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Vs(TYjh i i1 U' f. 'sC
W aaVaW J "?i .. -io0.3i. I h-tilijU 'H Y HflV Wa HI r am
' i ' ' ! ' i '" 1 i i ii i 'i
vol. n.
NO. 293
205 Pennsylvania Avenue,
295 Pennsylvania Avenue,
205 Pennsylvania- Avenue,
nnANcn ok
39 South William Street, N. Y.,
39 South William Street, N. Y.,
ihfobteks OF
, Choice Brandies & Wines,
Choice Brandies & Wines,
Choice Brandies & "Wines,
Choice Brandies & Wines,
Iilquorai Oordialn o..
Xalquorai Oordlal ttoa;
Idquorai Oordlal to-
We alio offer lor pale a complete assortment of
Hermetically Sealed
Fruits, Meats, &o.j
Hermetically Sealed
Fruits, Meats, &o.,
lleriuetically Sealed ,
Fruits, Heats, &o.,
'MR Pennsylvania Avenue.
205 Pennsylvania Avenue.
U.tweeti Ninth and Tenth 8U,
lT nd ISilO Sprue Utrt,
Ihe regular course of Instruction embraoce the
Lnallsh and French Lanenagee and Literature
Latin, if required and all the branohoi whloh 00ft
Ktltute a thorough English and French education,
French 1a the language of the family, and Is con
stantly spoken In the Institution. It Is the object ot
particular attention, and Li taught from the rudl
raenti to the highest coarse of Literature and Com
Ihe ecbolvtlo ytnr commotio-, Uptutber 16th
and doses Joly lat
Ciroulan, fco , can be obtained from
my 10-An 1'rinolpal of Chegary Injtltut.
Misi UAaaovaa'a
a uoahdi:;g and day bcuool.
191 WeUStmt.
Ihe dutlLS i lhl Institution will be leuunwd on
tta Hh of fieptembtr. Clrcnlan may be obtained
at the pilDclpal bcok stores la WaihloRton,or by
uareuiug we principi
dug 20 XT&34m
Olx-.olo Xxi.aitlt-aji.tOi
Na 61 KSiatiTtNaABTHaCiKOLi
TEKM3, per Quarter of ten wet ki Quarter com.
nunc ng at the date of tdmltlon
Elementary CImm In English $0 00
Advanced Clatuuu in hrgiuti LHerature and
Uolenoe Included 0 00
Etemeatirv Clawt-s In Knell!.. Ji'rcnch. and
Muilc 12 00
Advanced Clatcts In Lnsiif-h. French, and
Music 10 00
Extra charge for Spanish, German, Italian, Latin,
ana ciuer aatiuiKVB
Dr. ZA1TON1: v.lll five Leoturee, and otherwise
asit, whenever he can spare time from hU medical
oct:t MRU A. ZAFPONE, Principal,
Lj 305 1 atrett, between ltn amil 11th,
Ore of the oldest, most thorough and moet deslrabU
bchoois for Young Ladlei and MUves In the city,
bewlon oommenoeit tieptember 8th luitlon ao-
cordins to ago cud advaaotmect
su'13-!ir 8tar L C LU0MI3
hie rj..ixjXTirs.Tr.
loot of UUimberisiTi'! w fallows, via
u 0J s. m. Mall f )r Dunkirk abd intermsdiato eta
- licit.
Ibis train remains ovtr nUbt at Klmlra ud pro
coeds tbe next moralot;
7 yo a. m. e.xptesi, ior BuITjIj aa.l prlnolpal in
termedlatestailous ,
ooon in. MUk, dally lor Otl,llle and Intcrme
dlate stations
12.11 p. m. Aooocamolatlon, dally, lor Port Jorvls
Mid principal statlou..
4 00 p. ru Way, lor Mlddlctown, NewbnVgh, and
in crmedlate stalloos
6 cop. m Nlj-bt Kxpreu, dally, for Dunkirk, Dot
lain, Cuad.lgua,end principal stations The train
of fiaturdsy runs through to Buffalo, bnt dees not
run to Dunkirk.
7 00 p. m. immigrant, for Dunkirk ud principal
The Kxprew Trains ooaneot at llornellavllle with
railroad for Buffalo, at Llmira with the Caoandalgua
and Niagara Falls Uailroadi at Bloghamton. wllh
the Syracuse Ballroad: at Cornlog with th. railroad
tor Uccbeitcr and Buffalo; at Great Bend, with tbe
railroad for lioran on, and at Buffalo snd Dunkltk
with tho Lake hhore Kailroad for Cleveland, Cinoiu
natt, lolalo, Drtrotr, Cliio&go, Ao , aod the Canada
Mpll (leoeral Uuperlutendeut
are running through paptwoger trains from Wash
ingtou to the Ohio river, without change of caw
dally at 7K a. w and 6 i m , and ontrs Kreater in
ducement to the traveling paMb that any other
route, tin:
OUtiAl'Ett FAKE.
IbhUiintouly route that oheaks baggage Iron
tVaiblDgtoa city to the Wert Tickets good uuUl
mtd, anj paueugers have the privilege of laying
over at any point on tho routj
1'AUifDgers procuring ticket- by tbU route, save
the delay aud t-xis.iie of Omnibus) tranafer.
tickets, Hat the depot ofilw 1 & . U U -luggage
ibcctveil at uuy hour during the day, and no oTui-Kf
lor homJHnic MxgafT uugOii tf
FALL and WlNTKlt Clothing, which we are
its-ilir-,! tit .erv low Drloeg.atL A Ileall &Co .Mo
sat BevtLtheireet,b-twetmI ardlv. Come one, oome
nil to U A mu k ud . in aci your -uioiBing. ur-
nuntng uca., .runs' iirth.riju uaj-s.nu, oi ocv
tnth etreet. between I ard K. Now la the time to
buy your Clothing at U A. U-idll U Co, No 'MX tiev
enth street, belWMit 1 K IE. LspecUl attention Is
culled to our iew mook of I all and Winter Clothing,
uenis vurnuniDg uoou. uai, uuu ;u,
L. A UK ALL et CO,
CIoibJer,No 301 Seventh strcit.
The cheapest Clothing bouse In town Is at L. A
Beall & Co'a. No. 801 Beventh itreet, bet. I an! K.
