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V 23m Wrf
Hatoual UUpttJtrltran.
VOL. 11.
m. 294
205 Pennsylvania Avenue,
295 Pennsylvania Avenue,
205 Pennsylvania Avenue,
39 South William Btreet, N. Y
30 Bouth William Street, IT. Y.,
Choice Brandies & Wines,
Choice Brandies & 'Wines,
Choice Brandies & 'Wines,
Choice Brandies & Wines,
Iilquorm Oordlala. -ntjo.
ZitquorSfOorcllala. ca.
Xilquorai Oordlalai c.
We alio offer lor sale s complete assortment or
Hermetically Sealed
Fruits, Meats, &c,
llcr oieticnlly Sealed
Fruits, Heats, &c,
llernieticnlly Healed
Fruits, Meats, &c,
305 Pennsylvania Avenue.
295 Pennsylvania Avenue.
n.twc.n Ninth amil Tenth Sts.
IIW7 niid 15HV ftprnt Htrct,
lh regular count or ioiftraotloa embraoM the
Kualiah. and rrcnoh Languagea and Llteraturee
hallo, if required and aU ihabrancbea whloh oon
t Utute a thorough Kngtlph and Vrenoh education.
Krenoh i tbulaxjrug0 ol the family, and Is con
utantljr rpoken la the luUtutkm. It id the object oi
partlaular attention, anil U taught Irum tint red!
inenlitotl.eLlghsiioasratcf: LlTfratur nM Com
ihi pcholtrtla year comuiruoci 0ptml,r Hth
tnlclOBa July ll
Ulrca.ani.u . cm be obtained ironi
taj ltvflin 1'rttelpal of Chef; my Inttltota.
i9i rvtamrta
lbe ilutlcn of ttii limitation will be nifuaed on
the eth or (September. Circulars may be i.btolue.l
ut the principal book rtorw in Washington, or b7
addreMlng the principal,
tug SOTT&Sln M. J. liABUOVKB.
Oirolo lustltutoi
TKItMS.p-r Quarter of tenweeki tjuirter com
Litno ng at the data of ad a. U-ion
klementarv Clai3ln EoglMi... t& GO
Advanced CIkbspbIi hi'g i-h Mteriture and
Hoieooe Included 9 00
fclrrueaUry C.ua'a In Koglliih. Kreuch.ntd
Munlo , 1-CO
Advanced CU hm in F.aglth, I'm oh, iud
Munlo 10 00
Extra charge lor Hiunlah.-Ctcruaui Italian, Latin,
and ether Language..
Jr. ZAPPONH will fclve LieturcH, and otherwise
itUt, whennvfr tin cm upaw time irom hid medical
octa Ml! J A. Al'J'ONlI, Principal
SUA I street, between ISili and lltli.
Uoe of tbe oldest, mot thorough, and most dolrablo
UCnooiS tor zoaug Jjaui'ia cdu sin ei in urn ci y.
Hswjion oommencei beptember 8th lulUuu tc
oordlng to age anl alvanotmen:.
auSJ-dit (J'tari L O LOOM13
ra-ttieufer 1rait.ii joae tin i'hvovu ft from
to.it ci Ch-.rniirVr-Ht HiifjIluws,Vix
OOJu m Mail for Dunkirk ami intermodlato hta
tious thli train iemsli.s uur nUhtat Elm'ra an 1 pro
t.'U tlm next morning.
7 w in. Exprttai,i'r HudVIo aud priudpal In
tar mediate etailous.
u u) a m Milk, dully u. OlUvilIe pud luterroe
diato etitlone.
12.16 p. ra. Aooommolatiya, dally, tor l'ort Jin I
find nrlDCinal statlJts
4 00 p u Way, tor Mldlletowu.Newburgh, aud
In rrmediato Ktailona
6 00JI. m Night ExpreM, dally, lor Dank irk, But
fali, Cnoadalgua, and principal mattonn 1 he train
ot Saturday runs through to Buffalo, but doos not
run to Dunrlrk.
7 oo p. w hmlgrsut,lr Dunkirk utid principal
The Kxprnifl Trains connect nt llorseUsvllle with
railroad fr Buffalo, at Klmlra with tde Canaudalgaa
and Niagara Falls Kailrofid, at Blnghamton, ulih
ilia flyracuHe Uallroad; at Corning with the railroad
lor HuohiMter ard UutTalo, at (J rent Bend, with the
railroad for hcran'on, and at Buffalo and Dunkirk
wiili ihe Lakn bhor rtnllroad for Cleveland, Clnotn
Lftti, Toloxlo, Detroit, Chloago, ka , and the Canada
ep i General Superintendent
are running through ptwsenger trains lroin Wanh
Ington to tbe Ohio river, without otiauge ot oars
usi.y m (Ji a. in tuu o 11 iu , imi uuers Krrnicr
ducerocnu to the truvellDjf publlo that any other
route, Tit
llilrilsthe orly roo'e tliat chocks baggage iron
WaAhliigton city to the West lickets gol uotll
uried, and paiiengers have the privilege ' lftln
uvor at any point on the route
lapsengvr. procuring tickets by this roatu, save
the delay and expense of Omnibus tranuler.
tickets, U at the depot ot the At) H U Baggage
receive 1 at any hoor during tin lay, mid no cl.arge
ur handling baggK uugUO tt
rusT uLCKivr-n ouft ni:w stock ok
.) FALL and WINTUH Clothing, which wo are
.riling at vtry low prion, at L A Ball &. Co , No
Gilt Suveiithhtreettweinlai'd K Come one, oome
I.U to L A Dttitll it Co to t,it your Clothing, ur
hLshtugGo di), trunk-, Ha-it. and Caps, No IM Sv
culh stroet, between I and K Now U the time to
buy your ClottitnK at I. a ll nil & Co. Ni 1 1 bev
enth Btreet, between 1 K K. l.i.cial attenilou Is
0 I led to our new ock of 1 nil aud Winter Clothing,
llentr unitizing (Jiifkln. HaU. and Capd
Clothiers, No uttl Seventh street.
Tbe obeapsst Clothing house la town Is at X. A,
Beall It Co' , No t)01 Seventh street, bet. I and K.
se26 8oa
, U 8 UABiHiUoan,
D.,. . ... . "Mnlnt0n.l.C..O0t. 17,1803
SKALI.D rROrutfAlH.foTMonolaMMparato.
i7tlllb0reoMvrdat thti ofQca nnUl 8 o'oloek r.
