bj the prophet Na
than, lire In one clij, nor was the one rich
ana toe oiner poor; mil neuner waa lar irom
Ihe central resioni of this great Stale. Both
were in the full maturity of natural llle; both
had been honored br marks of popular conO-
deoce; both bad been educated bj that oare
known only to a 'atner's toucitnae and a rawer 'a
hope; both were blessed with ample wealth
the frultA of Induatrloua and enterprlilnz pro
genltora, and both were qualified br clrcnm
stanoes and fortune to eierolao an important
Infloenoe apon public affairs in momenta of
peril. ,
In this, their country's evil day, both left Ihe
Bute of their birth aod reatdence, and their
homea or oomtott and plenty, about the lame
lime, and went abroad. One bid adien to his
wife and children, torned bla back upon hla
broad and fertile aorea, and hla ettensWe bus
iness pnrsulls, and with hla sons and aaslstanta
reDslred lo Ihe the theatre of strife and danger,
while yef the arm of Government waa para'
lyttd uy ireacnnry.'aau aetiitntion reignea in
the camp, and ordered forwatd cargoes of sub
riaience lor lami'mng eoiuiera, anu who on
own hands, and by the aid t f his aona, apportion
ed them amoog Ibe needy upon Hie rebellion,
border. lie irare. too. three aooa to Ibe oanae
of ihe Constitution; be volunteered hi. own
services to the Government for the Held, In aoy
capacity where he oould be most serviceable In
cruaning toe reoeuion; was appoinim a DngB'
dler General of volunteers, accented a commit
s on. ana nas since uevoira nis time ana ener
Rlei and ample means to hla country's came, and
a. Ihla hmi, Aln ..pvli.. Thl. man, n.mn
la James Q. Wadawortb.
About the eame tlmo Ihe other Indirldual
deals-nated left his family and residence of re-
Soao, bnt not for the eaal of war He hied
Imself away upon the double qukk,lo the op
posite direotlon, and for nearly naif a year hid
himself among the lakes and rivers and roman
tlo woodland and inland towns of Wlsconaln,
and his tongue was as silent on the subject of
denouncing ine rebellion as tnose ot me mur
dered volunteers, whore "ghosts walked nnre
venged among ua " There we may auffposebe
basked and balanced, and watched and waited,
and turned and twilled, until Autumn, when a
email knot ol defunct, defeated, desperate, and
despicable polll'clans, who had lor years hung
upon ine subsistence aepartment oi ine iemo
crallo parly In this Htale, oame to hla relief, by
entering tne neia. i ney oorrowea wunoui leave
the honored noma of Democracy, under whlob
to perpetrate their covett treason, as Ihe hyp
"dtoletbe livery ol th. ouil ol beaveu,
lo serve th.d.vtlla "
Their disgraceful and disloyal record stands
out aa the doings of men tou stolid In political
depratity to be gifted wttb ordinary Instincts,
and loo regaruieeijOi lue popular win to ne
mindful of shame; and the defeat they expert
enced at the hands of the people should serve
as a warning, tu trimmers and traltoraand par
ricldeaand Ingralea, through all luture tune.
This movement drew Ibe secluded one Irom
hla hiding place, aod he came forth, with all
tha courage of him, who, In conflict with hla
wife, being driven under the bnl, while re
malning thus ensconced, declared that, wbelhi r
she oonaented or not, he would lookout through
a knot bole In the chu boards, ao long aa he
bad the spirit of a mfu I Ue entered the poll!
leal canvass, and on the 28lh ot October, lftG),
a few days before the auction, made a i,eecb,
the burdrn ol which waa an upology fur ihe
rebellion, and a condemnatiou ol the Admluia
tratlon for hating meted out the rigor of mar
tlal law to those in arms agilu.t the Ooviru
ment. Though abounding In flimsy dlsguteee
and eopbletlcul generaltlts, it coutalned one
point, worthy of uot only notice but of the e
vereet reprehension, and here It Is:
' if It la true that slavery must be Ahollahed
to Have this Union, thiin the neoiile of the Bouth
should be allowed towituiiraw tnemaeives irom
that Government wblcb eanuot give thuu the
protection guarantied by Its ternH."
What I Place this eioiluus UuUi tins h.T
Itage of human hope- this asylum of Ibe world's
wiary pilgrim -tbla telugn lor the oppienwd
of earth, In the scale ol King beneath the
black and bloated sud bloody ihe coirupt
and corrupting the etultiuVd nnd stullllylug
Institution of slavery ? No! Sooner than eew
Ihla Union severed, let uot only Ibe institution
perish whenever aud wherever It oan be found,
but let the habitations that have known It, per
ish with it, and be known no more forever.
