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? 2
It -'Hill. M wxnx, KIIITlll
Mr The publloatlon emce of the National
BiTtrsLioiN la rat the r.ortl.eaat corner of D aril
Seventh streets, second floor, over W I. Kline
fcard'a bookstore. Entrance on Herenlli el -ti
rdverttaement must bo paid for In atlvanee,
and should bo bunded In be rore 9 o'clock, p. in.,
to enanre thalr sppearsni on the fellowlne
Until th tractlng of Conftre'S, the rrstlceut srlli
cot rece re rbltors after la o'clock ,ra en say Uiy
DOT 4101
'l ltolHarnl nritieKleclloti.
The tffort which Is being made to produce
upon the mind of the President, the Impres
ion that recent election results nre a con
demnation of those in oi.d out of tie Cabinet
who have urged an initant proEecution of tie
war by all legitimate tneubs, will rj.il onl
fall of Its sinister object, but will rrc.nl upon
the inventor. Tbej frill not divert cttcntion
from themselves by this ttale trick of crjlng
"top thii f." The real moral of the lUctiojs
cannot be fuverted in this way.
The Democracy hare everywhere rallied
under the banner of a "more vigorous" prow,
eutlon of the war. We could fill culumo
with the resolutions of their convrr'bis me
vaiih ixtrects irom the spteehes nl their Ired
inir men, all to this ifict and in this 'pint
II D nirrati"FufC8 so won means mibim.
It rrean a curd mention, tor .ft'-"'? er, t rj
ol War, er of other1, whi Lave v i-ci u r- 1 1 '
rocme-tr.s, hut cl aeLerals .i , v b
alow to n d tne sth ch has eicit d "yiuon
t'm cf ili-ir l.iTalty. If tic io, iliiwi cl 1 1.
ar i T e iijaltir wbith nas : i I iu i
the rtceLt poliucal caLva-t" t. , o (tm v
is tie J rt crBT,nuor, iu am c il.
rny, Uj'un-jt wum lb vtr.lici l reni nd
Tie Presiduii, tic 1 tWe, will s.jU-ler-ttai
it 11 ow, I: deed, is it pcf siWe to t,idertii(!
it in any othr way?
'IIB JE FI'lCll.rsc a. I'll . in CL.W
M n ei.
2othicg has been more ptrtiRici'"3lv cuio
of the President's proclamation of i p. .'
than that it is a merepajr affur.a tokenn'
oothirc else, and must bd ebtirelv tarrta ct
nny practical use in subJuim the rbelliu.i,
becausu it rannot become tffjctive nt all mitii
the ribtls are flr.t conquered. It u hardly
conceivable that this is tLe real point of tb
opposition to the proclamation, since tLost
who blieved it to be harmless of any prrtcti
cal consequence-, nould i.ot be likely townm
lest so much heat and an jer as as tn Ur
displayed arjainst the policy of the Ptrsiwnt.
It is, of cour'u, trua that the proclamation
will beco ne core and more operative ns new
portions of the rebel region firc'snbjicted 1
the national control, but it is far from inop
erative even now. Important tiositioi.-. m
nearly nil the rebel States are Leld by oar mil.
itary forces, and pome of them close upon, il
not actually in, the regions most densely pop
olated by tk'.' slaves to whom ?1uh i,rn,ln,,.i.
tiou address. its-lf. Our army holds the coast
o: .o:u ( arolina, Port Rojal, peiivacola
Oalveston, and Xew Orleans, the last city be
log surrounded by plantations. It holds, .Lao,
the greater part of Middle Tennessee land the
whole of Western Tennessee, and withtleaid
of gunboats, the entire Mississippi riverfront
of Arkansas. With our furce3 ut so many
points on the rebel coast, and with our lints 60
extended Into the heart of rebeldom, it ce nnot
be said that a proclamation offering liberty to
all slaves escsping to us, cau be inoperative
It cannot be a i, unless the alaves have lo d s
position to withdraw from their present colMj.
tlon.and if that benessumedtobethecase the
proclamation will ntver Kcome tff-ctive. eveu
if we fully subdue every square mile o( the
All the information we have, howevfr, i
uniform, that the slavis in the vicinity i,f t.i.r
military positions, Blready nt.destar.d tLe t rm
of the proclamation, and are titter maku n
their way into our lints, or are only prcM'.i
ed Irnm doing so by being carried off by tbtir
master. into places of safety.
Thus, the corrcpocdcnt of the Cincinnati
GaztVe, writing on the ltof Xovtmbtrfruiu
Bolivai, TcnLefBee, afur deicribinf the im
oense Union fortifications irectedtttM.ev
"2f"iri7l liKn nip nihetoeani -v ,rk
Jiutrlirni.il bribe ci,r,trt. itj nl , I ,r,
B cltrt lot nr.rr. The (.rniircipHIM.n n c
Unrit, o ii ,.t i,hL a m n,(, Km , i ,
nr. i ir,rl l.k,,te,.,or r ,l n, , he
culll lnk..lr(T ntir.i r, .t 1pr.,Jr. , r,,
proj,nu c i irnl "
A c pnt-pnr.dent of the X Y Uttaii, v.rit.
ing frsra Munptu, Cooler 31, tave:
"I lb- v ii 'v i II-iium' i per, is lr
WTI.fl i it. , , , , , i u .. ,.
Kr.. i o iu v,b e iirc.p. ny I n. d 1 rm
m-irt .. ti 1. 1 i..i M ic ,, n,o , h i
or-rnpt'l nl o.cera c f nif "uim . R . i i, i. .
twri' r "
As a dimepe to the labels, this c mpilsm
upen them to umove thrir ibvei icn r. uwc
placis.n temporarily aluio't as bad 1jih
thtirelavtii altogaher. Th ir labor dasin
be profitably and they nio kipt in p'u-e if
safety, necibsanly at considrrnbl" ezpis'
and only with the hope of hem? mudi ntelui
Polititisca at the Noun may nmure them
Mlvn by eayirg that the oroclamalion is in
operative. The rebels dun't ny fC er,d liny
don't think to, they know ery w.H that tveu
now th? proclamation U a hard blow to il -m,
and that It will lie a ruinous and tatnl i,l,.. ,
the Union armyisubletODeLetratemoreil
Iv iLto their dominions. Tor nn rmt r I
vasion, protecting their right to hold slave-,
they woold care bnt little. liut an army of In
vaslon, efftting liberty to all who debire i'. i
of all things what the South has ri-ason to Imr
and dots fi-nr
tf Wo fulled to ge' our Nw Ycik apxrs
In oonwquenco of the tMimlnir of a brldne Mils
side cf Phlladelphln
Hi.K a woman In m.olbfr column picking
duuibuol Grapes, for peer s Wine li Is no
admirable artiole, used In boipltala.and by the
first families In Paris, London rnd New York,
iu preference to old Port Wine. It la worth a
trial, as It girts great pitlnfactlon I
The telegraph has announced the death, at
his home in Oldtowii, Maine, of Brigadier
General (Jiiauu I). ,)aweo. Hla agewaa
about 35 j ours. 1 Ie was by profession a lum
bennan and merchant.
