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1ST Til publication cffloa otths NiTtomi
liiroauOaN la at the northeast oornor or D and
Seventh streets, second floor, over W. D. Shep
herd's bookstore. Enlr.r.oe on Seventh street.
advertisements mart be paid for tnadvanea,
and Should be banded In be fort o'clock, p. m.,
' to ensure tbeir appearanoe on lb following
The Idler ot General Scott of March 3, 18G1,
will be read with great attention. Mr. Tan
Bonn, who prefaced it before tbe New York
Demccrallo rneellog o( Monday nlgbl, said be
did ao without mtborlty. That la a matter of
no constqat nee to the public, who are merely
Intereatcd to know that each a letter was writ
ten. Through what channels H may have
leaked out, la Important only to Individual.
Tbe letter ehowt, what might hare been In
ferred frcm Gen. Soolt nativity, political as
sociations, and general tarn of opinluni, that
ha preferred acqiiteacence In separation, to a
war agaloit the rebellioua Sooth; aad It la not
doubtful that tbla view modified, consciously,
or unconsciously, hla nunsgamett of the war,
ao long aa It remained la bla baida.
, Wo hire never been of those Inclined to
a llgmatlze aa necessarily unpatriotic, the vlewa
expressed in this loiter of Gen. Scott, unwise
and fallacious aa we certainly deem them to be.
Bat the policy of a forcible repression of tbe
rebellion having been actually reaolved upon,
Its txecution should hare been entrusted only
to Ihoae In hearty sympathy with It
Aa will be eeen, Geo. Scott believed (bat
nothing could be attempted militarily against
the rebellion, except with "disciplined" troops.
This belief was stared by moat of the regular
army officers, and largely controlled the tactics
of the early part ot the war, although dissented
from by Lyons, la Mieeouri, and a few othera
General Lyons saw and insisted that It was a
question between promptly availing ourselves
of bur numerical superiority by precipitating
undisciplined levies upon an equally undisci
plined enemy, or of devoting to drill a period
of delay, of which the enemy could make pre
cisely the same use
Hon. A. K. McC.ure, of Cbambersburg, haa
written aa interesting letter, describing his In
lerviewa with loo officers of tbe rebel force
which visited tint place, lie save:
"Wben told tht 1 was a decided Republican,
thevthicked rrelor belne candid; but when.
In reply to tbelr inquiries, 1 told them that 1
lu reply i" inoir luquirice, i loiu iQBm loai 1
cordially sustained the President's enunotp
tlon proclama'lon, tbey betrayed a little neiv.
ousness. bat did not for a momantforsBt their
propriety. Tbey admitted It to be tbe most
serious danger that baa yet threatened them,
but theywore all hopeful tbat It would not be
auatalned In the North with sofllo'ent unanlml
ly to eaforoe it."
oei, omii's vicroiiT at couiisTir.
The fuller accounts of the battle of Corinth,
from both rebel and Union eources of informs-
same efficer at Fort Donelson soma nine months
ago. It baa dealt a ataggerlng, if not a fatal
blow to rebellion In tbe Mississippi Valley, and
haa at any rate relieved tbe loyal Northwest
from tbe possibility of a disgraceful invasion.
And important as It la In a strictly military
view, It la, perhaps, even more Important In ita
moral eHoots, by demonstrating tho proweaa cf
northern troops, when properly handled, and
by showlcg that there la at least one general In
the Union army who is more than a match for
the vaunted military skill and generalship of
the South.
The first impreseiona made apon the country
by the brilliant victories achieved last winter
by Gen. Grant, did not extend beyond estab
lishing bla reputation aa a lighting general.
Go much, malignity itself could not deny to
him, but it ceruinly waa contrived, In various
ways and by various aria, to deprive him of
aoy higher meed or praise. The rebels them
selves appear to hare adopted thla view of
Geo. Grant, or they would not bave ventured
upon the experiment which has proved to fatal
to ihtir plans of an agseisive movement
against the Northwest Even the masterly
combinations by which Gen. Price was routed
at loka did not undectlve them, ao deep was
the Impression produced by the calumnies
against Gen. Grant, circulated by a portion ol
tbe prtss lu the loyal btates.
The eudden matting of tbe Union troope at
J j La, and tbe remorseless pursuit of tbe rout
ed enemy alter tft battle cf Corinth, now known
to bave beeu pro arranged in the minutes! de
tails by Gen. Grant In anticipation of that vic
tory, remind us cf the Napoleonic campaigoa,
and demonstrate tbat Gen. Grant baa the e,e
menta of a great commander, aa well as the
dashing qualities of the hero of the battle field
We conleaa to have been unprepared far tbe
generalship, displayed In these recent achieve
ments of Gen. Grant, not that we credited for
a moment the Infamous calumnies' referred to,
bat because the Instances In whloh the quali
ties of great generalship are combined In the
WMWrMIM.Wfc"i widely In
did not expeot to witnesa them at ao early a
fcuuu iu uur civil cobuict.
Wlmher generals are born such, like r,n.t.
or made men, like orators, thev are nnl,.u.
and known to be such by the unerring trial of
uauipaigmng. acu most unwise Is that govern
ment, or that people, who will not accent the
results of tbat test.
Wo hope to see Gen. Grant raised to a higher
sphere of command. The ci isle calls for juat such
men. He not only wins victories, but he follows
then up and secures their lrulta."This rebellion,
Instead of dragging out lis slow length foryeara,
would be soon terminated uodtr a military
administration upon the ideas which governed
"t Corinth.
CoiUICSrc Th- rnllnulnn I. ,k. -.
ve statement of be exports, from New York
T'TlV''' tb" sodlog October
, w(MVu January 1
13 u,i
fteviyrerorud li I AV ,J !??"!?' ,'"'?
fliOCef Jaa.l.. .tTA J91 ill ..7?-
JT..?, '""" fct "Pons, ai com-
pared with last year, I. only nominal and rep
resent, merely the depreciation of lh, currencP
In which raluei aw measured. jbo lour ,na
a bslrmllllons of merchandize, exported last
week from New York, were worth ia specie
only three millions.
Carrespsadeae)ef Use Mepablleaa.
N Vo.t OjL It. 18C2.
Last evening, the SeymdnAlea held their bis
meeting at Cooper Institute, and from the pa
pers to day, I learn that It was large, as aliag
Iltlcal ovetlngs are, In New York.
How effective It will be la behalf of the
than democracy, It remarra to bo sera.
Tho Etrall, that always Bauds tbe breeze
from afar, and remembera to forget all of lis
paat profeealons of attachment to lis friends,
that It may the mora readily worship the rising
sun, has, for tie laaf few days, advised Seymour,
to decline tot run for Governor of (his great
0...- I i.f-1 .L.. k. ill L.'lt.'..l.. '
ouiir, oaeuuug uim toai no wm uo mww.
Thla la unkind to Seymour wh6m It encour
aged till it saw no ohance for htm; bat It Is all
In keeping with the ItenJXt course.
I have glanced through MrBeymonr'a speech
aa' found in the papers thla morning, and find It
tm and uninteresting. It la of theMawworm
style, sir. Seymour. ptUouely complains o(
the abuse that he la forced io endure at the
hands of his opponents, tbe Wadaworth men, and
endeavors to creato the Impression, aa Daniel
O'Connell would say, or did ssy oi himself,
that he was the beat abused man la the United
Klogdom. Mr. Seymour endeavors to corns'
thla dodge, and whloea 'about his treatment
like a whipped school boy. It won't tave hint
from overwhelming defeat, however.
