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NO. 296
295 Pennsylvania Avenue,
295 Pennsylvania Avenue,
295 Pennsylvania Avenue,
39 South William Street, N. Y.,
39 South William Street, N. Y.,
Choice Brandies & Wines,
Choice Brandies & Wines,
Choice Brandies & Wines,
Choice Brandies & Wines,
Xjlquorai OordliOai ctJcw
Xilquora. Oordlaln cm
Xilquorai Oordlaln c..
We alia offer lor Mle 40mpi,t muortme nt of
Heriuet ically Sealed
Fruits, Meats, &c,
Hermetically Sealed
Fruits, Meats, &c,
Hermetically Sealed
Fruits, Meats, &c,
305 Pennsylvania Avenue.
BOS Pennsylvania Avenue.
Uilwnn If lath and Tamil St.
IB 47 and 19110 t.prc f.trat,
His rvgolivr ooorta of instruottoo embro tue
fc.ag.iiti and Freooh LaagotM tnd Llterttort
Lttin, if requiredand all tluDr&souci whlot. oon
utitmU a tborouh Enf liah and French ednoatlos.
Frenoh U tht lanfntxe or the family, and li oon
Htantly ipoken In the Inatitatlon. It U the object ot
partlcolar attention, and li taught from the rndl
menu to tne falghMt oourw of Literature and Con
Ibe Mholutlo year conunooon B number lftUi
andolowi July 1st
Clroolarti.dto , on be obtained trow
my 10-m frlnolpal of Chef try Institute
m uu Aaaovam'
151 WutStred
lh dntiet of thlt Inititntlon will be r turned on
the 8th of September. Clronlan may be obtained
at the principal bcok tores in Washington, or by
viaitmng the principal.
aug d 1 1 Botm
Olx-olo Inatittitot
Ni 61 K Siurkt.MbaitbrCirclr
TKKMS,per Quarter of ten weeks: Quarter com
meneng at the date of admWlon
Element rr CI&mm In KokIwIi $d 00
AdTanoed Claaaei in k-cglhh Literature aod
Solenoe Inoloded 9 00
Klenu&tary Claitfi In l.ngliili. Frenoh. and
Mulo . WOO
Advanced Ctauca In KogiUI.. trenoh, and
Mtulo 10 00
Extra charge for Bpinlih, German, Italian, Latin.
and other Language
Dr. ZAPFONK wilt tire Leoturei, and otherwlae
atUt, whenever lie can epare time Irom his medical
oct s lllia A. ZA1TONK, frlnclpal.
Hoard and Tuition, SMO ptr term, ol ten luonttn
fopiii admltled at any tune
Henry Jantey, Zii 1'enniylvanla avenue
l)r Tyson, Drugg.t,N lath and Litreeta
John llaaxhnrat, Four and a half atieet, near 1
street south
Jouua Newbold, (toartermaiter, iVparlment,
Aiexanaria, a ubimiji- a. nnwiiujuL,
nor 4 lm Principal-
305 I street, betweeu lltli and lfttta
One of tha oldest, moat thorough, anil mont desirable
ttohoou lor Young Ladle and JILuea In the city,
Seneion eommenoet Beptember 8th Tuitlou ao
ooraina; to age ana advancement
au -i3 an
HXB Xl.A.IJLa'VCr.A.-ir. .
jfasMnfftr Tt&Isj leave ti Niveau Krrrv ir-ani
toot of Chamber etrtvit, t tollovm, vis
t)0Qa.m Mail for Dunkirk auJ latenudlale.ta
IhU train reflBni ovr night at Klmlra and pro
oeeda the next morning
TOO a. m, xpreei,ior Buffalo and (rlnUpal lu
termedlate autiona
0 00 a m. Milk, dally, for OtWville and lulerme
dlate itatiou
13 16 p. m. Aooommoilatloa, dally, tor Fort JorU
and principal atatloai
toopn Way, for Mlddletown, Kewburgh, aod
In'ermedlate rtaiiont.
6 00 p. m Mgbt hxprette, dally, for Dunkirk, llul
falo, Canadalgua, and principal h atlons The train
of Saturday runs through to Buffalo, but doei not
run hi uunaint.
7 00 p. m Emigrant, lor Dunkirk and principal
The Kxpresa Traina eoaneot at IlornullsvUle with
railroad for Buffalo, at klmlra with the Canaudalgua
and Niagara Falla Itulroad; at Blnghamton, with
the Syraouae iiallroad, at Core lug with the railroad
lor Uoobester and Buffalo; at Great Bend, with the
railroad for tioranton. and at Buffalo and Dunkirk
with the Lake Hnore Kallroad for Cleveland, Cinoln
natl, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, &o , and the Canada
eep la Ucneral UuperintenJeut
are running through pattaeuger trulna from Wub
lu g tun to the Oblorfver, without ohauge of oara
dally at T a. m and A p m , and offers greator in
duoemenu to the trvellui publlo that aoy other
route, vlf
I hU la the only route that ouecka baggage Irom
Wuhlngton oltytothe Weat llokvU good until
utwd, and paaaengers have the privilege ol laying
over at any point on the route
Faeaengen procuring tltikfata by thla route, save
the do) ay and expeaee of Oioalbna transfer.
Uokeu.laatUtedepotoftheB ftO.lt It Uaggaga
reoelved at any hour during the day, and no onarge
tor banning baggage an aotr
UDlltllXliTii'i Owwmm.
,. US MaiibbCobm.
Waahlngton, D, C, Oot- 17. Ira
lv, wilt be rewired at tbiioffloanxUl I o'cloek P.
M.( tha soth November next, for furniahlnf to the
U. 8. Marine Corp-, during the year 1M3, the fol
lowing auppllee, to be delivered at the oaoe of tha
AMlatant Quartermanter of the Corpe, Philadelphia,
PentiaylTanU, free of expean to the United Statee,
In anehonantltles att m. rrmi tlma tn tim. b
ordered, vU :
uuHiig i.