M.,tli:nth Monmber next, ror rvralnhlnff to the
U. B. Marin Corp, during tht year 1M3. tha fol
io wind lupplipp, to be deflTered at the offloe of tht
AMlatant Qaartermuttr of Iho Corpe, Philadelphia,
remuflTanla, free of eiw to the United State,
la tuch quantities ai may, front late to time, be
ordered, via i
Clau No. 1.
14,00OyardoffiiyBlueKeray, all wool, fret from
hair, M Inches wide, to welah 92 ounow to the
yard.(lndlso wool dyed
0,000 yards Dark Blue Keney, all wool, free from
hair. CI inches wide. U weigh S3 onooia to the
yaid, (ledigo wool dytd )
a 600 yards Dark Bluelwliled Cloth, all wool, for
uniform coats, (Indtfto wool dyed,) Mlochts
vt lie, to welRh 23 ounces per yard.
roviirjsof Scarlet Cloili, all wool, (cochineal
dyed,) M Inches wide, to welch 10 ouucm per
Clam Mo. 3
8 ,X0 yard of 6-4 Dark Blue Vfcnnel lor oversuks,
all ool, (Indigo wool dyed,) 61 inohca wide,
to weigh 13 canoci per yard.
.0,ow yards of 3 4 Dark Blue Flannel, for shirts, all
wool, (Indigo wooldrcd.)!7 inch wide, to
welh ei;cineejpir ;,d.
1 ,101 (J ray Blanketa, au w ool , to weigh four pounds
each, with letters " U. ti M ,"la bltcV.foar
Inches long In the centre; 1ob7ieetlongand
6 feet wide, ard free fiom grease.
7,0v0patr or Woolen frocks, time Mie, properly
made of good lleece wtol.nlth double and
tnl'ted yarn, to weigh three pjond per dozen
pain, lrco Iron g tease
Clas No. 8.
6,000 yardi White Llncn for pants, 80 Inches wide,
to weigh 13 ounces per yard.
9,000 yards White Linen, for shirts, 80 lnoliea wide,
to weigh 11 ounces per yard
10,000 yards Canton Flannel, for drawers, 27 Inohes
wide, to weigh 7 eunoea per yard.
Class No 4.
1 ,400 Uniform Caps complete (except Tompena.)
l.sco Pompons, red worsted, ball shaped, 6 Inohea
In dream former.
4,603 Fatigue Caps, (with cover,) to be made of
umeoioui, inuigo oyeu.
3,000 StClks.
Class No. 6
oco gross Coat Buttons, (t.ag'e )
SOOgrois Jacket Buttons, (Kafle )
100 groM Vest Buttons. (Eagle )
10) u' I" Yellow Metal Crescents and tioale
Strap i.
130 aeta Kpaulette Bullion for Sergeants and Cor
1,090 seti Kpaulettd Balllon for Private
6.) Ked womted Sadies
2,000 yards of Yellow Blading
3,030 yards of Bed Cord.
100 Swords for Sergeants
fiit Swords lor Muilclans
60 Drums (tenor) complete.
0) UrumSilogi.
Sua Bitter Drum He add
60 Snare Drum Heads
loo Drum Cords,
lojntsof Drum Snares
& J Boxwood "B"ieB.
Class No. 0
10.COJ p. Ira Army Boots, (lolantry pattern )
Class No 7.
1,00 Cartridge Boxes
1,500 Bayonet Scabbards
1,800 PercnMlcn Cap Touches.
l.:oo Cttrtr dgo Box Kelt
1. 00 Have net BrlU
1,200 Waist Belts.
lWJ Waist I'latiii
1,-00 Breast IMateo.
WOtword Irogs
ClauNo. 8.
1,400 Knapeaclut.
tioo Havei sackff.
too Canteens.
Clam No. 0
For making and trimming the following articles,
Watch coattt. sergeants', corporals', muelclans',
and private' ualtorins and fatigue coats: woolei
and linen pants; flannel and lineu shirt i; drawers;
uwuii vb, iu4 nuu u.ua jauKsu iur uvj
The above mentioned articles moat conform, in all
raiw,(ife.H4Uil .li.U..n.nll, I flic
ot the (Juartermaater Mitlue CorDs. Uarioe HVr-
racks, Washington, D. V ; Assistant Quartermaster,
omce ;jianno grri,i,axu opruce virvci. sruuanvi
djIa and at the Marloe Stations. Brooklyn. New
York.aud Boston, Martsachueetti, where they can
De exainirea
And whenever the articles named aboe, or any
portion of them, shall be considered as not fully
flanfarmlDir to Minnies, thev will be relented, and
tbe contractor wilt be bound to furnish otheis of the
required kind at once, vt the Quartermaster nlll
Irani or.
I'avmeni will oe mnas upon me acceaiea aeuvsrv
of the wnole guarantee, which may, from time to
time, do oraercu, wiuiuoiuiug ien per cent, irom ine
faymeni oi aco&un. reouervti uuuit urei urucr, un
it nfcoad order l-i tilled, and ten ner cent, from aa-
count rendered under fecond order until third order
l tilled, aud bo ou until oontraot is completed
Each proposal must bo accompunled ty the tvl-
lowing guariiuie
j arm ot mtaramre.
The underslttLod. . ol , In tbe
Btato ol .and . -,1a the State of
hereby guaranty mat, m case me loretro
inff Ll J of for BUPDiies. as above dexorlb
el, be accep eJ, h- tr they will, within ten daya af.
ler ine receipt vi ine cuuiraci i uv punt uiugo
named, execute the contract lor the same with good
and BUincieat surtties, ana in esse tus Baia
BbiU fall to enter into coiitraot, as aforesaid, we
guaranty to make gcoj tho difference between the
otter ol the naid aud that which may be
accepted .
Alt, Guarantor.
C I,Uuarantor
KK, WlinfM.
I hereby certlly that the above named .
are known to mo as men ct property, and able to
make good Uidr guaranty. O If
lo be signed by the United States District Judge,
United States District Attorrty.or Collector.
No proposal will be condiderea unles accompanied
by the above guaranty.
Newspaper authorized tn pablMi tbe above will
send the paper containing tho Urat insertion to this
olQce l'jr exauloatlon.
The bidder's place of buJlaerw, or manufacturing
erUiMMunent, umut be ppeclllcaly stated in the pro
The above Hut of articles Is believed to be about
the quantity ol each article that will be required
duriug the year; but tho Quiiternajier rewrves the
right of ordering a greater or less ejeranllty, should
the IntereBts ot iho twrvics require It.
