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.eafl .1 0 bV "aW" J.4 .a .. L. a I " f I V - H H . i .t Inn n"i
I j iAIHU .1 I0 eHMlt.JlU
II t I ' If I. .' l
NO. 295.
205 Pennsylvania Avenue,
295 Pennsylvania Avenue,
205 Pennsylvania Avenue,
39 South William Street, N. Y.,
39 South William Streot, N. Y
Choice Brandies & Wines,
Choice Brandies & "Wines,
Choice Brandies & Wines,
Choice Brandies & Wines,
Xslagiuoravi Cordial cfcci
Xilquornii Cordlaln t5c.
XdquoraiOordlal ot
We alio offer lor tale a complete aiesortmt nt of
Hermetically Henlcil
Fruits, Heats, &c,
Hcriueticiil ly Kenlnl
Fruits, Meats, &o.,
Hermetically Benlnl
Fruits, Meats, &c.,
i-xpki-shi.y tut up (ok v,aw uhe
20fi Pennsylvania Avenue.
SOS Pennsylvania Avenue.
liilmm Nlnlli aid Tenlli Sis.
V; sua
I5VT ami 15UU ttpruca htr,
Ihe regular course of liutmotlon embrace-! tti
Kngllah and fcreneu Language and LltcraturecW
latin.lf reqalredftnd aUtue Draoohfi which con
eUlate a thorough EnglLti and French education
Krenoh U the language of the fatuity, and in ton
lautly .poke n In the Jtutltatioa. Jt in tiie ubjuotot
particular atwnttun.und 1 taught fium th radi
menti to tha hlhet course ot ..iterAluraaiid Com
lit twholwtid year oomrafcoei tn,jttmtiff nth
and clow July let
Circular. &o , ca to obtained trotu
my lo-Cm rnnolpal of Cbegary Iuniltnie.
tVWttt Street
I he dutiM of thli loatllutloi. will be returned on
the tub of September, CtrouUrn may be obtainrd
at the tirinclial book More in WaAh.njr.ton, or by
addressing the principal,
aug'.'O-n.'tS.ii. M J.UAUKOVm.
Olx'olo Iiitltitoi
TKKM3, per Quarter of teu wtfks Quarter com
menciag at the date of adml-don
Klfinentiry Claain In KDRlurti $ti 00
Advanced ClaMei la Knijc'wh Literature and
Science Inoluded 0 00
Klementary Claei In I- uetuli, i renin, abd
Miuic... U00
Advanced Clauei la 1 ughuh, trmch, aud
Mualo Id 00
Extra cbarge tor HpanUli, Qercuan, Italian, I.atio,
and other Languages
Vr ZAPrONK will vlve Lecturen.andothrrwUe
anlis t, whenever be can eiare time from hU medical
oct J MIW A. Al'l'ONi;, Trlnclpal.
Hoard and Tuition, $140 1 r term, of ten month)
luplla admitted at auy time
Henry Janney, 1 1$ rruniylvaola awuuc
lir l.vrian. DtuirirUt. Niuilmnd I. itnela
Johnllanxburei. hour and a hall stive. . noar V
Joahua Newbohl, Qunrlcrmanlcr x lx pirtment,
Alexandria,; a (JhOltm, A. NK.WlmLU,
uov 4 lm l'rlocital.
IAKAlhTl'k iifailTUA'b:,
j ao 1 street, between 13th ami 14th,
One of the oldest, tnodt thorough, and mul desirable
tiohoole tor Young Ladies and filU1 iu the olty.
Session oommenoea September rth luitlou m
cording to age and advancement
au'i3 dtt lUr L U LOOMld
AXEl Il-ta.IX.7VVY.
Paaenirer 1 rains Uave vut 1'avoi.lR I'nrv ft 001
foot or Chambers street a fallows, vii
0ooi m Mad for Dunkirk and internudiate tta
Ihls train remains owr nlitht at h luilra and pro
ceeds the next morning
7 00 a. m Kxprena,ior liuffttlo aud principal in
termedlate stations
0 00 a m Milk, dally lor OlUville and Intunne
diate stations
UK p. m. Aocouraodatljo, dally, tor Port Jrvis
and principal stations
4 oop m Way, tor Mlddtetown,NewbuiKh, and
intermediate stations
6 00 n. m Night Express, daily, for Duuklrk, llut
falo, Canadalgua, and principal siatlonn I h-s train
of Saturday runs through to Buffalo, but dves not
run to Dunkirk
7 00 p, m kmlgrant, lor Duukirk and prinolpal
The Kxpreu Trains coaneot at Mornellsvllle with
railroad fur Buffalo, at Klmira with the Cauandalsua
and Niagara tails Ballroad, at lllnghamton, with
the Syracuse ttailroad, at Corning with the railroad
lor Rochester and Buffalo, at Ureat Bend, 11 1th the
railroad for Soranlou, and at Buffalo and Dunkirk
with the Lake Shore Hallruad for Clrvlaud,Clncln.
natl, 1 oledo, Detroit, Chicago, o , and the Canada
sep li Drueta! Superlntenduiit
re runninar through liarttuirer trains trotu Wtuh
ingtou to the Ohio river, without oliauge nt curs
daltvat7W a m aud d t ui.aml oift-rs rre:.ttr In
ducements to the traveling publio that auy iiilivr
route, vis
I bills the onlv route that oluoks lagatmti from
Washlugtou oily to the et liukvts goml uulfl
uned, and passengers have the privilege ol laying
over at any point ou the route
Passengers procuring tickets by this route, save
the delay and expense of Omnibus transfer
tickets, is at the depot o! the li ft O. U U Baggage
received at any hour during the day, and no charge
tor handling baggage. aog to tr
UuatTBtif aflTaaa Ohigi.
mr mi U. B M Altai Coir J,
. Washington. D. C .Ott. 17, ISM
t SKA,H) I'ROl'OaALS, for eati elan eerarate
ly, will bo received at Ihle office nntll 8 o'clock r.
