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UMIUUL M. VKBT. k.l 11 '
MTThs publication illlce pi the Niti m
RrjCBUCix la At tba cortti.a.sl corner o l i
Bovcnth streets, second floor, over w D s
hord'tbooLitore. r.otrs.nceonfcivcnitii
dvertlaements must be ni for In ml uuo
and should be handed In be foro 9 o'cloi i , . m
V siosure their appf Ariuwe on t!n frl v m
UUlllhs irisUnjof lonerS'B.lhs I'rrsii ii"
tot rce re rLltois afier t2 o'clolcl m ca bj d
no IDI
A PblUdelpMa paper, tbe tiiqvinr, wl !. u
slew to siow (bat the addition insdo tu ui
enmncjr by Treasury, notes may not be oui 1 1
iropottu'u to lie lacicasnl baluc rl it
toiatry, pre ents tbe following slj.tlll"
"Coon turning to the statistics of barkli - i
the Uol'ed Staler, no And tbe aggres-au i i u
latlonotour banlciuba u Mlowi, attb
ml period! tuted-
In 181 ... . HOG SO' '71
Inism . . . . .us ui. mi
ia lSdl . . . . SW oio iu
Now let us turn to tbe lirtt Increase ol t
elgn trado In Ike same period
Our hgjregato cxporti and Import wf rr
tn 1C11 itsi enn r.n i
InlBJO .. . liBHiu i
In 1550 . . . . ;uoao
Let us rovgOAMcp luriter,andob ei t-rapidly-augmenting
productsol industry wr c
give life to tbe vast internal commerce f u
la 1S9, tbe prcdncia of agriculture a- d r, i
t-t' uren weie IJOOO u t
In 19S0. ttey nere 2 0i M
Is 1S60, ibey ere nolle iban 3 wu m ii u
For our preacnt pur pose ue need it cr
one other Item nftbeeiupendouairtjtre- it
by tbe Uol oil States, name y, our rmlrt ail sj- .
tern the ttatlsiici cfwnicb for tbe hit ui.
yeittsuidai bllonti
Jill's, i on
l'SO .. . 3 490 I51C ' 0"ff
I: my bo tided, last Mlde tr m
creaa-d g-neral builne s of the cuur i
fipudiiuns acd rcvetuo calli-cmiis
Oovtrnmeat, ajjmenied ts tiny Lin b t
many lo'd by too war, constitute a v.rj Ui?
new 0!) for a crcuhtis; modium
To venal txtent Treasury notrs nay In t -sued,
without unduly iBflitinn prlc ! j m l
open many d.ntlnseDC,i, und can ti y
flanlly determined by lbo tut of riptri c
Fiaaccl.il theories, bo.rorcr cant. cm and i
considered, aro 63 liable to b dlstutb d b
clrconMtLCfB, tbat It Is sot tbe most vcl k i
are tbe post confident as to any tblc fuiur u
utney mat tri
It miy be laid down, however, e c-c it.
pr, po'lll ir, thst a certiln extent of lrcr j' i
paper money Id war tin?", la neceewf,tj iu 1 1
eeivti tte Lormil scalt of jrlcm ofani- t
leodtnci ; to alarm and ckprovlon in: 1 n' i
u c.nlliiou of war. ALd even n papr i u
latomucli Increased us to ali prio ii
tided ih Itflnlou la within molera'o Ii'. i
la ialia'vwltlrmiDyco3ipir.iiatl iC3 V
rate, It u durlrg war, 1 trir, inn tbv t
vtltslsl ttlmulua to Unslnem activl'y U fA
It li tot jit cer'aln, precisely to batrx,rtt
lhi"la!i.ry no.taoie an addition to i- '
mer pipi-r turrency comlitinj tf barU m
and to what extnt tbey art a rubMituie f r t
bo fr as i1 y uro to letter, tbpy, cf emir
not awt U tbj v ilum of the currency ut I
It i lrrb,!, alio, ibit la potae di gr r
Treasury notes ore neither an adliUtn '
old currency, nor a rubrtltute for ! bnt i c
form &acQ e HCmewhit new to paper uico
that cf benj the subject if Lourdioir u
and sliver arj cot uowi-oslly piucuiab.t i.i
that or any other purpesn 1 he peoj 1c h i
oonSdence In the Government, and tho ttctl
ablllty of Treasury notes for the iti'ern.,1 1 si
glvs them a special value Nobody c a ! r
see, and cbtdy will nvi exictly kxow lo
many millions of dollars In Treasury r.oti am.
be laid utida and kept Lr long petiod touu
taxes, which, If not paid in such coic.ul i l
paid la gold or silver
The Treasuty notes, la tee form In whil.
they tow exist, tre frequ ntly spct a n
Gov, Chaie ry.tcra" Kwouldbaji' '
correct to ej-eakcl the hostilities which art i
laiDie, in -tjuf. Lhase' war" ThoTrtJ'.ij
notes, In the umcunt ctd lrm in which n . ,
laauy uavo tttu, were never propo.ed j
"system ' by anybody, bui have grown tj t
tba prcgrns cf the Titr.nlih ltsverlcu eff-c
cpoa n jtktil fisscce at.d tbo old pap r roi t j
ci the louotry.
Whc GcYirnorChasn actually did t ropct
a " sjttcm," woa not Treasury notes, ba- i -which,
while ba-ej upon n-tlonl 3'uckr, i
hld by at Tica'nry Department In tiui- l.u.
security of tlntr payment, sa uld ba l"uel
banking a-s:c ailons.anlbs.by ihtmn-l-e r,. :
Iaspecl3 on demand :"jt.w au;h ii Guver i r
Chaa proposed, havo not a tloglo fea'a'o 1 1
cemmsn with lie prestst treasury nitcs
GcvernwrChtSi'j plan becano laprastlw
bio by the general euspeosl n or pavmct by
the bancs. It bcicg lmpotiible thai cnieri
ble cjrrency, each as he risggeaieil, coul 1 fL 1
any field while tbo idlnary bank oirn'.; ,
was iLconverllblo ui.d deprectat d
Another featuro of Governor GU i t ,
nalpun, (r 'systitn,' vns the grid il p
prts'iou cflbe circulation of all paptrui i
except ttio r.otts bifid upon nailonil i i.