I'ropOrials to be endorsed ou the envelope, ''Pro
poaU (or Hupi 1 h lcr Marine Corps lor 18G3," and
uddresud to
Major WM. It. SLACK,
QaaTternianter M C , Washington, D. C.
oo ia i aw A'
TU& ilUSTOn, M
o All T,
triuii'H)! KxccjtttJ,!
A ft O'clock, T W ,
VI EH 8l N ii,OOTOK VKSl'Hi UlKKht,
The now and magnlllceut ateamer CITY OK BOS
US.) I it ui vi itiwai wvuiuiaiiuii, iivui nw vi-
Tcebdays, IhurBdays, and baturdays j and ttou
rtcw ttcnaon aionuayrj, w nunesua ys, ana rri
1 hM now &aJ mini nltlcfc Lit utoamer CI1 T OV NEW
YOUK, Thomas u. Jewett,oonunander,from New
York nionuayn, weunceuays, ana fnaaysi irom
new Jjooaon nct;usfi, inaraiivyii, uu nmiu
1 horis two new stealers have been built oxprvtuly
for this route, with all modern improvements, In
oludlng Water light Oompartmcni.ud are the
only steamers ever bntit lor iong inland soend
with this preat life preserving Improvement.
tJOnuQOIora acooiurany ui piruorni ukbu way,
VaBHcngors jrocetd iron New London imme
dlatcly un arrival of Bteamere.by Express Trala to
Boston, Worcester , Lov-ell, Lawrenoe, Kltchbnrg
Nabua.Conivord, tbe White Uountnlni, ha ho.
Ta-tsengrrB returlnir Irom Boeton leave the Depot
of the Utrfton a id Vvorrrter railroad at t an V. hi
Wereoi'er 7 1' V , arriving at New London v 3C
I1 41
iTpirht tireu aite Lowert uatei, and rtelivtnM
id llof ton tarty ths uexto
tJtale Itcom Inubuudanoeorx be tialim board
Htcaraensor at t'ie Hm-ton or New York ottoeti.le
advauoc fc H MAUI IN, Agent.
toiy-tl Her CD, M. U.
The nnderslgued begs leave to oall the attention td
tliecltlziiisand travJlng community to the House
lie has Juit opened lor tbe acoommodailoa ol gentle
men aud ladies, with day or taoie bjard
TIia HniiHa I iirisi.ht.il In tuilfiiJIJ htvle larse
alrv room, chsmbern. mill uurlors. lhe table will
be rui plied with all tb Uelicaot of the station. No
pain i or expuunu nuaii De spared iu givo nitdir.v:uoa
to an wuo way paironus ma nouse. oirioi aiirn
tlon to oeders that may be given lor diners, &d ; at
tentiva and obllirlnn servania
House eligibly situated on the oorner of Twentieth
ana Birevu wfs;,miety oooapiea uy ourgcoa ueu
eral Lawson
Formerly of Buffalo, N. V,
X"Si.1m Snyi
BVT.UUWI.tMU Aunlon.tr,
aKOItUElOWN.ll o
TIIE STUCK OP A llltv nnmm urn.i' . i
remDerjRtloo'clOBX,! nlllcoatlnoe tno val.atthe
Btore of II. K. Itrrj, No. u, Ilildgt ttrett, (leorn.
town, U. 0.,iilh. rnMt valiilblr rnrt CI the dock
rcnniniPK to ot .old'
Cloth., Ctwlmerra, tbd Vcllug,.
Ill.ck and colornl French Jlcrlnc,
t0 do Mcuoilnr,
HitokBombittn. mod Almrn,
WUlt nd Urd rifinn.l,
lftoplewsoolorH F.qov HULc
Illicit (Jro d. lihlue Silk,
llrowaaod H'.iohcd Cottou.
U4.odl0 4 Sh-tlloK do
Hrowa tnd Illeithed Cftntoo Kltcril
C'.llco anil (ItaKhnrtia In rrr.t T.tl-ty
AU the Store Fottillalc
Lug, Gilt frtm. wirier.
Dfm asd Iron 8sf.'
TmK caih. I liOWLIMU,
o 1 Aooiion.cr.
lOTIOK. TM abort Ml. ..111 b. onr.llnued oo
ul, (WEDNEdA) tuoraib, (KAciArbolojr at 10
o'oloek, when tn entire batanc. of the .took will be
eold wltli.ut teaerre.
noli T. DOtVLINQ, Anolloneer.
BV UllUKM .V WILLIAMS. Anotlone.r..
UAY.tbe 4tb and Stb of November, at 10 o'clock a
fn.(we.nall .ell. at our Auction ltoom., corner of
ed ptedgea. at Auction, tit
Extra Vine Gold and bIWcr Iluotlnc caw l'alent
Lever Watches
Oold Neck and Fob Chain,, It'nn, 1c , d all de.
Lane lot of Ladle,' !), ShtwU, Cloaki, .va ,
m variety
Alto, Uenllenun., Clolhluff aud a line lot or goodl,
luob a. are uraally found at a pawnbroker', .ale,
and too numerous to mention
1 he alle to commerce Ith the watches
Terra Caah
IStAU lir.ltUEltU,
nov 1 nd A 4lh Auctioneers.
BV W. I.. WALL it CO., Aucton.eri,
(South Cor. I'a Av. ami Ninth street
Csrrlagvs, and llarne'j at Auction At the Nation
at Iiot.l Stables, on Mxth strrct, between Loul Una
avenue and C street, we will ll h, on I I1U U3DA V
MORNINQ, nth of Ncvembtr, at 11 oclck.th.
entire stook or MeMrs Tloiuv A Uin.ry,.xibrao
Ing oO head good Family anl Carna1;? Horsa,
20 Light top and No top Wtio ,
A Oped and Close Carrlnges,
& rhalter Cirrlaserf,
Si eeh Single ana lljuble Harne ,
Sltlgh llobes, Ul.nk.t-, Whlji, u , M.
National IIo'.l Omnlbui aod IJaggag- Wagon,
and leaae of Stable.
rermi oa.li I. WALL A CO ,
oot Ho Auctioneers
Y J. C. Pic GU IKK df CO., Aurtlonr.
nu , but JUgiUK iu iuiriiivui uia t tie vljirics XI.
