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"tffWWi ib
-Va -
u-lbo )Ub!lCKlkn ultlce (I tbe National
flurrMic (K 1 at the norths ist corner of I and
Seventh streets, second floor, over W. D. Bhe
herd's bookstore Entrance on 6Tenih street.
idrerlisemente must be paid lor In adf..i,oo,
andsbould be, handell Id before ft o'clock, p. m.,
to ensure their nppparanoa on tho following
1IIB aUtlTlOlV.
Tbo premium on gold la Wall eltet yester
day ranged from 28 to 29.
Tho Richmond Etnminer, cf the 17ih, says
" Tb mutt the tibllo beard of the Treasury
Deperlmeut during the reoeit somlon of Con
greae, was a Itst of replies of tbe Secretary to
resolnilons ileni indlng explanations of tho ex
Iraordloiry dolu) t In the different branches of
bit department. It nppearod tbat tbe soldiers
could not be paid utile-. at lutervsls of llvo i r
six months, because the Secretary could not
ro.Le money fast ouongh; and tba exiueo was
that tbe Seoretar r had ient rfl" all the engrav
ing urparatus of tbe department to Columbia, J
douiu ejitronni,Hl ine lime luo -toveruuicui
wai packing up lis trap to leave R chmocd to
KoClelleo, fso Impeachment It always denied
uutll the unforrutiate Hecrotury blabbed.) Ii
la tti.v dlecovured tbat In Ibo Second Auditor's
fflce, the uumer uf aoldiera' claim mi Alt, for
adjustment la w thousand nine hundred; ar,d
tho excuse for this taaiten Ion to tho public
business te tbat tbe Auditor was also delayed
by tbe remornl cf the tnustor hi d pay roll
cut of Illcbmnud, when tbe aulhorltos eer.
preparing to evacuate In June last "
The battle at Perrvvillo Is claimed as a vie
tory by tt rebel nevrepapets. Tbo Klchmond
papers havo ttw loUowln.'
Tb flabt lu Konltuky continued three
daja, 7lb, till, and Ptb, Bragg eucc-adtul each
dey. centurlng tunny guns and over ten thou
e-,od prisoners, and killing and a minding rosti) .
wa nave noara oi no general cmcer ainoa on
our elde "
' The New York 77mes of yesterday publishes
tte fullowib trcm ilBspooltl correspondent at
Ccu ret lite
"Tbe whole country between Centreville and
the Il.ipptLsnuockisewarn.irg with rebel cav
airy et-d rccuts. who Inauctlv nolo und report
tho .lubicbt movement on tbe part cf our
urcer. '
Freu tbe upper rotoma:, ooiitlourd quiet
la r pcru.il.
Tbo follotMCu; trm the Washington corres-
poLuence ol Ibe Set Yctk Xii'ies, la confirma
tory cr b'utem Lis Utdo lu the a ioiiol R pJt
linn of Mjodsy
" A gentlemiiu who left AnsBTilIe. Culncu-
per county, Virfloia, on last tVedncsday, tnyii
that rrbel conatripM are ptirtf; cobstantly
tcin Winchester. &eveiitt;en uegnC9 wt,r,
Iiu:k tLcro tti tbe lltu Inst, cbariied with or
iiLiuirg an lnurrection ngtinst tno whiles
tlup cs ,'( tbo Wrtitilnuion yalioiial Rtpublxcan
ft clftlnlDK tic P, tldcltl'. pr, cUtiiAllon ol
DlAnciMtioi , were fuitid AmtuR tbem. The
oou.pirao) , niir miormrthl m a, is supponml to
extend throughout Keveial ctinnlief,, and tht
greatu.t txu tmeul &Jd U tr prevails of hu
uUruak -inoog tn i iter i, . ire Inhabitant,,
of t),t oojtiiiis vvtiero uh iiirururdinstli'ti ex
!,s, tbrt I'eti in iinlht tbft cjLsrlpilon art m,
tie plea of se f delencc, i. ii. to protect ll.etu
elvt8 against tbe tiegroes. Two thirds f tbe
(dares lu Virginia bave Already heard cf Presi
dent Lincoln's proclanirttlon, and know tbat
they are free aud thinks tbst should the rebel
army retreat from Ite present position, another
Nat. Turner reoe 1 o i wci d occur lu Gistern
and Osutral Vlr.,lbU."
Tbe Xnle llgtnerr ol yeeierday republlehcr
nt the lonance tfGi'Q bruit, u paper submit
ted by Mm to the Pieslden. on ibe 30th March,
18CI. Tols paper prove whit was already
well kuuwD, that General Scoit bad hteu In
ceesiat In urg i'g rcs Sir. Bjcbanar. the ne
cessity of putting th ooutborn firta in a coo
dltlon of defence. G u ricoti, In Ibis paper,
rtflfCts very eeve-ely upon tbe conduct of Ihe
late Secretary ct tba JKvy, Mr. Totiey.
The adverse r-tull of t ei.es t elecliona are
ascribed by tb Northern R"puMIcii panirs,
partly to the absence in tbe army of R-publl-oan
voters, and pirtly to dliMti'funlon nt tbe
slow provrns of the n ar
Hon a; fUBuo PAmox&GE.
Tbo pnocipltt upon which public pitron
age, la appolnimeD s to olS:e aud oiberwia i
employed, are c f 'hu most ital c jLserjueuc.' lo
tbe ccumry. Ttcy dcterui.no iu fct, whai
eort of gcr;ruicut we live uedtr.
It la tbe csteuilal i:rcl!cut ol free lnttitu
tloQS, tbat the couir u ol nOius sL&uld vest, not
la men, cr dycavle but in puriits, Hud In the
msjorny lar'y Ur Lo timebtlug And this
control lxis u f uu oLly, uul ii('t U sub
'!, It It dcet : t exited lo tte ui-mbuiion
rifpxiroDiige vLk u in uu influence always great,
i., i ecmeilmee uvtmbsdonlcg.