It la gratifying to know that, ao far aa there
haa been any feud In thla State, or what might
more properly be called a generous rivalry for
different candidates, that now all Is harmooy
.strong leadera and people, and that Republl
cans and Union Democrats will poll a mighty
vole, and bury Seymoaxtam ao deep that it
will never have a resurrection.
Business appeara to be brisk and good as
ever In New York ; the hotels crowded, the
places of amueementa nightly thronged, la It
said, and all move a on Just aa though we ware
at peace with all the world, and had not, as a
nation, the most gigantic civil war on oar hands
the world ever aaw.
Ours la truly a wonderful people, and, all
thlnga considered, may well astonish the world
by Its perseverance and elasticity.
tub sLsjcnunr.
Toe SUir of last evening publishes the follow
log dispatch:
Habbisbuso. Oct. 16. It la now orobabta that
the Democrats have aooceeded In eleotlog a
mnjoriiy ui ids mtDHnni ucogresa ana or ine
lower House of the Legislature; and tbe Indl
catlona are that tbey bave also carried their
State ticket. There la little doubt of Orow's
defeat by Decnlaon.
The far has also the following:
Just aawe go to preis, private-dispatches
bave been reoetved In tbla olty atatlog tbat
Colfax, Julian, Dumont, and Dunn, (Rep.,) have
probably been defeated for Congreaa in Indiana;
and It la thought in that State that the delegation
will aland eight Densocrata to three Republicans.
1 '" .'""- vv...
I to three Democrats,
in ine present uoDgrcsa iiiaeignt uepuoiieans
Tbe hiar is, of coarse, jubilant over these
rumored results, and announces Us gratification
In the following style:
' Tax ErriCT Oii'r The price of gold fell
live per cent, to-day, swing to tbe result of the
elections In Pennsylvania. Iowa. Ohio and In.
dlana, ebowliig In tbe defeat of tbe radicals,
who have made themselves so mlBoblsvou In
smoarrassing ioe aaroiniairaunn m tbe auo,
eeaafut prosecution of the war."
The fall la gold yesterday, was really owtng
any runner loaus upon inuueputa OrAmr '
The Baltimore American of last evening con,
talcs nothing confirmatory of the Blar't anti
union victories In either Pennsylvania, Ohio,
or Indiana.
The defeat of Mr. 8peaker Crow's re election
ia, we are aorry to aay, admitted.
The Dismissal or Major Job. a J. Key
The following is published as the executive
recora in una caae :
" Eiicunvi Mansion,
Washington, Beptember 38, lt2.
Major John J. JCey Sir: I am Informed that,
in answer to the question, 'Why was not tbe
rebel array bsggea Immediately after tbe bat
tle near BbHrpsburgl' propounded to you by
Major Levi C.Turner, judge advocate. Ac, von
anawerad, 'That la not the game. Tbe object
la tbat neither army aball get much advantage
of the other; tbat botb aball be kept In, the
neld till lliey are exhausted, wherure will make
a ooDDrumlse and aave almvarr.'
" I ahall be very happy If you will, wlthlnl
prove to mo, by Major Turnsr, that you did'
not. either Uterallv or In snbatanea. m.ki th
irvui;,,u,i uuu,a liuui tun TOCBipi Or VOIS,
answer stated. Yours,
A. Lwcolh."
Endorsed as follows:
"Copy delivered to Major Key at 10.25 a; m..
September 27,1802.
Jonn Hat."
"At about 11 o'clock a. m., Sept. 27, 1862,
Major Key and Major Turner appear before
me. Major turner says, Aa I remember It
the converaatlon waai I aalreii tha na.inn
wby we did net bag them after the battle of
ouarusourgi amjor a,eya rep:y waa, tbat waa
not the game; tbat we should tire the rabsla out
and ouraelves; tbat that waa the only way the
Union could be prsserved, we come together
fraternally, and slavery be savsd ' On croaa-
elimination major Turner says be has fre
quently beard Major Key convsraa lnrenrd tft
tne present troubles, and neverheard bfm jitter
a sentiment unfavorable to the maintenance of
the Union. lie haa never uttered anytblnr
vMl,h tin Uuln. T v..li ..II Ji.l ,.'"
particular conversation detailed was a private
"".' A A ... v . A. Liscoln."
Endorsed on tbe above:!
" lu my view. It Is wholly Inadmissible for
any gentlemen holding a military oommlaalon
from the United Statea, to niter auoh eenttmenta
as Major Key Is within proved to have done.
Therefore. Jet Major John J. Key be forthwith
Qiamiasea rrum me military servloe or the Unl
ted Slates. a. Lrxcou."
This record ia, of course, reliable so for as It
". hu' " most hops, for Major Turner's
eaae, mat It la ln,nr..t.. a..i,aM..,MHwa(
He Is left In a very unenviable poaltlonlf he
really Intended to be understood to say, that
the declaration which he proved upon Major
Key waa nothing whloh he " would eaU dliloy
Cocmt, Pa. The Carbondale Advance says :
-no nave moioncnciy news front 'Archbald
A death haa reaulted from a rAnaori.4 frnrt ...
take lbs enrollment at that nt w v,n.k
ed, two weeka since, an account of the manner
.- . .uotuiuiuujtouicerana lour or live
asslataou bid been driven from the town bloody
a X - , " " ,D"'Ui ouvui noou yester
day, that tbe enrolling oflkere had arrived up
on the ground with a large posse, unarmed, tor
the purpose cf taking tho enrollment peacea-
.1 'I '""Jr,co'"a. but with a company of mlli
i ,i.i"iV?face'"mrf' ' sxscite the law
.;... -.' u,u uurlnK tbe afternoon
alx women we.o arrested for disturbing tbe
P"c' "d""' " J" at Wllkeebarre. No se
rloua dlllloully, however, occurred until the of
ficers were returning from tbelr day. bsslneaa
to the hotel. A riot thin occurred, with' these
results : Patrick Glllmartln, killed received
about ten ahots. His wife was badly woanded
Patrick Coiearar. shot through thehan. ui.i...
Calfrev. eeverelr wounded with lht 1..11. ...,
Jolrti Calfrey with two balls. Several others
slightly woanded. None ef the militia were
uurt. .
Hon. Joba R.Thompeoo, U. B. Senator from
New Jersey, died at bla residence, la Prince
ton, haturdsy night.
1 i
Civeiwin. October 1 Returns from nine
counties In Ohio show a I Vmocrallc gala of six
"In-tte twelfth-districts Wltttam K-Fhwk,
Democrat, haa 4,000 majority. . ,
la tho thirteenth district. John O'NelU. Dint'
ocrat, has 2,500 msjority.
Ia Ihd sixteenth district. J. WT White. Demo
crat, beats Bingham I,o0O msjority.
uotxmm, UctobeT is. Uox, Democrat, it
eleoted by about 250 majority. ,The Democrats
here claim thirteen or fourteen Oonneatmen,
and the Slate, ticket by 10,000 majority.
Toledo. October IS. The Hon J. II. Aahlev
Is reelected to Conines. In' this dlatrlcLbv
from 600 to 800 majority.
unn. -it
Crvcrmn, Oct. 16. Tht following named
gentlemen have been elected by the Demo
Flrat district, George H.Pendletoo.
Second district, Alexander Long.
Fourth dietrlot. J. F. UcKlnney.
Fifth district, F. O. U flood.