KJng, artist, Uecased-Oa fUUBSDAY, Ncvem
brru.at 10 o'clock, a. m , wenhall tell, at the Uesl
dence an I Picture tiallei y of the la'e Chas B. King,
sStt'lwelfth street bttweenKaudK byorderoftbe
Orthacs' Court, at public auc:ion,a larg- number
of Oil and Other raintlnuK, Oil und Pencil Sketches,
Plalsier Carts, and Hlciuro l-ranifs,crmprittjg the
entire collection of I'atntlfgiby Mr. King, no re
maloing for sale In .ettlrm t of his siip.
lermsca-h ulXt (i KINO.Lxr.
OCt 80 d Auotlonerre
p K O P t) S A L S FOR C O P. N
Corner Wht:ertl an J,(t streol. .
Ssalki 1'aorosAM wil Iia reCt-Ived at llili otilCtJ
until Friday, tbe 7th day of Novemcer, at 12 o'clock
Bl , lor furnlshinglhs Uo ernment with (Iiu.ooo) one
hundred thou landuush els oft-helled Com.
The Corn to be 6t a gooJ mcrchantablo iiuallty,
put up In bags of about two bu-t'iei each
Corn will be received by weight, nt (IU) IKty lx
rounds to the bushel
Sacks to be furnished uittmut (xtra charge tj the
Delivery to he tnide In the city of Wn.htngton,
within (SV) twenty iU,s Irom tl.e date ot the uou
lhe full name and pont clHceaddrtMoi the bidJir
must appear In the proposal
If a bid la made Iu the natan vf a ihw.i'n' names
of all tho pir'les muc appear, rr the bit will be
oonxldered as tho individual proimtal of tin partne
signing It. I
Proposal from duAi vol partvi wilt twt U oiuiUrni
arutan oii rfalt-giauc inuJ aufmjmni rash ynfiti
PropinaUinust be a Mrewd loCil.lt.il UUO
KKK, Quartermaster U. t Army, Wsslil iglou, D.
O., ana should be plainly tusrked Prt-piwaU lor
Corn "
th titHiv cfihebidJer io 11 il the conl ra t.nhoull
It be awaraedto him, must bo miarr.nt.ed b two
recpontlble ireri-om, who-uaUiaturH muct be ap
pended to the guarantee
t ho responoibillty vi the Kuaruutors mutt bu rhown
by the ntMal certificate ct the Clerk of the nearest
lilsirici (jouri or oi me uiiufii mnuj" i'iinui si
Bidders must bo preceut in person when the bids
are opened, or their proposal will not he consld
Bonds Iu the sum of trn thousand dulUrs, signed
by the contractor aud bo U of hM guarantors, will
be required of the aucceFshil bi.bJrr upon hlgnlog the
As the bond mint accompany the ojntract, It will
h nteeuurv for hid Jen to ha. f their bondsmen with
them, or to have bond signed lu anticipation and
ready to be preuueea wihh uie cnniraoi is signea.
Blanks lor bonds can be procured upon applica
tion helugmaae Btliusouice, vniur personally, uy
letter, or by telegraph
fUmif Oiutran'tt.
and oithecouuty of, aud State of ,do
haefhviriiarimteothnt liable tolulfll a contract
In accordance with the terms of hU proposition, und
that, should his proiroeition be accepted, he will at
onco enusr into a contract in acourumiua intrownu
Should the contract le awarded him, we ur pre-
nnrod tn hecome htil BCflurltlf H.
(lotbU guarantee muht be uppeuddd the tjitt
certincate above menuonea ;
All Corn contracted lor uo irr this advertibement
will be rigidly Inspected, mid niich amoed not prove
of a good, eound, merchantable quality will be re
Payment tote made ujnm ttie completion of the
contract, or bo eoon thereafter tn thtt Depot Quarter
master shall be In lundi
Any Inlormality in Ihe bid, or nou oonlormanoe
with the terma ot this advert Unuirut, will eiuure the
rejection ot the proposal.
Delivery to bo madeat the Railroad Depot, ir nv
one f the Government WliirH,In the city ol Wash
lhe Depot Quartermaster re-iervts to himself the
right to reject any or all bids that he may deem too
high. D. It UL'CUKU,
Co onel and Depot Quartermaster
APPLICATION fur Duplicate Laud
wiM1!! ?uyn hnvfcg btfU urn cutidrr it.t aciut 3wt
June, IWO, tor heieiriiuvoi tile lend WarisiM dJ
acribrd liurali, which sn alKg-d tn Larn o-cn loe
or dejlroye-t, murine Uheribgiveatha' at t'j .(
following th" description of each warrant, a ucv
oerUilcateot UkuUuor will be iffuert.il aovilk "
lection ihould then appear.
No 80,103, lor lfiO ocrei, Uaued under the a. to.
March, l55, in the name ot Rachel, widow ol
'I hennas Meredith, and wa granted Match 2, 1889
December 0, U03.
No V3.70W, lor 120 acres, I ajed under the act of
Mfih isk. in tht ntniri of Arnuil Harrlneton.
and was grantel Hrpttmler 17. lst.7 January 4,
Na KHj.fU.nr iu) uorus. innt'd nailer the act ttt
March, U&&, In the names ot tht minor children of
Daniel t. JUCCuno,aicea-iU,tn4 waa granien uoi.
lt l8C8-January 11, l0J
No 100,817, tor lou BQreB.ls-'Ura under the actoi
Maroh, 1865, la the name ol AnM Al'en. anil
was granted March I?, M1- .Inuuiry IS, istu
IAL1. AMI) VISTK (l(ltll)H.
Alilttury anil Civilian.
WALL, STKIMIKNS, li CO., ore now iipenluK
llitlr tall and Winter floods, embracing Hue Ore.
Costs, ljekln l'auta, Veabi, ao, A large aud well
selected Mack of hne heavy Uvrrooat. We h.v.
also a complete afeortment ol lluluera Suit., made
lo tbe most durable manuer. UlUcers v. Ill tied our
Military Uood, desirous to their wants Heavy
Woollen Blankets. lor oamp uu. at reaaonable prloea.
WALli.sft.r'lIENB. & CO.;
U4V Pennsylvania avenue, between
ooaj-dtf Ninth and loath streets.
Ts PaMla
Office Indian Afatrt, BqdmA 1, ltX2.
From iDformattoD reoelfed at thlt DeparU
meol, deemed nofflclentlj reliable lo warrant
me In so doing, I conalder It toy daty (o ware
all peraoa conlemplatlaa; the cromlDg of tbf
Plains thte fall to Utah or the Itclfic cotul
that there Is good reason to apprehend hotHlll
Ilea on the part of the Bannock and Shoahono oi
Snake Indian., u well aa the Indiana upon tbe
Pla.ni and along the Platte river.