I'bder Ihe call for throe mouths' troops, the
Hrriiml Maine was the lirst In arrive at the
piiiti'fvnr flu their way hither they vol
uotetml lor thitf m. 01 this loglnient
Janii son was colonel The brilliant conduct
cl himself and his regiment, In the battle ol
Bull Itun, called uttentlou to his name. His
soldierly qualities were marked and striking,
unJ it was halted as a grateful recognition of
n brave and gallant man when the President
promoted liim to a generalship.
It was in the disastrous campaign of the
Pininf ula that he contracted the illness which
led in his death. He was brought to this city
ill, ot the same day w 1th Gen. Palmer. Gen.
Palmer died on the day of their arrival. Ja
inssou, with great native vigor of constitution,
htld out loDger. lie lay tor dajs and weeks
here, vibrating between life and death, till,
on what was thought a favorable turn of his
disease, he proceeded to his home in Maine,
.i here, alter an interval of (months, ho has sue"
cumbed to the fatal typhus of the (Jhickahoui
Inr lie leaves a lovely wife and children a
in it interesting family.
He took part in the early battles of the
I'cnin-ula, but was brought thence ill before
hs engagements which accompanied the re
r. nt to rlarrison'a Landing, He was in the
forefront of the fight at Williamsburg, and
( us the first to enter the enemy'it works at
.h it place.
In civil life, Gen. Jameson was twice hon-ir.-d
with tho nomination of his party as gov
r if ot his native State, Maine in 1861 and
Intrepid, enterprising, but withal judicious
ind full of resources, Gen. Jameson had be
i k him the prospect of a most brilliant mil
iary cstcer, He was one of the fighting gen
eral!. As he, with others ol the salvoed chiefs of
f."irle-9 men who lately have left us when we
co ild havebetU r spared othersof another mould
tlau tht.rs as Le and Kearney and Stevens
bi.uU reach the shores of that dark river made
mocrnful by Cerberus' ceaseless howl, the
? ..1 leg hosts of the bravest dead of all the
pit1 il. ncognue their beaming bbdes, nor
i in tbiyrcek to dispute them place amid
thrir Iront and foremost ranks.
i'nii,riT ok chiton haimnu.
A O'n pondfut of the Cincinnati Qmmtr
c'u r !a I'rf ra Bolivar Tennetree, sjjs :
' h.1 country Is well adapted to cotton oul
Hup ,nl , Kreat many plantations run' as
mum xj ireni oi.o hundred to three hundred
b'tnU IhLfco planUllotm 'make' from one
at dred no tboua ind bales a season. The
, t r. tits t a well regulated plantation is
ii ."i!m!trtune It Is estimated that a1 full
n it il ' un ' te'id ' ten acres of torn and elgbt
i it itiHii every teason, and then secure
'.! - ,el.ili matured t)u some of tho rich
li. i ndt In Mirnlsalppl and Arkansas, they
i-i i kn ilireo hrtles to the acre. One bale
w iM i ere il a Mir average for the olduptar.ds
to iifp.rii.1 InnneHsee. A bale weighs 500
, u il- uoi o or loari. This sometimes runs as
I ..i i - 10 .tnd 12 centri a pound. Lstitaoon
-lil.r .k pi inUtlon runs two hundred full
I .:i r 1 fee It till cotton, Inntoail ot part cot
I i. hi ptrtrorn. Into these old uplands. A
, i ili iicrc. nrd 12 acres to the hand.
Inr f ur nundrd acres. Make It 8 cents a
i xu i tin nn .icre. Tyriy times twonty four
hi died inVi iM,bOO. Nlnety.slx thousand
d Hint Le l u lUo uneillmaleol h like plan-
h. u l im Misi-Ur, ppi bottom Und, with the pre
i io'Ih; prices 46 cents, C-ittoa is now
w r 4e ceiiln in cold at any of the porta lo
i im i' untry. That is s230 a bale. Now mul
tiply l.&OU bv 230. That makes only ene million
no Iiul.u .d and four thousand dollars ! Tbia
ur viiii.nitry. It is, I own, an extreme oase;
bo' t k ilo medium of the product, or ooe
e t iilioaure, the average here. That would
nij t ibo rullri; prices, 1552,0001"
Toil, 1 the old prices, thecotlon cultiva
te , rn-r,e'rmoii'ly profltable, Is shown bylhe
far" t .1 ir pro-ptted under the load of such a
u 1 it .m'. ruinous nystem aa that of (lave
I 1j 1 .a- uiomont free hbor cau establlib
1 - ii'i) i.oiin.duriibU eoltou reg.i.0, an for
1,- L , iu l-xas, il will dt-nioniirate lie su
j rior etlbircey and real ecoaomy, la cotton
1 1. 1 .- n Iu everything else
Why vh-tiild not iho tree white (armets ot the
s ,:, li , imltled to have ashara la tho ad
, u. i(, su iIh col Ion cultivation" Is not a
aIi man 1 s good as a negro, or dora tho ne.
r hcqu'r tptcial prerogatives by b:Icg a
'', .t, t'.ll il jountt mn cl tho North saf
lir tl.em.elvta lobe shutout from Ihe vast
t r rt 1. areas of Texas, nbretueycan easi
ly a ei i.o competence, U not fortune, merely
11 mii n tl-ity are not black, or yellow ' Is the
''in: n b oj to bo much longor a bulge ol
exc u3i 11 from tho Quest portions of the contl-
jtn '
if mil Vcsssu In 1'aria t of the l-rlv
leer AlnDAinait
A-:ordlng 10 the New York Times three
Prhi-h m-uol-war have itartil In pursuit ot
be a i.m."i Alabama or '2)0 " That paper
U 1 I'coiving ILn lolormatlou that Captain
'o n -i i rind dihri-arded ihe certificates of a
. 1 mi Ct 1 sol, aud In ib" face ol ihe Brltitb
. 1.. di.t i ri-ulirly affiled to pap.rs es-
Mblmtlc thrj Urltlth onneishlp ef certain
pr I'nlt'inb ard of a vessi-1 capturi-d by hlra,
ia t - libi-rsic y proceeded to burn that prop
rv 1 1 IL 1 ves.l which contained II, the
e 11 r1! 0 n ul In this clly.m we are informed,
. n, 1 1 rtojkrtepstorepreseottheiatrans-
' 1 r in 1 lorrlbly to Admiral Milne, 00m
lr(- . r li panic MijsJtj'a squscroa In
ui ran v, ater" 'ihe Admlrul, upon rectlv-
I- 1 , pn-tr-tallous of the Cuneul, lorthwllh
ui ' d inioi Xlritlhb mon-ot-Wrir In pureuit ol
I t labmi a.wlilioiders, asne nnderstaid, to
111 . ii ih a voi--el of wrath, aud convey her
ii-'.mBiii 1 port, where her violations ot
II ifrnaiiur.il I w may be judicially inquired
Tec RLFoann Advam-it. or Gek. Ecilir
rai 11 PN icoia. The fullowic?, from the
I nab 11 M e ) lime, ol ih Uih ultimo, is
II ' ain pb on whltb tie telegraphic report
..f .Uiuce.1 Oeneral liuller frem l'ensa
L ,U W,H ti.S d
i lib .I who ivLs Iu Montgomery, on
II ntdi y iiitrruis us that a ditpatcb had been
reuiveu 111 hut elly, Mallni; that Duller, tho
1 ' " iio.il 7 000 Yankees, had landed at
1 - '' objsct bad not beon devel
1 pei' I , m iln.iight that an early attack
- V ili.rd'- w if tuiitempliilBd. The place Is
u tt j iiicvimioI the Mobile aud Pensacola
Willi ' Mon'Kumcry ui.d Piniacola roaila,
abo a Ix'y mili-s north ol lh Inlter placo."