Our earlkr l'r(f dtnis, u bcou na partler
were fermed ut al.. ucud invariably upon thi'
prlco pie. They did not treat the delicate
powerof appclatlsu tj ttl.'c Miti'nl In them
lor their personal boneCt &ud t) be ued at
tb-ir p'reonul cipriej ibey held It rutLer a
Itustccb lor ibe turti'8 wbi.U ilcvuted iLeni tc
tbfdr ou place And it Is a departure r,,in
this earlier metLud if the bitter and purer
days of tbe Uepubllo, lu uliivti is imputable, in
no emjll decree, the pttnut deiilornble coud
tlon cf .fljiie Lipii'Liv in !h cuh La
verii ed lbs trutu, toil nLjt is rgbt In princi
pic, will elftjye proio t bt iu practice, and
the reverte
Tbo Diet 1'ioald'iil who usc.1 hi ptronagc
ashlcuwii prlvitc puperly, otd niib n view
to ibe ctHiticu if a pionKl and iiidepndent
party f t. o,.n vjt litia"ji-r Tlatcane
WIS too ipiilkul 111 I ' ' 'iur icteritlic ILd ii
to reii rwneuibmd lo nud any cimi,ut
The Adutiuittrslione cf Mr. IVrc" and Mr.
lluchanau, wtlcb immedMUly prectded und
really brooch' ttitbo present ntil war, did
not aim to ere tie nrlctly pereonal parties by
Ibe nee cf tln.i tutrcmne, o John Tyler did
but tuov t'uallj 1. uiiyid b punlia which
brought th'm iniofow r lit ibir cte, Ibis
betrayal was iu tlm It ,e rest f n seciiinal
cabal, lo vhoto pnrrn they hkci islvily
prostliuld lbtni,elvis in ib Lohh rf ft r(;.
eleolion Mr Pierce u.d bis pairunaa lo
force through C-rgrtt; tbe repcsl c f ibe ills
tonri compromise, end Mr Lliiebiiiau.tucrjKu
tbit In'quliy by lelizicg the Leccmplou
Bwlnillf Iiitb these l'riid"nte,b(i reutaiL
iub' In thoeo iiUcmeDcd "nterrru eu loese
trcir the art ut.eli bid ilevaled ibem to
power est. iecd erery L.' aiocrat wh' would
uot folk d tjem, and riivjriled wlib tbu Gov
ernment pauodagu c.l uivU, of whatever uu.t
:dents, lio were found unecrupjlous enough
to yield to tbe Executive policy Tb- govern
moot of tbe country, I'J tbie nbusa of tbe pub-
lio patronuge, ctaced to bo Lbe gevcruaieot cf
a majority parly, or, in otacr words, ceated to
be a free govorniuenl V became a Prisl'Ji'n
tlal governaSil, end, !a lbce luo costs, the
gowrcmenl of a eecllunal cabal, whose de
luded tools Ur. Pierce and Mr. Buchanan both
Tbe personal feuds, resulting from the tyran
nical use of Ibdrpstronsge, led directly to tbe
final disruption of the Democratic, patty lo the
conventions of 1860, at CbarUslon and Balil
In respect to the present Administration,
there has been no design to create either per
sonal or sectional & unties, and there Ii abun
dant evidence that Its original purpose was to
conform (o approved precedents In the dis
tribution cf patronage. We do not believe that
there bas been any conscious deviation from
that purpose to the present time. In polat of
laot, however, that power ol the Government
which we denominate "loflaence," Is now large
ly used against the working men and cherished
principles ol the Republican party, anil it Is lo
this perversion of the pnblio patronsge, thai
wc may sifely attribute no small share of tbe
shortcomings of this war, and of tbat degree
ol disintegration In Ihe Republican patty
which has been manifested In the rent elec
tions. Theso constuuences are not less de
plorable, because they may have arisen from a
cours i of events which Ihe President anrl Cab
ioet could cot easily control, even If Ihetr at
tention could be exclusively given to it, which
Is manifestly Impossible amid the multiplied
aSiits of tbe preeent extraordinary times.
The election of I860 substituted Mr. Lincoln
for Ur. Buchanan In the Presidential offlcejbut
a President, howover active and decisive, Is
only a small part of the Government. Upon
our vloicus system of life offices In tbe army
aud navy, and tbe still more vicious system of
intrusting the civil administrations of the army
aud navy toregularcuicers In those controlling
brauchea uf the publlo service, our Government
bas become, in (act, ane of bureaus, practi
cally independent ol the chiefs of the Admin
btratloa lor the timo being.
It has happened in this way, and especially
because tbe outbreak cf a glg.nllc war bas
thrown such an enormous disproportion of pa
tronage into military and naval channels, that
the old Democratic dynabty la almost as sub
stantially In power to day, so far as conttol ol
Government lefluence Is concerned, and the
Republlcau parly Is about ae substantially os
tracised, as It was two years ago. The Govern
dent machine Is running now, In most par
tlculars, as It did then, and In the hands cf
tbe same men. H Is the appolaleesof the lead
ers cl secession, who still control patronsge
which dwarfs that of even the President him
seif Into Insignificance, and while they control
It ir. many lestances advereely to tbe polloy cf
tie Administration, members of tbe Cabinet are
re-trained (torn interference by the tpprebeo
sio, Uudable lu llself, but dreadfully raischlev
ous in ils ccDsf qiiencff, tbat the purity of their
motives may be brcught Into question.
This power of patronage, which has thus re
mained in the hands of tbe old Democratic
oabal, by Ibo ceurso of events led by the In
attention of the Administration, has been and
Is beicg nwl to keep la our military and rlvil
scrvico an Innumeritble host or the splee and
tools ol Ibe Jiff. DijU dynasty, In enpporttng
incompetent generals, la preventing and de
featiog Investigations by committees of Con
gresa, in debauching Ihe prets, In the disdainful
refusal to examine and adopt the Improvements
la arms and mifsrie! by which the superior
clvilic itlon of tba frw Slates could have put
down this semi barbaric rebellion.
It la easier to point out evils than lo point
out their remedies. But tbe evil In this case Is
so great, that remedies most, at all events, be
found for It, and we shall recar to tbe subject
" X Minim, or PiABio.'i.BcrsTr.aNDBocMT
LiD Lawn "This Is the title ol a most In
valuable volume, just published by W. II. and
O. U. Morrison, of tbls crty. It contains In
full all tba laws which are In force upon the
subjects named, all the departmental orders
und circulars In relation to them, a digest of
all juilolal d-clMons which are applicable, and
all ih forms v.bich are used Tbo laws and
judiclnl decision are separately Indexed, while
l litre is a general ludex of Ibe whole work.
