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AUK atvii
Kirr DiriiTumr,
llur.AU a ftuuTwM. A. Han. ... i.A.
S1ALF.U PKQfOSAI.8 to furnish materials ft
the navy for ths flfial year ending strut June low.
will be received t till) Bureau until 9 o'olo:k F. M.
wi iii '.. vflioocr next, inn, TiroposBls must D,
eodoned " rnpotmli for Materials fur Gut Wary, ftireaw
of Omnniddm," o , thit tly may ba dlitunlahea
Iran olhtr builneei letters
Ttte ma'erlals ud article, embraced In the classes
named are particularly deeorlted In lb, primed
icbedules, any of wbloh will be tuluUhsdgo euoh u
dealt, to otTtr, on application to the oommandants
if the respective ram.. or to tb, navy 1(101 nearest
thereto, id xhote I all tbe 1 ards, anon application
to thll Bureau Tbli division Into classes being lor
the convenience cf dealer. In each, inch portions
paly will bo furnished aa ar, aotualiy required for
r. '" J.1", cammandant and navy af eat ofeaoriata
lion will, la addition to tb, icbedai, of olaaara of
their own yards, bar, a copy of tb, tobedalea of tb,
other yards, for examination only, Iron) which It
may be Judg ed whether It will be deetrable to make
arplloatlon for any of th, otaatee of those yards.
Offers maat b made for the whole of the class at
any yard upon one of the prtniad atbednlea, or In
strict eonfonnliy therewith, or arty will not be con
sidered. In computing the onuses, the prloe stated
In tbe oolnmn ot pileee will be lboetaadard,and the
aggregate of the etas, will be oarlted out accorJIog
to The nrloea itatad. B
The oontraet will be awarded to tbe loweit tona
A bidder who give, projer aeourllyfor Hi fulfil
?? "J- ?..' V"" 8,"M fn the right to rrleot
It thai Itlff at eT.iae aii.ax aim la .!..., J a.la a "
All ertiolea mut be ot the very beet quality , to bt
delivered la tha navy yard U good order, and la
euluble tcimIj nod paciaiee, properly milked with
th name of tbt aoutraotor, Mtbt eon mar be, at
the txpeuM and rink of th eontraotor, end In all
retpeeta eubject to the Inspection, mfuureracat,
couot, wet Hi, &e , of the verd where recelred, and
" "" eaueiwiionoi ineoornmenaant tnertof.
Hidden are referred to the oemmandanta of tbt
respective yard for mm pie. Inntrnotlonf, or rar
tlcular dewrlpil.n of tha artlclet; end. all oiber
uiofti uemg eqnai, preference will do girto to ar
tWlM Of AtneriOAn nu n Taat nrA.
Krerr offer, a rtqalrtd b j tha lawofioth AaiMt,
1H0. dui t be icooibpanled by a wrl'ten gaaraotce.
tbe ioM or h oh i herewith glren.
ThOf-e ODlrVhoe olTera roar be accepted will b
not! fled, aad tla oontrtct wiu be fortrarded a 1000
thirralter at praotioaLle,whloh they will be re.
ijoired to cxi eat within ten day alter In receipt
at the poet oQloe or nary agr ncy named by them
burette. In th fall amount will be teqnired to
euajw 111 wiu.ini, bum ucir r QfJlllvDN U1UIV OCI11U' U
to by a United fatitci distilot Judge, United Statei
diatrlct attornry, oclleotor, or nay agefit. Ae ai
dittODit (curlty.taeatrper centum will be with -haul
ftom the aiuouct of the bills nntll tha eon ract
ehail have been oomnleted; and l;hty per ontum
of eacli bill,a,pru?tdjtriplio-iU b ttie cjmmaid
act 01 tbe reeprotlve yard-., will ba pa d by the navy
agrnt at the piiate ot delivery la oertldoatee ot la
ifbtedoe. crTreaiarynotee.at tha onUmortte
IttfKtipdlaUd Inth oontriot that If default be
made by ih partlee of tu first part in delivering
all or aoy of the artlotr mm lonad in any o'au bid
for In the oontrtct, of the qutlity and at the ilm
ami place above provided, then, aud la that case,
tncoopt'tctoraudlili inretlt will forlelt and lay
to Hi UattM Siatra a mm of money not xoedlog
twice tha amouat of a Ah e.&nu .hlnh mawha .
oovrtd 1 torn time to time, according to the act of
uviinpinaiiiiin frwTiuru,approveu ntrou a,
lacUnNo Hand thoe following, If a quaallty
In addition equal to th fac of the oontrtct U d
minded, it le to b farnMud on like ternui and con
dlilona J n ring tha flacal year
ibrm of Offtr,
Which from a firm mut bt tJgned by all tb mi m
I , , of , In tha BUt of , hereby
agree to furulih and deliver In tha reepeotlre navy
yard all th article named In th oIuni hereunto
annexed, agrteably to thaprovltlOD 01 Ihteohedaiee
tt.eretor.aad la conformity with tha advertisement
of the Buryat, of Contraction, &o ot rid Heptem
ber, ISOi. Should mv offer be accepted, I rvqueit
to ta ad dree 1 at ,and the oontriot tent to
the navy agent at , or to , for elgaatara
and ceitlflcat
Dttc Blglre,A.U
The aohedule which tbe bidder en close j muit be
Daettd to hU offer, tad each of them -IrniA h him
Uppoa u etch a tile In th rchednla th price muit
be et, the amcuot cerned out, the aggregate footed
upforeacuoJae,and the amount tutwUe written
to word If th partlee who bid do not re-Ida near
iuj piK wner me arnciee tro to D ueuvere I, they
mulname Inthtlr cfler a person to whom o-den
ou them are to b de'tvered
Form of Guarantee.
Thu undersigned, , of. In the U.ate of
, and of . In tha State ot ,
hereby guaranty tha lu cawt the foregoing bid ot
-, tot aoy of iheclawes therein nuroeu be to
ceptcd.he or they will, within ten day-, alter the
receipt 01 thtointract at the pose effloe camel, or
navy agent detlguated, execute the tontraat fur the
fam, with ocd and u Ulclent lureilee, and In cane
faid bhall lull tocnur lotoooutractaearur
ald,w guaranty to make good the diflerenoe be
twten the offer of the said - and that which
"may be accept 4.
Data. l
I hereby oeitlfy that th abov nam I are
known to ma a men of property and able (o m&ka
good their guarantee
'DtU Signature, O H.
lo d signed by tha United State dl.triot Judge,
United Statu diatrlot attoroey, collector, or navy
Attract from a law of th Untied States, approved
July 17 tlHb2:
Sec 14 -ind bait further enacted. That nooor triot
or odcr or any Intereit therein tball betraniterrtd
by the party or paitiei to whom such contract or
order may be glvit to any other j arty or partiei,
and that ny tucli traniler shall ou a I lie annul
mentor the contract or order transferred, no far a
the Uoi 1 Mates are corceraed. Jtrovdnl, i hit all
the tlghtd ot action are hereby tereiveil to tbe Unl
tedbiaiefor anyhieich ot uch outraot by the
contridllag pHriy tr parties
Sec lit Ami b it further enndnl. That whenever
any cotitraot r for eutstnecoe, clothing, arms, am
maolil-jn, muuUot.ii of war, and Icr every dercrlp
lion ot mi' plii- fir the army or navy of the United
StafOR aII ba f.iaiid futlt tiv . nnnrl inaiiliil ai
fraud or wilful nrgUot if duty, he eball be pun
hhed by Hoe, lnrt40umeat,r t-uch other punish
went as th couit nurlial aball aajuiget and any
irs3U who lb a II oontract to furnttih suppllea of auy
klndor daoiit.llon for tu army or navy, he ihul
be deemed acd taken aj a part of th land or naval
torots of th U u tied atuui fjr whlou he shall oon
traot to furulfh mU supt Ilea, and be eotjco; tn iht
rules and ritjfulaUoiis fjr the goveromtnr of thi
iiuu wii uHiii yjivvn vi uiv uuiUjia Oiaiel
ILe following ara the clauu reoulred at the r
ipeotiv navy vard.