M , the-juk November next, for fnrnliblnf to the
U. H Marine Corp, daring the jetrlUU, the fol
lowing lappllec, to be delivered at tlieoffloe of the
AMlstant Quartermwter of the Corpe, Phtladelphia,
rennevlvanla. free of ex r ewe to the United State,
In inch qnantltiec a may, from time la time, be
ordered, viz:
Clam No 1,
14,000 yards of Sky Blue Kerrey, all wool, fret (rem
hair, M Inohea wide, to weigh ta oanoei to the
yard, (Indigo wool dyed j
6,000 yard Hark Bine Kereey, all wool, free from
hair, 04 Inchee wide, ta weigh 28 on awe to the
yard, f lodlgo weol dyed )
S.ftoo yardi Dark 111 oel willed Cloth, all wool, for
uniform ooatu, (Indigo wool dyed,)64lnchci
wido,to weigh S3 ovnees wr yard.
ir0yarMof Scarlet Cloth, all wool, (cochineal
dyed,) 61 Inchee wide, to weigh 10 oancei per
Cum No. 9
8,000 yards or o 4 Dark Blue Flannel lor orertaoke,
all wool, (Indigo wool dyed,) fit inobei wide,
t lvriKii ij vuauii icr yru
10.0M vardo of 3-e Dark Blue Flannel, for inirti. all
wool, (Indlfco wooldrrd,) st atla wwe, to
weigh o, ounoei per yard. h
l,,0l Oray Blaaketi, alt wool.to weigh four pound
each, with letten " U. S. M ," la black, fonr
Inohei long In the centre; to be 1 leet long and
o let i wiav , nu iree iiom grease.
?.000ralr of Woolen Hocki. three alzei. nronerlv
made of good lluece wcol, with double and
iwuieu yarn, to weign inree pounai per aoien
pairs, tree fromgreaie.
Clam Mo S.
e,ooo yards White Linen for pants, 8J Inches wide,
to welBh 13 ounoei per vard.
9,000 yards White Linen, for shirts, B0 Inches wide,
iu wrigii it uunova per yaru
10,000 yards Canton Flannel, lor drawers, 37 inol.ee
wide, to weigh 7 ounces per yard.
Clam No 4.
1 .400 Uniform Caw complete (except romneos i
l.hco Pompons, red worsted, ball shaped, a Inohei
In clrattmftrenflt.
400 Fatigue Cape, (with rovers,) to be made of
ume oiuiii, muigu uyeu
3,000 Stocks
Class No &
nCO gross Coat Buttons, (l.agle )
200 gross Jacket Buttons. (Kagls
100 vroai Veit llntton. rkacle i
1,'.i0i)ilrs eIlow Metal Creocents and Soale
150 sets Kpantette Bullion lor Sergeants and Cor
poral. 1,000 sett kpauletto Bullion for Frivates
M Bed Wonted Sashed
3,000 yards of Yellow Binding
3,030 yards of Ued Cord
loo Swords for Sergeants,
do H words lor Musicians
(0 Drums (tenor) cotnIete.
&) UrumSllagi.
ttuo Batter Drum Ilea Is
CO Snare Drum Beads
loo Drum Cords
littMbi of Drum Snarea
b0 11ouood"B"Mttf.
Class No 6
10,(i0 pilra Army Boots, (lofantry pattern )
Class Ko 7.
1joo Cartridge Boxes
1,300 l.jyonet Soabbards
l,3M FercuMlcn Cap Pouches
l.uO Cartridge Box Belts
1, ini llayouct Bclbi
1,300 Waist Belts
1,200 Wait Flates
IfiiA Hreast 1'latrr.
joo SworJ l-rofii
CiamNo 8
l,4oo Knapsack
(00 Uawisackd
two Canteens
juo Market Slings
Class No 0
For making and trimming the following articles,
Watch coats, sergeants', corporals', musicians',
and privates' uuliortns and fatigue coats; woolen
ami linen pants, tlannsl audlineu shirts; drawers;
flannel saoks, and red and blue Jaakets lor boj
The above mentioned articles mnst conform, in aU
ruptttt, to the sealed standard patterns la the office
of ths OmnirmuUr Marine rConn. Marine Bar.
racks, Washington, D.U ; Assistant Quartermaster,
ouioe;uanne uris, i,x.u oprnev irvct. rnuaiiei
ntiia; and at the Marine Stations, Brooklyn, New
York, and Host on, Massachusetts, where they cin
be examined
And whenever the articles nameu aoove, or any
portion of them, shall be considered as nut fully
conforming to samples, they will be rejeoted, and
thu contractor will be bound to furnish otheie of the
required kind at once, or Ibe Quartermaster will
supply me ueiieienuy ai ue vxiwnse oi wo con
I'nvment uill be made UDon the accented deltrerT
of the whole guarantee, which may, from time to
time, ue oruerea, wiiunoiuing ten per cent, irom me
payment of account rendered under first order, un
til second order Is tilted, and ten per cent, from ac
count rendered under tecond order until third order
in tilled, and so on until contract Is completed
hach proposal must be acoompunlvd by the toL
lowing guarantee
Fonnof OuaranUe.
Tli nnderaltrned. Oi .In the
State ol -- and .in the State of
- hereby guaranty that, in case the forego
r for suDDlies. as above desorlb
ed, be accep ed, he r they will, within ten days af
ter the receipt of the contract at the post office
named, exeouto the contract lor the same with good
and sufficient sureties, aud In case the said -
tftall fall to inter iuto coutraot, as aforetald, we
ptttrnntv to make (rood the difference between the
uflerol the Bald- and that which may be
A B, Guarantor.
C D.Uuarantor.
K K, Witness
1 hereby certify thnt the above named
am known to me as men ol property, and able to
make good their guaranty. tl 11.
1 o be signed by the United States District Judge,
unueumnies imirici Aiioney,or lioiieuior
Nu proposal will be considered unless accompanied
LV ltiu B.bove iruarantv.
Newtipaptrs authorized to publish the above will
fend the paper coutaluing tlin llrst iostrtion to this
otllce ftr examination
lho bidder's place of buslne), or manufacturing
etii&blli'huu'nt, must be epcclflculy slated In the pro
The abo e list of artlolea is believed to be about
the quantity ol tach aiticle that will be required
durlug ihe yeur, but lhe Quattermaiter reserves the
riKt 01 oraenux a greairr or ifrm quRumy, luvum
the Interests of the nerr.ee require It.
lronoraU to be endorsed ou the envelope." Pro
posals lor Supih.it lor Marine Cons torlttos," atidJ
addrirMt.d to
(Juatterinatf r M C , Washington, 1. C.
