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VeTThe publication offloe ol the National
IUrctucAK is nt the northeul corner of I) and
Beventh streets, second floor, over W. D. Sbep
herd's hfuknUTB. Ed trance on Seventh slrt.
TlTiDAY. OCTOBER 21, 18G2,
advertisements must he paid for in advance,
and should be handed In before 9 o'clock, p. m.,
to eosure thMr appearand on the following
(Jen. Van Dorn has Ken mperaeded by lien.
lemte:ton. The Git-uadi (Miss.) Aenl mjb
thnt tLe rebcb losUU battle of Coilotb in
coofequeoce of Gen. Van Porn drunkenr?
The telegrams frcra Kentucky, which we
publidi to day, U they fanjio lelied tipou, In
dicate a better degree ol activity In Ibepurmit
cf the tetrAitn rebel horde. Many of them
are report c. to bo Jibbiibdioj; und mrrender
tog thun-flvt.
It Isuov reported iron Loularllle, appar
ently by the authority of Gen, Hue If frieodr,
that tho battle of Iiry ville was fought against
hU ordcrv,'aud interfered with his "plans of
enveloping the enemy." "Enveloping" Is.
we tjk It, uuother word for ' baggies, ' at.d
wo all kcow what "bigging " means in this
war. We readily believa that Gen. fcut-ll did
not order thebaU,e at IVrryville. Did he
ever, or will he ever, order one anywhere
TLo guerillas dp era to have broken out with
reccweJ zil in SDuiUu-ibieru Mis;uurl. Their
capture cf tbu town ot "Commerce" cartles
ua back to the firtt iut Dibs ol this war.
On U-j S.h iobum, Jeff Davis eeut In
special id est age to ib ubel CuBgret-e, upon
the subject of gettitg rid of inconipeteut cfli
gits, In which ho tiers the fVllowing language,
which may be adapted to ether merldUos than
thdt of Richmond ;
" lerder cor. deration fvjr worthless and
Jocouitbicut iffl:eri is but another name for
cruelty tow-trclnihe bre meu who fill sacrl
flees to these defects of their leaders."
Ths rebel armyettra lu suiter even more
than cjr own from regimental organizations
without rck aud file. Jeff Dans mjb :
"Xuroerrus rrgmetits and companies h.te
beeo so reduced by tie casualties of war, by
aickneas ana oiber church, ha to be compara
tively Utelt-t. ULder th pronent orf-mlnUon.
There ;ue c niptiue. In the army In which ibe
turner urulticere exuerd thnt of the privates
preer.tJr duty, , nd regiments in which the
number f f r"uch prlmUM d. en nut exceed that
wl.it, b Is rt paired for a einIn effective oem
The hbaudoLStuni bj the rtbe a of the K .oa
wha salt woik, v-blcti f reported by telegraph,
Is bUtuewlat untvpect-'d Sail U one of their
most pruning uwds. TUy bavo, however,
Improved l-j t ia ntn o-l their porrvslon of the
ICiomttu iU work4.
A Utter frem Uichmnd, October 1, bad lbs
follow in,; .
" We learn that great aclivltij are afoot on
private account throughout lue iHerlcr moun
tain rfRton of Virginia to obuin a Urge sup
ply of full, nuffl(jiiit tor all the puruuses of
p.-eaervlDjf th fill meutit, 1nm the Kanawha
saline, recently re.cufd from the enemy by
our forces under Ueu. Lnhjf. Tbene work,
In the immedUte neightiorhood of Clmrlestcn,
the county seat of Ktna h,, produce anmullv
n lmmutide tiuantttjr of salt, andnuoy hundred
thousands o iuahls were on hand nt the time
of the evacuation ol Charleston by the enemy.
Long trains of wagons hare atarted for the sa
lineit from points aa ftr distant aa Stauntun
and Cuchactn, and at the Iatot adrlces from
that reslon three bualred waKi'ts were watting
at Gauley Ferry lur their turn l cross the
rtrer. It whs euppoHd that if Geo. Lorlng
oouldho d the valines thirty davs.as much sail
as was needed by Central and Histern Virginia
could he tuuled way."
The Secretary cf War has Informed Govornor
Yflte?, of IUluob, that it ii d Dultely Mttled
that there will be no draftlnp in ibit 6tale.
On Filday lat a gang of about one hundred
guerilla euteicd Uaweavllle, lad., and fcr a
time held possession of the town, creatlnK cou
fllderable alarm. They siolo n nuiuber of
horses aod C'jict durable provisions, until driv
en across the river byCanueltou Uom Guards,
Of our troo e engaged In the battle ut Perry-
ville, aa odser on Geu TrriU'e btauT nrlUrfl
that thsy 'vtre "all of tbem green trocpf , never
befcre tn action; Levenhelers, they wMbetood
the combined attack, uni wtre able to follow
the retreating rebels twenty bourn tiller ward "
General Curtis hu h-eued the following or
der. ' The combined forces of Missouri and Kn
sa ,a an uriny corps in i lie flwlil, now oum
mndfd by brig. Gen. J. M Srhotlfld, wld be
denominated 'the Army uf lie Frontier."'
"reifilious Teias'1 ha?, as jet, escaped the
chastisement of lurastja, but uj zmi has suf
fered more terffb'y lu the destruction of her
military popntati m. In the rebel Senate, on
the SOibnlt, Mr OlJbim, ot Texas, e.ild
" On the wild guotte Blbley expedition th.rly
five hundred of ih v y bdoi truops of fRXas
were sent It purlsti he arid plains of Now
Uexloo, aod they Uve only drawu the enemy
uaon our frontier. reaJr lu como down noon
us this winter. The best troop of Tex you
have transported east nf the Mm-issippt,
brought to VirginU, put into the hottest part
of the couteni, where they bve been dec!
mated, and now thrm fuurths of Mfh regiment
from TexiMSlettp In llieir Kravir bao been
dlsohared ott ttcouunt ol hlUptia JjOt this
Government mnilnue t' draw on the Ohting
popuU'W'ii ot lexai Utp up ihne regiments
and Texaa will be ruined, irretrievably ruined
I think It Is wruiiK, and impolitic, and unjust.
My constllueritH Jiavb families, propnriy ind
homes todtffiicd, hnd I prount HKainni the men
west of the MUnlniitppi bciriK tratiHferrod eaoi
otu, leaving inoir country i pon f i me incur
lwoeui iDoutiemy Duriii,ua4i, wesiauutoutii '
The Richmond (Va.) JJukh ropubli-hts
with great graiiQcutlou, what it slylcn "a bold
speech made ui tbj North by lion. James
BrooU agiluct tb iwo proclduiatlous of Lin
coln." The premium on gold tell yesterday, In Wall
street, to 28
Mr. Brooka, of thn New Vuik .,
growls oinluouely, Imcaufrt tho Democrats lu
bla district have determined to voto fur som
body else for Congress,
We publish to-day wurue biiggettie extracts
from the Washington correioudtuie ol the
rprs5, showing what tttum are anticipated
by people of that ilkf from their receut polit
ical eucceeees in Otiio i'iJ fodlaoi, An ubau
donment by th Ptuident ot tho policy ! hto
emacclpatioa prov.umitiu dud tho driving
eat from the Cabinet ut tbut'j to pariloahr
object of bitrwd Gav Gjh.o aud Mr Staoton,
are hoped for D it if nab ipeclallous fail,
we are distinctly threaic je tviiQ iu outbreak
of armed resbtance tj tb Gur-rtment ut 1h
North. The sooner thu- traitors tak th-.lr
mtks off, the bttter.