boon 1I1 line a good bubinean this week. Gro
vim f ford's and Nixon's theatres, Nixon's
Circus, tnl ttiti Canterbury, hate all been
crowded and the visitors to these aeveral
phcis Iuva beeu highly entertained. The
coming- w eek cUers the same attractions In this
line, witb some new stars upon the boarda.
i juaiLL. je-i.i ' J-iuuiiuu1
The New York ixpien reporls that there
was perfect euod order throughout that Slate
on election day. No thanks to the Ktjntsi, the
lltiaU, and such eheete, thut it was so iney
did their beel to excite the mob prior lo the
election. But for the fact, that the Republican
party Is a law and parly It would have bfen
otherwise. Locofocoltm was eloubil iueolent
enough lo havnprovokedarow.hadtheKepub
llcans been disposed to heed their lnolcnce.
General Hanks' Texas expedition la fast titling
out. He will have 20,000 troopi, chiefly from
New England. Tho State of tho "Lone Star''
will soon wheel Into Union line and the Union
people there will be protected.
Hen. A. 11. Hamilton will bo appointed Mil
itary Governor cf that State. Gen Ilogers.the
veteran soldier, and associate and tried friend
of Gen. Andrew Jack-on, will have nn linport
tsnt command In this expedition
It I- aslnnliblng bow many good and patri
otic men believe that this nicked rebellion can
be put down and slavery be left Intact, the Con
atltution preserved aa tt l, and the Union as it
was. Toe Constitution may be preserved as It
is, but the Union as it was Is an impo-elbllily.
We have no doubts ol the honeety, the loyally'
and the real patriotism ot the men who believe
Ibis, but Ibey will open their eyes by and by
10 the utter fallacy or this Idea.
Humor baa It tint Hon. Jo-eph Holt Is lo
succeed Hon. Caleb Smith to thn Secretaryship
of the Interior. If Mr. Smlih leaves lint high
position for the Supreme Bench, we can think
of no better man as btseuecei-or.
We are glad to roe that tome papers and
politicians who bavr contributed largely
to the restoration of Ihe so called Conser
vatlve and Democratic parties, ppeak cl
iHe President in terms if high re'ipect.
They bellevo. In his honesty and patriotism,
and commend him for bis sincere purpose to
crush the rebellion. Much cf this pralte le
doubtie-8 well founded ard elncere; but with
seme the aim Is to Induce tho Pretldcnt to re
voke his emancipation proclamation- a thing
be will not do.
It Is said there Is some conct ru In Ctnada, on
account of the exten'lveptepaiatlooi lb home
Government Is making in luruinhing ,urplleK
for the colonies, that u wtr 1- Immi'iiMit with
Ihe United States. We gu-ts that Gi m lit 10
will not be In a Lurry to u t In: 1 lU
with us. English statetme-n alwjs Lui.' u
eye to Ihe windward, and do nol mtan 10 be
caught napping in any quarter of I hi wrrld
where English rule ma bo as-oiled. I his It
tlmply a precautionary eiep, which that Gov
ernment Is always carelul In takr iu sraon to
avoid even remol.- er timing dinger. W- do
not apprehend a wai nllb England ut present.
Commodore Pendi rgrast vm emltti'ii ttid
denly with paralysis on TLurtday ui la Phil
adelphla, while eu th ay to ib.i uuvv vud
to attend to his duller lie tits iluc- oifd
Tnedratt in Niw Vork will c.immeucii uii
Monday next Tivi- thrutand men oro n-e d
Will It be re-ittd" iMnl; 'int, l.u 1,1.
shall see.
Thii Nirol Ui nveoitihr, h'-- s r inilowing:
"As thenar eies 1.1 prritH m diy, tl 0 Ira
pression is gi nernl umi'i i mllil iry n.en hero,
that tbo army rf tho I'm. mac ik. t tlay, not
witbstandlng the current snow tiorm,m.ircli
Ing over Into the viliey of Vlrclnl t tlirough
Front Itiyal Gap, If no, Oon. Mel' eill.in will
soon be botween tl.r portieins r.f l.'in'f; army
that lme passed dn towards f idunavlllu,
and thai portion remitli-ing in the lielnily of
Wlnobester and Ban ville, If llu-ro hu more
left there than ma; merely bo tutllule nt to keep
up lbo appearance 1 1 being in lorco In linn
quarter, until tli9 roirent 1 1 tho main In dy
may be fairly aeccmplishtd "
It is our bellM, Horn whul ne cm liarti,
tout the febtl forces will fioupi (iooiril Mc
ClelUn and gel back 10 lticbmond We shall
be glad to loatn that we nro mlt3ken
Late news frcio lllionU Indicate lbo dsleal
cf Hon. Oivon Lovijoy tor Cocgresj The
Democrats appear to iiuv cairlod IbulSlaia
by from 10,000 10 20.000
Wo notice, iu elu u.i papeia, what may
properly bo Itrraed eeiiHiijo " paragraphs
of both mmy and Cabinet cbee-gtB, und vague
suggcetlons or speculations oonceri.iug ihcm ;
and also important ccmmunfcntloLS mado to
the Government by tl Is or that Ibreheu tnlult
ter I Even II these things were true, it would
Indeed be a wonder how th.) conespondents
enjoy such fine Ittcillilee to keep pos'ed."