It i Ihe compilation of an f-xcinluer In Ibe
P-'u-lou OOco, und wbu is a gentleman of
jret.t iutelifgence und Iburoughnets It is just
such a bock as Is noeded ut this lime. It If
sold at ut.e dollar and fifty cents per copy, and
kill be tent by mall flee of postage to per-
ejus remluij iat turn to the Messrs. Uor-
jSaV,1. Commaoder Balch bss been ordered
to ILe Pawnee.
Capt. Gillie his boon ordered to tbe steam
eioop Oislpee.
Lieutenant Commander Gillis has been or
dered to tbe steamer Commcdore Perry.
Lieutenant Commander Baoon bas been or
dered to tbe steamer Commodore McDonougb.
PsasotAL Cihds. A card from Mr. Nixon
iu relation to .Mi. Barnum appeared In our
adrerttt)n j column yesterday morning. We
did not S:a it until R".r its publication. We
received 1-tst evening a card from Mr. Barnum,
tnrtp'y to Mr. Nixon, which we publish this
morning, Lut aboil berealttrcloso cur columns
to pem.sil controversies
ftrVe learn tbat tbe Hon. Andrew B
DicklcBon bss been appointed by tbe Freddent
s Marshal of tbe Northern district of New
Yoik, and that Hon, Thorn m II, Clay, of Ken
lucky, has been appointed Minister Rosldent to
Nicaragua, in plaee ol Mr. Dickinson.
Geucral Urtlsr iialaetlng lo Fnri
General Orders, No. 0,
IlKlDinillTESS DxrgsciM 01
Washington, Oot. 18, 16.02.
I Paragraph III ot Ueneral Orders, No. S,
current merles, frctn these headquarters, so far
us relates to lutloughs on accouut of wounds,
is Intended to apply ooly to cures of wounds
rceif(l In adi'jn
II A Miiyron giving a certlflcn'e of disabil
ity tur lento orNlmiougbon aeeuunlof wouuds,
will explkllly statu Hi, miu, thu nature of tbe
wound, when, aud In wb it tnguveiuent, H was
r, ived, and the lime that (iu b s opinion)
must elapse ere toe uimimuy win oo removed,
and a'so lb place at wb cb tho applicant will
be leuud 'luting bis luiloun.
III CertiO.aies 61 disability for leave or fur
louen will i.ot bo given wLeu tb.ro la gxxl
teaaou to believe tbe upplicaut will be lit for
duty iu a less perioi than thirty days
IV At tbi expiration of hie furlough the rol"
dier will report In person tu lbe surgeon in
chtrge of tbe hospital w be nee he was lur-
V. Patsgraph V of General Orders, No. 6,
curreut scries, Is eo far modified as to admit the
granting of furloughs fer sixty days la eilreme
By cemmand of Mai Gen. Basis
UlcuaiU) B. lawiM,
Captain, A. D. C,
Acting AesUtaot Adj'l General,
Latest from the Army of the
llntjquamtRa Armt or tux Potohio,
October 21J802.
An expedition started from Gtn. Slocum's
cemmand this morning, lor the purpose of In
tercepting and capturing a force of rebel cav
alry, under Captain Dag, who were foraging
near Lovetttviue, Loudoun county, Va. II was
In every respect successful, but the details art
not yet known. We took 32 prisoners, among
whom waa the captain, aad killed ten of Ihe
enemy. Our loss was one man killed and four
wounded. Dog's oompany was an Independent
one, raised In Loudoun county.
sirs, uenerni Mcuieuan ana Mrs. uenerni
Uaror. bavins: finished their visit to the Armv
of the, Potomac, left to day for Washington.
Nut York. Oct. 21. The sleanvhlD Cltr of
Uanchester, with Liverpool dates to tbe 7th
Instant, hsa arrived. ,
The news brought by her bai been mainly
anticipated by tbe Bavaria.
A disgraceful riot occurred In Hyde Park.
London, on Sunday, Ihe Sth Instant, and which
continued daring two hours. There were a
hundred theusand persons present, at least two
thousand of whom vogaged In the melee, la
eluding several hundred soldiers off duty. Tbe
Irish were at last overpowered by the English.
A law bas been passed fur the abolition ol
slavery In the Dulcb West Indies, to take effect
in July nexL It wan pasted by tbe Stales
General of Holland 43 against 7.
cklrm'sh al lailttt's Station.
Cextbiviixs, Va.,OcL 20. Ahout duk list
evening, sixty of cur cavalry, under commasd
of Capt. Conger, cf Indiana, met a force of tbe
rebels, nnmberiog between two aad three bun.
dred. atCxtlett's Siailon. Our troops charged
upon Ibem, and routed them completely, driv
ing inem lor a mile in great aisoraer..
None of our men were injured in tbe skir
1 1 i
The War iu Ihe Southwest.
Et. Loots, October 20. Schofleld. with bis
advance, has reached ttlborn Tavern, in Ar
kansas,and established his headquarters there.
leiegrapnic cemmnnicauon is complete irom
Gen. Curtls's headquarters to Elkliorn Tavern
Ueneral KcbcBeld sends Intelligence that tbe
enemy are making for tbe Boston Mountains.
Generals Bteele and Orterbaue, with tbelr
divisions, ore at Pilot Knob, advaacintr againet
ihe enemy, under McBrlde, Stein, and Farsons
An ndvance, consisting of two roitlmenla ol
rebels, was at West Plains three days ago.
Brigadier General Wsrren Is at Salem, wilch
leg them.
Acting Brar Admiral Porter, being yester
day requested lo oo operate wuh Gen. Curllt
in ceriainmutersaownine Mississippi, replied
from Cairn, in twenty mlantes alter tbe receipt
of the mts'age, tbat his movrment was com
menced. Recent orders from Washington exirml Ibe
command of General Curtis over Atkunsas,
Missouri, Alton City, Kansas, Nebraska aud
JirnisoN CiTT. OcL 20. The rebel force
tbat crossed the Missouri river and selzsd lbe
steamer hmlly at Portland was under tbe oom
stand of Porter. They ware afterwards Inter
cepted, at the California Bouse, ncsr Waynes.
vine, uy jjw uoi. aigei, ana scaiierea. no par
ticulars of the affair have been received.
