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WaennaTOir TatAtsa this svtfunf tht tout
log domains drama of Alt that oi.ii.ra It not
Hold," and tbt araras of " Robert Maoalre "will
lt presented. On Monday sventsg Mr F. 8 Chat
fria will appear for a United tnf ag erntat.
Gtovta'a Tbbaybb Nt wtoM ST af. X. DMtfifni
Thla Bvenlsg Mr. Davenport will appear aa " Rlche
lieu," In Unlaert great nUtorieal play of that bum.
Tot performance twin oonolode Willi " Wsated.l.ooo
Milliners," imttll M Madame Vaaitrpntt., The
iriorcaon on Mondsy.
Foao's Naw Tiisivae Lad titgU tf iltu UapgU
MtcktU Tbli alanine will ba performed the null
lary drama of" Ui VlTaadlete," Wat Mltobell at
Marls, with a ntw ballad. To eonolada wltb
11 A Uusbaad at Sight," Hua Mitchell at Ctthtrint.
Bishop, iha hnmortrai aotor, apptarlag In both
MixoHft CBtHotMB QiBDta Ciaous, tht " Ttmplt
dsrjtsd to Art," It at latt oonvpletetl, aod emoree.
ssilo Nixon, of tha Palaoa of Inula and tht Aesd
emy of Ntw York. It prepared to reoelve Tlittcn at
liu ntw elrets In Waihlngton.
Babsok's UoiacM akd Cisoos This extensive
and vary attractive setsbllehasnt It Ihiongsd nightly
wl h deifgntea aultsnoes, at art alto tht two o'clock
Vuitlt.bysllmcsse. .
OLrurtoMoalc Hill Lull G,msuiu-i III t Fa'
tb pantcmiDiiat.afciiied bjthi otticr mtmbtTJOf
tht " OlvmnLa cataniar.' will inwif thla vn.
lag. "
iiatiasoBT. To tight will bs Hit lut apptar
atea poelurely of M'llt Marietta Ravel, him Nelli.
Taylor, and Mr Geoigt R DeLoals. Tbtrt will
btanatintt thisaftcmoon. Don't fall to tta tht
Oyprv'a Lay to night
A Large Haat of Caamterf.lt Money.
About tbrae weeke alnoa, tha boua of Itaao
Btruburgtr, tliuatod at Mo. 13 Third atreel,
Georaetown. was entared and aearehtd br aoma
of tbo police of that town, for tbo purpoaa of
ascertaining ii do nau in ma poaseaaiOD conn
torfalt money, Information having been fur
nished them to that effeel; but after ft moat
diligent aearoh they were unable to find any.
The deteotlTa oorpe, under Superintendent
Webb, of the Metropolitan Police, hating mi.
plolon that all, waa not right In that quarter, on
wedueaday lut went to the aboto premises
and auceeaded tn obtaining about one thousand
dollara of the "queer," whloh they round accre
ted In hie back yard. It teems tbal whan the
oOcera wentthero he waa aeen to run out of hie
backdoor with the money and a large pair of
Iron knuoklea In hit hand, by aoma soldiers of
company E, One Hundred Thirty-fifth l'ennayl
vanla Tola., who are atalloned In the rear of hit
lions; and to, tha next morning tome of. the
aoldlera thought they would go and tee If he
bad notion It there; and after a diligent aearoh,
they succeeded In finding It, bnt kept tery
qulat about It until the- officers nrrtvtTd and
tookltfrom them. Strnsburger'beiogln Vir
Clnia at tha time, following hi a uaual occupa
tion aa a pedlar among the cmpe,he oould ot
he arretted, but the next day, kduui 1 o'clock,
fie officers succeeded lu arresting him, and i
waa taken before Justice Clark In this city, and
(are ball for afurtherexamlnalion, whloh took
place yesterday about 3 o'olook ; the princi
pal wltnetiet In the oaae being the eoldlera who
saw blm enter the back yard with the money
In his hand, and who afterwards found the
money themselves, ana who also stated In their
testimony that he had been heard to aay ho lr
tended to sell some of thla moner. and havins
been seen on several occaalona with a lot of
this Kind or money In hla possession. Still the
Judge ditobargtd him, and ao he la allowed to
go on In hla lofsmom course and swindle the
poor soldlera out of their money, and sell tbem
a mass of tratb, charge them an exorbitant
price, and give them In exchange for their good
money nia worwieaa Bins.
r" Beroaada to General Preatlet.
A large crowd of oitiiena aaaembled at Wll'
tarda' Hotel laat night to nartlclnate Ina demon.
etratlon In honor of thie gallant general, who
naa oeen patiently suuering tor montna in a
Southern orison.
'After mutlo byTthe band, General Prentiss
wat appropriately Introduced to the vast audi
noe. He proceeded In a plain, forcible, and
touching manner to narrate the Incidents In bis
eventful oareer In confinement, portraying, In
graphlo language, the sntferlnga of hlmselfand
ma brave ccmpanl.ins, described the horrible
condition of Alabama prltons, the murdering
of Ualon soldiers, give Instances of the loyalty
of women in the South, told or tha nakedntaa
aod destitution of our private aoldlera aa pris
oner; eaatd that 230 effleers who were with
him were no longer ashamed to be called " ne
gro sympathlsara," "abolitionists," or auy-
tiling biov uui reuvi jriufjaiDiiort. "
He also described the condltlou offho coun-
and tba suppression of every Independent
thought. He declared the white race or the
South muoh more of a slave to-day than the
negro ever was. ITe believed the rebel army
to he now pa-tlally demoralizod, anil consid
ered this tbo favorable time to advanoa nnr
armies. Wo whipped them at the battle of
yAnuetam more man we imagined.
In regard to the proclamation of eraanolna
lion. General P. aald those rebel officers with
whom he oonvorsed called It " the most dam
nab'e of all acta ever committed by the Lincoln
Government;" that It would jeerlalnlr be the
uiln of the Uoiled SlaletTn short, it was a
lerriuie annoyance ana vnuroe 01 alarm to the
South. It was bis firm cnnvintlnn that Praal.
dent Lincoln's proclamation of emancipation
Is doing more to end this rebellion than all the
battles we have fought and the victories we
have won in the field.
The spoech tf General P. was listened to
with marked attention, and vociferously ap
plauded throughout, and, at It5 close, three
rousing cheers were given for "the fighting
man of the Weeti
Loud calls wie made for Colonel Hulllgan,
who, In response, came forwnrd and, In an elo
quont speech, counselled unity of aotlon and
Implicit confidence In the Administration and
the generals In jcommand. .
Troops Arrlveil.
The 143d Now York regiment, folouol D. P.
De Witt, numbering 6C2 men, arrived In this
city Ul Wednesday night.
The 17ih Connecticut regiment arrived last
Thursday bight trum Baltimore, ft hero they
have beeneucamped fortwo weeks past. This
regiment numbers 'J3C men. The lullowlng are
the prlnotpal officers:
Col. W. U. Noble, Lieut. Col. Wallers, Major
Brady, Adjutant Willcoxton,and Surgeon Hub
bard. The 10th Maasachusetls battert , numbering
ISO men, under command of Capt. J. H. Sleeper,
a&rived yesterday morning.
The following recruit" havj also arrived 3
for the Oltt Pennsylvania, 60 for the ICth Nea
York battery, 01 for the lit Maine cavalry, 34
for the 5th Exoelalor, 13 ror 23d New York, 17
for the id Rhode Island.
Arrest of a Kaglllvarroiii Justice
At an early hour yetterday morning polloe
mai Shanks, of the southern district, proceed
d to the northwestern section of the city iad
arrested a young man named Edward Sherry,
oharged with being a fugitive fromjustioe from
Washington, D. C. lis Is there oharged with
entering the house of Mrs. Bridget Holllct, and
robbing her of 180. He was locked up In the
southern dlstrlot pnlioe station until a requlsl.
tlon arrives from Washington for the proper
authorities. Ball. Sua, Win.
Passing Broken Bank Mutt.
James Larrence, a colored man, was arrested
by Officer Eckloff, of. the Fourth ward police,
yesterday afternoon about 1 o'clock, on oom
plalnt of John Montnest, who charges the ne
gro with pattlog a note of the " Columbia
Bink," an old, broken Institution in thla city.
The accused waa compelled to pay good money
and waa dismissed. We learn that several ol
the notea of the above bank are In clrcuUllon,
and aoldlera and other etrangera in tho olty are
ivifuviiii uoubivbu, ujr lueiu,
Ituaawav Aerldinf.
X horse, attaohed to a buggy belonging to Mr.
J. D. Dayton, and containing himself and a
friend, took fright yoattrdsy alternoon about
three O'cluCk. on PenDSvlvanla. avonim nnr
Tenth etreet, and, beooming unmanageable,
mini tun iu ifBuiiHmuii uui, wniio tne frigm
ened animal kept ou hit way, at a furlout rate,
uunu in AiDiiug, ant, yeiiutJUjIWl HOOOmpa
nvlng Mr. D. waa aeverelr Inlured. Fortunate.
ly, Mr. Dayton waa hurt but little. The horse
waa oaught on the Avenue near Sixth street,
having broken the buggy In pleoes In his
The notice lu our yesterday'a local o lumn of
itixon'a uaraen utrcus, oooiaioea a very un
justifiable reflection upon a Washington theatrl
cal manager, who la well known for his enter
Drlse. Tha notloa referred to hnnoened to es-
oape the supervision of the person who Is In
onarge oi mat portion or our columns.
