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DAILY, !?? ??'
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Office t Pennsylvania Jloenue, between Third and
Four-and-a-half streets.] ?
.Monday. December 8 1851.
Prnyer was offered by the chaplain, Itev. Mr.
The journal of Fridfiy 'a proceedings was read.
Among other petitions presented and referred,
wus one by Mr. undkiiwood, from citizens of
several different S ates, stating that they feel tlieniselies
aggrieved by the appointment of chaplains
/'or Congress unil the Navy, and praying ilia:
measures may be taken in the premises to abolish
said offices ; also, by different Senators, sundry
petitions from assistant marsnms empioyon m
king; tlie Census, praying for additional compensation;
also sundry petitions from nmil contractors
in the Southwestern section of the Union, for the
same ; also, by Mr. Badger, petitions for the
abo ition of the duty'on railroad iron. By Mr.
Chin,, petitions from officers employed in the
California naval service, for additional compensation
; by the same, a joint resolution of the State
of California, relating to the establishing of ports
of entry in that State. D> Mr. liuNI'Mt, it petition
of the Alexandria Railroad Company; by Mr.
Davis, a petition of residents of Boslbn, for aid in
constructing four iron steamers to run between
that port and New Orleans, carry the mail, and he
used as war steamers upon an emergency; a claim
of the State of Rhode Island for advances made to
soldiers in the Mexican war.
Mr BRIGHT moved to susrend the rules sons
to allow Mie President to announce the Standing
Committees, instead of eleetipg them by ballot.
Agreed to.
The President then announced the Standing
Committees as follows ;
On Foreign Relations?Messrs. Mason, Douglast,
Norris, Mangum, Underwood.
Finance?Messrs. Hunter, Bright, Gwin,
Pearee, Miller.
Commerce.?Messrs. Hamlin, Soule, Dodge ol
Wisconsin, Davis, Seward.
Manufactures. ? Messrs. Sebastian, Bayard,
Stockton, Upham, James.
Agriculture.?Messrs. Soule, Walker, Atchispn,
Spruance, Wade.
Military .IJfairs.?Messrs. Shields, Clemens,
Boriatid, Dawson, Jones of Tenri.
Militia.?Messrs. Houston, Diidge of' Wis.,
Borland, Morton, Sprttanee.
Naval rlffuirs.?Messrs. Gwin, Stockton, Mallory,
Badger, Fish.
Public Lmds?Messrs. Fetch, Shields, Dodge
of Iowa, Underwood, Pratt.
Private l.aml Claims -?Messrs. Downs, Whitcotnb,
Clemens, Davis, Hale.
Indian .Ijf.tiis.?Messrs. Atchison, Sebastian,
Rusk,' Bell, Cooper.
Claims.?Messrs. Brodhead, Whitcotnb, Buy
ard, Pratt, Wade.
Revolutionary Claims.?Messrs. Walker, Chase,
James, Foote, Sumner.
Judiciary.?Messrs. Butler, Downs, Bradbury,
Berrien, Geyer.,
Post OJUcr, \c..?Messrs. Husk,Smile, Hamlin,
Uphani, Morton.
Roads, 6(r.?Messrs. Bright, Kitett, Doutrlus,
Spruanre, Sumner.
? : ......... t r- ?^?i i
I ciiMH/n.?junift HI luwti, uunaiiu,
Stockton, Foot of Vermont, Geyer.
District of Columbia.?Messrs Shields, Bradbury,
Noma, Berrien, Chirk.
Paten's, Arc.?Messrs. Morris, James, Whitcomb,
Dawson, Smith.
lie t re nchment.?M essra-Brtu! bury, Bright ,Felcli,
Mangum, Fish.
Territories.?Messrs. I 'ougluss,Houston,G ?vin,
Cooper, Jones of Tennessee.
Public Puddings.?Messrs. Whitcouih, Hunter,
Printing.?Messrs. Borland', Hamlin, Smith.
Engrossed Pills.?Messrs. Bayard, Mullory,
Library.?Messrs Pearce, Clerriens, Dodge ol
Enrolled Pills.? Mes?rs J-mes of low a, B-id^er
Contingent Exjtenset.? Messrs. Dodge of Iowa,
Walker, Bell."