In ctLrr noid', bii proposed, not lu u I '
new no cj to th old m us 1 1 o.roul stli g p ,nt
currency, bul to eubj.liuto one It nd o! n. -j
for anomer wiibut Im, oi-u tbe aggrt iio
Tho Treasury no ts, as wo aotu .1 y b .vt, lleui
ut tho result cf nee miles ub.c'i o . r
powtrltJg They have worked weU lu prat ie
and are satisfactory UMht cmntry 1 , ; ( t .
able that the depreciation of the ordinary i
I cr money tflhecountty b-lowtbeKolo nun
urd, would have been qalto us groit u u id i
not a tingle Treagury note had aver bron I
aed Nj olschM h.,3 so far follownl i r
Issue, acd we havo troublts enough u n il
without borrowing any Iioqi th future
We rtel-t d stojt'y tba I t il tondt-r cl mn '
of thelreasury noi art and still lullive n
tohava been uonic esary Hut notes e,f tl at (
description having trtn allyambr z duud
Issued, we shall i qually rtli iulr withdraw!
from circulation, titept by processes il ffjstd
nver u long epaoeel tim A cinao . f nr.i
t rl Is not to bo thought u until uti-r i!
ctupleie rcestablisbment of eac
The republicans have elected four ar.d the
Dsmocrats two members of Congress In Wis 1
consin I
lie Cntton Furnlne nnrt CoSSon In Otn
A computation has been made that the loss
' r 'cs to the cotton operatives In Lanca-
' u, the great seat of the Hritl'U cotton
ijfatttire, nnJ In tho tradei dependent np-
1 1 it manufacture, amounts wexkly to two
'r cl tliou'Mid poundj Bterllnir, or n mil-
i 1 Ihrj. 1 his !o- fulls upon thoo wLo
lntlo able to bear It, and Is a considerable
in itntlf, bnt furnishes n ery inadequate
i ie tor Eogland to go to wur for the fake
0 fitting American cotton. To say nothing
I q gnat doubts whether that Is the nay to
1 1 it w tr with the United States would cost
1 :!tm i ten times as much as the comfortable
upj i tt.of nil her cotton operatives in eutire
J i net!
WLile English oiieratives liovo lost and ore
1- 1 1 bv the cotton famine, the cotton mann-
i iiiOrs In Eogland have gained enormouly
I ii intueihiYolnthiscountry. AnEnplUh
miiioiitj Sir James Elphinstone, computes
ibigmnat one hundred millions sterling, or five
hundred millions of dollars, being about the
iidJiliun mad3 to the British national debt by
k Cnmtonwar Sir James says that the
r plish c itton manufacturers had overstocked
I I wo-!d with their goodi, asd tbat It was only
h troubles in America that saved that bull-
ic l.onitbe greatest revulsion which has
tier tisifd it
t-i u Vra writers cocsole themselves for the
1 1 kad by urging this same view of the case
jpjl cj to Southern interests, tbat tbeuntnter-
rut d supply of cotton would have resulted
1 1 a.u Lw prlcts ts to hive mined the plant-
i"- I hiy argue that the coerced fupsnsion
, Litton raising for one or two years will so
x"i iu- stocks, both of tbe raw material and
' i lintiUacture, as to insure profits for a
t p r,od to the planting intirtst.tnore than
1 1 indemnify it for present lojsea.
I 1 p'ain enouieh at whose expense these
a r 1 are been realized by the cotton mann
f ii aur, and aro anticipated by the cottoa
I lantt-r. It Is the consumers who bear tbe
u'dcj The taou'dsrs upon which it falls
r treroti" embracing pretty nearly ths civ
t p Hu'ation of the globe. No region Is
s i at tant as not to be reached with cotton
r od lrd ter tribes of men are so little civ
; ' i not to Dee them to a greater or less
; Manj e. littlo makes u mckle, and
r h v.bole wor'd of mankind to levy tbe
r i i pan, a lew manufacturers and planters
r-rli enrlch'il without Rrlevous or uneniu
r ' arJ hip to anybody
I i j t,tt so certain, however, Southern
rr ter- seem to assume, that these reuonably
'id luture profits of cotton ratsinp! in
' i t jjct-y ure to be monopolized by elave-
..tr Free labor may gain n part of it,
pir j3 lue wbo'e of it There Is noagncul-
n r -t t.-e North so remunerative os tbe pro-
t i ti s i f cnttOD, aud as nothing but nhvery
1 i t Northern laborers out ol the tottou
Li- '.of jrc, they will bj tery certain
r in oit ifalavery is overthrown. There
i it' c i ton lands in Texai, sufiicitnt to
r i " ta -o the crop ivir raised in the in
i .t - utb If the exptditlyn paid tobeubout
t i ti 'hat ' purfidious ' region to the nu-
c i f ne nation ehould prove to be a
,i prtfitsnf cotton planting may fall
I ,r 1 udti
oici iincnisiii t'livn.
ti rms are upplled to individuals by
tlcut much regard to thtirStne's A
v i would uad r the warpuwer of the
iiu. i n e bulih slaver and thns pave the
. u nnJ sure peace, by ridding the
I uJi
Le only thicg that could embroil us,
no pc rl , lu a civil war, is called a radical,
II d no :LCtd a a dangerous man and is to
V ,. p , o -:
0 .Lc oil er land, the man who would tight
ut ul ci. 1 war, eabdue the Sooth, restore
XTouj "is it vra," tit,d leave slavery in
tat .' conjSrvatlve
I ij ht'.e- class are coming Into power, and
i 'er Dicembr, 1663 we may expect this
H t, 1 1 f He; resentatives Just elected to pat
u. t j tht wotk of restoring the Union
. ... ir if tbe rebellion shall not have
j1 ..t done before. We can, therefore, af-
ii d i wait acd sec how this conservative
i .-'- v.,.1 go about tbe business of charming
1 .. ci it stctt'lon into submission, or how
iji . 1 1 tiorcUe this fell spirit. Iuthemeau.
i.t i" r rill continue end the radicals
u l 1 1. it rest tbey can to proccuto tba
wii. vsuL vigor till the reins drop from their
n oi Wc ere radical enough to believe tbat
i i U.,n can never be restored the Union
.. i w with slavery in it. It may be in form
j it i ki.. bs no Uuion. Such a Union tan
. : 1 1 p irt free and part slave There is
l :-tp'is.ibla conflict"
iUf, n radical npon this subject tromne-
c:. y, -r.d every truly loyal man will be ere
l j An institution like human slavery can
no. t.itivt, such a revolution as is now upon
Compn iniso out tf tkw Clutsllun.
T i d uinu, which ixtsted to an extent
uCi t . to detlde several recent Northern
It i that tie rebellion would Ix. volun
i ti p If the Republicans were vo
' i i i i Ural power, will be soon dissi
lai'ci ! ir u' 'Iro rebels, insitad of be-
g lioitiiuttd i ill lie emboldened, and
jtai ixc pt upon tht aliamelul basis of re
lO.'t in tLcir Independent., will require
cuatir in liury tftorts than befon
I Ir Bii htiord IIVnj, of the 30th ot Octn-
! H
roticliig ppeccbes of Jlesis fcey.