Utathof aralrfaai County Cltlrtn
It la reported that Major Alfred (loss, who
wat for many years oltrk or Fairfax county,
Virginia, dltd recently at Blohmond,of typhoid
Pallet If UtiH.
Alfred Flumes waa arraatad on Thursday br
Oflloer Bhaokelford, of the Second ward, for
larceny. Taken before Justice Clark, and com
mltted to Jail for court.
Wm. Taylor and John Harrlday were arrest
ed on Thursday by Officer H altlntly, for light.
Ing In the street. Taken before Justice Clark,
and fined tl eatb; whloh they paid, and were
nenry Bnrk waa arretted on Thursday by
Officer Parker, of the Third ward, on the charge
of aasanlt with Intent to kill. Taken before
Justice Thompson, and committed to Jail for
Chas. Dimes was arrested on Thursday by
Officer Taylor, for beating hla wife Taken be
fore rfusiioe viarjc, ana commtuea to woric
honse. Patrick Burke was arrested on Thursday by
Officer Fuss, of the Fourth ward, for selling II
quor to soldiers. Taken before Justice Walter,
and fined iio.
Michael But waa arrested on Thursday by
Oflloer Pandle. or the Fourth ward, ror being
drunk and disorderly In the street. Taken be
fore jusvoe yv alter, ana nneaso.
Jenny Young was arrested on Thursday by
Officer Harrison, of the Sixth ward, on the
charge of larceny. Taken before Justice Cull,
and commuted to Jail for court.
John Colbert waa arrested on Thursday by
Officer Barker, of the Seventh ward, for crea
ting a nuisance. Taken before Justice Walter,
and fined 15.18; whloh he paid, and waa dis
charged. '
Caroline Garner waa ft-retted on Thursday
by Officer UoCauley, of the Seventh ward, for
being disorderly. Fined f 10 by Justice Walter.
Edward Garner waa arrested on Thursday by
Officer Vernon, of the Seventh ward, for as
sault and battery. Taken before Juatloe Wal
ter, and fined 111; which he paid, and waa dis
charged. ii i
Deaths of loldltra.
The following were reported yesterdayi
n --i it -- - ..r inkn.
ljurp wUUI.UUaieialUnr. Ul'UILmu u,l,IUIBi
Resbrves; Ascension hospital.
Charles Wilson, company K, H9tli Pa,; Car
ver hospital.
B, F. Cadwell, company K, 1st Mass. -cavalry;
Emory hospital.
Bam'l Oouily, company 0, 7th Va ; Harewood
Aleattr Eelley, company E, 4th N. J.; Hare
wood hospital.
John J, Reynolds, company K, Oth N. H.;
Georgetown College hospital.
Vioe President Hamlin bat returned to his
home In Bangor, Hatne.
Senator Baulsbury, of Delaware, is at the He.
tropolitan Hotel,
S. B. Colby, New York; Isaao Gerhard, Phil
adelphia; Major Bhormao, and C. E. (loddard,
u. h. A ; if. i flower ana who, tYaieriown,
N. V.; Dr. Bkinner, St. John's, N. B , are at the
8. B. Hitler. Pblla.: Jamea P. Brewer, and
Bam'l P. Fuke, Claremont,N. 11.; Jaoob Smith,
Bath, Maine; C.C. Williamson, New York, are
at tne national.
Tim McCarty and John Pendergast, generally
as well behaved boya aa any other sons of the
Emerald Isle, but when "whisker Is In. wit's
out," and these boya having laid In a aupply of
tne oramer," tney reiirainor-iroiicKPome,"
and "full nf 1ba dlvtl." ua ther rods un the Av
enue In adirlcarlata regular John Gilpin rate
ine mnunieapicKaioruereuiuem to nam up.
but still they kept on. Officers Hendley and
Donn.of the Fourth ward Dolloe. arrested the
party and took them to the station, whloh waa
no easy task to accomplish, aa the parties were
crazy drunk wltb bad whiskey. They were
loosed up tor tne nigni,
i i
Committed on the Charge or Murder
Charlea Spracklln, the keeper of the oyster
iloon tn Georgetown who shot the negro team,
star Morer on Sunday last, waa brought before
Justice Reaver Wednesday and fully committed
to anawer the oharge of murder, Morer having
died from the effeots of the wound the prevloua
Irloar and drain.
The following quotntlona In the Georgetown
markots are reported:
Flour super, none offering; extra 17.60 to
19 SO; family, 19 to 110. Wheat red, 11.60;
wnite, tt.ua to it ou; cnoice wnne ti.i u. uorn
73 to 80, Oats, ii to 60.
Male or Heal acttalr.
W. I.. Wall V Co., autioneera, sold Thursday
afternoon, In front of the premises, the large
dwelling house and lot on E street, between
Sixth and Seventh streets, known as the Fletoh.
er property. Purchased by J. E. Kendall, Esq.,
iur tn inuuaauu uonara.
Captain Edward B. Boutwell. who bat been
connnod in the common lall In Rlobmofid. Va..
arrived In tbla city last Wednosday, He waa
formerly In the United Slates navy.
The President has pardoned Columbus Ogle,
who whs uimvlotod ul hlultwai robhorr ul the
last December term of the Criminal Court, and
sentenced to five years' Imprlauntnunt In the
Great Bale or fancy and nllllnary Htock
to iiiaae itooin lor inma nuooar uooasi
. T w,7. , T Ti ,
Kr U A Usll, hsvlng putclis. d ths stock of
I Krnrv unrltii anrl fine artlAlna In tha LniHitna
air u n uau, uaiiug futunsa u itiu imai vj I
rol Ktery gooda and fanry artloleain tbetpiclonel
atore recently occupitd by Mesara Ilutshtneon & I
Mumo, No. 810 Pennaylvanla aTenue, between
Ninth and Tenth atreeta, offra lor tale, at re a I and
at txtoiuly low prhie.Uia above namid gooda, and
the adlea of Wiahington aud Trinity will flo well
Imurove Ihla ODDortunltr a the a took mud be aold
at tinea to niuke recm for the tagged and If it alock of
ruuotr gooaaever cnertaaituiuui new xojk. ine
wore i at 810 FenniylvaniA aTenue! you cannot lor
gat the number. II A.HALL
vVataiiikaTOit, October IT, )8)2. 3t
WhlUhuiat Gallery, 431 Prnn a v., next
tloorto the Telegraph Ofllre,
CjnitLuea to attract throngi of vUitori lo obialu
tariide rlntet of tbenue.vei and friend, whloh are eo
trutnlully nrcdiioed at tbia time honored and ttltbraud
estaUitkmtnl Card Ukeceuta of onr dUtlngutihed
generals ted othcra, tog ttber with many who bare
ulien la battle, can be obtalnel Alao, portralta in
oil and watercolora O.dtra for Held rlewa promptly
attended to ool IT In
.i -..
lhe Hercantllo Bank
la caUlugtn aid redcemlogltablllaof luue aa pre
aenttd atthtlr counlor, 223 Pennsylvania atenue
oppoiite WUUrdu'. oct I4-M
Havaaklng 11 atea.
The following are tha rataa at whloh bankera
and brokers ara buying and Belling gold and
allver- tUo legal tender notea being the atand
ard: Jiuying. fltUinj,
Gold .30 pero. prem.3l pero.prem
Silver 1(1 ' 20 " "
Demand notea.. 24 " " 37 '
Banka of laaue In Washington and Georgetown!
Wathwjton. Georgetown.
BaukofMetrupolft. Fanoera' and Meoh's
Bank of Waahicgton. Bank.
Pafrlotlo Bank. Bank of Gommaroa.
Farm's Marob'a.B'nt.
The Farm era and Merchants' Bank and the
Bank of Oommeroe laaue notea of the denomln a
lion of one dollar and upwards.
a .
TheBalllon Bank
Redeems their notes in U, H. Treasury notes
when any amount from one dollar upwards Is
-i .
Attention, AtBlctedl
Dr. Veltoy Is yet engaged In an extensive
practice In this oily, and we would call the at
tenlton of the poor, puny, emaciated victims
of their own sins lo tne best sources of remedy.
First, give up your present course of life at
onoe and forever; aud aeonndly, oall on the
most skilful physicians, (and none are better
than Dr. Velluy,) and be cured of the disease
whloli is uow undermining the constitution
and atjodiog you to a premature grave
The Indian Herb Doctor,
From Canada, will daaoribe dlaeaeea and tell hla pa
tients tta nature of their Ouinplainti or lllncaa, with,
out receiving any Information from tbem JVocarQ
for conniiahon or advice O0.O0, No 11 Washlogton
Unildlng, Fenneylvanla avenue, corner of Seventh
trevt, Waah.nglon,D. C. eep 13 tf
Jutt fvUMul, In &slal aYuelof. "ifc Him fmtt
ment, and Prtloal Cure of Spcrmatorrhcaa, or Sem
Inal Wetkneu, Involuntarr Emlatloni, bexnal Pe
blllty,Jnd Inpedunsnts to Marriage renerally:
NsrvonBDCHtConaonipiloo, Kpllepsv and Flti; Men
tal snd Fhr'loal Inoimolt), rnuaUni Irora H.U.
