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. . , , - ....
TlUt av
. HiTt Sninun,
tmrtmuef aattmd1am,dc.,Btpl.H,UL
SEALED riOPOBALS to luraleh melettale for
Dm aavy fbrllu Steal year tadlagtoth Jaaejaet,
willta received at tUiBimi utlf I o'clock.!!.
Of thXlttOttOborBext TtMM PI0P0MU BUttH
endortBd"i"iiiiiealiW-aVa,eali fmOu JTary, Bureau
tf CbmmuHm,"k , that ttey may be oUitlagalahM
(from othtr badaea letters.
Th maiertals aad artista embraced la th tleaeee
uwia peitioutarly decerned In the prlatad
eelurtala.iuiy ofwaich will be ru niched to each as
deelrcio offer, oa appUoatloa to the ooatmeadente
of ths reepeoUre tarda, or lb tin wji sjjeai netreet
thercte, ud iboaeaf ail the y stda, upoa application
to this Baraaa. Tali division lata eltseee being for
ibtieonyeakacs of dealers la oh, tank portions
only will Hi turalahad u an actually rtqalrad for
bide. TMoommaadtataadBivyaglatofeaohsta
tloa will, la addition to tin lohedaie of enaart of
their owa yardj, hsrs a copy of tbf sehtdstct of
other vatde. for asimlaatloa onlv; from whlet
other yatds , for exemreailoa only t from which It
but bo lodged whether It. will bo deatrable to maM
appueauoa for aay of tho alaant ol than yards.
uaere man do raaoa lor uo arnoie 01 too aiam
aay yard apon oao or tho printed anedaies, i
atrial eonformihr thcrawlth. or thtT will aot b
too J
-stdared. la oompatiai too Blames, tap pnos stated I
oontrtflt will M MnrcUd to
ftu bldd.r who fin nbptr Mtrikjr tot lta fnllU
font Tho United BtotM tfumi tho tteht to rtkoi
(TaUtaUbtdflforuTeloot.lfdoaoitdoicOTb.BU - r
v. im uuhhohmiiiwiii
tit btdi for nr tit. If da
1 artlelaf mvn tot of tho Ten
rtftd la th vmrtl la i
ah omeioi aut m of too Terr om qctut y, to M
i good
oravr. ho
aittVI tnmIj ud uolifH, rrjptrly mirkvd who
UtMstoof tbo oootnetor, utbi ouo mtyto.ot
idv wm-v aUHi rus OI UM on(rwioT. ui u in
rotpoeta ibJot to uM tntptettoa, mfscmnncni.
oniT,wi,a.aOi iMruaiDm ronra,u.a
to tbo entity ntWootlon of tbo ootuaoadut tftarooi
Bidden or rtfimd to tbo oommttdaata of tbo
rofpostlro mdf for ouplM, Ioitrmeuoaot or ru
tlevlkr doiDriptlra of tbo ortleleo; mad, oil other
tUBfobfftqBflJ.fnftrtaeovlll o glna to or
ttoivaof ABMTtotn Baoanfootaro.
,ETtry offer, m reqolndbj tbo Uwof 10th Aogut,
IM. tout bo oooookpoatod or o wriitto gmtrftoU,
tbo fom of wh.eh ti btnwltb glrtn. t
Thoo onlr wboao offen nor ho looepted will bo
BOtlficd, oad tho eootrtot will bo forwordtd m toon
llunoftor u preotlooblfltirblob tboy will bo re
qtJrodtofxteoto wlthla its dors ofier lta rooolpt
ot the poet offlo or oarr opsef voaod toy tbooi.
BmreiM la tbo fall amoaot will bo rtqalrod to
rffm tbo eootrtct, ond toclr rospoBtlhlttty oettllrd
to hr o Doited Btotoo dorUlot Jadgo. Doltod BtotM
dletrlot tltota7. ebUootor, or uvr ogitt, Aa ol
diuoul oecorlty, tn eoty par otntnoi wtll bo with
ham from the omoaat of tho bllla uotll tho ootunvet
aboil bora bean completed! aod eUhtjr per outum
of aaeK bHl,opproTed la triplioot by tho eommird
Ufa of tbo reepeatlTo Trdt will bo paid by tbo nary
agent at the polnta ol delivery In ocrilfloatea ot lo
debtedneea or Trcaaary note, at the optica of tho
Gorerament. .
It la itlpaUUd. la the oontraot that If dafaalt bo
awdobyiho partJaaof thollrft part in dellTeiiog
aU or aay of tbo artiolro aunilonod in any elaa. bid
ftrlatboooatraot.of the qaultr and at tho lime
aadplacea mooro prorldd, than, and lathateaat,
tbo oootnetor and hU anretlfa will forlelt and toy
to the United Statea a mm of money not excel dug
twloetbe amoaot of aseboliM.whlob mir br re
Of tbO TUd bTO TOttrcd Uf
coTortd Iromtiaototlma, according to the aet of
uoogrctainina. oato proTiaia.opproTea marons,
Xo'oIiiiNo Hand those foUowIng. If a quantity
la adaiiloa equal to the face of the contract la J
naaded. It la to bo firaUthrd oa like tarma oad ooa
dltlona dortig (ha llaoal year.
Ibrm cf Offtr,
Which from a firm mart be algaedTbyall the mm-
I, , of , In the BUto of , faoreby
acne to fnmUh and debrer la tho rorpeotlTO naTj
aaaoXid. egroeably to the prorMooa ofibo aobodoioa
tbarefiV, o&d la einformlir wltb the onTerilaemeot
IITBI all Ulf MUUIB ,:"Li aiiau
of theBaraorcotitnietfOB.o.,oi wa Mpum
bar, lltl fiboald mr offer bo aooepted,! reqoert
to be addrat, ad at , aad the ooatrael aiatt to
the aary ageat at , or to , for alfaatara
aaaaeruaoait. . .
Slfaatare, A. B
Date -
Tbaaebadalawhlcbtba bidder eneloeee martba
hVnca.te aaoh artlaTafntha eeneduelMDrloe mart
be rot, the anoant aarncd oat, the anreiau fMia
aoof oaobelaeB.andfae ameaal uaewieo wnnea
i-mhi. frthnrtlaawlintild danoftroddaaear
tht place where the artletei are to be delrnred, they
maiVnaao uthtlr offer a penontawhomorden
oa them are to be deireraji.
Fnrm tS Guamfilu.
The undented, , of ;.U the Slat of
and i of , IB tha State of - -,
hereby anaraaty thit la cue the foretolaa bid ol
. tor any of the elueei therein named be 10
cepted'.he or they wUl, wlthla tin daye alurtha
rtoelptofthoooatraotatthe poet offleo namel.or
airy aieat deelnaltd, execafa tha contraet for the
ami, with eood aad mfflol.et earetlee; and In ttao
Hid eball fall to enter lato ooatract M atbra
aid, we fairamy to make food the diffenaoo aa.
twiea the offer or the aid and that wklob
maybe aooepted. .
Data. '
Wltaeee. t ,. , '
I hireby oertlly that the abora named are
known tome ai men of property acd ablo to make
food their (varaaua. .
. Siiaatnre, O. H.
n.a I
To be (Ifntd by tbo United Statae dlitrlcl lodge,
UBliaa Diatee yauni a,H,i.r, vumhh,w
mrrtfrcmalMti itolhiUABaUl,apprwt&
V ttftllf.lBDA
Sen. ! Aad U Uwilur wicUt, That ao oor Iraet
Mnnl.,Winf InUreet therein eball be traaeterred
by the party or patties to whom lacb eoBtraol or
orocrmay wo a wwj v;"t; . r-'"-r,
aad that aay lack traaefer eball oioie Ihe aaaal.