Claw No 1. Whit Oak Legs; No. 3. Whit Oak
"'imw " nh v.,. rrumieoueue timoer. wo
4 WTilteOiik Plank. Mn K Y.ll.i. Iin. t ..' ,-
7 Yellow Pine lliaiM, No 8 lellow Pine lljit
.nu e.ir .iiuuvr, iiu.ii mine rine Alaat lira
ber; No ll While Pine Plank and liohrds. No ll
Aih Plank and Ifc-.rd... No 11 Whit a.h n.
No 13 Hickory Hutu, Nu 10 Black Walnut and'
iiii-iry.rtu 11 vjrunw.no in wait" uakBtavei
andlieidlDg, No so lilack Spruce, No 2J Llg.
nninvltie, N SO Iron: No 30 Stetl; No 97 Iron
Bplkei; No 8 Iron Nalia wrought and cut; No
bo Iiead: No. tl 71' 0 and 1 lot No 31 Tooll fr
Morn, No ao. White Lead, No i7 Zlco Paint.
No 81 Colored Paluts, Drer, No 89 Llmeici
Oil, Turpentine, Varniili: N. il Ulaae, No
Piteh, lloiio.lar; No ( oil, rallow. Soap, No.
JO Jllacellaneouj Dry Uood, Hair Clotn; Ship
Chandlery lor oouttruolluu Llaa A Boiler Iron
endUtveis, O l.irJOII, K Mlaoellaueous Toola for
j-nglneeri, O. Cocking Uleoails, Brorei, ac , II
flux Caoraj.: 1. Conon Canvas, p Twine, K
J eatber: II, lloe; M. llruahes. N Banting, Dry
llooda.O Lanttrna. g BpemOII;K Bhlpc'b.ii.
Ul.ry, for aioree and eijulpmeot, rl Slatlonrry I.
Flee Wood
Clara No. I. Wlilte Oak Lege, No 3. While Oak
Keel Pleojs.No 3 White tfik Promliououe Tl"
ber, No 1 hlte Oik Plank, No tl YelowPlne
lr'','W. llWhlto Pin. Log,', Plank, and Board,,
No 18. Ash Logs and Plunk; No its. UlaokWsl
liul, Mahcgany, aud Cherry: No 18 Uouit: No
19 White Oak Slavea aud Heeding, No. u 'Ll,?
nuraTll No 25 Iron: No so Sie,l,'No 27. iron
Upikea, No '. Iron NsU, wrought and out: No
80 L-ad, No .8! Zkcand 'Ho; No 3 Hardware:
No HI Tools fur Stores, No. 80 White Lead' No
87. Zluo Paints; No CI Colored Palnu Dryer' No
89 Lliiheed Oil Tuipeollrj, and Vant'sh, No 41
lilaai, No 43 Plioh ad Jto.lnt No 41. FUh Oil
I allow, atd Uoap, No 40, Hnoellaneou Dry
Uoode. 1 Holler Iron and KlTete, B Pig Iron tf
Lard Oil; D Boiler .1Udi, K. (um Packing; p
ULjOrllaneons Tools for Engineers, Q 0 .7 klog
liteuills and Stoves, II Flax Canvas. I Coitou
Canvas; J. lax aud Cotton Twite, K. Leather:
L How, M. BruJiee, N Buuilcg ar.d Dry Ooodi
S K,,JS?'I: iarfor BjpewalkjQ Sperm oil
it Bhlp Chand'ery for stores aad equipments; 8
BUUunery; T, Fire Wood; U Ox UlJee for rope.
Class No 1 White Oak Logs; No 2 While Oak
Keel Pieces, No 0 White Oak PromUmouji Tim.
ber; No 4 White Oak Plank, JVo 8 Kilt. Oak
Knees, No. 8 Yellow 11a. Logs, No T Yellow
PIM Beams; No. I. feUo JflieVaat Tlibij it"
10 White Ho Mart Timber; No 11. Whn rin
Lol"..f " wd Uoard; No. u Whtia Oak Hoard
aodriaak; No 13 Ah Lo and Jat,k; No 14
hotaay: No. 33. Llfoumtlta; No u. Iron, round,
flat.ud nure; No SO Hteelj No jr. Iron Splkee
No OT Iron NalU, wiouaht and out; No 3D Lead
No.ll. zlno,Tln;No.U Hardware; No. St Toola
lor More., lot No Jj. White Lead No 7 Kino
1 "tU "' ' Colored Palnla, Dryer: No. I. I.ln
ated Oil. Turpentine, Varoiahl No 41. (IIim; No.
rilch, Roeln, Tarj Mo 4. Hib. OU, Tallow,
8oap; No. 40. UlioeUaeeoua Dry (ooda; A Boiler
Iron andRiTctaill Pl fenn.n lZA nil. n unit
er Felling; K QumTaoklnii r. Mlaoelianeoaa
Tool; f.lr Fnalneert; O CooElni CteuaUa, Btorei,
o I II Klas CanTaaa; I. Cotton Canrua, J. Twine
ainer; i.. uoee; l iinubNi N. Bantlnxand
iiryuoorliio Lantarnt: Q Sperm Oil- R.Bblp
T pi vZrji " Ba la'proenia, o outionery,
ClataMo 1 White Oak Up; Na 1 While Oak
i .. V i-t:1: -""a. 1'romneuoue lim
ES'i J2 4 .!"" Oak rianaj No e Yellow l'lo.
Plank Stock Logei No.T. Teilowriae U.ami; No
!:..v,":lw l1" " sl "eer; No 10.
White line Mut aid Spar Timber; No. ll White
.me -, i-jiiDK, jioaruatRO ; no 13,
and Plantr.. Nn 11 IVkl. A.t. A.-. m
I.'."" 'icai.rr.uapaun nan: No 10 llahoxaey,
g'"k Wainuf, Cherry; No. It Cyprue, Cedar
llna4 KTh .o 1aaa.. . nA .it--.-.. :..
Timber; No 81 I.ljnumillj; No. So Iron, rouod,
flat, and rcjuare; Mo. 29 Steel; No. 37. Iron Spike.,
No s; Iron Walla, wroubt and out; .No. jo. Lead,
No. 11. Zlno.TIn; No U nardware; No 34. Toole
loraiorti; No. 3 White LeadiNo ll Zlno Paint;
No. II Colored Flint!. Drier; Ke 19 LlniHd Oil,
Inrpentlne, Varnleh; No 41. Olaaa; No 41 Plteh,
tar, roeln; No 44 Flih OU, Tallow, Soan; No 10.
Ulacellaaeoue Dry Good., hair, aloth, aad Shin
Cbudlery for oonitrrotlom A. Iron Birete for
Bollera; 0. Fl Iron; O Lard OU; D. BotUrFelt
Iok;K. Qum Packing; F. Ulaeellaneoua Toola for
Fnt-lnrere; O. Cooklnf Dtenelle, 8 orei io.: II
Flax Canraai; I. Cotton Cenriw; J Twine; K.
Leather: L Uoee, M. Bruabta, N Buutlni, Dry
Ooodi; Q Sp'rro Oil; R.bhlp Chandlery for Store
Lqulpmenti; S Stationery; T Fire Wood.
Clan No 1 While Oak We: No 0 Yellow Pine
Plank Stock LodjNt.ii Willie Ploe; No 13.Ah
Plank; No 14 Ah Oir.-No It Illokory Ba;No
10 lll.ckW.lnul; No . Cipreee; No 19. Slarel
and Ileadinie, No 21. Poplar, No .0 Iron; No 2d
Slerl, No .7. Iron Splkea, No 18 Iron niile, No
30. Lead; No 31. Zluo, tin, lOldfr; No. M Hard
ware: No M White Lead, No 37. Zlno Paint; No
IB Colored Palnli; No . Linseed OU. Varnleh.
No 41 Olui, No 41. Oakuji; No Pitch, tar
H 'oP""!? So,n! Wo Mlacellaneoua Dry
Ooo5' ?JI' Chandlery, Ao , for ooutruotlon; No
4 Tankaaod Ualleyi, No. 49. Ingot Copter No
M Chain Iron: No ai. polee; No H Il.ilowi; A
Boiler Iron and KlTete; B Plx Iron, C Lard Oil,
D. Bol er Feltlnx; B aim Ha. Unit r. Ml cellane.
oua Lnglneer a Toole, O Cooking Slorea, &o ; R.