Abnt,o UfUoiT. J, Coi.vsawsu.,at I ,autber
01 ths Orun iHtekkO.
A Boon to Thonsaads or SatTtrert,'
Sent under seal, In a plain enrtlope, to any address,
pun fwa, on rauBiyi uj six hbu. or two jtosiu.
stamp., bv Dr. OU. J. C. KLIN8.
--rs- r. " .?.i"i"v
atf T-tmlHJfVI
fost Olios Box, 4,ua.
miitiiviitQ ti iut
, rrtdyt October 17,1804.
fa?k$ HAvnra tin laeqmt
Ldll Lilt,
AlbingbfUnSEAdamitUri Sim
A1(rt, MriLM
liter, Wm Hark, Units Uurgtw, MnKA
liriok, Mir H Mk, MaiittriUiurctt, Mtry
Blak,Mir l.;adlr,MrrAltrDra,MnCH
lie,Mny ItUifdal, Wm AI.utt.jr, Luc? B
nrjee, mn uuiondia, xibdof uarDtBK, A ml
Ujjrd.Corflwli Brownios.AK Bstkiej, If try
Berg tr,KtbeoaftJ Kiktr, 8Ui Bigelow. Kits J
Brown, Jm lUlly, Wm Bowen. Mn K N
Brlnt. Mm O B Brown Biuu JBtanatt, Au K
BrDJ. KftlU Bonrior. Iur Hawi. Mar J
Uraci, MrjOr Brtnnon.EK Baoklej. E.inb
nrowa uin iiniity, .u'Ziiff
CoL.ti. Sink B Carter. Xarah CntUll. Mn Wm
Clark, Mm Alf Cobnrn, Carrlt M
Cook, Mr Geo Crlunui Marr JCodmaa,8
Catoc, L3uua E Charl,Mn E LCbrijilu, JcKph
Cbas, Amand DChlpler.Marr Carunhad,8 u
O ik Mr Kdw Carter, Sarah Crawlord, M
uomm.joiia u utD, Jiirgaret uarrou, jim
ChaBdUr.Cirol Carter. Elita Caaer.MarTA
Cartrv, Ktbeo ECoalmao, Mary Chi I let, Mra S B
CoadT, I.rlrlgit Carter, Ellia K Carpenter, B O
DaTli.JalU Dily.Ml-iU
Deffew, E A DotaoBjBaunnali
Danne, Ellen
Dontj, Eliza
i'lin, uaiua
Afa, AaBkUV UUrTH.Jl Villa iCVUUncjl
Urak. Amerioa I)Dlandow,E DaiU.mIutt
IMx,U0 V DcLeoD.Un RSUa, Klor
derrick, Mra WmDimot, Dellla Ulehman, M
uowaey. viarm leuouraey, a
LlUBman. H w
Duval), Eliia J Downlof.Mn lul.ADBa
lonaidwD,Mn DTii,MatUV DaU. Maria T
Duatotmb Uavli,Fanay Daolele, Emna
Edwvdi, Uke MEarl, Martha Hlltott, Jane L
U EwUif,MaryT Kretni, MattleO
Eakle, Befle Ki bridge, Alice
Folr, Mra D L Fliher,UeBrletUFlrfax, Annie L
FlDch, Thirn-S Flnaaa, MraT II Aliea
retcti, Sara a iroieya'h Ferrta, catrle
Fiebcb, Ella Fetton, Henry Foater, Aonle II
Orarat, France Oreen,Mary Oremmer, Mra E
urrea, mra 11 i unmo, un u ifarjioer. l.uct
Urau, JLlli 0 Qlllett, Mula (Utter, Mra L A
Greene. Anna B Goggln, Emily (Urn, Mary A
uray, uirr
urt airj i. iitgMi. mi jb iikubci, airs
UUI, II ami t Uatcblnaon, Mra lUpburn. Mil) U
iiidci. MiTw n vmpi f r j
noil, (..iwii-i ixmjtw, a" adq iididb;, ura
libit MriSteDhenlloukia. L A Hlbkr. And
Hall, Mary J HkIds, S A Uoward, Mra E K
iitu, airs u iiopxibe, nru n
Johnson. Mra II Irwin, Mr Jaoobe, Mra M A
Joiin Harriet A Jobnion, Mra S John on, 8 L
iDgrnui, jurij nji.uuii, nun i.jganwn, corn
Kel.er.Mia Jno KUnfthlmer.L Kline, Mra Joo
Kenedr, Betty Klmmell.MriWLKlDg, Mary
iwannion, jiiBgKicivamaiar, m. ixrain., raj a
Halnake, MraT Kvtatnger, Kate
Leuge.Marla O Lanxmin Era Lawrence, Mm J
Lord.ThoaJ Liren, Wlfllfrfd h
Liten, Martha Linton, Mra P II Loomla, Ada
Lane, uatiie-s Loca, Anny Mater, n el in
Lord, Mra G A Lawrence, Mlai Lord, llatllda
Lvlea. Klu C L Liwii. Mirirt
Loringa, Liura Lniy, Mra E Laahorn, Batty E
Moore, Mra W BMaynard.MraEU Monroe, Lanra 0
Hitci. nn rnntngitr, ura i v
Mann, Lliile .Hiraland.AnnEMeraU.UidKB
Moore, Llazie Malen, Antoe Moddon.Mari nK
Mitchell, Mary Mvtton, Mary A Maton, Mlei M A
Marker, Mra B PMoreland, Ella hMoAbee, KUia
Montefne.GoraYMoreher. Can I MaekeT. MluAF
Mnriihy , Adeline M enken, Adah McQueen, Ilellen
MaToanl MraGlIMtrtln. Mlaa AWMoulalron,Agn'a
aU.iitr.MTa k u vnoor, ain Ana Jigumrg. ain a
Med ford. MUe M Marry Ceth L 13
ftST ...!.. U.ll UIS.I..II D....I U.tl.l. U
Avavutrntn, uiij mitvircii. ntwutt nvuini, ai.ii
Metere, Lottie MlUer KUiaihMeCellcTujh, AM
Uutki. MnD.9Marrlfl. Ura W WMeD.rmat. M
Mettoler, Mr.ChuMa on, Kaebel EMeCall, Mra W F
u uaier, biimi
Nevlt. MraLC Nonlil, Marg't Naiand, Mn J H
Nolan, Bridget Newman, MriAF.Ntoholi, Jderjr
Mlonton, Soph Newman, Amelia Nlohoie, Mary L
Oweni, Mra
Udlln, J .anie Oatiorn, Mra Dr O
uourr, mTjr a ii
u'iiei,aia y n
Pre"tli, MUEAParker, CotuUla Prather,MraU J
Perk. Mra A
rturr.riuDT i muar, add jl
Plljr, Agneu
f trry, Oath
PI kenun,Soi'n'aPrafer, Mary F
QalD,Mra Jae
Rolu.MraBN Robllna.Ansli Ruok, Elliabeth
Rom, Mai Ryan, Mary K 3Koberta, BarahM
Itd. I'harloolteKoofno. Mine UecereonJlirah 1
Rolit, Jeoile Roland, Jane RoTan, Ka'urahO
Read, Mary.E Roblnadu Jane Kobtneoo, Katel
Kaj. I-tb-fla Uooney, F.tlen Koberti.Mn M C
RtdllffftTrotterRfOtor, Mlee G Ror, MUe
ReyncldiMriJUKsaeberry, Alloa
Sparka, Wm J
H hirer Auarn
Htelion, Km K
8m 't'Tibuiiu
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B toner, IV at L Hlewart.Loulia
Smtth, Balilf 11 Hteven-on. M
biiDDtvOu. M J bLrlua. Sinaoa
Mimes, Uru H herldan, UoaalU
nnarp. aire uu ougen., nary n.
UootL.Mn CT Hmithaon. Mra
StautuD, Lncy
8tcwtrt, Joa'd
Hit.th.Mary 81mron,Mn G 2
aauien, anuy aumeri, astn uv
HhtHnn Mrs M Hhii. Hhria Hhlrltntr M k
" Bhsrp HuI4 Strike, Mr. E U
(,1-iont, Mrs U tmool tanBlo Stanton, Elln
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hlmODI. Mra U
Sullivan Marv
Hirpltion Mr I
i suuivan, wary cimiiir, rm a owceney, cm u
L hl..d.,IM I. hllllhiu, Kl. A
anion, llebecca achwenker, U
tmltb,Kll2 Sptl.lln.Mr.
HtTin.Harr Dbatburne, His
Stoekton, Mrs J A
8ckli. Urs C
8 ubi-nraDoh,A
Spain, Urs
Sffluil, Clara II
Tail, Ann
Tone., Kraaoei
Tyn, If try
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iMoa. Mrs T.a Droeek. Mrs
w r Bsmaei
II llpastk, Un Tsylor.Nellr
J at Isvlor. PmnoM
Taylor, Mis WP Taylor, Jans ti Tyson, Uln K K
VU., u.. ...
