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NO. 282
TltilCIT DirAiniMT.
OatoDtf .th, Hdl
wlllbertdlTedatihli Department utattl tha 14 tb
day of October, 1802, at is o'elofk ra
8 ample, of tho art olei In Glaaa 1 will bo forolibei
to pan lei acalriog to bid, on application at iho 1
The Department KNmi to I'mII tha ilcbt to
order the writing paper plain or I tint Uotd to any
itqalral pattarn.
IMlverlei or all artiolei la tha rercrat oIumi moat
eomply with tho wiltun epoolflcaUoo.1, which will bt
larolofard to bidder!, with the tamplei of artiolnt, In
AU deUm tea will be inbjeot to Irapaetlon by an
expert detailed foi that pnrpoee by the Beeretaty ot
thaTreuury.nnd the delivery ol any lafetlor ar
Uole lhall be deemed luffloleot oauta to annul the
Delireric Biuitbt frse tf charge, at the Treaeiry
Department, Washington
Eion prononl mnit be algaed by the lodlvldoal
or firm miUog It. and be aooompaoled by n eatli
Uotory guarantee that the bidder wll' exeoate n
oontraot, with good and infflotent bond, If hU bid
be accepted.
The lailare to comply with any one order nder
a ooatract to operate to the forfeiture Of the entire
penalty of the hood; or the fietreiary of the Treas
ury nay direct the purchaae In open market of ittoh
qnantltieiof any article aa lhall be neoeeea y to
inpplytbe dtflauaey eaueed by-euehtlallnre, and
charge to ihe oontraotor fifty per centum of the prloe
which It ihall be found neoeeeary to pay Jor aaob
art idea
IVoroeali anaooom panted with eatlifaotory guar
ante a witlnotbeoonitdtred, and oontrao'i will be
awarded only to catabllihed manufacturer! ot or
dealera In the article.
Cun l.
White Cap Paper.
White Legal Cap Taper.
White Quarto Poet Paper. V
White Note Paper
Yellow KnTelope Paper,
Hrown Wrapping 1'a.er.
Red Blottltg Paper.
Card Blotting Hoard
White KnrelopM, official elie.
White Envelope, letter a xe.
Will e Knvelcpea, rote elie.
. White Knvelopee, official elie, cloth lined.
Copying Paper.
White Demy Paper
White Super royal Paper.
Ciaw J
Beet quality Copying Uk,
Beit quality Black luk.
Beet quality Blue Ink.
Bei quail y Writ leg Fluid.
Hat naftlll Cftfmlne Iak
Faber'ebeet lliaok Lead Panel li, Nos. 1, ?, 9,
Fater'a beat Ited and Blue Penclli
Steel Pena
Steel Pen handle
Hold Pena
Bent Qullla
Beet four bladed Kntrea, with pearl or etag ban
Beet Erasure, with irory handlea
Uctaeore for office utm.
Shea for ofDce uu.
Clah s
Olau takktandi
Ou'ta Perth Rnlen
Nine and twelve Inch Ivory Voider
Letter Ctlpa
Umall French KileU
L.tff Trench Evict
Bert quality Sealing wax, made eatlrely from
Ltneu Tape.
Bilk 'facte, uieorted colore
Prepared Indian Bobber.
Beat aoUd-headed Pinj.
The Department reeervee the tight to accept bUa
or ludlvlduti items Is Claieea 1 and 8.
Bide which coat la Item at price lew than the
fair cent ol the artlolee will be dmed fraudulent,
and will not be oooeldered.
8. P. CHASK,
Beorelaryol theTreuury.
oot U-?lv.26lh
liaT anil 15 40 sprue HtrMt,
Ihe regular oouree of Instruction embrace thi
Kualiah and Prcnoh Language and Literature
Laun,lf required Aud all the Branch whloh con
atltnte a thorough English and French education.
Frenoh la the language of the family, and la con
ttantly epoken In the Itistltutlon. It 1 the object oi
particular attention, and 1 taufht from the rudl
mente to the hlghoat oouree of Literature and Com
the isjholutio yew oommenoee September Ulh
andctoeea July let.
Circular, ao , can be obtained from
my lo-6n Prlndpal of Chegary Inatltnte.
J Mta HABBovaa'a
1S1 WtttXrtt.
The dutlee of thli Inatitutlon will be reeumed os
thesih of September. Clroulare may be obtained
at the principal book etorea tn Washington, or br
addreailng the principal,
aag i iaim
Olx-olo luntltutoi
No 61 K SiBKBTfNaiRTuaCiiOLi.
TEEHS.pfr Quarter of ten weekf Quarter com
rotno rig at the dato of admUtlon
Klementerr Clae In English 18 00
Advanced ClnMiea la Kng ih Literature and
Sjleuoe looludrd 9 00
Element try C at la English, rench, acd
Muxio 12 00
Advanced Claoea la Eugleh, irtbcb, and
Uuilo 18 00
Extra charge Jor Spinteh, German, railan, Latin,
ana noer iaagasgw
Ilr ZAPPONU will five Leatnre. and otherwiii
aeit, whenever he oau epare time from hU medical
oct 3 MRS A. ZAPPONE, Principal.
38S I atraat, between lsth and lath,
On of the oldest, moat thorough, and moit dnlrabl
School for Young Ladle and xflaeee In the city.
Setwlon oommenoe September Itb. lultion ac
cording to age and advanormeot.
u-J3-dtf (Star L.O. LOOM1S
SEALED PROPOSALS ar loriteJ unlll the SSth
day of October, 1818. lor lupplytng the United
Uiatca with 0,000 BfcKr CAT1LP. on the hoof. The
Cattle to be delivered at Washington City, U C.ln
l ,ooo head on the 1 0th day of N ivember.
1.C00 head on toe 16th day of November
1,010 head on the Sfltb day f Novembet
1 ,ooo head on the nth day of Dtoembrr.
1,000 head on the 10th day of December; and
1 ooo head on the llith day ot December,
Each lot muat average l JOO poanJa area weight,
aud no animal admlited which weighs ha than i.ooj
pound groea weight flellera and bulla Uh wntd
I'weniy (trroent of the turohwe moeey will ba
retained until the oontraot I completed
A bond, with good aud aulQclent eecurliy, will be
reoulred. ,
Government reeervee to Itiell the ruhtto py In
Tre surynutce,or other Government fund
Nouidwillbe eu'ertMned when put lu by con
tractor who have previously foiled to ooaply with
tLeir contract, or when the bidder la not present to
Ail bid muet be accompanied by two guarantee.
The name ofrlrma mmt ba atated In fuil,wlth the
preo'ee adlref ot all the memboni of the nrm
BldftobedtreotedtoCol A FKCKWIIU.A D.
O. and C 8 , U. S A , WashtUKton, D C , and en
cursed "Proposale for Beef Cattle "
brm of Guaranty.
We , of the county of
of . do hereby ifuarantv that
lulfll a contract In aoooidaaoe with the term of hie
propoaiuon,ana rnat, toouiu me propostuon beau
ceped,hewill at once enter Into a contract Inao
oordance therewith.
Sooold the contract be awarded blm, we are pre
pared to become hi aecuillles.
