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ukokuk tu. wim'oi, kuituiu
Mr Tho publication ulllce t tbe Nitiomii.
lUrtraLtoiN Is at llie northeast ooruer of II .n.tl
Seventh streets, suoond floor, tnor W. I), hhcp
lord's bookstore. Knlrance on Hevenlli street.
dvertlacmenta must be paid for lo advance,
And should bo handed iu before ft o'oloclc, p. m.,
to nnsnro tr.Mr appearanca in the following
Until the treetlog of Congrtci, the Pretlicnt will
not receive vbllois after 12 o'clock, ro on any da)
nov 4 tm
Will be oprn to the public tun (Th'trpilay)
aftfrnoov, Irotn one nVIock until sunct
This is tho ruljr opportunity the public will
lime to we her l'a will not be required
nt the navv ynnl (rate.
Wo ore plensoil to oliscne that onu of our
uiornfoq coteniporariea takes tho same view
u that expressed by in in several numbers of
thin paper, iu rejrarJjo the oMierly qualities
ami ability of (Jon. tTrant.
When the mwspapcr press of the country
will come to this wny of thinking nnJ will
vinilieatp the character of such men us Orn.
!rant, thenar will poon lie virtually nt nn
end. 1 he vigorous prosecution of the war
will lie inaugurated when men like (Irant an'
put in command of our army
'Ihere is but oneway to successfully con
duct a war, which l9toprnide the troops and
the mean'', and place them under the direction
ul tho best military talent and experience ol
he tunc" and alternards to change that ill
riitinii accordinst to the developments ol tin1
battlo-field This is the lesson of nil history.
'ill. oillirin Klrrtlon. llie Argu
ments Made tee lir.
1 he New oik fejtresi parades conspicuous
ly iitulfr the heading rf 1 iolce from htn
cjci the following I. Iter from (111 l.U
Lkxingtun, Kr.. Oct. t, lw.
Won. Horace F Ctarkt, Am York
Mr Deah The loysl men of all the old
parties are looking with the greatest anxlet) to
ihu c( mlng elections In New York and Mas i
huselta If thev shall result In fatorof the
People s Union Party," aa they have recentlr
d 'lie In Ohio and I'enna) lvanU, then we sb ill
uun see the war ended, the rebellion crushed
and the Union restr red as our lathers msde It
.OD SEND bUCU ELSULTb. If the abolition
ists succeed.no figures can compute the im uint
f blood yet to flow, or the treasuro to be
qinndered, In tin Insane crusade against
siavi rv. -men is mo opinion oi one Whose loy
alu h is neer been doubted by friend or f e.
urs trul 1 esurc'oous
This may be tiken us c sample ot tho up
peula and representations made troia Ibe boi
ler Mates, and which embody the idea which
8C03uut for whatever " Democratic Miccei.ee
there, miyhave been In recent election
If the Iree Slates will ceaso lo be anil sUie
ry or even If they will only cease to prncute
the war itpoi anil rlavery principles, and will
Ire evidence and guarantees of this change ol
views, by voting the lcepubilcans out und the
lmocnls in theSouth will return to the Union
mil peiee w I' ! relored But " if the nboli
i onistssu , 1 lu tho elections, the war is to
onliau indetiuitely, and " nn figures ran
omputethe amouut of blood yet to fniv , orl
the treasure in Im Fquaudered ' This i la
ubeuuc, or in term", what is raid by (,rn
Coombs and the whole body ot the border Mate
politicians. And undoubtedly it lias produced
great effect
Everybody ot the North detires peace and a
restoration of the Union, while the number ol
those who hivo no special convictions in nla
lion to tho question ot tlarery, or are quite in
different to 11 Is large
It is by no meana certain that Mr. Lincoln
would bare been elected to the Pneideucy If
tho North had really believed that Ihe .South
.vculd havo made his election tho pretext at d
rasion ot revcjutlon And It Islrecbm pub
i reflection, how immense the prersuie was
iroro the Nurth m tti winler following his
le, 'Ion and preceding bis inauguration, not
r ly to yield all the principles upon which the
I'residentinl eampjigu e,t leGU was decided
v. i lo give to elaveiy guuiautees never belore
ireani-cl of tor lbs sake ol averting the eaUs
i pbe ot si re'eion. ihen at last seen to be ac
unllv and iitdeniably imminent.
HU lhn i lew ot Hid pal we nhnll not won
I thai appeals to tbi North to clohe the war
ii j throw it g tie r.liolilidNists" ovetboard.
i eiH bid i iiilueme lb..y ptein to bant bad
oi leceiit elect lull A lid It is Ihe les- wondi r
ul ' on-odeniii; that Ihe war has assumed pro
I" niuns so t'irfaiillc und so little anticipated ut
''ie outset slid that the pio-pect of a victorious
I'liclusiou ot it eenis lo many so distant and
dubio i
M e.ii.tv,lll prove howevel, that idees
i' j iistiiHi-Mi f General Couinbs, ullhough they
.uv dutibilfMrt ii tl leiu'ed elecliou remits, are
e-seutlnlly und utterly incorrect Th" ('nt
i iieli n Coruprotn e would not have saved the
I in u in u ewiulerol lfttil nor will the peice
il i-rh luiiuu cl il be e lire ted now, by any
uinbt r 1 1 pi i iieutlal and re'cautiug voUs at
1 e North Tl e Southern leaders are resolved
pon independence il they can achieve, it
hey have made teu many sacrifices, to accept
jibing (hort of it They might consent to
tudrurt a new Linon to u elude some ol the
rder liee Slates, but they will never volun
uily agiee to the old Union, iu which their
tou ii u-t le u hcpeletg and cuiiHtdntly
i Ling iiiUiority They know well that the
oni is III aliened towards nu Institution vital
ml purinioiint in their system of polities,
i Ley know well that this antagonbm ol the
North is lixed aLd Ineradicable, and that id
lough it iniy be occasionally repressed lor
e s eke ol peui e, it i" only to break out again
Ii renewed sueLgih
Ibis idei, that ihe Southern leaders esu be
Ldtluted back Into the I uiou bycouce-sious
edo or promised rr will yield their rebellion
niythlng but oveipeiwuing loree. Involves
ry species ot absuidity It would cleeelvo
i. w except under the piersnr and Miller
w ir Drowning men catch at sliaws
k men will Spend their substauie lor
, k nostrums. It lain Ihe same way that
.Iu hopes will lies Indulged in by riiuiiiiiinltm
iu times ct piiblln distress
The (net thai these Southern leaders volun
tarily broke up the L'nion, is undeniable.