.. US MaitnOoara,
7... - wmmi ivi win v aves Bsnaa ew -
ly, will be received at this offloe until a o'oloefc r.
ji.,mejms noveraDer next, for rurnlshlaf to the
U. S. Marine Corm.dnrin.i- th uriua. th fhl.
lowing supplies, to be delivered at the office of the
Assistant Qaartemutcr of the Corpe . rhlttdelphU,
1'ennsv Iranla, fm of expnu to United SUtM,
In such quantities ai may, mm time to tine, bo
ordered, v.: r
Claw No. 1.
14,000 yards of Sky Bine Kiftty, all wool, frw from
uurt am ih.uI WWO U) WUfH VI BMOW W U1B
yard,(lndlgo wool dyed.)
6,000 yard Dark Bine Kersey, ali wool, freo from
hair, M laehM wide, to weigh a ounoee to Iht
yard. (Indigo wool dyed.)
8,W0 yardi Dark Bin T willed Cloth, all wool, for
unuorm coats, (Indigo wool dyed,) M lnohcs
wile, to weigh S3 ounces per yard.
160 yards of Scarlet Cloth, ell wool, (cochineal
dyed,) 61 inches wide, to weigh loouacea per
Ckiu No. 3.
8,000 yardt of e-4 Dark Bine Flannel ior orenaeul
all wool, (Indigo wool dyed,) M loohei wide.
to weigh 13 ounoee per yard. T
le.ooo yardi of 3-4 Dark Bine runnel, for shirts, all
wool, (indigo wool dyed,) 3T taoheewlde. to
l,.0t)Uray Blanket,
Kiigu v? vuuvn yvi jbcu
ecu, an wooi.towaun nmr pott
letteri " U. a. M,,,Tin black, t
In the centre; to be T ieet long i
CCQ, wiiu
laohee loir
o feet wide, aid Ire ttat ffrtvalo.
7,000 ralr of Woolen Sookf, three iUe, properly
mad of good fleece wool, with doobla and
twhted yarn, to weigh three poandi per down
pain, lrtw froagteaae.
CtAi) w0 g(
0,000 yardi White Linen for panta, 10 laohee wide,
to welfh 13 ouDoee ter vard.
9,000 yarde Whlta Linen, for ehlrti, M tnchee wide,
10t0do yarde Canton Flannel, for drawere, 37 lnohei
wide, to weigh 7 onoea per yard.
Clam No 4. ,
1.400 DnlforaiCaMOomt)leierezoei)tPomianj.l
1,800 Pomponi, red wonted, ball ahapod, ft Inohea
in clremmfereno.
400 ITatlgne Cape, (with coren,) to be nude of
vi ho uiuui. ibuiiu u yen.
9,000 BtOCkl.
Clam No. ft.
ceo gnei Coat Bottooi, (Eagle )
too grow Jacket Button, J Eagle. )
100 irroii Vect Battoni. rEirle .
1,1.00 p in Yellow Metal Creeoente and Boale
ISO hii Epaulette Bullion for Sergeanti and Cor
1.C0O eeti Krautetto BolUon for Prkfttee
60 Bed Wonted 8anhci
9,000 yardi of Yellow Binding.
8,ooo yarda of Red Cord.
100 Bwordj for Sergeanti.
60 Swords lor Muiiolana
60 Drmnu (tenor) complete.
69 UramSUflgi.
S00 Batter Vnua lleaJe
60 Snare Diom lleada.
loo Dram Cords.
loo rtti of Drum Snare
60 Boxwood " 11" Ktfee.
Claw No. 0.
10,Co9 piln Army Boots, (infantry pattern )
Class No. T.
1,1100 C'.ttrlJje Boim.
1,S00 H.f MKt SMlltlrJ.
l,soo FercuMlcn Cap l'ouohe..
loo cartridge Box Belt.
l.'OO Baronet Belu
1 J00 Walit Belu.
1,300 Walit nan.
1,500 Hi tut riatee.
'joo fiword Frogi.
ClamNc. 8.
1,400 Kupeacks.
coo liaTetsacka
Clabh No. 0.
For making and trlmmlnc the following srtlalei.
Wstoh coat., .ergeanU', oorporsl.', muuolsn.
snd priTSte.' unltorms snd fatigue ooaut woolan
and lloen put.; tiunel and llneu ahirta; drswen;
flannel .soke; and red snd blue Jacket, for boj. a.
The above mentioned srtlcle. muat oonform. in all
renedt. to the sealed itandard natt.rn. In the oftloe
ol the Qaartermeeter ftXarlBe Oeepe, steetae ter I
racu, waaningioD, u. m ; Aeniiant viuanermancr,
office ?Marln. Corpe,l,ei0 Bprnoe street, FhUsdel.
phla; aod st the Marine Station., Brooklyn, Mew
York, and Jloiton, MsesschuMttl, where iftey can
be examined
And whenever 111a article, namm soove, or sny
portion of them, .ball be considered s. not fnuy
comormiDK tu .anjpic., tu.y whi uw lejmiivu, anu
the cootraolor will be bound to farnlah othet. of lb.
required kind at once, or the (juartermutcr will
supply the deflolenoy at the expenee ol the ocn
l'ayment will be mads upon the accepted delivery
of the whole guarantee, which may, from time to
time, bo ordered, withholdiog ten per cent, from the
payment or account rendered under first order, un
til second order is tilled, and ten per cent, from ao
oount rendered under seoond older until third order
Is tilled, and 10 on until oontract U completed.
Kach proposal must be aocompanled by the lol
lowing guarantee:
Jbrwi of Guarantee.
ins unuersiguea, , 01
-, end .
, In the .Bute of
hereby guaranty that, In case the fonso
lag bid of , for supplies, as sbov. dcMrib
ii. ib aeetn ed. he r thev will, within ten dav. af
ter the receipt of the contract st the post omoe
named, execute the oontract lor the asms with good
and sufficient sureties; ud In casa the said -
shall fell to enter into contraet, as sfonssld, w.
guaranty to make good th. difference between the
offer of the said and that which may be
A B, Guarantor.
U D, Ouarautor.
K V, Witoesa.
I herebv certlfr that the above named
are known to me sa men cf property, snd sble to
maiB svoa meir guaranty. ti n.
To be sigued by the United State. Dktrlot Jndge,
nitea a-aie. uiainci Aiiorier,or uoueoior.
No proposal will be considered unless scoompsnled
bv the above euarantv.
Newmancr. authomed to nnblish the above will
aend the paper oontalniog tho first laasrtlon to thl.
office f jr examluatlon.