More rebels are said to have gathered at
Portland, and measures have been taken lo at
tack or interoent them. In the meaatime dan
ger Is removed.
several steamDoaes are aetaioea uere and at
Herman. All the rebel banda remalulng in
Missouri teem to be endeavoring to make their
way out ot tue state in ine tncrteit time prac
Caiao, Ootober 20. No news bas been re
ceived from Commerce today.
Ttl iteataer Pike, which arrived to-night,
repcrts naviog seen a email oaou oi guerillas
at two different points between Bmituland and
Caeeyville;. 2,000 tebels are reported backol
the Utter pUce, and Were only prevented from
taring po-seeslon ot the town by thu presence
ol two gunooKts.
Tee steamer Hate! Dell struck a snag yes
lerday, and was suuk oti Smlibland bar.
I he steamer Eugene, Irom Memphli, brought
one regiment wllh a battery to Itland No. 21,
where she landed, to imoiea the rebels whs
fired Into Ibe steamers Dickey and Continental,
on Friday. They have iLs'ructlons Ircm Gen.
Sbermau lo destroy everything in tbe neighbor
hood. Twenty secession families bavo been ban
ished Irom Memphis, in punishment for the
guerilla outrages uu the rlrsr.
From Fortress Monroe.
Fonntisa Momox, October 20. The steam
boat Commodoro arrived hero ut 1 o'clock to
day from Aiken's Landing, bringing down over
600 paroled Union prisoners, many of whom
came recently from Macon, Georgia, and were
captured at Cedar Mountain. There are but
tew officers Among ibem ate tbe foUonlug:
Captain W. L. Foulk, 16th Pa.
" Samuel M. Qitlncy, 2d Maes.
" Henry E Uolloway, 5th Conn.
" Arthur E. Jordan. 10th Maine.
" Henry Shaw, lOid New York.
" James U.Snaib, 46th Penn.
" James U fablp, -IClb Penn.
Tn3 most of the COO released priioners will
be sent immediately to Annapolis.
The drafting of negroes for military service
la strongly recommended In the South.
Tbe Klchmond ixamintr says: "Our exchan
ges speak with great anxiety of the prospeot of
an attack upon Mobile by the enemy, whloh
attack might involve important consequences,
as the capture of this point would give tbe en
emy immediate possession ot Ihe Alabama and
Tomblgben rivers. By a march of tbe enemy
Into tbe interior of Alabuma, they would sue
ceed la cutting Ibo Confederacy more com
pletely In two iban they could hope lodo,even
by Ihe possession of tbe Mississippi river
through ils entlro leugtb, aa il would destroy
tbo lion of communication now passing through
Montgomery, which has been ot incalculable
lament to Ibe people of the entlro South."
The Uibkl DtrgiT ar Cobintii Tbo latest
advices irom Corinth are to Ibe tfled that
prisoners continue to be brought in singly and
In iquads. Ou Ootober U, Captain Ford, of
tbe Tennessee Cavalry, who hail escorted a
provision train Into tbe country, captured
about sixty rebel soldiers., lie says the woods
are filled w'.ih their wounded and stragglers,
many of whom would willingly give ibem
selves up, if not alrald of tbe Kansas and Illi
nois cavalry. The tone of feeling among cltl
xsns is very much modified tlnce Gen. Price s
defeat. They say tbat Price admitted that he
received terrible punishment, and that not
three thousand of the thirty thousand men who
went into action could now be mustered Ilia
plan waa to nttack I'ufuy and Bethel, aud then
make a rapid march upon Jackson, and thence
to Paducab. Thai this was bis pTan is evident
Irom tbe maps, plans, and diagrams oaptured
In tbe recent battle.
A ounPAniiui).
The following extraots from Macauley's assay
on Lord N agent's Memorials of Hampden ap
pear to prsssnt more than one point of resem
blance to matters which have transpired In our
own country) and the military errors of Essex
seem not unlike the errors of some of our gen
erals. Tho closing part, describing Rupert's preda
tory expedition, Is so nearly like the'late raid
of Stuart, as to strik the most casual ob
server: There was."lnfaot. for tome time, no great
and connected system of operations on either
side. Tbe war of the two parties was like the
war of Arlmanes and Ormaydea, neither of
whom, according to the lrutcrn theologians,
hies any exolusive domain, who are eauallv
omnipresent, wbo equally pervade all spsce,
who earry on their eternal strife within every
particle of matter.
There was a petty war In almost evory coun
ty. A town furnished troops to the Parliament,
wniio me manor ooaseor ine neigoDormg peer
was garrisoned for the King. The combatants
were rarely disposed to march far from their
own homes.
It was rsserved for Fairfax and Cromwell to
terminate tbls desultory warfare, by moving
one oreriMefmlnaorce euecssalvefy against all
the scattered fragments of the royal parly.
it is a remaraaoie circumstance, enai me
cftlcers who had studied tactlrs In what wore
considered the best shools under Vere In tbe
Netherlands, and under Quatavus Adolpbns In
Germany displayed far less skill than those
commanders whe bad been bred to peaceful
employments, ana wno never saw even a sxir.
mlsh till the civil war broke out.
An uolearned person might hence be inclined
to suspect that the military art la no very prq
found mrsterr: that Its principles are the nrln-
oiples of plain, good sense; and tbat a quick
eye, a cool head, and a stout heart will do more
to make a general than all the diagrams of
Jomlnl. This, however. Is certain, tbat Hamp
ton showed nlmselr a far better omoer than
Essex, and Cromwell than Lesley.
Tbe military errors of Essex were orobabty.
in some decree, produced by political timidity.
He was honestly, but not warmly, attached to
tbe cause of tbe Parliament; and, next to a
great acjeai, ne areaaea a great victor;.
Hampden, on the ether hand, was tor vigorous
and dsolalve measures. When he drew lbe
sword, as Clarendon has Well said, be threw
away the scabbard. He had shown that he
knew belter than any publlo man of his time
how to value and how to practice moderation.