Seventh district, S. S.Cox.
'Eighth dlstilot,' ffm. Johnston.
Ninth district, W. P. Noble.
Eleventh district, W. A. Uotohlns. r I
Twelfth district, Wm. & Finch.
Thirteenth dlstrlot, John O'Neill.
Sixteenth district, J. A: Whit.
Tbe Republicans have eleoted the followingl
Third district, R. a Sobeaek.
Tenth District, James H. Ashley.
Seventeenth district, E. R. Eckley.
Eighteenth district, R. P. Bpaldlrg.
Nineteenth dlstrlot, J. A. Garfield.
Tbe Sixth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth districts
have not jet been definitely heard frcm.
Issdtavaaa Xlectlesa.
CwcrxKiTi. Oct 15. The returns from In
diana come, la very slowly. The Democratic
State ticket Is probably elected.- W. II. Dann,
union, id ine oecona atsinci, isaeieaiea. La
moot, Colfax and Julian, Union, are oertelnlj
elected. The Democrats will bave majority
In the Boose, bat there will be a Union major
liv In the Senate. Official retards' from IS
counties give 2,000 Democratic majority.
lowat JCieetlaB.
Dxaxorxis, Iowa. Oct. 16. Scatterlna- re
turns indicate the election of John A. Kasson,
Republican, to Congress, by from live to seven
hundred majority. " "' ,-
Dubuque county gives an average Democra
tic majority of 1,200 votes for the State,- conn
ty, and Congressional ticket.
Latest from Kenluoky.
Lcnsvnxi. October 16. The1 Jcnrrial haa! a
special dispatch from Fraokfcrt saying that
General Kirby Smith and hla command have
been captured between Lexington and Har
rodaburg. There haa been no news of tbta kind
received at beadquartera hare, and the report
ia Qiacreaiim.
The eame oaner aava thai Raaall Dnke. a
nroiner in law or Jonn Morgan, naj been killed;
that three hundred rebela came Into LeilcRtoa
this morning, and that our forces captured one
hundred thousand dollar'a worth of leans from
. .. . . '. - . . : .- r-i- .
smitn a command, ah tneae reports need con
The guerillas are committing all softs of dap
redatlons in Owen countv.
The Memphis ifuBefln says the guerillas be-.
yona niieign nays open Darning all tne cotton
they .can find. .
A rebel officer,-writing to Lexington, says
the rebel Gen. Claiborne was killed near Per
Gen. Preston! He also writes, that the rebels
naa aooui nitsen uonaand engaged In the bat
The Nashville papera ef the 13th says, that
tbe United States forces are eoneentrailnr
large force at Fort Donelson, and were to dear
tbat portion ol Tennessee of rebels. Ilaoyof
uv rewi laumiee as viaraavitie were prepar
ing to leave. The "roaewater policy" is to be
The main body of our army, this evening1, la
near Crab Orchard. The rebela are In full re .
treat In two columns, moving towards Camber
land river.
The steamer John O. McComba will leave for
Cairo to night with 500 naroled rebel nrlannpr.
en roufe for Yleksburg, and 500 more will leave
It ia reported, but tbe statement la dlcredlted,-
ma. uo ivuei udh, BaoBaer was Bsrerely
woanded In an attack made by the rebels on
Gen. Gilbert's lores on the Stblnst.
Toe reported deaths of Gem Hr. .
Cheatham have not been confirmed.
(Furtber of the JKobbarr of the
Tht Rtbth threaten, to burn ail
boat that talUnto ihtir hatult.
Ciiio, Oot 15. The rebel force 'which
robbed the steamer "Hazel Dell yesterday at
Casey vnie, Ky., numbers two thousand. 3,000
worth of clothing, groceries and powder were
taken. They threaten to burn all boats falling
Into their hands alter the first of next month.
The transports Admiral and Philadelphia,
ladeojwllb. ordnance atores, were burned to
day ai Columbia. The flre originated on the
Admiral. It la supposed to be the work of an
incendiary. While banting ahe floated against
the Philadelphia. A thousand kegs of powder
were taken from the latter during the confla
gration. Several hundred shells exploded on
the Admiral, rearing her to" pieces. Many
houeea In the town were struck. Gen. Bodge
was Bllghtly wounded by a fragment of a (hell.
The loss, is estimated at $75,00tl. I
The expedltTdn which left here last night for
Ballard county, Ky , has returned with five
prisoners. They also captured a number of
norees ana mures
leporla from Cairo.
. Catro, Ooi.'j U-Becretary Btantoo haa tele
"?"&?? Pf"-'Ksli to send no mo,,
""Sfti"0 nUool uol fther ordere.
!..".' 2WS,.of'""I Rosecrana,6tan--LV2S2'S'i,Te
"ianti Corinth,
-..,,. .,. acuiUT10K irom Hoiivar la Jttfk-
on. j t
Four baadred BrUnrwn n.n-
SnrlriM vMtrHrA. ..... wwm" v "
-ST -- v- ua,s.4iyUa,UrTj,
A OOdTOf mnnntiafl rohalsl tnniansia.i lA -
ber 00, were seen nesr Bolivar yesterday. A
force baa been sent after them. '
A dispalch ram Paddeah" to-day says the
ster,Hsil,Deliw5 stopped seven hours
tl E'4"!1U 'v!'!rgs force of guerillas.
The mails, negroes, and a quantity of 'goods
" - ' ffvui uVt, oarerai auuers and sol-
" " iaw were laciaiea prisoners.
1 1
Tbe Oanboae naliaaka Vlred Into at
FoBTRtss Monboi, Oct. 15 The United
Statea gunboat Mahaaha.'from' ths blookade of
Wilmington, North Carolina, came Into tbe
Boode this morning.' She experienced very
heavy weather, and lost one man overboard In
eeouring her anchor. She reporla that Just
ehoro with tome fleM nl. nn .h It.,.. ".
Statea gunboat Mai air J, off Cap Fear rlrer,
Bllllnn lha maalaal. .a- ii ..
.....ma ." -.oioi o uiais ana one sailor and
wounding Dry men-two of them mortally.
The Mahaska Immediately opened flre, but was
too Jar off tor execntlon, antll the rebels re
P&- Commander Downa has been order.
to the Nshaol.
fi-oni g kt Army of the Potomac
"K -' V 2i
Inporiaat RecoRBOiswice bystieR
cral.lltHCMks t
HausqastTui Awsr tarna Pou8o is
Vthatadsy evenltfg.'Qclobst' tVAm.'
i An'laBpevMtreonwlsasrua wastiiads to
day by a portion of the army of tbe Potomao,
In thtl direction of'WIoohastsr.'.Tieitllvlslon
of General Hancock, late pesrsJBt hardson's,
left Harper's Fe'rry at an early hour tola nJorn-IngotithsroadioCbBriestoW.'.-'i
bl-'e. ,
Three miles from Bolivar they name upon the
enemy's outer pickets, who retired as oar
troops advanced, until wltkrp jhalf .a wills tef
Cbarlestown, whsre they, formed ln j(n'of
battle, with dismounted akirralsbers'tbro'wnto
the front. Thsy having no infantry, covsrsd
ths approaohas to Cbarlestown by two oleosa
of arullsryrcn the right and three upon the left
of fb lurnplks, with U vis W tMsp'atlng bdr
vuapauaas OI w Kwu:j xc OOl O HJ
A battery wu soon brought Into poaltlon and
opened with ahall and'toMUaor, whWliwaa
promptly iwpUsd to by.th Axe Tebsl.tlecss
already in position. ' -rn-'
Tbe entMsment, whloh waa carried on
wholly by artlllsry.oontlnuad two hoars; whsa
the rebilefell batk to the hills beyond the
t,own.,,Onr loss was on man killed and eight
woundsd. Csptaln Smith, of tbe Richmond ari
tlllery, and eight man were wounded and taken
prisoners, whtoh Is the only loss It Is known
they have auatalned.