The bldder'e place of busloess, or manuraoturiag
Niauilpntneui, must oe spcoiueaiy stateu ia tue pro-
1 he above list of artlole. 1. b.Ueved to b. about
th. quantity of each article that will be required
duriug the year; but tbe Quartermaster reserves th.
right of ordering s grester or lees qusntlty, ahould
the interests or the service require It.
Proposals to be endorsed on tbe eovelope, ' Pro
posals ior Hupillts lor Marine Corps forlSOS," ud
addressed to
Major WM.B. SLACK,
Quartermaster M C , Washington, D. C.
00I8 lawlw
vruw auAvi-mew uaiii.
(Sunday! Kxcepted J
At S O'clock, r. M.,
Ihe nswatidmagnlnoentsuamer CITY" OK BOS
TON, Wm Wllooz, commander, irom New York
Taefiaays, i nursaayi, ana Daiuraays ; ana iron
New London Mondays, Wednesdays, and Krt
The newanumagnmoenx steamer uiir ur na.w
aTOItH, Thomas U. Jewett,oommander. from New
York Mondays, Wednesdays, and Frldayii from
New London Tuesdays, Iburedays, and Batur
Theee two new nuamers have been built expreesly
for this route, with all modern Improvements, In
eluding Water Tight Compartment, and arc the
only steamers ever Duilt ior Long Island Sound
with this great life-preserving Improvement.
Conductors accompany the steamers each way.
I'&haenffejrs croceed irom New London Imme
dfately on arrival of teamen, by Express Train to
boston, Worcester. Lowell, Lawrence, Kltobborg
Naahua,Concord, the White Mountains, &o.v o.
rariaoagers rvturiog Itom ltoeton leave the Depot
or the Boston and oroester railroad at a so K. U,
Worcester 7 1' M , arrlvldg at New London VM
r relght taken at tLn Lowest liates, and delivered
tn ltoeton early tbe next day.
Btate Uooms In abundanoe can be bad on board
steamer., or stthe noton or New York omoei,U
adranao i o. niiiiiigBii
miy tf
tcr ov, u .
. B.
i h nniinpa(on(t hurt isAvft to csllthe attention at
the citizens and tiavtllcg oommunity to tbe lionee
ue nas just openei toriuo nwiuuuiiuuaiilun u gvuuv
men and ladies, with dav or table board.
Ibe lleuae 1. lurnUhed In splendid style large
airy rooms, chambers, and parlors. The table will
be supplied with all the delloaoles of the season. No
pains or expense shall be spared to give sattstaotlon
io au wno axmj pBironue ine uunee. Dirigi v.cd
tlon to oeders that may be given for diners, &o. ; at
tentlvo and obliging servants.
II outi e eligibly situated on the corner of Twentieth
and K streets west, lately occupied by Surgeon Oen
eral Lawson.
Formerly of fiiSUo, N. T,'
Tixlm X3m,-yi
BY J, C. MeOVIHn 4c CO, AnetlamMn,
nnt rnseh Chln,Bohemln,(l Crntal Ct OU
Win, rrenoh Plt. Mirror., Ilroo.i.11. OirUlna,
Ckud.Un.,U.-Oa TOC8DAV MURMIIfaTllo
nmbw 4th , st 10 O'olock, tt tk. realdnee of tdt .1.
MU.ur CIi.t. d uaUnua, iinlu Mtmltur, st
tlMeonerorirBilTHtl.thnrHUlweibAll Mil
hi. fsraltvx. aod .fleet., eomprleiog
rujnriur novewvoa rinvr onue, nuFnaa ID ana
aoa ud brown brooateil., ooulauag of two
luxe eofo, fonr arm and twthne pallor chain.
Bplte of ..ran CrinuoB aoU Brown BroeataUo Cur
tabu, with laee-.urtaloi, coinioe, untie, and
aztue. oompltte.
BlohlT oarred BoHwood Centre Table., wlthsiu
bi. tope .
Three larte snd hasdiome French Flat. Pier
Olsne., with (lit frame., table., and rouble
Ktexant full flit rfeuh aUntel Clock.
Fearl Tseo, QUI Card Huk.u, Urn.m.nl..
splendid Frtneh Mantel Clock, (Ut and betaUlkllr
ortanented, wllh Sevre. ohlns Candalsbru te
Superior Oak Bld.board, with nurbl. top ud mir
ror back, richlT oarr.d with rime and Irslu,
1 nperler Oak DMleg Chain, MiUhed In mo
rocco ttaadeoma bronze and. jilt Chand.ller. ud Oai
Flztnre. throughout the houie
Valnt, BraeMU, aod other Carpets. , . 4
Splendid Vreuh OhUs Dlaner Sentte.lii treev
ud gold.
Luge uiTbeautllul Bohemlu OUt. peuut B.r.
Won Chins Deeiert Htrrlce, in green and gold,
decorated with painting, of fruit, ud flower..
reucaunuia goia nana uinn.r set.
Very large .eurtment ot heaTT Cryittl cut Glaai.
BUtci .plated Caitor, LUuor SUndi, Table Cut-
Walnut snd Hahogur Bookoare.
Harbl. top DnulBg Boreaoa ud Wsihrtand.
Walnut wsrdrobei snd BedMtadt.
Bed snd Tsble Linen, Blanket.,
Maltreuea, Boliun, ud FUlow.
Cue etst Chain, Arm Chain.
Together with mujr other article, not seoewsrr
to enumerate
AT Turn nmrnnif
We thsll eell s choice lot 01 W1NKB, oomliUigof
uuhw,, .iuuflyiiuv, um ureeiTB maaeirs, ron,
Burgundr, snd Bhtne Wine.
inenouewiuDeopento vuttorj onnondsr,sd
NoTcmber, from 10 to I o'clock.
Temuea.b. J. c. MoQUIIiEiCO.,
oct II d Auottoneen.
T1Y IV. Tt. WALL JU cll.. ...-
NoTember, at 10 o'clock, we will aell In front of the
mwhi iuwna nunocr 01 pacK.ee. irom uie uai
tlmore ud Ohio Ballroad, to par Irrlght and itor
see. vlx:
C Boxes marked C McDonnell,
1 Box snd Bag msrked Col Uroover,
1 Box snd Bsndle marked K. J. Tnoioai,
1 Box marked Jj. Cratue,
1 Box marked F. Thtueer,
1 Keg marked W. Vaotleet,
1 Box marked II. F. Brisk,
I Box marked T. Ilabcrlelder,
1 Box marked J 01. w. Tuttle,
! S4 Rove, marked If. C.ahn.
t The above psoksgei have been on atonge s loog
time, snd hsve been tepestedly sdvertUed. Will be
eold nnieu previouuv caued ior.
oct II Auctioneers.