Thla guarantee mnit be appended to each bid.
aertneacioi April io,ituz, enutiea "An act
for the relcaae of certain persons held to rervioa or
labor In the District of Columbia " City UaU.
uriihlntfAiifllt n II . flnt 4ii iaa
ORDluBKD, That the CommUalonera will, on the
1st day of November next, close the exavinalioa of
all claimant for compensation and proceed to make
up their final report. All person having olalms
before the Commissioner, wno have not presented
their alavea tor valuation and proven title and toy
ally by two witnesses, mutt present them, and all
claimant who cannot produce their servant, will
bring their wltnesaea aa to value, title and loyally,
befote said 1st day of November.
The Commistilonara will meet every day, except
Saturday, at U o'clock, a m.
apt 87 StawtOn Clerk.
QoABTaiHAtTia'e Orrioa.
V n HaatRiConra,
,..... WMMogton.U.C.Oot. i7,ol
ly, will be received at tbiaoffloennUl I o'olook P.
.i me .wia noTimvtr next, lor iurnuung io me
tl. fl. II arise CoriM. darta lh ieae 18(13. the fol.
lowing auppllee, to be delivered at the offloe of the
Aiuiiut vsarienuaaier oi ine worpe, rmiaueipnia,
Pennev Ivaala. free of exteue to the United Biatee.
la each quantltlea aa may, from time to time, be
ordered, viz t
Clam Me. 1.
14,000 ara of Bky Blue Kereey, all wool, free from
halr.M Inohea wide, to weigh tJ ounoea to the
yard.flndlgo wool dyed )
8,000 yarde Dane Blue Kereey, all wool, free from
bair, Mlrcbee wide, to weigh St ounce to the
yard, (Icdlgo wool dyed )
8,100 yarde Dark Blue 1 willed Cloth, all wool, for
uniform coat, (Indigo wool dyed,) 64 tnohee
wile, to weigh w ounoee per yard.
MO yarde of tioarlat Clolh, all wool, (cochineal
dyed,) 81 lachca wide, to weigh 10 ounoee per
CLiia No. 2
8.0C0 vaiAor4 Dark Blue Flanntl ioroeenacki.
all wool, (Indigo wool dyed,) M lnobee wide,
io wcign is vnuoee per vara
16.000 vardi of 3-1 Dark Blue flannel, for ahirU. all
wool, (Indigo wooldred,) 21 Inchea wide, to
weigh 6)6 ounoee par )ard.
1 ,50 Gray BiankeU, an wool , to weigh four pounde
each.irlth lettere " U. ti. M ,'"la blacK,four
loobea loug In the centre ; to be 1 leet long and
T,K)0patr of Woolen becke, tbrte iIjm, properly
made of good fleece wtol, with double and
.twitted yarn, to weigh three pounde par donn
pain, tree from grease.
Clam No. S.
6,000 yard White Linen for pacta, SO laohee wlie,
to weigh 18 ouuoea per yard.
9,000 yarde White Linen, for ehlrte.BO Inohoe wide,
10,000 yarde Canton Flannel, for drawer , 17 luohea
wide, to .weigh T ounoee per yard.
Clam No 4.
1 400 Uniform CaMOjmDletefexeerjtPoinDena
l.Bto Pomponc, red wonted, ball ahaped, ft inchea
In clrflnmfrenot.
4,(00 Fatigue Capa. (with rovere,) to be made of
Diue ojoin, inaigo nyra
1,000 Stcckl.
6X0 groei Coat Butto&a, (Et t y
lOOgroeaJaoket Uutiona.(Kagle )
100 sroai Vest Batten. I Eiule 1
1,03 pi I r Yellow Meial Creecenta and Scale
150 acta Epaulette Bullion for Sergeante and Cor
porals. 1.6M ret i Epaulette Balllon for Prtvatee
60 Bed Wonted 6ahee.
6,000 yarda of Yellow Binding.
t,0 yarda or Red Cord.
100 Sword for Sergesnte.
eu oworae ior uuiioiaa.
60 Xrum (tenor) oomplete.
60 OrumS.logi
300 Batter Drum Head
60 Snare Drum Bead
loo Drum Cord.
104 etta of Drum Snares
6Q Boxwood" B" Klfei.
Clabs No. 6
10,(0) pairs Army Boots, (Infantry pattern )
Class No 7.
1,900 Cartridge Boxes
1,100 Bayonet Soabbards
1,600 Perouvalon Cap Pcuche.
100 Cartr dge Box Belt.
1, oo Bayonet Bclta.
100 Waist Belt
1,'jto Waht Piatt
1,100 Bteut Plater.
JW bwori Kroga.
CttuNe a.
1,400 Koapeacks.
000 Canteens.
For making and trimming the following artiolei,
Watch coat, aergeanta', corporal', musician,
aid private' uniform and faMgue coata: wooleit
aud linen pant; flannel and linen ahlrti, drawer;
flannel aaoki, and tedaudb uejaoketafor boja
The above mentioned article nut oonform, in ail
rnjxeiU, to theateled etandard pattertilnthe office
ot the Quartermaster M trine Corps, Uarlue Bar
racks, Washington, D 0, Aalstant Quartermaster,
offloe 'Marine Corre, l.kiO St ruca eireet, Philadel
phia; and at the Marlce Mat Ion, Brooklyn, New
York, and Boston, Mauaohueett, where they oan
ba examined
And whenever the article named abbrc, or any
portion of them, shall be considered a not fully
conforming to amplealthey wilt be rej-oted, and
the coatrao'or will be bound to furnleh othe.e of ihe
rt quired kind at once, or the Quarteniuutcr Mill
supply the dedolenoy at the exene ot the oon
Payment will bo mule upon the aooepted delivery
of the whole guarantee, whloh may, from time to
tlme.be ordered, withholding ten per oent. from the
payment or account rendered under Drat order, un
til accond order la tilled, and ten per cent, from ac
count rendered under tecond oidrr until third order
la filled, and so on until oontraot Is completed
Each proposal must be accompanied by thelJl
lowing guarantee.
Form of Guarantee
The undersigned,- , of ,lo the
State of- -,and ,in the State of
,- ,- hereby guaranty that, lu case the forso
log bid of , for aupp les, as above deaorlb
ed, be aocep ed, he r they will, within tea days af
ter the receipt of ihe contract at the post office
named, execute the contract for the same with good
and anffloient euretles; and In esse the said
shall fall to enter Into coutraot, a a lor aid, we
gaaranty toraike good the difference between the
offer of the said and that whloh may be
A B, Guarantor.
CD, Guarantor.
E K, Witness
1 hereby oertlfr that the above named .
are known to me as men of iroperty,aodableto
maae gooa ineir guaranty. i 11.
To be nlgned by the United Statea DIatrlot Judge,
TJnlied S &te District AttorDev.or Uolleoior
No propoeal will be considered unleii coompauled
NewDaier aulhorlied to tmblJah the above will
send the pa(.er oontalnlrg tho first loarrtlon to thla
offlt-e f .r examination.
The bidder' place of buboes, or manufacturing
eaiaoiirnmeci, muii ue pcciaoiiy mwa in iae pro-
" r . I It- -.!.).. I. k.tl..J .. .V-
lUBluursiuivi Biuviv is uiuiTiuwui ruuui
the quantity of each article that will be required
curlbgthe year; but the Quaiteraatterrewivtith
right o(rdeilog a greater or leu quantity, should
the Intereste ol the service require It,
PropoeaU to be endorsed ou the envelope. Pro
poaala for Supilit.fiir alailne Corps torUOl," and
turenseu iu
Quartermaster il C , WashlDgton, D C
oc 18 lawiw
puorouALs VOti PArKH.