1 1 Van Buren, in which tbe people ol
i i toll that, il they would only
Democratic tiokit, the rebellion
i qu uly yielded, scouts and spurns
WOU '1
i "
i tho following language
I i. b ' all shudws of upltiion, in
v ' t-s ltd belter make up their
t t i um on that hits taken plate
i o rj , ui d ik tinnl Wn are as wide
i i i nun imdnHiiir We are uk dir
i i la In rt. IjUtk m uiU,orUllc BS
n i y i ah t Binr n uqiier, t-or
, i " us lulu rem, in Ibuooior
rti in b tin uoj e hi a dbird n tbu bf
t.t tj lu i f r ti,eui Rethink no Lbtter
ol ii,i p iiiiiMunn wuen comlu from ' con
st it u to-i-t,mirgfrriiiriidicim ' "
uj n iio' r Orlolt.lrim Kawbrru on the
i . ii liiltir.s Inlet on Ihn 2d, arrivid lu
,Nc V I isttrday mornlnis Au i xpedltlou
1- ..ii have lift Newbern for some unknown
(Jams speculations are rlfo In this oily In re
gard to a change in tbo Cabinet.
Soma one Is to succeed tbo late Judge Hunt
ingdon as Associate Justice of the Supreme
Court of Indiana, and Mr. Smith, Secretary of
the Interior, Is named for tnat place. In oase
of his appointment (hero will be n vacancy In
the Cabinet, and Governor Morton, Assistant
Secretary Usher and Judge Otto, of Indiana,
lira named as the successor of Mr. Smith. Either
ot them gentlemen will make u good appoint
ment. Twelve pairs of boots, containing twelve
bottles of whisky, were taken from beneath the
clothes ot n lemale smuggler at Memphis, re
cently, just as she was passing Into Dixie
It la supposed by some that there Is u good
deal ol Union sentiment In the South, Wo
douht It It has not yet been seen In any place
where cur forces have. possession. We don't
believe It exists
The South must be conquered, subdued, sub
jugated The people in the loyal Stales have
declared lu favor cf the restoration of the De
mocracy to power Let us see what will be
the efTed of this change, and what new moves
the restored Democracy have to propose
Are the Democratic generals who have
proved significant failures, egregious humbugs,
to be kept In power by Democratlo Influences?
Wo shall see
The New York Herald recommends a meeting
cf thu recently eleoted self styled conservative
and Democratlo members ot Congress In New
Tork elty, for tbe purpose of Instructing the
President In regard to the prosecution of the
war, and the proper construction of his Cabi
net Wo think the present Chief Magistrate of
the nation will wait till these gentlemen meet
at the Capitol before he makes baste to obey
their beh sts Tbat rtntgade old Scotchman and
traitor, James Gordon Bennett, Is t ot, through
such miserable tools as Ben and rernando
Wood and Jim Brooks, tbe dictator fust yet. Mr.
Lincoln will prosecute the war and attend to
the duties of his high cf!l;e without listening to
what such men as constitute tela new Congress
may say In an uncfllalal capacity. That House
does not govern the country till it corn-s into
power In accordance with tbe Consiltutimi
General McClellan was iu Ashby'a (Ian on
Wedneday. The rebels did not conimt with
our troops for the possession ol this pl;v
General McClellan has been making obstrra
lions of the Fhenandoah Valley fritu the top ol
the Gsp
Generals Pleasantou uud Avrrlll now hold
tbe approaches to Manassas and Cbt-eter Gaps,
on the left of the Blue Ridge luountaiu
A skirmish occurred at New Baltimore, on
WeJnesday The enemy was driven Irom the
Our troops iirocn-d d u lihlu a she rl distune-'
of Warrenton yesterday The) met tbe rebels,
aud a short but sharp tight took plac Our
batteries opened upou them, unl they ser,i
forced to retreat into narrtrtou In gnat dU
1 here is uui- curium circumstance cinuectoil
with the lecent electincs which h reCHrksble.
Tbe Iree Slates hav beeu ,ej-tiiug what they
are pleated locall rudltul men, while theblates
ot M'ssnurl noil Dr. aware stem lo have gone
tor radlcil rien li is now mild that K. P.
Blair Is displaced by tho eleotio'i ot n more
radical man Henrj T Ulow, u radical Repub
llcan, Is eleoted h tl nt Sta'e. It is thought
that r Isher, Republican, i elected lu Deluwtro,
lhere ore many persons who tell ui that the
rectnt elections ore rebuke to the I'realdcut
and the Administration lor not prosecuting the
war with more vlgcr, uud jet Ihaso i-tj par
sons are tbe most ardent admirers or General
McClellan, aud lnal-t upon it, ttit he shall be
retained at the head ol Ibe army. Why should
the Administration be blamed foralownesnand
want of vigor, when, aa far as can be known,
th rain whom they laslst upon Ut plog with
the Potomac army u tbeiaueol this ilelajt
Perhaps Ihia can tin exp.alLe 1
Msior Genernl J II ltlcbardojn died ui imli'owliere lu tbe ouuntry, perhaps, can bis brll
wounds received at tb hmile ot Autwtam on'
the 4th Instant -
Seymours tusjouiy lu New Vurk wil) not
exceed 6,000 in tho wholt stale Tho cffljlal
count, It is ibought, will -how ihls
1 he New Yoik i77ciM Is doi. a upon Us newly
elected members of Cojgrtss It sayr . ' Ter
nando Wood and James Brooks art the only
very smart men nil tbt oiher d Ifgites are
mere nlnoompoopa, exce.H Deacon llerrlck.vtho
Is worsd than a nlnoomponp
The ciut. ot Ihe United biutes steum trtgate
Minnesota lecently arilved at BaatoL. aro lo
have a public inception at Fuumill Hall
Wn trust that no deceut member ot the new
Cungnss will, ln atcordsucu v I 111 the sugges
tions of ihe New York Htrald, coi nut to fol
low tbo advlcu o Benuet, und fall lu under tbe
leadership of euah men as Jim Brooks and Per
nando Wood, for the purposo of rullcg ih i Pres
ident and the couutiy beiorn they can aot effl.