Mr. HALF, gave notire of his intention to introduce
a resolution relating to the President'?
opening a correspondence wiih the French government,
requesting the liberation of A ltd el K-ider.
A resolution was agreed to, providing for tht
appointment of chaplains in both branches, to officiate
alternately in each.
The* following bills, &.C., Here introduced,
read twice, and referred:
By Mr. Under wo -r,a resolution relating to th#
public lands; by Mr. W truer., a lull allowing the
States to cede lands lying therein to actual set
tiers; also, a bill relating to land in Wisconsin; by
Mr. Clkmcks, m bill granting Imid to tbf Stale ol
Ainbnmn to construct a railroad between Xelmu
and the Tennessee river; also, by ill* same, ?
joint resolution reviving the grade of lieutenant
general in certain esses; by Mr. Ghis, a bill to
establish a navy yard at San Francisco; also, s
joint resolution providing for the printing of the
returns of the 7th census, and providing n printer
# for till same.
nr.( cption or kossctu.
The Senate took up the special order; being
Mr. Sewsno's resolution, that Congress will extend
a cordial greeting to kti**ii<li.
Mr. SHIELDS then introduced a resolution appointing
a Committee of three to receive Kossuth
and introduce Inni to the Senate.
Mr. SHIKLIH said, that if thin resolution was
now to be considered, he should move to amend
it by proposing the reaoiution introduced and
withdrawn by the Senator from Mississippi
(Mr. Fpora,)laat week. Thishedid, and
On motion of Mr. Sswaso, the resolution and
amendment wer. ?i V'on 'lie table and oidered to
be piiuted.
Mr. SHIELDS said lhat Kossuth was already
the t ues.t ofthe nation, and that it was due to lum
that some course of this kind should tie pursued.
If he was to be received at a:l, tl should be
done with proper couriesy. He rcp'ied to the
Senator front Kentucky,/Mr. Ukioswoon's,) nbjections
to receiving him, and believed that no
State would be more ready than that Senator's to
do Kossuth honor, lie was emphatically the
great man of the day', lb whom was tin ability to
array and concentrate all the moral force of the
day in which wf live, throughout ihe civili7ed
world, against the despotism of the old world
The world is now looking to the action of this
Senate, this Congress, on tins matter He (Mr.
8.) trusted that a committee would be appointed
to take Koaauth by the hand and introduce him
here. It was an act of courtesy due both to the
man and the country whence he comes?Hungary,
a land which defended the great principles of
Christianity, years before we became a nat on. If
some action such as he (Mr. S.) proposed was
not taken by the Senile, it would go forth to the
world, that after inviting him here, we had refused
to receive him. He hoped this resolution
would be acted upon at this time. ,
Mr UNDERWOOD wished to reply to any
personal application of the Srnatbr's remarks,
which might have been intended for himself. No
one would receive Mr Kossutii with more heartfelt
congratulation thun himself, but in the remarks
which lie made when this subject came up las!
week, he wished to be understood as making a
distinction between our duty as men and as legislators.
He did not believe this subjer had any
mainea* here. It wm no place for il He thought
he StlM'or from lliinota, (Mr Simiuv) was
A'ithkei about Kosctmt hnving hern invited
be*e. He trusted the resolution mi'^ht be allowed
ji ki the usual course
1 e Prp.sioknt announced that it would lie
over ' rider the rule.
? a. rooTP.'? coMrnoMtsK rtsottnov.
r?e reeolu'i*n ii.troduced Inst week by Mr.