Navv DarAaTHBirr,
Bureau if rrovutoru and Ctutktng,
Seuteciber W. 1h9
PROPOSALS (sealed and endorsed Proposal
ior i aper"j win do leocivea at uiu oureau unui
noon ou tbe 30th day of Octobtr next, lor turnlih
lng and delivering at t.be Navy Yard at Brooklyn,
New York, thre hundred ream of paper, wlih the
privilege ot increasing the quantity to one thousand
ret mi.
The paper to be whtte, 13V inches by 18b' Inchet,
to welgtt 16 pounds to the ream, and mad of Uneu
a ock; to oe nop ruiea, leaving one men margin ou
eaoh pag baok and iront, to be ruled, U lluea on
each dbbb. with one Inch mirstn at tOD and bottom
Sample of quality and ilie of the paper may be
eecn at the oruoe of the Inspector In charge at the
Navy Yard In Charles town, Maanaohuaetta, Brook
lyn. New York, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; aud
at tin uarenu. sep tawiw
bobql.au ruoor
M A. JF JB .
Store. 16 south Fourth street,
Philadelphia, Pa,
Order received by
Ocrnar of Saeeurb and D streeu,
l,i-( whine'ft,l C
rruiK waiiiiiiutuii mhiiahv,
XUvaiik Urut, a fv doort tout 4f rmntyleama Jomut
Opu dally from 8 to 8 o'olook p. m.
Attorney and roiinsfller-tt-Law,
Will pnotlM In Um Court, or lb. Dlltrlot, ud It
Und to u. pro.MuUon of H oIum of Claim tf aivt
tb. OOTernmcnt.
Offloe it the Wubloxton Llbrur-
Jor tb. ooonoleno. of th. holJerj In till, city,
nou. of tb. .dot, Hank will b icdM-aitdat oni
oouttr, In Uniud aut.. TrMiry Not, or U
ounnt f indi
It I Hu tut, au ft. tniuj
Via mtw
(Budaya Xxoepted J
At I O'eloek, P. JL,
riKB ft) . B., FOOT OF VJCflTHT STBKK1 ,
The new and magnlfloent ateamer CITY OF BOB
TON, Wn, Wlloox, commander, from Mew York
Tneedaye, Thnradaya, and Satnrdaya t and fron
New London hloadayf, Wedneedaya, and Fh
TOBK.Thomai u. Jewott, commander, from New
York Mondaye, Wednoadaye, and Frldaye i from
New London Tneedaye, Thnradaya, and Matur
Theee two new eteamera have been built xprbe-lt
forthli route, with all modern lmprovementa, In
eluding Water Tight Compartment, and are the
only eteamera ever oullt for Long Xaland Sound
with thla great life pretervtng Improvement.
Conductor accompany the ateamere each way,
Paaaengere prooeed from New London lmme
dlately on arrival of eteamera , by Expree Train to
Boiton, Woroeater, Lowell, Lawrence, Fltohbnrg
Naehua, Concord, the White Mountain, art., no.
paaeengera rehiring from Boeton leave the Depot
or the Boeton and Woroeater railroad at ft.So P. M
Woroeeter T P. M ., arming at New London 0 at
FrelgM taken at the Lowect Batee, and daUverM
in Boston early the next day.
State Hoosn Inabnadanoeoan be had on board
teamen, or attheBoaton or New York offioee.lK
advance. JC. 8. KABTIN. Agent.
miy-tf Flerft, N. K.
Dbfot Qc Annan aavaa'a Ovvicb,
Corner ot 18th aud O atreeu,
Waahlagton, Oct. 10, 1801
8KALKD PROPOSALS win be received at thl
office until Thursday, October 89th, at 13 o'clock m.,
for furnishing the Government with (1,000) two
thousand Uule to the following
Alt to be (14) fourteen hand and over In height.
All to be sound, nljeable M ula for draught pur
pose, and to be ever three endued r nine yianol
Proposals to be for (600) five hundred and op
The full name and poet effloe addr.ae or the bidder
must appear In the pronoaal.
If a bid la made la the name of a firm the uamea
of all tbe partner a must appear or the bid will be
considered aa the Individual proposal ot the partner
signing It.
Proposal from dul'yat rarffet will ru( U conti&trtd,
and an oath of allegiance muat accompany each
Proposals must be addressed to Col. D. H. Rack
ar, Qu art ertna iter IT S. Army, Waeblagtcn, D. C,
end abould be plainly marked " Propoaala for
juuira '
The abllltv of the bidder to fill the con trier tumid
It be awarded to hlo;mu t be guarantied bv two rr
aponslbt persona, whose signature mu,t be append
ed to the aruaran ee.
The rerponei&lllty of the guarantor must be ahown
by the omolal o rrtlficate of the eleik of the nearest
Liuinoi uoun or oi tne uniiea autee am not attor
Bidder must be nreeent In benon whan the bUt
OLCDN.DriOfir DrDinuu win nnc na coiuia
u;dui, in lue am qi wentv iuduibuu uouar,
IguM by tbe contractor and both of hi guarantor,
rill ba required of the successful bidder upon eigu-
lag tbe contract
the bond muat aeoomnanT the contraa. It will
be neocseary foi bidder to have their bond 'men
with them, or to have bonds signed In anticipation
and ready to be produoed when the contract t signed.
Blanke lor bond oan be procured upon application
beiag made at this omca, either personally, by l
r, vr ujr iciTgrayu
R,rm of GuaranUt.
We-,of thtfcouclyol .and Stated
nnd - -.of the oonntv of .and HtaU
of , do hertby guaranty that It able to
luini a oontraot in accoruanoe wijn tne urate oi his
propoiiiiGB, ana mil, buduih ni propoainon ue ao
cepted, to will at once enter into a contract lu ao
oordance therewith.
Should tne coutraot be awarded him, we are pre
cared to become hie securities
(TMhU guarantee must be appended the facial
All mules contracted tor unaer thl advertisement
tll ha inKlulln. bImIA l....tl. ., W-. -i
coniormiPg u me eptciimauona win oe rrjejtea.
ine muiea muat an cuaemerea in luuoity within
Witf iwcai uBa jiuiu lue ui ui eigning in COU'
Pavmrnt to be made upon tbe com Diet Ion of each
contract or wo aooa tnereaner aa tne vepot Quarter
maater shall be tn fund.
Any iniormamy in the bid, or nonconformance
wuuiu urmiviuiiia-jveruscmifnt, wiiiemure toe
rfJeailon of the nroooaal.
These mutea will be awarded lu lota of (600) five
uuourtu utu. uuirn u Liruui unirinniuur niair
ucciu it iue iu luivicot ui m'j uuTcrnincnt to vary
ma ouuiuir.