There Is no new inducement to them to restore
It while fresh and great obstacles hive arisen
In the course or events. Tho debt or tho Unb
tnl SUIos, actual and unavoidable In prosper
live. Is. of Itself, an enormous, II not Insuper
able obstacle. It this debt finally reaches two
ibou-ind millions, as Is commonly anticipated,
thi annual charge cf Interest will be one hun
itipd and tweuty millions, lo which is lo be
aililiil filly million more of terminable annui
ties in the shape ol pensions. Upon tho
theories ol political economy which prevail
almost unnersally at Ihe South and It Is of
no i on"eiiience to the present purpose whether
tbofe theories are correct or Incorrect the
rieure ol larllV taxation lalls chiefly upon
the idnntinir and exporting States. How Ib It
possible that llie Southern leaders will rolun
I irlly ci i.ie under Ihe yoke ol our national
debt ami of the financial system which that
debt nereseUitea lor an Indefinite perlcd'
This theory of propltiatien and compromise
will I ill in practice This war must be fought
out to the bitter end, or must be given up with'
out iccompllshiog Its object. To this com
plexion it must come nt last.aud It Is this which
Kivis In Mr. Lincoln s Administration llie mis
teiy of Ihe situation, whatever seeming and
I'irlhl merses it may have met wilh In the
political Held A vnt majority of the people
ol the loyal Klates will not give up their nation'
alily, nilhouta struggle at least as long as that
by w hich It u is established. Portions of tbcio
may bill into the mistake that It may be peace
fully rcin'tated by an attitude ol conceision,
but that Is only un error ol judgment which
experience, will surely aud quickly correct.
The abtanllal strength ol Ihe position of the
Adir.lniMnilloil will not be shaken, until a ma
jontvof Ihe people of the loyal Slates will
consent to eive up th Union, rather than fur
(her proricute Ihe war. 01 any tendency ol
tie Northern mind to that conclusion, there are
no ludit'tlious whatever. The indications are
all the titber way, and not the least significant
among then is the fact, that the candidates for
popular sullruge.in opposition to theAdmlnis
trulon ale seen everywhere to regard it as
expedo nt and essential to at ow themselves, not
lor peace but lor a "more vljorouv prosecu
tion ol the war An opposition House of Hep
mentaiiTex, It such shall unfortunately be
rhoi n by the people, would not dare to reluc
sin plies lor cirryinf It on. A lew reckless
ueii witn peculiar constituencies, may be
Itiiiu 1 leuly lo go thcl length, but the over
whelming judgment ot the country will be the
ether way unless events shall piie a wholly
uie vpert il lorn to public affairs
X IIMHC AltOUICAVb i.e.rih.11.
Wc print cm the first page of to-day's pa
per the lettir of (ioiernor Andrew to John
Holies, respecting the proposition of the
hue r, liv order of General Dix, to trailer a
certain number of contrabands from Fortress
Moims In Masaaihu-tts, as that plate is
soon t he captured by the rebels, ai d hu
manity, in the opinion of lien. Div, and Mi.
Uollts n ijuirca thiae people should lie re
uioud to a place of safety. Considerate, ery,
on tl e part of the general and his staff officer.
Uutiiov Andrew don't sec it. He is ol
opinion that llie. fortress will stand awhile
longer, tint in laseofan attack, these men
iniirht be u-sful where they are, and that it
would not be a bad plan to let these people
stril.' ii blow lor their own Ireedoui. The
tiocirnor gies these gentlemen ftome good
udci.e Ul which they will do well to
loll ,v.
'I I i MIT of Holies was doubtless intended
to cm i.m.Audrewa blow just bcloie the
r), C Uuit might prove- injurious to him or
accomplish his defeat, lu this it failed. Piob
nl.lv pnhiniy but this lioston lawyer now
i-eri ii j a- a major on vcn. nix s stan, cnici
taun. any leurs that the fortress will giveway
belorothc formidable rebel armada AI least,
nnbislv bereiliouts lia's that opinion
It i- t-dcnihm how little common tec use
nianv ei'ple manifest ujion tliie question,
Wliil i In be done with the negro" Why,
gentlemen just give the negro his fre-cdoni, tu
whuli he ii entitled by Hie Inns of (iod, nnd
sh'iuM Ik by the laws of man, aud then let
him '. irl. and pay him for his veuk II he
vv n 1 1 1 j to Ce lit, let him fight ; if to dig or plant,
h t him ill!' nnd plant. If lie wants to go to
Miisiiiihu-ett-in to fluyti, or nnwheie else,
It t hun ('o tJur business is to RH' to it that
theneKioha his Ireedom, and beyond that
we nie not responsible II we haxe labor for
him to pi rforni let him do it. The leuvtrn-
iiirnl his enough foi luui to do us a laborer
and a -oldie r, und why not employ luin' This
pompous display of military upstarts In hnd
un iHjIiiin lor the contrabands is anegregious
humbug nii.l e annot deceive an) body much
tinv Andrew is no more called upon, on
utiv ptiiiiiple ill law or humanity, to hud au
asylum in 1m State loi several hundred con
Unbinds Hum he is to find an as)lum for so
many Inslnm n or Jews or any other elnssof
people", e itl.e r lilne I: or white
morning lotcmporary publishes this
lettei iif tun. Andrew, with some sneering
oiiinn tits i hnrai tl ristif of that journal, when-
ever it appro ii lies the nigro question
i.i nil. nu n, one and all, give Hie negro his
fiiediui and lit lulu hn such things to do in
the uriii in d out ol it ns he cau and will do,
and lie will lid i inic ol hiuisell Mark that
IhelSecv lurk hliilliisi,
'Ihe .Si w York 7iie loots up the conn
ties licnnl Iroin us billows
'lotal for Wuilsvvortli, .'U.'JOOl totul lur
Sevinoiir IT..'lliO, .Seymour ahead, 15.4UI)
l.liii oln in Minn e ounties 18C0, lfi.SiS'J ; He
publieaii I.hs thus far, .')0,!is2. 'Ihe e ounlus
to lnur Iroin gave Lincoln Ill'i.'l.
i iim avssMEV LFeTHll.
l"n Jt ililriet, II tl.Htebbins, dem , second,
V I', lllell, elem, third, -M. Kalbfleisch,
dun , leiuilh, lien Wood, dem fifth, I'frnaii'
du Wood, il' in. billi, l.lijah Wind, elem ,
seventb,.' W Chunler, dun , eighth, duuics
llronks, eh in ninth, A Hcrrick.cleiu tenth,
W. Itsdfoid, dun deUHitn, U II Winlield
elem twilflli, II. A. .Selsnii,ilenithirteenth,
I II .Stuli', dem , fourtienth, 1' Corning,
de in , fifteenth, .1. A. (Jriswold, el, m.