BY WiL, WALb K CO., Aaetlon.ere,
On TUESDAY MOBNINO, tth November, st 10
0 elook, we will ..11 st the Auction Boom., s Urge
sMrtment 01 Orccerle., for cash, comprising
Barrels White, Bemud ud Yellow Sugar.,
Chests Tes,
Tleroes Clnelnnstl llama. Cheese,
Boxes Adsmsntlne sud Stearine Cudles,
Boxes ptstcn,slscosronl sna vermicelli,
Boxes Chewing Tobaoeo snd Segari,
Osm. Stsorted Prcrve. snd Syrope,
Barrels Sugar ud (linger Cskes,
Harrels Crackers ud Pilot Bread,
Boxea Lemon., bsg. Bio.,
Boxes Blacking ud Brushes,
Cases Anemstlo Bitten, ltsspbsrry and Lamon
Barrels Halifax Herring, kegs llcklee,
Keg. Msokerel.
, ... 11AK1. W wA,
oct 81 Auctioneers.
BY OUJCaBJ! WILLIAMH. Anctlonaara.
DAY, the 4th snd 5th of November, st 10 o'clock s.
n.. shall sell, at our Auction Booms. corner of
Seventh snd L street., s large collection of unredeem.
ed pledgee, st suction, vlx
Extra Fine tioid snd bllver uuntlng esse rstent
Lever Wstcbes
Gold Neck snd Fob Chains, Kings, Ac, cf sll de
Large lot of Lsdlea Dresses, Shswls, Cloaks, &q ,
In variety
Also, Gentlemans' Clotliiog and a Use lot ol goods,
suoh u sre usually found at s pawnbroker a sals,
snd too numerous to mention
Th. .ale to commence with tbe watrhea.
Terras Cash
nov 1 UoTi. tth Auotioneen.
Xutujro aoy-.
BY W. L. WALL, fc CO., Aocloneere,
rHonth Cor. Pa. At. and Ninth street
Carriages, snd llsrness st Auction At the Nation
Si ilotel StsblM.on Sixth street, between LouMus
svenss snd O street, we will sell, on THURSDAY
MOBNINO, eth of November, st U o'clock, th.
entire .took or niessn. Thomas 21 uinsey, emDrao
BO head good Fsmlly snd Csrnage Horses,
SO Light top snd No-top Wagocs,
6 Open sad Close CsrrUges,
I Phslter Carnagex.
it sets BlUktle snd Double Uarnr.,
Sleigh Kobe., Blankets, Whips, to , 10.
National Hotel Omnibus and Baggage Wagon,
sna issw 01 Diauis
T.rms cash W. L. WALL & CO.,
oct 80 Auotioneen
BT J. O. McuUlUK Ji I'll., Ancllouc.r..
ao.,islonglug to the estate of the laie Charles 11,
King, artist. decsaaed On THURSDAY, Ttcvlm-
a..i .SIAlalnal a m .. 1 1 aatll Sl.a Du.
UCi 7,ea)li iv v waw, sa. aa, na nuseia run. assv aavjau
dsnoaand Floturc tUlleryoT the late Cnaa, 11. King,
ess 4 weuin nree; oeiwaen r ana , oy orucr 01 ine
Orphans' Court, at publio auction, a large number
of Oil andOterFalnUngs.OIUfldFenollSketohes,
PUUter Cute, and Picture Frames, comprising the
entire collection of Tainting by Mr. King, now re
maining for sale In iettleramt of his estate.
rinsiVMU ur.u, u aitiu.r,.r.
jau u. mquuiukAco.,
oct 80 d Auotioneen
wholesale: and retail,
Writing Papers, Hnvelopis, Portfolios
Gold Pens. Pencil, Inks, &o., Mi
Pocket Books, and Pocket Cutlery,
Photograph Albums in every variety,
Kewsoapirs. Periodicals, and
All orders promptly attended to.
Cell and examine. No charge for showing goods.
, Corner Seventh and D streets,
oo -ie-lra Washington, 1). C.
AL'PLICATIONS f o r Duplicate Land
application having been made under ths act ol iM
June, I860, tor tbe relxtjue of the laud Warrants de
eorlbed herein, which are alleged to have bees lost
or destroyed, nolle? Ii hereby given that, at the date
following tn dfttorlptlon oi eaou warrant, a neu
certlttoaw of like tcnur will be Lkued, if novatM ob
leotlon should then appear.
No 60,163, tor 160 aorla, luaued uuder Uie act ol
Maroh, 1M5, In the name ot Rachel, widow ol
Ihomas Meredith, acd was granted March 2,1859
DAftmhr A. 1HB2.
No. V3.T0V, for 120 acres, Weed under tbe act of
Maroh, 1151, In the ntme ol Arnold Harrington,
and wae granted September 17, l57 . January 4,
No 83 .464. for lrJO acra. irisued under the aot A
March, ISM, In the names ol the minor children of
ieniei , xiouune.aeoewea, tna nas granted uoi.
xi. 1818- January 11,11103.
No. 100,847, ior loo acres, bwued under the aot ol
March, 1866, In the name of Aonel Allen, and
wu granted uarou 12, iwi January is, isc.
jOUKL'ltl bAltUk.il
Copartnership heretofore exldtlng between
LYLH & COFFIN Id this day dltuolved by mutual
consent. JOHN O. LYLK,
John O. Lyle still continues Ihe buslneee at l
old stand.
WaUxixeTDaf, July tl. )MI. f M
Dnutnarr of taa Inxswa,
OfUn lniim Affaln, .Is-1, 1M2.
Frosi blotmstlon rce)Id t tile DepsrU
merit. dNmext anlBoIenUy nlltvbls to wsrrsnl
mo la so dob j, I oonsUn hiaj.datj to wsro
tU psnons cootamplstlnr ,tM crtMlng ol the
plsJns this fall to Otsb, or 'Ueadflo ooul
that then Is good resso'o to sp'prehend hodlll
tl ob the part of lis Bsonock t&4 Shoehooc ot
Snk lodlsrj, sa well it the tiiefcai upon U
Plslat tad slong the PUtte rtter.