Flu CanTaee; 1. Cotton Canraaa; J. Twloe; U.
Leaihar; L Uoee; H Brnihte; N. Buntlni and Dry
Sl?di,1L?..,p'p!,f0,'.,",,II,r . Bperm
Oil: B Ship Chandlery for'atotta and eoulpmente,
S SUUonery T. Fire Wocd
eep 24 lawlOattl
lT and 1580 Kprnce Utreet,
The regular oourae of Inatruotlon embracea the
Latin, If required end all the branolui wbloh oon
eUtule a thorough English and t rench education
Frenoli ll the language of the family, aad la con
itantly spoken in the limitation It U the object ot
jceuaiiuiii auiu JTinun ijaniiriiatTaiai inn .itAfxainwau
particular atUnUon, and Is taorht from th rndl
natruiB hi mi aigaeii oourt 01 1AK
ih Oholxttla Vcar tomme-iB RenUntTM.i tliK
andoloM Jalylst.
vvsaiieui,?., daii d oDiainea irom
my lo-om Frlnclpal of Cbcgary Inatltuta
xioa naaaovaa'a
1I M-eKSi-eX
The duties of tlili Institution wlU be resumed on
the Bth or September. Clroulara may be obtained
at the principal bookstores in Washington, or by
addresiing tbe principal,
Olx-ole lumtltuto,
No 81 KSiarkT,NaiaTUaCiiiCLa. K
TEltllS.p-r Quarter of ten week' Quarter coin
mtuo ug at the date of Ada! Ion
Elemectiry Cloesln KoglUh 10 00
Advanced CUee's la F.cg l,h Literature uud
Hjleaoe Included 000
klementary C a ja In Lngllsh, Krenili, and
Musio 1.00
.uiuinu via'iee in r.ugt'sn, rreLCti, and
Music tfl 00
..ir. o.'Krge ior opanun,uerman, Italian, Latin,
and other Languages
Dr ZAPPONK will vlve Lecturee. and otherwise
.-ai'i nucrievcr ne oin spare time trom bis medical
Oct 3 MltS A. ZAl'l'ONE, Prlnoipal
?? ?'!' J"een Uth and Iltli,
due of tha oldest, most thorough aud mot dMrable
Schools lor Young Ludles and oHjacjj in tbe cl y
Sseslon oommeneei September Slh 1 ultlou ao
oordlng to age and adv-lnoement
au 13-dtl B"irj L 0 I.OOMIS
Ass stiut QiiaraBHaaTaa'a Orrtca,
Ccrner O aud Twentv-iecond .U ,
arhlerjton, D C , Oot 30, 1802.
SklLso Paorosau vlll be received at Ihl-j omce
until j 2 o'clock u .Saturday, Oeobir 2S J8C2, for
performing the work and Isnl hlng materials for
th. ereotluu anil plaolcglu working oruer of HHV.
PLUOSnt the Quartraiai.ter'a storeliou.is, on (
1 rest, rear Twenty eeooud, a'il at the IllackamlUl
SI op oti F street, ntar Iwtnty llrst
the Fiia Plugs will be lurnUlied to the eoulractor
by Ihe Quartermaiter's Department.
The lid must state the prloe lor performing lie
labor and lhe pr.ee per foo.orhose, and otter rua
terfals reiutiei
Theund ndgiel rrvs to blmielf tliotlilu to
reject aoy 111 uhlch may te deemed nnrear enable
1 rupuiain irom ui.ioyai parlies will not on coosld
ired' Alio ilh of ailrgltuce to the U 8 Oovorn
tuent intut accomcaiT each nrmuul Inn
I ll. .h Mtv fll Ih. hlltHMInfllNhnan...... -I. a. .1.1
It be awarded to him, must be guaranteed by two
ptndcd to Ihe guarantee
pusurw i'Duuo, nuun r-igoBiurri aro iu uiiin
t-a,tir1il tA lha .. M,d
ne retponiioru:
tv Of Ih. eu.ranlnrj tn.t.t h.
shownbyibeolllclaloertlucateor the Clerk of the
ceiled D atrlot Court or ol the United States Ills-
mut Aiioroey.
Bidders mutt be pn sent in pernon when the bill
'ti r?1 or "" proposals will not be contlderrd
The fall name and post cince address or the bidder
uiu.i .t'i.r id lue pio)OeBl
If a bid ii mide In tho natre r f a linn the names
of all the parties raurt appear, or the bid will he
eoolj.red a. Ihe individual propoial of the partter
slsnlnilt. r '
Bonds in Ibe sum or on. thousand dollars, signed
by ths contrac or atd both ot his guarantors will
be reiulred c I Ilia succenlul bldderution slgnlnglhe
oontraor, ' "
Informal proposals will be rrj oted
Proposal, tnu.t he add e red to Caot .1 .1 Dana,
Ar.l tint Quarteriaa -, U S Army, Washington,
p 0, aau thould be plaluly tuailrd" Proposal
furtneenoilouof File Plugs."
i'onu of(7tto:ranuii.
We, , of the county of , and Stale of
-, and , oftheoouutyof , and State ol .,
do hereby guaranty ihat ib able to fulfil the
oontraet lu aooordeLoe with Ibe terrcs or his ropo
lllion.aDd that, ah. uld his rfopoel Ion be aocep.ed,
hewlllalojoe tnter Into a oontraot In aiocrdanoe
therewith hhould the ooutrnot be awarded to him
wo are i repared to become hts sureties
1 o Ibis gusrautte muit be appended l he certiTtcale
above tnintloned
For further Information, apply al tbU enloe
Capt and Ass't Quartermaster
V 8 Army.
oct 8J dtd Int. A Star
Thoiteauier KEYPOitTwUl run hereafter be.
two tilpe per week each way, touching at POINT
LOOKOUT and all tho piluolpal landings on tn,
TbOt, yghblng freight or ra uia can armlr at O
fltreet Wharf, Waahtngton, and Oovtremenl Wbatf
Baltluiore, and at the dlgereat Landlugi on tb,
"te WM B SKOW.Amm
WMhlngtoa'D.O, Sept, 80,1802 oot 3
(8andayi Excepted j
At t O'eloek, F. K.,
rilK 19 N. B-, FOOT OF VLSTK Y STttLKr,
nJh.' 55" ?d,nugnlllMnt ileamer CITY OF BOO
TON. Wm. WUoox, commander, Iran New York-
Tnesdara, Tburadayi, and Saturdays t and iron
New London Mondays, Wednesdays, aad Ftl
The new end martinet nt at earner CITT OF NatW
YOHK, Thomas o Jaweit, oonuuander. from New
York-Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; front
New London Tuesdays, Thursdays, aud Satur
Theea two-new steamer, hare been built exprtsilr
for this route, with all modern lmproremenU. in
eluding Water Tight Compartment, and are the
only ateaqw r erer built for Long Island Bound
with tola great life preferring Improrement.
Condnefora aearrmnan the at.nj.M .uh .
t.?"L'n .rrooeed from New London tnuae
SLxto'T on arriral of tteamern.by Fxprew Traiu to
Boston, Woroerter, Ixiell, Lawrenoe, i'itclibnra
Haahua, Concord, the White Mounulos, Ao Ao
i MMDarn reiunnx irora Boston leare tbe Depot
of the Boston aud Woreeeter railroad at 1 30 p. M
Woreetter 1 P. xt , amrlng at New London o
Freight Uken at the Lowest Sates, and dellreret
tn Boeton early the next day.
Bute Koomi In abundanoe can be had on board
steamers, or at the Boeton or New York offlcee. Ii
adranoe B. 8 MABTIN, Agent . '
mr-tf Pfcrft, U. R
Daror QcaaTkaKAsraa'a OrrtCB,
Corner ot 18th and O streets,
8E ALKD PnornSATSfttirS-J22i "l it0?...
Jiajs i until Tcntsday, October 87th, at IS o'olock m .
lor furnl.hlog the Oorrrcment wl h (J.ooo) two
- - .D .V IUB wi.rniu
AH lo be (141 fourteen hands atd over In hols hi.