14,000 yarda of Sky Bine Ken y , all wool, fret Irom
bali-.tu lnobae wide, to weigh IS ouiom to the
yard.(lndlgo wool dyed
0,000 yarda Dark Bloe Kaney, all wool, frea Iron
balr, 64 lsohea wide, to weigh 93 ouoou to the
yard, (Udlgo wool dyed )
3,(00 yard Dark Bloe 1 willed Cloth, all wool, for
uniform ooata (Indigo wool dyed,) M lnohea
wile, to weigh 29 ounoea per yard
160 yarda of Scarlet Cloth, all wool, (eoehlneal
dyed,) 61 Inchee wide, to weigh 10 ounoea per
Clam No. a.
B.oco yarda of 6-4 Dark Blot Flannel lor overaaoka,
all wool, (Indifo wool dyed,) 61 lnohea wide,
to weigh 13 ounoea per yard
16,000 yarda of 3-4 Dark Bine Flannel, for ablrta. all
wool, (indigo wooldred,) 27 lnohea wide, to
weigh oi ounoea per yard.
100 Gray Blanket!, ail wool.to weigh foul pouada
each, with lettera " U. 8. M "in black, four
laohei long In the centre; to te T leet long: and
t feet wide, and free from grease,
7,ooo pair of Woolen Kccka, three elie. properly
made of good fleece wcol,wlth double and
twitted yarn, to weigh three pounde per dozto
pair, in from grease
CtaaaNo S.
0,ooo yardi White Linen lor pacta, 80 lnohea wide,
to weigh 13 ounoea per yard.
9,000 yarda hlte Linen, forahlrU,80 lnohea wide,
to weigh 11 ounoea per yard
10,000 yards Canton Flannel, for drawer, S7 lnohea
wide, to weigh 7 ounoea per yard.
ClauNo 4
1,400 Uniform Cape complete (except Pompeue )
1,bco Pompons, red wonted, ball shaped, fi lnohea
In elnmmferenoe.
4,600 Fatigue Cape, (with coven,) m be made of
S.0O0 atocki.
CliuNo 6
600 groas Coat Buttons, (Kag e )
boo groaa Jacket Buttona,(Kagle
100 groaa Teat Bnttene, (Kagle )
1,103 ui Ira lellow Metal Crescent and Scale
ISO acta Epaulette Bullion lor Sergeanta and Cor
porals. 1 030 aett hpanlette Bullion lor Priratea
60 Bed Worsted Saihea
2,000 yarda of Yellow Binding
8,030 yarda of Ked Cord.
100 Bworde for Sergeanta
60 Hworda lor Musiclana
60 Drums (tenor) complete.
60 DrnmSiIoga.
2uo Batter Drum UeaJa
60 Snare Drum Head
loo Dram Cords.
103 tt U of Drum Snares
60 Boxwood" B"l Ilea.
Class No 0
10,to) pilra Army Boots, (infantry pattern )
Class No ?.
1,500 Cartridge Boies
1,300 Bayonet Scabbards
1300 Percusslcn Cap Pouobes.
1,-ioo Cartridge Box Belts
1 00 Bayonet Belta
1,200 Waist Belta
1,200 Waist Platta
1,100 Breaat Plate.
200 Sword Frog
Clam No 8
1,400 Knapeacl'
600 Haversacks
(jOO Canteens.
aoo Muket Slings
Clam No B
For making and trinuulng the following articles,
Watch coats, sergeants', oorporals', mnalcJana',
and prlvaua' uniforms aud fatigue coat, woolen
and linen pants, flannel and linen shirt I, drawers,
flannel saoLs, and red and blue Jaoketa for bojs
The above mentioned art Idee must conform, in all
rttpnts, to the sealed atacdard putterca In the offloe
ol the Quartermaster Marine Corp. Marine Bar
racks, Washington, D. C ; Assistant Quartermaster,
offloe .'Marine Cor re, l,Svo Spruce street, Philadel
nbla; and at the Marine Stations, Brooklyn, New
lork.and Boston, Massachusetts, where they can
be examined
And whenever the articles nanud abow.or any
portion of them, shall be oonsldered as not fully
conforming to aanple,lhey will be rejected, and
the contractor will Dl bound to furnish otheia of the
required kind at on ca, or the Quartermaster will
supply the deflolenoy at the expense ol the oon
Payment will be made upon the accepted delivery
of the whole guarantee, which may, from time to
time, be ordered, wlthholdiDg ten per oent. from the
payment or account rendered under first order, un
til second order Is tilled, and ten per oent. from ac
count rendered under recond order until third order
Is tilled, and ao on until contract la completed
Kaoh proposal must be accompanied ty the lol
lowing guarantee
Form of Guarantee.
The undersigned, - - , ol ,in the
Bute of ,anl ,- , in th State of
hereby guaranty that, In case the forego
ing bid of -, for supplies, as above desorlb
ed, be accep ed, he r they will, within ten daya af.
ter the receipt of the contract at the post offloe
named, execute the contract lor the same with good
and sufficient sureties, and In case tha said .
shall lall to enter Into contrast, a aforeiald, we
guaranty to mike good the difference between tha
offer of the said and that which may be
accept to.
A B, Guarantor.
CD, Guarantor.
h F, Wltoewi
. 1841.
I hereby certify that the above named --
are known to me as men of properly, and able to
make good their guaranty. Q U.
To be signed by the United Staua District Judge,
United Siates District Attorney, or Collector
No proposal will be considered unless accompanied
by the above guaranty.
Newspapers authorized to publish the above will
send the paper containing tha first las rtlon to this
Office fjr examination
lhe bidder's place of butloesa, or manufacturing
establishment, must be epcclfloaly stated lu the pro
posal, 1 be above Bit of aitloles Is believed to be about
the quantity of each article that will be required
duriug the year; but the Quaitero-atter reserves the
right of ordering a greater or lew quantity, should
the Interests of the service require It,
Proposals to be endorsed on the envelope, "Fro
poaals for Suptlit-a for Marine Corpa lor 18M," aod
addressed to
Major WM. H BLACK,
Quartermaster M C . Waahlngton, D C.
oo la law4w
via SI
(duudays k.xoepij,)
At & O'clock, P H,
PI EH SB N. K ,OOTOF Vr.blttY St UK,,
f he new and inagnllloeut steamer CI I Y OF U03
TON, Win Wilcox, commander, from New York
rueadaya, rhursdays, and Saturdays i aud iron
New Loudon Mondays, Wednesday, aud kri
YOUK.lhouas u Jcwett, commander, from New
Yors aionaays, weaaeeas, ana rriaaya; iron?