And yet this returning fugitive from patriotism
proclaims us hie creed, lo effect If not In terms,
that If either slavery or Ibe Union rauzt be
destroyed, it should be the Union ' And Ihe
name of this man it lit ratio Seymour.
Now that It U unnecessarily tn.de tt.e pie
text for a nicked aud cnuselem rtbiTlHuii by
the Southern people, 1 rare not how noun I ne
lla end VYUb no abolition proclivities, In a
pollllcalsense.bnt the tin rse, I w-ulJ nut havr
gone out ol my way In look up slavery in Ibis
conflict, or to avoid slavery, but would have
treated It like any ntherelement, taking It when
It would give us strength or weaken Ibem, and
employed It accordingly, i bavo never teen a
moment since the outbreak when 1 would have
touched the Institution for Itself aloce, nor when
I would not have cut It fronuils moorings lo
one hour, if it would have aided in disposing
of the rebellion, and I would do Ibe same now.
I hold Ibe war power broad enough to covrr
the whole question, and I oouft-ss, in a time
when our Government la trembling In the
balance before the world, I like lo see It ex
erclsed when It la well, and boldly, and thor
oughly done. ,
I early saw thai iebelllon,lf long continued,
would end in emancipation tbut Irom a ne
cessity emancipation? aa to enter Into Ihe que
lion, lor as Ihe rebellion prcgriuad and de
cllned, and was on Its last legs, It would at the
last moment liberate the slaves in Its despera
tion, if events hod not sooner practically done
so, or emancipation had not tbcu beeu pro
claimed by the Federal (Jjvernment, I would
baveprrferied practical hud real acts In the
premises as uccasluua dt-uunded, under inartful
law, as such, to theories or paper proclama
tlone, for I hold the war power abundant aud
legislation unnecessary; but Ihe President,
havlog deleimlned upon u ptoolauiallon, I
would have preferred lo see how It would work
In the last few montha of Ihe old year, to the
Bret day of Ibe now.
f.tn3fitrr v a htkomi oovhhKursr
A war or rebellion la a fnarlul uud alarming
reality, and la neither to be run away from nor
? uleted by rerltlug boarding school homilies
I demands and should receive eveiy element ol
power which alumbets lo Ihe boaoin ol the natlco.
tVhen I.oid Wtllingtou upon an exigency pro
claimed maillal law, oo being abed what It
was, replied that It waa llin illsoreilou of the
oommandiog general.
The President has no inch puwet it a civil
maglatrate in the ordinary administration cf
the Government, but, in a time of conaplraoy,
rebellion and wur. as oommander lnchlet. when
In In kla ! n. nl fh. mihlln .afoiw if.m.na I,
I.U ... HW JWUUnUt HV j" V..W . V.J W.U.SUU. ,.,
h posjeeier, and may and should exert, 11 ne
cessary, a much power as tho autocrat of all the
Russia, for the purpose of preserving from de
struction tho Government connded to him.
The coune of the President lu arresting spies
and the apologists of rebellion in auppresalog
treasonable presses In suspending the habeaa
corpus, and In laying hi band npon Ihe alders
and comforter and abettors of treason and col
piracy, entitles him to the admiration and
thank of every good cltlen. Let aaaatlna
whet their knives let splea and traitor and
pimp i and Informer scowl and gibber and
whisper dlacontent because the "freedom of
peech" I abridged let ooneplracy and treason,
plot i at their Internal conference let politi
cian scheme and elongate and contract their
fom-elaatlo platform to auli emergencies let
rimming, balancing Joseph Surface candidates
Indulge In ground and lofty tumbling to divert
popular attention Irom the true Irene let pes
tilent newspaper, engaged in stimulating re
bellion and aowlng broadcast aeed of disunion
and revolt among the people In the name of
Ihe "liberty of the preiB," spread.abroad their
lit concealed hatred of the Government of their
father becanse It fall to minister to their de
praved wishes; and when all this baa been done,
the action of the Prealdent la these measure,
though nrobablv not free from mistakes and
error, will he approved by honest men and In
Ihe tight of Heaven, and will, when rebellion
hall only be remembered for Ihe blood it has
bed and the wrong it haa perpetrated, "stand
the teat of talent and of time." Loyal men
Bad the rule no Inconvenience. That tha dis
loyal should condemn it, and hata It aa they laar
li, I natural; lor
"Nor. gae 'er Ml lb. belt.r diaw ,
With good oplaloo of in. law."