The Derot Ouartetmanter rewrvej to hlma1f lha
right to rejtot any or all blda that be may derm too
Col. and Drpot Quartermuler.
tvrntr Eiahternl an J 0 I rtflt,
Washington , Oct. 14,1681
Sbalid raoroiAi will be received at thla office
until Saturday, uotober z&th at iz o'ciuckm ,ior
luruiiung to ine uui ea oisirn me luuuwing kiii-
o es,vli:
One bundrid f 100) larjre size Ci lit der Coal Stover,
One thoneand (l.ocoj leet ot btove Pipe (moie or
lean ai may be nqnlred for tbe use oi tiie above
S'oves with the neceeeary elbowi .
Bids should mention separately the price per stove
and l he nrta nrr ttound Ll the nlna and lbaw4
All of the stove and pipe to be delivered at tbe
carver Jtospitai, uanoingion, u u, witniu ten
Oiv a aner toe uwaraiog oi me contract. .
PropofBls from dl loyal parties will not be con
sidered. An oath oi allegiance to the U S. Govern'
ment mmt Beacmnanv ee.ah DroDoalllnn.
The all Ity of ttie bidder to Oil the contract, should
It do awarded to him, must be guarantied by iwo
reaponaiDU perevui, wuoae eiguaiurr are 10 do ap
nended to tne guarantee
The rtspon-iollity if the guarantors muH be
ihown by. the official certificate of the Cleik of tbe
nearest D strict Court or of the Untied Statta li-
ir ot Attorney.
Blddsra muat be prerent In person when tbe bid
are openeu or toe p.opoeaie wm not oe ooniiaerea.
The full name and put clllceaddrtisof the bid
Art mntl miDear Id the nroixa&l
If a bid 1 made lo the rame of a firm Ihe nimraof
all the pariles must appeur, or the bll wtllberon
hldcred aa the Individual proposal ot the partner
signing It,
Bonds In the sum of oae tbcusand dollars, elgt ed
hy the coutractor and both of hi guarantors, will
be r quired ot the aucoealul bidder upon algnlog the
Tne right to rejeot any or all bids that maybe
ueemeu too wgui is rwervea oy inn uepot quarter
matter. Inlormal propotal wll) be rejected.
Proposal must be addressed to Caj,t Kdwrd L.
Ilarta, Asalstant Quartenuater, U. S, Army. Wash
lr gton, D C, and should be plainly marked " Pro
(Deals for furnishing htoves," to
ibrm ot Gwrantt.
We, ,of the county of ,and Stat of
,and . of the county of , and State
of -..,do hereby guarantee that is able to
lulfll th oontraot la accordance with the term ol hb
propoeitloD,and that abould hUpropoeltlon be ao
oeptod, he wlllatonoe enter Into a contract In a)
cord ansa therewith.
Should the oontraot be awarded tohlm,weare pre
pared to become bla aurettea
(To thla guarantee must be appended thecerlld
oate above mentioned j
cot 18 Captain and A. Q M..U S A.
PUHB.H Tr&lfll l.ava i Pavoala Venv from
foot of Chamber, .tr.it. aa follows, vli :
e 00 a m Mall far Danklrk and lotorm.dlate ita
lhl train remain. 07fr eight at Elmlra and pro
ceeda tbe next morning.
7.oo a. m. Kxpreaa, for Buff.lo and principal In
termedlata itattooa
oo a m. Milk, dally for Otliylll. and Intenna
dl.te atatloni
IS 16 p. m. Aooommodatlon, dally, for fo.t Jcrrlf
and prlnoipal etatlo.e.
4 oo p. a Way, for Mldlletown, Newbnrgb, and
In'ermedlate atatloni.
a 00 is. m Nlibt Kapreu, dally, for Danklrk, Dot
fain, Citnedila-ua, and prlnoipal itatloci. The train
of fiatnrdiT rnm throogb to BoflTalo, bot daea not
run to Dunkirk.
7 00 p. m. Umlarant, for Dunkirk and prlnoipal
Tbe Kxpren Tralni ooantot at nornellivllle with
railroad Ut DolTalo, at Elmlra with tbe Casandabraa
and Niagara Kalla Ballroad; at Blnghamton, wllb
tbe Srrecai. Uallroadj at Corning wito tha railroad
for ltoob.it. r and Bnaalo; at Or.it Bend, with tbe
railroad for Soranton. and at buffalo and Dunkirk
with ibe Lake rjhor. luJlroad for Cleveland, Cinoln.
natl.Tolido, Detrolr, Cbloag o, ao , and tba Caaada
eep II Oineral Hupertatandaat
" DtPaaTniun or ni Isrtuuoai,
Offlct Indian Affair; Utftmim If, IM2.
From Information kmIt (d at Ibb DcpuU
ment, deemed eutllclently rUabl to warrant
dm la to dolog, I coutdcr li ay dotj to warn
all paraona contemplating th oroaaing of the
riaJot UU fall to Dtah or th PaolOo eoul
Uiat thara la good teaaon to Apprehend boatlll
tie on the part of th Bannock and Shothone a
Saako Indiana, aa well aa the Indiana upon th
Phlni and along tho Platte rlrer.
The Indiana referred to hare during the paal
anmmer committed wreral robberies and mur
ders. The; are numerous, powerful, and war
like, and, wonld the; generally aaeame a boa
illo attitude, are capable of rendering lbs ami
grant routes acroea th Flalna rzlremely peril
ous. Hence this warning.
By order of lb Secretary ol the Interior t
Caiatav K. atl'i,
Acting Ooasmlaalouer.
ilea to Veeeale ACaterlma; or Laavlag
tkt PeiUBtao Ulvar.
Tbe guard Teasels off Alexandria and PIney
Point, on tha Potomao river, will ba dlatln
gulahed, during tha day, by a bqoiai wurri
ma with A ud CX088, (St. Andrew-!,) and at
night by two rld Liarrra.
The offlcere In command of thee vessels will
furnUb tha Natal Potomac Pass ta all muten
of Tceacla narlgatlng the rlrer, after they shall
have gtTeu proof that they ara lawfully em
Vessels enuring or departing from the river
will ba snbjeot to detention If unprovided with
a pass,
Anb'w A. IUawoon,
Commodore Corn's Potomao Flotilla.
DtriRiutxT or Stats,
Washington, Jan. 15, 18(2.
The Secretary or State will herearter receive
members of Congress on business on Saturdayr,
oommenclng with Saturday, tho first of next
295 PennsylvonlaAvenue,
295 Pennsylvania Avenue.
295 Pennsylvania Avenue,
39 South WilUam Street, N. Y.,
39 South William Street, N. Y.,
Choice Brandies & Wines,
Choice Brandies & 'Wines,
Choice Brandies & Wines,
Choice Brandies & Wines,
Xilquora. Oordlavlsii om
Xalc.ix(3x.at. Oordllalaii o-.
Zjlci.'U.ox'aB, Ool-cllalaB. c,o.,
We also offer lor aale a oomplele auortment of
llerruetlcnlly Sealed
Fruits, Heats, &c,
Hermetically Sealed
Fruits, Meats, &c,
llcrniet lcully Sealed
Fruits, Keats, &c,
395 Pennsylvania Avenue.
29fi Pennsylvania Avenue.
Il.twe.n Ninth AMI Tentb lie.
OCt 8
pnorosALS KOIt fike fluos
Corner G and Tweotr teoond its .
Waelil.itoa, U. O , Oot. so, ism.