New Louiiou lueadays, ThurMays, aud Batur
These two uew steamers have been built expteeal
for this route, with all moddu improvements, In
eluding Water light Compartment, and are the
only steamers ever built lor Long island Sound
with this great lite preserving Improvement
Conductor accompany the steamers each way.
Passenger proceed from New London imme
d lately on arrival of ateamera, by Express Train to
Boston, Worcester, Lowell, Lawrenoe, Fltchburg
Nashua, Concord, the White Mountain, &o Ac.
Pajaengerareturlug Horn Boston leave the Depot
ol the Boston aod Woroester railroad at BO P, M
Worcester 7 P.M., arriving at New London M
t relght tslta at the Lowest Bates, and delivers
m Boston early the next day
State Boom in abundance oan be had on board
aleamen.or at tha Uoaton or New York otBcea,lii
advance k U MABlIN.Arent.
may tf Pterft, a, B.
1 he undersigned begs leave to call the attention el
the citizens and traveling oouununliy to the House
uv iim just upvnea ior ui vvuuuuuuriiub vi chvi
men and ladies, with day or taoie board
lhe House 1 furnished lu splendid style large
airy rooms, chamber, and parlors. The table will
be supplied with all the dellcaoles of the season No
pains or expenso shall be spared to give satisfaction
to all who may patronize the house. Strlot atten
tion to oedera that may be given for diners, Ao ; at
tentlve and obliging servants
House eligibly situated on the corner of Twentieth
and F street went, lately occupied by Surgeon Gen
eral Lawson
asto-tf OhOKQK W. OWJCN,
Formerly of Buffalo, N. V,
IVtnm Xinyr,
BY ORKB dl WILLIAMS, Anrtlona.ra.
VURMITDRE, io., S.I , It iuellon OoHATUB
DAV, Ih. Ilh laiuut, tt 10 o'clock, in , w. ili.ll
,., v. Mowt.vu wvwuu. uu Dcvrntu inn 1 ill ,
a large assortment of Furniture, ao) J on acocunt of
wnora it may concern, viz.
Walnut Sofas, Chairs, and Tables
Four Mahogany and Walnut Marble top Dretsing
Six Mahogany and Walnut Dreailng Bureaus
Ten Cottage Bedsteads and Washtan4a
Twenty Banister back do
Ten Roll board Head and I adder do
Twsnty.four Trunnel dn
Fifteen dozen Wood seat Chairs
Mve do assorted Case seal do
Two do Arm and None Botkers
Four Oak and Wluut Sideboards
lx Oak ana Walnut 10 feet Kxtentioo Tab es
hrsa doaen Assorted Door Mats
Thirty-! Neets ot Boxes
Wash tuba. Basket Ac , Ac
Cook. Air tight, and other Stovei
Window Shades. Carpets, Ao . Ac ,
Aid many other article tco numerous to enumer
Terms Cash.
novti-d Lestar Auoilonrs
be sold at Publlo Auction, on THURSDAY,
Not. 13, 1803, commencing at 10 o'clock a. m , at
store house between K aim V itrpts n via . a Int
ol HOtxSK AND MULK IIAUNK&S anl other
wancrmasier oiores.conuemneahs unnt tor pub
llo u-e.
Terms Csah, In Governmrut foods
By order of J J. DANA,
Cuptaln k A Q M
no 0 dta Auctlcnetr
Daror QuAaiiaitiiTaa'fl Oinci,
Corner eighteenth and G streets,
Washington, D C .October 2", istfi.
Sbslbd Paorosau will be received at this office
until Friday, the 7th day of November, at 13 o'clock
M , for furnishing the Government with (103,000) ooe
hundred thousand bushels of shelled Corn.
The Corn to be of a good merchantable quality,
put up In bags of about two bushel each
Cora will be received by weight, at (6t)) tltty-lx
pounds to the bushel
Sacks to be furnished without extra charge to the
Delivery to be mide in the city of Washington,
within (SO) twenty daj s from the date or the oca
The full name and post ofuce addrcta of the bidder
must appear In the proposal
If a Ud Is made In the name of a fltra.tfj. uaues
of all the parties must appear, or the bli will be
considered as the Individual proposal of ths partner
signing it.
Proposals from tfufjyoJ po.rto$ wai m4 u comidtrta
and an oath (afliytarks mutt tuamfun) tath rrmtH
Hon. Proposals must be addressed to Col D 11 UUC
KKB, Quartermaster U, S. Army, Washington, D.
C , and should be plainly marked " Proposals for
The ability of the bidder to fill the contract. shoulJ
It be awarded to him, must be guarantied by two
responsible persons, whoce signatures must be ap
pealed to the guarantee
lhe responsibility vt the guarantors must be thown
by the ofcia! certificate ot the Clerk of the nearest
District Court or of the United bt.iea Distriot At
Bidders must be present in pernoa when the bids
are opened, or their proposals will not fce tousid
Bonds La the sum of ten thousand dollars, vlgnrd
by the contractor and both of his guarantors, will
be required of the successful bidder upon signing the
As the bond wuit accompany the coutract, it will
he necessary for bidders to na e their bondsmeu with
them, or to bare bond signed In anticipation and
ready to be produced when the contract h signed
Blanks for bonds can be procured upon applies
Uon being made at this otao, vither prMually, by
letter, or by telegraph.