Vsm, MUs Vsuiind, Kill
White, Julia Watxn.Mury llWillltau.UoliU
Word., Mti Willl.m.. 51 Wilkinson, Mrs
White, Mr.CII Wslker, Mill J OJ
Wtbb, bliss W WlllUfnl, Miss J Wsrresn, Msrr
Wild, Msry L Wilson, Mrs JV
Wise, Mary A Wuhlofloo, A Wbeeler, Mis. M
WelU.MnJW Wblllam, Mill Wilson, Mrs J
WlllUmi.Mrs JK AM Wundtrly.BC
U.Btlem.n'a llst
Alfred, Atrfn K Adimi.Jr, II I. Amelis, Jno J
Allen, A H Arrostrong. II Aadetnn.Js.
Andrm'.A Andrem.JT Abbotl.JW
Asotin, Csit A TAd.mion, JjmT Angell, t.euls K
Armt'Png,UO-3Aimltaxe, Osp Jlcixk, tt
Allen, OK W Ammond, N II
Ackmsn.ON Adamt. Iirael Atery.Caot Bobt
Allen, Ul'U Audi erloute, J Aldllch, Bobt G
Arautrong, CC Ayerjr, Capt I Appleton.I.t a
Arfnetrong, Dr Adams, JssM Aland, HOooper
Alesander,Kll-3A'ams J..ph Arnold, Thm u
ArnoH, Dr K A Allen, Dr Jno Allaways, 1 IniB
Apcl.FIi Albrtght.J Andrews, Col It
Alexander, U AndNivs, J O
Bradley, AndO llurb, Bradley lltiren, Capt
Been, A It IUIUyiCi 11 seby, Dudley
Bnrbank, capt ABtrUin, BenJ C Uetui, Dtnl
J lllibop, Chat B Burrows, Danl
Blank, A J Brace, Clint Biamtr, David
Blaokmin.AJ Bruemer, Cbss Beety, Dsnl
llnterbaugb, A Burdlue, Cal U Brlodlty, fclijeh
llurkel, Adam Uomba-gb.DrCCllnileign, K 1.
Hutk.Ai. Brown, unsl'i Ileal. Kd
Bcrgeinan.A II II, Cliuattir l Bowen, CsptKA
ueioner, a v nixer, ( uae
Biown, A VaaoeBadeoitein.o
Burnett, A Q Beale, 0 D
Betgsnun, A II PBaeon, O a
B)ardnun, ef BubbtCbse 1
Blodgett llurnhim, C II
Bllllnsa. E E
Berry Frank II
Burr, F 8
Barlett, Geo W
Breanan, DrO M
Itiuner. Henrr
HrowD.UcolI Bill, llenryjr
titrd,! ti a iiiiitsn,
Bilttan, Harlan SBender, Uenry
Beal.uco r usdocok, v: jiu,ii, itnraoi
Bsxter, U W I' Brady, Jno
lie 1111,11, imraoe J
Ifsrnea, Ullof usuncu, iicnry uraay, om
Ilium, ii Btll,U.iryJr Blrdwell, Jno II
Boddell.OeoH Braur, llowaid Harymsu, Jno O
Breinstil, frofflKuik, Henry R Bnadncsd, Capt
U llmnelt.ll M-8 J A
Bradford G W HurcbarJ, 11 Butler, Hon Jno
Busker. Oeo Hraokelt, Henry M
Brent.G.i Berry, Hiram Butler. Jpo W-.2
Biosdnrad, Dr Brlggi Jno a
Jno W Boud, Jno F
Bleklnga Jno Brown, J M
Brl.ltl, Jno Brooki, J D
Brubkaben, J M Bunoe, J S
Belawauffer JnoBln..m.n.L F
Balk. Li 8 3
Burktfouas 8
Bbm, I hoe II
Baker, 1 ho 8
llescrolt Tboa
Bookloghsm, J RBronaon, It M VBieckley.T
Biment Capi J Ollradley, M M Ililee, Cspt T n
nsser, J uranesr,Bt'i.ainteggier, t u
Bsiley, Jno W B adley, tt M E B.owo, Wni
Bromley, Jaa -3 Brown, Cspt W
Binnahan, Jaa Burnett, MS II
Bynsid,Jno Birnlls.Mor Ilicou.Wl'
BIsckiton, Jaa Boyle, Mlohl O Bella, Wm It
Birrotgha, J Burie, Ulchl Buchanan, W A
Bsrnbou., J K Benwsy, Mo ea Bemou,Wc)
Boulter, Jos II Baker, Mlohl Berun.Wra
Bernbaid.J Bucklsud.N Banka, WB
Border, J no B Blba.OrlandF B)yd, Wm
Byrne, Jno-3 Beiger.CaptO Brawstll WW
Bally, Jaoob Boguer.P.ter Bailey, Weston
Bildgett, Joehua Blsnd, P F, Barker, Wm
BssDlater, Jno Bergh, Peter B)id,Wm-S
Bsrnea, Jno F-3noyd, Parker D Brown, Wesley
Breens, JuC Baker, Benben Blackmsn, WH
Bnck.IasaoW Berkley .Bobt B'.okwood, Bsv
Booth, JuonO BsiMtt,8 Wm a
Bsrt, Muter jnBtatsr.RoMT Bashaaaa, W A
Browa. J H Jttrgaa, Ktcbd ABradlsy,vrm
Bsss.Jbou . Bills, Baltn Browa, was!'
Brew., Dr J T Bryan, Baral Booua.Capt Wm
Batk), Jno E Bursett, Bamier M '
Carothtn, D A ECronre, Capt D-101ark, Dr B O
Ceshmai,Atoas)CbsmberaBe, BOarpershwart. H
Contni, Arthur W Crosble.JnltUB
Oonrao, Aig Colllna, Ethel Charles, II 1,
Chspln, Dr A B Crane, Enmst Chambers, U A
Oarmlenel, B Carman, Ed K Caapbsll, II A
Croats, Barry Csnteld, El Campbell, Hagh
Gaapmsn,Chss Csllahsn,K thaeabsrlln, J A
Cooper, Capt Crowder, r Coget.Jno
Ca'Sglione A Co Ctrbart, F Casoles,JaiH
Cornier, C II Caetle.OL Crandle,Jo
Csrrollen, Lt 0 Content, O-3 CanmMro, JO
Cobte,Con Charmsn,OX Coo4r,Jao
Cooler, Cap Cbtlda, Geo Clapman, Jno 0
Creech, Chat K Covell.UeoW Coleman, J p
Cairler.Chai A Cn.Luaa.Gto Crotoer, J A
Crsee.CD Cslvtrt,U W Csrm'ae.PJ
Crofton, Cspt Croaker, Vpi O AGorooran, Jao
ColUega.OU Collira.U.oA Cowan,UonJT
Carr, Daniel COBrtnay,Gto GIameBts,Jss
Clark, UoaDWCCnryttle, II W Oasdrey, J 0-5
Cornel). David Congee, H c Oarvanrvan, J H
Connolly, Joo Conway, O J Coxs, Wm
Ch eae man, J L Curry, P B Camrcy, W A
Cnemberlio, VrJConorsn, rat Coals, Cap W K
M Corby, PI Chamtera.DrW
Carpaatsr, Dr J Carroll, Pal B
Cruihn, Cap J Campbell, P A Clark, W P-J
Collins, J P Cortlsnt,ReabSBCoiwln, Wsrrea
Crelepe, J v 2 Connsly, Root t'oys., Wm
Caiter, J E Cook, oalUvan Chambers.WU-1
Chunbera.J T Cowing. Beth Csry.LtWU
ColcmsB. laao cailmtn, 8 B Coleman, W II
Clarke, J II Cbsmberlie, 8 8 Clark, W M
Craig, J T Cur ran, Dr 8 M Chaplin Wm
Claris, J P Cswley, H B Colllse, W II
Carnes, Cap J L Camming., T C Oftats, W M
Chain.. LO-J Coaoly.lbo ohambeilaln.WB
Cos's, L Chink, T G Calhbert. v K
Cramp, L A Celley, rboa ClatT.y, Wm
Cheiafman,M Cuddy, Thos Clemens. W A
Cols, M II CIS ke, 1 K ICreasy, W J
Coismlna.MA Campbell, Til Chester, WH
Creek, WH Cobb.Uilsh iCntitr,W
Callsbtn Mieh Cornlnh, Virgil t'amet, W A
Carte., Mr Goxt, W B Ciaik, W M
Connor, U
Dsvlf, MAUI Delsfonntsln , Q DlTlCa-in, Jai
Dsle. Allen Davenport, O Dsw, JnoH
De Vlllaroean, Dobertjr.Oeo Dunn, J W
Ctpt Day, OR II Doy'e,CtptJA
Days, Ctia Dltch,Geo Doud, Jno
Duaiil.OU Dobler.OA Devsney, M
Datsll.LtOQ Ciller, OW1 Dreohsler, af r
Dantly, G W Decker, Go Daoaey, Mlsh
Dodie.ChuH Droegt.II Dexter, MUo
Deltrlob, C 8 Dtsna, Cspt II CDeoojIt. p M
Dusbsr, Chss Dahlwelner. H Dolsn, P Q
Dana.CoaaP Dlawofth, II 0 Doles, Talk
Dennli, Cnas Donoan, J B Diemin, 8 U
Drtr, Ctpt 0 II Dnvesr, Jai Downy, Col 8 W
Dlemer.Chts Dsvlioa, Jit Downi, Tho.