00I8 law! w
M aw
lOAVS-NkW 41 A US.
tiusTun, mbji
saaabBaaaaM vta aaai
d a I L V ,
(uudays iuxcepied,)
At t O'clock, P. M ,
Pint Si) N K , FOOT OF V SI tt SlUhKl,
the new and magnlUoent steamer CITY OK BOS
ION, Wm Wlloox, commander, Irom New York
luesdajs, Ihursdays, and Haturdays j and irons
New Loudon Mondays, Wednesdays, and I'll
i't urw aud magoluat,bt steamer CI 1 Y OF NKW
YOKU, thomss 11 Jwtt,oommandsr, from New
York Honaays, weauesaays, ana vrways; irom
New Umdou
ou - lutwiajs, inursjays, ana satur
iitne two new steauiers have been built expresstv
for this route, with all modern Improvements, In
eluding Water light Compartment, and are the
oulv steamers ever tuilt for Long Island Souud
with this great lite preserving improvement
Conductors aoooupauy the steamers each way.
rasdengers proovd from New London luime
dlately ou arrival of steamers, by Kxprces Train to
Boston, Worcester, Lowell, Lawrenoe, Fltchbnrf
Nashua, Concord, the White Mountains, AC , &o.
PasM ngers returing from Uonton leave the Depot
ui the Boston aud Worcester railroad at JOP. M
Worcooter 7 P. M , arriving at New London V 8a
i' M,
l- rulght taken at thu Lowest Bales, and delivered
iu Ut ton early the ueat day
State Kooms In ahuudauce can be had 00 board
l earner, or at the Itontou or New York omoee,lB
advance r. H MAUIlN, Agent.
msy -tl PlerW.M.H.
I ltd nn.lomlif nil tictr lt-ave la call the attention tti
the citlzeus and traveling community to the House
lie uas jut opened ior me auouuiiouuftiiuD ui kvulic
nu 11 nml I ml lea. with ilnv nr in til a board
Ihe Mouse is turn b hed In splendid style targe
airy rooms. ohambrra, and paIon. Ihe table will
be supplied with all the dellamoies of the season No
palni or expeurMi shall be spared to give satisfaction
to all Mho may patronise the house. Strlot atten
tion to oeders that may be given lor dintrs, &0 j at
tenthe aud obliging servants
House eligibly situated on the corner of Twentieth
and F streets west Jately occupied by Surgeon Gen
eral Lawson
eeSO-tl GhOBQti W. OWEN,
Formerly of Buffalo, N. Y,
XTtrlra DDnyi
BY W. L. lVALli A; CO.. Anctoneere,
(South Cor. Ta At. and Ninth street )
Carriages, and Harness at Auction At the Nation
at Hotel BUb lee, on Sixthstreet, between Loul lana
aveaae and C street, we will sell, on 1L1UKSDAY
HORNING, 6th or November, at 11 o dock, the
entire stock of Messrs. Thomas & Uinsey, embrac
dv neaa gooa i amuy ana carnage iiorsrs,
30 Light top and No-top Wagoss,
I Open and Close Carriages,
6 Fhalter Carriages.
I&teti Single and Double Harness,
Sleigh Kobe, Blankets, Whips, Ac , &c
National Hotel Omnibus and Birrs ?e Waeon.
and lease of Stable.
Terms eash V. I.. WALL b CO ,
oct 30 w-- Auctioneers
BY J. C. ncOUlUK A CO., Anctloneen.
ao .telonglDB? to the estate of the lte Charles Jt.
King, artist, deceased Oa 1 II UHSDAY, Novem
ber t),at 10 o'clock, a. m , we shall sell, at tae Ilesl
dance and Plctare Oallery ol the late Chaa. B King,
486 Twelfth street between K and F.br order or the
Orphans Court, at public auction, a large number
of Oil and Other aintinri, oil and Pencil Sketches,
Platster Casts, and Picture Frames, comprising ihe
entire collection of Paintings by Mr. King, now re
malnlng for sate Iniettlemept of his estate.
iermscasn iii.u t Kinu,ixr.
oct 10 d Auctioneer
Dspot QcaaTiaif ABTta'a OffYok,
Corner Klghteenth and O streets,
Washington, D. C, October -n, 1802
Skalid PaorosAM will be received at Ihls otllce
until Friday, the 7th day of November, at 12 o'clock
M for furnishing the Government with (100,000) one
hundred thousand bushels of shelled Corn
The Corn to be of a good merchantable quality,
put up In bags of about two bushels each
Com will be received by weight, at (W) fltly-ilx
pounds to the bushel.
Sacks to be furnished without extra charge to the
Delivery to be made In the city of Waihiugton,
wiium vf iwvuiy uaji iruui me ubiv in iiii cun
The full name and post oluoe address of the bidder
must appear In the proposal
If a bid la made Id the name ol a llrra, the names
of all the nartles mustarDir. or th LI I uill h
oonildered u the Individual proiHwalofthe partner
signing It I
tvytimmtM kuiu uuivyui (unwr wmiun vr inorp
mndan etUA cfaUegianu muU oicumpuny each jtvport
Proposals must be addressed to Col H ll.KUC
ncil.p(HWiiuHwi u. u Aim, if uiiJiup;vuai, '
C , and should be plainly marked " Proponals for
The ability of the bidder tottil the contract, should
It be awarded to him, must be guarantied by two
reipomioie persons, wnoio siguaiures mum us ap
rented to the suarantee
inerapoDBiuimyui unKurniora muni oe puown
by the Qfficial certifloate of the Clerk of the nearest
on. iVllI....... . . l..
unmet uourt or 01 me unuea ctates iminct ai
Bidders must be present hi person when the bids
areopenea, orincir proposals win noi do conim
Bonds in Ibe sum of ten thousand dollars, signed
by the contractor and both of his guarantors, will
be required or the successful bidder upon signing the
As the bond murt accompany the ontract, It will
be necessary for bidders to nave their bondsmen with
them, or to have bond signed in anticipation and
ready to be produced when the contraot is signed.