i ' it re -ognir.iiiir the several measures winch
?on pose toe " Compromise," (so called,) which
tr numerated in the body of the resolution, next
vo* 'T '' ?r ler, when
Mi I j/OTK took the door, and addreased the
i.nteat l?<*gtl? 'n its support. He said that he
had hoped tl i .i1 angry or excited debute would
?> 11n c1 this subject, but that Senators would
nrra | swent UB t,' being as it was n final setii
i," 'he s'arei y agitation. Since ibis rreointr
i -r.ed, ..e ( VIr. F.) Iisd been
f < r rnntin miarept.denied in various
qn ' I' had l>??u falsely Hln
i fed i * ' ? ? -o up the shivery'agitation
?V . r- tor himaelf he had no
.K. ..1 ' \
Iun?uuj;e of revileinent to return He looked only
Willi COiliempi Ml nil lilt corrupt presses wim.ii ouu
assailed him, whether uiey were located North'or
South of Mason and Dixon's line. What they
had said had been of no effect to injure his standing
either as a patriot Or a gentleman. He did noi
say this in any spirit of exultation, but it was
sustained by the facts- Good men must by this
time have discovered that the wicked men of the
lund were his enemies. Knowing as he did that
what lie might say here would be distorted
and misrepresented in the most bold and
unblushing manner by persons controlling a
portion of the American press, he had taken
the trouble to draw up in-writing what lie now had
to say; if, therefore, lie was reported falsely, the
report would be to blame, and not his remarks.
(Mr. F. here proceeded to read.) He would noi
have believed that these rcso.utions would have
been disapproved here as tliey have been. The
President of the Unil-d States hud twice repeated
their substance, and what was right for him to ih
was equally so for Congress. Hut it was evideni
lliat tli'* number o!' opponents to the compromisi
was not so much diminished as some sanguim
men have {heretofore ttio-ight. Avowed oppost
tion to one of these measures had been made in
more than a single instance. Sectional jealousies
have not been so far assuaged as all patriots mus
desire. Movements equally deplorable, too, liavt
been made in the South, the tendency of whirl
was to establish relations of permanent hostility
between the North and iSuuili. He (Mr. F.i
trusted that these measures will receive a fan
consideration both Irom North and South; tin
people of both sections, lie rejoiced to believe
| were daily becoming more und more friendly, am
it was to Le hoped that, by reciprocal explanatiot
j and mutual itctiou heie, we can restore propei
| feeling between them, lie did tint expect tiia
the resolution would be unanimously adopted, ai
I gentlemen in both branches were comiiiittei
' aguinst it; but lie did expect that tins, 01
| something like it, would be ad pttd in hot!
, branches with such unanimity as to give tissur
i .nice in the whole country tie did not look ulom
to party for such a lesull?it was unsafe to rely
I alone on party votes, and he did not recognizi
| either of the two great parties as entirely
reliable to maintain the compromise. Free
sol its in in the .North and sectionalism in tin
South?he did not use the terms hy way of re
iwoaeh?were both injuring the old party organ!
/annus, and arrayed against those measures. Hi
was a Democrat, and trusted that eveiy Democra
was now prepared to repudiate all timber coo
nection with taction, and unanimously resolve t<
hold no alliance with men pledged to Iteppnhvi
tne agiuuon of domestic slavery. For himseii'
I lie would have no connection with m:y one whosi
| opinions did not harmonize with that noble body
i whom he represented. [Vlr. F. here rend risolu
| tioiis pa.-std by a convention in AJissis ippi j tit
had come iioin home expecting to lit sustained n
; this matter. When'the ipiestiou cume up at tlx
last session, many members were aoseut, and did
I mil vol*, altlmii'.t] iliav loo! n'M't't-il to so11.uirt iii.
i ,,, . c / b --i i
bill. The tuel that they were uum-iii was urged
j against the bill, and lie wished that liu-y inighi
i;uw have an opportunity to record their vol s
j in regard to some of its provisions, it had beer
said that ilie Wilmot Proviso would be upphed
, | but lie had no such apprehension.
Mr. ISU I'LlvIJ replied at some length. lie sail
I that lie had heard of this resolution with surprise
j I'o 111in it seerni-il a wry unusuul mode of pro
' | ceilure to undertake thus to re-ntiirm a Sliuuu
| which has already'bi-eu passfd. If such ncouisi
i I is wise, is n not a.so at least Kupernguiory am.
I unnecessary ? VV hy introduce it here? lie wuulr
, | not arraign the motives of the mover?bill what n
the elicit of the resolution ' The honorahie nenutoi
i could not have lukwi a course i . more tli-mualiv
' re-opeu Die siav'ei v ipjesliOn, and again let loosi
the waters of agitation. .Mi. I! then nliuiled li
, \ Ins ow n course ill regard to t e Compromise n
I the last session, lie had then denounced tliesi
I* measures, which would make the Union survin
\ the Constitution under the dictum of a despotn
.....j... .. J . ?? ........ < - ..