All to be sound, srvloeable M ul'a lor dtaugbt pur
pore., and lobe ever lbrieandurd r nine yiaiaol
Fropouls to le for (SM) five hundred aud np
The fnll name and postcfflce aiblr.HOflbe bhldcr
muit appear In the propcsal.
If a bid la made In the name of a Arm the narore
of all the partne e muit appear or the bid will be
ciueldereil ss the individual proposal ot the partner
signing It
PropO'a'B from rfutVyci! partiei iill net U coiijiderej,
led an oath of alltglauoe must accompauy each
propcltlon. '
Proposals must be addressed to Col D II. Kuok
er.QuirlermisterU 8 Army, Waihlagtcn, D C,
end ahonld b. malnl ,na.k.n n iB?...i. ,.i
Mules" ' ' ' ""
Theabllitvof the hl.ri tAatlih.tnniH. .k.-i.t
it be awarded tohlu,rou t be guarantied bv'two n
vomlbls penons, wboee signature mutt be append
ed to the guaran ee r
iiierepTOiiouiiyoi tneguarantcrsmtutbee'iown
by tbe cfholal o rlliloate or tbe del k of the nearest
IKHct Court or of the Hailed Slates district altor
Bidders must be nreaant la narion ah.n ih, km.
uia oiienBd. or ta.tr etnnAt. .m nn. h n
- -r . r.- . ..... Hv. w. wium
, H-nJe, In Ihe mm of twenty thautand dollars,
signed by the contractor and both of hia eu.rininr.
will be required of Ihe euMernlul bidder u.ou elm
tax the contrur. r
As ibe bond must accompany th, contrac , It will
be- neotasary fo. bid ler, to have their bofd men
with them, or to have bonds elgned in antio pttion
and ready to be produced when the contract Is signid
Blanks lor boed can bs prooured upon applloatlm
uiiaa iui. .. mi. uuic, ciiner peraonauy. by l
ter, or by telegraph '
Frm of Ownmtte.
We , of the oounty of , and Bute of
71 ""IrT-v' "" """"K ' . and Bute
, do hereby guaranty Hiat ! Ii able to
.H.ui wHiiiiv.tu.iwiuiuii. wiiri roe lerrcaot his
iiKwiwa, miu ,hii,uiuu 111. proposi'ion D, ao
oepjed, be will at onoe enter Into a oontraet in ao
oordanoe therewith
Hhould the coutraot be awarded him, we are pic
pared tobeoomeU. stcoritlee
ll n this guarantee mut be appended the Ail
II IBf A lrir.l-1 snasitlAB.il 11
Air mules contracted lor under this advertisement
Mill be sutjeot to a rigid Inspection, aid ihoee not
conforming to the iptclllcitlons will be rejected
. J.u'. BlulM ;"' 't he delivered In this city within
(30) twenty days from Ihe data ot signing the con
Payment to be made unon the .nmnUiinn ne...i.
ronttact or eo aooa thereafter as the Depot Quarter
mas'er shall be In fund. '
Ai.y inlormallty lu Ihe bl.l, or non confoimuico
ulth the teruilol thll. v.rtljum m ! I....... ....
1 hew male, will be awarded lu lots or (MO) five
hundred each, unlen. the liinnt i. ..,... ....!...' .:
deuu It lor Ihe Interest ol th. Uoveraxeot to vary
the number
Ibe Ileyot Qutrlermaslsr rraertes to himself the
right to tejtct any or all bids that he may deem too
oct 16161 Col. and Dpoi Quartermaster.
p It O l U H A L H rtl STOVKH.
DiroT QcAaTBaMAsraa,s Orrtca,
( ortitr tophltttak and 0$nts,
WasUluaton.Oct 14.1801
SkALao riot nana v.111 te received at this otllco
uui.i 0.iuru.y,uaiooir votn at 11 o clock m ,!or
iurnl.hlDg to the llr.i ed Stat a Ihe following aitl
Oee. viz-
lice hundred (100) large ilia t'yllrder Coal Slovcs.
One thousand (l.otoj toetut Hlove PIi (mo e or
lesKSsmst b. nquired for the u 01 the aboto
S'ove. with Ihe iucessar ilbowr.
ltlds shtuld mention eeparately tbe price per stove
acd the prrWfir;ieiind ot the pl and elbiw.
All of tha stove- and pip. to be dellvcreil at the
Carver Hnpltal, Wuhlrgtcn, I) U , withlu ten
da a after tho awarding ol the contract
Propoaale liom dl loyal parties will not be log.
si ered An cath oi allegiance te Ihe U 8 (iovsrn
ment must aoooiapany each propoa lion
inuabl ilyof tiicbiddjr tofllllbeoontraot thould
it oe awarded to him, must be g itaraotied by two
terponslbU. prsani, whnae sigua'urcs are to be ap
pended to too guarantee
The n.oDn.lijIllrv it lb. ir.io.fiin.j .... ...
thown by the omclal oerllrloate of I hs Clstk of the
urnrri.1 i-niiiei vouriorit 111, t Ultlll BtBttB I
Irlet Atlornev.
Itldd-rs must bo prerenl In ptreon when tbe bids
are opened or Ibe p tposala welt not be considered
ihe full name atd poettfUce addrre.or the bid-
." ...iiai .fpear in lue proline!
Ifabidismadelothe r ante of a firm the nsm.aol
all Ibe parties mint apiear,or Hid bid will t-u con
sidered ae the Individual proposal ol lt,e partner
'ft"!". .
IJoudalnthesumof one Ihou.and dollars, slgerd
by tbecootruoloracd both or bis guarant'rs, will
be required ol the sucoeaatul bidder upon slgnlm Ihe
loe right to reject any or all bids that maybe
deemed loo high is referred by the Depot Quarter
matter. Inlormal propo all will be rej-ieted
Propoaa'a muit le addreued to L'apt Edw-rd L.
IIarti,As.lsUntQu.rlBrmtter, U S Army, Wash
1 gton, D 0., and should bo plainly markul " Pro
1 orals lor f urr l.hlug Stovss," Ao
Jbrm o Ouaranlii.
We, ,of the county of ,and Slate of
i "d , of the oounty of , and mate
of-, do hereby guarantee Ihat Is able lo
tclnl the coDtraot iu accordatice with the term oi bt
propostilou, acd Ihat should hi, proposition bs ao
oeptcd, he v.111 at once inter Into a contract inai
cordauoe therewith
Should the contraot be awarded to hlm.we are p e
pared to become bis ruret'es
( To this guaranteo muit be appended Ibe cerllil
oate above mentioned t
F-DW'D I., tuur.,
ootid Captain aud A QM,U 8 A
On aud after the 12th Instant day ol oepteuiber
ptuwetwlll be required from all vessels, boats, Ac.,
navlgatln'j Ihe Potomao l Iver 1 hrse will be Issued
by tb i Commanding omoir ot the Fletllla, and may
I" obtained frora the naval vceels stationed at Alex
andrla or at the mouth of tbe river.
n Secretary of the Navy
Navi DiriBtii,
R.ptambBrll.1841 i Hpl!
""'if.1 !'' JJicIlef Aiioclatlon.
Oliioe.No SIOPBtrset-corner Ttlrleeuth
Communliatlont to be addressed to .
J W. II A 111 AWAY,
ott 18 tf , Lock box 88, w'asbJugton,' D C.
rivo Miwrntaa or conoriis, protis
A aloua.1 UsnUsBBieii, ami! otaiore.
The .tude.vtgned are prepared to print Bpreohei
Briels, I'ami blots. ItepoiU, or aij deaorlpUoa ol
Hook work, and solicit orders
03m oonetlwUiu avMie
aiBlt-U tuU sUscail Btiaat.trltri
T FnMla.
DkrixTisirjiT or the Iitksuoi,
Offict Jndtm Affair; ylewiler l, IK2.
From iDlormitlon rtcelyed At tbU Depart.
meat, deemed euBlcIently reliable to warrlnt
me In ao tlolug, I consider It my duly to worn
all porsona contempuling the croaalne of the
1'lalns tlila fall lo UUh'or the I'acldo coaal
that there Is good reason to apprehend hoetlll
tlei on the part of tbe Bannock and Shoebone oi
Snake Indians, aa welt aa tha Indiana upon tb
Plaint and along the Plalle rlrer.