'I In liilmiit has fuller rilurns, u part ol
W llie II II 1-itimtltCel :
Uaeleworlh .I'M'Jd; Seymour, S5,jlU.
Thl- would give He) mour a majority of only
The New York World publishes the follow'
Ing extract from a letter recently written by
ex President Fillmore:
"Enough of treasure and blood have already
been spent upon ina negro question, i am
fully persuaded that the unwise and untimely
agitation of this subject gives strength to the
rebellion, and will cost million) of treasure and
thousands of lives; and that thero is no hop
for anything else but to restore the Union as It
was and the Constitution as it Is. That all efforts
for an) thing else must end in abortion, anarchy,
ana aissoiiiunn.
This man once made strong antl slavery
professions, till be happened to become the
accidental Presidentol the UnltedSlates,diirlng
which period he did morn than any other man
In the country lo bring the nation into Its pres.
cat condition, by selling himself, body and soul,
to theSouth.
Had (Jen. Taylor lived, our country, to day,
would be united and happy. It was Millard
Fillmore', and such as he, who, by toadying to
the South, contributed to bring about the state
ol things we now see.
Mr. Fillmore deplores the expenditure of
blood anil treasure upon the negro question ;
and well he may, as he isone of the most guilty
parties In the transaction.
We would like lo ask this same gentleman,
and others who think with him, who keep up
this perpetual trMne about the negro question,
what they propose to do
They would, If we understand them, have no
law of Congress and no proclamations respect
ing this vexed question, believing, as they pro
fess, all such things, acts anil decrees, to
be unconstitutional. If they would prosecute
the war to the complete overthrow of the re
bellion, bow would they do It They find
fault, they grumble ; but how do they propose
to treat this negro question in putting down the
rebellion If lb negroes come within our
lines, how are they to be treated Are they
to be returned to tbelr rebel masters Is this
the way that this Buttalo lawyer pioposes to
put down the rebellion, and thus save the ex
penditure or bluod and treasure upon the ne
gro question Wc would like, very much, to
see their programme, especially as Ur. Sey
mour may now be elected. What Is their modus
optrardl The law of Congress la to be re
pealed, and the proclamation to be withdrawn I
We are curious to see what next. There is Ihe
everlasting negro, Mr. I illmore, and he l, ae
cording lo Southern law- constitutional Isw
if you pleae- a slave ; now what will you do
with him aa the properly ot rebels against Ihe
Government! bend him back
We wish these grumblers agalnBt the prose
cution of the war upon war principles, would
tell us what they would do with the negroes of
rebels that come within our lines Will they
keep them cut, or will they secure them and re
turn them tu their rebel masters
'I lis New 1 urk JCUrtlun
Tho New York election is over aud past,
uid accordiug to the returns now before us at
the present writing, this great Ktate has
wheeled round square into the Democratic
I'oi good or evil, Horatio Heymour is the
(Jiiverunr elect of the Kmpirc State.
Our reeih rs will recollect, that we some
time fciucc, gave our v lews of the impolicy of
making issues with a party, which that party
did not make lor it'clf, of charging that Mr.
Seymour was a traitor, and in sympathy with
the rebellion, as some Xew York politicians
und newspapers weie ehsposed to do. We
were severely cntici-ed by many Republicans
unel ome Xcvv York journals had the kind-
ne-ss to icciuest us to mind our own business,
und not to meeldle with Xew York politics, a
nbect p ltnnv nothing about, and a matter
that was no concern of ours. The wisdom of
the views then i xprcs-ed by us, must now be
patent In till.
Those politicians and papcra which at
tempted to make issues with Mr. Seymour,
winch neither his plutloim nor Ins speeches
inelicuted, may now find it difficult to undo,
t-speci dly abroad and in rebeldoui, the mis-
ehiel which their high-wrought statements'
ripeeling Governor Seymour's
.-h idoweel forth.
Mr. Seymour has said ina speech, lecently
made by him, that he is in favor of a vigorous
prosei ution of the war. We trnt it will
prove true
GovhRson Moarov This gentleman, with a
tew of his friends, let! this city last evening, at
10 o'clock, inau extra triia of cats Ireely ten
dered to him by Hi" President of the Baltimore
and Ohiotallroad.on a visit to Harper's Fer
ry, (or the piupeise ol looklner alter some In.
eliana regiments We believe that Slate has
lour regiments in the Army of the Potomac.
Gov Morton le inelefatigable In looking alter
the wants ami Intereits ol the hoops limn bis
lu will return to this cltv this evening in an
extra train
Tnl (.'osTniiuNU Cjm.URF'' By order
of the Military Governor of this District, we
understand Mr. .Nichols, the superintendent of i
contrabands, is authorized aud empowered to
appicnticc thcthildnn now at the contraband
cam), in good homes, where they will be well
cures! for anil instructed ill useful cmploy-
The IVsi lii 'Asunesicr asiiI Kentucky
LonsMLLb, November . It Is reported that
Bragg 's rebel army is at Murfreesboro', Tenn ,
and that filteeu hundred ifbel cavalry are at
Somerset, Ky.
Four hundred rick and wounded Federal sot
dlers, from the Interior ol the State arrived this
evening; also, some forty rebel prisoners.
Gen. Boyle has ordered all tbe rebel prison
ers at llarrodsburg and other hosultals. sutfl
cieutly well to be removed, to be sent hither
lor shipment to leksburg.
Deaths of Nalellrrs.
Tl olslluw Ing eteaths have occurred since our
last Issue.
Chas. H. 1'ilue) , cenipany K,t)id Pennsylva
nia, at sit Pleasant hosplt it.
John Wildes, e i mpaiiy 0, l'Jtb Massachusetts'
at same busliltnl.
Ale i za Johnson, cempau) I, sth Ohio, at same
I.lvin Unite, lumiiany A, JM New York, at
Harouood husoltal.