Sialid PaorosAU vlir te reoelTta at tbl. office
uattll'2 o'olook m, Saturday, Oe'obir 2. lB62,for
performlog tbe wurK and lurrl blag meterlale for
tha.reotloa aod placioff In working oroerof 1BK
PT.linA .t tha On.rt.raiut.f'. .lor.hon.EI. on (
street, reir Twenty seoond, ad at Ihe Blickimita
Htop on F ilreet, near Twenty drat.
Trie Flte Flail will be fnrnl.b.d to the contractor
by the gaartermaiter'e Dapartment.
The bid muat cute tbe price for performing tbe
laoor ana tne prue per ow oi hum, ana viper ma.
t.rlal. NOnlr.d. O
The unj.nlgoed reeervei to blmwlf the rllht to
rejea. any bio wuioa ui.y v. ue.ui.u unr.Muu.ui..
Fropomli from dulojil putiei will not be could
ered Anotih of alleglmce to the u. fl. Govern
t.nt mtut aooomrMuv each crODoelildn.
The ability of th. bidder to fill the oontraot. should
It be awarded to him, mutt be guaranteed by two
ropanilblejperoonl, whom ilgoaturai arelo uo ap
pended to the guarantee
llie.reapoaaTblllty of the guarantor, rnuit be
hown cy Ihe offlolal oertlOoale of the Clerk of the
aearaal u juiot uoarl or ot tne uniieu oiacee w
trlat Atlnrn.v.
Blddera muat be prCMnt In parion when tbe bids
ale epeotd or the propoaala will not be oonaldered
The full name and poet offloe addreaa of the bidder
muii appear in u piopoeai
Ifa old la nude In the namecf a firm the oam.e
ai .tl lh. n.rtl.. im. unr. or the bid will ba
oornlderedaa the individual proposal of tbe partner
algning it,
lionda lo the aum or one thouiand dollar,, algned
by ihe oontraoior aid both ot hi, guarantor', will
be required of the eucoeaaful bidder upon elgnlug the
Informal rironoul. will be r.l'Cted
Fropnasl. mu.t ba addie.ied to Capt J J Dana,
Awmaai wuanenna-ter, u n Army, i, ..iiuigigD,
1. U , and should be plainly muLed " Fropoeala
ior tne erection oi iire nugi."
Jbrm ("Guarantee'.
We, , of the ooonty of , and State of
,uua (Oitneoonntyoi ,.iiipi.i.w, ,
do hereby guaranty that la able Jo fulfil Iba
oontraot In aooordanoa with tbe t.rn.e oi nia propo
IlUVHi euu auet aim, vitl UI9 't uiwoa' - " a-1
he will tvt oae cnu? lniotoootot In jcocrdaiioe
liwcwitn Baoaid Uu oontimot d nwawma 10 nun
a a attaa tTMTTA til iaana-jiai hll anratlfll
1 o ttui gutvnuiu matt be uppenJod iht oertlfloate
Ifor mnber loioratUon, pif t tUii oOm
tf, u vemti.m,
Capt. anil Aaa'l Quartermaat.r
US. Araij.
lint, a Star)
oot iO-dtd
mxetAni 33a7
V l. C. MeOCIKB CO- AitAtiMrt,
llort. Tboromsh.brttd Alanr Ball, c Will be
oM, without nwrrefOB WXDHKSU1.V, the tad
OctoMr,l-unt,tbetollowlBffdeilfmbh nook from
tbe ftm ol W. w. Coroonua.Xeq.. now oocipiid ty
tbe G0Tnunnt m k hotplUI, tIi .
di iukv nuiinviFii
Tbrte Milch Oowe.
One Cow d Cilt,
Shreo lletferi ud threo young C&lrei,
ot beuttful AUtny Ball. IS Moatbe old,
NIm Bertahln Hoci.oodoit Bew tad FIf, of ibe
rente breed.
Thv Uelfere uid CftlvM ara ertmA With tha AI.
The Mle wM tike pUt ft. II o'olook, m fat tho
intomotloB of the Baltlmoro end Ohio ratlrotd ud
Bonndtujr meet, aid will bt wlihoat reterre. for
1 Anotloaetti
JTa.tn.r,o Imy
BY W, L. -WAVt, A CO., Awetloaoon,
Corner Ninth elrtet and Tena. ar.
SurjiUi. .Vfcort, afc, at AuctiM-On THURSDAY
MOBN.NO, O.iober t!3d, wt wUl tell t at our Auc
tion Hotmt, n Urft aaeortment of Orooerlu, for
enh. own pr (doff
dutvim naive lunnea ana iuiow oortn
BafeCoirt, mot
Tlercte Cincinnati HAmi aad boxei Btaroli
100 Iwixu Ktiatani rattmv nrl Vaevllah Dailr
boxci entwine ha ite-out Tobaoco
Hoxre Adamantine and Skiina Candlee
Bozee Pepper, Lobrte'i, boxee Blttere
60 doien Lemon and Uaepbtrrr Brrap
71 boxee w tll'a ud PrOTOtt l'ick'et
Cbow Cbow Sancej, Tamarind
Clfan, Urge itock ajeortvd biandi
BTle. Hnvar and Oleter Cakei
is boxn Candy, lo lbi eaoU
Hoxee Q U ii ware, Tamblere , and Happlei,
With many other artiolei In the Orootry line
Termeouh. W. h WALL A CO.,
oot il 8Ur AueUoneere.
lellcn THURSDAY MBXT, October Mth, at
12 o eh ck n . In front of oor Anollon Rootot. No
Hfl, flerenth Mrvet, nnler Odd Fellowe' UaU, about
60,0001b BACON, condemned ai unfit for puMlo
w. nj oracr oi
Firit Infantry.
oct2l-dt MAUSUALLkrAOE.AuotJ.
BYT. DO WM HO Auctioneer,
toaunt, wt will cell at the Store of II. K. Berry, No,
W( Georgetown, D..,tht entire itooknbraoiaf
a very larf t and varitd weortment ot very desirable
Qood forthepreeentandthtafproaoblnKeeaioni
Clot hi, Calmerea, and VriUnife,
Blaok and colored Frenoh Merino,
Do do HtuiaeUnt,
Blaok Bombt tine and Alpaaa.
White and Red Flannel,
160 piteei oolored Fanoy Sllki,
Blaok Uro do Rhino Silk,
Brown and Bltaohed Cotun,
0 4andl0 4Sbeeilnjt do.
Brown and Bleaehea Canton Flannel,
Calico and Glnihama la great Tartety.
All the Store Fnmttnre,
Largo Ollt franw Mirror,
Deik and Iron Haft.
Temuoaab. T DOWLINO.
oot IT Auctioneer.
Keepeotlnliy andohcerfuUy retorna thank for tht
liberal petronaga hitherto teoelred.
Hating enry fatuity for doing
irTUK bes r-
Together with all work per'alnlntt to a
riMxr class paintino xstablisiwknt.
Ut bu no hesitancy In eolioitlog a oontlnnanoe of
tne pnono'i invor.
And particular attention in paid to
Jf Kcmrmler tk$ numtVf
Between Sixth and Seventh eti .