The Indiana referred to have dating the pail
eummer committed aereral rohberieeand mur
dcra. They are nnrocrona, powtrful, and war
like, and, tbonld Iher generally n'r-nmea hoe
lllc attitude, are capable of rendering the errl
grant routea acroee the Platna eiiremj porll
oua. tlenoe tbla warulng,
By order of tbe Secretary ol Ibe Interior :
Cmpxns E. Mix,
Actln, Comtnlsaloner.
Hollee ta Veuseele Kntorlwg or Lemylsig
ttio PotoruiBo Hlver.
Tbe guard Trwela off Alexandria and fine;
Point, on the Potomao rlrer, will be dlatln
gulshed, during tbe day, by a squari wnm
ruo wiTii a uxn cnosa, (St. Andrew',) and at
nlgbt by two md liouts.
The offloera In command of theee Teasel, will
furnish tbe Naval Potomac Pas, lo all niasten
of yceaels navigating the rlvrr, alter Ibey shall
b'ave given proof that lliny ate lawfully em
Vt'Mels entering or depatllng from tbe rivet
will be subject to detention if unprovided wltb
a pass.
Commodore Com'c Potomao Flotilla.
DcriRTUirKT or Stiti,
Washington. Jan. 26, 182.
Tbo Seorelary of Slate will hereafter reoeln
members of Oongrres on butlnesa on Saturdays,
commencing with Saturday, the first of next
295 Pennsylvania Avenue,
295 Pennsylvania Avenue,
295 Pennsylvania Avenue,
39 South William Street, N. Y.,
39 South William Street, N. Y.,
Choice Brandies & Wines,
Choice Brandies & Wines,
Choice Brandies & Wines,
Choice Brandies & 'Wines,
Xalca.-u.oxcaBt. Oor-cll,las. cc.
Iilquora, Oor rlio.last. cabo-.
Xjlq-uox-isj! Oordlalsi. tDc.
We also offer lor sale a template assortment of
llernieticnllr Henletl
Fruits, Meats, &o.,
lie rmoticn 1 1 r Sen I ml
Fruits, Meats, &c,
lluinieticnlly Sealed
Fruits, Meats, &c,
a Feunaylvunla Avenue.
'HtS Pinnaylvniila Axciiue.
Il.twean Nlsitli hbiiI Tenth atla.
A1'1MUA'1IU1VB fur Dupllt-Kle I, n it
Application 1i.vIi.jvt been ia.i under the act Cl S-i
June, Ktao, ior tbe relsMB of tbe land Warrant dt
writed lierHii, vMj1i arv n.tM to bave reea lot
or dentroyed, -jotlce U hereby gTlvrotbat, at the dau
followiaB' thf tiet-arlpUou of ua:rt warrant, a nvv
oertitloate ot liko tnor will tclortiol, If no valid ot
eotton should then appear,
No.07 7tw,lor lOOaorva.fact of lUh Kshruarv
1817.) lu favor ol Kdwaril Manic, of Capt Brown'i
oompany, battalion of Mcimc i voluntetrr.ln thi
var u, itli Mexico Octobff SI, 18t9
No 100,740, tor l)acrflinud under the aero
March, 15, in tbe name UAbigall Joy, former
vluow ol Cbrtatopher Grant, and waa rranted Mat ob
1(1844 October 11, 18D3
No. BO 0Q7, lor loo noreitlf.autHl under the act o
March, 18b, In tbe name ol A at Marrt-U. and wa
granted May id, 1868 October 11, Wi
No 78,4.18, lor 10 acred, Uucd under the not o
March, 1B56. In tbe name ot ,JcUn lieujamln and Mf
franud lcember 18,1857 Ootob-r n,i8Ri.
No 7"),W4itl for lio aorea.liMOfd under the aotoi
Maroh,lBb5,ln the name ol aloioo Kanlall auf
u granted May 8, ima Uotober M, um
No l9y.10J.lor loo acre, Inaued under the act oi
March, 1855, in the name ol Knohel, widow 01
Tbomaa Meredith, at d wan granted Marob 2, 1U9
December 0, 1MJ2
No U3,70vi,for 120 aorei, UineJ under the aot of
Muoh.ltaJ.in the name of Arnold Harrington,
ni wai tf ranted Nantnir IT. 1 RAT Jiniiarai J
lldS. '
JUaKPli 11. BAKBKT1,
are tanning through noBMnasr train 1 fwm Wah
tugton to the Ohio river, without change of care
dally at IK a. di and&p m.and olera greater in
duoemenU to tbe traveling pakllo that any other
route, vii
Thla lithe only route that ohekn baggage from
WaahlBefton OltT ta tba Waat Tloketa voitd until
need, and paaeeigen bave tbe prlvlleg of laying
over at any point on the route
Fassonarera rrocurinv tlekvta bv Ihla route?. aa
1U uiiar buu rxitsciipat, q, vyiuuiui
nin bun I
tlouti,lattbodapolol the H ft O U R llaggaga
reeelved at any hour during tbe day, and no obarg
tor handltng baggage
V3xm XJenvye
SV OUKRlt K WILLIAnsj. Aartloiieere.
muuen rurniiurs, at Auotlon By virtue of an
order of dlitraln and deed of ttnst, I shall proceiil
tcaell.onTIIRRIlAY. ih. al.e in.f i. ..n. ,
Ihe A uotion 8torel U ret n k Wllliims, at the ooroer
wDrTcBHiBui irsireeu, atii ooiock. a. m , all the
goods acil chalteli levied upon to aatlsfy rent la ar
ears to C. Alexander, by Caroline JohnHin, and
deed of trust to seenre A. oreen
The grxds oonslil of a general awortmeat or Fur
Bitare,suohaa B
Mahogany Solas, Chairs, Bediteads,
Bureaus. Sideboard, Wardrobes,
Tables, Steads,
af attreae, Bedding, Clock,
Mantsl Oraamenu Locking glan.
Window Cartalna aad Shade",
China, Olass, and Crockery Ware,
Brussels and other Carpets,
Oil cloth, Buga, and M.ttlar,
Let ol Kitchen Btqalsltes,
With many other articles which we drera nnncosi
sary toeaame ale.
Teimsoaih. CUAI1I.E3 KKklllKI,,
,,, ,. unr.a.n A 1V1I.I.IA5IS,
oot 14-td Auctioneers
BvASt.Utamu,L c.t Aootloneara.
bold KfTects at Public Anotloo Oa 1UE8DAT
morning, October list, at 10 o oleck.at residence No.
47o ourUenth street, opposite Wlllsrds' Hotel, we
shall hU the entire Pumllute and Kntctr, comprls
Superior noeewood Seven Oot.ve Piano ForU.br
r Chlcksrlog, '
Suite ot solid K oee wood Parlor Furniture. Onlsbod
InOreea rl k,
Sul e of Walnut Parlor Fnraliure,llnum,d In Oreen
Suite of Walnut Parlor Furniture, Mulshed In Crlra-
Oval Ullt frame Krcnch rUteMltmr,
Konewocil wJ Wtlout Mttbla t p Ceutro nJ 8of-
Wklnot aod MbogD Hor, funirei, Aria, F.iiv.
t'd ltnckiriay Plialp
Waluu IkrOkCxYHFtt od lVtillntr -
nimttkaad I.ce CumlDi,Cin on tud Fixture,
Viw Slaotrl OrrjiUif-nt.
Velvet, Uru hjIn, l'ailor. Clumber, Hall, aud Stair
Larnrtd, throutlrut the houn.
Superior Walnut tod Moboganr l.di(atl. Ward
roben. Marble lop lrnliiK bareauH. Wwl..
Kmfl Curled flair Mattrcs tt,
Bolrsind I'illowi,
Sapniorlllaiiket.Comrortii, and Sproa-ti,
I-OOkl0(t llM'e1, CltflU, TOlM SftB,
Cine aLd Wood-aeat Cbalra,
kxtcmlon Ulnlor Tabien. Sideboard.
China, (JUm, and Crock! y, fco
Trraiacttli JAS C MolUIItKfcCO,
oct 17 d AnotlfiDteri,
BY J. C. MeQUIItK CO., AnrtlonaerT.