J. H. Ilowiitli, ceimpauy D, listli Michigan, al
Ilarowooel hospital
Daniel moiso, company it, i-tuin renusjiva
ma, at Carvel hospital.
l.eee. W. Pultz, company A , Cist Ohio, Armury
S piaro hospital.
heirg H J. Scott, nompany A, 1-t Maine Cav
alry, at liarewood hospital.
James Williams, toamster, Quartermaster's
wm. .lellisein, Lompauy 11, '.'d Massachusetts.
John D. Willey, company I), 'Jtb New Hamp
shire, at Judiciary Square hospital.
Rudolf Welter, company 11,611b New York,
at Trinity Church hospital.
The Forty-first Massachusetts regiment leaves
Boston to morrow. It is a part of Gen. Banks's
force, and he accompanies them to New York.
George II. Yeatman has been elected to
Congress, In Kentucky, to fill tho vacancy
caused by the resignation ol Jas. S. Jaekson.
The Philadelphia 7neuirer thinks thai the
course of tlio ffalional Inltl!ijencer Mr. Sew
trd'aprgnn 1 paving lhwy for awlthdrawal
of the President's emancipation proclamation,
on Ihe ground that il Is impracticable. We
doubt Us withdrawal.
The Monitor Is (o sail on Saturday sure, pos
sibly before.
A detective by Ihe name of Chapman, con
nected with Marshal Dodge's department, Bal
timore, was convicted In the criminal court ol
that city, on Tuesday last, for compounding
with felony.
There was Intense excitement In this city last
evening on account of the New York election.
Many persons thronged our office at an early
hour or Ihe evening, lo learn, If possible, how
the State had gone. It Is no time to speculate
upon that result, and we forbear all comment
till the smoke of the battle has cleared away.
Wilmington, Del., gives CSO majority for the
Union UckeLjUms we see that the principal
city of the slave State Delaware is better Union
than the principal city ol the free State of New
The Vanderbllt, Dacolab, nnd Ino, were or
dered to sea yesterday.
The Secretary ol War has ordered a military
commission to be organized, lo inquire into Ihe
conduct of Major General Buell, lu reference lo
his permitting the invasion of Kentucky by
Gen. Bragg; his failure to relieve Mumfords
vllle, and allowing Its capture by the enemy;
his conduct during the battle of Perry vllle; bis
suffering the forces of Gen. Bragg to escape
from Kentucky without capture or lose, or at
tacking them; and his operations In the Stales
of Kentucky and Tennessee. 1 he court Is lo be
held at Cincinnati.
We regret to be obliged to record the ilelent
of Hon. A. U. Rice, as a candidate lor Con
gress iu Ihe Third Massachusetts district. A
little more effort on the part of his friends,
would, it seems to us, have secured his election.
Capt. John S. Steeper, Ibe successful candi
date, Is the Hawser Martingale of Ibe Boston
Journal, the author of Saltwater Bubbles He
Is a fine man, able, and we doubt not, will
make a good representative; and will be ns
far from any sympathy with Ihn Woods and
Jim Brooks, and all men of that Ilk, ns Mr
Klce himself.
Mauachuseltt is an right, God bless hei; the
beacon s still there.
The tiler, of last evening, thinks that Ihe re
cent Democratic victories mean a more vigor
ous prosecution or the w vr. In heaveu's name,
let ns hope It Is so If this be II, every patriot
will hive reason to rejoice.
Oar forces in Virginia are moving forward,
with precisely what results la detail does not
appear, exeept the army la in capital spirits and
hopeful of siicoesa. We can think of nothing
that will do su much good aa a splendid victory
achieved by Ins Army of the Potomac.
The election of Governor Andrew, aud the
certainty that Hon. I barles Sumner will be
returned to the United States Senate, are cheer
Ing our spirits just now, when nil looks so du
blons In New York and New Jersey. We will
still hope for the Republic.
Owen Lovejoy Is re elected to Congreji.
Governor Andrew's maiorlty In Massachu
setts will be over 20,000.
Gottsi uiu An I'ATri. -The first or the two
grand concerts or these celebrated artistes was
given at Wlllards' Hall, last evening. Among
the gems or the performance were the " Carol
val of Venice," by Goltscbalk, and tbe " French
Laughlug Song, ' a beautiful solo, by Patll,
Several ol the pieces were the latest corapoel
Uons of Gottsehalk. Tbe llaale ol " l.a Som
nambula" was received with great favor, and
positiontbe"OjasCriallos" produced Immense enthel-
siam. Pattl, the beaulllill woman and charm
ing singer, threw all the firo and vivacity of
her style into her music In " .Sweet Home,'
aa always lo this piece, Gottsehalk was Iniinlla
ble. This artiste, in rapidity of touch, thor
oughness of execution, and brilliancy of style,
is unapproachable. In our opinion, he stands
unrivaled lor a combination of excellencies
In his profession. As tor Pattl, she was charm
ing, radiant, glowing 1 Her perfect abandon'
ment to the spirit ol song, her youthful appear
ance, and sympathy with her audience, make
her quite Irresistible. On Ibe whole, the con
cert was a decided success, and the entertain'
ment for this evening will doubtless call out a
similar brilliant audience. We noticed that
several of tbe loreign ministers and attache
were present.
Nixon's InciTai:. This new place of amuse
jnenl opened la.it tvenlnguuder very favorable
auspices. Thero was a full bouse. We were
not able to be present durlug the entlro even
ing, and cau only speak of what we saw fur the
short time we were there. Mr. Chaufrau's
Paddy Miles's lioy was capitally done. The
ballet troupe made a fino appearance; but
Cubas danced dlviuely. Her movements are
the very acme of grace, and she Is really one
of tbe most charming of persons. All things
considered, she evidently may be set down as
the most accomplished danseuse now In Ame
rica. We predict tor tier in Washington crowd
ed bouses and complete suce ess.
Ilaov la's Tiihtbs. This house was crowded
last ovenlng, to witness the performance of
" Eist I.yimo." Miss Lucille, as In everything
she undsrlakes, was fully up to Hie true ap
preciation of her part.
Capt. 1.. P. Barrett, who comes here from
Philadelphia, where be has been playing to
crowded houses and lo most entbuslastlo au
dlences, to fill a short engagement for two
weeks, made his first appearance last evening.
lie Is ono ot the most sterling actors ot the
times, has few equals, and no superiors.
" Kasl I.ynno" will be put upon the stage again
to night.