Blanks for bonds can be procured upon iippllca
tlon being made at this oQlce, either personally, by
letter, or oy telegraph.
brm tf Oaatan'M.
m 1 ,iu iiw vvimty vt -. uj oiaic ui ,
Ind ol the county of, aud State of , Uo
ereby guarantee th -1 abU ta lulrlt.a contract
in accordance wiin tue lennn 01 ins 1 roiHwnmn, idu
that, should hla proposition be aoorptcd, he will at
ouoe enter Into a contract In accordance therewith
Should the contract be awarded him, wo are pre
pared to become his securities,
(lothls guarantee must be appended the tjn.ttl
certificate above mentioned )
All Corn oontraoted lor under thl advertisement
will be rlaldlv Inspected, and such as does not Drove
of a rood, sound, merchantable tiuatltv will be re
raymuu to ue maaeupnn ine compieuon 01 ine
contract, or so soon thereafter as the Depot Qutrler
master shall be In luuds
Any inrormauty in the Did, or uoa conlormance
with the terms ot this advertisement, will ensure the
rejection of the proposal.
Delivery to be made at the Ball road Depot, r (U
oneef the Uovernmcnt WliarvesJu theclty 01 Wash
The Depot QuarlermasUvr reserves to hi mm-If the
right to reject any or all bids tint be may deem too
D. 11 RUCKhlt.
Colonel and Depot Quartermaster
Dkfot QuAkTaaitAsik.a's Umtn,
Corner lath and O btreets. Nov 1 . ltU
SEALKD PROPOSALS will be received at this
office until Monday, November loth, lata, at lo
oelook,p m ,lor turnishlng to the United staUs
two thousand (9,ooo) headboardi or tablets ior raves
of the following description, vlx.
All to be of good black walnut, clear ol Luotaaud
splits. four (4 lectin length, teu (lot luolus wide,
and one aod three eighths (1 ) of an loch thick .with
Ave eighths 0i) ol an loch groove twenty (2J Inches
In length, and in all respects to correspond w ilh a
sample to be seen at this office
All or said boards to be dehveredat such point or
points In the city or county ol Washlogtou, D O ,
as the Depot Quartermaster may direct, within
thirty uays aner tne awanung 01 1 ue contract
Proposals from tlhloyj pa 1 tut will not I wnndfre-.t ,
and au oath of allegiance to the United States Gov
rnnmt must accomnanv each DruDOt-ltion
The abUity or the bidder to ml tlu contract, should
VDeawarataiouim,mut ueguarauuea uy inure
sponsible persons, whose signatures aro to be up
pendedtotne guarantee, ami tail guarant'e must aa
awMiaitylAe bid.
The responsibility ci ine guarantor musi ue
shown by tbe olIlcUl ortliicaie of the Cleik ol the
nearest uistrict uourtorui ine uoiieu stales utt
tnct Attorney.
Uiausrs must ue prrceni in person wurn ine uius
are opened or their proposals will not be considered
The full name and postcinceaddrrMicf the bid
der mnst appear In tbe proposal
If a bid Is made in the came of a tirmlhe names of
ell the parties must appear, or the bid will be con
sidered as the ludlfldual proposal ot the party
Bonds in the sum ol one thousand dollars, signed
by the contractor and both or Ids guarantors, will
be required of the succeselul bidder upon feigning the
The right to reject any or all bids that maybe
deemed too high is ret erved by the Depot Quarter
Informal proposals will be rejected
Proposals must be addressed to Capt KdwsrdL
Uarti, Assistant Quartermaster, U. S. Army, at
Washington, D C , and should be plainly marked
" Proposals for furnishing Headboard lor Graves "
Jbrm ot Guarxuittt.
We, -.of the county of .and State ol
1 ..and . of the county of, aud Male
of, do hereby guarantee that Is able to
lulfll the contraot in accordance with the terms 01 U
proposition, and that should his proposition be ao
espied, he will at once enter into atoutraot In ai
cordanee therewith
Should the contract be awarded him, we are pre
pared to become bis sureties
( 1 o this guarantee must be appended Ihe othclal
certificate above mentioned 1
1 DW'DL. HAtU,
Captain and Asa t Quartirmastcr, U tl A
nov vi-dtioth
Military auiT Civilian.
WILL. STKPIIKNS. A CO . are now c ben loir
their ! all and Winter Gooda, embracing tiue Dreui
Coats, Doeskin Pants, eats, a.c A largo nn I woll
selected Stock ol tUte heavy Overcoats We have
also a complete assortment of Business SuUs,msde
In the moat durable manner Officers will tind our
Military G0c.l1 desirous to their wants Heavy
WOOIien niaukeia, tor camp uw at rensonnuif priors
.M9 Pennsylvania avenue, bMwen
00 27 dtf Ninth and 1 until street
JVd.0i Seventh itrnt,bthui V
1 he subscriber takes sreat Pleasure In announclnif
to his old FiienJand Customers, that he has opened
a new store at No 404 Seventh street, near l where
he has a tine, selected stock ol Clothing fur Mm aud
Boys' wear, uhlch they I av Jut received Irom the
noriu.uuu uuvii iiii'iu iur BHIO l llll- IUWCKI ilUIUI
Cin prices J BRUCKACO,
Clothiers, No 4ut Seventh ureet
Lvervbody's attention is called to our new stock
of Clothing for Men and Boys' use, which we have
lust received, and offer for sale at very low prlces.at
No. 404 Seventh street, near F,
Proprietors ot Oak Hail Clothing Boom
Te ant paMis.
VtETkn-nmtt or m Intmjou,
Offict Inditm Affairs, &fUmXr 19, IMS.
From toformatlon received at thl Depart
ment, deemed eofflclently reliable to wananl
me la so dolag, I consider H my duty ta warn
all persona contemplating the cromlng of (he
Plalnn tble fall to Utah or the Peciflo coael
that there la good reason to apprehend boettll.
tlea on the part of the Bannock and Shoshone ot
Snake Indians, as well u the Indians upon the
IMalm and along the Platte rjrer.
The Indiana referred to have during the put
summer committed eereral robberies and mur
dTH. They are numerooe, powerful, and war
like, and, thould they generally asoumea hoa
lllo attitude, ar capable of rendering the eml
grant rottlee acroaa the Platdwittrrmely peril
ous II en co this warning.
Hy order of the Secretary ol Ibe Interior:
CuARica K. Mir,
Acting Uommlwlonrtr
Nutlca to Veeeele KnCerlag or Lteavlng
Ihe Potomac Ulver.
The guard Teasels off Alexandria and Plney
Point, on the Potomac river, will be dUtln
gulnhed, during the day, by a square wum
run witu a red crow, (St. Andrew'e,) and at
night by two rkd liouts.