inouicbmonit WMg says lu ocieinrj
UWarkdi caused an order to m isamd lo
ofQoers commanding camps ut luttiuoilou to
cause tbe fcurcjnuijt of canscrip s id be exiendtd
to all men not subjeot lo eieicptio i who ate
between eighteen and forty five ymia cf aye
It caunot be disguised ibat the, law iiLder which
Ihls is done is unpopular, If not odious among
a lart.e cless of the people
General llunlir will ut out letiiru to Port
Royal and tesuuie his command iu the Depart
ment of Ibe South Geo Milchil was not the
aotual corn-nar der, havag been sent only leui
porarily, while Gen lluulir uca on Important
bu-lneaa ut Vtnuhlugton
Thtro was a great ruti lu it e cu.toin house
pi New York, on Wednesday lo procure pobtsl
curreuoy oud Ihe excitement was biiih The
provost marebal s uld ha I lo li s n foi to
priten i iritr, and wt re ooiupelle 1 tu ust tbe
butt ends ol Ihelr uiusknti to Uj p the oiowd
PaoratETiKV ansii-d -The Acting Commls
rloner ot Interunl Rjitnue, C V stee, bii
has wrlileu the lullowing to William Ii Utile
nss-sor tor the third dl.irlct of Marylun I
Ihe law requires Ihul slumps should be iiied
on proprietary articles autr ihe 1st ol Septtni
ber; bul It waa found Impracticable to supply
the stamps by that date ; benco inanulacturers
of proprietary articles wero Instructed to keep
account after September 1st, uud to make, re
turn to this ofllcu of all mob goods sold or re
moved without stamps, together with u rum
equivalent to tbo amount of the stamp tax upon
them li Is expected that every isauulaoturer
of proprietary articles will comply with ttha
spirit of these Instructions '
r rom present appearances, wo Judge there
will, at present, be no llghtlog In front. Leo
and h a army will retreat upon Richmond, ami
go Into winter quarters there.
It Is the purpose of Jeff. Davis to lead our
army on, to divide our forces If he can do so
conveniently, and to harrass portions nf our
army. One thing be means to do, and that Is
to put us to all the expense he can, and thus
worry us out nod make tho Northern people
thoroughly sick ol the war; not to effect n
oempromlse, as the Northern peace parly sup
pose, but to srenre the Independence of the
This la the entertainment to which the North
em Democracy are Invited.
Will they accept tho proposals and pait In
peace, even before taking Richmond, as John
Van Baren proposed ? We shall see. We may
lock for aotre curious developments when this
Democratic parly, with the discontents who
have Joined It, come to the serious considera
tion of the question of letting the South go
The Homli mean Independenca of the North;
but the Nonbern Democracy mean compro
mlsotosave the Union, with new guarantees
to slavery. The struggle will be an Interest
ing one.
mr. Buchanan and Sir. Iswuril.
A friend writes us from Washington, under
date of
"Icbsdat, Nov. 4.
"Tht, controversy raised by the publi
cation of (Jen. Scott's letter In the Washington
inletlissnor the other dar la likely to lead to
some interesting revelations by the exasperat
ed 'Old puouc lunciinnary, huu, u ir j.uu-d,
has boen for some tlmo preparing a defence of
bis cowardly conduct, and means to whitewash
btrrself If possible.
"Be cannot persuade auy une that be acted
patriotically, or with dsoent ability, or that he
was not the pliant tool or the traitors and con
spirators with whom be surrounded himself.
Bat Is seems that bo means to prove tbat other
prominent men were no less cowardly nor moro
cspablothan te.
"Mr. Uuohauan, it Is said by persons who are
likely to be well Informed, asserts positively,
for Instance, that he consulted Mr, Seward oon
tlnually during the last four months of his ad
ministration; and that be did not undertake
anvihintr In reeard to the rebellious movement
durlrg Ihose lour months from the time of
Mr. Lincoln's election tin nis installation, mat
Is lo say without previous full consultation
with Mr. Seward, and enly with the full appro
val of thnt gentleman.
1 Ami that this Is not mere gossip would seem
terialn Irom the fact tbat one of the most re
spectable citizens of Washington, one who bad
good i pporiutltles for knowing the fs.it, a
sures his f-lends that be s.nou, and from both
tiio parlies Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Seward
that II la true.
"If Mr. Buchanan will make this fact liubllt.
a large put ef the udlum resting hitherto on
him will be carried to Mr. Seward, and Justly,
toot for it was an honorable act in the outgoing
President thus to advise with him who was
held then tho loader of the party coming Into
power; and, in acting only with Mr. Seward's
consent, Mr. Buchanan did next to thn ticil
thing ho could under the ilriumstanoes tbo
best thing the weak and puling old man was
capable nt. Rutin that rase, u but shall wn
think ofMr. bewardT" iceninj i'oti.
The above curious letter iu simply tho fig
ment tf tome ni-ius bralu. Ibero can be uo
fouuitn'it n in sach a story. We vory much
dmibt wtitihti Mr. Buchanan would have con
suited Mr. Seward, and It he had, Mr, Seward
would have given no such udvice Mr Sew
ard doublless kaow the position he was to Lold
In Mr. Lincoln's Administration, and, besides,
Mr. S. Is a staesruau, and Is loo wise in be a
party lo uny euoh programme The story is a
Cpiislm W. Cocldock. It is now eight or
nlno years ago, perhaps more, since Miss Char
lotte Cushman introduced to the American
publlo a tragedian, selected by hersolf from
among the actors of England, for tho express
purposo of playing the opposlto charactors to
her during her tour through tho Union. Mr,
Uouldockwas at that time, wo bcllote, ctm
paratlvely unknown, eien ln his native toun
try, and appeared among us, therefore, without
the preslioe much more influential ln its effect
upou tho American iudgment then than it now
Is of a European sucoess. Vet, notwlthstaud
ing tho modesty of his de-out, bis sucoess was
marked and euduriog. Sinco that perlcd, tho
play goers of tbo Union have fully and unro
ssrvedly endorsed the high praise which Miss
Cushman Is uuderslood to have awarded Mr.
Couldoch, of being the best actor, sae Mr,
Macre idy, who had et visited our shores, and
Hiax m"M c"nn""ld wanner appreciation
U"lD here ln Washing., n.
ma engagement ai roru lueaire, tumuieua
lug on Monday evening noxt, and followlug iiu
mediately upon those ot the vivacious Miss
Mitchell, and tho brilliant iUveltroupo, cannot
fall therefore tu elicit iroiu our community,
renewed expressions of the appreciation and
favor wltu which tbey have heretofore c lib
erally recognised the Intelligent erfms of Mr.
Ford to administer to their entortalnment.