tUn of Oaaranttt
We .of the county or -, and State ot
and ol the county ol . and State of , do
hereby goxrantee that liable toluldl aoontract
In accordance with the terms of hU proiHMltton, and
that, should his proportion be acoepud, lie will at
onoe enter into a contract in accordance therewith
Should the contract be awarded Ulm, we are pre
pared to become his securities
(To this guarantee mutt be appended the jl til
oerllnoate above mentioned )
Alt Corn contracted for unoer thlsd ei iWuimt
will be rigidly liMpected, and such aa uoen not rovr
of ugood. sound. merohantauleniii Itv will be re
raymcntiooe maae upon luecoinpieiiou ot the
contract, or ao soon thureatter hs the Depot Qutrtrr
master shall be In funds
Any Informality in the bid, or nou ooufuruiaooe
with the terms ot this advert i-ierucnt, v- ill ensure the
rejection of the proposal
Delivery to be madeat the ltsllroad Dtpot, ir ni
one ef the Government Wharvea,lu the city ot ash
The Depot Quartermaster lewru-s to lilmwU the
right to reject any or all bids that Uv may deem too
high. D H HUCKLU,
Colonel aud Depot Quartermaster
OCt 28 dtNT
DaroT QoABTaBXsstKR'it Orrun,
Corner 18th and G streets, Nov t.ifioX
SKALED PHOPOSALS will bo rtcetvnl at this
omes until Monday, November 10th, lflfa, at two
o'clock, p. m , lor turnishing to the United States
two thousand (8,000) headboards or tablet lor grat es
of the following description, viz
All to be of good black walnut, clear of kuutaand
splits, four mieetlu leogih.ten(lO) Inliei wide,
and one and three eighths (1 ) of an iocb thkk,with
five elghihi (S) ol an loch groove twenty (2 J) i aches
In lergth, and In all respects to correspond with a
sample to be seenst tbl office
All of said boaids to be delivered at such point or
points In the city or county of Washington, D C ,
as the Depot Quartermaster may direct, wlthlu
thirty day after the awarding of the coutrjict
Proposal from dulnjalpardeiKWI not li txniiiJ-rtd,
and an oath of allegiance to the United States Gov
eminent must accompany each proportion
1 ho ability ot the bidder to fill tlu contract ,itoutd
lpbeawardtd tobim.mutt be guarantied by two re
sponsible persons, whose signatures uro to be up
pended to toe guarantee, arut sa 1 aiurani e muJ ac
company the bid.
The rcaponsloltlty cf the guarantor! niuat be
shown by the official certiorate of the Clerk, of the
nearest District Court or of the United Statca Dls
tnot Attorney,
Bidders must be prrtent in person when the bids
are opened or their proposals will not be considered
The full name and post cilice addreta or the bid
der must appear In the proposal
If a bid is made in the name of a Arm the unities ol
all the parties must appear, or the blJ will be con
sidered as the Individual propoxal ol ttn parly
algnlng tt.
Bond In the sum ol one thousand dollars, signed
by the ooatraotor and both of his guaranttrs, will
be required of the auooeeslul bidder upon signing the
Tne right to reject aityor all bids that maybe
deemed too high is reterved by the Depot Quarter
Informal propoial will be rejected
Proposals must be addressed to Catt Kdwerd L
Harts. Assistant Quartermuter, U. b. Army, at
Washington, D C , and should be plainly marked
" Proposals for furnishing Headboard for Graves "
ibrm of Guarantee,
We, ,of the county of ,and State ol
, and , of the county of , and State
of , do hereby guarantee that is able tc
luini me oowraai iu aworumice wnu me icrmi oi uu
roposltlon,and that should Jill proposition be ao
pled, he will at once enter Into a contract luai
eoruauce uicrcwiui
Should the contract beawardid hlm,warepie
pared to become his sureties
(To tills guarantee must be appended tbe official
certificate above mentioned i
bUW'DL. II Alt I,
Captain and Ass t Quarteriniittr, U a A
nov 3-dtloth
OA tt H A LL C L O I 11 I N O BOOM,
The subscriber take great pleasure In anuounolng
to his old Friend and Customers, that he ha opened
a new store at No 404 Seventh street, near F. where
he has a tine, selcoted stock of Clothing lor Men and
Boys' wear, which they Lave juit received from the
North, and offers them lor sale at the lowest North
cm prices J. BUUCK A CO,
Clothiers, No 4ut Seventh street
Lvervbodv'a attention I oalleil ta our new Ktock
of Clothing for Men and Boys' use, which we have
lust received, and offer lor wl at very low prices, at
No 404 Seventh street, near F.
Proprietor ol Oak Hall Clothlug Uwmi
a as am
Copartnership heretofore existing between
LYI.K A COFU IN IsthU day dlssolvedy mutual
consent JOHN G l.YI.K,
JohnG. Lyle SUM oonttnue th buidutia at t
old stand
Wassi'satuS jbjvii.Ibss vi
Ta ass ft?alA.
DEPAXTKjrr or tsui Irrtjuoa,
(c Indian Afakg, iiyimitv It, 1M2.
From toformatlon reolfd at Ihla Depart
ment, deeuifd saffiotentlj rellaMe to warrani
me In so doing, 1 consider It my duty to wuru
all persons conleroplaliog the ortwaiuir ot (hi
Plains, thle fall to Utah or tbe i'nclria cotvd
that there is good reason to apprehend hostlU
tlext ou the part of the Bannock and Shoshone ii
Snake Indians, as well aa the Indians upou tbe
I'lulm aud along the Platte river.
The Indians referred to hare daring the past
itummer committed several robberies and mur
de re. They are numerous, powerful, and war
like, and, should the general) amuuen hoe
Hie attitude, are capable of rendering the eml
grant rentes acroce tbe Plains extremely peril
ouh. Uence Ibis warning.
Uy uidr ol the Secretary ol the Interior:
UhirlkiC Mix,
Actlof Counumiutittr
Motli iu Vesasle sCti teeing or Leaving
the Potomac Itlver,
The guard vessels off Alexandria and Pine
Point, on the Potomac river, will be dtstln
gulehed, during the day, by a aqUAiuc wuiti
FLAU WITH A BAD OROfM, (St, Andrew's,) Utnl til
night by two rkd lights.
Tbe officers In command of these vessels will
lurntsh the Naval Potomac Peas te all master!
of verse la navigating; the river, idler they shall
have given prowl Itiul tby are law lull em
ployed. Vessels cuttrlug or departing from the rivet
will be subject to detention if unprovided with
a ptMA.
AND'W A. lliRWlMltt,
Uomniuduretyoin'x Potomao b lull I la.
Washington, Jan. 25, 1S62.
Tbe Secretary of Slate will hereat ter receive
members of Congress on busineee on Saturdays,
commencing with Saturday, tbe first of nest
Writing Papers, Knvelopta, Portfoltcs
Gold Pens. Pencil, Inks. Ao , Ao
Pookat Books, and Pocket Cutlery,
Photograph Albums In every variety.