The) officers In command of these reeseU will
furulfh the Naval Potomac Pass l all masters,
ol vessels navigating the river, after they shall
have given proof thnt they are lawfully em
ployed. Vessels entering or departing from the river
will bu subject to detention If unprovided with
a puss,
And'w A. Hakwoou,
Commodore Cora'tr Polomae I lotilla.
Departuknt or State,
Washington, Jan, 25, 1862.
The Secretary of Slate will bereatUtrreoelve
members of Congrese on business ou Saturday,
commencing with Saturday, the first of next
writing rapers, lunveiopie, ronioiics
(J old Pens, Pencils, Inks.io . as
Pocket Books, and Pocket Cutlery,
Photograph Albums In every variety.
Newspapers. Periodicals, and
All orders promptly attended to
Call aod examine No charge for alio wine goods.
Corner Seventh and.u streets,
1 cc& 1m Wapfoa, D. C
The midorstgned eomm.noad, In lbs uculb of
Ufoombar, 1860, the publlo&tlon.ln thU ell, of
titt)&lynewHpiiiar,'tlndlh0 Aulwmul Hrpvb'
It la )r.iilel 'n ft ling, ah.el, twfttly-a.vtt)
by rurtf-two Inohea, and Is fumlabad altlie low
prluda at&ted betow.
It oonUlna ill tin original tnatt.r of the
daii AVuIu'iwtl llppviixcan, wttb lb. exaapllon
nf IikihI iiawa nut IntoreatlnK t oountry aub
It will flvo full rtporta or Iba .rooeitlnja of
(joiikrrxwi "nd of tlia ittbor ilaoartroanU of lb.
MtUounl (l.weruiuent.
UtjiioUtiiJ all tha new. ir Ilia day, frirahm
r.mt diiiiiaatlo, markati, 4u., a., as wall as an
original i.rreuiondenoe from all partaof th.
cCu.itry. Vhe uaisnellauaoiia daparlment will
rojelNeapoolal attention, and, In all respsoU,
tha eff.irt will lia made to establish tbu obarac
tor of llio National Jlepubhcan as u Family
Washington being now the oantral point ol
the current military oparatloue, great attention
will he paid to furulahlng tha rea,dra nf tbe
A'alioiir.l JiyuMwan wltb full, and eapeolally
Willi ikwratit anoounts of tb proxraut of tbe
war for th. Union.
In polltlGS, Ihe paper Is UepublUan, sustain
tnc tbe Administration of Mr, Unouln.
There In no other Hapublloau paper lu tbe III.
trlot of Columbia, or In the vicinity of It, and
Ills baltftved that reoente?eutabaveopeiied to
null a paper an Important spherd of useful
eiforl. 'the time baa oome, when the actual
admhiiatratloii of tbellovernmeul vponltapub
lliian principles will eiplode tha inlttrepreseo.
tailiin. xhleli have made those principles so
distasteful to the HouUl.
llut H Is not only bars, and Iu this vlolultf,
that the projectors of the JVahonal Republican
hope to mate It uaeful. To the wbola country
they oiler a journal which will df.o'use national
politics from u national standpoint, and whloL
will never bo swerved from patriotic duty bv
any overpowering pressure of local Interest.
One copy, one year tl.CO
Three copies, one year .. . . . 6.00
Five copies, one year 7.00
T4u c.iplos, one year ... . I'l.OO
Tentyooplas,ineyeir . ..1000
One copy, six months 1.00
Three uoples, six months. . 2 M
Five copies, sli months 3 te
Ten copies, sli months 6 00
Twenty copies, six meuths 10 00
l',.yi.ieuU always In advance.
When a (lull of subsuilliars lias been for
wardud, additions may be made to It nu tbe
same lenos. It is uol necessary that the sub'
sarlbers lu a Club should receive their papers
attlies'una post oBoe.
Money may be forwarded by mall, at our
rlslc. lArge amouula can Le remitted lu Treas
ury notes, or drafts ou Uustoc, New Yorx,
! hllaJalphla, or Baltimore; smaller amouula
in sold, or In noise of solvent banks. Address
W. j, MUUl'AUH & I'D,
rFiutanglrn, II. I.
tar Tns Diili NiTioHiL Hire, I ioin Is pub
llslied eery morning, (Hundtys eicspted,) at
the following rates:
Ono i opy, one yoar U 80
Five coplos, one year
Una copy, six months .
Five copies, six months .
One copy, tarsi months. ,
.. 1.00
Uosloai Corresponilesieci
Uostox, November 1, 1862.
The "People's" party, no called In thla Cora-
monwcaltb, is fast "pasinR nway." Its con
tractors have expended quite a "pile" orcur-
rene;, or perhaps I should say will hare ex
pended it, when printers, publishers, and other
confiding citizens arc gladdened with the Inl
filmcnt of their promises. Notwithstanding
the recent noise and confusion of the speckled
cohorts during their spasmodic efforts at con
solidation into line with the Breckinridge De
mocracy and the appointments of lieutenant,
the indications ore that, in the language of Ihe
lMuy Auvemvr, it "may nave lis ounnary
written even before the election." It Is already
moribund. Tho Adieiliter thus disposes of
thin new conglomeration of shades, grades and
isms : "The people of Massachusetts have
learned to understand such movement! and to
rate them for what they are worth." "How
soon will the gentlemen, who periodically fa
vor us with some- factitious and futile move
ment like tha present, learn that their names
have no longer. If they ever had, the power to
draw the people of Massachusetts awny from
those associations which the plain sense of the
voters has taught them are the licit for the
attainment of present objects 1"
The Journal, which in the early days rf this
unionunaie anu snori-uvcu party, was inclined
to be at least non-committal, cowndmiU that
"tho current of events hai mode sad havoc with
its professions, its nnniments. and its nroercss
as a party." The Herald is indignant at the
Journal, and charges that it is "eerciscd in
mind anu body ior tear soma llctnocrat will
obtain some office, or position iu and through
the 'People's' movement." The ftisf , llei ulJ.
and Courier I name them in the order of
their acanowledtred respectability, though
should be not able to discover special iniustice
to any except the last named by a reversal of
me list arc tne only city dames now left to
the support of the "people." What will come
of the "rest of mankind," so far us the Hav
State is concerned, you will be duly informed
by the agent of the Associated Press on the
cvemne ot election dav.