Navai AiPiias --Commndeire 'Iheeedore llsl
ley has been detacbod trnui the command of
Haclett's Harbor, and appointed to command
the Castcrn (lull Blockading hiiiailron, In place
ol Acting Hear Admiral I.ardner, detached on
account ol 111 health.
('has. H. Porley has been commissioned an
assistant paymaster In the n ivy.
Dr. i:. A. Arnold has been appointed acting
assistant surgeon and ordered to proceed to
Hampton Hoads for duty on board the steamer
Misissis Jt-Ncmov. Nov. 58 a. m. The
portion of Gen. Sickles' command sent forward
to look after the Orange, and Alexandria rail
road lonod It In much better condition than was
anticipated, lo a point nearly up to Catlett's
Station. They nro now temporarily at Broad
Rnn, where, tho railroad bridge was found par
tially burned by the rebels, and Ihe supports
fiarlly uawed through. It can, however, be eas
Iv nnd eiulcklv repaired. Kettle Run bridge
was found uninjured.
Uur iroons bom Ibe country in the vicinity of
BrenLsville. and have driven in the patrollng
rtbel parties upon Warrcnton Junction. They,
however, continue, to scout clown as tow as
Catlett's Station, and will doubtless destroy
Cedar Run bridge. If Ihey have not already
done so.
The Manassas (San railroad la In pretty good
workiog order, e'ear up lo Thoroughfare Gap,
and will doubtless be very soon used lor me
supply of our forces In the advance In that di
rection. Information received last night Indicates that
the total rebel foice at Warrenton and War
renton Junction Is not more than 3.000 Infan
try, with corresponding nsmibers of cavalry
and artillery, Instead ol being from seven to
ten thousand strong, ns yesterday reported by
professed Union men from Warrcnton.
Nov. 4 10 p.m.
1.11 night it was uncertain whether Ihe nos-
lestiossof Ashby's Gap would bo contested or
I vervnrenarallon was made lo fight, if cir
cumslances, made ll necessary, but the rebels
retreated this morning leavicg our troops In
undisputed possession of the mountain. From
me neignta ntavoraoieviewoimesnenanuoan
Valley was had, but no largo body of tbe ene
my was to be pe'en Winchester was plainly
visible, anil inn intervening portion oi inn
The commands of cavalry and artillery un
der Generals Pleasantou and Averill, occupied
Piedmont last night and I tils morning. They
pushed on, and alter a spirited skirmish occu
pied Marnuette. Tbey now hold Ibe approach
es to Manaeas and Chester Gap, on Ihe left of
tne nine itiuge mountain, ine renei cavalry
showed themselves lo dav onuoslle Snicker's
Gap, and were visible from Maryland Heights.
General McClellan spent most ol this afternoon
on Ihe top of the mountain at Ashby'a Gap,
taking nnervauonB in bnenanuoan vaney.
Till: Ml IN AllrJSOURI.
ftleiie Hiiccessrs In the Hontheasl.
-r l.oi is, Nov. 4 - Wo have additional de
tails el the lecentroutofBiirbrldge'sguerillas,
at Ballinger's Mills, Southeast Missouri. The
forces of jlewey nnd Lazear lormed a junction
lieyond Pittman's Ferry. Dewey haJ a running
ngnt, lor uiiecn inues, wim me guerillas ot
Burbridge and Col. Green. Our loss was triv
ial. Several rebel clllcera were taken prisoners.
Lazear chased a detachment of Boon's men
from Bnrn to Ballinger's Mills, five miles this
side of Pocahontas. The killed, wouoded and
captured of the enemy amounted to two hun
dred and thirty six. Our loss was one killed
and four wounded.
Rebel prisoners say they bad orders from
General Hlndman lo make a forced march lo
Springfield, fall on tho rear of our army under
General Scbofield, tske Springfield and cut off
onr supplies
A dispatch from Col. Bred baa been received
by General Davidson, stating that Lascar had
returned lo Patterson. He went lo Pocahon
tas, drove the enemy across the river and fol
lowed him several miles. He made many Im
portant captures, und had only Ihree men
wounded nnd one taken prisoner. Tbe enemy
lost some 20 killed; 40 horses were captured
and M) stnnd or arms. Dewey bail also arrived
w lib a number of prisoners, having lost but two
woundeei, and inuicteii n neavy toss on mo
n liels. Important letters have been captured.
General Jackson Is at Little Rock, Ark.
l-'rnm Fortress Monro.
1'oRTiet.s.s Momiok, Nov. 3 The gunboat
Miami was reporieii lo nave sal lea last evening
for the blockading squadron ofl Wilmington,
N. C. The report was Incorrect, the gunboat
having only moved to another dock.
1 lie' I bird New York regiment Is now doing
garrieon eluty at fortress Monroe. A few days
ago, piivalo Gill, ol Ihu said regiment, Inad
vertently discharged Ida gun al some ducks
Irom the point back of the fort, and the ball
pacing near the United States gunboat Wyan
dotte, Capt. Wright, the commander ol Ihe Wy
andotte elite led aeomplaintto tbe commander
ol Ihe fort. The) very efficient commandant.
Col. Alford, expressed bis regret, and assured
Cipt. W light that it should not occur again.
This apology was supposed to be sufficient, but
Capt. Wright did not deem U so, and made a
complaint to Admiral Lee, who complimented
him for his forbearaneo In not opening fire
fiom the Wjmndolt'i. Private GUI la In the
guard house
Foktofss Momioe, Nov. 4. The Hag of truce
boat l'.xnress arrived Irom Aiken's Landing
Last evening just ns the Baltimore) boat was
leaving, bhej brought uo passengers or re.
turned prisoners. Oui officers and guard,
while at tho Landing, were treated rather
abruptly by the rebel general, no one being
alloweel to step on shore, and Col. Aiken, (one
ol the rebel commissioners,) was not allowed
to come on the wharf while the Express lay
there. The Colonel's commission has been
take n from blm, and ho is denied all communh
cation whatever with the Federals,
Kiom Clro.
('uuo, Nov. 4 Noticu lu Lfeu Ispuei1 by
Admirsl I'm In, tint guubuuis will leave
C.ilio llireo titniM a wusk. una Ifiivo Memphis
in inn s ime way, so mat uu siramuoais can
tar protection up and down, by applying to
tlm commiinuinir onrcers ai idosh places, meani'
rrs ran also load with cotton on tbe way tip,
liv clrlnL' notlco before sslllnar.