The Indians referred to have during the put
aummt-r committed several robbtrieaand mur
den, Thej are numerous, powerful, and war
like, atul. should thej general) luwmtnea bos
tllo attitude, are capable of rendering the eml
grant routes acroe s the Plains extremely peril
ous nnce this warning.
By oritur of thn SecrftUrjjtt Ut Interior:
CHiRLKd . Mix,
Acting Commlmloner
lutl to ViimIi iCiitarliiK or lavlnfi
that lotomao Illver,
Tbe guard venssls off Alexandria and 1'lney
Point, ou the Potomac river, will be dlstln
gulshcd, during the day, by a squib b whiti
flao with a red cross, (St. Andrew',) and at
night by two bjcd uodts.
Tbe officers In command of these veewU will
furnish the Naval Potomac Pass to all master,
of T(f sobt navigating the river, afUr thev shall
have given proof that they are lawfully em
Vessels entering or departing Irom the river
wltt be subject to detention if unprovided with
a pit.
Commodore Coin'ft Polouiao Flotilla.
Dkpuituknt or 8tatk,
Washington, Jon. 25, 16C2.
Tbe Secretary of State will hereafter receive
members of Gongress on business on Saturdays,
commencing wlib Saturday, tbe first of next
Writing Papers, Envelopes, portfolica
Gold Pens, Pencil", Inka.ao ,ta
Pocket Books, and Pocket Cutlery,
Photograph Albums la every variety,
Newatiapers, Periodicals, and
All orders promptly attended to.
Call and examine. No oharge for showing goods.
Corner Seventh and D streets,
oo a lm Washington, D. C.
tVI.I.HLI nmnviinu UkflTBlICrUrs
I b" undaralgn.tl ootnuonuad, lu lha mrnUi ot
liaoiMnber. IH60, tha pi'.hlloatlnn.ln tht. oily, of
uwfotlviiwav.ter mllftdl'trt tfton( Itml
II U praiUi en a nik.o aheol, twuiity-aovon
by lorty.two luobea, and la fnrnlsbatl attb. Iiw
I noflii fitiited boljw.
It cri)talna all tho original nialiur of tho
d.iil; IValnnuil lifintblKan, with th. .iceptlon
ordinal nwa not Inter estlw! tn oountt" nb
aorlb.r.. It will klvu full roporu or th jroaedii s of
tl'ingrevR, rrd of the rthfir dapartmanta of the
Natl trial Oovarntneni.
It 0 nlalut Htl tlm il., of tho day, fnr.lan
and .1'ir.iatlo, market', io , Ao wxll aa an
orl; IhuI o-irm.poiidonoo frMn alt parte i f the
cirj itry. The uilkoollaneou. department will
rocolvo apeoial attention, and, iu all reiipeou;
tho effort trill be made to eatabllah tbe oliaraC'
tor of the National Republican aa a Farall
Washington belnii now the neutral point ul
the current mlHiMy operation!, treat attention
will be paid to fiimUhliia the roadera of the
National Xepubltoan with mil, and eipeolauj
with accurate, account, of he prof rant or tbe
war for tho Union.
In polltjpi, the paper la Uepublloan. au.ialn'
lm thw jtinttit.itrKtfon of Mr. Llouoln.
Tliero la no otter Republican paper In the DU
trlot of Columbia, or Is the vicinity ur It, and
It la believed that recent eveota have opened to
such a puper an Importarrt sphere of uaeful
effort. The time ban uome, when Hib aotual
administration of the Uovenuneht upon neyuti
Uoan prlnolplea lll explode the mniropraen
utltiiis which have made thuee prlnolpl.e ao
dUtMlcriil to the Bouth.
But It U not only here, and In this vtolnltr.
that tho projeotora of the National' llepubltcan
hope to make It uaeTul. To the whole country
they offer a Journal which will dlaouan national
portion from a national atandpolnt, and whloc
rrttl unvor bo awerved from patrlotlo duly bv
any overpowering pressure of looal lntereil
Mocopy, one year ....al.CO
Three copies, one year 5.00
Five oopltH, one year 7.00
Te-n o.plei, one yesr 12.00
'fweoty ooploa, one year 20.00
One copy, alx months 1.00
Throo ooplei, alx months 2.60
Five ooptea, ell month. 3.16
JTeu ooplee, ela raontbj. . . . 6.09
Trentyooplei, alx menthi 10.00
f amenta always In advance.
Win' ii a Club of subaorthera has bean for
warded, additions may be made to It on the
ame firm. It la not neceaaary that the aub
aorlbeni to a Olnb ahould raoelve their (.apora
at t'la aane poat offloe
teuney may be forwarded by matt, at our
rink. Urge amounts oan be remitted In Treat
ury notes, or drafU on Boston, New York,
?hllalelpnla, or Baltimore; imaHer amount!
iu iold, or In notea of solvent banka. Addreaa
w. j. inniTAini 4 uo,
Wiaatnotui), D. ('.
tr Tua Oailt Natioxil RirpaLioax la pub
llsbed every marulng, (Hundaya excepted,) at
tho f'dlowlng ratea:
Una copy, one year. .. . t3.c0
Five uoploe, one year . . U0
One copy, alx months . 1.74
Five ooplea, alx month! . . 7.90
One oopy, three raouthe I CO
A Slmre Case A md 8lory
About half-past eight o'clock on the morn-
iog of tho 29th nil., tho Inhabitants of Ninth
Btreet, near X, were made the pained specta
tors of one of those disgusting JeeUi which
no much disfigure and discredit the civilization
of the age, and which at the same time fur
nish material to the thoughtful for new
and bitter denunciation of our barbaric
dure laws. Boast at we mar, while
slave-hounds are let loose in broad daylight. In
the capital of tbe Union, to seize upon timid,
crouching fugitives of both sexes from the
horrors of slavery, tn order to re plunge them
Into servitude under legal sanction, we can
never claim, politically or socially, that our
country is the home of the free, nor can we
enjoy the highest blcxslng of a frea people, a
conscience void oi political and moral ouenee.