! I'Ui 1)18 (Mr. IS.*8) seal ..I approbation on ihom
i measure*?kisatherod taistd to smite liini? ii<
could ))ni worship with dtrrotion at the loot of i
tree wlimt fruits were destructive to himself am;
j hiM posterity Itesiiri to compromise seemed t?
t>e the only remedy for all nm difti ul tea whtc|
spring up, so long as n majority could patch u|
| and chmge the Constitution. tie (Mr. IS
j wished to go no further now than to proles
jag tnst this mode of piocedure. la this resolution
n security, when, as the senator himself admits
Freeaoihsm and opposition to the laws still ext?<
at the North ? If this d ncussion had not beer
| thus brought up, he (Mr. II.1 would not havi
j opened In* niouih on this subject. If this coursi
j is pursued, the South is doomed, and hecould no
answer for the consetptences if the poople ther?
were not more united.
Some remarks, not distinctly li^prd.here pnsMftl
l?etweeti Messrs lit ti.eh una I'Oote, hi retailor
to the latter making laws like Lycurgua?not to
be changed?which created considerable laughter
; Mr. Konrt subsequently rejoined, when
Mr. It11 K IT took the ITmr, and moved un ad
j journment, which w as carried, and, at lo minuter
past .'I o'clock the .Senate adjourned
< afifornla.
The Frcesoilers arc buckling on their nrrnoi
to oppose the division of California. The At|
batty Journal, speaking of the mutter, says:?
Division of (,'ai.u oitvia.?The seventh re
I solution of the convention of the southern
counties nays:?
"That vte seek this division by itself, loyally
and i:i com! faith, anart fioni anv nartv strife
I and free front any : question."
If (lii* ?!|4 trnr, it ?i>ald have He-n a very
| en*y matter to have prutol it. A wpafatc Sti'c
government, will* a ron-ditutioh *iiuihir to the
1 present constitution of Caljforn a would 'oHvij
at<? all the evil* of wlri^li the convention complained.
Ilut lltey do not a?k for a S'.ate
government. . They prefer to He remanded Haek
i to the condition of a territory. Klsewhefe, a
' territorial government j, held to He inferior to a
State constitution. la it not rei.*nnal le t ? sop
pose that they Have seine motive for desiring to
make a change the reverse of that which all the
other State* seek?that there i* *omctliiiig in
tile State constitution which they wish to
The S'ate contention contain* a provision
n??!iin?t slavery. And past experience ha* led
the southern t'alifornian*. not unre asonably, to
hope, that thrv ran r?H*ain a territorial charter
of which that proved.?n dor* not form a pare
And this. notwithstanding their disclaimer. i?
the " agitating piihli question " they are seeking
! to have decided in Iheir f.vor.
The Cleveland (Ohio) l)<-m<h~riit also arnnda
' the elarm thus
Ca1.ifor.sia?The conwnMon ? ieh met in
, thi* State, to consider whether it *h?uld he <!i
| tided, leaves very little douht a* to. tin- nr.in
j fact, viz: thil if will l>e; and i* little to
another fact, v i: thil the anw/fcern half frill h>
VVe have hern cen?nced o'^en for a?*ertin</.
a* we hate done, 1 h -t the slave power wvoil
I not re*t until it h id jrra?p< d part, if rod tinj
whole of tni* country. "Your proof," an finer*
: Whig would demand. "An a* er;i'?n," wonhl
1' exclaim a bold p.artizin. Yet now the !? *( in
! formed paper* on the seaboard, hut k< r and li
herd, on all sides, admit what we long ago
i (Turned. Referring 11 the action of the CaliI
fornian*, the 7' thine aav*, the language of the
1 *pe iker* would lenve very little donht u In the
' final i unite tn irhirh thi* diriii ti l"iil*. 'IV en.
| tnhhthment nf a NF.u* *t.*vt state is rituiifril.
I ly the*.im of nt least *ot.ie ol tl > piofnoter* of
1 thi* clieine."