Mr. Couldock, who will be professionally as
sisted by her daughter, a young actress of fine
promise, It Is said, commences bis engagement
In the deeply Interesting domestlo drama of
'The Willow Copse," tbe ohlef role of which
the bonest bearted rustlo, "Luke Floldlnz" is
justly esteemed as among the most vltid aud
pathetic realizations of character which the
American psopto have ever been called upon
to applaud,
Saul, TQCABSABSih. The execution of young
Saul, a noted river thief, lu New York, for mur
der.ln May, 1655, will, perhaps, be remembersd
by many of our readors. The youth of the
felon, bis antcoedenls ruid hia general hearing,
attracted to him a larger share of popular sym
pathy than ic-olten bestowed, even In this age
of morbid sympathies, upon i criminal su
steeped In orlme. In bis remarks upun Ihe
scaffold, a few minutes prior to being hurled
Into otornity, Saul said be had never In his
Ufa experienced a oompunollonof oinscleuoe
but onto, und that was while wlluessiug a rep
resentation of tho great moral play known as
"The Six Degrees ot Crime." Our romem
brai.ee ot the olrcumstanoe la revived by the
aiinountemont tbat thlscelebrated playistube
produced on Saturda) night, in magnliloent
t In. nt Ford's theatre, In this city.
Cm iMVMU, or tus. " -'SO" It will be. u
matttr ol surpriao lo many of our readers tu
kuow Ibat Capl. Semmes, ot the rebel steamer
' iiu," or the Alabama, has a daughter re
ceivlng ber education iu Ihls county She is
Ihe youngest daughter ot Ihe captain About
Ihno wttke ago, sbo riceived u letter, and a
remitlauce ol money, Irom her lather. Two
older daughters, Kate and hlcclrla, were at
the same plaoo one year ago, one ol tbem gru
duallog there. Tho wile ol the oaptain aud
Ihe daughters just mentioned aro now residing
lu the city ot Washington Previous to the
rrbelllon this family resided In the State of
Alabama PAlfi. no
li in aioenulued thai the New loik Legis
lature It Republican, unl Gen Wadsworlh is
talked cl us tin- succishoi ol Preston King
We would Itko 'u sert It dune
b tula IjOuIiiIIu
Loo aviu.1., Nov 6 Ui I Lnrran Pope died
kern to day
A strong Uniou ioios will commence repair
ing the Louisville and Nashville railroad, with
in Ihs State of Tennessee, to-morrow.
Special Comspondsnot of lbs Phil's Inquirer
Firnrix 0. II., Va., Nor.6. C a. in.
This Place waa all aglow Yesterday with
bustle, confusion and exoltement. The troops
remaining here were making preparations for
an early departure this morning.
The sutlers and dealers in small wares com
menced packing their goods preparatory to
transporting them. Fairfax's main avenue
during tho whole day was devoted to wheeled
vehicles awaiting inese goods, rne road was
literally crowded, and the cxpUtlves used by
one driver towards another, for slight encroach
ments, were more expressive than complimen
tary. 1'rovlslon bad also to be made for the sick
Of Ibese there were nearly eight hundred. Dr.
Rex, the medical director, sent over one hun
dred nnd fifty of the Invalids to tbe hospitals of
Alexandria, loose remaining are mosuy con
valescents, who will soon be well enough to
n J jln their regiments, and others who were too
ill to bn removed.
Dr. Thorn has been detailed to stay at this
place for the purpose of attending to Ihe sick
men leu oeoioo.
It cannot be lorg before there will be excit
ing news from the advance. II there be not a
ballle soon, It will be because the rebels evado
Th- victories of tbe past lew days, though
slight when taken singly, amount to consider
able when viewed collectively. They ase pre
cursors to a glorious and great victory for our
arms. It Is hardly likely that the Impending
battle cau bo long staved otf
Siabl and Sohurz drove the enemy Irom
Thoroughfare Gap, and now hold It. This Is an
acquisition of much more Importanco than
many, unacquainted with tho country, would
lha enemy has been completely routed from
oeiween aianassis ana snorouguiare uap.
Special Dlspatchss to the Star ol lsst evsnlag
THimocorjmk Gap. Va , Noi . t, We learn
hern tbat General MtClellan and slafl arrived
lat evening: at Rectortown. near Front Royal
Gap, en Ibis (Manassas Gap) railroad, and
makes bis headquarters thero for Ibe time be
ing, it will inus Be perceived mat bis army
Is making progress down along the ridge
Nothing of particular Interest occurred Im
mediately along the rldge Yesterday, that we
have been able to learn, except the general
progress of our nrmy indicated by General
Mculeiian s coauge or nis headquarters men
tloned ubove.
The Impressiou prevails here that he will
probably dispute the possession of the upper
vauey wun i.eo, oy operations mrougn tne
Blue Rldge Gap, immediately In front of blm;
though as yt the fact is not known here pool
Mimssas Junction, Nov. fi Gen. Sickles
last Mveutog returned from making a recon
puissance In force In front, having penetrated
as far rs Calleti's station, driving In Ihe scouts
and pickets of the rebels back on Warrenton
Juootlou, where the enemy are not supposed lo
bo In m i j lore. My belief Is. that by to
nlsrht, or very shortly afterwards, that point
(Wurientoii Jurction) will bo occupied by his
lriops, who io about to push out from here
somewhere In fore Nothing occurred of par
tlcnhr in'i lest duriug the last reconnotssance
Irom Ihs London Arasrlesa
America bcfuse Kuruiie.
What is tbe crime of our country' What
will explain the deep and determined hostility
which inspires almoBt the entire press of Great
Britain, and the vast msjorltyof her publlo
men It cannot be that tbey do not compre
hend tho facts upou which a correct Judgment
of the OHbe must rest. These are fow and easi
ly mastered Between the loyal States of our
country and those now In rebellion. It is noto
rious there existed one uimcuity and one only,
calculated to endanger the permanent peace
and prosperity of America. That dlfllcultv was
slatery. In later years this has been tho one
sourco or section ii animosities ana or parly
strife. Those animosities have been embitter
ed, and that strife rendered tenfold more fierce,
by the dtreot Influence w blob Eogland has con
stantly brnuzht lo bear upon us as a people.
Wo wero over taunted with tbe reproach of
slavery; urged and ro urged lu the language of
entreaty anu remonsirnnce m caai u on. we
did all we oould. From constitutional limits
lions, wo oould not interfere, as a nation, with
Ihu local status of tho institution. But we
could seek to educate public sentiment, to
create a higher moral-tooling among tho pen
pie, and this wo did.
Ardirore.wo could vow and maintain that
thoso virgin ilalns which belonged to tbe
nation should never be blighted and tursed
nith the miserable inhorltanoo bequeathed to
the onginsl Stales by the mother country. Wo
did a i, and hence onms war. When the results
bri ko up n us, we instinctively turned to those
who had Instigated and encouraged us ln tho
course, at least for sympathy if not support.