But he knew that tbe essenoe of war is vln
lanoe, and that moderation lu war Is Irabo
o Illy.
Oo several occasions, particularly during Ito
operations In tbe neighborhood or Brentford,
he remonstrated earnestly with Eiscx. When
ever be commanded separately, tbe boldness
and rapidity of his movements presented a
striking oontraat to tbe sluggishness of his su
perior. In the earlv Dart of 1613. the shires ivlnir in
the neighborhood of London, whloh were de
voted lo the cause oi ine f aruament, were in
cessantlvvennoved by Rupert and his cavalrv.
Essex had extended his lines so far.tbat almost
every point waa vulnerable.
The vouog Drlnce.w ho. though not a great gen
oral, waa an active and enterprising partisan,
frequently surprised posts, burued villages,
swept away oatile, and was again at Oxford
before aoroe sufficient to encounter him oould
be assembled.
In the evening of the 17th of June. Rupeit
darted out cf Oxford with his cavulry on a pre
datory expedition At three In the morning of
ine following aay, ne attacgeu anu aispersea t
few parliamentary soldiers, who were quarter
ed at Pcstcombe. He then flaw to cnlnnor
burned the village, killed or took all Ihe troops
wno were posted mere, ana prep erea in nurry
back with his body and bUprlaonersloOxlorr.
.Hampden had on tbe preoeding day strongly
represented to Ksox the danger to whloh this
part or tbe line waa exposed. Aa won as he
received Intelligence of Runerl'a Incursions.
be sent c if a horseman with h nidssago to the.
general, rne cavaliers, un said, couia only
return by Chiselhtimpton bridge. A force ought
to he Instantlv dlsnalched In that dlreotlon for
the purpoaoof Intercepting them. Inthe men
time, he resolved to set out with all the cavalrv
be could rauator, for the purpose of Impeding
toe marco oi ene enemy uu e.ssex coum lake
measures for cutting r u" ibefr retreat.
On the field of Uhalcrove be came un with
Rupert. A fierce skirmish ensued. In too Ant
oharge Hampden was struck In the shoulder
by two bullets, which broke the bone, and
lodged In bis body. Tbe trooDa of tbe Parlia
ment lost heart and gave way. Rupert, after
pursuing them for a short time, hastened lo
orosa ine orioge, anu m,tao ma rotreai "iinmc
tested to Oxford."
Ordev Concerning Aliens.
ExxcuriiB Mansion,
WnurMiros, 20th October, 18C2
It is hereby ordered that all persons who
may have actually been drafted Into the mili
tary service of Ihe United Slates, and who
may claim exemption on account oi alienage,
will make application therefor directly to the
Department oi mate, or inrouga meir respect
Ive Ministers or Consuls.
By Ihe President:
Wiu-uv H. Sv.WiBD, Secretary of Slale.
War Dxi'XRTMENr,
Wasuiorov. 20ib October. 18C2.
Pursuant to the above order, tbo propor
officers aro dire Ued to report lo tbo Depart
ment of State the casn to wblob tho older
relers. 1;UW1N H STANTON,
Seoretary ol War.
Heller of tlie t'lruU "Alabama's' vic
Bostov, Oct. 20 Ths Portuguese brig Acaso
has been chartered at fcayul. by Ibe American
coniul, to proceed lo Fiorei and tak tho pris
oner capmrca Dy ine pirato Alatama, ana
bUDaequeutiy reieusea, to uosioa.
r SOTIUK.-TlKT" will be a Dinting ol lb.
NtwTcra boldleri' llsllet AmodUuob, ntld t-li
freeing, al rempertnov IIa1I,ou K, between Mnth
and Tenth ltre.li, begluniog at-bs,fpatt seven
o oloek.
Alllaterested are urged to attend, l'er Older of
ins uomm.uee
oo S2-lt Secretary.
BV Prof. A. M QrttB, of lhlla.(lelnlilflL.
will lecture M ion Wedey Oliureh, D etreei soulli,
o-lw-,11 osoonu ma iiuru, iiircu, mis ,,.
NK8DAY) KVfMM), .1 oo.oek Soljiot
Tbe wsals of Ibe Colored Tropin of the Vu ttiu
Auiuli,ltm free A collection will bs lifted to di
ftar txpsaacs. eoS2 It
Wasuinutox Cut.
NOBLE VOl'NO, M I , 1'roftsior of Principles
ana r.aeiioe oi ucamsa
JOHNSON ELIOT, M. D , Froffssorori'rfnol.
nes aad Practice of Surgery.
JAMES P. MORGAN, H V , Professor of Ma.
terts Mtdlce and Th"tsrcutloa
J H SNYDBK.M. I), Profesior of Obstetrics
ana lwmssvb oi women anu unuartn
THOMAS ANTIBKLL, II. U , Proteuor of I'nill
doiv aad loxlcoloev.
MONTOUMKKYIOnNa, M. D.i Fioleator of
General Mlcrcoi h and Descriptive Anattmy,
SILAS h. I.OOMIS, SI. D , Professor of I'byilos
J. O. VY. Kk.NNON, M. I , Demonstrator of An
The Session will o-mmeBOs on the Arid Monjay In
novemesr anaeL'i la aisrou louowing ine l-eo
tnra will be delivered at tbe Colltra liiilldlnss. No
303 V street, durir g the hoars of III slt.rnoon and
Tbe lea for the fulte-uree is.... .fie
Matrlcnlatloa (paid only ones) , A
Dcmonitrator thket lu
OradaatlOB , . 25
For farther Isform&tloa addres
Dean of the Kscally,
1 os Vatreet, bdtwe.a
O0S2 dtsovl Slxlh and Sevenih Hreeti
AisiiTsa urrics umoucr a ,, tse.
given to Taverns, Jletallsra of ftplrltacui and er.
mentsd Liquor, Wines, and Cordials, to llroesrles,
Dry (Jooos. Hardware, Blrdlcinei. Perfumery,
Watebes aad Jewelry, Loniber, Wood ted CojI,
w Crrlsrca slid Onsibn.... Billiard labia, res.
pin Alleya, and CooleolloBery, aad lor Hewklag
ana reaujiop, ana L,.uers IB uiu .run. jii.m, e.uj
par, 40 , will aapirs on Monday, tba Sd day ot No
varaber next, sod tbat said licenses muni ba re
newed at this oroce witbla ten d-ya atiar tbat time.
oot 22 dtnovl ltiglit'r.