The Indttns referred to kite 'daring the put
summer committed ereeml robberl. ud Dinf
den. They sxe nuJiiioas powrtfnl, sod wj
Uke, tod, should they xenerslly sssame s hos
tile sttltade, sre capable ofrendttlos the eml
grant routes cross the) Plslns extremely peril
ous, Henoe this wsrnlng.
By order of the Secretary ot the Interiors
OianLBi . Hiz,
Actios; .Ooounlmlon.r.
tttlBe iu Vesssls JCsitettaf; or Ireavvlaa,
the Potomne' rtlrer.
The guard Tenuis off Alezsodrls snd Flney
Point, oo the Potonuo rlrer, will be dlstln
gulahcd, during the dsy, by sqtiiu WHrri
ruo wrrn a ud cross, (81 Andrew's,) and at
night by two mo uobts.
The officers In command ol these vessel, will
furnish the Naval Potonuo Pass te all mutert
of Teaseli navigating the river, after they shall
hare given proof that they are lawfully em
ployed. Vessels entering or departing from the river
will be subject to detention If unprovided with
Akb'w A. UiRWOllO,
Commodore Corn's Potomso Flotilla.
Dipsbtxint or Brm,
Washington, Jan. 26. 18(2.
The Hecretary of State will hereafter receive
members 01 uongreea on Dullness on Baturaaya,
oommenclng with Saturday, the Brit of nexl
For the Sale or
&c, &c.
Office, No. 8, Washlajton Buildings
No Chargtor Delivtring OooJt.
DaroT QnaitaxMAitan'e Or ioi,
Comer Eighteenth and O itreete,
Wasalngton.D. C, October 21, 1802.
Siatao Paoroiau will be received at this office
until Friday, the Tth day of November, at IS o'clock
M , for furnishing the Government with (100,000) one
hundred theusindbnshelf of shsUed Corn.
The Corn to be of a goo4 merchantable quality,
put up In bage of about two bushels each.
Corn willbe received by weight, at (M) Ufly-slx
pounds to the bushel.
Backs to be furnished without extra oharge to the
Delivery to be made In the cltyof Waihlagton,
within (M) twenty daye from the date of the oon
tract. PBOrOSALS.
The fall name and post affloe address of the bidder
must appear In the propoaar
If a Md la made In the name of a him, the names
nf t.11 th.. rtavrtlee must aurneavr. or the bid will be
considered u the tadivldual proposal of the pannes
J?JL"Vaw ......, .r.- J
r ivyoaai. irem ihiiii.m f iiiw rwm vw imniii. hi,
and aa eats aeUarJanoe rnasl SKOMWfioa, uk nrvfiori
Noa froposala must be addreand to Col. V. II. ItUO.
KrcR.Ufluterma.ur TJ. el. Armv. WailBeton. 1).
0., snd should be plainly msrked Proposals tor
Th. ability of the bidder to nil the ooatnet, should
It he awarded to turn, must b. g uaraatled by Iwo
rtiponslbl. penons, whoM slgnshtres mutt b. ap
pentsd to th. guarantse.
Th. rtepooslbllltyof th. guarantor, nuuth. shown
bv th. oMcial ceruncat of th. Clerk of the aeareet
District court or or th. uniMO, otates uutriot At.
Didders must be present In persoa when the bids
sr. opened, or their proposals wilt not b. oonsld-
Bonds la ths sum of ten thoussnd douars, sigued
by th. eontrsctor and both of hi. sruaraotor., will
b. required of the saoceaful bidder upon signing th.
As tba boad must aoaompany the oontract, it will
b. neeeasery for bidders te nave their bondmen with
them, or to have bends signed In aatis.pst.on and
readv ta Da nrodnoed sun in. coauaoi u alsnaa
Blank, for bonds can be procund upon apolloa
tlon belag mad. st this oBoe, either personally, by
letter, or oy iciegrBpa.
ihrH ftf Oudrantes.
Wb .of the oonntvof .and 8taU of-
. .1 .k . -V .Ml. U...K A. -A
BUU ". W Ml OTTUUir VI J "" . V. , u
hereby guarantee that Is able to fulfil a oontrsot
in accordance with the terms of his proposition, and
that, should his preposition be accepted, ho will st
ouoe enter Into a contract In sosordanoe therewlt h.
ohouia tn. ooBtmot o. Bwarusa mm, w. Bre pre-
e.red to beoofaa hi. Menrltlss.
(Io thl. guarantee must b. appended the rjfidil
csrunoate aoove meauoneu j
All Corn contrasted for under thl. advertisement
will be rigidly Inspected, and such as does not prove
oiBKoou, aonBa,mcriuiaaiBuieiiuaiii7 win ue re
I BVEBeDi vt o. maa. upon uie ouniiueiioa oi uie
contraot.or so aoon thersaftar u th. IMpot Quarter
master shall b. la funds.
Any Informality In ths bid, or noa-eonformano.
with th. term, ot thl. advertisement, wtlleusuretbe
rejsouon of the proposal.
Delivery to be madeat th. Ballroad Depot, -or at
one ef Ihe Oovtmrnent WharveeJn thaclly of wash,
Th. Depot Quartermaster reserve, to hlmMlf th.
right to r.Kt any or all bids that h. may deem too
high. D. 11. BOOKXB,
Colonel and Depot Quartermaster.
Frcm the Boatoa Transcript.
British Oplntona.
The people of Ihe United States hare had
ocoulon eoough to become acquainted wllh
Ihe opinion of the British aristocracy, both he
reditary and commercial, upon tbe American
question before to-day, and most of them de
sire to hear no more of the covert and open
hostility of the British press Ite casuistry, Its
Jesuitism, Its falsehood and lis malignity to.
wsrus uie norta American states. Bull u IS
neoesisry to refer, occsslonally, to the British
political literature of Ihe day, so that our ene
mies across the water may not bare occasion
to pretend that they do not know that our peo
ple perTeotly comprehend all their pail show
of friendship and their present unmistakable
display ol hostility towsrds this country.
The October Blackwood'. Magazine has, In
the first and last artlolea of lie number, a most
slgnlnosnt expression of British political opin
ion with regard to other States and Empires.
The leading article Is called "Ten Dave In
niBumuuu, wiinauu-Americanaauiiioos. ine
lsJK article la under (he head ol " Italy and
France." The whole amount, tbe whole scope,
the whole argument, If argument they possess,
of the two articles mean only that It Is enentlal
and necessary to the world for Its safely and
advantage, that the Republic of North America
should be dismembered, and also that the king
dom ot Italy should be united. Tbst la to say,
that all Italy Venetla not being much thought
of or spoken of should form a kingdom one
and Indivisible, with Rome fer Us seat of gov.
eminent, while the United States should be cat
in two, as the assumption or authority by the
Federal Government over the Southern States
Is a despotism.