It is now ciuito apparent that the new par-
ty, notwithstanding its energetic advocacy
by such distinguished and energetic blowers
as Joel Parker, Oeorge Fraicis Train, and
" Count" Johannes, will make a very mode
rate contribution to the stcn k of thu ballot
box, though its engineers and runners will, no
doubt, mane as mucti " noise ami contusion
about the ward rooms and voting prei incts,
as will be deemed in good tistc (or a defunct
organization. .
The receipts from t usloins at this port thus
far during the present year indicate that the
sum total of 1HC2, will be about 805,000.000,
a larger aggregate than has ever been collect
ed at lloston in any previous ear.
November comes in charmiugly, as If de
termined to compensate us for a larger than
usual share oi dismal days in uctobcr. Uur
Indian summer this year has been served to
us in vcrv limited instalments, and it seems
but just mat wc snoum na e tue balance be
fore the blasts of winter coma upon us.
P. S. November 2. Hen. Banks arrived
in the midnight train of Saturday, and was
received at the depot by a large body ol lit
izens. He is stopping at the Parker House,
where there is to-gay more than the usual
Sunday commotion.
Wendell Phillips addressed a massive and
appreciative audience nt the Music Hall this
morning. His criticisms upon political par-
ue, cauwiuiiy iw uiu iviug lumnii, which
ruled this Commonwealth for nearly a quar
ter of a century, resulting in little, il nny.pro
gressive legislation, the dead and buried poli
ticians, and some "who are dead but not
buried," and the mummy press of this devoti d
ritv. were CTceedimrlv racv. nlain-snoken and
pithy, and were an exquisitely palatable ie
past. Is all quiet on the Potomae '
Oo. Andrew's Letter icesprrtlns; t'ontra
KlErUTIl E Departvrvt,
Boston, October 1C, 1802.
Major J. A. Halle, J. 1). C. In Maj. Gen. lhx :
Major: I have the honor to acknowledge
the receipt of your letter of September 30,
accompanied by a letter from Major (Jcneral
Di, together witli a copy of n letter address
ed to tho (lenerul from the War Department
nt Washington. In these e ommuuicatlons it
Is proposed to me to take some active meas
ures for the reception in Massachusetts of n
portion ol the escaped slaves now a' or about
Fortress Monroe, according to a plan propos
ed by Major Hen. Dlx, nnd iu which the gen
eral has obtained the nequiese ne t of the War
Department. This plan Is upresenlcd as
"very desirable for rcusnns both military unci
humane." It is snid that the lorlrcss is threat
ened and probably may Jie attac ken! ; that, if
so, these people may be "sw ept back into
slavery," or that a hasty retreat and transpor
tation of them will be uttended inevitably
with severe suffering to the helpless.
It is imperative upon ine to say that, though
I sympathize deeply with the humane motives
upon which Hen. Hii is seeking to act, I do
not concur in any nay or to any degree in the
plan proposed. These same motives ol hu
manity lead roc in a difleunt direction, and
to a point where in general, ns sound reason
ing teaches, and even in particular cases, ns
the case in question makes manifest, 1 find
that the tiue interest of the African and Sax
on aro interwoven and their rights correlative
as they are identical, so that the assertion nnd
maintenance of the one becomes the salvation
of the other. If, indeed, it is tiue that rebel
hordes arc coiling their traitorous length foi a
deadly spring upon Fortress Monroe, and that
rebel iron clnds are lOiuing down the river,
and if it be true that the Union foices to op
pose thu threatened assault, areinferioi to the
lories that menace them, then by listening to
your proposals I should deprive the band ol
llCruea UUW UI1UC1 tuummuu vi uill. .'14, uuu
steadily awaiting the storm, of the strength
of hundreds ol stout arms which would
be nerved with the desjieratioii of men light
tiu. for libertv. and I should denrlvc thin slan
dered race of tho praise and oi the education
of their manhood to be acquired in a bold
struggle for their dearest rights. Here Prov
idence has i! veil 10 mem a c nance 10 com
pleto thtii emancipation from slavery by a
victory over prejudice; and It is sigultlcaut
that it 1 do any thintr to deny them that
chance, by tho same net I may visibly injure
the cause of the Union arms. 1 1 aimot bring
myself to do nnj thing to take away fiom the
command under Hin. l)i thisureut leserved
force, as I know vou would liud it if )ou
would but use it. If you aro attacked let the
blacks fight to preserve their freedom. They
are needed. If anything could strengthen my
previous opinions on thu point it would be
iustsuch facts as you narrate In vour letter.
If the negroes have wives and children to fight
for in addition to their freedom they will not
show themsilves Insensible to the motives
which have inspired all other races. It is ono
of their rlgnts to strike for their dcarcstother
rights, as all other races have done. I should
welcome every blow of theirs which might at
once carry succor to a patriot, death to n
traitor, confusion to their slanderers, renewed
life to their own icins, and Mctory to our
Contemplating, however, the possibility of
their removal, permit me to say that the
Northern States arc, of all places, tbe worst
possible to select for an asylum. These poor
people, afloat upon the world, are inhabitants
of a Southern climate, and have habits, and
arc subject to needs and to peculiarities of
physical constitution accordingly, iviierc, ll.cn,
is the prudence or the humanity or subjecting
them nt once to tho rigors of our Northern
Bky, in the winter season, with the moral cer
tainty of inflicting extreme siiflering, result
ing probably in disease and death? If their
removal is definitely determined upon, I would
take the liberty of suggesting for tho nsj luni
some Union foothold in tlieSoulh as Hilton
Head where they could retain their health,
be trained as soldiers, nnd their labor be ren
dered economically aailable. For them to
come here for encampment or nylum would
be tocoinc as paupers and Fi.fkreri into a
strange land and a climate trying cuh to its
habitues, as a swarm of homeless wanderers,
migrating without purpose, and not to the
wilderness where the strong nnn would suffice
for maintenance, but to n busy commnnity
where they n ould be incapable of si If-lielp a
course certain to demoralize themselves and
endanger others. Huih nn event would be n
handle to all traitors and to nil persons evilly
disposed. We should be told thnt the exper
iment had been tried and had failed; Hint the
negroes were proved worthless uil incapable
of taking care ol themselves, when the truth
would lie that we had pursued the plan most
eminently calculated to disable and loriupt
them. 1 meet with pleasure the motives of
humanity which have dictated your proposed
piau; but from the very same leelmg I must
consider the plan mistaken. It is precisely
because I do not wish the negroes In sufler;
prei isely because I would sate tliu'r wives
nnd children from perishing; prei isely because
I do not wi-.li their new Ireitloui to become
license, corruption, nnd infamy, that I lesput
fully decline to aid or louutcnancc your plan
for their transportation to the North.