Amid the quiet of every day Hie, with Ood's
Bun shining lovingly in the heareni, and with
no disturbance, save to thoeo most interested, a
hack, black in cverv sonic, and eridentlv an
ordinary (ancral carriage, drove to the side of
me roaa ana suddenly stopped, its employ
ment, lmamous out common, so long as slave
ry pollutes a portion of the land, was cm!
nently proper on this occasion, for those who
were afterward forcibly ensconced within
it, wept as it bore them to tbo grave of
ineir ncw-Dom nope oi liberty a telon s jail.
Two men, magnificent representatives of their
calling, burly, well-fed, remorselesi Legi-cui, to
whom the exhibition of human woe. in anti
cipation of evoking sympathy, or of touching
a chord likely to respond to the heart-sorrows
of another, would be about as effective as the
endeavor to infuse wisdom into the mind of a
fool, by tho emphatic process of braying him
in a mortar, burst oiien the door of a neirro
dwelling, in a room of which three trembling
colored children were sitting, two boys re
spectively of ten and eleven, and a little girl
anoui tnreo years old. iney ueu in terror,
being well aware of what awaited them from
the mother's condition and from their own
knowledge, if tho ogres of slavery Baw
them. The two younger ones were speed
ily caught and stowed in the coach
for safety. Hut the eldest made use of his
legs and ran away, but was overtaken bv a
somewhat notorious slavecatchcr named Wise,
who gripped him by the throat. It was kind
oi v isc to allow tuc oy to breathe, out the
recipient of the favor seemed determined, not
withstanding, to give vent to all the voice
wherewith '.he was endowed. This was too
much for Mr. Wise. It would have made him
the cynosure for csrtain eyes, before whose
gaze lie felt inwardly, he would not stand ex
actly as un object of admiration, a huge
mountain ol llcsli in conflict Willi a diminu
tive quantity of i olorcd humanity. lie there
fore compounded with his prisoner u cent
for silence whicli drawing forth the instant
assent of the sable i aptive, lie was inconti
nently removed by the arm and unresistingly
caged with his brother and sister.
lilt HiUIC lllll.UC. ... .uun. V.J...., .....
was absent and supposed to be secreted in the
vicinity. In tbe hope 01 laying tueir merci
less hands on this poor creature, these hu
man hounds Bccnting thair prey, as tliof
imagined, hung about the whitened fences, as
If spell bound, fascinated. They seemed to
love their work with its varied vicissitudes of
hope, disappointment, and success. Despising
aristocracy as true democrats, yet they lould
not avoid feeling for tho nonce, and conscien
tiously, the veriest knights of the lash and the
gve. Heroic in sentiment and hiding their
knightly trappings, they shone forth ns un
liveried slave sneaks, slave pimps,nnd waiters
upon opportunity to snatch up dark-skinned
victims, not for honor us the knights of old,
but for ienoble lucre, derived in nn iniquitous
and damning service. And finally, as If the
force of human degradation could no further
go, with leering eyes, watching in every direc
tion for every fancied avenue by which escape
could do accompiisnca:, iney reacueu euct'ess
fnlly the lowest level of canine ins.tinot, strong'
ly awakened but evidently bnfilcd.
The mother was not caught, and orders
were given to the driver to drive at ence to
the office of Commissioner Phillips, coupled
with a somewhat loud statement that "the
children will not leave the District for twen
ty-four hours. The mother will not certainly
desert nor cnuuren.
The whole proceeding was one calculated
to arouse a resolution, if it were possible, to
assist the unhappy family. The case was
therefore mentioned to Mr. John C. Under
wood, theFifth Auditor of thu Treasury, a gen
tleman well and widely known for his active
benevolence In such matters. lie nt once
sought an Interview with Mr. .lohn A. Wills,
of the legal lirm of Mngrnw A. Wills, Xo.
201 (J street, to whom he gave instructions to
leave no stone unturned to save the children
from rendition into slavery. Mr. Wills lost
no time in proceeding to the City Hall to see
Commissioner Phillips, who is appointed to
Investigate and decide upon cases of fugitive
slaves, and it is certainly not beyond the scope
of truthful narration, to state that he is known
personally and privately to fat or tbe "pecu
liar institution, and tboso who profess an own
ershin in tho male and female llesh and blood,
bone and sinew, soul and body of a portion
of the colored race, from whom is exacted
nernetual and unpaid labor. It was ascer
tained from him that the children were, where
somo endowed with parental tenderness,
will shudder to learn, connneii in tbe common
a .
it win nc ODservcu mat ine proiessionui
slave-catcher, and the slave-cntching owner
with their inhuman assistants, though defyini
human nature by tasting into slavery beings
whom tbe Almighty nan made live as mem
Belves. relied upon their knowledgo ol tho iu-
cxtinguishablo instincts of that nature, that a
slave mother cannot lorget nor siaveouspring.
Thev uresumed her mother's love would rise
superior to her dreud ol slavery, and Induce
her to run the risk of re-cnlavement through
her aflectlonato anxiety to ascertain their fate.
But they were doomed to disappointment.
She is not yet In their power. But this hunt
ed woman, fearful oi every footlall, and tiem
bling at the sound of voices, and fleeing from
place to place In order lo preserve her cherish
ed, Uod-given, but man-denied liberty, has told
the artless story of the aullerings of hir slave
life. Bhc Bald, amid many a sigh, as she le
rullfd her fearful experience: ' Mv first mas-
tei, Jacob Hall, lived and died lu Washing
ton. He was very kind to his slaves, and 1
had no reason to complain. 1 thought fiom
what he said. 1 should be tree alter his death:
for he had declared his servants should never
Bene another master. After the funeral caine
the settlement of his nltalrs, and I was taken
to Maryland county, where his brother, Absa
lom Hall, put me and all the other slaves, into
jail. 1 was tick and had a baby at tha time;
both the baby and myself caught taught cold,
and the poor little thing died. I became cook
In the family, but his wife was of such a quar
relsome temper that wo never could agree.