Tut EicmTiFur or Tile Imibiok returned to
tae city on tal'jrday evening. Ills health, we
(ire pleased to learn, is greatly Improved.
TbVWahWon cOTndeWoHfce'New
York Etprtta writes, Oct. 17:
' It Is ery hard for us old Whig to ;ay n,
but the best If not the onlv chanoe now for the
country la tho success of the Democrats. In
thti view, the result of the recent elections tn
Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, are cheering
indicftUonstho defeat of such men as Grow,
of renntylvaula, Bingham and Gurley in Ohio,
are ery favorable symptoms of the conserva
tive sentiments of the people, and if the same
party and candidates can be overwhelmed In
New York next month, I shall nut despair of
tho Rspublio. The result in the above three
Stiites has been a severe shock to the radicVs
hero. I know, from good authority, that Mr.
Lincoln is groatly cast down by It, and bo fears
th it worse Is coming from New York. He ha
been told tbathls proclamation baa done It, and
that Ml Is but tbe beginning of the end sa
tar as his Administration and the fate or the
abolitionist are concerned. I do hope that
tbe fatal results of that measure will become
apparent to him, and that no pride of opinion
i)l provent him from annulling It.
Ur. Reward, and others of hla colleagues, are
connervattva, but I considered, they were only
hanging by their eyelids as members cf tbe
Cabinet; but these recent elections will make
if i. Lincoln pause In hla forward movement
under abolition influences, ami if New York
nil! aroino herself, and give the radicals a
grand defeat. It may yet save tbe country.
Mr Cbae, by hW counsels and sinister influ
ence, and Mr. titanton, by his Ignorance, dog
matism and miserable management of the War
Department, have been the bane and the curse
of the country; and If 'the waked wrath
motion ilof a not gtina mem uoin io powuer, i
stinll lobe all cod tide nee In the Intelligence and
virinn ni ilmnflmilf). nnd confess mveelf more
mistaken in my belief than on any other former
Tne rapid advance In gold, or rat nor the ra
otd depreciation of tbe national ourrency. are
iteroi of alarming interest.
lew it m any way, mis appreciation m me
currency Is a aymptom of most sinister Import.
thn 1n:o Issuo of paper money and the want
of confidence In the Administration are tbe
two great or only causes for either a change
ol policy and a remodeling of the Cabinet to
tho exclusion of the abolition element, Is the
only remedy to cure or check the evil.
Home hero bellero that, lu view of tho ad
Tbtrtrt results to the abolitionists In the late
elecUoi.s, which, e.ven If no further reverses
occur to them, will leave the radicals In a ml
w rlty In Uongrem, they will be desperate at
ihi nxtseuion, and will therefore push for
ward their most radical measures before power
pssoestrom their hands. I have little fear of
iIiih. hhJ. was coirte to sav. almost honed they
would, for It would consummate their utter
ruin. Mr. Lincoln, however, has to face the
new Congreta, and he would hardly dare to
tuppurl any such measures, lu view of the
prospect ahead. If tbe abolitionists continue
topuih ibelr extreme measures, I expect to
ee ihe mutt violent revolutionary proceedings
on the nart of tbe neonle at the North and
Wct, who, I am persuaded, will not submit
quietly, huu n an uprising aoes isko piace, lei
ucn men at aumoer, ane, uiianaier, oto.
'Bland, Irom under.' The revolution of pub
lic nentlment aa reeards them and their me as
urea bai begun, and let them recollect that
revolutions never go backward."
WlftCONrttS Mr. PoiTtB'd District, We
learn thnt a careful ciuvass of Mr. Putter's
Congrcvional district shows that two thousand
mjro Republican than Democratic voters have
onei into the fkld ns soldiers. This dream
stance, or course, encourages the sympathizers
with tecesflon to hope for the defeat of the
man whom they especially dread on the floor
of the House of Representatives, His energy,
courage, and unflinching straightforwardness
of purple, hav mula him the shinlog mark
of the malignity ol traitors everywhere. Tbe
lojul ptopb of Wisconsin mnt fee to it that
be l frutaiad at thii cilsU. Tha Jen. Darts
clKpie miiH not b graliftVd with such a vie
tory tut the defeat of Mr. Poller's re-election
wo i Id be for them.
Haiti We weru favored with a oU last
evening from Mr. Walklns, just returned from
Ativ Cayes, llaytl, whither be went In charge
of tbe (.ne hundred aod twenty ctXitrabands
who sailed from Alixandtta on the 7th of Jane
on I nurd the bark Eltzi. lie reports them all
wtlleettledaalaborersupon private estates, acd
eallttifd with their condition and prospect.
Their right to a Government allotment of land
remains, but for the present it was thought best
t j glvu tbem an opportunity of acquiring a
little capital by working fcr wages. Mr. Wat-
kins says be conld have settled twenty thou-
saud aa eaeily us one Luudud utid taeoty, so
great Is tho demand In llaytl for agilcultural
Daitvra'i Muaicn i.vn Uiaccs. This great
novol institution attracts crowded audiences
every allernoon and night. It is truly a wonder
ful eibib'.iluu, comprising Com. Niitt, the great
r ),.. rtla,,- -t- Ik. ri t llltnnllin
"" '"'" "" "" "" ".......u
Kiu, the California Menagerie, Ihe great,).,.., ih.m"
American CirciH Company, the grirzly bear,
fvtuison, Ihe Albino Family, io. This Is a
blendlug together of Important features as
follows : From Darnum'a New Yotk Museum,
QtAtou Aqu&rlal Gardens, London Itoyal Am
phitheatre, Uuyal Clique, Paris; the California
Menngerie, and Klxou'aCremorne Garden.
Mr Barnum bas outlaid thousands ol dullars
In the exhibition at Tenth street and Louisiana
avenue, und cannot tall to mike Ii one ol the
most popular institutions in the city.
lloMicms. A recent meeting of colored
men in New York, voted to entertain tbe project
ol emigrating to British Honduras, tj tho ex
tent of sending out a deputation to examine
ucd ri port upon the capabilities and udvan.
tares of th it country.
Prise Honey far Dl.lrllmtlon,
' Prize unney, amouutlug to nearly four bun
dled tboimud dollars, has recently been ar
il, rod tn ho distributed lu the lollowlng cases
Letters iu relation tn tho matter should bo ad
dressed to tbe I'ourth Auditor of the Treasury.