HiiKty. Thoronuli breed Aldfrnr Unll. ko Will be
Did. without rMrve. on WKDNKdDATf lb 12d
Oviorxr.lDiiaMit.the iollowliigdwlBble itook from
iur ufuiui i . if wursjoran , tjq . now cooipiea by
ih (lATamK.nv aa a hninllal !
- BvvvBHaaa-aaa vaiav H HWW',lel T Id,
Itix large Wo k Dorses,
Three Milch Cows,
O eCowandCalr,
Three Uelfrre aril firee young Caltes,
One beautiful Alderuy Hull, Is montla old.
Nine Berkshire Dogs undone 8sw and Figs, of ihe
rsme breed
The Uelfera and Calre. ere .,mu,I alih iu AI
derny. ea
The aale wW take place at 11 o'olook, m , at the
lutenectloi of Ih, Baltimore and Ohio railroad and
Bonndarv atreai. and will be without Mpa rv
oot IT d Aaotloneer,
BV T. DDWL1NU Auetloticer.
ln.Uot,we will tell at the Store of H K. Berry, No.
,oa,Oeorgetown,I C.tha entire stock, eanbraolng
a very large e?d varied assortment ol very dtalrabls
n.n.ld eT..ehA b terl aL. ...a-s .
uuuus, ivi tsl(y i-mi.v mvi mo apprtaoQiDB liaiDTsI
Clotlu, CaMimana. at.d Vtnlog$, -
Black and oolorod 1 racoh Morin ,
Uo do H(UaeiIn,
black Bombazloe acd Alpaca.
Wkltc and Hrd Flannel,
163 pleota colore I Fausy Sllki, .
(Hack Oro d Ithlna Silk,
Drown and Itleacbel Cotton,
U4andlC4 Sheeilcfr do.
llrowa ud lllnrl.eil Cut Lion Flaanal,
Calico aoJ Qloabaioa la yrut varKty,
All the H ore Fatnftara
Large Ollt frimo ulricr,
Vtt and Iron Safe
Ttima cafeh 1 DOWLl.N.t,
out 17 Auoiloneer
SKAI.K1) PUOroSALS are lovlted until the ;Hih
day ol October, 19f2(ior tapilylnjr tho United
S att-H with n 0 M lihhf CAT1 LV. oo iliu hcof The
Cattle to lu delivered at Waahlnirlijn t:ilv. Cl
alx lota, z
1 WO head on trie 10th -Uy of N ivcmber.
1 ' 00 head on tbe loth day of November
1 u Hi Imd on Ihe acm day f Novemher.
l.tnio beid on Iheethdayof !ocmber
1 11 hi neau on me iuin nay 01 1'roeuiDer, ana
I o) heif on the Uttnliy ol Iieotmber.
h ach lot muit average l 800 ponnJa grcea welglit
atd nu animal admltud which weUUUutban fin
found grwa wtlaht Heliera and bulla not wauttd
IwtjDty percent of the turohare irooey will be
tetaUeJumli the oontraet lcompltfd
A bouJ, ulth good and aufllclent security, will be
rt ulit) I
GovLrumtntrcrKrMH to Itself tho rlvhtto piy In
Tro aury notre.or other Uovernicnt fuutli
N'o old will bd en eitlned wlwn ut In hy con
traotora wbolneprc,lculr Uikd tu 0 imply with
their contract, or when theblider ii nut pieaeut (o
rtpicd 10 bl bid
Ail blda nitm be aoootnpenltd by two guarantee:
1 bo ame of Hrma mam be atated In fu'l.wllh the
preo i-sadiiehaof all tbemenbo a of tbe Htm
Uuh to Le directed to Col A ISKCKWI Ul.A U
C and (J S.U S A . Waahinjton. 1) C . and in
d.reed " rroprl for licet Catlle
rivm of (Jaarahttc.
W e , ol thi county of , an I Mate oi
, tail .of the Couuty 1 f , and Htare
of -. do hereby guiirmity that -- la able to
lulfll acouttaot iu aocoidancn wit It thb ttrmtof btr
rroixjflition. a d that, should h'u 1 rorvoltlun be na
cep od, Le will at voce cnitr Into a contiaot la ao
cordaiitK therewith
Hriould the (On raot be awarded biiu, wt are p e
(and to tecoinf hUeocuil !,
1 ma guarantee mum ue a tkiuaitu 10 eaon bij
tit II
j AiM 4 WAIXON'M "
H A & K M .
atom, it ecnth i 00 rib .street,
Philadelphia, fa.
Order rtmelv! by
W. D. flUKl'HlvRD,
Uv btr orHevaotb aud D itreMi,
- wMnt4i, D i
rpiiio WAsiiiKUTtm IjIbiiauv
klttrnth ttrui, a few doort tmtlh cf rtnruyttaniA Awmt
Open dally from S to 6 o'olock p m.
Attorney aud CmiDseller-at-Law,
W 111 praotlce In Ihe CourU of tbu Uibtrlot, and at
tend to the pruftOution of all claei of Clalnu agaJvat
the (lovernnwnt.
Oaioe at the Washington TAlbrary
)y 2; .jneoJ
milM IB IU OIVK NOTIOK, Tluit the
1 Bubrcrtbcr hat obtained from ihe Orphan'a
Cuartof Vaf-hlniioncouoiy,ln the VUtrlot of Co
lumbla, letters of admlniilration to the fereoual
eiiateoflalabcth Iriea lata ofWaahington City,
decide J All pjrsjna hiving. 0I&I011 againat the
tall diceamt, aro h reby warned to exMoit ihv
aame, with ihe vuoutr. thereof, to the aub cnber,
on or btOrethe fourth diy of Ociobr next , they
may ot'irrwlie.by law, bs excluded Irom all benefit
of thttii.ll citato
UiVHit uuder my hanltbU fouith day ofOotobi-r,
A V mi. HllAriUl FHIK8,
oot 7 3v AdtniDimrator
OKV-iricoii-'i-lllcciJMMlsslONKlta un
der Hie act of April 10, 1)02, entitled "An aot
for the release or certain .er.oashel'i to eertioeor
labor In the UI triot of Columbia " Cilr Uall,
Wahlngtonoll?,n U.Sept 9I,I)(9
OUUiLlt..Dl That tbe CommlSKloners will, en the
1st day of November next, cIom tbe exa ninalloa of
alt claimants for ooropeosatton and roceed to ruak,
up their Onal report All persons having olaims
before the Commissioner, wno have not presented
their slaves lor valuation aud proven title 'and lor
ally by two wltna aes, must present them, and all
slaltnautt who oaorot iiruduestAalr servants, will
bring thsir witnrBes as lo talus, till, ana loyalty,
befoiesuid lstday ofaovemOsr.
Tns L'oiamlsi4uneis will tnsstevBU' day.sxoept
aiaiday, at ll o oioa g. woeDWABD
ssf t i;-utOM cistk. '
National republican.
For the National Henuhlloan
How many times tin I love thee, dear '
Toll m how many beads thoro are
In a allver chain
Of evening rain.
Unraveled from tho tiimlillng man,
Ami threading the ovo of a yellow atar.
) many times do I love tlioe, dear.
Hnw many time, du I lore thee, again!
Tell mo how many thought titers ho
In the atmosphere
Of a new-born year,
Whose bright and aabls clouds apiear
I.Ike the latest flateo of eternity.
So maoy times do I lovo, again.
I int. T.
Special Correspondence of the Tiers
Vhe Uorerniiient florae t'orrral
WAniiiMiroN, Oct. in, Ikm
There aro few people in Waihlrjrtcn, and ellll
tawer outside-, who know of tbe prcat tmount
of business done hare lu the buylor; of Gov
rrnment hones. Away uvjond the rn-Bident's
Bouse, and south of tho fucloetiru devoted to
WashtDglon's rqiesttlan statue, known as "Ibe
Circle," and adjoining; tbeObserratorygrourds
In the Flint watd ol Ihe city, is an Imraonn-r-erlca
of shops yards, an 1 ruble", called lite
"Governnuul Hotte Corral ' Ilrte tbit lutil
ucss is transaclt'd, ami lb-cue-era hit eronn
frctn small licjtlnniniisuuill now It is on-t d
the great tii.Tetnuient IndiKiri il wrtke id In
calculable beceht In Ibe eottnlry.