Oct 21801 (Star Ac Chron
FALL and WINTER Clothing, which we are
citing at very low prloes, at L. A BeaU A Co , No
8fll Seventh itrtet, between I ardK. Cmeone,oome
all to L A Beell A Co . to get yonr Clothing, Fnr
nbhiEg God,Trunki,Ua'e,aDd Cape. No 'MX Sev
enth urevt. between I and K. Now U the time to
t)nr yonr Clothing at L A. Beall A Co.No mi Jwt
enth it reel, between 1 A K. Eeprclal attention li
oalled to our ne w etook of Fall and Winter Clothing,
Uentt FurnUhlog Goodn, Hat, and Cape
ClothlfN.No Ml Seventh ititet.
The obeipeet Clothing house In town U at I.. A.
Benll A Co'e , No. Btll Seventh afreet, Ut. I and K
it sa Bra
In cooiequeow of the lowoeu of tht water lo tba
General litcervoir It will be neoetwary, nnleei great
eoouomv of water J praotlcod, for tho Government
oon to ihut off the auppjy to oitlicni entlrtlv
All pereon art, there tore, forbidden ti me the
bydraote on rentiylvatii avenue, or oo any ntrr,t
or avenuee under the care nid upervlalou oi tbe
CommIitucr of Tubllo Itulldiogi, for watering tb
itreeie or pavement, or lor any private furpoe
And all perioni utJng tha water are urgently toll
cited to bt at economical in It u mwuMM..
rp 3A CommlMiooer of l'nblio liulidloge.
Tbo underttgned begs leave to oall the attention ot
the oltlzem and traviTlng community to tbe Hooee
he hai Jolt opened ior the accommodation ol gentle
men and ladtee, with day or taoie board.
. The llauwj i. furnlrhed In oplrndld itfle large
airy roonu, obambera. and parlora. Tht table will
be applied with all the delicto lei of the eeuon No
palm or enpenn ihall be i pared to give iitUI action
to all who may patronite the I.qum S riot atten
tlon to oedere that may be given tor dineri, to , at
tentlve and obtlgiog eervame
Uouae eligibly alioatcd on the corner of Twentieth
and K etroete weet, lately occupied by Surgeon Gtn
eral LawAon
Formerly or BntT.lo, N. Y.
form the public that he lit entered Into bt.iaea
relatione with tht bouto ot Fbiiborh A Co , Bank.
en, Rome, tor the eeleetloo, purchase, or forwardiOK
of Workeof Art, or oihir artlclee or Roman menu
laiture,wh oh he ie prepared to do on Ihe inot ta
vorable oandltlcna and with the greaU.t proiapil
rbegrraleet cart will be given to eoleotlng and
P The moat liberal term allowed In all barking
transaction!, and circular letten ot credit on any
European or American houto oaihcd by Fkiboin
oct 14 n3t ' U. 8. Cooeul, Rome.
rpilOMAH K. LlToYU.
1 Attorney for Claimants;
and ia int roR pRoctmiva
Bounty Land, Pcniioni, Arrears
of Pay, Extra rdy, kt
Will give prompt and effloient attention to tor
prONtouUon of Ualmi of every description agaiui
the Government, and make no charge unlet, uo
Both rcfereneei and caw' to eenloei will bt mad
eatlifaotory .
Mr Fenitone aeeured for eoldlera wounded or die
ealwd during the e luting war, alio, for th widow,
and orphan of eoldlera who have died from wound
or disease Incurred while In the United Statea eer
vioe; alio Bounty Jafoney for the belre at law of eoldlen
deoearcd during the exUUng war.
Feet divided with attorney! or other ptnona rot
warding boalneei
Tbe hlgbeet prioei paid for Land Warrant!
Attornryfaf Uaimanti,
No. 41b Heventh atreet.
Wahlngton,D U
N. B. Edltora of paper publish Lng tbe above card
will be entitled tomyiervlcee to the amount of thalx
inargei. T "j U
i Copartnerahlp heretofore exlatlug b.twei
LYLB .COKltf UthUdaratijwlTed-STnuteli
aonaent JOUH u. 1.I1.IG,
v"mml j a. aorriH.
John 8. 1-Jle still oonUnue, ins btatasss at I
Vaauaan.a,Jalrn.lus ,M
From the Ilsngor (Me ) Whig
Vlawaofaoatham tlaton Meti mpotl the
War mntl tha gro taneetloei.
Tba following latter from an lulcllljeml offi
cer In our army it New Orleans, (odd of our
fellow towntmen,) will be found Important and
Interesting In lis statements:
Nt'.w OaMuvs, Sept. IC, 1SG2.
ilij Dtar irMj onil f Hurler:
1 conld not nelp thinking, aa I was talklDg
last night with one of the most prominent of
tha Union men In this city, that it wonld bo a
One thing If some of our Northern friends, who
ara so rery eenrlllve about the rights of a peo
ple who are doing their utmost to tubjugate
Attn, could only hear and know the expressions
and belief of the true men, " faithful found
among the faithless," and see now their patri
otism outrnns aoyol the prejudices of the Dour.
These men know, because they are mado to
fttl the terrible earnestness ol the leaders in
rebellion, and tbe means which they make use
of lo put down any opposition.
You spoke of negroes, Mr. K., ami I should
tike to bear whit you think of arming them
erery conversation about tbe preseot statn ol
affairs turns on the negro.
Yesl says he, It Is like the mael.trom. Hilt
before I answer this, let me settle one cr two
errors into which you of the Norlh haye fallen,
and nothing lo bo wondered at cither, as you
have had the cbtnges rung on them so
much and so oftr-n. You hare ofteu beard,
"Well, what is to become of your rice ami your
cotton? No whl'.o man can work beret" Now,
that Is a lie 1 Let mo jtlvi you my experience,
which rlleuJi oier a twenly years' eiporii'iice
In this clly, and wblcb Iirupporlcil by Hyim
from the census returns. New Orleuns I noir
ly tbe moat southern part of tlitt United bulm
only a portion of Texas nnd the I'eninsul i ut
Florida more southern surrounded by unrehrs
and fens, situated below the surface of tbe liv
er, and subject to an almost annual epidemic,
to which, on account of some difference In or
ganization, the nesro race. Is almost entirety
exempt all this making It onenf lhn most try
ing places lor a whllo man to labor In. Now,
If be can work here, he can work anywhere
elso In our land I During the hottest weather
I have seen thousands of while men laboring
on the Levee with nothing to shade them, and
the I.svee, yon know. Is "hotter than Tophet."
I readily ausnted to this, for at noon of one
swiltering day in August I saw and noted tbe
laborers, eapfoyfd by order of General Batter,
bnsy at work, without any incnnrenl'pc, ap
parently, on tbe Levee
This, they said, was not it fair test. While
men may answer to do lie work In ItH clly but
(hey never can aland farm vork tbey must
sink under It. When I first came here ull the
rirodnce raised fur the market was by negro
abort and nothing can be more trying to the
consi itutlon than gardrnlr g. I bow assentlngly.
Let us turn to the census report. In 1640
there were, say, 130,(00 Inhabitants nnd 11,000
In 1850, say 115,000 Inhabitants nnd sllll
11,000 slaves.
In 1860, (ay 175,000 lahabllanls nnd si only
11,000 slaves.
Not enough slaves for boits.noik, and New
Orleans the greatest slave mtrt hi Uurlalen
doin. Now, woo diti (As tojrl' The white
man; and not one kind of wotk oaly, but all,
Another thing, "negroes (reo ill not I ubor."