Newspapers, Periodicals, and
All orders promptly attended to
Call aod examine No charge for showing goods
Comer Seventh and D streets,
cc.16 lm Washington, D C.
Did utiderslgiied sumruenoad, In the menthol
Uooeiuber, HCO, the publication, lu this oily, of
u weiHktv'newepaper,tiallrdths MUtunaJ Ktyuh'
I wan.
It 1 prtiitd on h itgo sheet, twenty seven
by forty two Inches, and Is furnished at the Uw
prloen a tat ml below.
It cttiitrttns all the (rlgiital tiiatUr f the
d illy JVoiicmiil ittjmblxcan, with lhe exuepllon
of looel fiws int Intsreattnic to (.uuul-) iuh
It will f'lve full reports of the pruwedtic-i of
Uongreas, snd n' tue other JwptrlmenU t tbe
National Governtnont.
It onntaln-l nil tho news of Ihti day, foreign
and duinbllo, markets, Ao., An., as woll hm an
original utrreapoiidenoe trvm all part rf the
CO ao try. Th nubiuelluiieou department will
rooeivo speolal attention, and, In all rmpeot
the eOort will be made to establish the oharac
ter of the National Kepubhcwn as x Faratly
Washington be tug now the oentral point ol
the current military operations, greatatlentfon
will be paid to furnishing the readers of the
National Ktrjmllu'tin with full, and espeutally
with at curate, aoi outits of the prtigreri if the
war forth Uiitt n.
In politics, the phper Is ltepublloan, sustain
Ins the Administration of Mr. Lincoln,
litem Inno other Uepublloan paper In the Dts
trlot of Oolutnbla, or In the vicinity of It, and
tt N boitivetl that lAuefitevenUhave opeued to
suoli i pppr an Important sphere of useful
efitrl. lho tlrue has ooine, when the aolua)
admlitiHtrtllou of the Government upon llepub
llortit prlooljt! will iplde the mliireprosen
tail jis wbloh have mads those prlnulples so
dlaUtfteftil to the Bouth.
But It I not only here, aud tn this vlotnltv,
that thd projeours of the Xationat Jiepubltcan
hiipe In make tt useful. To the whole oountry
they oiler a journal which will dlsouaa national
politic from a national standpoint, aud whlot
wilt ttevor te swerved from patriotic duly bv
any overpowering pressure of local Intortt,
Oueoopy, one year i IX
Throe toplea, one ear 5,00
Pive ooples, one year, 7.00
Tfln OPplos, ooe yettr . .. .... IJ.OO
Twenty copies, one year . , iO.OO
One oojiy, sU montts ... .... t 00
Thrt uoplos, six months. '1 ftO
Five copies, six months . SM
Tun copies, six months . (5,00
Twenty copies, six mentbi 10 00
L'a mints always In advauos
Wl en h Club of bubsuilbera bas bd for
wardeJ, additions may be roads to It on the
Srtiitti terms. It Is not neoeasary that the sub
sorlbttrii to a Olub should receive tholt papers
at the aauie post Offloe.
Money may be forwarded by raall, at our
rUtr, large amounts can be remitted In Tress
ury notes, or drafts on Boatou, New York,
PhlUrielphla, or Baltimore; smaller amounts
tu k'M. r tn notes of sulveut bank. Addreas
Wiuhuvjlow, 0. ( .
tr 'lux Daiir Natiuhal ltirusLtctN U pub
limited every morning, (Hundnys eioepud,) at
the following rates:
One nop)', one year, ... IJ CO
Five copied, one year , 15.00
Uue copy, six months . . 1.75
Five copies, six mouths ... . 7.50
One copy, three months LOO
The Entmj Rrjoltti Ortr the Kinloili or the
"ll.l.llallan ok S.a
for Flanrt.r on
'I'lio Riclimoud papers of Friday last are
10 nana, i no news in ineni H rather inter
Krom tbe Itlolunond Oitpttoh
Tho piteous groans of the New York Cham
ber of Commerce over tho destruction of
Yankee oronerlr unon the hlirh mu hv (Inn.
federate venaels, ehow where the shoe ninchca.
and where we ought to strike the enemy if
lTuuiu uurt mm num. J no aoieiui lamen
tations of these "Shylocks" over their lost dia
monds aro music to our ears. Nothing can
equal the satisfaction which they experience
nuia ruuuiog omer people, except inaaogu wn
tliey suffer In being robbed themselves. The
vital part of these gentry lies In their pockets;
the sensative ncrvo of their whole system Is in
their purses, and, wheu that Is effectually pier
ced, the death agony is snddeo and Irremedi
able. A great deal has been mid about invadiug
the North, and seizing the great centers of
its wealth Philadelphia, New York and
lioston. This would be desirable if practica
ble ; but whether it Is practicable or not, it
another thine, which Is more Important, is
practicable, and that it h to cut offthe sources
of Its wealth and the golden streams which
supply the reservoirs of Its prosperity. If
Northern commerce udou the ocean could be
destroyed, or even to any great extent crip
pled, wc should do the Lincoln empire more
aamagc, at less con, tnanDy any land inva
sion of their territories. The peculiar sens!
tieness which the North manifested, long
ago, In regard to privateers, ought at once to
have iaiiEnt us where our blows could be most
effectively struck. They would never have
singicu out privaieersmen as tue objects ot pe
culiar vengeance, and thicatencd to treat them
as pirates, It they bad not felt that tbe prtva.
. 1 !lf .L. , .1 .
icvrs m-rc assailing meir weaK spot, ana mat
when we had only two or three little vessels
upou tne waters.
Now that wehavo several efficient vessels.
sailing fast aud well armed, they are thrown
into convulsions, ana begin to tremble (or tne
future. It is evident that the true wav to re
taliate for their plunder upon land is to assail
them unon the seas, and make It a matter of
unciTiaiuiy wucuever a snip leaves s orinern
port whether she will ever arriie at her anti
cipated haven. For this .purpose we mast
increase our navy and our privatecr.smcn, and
if the enemy undertake to make any distinc
tion between them and any other class of our
Gehtlne men. to retaliate, life for life. UDon
every prisoner in our hands. We are glad to
learn irom tne uoiciui statements ol tbe fscw
York Chamber of Commerce that the Con
federates have several other formidable vessels
In course of preparation, besides those which
have already spread such consternation
throughout Yankcedoin.