Will the Whig press sound the alarm ? Will
the I) moersr'e?
T? cuiltcr* of Cuagrraa mn: o ktr>,
HAiNlWO.VI KLY Tarnished pmlors and sun*
of room* for rent, l?y Mr*. Ki.r.t at, on the
North side of Pennsylvania avenue, between 9ih
| and 10th atreeis, and adjoining Gihbs' fancy store
'( '''fr- .jJfaahHn ItbKaiadf . *Jb '.
The Thrasher Case.
The New York Tunes contains the following
despatch, and editorial com nenta thereon, which,
Wb buhjoin.
Nkw Orleans, Friday, Dec. 5
Fhom Havana?.Mk, Thrasher sent to
Spain.?The steamship I'hihnleljihiit arrived to.
day front Havana, with one week's later news.
Mr. Thrasher hud been sent from Havana to
Spain, in a merchant vessel. He was to serve
j oat the term of his sentence, unless released
I through the negotiations now in progress ai
' Washington.
I .Mu. Thrasher sent to Sivun.?While we
, j are eooly debating the quest on of foreign inter
. j vontiou, or warmly lavishing our welcome upon
: | a fugitive from foreign oppression, let it not be
I I forgotten that one of our own citizens is borne
1 across the ocean to a Spanish prison. The t< I
' | egrapti brings the news to us at the very mo
i inent we are gieotin' the Hungarian captive.
I'hc antithesis is shocking: it is a reproach to
, j our honor as an independent; powerful nation,
j j A'hut moral force shall w have to exert on be
t j half of trampled bleeding republicanism abroad
i l when tiii? moral and physical power requisbe for
?| the protection of our own people has prosed to
' be an idle show, a baseless proteose What
' ! hope is there that the iidliieriee of our govern
I j tnt-nt will ever be operative at long distances,;
| when it has no strong arm to wrest its citizens
I i from a neighboring Cuban dungeon?
i ! It will hardly satisfy the American, who liitnr
j erto reckoning confidently on' governmental t
t ; protection, now finds his error, to puzzle he
3 | brain w ith forms and diilicuhies in the w>v of
' nccompli-tiiiig llie end. Ilis claim is that
' Thrasher ought to have been released. If lie.
j gotialioll failed, f lee should tlaVc heeli resorted
j i to No means ought, he w ill insist, to'have
r been iiegTccted to pre crvc the national l:on>r
e| intact ; and we were disgr.i. td in having a oili
' i zcii subjected to a pardal, a sh, in, tri I at all;
' j and are now doubly disgraced, in seeing him^
* ] come away 1 > work out his long sen ice among
" ; the wretched chain gang of- a Spanish galley
[ While we wri e, he goes further and further 1
1 from our shores, and I or,her from the boasted
shelter of our laws To be sure, lie re is s'iil
, I time to procure his dt charge. There is littie
i i dotilit that every effort will he made cvenlit.diy
, i to procure it. Hut A tgi . S xons have been
; taught that personal libor'.v i a man's most
' | s.icr.-ii possession: a"d A auric.ns have fallen I
"j info a way of believing t:n;t governments arc
| ; made lor its gunrai.iic; and that an hour's j
Hu'v are 1m y t.? be .-a'.e-ti d v\ it.> 11:? i-i#?s!i11?* ]i?*iit
I Tlir. kIh r ?-".> ri fur mi hour,>inn l;.v ,ii
lincim-ot violates liUriyht as. a u.ur?his n.iht*
11 in ii citizen; and the honor of all Arm-riea i
j as u mill jii
Prom the tlthens ( Georgia) I In aid.
What utu. <ikoiu;ia no .'? Toe ijoe^tlori
which recently iliviil. il i "ies in i his S ate huv- !
ing bren sealed, and lii nop. ".tehing I'fe-iJen. I
, liai election wilt probably involve now Untie* in
. a contest of ttial nort, tin- Intention " Wnat v. i I ,
I < Mitaia do !" in prem'tithi i itself on ev -rv band |
As fur ui we have liecil :ibe- I . o.ittie nav thine !
from the tngn* "fine ti n ?, we h sieve to
a hole p' ojce ol <? I r.'i i urcu-|i .,1 ,i unite
in tides; ping the int let-, i I iti .1 u-tiona: pull
wliieli will idler lite um.-l reliable se.nri v
again*! any furl her lcgi-l t ion upon, or n?ili
tion of the subject jof nlivery bv <* >ngrom.