The bridscs between liolivar and tirand
Junction wir complftsd toay, and It ls'be-
lliwil Inal twins will rommencn rnoning to
I'rlsnncrs just lolurned lu Meinplils, Irom
I. kilo Hock, report only 500 rebels there, the
main body having gone to relntorce General
Tho robbirs on the State lino southeast ol
Memnhls are becoming very troublesome. Thoy
stop I rimrlers, demand their money, and, If any
resistance is mane, moy are snot, inree citi
zens ol Point Pleasant were thus murdered a
few diys slnci1.
'I li l.rnl Hlurm ait III. I.skts.
lliilil.o. Not. -I. Among tbn disasters
earned by the lerent storm, the lollowing are
reported :
Tho schooner (llilil Justice Marshall Is
ashore betwun Ilarcelona and Dunkirk. The
crew were all loi-t
The schooner I'iso Hay went uehoie above
Dunkirk, but the crew wtie saved.
A dispatch from hutallne says the sUiuoner
Rugby, ol IlulUlo, Is uihore there, and is n
total wreck. The crew were all lost Tliieu
ol Ibe biidles hive lioen washed ashoie.
The schoonei i:. (J Williams wis also
wrecked. A part ul the crew neie saved.
The captain ol the propeller Water TVltcb re
ports seilng the upper works ol u propeller olf
uravtiyimy. uomougiu u oeiougeu to tne
propt Her (1 illforula, but Is uncei lain
Si . a woman in nuotlior column picking
Suiubiici drapes, lur hpier's Winn. Ii Is an
admirable article, useil In hospiluld, and by tbe
first lamllirs In l'aris, London aud New Vork,
In prelerenre to old l'ort Wine. It Is worth a
trial, as It gives great satisfaction. tf
Niw York, Nat 5. Further roturnn show
tho election of Keroan, Dem., in the Twenty
first district, and Hubbard, Itep.. In the Bevon
St. J-awrence county Riven fi.000 majority for
Wadsworth; Oneida county, BOO majority; ftnd
Madison county, 1,300 majority.
Probably ly Democrat and 13 Republicans
are elocted from the Htato.
Niw Yorc. Nov. 6. The actual returns from
25 counties and the olty or New Yorlc give Sey
mour a majority of 30.618. Twenty-nine coun.
ties to hear from will reduce tho nhnv tn
9,600. H la an estimated by the Albany Argus.
The Albany Journal concedes Ihe election of
Cnicioo. Nov. fi. Tho returns Ihua fur ra
celved Indicate tbe following Congreaamen
elected from this State:
First district, Arnold; second, rarnsworth;
third, Washburn; fifth, liovejoy. and sixth,
Norton lien.
The fourth and seventh districts are still In
In the eighth, Stuart; ninth. Ross; tenth,
Knapp; eleventh. Robinson; twelfth, Morrison,
and thirteenth. Wm. J. Allen, are elected.
The Democratic vole on the candidate at
large, Is close.
ingortmu, waruemocrat, pronamy elected.
WlLlllKUTON. Nov. 5 At the nlecllnn for
Congressman, New Castle county gives Tiaher
lunionjiirMv; Temple, uemocratjz.'JOS. Kent
county fcttes Teini.Ia 443 mxlnritv. Rui-rut
Temple, 83 majority.
Miners majority in mo male is v votes.
Cannon, (Union,) for (lovernor, runs ahead
of the Congressional ticket, and will have
nearly 100 majority.
Truops Movlngi
Bostoh, Nov. 5. The Forty-third, Forty
fifth, und Forty sixth regiments, of this State,
left for Newborn In the steamers Merrimao
and Mississippi. Tbe Forty first, accompanied
Dy uajor uenerai ti&nks, nas leu mr new l one.
lioston Uaota jVlltet.
Boston, Nor, fl, The quota for Boston Is filled
by volunteers. The council bas appropriated
iju.vuu 10 am in raising luree raairy compa
nies for Cen. Hanks' Texas expedition.
Nkw York, Nov. 6. The sloop of war Ino
uas sullen ior ine ttouui.
BY UUKKff A WIiLMAMH. Auctioneers.
1 UUN1TUUE, Ko, K4t at auction On e ATUK
DA),lt.eSihlniUnt,at 10 o'clock, a iu,ehU
ecu, ai uur auuiiuu nuunu. uu ocvrmu mua n ui
a Urge assortment of Fnrtuture, sold on account of
nuun it iniy cuavcru, viz
Walnut hofes. Chain, and 1 ibli
Four Mahogsny sod Walnut Marble top Drwiug
Six Mahogany and stunt Dressing Huietui
ten Cottage lledsieadi ant Wsihstandi
1 wemy UanLtter back do
I cd Hull board Head and 1 adder do
Twenty four TniDOfl do
I- Ittetn dozen Wood scat Chair
ire d assorted Cane seat do
Two du Aim and None Uotkers
Four Oak and Walnut Sideboards
Mix Oak ana Walnut lo feet kxtentlon Tablet
Three dozen Assorted Door Mats
Thirty six Nests ot Uexc4
Wanli tubs, UuQkets. &c , A.C
Cook, Air tight, aad other B tores
Window Shades Carpeu,&c . Ac ,
Acd many otlirr articles tco numerous to fn timer
let ins Cash
novt.-d istar 1 Auctloneeis,
1'oiT Office Dinar men?,
81 November, IBafl
Sialkd PaOfoiALS will be retttlved at this Do-
Krtmant uatil the 13th day of November. 1803, for
rnlahtBK one year's supply of Twiae, eadmaud at
tijooo poinds, to be delivered at lha Blank A renclea
at Waehiiurton, l o., New York city ad Buffalo,
New York, free from all cost ol transportation, In
suoa quantities aa each Aejeney may, from time to
ume, n oraerca ny ine isrpaxuneni
The Twine mast be of three strands, well twisted,
aod capable of sustaining the weight ot 25 ponds
on a string six feet In length; It most be put up In
balls ol one pound weight each and packed suitably
for transportation In packages of 100 poands weight
each, l he Twine must be imoolh and flexible, and
measure about KJO yards to the pound. Aanospe
clUa material has been deteimined unon. bidders
will snd samples of such twine as they propose to
furnish with their bids
The contract will b awarded to the lowent and
beat bidder, the best bid to be dttcrmlned, alter a
careful examination, for the purpoie of aicertaln
log wblah bid will, In its practical resulta.be most
aavaniageons io ue juepanmem. i uu ine jroeimu
ter Uenerai reserves to himself therlzhtol deeidlnir
No Drocoeals will be considered which mav be
made by persans not engaged In the manufacture of
i wine.