... ih. AAB,.Ae m ordv tranmfarred. eo far ae
the United State are oonoernrd: irordl, 'hit all
tbe llRDte 01 aoiioa are neicwj ivb,u ,w iu, sui
ted 8iaiee for any bieacb of eneh contract by tbe
.-a ...,.n r.i anhautenDa. otothlna. arnut. am-
DCO. in. iiw we." I ,"r ...!.., .- ""T
munlilon, munluoat of war, aad tor ererydeicrlp
tloa ol enppllre for tbe army or nary of the Untied
tttatec than be found guilty by a court martial of
fraud or wilful aegUot of duty, he eball bt pun
Lbedby dae, Imprisonment, or mob other punleh
mentaa tbe court mulls! snail adjuage; and say
peraoa who shall contrast to furnish auppllea of aay
kind or dMorlotlon for tne army or nary, he thill
be deemed aedtskenuapartoftha lead or tarsi
rA.i... Af tha lTnitMt StetM far which bs SbtU 60n
uset to fatulah ssld auppllee. and be aabjeot totht
rulee and retulttlons for the goTernmiot of the
land tnd natal forces 01 iha United Htatee
Tbo following are tbe classes required at tas rt-
sptoiirs nary yaruei
Clsm No 1. White OU Loga; Mo. 3 While Oak
Keel; Ho. Waits Oak Fromlscueua Timber! Ho.
t White Oik PUnt; No Yellow Pine Lont Ho.
T. Yellow Ploe Bum,, No t Yellow Flne'ataet
mad rlpar Timber; No. 10 White Pine Matt Tim
bar; NoTlt White Fine Plank and Bosnia; Ho It.
Ath Plank and Boarda; No II. White AtbOarai
No. II Ulckery Bulla; No IB Black Walnut aod
Cherry; No IT Cypreaa; No. It. White Oakttaree
aod treading, No BlaOkBpruoa; No. 13 Llg-
uumrlta; ni as troiij no. no. oierij no si, a
apiaee; aa aa arvn nvw wn,
ti Lead; Mo. (I Zleo and Tin
Spikes; No It Iron Nails wrought and cut; No
OW WW.I ,- W. .. -., .w. -- .-T -
Tin. NA II TAA1. f-.
t no. si aoeis lei
No li Colored Falale, Dryer; Ho tt. Llnjeid
Stone: Ho. ta. White Letdi No M. zuo ramu:
In HV 71. Ralnf.i
Oil, Tnrpeallae, Varulsbt No el. Olaaej Ho aa,
ritoo, taoein, lar; no e. uu, inuowiauait, w.
It MlacelUaeout Dry Qooda, Ualr ClotbJ Ship
fhenalerr for oonatmatioa. Class A. Bollsr Iroa
and Kfrsts; O. Lard OU; F Miscellaneous Tools for
aiagmeera. u. ugwut ajiewiu,, mui o-v , t
a lax uaaTBf : a. bouoe wdihj r a wwv; ..
Learner: H. Boee; U. Braabea; N.' Banting. Dry
Uooda; O. Lauuras; (i HpeimOil;Il BblpChsn,
dleryjjbr atores and equipment; d. Statloaary; T
-aire wuoa,
Clara Mo. 1. White Oak Loga: No". 2. While Oak
Kwl Placea; No. 3 White Oak 1'romlsouout Tim
ban No.t White Oak 1'laak; No. 0. tallow Pine
1 am Na. 11 White Pine Log. Plank" end Boards.
Na is. aah Lora and Flank: No IB. HlaokWsU
,nut,BtahogaBy, aad Cberryi Nn.lt Locust; Mo
'l9..WblU t)ak Starss and lleadlag; Ho. -a. Llg.
laumritai. No 21 Iron: No. it. Stttl, No 27. Iron
Hpikts: S er M Iron natle.wronaht and oat; No.
C4 Liadj Mo. tl. Zlao and Tin; No tt Ilaniware;
no at. ivoie us otoreai no. ee. rtuiie ueeu, no
Sl.aIuO S avinia; a,w .a. wiuivh , wu"Wifri, ,w.
tt Linseed Oil Toipenllos, and Varnlah, Mo tl,
(Maati No. at. Filch and Jtotni Mo tt. Flab Oil;
taUOW, anu nwew, aiw, au. oauwatiauvwiH "
Good,! A. Boiler iroa and BlTelej U Pig Uon; CI.
Lard OH; D. Boiler Felting; K. fjum Packing, F.
SllaCeUaneoua Toole for Engineers; O Couklcg
iTtsnills and Stores, 11 Flax Camas: I. Cotton
n.nw... .r. trlKK end CottoaTwlnet K. Leather:
L. Hoae: K. Brasbee, N. Bunilsg and Dry Qooda,
O TaaiamaiP. Tar for Bopewaik; Q Sperm Oil;
U. ShlD Obauaisry tor siorea ana eavipmrnH, a
MUUjuery: T. Fire Wood, U. Ox nilee for rope.
iaCUeeNo-1. WbluOik Logs: Hoi. WbltsOtk
Kaatrieeaii aaa. nuauu &""????!? iv
bar; Ha) 4 Whlta Oak Plaaki.Sa t White Oak
Kaeeej Ma.uTtUow Ptae Lots; HoJ. Yellow
rmMmmtyMo. a. Yellow Ptae aat,Tttttui Ho.
10 WhlU Flao ataitTlabtr;
Ifo. 11. IrMtaPliio
Lon.riaak.aBdBoardi! No.lt. HTMto OU Board!
aodriaak; lta, la.' Ah rjon aad .riaakt. HaTlt.
Atb Oan: No. It, Hickory Barta aad HaadtpCkH;
No la, lk WW.CUrrrTiH.lT. OyjarMn"
It. mv-. rT6..lTWMt OiVltaril aanSUiBi;
Ho. . BtaakSpraoai Vo n. Coaar; Ko-ti. Ma.
hMaayi Ha a. UnamTUa)!'Ho.froi,rMad,
t,adjM; Ho M. stool; Mo. r. IroaBpllei;
No. at, Iroa HaUt, wroaiM aad aat Ha, to. ttad;
Ha ti. Zlao, Tin ; Ho. to. Hardwan ; Mo. M TooU
forrtom,! Ha M, Wklta UU; No 17. Zlaa
Fatal: Ho. at. Calorod Palati. Drrir: Mo.at. Ua-
rod Oil, TarptaU.., Vrahi Si.ll. Olan: Hal
4t ritob, Boila. Tar: Ma ll. Tilh Oil, TaDow.1
ooapiflo. o. ouooouaoooaa irraoou: a. noiwr
Iroa aad RlntttB. ri(Jroa;0.xSrd Oil: D. JMlJ
or FaltlacL SimTriakliit r. Mlanllaaooat
toou for jcajnattn; u uoouaa uiaaifM, atarai,
,.. Vla.flaoMaa. 1 - 'ril.
mv. in. m ios vonvaai; wna Winn .
K. LratbtrFl,.' lion: at. Braiaai: H. BaaU
wlUi V"j WMW KjaaaSTan, a, m. wuifi
Wo AawalHair; ti, JIVRI DfUBH a, OKBHUI laW
uryuooaaiu lAouru: (j aporaiuut tu up
OhandloTT for atorta aad oqatpnMBti: B. BtaUoneryi
o rvoooL
'Maaa aJld tLklhanoa Tm.. T m jaTl.laJtr'
Keel Pteooaifo. 8. White Oak Protaleeaoma fua
bar: HO. .- WMto Oak Plaak: Ha. 0. Yellow Pta.
riDi oiwa "vfij niH'iiugv aria ocaaiiu;
VralteMaltaitaaSBJac TtaSri Ho'li. WlU
Plat LonFlaak, Boanu.aa: bSo.ll. AA JmS
Plank 8 took Loga: NOeTa.Tollow Flao Beama; 5o
i.ao.iNo.11. Ad IiM
aadriaakifHa.l WMto Alb Oart; Hall. Wall
Hairt Bloki
:orr,Qapctaa Ban: Ho. it Mibitaayl
tat. Chcrryi Ho, It. Orprwa;'Codaf
,11 iMiiii; Haa BlacYSpraoo Bpar
an; no. i
lo. h. O:
i.a Blai
aad oat:
id 01
Black Wuaa
Sat, aoi
No St. I
, ai. uuraamriuii jno so. iroo, roana.
lara: m57h Stool: Ha. it. IraaSnkooi
Ho St. IroaMaUc.wraagMaadeatiMaaa.baad;
Ho. 91, CbMTfaf Ha
oo. uarawmroi aio,oft.iioou
uarawaroi ai&Bt.iioo
toritonirHo.M Wblto Laadi Ho. tt ZlaeFamf,
ioriiorrno, oo ttbi
No tt. LlaOMd Oil,
Bollirt: D: Fir Iroa: O, Xard, OU; D.iBolKr Filt
Itltl E.'oa fyiaklaVi r. MlmUaaaoaa Tooli for
Eofia'tn; O, GookTaf OtaatlU, Bioth ao.; n.