The people of the South .w ml nrily?the\
need repose. That party at. the North, there,
fore,'which will unite with them i t the main
tens nets of their rights, an claimed in the ' (!,? .r
gia plat I,inn," will, we think, receive the *np
port of the great mass of the people, not only
of Georgia. hut of nil the S oitlo-ro St ite*. At
all events, judging from the temp- r f the time-.
| thin in, we believe, the dotenrinstion of nil
partie* at thin tim*. V. ry tjrent changes inn.
howvver. take place between tie* time and tl?
opening of the 1'rcsidential campaign. The po
htieal cauldron now boils fiercely?old organization*
are shaken to their centre, and new one*
are being formed. What may be the final re
j null, we cannot unacrtaKo i<> say?though wv
i have no hesitancy " fipifuinif llie opinion thai
. jtiNt at this lime, there is a strong disposition
j manifested by nil parties in Georgia at least, to
I form such an alliance as will protect our iiitei- j
i eata in future.
A V t'sjtii.?We have been a til used for eonv j
time at the appropriation made bv the Waskin ?
ton I'nion ainl the Washington H'public, ol the
' triumph of the constitutional Union party at the
late election in this Stat . The former claim- it I
us a Democratic victory.and thelatter a? a Win; ,
r' victory. Tliey aeetn to have practiced upon tt? |
. rule, that one story is good ti'l another is tol i j
j still we thought, by this time, with nil the ligti* I
of the press, they would'have seen that ticilfn i
storr, as told by them, is true.
We t link the It '/hi l>l ?r is neither right thai
the I'ltioti, but wl? -ti it gets its eyes open, it will
find Unit it ^iil have to take its tr ?uhle for it*
pains in the premises. The leaders of the in
umpfiant parly here, say that they belong t<
fieitte r of the two great parties. Taey proton*
to wield a two-edged battle axe, w .kill they de
dare will cut terribly ttpo t ??n poly irlheotln i
or both, as thev hiay happen to come up to, or
fall short of their demands.
The truth of the matter is this. The lite j
contest in Georgia was not fought tie! ween Whig
land Demon rate but Southern Right* men an I i
I constiturional Union men. The latter made the
people believe that the fo?mer were trying to
Wow up the Union. We beard of one compm
mi*e enlhn?iast, who contended that tlu-y >\er
trying to How np creation. No wonder, wit
tlicms dreadful ideas in the people'.* hc.nl', that
the made i;\ disunion, Southern flight* tner, in
stead of blowing ii|i the Union, or creation, g. t
blowed up themselves. It was, then, fi Union |
victory obtained bv false pretension* and tt j re.
. ambitious. That'* the truth of the whole mi.t> j
, ter, let th" I'linn ami Ri/irMie iloli and pint
up this cane a* they rhav. We ad.nit, however, |
a* we hinted before, that whiggery got som
what the upper hand. A* to how the whole]
1 matter will turn out, it i* not exactly in th.
power of any one yil to any.
i ? in???
/ iOMMIxSIO.NKK of Lter j* nt',North and South
1/ uridine; Agent tor Revolutionary IVn* on
Claim*, Pmmiy Lnnd?, ?' f every oilier descrp
fiiOl or Claim* against i.,e vaflilna I tepalmenfa of
tSir Uenrral Govemineti' and hef.;re Cnngrea*.
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Company; Capital
|I f-"<t[Jirf one IInter lf"l ?;/ Jock ion Hall, Prnn*yhuinio
. In nut, W s misoa nv, I). C.
I I'. S. Reler, if necessary, to the Head* of De.Inrtnienia
a mi to .Member* of Congress generally.
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under National Hotel.?Nov. 1.
i* : ".JBt ^.lUiiwiii m
R I - W E E K L 1
Arrival of the Steamer Untitle,
three days later from europe.