Kacb bidder must Tarnish UU bis proposals cvl
dence of his ability to comply with hla bid
Two sutuotent securities will be required to a con
irct ai lure to furnUh the article contracted for
promptly, or furnishing an article luferior to that
contracted lor, will be considered a sufficient cause
tor the forfeiture of the contract
ltlds not made In accordance with thete proposals
will not be considered,
Proposals must te marked on the outttde of the
envelope with the name of the article proposed for,
ana lite itiicr coauuninx lucm auarraea io me
First AisUtant Postmaster Oearral, Washington,
V. O. M. MjAIK,
aov c o2w Postmaster Uenerai
bo sold at Public Auctlou.on TIIUUBUAV,
Nov 13, isaa, commencing at io o'clock a m , at
store house between K ana F streets near 22d, a lot
01 11 OU8 K AND MULK IIAKNFSS an I other
(juartennaaier stores, oonaemaea as unnt tor poo
lie me.
Terms Cash, In Government funds
By order of J.J.DANA.
Csptalu&A. o, M.
no 6 dts Auctioneers
FUIt ttKMT riiUKK ItOOMS-A private
family, occupying a New House, with Oas and
Water, and beautifully situated, will rent three
rooms to a gentleman and wife. Ibe rooms are
large, and suitable to keep boaee, A note addressed
to " C, M.," through the Post OOloe, with real
name, will meet Immediate atteutlon and the rooms
shown. The most resptctable references given and
rcquireu nov r. -i
L.L.AHUH'IIOTk.1.. Assembly Ituomi
(Kntrsnc. oo F street ) .SKI.KCT UANU-
inu auaucui. mil iinu iv. uuuuAbi.!
Professor and Tcsclicr In compliance wltn numer.
ousrequesu.jur. uooasii .DnouuceH a itE.nii,r.
UAD'tl CLAason UliUAl KVKN1NU, Novem
ber 7th, at s o'clock, to continae every fcrid.y
Evenlaf lor a term of TWJ.I.V1'. WKKKS (Jen
tlemsn wilt jilesaa oommence at oooe, as after (tie
nrsc mooui, t.aaies win oe aumiueu grsiuuouaiy
1 eras t 110 lo advance nov o
TlSTIIASCimi lo the iiremhei of the sub
ill scrloer, half a mile northwest of Uolunrblin
.UllCKV, UU U,VIUII,I u, nv U(, IIK'lk ITU,
horned CUWb),one with Uoe back and crumpled
horns Also, on the 3d of November, one lied
Bnualo COW; star la forehead, belly and hind leel
w ml.. ID. owners .re requeued io come lorwsra
prove property, pay charges, and take them away,
AHIM.IOA'I'IONH fur Duplicate band
Aiqucatlou Uaviox been lasilenLilirtiw set ut i.s
Joxe, 1SCS, for the iumui! ol tlu luui Vsrr.uU ilc
sorlbed htrelu, wlilou are alleged to have brei lonl
or aeeiroyeu, duuuu i uercDT kivcii inai, si ibe ua.u
fotlowinic the desorlptlcn of each warrant, nem
oerufloale of like tenor will be limaed, if nuvsUd ul
lection should then appear.
No 60,103, lor ISO .ores, litsued uuder the act of
Maroh, 1S36, in the name ol Itsohel, widow ot
I nomas Meredith, acd was granted March 2, I860
December 6. 1SB9.
No KUDU, for 120 acres, liiacd under the act of
March, 1851, in Ihe name of Arnold Harrington,
ana was gramea aepiemcer 17, 1007 uanuary
Nn S3 lill. fnr lAn errii. InAued nudr the eel 0
March, loX5, in th. names of the minor children of
Daniel r. uouuneeoeueana v,u grsnieu uoi.
H. IDIO-UHlllM, J,,.uvu.
No 100,817, lor ion aores,uiKued under the act 01
March, lbDo, in the name of Ansel Al ea und
was Kranicu nsrvu 1, wuhimn, ,9, ,...
uoan'ii 11 bAKur.i 1
J KA1.I, and WINTKU Clollilng, which we urr
selling at very .ow price., 11UALlj co
No BSlbeventhntreet,
e vs 8in bttweeu I and li
JU.T UkCaClvacil A large stock of llermetl
cslly Healed (loods, conuMIng cf UlUITH,
JfcLUfcSrMKATIi, VfcOfcfABLKB, Sc.whlcU
we offer lor sale at New ork market prices
we oner m ' OS1 UKIM UltOl I1BHS,
oo h UU3 I'euniylvanla avenue.
Tf O tl A I. K .
A Seoonll hand I10IL.KU and OHCILLATINU
ENUJNK, of three bone power.
Apjly ai Ibis offlce. ana so
lo all whom t may Concern :
Satisfactory Evidence bavin been exhibited
to ino that Jca Tropon SciiKPKLrn has been
appointed Consul General of the Republic of
Salvador, for the United Stairs, I do hereby
recoenba him aa such, and declare him fre to
exercise and enjoy such functions, powers, and
privileges, ns are allowed to im uonsiiifl uen
eral or the meat favored nations In the United
In teatlmonv whereof. I have canned theee
letters to be made patent, nnd tho eeal of the
United Stales to1 hereunto affixed.
Given under my band at the City of Wash
Intrton.the foutthav of November. A.
L. s.l D, onn thousand olfibl hundred and sixty-
two, and ol tho independence ot me
United Slates of America, the eighty
Uy tht President:
Wif mau II. Seward,
Secretary of State.
Ulpa.thiht or Stats,
Washington, Nov. S 1SC2
Iteteaie Irom the draft on the .ronod ol aMenire
ha) e been allowed In the following oases
Nam Whrrt Drafted
Chrbllan Moires Montgomery, 1'enna
ionn jinoos,, ui
lie.ry liocnner uo
John Oerthor do
William Stnarl Dauphin,
Adolph anvatsoli Northampton
John Beck Berks,
JohnVecker do
John Herman Laaoaiter,
Jacob kfatzenbooker Trawford,
George Colcbaugh do
J.seph Desancor Mead. M
Frederick Stolli do
Krans Kulbaufih do
Frederick Kamor York,
Edward Qulnn... .