Wctniittlieyinav harrass me i ankee com
merce upon every sea, and make a snecdv prev
of their rich argosies of California and the
indies, wc nave sunmii and irallanl naval
officers in abundance, and the time Is at hand
when tbcv will reap laurels as rich and abun
dant as their brethren upon the land. Our
Government should elevate its most powerful
energies to this means of harrassing the enemy
and of building up a strong navy. The Iron
clads of the United States can never accomplisn
much at sen. They will be slow sailers, and
not easily handled In a rough sea. Our fleet
ships, where they cannot fight them, can cos!'
v eacarje tnem, anu wnen tnev cannot carry
oil their prizes, can sink them, which is just
as bad for the Yankees. It us lieni some
more groans from tho Chamber nf ( om
Un. Mu.erran.Scranailcd III. Patriotic
ir.rvor ana iiop.ntiB...s poit.rrui
Itlov. Btlrlpat.il, Ac
Com ionuiC0 ol th. N.w York Tim..
Louisvn.tK, (Kt. 31. Major (Jen. Rose-
crans looks in fine spirits, lie was serenaded
at the (J alt House last night. Ills remarks,
to a great crond, were very hopeful and
cheering. lie is full of patriotic enthusiasm
and energy, lie expressed mmsell conbdent
that the Union will soon be restored with
even more than iu former strength and pros
perity. The main army of the Ohio is likely
io ne tranaierreu 10 uis iieparimeni 01 tue
Cumberland Mojor (Jeneral Thomas A.
Morris, of Indiana, may command the fourth
army corps, I.itc!y under Major (Jcniral Gor
don Granger. A powerful move toward
Cumberland (lap, Knoxville, and Chattanoo
ga is looked for.
Commanders ol national rones, post com
manders, ami provost marshals within this
State lire 01 di nil to k ud to Colonel Dent's
bcodquartus all captured or arrested rebel
recruits, and to arrest and send, under guard,
to Colonel Dent, for banishment from the
State, all persons who joined the rebel invod-
lug army. o rebel recruits captured or ar
rested, after returning from the rebel army,
will be paioled.
By Governor Kobiu9on's ordir, all State
guard fones in active service, or under or
ders, are rpliewd until otherwise ordered.
I osiiai.
I'lIMUIT Of TUB I'BlriTkEB Aniusii.
Com. W. D. Porter has ollered to no in pur
suit of the privateer Alabama in the nhlp
Dreadnaubt, provided the New York mer
chants nave ncr convenni into a niau-ot-war.
He says:
Ilia eiy short time she can be fitted for
sea, and r recommend this step to theii (the
merchants) uotice. If they have sufficient
confidence in inc, and the Government will al
low me, I will suierintend the outfit nf this
vessil, and do my ery best to take the Ala
bama; but should they desire u better officer,
then permit ineto rciommeud to them ('apt.
A. II. Kelty. 11. S. N nil officer who mov
bo considered the Nelson ot the American
NmniiRs iv Illinois. 'Hit Uuolion lo Ik
7rWd. Indictments have been fouud in the
Jersey county tlrtuit court against I.itut. Col.
Milton . l.uiiciicu, i ourteentu Illinois cav
alry, and Adi. Wm. A. Scott. Fourteenth
Illinois infantry, for bringing negro scrwuits
into the State. Haiti brought home a negro
from the war and hem e the iudii tmeut. lloth
neretnesent during the session of the lourt
and one is u Republican aud the other a
Deuuxrut. The penalty h u tine, of 31110 tu
SfiOO, and imprisonment iu the miuty jail not
more than one ear.
Tho Ihmlish papers are uritiinr Oueeu Vic
toria to drv her tears, be consoled aud return
to London, that Court festivities may be re-
sumed and English tradesmen prosper.
Certain wags, purporting to be students of
Harvard University, but whose names appear
to have been omitted from the catalogue, have
held the following correspondence with the
cuampion oi me reopie a party, it is pub
lished In the New Bedford Mercury, and is
an amusing chapter in the history of sells
IIarvauii Ukiikhsiti
Oamumduk, October 11, leC'J.
George Francit Tram, Eti.:
Dkar Sir : At a meeting of the students
nf Harvard College, held last evening, it was
resolved that if iiosslble some arrangement
should bo made that yon may address them on
the great topics of the day, and especially the
pending question.
Admiring your manly dilence of your coun
try's honor while abroad, wo wish that, if not
inconsistent with your arrangements,) on will
gratify our desire to hear you.
Feeling deeply for the late insult you suf
fered even within the sacred precincts of Fa
neuil Hall, me desire to do all in our power
to honor a martyr In the sacred cause nf Fret
Please address immediately, John 11. 1 fain
met, Cambridge. Very respectfully,
William II. Mart is,
Richard 0. Sovlk.
Ciuulks 0. lXsidN,
GporiirT. Cahikk.
P. W. Johnson,
I.U'ILV S. Dociilas,
ALFRFrt Jl. Mkrku.1..
Hon. Geo. Frahcis Traiy.
Tha following answer was m eh cd. enclos
ed In an envelope, addressed to John II. I lam
met, Cambridge, Mass., enclosed with the sig
nature of (Jco Francis Train, and ornament
ed at three corners with the fnllowingmottoes
printed thereon : "Huy no Knglish Goods -"Our
Country Heads tho World" "Ann rnu
for Americans." On the note paper win- the
following mottoes, one printed in each cr uer.
"Death to England" "Cheer for the Union '
"Until to Treason" (Hx-j tin- Presi
dent "
Parker Hiksk, Huston,
Octolier tl, 160J
Dkar Harvard Uvrvisitsrn- Yes, and
with much delight, but when, that isthnues
tlon. I am firing hot shot etery uiglit into
the abolition camp, but 1 mint find a night
for Cambridge.
(lod bless old Harvard ! Aiwa) s true to
tho Union. True to knowledge-. True to
free speech. The brain of the nation An
oak among college trees.
Last night I spoke nt l-awruicc. to-night
at Lynn; to morrow oft for New York, and
shall be here at 10 Wednesday morning. Drop
in if you pass this way, and sen my friend
Curtis Guild, of the HulLlm. who has mv n-
gagement book.
l appreciate your good will mid say ve.s
with all mv heart.