The tenor of the two articles Is alike, how
ever, In more than one comparison. A dlstln.
gulsbed American gentleman, recently returned
from Europe, pithily told his countrymen that
when the monarchies ol Europe loit their fear
of our Republic they lost their friendship for
It. Any one who knows anght of tbe people
and of the politics of Great Britain, as exem
plified in all their inpnlsea and all their move
ments since the yesr Hit), know, that there
Is a hatred, all over the island, of the United
Stales of North America as a Kf public, and of
me uonaparie ismiiy as rulers or ranee. The
British oarliament and DeoDle never cordlallv
and sincerely conceded the Independence of
America, ine iiritian uoveinmenl was the
most efficient Instrument In all Eurooe In re
placing tbe Bourbons upon tie throno of France
and the Government and a portion of its
people believe that tbe ramtly should always
govern France, notwltbstandiW all Its igno
rance, imbecility, tyranny, and disregard of
popular or constitutional rights.
mere is tome singularity in tbe tact that the
late OountCavour, the great Italian itsteaman
me most prominent man wno worked for the
construction of the present Italian kingdom
the right hand support of Victor Emanuel Is
by this Scotch tory referred tn in the same
lermi of wrath and ribaldry an he bestows
upon Louis Napoleon. "Oount Uavour," says
Blackwood, speaking of the treaty of Vllla
franca, "was as bold and as unscrupulous a
schemer as the Emperor," and tbe writer Inti
mates tbst the Italian minister oulgeneralled
tho French Emperor. All thl. abuse of Count
favour, however, may be accounted for by the
fact that he foiled Austria, and the despotism
ol Austria, and its kingly aud ducal depen
danta, as practiced In Italy, Is the admiration
of British torylsm.
It wu not, however, intended by us to refer
to the language of either ol tbe articles which
hsve been mentioned here. That on Italy con
tains, without doubt, as many misrepresenta
tions as macawooa can conveniently cram
Into an article That upon the United States Is
ditto, ditto.
Home ot the assumptions ot the writer or tho
latter have already come to nought Durine
his " ten days In Richmond " be came acrors
a feeble looklntr lad, who was stirring some
Indescribable mixture In a frvins: nan." This
nesdv hmunrindtr of his Doetlo fanov trolled
lortn wnai ne cans a popular air, containing
tne lines
11 The despot, heel is on thy shore,
Maryland, my Maryland."
The retrain orobablv brought Moore's " Erin
go Bragh " to the writer's diseased mind, and
most sad thoughti arose within him, at the
thought of tbe despotism which was crushing
Maryland. My Maryland has been invaded
since then, and the Confederate troops were
about as welcome there as they were In Penn
sylvania, roe Lonaon jmts pronounces ine
Invasion of Maryland to be "a failure." Tbe
writer has also fallen under a singular mistake
witn regard to northern politicians anil norm
ern elections.
Tlio New York Kleetlon as Been front a
llebel Point or view.
We hnd In tbe New Orleans 1'icayune the
following article copied from tho Mist (eilppian,
of October 17 :
"Tbe Lynchburg rirajniau, ol a recent date,
notes toe iboi as encouraging, mat tne new
York Herald hai abandened the Administra
tion, although It has been thus far one of lis
most steady and zealous supporters, ine in
fluence of tbe Htrald has, we think, been over
rated, bnt Its facility of change, and Us contri
ving always to be on the strong side, are well
known. That this papor now denounces the
Administration end rustalns the election of
Seymour for Governor, Is no proof of any virtue
or patnonsm iu its eauor, uuutia an excellent
sign that the revolution In the North against
the Administration Is still going on and In-
creaelr.ft.ln intensity, snd it prepares us to ex
pect that at the election in November the Ad
ministration oarty will be defeated.
The New York World, also, for a long time
regarded as the special organ ol Lincoln In that
citv. is new nimosi as lunous us too jieraiu in
opposition, and Is a morelnlluentlal paper than
tno -tiertua, Doing euiu-'iiwiiaoonrpiciiouaaDii.
Ilv and dignity.
We note these things as tlirnsot a revolution
In public sentiment at the North against the
Auminuirauou, anu mereiore a maunr iu wnicu
tbe South feels a certain Interest. Tbe Brat step
to peace, since peace ii to be had, It seems, only
by a change of publio opinion at the North, la
the defeat of the Administration, and when
once the first step Is taken, the others will not
be slow to follow. .
in a public speech In New York city, Itay
mond, tbe editor o! I lie limes, declared that the
Seymour ticket was a secession ticket, gotten
no in the Interest of tbe rebels.
This, of course, was one of those extravagant
declarations which politicians are iu tho habit
of making, but It Is well known that tbe Sey
mour ticket represents thoso who are opposed
to the emancipation proclamation, the sus-
nenalonof the Afl&eas corn us, and Ihe bloody
and brutal programme of war generally pro.
posed and carried on by the Administration.
Its success, then, throughout the North. If It
nave no other eflect, will serve to change the
character of the war at least. It will check the
tyrant la bis despotic career aod compel blm to
a recurrence of the usages of civilization aud
a retried for the forms of constitutional gov
ernment. We hope the Administration will be
defeated In New York, and we believe It will
There Is a plant In the Island ot Sumatra,
the circumference of whose fully expanded
tlowcr Is nine teet ; Ha nectarlum is calculated
to hold nine pints ; the pistils are aa large ai
cows' horne, and the whole weight of the blos
som Is computed to be fifteen pounds.