Flax CaBTUt: I. Cotton Oaaraw: J. Twlaa: K.
Loathcrt I, j Hon, K. BraibM: I. DaBtlaf.Dry
uoooj;i i ' Dpun w h. Baipuaaaoiary lor oioca
EqatpiBoati; 7 StattoMfy; T. Fire Wood.
CualHai WhrUOain; Ho. e. TeUow Pine
Plaak Stock Lop: Null. Wolto Flao; Ho. It. A
Flaak;HarllJUigi:No,M. Hickory Ban; No.
lBBlaokWilaatrNo.1T. Oiprka); Ho It. StarH
aad Heailare; No. tl. Poplar; No. aa. Iroa; No. 91.
Stoel; Ha M. Iroa 8plkH; No It Iroa aaile: HO.
to. Lead; Na ti. Zloo, Ua, raider; Ho. U Hard'
ware: Ko.ll Walla Lead: Natl. Zloo Pemt:Na
It. Colored Falott: Ha H. Llaiaod OU. Varalebl
Na ei.Olan; Ho. IX Oekaw; No. . Pltok.tari
w nvn dwu aw. o uavuaiioiia vn
uooae, sup uuodMrr, At., r aoaetrocoon; No.
M Taakaaad aallaye ; Ho, at. lafot Copaor;
to. Cbala Iroa: Ho il,oleai Ha M.
a ti.rowe; naoaneiioa
Irete: B VtM Iroai C. Lan
is. oeiiowe:
i G. Lara I
uoiier iron aaa Jtrreie!
O. Boiler FtltlatjE. Ota FaTklafiT.
Itlaa-.E. Gem FatklaiiT. 1
ou EorloMT'i ToolirO Cooklaf Sioree, Aa.; B.
Flax OaaTam; L Cotton CanTaci: J. Twlie: fc
uiuiriu Honin nrv nn; nj oounf ue u
OoodeiF. Oae Pipe lor tteamer flttli(;Q spei
Leather: Ii'HoaeiBf Brahre; Hj BaBtlaf aadDr
uww: r . uw, K iw mw ,iHr hui u
OU; B. Skip Oiandlerylor tteret aad ealj
ivr enaser naua; u aperm
a. Stationery- T. fire Wood.
eep 14-UwtOoltl
1MT and UBB Iprwaa atraat,
The rafalar aoarea of laatraotlon kabraoea iht
Kaautb aad French Laafaafee aad Lheratana
Lafla, If reqalred aad alllba brancbee which eoa
nltaleatboroeihBufUahaadFrenahodaoatloa. I
Freaoh la tkalaafaaf e of the fknaly.aad to ooa
naaUyepoiealaUielastltatloB. It lo the object oi
partlcalar atteatloa,aad la taaaht Ooa tha radl
mente to tha hlf hart aoarae of Lttaratara aad. Cam
soaltloa. , ,
Olroalart, as., ou ba obtalaed croa
tayUVaai Fnaalpalot Cbafary Iattfoatt.
iai irt tne. a
Tha datlea of tkli IuUtatloa win be reearaed on
the lib of September. Clraalan maykaobtabud
at the prlnolpal bookatorea In Waehlaftoa,Of by
addreeelBf tne pnaoipaii
anf 0 TTA84JB
Olrolo Inatltutoi
Ho tt K Stent , Naaa iaa Ciana
TEBMS.nr Qaarter of tea weikt Quarter oom-
mo ng at the date o( admialoa :
Klemeitirr Cltnee la Eaglleh woo
Adranoed Oleiees la Kag II.h Llteraaara aad
Ssleica ratlnded H
XltmeBtary Clauas la HogUab, Freaoh. aad ''
MotloV7..... "...1 12 oo
Adraaood Cbuect In Eoglllh, Fnecb, aad
atttsto, , , i, ,...-.... tow
Kxtra ofcarge lor Spanish, Oensan, Dalian, Ltlln,
aad other Languages.
Dr ZAPPONEwlU alto Lectutee.and otherwlee
aaebt, wheaerer ba oaa apara time from bis aaealsal
MBS A. ZAFFONE, Principal
XJ Ml I atraat, batwaam lltb " llttt,
Oaeof tba oldaet, moat thorougb.andmoit desirable
Schools for Young Ladles and ttkasa In the city.
BeaaloB oommencaa September Kb. TulUoa a
oocdliiftoanandadTanwBeBt. ...
autj-dif iStar L. o. LOOM IS
Tha anderalgntd bege litre to call the alteatioa af
the dtlseae and trsriTing oommunliy to tbe Ilonte
he hes just opened for tbe aooontmodalloa ot gentle
menandUulas.wltbdayoruoiabxtd .
The Ileusa brualthsd la splendid stile-Urge
airy rooms, cbambsrs, and parlora. Tba table will
bt Supplied with all the delletolei or tbe season. No
patna or expense eball be ipared to fire tatUiaotloa
to all who may patroolre tha beaie. Sirlot atten
tion to oedert that may be glrca lor dmera, aa ; at
teeilre and obllglog eerrtma
IJouss eligibly eiiaated on the corner of Twentieth
and F atreeU weat,lately occopled by Surgeon Oen
. Formerly of BefWo, N. V,
al HTlxt-tU. Street,
fn.it. ih. aifantian of HUTLBBB and DBALERS
to tbelr Bxtaoslfs Slock of Uooda partlcalarly
adapted taSaltars' waats.seleeted with the grtatett
are, aad now ottered at lowpnoes tor oaaa
Also BOOTS aid SUOKrf, aad a gtnsral assort.
Beat or "HOflOrlS."
FleaieglV...... Mmn fc
sspt-dwe ttl Mlatb stttat.
Ml Seftuth si reel, between I ar-d K, Ceme one, coma
all BO a. JLi atall a uo.. to tea your bioiama, o
nlshlng floeds, Truoka.Ilais.and Caps, No. til Say.
CniOt el"iA,.W,a a . ,ww h ,ua uu.. w
bar your Clothing at L A. Basil ft Co. No Ml Ser
entVctreet, between I ft K. Kipaolal. attention li
Ballad to our new atook of Fall aad Winter Clothing,
uents FurnlaniBg uooua, tiaui, una tjepo
Clotblen, Mo Bel Befenth atreet
Tbe obespeat Clothing bona la town la at L. A.
jjaaii a tjo-a, no ooa dtwvu ,u-,i, wi. . -. -,
In eonaequeaoe of tbe lowness of tbe water la tbe
Oeuetal Btaenrolr It will be neoeeaary, unite, great
eoonomy ofweur Is practised, for the Oofernmeat
eoon to aant on tne euppir to si-iacua vBurei.
All naranna ere. therefore. forbHden te use the
hydrants on FenitylTtila srsius, or ou any streets
or af enucs under tbe care aid suasnrtslou lor ths
Commissioner of PahUo Bulldlngi.lor waterlog ths
streets or pavements, or for any prlvats purpose
And all persons uilog lbs waUr are argintly sou
oltsd to ba as sooaamlcal la Its uas as poaalhle.
ep 80 Cwmmlssloasr of Publlo Bulldloga
tallleg, oopperand oopper-lettaned, tlfit-elass
A 1 aotooner.Ald.W. B Untchlntt, mutir, will
tall lor the abotra port about Filday or Balorday ol
aext weak. -Fart of tha rrleght being engered.a
UmltadoaantltywlllbettkenT '
Apply to . . FBED. S. COZZF.NS, Ageat.