Wenzerbam llomle
.. do
rtter Kaeterly
Ihomis Pfsgman ....
Battler Bark
Win Kowbathani.. . ,
Klchard Kvand
rhillp J. U art man.
Michael Halt
Conrad Dock
Patrick Houatt
Charles bmlth
John Hoffman
Ibomas llsrre't .
reward Tanberger ....
William 1' Jones
Frank Jackley
John Outlook
David K l'owell
Klchard Lahey
Michael Watirr
Michael Hopklni
Jchn W. Wllheiner.
Daniel Kallman
Jacob tfchlentz
Martfn MoDonough ...
John Jacob llartmsn .
Charles Connor
August Brown
Dennia Crtdin
Kobert Qrbnes
llenrlck Anohtennann .
Deitrlok Knopple
Hlmoa Utranb
(teorg.botb v...
.Baltimore, Bid
ueurxe i.iss
(.harfes Uoedeke, .
S.-T.-1 8 6 0-X.
Tbey psrlry, strength.., and Invigorate,
They create a nMlthy appellu
They at. an antidote to chang. or water ana die l
T hey overcome effects of dissipation and late huurt
1 bry strengthen the system and enliven the nilnd
1 hey prevent miaamatlo and Intermittent levers
I hey purify the breath and acidity ol the stomach
They cute Dyspepsia and Conatlrpation
lhey our. Diarrhaa, Cbolara, and Cholera Mur
They cure I.lver Complaint and Nervous Hesi
They are the beat Bitters In the world 1 hey uiak j
the weak man strong, and ar. exhausted nature's
great restorer. They are made ot pure St Crola
Bom, Ibe celebrated Calisaya Bark, roots and betbi
and are taken with the pleasure of a beverage, with
out regard to age or time 01 day. fartlcuiarly re
oommeuded to dellcale perilous requiring a gt-oile
ettmulant. Bold by alt Grocers. Druggbts, Hotel
and Batoons 1. U . DBAKB A CO ,'.i Broadway
New Vork 1 ss cu,
aarOrliliana' Kalrat UildF.llona' Hall.
The Fancy Bale wUl rorfrtiWy b. closed on Baturday
night, the 8lh Inat. The Ladles conducting it ask
lor a continuation ol Ihe patronage eo libeially be
towed upon It, by persons of all religious denomi
nation They oner a great variety of usel.l and
fancy artlolea at lair prion Substantial meals at
all hours, and the patrons have a rare opportunity
ol spending an agreeable evening
uouil uiubiu al
ways in auenaanoe
tr The night School for llays. In the Sec
ond District, commenced I. AS I NlUHT, Novem
ber stb, at tbe bchool Boom at the corner of New
lcrk aveaue and blatb afreet weit, T. M.Wuws
teaoher, at 7), o clock. One or more of Ihe Trmlres
will be present each evening this week, tor the pur
pose ofluruiehlog tickets 01 admbaion to applicants
' M 11 MILLblt,
C. II. UrEBMKllLli,
W. J. HUhta,
no 6 31 Trurleea
a- Datrli.lor'. Hair Uy. 1 Beat In
til World William A. Balcbelor'a celebrated
Ualr Dy. produces a oolor not to be distinguished
from nature 1 warranted not to injure the Ualr in the
leail: remedies the 111 effects of bad dyes, and inv ig
orates the Hair lor life UBhY, KKD, or BUS f I
UAIB. Inatantly turns a splendid Black or Brown
leaving the hair toll and besutllul Sold Lyall
T-Tbe Uenulne Is signed WILLIAM A
B A 1 CUF.LOU, i a H'nur nJi ofric Ui
Factory. No HI Barclay itreei, (Late 3 Bn.ad
way and 10 Bond,) New York my'.'ily
aVHu.elal Kotlo Or n( titer lnJil
April l.lSdi. the trains on tho ballunore and Ohlu
Uarlroad wtll commenoe ruurbf dally, (bunasyf
excepted,) teaving till. Statical at 7 a in , auu
connecting at Washington Junction with Mali
Praia lur all parts ot the West tw Wlwcllii' ui
Parkeretmrrf IbmoKh tickets sold and taiir1
thecked W. P aUITlf
M ur iTautuortatioii It v o H r
apl dlt iStaraUlotrl
Alrw.ttun'. troKr.s.or Hlav.ry Cviu.
of this uerk are ror sale at the office ut the AoJioiui
fepuUtain lamplilet edition, 'ih it-uts .tuuod
edition, 76 oent.
.EkrAtt.ntlont Attention I Attentlun 111
Wanted a lew MKN to complete a company ol Ibe
Alvteent), replment VlrirlnlA f Vint r astern Va 1
...-... "v .- --.- - , --. - , .-
uiy re.iment now hmm dohtvv, anu ur
tailed for " BVhCIAI. BKUVlCt" by lb. Hecre
tArv ol War. lor duty In tu. vldnilv 01 Alexandria
and the Ions scouts waahfngton, D O.
Beorultlog ulUce,1 bird street IM door below fa
avenue A. C. WIDDICOMBE,
UKO A. AKMt.li.
seS idLienl.
tr Ureal
aaaatevlTanta UoetU-llM
aulckett and safest route to tk. NorUtwwl aad
ouinwesi two tnrongn train. uauy,ewa uueui
Bunday. Soldiers' tlokeu at Uovernue.t lalvs lu
all the principal points In th. North and Warn Fur
tickets and further tnforaoatlon apply at ta. tiace 01
th. "Ureat Fcnnaylvanla Kont.' norUMaat corner
Pennsylvania avenue and Sixth street, aa4er aia
tional Hotel Office open Iron UnllOpiu
on Sundays t to 4 p m
sug s-ly Agent .
O0M3 TO LET Four uroUhed Booms, with
or without board, within hvo minutea' walk
of Pennsylvania avenue Uquiie at No 407 Mary
ll.nd avenue oot30 tt
A CO , to get your Clothing, r nrnlahlng UoodM,
1 runki, Hals, aud Cape,
No 3C1 Beventh street
selio 1m betweeu 1 and K.
Ing of
No JC1 Heveutli atrrtt,
ht '.5 Jm between I & li
our new stock ol Fall and Winter Clothing,
Uents Furulihlng Uoodj, Hats, and Caps
lie A lltsAI.l. Al CO 1
d S5 8b) Clottaleri, No Ml aeeutU ntrret
No 861 Seventh street
so ss 8111 between 1 and K.
' in

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