Lient. O. R. Demming, of the Meigs Battery,
sends' us the following precious morsel Lieut,
D. was commandant of the asllltary post at
Mlddleton, Ud., after the battle, ot South Moun
tain and Antletam. It wu during his sojourn
that the following bill was presented him for
adjudication. It Is unnecessary to add that
the revenue of a gratelul country fully satis
fied Mr. B for "ynuse of houie and citchen
furnager'' destroyed:
Jamei If Bofiman blew ridire aentembar lit
A bill of damlse Dun to mr nroDertv Be hour
army on sundsy the 14 up to IS or Ihe month
by borspltle youses and solgere
to o ays youse oi nouse
to use of bed and bdlng for wuuirtied In dores
and out dor.s oft beds one aoorn lieditld bro
kin up 6 hundred Cabago destMyd beets and
tomatoes '
to 3t aeres or Corn
to 1 tun hay 1 load oat. In straw
to 25 bnndels ry straw
to a bout 10 buabsls sweat Dntatoe. to 1 sere
of Irish potatoes
toi nairioaa wneatatrsw
tn 2 hundred rales
to 4 pannel pallns fence
to a bout 10 bushels pesobo.
to 1) dntun Chickens tn : pig.
a quantity Citchen funager
shop tools tsktn
to 1 wlndo sash and glass brskiu
to csnnin ball thrsw boule
A lady baa contributed to the New York
Jivtnlnij i'osf an Interesting account of the
surrender of Harper's Ferry. The lollowlog
Is what she says of secessionist women :
Besides these Virginia olanters mr eves were
charmed for the first time with the sight of the
ladles of Cbarlestowo, who novcr condescended
to ride In state Into Harper' Ferry during
Federal rule. Now in dubious Qnery, fisshlng
with ill assorted colors, Iu chariots which look
ed as II they had been dragged down Item the
ark, they rode In to see their friends, the rebel
officers. These are the women who open their
blinds and spit on Union soldiers from their
windows ; who heap upon theni every name
lees Indignity and insult which a spiteful wo
man so naturally bestows ; yet their homes
have been faithfully guarded by Union soldiers:
not a house in Chsrlestown. tint true den ol
secession, bears a mark of the r ivages of war;
wnue tne nooie-neartea union women otuar
per'a Ferry gare upon homes ill-mantled and
The sketch of "Stonewall'' Jackson U at
good as any we hsve seen:
While the officers were dashlnir down tbe
road, and tbe half-naked privates begging at
every door, Gen. Jackson stood tunning hlm
Mlf, and talking with a group of soldiers at Ihe
pump across the itreet a plain man, In plain
clothes, with an iron face and Iron-crav hair.
Only by his bearing could he be distinguished
Irom his men. Be stood as If the commonest
of all, marked only by the mysterious Insignia
ol Individual presence by which we know, in
stinctively, the gehlui from tbe clown. No
goiaen toien oi rann gleamed on mi rusty
clothes; of tbe shining symbols or which, alas I
too many of our officers are so ridiculously
fond, that they seem unconscious how disgrace
ful is this glitter of vanity. They were no
where vistble on old Stonewall's person.
When Gen. Jackson had drank at the pump
and talked at his leisure, he mounted hit flame
colored horse and rode down the strewtt nt the
Jog of a comfortable farmer carrying a bag of
' As he passed, I could but wonder note many
limes he had prayed on Saturday night before
commencing bis hellish Sabbath work. Ills
old serva.it save that " when maraa prays four
times In de night, he knows da dovll '11 be to
pay de next day." And I am very sure that
there were a lame number of devils at work
above Uarper'a Ferry on Sunday, September
The Richmond Enquirer, in commenting up.
on the elections iu Pennsylvania, Ohio and In.
dlana, says:
1 How this exchange ol uartv Hunremacv
with tbe Democrats will street the war, Is mat
ter oi speculation, uotn sides equally declare
that the war must be prosecuted to our subju
gation. To bring tbe Democrats to tbe front
may elicit Irom them a fresh 7eal, while the
Republicans may bo expected to lose none ol.
theirs. The enemy may thus oome upon us In
greater force than ever.
On the other hand, however, the Democrats
are committed to the prosecution of the war by
' constitutional means ' and for ' constitutional
ends.' They oppose and denounce Lincoln's ab
olltlon proclamation. If they should, according.
ly, exclude from the war Its abolition expedients
and alms, the Republicans will be cooled and
disgusted. Many ol them have already de
clared It as their sentiment that rather than see
the Union restored with slavery, they would
acquiesce In its dissolution. It may be, there
fore, and Is perhaps probable, that, If tbe Dem
ocrats are to guide tbe war, Greeley aod his
school will become a peace party.
Our duty, however, remains clear. We must
gather up our strength for new onsets, and pre
pare to resist our loes, whoever their leaders,
and whatever tbe shades of difference In their
opinions. Hostile armies on our soli, assailing
our independence, present u fact beyond which
we need not look, because It is, of itself, impos
sible of being compromised with. McClellan,
tne Democrat, ugnta us as determinedly aa uut
ler, the Dcast. We must meet them alike."
r'RXYricuNi. The Charleston rebel., a few
days ago, baptised what they call "tbe Ladles'
Gunboat " They baptized It by spriokllng,
bat the Federsl fleet, when they eooounter it,
will baptise it uy immersion.
General Beauregard DroDoses. tn a letter to
Dragg, to call the Union men abolitionists.
Beauregard Is great at calling names, lie calls
himself by a name that ne never got Irom hit
father and mother.
Tbe officers of Bragg a army have reported
to the Southern papers tbst they had a three-
days' battle with Bnell. They evidently mis
look a two days' foot-race for a two-days'
I'ut Gen. Pillow's mind In one ssale and an
inflated bladder In the other, and tbe General
will have a well-balanced mind.
Charleston ia getting very saucy. She needs
some serious monitions. We must aend her a
few Monitors.
Any man who cast, a vote in any election,
with a view to encourage tbe rebellion either
directly or indirectly, Is, however abort his
nature, a nead taller man ne aeaervea io be.
Silt Worji at tub Soctu. It has been as
certalned that the rebels hare erected salt
works all along the bays on the Guir coast of
Florida. The blockading vessel Kingfisher,
recently destroyed extensive steam salt works
in St. Joseph's bay, which a retugee says was
a greater Injury to the rebels than the loss ot a
great battle and"20,000 men, these works being
the mala source upon which they relied Io salt
their winter provisions.
The gunboat Sagamore demolished thlrty-elx
of theee salt works a month ago, in St. An.
drew a bay, and the boats at tne sagamore,
and three other vessels blockading Apalacbl
oola, when they went up the river and cap
tured a sloop with eighty bales of ootton on
13th October, demolished the works In Apala
chlcola bay. The works at St. Marks, Cedar
Keys, and at Tampa have also been broken up.
BoiUm Trai.
Deaths or Soldiers.
The fallowing deaths have ocourrsd alnoe our
last Issue:
Thomas Major, company E, 4sth Pa., at Co
lumbian Collage hospital.
Frederick Iteed, company K, 4th Ohio, at
oamp near Port Gaines.