Coraar ol ltth ttrttt aad Fcaa'a arena".
arpwuai.varBwn: no. i. uibot: na o.' riioo,
tir.naiBNo. . Fwhoil, Tallow, Bop;Ho.4.
atlaMlUBioac Dry Ooodo, hair, eioth, aid, Ship
CbOBdlerr fbr aanitraAllflB, -A. Ifm Kloota fiw
MW llltfl-IBW OABlBi
fob aaizov, am
14 t O'OMk, t. K,
rata .
Tbe new cad wee elfleeel eleeeiii flfTT fl Tina
TOH, Waa WUaoa, amaawader, Iroea Hew Tori '
Taeedan, Tkaredan, aad Batardaya i aad tnm
Hw LoadOB- MoataTf. Wedaeedan. aad rnl
Tbo aewinrlreifalteeeit tleeaiar PITT OF HMW
TOBX.ThOBUa a. Jawett,aoauBaadeT. front Hew
Tork atoadawe. Wadaaeriaee. and Vrtdaea, fMoi
new vamaom I aeeaaye. eBareaaye aaa aawar
two BOW
hart bfeaballt eipreailj
1th taw anal
COBdaatraa aeenraieaa the etiamen aaah way.
FaMafert prooeld 'Iroai Hew Loadoa Imai
dlauly oa antral of ataman, by Exprece Trala t
rawa, nvmneij ewyeur -eeiwreaea. aimnoai
Hubaa.Coooord, tie White 'ktoaatala, kiV.
rataliaa fnaaBoatoa laaae laa
of tha Boataa aad Waroeeler railroad at An F. M. '
Wonotlar T F.M , armtaf at Haw Loadoa atf
Frelitt takea attaa'Loweet Balai, aad dellferaa
ia Boeioa early tbe aext day. '
lata Booau laabaadaaae Baa ba aad oa board
teamen, or at tha Bottom or Hew Tork ofJoee.ta
adraaaa. S, klABTIN.Afent,
aey q nerea, a. H
Biroy QoaaTaairaiTBB OmoBi
Garnet at lath aad O rtnete,
. Weeblartoa, Oct. 16, 1MB
8K ALIO PROPOSALS will U reoelTed at tkli
0B1M aatJl TlBrtday,Oetabertoth,at It o'alock .,
for foralaklaf tha Oortramaat wlih (t.WO) two
thoeeend Melee to the following
. All to be (Ml foarteeh btodi atd oyer In hiliht.
AU to be loaad, tmlcaable Halu tor draagbt per
potae, aad to ba trer tbr.-a and atdjr nine yta: of
Fropoeali to be 'for (too) lire baadrad aad up
watdt. . i
xaa l ail bum aad peat com addrcH or laa bidder
mart appear la tbe proposal.
ar la toe proposal.
la eeade la tbe aame of a Arm tha aamn
ot all tha putaeie atait appear or tha bid will be
www.iwirvu M Ui UlVJf NIU I
alaalna It.
ooasldsrsd as tha tadlr idai
proposal of the
log it.
Tropaeale from dUtyal porMrl kSI not ti amiilerad,
aad an oath or alleg laaoo mast aaoompany aaoh
Propoaals mutt ba addressed to Cot D. H. Bunk
er, Quartannaiiar U S. Amy. Waiblsg ton, D. a ,
end ahoald ba plainly marked Fropoeali Ilit
Malea" ,
The abnity af tha binder au tbe ooatraot, ehoald
It h wswa to nua,aat ba gaaraatlad by two n
cpooalhla pattoaa, whoee stfaatan muit ba appaad
edtotbe gaaraB'eo.
Tba mpoaslBUlry af tbe gaaraaton mast at liowa
by tha omolal eartidoate or tba aleikof tba aeareet
Datilct Court or of tbe United statea dlaulet aitor
Bidden matt ba preaiat la pereoa wheathe bks
e opaaed, ot tbelr propoaals wtll sol ba ooosld
'Beads, la tha aaa of twaatr thoaaa&d dollara,
all aad by tba eontraoter aad both af bla gatraatora.
will bt reqalrad of lbs aacoaalal bidder aon Ufa'
Isf tba ooatrast.
Aa tba boad matt aaeoapaay tha ooatntl, It will
ba aeeieeary foi blddera to bara their boadnnea
arltk them, or to bara boada slgmed la aatloipatloB
aad ready to be prod need whoa the ooatraot la aigaed.
Blaaka lor boada ou ba procarad apon appUoaitoa
belag aada at this ones; either panaaaily, by let
ter, or by telegraph
Fjm cf QuormU:
We -,of tba aoaatyaf ,aad Stataof
. . w w vwuatr oi . aaa atait
of , do hereby gaaraaty that b ablo to
fatal a aoatnet ib aooordaBoa whh tba terms of bra
proposition, aad ibtt, ehouid Ms propoaltloB bs ao
opted, be will at oaoa eater tnlo a aoatnet ta as
b&oald tha oonttaai oa awaraea mm, we an pea
pared ta baooma bla eeoarluee
tcrtllwu aboTB mentioned ) '
All malea fumtraated tor aadar thle adrertlaueaat
illl bs aabjeot to a rigid laapectloa, aad Iboss not
oonformleg to tbo tpiolnosUons will be njsstad.'
Tba males maet au pe aeurerad la inis city wiuua
,auj twaaty oeye iron ute saw oi wgoiBg lue own-
Fayauat to bs made apoo Ua ocmalatloo of aeeh
ooatncl or so sooa thereafter aa tbe Depot Quarter
muter shall be la faad.
Aaylaiormaiuy ta us Did, or BOB-eeBioimance
with iha termiof this airartlaemiBt. will assure the
.alaA.Inn or the nmnoeel.
TbeeemaleewUl ba awarded In lota of (too)ffre
aaaarea eaca, aajeee toe tpot BAtioiuiieier xiay
deem tt for tba tatcrett ol tbe Gwreraaaat to rary
tha Bumber. '
The Iljvot Oaerteruuuter reeenes to himself the
right to rejtet nay or all bids 1041 hs may dsem too
, l n.BUOKEB,
oot it ltd Col. and Dipot Quarurmatter,
pnopuithi you btovbh.
Dmso OnaaTaaHasraa's Ore ica.
irr awpajiemu ana u wrteiw,
WwhtBgtOB.Oct It.lHL
SssLtortoroattawlll ba racelred at this once
until Uatatday, October Stih at 13 o'clock m , lor
lurulihlng to the United Slatia tba followlaf artl-
Oas baadnd (UO) largs alia Cylltder Coal Siorea,
fin. Ihnnaannn . Gail teat bt BtOTe PlOO fBlOlO Or
leas aa may be n quired for the use 01 tbe abore
Stoteei with the aeaataary clbowi.
Bda abould mantloa aeparately tbe price per ators
atd theJBia jvrjvuiid ot the pipe aad elbows
All ofibs atores and pipe to be deUrerod tttbt
Career HoaplUl, Washington, D O , within ten
da a after tbe awardtsg ofihs ooatract.
Propotala ftom dUoya! parties will sot bs cot
I'trsd. An oath ot allsgittca to the U. S. Ootera-
meat mitt aoeompany eaoa pTopeeiuon.