Inasmuch as the letter oI'Muj. lien. Dii U
accompanied by a copy of u letter front the
War Department, granting permission to cor
respond, concerning the plan proposed, I deem
it incumbent upon me to state tint I have,
Bince receiving your letters, conferred with
the Department upon this subject, and I urn
sure that there is not any diilerenco o( opin
ion between the Department nnd myself there
ou ; nor do I find there the exiVeiuc of m.y
sueh apprehensions regarding the sality ol
(Jen. Dix's position as you seem to entertain.
I ought tonilj that, cwn Vvcn.' my iews
coiucidi-nt with jour own, I am, under the
law, absolutely powirless in my olhtiil capac
ity, to promote mem
1 have the honor to be-, ery tcspect fully,
your obedient servent ,
Jons A. Andrik
(iovernor of Massaehusi Its
llur Mountaineers.
Between this city and Cumberland Imp, in
the mountain counties, the whole route ii
marked by devastation; and this u not nt all
remarkable, for desolation and destruction ne
cessarily follow the tread ol armies. In the la-t
day or two, poorly constructed wngons, filled
with women and e liildren fioin these desolated
districts, have passed through our streets in
search of lionies"anywhc're,auyn here,"doubt
less feeling very much ns. did the nnsa rable
x irtlm of the "Bridge of Sighs," when
"In she pluiuod boldly,
No matter how coldly
'the rough river ran;"
And. as (hey trudged along thinly clad and
meairerly provided lor in luewayot nrnvi.inn,
other lini-s of Hood occurred to in
"Alan! for tho rsrlly
Under tbe sun
oil! It waa pitiful '
Near uwholo city lull,
Home they hid none "
Information of the most reliable diameter
has come lo us, in addition to what we hsve
seen, that the whole of the mountain regions,
from the Cumberland Hap to the mouth of the
Sandy river, have been desohled by the armii s
wniclinavT swept nveriiiem. I tierelsnocioiint
that a large proportion oi the population nre
in Imminent danger of actual starvation.
The mnttci may be of sufficient magnitude
to 1 all lor the Interposition 01 tne UgMaluic,
and it 111 ty Ik1 (omul necessary to ajiplj to the
Oovernoi to e onvine th.it boily to piovide
some means of rein f. But lor the pri-s lit the
most available plan uhlch has lain suggested
is. that theiK'Opleshull conic tout Hit run their
couulyeoiirt.ilajs.nppointi omuiittevs lo raie
finvnici loilirinuuuu-i, unci 1 oiiuiiiiitvn to run
er with those ui othe r iounth-3- for their dis
tribution. It is to be hoped then' will be
found in all the comities where there is un
abundance those who will lit once take an ue
tive interest iu this matte r.
If we have granted to us the blessingol our
daily bread, anil raise up our hearts in eral I
tudc to that Being who has thus prov ided for
us. can we be satisiieil to cniov the comforts
thus vouchsafed to us, when we know there
are those near us, our own fillow-citbcin, true
and loyal men, women and ihildreu, who nre
lu suiic ring nml vvanu
We call upon the people of I'avelleiounty
in meet nt the tourt house on net eountv
couit day, the lOtliol November, to t ike tins
muiiu intotonsiucraiion mccopicni i ay
ctte, notwithstanding the picsi-nt protr.ii led
condition of ullairs, will doubt less icspnml with
11 light good will to this e all for necessary aid
to tne suturing. f.iiiiirruu,( nt,; ifn
'llni United Stales military sloieki-epnr ut
Washington reported on Thursday that within
thu last week ho leceived 02,000 blankets
which were being Issued daily to the amiy. and
that ho hail t-hippod lor the Army el Ibe I'olo
mac, lioin tbo .Mill Ootober lo elate, rl'i.ilili)
iinilorms, SO 0U0 of which have been sent down
to Harper's IVrry nnd that neighborhood
A detachment ol maiinns, numbering about
ono bundled and fifty men (aomo of them Irom
headquarters bete) will leave Now York about
tbe middle ol tho present mouth, lot Ham Is
land, Ualllomlu, to be Htatlouod there nuclei
the command of Major Addison Uarland, lately
in command ot tbe marine barracks ut I lunik
lyn, New York. A similar detachment lor
CJairo, Illinois, have Ml the murine) b irrucks.
1 he l'resldent has revoked tbe oidei dis
missing l.leul. K.l'.Orawlord Irom Ihe mllllary
Moj. Uen. Schuyler Hamilton has been or
dered to duty under Uen. Hoeecrans
Olisceltaneoui Items.
Irov Cirs. The Pennsylvania Central Rail
road Company are now having constructed
reveral cart, all of Iron, the Invention of a
French physician, who has become a oltlf en of
this country. Its Inventor claims his car many
times lighter than a wooden car and much
stronger; that It will last much longer, and is
almost entirely secure from accident. If it came
In collision with another, waa thrown off the
track or down an embankment or lorouih a
bridge, It might be badly Indented, bat would
remain whole. No loss of life could occur from
splinters, the breaking oat of bottom or top or
siae. mere migni do a jam ana a squeeze, nut
nothing worse.
Notidlk DtiTii. Among those lost on the
"Golden Gate" were Mr. and Mrs. Given, or
Baltimore, though thnlr three children one of
them but n few weeka old wee tared. The
circumstance was noted at leogtn In the ac
counts of the disaster. The children were
brought lo this cily and placed In care or
their grandmother, on Post street. The young
est ol them, who was significantly christened
Oceans, was burled Jjpterday, having died tbe
previous day. ulu-r long ailing. Han Frandtco
JleraU, (Id. 3.
His Mtou Coil. Oil. A number of estab
lishments In Vhllanelphia are now lighted with
gas manufactured from coal oil. The light is
lar more brilliint than that famished by ordi
nary gas, and does not cost near eo much.
Near Cone-hohocken, works are being put up
lor lighting a Tactory wltb three) hundred burn
ers. It It proves as cheap as stated, It will
come extensively into use.
l. in Disk. Tbe Klmira l'rtts reports that
a valuable Itad mine has been discovered at
Port Jrrris A rich vein ol the ore has been
opened on Sbawangunk Uountalo, In the town
of Deerpark. It Is located In a ravtae near the
i.uo railway track.