The troops lander Osn. Hsioock.snrtrSd
Cbarlestown 'abemt It o'olock, and oooaplsd It)
the enemy leaving In our hands about one bun
dred who were wounded at the battle of tbe
Antlelam. ' 'I
At 4 o'clock, th Infantry formed In line of
battle on tbe right and left or tbe road leading
to Banker Hill, when they advancsd, driving
tbe enemy from the hills, and at dark, occupy
ing a position asoul two mile beyond the
town. T , ,
Information obtained to-day ahowa tbat the
main portion of the rebel army occupy a poal
tlon extending from BatiterHIU to the Shenan
Oen;McCIsllan arrlvsd at Charleston at two
o'clock, where he remains during the night
But very little' Union feeling was shown by the
people of Chaateetown npon Its occupation by
our troops.
Aetloa ef the New Toast Banks J3
New Yoix, Oct. 16. It was reported to-day
tbat the banks refuse to lend monev on irold.
the, object 'being to prevent speculation) and
that they have also raise the margin oo stock
securities twenty fivev per cent. But this
rumor Is, at least, premature. No meeting has
yet been held, and no each action la talked of
upon ine euDjecJ, particularly, aaegaraa goia,
Nxw You. Oct 16. At the atock exchant e
to-day, a motion waa made to expunge gold
from the list. The matter waa referred to 'a
committee, who will probably report to-morrow.
Tbla la the foundation of some o' tbe stories
afloat tcflay. u I
si ,n '
'..- .Tka.IataUsaai War.
MtLWADTXi.Oot lth The St. Paul Plcneer,
of the lift, says 'dispatches received by.' (en.
Pope, from GenSinley, report the Indian war,
aa lax aa too qiuux are cuaccruva, aooai eaaea,
The entire lore or the lower bands surrender'
ed to Gen. Slblev. He has nrobablv two thon,
ssnd prlsours. A cavalry foroa, Is in purenlt
of Little Orow and others, who are making tbelr
- '- tnl.na bave bean convicted
The Windsor House, io SL Panl. waa dMtr.
edby fireoo thelllh Inst. Itwasunoccnplad.
V Mam aatlMalAJS k AQA AHA r . i
.... m, ,.u wV.
-... at swe-BB-jaTV.
YUrday, a Urge namber of i6mm!uIoaed
siMaaaa katatAtJt In ilktB als- A . a a
BeaasaiateaaV bba laa,i.
uiHvi Mitfcu iu ww ui. ijom ADDapoiu.
wuetv iuvj suTiTea oo lamaaji in too Jann A.
btTloR been paroled. Amoog the number
wciDuoug, 1,1, iriiwraeii ana is. jiris rren-
tiful . -Ihfi fnrmur havlnrs trnspaithas U(w (.. .
-- -Hav9 a-aaBj) avaHaatVS jSf B ailSW SSJSJJpa
Inrrlhal tt thaw neaPllas kaaaat fMal..a.J .a'.k-m.-a
t'e of BMIob. April 6tb, 1862, and the latter,
with tbe Ninth Michigan. Tblrd Ulnoeaota, and
newm a unuorj, uoug oapiurea at uoiTreea
knent M sTI law tP-a) .. I . ....
WWW. Ai, v., uj A'UAICBb BUslTBtrTinDQIl Dri(t
ai.A. JuIt 13. ISI.2. Thn flM ma ..
ioiiowi: ( - . .
-- . .,.. .- ... vauvcio Via pel
Cola, J. L Geddes. 8(hIowifW. Ir'.'LTdob,
oou iiunoip:: wnT. anair; utb Iowa;IijC.
TtaF. Sri UlnnitfnLAv e T.Unt fita n T 'Ij.L .
engineer regiment of the West; Qatnn Morton.
jj """,.". rurgusou, sin lows; Isaac
MHtwMuri, uau aiuuui jnaaa v. 1'rait, loth
Missouri; n. rv. L,noas,i4tbIowa;C.W.GrIsge,
3, atinQeaoia, j. u. rarxnorst, 9th Hloblgan;
vt.u. . mwiwh,ww f euuavivania. ataj9rs
uoruy i,(wai, ifh vuov a. r. ro't, eto Illi
noia; John McCnlldugh, J3J Missouri; Thomas
newian, oetn iiuooia; wm.u. Ward, 37th law,
and James J. Selbert, 7 th Pennsylvania oavalrv.
..-. .-. .,.7tiBui oapiaina, one
finnArart anil fa.anf.&v- II. . . .
eight naval offlcera During (heir captivity
they were accommodated with quarters fa four
different States and eight prisons, to twit r
"J"',1 aan,, uuo uay, U01um0ia,'B, U.J
TallaVtava. R, nil. mX lfml..n. AilaJ '
-.1 -, -.,. -vavuivi I. AlOVauUS,
and Madison, Atlanta, and- Macon, Georgia.
Their treatment (Oept'MoCormlck, Seventy
seventh Ohio, informs na) was as good as They
could expect, tbe Confederate soldiers baW
la many cases, quite considerate, but when In
charge of clt'sens, they Were treated"dulle
; f, w iouu, mey received the
same as the private soldiers corn dodgers,
T , l, """"" ", "ce, ana rtner
defective meat In some instances, thai Utter
uavmg a leaaeucy io aiagnst tbelr olfadtory
organs. They complained more of the liflio-
ttnm nf.. ni.l filanL- In.iul .1 1- I-
w.-- . . V.,M .uovv., ctuinar m BPBMBr-
ance, but mors .annoying, than'common body
.iw, auu giij.iuiwoi, ytrj imuung, and
called "Oooteterato bodyguard." Today
they will recelte their back; pay, and a leave
o. absence or thirty dayi to visit their homes.
There an thirteen hundred 'Bon commission
ed offloers and privates, who were captured
with the above, at Haoon, Oa , awaiting parole,
wnfoh la .TruK-tat n w.a -.1... .kfLt ,
---- - --,-- . nva, nucu lOOVl Will
be forwarded al once to Aiken's Landing
XaUInUlligtnctrolyaltrday. , ' r
We bear that tbe paroled officers here, many
Of thtm at any mte, demur loudly Io" the re
ported statement of Cmt. xrnnnmuv ..
" their treatment wai aa goodaa they could ex
.. l'fTJ""eeos.
Ths Batellte arrived at the Navy York yes.
v,u.s uiuraioa, uiiua'ua aix irunx containing
good captured on the way to Dixie, and a prls-
uusr uam.u u, wiaamiin, inegooaaaoaprls-
fi"C 7,,r,,?l?Q,,d ,n Nr,Jemoy Creek, under
lha rVillnarln. Mtnnm.l.n.... . . '. T.
were known lojjavo left Baltimore with the
goods, and the Freeborn and Eureka were on
the alert. 'A boat was seen to leave the ahore
which they put after, but tbe men-jumped
overboard and escaped by swlmratnj-,' leavlns
IK. In.t. I tt,. tin., . .. .. .1
.V uuhh ... .-. ".. vany waa men Bent
on shore, who captured Ooldsmltb. lie statea
that he did not Intend to go over blmaelf, but
followed the party to dissuade a ooualn, who
was among thsmvfnm making tbe attempt.