01 tnt Diaoer loan toeoouireDi.anoaia
If oa awarded to him, maet be guaraaUed by two
respenalblea persena,wboM elgaslures ate to bt ap
pended to the guarantee
-The rrtponilelllty cf the guarantors anet bt
ahown by the official osrtlueata of lbs Clsik or tbe
assrsat Dittrlct Court or of tbe United Htatct Die
trict Attorney. v,
UldJiri must ba prritnt In piraon whan tha bid,
are opeoed or the p, opoaela wul not ba oooeloered
Tha full asms and post ethos eddrass of lbs bld-
.1.. mn.r in,M, In the oroncael
If a bid Is mads In lbs name of a firm tbe ntmisof
11 lbs panics muit appear, or toe dm win ue coo.
lldired aa tbe Indllldaal propowl ot tbe ptrtner
DonL in the sum ol oae thourand dollars, aigaed
by tbe coettaotor aad both of hie gaannttra; will
ba nqulted or the iuooimiuI bidder upon Ignlng tba
aontraot. ......
Tne right to reject any or all bids that may be
asemsa too niga is rwerteu uy we vewu. -r-,r
iBionual propoials will be rejscted,
Proposals must bs addressed lo CapL Edward L,
Herts, Aaalataat Qatrterraiater, U. 8. Army, Wash
li gton, D 0.; and ahoald be plainly matted Fro
ioaala for furabblsg Btores," ae.
Jbrmo OvaranlM.
Wt, ,of the county of ,and State of
, ana , oi toe oouair ei , -aao-a.
of -do hereby guarantee that la able to
lulfll tba contract la aoooroaaoe wiut tne urraa oi no
proponlion.aau tnataaoaia bis prepwuuu uiw
oepted, be will at onos surer lata acontraot laai
oordsae therewith
Should too ooatraot or awaroea 10 ium,we are pre.
parsdtobseomehlsmretiee. . . . .,.
la this enmrantM most be anneadrd the corllu
ule abore inentlonid,.
sun v.. uania.
aot It Captain cod A-O, kl.U B A.
FB0FO8ALS will bt rseelred at ths Mayor't
nm.. ukhi l nfl1opc m. on Vtlda?. ths tilh In
stant, for grading and grartulag L ttratt north,
between Fourth and Fifth strssts weet; tbe grsvsl
to bs tins lnobes deep la the oantre, taperlBg off to
four laobrt deep at tbe gutter llae; to be naked ol
atl.tnn..At lainrriiur Hie and Well rolled With B
heavy rillor. the work to be doneonder the dtreo
tlouoftbe Commlaalontr of tha Weatera Dlatratt
and two Aaslitsat Canmlatlontra to be appolsled
by Ihe Msyor. F, B DOBSETT,
oct -dil7th Cota'r Wsetsra DlaUlct
riolillera' Belief Anoclatlon.
Omoo, Mo. " F elreet. corner TnUtceath
Comaaaloailont lo be addrassad to ...,.
State Agent,
octlo-U Lockboxlt,WwblBgton,D. C.
FOR BKBT traits of Three Booae, delltht
fu'ly lootted, aad oa Ibe Snt floor, neetly
larnlibed.UI wltb gu,and la aloes proximity to
tho Port OAoe end Seventh etreet railroad.
Will be rented aeparately or together, being aulad
cither for ofOoa, caambere,or parlora.
For Interview, atdreta ,
octlt dlt Box SlaS, City Poet OHM.
895 Pennsylvani Avenue,
295 FennsylTaaiaV Avenue,
295 PennsylvaULLat' Avenue,
39 South WilliMB 8treet, N. Y
89 South WUU-un Itmt, If. Y
Phoiee Brandi St Wines,1
Ohoioe BrandiaNidtc Winoa,1
Ohoioo Biknjim' V7in-1
OhdioO Btandio. ft WinoV
BYE AHB 'iatBtsali if ilBKIES,
XaiquorM Oordlalaft cboe
Xilquorai, OorJUt,laalf ttJo-,
Xalcan.oBraBiOoTfe-laT.1t. cftio-i
Wt alao offer lor aak a oomplete aaaorttMBt of
HeFanet ically Sealed
Fruits, Heats, &o.,
Hermetlcallr Sealed
Frutts, Bleats, &o.,
Hersaetlcallr Sealed
Fruits, Meats, fto.,
905 Pennsylvania Avenue.
295 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Batweem Math aad areata lta.
el' Iroa tba Faopls's Cloulsg store.Ko. too Bar
eath ttratt, Bear F. They out wear eaythlag you
aaa bay, aad they are sold ao ohesp at
. tf. n. Dmiiai'o,
Ho sOOStTiath street, aear F.
I wonld adrlee all to ana aad fenwtlief mnlhlnw
.. iwirtiia ir. j.i. a..k '
w. a ,wai aow Bimwu
'If roaara wlaroawlU aomaloSaTTH'S. Ho
Mo Sereath street, aear F, opposite City Post Omw,
to bay year Clotbiag, FaraJaalag Oaoda, Tranka
Hats, aad Caps.
Sereath street, Is tha bast plana la towa to bay yoar
Oeni .T H fltriTl
Call soon aad sea oar aew stoak of Fall aad Win
ter Olothlag, whtoh we are alllsa at very low prloaa,
Barents ttreat.near f.
Great attratUoaa at Mo. tat Serentb atraat. New
atooko! Clothing Juat arrt'ed.ead eelllna at eat
anal low prliee. J . B. SatlTU A CO., Clothleri.
Mo.eWSeTeothttnet,aadooniar TwaaUatb ttrsai
BBdFsaa artaae.
Oraat bargains la Clotbiag, Faralshlaf Ooods,
Hats, Oats,Jloots, and Sboee, oa the ooraar of Twea
tteth street aad Poaa. areBoe.
SMITH A 00 , Clothiers, First ward, oor. Twen
tieth atreet aad Fsbb avsaaa, Is tha obiapsst plaos
in towa to bay your Fall aad Wlatrr Clothing.:
Call at tha First Ward Clothing store aad gst
yoar Fall aad Winter Clothing, liats. Cape, Boots,
amSboaa. SMITH A CO .Clothlera,
Cor. Twentieth street and Fenn. ar
Tweaueia etreet aaa renusjiraiiiB oTenue
I oa oen Day year uivuibi, uau.uayii dwh,
and Bhoea cheap, ooraar of Twaatleib itmt aad
PiBBetlTaata areaae.
fa la-lar'a fhtct for ft Diltrkt cf CoIumUa
All pcnoBs engaged In elthrr ol tbe oecupatlona
anMrmaA ! the Sfth aefitll-B Of lbs SOt ' IO DIOf Ids
lateraal Btreaae to support the Oorsroaeat aad
to par Interest on tbe public Debt," ate notified
that the tffls of lbs Collide Is bow open at Na
170 Savcntn atrcei writ AppiK-e-uona iwr iievuae
must be mode to the Aaetateef Aeeeeaor of tbe Ae
aaa mint iiiatrlct la whlah the anollcaBt Intende 10
carry ob bnilneei aad lloeaee wlllbelwnedby the
uouacior ou reoenitia a cri-juiv wt ,awi bu,ini
tloa aad paymsBt or tbs ux Imposed JspiieaMaan
KrnVl3rl resttef-l feall far Ouir liatu.1 at Us Ol
tor', OOa ai tarty as Its day ttlUrfUM Ikrir sple--
UonwUiUtdtuuvr. All Uoenaee take effaot fiom the
Ut of oeptimorr, and erery peraoa required ny law
to take out a llcenss la prohibited from oarrilug on
bnaeaaa until the aame la leaned, ueder apeaalty
of three times Iha amouul of the Ui. Maaalaotnr
art aad Brswsrs are noalredto make to tbe col-
leetor raiame oi ineir Hwianjim iwr ,w uw-u w,
September within tea days after Its close, and
monthly tbsrsaltsr, and, at tbe same Haas, to pey to
tbe I olltotor Ihe ux theieoa la all ctaee penaltlet
" lm"" "" "' MtS BOWBN. Collsctor
Oo'obsr.lb.l.M oslt-lw
AllientuB Blllkrd Silonu,
ItO Frnniylt-alifa dirnui.