Final decrees t-f condemnation have been pasred
iu a largenumber ol other cases, and Ibe courts
aro now engaged in adjusting tbe costs. The
net prucetds.wlll shortly be ready for distribu
tion. .Yumes nf tri9 e.tses.
Sleatner Maguolla and cargo
$11,7,404 10
. 2C29C 11
11.117 98
5.SC8 90
14 3C1 27
7,01:1 u
31 2dl 2S
XI 3.11 73
2H.4U 21
9 28 01
, 1 COD 1C
7 479 cfi
2 814 DO
sour, uigece
chr President
fcchr. Win Millory,
Sebr. Grace H Baker
Scbr. Rose
Scbr. Ii C. l'llcs . .
cbr. Newcastle.. ..
Scbr. W.C.Bho
Scbr. Emma
fcchr. 0lve Branch
fcclir. Lyon
Schr Adeline
cciir. Eugene Smith
cc.br. Henry Tiavrrs
ictir Itubel, or W. K. King's cargo
Oi.br. Princeton and cargu
Scbr. Anna Belle
Sloup Margaret
St,ur 0:tavia
our. Harriet Uy.u and cargu. . . .
Stb" 0:ean Wave . , ....
ocbi. opecie, ,
Si,hr. Uemral Parknill. .
Scbr. U.1III9 Jackson
2,304 (ID
CftuG 1.1
4,192 It
2,'JJ3 :ii
.1,388 37
3. in 47
1,11 38
MM tfi
2 )C7 8C
8 74G 24
7,188 7C
2.407 53
1388,199 89
Fioin Arkansas,
Ciiao, Oolober 19. There Is nothing of in
terest irom Helena, except dally tkirulshlog.
An attack from the enemy la not anticipated at
Kltctlon aim fleleissit. tn Nebraska,
OiUDi, Oot. 10, 1602 S. G. Daily, Hepab
iloun, Is re elected Delegate to Congreis by an
invieiucu msjuniy.
Good News from Kontuoky.
Nrw Ynnr. ();t. 20. Tbe followloar fncclal
jltpatch hM been tucelvcd by tbe lltra'A from
MoriaD. wllh 1.000 rebel caralrr. entered
LciiDttoa Tetterdar. our (mall force there re'
treating before Mo oa our mala force at
Georgetown. Morgan paroled about aerenty
flro tick in the town, and after remaining about
three-quarters of as hour he retreated towaid.
uancnetter, uu.l aiicrwaras movea la me ai
tectiou of FiankforU General Dumont. upon
learning of hla pretence, started lu portult
with one regiment of Infantry, In wagoni, one
thousand cat airy, and one eeotion of artillery.
He overtook and defeated Morgan lo-day bo
tween Venalllea and Frankford, and la now in
full pursuit of bla scattered forcee, moving to
ward Lawrenceburg. Morzan ia now betweeo
Gens. Dumont and Uuell, and It la thonght he
la not likely to escape.
One of Humphrey Hartbalra regimeuta, com-
posid principally of Tenneeseeani, deaerled
nim en 111115. yesterday and was brought Into
Paris (0 day by our cavalry. Marshall? forces
arc represented as being greatly demoralized
and anilout to leave him.
liiAisriLMt. October 1!) John Moriran left
Lexington with bU forces yesterday evening,
uasslug tnrougu Versailles ana tnence tnrougn
Laureoceburir at davllsht, and was at Bloom-
fleld at two oclock this afternoon. General
Dumont la in putsu.t, but there has been no
fight between Dumont and Morgan yet.
General Dnell Is reported to be just south ot
Mount Vernon, and Gent ral Crittenden's army
corps Is further south In partult of Bragg. Ii
Is supposed that tho rebel army Is aiming to
cross Into Tennersee by Hlg Greek Gap and
Wilson's Gap. General Buell is tn close pur
suit, and It ia believed here that he will force
the rebels to a oht or capture a large portion
ol them before they reach Cumberland Gap.
Tbe 1'erryville battle at Chaplin Hills waa
brought on prematurely, and against the or
ders of General Uuell, whose plana of envelop
he the whole of Braeg'a armv were thwarted
and bis partult of the rebels delayed by that
circuui nance.
Cimo, Oct. 11. The Federal forces station
ed ou the Teunefaee shore, opposite Island No.
Ten, were attacked by lour .hundred rebels
under Faulkner, tut during tbe darkness tbe
rebels fired Into each other, were thrown Into
confusion and retired, followed byourcavalrv.
Eliht were killed and we captored Ihlnv
bone; and a Tew mutkets. Faulkner, three
captains, aod thirteen privat s were taken pris
oners and brought to Columbus, Kentucky, last
uigDt. uur loss was iwo auiea ana toree
wounded. e)
Jiffersov Citr, Mo , Oct. 18. Oo Thursday
evening the steamer Emllie was stopped und
tiken pusFes-lon of at Portland by a band of
two hundred guerlllu. They passed Lynn,
Osage county, at one o'clock on the following
morning on tlelr way norib.
Later accounts state that thn ooat has re
tured, having been abandoned by the guerillas.
They did but little damage to the boat. They
lelzed tbe stores on board, however, and robbed
the passengers of clothing and other valu
Cairo, III, Oct. 18. Capt. Speriy, com
mandlng at Bird's Point, bas just returned from
a scouting expedition. He reports that the
rebflslu Misslailppl county, Missouri, are very
active, and that the sneesb In the surroundioe
neighborhoods are flocking into the rebel camp
at Little River Ferry, twenty mtles from New
Madrid, In largo numbers. Tbe rebel force in
that vicinity Is Irom .1,000 to 1,500. Squads of
rebel horsemen aio scouring the country, steal
log horses and plundering private citizens.
Information from Capt. Glrandeau suya that
700 rebels, under Jeffries, attacked and caotur-
ed the town ot Commeice.
From Fortress Monroe.
Fortress Mosroe. October 111. The fhz of
truce buat, John A. Warner, arrived last even
ing from Aiken's Landing, bringing down fire
hundred and sixty Union prisoners In charge
ot Major ti. iv. aaent.or tneune Hundred and
Thirty-fifth Pennsylvania regiment. They were
detained nearly a day uy ine uoal getting
aground above City Point.
Tbe storm has entirely subsided, and ihe
Beet, which had taken shelter in this harbor,
left at an early hour ihls mornlnz.
The Petersburg Etpttss of October 15, says:
" Two thousand Yauke prisoners are dally ex
pected to arrive In Petersburg on their way
North" 4
Wild geese aod ducks are wry plenty oa
-,v, .... -- h-i.K,,.. ,..;:,.- ,
Wheat bas declined considerably, being
now held at S3 75 per bushel.'
The aVrcrrss savr: ''We fear much troublo
and vast suflerinir Irom tbe scaicltv of coal."
Tne iiicnmcnu uwpiicn ol uctouir letb
says: "We Inter tbat tbe federals will Boon
maRe a desperate euort io force tn,tr iron-ciaus
pasi fruijr duiuli. ruicwiiutMi,iai ua dh iure-
Speaking of tho reci nt battle In Kentucky.
tne uuptnen says: "A oatiie occurred at rer
ryvlllu on the 14th lust., which Kentucky will
nnurn for manv years "
in mcaiEoua trimmer ot tbe l,tb eats:
"Tbe good people ol Charleston, S. C, have
had a celebration in their city on tbe occasion
of baptizing a marine ram, or Ladles' gunboat,
built there."