We need Dot put the answer in words. It has
been burnt Into every loyal American heart.
Il will liiko geueralli ns to efface it. And now
uo have come to see w herein our confidence was
misplaced. As John Stuart Mill has observed
In his ble article lu Ihe Westminster Review,
wnh Englishmen of Ibis generation, ooposltlon
lo slavery Is a sentiment rather than a convlc
lion. O'd forms of speech remain in vogue,
bul they have list tho clear ring of honesty,
and tho Intense feeling they had when thoy fell
from tho lips of Clarkson and Wllherforce and
Granville bnarpe.
W o do not complain that the issuo has oome.
It ndghl havo boon delayed, or it might have
como In another form, but It was inevitable.
Wo do complain, however, that thosowho have
contributed so powerfully aud incessantly to
bring It about, sh uld now turn round and
malign us in ibe agony of our distress.
Our crime Is another. Englishmen bad no
Idea, nheu urging on the ami slavery aglta
lion, thai m the eventual conflict another Issue
would Bupervene, before which their love for
tho slave would decline and expire. But pre
cisely to this point have they oome. They
would rather seo lbo Uulted States humbled
and enfeeb'od by the dismemberment of her
territory, than the Integrity of her power
should be maintained by doolarlng liberty to
tho slave I The very men who orled "flat )us
(itta.ruatcalum," have dlsoovered tbat both
justice and mercy fwriild emancipation, and tho
oolumns of English Journals are filled with
apologies tor slaveholders onoo current ln the
press ot Charleston or Now Orleans, It Is the
stern and doterm nod altitude or tbe loyal oltl
2eus of Amerloa to maintain the honor of their
Government and the integrity or the national
domains that nils the minus or Engusn writers
and spoakora wllu such a deadly hostility.
Uadne consented to surrender all that the
South demanded, then It would have been al
leged that Republicanism had failed to create
public spirit und patriotism, and that Demo
cratic institutions constituted merely a rope
of sand whloh the spirit of faoilon might, ut
any moment, sovcr with impunity. Those who
havo pleaded for such a surrender give our
people oredlt for n hasouess of soul to whloh
they can lay no claim We can, at least, insist
on this high honor (or our country, that, In her
keeping, Ireo institutions have shown a
streugin andouslstenoy whloh monarchy has
often ooi clod In vain. All the virtues tbat go
to mako a people great, aud aoatlon enduring,
have boen almost prodigally displayed by
Amerloau citizens In this bluer struggle, and,
In thoso virtues, we find the sure ground of an
uuabated confidence thai peaco shall only he
pledged uer the grave ot treason and rebel
lion. "ItLtoaTaccTiow." The Cincinnati ifoaut
res whose senior editor used to vote ln Don
gross lo exoludo slavery from tbe Territories
by aot of Congress has tbe following
"W uicu was ins Bsar Umon MinI We ovor
heard a conversation rucently beiweon u cou
pie ofgoutlumen of opposite politics, which
shows which parly Iswilllngtomako the great
est sacrifices for the Union, lbo abolitionist
Insisted that thu Democrat was pot a good Union
mau, whereupon the Democrat told him that
bo great was his lovo for tho Union so desi
rous was be to save it that, If It oould not be
saved in any other wu) , he was willing to al
low negro slavos lo bo taken into all tbe States
und territories Tho abolitionist declared
that, before be. would mako that sacrifice, he
would lei the Union slide. Thus It Is that Dem
orratlu Unionism stands the tost, while Aboli
tion Unionism lades away."
We hato always believed that the Demoora
no parly were ready to mako slavery univer
sal if required, and hero Is one proof of it. The
pi oof attorded by our past history that the
Union cannol be saved by oonoessions to tbe
slave power Ibat the more you make, the
more are required li utterly lost on suoh
moles a Ihe writer of tbe above, but tbe coun
try will yet realize and respect It. Au ror.
Xvtoart fxroc-1 o Otravoz-t-
Corresponder.ee of Ihs Assoolatcd Press
Oainisviili, Nov, 0. Oen. Slgel has su far
recovered his health as to be able to visit Tho
ronghfare Gap to-day.
Tbe cars are running on tho Manassas road
to White Tlalns, beyond Bull Run range.
The pickets of Blgel's and McClollan's com
mands met to day.
Tbe affair of the conflagration at Uaymarket
la being thoroughly Investigated by Provost
Marshal Robinson, of Blgel's oorps. Several
witnesses were examined to day, hut no deci
sion was arrived at.
All is quiet along the loll v. lug ef the Army of
the Potomao to-day.
, i
miclllrzstn Selection.
Detroit, Nov. It, The Republican majority
on the State ticket Is claimed to he five thou
sand. The following Congressmen are oleotedi
First district, Beaman, Republican, la probably
elected by two hundred majority ; second, Up
son, Republican ; third, Loogscan, Republican ;
fourth, Kellogg, Republican. Tho Fifth and
Sixth districts are doubtful.
Missouri selection
Sral.ioriion, Mo., Nov. 6. There aro two
Emancipationists eleoted from the county.
The returns Indicate tho election of Colonel
Boyd, radloal Emancipationist, In this Congres
sional district, by one hundred majority.
Oelsawsare selection
WiL-iMoro'e, Dil., Not, 6 The official vote
of Delaware shows that Cannon, the Union
candidate, Is eleoted by one hundred and
eleven msjority. Temple, Democrat, is elected
to Congress by twenty three majorll) Two
thirds of tbo Legislature are Doraooratlo,
"lew York Klertlou.
Alsaht, Nor. 6. The Alias and Argun news
paper figures up tonight 11,900 msjority for
Seymour. Assembly 63 Democrats and 63 Re
publicans full.
, , i
Ueatti of tieii. c, II. Janilcton.
Uanoor, Maino, Nov. 0 General Charles II.
Jamleson died at bis residence, at Oldtnn n, to
day. He has been failiug In health since the
battle ol Fair Oaks.
Han tR-tACiaoo. Nov. 4 Uus.Deer) , hllahilv
mom animated Sa es ol 1 000 boxes of Cin
clonal! candles at 16c ; 200 bales of gun-lea
ai lao-uneu appies, izc ; ouuer zee ; WDeat,
i oujitio co nee, 203 ; iiops uun anu unouoing;
domefttls liquors, ditto
Thirteen thousand dollars hav bern con
trlbuteil to tba National .Sanitary tuod
Siodwlcb Island ditts to the 11th of Octo
htr hare been received. Tho flnt bale ot rot
ton from Mnlakl bad been received. Tbe
Honolulu Island newspapers oootafn rtate
meota that cotton growing will soon become
Capl. Walter Las establl'-htd tt cwlony of Mor
mons on Lahla Island, causing much newspa
per comment.