TUB prjBLIC are herebr notified that
era asalo oa the track Tlay btre entirely renor a
tea their Saloon, and are aw prepared to aooommo-
date tbelr Meade oo lt-tf
Copartnerablp heretofon extrUng between
LYLB i COFFIrf U thlsdsy dhjohrSay aataal
MDStut. ,.?I'Stri'fc'
John O. Lilt still oonUatM lbs batluta at I
oMattad. . .
wseaiaewae). rfeiaei. ia" '
x Attorney for Claimant",
urn toiNT roK ntoormmo
Botiiity lindi, Feulcii, Arrtan
of Pay, Bitr. Py, te,
WAsnmaToif, d. a,
WUl give prompt and eBclsnt attsntlOB to the
prosecution of Claims of svsry deeorlptlOB agalael
tbs Oovsrunsat, and mtka ao charge anleet auo
"Sotb reVa-cei aad tkouv for aarrloes will be madt
mw Fensloaa eeoured for aoldiare wounded or dU
uIa anaa Iha avlatln war: alsO. fOT thfl WldOW,
and orpksas of aoldiare who he's died ftom wounds
ordlsssaa Inoanad while In ueuaiiea oiaieaeer
Tia: also, Bum Afcaay tor the heirs at law of soldlsr
dsossasddurlathasxlsllngwar. n w
irsee oivwea wiut eneroea w .-.. r...a..
warding buslata' " . .
The Oghatt priest paid for Land Warrant!
allloriiryur (talsuMat,
No Tt etventh itrset,
Washlagtoa.D Vj
B . B. Edlton
of papars publishing ths above care
te my aerrloee to ths amount ol thab
T, at, Id
17, 1862.
DrpikTmtaT or tu Ia-nuuoa,
Of m Indian Affairt.SftmttrU.lmi.
From Inlormatlon raceid si thlt Depart-!
menl, doomed nffleleotly reliable to wartanl'
na la to doing. I conatdtr II ar datr to warn
all ptrtont eonljimpUlKic Um croaalng of thtl
Fulnt UU fall to Utah or Iha PMUe otaat
thttlbera Irjood reason to apprehend hottlll-i
Uot on tbe part of tba Bannock tod Shothoo a
aako Indiana, u'well at the Indlaoi upon thai
Plaint and Along the Piatt rlrer.
The Indiana referred to hare dnrlng the put,
sammar commllled sereral robberlaand mup
dert. They an numeroos, powerful, aod warJ
like, and, ihooM they generally aatoma hoeJ
lUeatlltude, are oapaMeofrendetlug tbe emit
grant route acrot the Plaint extremely peril
cue. Htno thlt warning. '
By order of the Betretare- ot lb Interior ;
ClikLM E. Hit,
Acttog Oommlttloner.
i r
Matlca ta Vaaaala Batarlas ar Leavlag
the Pataaae River.
To guard yeaaalt'on" AlaxandrU and Plney
Point, on' Ihe Pototnto liter, will be dlttlo
gulahed, during lb day, by a soiuka wbiti
rua wm A uo rsaaa, (St, Andraw'e,) ud at
night br-rwo rib uoirn.
Th oroctrt In oonotnd of the Teaeelt will
furnish th Naral Potomao Pat la all marten
of yeaaelt naylgatlng the titer, after ther thai)
hay gtren proof that thty ar lawfully ta
Teaelt entering or departing from lb rlrer
will be tnbjeot to detention If nnprorlded wljh
a paa.
Akb'w A. litawoon,
Commodore Oom'g Potomao Flotilla.
DarummiT 01 Btstb,
Waahlngton, Jan. 2S, 1861.
The Secretary of State- will hereafter reeelre
member of OongreM on builnea on Baturdaya.
oommenolng with Saturday, the flnt of next
Oa aad after the Itth lastaat day ot Bepttabar,
passes will ba reqalrad from all ratals, boats, tea,
aatlgatlng the Potosaao rrrsr. Tbtte will be leaned
by tba Ootaaaadrag OSoer of tba Fletllle, aad may
be obtalaed from tba naral Teasels etatioaed at Alex
aadrla or at tba aumth of tbe rlrar.
Seoreury of tba Hary
Hatt Daraaniurf ,
September 11,111 eepll
tweea WABHUIUlun aao seLuaaava.a,iiHMu.a
two tilps per week each way.toaoblaf U POINT
LOOKOUT aad all tbo prlnalpal Isadmgs oa toe
Tboia wishing freight or pafeege eaa apply at O
Street Wharf, Washington, aad OoTsramsat Wharf
Baltimore, and at tha different Laadlaga oa the
route. WM. B. SHOW, Agent.
WaablBgton,D.O.,Btpt.ao,llH. oota
SEALED PB0P08 ALS are lot Ittd until the nth
day of October, 1U9. lor aayplylag the United
States with 0,000 BEET CATTLE on tbe boar. The
Cattle to ba dsllrarad at Washington City, D O. , ta
l.ooo need oa tbe 10th day ol Norsmbsr
1.C00 hsad oa tbe lBlh day orNorember
lONbadoothe tsth day r Morsmbsi .
l!ooo factd oa the eth day of December,
l.ooo head on the 10th day of Deoember, anil
1 ooo heed oa tbe 11th day ol Dtecmber.
Faeh lot aul enrage 1 MO poenta great weight,
ud no aelmal admiiltd whlah welgbe Uaathan 1 ,uoo
Douadacroawtlgbt Heliara and bulla aot waaud.
n, .S ...7 ... n.,H.h... nan. am- wtll tia
lata,, pmr w w, mi niwn .,.., nH m
tulaed aatll the ooatraot la oompletad
A boad. with aood aad infnclent eeourlty, will bs
OoTarnmani reearrea to HmII tbe ilshtto ply In
retaurr Boua.or etbsr QoTernaeol rands .
No old will bs entertained whea pat la -by ooa-
tracton who bsreprttlouelf failed lo oomply with
thiLr eootrtct, or when the bidder Is not piuest to
raipond to hi. bid
All OIQS aseaa ww auaaafaaua v, ww iimww.,
Tha atanaas of flrau raiiit be elated ta fnll.WTtb tba
Bldl to be directed to Col A BFXKWtlu.A D.
0. and O 8 U. 8. A.tWaabington, D. O , aad ea
darted 'Propoaals for Beef Cattle"
.tTifni it truarariue.
We , of the county 'of , aod State of
, ana .wi lue wwenar w , a,.
of , do hereby gaaraaty that it able to
tulhl a contrast la aeaordaaoe with tbe term or hit
propoelUoo, asd that, ahoald ha propcsUloa bs ao
eepted, be will at oaoe eater Into a oontreet In aa
Bordaaoa therewith.
BDOUld tas OOauraot oe awaruea iankii are pre
pared to beoemebiaeecntltlee.
This fuaraateeaustbeappeaded toaohbtd
cot 14
I fhpm the nohllA that ha he enteeed lata bnclaeae
relatione with iba bcuie ol Vamose ft Co , Beak
era, Borne, far the eelectlea,pur:baas,or forwarding
ot vrotkaof Art.or other artloleaof Koman meou
laelure,wb eh bale prepared to do oa the moat la
yoreble oindlUoaa and wltb tba greateet prompll.
IhsgTsstaat care will be glieu to seltotlag and
'rbe most llbsfal terms allowed In all balking
Irsnaaotlone, aad elraalar letters ol aredll oa aay
Keropsaa or Amsrloaa house eeahed by Faasaota
Oct It wt u. o. uonaai, una,
Eye and Ear.
Ooullat ew.xx.ci, Aurlat,
227 PennsvlYaoU Avenue,
Olvea bit sxoluttve emotion to the tltltmenl cf tha
I have aalered from a direct of bearing eluce loin.
Int the service Dr. Voa Mouieier rrea-w me
!". .....thna-faAtaaeaaae BfV hCarlBX
w fitatat aeaa,aad aUdltagiaaaMs fatlaf I ex.