But It so happens, as the result o' our Inquirl,
that there Is more flc'Ion Ihtu limb in nearly
all of tie estouiidleg developments
Uirai.il. Hxvencc Mercba'ii uilors uie
required to take out liccnt us manufacturer,
but as such Ihey havo a right to sell ilieir own
goods on Ihelr on premises, vliiumt teking
out license ne dealers. In furn- paitsifibe
country aseectoiB urn riquiring merchant tail
ors to take out licenee for Ui-tc 'ihm Is 11 ml
take, unless the tailor tells 1001.4 other tban
those he manutaotiiret to lbo amtuui ol S1,000
ppr Bnnum. A tailor is rotreqiurel intake
out Ilcecs: us a manufacturer, uules' hij sales
ot goods, afier they am made up, uniuuiir to
(1,000 or more per annum, 1 ho lux Is e n the
tailor, and not on the urebst r. We perceive
tint lome ol our merchants ai-eharuii'g 'he
revenU'i tax as an Item In euot bill ngilobt a
Lost. We Kould tall especial aituruicn to
an advertisement In our paper lo-day ot seme
Treasury notts whleh were lo' a day or two
since A reward Is elffred Inr irnlr recovery.
DlarUa Ulmile Ouoki,
TaiasruT DiraHriic.M,
Office or Iriternnl ReveLue,
Novemtior 6, 1832.
Bib: Your letter of November 4th, end. sing
a aamplo ot diary manufactured by youiself,
baa been received.
The oommlBslnner las decided that blank
books aro a manufacture, and as such llablo to
a Imx of three per cent, ad valorem.
Tbo 75th aeolion of the law exempts " printed
books, magaztncB, pamphlets, neuepapsr, re.
views, and all other similar prin'ed irirjlira
lioris." Clearly, diaries sue li aa uu subion, nro not
embraced wllhin the latter cUsb; on lbo con
trHry,tboy are in eey senbea blank book, as
much so as a uote, cash or other inironnllle
blank book witb printed heading-.
Very respectfully,
I . V. Cant,
Aollna, Culnmlssl'.ijei,
.1 D.'lBISLE, LSI ,
10 llsetrmin bi., Nhw York
Krom ti'oitreas Uliiutoe.
FoRTiiEds Momiol, Nov. o. Col. Ludlow
leltFonresa Monroe al 9 o'clock this mcru
log, for Alken'f. Landing, lo meet tho rebel
commlteloner, Mr Ould, by nppoinlmeul, to
perfect the arrangements for lb" exchange of
prisoners. It Is understood thut ho l.iken will,
him a list ol the names of nit lhote exchinged
at different points, which will enable him to
meet the difficulties bt-reloloro encounter"! In
these negotiations.
All Is quiet at Suffolk, and tbero is no ap
pearance of hostilities at that point al present.
i ui --ganalM"
i. alalLLl
sit, Vanard on the Lle l'lraclta The
Knbiect Mcferr t to she American
Minister lliePlrnle Alaliamn,
The regular monthly meeting of the Cbam
ber of Commerce was held at the rooms of the
chamber atone o'clock on Thursday, Presi
dent Pelatlah Peril In ,ne chair. The attend
ance of members was quite large.
The lollowlng letter was read from (Secretary
Washington, 27th October, 1802.
Jbils lanurtf CmnmteflliiSultcfKmi 1'wl
1 have the honor to acknowledge the receipt
of the loyal, patriotic, and humane resolutions
of the Cnamber of Commerce of the Slate ol
New York, concerning the recent destruction
of American vessels near the Azores by pirates,
who went out from the shores of a friendly nn
tlon In violation ol the restrictions prescribed
by munHpal as well as International law.
By authority of the President, the eubjeot
has been already commended to the attention
of the representallvH of the United Slates al
London. The views of the Chamber of Com
merce concerning Ihe same will, with pleasu'e,
be promptly made known to him and to tbe
other diplomatic, as well as Ibe consular agents
or the Unlled States residing In msritlme conn
I have Ihe honor to be, your obedient ser
vant, Wiixuu 11. SF.WARD.
Prosper M. Wttmore, Esq , called tbo atten
tion if the Ucaraber to the rebtl pirate Ala
bama, and her depredations oommttted upon
tho high seas. At a meeting ol the Chamber
or Commerce of Liverpool uid had been given
towards Siting cut ve-iels like the Alabama.
This Chamber owes It to Itself to lake notice
of this matttr. Something pncllcal should he
douu lo satiify tblppers lint their properly
upon the ocean will be prolcoteil He moved
that a committee ot five be appointed to con
sider what should be done by Ihe merchants
of this ciiy relailva to having their property
protected upon the ccean.
Mr. Bloodgood thought that some vessels
should be ordered to cruise e ff our coast to
look alter ibo Interests of commerce, and In
protect tho ships whlc.i enter an I leave our
Mr. Richard Lathers etld tbe commerce be
tween our city and Great Britain Is very ex
leLslve, and hi hoped that strong mea-ures
would bo taken to lend our merchantmen all
n-CB-nry protection. The Chambers should
uro Ihx G !Vrnmoat to tend a large flee t to
criil-e between hero and tho Eogiish ports.
There should also lie protection oltered to Cat
Iforima vi Esela
(1 II Marthall releired lo tho lott la our
Uilii.r. Il-s thought we would be very sale
h te-pect to any armed les-el entering our
Jonathan suirg-a ami Jir. learners inougut
r meihinr-should be douo at once, lo bsvo i tie
de Vi ci e I cur hirbir completed.
Tin- voir' on Mr. Wetmore'a motion was taken.
1 he motlou . as carried and the fiillowiug gen
tlemen oppoiuted the committee lo act under it:
P. M Neirum, C. II. Msrsball, It. II. Minium. T.
Tlleiton, Richard Lathers.
Sir. P ill and Mr. A. A. Lo were added lo
the committee.
O i moilon ef Mr. Lathers, the epeei ii i j
mlttee i.f the Chamber on Ihf on io s ol the
harbor were Inttrticted to ripen -I i.u early
du upon the condition of rb tnrts in t lirs
Th chambei them adjourned
1-o-tAt; -empsIi"olosd ImuroVb
uients and lleforius.
I' .iKti stamped envelopes woro llrs Intro
duced in this country In the ) ear 1&3, and al
though offered it n price far below that ul the
ordinary envelopes oftbe trade, they do nut, as 3
yet, seem justly appreciated by tho puMio. i
There has been but sllgut variation in the 3
number of skimped envelopes Issued annually.
In mi, It amounted ttr2a,13j,000; in IMC, 33,. '
'53,150: In 1859, 30.734,27(; In 1B61, 26.027.300: i
tbe latter being lets than fifteen per cent. irj
the issue of separate postage ttampn, tab cb
Increased tromA5 millions, in 1854, to 211 uul.s
lions. In 1601. '
The greater ohoapness of (Joverniuuut a'ii-
tones, as compared with those of the Hade
Is generally overlooked, because the puroba-
ser orine lormer is requirea to pay the add),
tlonal charge of the postage.