Tbe Aire r lea tin Iu Honolulu bad contributed
two thousand dollars townrd the National San
Itary fund.
Sin iniNUdCO, Nov. ft 'lhere I-t a mode
rate trade doing, wltb a good demand for gro
ceries The Governor ha ttppolntc.1 the 271.1 ol No
vember as Thanksgiving dny.
Tho roll of the new cavalry company organ'
Izlng fn thlr) city to go east, to join the Maa.-a-chueetts
regiment, la full, and $25,000 are ap
propriated from the city treasury towards pay
ing tbelr passage.
Tits War In PJlsioiirl.
KiNSii Citv, Nov. A -Ttj .allowing dis
patch U just received.
Camp Ccktis, Jaikson Citv, Nov. 4
3b Major General Curtis:
For nearly a week I have pursutd Qmntrell's
band of guerillas, with Kansas cavalry.
Captain Cbepnut, company A, Twelfth Kao
sas, with one piece of artillery, under Lieut
Hunt, were with me. We killed two, captured
one prisoner and over una hundred horses and
mules, and have driven the marauders out of
this part of tbe State.
They are in full retreat tuwurds the South,
and It is evidently their intention to revrh Ar
kansas No carnalities on our ttdu
A considerable number ol contraband me
accompanying us to Kansas
Thomas T. lUsitu,
Meuteimnt Colonol Commanding
Fruin Kurtreii Monroe,
FoBrRK33 Monuos, Nov. 5. Mrs. I'iKK"tt, lir
on, three daughters and all her slaes were
arrested on Wednesday nlftht by tba rebels,
and taken to Richmond. Mrn, P. Is h widow
lady, resldtug about nine miles above Willi imi
burg, and a sister of Judge L. J. Bowden. Her
only offence, as far as knowo, ts that ber broth
er is an uncompromising Union man.
Measures have been taken to proouro tho
liberation of this family.
Tbe steamboat Express left fortress Monroe
at 9 o'clock this morning, on a flag nf truce
mission to Aiken's Landing. The officer Id
ohargels Captain Mulford. of tho Third New
York regiment. Tbe steamer took up 160 rebel
prisoners, most of them badly wounded.
Tfte Frenoh Consul at Rich mood also went up
on the Express.
Naal. -Acting Master Win It. Downs has
been ordered to the command of the barque
Kestlers, at Port Royal.
llurrlbls TrgS(l3r ut Jfurt CIlntuiL ihim
bit Jtiartfer anil &uloid.
Viom the Cleveland lUraM
A horrible tragedy occurred at Fort Clinton
on Friday last, the 31st nit. Kirly on Friday
morning, Mr. T. J. Kirk, living a few rods east
of ton corporate limits of Fort Clinton, went
with bis wife and two truall boys to vl-dl
friends at Elmore, Intending to stay a lew
days. Tbe bouse was left In charge ot two
daughters, Alice, aged 15, and Amy, aged 11
years , together wltb an adopted cMUl, Naomi
Knight, aged 18 ye-irs A youag nun, uuraed
Henry Rlquartz, aged about 22 years, who bad
been employed during tho summer, was also
left on the premises.
About nine o'clock lu the morning, ulter tbe
departure of Mr. Kirk, Alice, the elder daugh
ter, went to a dentist to have some work doue.
On returning, between one and two o'clock,
p. m , she found tbe lablo prepared and the
plates having tbe appearance that tbe three,
the two girls and tho young man, bad been to
dinner, but no person was to be Been about the
bouse. An Inquiry was made as to the where
abouts of the other gitls. Hiquarte answered
that he knew nothing about tbem
When night came and the girlB bad uot ro
turned, Alice went to look for them, and met
RluuarU, who then told ber bo had seen them
at their uncle's house in tbe village, and tbey
would soon be borne. Alice went back tu the
house, and ou the suggestion of RiuuaiU Abe
Ut tbe lire andprepared for supper, alter which
she said she would go and accompany the girls
borne. Rlquartz immediately graGpi'd brr by
the throat und strangled her until she bemuie
He then bound btr. huud uud toot, und re
marked that he did not desire to murdvr her,
but onlv wanted to nluce ber 111 sucn a count
tlon that she could not ultirm the neighbors
until ho killed himsdt, then telling htr thai
the other girl would u ver come uuk, nn iiu
her (rood bve und lelt tho hou? He wad met
at the door by u woman who mus going lo the
Douse on uj enanu, uoj wuo ue.it u i.im wnere
the three slrls were lie replied, uu Iu the
chamber. Ou entering che found Alice bound
as described, released ber, und the two started
to alarm the village Uy this time it wan be
tween 5 and tf o'clock. The people ol the II
lace came out and began to enarcb, wheu Rl
quartz was found hanging in the barn, huvlog
been dead about half aa hour. Further eearch
was rewarded by tbe disoovery of the bodies
01 tne two gins in me granary.
The IH&ime classifies the men who voted for
Seymour ns follows
I. Those who "always voted the regular
Democratlo ticket," 200,000.
II. Extras drummed np by Ihe a-soclale I
rumsellors, 20 000
III. Devotees of slsvery and cotton, win!
sympathies with tbe rebellion, and want pr
nt any price, 40,000
IV. Republicans sick uud discouraged at lb
mismanagement nnd inefuclency, through Im
becility ir ireacbery, of tho conduct or tl 4
war, 20 000.
Slk a woman In another column picking
Sambuol Gropes, lur hpeer's Wine It Is a
odmlrable article, used In hospitals, aud by lbs
first (arollles In Paris, London and New tork,
Ih preference lo old Port Wine. It Is worlh A
trial, os It gives great satisfaction If
H-iMnjon, A'oucmoerfilA, 18C2
Releases Irom Ihn drift on the g'ound i f
alienage have been allowed in Ihe following
severs DroflAi
.Lucerne in., Pennsyl'a,
Patrick Klrby
John Psdilen
James Conghlln
John Wood
Geo. Daniel Anohelle,
George Burghard....
James Pogh
Bemhard Wcible....
Matthias Ilcrberger. .
Patrick Donohoo
Valentino Schmidt...
Theodore Croix
Frederick Frey . .
Henry Hes"
Michael GraOo .. .
Franz Sleluer
Frederick B Smith .
Leonard Kopp
Michael Uopslus.. .