New York, Doc. 7.?The steamer Pacific ar
rived at ten o'clock to-night, with fiO passenger
h, a fair freight, and three days later fron
Europe. On December 3d, at 1 p. m , in lat ^
, 18. 50, Ion. 41. 4t), she exchanged signals with
the steamer Cambija, bound east.
Among the passengers of the Pacific is the
lion. Wm.C. Rives, minister to France.
American description > of cotton have ad ?
vanced ^d. Sales of the three days, f!4,l)00.
bales, of which speculators and exporters took !
5,000 balesFlour
is firm and in good demand. Prime |
white wheat is a shade dearer. Indian corn !
meal was firm at previous rates.
At London, sugar w.?s more active at full I
- rates, Coffee also more active. Rice lirui. j
'fallow dull.
Tlic Manchester mai kef had slightly improved
but rates were unchanged. ' hi
Provisions were dull, prices favoring b iyers.
At the trade sale on Tuesdiy a large portion f
was withdrawn.
The Loudon money market, was easy ; consols
closed at 1)7 i for mm ey, utid 9S-; on account; '
ranwiiy snares were lowi-r.
The quotations ct" lloiir arc : Western canal
Itts a 20s. While com 2'Ja ;i 20s 'i I; mixed:
25 s a 25s (id. , 1
I ' The steamer Pioneer Hailed tor New York on 1
Sat oi day. * ; J
A serious collision had occurred oil the ^
Northwestern railway, by which many persons j
! were injured. *
The c dton I'actory of Messrs. I)uj lid. MrP'hail
A: Co., at Greonhead, was destroyed by
| tire on the 25.h. it employed 3000 hands. | C
Loss jCoO.ooo,
Tiie Sunderland haul; had suspended payI
inenl. I'
* ri; urn
IKAMK. | f<
I lntel'iienee from Paris announce* that M. , ci
I Casablanca hud been ?|>p *>int? d minister of ti j ?l
' nine'', add M. Let', tire L)tiru| le succeeds hi u i s '
1 minister of eoiumerce.
Numerous arrests , utiuued to be made.
Tim nii 'i-ler of the interior n is declined be
in?r a candidate tor the departm* ill ol the Seine. ;
The P.ourse was unsettled, at a decline.
' Owinu to ifie prnba1 iluv ol further, differ j
enees Ir-iwein the Pu-M lent and the assembly, j
; an. article in the chuigfing the (j
heads of the p.-.itv ?'l order \\:th a conspiracy c
.lO'iiest the l'ri sident.had caused ore it sensation.
The i.iinister of thu interior iu.d denied the ex- | *1
: istericc < f sucti a eoii-p:ra, v.
A b il had been proposed in the assemble for e
i repulatinu the re?pn:oibi ity of the President I
and his ministers. P. is stated that there is a |
prospect oh I. ui? Nnjruin presenting!
i die electoral bill rn-uiiiv defeated in the assembly.
A ticw tniiiifry, under tin- presidency of the J j
Sebanle. had been lorined, wh eh w ill pursue an I
i?tir?*Iv now course <?t" pnl.cv. This new Ki:i? j w
hud i sued a proehituntion pledging himself to ! l'
the most sacred observance of the constitution | "
t' the country. I
.* At'sTUI A.
The state of Hungary '-mis most utiKatisfao- |
torv. and the government organs admit that it is )
! injeli agnate!. The. sy?tem expulsion was i
(till carried on un a grand seal I
ITAt.V. ! J
The Neapolitan government intends increas- j "
i.ig tiie export duties ott sulphur and oil.
Tt'l.kl V. ! v
t\?nstsiitino|?!e accounts announce mother M
mini-lerin! cri?is a* at an end, and thst Ali Pasha c
ad been induced to resume Ills duties as for- a
eien minister
m'ais. * j<
News fiom tit's country i? unimportaut. I p
Two vessel* had arrived at Cadiz with another j "
portion of tlic Lopez expedition on board.
ratiMiA. I [1
The renewal of the commercial treaty between , ?