She was always scolding me, and then she
would get her husband to bent me. I have
been beaten so often and no badly that my
bock, ol! of which he mode mestrlp my shift,
Is covered with scars from his stripes. I have
been the mother of eight children. My eldest
boy was sold Into Georgia, and I have never
heard of him since. Two boys were taken from
me and are somewhere in Washington, but I
have not seen them for years. Of tho three
now in jail, Ihe girl, three years old, had been
sick of some fever for a week before she was
caught, and the skin was peeling from her face,
1 would rathtrsktwovld dutlum go back info
tlaiery without my nrotectmi. It almost
breaks my heart, but I cannot be 4ra; to
piiut. I trij lo shake the children off my mind
but cannot. Oh, what shall I do 1 If I could
1 should feel better, and do anything to be
free. The thought and dread of being taught
almost kills me, and for the children's sake I
almost nVl like going back. 1 cannot 'read
the Bible nor write but I pray. None of
the servants can read. If I could read I am
quite sure it would be beaten ti.it ol my head. I
1 cannot bear idleness, aud tould gain my liv
ing ir permitted. I do not know how much I
should sell for, on account of weakness, result
ing from a evcre attack ol pneumonia which
required me to be cupped several times, and
the two doctors who attended me thuueht 1
would have died. I still cud", r from that
At holf past three o'clock In I lie afternoon
of the .10th, Mr. Wills, the lawyer, attended
at tho City Hall to conduct the ctue on be
half of the slave children, who bad been
brought from jail and placed on chairs in the
court. Had they been allowed to stand
neither of the boys would have reached the
height of the table, while the little irirl.sicklv
and diminutive, could not have Ihtii seen at
all. Commissioner Phillips presided. The
firocecdings commenced by a witness testify
rig that he had seen tbe children iu the montli
of September on Hall's premises In Maryland,
ana mat ine next time no saw tin in was in
this city, where they were caught. Their
mother was Hall's slave. Hall was a loyal
man, and had not by word or deed aided or
abetted the rebellion. On e ross examination,
ha said, ho and Hall had tracked them to
Bladcnsburg; Baw their tracks and knew
them; considered tracks of fugitive Blavcs dif
ferent from the tracks of white people. The
road was very sandy even up to Hall's farm.
But could not swear the tracks he saw were
the identical tracks made by these children.
Did not know how they got here.
The case for the claimant haviDg closed, Mr.
Wills rose for tho defence. He denied that the
case as submitted, whatever his Honor's pri
vate opinion upon ine lucts might tie, could
be maintained under the act of Congress. His
Honor was a lawyer, and knew the nature of
evidence. He denied that tho children then
before him had been proved to bo fugitives;
there was notatittle of evidence bearing upon
the fact. As to the assertion that certain
tracks upon the sand were their tracks, amount
(foflllcni't'1, n tuc '"''ier of tl,e vlll!3 wa-s
But what be most confidently rcueu .,
was that ho denied the children to be fugitives
at all, within the meaning of the Fugitive
Slave Ijiw. They were not fugitive slaves.
To flee, was an net of volition, whether from
service or labor, or anything else. And point
ing to tha children, the learned counsel en
quired if tho court, straining the law to the
utmost, could decide that tbe children bod ex
ercised any net ol the will which could con
stitute them fugitive slaves. He therefore
asked the commissioner at onee to liberate
them from custody, as there was no proof that
they had fled in the first place, and secondly
that the act ot Congress never contemplated
stamping children of such tender yeut 3, as fu
gitive slaves.
The commissioner would not agree with the
argument of the counsel. His view of the
law led him to consider these children as lu
gitive slat es, and aicordingly handed Ihem
over to the mercies of their owner.
Here, then, on the thirtieth day ol Octo
ber, in the year of grace, 180'.!, with the great
Father of us all, tho Uod of Ktcrnal .fustier
a witness of the net, and the Recording Angel
reglsttiing tho decision of the court in Heav
ens high chancery, were thieo slave children
of a tlave mother remitted back tn slavery,
with tho bar of judgment in tho tuture, ul
which judge, slave, slaveowner, aud slat e
catcher, shall stand immortal and render up
account 1
How long shall laws, so obviously wrong,
disgrace the Btotutc book, and bring sorrow
to the hearts of millions of patriots who aro
praying nud toiling for the Ireedom of nil t
(c'liuinl ri'enioiit nt St. I. onls.
St, Lot is, Nov. 2 -Geu. Fremont wm Ubt
night pnscnted by tbe derm ins ot St. Louts
with a magnificent sword, which waH lone
since purchased for lhe purpose. About u
yeur ago a dime subscription was started
amongst the Germans to ralsr a suitable
amount for a testimonial, and i 1,000 was foon
raised. A sword wis ordered from Tiffany,
of New York. Tho weapon la u snp'rb ono,
with a gold reubbard.
The demonstration commenced with a torch
light procession. Tho raiiltllude gathered to
gether was very largo, nnd tbe enthusiasm uo
bounded. About 15,001) persons were present.
A sash it white satin, banging upon a bust of
Fremont la gold, was also presented by tho
Knrtutiunkc iu Africa.
Uoston, Nov. 3. A letter from Accra, W,
0. A., dated July ISth, states the. uu earth
quake oceurred there on the loib. Nearly
every house in the town was destroyed, and
(lie thiro torts are lu ruins.
Tub Urbei, Pkivatekk. We can assure all
who ars Interested, that the Government has
taken all necessary und posslb o meamrea to
pu r. .top to lit career ot Ihu rebjl privateer
Alabama. It Is not prudent to statu what has
been done, as It could only help tho enemy. It
Is sutllctent to kuow, what we ura assured of on
the best authority, that such measures were
taken, and sorb means put lu operation, at
once, by the Navy Department, as will put n
speedy stop to the curcer of tho new-rebel
snip. That the public knows nothing of what
has been done, shows lhat the necessary secrecy
was well enforced.- -.V. i iVenln tost.
UfcN. McNlii.- It I elated th it (ien. McNeil,
who urdered the recent execution lu Missouri,
Is an officer of the State mllltla f Missouri, and
not under tbe military udmiulstraiioii ol the
National Government.
'IbuNeiv York City Hospital contained at
the close of Iho past week 103 luiuales, ol whom
195 were undergoing surgical, and '.'Ol medi
cal treatment. Ot thesa 405 Inmates, 3111 were
males und 14 females. Uurlug tho week, 44
were discharged as cured and & died.
A Uraphle Plelar. or a loath.rsa Kan.
The London Daily Ktmt draws thti picture
of the character of tbe South and the probable
consequences which would folio Its achieve
ment of " Independence":
" As far as Eoeland I. oonoerned. we m.r
judge from the post. Many people lay, In n
cue, lor ineir biaio oi mina snout toe war, lost
tbey detest tlm Americans. Very well; and
what docs this mean ! It means an amolallon
of Ideas made up of troubles about learcb of
slavers at sea, and brag about the MonrM doo
trlne, and threat! of Canada, and slanders about
our crulsern In the Gulf, and outrage on San
Juan, and ihe bullying of the General Harnejs,
and tbo sharp practice ot cabinet! at Washing
ton, and aggressions upon our seamen In port,
and universal rudeness to our representatives
In the Stales, and to our Government through
American representatives In England.