Detrlok, 0 8 Donaghne.JT D,ekermsn.TP
Dennla, Dootor Dragaa.Joa Darhsm, Tbos
Davis, Enoch J Dane, J W A CoDinnta, W B
Dardln..8trgtE a Darling, WL.
Dlngea, bdw Dobbins, J N Dowser, Cspt W
Drury.F.M Davis, Jn.W P
Irani, A K K.fsr.s. II C rver.in, U
Kilnn, Aloni Eltaon.JndA Edir, Saml
Fgbert, AG Kills, Jeo Jwene, SO
Edward, Cant AEtraer, Jno K km. Karat
Enley, Chta D Elmer, J II Elliott, 8 T
Enrtgnt, Cspt EUIot,JnoU hrsns, T G-2
Vjiln. Coiumbns Enabey. Jaoob Ertrte. T B
Eytloge.ClarenoeEslia, Jno II Knilgbt, Cspt W
Kvans, EtWu r.unure, o c v.
Kldr, Frank Kvant, II V B Elliott, Wm G
EgiOffetein,ColFErnirion,CeptMbafnea, L M
V P.
Fits ilmoni. And Fay, Dr II O Ferry, Moss J
Fcner.AO Ford, Col U a Fayette, Louis
Valrrhild. A J Filer. Jaa Frier.. M
Friea, Chrlat'r Fitipatilok, Jss Flanery, M.tllr
r ricasr, uuu ricuucr,gwj r leieuiuaa, .1
Flint, C O Feaater, J B Flnlay, N M
Fcni, Caleb L Ferree, Jsoob F Falter, Olny B
Fiaber, 8arg O LFcnwlok, Ian For ,0ov Tnos
Fsrgu-on, Dav BFoater, Cipt J DFiiti, Im
Fergueon, Dav-SKondermlin, J Flynn, W F 1
Field, Djvld Fi.her, Jacob O Fax, Cspt W F
Fitch, UK Farley, Lt J P Fisemao, Cjpt
ir.at.a... F.tt Fowler. J D Wm K
Fenlon, EugensFord, Jno U Fergaaon, Capt
rnimu. rink rj, a ia. '
Ferren,Qeol Flsgg, J B Fowler, Wm O
Fieeboru.OC Fogs, Jno Fuller. W U P
Felley.UnaUvu'Fltis, J Lans Kl'ob.wm
Fatnesr. Uenry Fox,JU Farreo, Wm
Flany, Uenry a Franolne, Lt ColFlammer, Wm
Fox, Henry F Lotli
Grlger, August Gravsa, G T 9 Graham. Geo
Gaislid,A Urossmeysr, II Oslier, Rtnbsa
finatna. Ansae Orm IiC t Gteens. U G
Gordon, SetgtCCUesell, J O (loodmar, 8 H-l
Goxtwln.UK urinio.ij ungge, u.mi
dolt, C O Qltlaon, i O Osge, Both
GUmors, MsJ ODGorson, Joseph Goodhus, 8 8
J Grimn.JW llroot.SJ
(.oodwln.CE Gliawn.JP Gntmsnn.8
Goidon.CV 1 Gattlngsr, Je ulibretn, 8 0
Grlfflag, D OrseawooJ, J Glover. 8sml 2
Ursham, D 8 Good, Jacol Giout, Me) 8 II
Grant, F. C Uoie, John 2 Uilvlo. r F
Greeo, Ed Gssi,Jsmes Uray, Can Tbos
flarrtnap. K F Ar.ver. K A Grsnt. Wm
Gsimtn, hdw OoddarJ, L W Gul lord,Wm 2
German, Kdw GotT.LB Gann.WS
tllllia,u w a uindra,t.p .r.urcer, vf u
aenls,Gso Gsnastt, M Graham, W 8
Gurat, Geo Green, Robt Gourdln, Wm
Garrlion, Oeo
Hendnckeon, A Htwley, Lt C Uunue.O W
2 E. Herlly,GC
nsmlet, Albt Uebbe'e, Chat Uowell, Sergt Q
Ueeton.DrA P Hsopler, Cspt C 2
Hsrimeyer. A-2 HntT, Cbsa Hall. OT-1
Howard, Itev A Uukell, O II Uolmes, Gio
j IlsllAUIsrts Huntington, G
Hstnmond.A Hsburn,Cbs llog,0o
Ueflebower, A-2 11 .well, D J Hill, Geo2
llsrburne, Lt A lioaell, Da 11 llerroy, Geo
N-2 Hnien.DrDO llutohln.on, 0
Helta, Aulbony Uiukle, Dr Helmioli.deo
li.iumoud, A J UoweU.DJ lloit.U 11
llsllldsy, A M. Harding, E A-tHUbua, Geo
Ilelmer, lr All Hanger, E:lu Hall, Gurden
2 Heymosr, E llewett.Gio
nnbbaid, AW Hsm ted, tdw Uesated.UF
Hetoham.CaptNUsrrH.Dr l2 Uerrl.k,G L
Usaaler, II II Ho chkt, E P Handy, 11
Hslplo,Ui.rnard IIanUiillle,CaptHub.,lIf
llaldeu.Ctiaa FS llarkina.U
Hunt, Chan Hamilton, Dr K Uenaenober, II
HsUht.CW U Hirst, a
Hsrtmau,CF Hater, K M Iltnorr, ltn
Hill, C T Halook, F Hall, Hugh
Uerwtg, Uy Hall, h J It Usa,sl
lloimer.UL Heatb.LT Hall, Kami,
llaan llw llOV. LtwrSLOS Ilall.MA
ilurbl.cn, II llamlln.l t I.W 2 Holsoird, Col 8B
llstdena, JM Hovel, little UswUin. it
llsolett, JIC Hand, Ml' lltll.TE
Uarsdiu, JC ll.nry,Mr lIssr,TJ
II anion, J II mill, Ml, Hoyt.TOI
Hornbrook,J Holaton Mr lliok,Tli
Mamrr.nnil Jit Henrv.HonMS Hamilton. TV
lloltou.Hr J A lllggiue, Martin Hall, Capt T K
uorner, Jno iioimee, aiji nowsra, in
Hllboru.J Uulser.CspCF Hlll.Wm J
IlunulJUt, JW Uestb, OW Hirvey.W P
llarlian.h. Jaa llonffhton.OW Usraer. Win
llntahlna. .lie Herrlok. Itev ORUamllton.Kev W
Uanaon, John Ucgan,Pat Uatrieon,llon B
Hoover, Jaa Hathaway, l'B Harris. W D
Ilnlm.JnoU Hare, Pat llubnard.W II
Holbrofik .10 Hathaway PM1 Usrrlton, tt lt
nnh.rt.JG Hasan. FO Hunt.m
Harrington, J-3 Uller, Moeet Hutehininn,WW
Herrwn,Joa II Hagan, I'D llarvey.w It
Hanmore. J W Uiam.UP Heniy.WmK
Ualley,JsaE llayden, Pat llavilet. Win
Uaye,Jnol' Hamilton, Cap ltllnnter.W II
Hodge. Jaa W W-i lleok, WC
ll.mVr..l.t JI1 Hunt r. Can It Hlokev.SV J
H.je.J.ell Uall.DrBJ Usll,Ciptrl
Usll, Jaoob uiidrein.ano
I and J.