One hundred stamped envelopes am Bold for
three dollars and eighteen cents, while the
same number of plain ones, of similar quality,
may ba procured for about forty cents; but to
this sum mast be addod three dollars, the valuo
of the postage stamps, which must be affixed
to sucb envelopes bolero they can bo used in
tbu malls; thus matting 100 letters oosl 13 40, or
twenty-two cents more than If covered by
Government envelopes.
(ionco It appears that persons nho raakeute
of unstamped envelopes p ly for them about
one hundred per cent, morn thau It tboy era-
ployed stamped envelopes,
Tho number of separate postage Hiampa Is
sued during Ihe year ondlug June 30, 1801, was,
as above stated, upward or two hundred rail
Attumlrg that a like number ot unstamped
envelopes were used for lettors, at thirty six
oonts per hundred, which Is n very low e-ll
mate, the cost thereof would have been 172,000,
whereas Oovernment envelopes would have
coat the consumer but 130,000.
Hence a Bum equal to the ditTerenoe of these
amounts, viz.: (30,000, may bo considered aa
actually lost to tbe public which Is owing, In a
great degree, to the want of proper apprecia
tion of tbe advantage of tbe stamped envelope.
Objection Is uot unfrequently made to the
Guven ment envelope, on account ol either its
form, Blza or quality, or beoause of tbo danger
of lustrg bolh the envelope and the postage
thereon, ebould It be misdirected, or otherwise
accidentally defaced. Suob objeollon the post
master General bas determlnod, If possible, to
romovo and to this end he proposes lo arrange
far eitbosslng, under pr.ipor restrictions, tbe
posisgs stamp on any envelopes that may le
offered fortbat purpose bystationers, bankers,
merchants, or other business meu. Such par
ties n tu ibu bo enabled to procure stamped
envelopes of lorra and qualliy adapted to ihelr
own tastes, which are now ao varied that they
cannot bo eutlclpated by tho Post Ottloo De
partment, It Is also belleeed that auiloneis will bo lr
ducedto provldo themselves with varieties if
stamped envelopes Bulled to the wants of the'r
customers, making such envelopes, equally
Willi the ordinary unstamped articlo, a regular
portion of stock In trado.
It Is deemed expedlont, Iiovvevei, as u pre
caution against Iraud, that no one he permitted
to enter Into such trade without having first
obtained from the Postmaster General a regu
lar license for that purpose, and that all prl
vato parties desiring to have their own enveh
opes stamped must be satisfactorily shown to
be of good standing, and be required to have
their names printed oh the onvelopes. Tbey
will then, on payment of the postage, obtain a
pormtt to have the work done by the Govern
ment ooutraotor for -tamped envelopes at New
The l'OBUuaslci lleneral i onaldors the use of
the stamped envelope inure advantageous lo
the Department than that ol tejoirate stumps,
as tbo address of tbo lormer prevents lle
from being used a seoond lime, while the latter
may bo so used If poetiuasters neglectthoduty
of cancelling them. To the publlo, also, ihey
afford advantages In addition to those arising
from cbeapuess, in that tboy aro more conve
nient, a eving lbo trouble aud delay of attaching
senarato stamps, which are liable to be ro-
moved, oaunlng loiters to In' dutal ed for post
The utjoctloii iu ataiupi d envelopes, that the
postage is lost In esse of misdirection, may be
removed by allowing postmasters, under oer-
tain rules prescribed by tbe l'ostmaster lien
eral, to redeem damaged envelopes.
Late at from the Front.
Correspondence ol the Associated Frees
ncirxH-iKTiRs Ahmt orTntPoTOauc,
Itcotortown, Nov. 7, 16C2.
A heavy snow atorm set In this looming,
about nlno o'clock, with every Indication of
continuing. Tbe weather Is rold.
Tbero Is nothing new about military matters,
excepting that the army Is In motion.
(leneral Sumner and staff arrived last night.
Nothing but a construction train has yet ar
rived on tho Manassas Cap railroad, although
one Is hourly looked for.
From Europe.
FinrniR Point, Nov, 7. The steamship Nor'
weglan, from LIvorpool, on the 23d of October,
and Derry, on the next day, has passed this
point, on ber way to Quebec.
Cotton had advanced id. for Burets. Bread'
stuffs firmer. Flour had an upward tendency.
si heat steady. Corn had a downward lenden
cr. Provisions dull. Beef and pork dull. Ba.
con declining. Lard lid. to Is, lower t'onsols
53 j 8a93 3 1.
Tbe political iiettala unimportant.
Insurance on Amerloan ships has advanced
from 3 to A per cent,, owing to the raaagea of
tbe rebel priaatecr Alabama.
From the Army of the I'otomac.
UKivquiRTgrts Anvir or the Poroaisc,
1 hursday, November li, 10 P. M.
As ihe particulars cl Ihe 0.1 hi veslerdav at
iiaruour s Became Known, inn more orilliani me
victory Is lound to havo been. The bailie was
fought by oavalry alone, and between the best
di-clnllnvd troops that either armv can Dro-
d .c. Tbe final result shows that the libels
lell thirty six dead on Ibe Held, and their
wounded must havebivu numerous. Our loss
was Ore Mll-Hl and t- ra wouuded,
Get . Pleatautou to-day renorls that Jackson
occupies Chetter Gap with his command. Tbe
town of Wurrenlon was occupied by our troop
at three o'clock thi afternoon, taking lire
prisoners belonging lo I ho Third Virgiii'a cav
alry und two Infantry soldiers, who staled tbat
Ihelr regiments had gone up the valley.
Gen. Bayard had a plight skirmish to day on
the Waterloo road, killing one mau, wounding
two and taking ten prisoners, without any Iocs
on bis part.
Gainesville, November 7 Gen, Hevnolds'a
corps, of McClellau's command, lock posscB-
Hou oi Hurrenion yesieruay. 'iu enemy
evacuated It and no fighting took place.
The Invesllgallon Into the causes of the con.
titration at llaymarket resulted Id convicting
iwomenoiuen oieinwenrcoinmanu. A court
re arllal meets to-day lo try tbe cases.
Lisl ulght was Intensely cold, and wet have
tho first snow rf lbo eeasou this morning.