.leruaalem UaulerRrom.il
An account ol Signer Plerotll'a dlacoreiles,
lu the subterranean topography of Jerusalem
has been pnMlihed. Employed br the I'aslm
as au engineer, he haa discovered that Ihe mod
era rlly of Jerusalem stands on several Intern
of ruined masonry, the undermost of which,
composed of deeply beveled and enormous
tones, he attrlbutea to the age of Solomon,
the neit to that of Zarobabel, the next to that
of Herod, the next to that of Justinian, and so
on till the times of the Saracen and Oruaadera
fie has traced a eerie ol conduits and sewer
leading from "the doom of Ibe. rock," a
mosque trending on the very tide of. the altar
of sacrifice in the temple, to the Valley of Jr
boshaphat, by means of whlob the prints were
enabled to Bash the whole temple area with
water, ana tnu io carry on tne utooj ana ottti
of Ihe sacrifices to the brook of Kedron, The
manner of his exploration was very Intenat
Ing. He got an Arab to walk np throngh there
immense sewers, ringing a net! aoa niowicg a
trumpet, wnua ne nitneeir, uy rouowiug tne
sound, waa able to trace Ihe exact couiae they
took. About two year ago he accidentally
discovered a fountain at the pool of Petheeda,
and on hla opening II a coplouiream of water
immediately began to flow, and hts flowed ever
loco. No one know from whence it come,
or whither it goes. Thl oaused the greatest
excitement among the Jews, who Socked in
crowds to drink and bathe themselves lo It
They fancied it was one cf the sign a of Mes
siah coming, and portended the speedy reslo.
ration of their commonwealth Tbla fountain,
which haa a peculiar lasts like that of milk and
water, la IdantlOed by Slgnor Plerotti with Ibe
fountain which nezeklah hnlll, and which Is
described by Joaspbus The measurements
and position of moat of these remains accord
eiactly with Ihe Jewiah historian's descriptions.
Some of the H'gnor's conclusions are disputed,
but uo one has suoceededin eo disinterring Ihe
relict ol Ihe Holy City.
Pnr.sicuNH Uuaisa Diitiifbii er tur ."id
Ibal one ol Ibe moat promising ol the younger
members of the medical profeaalon sacriUced
hla uie to tue voluntarily coutraeieu contagion
of Dlptlierla, lu an attempt lo clear, by the
luctlou of blsonn lint, the throat of an infant dy.
inar. strangled bv the exudation of that fearful
disease. Notwithstanding the proved danger
ot in in expedient, nowever, li n.s uoi lacked,
aud will never lack, Imitators, fur the sole
reason 'that it ia the promptest, aod often the
only, means of taring life. We Bud au in
stance recorded In the Union Mtdicalt, for
May, which fthould uot be I. lulled lu it. circu
lation lo Ihe medical press. Tha expedient,
notwithstanding the operator well knew Its
danger, was practiced, and with cuupleta auo
cess In rescuing Ibe child, by Dr. Ulmoud D.i-
tettc, a yeung surgeon of Angouleme. What
adds lo the satisfaction of the account, tbetblld
was not only waved by bis heroism, but I)r
Bessette puttered uo ill eftcct. Tbla la at.
tnbnted to bla Immediately rinsing his mouth
and thiuat with etrongbraudy. Thecase la re
portoj, net by tho noble young operator him
eelf, but by bli toperlor in the Angouleme
Uoepital, Ur Ulande Ulirou. JJMical Jfaaa-
AU th. I'uUU
, 1)1 r.KTHTk I Of THE iKTSAMA,
Officr IiiJum Affalri, HtfiiJr l, IU2.
l-'iom Infoimatiou received at this bepart-Uir-ut,
deemed .ulDclently reliable to narranl
me In eo doing, I consider it my duly lu wain
all persons coulempUllug the crossing of the
Plalus llil fall lo Utah or the Pacllio ooanl
tb.t llieie Ie ifr,ud lettsuu In appiehenj hoslill
lie. ou the part uf the Itauunck and Sho.houe oi
ni.e ladlai,., as well-as Ihe Indiana upon Ihe
Plain mud along Ibe Platte river.