The ramfutr also says: "As Congrtss has
failed to make any enactments in regard to
martial law. It follows tbat it has no looser ouv
existence In Ibis Confederacy, and aoy attempt
to continue maruai law. in any lorm or dls
zulse. is In derogation of tbe law-making dow-
er of the Goverui&ent aud In defiance of the
O institution,
The same editor seems tn have discovered
tbat liisAoresfii is not confinrd to ttdtral ol
flciali, but thai iveu among Ihe high minded
cmvairy touie niacK sneep are to be lound
He savs : ' Our Southern Confederacy Is Badly
aril ct-1 wlthdUhonestpoelmasters especially
In North Carolina. The cause of this complaint
Is tbe non-receipt of subscriptions said to be
forwarded bv mall to newsoanera."
The Ervninrr clslma a victory for tbe rebels
at Perryville, Kentucky, and says the Federal
loss was 20,000 In killed, wounded and prison
ers, whilst tbe rebel loss Is set dowu at only
W. T. Shoemaker, Georgo Welsh, Peter U.
Miles and Charles H. Baker, members of com
pany A, First Maryland cavalry, a Federal or
ganization, were brooght to Itlchmond on tbe
ICth, to be tried for murder, committed In Ibe
Valley of Virginia.
Proiu WcHtern Vliglnla.
Altanrtonment nf veetcrn Virginia, by
GiixiroLiri. Ohio. October 18 Rev. Mr,
Woodhull, Chaplain of tho 4th VitRloIa yolan
tcere, recently u prisoner, releaa d bj the rub
old a lew das unco, reached Point Pleasant
tutlaj, having vvulktj all the way Irom
Charleston, on thy Jviimwba.
He reports that all the rebel Infantry and
artillery have left Western Virginia, after
haviuu; r ecu red large quantities of salt from the
wells in tho valley.
It 1 conjectured tbat they bare gone to East
Tennessee to reiniorce uenerai liragg.
There are no rebels now In the valley except
uoi. jesaiuB gaeriiius.
It ell el Doings In Uansatj
KiKsia Citt. October 18. Reliable Inform
ation states tbat Quantrell, with 200 myn, made
a raid on cJhawoeytown last night, burning tbe
greater portion or me town, Killing nine citi
zens, and Carrying off all tbe ho men he could
nod. '
Later from Europe.
Cirr Rice, Oct 20. Tbe steamship Bavaria,
from Southampton, with dates to the Bth Inst.,
passca nere on cunaay morning. .
Cotton had advanced 3 4ild. Sales 17,000
bales for two days. Tho market waa buoyant,
Breadstuffa quiet. Provisions dull. Contois
Tbe rebel steamer Ionia heavily laden, sunk
In tho Clyde by a collision with another steam
er. "
Tbe London Tumi says the President's eman
cipation proclamation is a much waste ofpa-
P"- :
l, iters irom aiexico say rresiacoi Juarez
will contest Inch by Inch the French Invasion.
King VictorEnanuel has granted an amnes
ty to Garibaldi and his followers.
Appeal for Buppltet for Hick
and Wounded.
Loi'isriLLE, Ocl.20. The Sanitary Board
make a strong and earnest appeal to the be
nevolent. Tbev nre In need of clothlnr, bed
covering, and diet, for the sick and woundid,
ol whom there Is a large number In this city
ana state, loose woo sympatniae witn tne
sftlicted are urgently requested to send tbelr
contributions without delay.
. i
Raiv York Folate..
Niw You. 0:t. 10.-,The Federal Union
party of Brooklyn, last night nominated Gen.
Johu A. Dix for Governor of New York, and
Issued an address to the electors, without dis
tinction or party, to lorm reaerat union cinos
and send delegates to a State convention on
the 28th Instant.
fc'roiu South Carolina.
Cant. S. W. Godon. oomraVndlng the South
Atlantic blockadlog squadron, repcrta to Ibe
secretary or tne navy, uoaer aatn ot uci. i.ttn
Inst, from Port Royal harbor, that on the 5th
Inst., the rebel fort at St John's Ulufr, with Its
guns and mnnltiona of war, was captured by
the co-operating Union force tn that quarter-
naval, unueruapLBieaman; army, unaerjirig
uen. jono urannoa.
Also, that a joint expedition was sent up the
St. John's river as far aa Lake Berctford, (i
distance of 230 miles,) consisting of the IT, S.
steamer E. U. Hale, Lieut. Commanding Knell,
and the armed steamer Darlington, having on
board company E, Forty seventh Penn.ylvania
volunteers, all under tbe command of Llut.
Commander Williams of the Paul Jones. This
force succeeded In capturing the rebel eteamer
Gov. Morton, one of the best boats on tbe river,
which had been engaged in transporting guns
to the battery.
Gen. C. T. James, who has Just died in conse
quence Ol injuries rrcriveu uj a preniniure ex.
plosion oi one or nis own projectiles, was a na
tive et Rhode Island. By profession, he was
an engineer, and for a time was engaged in
euperlntendlcg the construction of some of the
largest manulactnrlng establishments In New
England. His leisure hours, for the last thirty
years, have been devoted to the study of artil
lery, and the Improvements which he claims to
have made were the result and deduction of
careful scientific Investigations. Gen. James
represented hla State la tbe united states
Senate from 1851 to 1857. He derived his
mill arv title from having held tbe ntaltlon ol
major general of -the Rhode Island Slate mili
tia. At the lime ol bis deslb. he was about Gl
years of age. lie leaves a w'ft and four chil
KsetMCtloby andcheerlully retoros thanks for lb.
lic-ral patronage hitherto iseclyed
siV-TII E nB8T-G
Together with all work vr alrloe tn a
lis baa no bstaaer Io soUolliag a oontlaDaDc. of
th public's faror
ills llliues aitr, Ke.ADiir.ani.K;
And partlealar atttntloa Is pal l to
13- Sttiuwltr (As ftUMter I
ileueen Sixth aad Seysatb SIS.
oct 9t Sm Star Si Chroa
BV W. L. WALL sit CO., Auctlonters,
Corner Ninth stnet and Peon av.
o...l.. vL .. -fj ( jJooiVm In Ttllllltlfia V
inilinw,. kirsfi uv , s'i ssnuioii vy atiuikULiaa
MOttNtNOtOtoberS3d,wewtlUell at ourAuo
lion Ro m. a Urge aaeortmeot of Groceries, for
oa n. oomprmn;
.a barreis Whits Keflncd and Yellow Susri
1 iercei Clnclanstl II not and boxrs Starch
100 boxes KiHtern Catting and VaglKh Dairy
itoais Chewinf aid loe cut Tobacco
HjXttt AdamaDtlne aLd Stirloe Cundiei
lioxes l'epper, sLcb,te', boxte Jtitieis
to dcit-n Lemon aid Kaibttrr i) nip
7j boxrs Well's atd .'wont Pick ee
Chow Chow tUncea, Tamarinan
Cigars, large stcck waortrd biaoda
H 1. bnjiar and OlcAvr Cakes
R hoxee Candy, 10 lb' each
lioxes Glasiwsre, f amblera, and Nappies,
With many other artlotes In the Grocery tine
Terms cash. W. h WALL &. CO.
oct 11 iStar Auctioneers.
tO telUn TUUliaDAY KEXT, October Mill, at
li o click m.. In front of ojr Auollon Kooms, No
bit, Seventh street, unler Odd Fellows' llall, about
flo.cooits BACON, condemned as unlit for publio
use By order of
VeiJJI. lEsOLslFs OJltl U,
. First Infantry.