Johm on, Albert Jsckmsa, JuoU Johnajn.Baml
Johneon, O C 1 Jsmeion Dr J Llonea, 8aml
Jonna, Chaall Jrnkina, LL Junee, almon
Jsmei, LtEB Jaokmsn.LtL .lobnaon, Dr TH
.!. V . (nn.a I . Ma. .T . I. A.nn tiammt f
UUIIUIVH. T 1 ww.i.a, ... a.a. .i.'bm,..,,, ,
James, Freeman Judd, Nelaon 2 W
Joyce, Francea Jinninte.N 1 Jsctmso.Wm
Jonee, Henry G Johneon,N A Jobndon. Wmll
Jones, Jsi Jsokaon, P T Jainea, W 8
Jobnaon.JO Judaon,Col B WJcnes, W W
Juhoaon,JW Johnson, Bobt JeonlDga,WI.Der
Johnson, Jno G '
Klsmell, AF Kennedy, D Klrby, Joo
llimmrll, A W-SKIebllne. Kdw Kabla, Jno
Knowlea, A U Ksutb, FranoCiiKane, Joo
Kerns, Aug M 3Kel'er, F Koho, Isiso
Klog.land.A King, Geo M Karr, Mlcbl
Kennedy, 11 B Koox,HyK I King, Ososr
Kock, Bernard Knock, Ilenry Kennedy, T F
Klckerbookr,DrKaoxen. Ilenry Kenoedy, Lt r It
11-2 Klute, H.rdiod Kelley.Thc. a
King, Cspt Knox, Uenry King, Wmll
Kilfe.Chss Kerlgsn.Jno lv.ru, Capt W II
KlnT.ChuW Ken.dv.Ja. Klir. WlllardW
Knight, DrC Keneaater.Jta Mrilsnd, W V-2
Kroul.,t;spi i nana, jno
I.ynrlai, Abrs Loomts.UornerELamango, Maoor
Lyona, AWN Lawrence, II O Lathrou, N II
Lee, Andrew Lnoat,JooC LengMr, o W
i.boj, Anthony Lulley, Jno Lidd.OK
Leavltt. Barrett Lynch, Joo-9 Lnbhln, o
l.ee,liu axMsoarf, juj Af.eary, r
Law. Uanl J Llne.sj. J ' L.anlitan Pat
Lslbr.p U T Loveitt, Jno G L.oclcy, Col 8 O
Llbbey.Chasn Lesry, JnoO I.jju, ThoiE
Letler, Lt C C ZLsthsm, lion J I your, 1 hoa
LtnoolD, Cbaa D Les, Jno J & 1 eoostd, Thos
l.onnsbury, O U Lynob, Jst Lauug'tan, Thoi
Lsmin,Capt Laas,Jse Ltudemsn.DrT
Leather, David Lasts, J A Laverty, 1 11
Lawlon, Ed V Leach, Capt Lib Lack, Cspt U
Lsne, Edwin A Lent, Levi l.snu, Wm
Loveli E Luddeu, LDex Lamb, ttmL
Lan., Elijah Lamb, Luolan Bi ewia Wm
Lidd, K Lthr, I.eno Lee Cspt Wm
Lsne. Hon Q W Leugierg, M La Dew, Col W
Leltobtield, II Lowiy, MB Longley. Wm
Lawli, Henry Luther, Miller II eland, W W-I
Ltwle, llerman
Mo itgomery, AUiWhell, t;an D Moore. Geo U
W.-S BiaouonaiQ, U naAUiiwr, vru
M.toalf, Amoe MoLangbllii.D Mitchell. Dr J J
MoDonald, A P Meglner. Dan Moore, Geo F
MeDfluirall.ltevAVIIllar. D Martin. Uentv
Meres, Abr.m McGloln Edw Mela u, Uenry
Millar, Antcx McOJus, Ed 8 SIjKoi Jtit, It
MoKlmiey, AT Moorer, KC MeDcjald.U
UoUeghlenflapMltsbsU, Ed t-Uf asssy, Dr H
A-t - Moslurn, Epb Mann, Bsv HO
Mey.Asg MUler, DlBP MUer, Herman
eBTur.w,miia aiaTer.ar.nvnuisr, iiura
Mnswy, A o KiLiele, IranolsMalen, Jat
MoOlure, A-2 MsMortsa, F Myers, Joha
Meicer, Eager Vtrsh, Dr I" IMarrow, J A
buuirhI ..a . Biinai a- .. vbv .
Mlddiatoa, 0 at Maoy, ifyank Mitaheir. Jsi-a
Miles, DrO Moiillvtry ,Capr Miliar, Isaaa
morgan, un auier.MraaLrssaunnmorv! '
Mathews AChamMaan, ON Msbarlo,JA
bns Maatsr.Gonld MoDervllleJao
HsAvoy, DeaUMatun.ld,OeoWMltchell,J J
aieoma, u m. muidimit, u a.crryniiw,teiia
Uarlia, David Matllion.OsoT Muken.Jas
cum, vr aa.ni.cii, we . nerrimBn. i rv
MarUnia DI McKay I.tO McBnde.Sel
Hilhan.DrJJ Moors, DrJH Means, Cspt 8
HcOreldy.J M Mann, J O MoBtner.B
HcBrlds,J8 Miles, Msj Jas McMahoa.Selgt
Hci!ay,CsptJ Mercer, J T Mathewt.BS
McKlroy, Lt J-lKsxon, L U Matthsws, 8 T
Meslshon,Jso Mwrs,LG Moore, Thos
Harcer, Jaoob Martin, DrL O Mania, The K
McDonald, J atutersoa, t J Maloasy, Thcs B
MoColgat.Jse Mclatoib.Ln MUlsr.TW
McLiughlla, Dr MoKenney, H N Morris, Thos
JO McDosonsn.al Millar, sUvV
Ma.ming, Jno M or day. SB MoCall, W P
Moloney J M Miller, Noah Ma'os.jWA
Marnlre, Jss Msy, Weleoo UjMaodatr, W
MeKanoey.J Mortos.Uov O PMealsnhall, W
Hcgaade.Jno -3 W
Mat-dock, Bsv J McFsddeo.rTV Muastr.LtCJl W
II MUloaa. B W H-l
Hliehsll, J H MeCllgatt. II Marqaart, W S
Mllban.DrJJ Moon, R II Moore.LtWA
stsrtlB.LtJ P Maeatr.CaptBMMcCall.WP
MoMahon, L J.2 McDowell, Bobt Merchant, W
MsBMde.JD Meusttsgan.u McDowell, WH
Msigrovs,Jas-2 Msbsn.LtBH MeUrillU,W A
Meir.J B '
Noble, A F Kotlon.UB Ne!aon,JaeU
Nojee.BenlO Noys, Uenry A Noves, J O
nanman, ..use sisgsi,iierinaB nDow,air a
iuuiB,jaeT t
Nicholson. WmU
nge,t;nae nortoB,iiTi
Needbsm, EJgar Nlr on, J 8
noli, wm H
Newlor, KU Nsglee, Joo 4 Kswtoo.Wm
Norton, EL NuiUng.JD Newell, Warner
Newton, F L-l Nobis, J F
U and a.
O'Brien, Anthy Owens, Jno T-l Oram, Msill
O'llare, Andw JO B len, J R O'Donnell, Mr
Olln, Abraham Oltmtnt, J W Osket, O 8
Odole, BevT O Connor, Jno O 'Boots, Col FII
(Jsitler, Fiaicls OGrsdy, Jas (Jaaa.Patk
Oahsisrelter, F Owasr,Capt Ju Dabura, SAO
O'Connor, U O'Brien, Jaa Oakey. Wm
Oi'icurn, II O out i, Lute Orr, Wm A
o Brian, Hiram O Cowen, Cap I
Paynler, A W PuUlfer, Chss M Pettee, Geo K
t'retcot, Albert Pawsts.Cbas Pollock, Oso J
Peck, II D Page, Claik A Prince, Bilr Gea
Perry. B M Pops, Chae A Flumlay, tl s
Palmer, BanJ Parley, Danl P Persona, Geo II
Pennington, CapPitklo. Edgar Powers Han 11
reran, cbss O Proll, Kli Porler, 11-2
II n.H C V ta.tra ITdu. ( Vam. fl.u
Pslmer, CAKE PUIpltl, FredkGPool., II
Preeton, U Bt GPatnsm.Capt J Parker, S U
-3 W Pedrlck, Stml
Porter, Lt II Pierce, Jno A Piwy, Sarel
Parker, IIP Pieu.JHB Friaton.HU
Putnam Cant U Peaalcy, L Peareoie, r 2
Patker.lID Prlel, M Mo Peverly.TE
Palmar, Jaa Plus, Nlch Parsons, Tbao
Petes, JoiB Proveagall, M Pslen,KsvV
Peters, Jno E Pornr, Peter Poollon, W V
Palmer, J A Poet, P it Pickem,Wm
rticaira' .i ar.ie, noui rait', w ji
Peabody, J II Parker, Koine Park., Lt W J
Plummer. J B Porter, Robt Palmer, Wm
Palmer, J F Pierce. Bam! Pok.WII
Poonnan, J K Poet, SO Palmer, W II
Pcnlton, Jss
Besley, Arthur ltoblni,CsptCMBsbbrtt,LtCoIE
Biardon, A Robetti, C M Reynolds. F A
Richards, A Roee, O W Reggies, F H-t
Kobisaon.A Kelobtrd, C Koibynnller, F
Rice, Alfred Hue-ell, Dr C P Boch, Fraoi '
Bntledgs,A-2 Ryan.C Robinson, OD
Klldugf, A Keedman.CE Boblsson, Lt G
Rlxforil,B-2 Rsed.DrDW T
llettberg, B Koiers, DrDL Byder.Gio
Redtleld, Byron Richardson, D P H smear. O W
Ros, BerJ Richardson, Lt DRuHel O W
Baab.Be.J P Ruat.IIy
Rootwell, C n-SItidoUrr., D W CKowell. II W-I
Ulsg, ChaiW Richmond, E Roate, HG
Boberteon, Dr JKald.n. Jno Badle, Shan
H Redmocd. Jas Kobcrts. 8 II
Robinson, J U ellhelnart, J Rusaell, Slsur B
nipicy, emm naun,tfnw v wK.ymonu, o V
Ksttenbnrg, JooBndd, Ju Koblnaon, T 11
Kamco, JO Bobbins, K.nsdyBssdy,Thsd 8
Boblneon, Jno CRockwell.8 A Roans, Thos W
KnSMll.RevJ ABioh.LD Kncker, CapWm
Boua. Col J J Ksmberrar.Mr M
Bobinaon, J U Ring, M Rees, Wm
Bobbin, J F
ftrtv. MutlnRatre.t. Wm
aoysrs, tiosn d aan, martin nsasrti n
7 . 'i .. HZT. -a" .. . J-T-
BVII,UDB nll,BMtH UUl, 1 ..