The Indians teferred to have dining the past
summer committed several robberies und mur
ders They ureniimnous, powerful, aud har
like, and, should tbey guerally aesumea boe
llle attitude, sir carable ol rendering Ibe einl
grant rente acrott the riulut eitirinrly peril
ous flence this warning,
Uy crdei of the Secretary ol the Interior :
Cham cd K. Mix,
Action Comnileeloner
Hwllie lu leeeele Ksil.vlus ur IbvIur
Ihe I'oluiuAo Itlaer,
The guard veneela oB Alexaudria and Piney
Point, on the Pulouiao river, will be dlatlu
gulshrd, during the day, by wjiaKK wuiti
ILill Willi s hlUCKou-l, (tit, Audrow ',) and at
night by two Huiiuiiri.
The oBlcets in command ol these vessels will
fiirnl.b ihe Naval Potomoo Pan Ie all ruaaten
of vessels uavlgallug the liver, after they shall
have given proof that they ara lawfully 1111
Vesaela entering or deporting from the tlvet
will be subject to detention If unprovided with
a paee
AXb'W A. Iltkwuon,
Commodore Uotn'g Putomao 1 lolllla.
Oh h 101 A I..
Pip.MurM oFUuri,
Washington, Jan. 33, ltjni,
The teCielAry of Btate will hereafter receive
member of Congress ou bualoesa on Saturdays,
Commencing with Saturday, the first of nail
Important From Kentucky.
A (Jeneral tlnttle 'In Progreti.
PnaTvlixn,Oet. 9. Bragg' army attacked
two divisions of Gen. McOook'a corps yestet
davi Tha fla-hllnir was dcsDerata. Hen. Jaa.
H.jjickion, (ex Congressman,) of Ky., eom-
manuing a division, wa xiuea, ana un. isr
relli of Va., commanding a brigade, formerly
of Terrlll's battery, waa eererely wounded.
On two occasion the lighting waa a hand to
hand encounter.
The rebel were In greatly superior fore,
and they gained ground. Gen. ilcConk was
then heavily reltforced, and the battle wa re
newed to-dsy. The lighting waa malaly dona
by Roseau's, division, formerly IHtcbell'a.
Oo). George Webster,- of- th Ninety-eighth
Ohio, acting brigadier general, was eererely
wounded. The Bring ceased abont 7 o'clock
A doubtful rnmor says that at the olose of
the engigement the rebels bad postestloa ot
a part or tha field.
Later from Perry vllle aaja that Ota. Bherl
dan, of Illinois, I reported killed; but Ihla U
Onr losa la elated at 2.0iV) hilled and wound
ed. The rebel losa Is not aeMrteinsd. Th
enemy are north of Priryrille, and a general
attack la expected Immediately by onr troop
XstAtoa- 3roi .Buropo,
Tin Battle of Antiilam Uls'rimcJ In Europe
Tilt. HKl'l.l. 1XVA.M0N Ol' MAHILAKU
run.Nuu.Ncrti a faILI-ki-
Nfc.vr Vosk, Dotober :t. -Ibe steamer t'er.U
arrived this Mening Irom Liverpool, via
Queenalown on Ihe 18 b nil.
The Asia arrived at f.lvi-rpnnl ou Ihe 2Tlh
The news ol Gen. McClelJan'a victory at
Anlletam bad reached England, and had at
tracted great attention Some cf the Etsllab
journals warn rather dubious in their remarks.
wnne oiner arcr.nl great credit lo uea Ui
Clellao. Among the puaen.era by tba Pertla it
Tovrnseud Harris, mhilsi-r Irom Japan
The battle at Anlletam I extenalrvir ill-
I cussed In the papers
.uo mini uim -tu.y Lru..re.fe .i.a v.1.--
federate invasion oniarylan-l la a failure If the
latest telegrams prove true Pope' army was
badlv beaten, but net placed ''.ore in c;nia'.
McOiellan has ehowed a decided dun of anl.
dterly apiril in marching letoluttly npon tht
lloet of retreat open to the Confederatee.
The 7imes Inslauatss that McOlellan't re- '
perls may have been conked at Wathlngtoc,
aa other announcements of decided successes
have ultimately proved Incorrect, and Cnrcpi
haa been driven into Iccredulilv or a rearva-
Hlon of Its belle! , at any rate, it argues that
viciones on me uein, wimoot a change or poi
ly. will be very barren successes
The Morninj 'oil writing In ignorance &t
General MeDlellan's ilctory, say thai th
Cnfederatet In turning Invaders have under
taken a moat dlffliult If tint luipoulble leak.