Tho trunks are marked with the names of tbe
party, who appear to nave been Oermaia, and
thsy are thougbttp, contain Val&able goods.
r" The second brigade of Uasev's division.
conslstlngiof.nlne.montbs trodps, front Ver
mont and WJersey, were reviewed Jeste
day afternoon byOsn. Casey. Tbe troops ac
quitted Ihemesives jonusually well for new, re
Ciults, and did credit to the Instrnotlon $f their
ottlcers, and ths skill of the accomplished tac
tician who has them In command.
I DtrilTHaarrofBTaTl,
' ''",. Waahlnglon, October 18, 1861 j
I The following decree, rtoelred 'from, Ike
rjnltea StaUi OonanI aU at Msrloaibo,, frnf
ruelai Imposing twenty five per cent, addition
al daly on merchandise Imported Into that Be-
publlcvil publlihed for (ha lufermaUon of those
whom Itmay oonctrn:
k'VjJlj -LfV-tHo. 697.1 ,
iJsomjavuariiw UtiOqlom Uoutu or tht mput
fio to coiM a. duly of tiMaty-Dlr cent
uson IAS twctlndrv duflM ( (mporlolfon.
I,Josc Airro:o Piia,' Suprssje Chief of, Ihe
NaailAtt.alA slaifirahalT 'tv
Air. 1. There tbali bs levied try tbe Cualom
nooses of-lhe Bepubllo dn'.y of twenty-live
per cent npoo'the ordinary dutlee of Importa
tton, besides that of tftyper cent, which Is
levied under the exlstiag regnlallons.
AkT. 2i The levvlas! or this twenlv-flve ser
cent, will begin and take effect within thirty
days apon the Imports which are paid from the
Antilles, within sixty days npon ttoas that are
Said Irom the United States, and within ninety
ays tor those that are paid from Earope.
These periods commence to ran, respective
ly, from the publication of the present -decree
at the porta of Ihe Republic
- Given at the Government Palace. In Caracas.
on thla 18th day of Agnet, 1882."1
ejm j. sl, rAXM, it-
'."Tr" The Secretary Central.
Dsrov QsaBTaaatsaTBi'B Orvios,i i
corner Etgbteenui aaSO strteta,
Waiklcitoa, D C, Oetobar II, last
HaALan Pafiroaau will fca raflflvid aft thla nflsaa
atll Moadar, the 11th day ei October, at M o'elock
m , lor farnlsblag the Oovamaaat wtth(,oee) thita
thouaaad UorNs,olthsfoUowhvdtsariptJoes,vis.'
Far Cavalrr. rs.400i two tnonsani foar haadrad
rtoiaf a. fraaa riSi flttaaa to llei slztaan baaSa hleh.
between ova and sight ysars ef agst off dark eolors;
wall brcken to the saddle; oompaotfy ballt, aad free
am au uviavia. .
'For ArtlUerv. feooi aix bundrtd Hoiaaa. from
Csm) nfttsa aad one half to (IS) rixlaa 'hands
ah. batwaaa era aad alaht vaara ar aaat nf dai k
eeioiv; tr freas all Streets; wall breaaa tohantaa,
ooopictly ballt, aad owlgb ao leas thaal,l
pounds f
. , PBOroSAU
Tbe fan name ana post asaes address of the bidder
mBstappasrlalhaptoDoeaV n -
iraoldlsBsadala thBnaaveofallrm.tha naaBBi
,nvnapriea anai appear, or us Dli wui oa
ildaiaa aa the iBdlvtaaat- tmsaaalef fba nutv
atiBlsilt. '
rroiNBWwnoaiaiii4aaipaniei bwsm as oavstawes,
afaiB A tftMjgkmet aaaa aaaaaaaiM aa-a rtfa-
runiia.l. .,! i.,ilf al..1 halltM !. tiM la
Or CaralrT or Ar.ltltrr Bonet, and (n u con mail
botb Wm bid for on th iam paptr.
iiaBTnaacr wisdm to prcpotw ior Dotn cuitM,
mntt forward two dlatfliiat nroomlMmentM ffai aftAt).
eUv, coMiPlatt in tod" and baTiaaortftnaMtoasy
Visswg jjyguisuavsM f1tUI eiBBie yealtja
"rnnnsaa ! imanf has aiililfaia-aail mflnl r ITt tlfTn
"jTES, Qaarteroaiwr U. 8. Arm?! Wublcgtoo, Or
o . and ihoakl bi plalalf auiketi rnpSmiM tx I
TfaaabllltT Wr(kMiwr1aTavAtlIhaaaV4taa afinnli
nniRi nrrpp
ltB awaMMtto bin. most um mUt kf two
Dfltlltd t0 thai amUa.DtM.
Th rMDOtMdbilltrrf tht ffnaranton martba ihown
br ttw oflUtil cfrtifloauof thm otatk or tbo ataxatt
AJUUtCtucartoroitQ. ucitaa matu uituw At
tttdtlan matt ba pnatat ta partoa wbta tha blda
fwOptlifO, orUMIT pirj0eaJJ WUI WU) B9 ODallia
- Boada la tka n of tan thotuaad dollan. ilrnad
bfitvacoaMtoraattboihafhla ffvarastort, will
ba nqalrad of tho aaooatafttl blddaf apon Ifalu th
oontntet -' t I
ai tam ooaa matt aoaoapaay tna eoatraet. it will
br aaoeatary for biddtra t aar IteUboadaata with
thrm,or -to baTa bootu atfaad U aaUaipatloa aad
roady to ba prodaoad whaa tha ooBtraot ta aff ud
BeVaaaanrboodaaaA ba proanrad poa applljav
ttoa balu aada u tbla oOm. atther paraoaaujr, by
t tmrmcfOmtmtm.
n- (Ox-uu avamj oc . ana auto Oij ,
aiid oitJMocaatyof .anflfltau of ,do
barabai Brnajrantsta that i uli abU ta fulfil a MntMiTt
la aorxLriaaoa with tha taraa of hla propoatttoa. aad
tliaKaawaldhlifioaiaoo bo aoaaptad. ha will at
rTT'T ," ffawracx w aaooraanoa tMrawlta.
Drad tO baaUSKva kla tUtlritiaam.
aothtananataa aaaat ba appaadadptlw'offloial
oarttsoau abora aaaatkmed. I " ' v"
.1, "BrKCTIOH. DtLIVfBY. Ao.
All llonaa fmetraatad ft mAmm .ill. ...-.,u
maBtWlllba anMcetaS ia a lla l .ill T,
Jjosj BoteosJermlsgto the spsellleatlOBS wiu ba
No Mom win ba raaalraa.
Thehftretsniast beelsltnrad la thtasltvwlahla
(Mart dam ffo, i date of the contract, awd m
Imrkai Dl tima will ha vtmii mi... ....X...
FsymBht io ba made upon tha eotapiattaa of tbe
-.. .. -. wvh imnaH, as IH AJtpQt KUBruW
master shall ba ia fnada waiw
JkKkla!SI..l.n 'Jiiy''0' ooo-ooBformanee
wttb the tarnw orihls adwrtli.nunt, will eaaare the
rvlMMlon of Lha nronoaal.
.JS'.ItiV l10"? wm b swardsd la Iota of.