Presoott E. Olburne, company D, Silt Maa..,
at Eokington hospital.
Jam.s A. Ward, company K, 49th Pa., at
Eokington hospital.
Oeorge H. Barnes, oompany D, 13th Mais., at
inuiiy uoorou nuapuni.
Caleb B, Avis, company E, 3d Pa., at Dum
barton atreet hosoltsl. Georgetown.
T. conway, otn Danery n. r. art., at rort
(leorge C. l'ltre, oompany D, 17th Mlcb.
j rjatio.
Chan. K. Maraton, Georgstown'College ho.pl.
J. P. Raflron, oompany E,3d VI., at Hare
wood hospital.
P. W. Used, oompany C, 31d Mass.
C. W. Adams, oompany 1, 9th Me., at Judlol
ary Square hospital.
Joslah W. Lane, compear O. 10th N. D.. at
Carver hospital.
Charles P. Quint, company F, U Maine
Eokington hospital.
t.i.on ueea, company v, win. Ohio, at island
nail hospital.
Charlea Orion, oompany F, Aoth N. Y., at Judi
ciary Bquare hospital.
B. P. Itogers. comnsnr k'. let Vt. ravalrr. at
Douglai hospital.
James Jaqu.lt, oompany II, 2tth N. J., at
Union Chapel hospital.
Joseph Hendrtck, company F, 18th III., at
Trinity boapltal.
Nathaniel Mover, oomnanv E. loath Pa., at
Trinity hospital.
nm. ai. uiauop, am name nauery, at Mniey
Peter Kebler, company E, 4th N. Y., Patent
OfUoe hospital.
Miscellaneous Iters.
Baiaa's Htranr. The New Albany (Ind.)
L:dijcr contain! tho following: Bragg', retreat
irom tieniucxy is one ot me moil disastrous
blows which the rebel confederacy could hare
received. It Is now ascertained beyond ques
tion that he escaped almost as empty-banded
as be entered Ihe Slate.
Beyond Crab Orchard he burned at one time
3,600 barrels of perk, over 1,000 barrels ol
flour, and 700 wagons. This Information we
have from an unimpeachable source.
From Thursday of last week till Monday ol
thli week he was eo closely pressed by Critten
den that be was compelled to destroy most of
the stores he had remaining. Besides tils our
army recaptured most of Ihe cattle and other
stock re had stolen aud was attempting to drive
oDtofthoSlate. Bragg'a discomfiture was oom-
fileto his retreat was one of the most coward
y and disastrous of the war.
Tnt Pkoi-oikoNew Nivr Yard. The Beard
ot Officers appointed by the Secretary of the
Navy, under an act passed at the last aeesien
of Congress, to advise with refereme to the
wisdom of accepting the cession of League
Island for a navy yard, bare made a volumi
nous report. The opinion of the majority Is
adverse In.the acceptance of the Island, aod In
favor of establishing a yard at New London
by preference. Had the Board reported favor
ably to League Island the Department would
bare been anthorlzed, without waiting for
further legislation, to accept the title. Aa the
case stands the Department can do nothing.
tno law eimpiy requiring me coaro to examine
tbe harbor of New London and the waters of
Narrsgansett Bay before rcportlog aa to League
Factories is Opxraiion. The Union factory
at Toddtown recommenced operation, last
week ; the Hope, on the southern border of
this town, is to commence next Monday. Clin
ton's factory has for several months been In
lull operation; so has the Arkwrlght Mill. In
Pittafleld, and the Butternuts factory In Morris.
All manufacture cotton cloth. The Otsego
men have been lucky cotton buyers, and we
are glad they have brought some of It home.
Ctiojierstown Journal.
It has leaked out thst some ol the largest
fashionable batten of New York have oom
bined to have a small oountlng-honse almanac
E rioted Immediately above their cards In the
ats which they.turn out for tbe year I8J3; so
that, In comequence, It a hat alter that year
begins does not contain an almanac, It will be
known either to be ot an old stock, or else not
the make of a fashionable hatter.
Thoms.1 Stewart, aged ninety-two years, ot
East Newton. Ohio, was a private In ths One
Hundred and First Ohio regiment, and took
part in the battle of Perryrllle, where he was
complimented for his bravery and soldierly
bearing. He has four sons, two grandsons and
three sons-in-law at present In the army. He
was born In 1770, at Litchfield, Conn , where
hii father now resides, aged one hundred and
twenty-two yearn.
There Is no overlmportatlon on tbe contra
ry, quite a scarcity. Low-priced dress alike
are very scarce and much in demand. British
dress goods, of which there Is a limited supply,
command a ready sale. French dress goods,
shawls, silks, offer freely through the auction
rooms, and obtain remunerative pi Ices. Aua
tlon rnlei are very active this week. French
dress silks, mantilla velvets, merinos, shawls,
worsted goods, ribbons, and millinery goods are
offering through Ihe auction-rooms, .and tbe
sales already made have been at high prices.
Cotton Duck. At the present price of cotton
duck, a suit of sails for a ship of 1000 tons
would cost not less than $5,500, not Including
boltrope, manufacture, &c, reckoning 7500
yard, lor the suit, at an average price of 7.1o
per yard. For a ship or 1000 tons, No. 3 duck
Is used, which weighs one pound to the yerd.u
fact lhat will give some adequate Idea of the
amount of cotton used, as well as the weight
of a suit of tails.
Vordsworlh thought disparagingly of Soaks-
fieare, and said, in a letter, that he could write
Iko him if he had a mind to. " That's It," said
Lamb; " he could, if he Aid a mind Io."
Judge Ulce, of Illinois, has decided that
colored persons are not privileged to teach
icbool In that State, and thatthe publio monies
cannot be appropriated to pay their salaries.
Tbe Corcoran Legion la abont to leave Staten
Island direot for the field of duty. Tbe Legion
now numbers about 8,000, part already In the
Tbe rebel newspapers. Iu their account oi
the battle of Chaplin Hills, lay lhat their army
drove ours ten miles. On the contrary, eurs
drove theirs one hundred and fifty miles.
so tak sa norms. a
M. T. l'AIlKEK,
BMiMctluliy aod cheerfully returns thank, for Ui.
liberal ratronage hitherto received
Uavlng every fwllitr for doing
' aa-rilE DEsr-la
Together wllh .11 work perialulng to a
lie has n j hesitancy In soUcitisg a conUanaaee of
the public's favor.
Ills rltlCU ABE BCA80NABLK. .
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