CCtJl dti
jrft hCHOO.IKti AI1 will positively dir-Q4-
chare-e cargo and tail lor New York this
wa. Will be resdy to rewire freight on Than
dsy, Ootobtr '! Apply to
FBED a COZZEN'S Cons'gnee,
Cor. Fourteenth et and r. tin avenue:
oi to Capt W. II. 1IUTC11INOH,
oct 51 on board, foot of G st
Attorney for Claimants,
Bounty Mi, rennion, Arrrari
of Pay, Extra Pay, at,
WA8nNQTOXt J)t 0,t
Will give prompt and efficient attention to Ut
protrtCtiUon of Claim of every description aglisi
tbe Government, aod make no charge unless wo
both Ttfatncxi aad dwrgt for serriocs will be madt
aiuiaowry. .
j)eT Penmuns secured for soldiers wounded or ills
und during the exlsllug war; also, for thn wldow
and orphans of soldiers who have died from wound
ordUeaM) inourrcd while In the United Htatesser
vice, aiM.Mwny Mimeyiot tne neirs at Jaw or soldier
deoeaied during the existing war.
Fees divided with attorneys orolher persons lor
warding biulness
Tbe blgUeitt prices paid for Land Wasranti
Attorney Tor Claimant,
No 47b beventh street,
Wtwhlngton, D U
N B. Editors of papers publiflhlng the above caiff
will be entitled to my pcrvloee to the amount ot their
charges. T, j U
U fl. Asnsoa'a Orrici.
CnlltJtMt Datnet fur Ike Dutri J of HJumbia
All persons concerned In the United States assess
ment, on Licenses, uoooe, rvaiei, iiaaes or uccu
pailons, Merohandue, fco ,A.c.,as per Act ol Cod
grim aj prove 1 July I 1(03, who reeide In ihls Col
UC ion sOinttict are hereby notiflt-d that the assets
mem lint la now ready at my niUctj.No ftt.0 Msry
luud uvttaue. In the Seventh ward, lor tbelr exam!
nation and inipcoiloa.and will remain open for
such Iuipeetioa for the space of fliteen (Is) days
irum iuii uaie,u6HHer mu, too, aiev, iua ine
uodere gued will, for tbe space ot fifteen days after
ths expiration of the time thus allowed ot io
sjcctlunof nfttd Hut. remain In hit bQlce.attha Dlaoe
before namtd.duriog tbe hours between 0 oxl-ck
a in sod 4 o'olocf p. m., to hear and determine oa
an ssULnreii wnicn may vm ottuuitvu eeiuii iu jrv
OtfediiisTsi ot tlisi Aittiunt Amu b or
All aDticilti muit be made tn wrltlor.tDecifrlni
Ihe partlculsr iau4 matter, or thing respecting
wuicu a uecmtoa is requwieii, aaif eniit eisie iu
ground ground or prtaeiple or iavtjuality or errjr
oumplalncd of.
U S, Assesior for CoUeutlon Distrtot.
Distrlotof Oclmnbla.
oo 16 eoJ3t Star Iatl
S.-T.-1 8 6 0-X.
They purify, strengthen, and lavtf oral.
They oreatt a httltby appetltt.
Tbty are an antidote, to enangs of water and diet.
They overcome effects of dissipation and late hoars
Thtf strengthen tbe rvstem and eallvsn tbf-mJnd
Tbty prevent mlumatlo and Intermittent fevers.
They purify ths brejtth and acidity of tbe stomach
They ome Pyipepsta and Consttrpatloa.
They oars Dlarrhcsa.Cbolaia.and Cholera Mor
l hey owe Liver Complaint aod Kervons Head
1 litv sir tho hat Rttttni In th world. The tntlcs
Ittit weak man .strong, and ars exhausted nature'.
rca restorer, iney are miae oi pure oi. wren
;m, 1h celebrated Calieaya Usrli, roots and herbs,
an ere ien wiiuiiie pleasure oi a peTtrmce,wiui'
out rectrd to are cr tlma cf div. Pirtlanlarlv re.
commended to dtlloVe- persons requiring a gentle
one requiring a gentle
Mrs Dingfl.ls,lIot.lsl
S CO-,! Broadway,
stimulant. Sold by alt Uroetrs
inu caivuoe. riU.iit&aA
ew A on.
trr Vr tor the BeaeAt of tbe Iafawt
tyeicih street, oppoMte the Circle. The Sisters of
Ohsrity tn charge of this Institution will open a Fair
tor i' uroeni m uaa venowi iiu,oTeDui eiren,
on MONDAY, the t:th lastant, to which ibey to
Tlte tbe patromce ot th publlfl Tbty will tfftr tjt
sale st ressonable prlo s a great variety of Kiacy
end Useful Articles, Toys, llMks, Flowers fcc.
Teey ask ibe all of ths ohariUble to their efforts to
provide for the helplew Intaais under tbelr oare. and
they appeal to the.fenerovs ol all denonma ions,
panWularly the ladles, to oonlilbuta nuaev or any
sr Iclis which they my dlspoit ol at ihU Fair. Aoy
inch donations may bs sent either to Hrs BOON K,
corner of K aad Kighth s'rectt, or Kn. OEOKQK
M ATT I NO Is Y, on the Istand Infant are received
snl oared for in thl Institution and then is no
charity which more loudly appsals to public patron
age The ladies oocd acting the Fir have ertry
co&flience tbst their exertions will meet the ocsu
raft mf nt ot a generous publio Meals at all hour.
Admittance It) cents. Ticket ol admission, laolud
log upper, flo cents. octl if
AiTl.O. O. F. rrlendelilp iodgM. 1
liimimbiriot Frlandihln LsoJn xra renuaMted
to meet at their If all, corser of Nineteenth street
srtt Tonvylranla avenue, IhU TUKMDAY EVKN
IN U et 3 o'clock, for the porscss of attendiDgtthe
lUDtrii oi oar iie oroiuvr, inoDHviri'ii.
r. u.awEET.
co JI Secretary.
r Bfttrlicior'a Hair Pye fti Best Its
thti World. William A. Bitoh'lor's Oelebrattd
lUIr I),, broducti e. color nottobs dbnlosubihed
from nature; warranted not to injurs ths llair in tbe
leant; remwliM the 111 effects of bad dyeg, e.nd lavlg
omtvithe Ililr lor life OBhY.RKU.or RUaTY
111 III t. ... ... a .nUi.JI.1 tlTj.S. .- tl
na stioistuiij iHiiiaBBL'ituuiu jjik wi uivniii
Itavlcg ill- balr lott and twautlml. Sold by all
Druintt.ts, ao.
a- lb. Utmilna Is (lined WILLIAM A.