In this city thereareltS.OOd inhabitants; rub
trading 11,000 slaves aud 15,000 free colored,
wo shall have 149,000 while'.
Tbe whole taxable property Is $1:1,000,1100.
How much of that belonn lo tbe free blacks
Fifteen millions of dollars to llfteen thousand
blacks, which If divided would glte one thou
sand dollirs lo a inuu. Uemember, too, they
have not the same chance a, Ihe while man
none of the professions ale open lo them, and
though Ihey are taxed to Hipport our schools,
thilr children cannot be nent there. They have
lo entirely support schools fur Ibe education of
their children.
Now subtract Ihe lilleeu iiiUlnme fioiu one
hundred aud twenty lour million and jnu bate
onn huudml und Hire millions tu lie ilivMed
aniniiit one hundred and forty nlnelhoutud in
habitant. Is not the diilerencn surprl-ing
Why, "ho who runs can lend '
lu regard to arming ton nesrii, 1 am In hirer
of It, They will make goo.1, hardy soldiers
Secessloni.fs say, ruisinir Ibetr hands in holy
horror, "why, Ihey urn pi leg In arm the nig
ger." Welt, Mhal ol t. ItiUip. leu, mill one
part ol 1ih couulry must conquer, tho other be
eiipqilered, mid pelhnp. lis people eTterm'ns
ted. Nuw, yiu are pntiy persons to real a
lesson tn me on Inn Uoimtiintion whloh you are
doing your utmost tn teur dnwn The euon
of teudernes has gone hy nud.ihe(nnttet now
is for life, national exi.ieu-e, A ii'Hi! that I
elrugiflirg l'r lili co uu a mu II he do not
avail blmaell r,f vi ry eilfintir.1. flow ruiieh
more a nation with it. million nl lives In lis
keeping And tu Ihe wle'.ednew Is sdilrd folly
when by helping oun-elrt-s we eua overturn a
slu, aud, a "bone i,f conteulLni crumMe lo
It hnseeemidlome, Mr V fhvn I Im, though
au attentive listener I dnn't like to ii main ni
lent all Ihe time ;' It see tin tome ttml tlietery
best way tn ehow Ihe slati Ih il liheriv i. not
licence, ii lu made a soldier ot him He will
feel blmsi'lf under strict law inlaitru di.t'ip-line-ut
the sitme tliu.i he i. a lire nun, hit I te
will natmally (tntclude Hut lur-u are liuitud li)
laws, Ihonyh mil lniln ti llewitl.eiiwhlie
soldiers, tun, under the Mime strict tetiluttoii.,
which will, nt the name time, strengthen Ids
former conclusion, make him acijui'see In the
wisdom ol It and gite him ambition. Tit col
ored soldiers who match punt hern .tally , do
wonderfully well. '17,ty ItivitKttr htatts in it
and 1 believe will light lirnvely.
All experience goes to piote, said Mr. I'.
who had home my Interruption ralhs r Impa
tiently, thut negro soldier, will 11tltt, 1 agree
with Mr. S. here, who replii s to tils secession
friends ; "lather negroes will Until or tin y
won't Cghl, aud II they will light, I gu In lir
giving them n ehsnee.
tint shvsry lslead ' deiid ' ' dead ' I ' Yet,
the great immigration which will lake place in
to tills Southern country ut the end of Itie war
will kill it. For 1 bellete lltcie will liennnu
precedeuted lljw ot good, liouest, industrious
citizens. You will have all tlie trades and till
the arts, the laborer, Iho larmer, thu merhauic,
aud your society will be utterly changed ''
"1 hope what Jou say will prove true," said
Mr. F., "and I believe Ihn same myself, but, 1
declare I had no idea il win so late 1 must
go." A
ati, sjeKl'I'etiniiUI ltei.ntrtlliollttl.
a t.iiverRn.
The following Is (leq Negley's oalelnl report
of the lato victory nl Lavergne, Tenn
lIctnqcaiiTERS Umtko SnTrs Touch,
NnuviLu:, October V
Sir : Major General J. It. Anderson, Briga
dier General Forrest nnd (lenerul Harris bavo
been rapidly ooncentrallog a large rebel lotce
atLavergue, fifteen miles east, wubtbearowed
Intention of seiaulllng Nasbvlllo. Deeming It
a favorable opportunity to check Ibis pnject
by a rudden blow, n eonceried inovenitr-t was
mode on tbe ulght of lite Cth Itislanl, byu fcrco
of four, hundred infantry nud four hundred
cavalry, and four plccs ol ntlilliry under
command ol Geo. rainier, sent via Murtreeiboro'
load. At tbo same lime 1,800 Inrantry, under
Ocd. Miller, marched by a i Irculloits routo to
the south of Lavergne
The enemy's plcketa end tidettos weie.ii
considerable force on the roads, ami skirmished
with our advance ten miles, enabling tba main
lorce, consisting of one regiment, tha Thirty
second Alabama Infantry, with one steel rifled
cannon, and three thonsand cavalry, to assume
a position, forming their lines lo anticipation
of our entire force advancing on tbe Mttrfrees-.
boro' road, which was part of on r object. Tha
enemy commenced Ihi action by opening fire
with three pieces of artillery, at a distance of
three hundred yards. This was soon silenced
by a shell from one of our guns exploding their
ammunition cheat, at the moment the enemy
were dlrectiog tbetr movements against Ihe
right flank ol Gen. I'almer's lorce.
Col. Willis' Intanlry arrived, advancing In
splendid lino of battle, delivering a well direct
ed Ore Into the enemy's ranks, which was fol
lowed by a skillful deployment of Ibe right and
left, U cut on their retreat. Tbe Confederates
held their ground for thirty minutes, nnd then
fled In the wildest disorder, leaving one hun
dred and seventy five prisoners In our bands,
among whom were Iwo lieutenants, two lieu
tenant colonels, and a number of line officers ;
three piecos of artillery, nrdnanco and quir
termaster's storus, a large amount of 'provis
ions, camp equipage, personal effects, aland of
regimental colors, nnd three railroad cars,
wbicbwedoilroycd. Their defeat was complete.
Their loss in killed and wounded was about
The conduct of our ofdeers and men was
highly meritorious, with numerous instances of
Individual bravery nud sQlclency. ,
A report In dolsll will be for warded lij Ibe
first opportunity.
Oor loss is fives kilted, nine wounded, four
I hate. Ihe tumor In rtmsin, yours very truly,
Signed J is. H NsniKt,
llrigii-lier General Commanding
Col .1 II Fir. A A ti nnd Cl.f.f or SialT
C. I M.
Ileeult, f tlie llnllte of Ink.
The cflicl.il statement of Ihe retails of th)
bailie of Inka Is si follows, viz:
Rsbels killed (found on tbe field) 2CI
Rebels died lo boplfnl 120
Wounded left In hospital ,
Removed by I'rloo
Prisoners . .
Total . 1,434
Rebel prisoners captured at Corinth stale
that Prise officially reported a loss of 1,50U
men. Gen Little (late V. H. A ) and Col. Stan
ton, were Ihe mmt prnmlmeni rebel efflcere
Union kllled-eommf.'lone.i rifnars fi
Union wounded SO
Unlou missing I
Total It.