MiUnoeaVauoh as aouee la the head, have entirely
left ST ! Uaxki WaiTjaas,
1,B" Harris Light Cavalry
Waia-v'sa, 8lpt W,lls.
examined at bla offlce.fromelUaena ol Waabiugton
oct T lm
MaaovscvoasD sr
271 VMi'yJwintu jitirnue, lulutm Itnlh
and Eltvinth sltettt,
A I, nieeaaary, either for en omoeror a Private,
to csplu're two Mrtaln artlclee. via i Ose
la order
ruer iw lapai,
8UIBT and one
me call
Sir 01 auo, wiuoa wee it
at m ahon durisg Ufa fret,
larotaaatloa lo Psaaloa Aalmaatla
Th Oommlitioner of Ptntioni, Ir, Banelt,
hta addreeted tho tutijolned full and ttllsfso-
tory latter to one ot th numercot cotrMpond-
enu who hare written to him Inquiring at to
th mod of eilubllthlng clalmilor pentlont
ia behall of the molhert of toldlcra deeeated
In tbe nillltary eetvlce of tho United Slate,
ondtr tho aot granting penttoot, approved Ju
ly II, 1862 :
Pxxsiom Onicr. OeL la. 1IC2.
Sit i To the aereral nuoatlona contained la
yonr letter of tha 10th Jnitant, ooooarnlng th
pentlon claims of moihara of deoeated officer!
and toldler who bay left neither widow nor
minor child, I reply
1, In no oaae will tha dependence of tba mo
ther upon her ton for soooort. whether wholly
or In part, be taken for granted on th men
amaavit ot ua claimant. To allegation rotttt
b luilaioed by pceriUve proof that the ba
actually received her support dcrlng a stated
period, either wholly or In part, from the de
ceased soldier, on aoooanl of whom mliltarv
eorvioee ah present her claim. Thlt oan b
proved dt in aniaavna ol two credible wll-
netiea, who are' not loteretted In the result of
tne application; by lb production or evidence
that a portion of the toiler's pay (by allot.
meni iicaet or utuerwisej was regularly Irani
milled to th mother; by proof that he con
ttantlr paid, or oonltlbnted lowardt ntvlnr.
her board, bona rent, ir other epeolBo and
neceaauv aXDemei. or by tuoh other t-nnlva-
lent tMllmony aa will clearly etlabllth the fact
in qaeetion. it is not eumcieot to prove Ibtt
tbe mother received optional preaenlt from
tne aecaaaen.
2. II Ihe mother hat a tuabud llvlniK thai
faot It regarded aa prima facieevldence that tbe
waa not, In any degree, dependent upon htr too
for tupport. In uch case, before ah can ba
admitted on the pentlon roll It moat be dearly
proved that her hntband haa refused or neglect
ed to provide for her anpport, (ilatlng for bow
long a time,) on aoconnt of pbytloal dliablllty
to labor, having no other source of Income; or
else that, having deserted her, ha It beyond tho
reach of legal compulsion to contribute to har
maintenance, mo nrooi reomirea in inn case
It that ol two credible and disinterested wit
nesses, who moat atala their raeane of knowing
the facte to whleh they make affidavit.
3 It It my opinion that if the mother of a
deceased soldier has a hntband Hying, who
Is not proved lo be either unable lo tupport
ncr, or in tucn a situation mat ue cannot en .
foroe her legal claim upon him for subsistence,
she Is sot entitled to receive a pension by rea
son of th service and death of her son.
4. Proof of the mother's marriage to the
father cf the deceased soldier Is regarded as
Indlspanttble, and the fact should be eelab
llabed by record evidence, when that can be
obtained. If th marrlaga took plao In a
foreign country, a record of tba baptitm ot
any ooiia ot in parties win ue acoeptea in
plao of th marriage record, If th latter can
not bt obtained without great Inconvenience.
If neither can be obtained, on affidavit to that
effect, a private rtoord or Ihe evidence of com
mon reputation, shown by two credible wit
nesses having no Interest In the result, will be
received. Respectfully, yours,
Jot. H. BtauTT, Commlaalontr.
A Letter from Sen. Bcott,
At th Dtmooratlo ratification meeting In
New Tork, October 13, John Van Buren read
th following letter addreteed by Gen. Bcott to
Hr. Seward on ths 31 of March, 1861 :
WismaaTOH, March 3, 181.
Data Sir: Honing that In a day or two tbe
new President will bar happily passed through
all penooal daogets, and nod hlmseincalalled
an honored eucceraor of Ihe great Washington,
will) j on aa the chin or nut uamoet, i beg
leave to repeat. In writing, what I have before
eald lo you orally this supplement to my
primed "views" luaiea in uotouer ineii ou
the highly disordered condition of our (bo
late) happy and glorious Union.
To meet the extraordinary exlgenclea of the
tlmea. It seems to ma that I am guilty of no
arrcgaoca tu limiting tba President's Held of
ssiectlon to ooa ot tne lour plans ot prooeaure
1. tnrow on tue wa unu awumq a mio aceig
nation-the Union party; adopt the conciliato
ry measures proposed by II r. Crittenden or tbe
Peace Convention, and my life upon It, we shall
have no new cite of seceeelon; but, on the con
trary, an early return of many, if not all Ibe
States which have already broken oil' from Iha
union. wiUaoulsomeuiuaiiy Demgnmeaaure,
the remaining' tlaveholding States will proba
bly join Ihe Montgomery Confederacy In lea
than tlxly dajs tanen mis city, ueing inciuaea
In a foreign country, would require a perma
nent garrison tf at least 33,000 Iroopa to pro
tect tbe Government wlthlu It.
II. Culled tbe duties on lorelgn goodo oul-
sfde the pons of which tnia uoverotnent hta
lost the command, or clone such porls by art ol
Conxreaa. and blockade them.
III. Conquer the seceded States by Invading
armies. No doubt this might be tlond In two or
three years by a young anil auto general a
Wolfe, a Peealx. or a Iloche, with three hun
dred thousand disciplined men eatlmallug a
third fur garrlain. mid the Iota ol uyetgrealer
number by rklrmiabee, sieges, battles, and
Soulheru fevers. The destruction or ill and
nronertv on the other Bide, would be fright
ful, however perfect Ibe moral discipline of
ins invauors.
Th corquMl completed at that enormous
Watte Ot numan Ilia to ante nortu anu iiurto
wett with at least 1260,000,000 added there
to, and cui bono ' Fifteen devastated rroi'bicrt
not to be brought Into harmony with their con-
ffiJ'SLn. LfaJlLSIEfeft.
"v ."" --'- ",--r.- -,?,, -vr.: ie. -
nal illlllna na lav.
lo extort from them
"' wau-H." " ' T'.
luiiunvil vJ am J
IV. Say to the seceded States, Woytcant
slalrrt, deporl In peaci
10 Paste t remain, very iruij juuie,
WiNrmn ProTr
Hon tV. H. Siwihd, Ao.
Africa for Freedom.
Twenty five years ago, thousands of Uhtlsllans
were held as slaves In Ihe regency of Tunis,
Norlb Africa. The doctrine which Ilea at the
foundation of the to oulled aoutneru uonieaer
acy, waa regarded as of divine orlglu. Slaves
r.ai.A,,aht and sold like cattle.
lint nhanire waa at length wrought. Slavery
was abolished. Tbe policy ol the Government
... Ahano-n,!. and now we learnfTom a reliable
source that Ihe progress of clvllltatlon there
has haen marked slue the date above referred
to. We alio learn tbatthaprfBentGorernmenl
of Tunlt lendt lit full sympathies to tbe cauef
ol freedom beyond Its own oonflnes, A minis
I,.- nt iha Tunis Government recently commu
nlcaled to our informant his abhorrence ot the
principles avowed In America and abetted by a
great body ot the English people. He declared
that Iha effects of slavery ware Injurious to all
classes ol sooiely i moot corrupting auu uauia.
glng to those who eeek to be benefited by It
Xoadon .American.
leotlonlnWewataia.N !