DAlOlIEI.OK.o. luf-vr tUrtcfacUm
.Fictorv. No 81 lluolay itresi, (Lata 183 Brcal
way and IS llond ) New York. my 22-ly
starwe.tosi'a Profxraaa of Mlsivarr.-CoBie,
of tills werk are for sal. at tbe offlo. of tbe sVoiiona
BmUiam. rsmpuet tattion, eenu BooaS
edition, It seats.
AST Attention I Attention! Attention 111
Wanted a few MKN to complete a company of the
Sixteenth regiment Virginia (aflnt Lastera Va.)
Ttils Is ihe only-regiment now Pvto bounty, and de
tailed for " Sl'IXIAL BKItVlCt by tbe Secre
tsry of War, for duty In the Ttotaiiy orAlexandris
ana the foru abonts WaihlDgion, D. C.
Beomitlng oflloe, Third street 5d door below Fa
avenue A. C. WIDD1COUBE,
Cat t sin
m l ....,,,,,,.,,..... Id tlsnt.
AVBpeclml notice t Or aad alter Tuesday
April I, IBflsi, tbe trains on tho sttaltlmore and Ohk
Kahoad will oommenoe mniiof dally, (Huudiyt
evoentert.i le&vlnsT tiita fitAtlim at ?.40 ft. m.. inc.
oonnecUDg at Washington Jiastion with II all
.Train for all parts of tae Wort eta Wheeling ot
Parke rsbarc.
ibroogb tlokete told aod bafgaftt
T. sT. OBlin.
U. of TraniPorUtioa U. ei O. E. JL
apt Utf
tor Orent Panneylvants. Hont.Tb4
inl.fce-t and safest route to tbe Nortfcwast and
iouthweet. Iwo throocb traloa laUT.ad oaeoi
Sundsy. Soldiers lloku at Uorer&mrat ites tc
alt the prlnolpal points In the Mortb and Weex. For
tlokeu aod tnrtner Information apply at tk csaoe ol
tbe "Ureal rennnyiTaoia uoote." nortMswi oornei
Petiiuvlvanla avenue and ftlxtli street, mmitu H.
tloual Jloul. Offloe open Irom r a. m. M p. m.
on buodtt)i to 4 1). m.
aag a ly Ajr.ent
Bialfd PrurossLe will be rtoelreii at this offloe
until Saturday, Ootober S5,at i o'clock p m ,lor
ihelntrodaetlvDOf Wateas4 Plumbing work, at
CampbtU Hospital, at laterectlan of fieventh and
Uoaudsry eirects
Fur eptcltl cations arpHestion auit bs mado tc
Cip. K . Cimp, at this office.
Ihe oath of allrglsnce of each bidder most aooom
pany tbe hid
OikmI and sufficient leturlty will bs required for
tb fuldlment of the contract
l'fjw.ls mil it bs addieiscd to Cspt. K L,
IlAltT7., Auhtaat Qaartermuter, U. a A , and
should be p alnlr marked " Propojals for Plumb'
lug," at Campbell .llospltal. oot 91 td
LIST OF CONTitACTS solicited or proposed
to the War Department and Its several Bursaus,
lor the week ending October SI .t, 19(13.
Sept. 24. F. If Gray, oi LodJuu, offers the eervl
cesof Gtnsral , with his exploeivs compound,
fur 4 1 00 0 JO
BepLiiit Chirln Gould, of New Tork, offers S3,
Ceo rruiMin mubknts at S3 exchange 181.
Sea 21. A, Jencks.Hon, of Philadelphia, oflr
(0Ameiloauriflisatl7 ach
SeLt. 2S.M Kollu.ot Valence, Frsooe,prop3ststo
urnl-h cinnoo nt price stated
ep:.9 Sobuyler, Hartley L Graham, ol New
To k.otTiT 6Luo KallelJ rfle at $l(l-txchacge 133
Sept 25. W Manb U. S Cnsutate, Altona, offers
1,0(K) Are erine ai Si 70, st.ioo d. nfltd, at 41 70, W,
ihw Mint riles at to 30.
Sept. 89. Juhn liuey, of New York, offers 80,000
PnutUn muttkets at $?
Oct.i. 11. King for M. Bergmn.Waihloglon, offers
tViHHj rinee at 9to caso
Oot tt. Frank merd. of New York, otT-rs to far
n'hhalltbe tn field, rlfltslie can g.t illl mlddie oi
July no ttraai state J.
Oot 4. B G. Wslawrlgbt of New York, one s
9 to 10,rt tltltd muskeU t S7
70 0W rilled inuikets at 47
1,000 French muskets at 10.
i,ooo t'aiutur us vmcjnncaroidci at '4
600 sLefancbsaux pdtoli at 41.
toiie tores at 3.
.(00 Lt, French cavalry sabres at 16 franos.
Oo 1. II. King, of Waihlngtoo, offers a.00 Bir
gen carbines at Sati.
Oat. B. Capt. S M. Saunders of Portsmouth ,V.,
offers 700 oavalry eibrei at 14 47.
Oot. 10. C. U. Jlua d, of Watertown, N. Y , offers
4.000 revolving pistols at SIS.
Oct 10. Merwio it Bray, of New York, offer 800
Perry's patent ea.blnes a. S2.
Oct. 11, K.llllsoa a Co , Quinoy, 111 , propose to
furnish hore equipments at Svi 40 per se.t.
Oct. 13 Najlor & Co , of New .ok, offer 200,000
Rctleld ilfiee at S17 60 ?xcbange 1S3
Oot 13. Jl A hlraw, agent, ot Manotaeter,N II.,
offers 10 1 Lindner est bints at 42 J
Oct 13 Calhoun, Laoey A. Co , of Bridgeport, Ct.,
offer to furnish iutaotiy aaoutrtmeats at 3ts0per
Ut Becommtodid-ky Usjir Dyer.
Oit. 13 Catbouu, Licay a Co , of Bridgeport, Ct.,
oner to lurnl'h bore equlprntnte lor tit 0, SO and
4 Uecommendtd by 31 J. Dyer.
Ot 13. Caihaun. P.aoev &.Cu..ol
Oct 13. Ca.houn, P.aoey i, Cu., of Brldgspurl,Ct
oiTtr to furnUli anlllery harnes at $llo per sett
iteoominenntu oj aifjur uyer
Oot 1' NsylortVCo, t Aew Yotk, offer Knfletd
rltlei at S17exobai ge 121
Oot 14 NnyiorCo.,of New York, offdr 430 ar
tllleiy catbloM at S17 exchanae 113
Oct 14 It U. Eagle of Wahlogton.prop)es to
furnUh wooden .HrrupsatSt 84 pr p lr
Oot 14 T. B Bunting A. Oj , of New York, pro
rvweto furobh io or a),ooj Prussians (imooth) at
At 4s.