(t0 two fckMred eaebj aalsss to. Depot Qaartet
Buutttr ihoulddarmltrorthe latercst of the Oov.
watpi io vaxr in nnmoar.
Tha Danot Oaartavmarf.. ........ . ki.,i
right to rvjaot any or all bids that ha may atom too
OC It tO ST .sH"ia.i,
Haa raeelradat har Drirrsra nar.nnw A .
eaUi runt, Bear tba Poitomo. Dapartmanl, r-
Irom tba lower 'Potomao; oh will bs asmd ta
lbs moat approved Karyland stvla. """
onauaiioinamrr.oelDtcrB at wins. Canvass
Bask, aad Bad Baai DU&S. At .U Smi art-
t."f j t ...,, tf ava oaipai, naa w OOOeOOB, SBSJ
ba lUdbjpii.ata parties or by (anufcaT
"". loiarw&aiaij
v aJ-i IUvt DaraataaBT,
Oclobar.liel.nealTapropoaltuws for tha nuBBfao.
i.i.MM.iu.iir,., aaeu nav7 aaius aa BJBV n.
daslfnattd.ef tba louowlag Iroa Btaeked Anchors
aadKadges. . ,
u vi ,.uv yvajiua.
10 01 uo do
la Of 1,80. do.
40 01 1.6C0 1 do
eoofioo Bia.
T or 1 1M da.
II or 1,000 dd,
at ot ISO do,
net ago de.
63 of 600 do
to of 400 do.
as of soo da.
SSnf BOO . da.
?.& ,.b,S w,lf V ' selaalve of tha atoek, whloh
" J the paoal proportion, and they are to be
and nalsb of those mads lor tht naval 'seivles, tad
v buvvw. wiwHwimiHa aa ua iJparuaanx mar
direct. . , - , , '
.. VHS .fi'5.,m!, "oners.oi aaon or tbe slats
01 1.S0O. lAeo. IMa. VEA. ano. am. .rt m ....
Jt' n"1S.b.,!,''',,!' "lottr days tram tha dais
of lha notlnoatloa of Ibt award of tba eoatraot, aad
... iviaaiauor iu un nuBoraa ana tnirir dave rrom
tbesama dau.'" " ' '
-TbaeoBdntonsoftha'eoatraetwUl ba similar to
tpoaa moat In tba aary. 1
,,Ths bldsraast be aeaoaipaalad by ths (Barest, ra
Calrtd bytaw, that If awardtd lha eoairast will be
ezcentid. '
Tba propoaala must ba tndoiwd " Proposals for
An6bon,"tbet thiy may ba dJttlntBUbtd Iroa
other bntlBBtt latttra, aad ba addraatad to tba "Bn-
wiviw.,,,.,- aa, 1TBBW7W
Ir. Fitaliblatt.
Of Md. sal, cosmer or Ktfbtb and aa ate.,
uppoatB vas uentrsi rest umea,
Can.ba pnnsulted on RDKUlliTia. iPFEC-
juflo, LuniuariiuH, bivsB cuaf.
LAimi, CllItONIC AKKi:CTIONB,asw,ll aa
linMaaeaof lmomdanB. of whatevar flharaa,.
ietaaa. lit tnaaata to make aa Immadlat. ..a.
.rroaruslaBsthypraoiiaalatba loltnoa of medl
aiM,halaaaabudtoeirtrblinitlf totha sablio u
uauuf uw uoiv on, ia tv auiuiBKin oapaoia oi arrord
Ina-apaadr ralltC All eaaes curable will ba ruaraa
tlad. JIa mirau aShirt without iba Baa of mar.
enryor aar other dans trout msdlotaa. BaoeBtoaaea
euiad lartvo or three dayt
NB. LtttaraaddratsedtoDr. F.,atbliorttoe.no.
til .'coraer or Eighth and ttratft. oppouta Ota
jrjlroel othca, wui rtotlvt lamealat. iuanUoa,
miiia'.is'To aivm nuticb, -ghat ti..
JU saheribtr has obtalnad from tba Orpba.',
CoBrtofWaehlnttoneoiintr, In tha Dietrlot of Oo
lumbla, letter, of admlnlstxalloa ea tba rtreonal
ettau ofE liabtth Frlee. late of Waehln.tooC.tv.
aTi' '' P'raja having olalms.agalBat the
SaMldaoaaMd. ara hinbv warn., ta .whlhll lh.
aaoM,wlu tba voaohtrj tharaol.to the ,ab.orlt,r. I
oa or oaiort ua rraru day or omobtf aazt ; they I
aa,. wm wue, uj w, yv xgsaaaa tresa ail o eaant
ol tha said attalt. i , , ,
QivtB under my has this foeiia day of Oetobar.
osti-wiwa AdnUatatrator.
Louisiana Avsnus and Tenth street,
Lcauusna Avsnus and lentn street,
KearlneBmltlM-Inrtltute. -
r'Ntrtl AnJaalcal ACCdaBUaVlUtil.
vmrioDt A:rAitALLBt,isi ihs hiitobt or
1 LiviHO.VoV.iio, srxAKua rioiuBc
, An.Exktbition of FaMovf Eiftnul v
Canwaaait at lha lasaortaat'fsstana rrord'ths ftli-
lowlnt'weU knows, dlstiastsahlbltioas: , I
BaraBBBiamaiiaaasaaMBBti . . ', i
uoatoa Aqnariai uarcaasi) -i t
Koyal Clrqae, Fatisl ,14. i.
' "unaiammavuitM,!
OkMLaams' Caurorala Ifanagerle
.Ittlied BoraV.lopiiiBihlbitioBi!
Kot'U-brdlmaryOlrsaalr He Talgaf 'iDeiaas I
. rf I" IF' f .. , .
pIt. ..b A'a.ir,u.if
Hasina hoaor of tafonalag the Vsblia thst.belag
aubleto aoocasjodats lbs pabllswho mUtbt ba
axpaetsd to attead thla OBEAT HOVBl.Tr OF
TsiB AOB, ta any HaU la tbla olty, aad bains an-
toproearauiBBPAUiuuojaisii jtabuiuzi.
JD OBOVBB'B TuEATBE, ha haa made Sr
aaaaatswUhMaaara. V ... " ',
aardaasavllaaaatlai's BajweaU'st sahHti
1 ...S m11 auhl1.lt aiula. fth.1
Gnaraatatd ta aasasaa. If aet lha baaatv cf adorn,
aaaat, at least dfmt aaS eycitiafcijlrtfctm Oasn-s,
anawi'iappaaruari a i tr, w , '
(lavwIstaaiaAveawe asaa raaia areas J
Hut ExlnordltitT Plpny of Ihe CeitrnT,
whiee nalverssl soabrlqast ol.tas , ,
A30.000 Nutt
UaxpUlatd by tha loUoving oorraipoadaaoa,
Ftoasvoa HoTit.lTairToia-,
- , Jaaaarra taw.
MM a i-m. laavuBB BAav.a.af.4) K If '
ewSyssTMaawiaaaB,iBeBjeMay. aa.. (, .