T. e ilrir ol least evening has the following
p i-i il ili-palehf-'
MiMisiias Jlnctiov N v i. According to
reports Irnm th" limit of this command, the
rebel' tro jttrday sending so heavy rein
forcements by rail to Warrenton Junction, that
Gen. l'atlerson probably lat night withdrew
tbe force und"r mm irorn uedar run bridge, to
ihe vicinity of Brlstow station, whern he will
be within easy nipportlng distance of the bal
ance of Gen. Sickles' command. Aa I have
no idea whatever that Ihe rebels contemplate
making anything of u stand cast ol the Kappa
hvjnork liver, my bcllcl Is that the Increase
ot troops nl Warrenton Junction Is canted
simply by hailing there lor n lew hours the
rebel lorce rn IhodaybeloreyesterdayatWar
reiitou. e tin tiro probably now falling back
(vi i Warn nlon Junction) by rail.
ltre.reii.TOWN, Va , Nov. 7.- Al Warrenton.
nlier Gen. Reynolds' lommiind entered it yes
lerday nfiernoon, It was slatd t1! it Ihe enemy
now ur" iu lorce nt Culnepcr C. II . a consld
er.ib! portion of Ihelr retreating Iroops having
hilled thfTi- iu the previous three ot lour days.
Thry n'to aid thai icbel works aro being
Ihiown up there and on tho south side of the
Happahaunocu, at Kappanannuok nation ;
which is uot believed here, by tho bv, as neither
of itisn puluts are d- lensible by the rebels ttrj
der txlttiug cucumetances.
Iinportantfrom North Caroline,'
United States fleam transport Oriole, CapU
I olci''B. Irom Hatteras Inlet 2dlnst .n-llvedat
New York on Thursday.
W" 1-arn, by Ihe arrival, that an expedition
hid lilt Nowhern, North Carolluu, about Octo
ber 28-h, by laud und wattr, composed of
about twi-ivo inous anu men anu neveral gun
boats. Tho expedition was in command of
General Poster. lis destination we could not
We Buo.ild nol be surprised, however, to
learn by inn next arrival from Newbern, that
the Union forces above mentioned, had captur
ed Goldeborongh a point of themost strateglo
Importance. It Is tbo capital of Wayne coun
ty, and situated on the Neusn river, where it is
crossed by the Wilminptou and Weldon rail,
roud, flfiy miles touthea-t of Itablgh. Steam
boataot light draught cau ascend the river lor
about two itnr.ls ol the year Tbe place bas
(or bad) u population of about 3,000.
At laft neociinta from Raleigh (the North
Carolina cpttal) Ihe rebels were greatly alarm
ed nt the pro-peot of some tuoh demonstration
as this on lbo part of thd Union troops. Many
of the inhabitants nere making preparations to
remove their tlave property tu eater quarters.
Uu- Nous.) liver is navigable, oj a big.flreshet,
for boats elrav.Ing four or live leelTot waler, lo
SmilhlMd, eelthln twenty miles ol Raleigh,
Tin re was talk about linking obstructions in
that acd tho Tnr rlvirs,but whether they have
eff red any !mpedimut to tbe advance of our
loicei,cr not, iin'iiext arrival will probably
inlomi us.
Ihe Nebern Progress of the 31st utt., Is re
ceived. The only Item rf lews contained
therein Is '-ihat llitcen loyal Tenueeseeans hid
etcaped from tho rebel prl-oii at Atlanta, Ga.,
by knocking doe, a tho tontinel and then ske
daddling "
Affairs In Kcntueky,
Lon-viLLt., Nov. I.. Tho Louisville and
Nuahvilln udlioul ii noiv taking freight to
tlllehellei 111", und II la supposed tbat the en
tiro ro'ad will be iu ruuulnir order by the 14th
lrilani Tho iellB are reported as having
oroail Irom TenneRics with a largo loraglng
train In Whlti'iy county, Kentucky, to torage
that coiiuly und along the Cumberland river.
Steps hive been lakeu In prevent this outrage
ou loyal mauntalneerB and slop the rebels
from procuring their tubilstence in Kentucky,
or In ftou contraband trade In tho Slate,
A men railing himself John W. Lee, Irom
Knoxvilio, Tennessee, preienainr to ne lovai,
hua been iiriemd by General Boyle. He bad
over S. 100.1)00 with film, which was taken and
is held lor tl"' action of the authorities at
Wustilngioii I.Jo says Ihe money belongs to
siveral nartlra In Augii'lu, Georgia Tbe
military authorities think tiara is something
Irauduient sir wrong in mu mailer.
General Boyle bus rent to ('alio, lor Iruns
uorlalloi to VIcktlitiiK, 1,700 rebel prisoners,
captured by General Uuell and he will send
lUltner unonr rnu iiiouhiiiu inore
Luther ilrudy, of Indiana, has been appointed
superintendent nl the Interior Department
ouiiaug, ico ii u neurica, re&igneu.
,.-is,iactkl .lottf.. Or ami alter InesUay
April 1 1'ita. ihe trains oa tin rasitimore and eihlo
leuieouo vrin eirmmtniea rusiaAX unn, oiuiumv,
cxttpteil,) l-avlng ti,i. fstatiiri at 1 so a. in., ano
oouiiectlng at U torbiufitou Jnuolloa wilh Mall
I rain lor ill parts of ihe Wert tU Wheeling oe
l'iLfrthnrg Hroa.h tlckeu toll aud t gagt
elii'Otsd W. V UMllU,
Ut of iTaruporuUod II i O B. II
api-dtr maraoioiD
Lsuteat from Hon Frnucisco.
Sin h'niNoisio, Nov. 0, 4.10 p. m. The ship
meaner, irom noston, has arriveiiat mis port.
The market Is quiet and Ihe weather showery.
The Rev. Dr. Wadsworlh. late of Philadel
phia, was regularly installed pastor of Call ary
Church last evening. .
A Ore at Volcano, In Amandor county, whleh
occurred on the 30th ulldestroyed St. George's
iioiei ana several ol ino earrounuing Liiuaings.
The loss Is (25,000.
A new vein of copper, averaging 45 per ct.
has been struck near Ihe cel'hraled Conner
polls region, In Calaveras county. It ws
opened 120 leet below the surface, ntid 12 Icet
wide, and Is believed to be richer than eny
lormer uiscovery.
DuriRTXr.NT or Stats,
H 'atWng'm, Kovtmler Cth, 18C2.
Releases from tbe drift on the g'ound ol
alienage have been allowed In tho following
cases :
Sam IVI-rt ItrattrJ
John Pahey Lucerne co., Penas;
John Christ., . Lancaster, do
Henry Sells do do
John Steckerwort do do
Gottlieb Miller Montour, do
John Purpur do do
Henry Moyer. Ilflk", do
Grover's Theatre.
'ennsyloama At enue, neor Wlllarih' Jlolel.
TKIM(H UllUAV) KTenlng.Not' V,
of tbo
Aula Actraasanil I'ccrlesa lleaul)',
Of the Kmlncut Araerlcan Actor. Mr.