Oot. 16 Irving Van Wart, ot Birmlrgham, Eog
I.I.J rHk.. ,. K..i u,ms inm fl vsm ssasat fljimisil.kinn
Oct. 17. Wilamfloa & Curamlng,of Sprlngdsld,
aia&i , propose io luiniau inmmry aosuuireiurnie
uu term. Ktcommecdel by Msjjr Dyrr
fini n Wltkinron A. Cummlaiis.of hDrlnafleld.
Ma's , propoee to furnlnh home equipment, or parts
i o terms given Keoommendea LyM J Dyer
Oct 18 Edward Lindner, ol Wabh ngton,oflis
lii.ooo Lindner csrblaes at S3)
Oot, 18 rhaj.il rowaseud,of New York, effdrs
ti furnlih French artillery blankets st 64 ols per lb
Oot 18 Wilkinson A Cummiogs. ol Springfield.
Has , propo-e to furnUh horse eiuipaBenii oak SH
prett; mixed S- 60 per sett Ueoomnendd by
MaJ Dyer.
Oct. is Edwsrd Llndoer, of WashingtoD, pro
fonts to furnlMh rartildges for Lindner's, car bints at
1 2 40 per sett
.ls.iin tVrurisin.nf New Cutle. Pa . OtTrri t0di3
liver from lou iu 8u0 ho srs for oavalry at low price? ,
ana within a onei penoa. , . , .
Ilarrb &. Moore offer to furnish 200 oavalry horses
at alia 49 ea'h. snd 200 artillery at f 113 OJ eaob, de
ilvered In Washington.
lwtner a Clark, u. Washington, offdr to deliver in
that city 2j0 boree sulubls lor cavalry and arti lery
at Stlsooeaoh
aire Freaon, of Waihington. propoes to rent hsr
i arm of iSi aeres, about a miles from thi city, tor
horpltal pu-poei, at liuo per month.
Liberty llall proposos tu sell to ihe Government
20 0 0 burheltof oils no price mentioned. It rot m
menaed by lion Alfred Ely.
GoveriorW. A Newell, of Allentowu.N. J., re
pews offer to sell 20 000 GarlbUdl uu kets at SlU o)
csi-b. Oot, 15 .
fluvamnr Ikennlauin. ftf Ohio. lntro1ncai 1. II.
Stewart, who offcrel, on behalf ol Noah II. Wilson,
cr Ohio, Frenon riitis ana nuiiii at d ma cu
Iraucs. Inspccud aod delivered abroad. Oct. U,
Gremorne harden Circus!
or TUB
l'enujrlTanla At. sail S.T.mli llrxt.
Andevsry Afternoon aad Kventng
Every itrttmoon and CvcttlMS
Ettry Afternoon and Evening
Will appear, their strsngth augmsat.d,snd thslr
attractions laorsased by an e ngagement wllh ths
Tbe acknowledged best Iloiseman who bai ever
entersd the Arena
Tbe Management has alio engaged
Aad ftls littl. oompsnloa
Who will dally glv. their
TAINMBNT8, Conversations In different Languages,
Poses Plastlqne, and
James M. Nlxona Iteply to P. T. Bar
nnm'i iar(l.'
With a lamentable shriek, Ur. P. T. Ha mum
endeavored, In yesterday 'a Star, to avoid the
' contest" I mo onenlr nnd knnAatlv (itTrit tn
meet Mm In. Had he have left the field, (aa
be will shortly he compelled to do,) and tacitly
admitted hit Incompetency to compete with
me In comparing "dwarfs,"l would b aye been
satisfied with tbe Iropresalon auch a course
woum nave leu fin too pudiio mina, ana wouia
have forgiven the misrepresentations he bas
made repeatedly, for the last few days. In re
gard to having Commodore Fouto and Colonel
dm all at his ' bear show."
ButPhlneas went out ol tbe record, and with
venom on bis pen and mallco In his heArt, de
scended to low Inuendoes and contemptible
personalities. Even Ittdles, who, by their
talenta and Industry, are endeavoring to earn
fame and a livelihood, were not permitted to
escape the calumny of tho chagrined mounte
bank. Forgetful of his own uereonal and necunlarr
liabilities, he, with a hypocritical sympathy,
iur wuiuu oo m m ur miner iniamous. ill 3
tates terms for my exercising a patriot! o duty,
at the same puffing Birnum by boasting of con
trlbuting many (imaginary) thousands of do)
tars. Mr. Barnum'e Integrity may be a little
questionable, but figures are generally correct;
so I would like to know the exact amount, or
within a few thousands or so, how much P. T.
B. has given to the volunteer fund ? In my irn
ressional capacity In New York I gave $1,30,
and In Philadelphia, while fulfilling nn engago
ment. the sum of 1500. These sums wera sivon
Totuntarlly. and would not have been alluded
to bad not rj.ineas attempted to assumo a vir
tue wbon he had it not.M will accept one
portion of Mr, F. 1. ESs liberal proposition by
a lacing 1500 in Washington Bank by 12 o'clock,
.. this day. October 21. UG2. provided ho will
deposit $1,000 in tha same Institution the com
mneu amounts, 4i,aw, to db placed to tbe
.icoount of the Soldiers Aid Asanolntlnn nt tt..a
corporation, and be suhjeot to the order of Its
in regaru to ine payment pi an nit'iioys'due
my employees, allow me to stato that! have
paid and do now vav dollar. for dollar of mv
bills, unlike ' B." in the Jerome cluck failure,
gauiu uty iftoiiue m uuy up1 ray paper at ten
cents on the dollar. Those whom I employ
onn smilingly get their dues, white the honeat
mechanic, poor working women. And child
toilers In Connecticut nre au flaring from the
loss of the hard-earned wanes thev ware da.
frauded of by the incompetent management or
unparuooaoie extravag wee oi an ara.ileur,
strolling, Yackee clock manufacturer. Per
haps white onthestibjeotof paying employees.
It would not be out uf place for roc to remind
Mr. B. that tho aaent who negotiated tli en.
gsgement for him with Miss Jenny Mod bas not
yet been compensated, neither for bis labor
nor the incidental exponditures necessary for
oonsummatlog a business operation thai made
for bim no Inconsiderable amount of money.
Your styling me an' adventurer' emanates
in good taate from an Hlnerant" like your
self. I live In New York, 'Us true, but, like
many actho business mon, I have come to
wnere a great portion or the citizens of our
Republic are concentrated, in order to prose
cute my legitimate trade. Tbat you are un
willing to onter Into a newspaper controversy
I believe, fur yon have always been most slg
nlfloaullr unfortunate in literHrv miranit.