1'rlraltM and non commissioned killed 134
Privttesand lion commissioned wounded 55'J
rrlvalee and no'i commissioned missing 3's
TnW .. .. . 7Ji.
Residue considerable quantities ol quarter
master's and commissary el ore., we csptured ot
tho rebels l.ti.") stand nt snullarirw.and I3,0uti
round, of amuiunl'lun.
S.-T.-1 8 6 0-X.
They urlTf , tf (DAllifn, nod lu. Igorate
They create a lirtlib) attnite
1 hey ate au MDtidote lu ohinKt of wa.lt und diet
They o, ertorui i tTfCtsi t( dlMiiiaiion antl late hour
Thiy urcnftthan the rynXemmud rnll.en thmlut1
Tbcy rfvDt tnifumatic and Inirrinitif nt levem
They inirily tht trtath and acliliy ol tbe loruaoli
liity oat OyiiiiiaanlCouitirtatlon
liVy cure l)iaitla(ra,cholara, and Ctlra Un
Tbry core Liver CotnpUtut aud Nr,inu tiead
1 hey are the bt Iillleri lu Iho woild They nik
tha weak, ouu ttroui;, and are exliauMtd natuie'a
(rreat reiurer Ihey ate made ut ,'urM C'roin
Rnni,tliectvbrattMlCAliiaya lirk,riotiatd herb,
and are tnkeu with tbe iUaiureol n bcveruae.iih
out reeard to ace or it me of rtav l'url'fularlv re
oummt-uiifd to liellonWi pernoni r((,ulilng a fsjaile
ptimniant aoU by all onwerN iiuxrI-i, tioieitt,
and ttaloom. I U liUAKK ft CO Vlrj Broadway,
New mk te Sfj . 45m
-Klr for Ilie Uine III or the la'ant
Acylutu atthecorner ol IVnn avenue, near 1 wen
ty rlxth Mreer ojipoiitte the Cirri The hlnteM oi
Charitv ia charKu of ihU lotliuttou will open a Pair
wr ttn tmerlt at OJ t IVliow' lla.ll, b'nnth otret,
rnMONHVY, the'.Ttn InMant. towlneh ttiey in
lite ills iatrui-fieol ihe fuhlto Tht mil filer lor
rnltvRt nni(nall jrlc s n nt TJiltyof r'unoy
and Uaeiiil A nicies' loyd, Itukn, Hiws'r c
1 uey a.k tin ai I u( Hit cia.ml'lr I i thrir elljr'i lu
liode for e help'?. inUo'" unilur tlielroare.aod
tSev anix'il t ttio uenrrsiHol ah tUu oi ni IjDi.
(iiriU liUiir th- IaIIv ti isattiitsitid m iK-t or any
aritottinhi h ihey iny i.tpooi at itn fair Aty
tuclnWi aiioia nitty be n tut nil ur iu Mrn lKJONa
earner of K and I lghlU - rre nr Mr ft I1 OK tit
M a I ii.xiisi on inw iiiitnai IU14JI- ere rt-oficf i
Biiltuml tor In till iii.tituUoa an I tit -re Uuj
charity wlaih u,orlo I y Hi)euU tuimtliotairvn
ac The ifc-Uo-t coalii.img ttii t-ir hire iMfry
conlljeiico that thtlr exerll huh ill 111-tt tho euou-rajTitnt-nt
a irenvrouii puhlto Meal at all hour
Ailmitticca li rcnt4 fickt-isi ot aJml-wton, loclul
lnir.ropiir 0 oeutsi oct Vltl
ttT llAltlii'itara llttlr I j i Um itr In
Oi. Wnrhl. l Ham A ItiatchMor'. Oelebrattd
I loir Ufa jroJuCiKao l.ir n.t to be diitinjtul'hcl
Irom nature wainn'eit i,ni in njnra the Hair in tha
leual, Tfiiedit-ii theillilht'Uul btKldjei anllnU
urt.i4tl.i Hnir It r ifa ..U. . ItMi.orHldTV
IIAIK iiihiHy tun Ji-1'lMitli.i Hlck cr Urown,
IfavirfT N tiHir ion hii J t. Mitihui s?i) Iy all
ItllUfui'st, C
r II" UaLiiibe a tinned WILLIAM A
l.MCHr (OK il ' irotV.wMi
t-hfory t hi Itarclsiy itrm,, (I a'e .31 Hrcai
iy timl I It .ui ) .Nw. iil tnj'i'-l)
IsrUaiiuu'i lriraair Hlavai a-luj u
01 tills, wtjtk uro iur raid at tha titiije oi the Aaim
K-nuUnm IUuililtti e.tUJun, vt t--ul IlistuiJ
edlMtJrt.l cmtai
.fir ".He ii I lull t Altettllt'Ul Alltnlluii 111
aut'd h tew MhN Km ljupleie a cwraDy uftha
hUteentti rtRiuirui Irfiui (hirit imteru a
lulu l-i th oul rittlmmi uuw uiiti,jM. v, and da
ikl'ed for "tfl't.lIIAL hLUVICK ' I y Hie becre
lary of War. lor dutv iu ihe vloiniiy ot Alnindria
an the fottn alj' utH nfhlutou, ti V
lOcrultiuz oi&iie thud ir"t s.t iltxr hluw Pa
avenue A C wll'IMCOUBK.
(ltd A. Ua an,
en 4 W Ideut
UrHiiislai ejoti. ir avi nlUr lneday
April 1. Hflst, me irn. on ia ilm tUlUmftre and Ohio
K aim ad will .tjii.uiiuOv ruiulK urtlly, (hunU.
fXCt.'le.lJ t Hvinfi thU Stb,tl4i Itl.vli in , fcud
conneOtiPK W tixhiufttun Jaootlun with Mali
Imlu ur nil Mirtttct the ?x m Whwellnh or
I'irktTbtmrK Ihiooith tlxknu ould ni taixiiM
ohkM V UU11U,
M of TrTi-orWtki H h O K, H
i,. 1-illt HUffc G1ot
3 Ar tJiaail fantoaylTainlii Kuutv. I he
ulcke.l Hid alet routtt t the NorLUwut uuJ
outhwesjt Iwo throuxU traJin dtiily,ard iwoi
Huuday Soldier.' Ilokets. ht Uoverotuenl tatrat lo
all the principal ik)UiU Iu tlu Kurlii aud Vtwi tot
tiaktU and mnhtr In'orwailuu aw ly at tht s-fflco ut
tho tireat l'tuuylvi.nl-- Kouio.1' ..i-nbaa! oomar
l'c-l.llJl,-lt-a llUUsi aud hlllUi strait, lUMli-
iloualllst! dS"M oih ir. I ryp.u.
on huadi. w
Tbateainer KKVPOKTwlll ran hereafter be
tween W ABU IhOTONard BALTIMOHK, ma) in(f
twotil.wi p(r weaV tach waj.tou.lilni? t roiNT
LOOKOUl udall thO ptinclptl laodinji on tho
Thcve wishing irf lnht or r f can apply at 0
Baltln.ora.atiJ at Uu diirercut Landing) on tha
rout. WW ' SMNV.Ajjt
WuMnjton' I C , Sl W UM Wt H

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