Xj. X. Bsarrotti
aiiot- tiuraiar, uiuasr.it, otr siiiao. uaanua,
Mr. W. UOKhB, Ur. If. It WALL, AC. Ac,
n the hcautllul, papnl.r, hcalt touoblag play,
wast x-xijaja-3ra.
jaL-mvc Xi"sr3-jxrw,
Jr3a.alX 3--3TJXrE.
With Its grand oast of chsraete a
fnsate lloxei, IS; Ores Circle, w ecu's, eirehes
tra Chain, li oeats; Kamlly Circle, si cenls, Colored
Gallery, '-a orals, olorrd Farterm, no cents
Doors open at ti o'clock rrrlormaucs eiu.
meaces at a o'olock. nor s
S.-T.-1 8 6 0-X.
They i utliy , trngthn, and luvlguntir.
1 hey create a hliliy arPttite
They are an antidote to change ol WotU-r siua tiitrt
They overeome effecu of dluti a tou and U tu hour.
They Mrengthen tbe yaltm and enliven the in In J
Ihey prevent mi&miilo aod Intermittent lever?
1 bey purlly the breath and acidity of the tomach
Ihey cute Dyapepua and Couattrijalion
Ihey core Dlatrhcua.ChoUra, and Choleri Siut
lhtyoure I.Iv.r CcmjttRlnt aud Nvrtrini- iifuJ
Tbey are the best Itlttf rn In the w orld 'I hey ikt
the weak man itroug, and are exhaafttil natuie'r
Seat reitorer. They are made of pure St. Croii
nm. the celebrated Calkava llirk. rootd acd lierbn
and are taken withthepleaaureof a bevcnifi,wiUi
oat regard to age or time of oiy rart'oulirly re
commended io delioa'e rerbCQi requiting u gtuile
tlmnlant. Sold by all Orocii DiopghU, Hotc'n
and baloons 1' U.DIEAKK k CO .'.tr. Brondway
New York. c 24 om
atta-Tlie Waitilnirton Ttil Abittnence
Unun have twonred Mr. NIxob',. clronii tent, on Sev
enthatrett.for tluir meeting to morrow, and Lave
chaugtd the hour to three o'clock, and antlo pa to a
rcuilng meeting, t avlng eugaKed John C. Uarkneti
acd Ilev. C. w DQlou( aud extct to announce
additional ones oo Sab Uath mornli g
Let the public notlje the Chang v of hour and come
and hear these oirneatadro 'files cf umpermoe, who
arc tolling early aud late to tkt their lellow ere
turea from tula no B It
Preaching in Htiout't ClrriM unlia
Ijik. l either Prrmittlug, tbe 1U Andrew Cu:
ver.oi roiiaaeiputa, win iircatu 1111113 iru,i-u
ner of Seventh timet and I'eusivlranla avenue, tu
morrow night at 7S o'clock. State tree all cor,
dially Invited. do 8
Asaw'l'ha Next UaKnliar Monllilv Meetlna
of the Board ot Trueie-iof Tublls UvhooU will be
held In the Aldermen'a Room, city Utll, on TUK
uax niternoon.rsovemoer iiui,ii ociotk
uoh Si Secretary.
rVeper Service. On SUNDAY L.VEN-
VrnTT 1. . s, iU... D tf. I..I.IA. ell I .
ltlUt 1-ttliJiiun stiu ' (I'vi nil ltwv nm wo
btemd at Wlllarua' Ilali, F itmt, botween Four
teenth ana Jtuieeu") Mree', anaa ncrmon wiu oe
delivered by lier. W. II. Chanmug. llourol $tt
vlce,7H. nu B lt
49-Urphnna Kttttr at Odd Fellow a Hall.
Tho Fancy Sale will tontMs be cloned on Saturday
night, the 8th lner. Ihe lakdlti co&ducting It aft
fir a continuation ol the patronage no llbeially te
htowedupon It, by penoti of all reltglouidecoml
natloEt They offer grtat variety 01 ueiul and
lancyartlolei at lair pilcce Substantial meal at
all hour, and ihe palrons have a rare opportunity
ol spending an agreeable vet try. Oood rouilo al
w ay In attendance. no
tar The Night ftehool tor Doye. In the Sec
ond PisUtor, cosuuuuce'd LAST NaUT,Nov.m
ber 4th. at the School Booui ar the owner of Hew
Ycrk aveoue and Sixth street west, T M. Wiuon
teacher, at 7 j; o'olook. Our or more of the Truatts
will be present each evening tbia wttk, fur ih . pu-
pese of furnishing llcktis 01 uml non to at p.loauts
(Ml. DfhUMLHLi;,
W J. liUhES,
no 681 Trusteei.
jm Batchelor Hair J)ye Hits llual In
th World. Willi am A. Batohflor's celebrated
Uulr Dye products a oolor nut to be dliilcguhbed
from naturet warranted not to injure the Hair in the
teat: remedies the 111 efleoU ot ba 1 dya, and lnvlg
orates tae Uklr lor illf OlthY. UliD.or ItUjTS
II A 11$ iDktantly turns a rplendld lllucktr Urown
leaving thi balr toit and boautliui. Sold by nil
Druggltit.fi &o
j-lhe Ue&ulne U tlgned U1I.LIAM A
BA 1 C1XELOU, on f f'Vf tiaa ofac btz
Factory, No. HI Burcluy i-ireet, (Late ca-J liruad
wayaudl9 Uond,)New otk tny'iily
4trWatau'a S'ruKreeeur Hlm.rtr) ,.,vyii
ol thU werk are for silo at tho oftou cf tho ftaiiona
Republican l'otnpblot eJltlou, i' tutc 1im;J
AJr Oieat I'enHsytTsiiila tt,uui. 1U
Sulcae-st aud safest route to Un Northwvu utti
outhwest Two through tralaa dally, oad uo 01
Sunday. Soldiers' Uokelii at Oovernineni itti t.
all the prlnolpal points in tho .North and Wat or
Uokita and further lnlormaiioa apply ut th .ie ui
the "Great lTennoylvanlM Route.1' ncrtlHtvt corner
rennsylvanU avenue and Sltli i-treet, itr rf
tlonal TIoul OUloe opvo nm 5 1 1" U811 t
om.ud.TSlt.lv ....OKOUION.
aug 8-1 y Ageut
x Attorney for Claimants
Bounty Uudu, PrnMons, Arrears
of Pay, tiilru I'tt), it.
Will givo prouipt tvi'J ethLitDt uttiutloa t u
proboutlon of Ualnw ot every dejoriptlou rtitn
the Oovernment, and m&Vt no charge uhUhh m
Both rtfermctt and ttvirt for errvites will U si.d
XX FeutJloiiH neuured lur (.wIilKrn uiindeu vt uls
eM.d during tho existing war; ulno, for iI.h widow
and orphan b of soJQlcrs who Imvu died ir&ui MounUi
or disease lncund while In the Lnittd Hiate-tKur
vice; o,ItouT4jiNvny lor the htlr ot lawdiid'tr
decea&ed during the ex lut log v. ut
Fees divided with attorneys or oUr pt-mm .
warding buslneBs
1 he highest prices pild iw I.tind Wurruntu
Ailnrnrytor tlaOft-tiJ,
ft ( I7t oevtuth efrm
W nub log 1 on, 1) .