Siaf I aa oao of tho lata Arm of .Howta iputir
lof.ohartwTadaihlpaiprM.U to taka aar jgraat
Aaaaitoaa Olreaa to Kaflaadjfin jaara ago. Wa
ptribna-d tMforo bar MaJaatri Qaeaa Viotoda, aad
Wtm KVTeU leatBaUlJa WB avfiTBigmA vmvmmtunmt eUltw amJPt
with tha Boat tilaaiphaiit aaooaaa throajboat Qi aat
unrein naTiaajaaw rwtt utwonpiqa. or rrariii
baWaaraiadlttaaonet,IwUhto aaiaaa hlaa.to
ltotoloavaaaifor tba Urtat KablblUoaaaxtiraar.
aad to ooaUaaa tba aajric-wwat wivaral yaara, Jvill
mytm worn riVB TUUUBAflU DQ U LA U9 ft fr
for him, oa on pof'f mu mwjm-m
Al jesa sm' sjrma) wj WUWT, piavMePI ago t f BJTBagel
BUB tW UUKI yaiuao ui ajaBaa jtjig, -, asjBja,m-aa (ir jaj,j
cbMtar aazt Moadaj,
tha the rbllowlng was appear la ths Xsw Toak
jnomi IB. aaai praama-
The tmalltat dwarl la tbe world la, usdoabltdlr.
OoomooiwaNUTT, orUaebsUr,N.n. tlawa;
bra Atartl 1. lsas. neaoe Is ta vaan of ass Hla
annasorfal appaadag la OEOBOE WAnniS OlON
ii vii. tniHVBiNBvia jur awnia aui a, a
aaturr, ava niauir ivsania iBrmar. 01 10a boovb
ton. Spaauuattaiitloa haa baaapautotha adaaa-
tlen of tne jplf my Commodore,
Ha la aotoalva
RDM saausa acaiiar, dbb
1 tha Vmah laaaBtfla.
aeh3lar,bBt hi alas tolerably proflolaat
farmlBg, especially la drlvlBg tha tvam.havlBg quits
maw inini oaaatu m
apaarioafornorsta Bats also toad of haaitag aad
a.0lBg,BBaai a uiiani ua avaoiiui apaouaaa OI
aalauia hBaualif , baleg tymmarrlealiy formad, aad
a most potlto aad rtflaad ttatlamaa . la Btatmiw ha
ia remarkably email. All -other dwaifr tower aa
etatabr his aide. Ore. rOM THTJltB. with whom
r. Baraam oraatBd aaeh a laror la Earope, loava
.an .an. atanda Iblrtaatt Inehat hlahar lhan Com .
bvVTaVIEU &yWrtt.awaitaranv'R
"-.v. wuiaii iam uuib uommoaora to tn nab
"fa " i iauv.d.uawa. iua utua jtrjilr
hlmaair.lBkva daaldad oUaaUoat to hla baler mads
a .how of. Oaneral TOM TUUBK eaUedon the
IHtla man soeas tima alata. j i, ,,14 tha, after
loektBg dowa apaa hhn for nam time. Ca. TOM
axelalmad, Wall. Coaaiaodera AITTT,! masteoa.
itas yea are a hard aat to erask " 1
Aa soon aa ha read Iba Blip, ba wrote tha follow
lit tatter to hit Agaat. , ""
, New York, January 10, 1193
V. nivfiBOacx. faa t Dtar . traa'S fcn ,n ,-v.
th. Htm tr.la In Uaa-tiMU. Mr IB an. u. .
poiaiuw, iua uwars cauaeaorv ivesr, II DB BBaWBr. rna
deMilpuontlrtnU tha Uwloeed piloted alio. Bkfh.
r uau eau in neiiuur nim, vya nay ontr aim OS bit
fathtrllUrfriaoitKiiiddoll.rt for tha prlvutgaor ex.
blblilag htm three yaan (tbla as abcot 1200 per
weak,) besides which I will pay all Ibcezpaataaof
board, Blolhlng, ooslumee, and trafsl ot tha little
O.mmodore, alto tba txpeneea or aar eampanloa be
raaveeleat, and will glva him tha prod itif all aaltt
of books, plotarea, ao , and prasanl hla all rais.
propaitlsa aad parspbemalla at ached to tba exhi
bition n the eloaaof Ihs.ragagimtat.taalBdlag a
sptandld pair ef pontes aid esirttgs. I
Iqhute, youia, I i
at. 1 . xajtn u ax.
'. B. I hear that atvtral ahawmea aM .f... iTim
Hail him. and doa't let them get ahead of you. (Oat
htm on lower term. If job oao. Oat' privilege of
eoBtlnnlne enMatmmttvravearalonvap.irnnailhi.
on sama terms. Psrmtnm elwaye to b mads
wfk.''.. .. PT ji1
anisaar. aaiiaDoouKiavaBouBnaanitaivgtotoiair.
Baraam II r. Bltoheoek 'ook ihs Blabs train irom
New York, arrived htrs Satnrdsy vaoralog, aad ta
Bomoaav with Col B P. CI lav. a bivrw in 1 h.
eltj. vlsltsd tba MUTT femllr, two miles eoath of
inaei.r vrqpvr, ana mauaaooau-aai vnin Uovmo.
aora HUIT for three vasts, with lha nriafua. or
two mora. -
While they were there naklag lha baria'n.tha
Expraas Agaat for tha telegraph oasts with tha fol
lowing dlspeteh.
Naw ToaK.JaaaarrlI.lU3.
To Majob Bobbia M ovf 1 ,
Will glva stxttea thoBaaad dollars for Cemrhodora
Novr, 15r tbrat, years.
t tfu.a, uowb, iu.cb, a 1.0,
Thlaandden damanff from ao nan. am.a ..n ..
sponsible partlea deeply tffeotad Major NUIT, tba
fathar. ben lh. Commodar. hop. til. hnuM ii.Vi.i.
aad taemed detlghlad with tba protest of anoa
ward mavtatnl.t ol a abaaee te .how htmiili- ih.
Napoleoaof the 'Llllputr. U (oaTar talau, TOM
Jiiuau aad tnaitby throw tha latter la the
anada - -
. Jealoot TOM wUI feel badlr whan ht heart of tba
Commedore at tha Meat am, or on hla exhlbltlona la
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Tha ComnodAfawll! .niiama.t .. avhiktii
5". .a,a. awrnm, .uarasiar aaaBta,
Bxtraordlaary Dram playing, At,
PtrrorBiiiK Bean,
..T.H '"dssstad animalt, who will perform loma
of the most rtmai kabla and grotesque ftata Imtala
largest OarnlveyrjuB Animal
The famon, " '
Grxizzly BaJtuasob,
weljblng ,O0O tad,. '
-AJbino Pajmily.)
.S.rth,& "ys!: ff So" " with 'loag. White,
eiLkaa, Ifalr, Plak Eyst, audotbtrpaoaUarTaaturM.'
' ' '" W. U. HAJtBIBON, 1
nitrmporanaou, Conjo Singer aad Ltcturer.
Anerlcan Circus k EqutBlrUn Scbool.
The satire Oyouastle, E.naetrlan, and Aorebatto
Compaay, with Blghty Boratt.
naw nannwRn 1
fa H.n.1. ...4 a. ! ...-n a.BB .k-J. wL '
su, Him; AUK. 1
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Will appear for a fsw dayt, averr
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as jt. 3nt t x 1 o ac.
a TBBC0Miq.kOl.gfl,
e . . trallijtcri'iriatrMii.'' r
feats, Street auadtioaMaaa Araaaa.
S.-T.-1 8 6 0-X
Thsy partff , stranaihtn, aad tavlgoratt.
Thay areata a haafihy Spptilts.