Itlid.v. Jofsh Robsfts. M A Rw. Wm A
Roberuon, Dr Jttsrdon, Mich Robinson. W H
B Rome. Pucbal Rlgney, Wm
Rolllna.JssU BonT.CaptPW
8 wan, AM Stevena, Ettia Smith, B W
Smith, Bon A DSslli, Hon E Shorter, Henry
Sh'srer, A Sullivan, Edw Smith, Henry
blokl.Cap AlrrsdSmllh, E B Scott, U U
SlIsnsr.AT Sllokel.BE Slieocck, I! W
atsvens, Albert Sanderson, E L Sears, II K
Staples, Al 2 Scheemi.DrE Snmmsrs, Hnm
Swan, AM Blbly, Kit pbrsy A
Smlb, BF-1 Stelae, K II Spsrts, II C
Scbommsker, B nsndeil, V. C Snow, Cap U A
atover, BT Sswyer, ED Slnnett, Ilatvey
Somen, Hilly Symone, Kredk Sobu'tli'ei, lly
nubsrs, uurrts aimmois.r u amtin, uemm'ay
aiiuti.ii,, ajiaaiwi, ui ia , u u u
Sawyer, Chte Smith, FQ Showy It L
C. An. t Un K... V vmA fll.kM.. fl t
D,ul, v w 1'w.uuh. . a .v.. u.wuu,a c
Santmeyer.C A Staple, Frank Stroog, J Taylor
Slojum.CII Smith, FS Sbfhan.JK
Scott, C B Schkbirt, Fred Smedley, J D
Salih.CD Smill.as Stooebrtker, Jno
ooutasra, ty a oiiu mu v a nayuvr, r
Stei'henaon.CspStsulord, Geo Simmmooa JH
Spencer,ScrgtCLkimpnon, G Ii Spinier, J M
Sickett.Clt hmltb.GT Sweeney, Jno
aiowell Chas Stivaaon.Geo Stnborn, JD
Smith, Cap D L Smith, O A C Sothorn, J B F
amllb.LtDP Kcolt, Oilman .Some. a, JL
Smith, D R S.n'ucol, GrosepSiaatbury, Jno
8uw art. D O Smith, O B Stevens, J D
Snook, DC Sutton, GL 8ponnell,JN
atelnberger. D Smith, ColGWFaandeit, J.eeph
Stager, EN Skeldlng.UT Spansll, Jsi N
aiiallsnberger, JSsvsge, Miobael 8Ummrr,Sam
Sinoorn, .1 K atorer, Martin GSeelys, T T
Sklnt.r, J II Sullivan, Mil Miner, Bergt T
Soyder, J II ateuie, Msy i. Sxltb, Tbo.
Stanton, Jno Sosstson, Moses Somsra, The
Saukey Jss Slotn, Msth.w Ssversxc, TG
Slater, Jno T Scliwsts.Mr Smith, Tboa M
Serley, Jeo C 2Stckett,N S nmilb, Ibos W
Spenorr. J B Slater, Itewland Scrivener, T, Jr
Nmltli, Jaa Spalding, Oicar Sblitltr Uilth
Sojtt.Joifi.li mlth.C.ptU BSblok.Wm l
Strong, Jno T Savage, P 1 HneaUier, WmW
Starreit.JnoII 8le, Peter J Sinclair, Wmi
steel, Jno bbehsn,Pal Button, Wm II
Smith, Jsiper-Jouluvsn, Pat Swift, Vni A
Smith, Jno 2 mllb. Pbllanaersbaw, Wm II
Sioli, Jno Sooneld, Patter- Small, Wlllatd
Sells. Jno W son A Silucson. Wni
Soott, Jsf Shelly. It I' Ssmple, Wm II
Hmyin, jai soon, uspt nn '.aevsran... w u
nciiuuao, o i" aauuvia, uuiui ouia"uut n oi j
Sxitt, Jcnph 8 Sparry, Msster BSmeat, Dr m
Hpaoell.JasN J Stlnt.WUU
Sclitfer, Konrad Suioot, Cpt S 8 Shaw, Wni
Stewart. Ml Stokes, 8 2 Siout, Wm
Smith, Lester Spclleoy, Saml Swllt, Willi. Jr
hhllo. Lorenz blrsus. Simon Sneere. Wm H
Shall, Lawrence Stettart A aires Smith, W Wll J
aiark, Levi It Steves, S P Siolnetieau , W 11
Stelner, MeJ
Tlionu's-n, Dr reagu,Capt ai; lullar.u II
Alex-. I albeit (iW ryler,.'il It O
tneemg,Aug i uompioti , v iiou. uont t
I hompoo,Cap Alosbmsn.G A T.ylor, It H
Ttmbncol, Bufg Towssend, J D laloott, It '
CJ Thomnteon J Ibomau. CaDtS
Thtyer, Ch F 2 Trscy.Col J T Tripp, S B
tounsseni.unr luo.riiusD, jii insirrii,iti
Tbsver. DelosA Urbline. J.IL 'lensnts.S J
Turner, DU Ihomae, Jao Tailor, Sll
Thorn. Daiton Tunsr.Jno ledd. Seth
Townietil. ES lhomaon,Jno IcnnsntrBsm
Taylor, EK Tbsyer,Jno2 robin, Cap J IV
Troxell tdw Torbcrt, J 1' Tallmadgs.TW
Tarry, Kit larner, Jt. l owner, TB
Taylor, Edw Thing, J T.ltchell.WA
Trangfort. b A lbomou,MiJ J Tlllaon WF
Tatem.ESJ H rrowbridge.W
Tlplltt, FFC Thell, Jno 1 timer, WF
Thompson, (IV I ate, J C 1 oa omsn. WD
Thompson. O i'arner.Mal l.U IhomitWU
lower, OK Thornton, Lto ,lsylur,Wm J
Trsvers G W
II anil V.
UpperinanCW Vauehn, Gid Vaugban.Jno
Van Slyck, Surg Vssdenburg, O Vorrheea, J V
DeW C Vsugbo,Go Vsodalnker.J
Vegrack,Col Bs llpperman, UK Vlel, Jas
ronh, Undirwood,Jno no, Mergsn
Von Irltach.Csp oo S.blan,Cap Van Dyke, Lieut
F (1 JO Col Ituah
Tlrkermau.r Vatdnzar, J T 2 VandeTcnler,SO
vtrguaon, uu aruum,j,tt an iueaen,WA
Uvil on, Lt J .-.Winter, Mr Welle. Sam
2 wiiiio, si u tvoniiner nam
Wbitehill,Jts Woolertlob.Mr Wltbe,Thoa J
Williams. Jno iteinneig. m tvooaa, tnos
Wilton, Ats SetgWallsos, Mr Weed, T
J tt rlgbti 11.1 Gen Wilaou.TG
WeUei, Jno Wadhsm, N E bWhlle, Tbos U
Wadawortn,J BWoodmange., NWsrdratr, Thoo
Wllaon.JnoE WoodDury.O II White, Tboa J
Wsgnsr, Jao Welling, P G W Warren, '1 0
WsRoa.DrJT Wstreu.Peler Wooeter.l
Wild, Joeeph Wheeler, It J Warn, Wm
Wright, Car t Iratt hlttaker, R Wsrdrop, Wui
Wright, Jai L Woodman, It 2 Williams, W r.2
Wench, lease Wakemsn, It Wbyte, W II
Wolf Julius WsudrnlT, It p W.mer. W W
Walton, Jno Williams, Cap I.U'lthirall. Lt W
Wlntburg, L Walworth, a II Whiting, Lt WB
Wskeneld, Uev tt'atteae, Sam Writs, W
I. b-3 Weld, Lt S M Welch, W II
William., Col L Whitelsy, 8 il Wll lam, W II
Wslker Weaver, SlipbenWblta, tt siren
iyciiu, Mien nitiier, n j i eiajer. w it
Wett. Alonzf 3 Wlttcn. Dsnl S Wreton. Lt IL..
Wight, A O Wood, David WsrrioLtUW
W.mer.ColA Stt'bltmorc Dsnl While, Oeo
Woodsy, Albert Wlnalow, Dr Wataon, O F
Wilson. Andrew Webster, Danl-2 Wlldilok, O W
Wynkocp A Wsltou A Don tt'llaon,Geo J
Whtebe.d.AK nelly Wocd.GMK
Waterman, A r Wlab, A O Wilson, Capt U 8
Wests, Mr BO-SWood, Danl WiiUsy, Ulrau
Wright, Brown Wra.brlasr.D8 WIleoa.IrlM
Walt., ChuN Wood.,OolEWWs'ere. Iso
wafers, unasu weaver, autss waltoB, Ul i,
Wkaley.lloaO Westoa.EdwtitWblttslrsr, t Wi
Wilson, Chsa Whalen,E18 Wheeler, J u
Wasir.Capt Wright, Jr.Kd WU.oa.JE
Walla ChuL Wslalsson.FA William, Jaa
Wearer, Cbss Woofnsgeu.F Woodrlng, Iirael
Wilkinson, Lt C Weaver, Fred Walton, Jno D
8 WIpperman.F Wilson, Jno C
Wilbur, 0 M WsrdVoastailol
Young, David O Young, E Toner, Saml
Young, David Youchins, Jno .oust, Wm
Vesper, Danl A Yllller, Jno Yoaag, Col W II
Z'mDtrman,M V
A II I; A O Vi Klialsy L Co , Kxprcetmea, M
it , ..lursrisn .tninun appteniices' 1 lorary
Ths balance of lbs csrgo of ths
Conslatlng of every dseerlptloa of
Will be for sals aatll the Schooner la dlschsrg ed.