The lialli eus eulogize Garibaldi for hi.
declaration la lavor of Ibe, North, and de
nonnces thone v. ho carp at him lor II. Th.
editor say., however, that ba will not go tu
An Imulanl ooi ree;oa.li-Ui: by the Kuipe
ror Napoleon ami II. Thnnvenel, relative to (bs
settlement of Ihe Koman question, Is pnbllabea
in the Juitirur, aod attracts attention. The
proposal lo rnocilU;o ihe Pope and the Hal
Ian government provel unacceptable at Rome
The Ttiis aaya although the Emperor elabo
rately proves that the French ongbt to leave
Rome, uobody aiippoa,.- be baa. the allghettpre
sent Intention of dolug eo.
The Paris Bourse cloned Ann nt Gil. IJc
Prof. Partridge orlhlally rtporu- of Garibaldi
that be progr.site favorably, and If proper al
tentlon be paid lor soma months a eule will
be eBected, and ho will have a good serf icaa
ble loot aud leg, although perhaps a little stiff.
I.n I'aniuL, Saturday Keening 1 he Bremen
baa arilved Irom New York.
The Parla Ujuidluflori'l cl today lbiow
doubt on the truth of the 1'ederal victory at
llogerstowii It says that a dispatch was re
celved at Paris to the eftct that MoOlallau,
after the battle, retired upou Washluglon,
The DaVyA'ms sas that McClellan's troops
have nmviii to be like Iirlilvli noldlere. nor
knowing when lliey uie beater), and elates that
aicuieitan naa inoern euiorprlw ana gooa gen.
rrul.blp, and his mu great valor
I'uuHul. ctue.-d uu tU.nrd.y at 93 a 93 for
Americau atotb. Inactive; l'ltnoii Central
ltallroad, 441 a t8) dla.',iunt Fris Kallroad,
3ut a :ll.
LiTFdr. Ilolluu (-'oqi-d oa Satuidsy wllb en
upvvnrd tendency A trilling a Irene. It noted
on all quail Ua ot Ainmlcn luea.tatnrTi Pro -vlilona
clo.ed heavy
Consols loeed at '1.I4 a ') t)
tiisr lu Tumi Mi IIimu 1 uiir teen, n.m.J
Uee.e Waikiue. Johj l.eviu George Clark,
anl Aarei C atlui4, wne urresvei oa
.hueii disloyalty, mi ednetday mjiolnj,
by uu 1 Itlcei 1,1 Piovoet .larebil Ueueral ilc
P.all arid nll-r l,fi,, dctauird at lbs Uladu
UlstliCt etatlul), Hd,e III the atlernjn, tSkeu
to Port slclleury
Purlng thi same day a eiaily ui ibt or tea
private, of Ibe Third leglment of the Potomac
Home llrlgode were brought to tbla city by a
guard, charged with desertlDg Irom that Cum
mand Alsu, u rtbel prisoner uamed John
.'.bailler, of the :llrtu Virginia rebel regiment
They vwm all s.'iit to Kott Mslienry Jli'li
more meih-oii.
K y i n n cl HI o 1 ,
Ult. VON KtlM'll'lttlkeLU,
Ooullwt mucI 3k.aal'lM-v
2'' I'pnmyhania Avtuu(,
Ulvra lilac mlu-tve attraliou ttHhi- tiriititifttt if ibe
K. heuJ t-K.
I lave eudcratl (idhi a ilelt-oi of Umlag lac jtln
Ilk Ibe erviue lr uu Mochittitvr ireataa lue
tor ba aaiua, iut Mill. trlot ufw- Ujf barlD
now U UKMt aruir,at.l all tllagrreible leafing 1 aa
uatleDveJ.lueli ui utiLe lo tba heaJ, baieentlrel
Uft mr, llCIT lHItl vtHITAHia,
Harrin l.ibt Oavaiif
IFaAAiHa t-M, Jtrft , l02
eiaraiot-J al ble otDi'e, immclUiene Ol Va.Mfc.Uaii
oot T Im
tiuaudalitr lb Utb loataottiay ut c(tetubrf,
jii;ivv)ll be re,ulre4 tto tu all vaeeela, biaUi(
DavUttiiif Ibe Potomac rts-r (Uu will be leauea
by tba Oou.maallD Otueci c( tba Vlotilla, aolaaj
ba obtained frou lha naval vaii.la iiattdcafl at Aitx
anlxia cr at tba ecd jtb cf tba rim
Vtcntary of the Uatj.
Sepumber U . 1 SC3. J U

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