Niwtm.Oot. li -The Newaik city charter
."..!.. ...if. la a nemocral o triumph.
ThVdBmooraU cry neir.y.llthe wards and
' rtlo majority In the council.
NO. 278.
, Hlatoarl.
Corrtspeade.ee ot the Hew York Trlbane
St. Louts, Oct. U, 18M.
Tha rebel who eo Tauntingly proclaimed
their Intention to winter In tkla city, hay been
driven from th aouthweiterq count! by Gen.
EcHjoneld. Ills army at lest accounts was on the
ere of following up Its snecea by croalog th
lln Into Arkansas. Tba rebels have or recently
had a camp ai Croa Hollows, and on their re
treat from tfewtonlt and Caavlll; fell back on
this camp. It It doubtful whether Ibey will
wait for th pretence of Seholeld's army; their
officers know th Inability of th motley gath
ering of conscripts to. at tnd op against Ihe su
perior armed aad disciplined volunteers of tha
Northwest It Is confidently predicted tbsttsey
will skedaddle across Iha Boston mountain,
which Is equivalent to ditbandment, a the
rebel authorities can never feed a large con
centrated army through tha Winter. Ther
may be a battle, bat It Is extremely doubtful.
Th rebels ar commanded by th poorest lot
oi officers In the Confederal service. Whisky
is the god they all worship; and conscripts,
wltb Interior arms and ammunition, and datl
tufe of th actual neceeaartea ol life,' ate not
apt to Improve aa aoldlsra very rapidly. An
other week will determine tha matter of a fight.
Gen. Schoflelil . army Is advancing lo three
columns, under Gens. Brown, Salomon, and
Blunt. Geo, Tolteo Is second Id command lo
Gen. Bchofleld, and commands a large reserve
force. There Is no danger lo be apprehended
lo cat of a battle. The rebels will be wiped
ont as clean as tha tracings of a slate pencil
may b removed with a sponge.
Ths rebels have retreated from their ad
vanced poeltkraa In Southwest Missouri toward
Pocahontas. They scoured the country at far
north at Cedar Greek In Wayne county for pro
visions, bores, and forage. Union men and
secesatonlila were robbed alike. McBrlde It In
commtnd, and while at Greenville, II li eald, he
rema'ced drunk for seven davs conMCutlrelv.
A ollltsn of Qreenvllle compotes HoBtide's
torn at o,uvu, ana ays mat wnen onr troops
commenced pouring Into Pilot Knob from this
city, th rebels reported the arrival of 10,000
Union rdlnforoemente. The actual number waa
lea than 3,000. Tbey did not enforce the
rebel conscription law very generally while
around Greenville, on account of the scarolty
of provlelont. They told their rebel tymna
thlttra that they were not afraid of any move
ment In their rear by Ganeral Steele's army
from Helena, at General Holman had 20,000
men at Little Rock prepared to fall upon
Steele's rear In caie he attempted to cnt cfi"
McBrlde's retreat
The situation ol Missouri la therefore changed
for the better within a few weeks. Tha lall
campaign Is about ovsr, unless Bchofleld meets
with reverses In Ihe Soutb-WeaL Ths rebel'
invaders and their tallies tbavtruerlllas. will eoon
go Into winter quarters. The guerillas have
made a miserable rauura or th part tbey were
to play In handing th State ovsr to rebel rnle
Tbey bava not been able to maintain their
ground any where. The onlynolabte successes
wen at Independence through the treachery,
and at Lone Jack tSrough Iba careleaenea of
the Union commanders. Poindaxler. a can-
live, wltb on leg amputated, co.flued In tho
SI. Louis county jail; Porter, a fugitive on hit
way lo Arkansas, his gsng disbanded; Quan
trei, alternately biding from equal Union fores
and Drowllnsr on defenceless towns: Coffee.
Oockerell, Ike Shelby, shsrlng the fat of their
accomplice in wickedness and Ihe minor
guerilla leadera afraid to ahow their faces In
flavlloht anvwhera fr.r faaevf nan,.n f
Hani encouragement lo Missouri guerillas
Price haa not returned to the Statea promised,
the Stale mllllla has been perfectly organized
In nearly every county, and tbe Union rule
li comparatively undisputed. The November
election, which the rebels hoped to prevent,
will probably be one of the moat peaceful the
State hat ever held.
AnothtrNaval Vxpodltloa.
No necessity exists for concealing the fact
that an expedition le now preparlog to operslu
against one or more Southern ports. The ren
dezvone has already been occupied by a fleet
of vessels, the presence-of which, within view
of the rebel algoal potts, will reveal tbs strength
oi tbe intended demonstration, ine expedition,
whatever lta destination, will be commanded
by naval heroes of acknowledged ability. It
win ne etrongsr in point oi armament ana cists
of ships than any Beet which hat embarked ou
an offensive movement. Tbe points toward
which It will be directed, are, under any cir
cumstances, unable lo tuerenfully contend
axainst then, for the fleet will be provided with
every appllanoe which Ingenuity, experience or
skill can dsvlie lo tVcure the accomplishment
of the object
ineee are ny no means enigmatical aisar
lions, as the p vents ot a very few weeks will
prove. When tueceet has crowoed these efforts
as It most surely will do we shall be lo poi
seealon of ports by means which will close them
effectually againit armed or cunnlug oppotltloo.
The season will not be unpropillous even, at
has been suggested In Ibe eatlj part ol No
vemlr, last year, we achieved the great naral
victory of Purl Itoyal, and In tbe latter pari ct
December the victory by Kuroalde In Nonh
Carolina. True Ihe latter was, In a nieasme
disastrous, but this waa result of more sari
ous causes than the el'menU.
Therefore, with a powerful, almost Invincible
fleet; the akill of ahlerumitiinden; nmeuni
ably propatlous season, uii.l ellgUil' points ut
attack, we may aiilelv promleo to record, em
long, a 9-rles f brilliant naval victories which
shall dismay our enemies and seriously discern
cert the plans ol their trana-ullanllo friendt
.Veto l'orfc f'jrre.ip3niW.
From lbs Auguata (Cleorgla) Ssuilntl, Octobsr 7.
riotblng for tho Army
1 ba Importance ol this subject must be our
a-.WAn,.i. reatlifm feauailAnAil enrs 1 1 la tatT,jla are, n n m
bring It before the publlo. .The need, of our
army in tbo neid art, imperative, ana ue sooner
"-- -..... - , ., ..,. ait..
shall we lessen the amount ol suffering. The
weather is propitious now, ami ne t, at uoiun,
but among toe mouuutitieui urgiuua ibc ia
verae la the esse. Premonitions ot winter have
already made iheuiMliee felt there. II ever
there was a fit time lor ihe eicrclte of true pa
triotism, It Is uow.
Various modes hays been suggebled to ralee
clothing lor the men. Blankets are an eaten
Hal In a eoldler'e wardi obe, and It baa been pto
posed that, aa In thit warm climate, carpets are
more ft luxury muutt uruceetijr, "" .""J ""
cut up for blankets. What any our friends lo
this! It merits consideration, and we believe
a majority, If not all, who have caipels, wonld
cheerfully give them for lit" comloi t of the
"a genileruan, lertll In padlenle for the ame
lioration ot the condition of ihe atmy, proposes
that all the bachelors whese Incomes ar eight
hundred dollars or upwat... j-..,. ........ ....
tribute one pair oi thoes each lor tho stine
woithy objeot. The suggestion .comet from a
bachelor, and therefore la worthy ofoonaldera
tion by lhatolaea of our cltliene. We see no Im
propriety In aiklng married men of like Income
to assist, and no doubt they would willingly do
so At all events, aomilhinj must be done, and
done at once,
Uen. Cnrtle Bloving,
CtaciNNixi, Oct. 15. A special Indianapolis
dltpatoh to the Commercial esys'i A large por
tion of Gen. Curtle't army left Helena some
days since and ascended Iht Mieslnlppl and
disembarked at Osp Girardeau. Destination

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