COB BALE-On. Bay HOUSK, llx ysars oil,
JT one top UCUUT and UAUNK8S Aptly st
ITO IS itrsst, batwaea Sixth aad eleventh streets,
atavy Yard. cc 22ei
P, T. Ilarnnm to Use Public.
An old "dodge" among showmen, Indeed, also
amorg politicians and some other olasses, Is
f jr an obscure or low and degraded Individual to
attack and engage In a pnblio controversy some
person or party wooes position is soon mat ahy
reply will secure the object desired, vizi give
tbe assailant notoriety by attracting publlo cu
rlcslty towards him.. 'A wise sun usually re
frains from nolloing such notoriety hunteas,
especially If their antecedents are such as TO
romlnd him of the truth of the old adage, "von
cannot handle pitch without being denied.,''
aula consideration, ana inn aione, lea me in
mr former oard to say that I declined entering
into a newspaper warfare with James M. Nixon,
wao had already attacked me In sourrllous
nerscnal enlthsts. such as "humbug." "Yankee
clock speculator," Ac At tbe same time, one of
Ur. Nixon's writers was boasting that this was
done merely to get up an excitement and make
money I
But Mr. Nixon's attack of thu morning dis
closes such a depth of moral depravity, and Is
characterised with such virulence, tbat I feel
it my duty to the publlo to give some of the
reasons why I preferred not to aid him In his
strife for notoriety, while I shall at the same
time hope tbat a plain statement of a few facts
concerning him, will expose such a depth of
moral turpitude as to prevent his turning Ms
oirn degradation to a profitable notoriety I
I bear this man Nixon not the slightest Ill
will for suoh a man is beneath ountempt but
what I have to say is lor tbe jiuoiic oooei.
1. He makes no denial of mvatatementla re.
gird to his Imposition of pretended " Spanish
dancer " upon the community
no men enacts my onaractor, ana laixs
about Connecticut clocks, Jenny L'nd, my Ir
carceratlon for alleged libel, my book, Ac. If
Mr. Nixon can give the publlo anything new In
reaped to my oareer, bo Is luoky and welcome;
for If they are not already familiar with my
u aeur , ii iiue lujr lauti. . umd puuiiaueu II
Rrelty freely In a book now out of print, whloh
ixon says did not sell, bnt which the pub
Usher will testify did sell to the number of
eignty-nve tnnusana. uverone nunarea thou
sand copies of the same book were sold InEng
land by three different publishers, and Urge
editions In Frenobj Herman and Dutob were
published and sold in Paris, Lelpslo and Am
sterdam. In that book Is the whole story of
"editorial Incarceration," aa well aa those of
tbe mermaid, woolly none, Ae., from whloh
Mr. N. la at liberty to draw for his future at
tacks. Every one of ordinary intelligence
knew full well tbat the woolly horse was adver
tised by my sgent as a curiosity, to be sure,
yet not altogether as such; for making it tbe
feature, as I onoo did, of my Museum, It was
moro Intended, as the intelligent publlo at the
time understood It, and as Mr. Nix n oould not,
as a way ui auveriiHiug tun oiaer, yei more
valuable attractions in rayoolleotion. This Is.
however, tbe first time that Iwaseverohargsa
with hiring others lo write forme. Rut I will
slve one hundred dollara to anr charitable ob
ject be pleases. If Nixon will make affljavlt that
ne wrote eitner onru eu wuiun ois name is ap
pended, and another hundred If he will, in
preflenoe of three sohool teaohers la tbls olty,
write, grannnauonuy, leu ounseouuve semen
esfl of twentv words eaoh. on anv subleat
whtcn tney may name i
Nixon always carries his writers with him,
nnd thev are here with him now. 'f he fooliflh
falsehood, tbat I did not pay tbe man whom I
sent to tturope ior jenny i.ina, is answerou by
the fact that I gave him for his Bervices ten
thousand dollars in oash and a servloe of plate,
ana noia ms reoeipe in mil, ana suusequenuy
loaned him fifteen hutidred dollars, fur whlob
I hold his noieB or band, and which I will sell
for twonty cents on the dollar. In fact, no
living being ever did or can say truly that 1
ever failed to pay In full every cent I oaed
him, except Inthe case of tbo " clock swindle,"
where, the Dubllo knows. I was fraudulentlv
drawn into a liability for more tban seven bun
dred thousand dollars, for which I never re
celvrd one farming, but lo pay which I gave
up to assignees every species of properly
ubioh I possessed on earth, and that it waa all
Mold and devoted lo cancel those utilnsl and
strictly illegal demands. But this man, Nixon,
IB n notorious onnKrupi, sua inaieqa (i paying
hla employees, as he pretends, be owes them,
and alwaja will, many thousands of dollars.
While writing my oard yesterday. K.la Z H'.tr.i.
the clrous rider, stood by my side, lend stiled
that bo (or Bbe) had come to Washington to
seek employment from me, and lhatNixon oa ed
blm lor ner,) ior services, mere man lieo tiou
sand dollars, of which, wllh a thorough knowl
edge or bis (Nixon's) character, he (or she)
had not Ibe slightest hope of gelling a dollar.
That, last spring, actuated by tbe hopo of get-line-
u email Dortion of his back Day. he under.
took to retrieve bis fallen fortunes at Nixon's
"Cremoroe" then known aa tbe "Palaoe
Gwdeu" and tbe result of this venture was,
that, after Inrre torrfcs' sernices, he secured
from Mr Nixon, tbe munificent sum of seven
dolmrs, and nothing more. This person, Ella
Zi.va.ra. Is tbe same wbo was oald. for hla
services In this olty last season, lira hundred
dollars per weea.