Tin: Unions Hum Pknsicou A Daesenarer
Irom New Orleans, at New York, informs the
.ujircsv that the slory tbat (Jen. llutlcr was at
Pensacolu. with 7.(100 men. Is untrue. He
merely paid a visit lo l'ensacola and Ship
Island with a few of bis Stan", remained a few
days, aud then returned to New Orleans.
Ilaltiinoro, and most of the Southern papers,
ttnlaiai. iti. aiianadil In Alttnv . ?. fL..
uu..De.iur tUVVCVU 111 fcflHUg i;H UUUI tjW
rope, will becoinpelN'J, In thPCOurnsof a year
In fcit apt' ml publication ou account or (be worn
out condition of tbe typo, Iroiii whtcb I hey are
!' iiit.ii. nu mi na apuiuivij is uuueerura.
ilit! rt'lx 1 inwtapirtj alrtfariy present a wretch
. yr'ivll.uVll
Thirty eiht Holtlierri were discharged from
I'orUmoulti, (K. 1..) (J rove hoppltal, on Wed
nfsdj,y raorulutf. One of them. Stephen Tur
nAP. rifthu WaArtrxil Wleusnnaln raiflmanl u.
! v. rfi.wwuu iisevuuniia II5HUVUI1 13
uuujrj nin iMiijr rumut ut luiriy iuch. riu-
ployecR of (be Mine lumber works in tbat SUle.
whn fnistilial Ifi.eutliAP In Una uerlu nsirt nt tt.a
.. ...... .. vaa en a su i.w iuiii (init VI IUV
Ocvl, liolir-rl Allen, qusr term aster of the
Dolled . Milieu arm 7. Iiua been announced ua
chief ptucht-Inf- ipiartermoiter, and Uol. T J.
Ilainert, cominlflHurv ol Biibslstence of tha United
Stated army, an chief purchasing commissary
tor the Department a ot the Mlwonrl, tbe Ten-ii-.e,
Hint tho Norllmul.
It In knoun to tbe friend 1 of Uen. Harncv.
that )w will return to St, Louis, to await tbe
orders of the War Department.
An order baa been Issued deferring tha or
ganlillon of the regiments and companies of
volunteer entrineers recognized by the act of
.Inly UH.
1 be Maine Seventeenth ha-s been transferred
from Gen. lieintzelraan's corpi tVarmee to that
oftiou. Uurnslde.
Men lnvi) to hear of their power, but bare
an extreme disrelish to be told nf their duty,
and I hit of course, for every duty Inn limita
tion of some power
They err wldelv who propose to turn men to
tho thought or a Ik' tier world by making them
think 1 cry meanly ot thU.
They bad lightning, thunder, and ball at
Portland, Mc.Unt WedDeAlay.
or ihe
A n Ohm e of 1 Vntiifdm I a worth a Voundof Lt re !
Nrarlr all the dlf i loctdcnt to camp life ortf I
Baio wlili Ueraogf mrat and Irrtffuliritr of tb bow
eU they being the wtakfat aud mout ituoepUble
purt ol the human yitem, lint tt el the efftcu of Uie
f xpwure ivhtclt alt noldirra bare to aabmlt to durlur
liitir term of active servioe
I lie btftt weapon ot detent) ycu caa bare agattut
all nuchilirteaM- 14
Abilominal Supiiorler and Mctliral Karrcnard
t tie burpeou Ueneral and the principal Pbyriolane
and burxions, w Uo have examined tii lor inula 01
it nifUical prfparatlon,he recommended lu ut
by tl.f I nlou politic m
MeH U (I F.VANSA.CU wcurej tQe riflit lo
nre uow belntf tuauutaotured under ibe auperiu
lendRiae ol an able 1 h)tciin, and arraogetnent
hte bftu inde to luce tltrta ulthto the reaohol
t-very I uiou HolJIer An agency ha ben eetab
l..hd in Whifi1lonll,tillichhii,New York, and
laMvu,uliere fold.em.at'uut w depart for tbe mar,
can t' fupi Ued
JNtiiaore upprorrUte present can be made to a
twld.er than a MRUlLAIhU bAH-UUAUl J r
er man tbould lia.e one
1 lie attention of oldltm, and friend ot soldier.
It respectlully rJOltolted to tbui new Intention It It
made ot red tlanm I, medicated cotton being placed
btt we'll twj thlekne-itiefl ot flannel tuid nnlltsiJ m
fouII iHnmcmt?. lite Hhapeol it 14 cuslgned to (It
tl bott 1 he vlatlo fanteninae and whalebone are
arranged eo a to prevent It irom wrinkling or rotting
up when thu wearer i In motion
tuiiutsia uat;
L'rlce acoordlog tv Mze-No. 1, ft CO, No -', 1,
No S.fiocecta
Sent b malt or exprend lo any aJJrwi. on the re
teipt of the price lucluding Oitige, if by mall
fo-tage on N j l,uient ,lftunta, No 3, to
Uberal iciuaiUoti nllouej agent and pertom
N 11 one are genuine unlt-tt itaniped Lr U
1 m
Dt-rHirl.tlvecircularesent tree
bind ordfM to
L, ( 1.VANHA.CO . Agenu lar Uulud Utatw
Huom 18, aiblngton Building, cor. leun
Hylvaula avenue aud Seventh atreet,
No iaAChtauttrret,lMiiUlelpbit
.No 111 Uroadway.New Yotk
No fcO Wasblngiou atreet, UiMton
AUo.tor dule by Dealer in UUitary (loodi and
t- utered, according to aat of Congree, ta the year
lbo2,byUeorge il hvana, la the Clerk' umoe 01
tlin Uistrk't Cuurt tor the hadtt ta UUlrlot of feun
Jlt i U 1.VAH continue, a beretolore, lo till
promptly all order (Vr book pu blithe J In the Uul
ltd ttiate on the receipt ol tbe advert Ued price
bend all book, order to w
tl (i KVANtj,
4 m Cheituut ilreet, i'UUa
uo6 m w It t
1 iur Neurlgt, alia having cured me very aocn
M Johnson, l'eiulou Offloe
011 aud tree how many reapcoublt dtlieni bare
been cured b my HAND MAUNKlltJM, cf fa.
ralyii, Uout KheumatUm, tumor, BrooohltU,
tilte In a week, ryphoid t ever la a tew day, Lu
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