Harvard used to ivprestiii nil tin- States,
and must again.
It me take the n hlte men out i.l the pit,
and put them in the dress circle Let me
smash up this dishonest abolition party nnd
men luirran ior peac e.
Nov.-I, 1 W.!,
. The Abolition Parte,
afu r
n lingering illness ol
Vi years
nigger nn the
Faithfully, Ouo. I'ram is Train,
To Jons II. Haiisett, Ksg, aud others at
After reading this correspondence n e l gin
to understand why Oeorge Francis Tram ur
raigned Harvard UnUcrsity In his recent hs
ture In this city, when he said that cwn
thing iu Massachusetts is nigger. 'I here is
nigger Hunker Hill, nigger Faneuil Hall, nig
ger Lexington, nigger Harvard Unuersit),
nigger Atlantic Monthly, nnd nigger every
thing eNo." There Is a slight inconsistent
between Mr. Train's opinions of Harvard be
fore and after this sell, but no one must hold
a genius so erratic to n rigid accountability
In this respect.
Miscellaneous Items.
The xiimi,icr says tbe waeon tram of
suDDlies brought out from Kentucky bv Uen-
ernl Klrby Smith was forty miles long, and
rings a million yards ol iventutKy jeans
with a largo amount of clothiug, boots and
shoes, and 'JOO wagon loads of bacon, (1,000
barrels KrL, 1 5,000 mules and Imiws, .1,000
beei es, and a large lot of hogs.
WiisnKAUOUTS or Smov OAMMtos. The
Paris correspondent, " Malakotl," of the Jsew
York Ttmt', writing on the l'lth ultimo.
snys : Mr. Cameron has just passed through
1'aris on nls way to bconaml, wnere lie siiends
a week preparatory to sailing, on the Si otia,
tu iiciv turn uu iuc ..ui. .ur. vuuiituu
says the Administration is now on the right
platform, and 1.4 is going home to help to
urge ou tho war. lie len e on furlough, but
intends tn resign
"Well. that's alwajs the wav with tlienle
graph folks'" exclaimed .Mrs. Mellow "The
good news they send us one da) Is pretty sr
tin to be contradicted the next. Why, Ihen-'s
our neighbor, Sally Shuts, who got a' story as
how her husband Lad been killed in (moot the
battles, and the Jay alter it was all upsol.for
it proud to be another man! G lu me the ol J
mail stage, after all," continued Mrs. Millow.
" If 'twas slow, 'twas sartin."
The desire of being in tbe fashion ilom not
alwawariso from the mere monkey instinct
of Imitation, but often from a desire that tlioie
may be no infercuu us to our Hinuiarj
inability to be nn.
On Friday last, Gin. Gilbert mail.' a letuu
noissnncc down the Nashville railroad finui
Louisville. No Confcdeiutva were ili"uniuil.
(Jen. llosecrans lift Iiuislllc to tike the field
on Saturday
The dote, recoiled, did not letuiu to Noah
with the olive branch till the second time oj
her going forth; why, then, should yon dis
pond at the failure ot n first uttempt
The Japanese ambassadors coutrncied a
bill of Sai.OOU at their hotel In London. 1 hey
sent it to Ixird John Kiuuc II, hoping Eoghinil
would pay it as otner count ries Had done, hut
Lord Joliu refused.
.1 1'Al.l, ud WlNThlt ClolUIng, wbloli ' nrr
twlllog .t v.ry low iirlco, tt
I, A 111 Al I .vl u
Mo 8dlStuUi.trrt,
a 116801 ltwtii I RrJ K
JU.T HUCKIVICU A Urgt alock ol lltrnitll
oily Se.UJ (loodi, ood,ui1o of rUUITtl
I JKLULS. UKAIH. vtGKI AliLT-S, Ao , wlikli
"' " ",,,,Ms1ili'ruEn3
oo ; mv r. amjlTtai. tvesu..
Late News from the South.
Tho subjoined news, taken from tbe Rich
mond D'upiich of the 1st losinut, comes to us
through ihii "Associated Press," via Kortiets
RSI U. AlVOI NTS Of tlk. Lll'rt AHMV.
TIih leciit raoc.ments cf our forces Indicnlt
iIih entlrH evacuation of Northern Virginia, oi
that these moves were made In reference to the
reported advance ef McClellin through Lou
doun county Prom all we can gather, wa
are nttlslled that a general advance of the en
emy's forces Is not anticipated, and that our
Government, whlchodcslres tach h movement
nn tne part or MCUlellan, will be disappointed
for the present campaign.
The operations ot tbe enemy, so lar as trans
pired, do not Indicate that tbey will risk uu
ensracement with tbe well annolnted and hbhl
dlsclpllnpil troops under Oen. Le.
Front Winchester nnd the country below, we
have sdvfccs up lo Thursday, when no move
ment of the enemy had taken place along ttm
Upper Potomac Th'j report that Wlaohester
hnd been evacuated li Incorrect Our cavalry
nickels Hill bold their old position, iiirtti of
llunher Hill aid raM ol Charleptcmn.
aiiisks ivtiik Aimr.
A cloi- Invrsiliratlon Into tbe manajrrment
nf tbe commissary and quartermaster's depart
incnls would disclose a degree of recklessnoas
entirely Ines'iusble, aud well calculated 1 1
depreciate the carrency of tho Government, If
H had no other evil eflect.
In conversation wllh a number of farmers or
the valley, recently, who were frequently asked
lhe question whether the Government Intended
lo redsem Its circulation, the Inferences being
drawn from lis unnecessary expenditure tbat
Confederate mousy was only being for ihn
prei I ev'gency, anl tbat Qnnl repudlatlou
would en-i'i" from tbo extravagance "f the
Gov ermiii-iit's comtmioued agents.
1 orly prisoners cf war arrived lu Ulchuiuu.t
last eti'tilng, via Central train Tbey went
capturel last Ssltmlav In the vloinlty ofllsi
per's Ferry
I our prisoners were also rm,dved at th.