In need ol a Winter Supply, at the
Can be aopplisd by ths Package.
Contignes, oor. lttb etreet and Ptnn avt.
Sohoonrr "Aid," foot ot lllb street
oo 11-dlftf
The balance of ths cargo of tbs
Coneletlog ot every deicrlptlon of
Will t. for sals nntll tbs Bohooasr la dlsohargsd
In nssd of a Winter Supply, at tbs
Can bs supptlsd by ths Packsgs.
Conslgnss, oor. ltth street and Penn. are
Scbousr "Aid," foot of lltb etreet.
oo ll-dutf
(Extract Irom a Letter oa ths Battle Field )
Tbia battl. (Antletam) baa been the most
tapgulnary of th. war, and the only one fought
with deelgn and upon military principles. The
arrangement of our corps the overlooking po.
allien of the Commanding General the tending
Into aotlon th. right and the left the closing
up of the centre, and Anal auooeat eioltea be
wllderlng admiration, and oarrlea the mind to
the great fields of Austerllti and wagram,
fought by Napoleon. Of all thlt have 1 spoken.
The heart history of tuoh a conflict, purohasod
by the life and blood of twenty thousand men,
must be found In the hospitals. War hat its
glories but It has Its ten thousand demons in
these human tortures, that make the eye-balle
aobe the heart bleed the lipt palay and the
brain reel. The tight Is at Ant positively un
endurable. The life blood of some It still trick
ling away in silent calmness while the dla
eevered limbs and maniao brain of others give
rise to sounds God grant I may not again wll
But u uiiitliuts whuuuw abb-It a sun or v. We
a husband or sister a brother or tons a
father know and he ouusoled that even hero
the hand nrmoroy is watohful, aod belter care
Is bestowed upon your loved one than might at
drat seem posslbio. lt waa In tbe hospital
where retted the gallant Hooker, that I learned
the history of those mythical words no often
seen and ao little understood, ". T. 1600 X.
Anything alleviating tbe eufferlnge and aavlng
the lives or our soldiers is a national blessing.
I witnessed aotue astonlabing results from this
It fa well known the effect of burnt gunpow
der and excitement Is thirst, which, added to
the lost ol blood lu the wounded, oreatea the
neoeaslty of a rovivlug stimulant. In this par
tloular hospital, tbe ph)siclHns vtota allowing
their patleuls t drink Plaiiltlluii Uitlera, other,
wise oalled 8. T.-1SC0 X, aud although tbe
wounded are most numerous here this divis
ion having opened tbe tight at A In the morning
tbe men were mostly composed, nd there waa
but very little fainting. The article acts upon
lhe stomach, and nervee. In a moat Incompre
hensible manner, superior to brandy, and wltb.
out subsequent etuplf) lug reaction. Ii origi
nated In tbe West Indies, containing tallaaya
bark, winter green, lavender, anise, clove
buds, orange, snak. root, Ao., preserved in Hi.
Cn ii Hum tint fl. T. lCll- X being k secret
liigiedient, inil et rew-loil in llio public. It
is principally recommended for want of appe
lite, disordered liver, intermittent fevers, stom
achlo dlffloultlea, Ao. I understand It waa
Bornewbat known In tbe Southern States previ
ous lo the warratid It appears an agent of Jef.
fersou Davis recently applied to the propria
tors for the privilege to mike It for hospital
purposes during the war, to wiiloii they made
tbe following reply :
Ntw Yost, Jan. 1C, 196.
Mr ,
.torn! of. He :
Dear Sir, In reply to your "ommuoltatlou,
offering us "Fitly thousand dollars for the re
cipe and right to make the Plantation Bitters
lor nospiiai purposes uunuK ion war, we oeg
to eay your price Is a liberal one, considering
It would oost us nothing to comply, andthit
otherwise we can derive no revenue from tbe
Southern States; but, sir, our duties to our
Government and uur Ideas of consistency would
not allow us to entertain It, although it might
please us to assuage tne sufferings ni your mis
guided lollowert.
We remsln,
Very respeotlully youre,
P. II. Dkiib Co.
These geullemeu give the history of oettain
Ingredients of their article fur over two hun
dred years showing that through all changet
ofthe medical profession and lit practitioners,
strength, composure ana cheerfulness have
been derived from these aourcet. Dr. Woods
In lhe Washington Hospitals Informed me that
he had been unable to produce an hour't tleep
In one patient for nearly two weeks, and be
was fast linking and oraty, until the Plantation
Bltlert came to hit knowledge, fthenono day's
trial gave him a nlgbl't rest and tie was now
fast recovering. I am surprised our Govern
ment hat not equalled Jefferson Davlaiu energy,
and adopted this Invaluable artlole In all our
hospitals. At a lay member, I can bear witness
It It "good to take," and affords more energy
and life than anything I have ever tried. Sue
cesa to the Plantation Bitters.
But I have digressed. In my next I .ball
tpeak of gathering In the wounded, burying
the dead, 4c. B.
ttpt 15 .o-13t
Canterbury Hall,
Canterbury Hall,
laealslaaa Arena., tt.ar Itlk aUrxt,
Laalslaaa A.aa., near ml. bumi,
taoalelaaa Av.aa., attar .lata atroet,
la rear or the Ratloaal Hotel.
The Pioneer Concert Hall
with ta.
of the
We have Larger lfoui es,
W. pay Ul.her Behulo. .
We have tbe Beet Hall,
We hate the Meet Relied Audlsaee ,
of say other similar tt'abllenment In Waehiagtoa
Btcond asek ol the besatiful
JUcilvf d rr Dlftbt Uat wk with t&udun Of tp
B-tnigmDt for oot wet loagtref iht f.uolatt
mis is positivf.lv tuk last wkek.
Flut tipeatence of
1V1.HH Julia Christine,
AtXltaas 2fzaTaxAooaH Xaoroyi
Mllo. Xalnottai
Ths Best Female Jig Dancer la th. Wotld,
Th. WaabiogtOu Fatoiil.
MLS. 'I Til. I. V FOR Blab.
CemlaUed lucceaeol tbe lovel) and oodeet boogaraaj
Wilt appear etery night this weak la tbs
This besutllul act drew rnWed Kwtei at th. Canter
bury iat leaio. lor I1IHI.K UON1US, and Ills
prouonaord 10 b. one of lhe moil ta-.yi- ad rjar
liactd mtt itagt
Uet week ol
and his Trainee Dog.
w IB be oo hand In new Elhioplsa acts
Willie Kmetaon, Kaatar Johnny,
Dooreopsa,et(. Performance, 7JWo'dCnA Cists a
11 o clock , ...
AemUelon, W eeuta Orchsstra Chairs, t" taAU
atJaiin. to Jlahnra I.tdies.aJ cealt, crJlllan, 11
Doors open al3o'c!ck, peiforciancs at sv o'clock
Good order strictly malutalt ed
(Stars col) tvctll
f'onio' t A'diA slrof umI Vcii'tiaiiii Amwt,
ivnitr cf nMifi sfrre. ui Louisiana aaieiius,
tbrnrr of JVinin strut aid Jcutsiahn .lttriua,
Near Penn A v. anit Market tpar.
Near P. tin Av sbd Blaeae Saiacc.
Lock. A Buller
Low Gsyloid...,
1 eaeeia mi Msusgsre
Stage Msusger
Ihla new, ceulially located, BLd tachioDsbla Uall
Oo the orcaelcuof lu Inauguistlou on Sstnttty
sveulog last, and If atl allowed
tujuogc Irom the
VV. would alats without heeltslion that ae be
lllte lie
poi'ULAKtn UNtjukSTioNAULk tar All
Vte ai. detei mined at the uioat Isbsloua lUksto
lurnlab lhe
by aeculing the
And employing an agent to aeouis all
ith . btmli ot m,deel ptld.taUu
We lesixcllully oall attention to tbs following
Commencing with the wor, hip,! of Amelias s
linen styled the
JULIA UAUn-lON VTlM ctplivttleg d.Bisuae
Th.b..u,Hu.cb.,,.r ("A ggggg
dancer laURA bhHNAUD
With htr favorite bojt-.h melody
DIE," EMMA GARDNER) Ths tocomplkhid Tsrtal
The Yankee commedlenne AMELIA WELLS
KATEUAMILION The frmal. Jig dancer
Contraband delineator CI1ARLEI GABDNAR
10M ANCK.... OllgiualoomlovtMalL.
1 he great baslol.t J1UM. CLAUh.
HAltlt THOMBON Theweaslnf tef."
Tb. bsppv man . ... .... LOW OAlLOaD
BOB HALL I be conilo eloger
BOBBUlLhR Great comlo aotor
The gitsttar gvmoaats tn ths world
Tbs perlormsuces will oonolude esoh erasing
Willi .
Doors open st T, commence at I.
Admlaalon ta narLarr. SZld rallerr tt CSBtS
Admission Uvrebsstraboxsi. , to cuts.
oct IS

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