When you attempted to odltTt-paper in Con
neollcut, you committed such outrages against
tbe private obaraoter of oltlzens, and tbe peace
of the Commonwealth, thnt you were Incarce.
rated. Subsequently you got a New York Bo
hemian to wrlie your life, but yuttr career so
little interested toe publln that the "book" did
notaoll. Your last "card" Uabiurd. You have
at oommand a ce nil era an of exnorienca nnd
jdurnallalto tasle, whom you hue been com
ptMien to sen a tar irom aneignDoriug city. You
should have permitted him tn luve written
your card. Bad as your case may be, with
bis nice discrimination and powers as a writer,
be could have gotten up something respectable.
To sum up the- nuttur, Mr. Ittrniim, you are
ajravi tou dark ut kxteb tub lists witii me.
You have auatalned yuur reputaUon as a hum
baa. but rou hav'nt auoceeded In maklmr tim
puulfo bellevo that your Xult is what he Is
tracked up to be. Please dn not advertise
Vommodote Foots or Colonel Small to appear at
your " bear show," Pray do not add the ob
talulng of money under false pretences to your
luiiuuiurituio aiuiauit peccaaiioes. as you
refuse, through fear, tn meet me on tbe pro
nosed nlatform. I shall decline ruur cratnitnun
recoommendailon to move along to some other
locality; at least, so long aa the citizens of
wasnioginnpatrinize me as liberally as tboy
uave uuoe iiuue i upenen ine ure rooms uar
den Circus fur their delight and edification.
Sorry that you have declined, I remain yours
xmaiy, jamus . fltAUH,
TUB RnL Lll lllDKHSi
Doom open at I ando o'clock Performance
will oommence at 2 and 7 o'cl ck,
Btloooy Boats 75 Cents
Dn si Circle eo "
Soolal Range.... , v&
Bsloony Seats and Dress Clrole plaoos osn ha se
oured during the dsy without extra charge, oottO
Card from P. T, liaruuiu.
TlIE only reply Ur Uarnum think t nscei'suy to
mike io the olialitrnge cjjtaiued la ihls morn
lug paper J le that he will not aid tax newipsjer
wuiarn iur ma yuriiuta ui KlTing nuiurioiy Id an
Itinerant adventurer, waOrioonly leatures are tbe
irmeu uubire nnu a iarir ui ujkui niut antes
imed upon the public us "apanUh" out whose
nofwl hutandiux their pompcm lurciKQ aotiouace
ment With leg it d to tbe prope! donation to the
Holdiers' Aid AoBOClatlon, ilr, Barium bai al
ready piid tboutaodsi of dollars to aid tbe war lor
the Union and he agree! ihit the tn l,ts of Cwtn
modoi-o NuU,inerl lorn rtMinb, or auy other
attrao'lon vrblgh he has cutrnlol, ere at tbe rasa
dlvp.iaiofttieboldiers' Aid Asoriitlon whenever
they hold a fair or exhibition where they way butt
u-e to them. Aud Hn B will ateu Lrteent oae
thousand dollars tolbU Assdcla tin whemver tbe
bowman alluded towill jf.ve It lle hundred dol
lars, after having paid up he untortuoats employ tcs,
1 he latfles and gcutltmtjn who dul y aud iilhtly
thr"ng Mr. Baruums eit.b.lBhniunt derlsre that
never within tbelr memory his been seen any 'man
In miniature" worthy of b Ing named or thought of,
or wb) will in the ullgtitetu degroe oiinpir. with
tbtse iymm9til3al, lotedigcnt auJ taleuttd Hitle
sentlemen CuonDOdoru Mutt and(ieniai Tcra
Ihumb tand.furihtrtnore. tLat thev never before
wl'ueuedlnany one is abjiihoient iiiub a vaat uud.
amuaiDg ouuoeinra iou ui isiicuv iuu uvreiiy as are
to be r-eiu atiitiruums Mus urn, Clrcu. and Me
nafterls With this reply to tbo noiorljy neiklog
soJorner,U ii leipeolfully recommindta tbat the
Krntieman move along to eome locality where his
Ron I m villi be better appreciated ro 21
EpWAtUI .tsixXKVW,
Jo. ail Pimtuyevamia caw., Watkingion, D. Q,
Books oe4 la tvtnenUiTwUy.Kaffeopo.Baa
t.DMQftUil NaWittli
O I R. O U S ,
Louisiana Avsnna and Ttnth Street,
Louisiana Aventts and Ttnth Direst,
Xear the Smithsonian Institute.
Novel Archalcal Accomblnallon,
An Exhibition of Fabulous Ezptnvl
CamtMM.d ollb. Inaorlsnt ft Starrs from ths fol-
lowlni vtllknown, dlstlast .ahiblUoas:
Baraam's amsrlosa UdkusI
bosBj mqasrisi uara.Dii
LoidOD lioval AmbhlttiSStfct
Bosl Clrtia., Farlst
untl America uinjus I
Old Adams' California Htna'erl. I
Rtflntd Moral aid Popular Exhlbltloni!
Mot an Ordinary Clrom I No Vulgar Danes I
P. T. B A R N U M
Das the honor of lafornlnx the
publio that, being nnabln to ao- v -
o mmodate the public who
might bs expected to attend tbU -v VVJH
AOK.In anv 1111 In thle nltv. i . .
has made arrangements with .sT'tl-lN
Qardnerdtllemmlngj Vqitwati'it aehnol,
and will exhibit under their
Guaranteid tocossrss.lf not tbe beintrcf adorn
ment, at least comfort and capiciiyvartt ctiri theatre,
win win )ircr lucre
(sUonlelanaAvenne and Tenth HtteefJ
XT Doors open at 2 and 7 p. ra.ta
Most Extraordinary Pigmy of Ihe Ctotury,
$30,000 IVutt.
Gen. Tom Thumb,
The great hero ol all Lilliputians for tbe psst oenti
ry, having vtsiMi all parts of tha civilized
globe, acd been waited upou by all the
orownel heads of Fit'Ope, the dUfla
gelthsd personigfsof Anr'ca and
more than ilxteen mllliors ot
people. All the presents re
cetred by him, tn ths
past twelve years,
valued at sixty
three thoa
sand dol
be placed on sihtbliiun every afUrnoea and ttht
Who will performiom. of lb. most remsrksbl. and
(rouiqu. frsts Imsglotble.
Largest Carniveroue Animal
Th. famous
Grizzly Bear Samson, "
vrtlgLlog 9,ooo ronnds.
Fstli.r, Mother, and
&ou, all with Ions;,
White, Bllk.n, Ilslr,
Flak E,ts, and other psoullsr features.
Extemporaneous Comic Singer and Lecturer.
American Circus & Equestrian School,
The entire Gymnastic, Equestrian, and Acrobatic
Company, with Eighty Horses
GEO. IlllL.
Willappesrfnra few days, every
ftoruoou axicI. 371slxt
3D -A. 3J
3D I O XC ,
Ibr a Brief Veriod.
Tenth Itrtet 4tnd Ioalslsma Avenue
47 Adm'ulon, Se cents. Dreis Circle, to osnts
oct so
jfj HZSsWTsW

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