Libby prison yeslrdav 1 hy gave tbe uams
el Jme G lisrstow. Wm. Williams, Josopb if
Pat, and Jacob llafle. The prisoners wei,
captured a lew cceek. since, at the mouth of
Ibt- Uappibaunock; llArstow tn tbe master of
the ship Allrgtimlan; Willi tms llrst male, aud
I'ate. pilot
We could not learn under wbsl circamstaii
cea tbey were eaptured. whether by adventur
lop on si ore era urpris. i,n lioard of their
Seven tiiemb'rsnf the Porn eecoad Mlsai.
slppl regiment were lodited la tbe Eastern dN
trict prison e.urdoy lor aellng as bogus
City Guards
irrui;n.Mku ATTcCh. us soctiiers cities
It Is evident that Mobile, Charleston and pro
bably Sac snniti will soon be nssslled by Ibu
natal and IjihI terces ol lhe Lincoln Govern
nieui 1 he luss of Ihcse cities would not toust,
the vital siieng'h rt the South, yet It wouIOn
llictsnll-riiit; Mi.l humiliation which no tacrl
tlco would be t(s trrent to prevent.
Nicune can se u wew Urieans wbat sba his
tiivxprct T'in occupstlou of Mobile by ire
lVderals cvould enabl" tbem to uenetrate hnn
di eds ot miles into Hie Interior of Alabama, and
lolllct immens' damage upon private and pub
lic Interests Charleston, an especial oblect of
Federal mtliirnily would probably be maJt
lo drink the bitterest tup ot all, ifrbe were tu
ran tntu tanikcrt nends. Wh hope tbat every
South. th city will per mil Itself to Le convertM
into ahes before siirn-ndering to tbe Invailei.
the Wllmioirton Jmmvil, of October -Mb,
rports the number cf burials tbe previous
day, live, all white persons. Tbe negroes are
gomg oil much more rapidly than at the outret
ot the epidemic Thfl vceitber Is cool, but no
sins ol frost.
The Cbarleslou Mercury (rlvt s un accouul ot
tbe capture ot tbe sieam'salo Scotia, while on
her May from Nas-au to tbat port. She wa
cummauded by Capt T. S. Lsbl.y. of Charles
ion, ine am,i wun, li it trlvatier Irom Ihii
port, wasctplurd ind made his ,sch truiu
Ibe . inkecoat Ku-tuii Tim Scotia. wbruc'i
tund, bal ou a valuable cargo lull tons ot
merchandise- eonsWiing ot .hoes blwikrts
woollens, Ai
AN. nilHI rilUTH STLlMllt.
Letter of inaique and reprisal bosbeeuls
sued lo a certain otbeer of a vessel, wbich is
to sail eoou from acme Confederate port. Th
second olllcer Is Col. Charles Carroll lllcki.
The Richmond Whit Bays that Gen. Jackson
has destroyed all of that portion ct the Haiti
more and Ohio railroad trout the North Mouu
tain to Sbepherdstown. tearlDt; un the ralU
and burning the ties. Tbe larg machine shops
aim u"pot nuiiiiincs ai .iiarinsourg were llre.l
nnd ds'ro)ed.
Monn iMNscitins
'Ih'i Whh sin the Secretary tl War hi,
causid au order lo be i.siii d la embers ooui
manillngcimps ol instruction to csuseibe eu
rollment ol conscripts, to bo t iteuded to all
lilu not sul i lo Hvemplii n who areln-tweeu
IS mil J I) e.rs ol aire
' It oaniiol brt disguised, '' adds the Whij
" that tli i law undr which this Is done is uu
popul ir, ll not odious, among a targe olass ol
the people "
Tli,i Kichmoi d H'Air says
Kecently tb.i UrltWi inan-ofwur tilaaldo
approucbeJ ibe foot of Cajal streot, New Or
leans, uud -iuuiet i. hostile uttituds,demaud
lug tiom the authorities the telease of Jame
fyme. elrunK st, an Hal'uh subject, conflosd lu
1 ortPicken.ttiidiudemnitlcAttoufjrtbestflsiire
of his person, uid property to t to amount or
fUHMHio ti lural lluiler reuusMsd tends).
tiiioiisuii with (tie Washington authorities,
which wis luce'iiifd to Th eiptaiu of llw
Kinaldii Is in illhi-r el giest Kallaulry, and
whose s)niiuili es ar said to be warmly lu
I etui Ol 'ue' koiiiii
Gen. llutler has issued auoiber Intauioiu oi
lier lorbitldlne the payment ot debts to person,
who have nit taken the oath."
AIM-l.lctSTIOMM for Uuplleat. L, n ,1
,. . v it via;; c-veu u.a un1erlL.4h
J'l 3 , or il": rcitwje 0 ' l.li ,'. u ,
ll a li r,l. , nli.li at. tli.M .i-ukei-lt
i U-lla-,I, ,nl i bretir ) eoi.tuu ill., .e,
h lusrlea 111 i ...irit.Uvn cl t j'l tt.i-,,,.L a h
cl lam-Wol lile enor villi l.r irl . ec.tt
leut ou.hOLivl tjft a,oir
au ou.iu), ior l' twre'S, Irisur I umltr IU. u ol
Mirth, 1S5&, In tli. imui. tl U.e-h.l, Hlaaw oi
IhoniA. M.reukth, atil - ruoted 51a hli Isas
Uroembrr i, Isea
No VJTci lur 1.0 mrM lisaij ituJi Hi. .01 el
March, l!6t,lu lilt- 111 nil ol Areola IjAnlmttOU,
and was tfr.ut.il rliinlr 17 IslT J.uu.ry s,
No SS ASA, lor lisi aorr,, i"ut-a uo lot tbo Act OJ
Msrsli, Is s, in tli. nam?, of th. tnioor obtlJr.a ol
Usulol I Mct-uus.ileoe-. I,.nl tv., grAnttd Oot
.-J, lns-J.iiui.ry- ll IsM
No lo hi; ior It, scrn uueil un l.r tb, sot ol
Usre.li Sj5 tu tin lilmc ol At.l Allen, nil!
wm sr i 'fi1 nui ii i., nt -ouausr? ts,issi
vl- 1
..inlet i
Vicute tr.psr.il lo tumuli
ilov.ruiueot ra'v.
Kll IhNllUL'UK, r AN1 X CO ,
l j- lm llAai.n, No sts l'ean av
. A L, K .
KNUINK.ol Uir.a born' fowar
Avoly tt tblaotua tag j

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