At th's plore nil ihe aiuiy hori.es nrd mules
are bought mid lnspec'i-il; sick and worn uitl
uulmuls put In liocpilnl; waun'ii repaired mid
teams lurnlrhcdthn army andthecouimlsHaries
who send supplies to II; and everyihing done
necesary to furnisbino; adciuale quartermas
ter's Slinnlies. Tbe Whole is under th.l ennlml
or (Jot. Ituckor aud Capt. Dani. nf the quartrr
nuater'a deparlment, thotiih Mr. C. II Stow.
the superintendent, Is the man who keeps Ibe
machine In motion; and Messrs. J. K. Alleu and
Germon, bis subordinates, superintend lite re
pair shops and wagon pniks.
There are over 6.000 men emnlnee.l In tho.
buuijb, aim me cost ot laDnr ana material Is
nearly auiuwa month. There hare been as
many as 19,000 horses and mules In tho corrals
at one time, and the tllly are rajro It 1.1 ono
Orer 1,800 tetms are kept onlinuilly atwotk
hauling supplies td the forts nesr Wnahlnrtrm.
and to Gen MeClellan's army.
In wagons and harness the place .loeoanlm
mense busings It keeps the entire army of
too roiomac supplied, uin wagons and har
ness are brought to the place and repaired, be
ing sent out as good aa new. A dilapidated
team coming to the corral Is at once recruited.
The horaes and mules are sent to hcspital : Ihe
tbo harness Is repnind by the siddlers ; Ihe
wagon Is mended, Ibe wheels re-lircd, new
filns, bolts and cover given it, and Ihe teamster
eaves the corral with a oomplete cutllt. There
are one hundred saddlers employed In rtpilr
Ing harness, and before Mr. Snow put this es
tablUhnsnt In operation, all tbo material on
which these men work wasn-uated. Tirontmn
dred carpenters and wagon rasLem lire em
ployed, and over six hundred men jly bummer
and tongs In the blacksmith Hnd bowshot lng
ouvj,n. in rrf.uis nione it is esnmiteu Unit
ten thousand dollar is saved monthly; 411,000
ncrae shoes are made nnd put on in tin same
lenglh cf tlmo.
When a contractor briegs a drove of horses
or mults lo Iho eelublishlnenl. IhevaroLrnnirhl
u ..nu vi mi; umi-r yurua to ue inspected, nml
each one passes under the experienced eve
one of Ihe best itdges ol hareellesh In Ihneonn
try. Alout one-half of eai.li drove I. reveled,
tht conlractorit t udenvoring lo foist all sorts
or stock upon the Government The nnltnsls
which are occepti d are tlieu reul away to Ihu
shoeing eh ps, and thetiLO lo tie slable",where
they ur-i divided Into three h rds one com lin
ing llurM-suitiblo for artillery, another cavalry,
and Ite Ihlrd teams. 1 rom these birds Ihey
are eervt d nut as Ihu wauls ol the r.rmv ,Um m.t
I lem
1 he shnelnir shops at e ihe nlar?es of irrentA.i
Interest. Ju one ling shed a htiudnd blach
smiths are hummerlug away at horses. In rut
other, tbe mure tractable ul tho unties are put
uuuiigii iuo iruv-fw. uMiuny, uowever, Ihtse
lallor jrilmib ore such awful 'tlcki re and pluu
gers ihat few men will ultrmpt In operate upon
them. Fur euch tiuruly genuk'tni n, Me-nrn. Al
leu and Miow, aftertoegainl putient invertlga
lion, hute invented u procis which, lor oriji
nitllty of ceiilits nnl olsptihllity to Ihe freaks
of the mutes, eunu t be surpassed. An oblong
pen is built ol the he ttii t limber. A Hunt
wlndltss Isut Ihe upper iinl.and Irora Ihe top
three bread sirups 1 nng d 'mi The inach'uo
is if gr'.it elrenrlh am veiy simply ceti.lruc
tail. It takes a half trilrii tui-ii to opertlell,
and a tnille Is "ptil lliiou;!. In six mlnulis, l,y
the watch
A contniliatt I lolni i i It unit i I u ' . . 1U
yard, and a hei d Inlti i ii ili-i mily h inu n
upon Mill. As ll liy lululliou, the miln, il
seeiiw lo kuon what I. Inppeu to li'iu and
orciiiiree relt in to go lni ihu pe.t Tn ri tu
inly Ihis, a rcpe 1 1. mi lli i ulnlUm I lule i' I
lo tbe hilli't, a'll i in in vitds It up,iliuu.;u'
llestrugglirg -niile Hi.) ill. umliiie. 11 lug""
once In, tiviicit Ih" sttipt nhl,h htng trout
illtoii) ure pts.el undir hlibol nnl ihi third
aorosi hisbreiit lit. J itmli'i m in by it t ips in
utringeni nt, KindH ttntn up inul II, u rul.e-i
the tnule Iroin (lie ground. TIiIn, of tottree Is
arcorapanli'd with nollier series ol kicks and
lurches, by Iho eld or which a sHn nocse Is
fastened en earh bg; and Ihe male, when he
is uone trie petiortniinLe, iimis iacIi lout se
citrely fa.lened under n curved iron bar, atid
his head chnined down. Knur blacksmiths,
one at each font, go towotk.aud Iheshoet are
on In less titno than ll I ikes lo describe It.
1'uw tau imuglud the tirrillo struggling nf
tnese mines ineypiunge lorwnni and tiitek
ward, rock sidtways, lurch nud kick hut till,
machine secures them in every direction 11
tbo animal rttsbea lorwsrd the strap ncro-is h's
breast suddenly s'ops his ciiner In mi 1 uir; If
he jerks backward Ihe rope rmn the wlmllnes
aim ist pulls his lieud ( (1 Kecking tideways Is
only at tln expuise cl his own til", nhleh
bent a tattoo ug.tlni-t lb etoul limbers cl the
pen. He caurot rear up, lur his head is chain
ed down, and each loot beiiigseturelyclnniped
kicking Is nut of thequtslion Thus tho mil
ntal'i every c ll Jit Is balkul, and alter au abiir
Iho trial ol all Ihe kicks and Jet ksknnwn to tho
community ol mules, he plv.s up Ihe Iruitleas
contest; and down on his knees. v.llh droopiug
bead, submitt In the lour slurdy b)scketnl lis
who are pn indiitg away uthis hoifs
When ihe work lsdoue the clumps an tin
fistened, the sirups It! down the windlass tin
wound, and the cowtuernl mule bach, out or
the pen, convinced Itiai ropes, leather, and hu
man tl.sh, when proptrly applied, cau mister
hlua. There are rla- of thtse raicbines In use
at the corral, and they are so arranged that the
animals cannot bur t ibemsilvrs
Ths wagon busluees of Ibe corral Is its great
est one. One Ibutieand Ihreo hundred teams
are kept cunrtnnily ruunlng with supplies lor
the army. These, when parked, cover a hun
dred aires of ground, and if placed In a con
tiuuous lino, would elreich ever eighteen miles
They are operated with Ihe woruout horses
and mules, all Iho good rnes being rhlpped tff
m fin UAlllfllui,'. mnit. 1'Iim nn-ir.i t ii,a nl
this uftabliehmeut are terming Ibcnisehte inio
a carps lor oily delenoe The "Government
Horse Corral ' la one of Ibe wonders of Wash
NO. 281
Late rrnna Itlehmonrl,
We eatber ti,0 following llema from the
Richmond VUphtch o! tbe l'lh October :
Fuu or Taifg. The Federal steamer John
A. Warner reached Aiken's I.andlng.on Jamia
river, yeslerdty, where she awaits the arriral
of some Ore or sit hnndred paroled prisoners,
who, It is egpected, will be sent from Klch
laond today. Mr. Wood, Iho agent for Ihe
etocnngri ot Union prrenncis, was ezpecled in
this cltyycrttrilay evening, frctn Nonh Cnro
Una, whither he bad gone to examine into the
condition and number of ro called Union men
in the prison at Salisbury acd other places. If
Mr. Wood arrives In lime, It In Ihe Intention ot
our authorities tn send off with Iho Yankee
soldiers to-d vy over one hundred of Iho fill-r-n
prisoners hold lu confinement here. The
Ivt lot of Yankee suldl-rs received from the
tioiilh were In a very destitute condition, both
physically and outwardly. Heven hnndred
more, eipecled yesterday at 1J o'clock, had
not atrlvtd up to six o'clock lost night, though
a guard lnd boon kept at thu ctra waiting for
I hem
Siton Thlrit I !ioinjr,i dolltrs' worth of
b&tt and shoe urn advertise I hy a house iu
Ulchtnond."nlce goods, U rgenlletren, ladies,
servants aud children.