.Craw lord,
Will n-9nr uu tiuuJty next In
tiov T St
kJ tne ssmuiyor novtrausr, isci, at 19 o'clock
31 .forpurcaa log all tbeUlilte, Tallow, HoftfiiL.t
il orris or lb Cattle kllU J br the Army cf the To
toteso In the territory embraced )y h Rtppahau
neck and Potomac tlven and tbe Blue ltldgt- aiouu
Ii uLaicnile.ltb.tl the contractor k!.U follow Hj
army aud oolleot tlio bldei and tallow, uoofH an (
ltrrr,t dbhRll lay a certain turn for thcusrllc h
from each artmsl, to be collected at hi ownrbk
lie wbl be charged wlih the artlolet lo eachot
tin cm he can cWarly ibow tbat be was prevrute (
from obtaining them by proper authority.
A bond with gooJ end cuulcleut security will bt
required Ur the fulfillment of tbe contract, and nu
Ma will be entertained from pmioui contrsotcr-i
who have felled to comply wltb ihelr contracts, ana
no bid will be entertained ttnlee the bidder ii preient
to respond to his bid
Iheartloleiof igfemeut. with a b'nd, wilt b
required to b entet ed Into within two dayi from tti 1
opening of tbe bldi
The bide to be directed to Ol A Ueckwllh A
D C acd O 3 , Wanhlogton, D C ,and endorse
Propoeili " nov t
LOST Strayed away ircin 40 h street, between
Sixth end Seventh lait evenlas;, between fix
nd even o cede, a HORKEL HORSE, marked U
cnlefteld, ha ea a McClellan saddle ThMlndtr
will be liberally ro war led by leaving the Hore s
303 O etreet, between Talrteenth and Kour'eeniU
et eeti nov 7 It
1 K REWARD A HORSE itraeed away on
lO tbe eru fnt , coming irom tbe Railroad
Dipottothe Union Uotel, on Sevtntefnth atreet
lb above rewarl will be paid for hi delivery at
said betel Y. KKLLKY
nov T 8
And S1L FK bought at the hi 2 he it price, by
asiLrra,no isrenn avcute
BOARD I NO A very pleaiant room, with good
Hoard, can be had bv a gentleman and wltu, -i
two gentlemen, at No 661 Twelfth itreet, wnt ti l,
smith wtat enmtr fit Mmlthmnlin irrniinit
eouthwest corner of Smttbionlan ground
UUT 1 Ol-
ROOMS TO LET Fbur fcumlabedRoome, wild
or ! boat board, within five minutes' waA
oiTcnrajWaniaavenue Itqule at No 497Mary
) nnd avenue oot 3J tl
Ft) U RKNT-laUBfC ROOMS A privet c
family, ccoupying a New llouie, with Oai and
Water, and bpauitfuily situated, will rent tbrft
rooms to a entiemai and wife. Tbe room ar
large, and ml table to keep bouse A note addreieed
to 'C M ," through the lot Offloe, with reel
name, uill meet Immediate attention and tbe io'iuj
ftiovvn The mot reeptctable refenncei given and
required nov c ?t
J UNI' UIlLsMIVKU Aeplendld lucrtuentot
Imported HAVANA CIGARS, compilelng tti.
mcit levoilte Brandt, also, a large and well sekoted
atcck of Domeetlo Cigars, all of winch we effer lor
sate at unuiuilly low pilcett
00 -T K03 rcnneylranla avenue
E STRAYS Came to the prealiei of the eut
icrlber, ball a mile northweat of Columbian
college, nu No ember 2d. two dry, light red,
horned COWS, one with line back and crumpled
noma Alun, ou the .id of November, one Bel
buffalo COW, atsr In forebesd, betjy and bind tcet
white Tbe owners are requebted to come lor ward,
prove proprrty, pay ohargea, and take them away
nov-3i WM CRUX
WILL.AUDS' IIOTKL, Aaseinlily llooiue.
(Entrance on V atreet )Si LI- t,T DaNi;
I'roieiBor aud teacher In compliance with numer
ouirequeiu.Mr Good all announce-) A OENlLr
ber 7th, at 8 o'clock, ti oon tl Que every Irlluy
Evening lor a termor TWELVE WEEKS Gen
tlemenwill please commence at onoe, as after lw
flret month, Ladiea will be admitted gratuitously
Terms 1 IIQ In advanoe nov e-ct
Military aud Civilian.
WALL, STEPHENS, & CO , etf now rpmlutf
their Tall and Winter Goods, embracing tlut Dre
Coat 1, Doenktn Fanta, Vests, &o A largo and urll
eleotod Ftook of fine heavy Overooita We htw
kleoacsinplete aaiortmeniof Husinera Suits, made
lu tho moit durable manner Officers will find our
Military Uocdi desirous to their wants Heavy
Woollen 11 anketd.loroamousie at reasonable prioes
J -la Ptncaylvanla avnue, betWi-eu
w -7 dtf Ninth and I eotb streets
isrAra-u noiiot..
In oooriequeutiti ol the 1owlm ol tt.e wattr lu tbe
General Reetrvulr It will be necessary, unlem great
eoonomv ol water u praotioed, lor Ihe Governmeut
aoon to shut off the supply to olUxcni entirely
All perfoni are, tuereiore, lorbliden tiue ike
hydrants ou FeuisylvacU evenue, or on any streets
or avenues under the care aid supervision of the
Commliteloner of Publlo Uulldingd, tor watering the
tree' or pavements, or lur uuy private lurpoe
And ad pencil uniug the water are urgLntly soli
Otted to be I fcOouomital ln its ue a poiIM
aep tti ConuuUsluner of Publlo llnildlngii
riUiOiMAHlti. I7oYU.
Attorney for Glaimunta
ano AOKvr you hiootbin'
Uuuuty I
IuihU, PeiislODs, Arrears
of Pa), tillm i'uy. ht.
WAMUNQWlf, i)t a,
Will give piuiapt and ethcient attentlou t iLj
prooecuiiou of Claims of every description ogalut-i
thu Govurnmbut,and make no charge unites n
ccs Ail
110th rifertikst UUd itmryri lor ntrvlOfU Will be IU U
jKT Pensions eecured lor eoidien wuundea or ili-s
eased during the existing war, also, lor th wldui
aud orpbADs of soldiers who L&ve died iruis! wuuu ti
ordUcana incurred while ln the Unittd Siatti-r
vicetslM) Uouruy MtAtey lor the heirs at lewot w.KIUij
deceased during the existing war
cs divided with attorneys or other ptsbu iu
warding buniueBS
Ihe tiigbt prices uld lor Laud Werraui
1HOUAH 1. l,LOVl,
ALornrjffur IHai nar,s
No T6 hevenlh biivw
Wuehlugtou, l (J
N a Lditorsot4t;ers pubUthhig the above uiu
will be entitled to my tervWs to tbe amount ot tlitli
charges T Hj 14
Ui li

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