" AU this, with Impressions of filibustering,
threats about Cuba, an unrepressed clandestine
slave trade, lynch law, marauding in Kansas,
brae about liberty t'srethet-lth tr end tenth.
ers, cow biding, slave markets, human stock
breeding, and all tho rest of It these lopres
rions combine to make up the sentlmeut ex
pressed by tbi avowal I detest tbe Ameri
cans.' But for every element of this Impre.
slon Confederate society Is answerable. It
was the South reigning at Washington, Iho
South ImportlDg negroes, the South coveting
Cnba and Canada, the South sending Walker
and Lopez into the territory of an ally to stir
up Insurrection, the South sending General
Ilnrney to San Juan, the South getting up the
Monroe doctrine, the South lynching clergy
men, and burning alive travellers suspeotedof
disapproving sUvery the South as "Universal
aggressor, bully, braggart, traitor, mischief
maker, and thorough bcre that society was
getting to detest more and more every year.
What.lollows, If this same South, Inflated with
pride and revenge, could actually recover ber
" The Dred Scott decblon would be actively
enforced, and tbe whole territory of the Union
made clave soil. The popular vote would be
overruled, or practically precluded, as hitherto
in tbe South; and rights of education, of free
peecb. and a free press would be extinguished.
Labor bting discredited by the extension ol
slavery, the pauperism and degradation of the
Tree workers of the North would corrupt scclety
lo its core. The concubinage of the South
would spread beyond lbe present dividing line,
and tbe morals of tho whole nation would be
lu danger ot becoming like those of the slave
States, which aro grosser than can be conceived
or in any other purl of Christendom. Every
other nation would be perpetually on tbe
verge ol war, or engaged In It, because tbe
slave power cannot abstain from aggres
sion, nor maintain Its position by tbe arte
of peace. Wu should see a retrograde pe
riod tirrlvn more disastrous to clvilucatloH
than the advent of the first Napoleon. We
should see a buccaneering natlou turning tbe
progress of political liberty Into a mockery.
destroying lhi freedom of the seas, and these
curity of territory, and the prosperity ot labor.
i e should see the natural laws ol Industry and
trade tampered wltb. clvillMtioa turned baok.
a canting pnganl'm set up In tbe name o'
Christianity, aud the Old World inlested with
the piracies of the New In every departmeut
of politics, ot busb.e-s, of territorial posses
sion, and of intellectual and moral Intercourse.
If the Confederates could prevail, and reinstate
ton, H w'ould'bn tiio greatest calamttyTEatftiM
befallen the world lor centuries, ttut It will
not be. The American people will not per
mit ll; and the rest of tbft world, once aware
of tho d.uirer, will not endure it."
Internal Tarti,
Th value ot the United Stat-s stock! must
greatly Increase as capitalists become an are
ot the operation of Ihe Internal lax bill. Tbe
financial editor of tbe New York TKJuinaaya
that "Ilia reports thus far of the colleolors are
astounding, and show an unexpected canaoily
of Inn people for taxation." Instead ot $1S0,
000,000 a year, tbe present returns indicate a
revenus oi 3ou uuu.uuu, equal in that ol ureal
Britain. We hear of one stock auctioneer in
B -ston whose tax for the month of October was
U the debt or ttw United States swells to a
thousand millions ot dollars before tha war la
closed, and lbe average Interest on it Is Ova
pr cent., tbe estimated revenue from Internal
taxes alone would pay the Interest on the debl,
and leave 300,000.000 to be applied to tbe or
dtnary expenses of tho Government and tbe ex
tinction of the debt.
If we ooncede that tbe ordinary expenses ot
the Government alter tbe war will amount to
100,000,000, there will still remain '200,000,000
yearly to be applied to tbo payment ot tbe
principal of tbe debt. Tbla sum would eitln
gul.h tbo whole In live years.
Hven If tbe revenue only amounts to 260.
000 000, this sum would bo smtlclent to pay tbe
expenses of tbo Government, tho Interest ou
the debt, nnd iu ten years the debt Itself. II
tho revenue Is only .'00,000,000, the eaina re
suit will b produced In twenty years -Hot'on
A llenuty of Uornco,
Mr. It'pencer St. Johu thus describes the
daughter of one of the Uatus of Borneo:
She was tho loveliest girl in Borneo. 1 have
nover seen a native surpass her fn figure or
eoual her gentle, expressive oouutenance. She
appeared but 1(1 years ot age, and as she stood
near, leaning agaiust tbe door pest In tbe most
gracctul attitude, we had a perfect view of all
ner penecuone. ner areas was slight, Indeed,
consisting of nothlug but a short petticoat
reaohing from her waist to a little above ber
kuees. Iter skin was of that clear brown which
Is almost tbe perfection of color In a sunny
clime; and as she was just returning from bath
ing, her balr, unbound, fell In great luxurlanoe
over ber shoulders. Her eyes were black, not
Hashing, but rather contemplative, and her fea
tures weie regular even ber nose was straight.
So inteut wss she in watching our movements,
and wondering at our novel mode of eating
with spoons and knives and forks, that she un
consciously remained In her graceful attitude
for some time ; but, suddenly recollecting that
she was not appearing to tbe best advantage
lu ber light costume, ahe moved away slowly
to her room, and presently oaino forth dressed
In a silk jacket and new petticoat, with bead
necklaces and gold ornaments. Iu our eyes
she did not look so Interesting as before "
PiTMB.NT or Consular aiu Mmiraui
Una its in Golii Agreeably to tbe suggestions
of Secretary Seward, who thinks that the credit
of the country would suffer abroad were any
other course pursued, Secretary Chose Is still
paying consular and ministerial drafts la gold.
The consul at Athens, who drew his dratt ou
Saturtlay, received Iho balance of bis salary lu
the pit clous metal. .Y. 1'. Trihunt.
BltlTISIl I'llOPtKTr DCSTKOTkU ur tuk Au
mux. We learn from the owners ct tbe ship
Uillllant, recently destroyed ly tbe pirate
Semmes, ot tbe " 290," that, with tbe exception
ol lees than Ore thousand dollars, tbe entire
cargo belonged to llrlllih subjects. Applies
tiou will be made la our Government lo de
mand reclamation from Ihe British Government
for this propiriy
Johu O.Htoieiia. superintendent ot tbe Ceu
tral liailroad ot New Jersey, died suddenly on

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