L,st week, tbe guardian of the Baltimore
dwarfs, now exhibiting by Nixon, stated lo me
nrf ftihsra that Nixon owed blm for their see
vioia in New York, and tbat If he engaged
again to ftixon, ii wouia oe in ine nope or get
ling some of his back pay. Not only nearly all
thn women emnlovees In his New York Cre.
morne Garden are poor and suffering oredliora
of his, but bis late opera failures in New York
and Boston stuck tbe poor musical artistes for
large amounts, for which this saw-dual opera
manager recelvea Ihetr Indlgrant oursew. And
yet this Nlxnn lias tun narainooa-io aeny thai
hn"ilnnH" his Deonle out of tholr eariilnvsi
Wbon this Jeremy Diddler pays his suffering em
plo) ess, it will bo time to nhow hla llboralny to
benevolent tiialllutlona with Bis own money,
and then I repeat my offer to give one thousand
rfrll ira to his five hundred. Let himcemmenrs
by paying Ella Z)ara tbe two thousand dol
Mr. Nixon is now operatlrg upon varlnni
mneiberB of tills community with tbe funds un
cumulated from the publlo of Washington It
hla Cemome circus to perpetuate, and as be
says tn h'a advertisement, make " permanent"
an institution hurtful and obnoxious to all tbe
beat In emits of tbe olty.
Now a word about Ibis moral man who telks
r,rihlngs"bjpocrtlloa."and "infamous," He
dlsolalma being an "adventurer" or an ltlne
rant, and saya he Uvea In New York. The
truth Is, his poor deserted teiii and children
live in New York. Ills wife bus been his
faithful, devoted, and honest, bard working
companion for years. But during tho phut
summer it has become a matter ol public i,o
toruty tbat he has forsaken hla wile and chil
dren, for a publlo danreuse, and I assert tbat It
Is only within tbe laat mouth tbat Nixon's poor
derertod wife sent to me a request to take bis
and her aaugnter upuu ine stage or my Mu
seum. In New York, to save her end her chil
dren from atarvatlon, or the alma.house. This
daughter is note engaged at my Museum.
Nlvon has hrousbt his rjararaourto Wsahln?
ton city, and will, doubtless, within a fiw days
appeal in the ladus und geutlemenof Warn
ingmn to patrouize her us a etnnseuse at lile
publlo, uokal, "arm chair" circus. Aul this
aamo Nixon is tbe rdijioua gentleman wbo, in
it publlo oard, published in lbe newspapers, la
mining inn uiurgy mm onurcii congregations
of Washington lo worship In hie olroua. in or
der (to use hie owu luiigukge "to enjt.y tbe
privilege of meeting together to bear the
blessed revelations ol Gospel truth."
Oh, charming model of Christianity I why did
you not add, that yourself, your paramour, and
your "Spanish " danoers would oln in singing
ThcBe statements are due to tbe Washington
publlo, in order to Have them from a moat out
rageous and despicable Impnstuie, They are
truo tn the letter, und are made with n full
knowledge of my responsibility. I am ready
and anxious to verify them whenever Mr.
Nixon may dare hold up his head and deny
them. 1 regret to bo oailed upon to dlsoharge
this pnblio chili, and I do It only because driven
to it by the reckless attacks of a man for whom
I have no feelings, except thoso ofjuly.
This la but a small portion of Mr. Nlxou'a un
published history but I trust it is enough for
tbe present, to serve as an answer to his oal
umnlous attack upon me, by showing to what
oredit suoh a man's word is entitled.
The public's obedient servant,
Wasuimutok, Ootober 22, 18G2.
BY UHKKN 4( WILLIAMS). union. .rs,
LlGAlls, ofDIfltroDt Braids, and of a Superior
Quality. Dealers are iBVllcd to tail and exemloe
lor thvni'vlre., as Ihry will besuld low Purcheoeis
can buy one luoasina, or me wnote lot
Auction and CommLaiaii Ilerebanls
No. tu, or Seventh and D ttrtets
Oct 22-31 Star
MCN waatlog to com. West I Attention Govern
aperaateairiiQaiion as ci.ik in a large esitoiiao.
went doing burlnessfor Oct etnmsat, whsse emp oy
tea are lexallv exeiaute't from draft. durlog the war,
UM Louis, Missouri. Fair salary and opputluiilty
to learn the buelneiis in wbl:h large furluses aie
Tbls situation will be given to a suitable person in
xobaags for a altuatloa la aouie butlnere ncuas In
Washington or emplormsnt under G o? eranrnt.
Addreu, cl unit, " P O Box 1.857 ,
oo SO 1 w- St. Louts, Mo
Cremom'e garden Circus!
Ponnaylvanla, ATaa1 lesreath street.
"An'd every Afternoon and Kvfalng
Evtry vtfUrnoon and Kvttilng
Every Afternoon and Eteninr
Will appear, their etraagth aagaaaated,and their
attractions increase! by an engegemeilw.tnt.r.e
would nr.NOwro iurx-dacx tttnrn
The acknowledged best Horseman who has ever
The Management hu aUo engaged
Aid nil littlt oomptnlon p
Who will dally give tbelr '
OonTsrsitlons In different Languages,
Poses Plutique, and
"THEs." KOMIK -MUEt,3.
TlSanasaa nnAH a4s' Al.lL ..!-. ...
ftrviB varvia eaa, puuv'a UWilVli T vriVrmftDO
Will OOmtOtDM t 2 torj 7 tf O'tlbCk.
utiooojr ue.Mi,.,. ,..,16 CQU.
DniiCImla !.. ti it
8octalKtDt H "
Bilo:ny3tUnd DnaClrole plaoei oan be
eared darlcg the day without extra charge. ociUO
IMUita-ry Equipment,
401I rjewenila Street,
O )i n I I c Udil Vellowa' Hall,
I maaafaetsra ol lbe best material, aud have eoc
stantly on hand, a large an I varied uierlmsnt ol
Military and Cltlseu' Saddles,
Breast Collars,
Fall Saddle Clotbs,
FatsBt feed aad Watsr Buokeu,
OBosrs' Haversasxa,
Oaten' Fins Sword BelU,
lislt Trlmtalngs, and
Field Gist. Caass.