U. ii. tditor uf pttv-en pobllshhig the ttovo tat.
will be entitled to my wrvlotM to th aiuouutol itteti
ehargeo. T U
TValA rfrttt, otcrs I'tnittjlpanid apr,uf
eAltool Hoilitlay btretl II tnlr-, IttlHmor. l t
IIU.lll'lllll'.Y llt.ANU.. .aCTINUMANAURR
Sin hA'lllHl'M k.vanlti(, Nov. 81b,
lltviial la KMr.rfltlsMvltntl potltlv.lv
lr tlie Intinttly iena1lonal drama, from ibe ts-s ui
Ihn lata lamtnled F S. HlLt,of Donlonalltitrl
Tim .Six Degrees of Crime,
The Six Degrees of Crime,
The Six Degrees of Crime,
Vblah,lnsraplatopnrtrsyalorUiasBOCtailvs tltps
of guilt, from tb oommiulon of thsi
to tlie attll lmtnt of lliat elrcari sbyrs ol crime wbloli
iwallows up alt repctjtaiica s&rl rsmorts, Is lihout
srrr wrtlten. It la estlmateil that la each of IL.
great cltlts of tba Union tills extraordinary produc
lion hi. bren srlren lor
Uovarai of Two Ilundrtil Nitrhli.
bytllffertnl ftoloiaofolatlcc loo, prlnslpallr by 1::
S LUMNOlt, J. K SCOTT, and young BUOTU
It Uluslraus with absorbing posrar, the provrr
towards ruin of
aT-Anitthe trntbfnl effect of the admonition li
coneys, nay be inferred Irom tbe extentlrely pub
Ib-hed 1 set 'bat yosiFe Savl, who svat ntaaSvr tanrd-i
sniYsitt ntt,enjYay lsCS.dselarsdsrioarAsscafWJlllai
Alsrtf Utim iif snoroltTy, kis Jltsl lAoucMj tf rsrsnfisicf
torrt tvggtitti ly hit piaji, sr hith hi sad carnally ttslnes.-til
AiK Dnrf lulemprrtnc Ihe Carouse Tbt
P.ot Abdudtlun
Sfvr,i DtyrH MceotlousncSb The Liaeonlbt
raerd t?ryits Oamtlirg Lest Riuoldr Arte t
fturth uram Bobbtry Thtit ireacmry -Deaibef
the Traitor
Via ii7rff Muieler Jealousy Ibe Assasilu
tnxl Dtgw The BcatTolif Doom Death fhllll
log Tableaux
- Iu addition to this play, will be presented
Ulu. li.lli. of Ibe heroism of the Am-rltun sallur
Moth pl.ee selll include la their casts the brllllan i
ycunr; comedians,
Messrs. C. II. 1II8U01',
I oxtthsr Willi MUt MAHY CABlt,
THE STAB COMPANY. " "" '"'"""',
fills luppy cot struoUou ot
known to the slate, Is replete with
sruutl.", HiTILhs,
nvaiusa luciDiKis,
staktlinq srria i.
Tlrst apptarance here of the eminent urtl t.s
Mr and M'ts COULUOCK
lixte Circle and Farquclte, so ceuis; Orolie li
Seats, 75 dents; Kamlly Circle, 5 ocnta, 1'rlvut
Boxes, til. nov 6
Nixon's Washington Theatre
t.xtraurdiuary ComblnaUou ot Talent Ijr
uu which ocoa-lon
Will ap(ar Iu ber great paotomlmia Lnperionatlo
of tho
In which the hw been proooanoed br the pre- c
New York, to be equal to the great Madame Celeett
anJ lupcrtor t any other anlite on tbe America
tKP Thii military drama will he prodnoed with
Ih. oft ul iharicteri lUbeucerlo to any othe
entablitbratnt In the city.
Flr.t aipeiraoce of the Beautiful nd Uarliui
Ycuug Comedienne,
Who vl 1 appear Inoocjanotlon with the InliuJifUM
la Uroughim' Masloal BurUtnue,
With iiewoenery,&o.,produoedlnthe aamt atj-l
as at WstLLAra'a Th4Iec, New York
Itensiaylvsinta Avenue MUdlleventtl ss.
Tlirre Wttki of Hit TrlumpLanl Stasou!"
Will appear on bis Blooded Steed,ln the
Orroat BcrrlerAot
49" This alternoon and evening,
Itemenibirr I Performance both alternoon am
night nov 8
Nixon's Washington Theatre.
elm nsr bf C and tnm'h ttrrturntar sutin Jtsnitt
Unprecedented suooess or
Tills (MAI IJUUAY) Kvenlng, Hot. S,
Ihe Hungarian National Dance ol
autlthe Hpanlsh Dance of
l a ClIANfllAU will appear luth.
T O O D L E S .
bupporttd by the dramatlo oompauy
luoonolude with I
Baruoy tlxo Bnrou.
Bulcouy fevatk. Tactual
Urohfldra 3oahi ?6oeut
rarqoettd . .ftOcentd
rjtuily Circle .VScent
Uooru open at 7. to ooraDiauut at 7 4t precisely
MONDA-Uebut of LL'UAs, la the ol IHr
rithNCH bf V, alio t annle Urown, in brou.Iiatu't
Uurlerque of IVjahonU uo t
( llKWAHii. I.oM, ou Wedueuday ev(
4IV lug, Letweeu tiaad 7 o'clock, between tbt
cut ne rot 1 aud &eenh nirmtn and renimylvault
atcnuv.a JtOI.L OK U S. lltKAaUUY NOli-t)
ainouutluji to til 'Ihe ubove reward will be pnic
for tlie return of tbu tame tu JuiiIch Jchnron, t
ot Loulflaoa avenue, or to Squire Waiter, at Cit
HIHI tttKllUll UUIF II V O Ol'
.VtttviUlufi I Atleiitluul AUciiUimJt I
iitd a. lew MEN to oomDlete a loiudiiiv nt vha
sixteenth reeimeut Virginia (Vint Laateru Va n
i uts i. mu iiLir rcgiuirui huw pu'"!' ui'n-Va ana r
tailed for "H1JKUIAL bKltVlCL" by the lc .
tary of War, lor duty in the vloln ty ot AleaceuJi
and the fort about wanhington, l J ,
MiTW tuiiiiH sttiww m sua UBIHIl U UUUI UCiUt x SJ
avenue a. u. niuuiUUUL,
a. CapUlB
mi 3d lie J i

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