Thar are an aandou to ahange ef water aad diet
Thsjr ovaraoma affeou of dltalpai wo aad lata hear,
Thtv atmgthaa tha rystrm and sallvaa the mind
Tha totavaal ralaamalta and Intermittent levels.
-IbaveartTtha biaathaadaMdltyoftneetomaali
Tbey iare Pyapapaia aad cosmrpatwa.
TbajoaBfarrbia.CboUua.aadOaoUrs aloe-
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They ears LlvsrOomplalat aad Herroul llaad
Thev an ths beat BUtara In the world. Thar suite
the weak man Strang, and are axhaaated .natarea
great restorer. I'M ere shade ef pure Bt, Crota;
BaaarBBBBBa wnaawpawaiviiiB vajrvxaa, u-
oat rasardT to age or ttaas of day, ramoalarlr re.
swsnlaat. Sc4V aft UnStl -Dii.lKala,
sad BaJeos.F. " DBABJI k 0O., Broadway,
aw aava---- im
ssy BatehalaVa tlalr Dye ran Bast la
lh. Wasid. William A. Bateh-lor'e ealtbrattd
Vr.l n. nmhui . Milnr aot tn ha ulrtlaavdBnad
J rem aatort 1 watranted not to Injara lbs Baar la the
laalt rtsstdies tbs Ul tSKts of bad dyes, sad tailf
orstastaaHatr lor Ufa -OBB.T.BED,orBOTT
1.1Bt.iasiainir ibvbb a spiaaaio aiaaa apawawai.
tbsg iba hair loll aad beauttlai. Bekt by all
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iVri(roialaa U itiaed WILLIAM
TOBBLOB.o, UAreiJeafatt.lt i,
HaTrTJIB'tj.R a. Ua fVaf .
Fseten.lt 0. at BartJay ttrsei. (Lata m Bread.
wayaHlSDoBdjnewTojk- v' mjmj
AtrWeeteat'a aasrsseeat aMaTairjirCoptai
auataaas. raas
aa-AttaaUal AttBaatlaatl Attaatla'alll
WaatBdV-a ftw MEN ao eosnpktte a eoaapaar stfce
Sbataaath ttglmsat Vlrgtala (tbat Eastara Ta.),
Thla la the eadr reguatat aaw fssSiia toaavv aad da
taUad for faPBOlAt, tKBViOBT' br the Beers.
tary of War, for datrla Ihe vssuuty of AlaiaadrtB
aadtaMfaraabesBWaakla(iea.B.a . .,
Basrmlttag otlea, Third strata Bd dear balow Fa
avatraa " -A. a.WIiMOqMlIE, N
afco. a.
aawaiBaalal Bauaa. Or aad after Taaaaav.
April lAsaa, tha trauis 00 tbrBaltaaaare aad Ohio
sUhroadwul eoauaeasa .ran Jag dally,, (Saadan
exaapiaa j sbbvust bbjb anacKaB a. vu a, au aaa
aoaaietlngi at Waahburtea .aaesloawlthj HaU
Traia Ibt all parts of t West tta Whaatlng or
Fargrjb-g. Ko tjs jJlaggag,
kt of Traatportalaaa B, TeTU. B, B.
apl-dtf ttasaeiotal
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jay area. Paaasylvaala Rewu Tba
mdthaat aad aataat roata to the Batatas aad
aoathwtBt. I wo throtiib tralaa dally, aad aat oc
aaadar. iefdlafB' tlskata at Oevsramaat tatas- to
aUtaprliaalpBtatUBortb and Wast, ror
the "Oraat rtsaaylvaaU BoBts7r aortaaassa eeraer
ranantvaala avtaas aad Blatth atrart.patmwfla.
tsoaalBMaL Oaoa opaa frota I a.ss. SStp. avt
ea aaadaya s as s p. aa.
TIIK HOCIE " Sao, k airatt Fraaklla
Bow.utalyceeoBledbrMrs Col.DilBkard.bas
ben takta by a northtra family, aad It sewesestd
forth, aecoamedttlon ef First Class Boarder,, for
tha Winter. A ftw Table Boaidere wilt be taking
three ganirtmta. will Sad' plasaaat Faralshed
BOOMS and BOABD Apply at )T north Detraat,
between Bteoad aad Third. oot a
WABTKD A Bookkeeper acqealattd wtih tba
whokaala groeary hBttaeBS. Address P. O.
Box 112, giving lalsrsoeaa, aad atatlag salary re
Haled " oetls-tta
WANTED-BMrLOTMlUtT.-A trastworthy
sldtrly gsntlimaa a dtalroue of Bapleymtas
gvs or six aoara par day. Ba weald atetntl to a
gaatleaua'a hooka, or any .othsr smnlsfaaaBt.
Woald aot expert aartatonabls wage, AAeh-aaa
Ha tea. Haw Jersey avaoaa, Capitol Bill ' -
tha Depot of Ihe Baltimore a Ohio asBlstoad
Coapaay, by a Good Tenant, who will take aaod
ears of iaataraitaie,he. Addrret '
,. -fru..,ir'aUbIf)'gW-
WAITau-At the new Teak Emptoyaaaai
Aaaaav Offloa. Ha. ail Wlath alia., alt. ..
Chamharmalda, LaaBdiaaiBt, WBltratstt, H areas
tmtajSJ Qaaaa. .. a a Bh-aa a.aaa . a a a-tf . . -T
aad BaairxigAi'aBtMM.
AM jonif Colorad Mm to watt
oa tablaa ta rriratf FaaiUiaa ar Hon la. Alao waat-
a aonmm lanDMiauir t wua or witaoat Faraltara.
ttA.lv .. Awith
Eaploytn la vaat of good halp, will Aad It to Uialr
ray as u
V.AamaaiwOB saTBt aTAOTORT.
Military Equipment,
409 Sewentl. Street,
Oppoalte Odd Fallows' Ball,
WA8H1NQTON, d. a
I " " '
I eauxfastars of tha best material, and have bob.
stantly oa hand , a large and varied assortment of
Military and Clutaaa' Saddles,
Breast Collars,
Felt Baddla Cloths,
Patent Feed sad Water Baokata, .
oncers' Uavtrtacke,
Ofloers' Fne Sword Baits',
' Belt TrtauBlngi, aad
" Field OlaasOaias.
TAX18BB. all' tMO
.'tVA olARMEBS, aa.
R bVa'i KINO.
Aa I manaavatara Tra'aka eiteaalvely, aad xaaat
eerily have all kinds of Traak Material,! ant better
prepared to repair 'Tranksj ho , thoroaghly aad
promptly, than any other tatabUdunaaUn Abe olty,
ootlt eml lL JAMES B. TOFBAM.
FEANKLIN fc'07o.,
3 1? V Z d 3: ,-aV. 3NTaBl
ln PamasylTaalaaTBBWs, aena-Ma IHtla
aad lth streets, atorfls aidij ,
BfBOTAOLIS and ETE OLAskko", with aen
Blna Braalluui Pabblaa. raaaru.t lmorovlBB and
strangthaalng tba Impalrd ayaalsbt. ,
" ,", a n mi" uatvraa naa BBva'
Ui BjwiteT qssutr
fbrcln. MATneUAlIOJ
ttA9m M .mmfv9m
, WW MFIIf Jflgftl
BiiuivvOwUrieVOB (1
8C0PK8 aad VIEWB. dtiBM.ttIa ud
Lli and stiRVKTnn'ft
a jh. lew-trf JhoM,U.'
J'Ayitfur 'leJaaylUVraau

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