I1 11 UNKH
DRESS, asd
Aa I manufacture Trunks extensively, and news
aarily have all 1 1 ode of Truul Material, I am latter
prepared to repair Trunks, ao , thoroughly and
proaptly, than aty other establishment la Ihe city.
ttt BCIIUO.-lfCIL All) Will li,,lil..t. HI.
aiftiSJ;Ch.r cargo and sail lor Haw York tula
wa. niu oe relay 10 receive irelgnt on Thori
day,OutoberS3d Aenly tn
KltKD t) COZZESS. Con.'gnee.
Cor. rourleeLIb et anJ P.nn avenue.
oitoCapt W. II IIUrctllNQS.
cctl cabard.footul'Gat
jlINK OHUCh.llIK1.
The balance or ths curi oi thB
6CIIOOXe.lt "AID,"
Ccnsirtlng of every description ot
Will bs for sals until ins Schooner la discharged.
la nsei ol a Winter Supply, al the
Can ba .applied by tba Package
Consignee, oor. 14th etrset and Penn avs.
Sobouner -'AiJ," foot cl 11th streaA
oo ll-dlltf
WAsaiRaroa. Oc so. isss
Bbalbd Pcoroa&LB will bm received at thi. oBln.
nahl Saturday, Ootober SB, at a o'clock p m ,xor
the Introdaetln ot Water, and Plumbing work, at
utyuc, i .ju.yi.ai, , ,ai(KUliVU UI O.T.nil) BBQ
Boundary srteots
1 or sprclflcatloas srn'ioallon must bs made to
wain, r, r, usmp, ai ibis omce.
xhs naih ot allegiance of i aou bidder must aocom
Good and aunlclent re-urlly v.111 bs icr.nlred for
SI.A fi. ISttnuine . ill. A ..... ..,
Pfti(j-jia muit bit tiililiKsKfil in f ii tit k I.
n A IIT7 laal.lant f lii..l..,a.... tl u A . -
aava a, s .esriuaue Hua'c iliaa 1 1 . (I, fl ' UU
bouldbe p ainlv mtitkrd " J'roiooJ lor Wu.niji
iag," at Cumpbell Hospital oot HI Id
1IUNN k CO tproprietoraorihejkijiiiATriaMA
enu ageps tot proourtng Amoricau aod 1 OTtn
With Sixtttn Years txperttnu m the Uusiness,
Refer to Hon. Judge Mtioo. lion. Joni!i flolt
uvb i t -. wuuivu, c usjiaiuiiti ,'jntin oi lafllt1
and to mote that! Arte to thousand lowDton, wbo
uaru uu wusiucfjri uvutp iiUv'tign riiuon UO '1 rat
eot Agency.
r&mpbUt of advlde wr.r free by mail
Patent Lawa and JleKulatJcttw, loa pee , 'if- Ocou
No ebarfte for oonaultatlon, orally cr It mil
Preliminary KxamlnaUon in UoltetlbtatM I'atenl
Offlotn.No 87 Park Row, New York: WaJtblnx
ton, corner of K ni HoventU .trottte, oppoalte the
ifo. 171 itoiuylvania aw., Wahingto, J), &
O I O U H ,
Louisiana Avsnno and Tenth Street,
Louisiana Avenue and Tenth Cut
Near the Smithsonian Institute.
Novel Areualcal Accomblnatlonj
ol Ihe
ii Exhibition tif Fabulous EiptiiV
vurajrvnu I tit iss'pvripni niiuitv iivm mr
lowlnx well known, distlnet eahlLltloce i
Uarnnm a A mei Imo llUsienin I
uoitoa Aquarui uaroenti
Lovdou ttoyal AubltUea
Royil Cirqoe, Parlet
(treat AmineeD uirousi ,
OM Adenu' California Menage 1 1
Ref IdciI Moral and .Popular ExIilMiioiiv
Wot an Ordlnarr Clroae NoYalgar banc)
P. T. B A R N U IV
Uu ths honor of iBformlng Ine I
luu,iu m.v, w.ing iuui, iu w
o BtiBOdAU lha pabll isho . t.
might baexpeetedfoattend tbls - j J
AGE, In any Hall In this oity, a .,. j :.,
baa made arrangemente with wTr'
Miatre. tirffsr'ri
OftrelBerdillenimlBpi'a SCqetsBli'n be tin
and mill exhibit under tbelr
Guaraaletd to possrasrif not the beauty cf sd(
mrnt, at least ecinfort and capacity tf afire clan m-r.
.uu ii, -(!.. e iii.i.-
(Lonlalaaa Avanaa ana Tonlli Hteee-
AW Doors opsn at 2 and 7 p. in. To
Most Fitrajmllnary Pignf of the Ut-rlii
130,000 Nvitl .
Gen. Tom Thumb
The great hero of all UUIpatlam fcr the ratt c
tft ba?lsg Tlnltel all parte ef the clriliir '
flote, anJ teen waited upn ty tU Hit
orowned heade ot Eiiropr, the t'.intla
fulihed penonReiof Aner'ca rqiI
more thn kin teen nilUone vl
people. All the pretcn'a re
tewed by bim, U the
rait twrhe yean,
valued at eiIy.
three thou
tUL dOl
tc plaoed on ihibl'i.jb (.v.ry aitirufoi ait J a le
B E A It 8!
Who will perform tome of the moet Temsikabl
groleique feata ImaglDable
aji(jooL iuruivuroua iiuir' ,
The famons
Grizzly Bear Samson
weighing 1,040 founds
Fatber, Mother, i
Son, all wllh c
While, Milken. II
Plnx F.yea, and other peculiar Nature.
W. 11. nAltltlHriN-
Extemporaneoua Corolo Sloger aad Leclurei
American Circus & Equestrian Scho
Tbs entire aymnastlo, Equealrlan, and Acrobat
CoBipany, with Eighty Horns.
I.0U1LF. 10IINIAT1I.. Ij
GKO nrR10UDf'AKDNK"u.mMM,;,
MR WHITTAKtR, lllee"l',, """"
Will appear for a few dS7s.er.rv
Afterxtooxx nxxca. ivrij,!:!
T3 4k. XV ttl BXOitl
Fbr a Brief ftnoi.
Tenttt Itraet smct LAnlslaHK Avenue
av AdmlsBloii, 2t cents. Drais Cirela, 40 om'

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