Mariiiauki -Tin niAiriuge notices appear
In Ihe nUfnlth the porlles in one case being
of Richmond, nnd In the nlhtr cf Buckingham,
counly, V t.
DkATUt '1 ho tlnstli Ii anuntineed, la ltieh
moAil, of Mr. Binjimln J I'ggleston, a membi r
ol tbo lVerideote pinnl. of typhoid fever, and
of Cnrporil Kamt'l.l Dinrord.rf Captain John
I, l.'ubtnk'. hitler? at Winchester. Vi nli
of Irphoid lever Hie conipmy met and paid
a tribute In I i. in niorv. ns a ' Mod ntnl iron
erous Irieud.u bratt. mut learkss solditr," aud
lender thinks lu Mr I.lovd I.nitin and liiafiru
ily -it Winihe.ur at uhdie hou toung Ilin
find du d, Ii r M-il ill, mien to h ui
A ttlliule Ii; 1.111 vm und metuli'rs el tin
Sprln ;1Hd Division Sam cf Temperance, I
their lute brother, Georee 1' Martin also run
pears in lbs Hiehmond pippers. Iheysp ak
of him ns an exile, and hud hi, rirluee
jAtksus Out KiaRDCMirn- An arm? cor
nrpondiot telli the iollowtog incident that
ocoorrcdluMarvlanl lilweeuSlno-vall lick
son and Iho ladies They nirronndej the old
gamecock (ho said, "I.adle. this Is Ihe llrst
lime I was ever surrounded. ) aud cut overt
button rft hia cost. nnd. the? sav. enmeinneuj
Ion h s pan!',.an j at one Ilm" it wa, tcared he
trnitl.l I, A In 1 1 a .ml farm nf a fi. - ! ....!
'"" "" ,..,.'... nuiui(i. tuiuuri
minus all except a rhlrt collar and spjrs. For
once.be was hailly scared Jilenn'ond it
qulrtr. IUwima tub UiJirsina I A Jr , of ths
Tredegar Wuks, Mlchmnad, lavltos persoai
engaged In ritnolog lh lilockadu to llalllmore
tn cull ttpoo hint a. he Is able to giva them
advice In the tnarner of doing lb1 same
A t-i.t n ait Some ) ears since, a black man
called upon a clergyman in Western New York,
avowed klmeeira luglt'vo slave, and asked Icr
food and shelter, which were freely accorded.
Two nr three persnus being Co nirant of the
fact, called to ceo tho " runaway nigger," whi n
the following Interesting dhlngue lock place
" S'ncso vou h'j.l ntentv i.f bar 1 times d.iwn
South; licking a pluily""
"o never was wblppeii
" tt'a'nt! Well, tun had to work most awlu
"My woik waslhjhl'
" I guess your clothes were not very t.Iee"
I was well clulhed u uml house setganl. '
" 1 reckon your victuals were not unenmmen
fine" '
"As good as I ibolred "
" tve.ll, I should nive it as tnv cntnlon. Ihat
I y'
ou were a ruiahlv bitr fool ror runtiltic awnv
rom such a lit ice us that, tost fnr the i.nlrn nf
ebb-kins fur vourself"
"Gentlemen, my place doan South Is vacant
Aoy uf yen can bave ll by applying lor It"
Kew Orleans.
Jcrrerotdence of the H 1 rxpress
Nb,w.()mi,i,4, Ocl t I cm compelled lo
siy, and ihu opinion is f ttned upon a close
and thoughtful cbs trillion of Ihe course of
things ttruund me, Ihat 1 do not believe there
I', lu this city or New Orleans, mocb if auy cf
a settled Union sentlmu'. There ate many
reasons why this could not reasonably have
been expected, fine nf them Is rufuVlent fot
my present purpose; if is Ihe iuri
iboujh the military govemrmut la aJinlul,
tertd byofllcirs wholiat 'iilwiitsb-'euuppueed
In the lutentilnulinj: 1 1 Ihe idiii ery i lent mt with
the cunditct ol the war -Ibniigh Gen duller.
Gov Sli-ider I'rtiv .i-i M irthilGepernl French
ind acting Mstor Iteming are nil tuembers ot
What tell l.lideistoi.d t,i i nr si ell ill. us the
Conservative piny, tu relntlcn lo ilm slavery
qu alton jet b ivoild doubt, the edeet ol Ih
warhte bien most inillgn up in llie c m lltmu
ol the negro. In thlsclit, at least It le not
too much to sav that so fir n" slue pmiiertt
is eoncertii d, the tlltt is iretuidiably disss
icim 1'iitgtiltit cil-es ul n rfl" itsitbotdini
tiull, of Injury Ihro.ifh lie at owe tu the intet
I- ts t r iho owner, hito In en tretlel with dts
cmion b the nu In line. v,h h ite done iu
th". nud r tin jiw, an 1 iiccmliL,; tatliHtioti
'iiiuuoi., nu. it pt.senii'ii tir their ndptdtwa
tl ir lt.it this li nut I,, rted to tirevnnt or In
teu.idy an etil whivti Ihettiiel cs'titlobs rver
entinot but em) bus tirriwl in i!,e 1 r til of ibe
iitmy Tlo'ielitiiin tfmistt r rd el ire though
m initially lecegnlz due t tistlng lha Birui as
li-fini' Ii j i' In ift.,", tjrenilt weakened.
ii.n I it. I d guild i,i it to tu uo tiw lu Ihe
slue fium lbs teemidillBuuieiit, here, cf Ihe
Goti'rntnent it Ihe United Staloi, Is dreamed
ol by large numbers nf tliU clas, nn 1 Iheir
value In Ihe owners In vety evidently dimin
ished. The rtlalion Is disturbed, Ihe relative
position nmteriulty changed, Ihe ' Institution,1'
weakentd And It Is lliio fact, coming houie
so directly "to Ihe hiim''&i and bnsom" of Ibis
ommuiitiYi Ihat, were ttiero no others, may be
considered as an indi-ipen.tule obstacle to the
product of a get nine I nlon reeling, here. But
lor tho existence, and the practlcablo andvisl
bio operation or this clement in the enntest, I
terlly believe that there might, by Ihle lime,
hate been witnessed in Ne Orleans, at lean,
tbisleidy und healthy guiwth or u seailmenl
iu favor td tho'reslorttlou cf the Union Hon
frett from obirtioni soever the itluit c the
IVderal Government to restore its authority
here mlglil have seemed lo wry many lobe,
that oue iiult tilts It uitli faults
Mu l.lNt'lllA'H llsntiATr oi the liintJLt.
Someone reeetitiy nikl 1're.ldent Lincoln how
many meu the rebels hid In the Held. "Old
Abe ' looked serious, und replied, Twelve
hundred tltoii.au I, according In Ihe beat nu
Ihorlty" The liiterrugitor blanched in the
face, and jioulated ' My God '" Yes. sir
twelve buuirmt thousand uo doubt cr II
a on see, nil our (rent rail, when Ihey get
whipped, siy the enemy outnumbers them from
three t.i live to one, and I must believe them
We have lout hundred thousand men In the
IMl.und three times tour make twelve llon't
yt it see It " The Interrogator felt considera
bly easier whe t he fottn 1 how tbd rtbdlt wtre
ptovid tn have such un overwhelming rorce.
u.sir.crcakD ar
371 fsmutfcani'i Junui, tWtceen JinHi
aJ L'lmnlh lrcJ-,
T.-ASnlNTON, I). C,
OOt 11 DUO

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