Pru*ai? and Iteliriuui hid faded. , .A
'l ite Prince of Prussia was to leave Berlin on
the 231, to take cotnr.tatid of the army on the "
1 Rhine.
[ bv i t: < i i.i' TRl.r.oiurH ] i J
I'm in, \\'r,litfsilay. Sor. 26 ?Aft# r post-hour ' ti
on Wednesday, the minister of the interior said, el
oi his replv to Mr. Creton. in an article of the | ei
('otttliliilHinelle. Ml will tei'ly eatei/orH'allv.
Iliid ohl.iiid proof of tile ? nee ??t audi i
a mnnpirmy, >on m:iy -ki II n??urt-ri thet I
(I'Iiwvit were the n.en who |/iiriici|Mhil in it. r(
however hijrh their r.n<k. We would not have i t,
lifi'il.Htcd to j mi form our iJttij." J lit*aaaainbly : m
then adjiiNrnrii. j |?
ls)ntion, ,V?c. 28.? letter* frotn Liverpool!**
-late ih)'?u<|KMii>|{iii of two firm* connected with *
American trading?Vice, I'rido & Jnne*, and
Ihinxten A- Co. 'Die li.iUilitii < < ! the firing ore ^
not Mentioned, hut are nnppoacd to lie large. . ,j
rhnw ol' the latter ore nopposi d to omoiiiit to I t|,
about ijiid.oiMl o* JC80.000 M
/'aria, A or. ~2'> ? Ihuirae S'n rioted nt 91 11 v
.I t iifi IQ: cXchnnpe hetween KtiglaiNi and Ante- L
rica nominally 8 ? 7, having >? unull profit on the '>
importation of trold for the (Ttiite?l State*.
Liverpool, Nov. 2<i.?The ?ott<m market ie
advancing, and in hi her ninec Friday. ! rt
The Mane heater market i? active, with amall jt
atoeka. I'rice* arc higher, Ui
CKoLahp. ! ni
The ateaOtet City of Cthngow, frotn Philadoh in
phi*, arrived III Liverpool on the 2.td. in 17 dayn. r(
The Knmpa made ihe pn?a.-ige out from BoaIon
in 10 data and 3 lioura.
Arrived in Brett erhaven I? '*. on the 18th. JF
Kberhard, I'hiladelphi .: arrived off Dtirgeiinn**.
on the 2_'d, Marianne, from lltlf'more, and Hel |,j
lene, troin Kiehtnond. hdlifor J'.-.nen ; arrived t,
at Liverpool on the 22d. W. A Cooper, and a
Senf*. from Malti nore : on liie Jhl, Su?an (?ir j
venn, from Charleateti. ?
Sailed from Belfast on the 22d, ihe Miltinle
for ('harlenton. Arrived at Cr.neaaiid on t~ej
24th, the luniita. Conner. t??r Kichmond.
? . ro
(Jffm riif 0 illimorc S>nLn.i\' : t *"
Daily Mail, to Norfolk.?The Postm o<le
fteneral haa agreed to urnii .t diitlv it nil to Nor- ; J."
folk, via Jainn* river, nnd h ?? ?'?" entered into ^
a contract with the Seaboard ami Roannakp rail ot
road company,to carry the rn iil for $4,000. He ! j?
aUo assured the committee trotn Norfolk, who i>r
a sited upon him, th.it tin- milijii t in relation to tli
the daily mail from Biltimorc to Norfolk, wns pr
under consideration, and would be promptly. | 'b
and it wa* thoaifht favorably. decided upon
The Norfolk liran n states that Col. Kame, rol- | j
I etor of the port of Hdtiinore: Col. Kali a, ot
this city; Senator Pearcr, of Maryland; the1
two Virginia senators, and several ine.nl.era of j
Congress, jjrea'ly^t led in brit jring about these ' in
negotiations. Mr. Hal , the Postmaster (Jenoral, |a
and other members ot the cabinet, however, .or
manifested every disposition to comply with the
wishes of the con mittec. | **
DIKP, * ? ? I ^
In thia city, on the Sih mat., Mra. MARY
DOUULA8 S I'BTSON, late of Alexandria, Va? A
consertof the late Capl. John Stltioh, of Mass., an
in the 51st year of her age. in
HB.ER 1851,
For December, 1851.
To be drawn in the City of Baltimore, under li
le .superintendence of Slate Commissioners. IJ
P. MORRIS A Co., Manuirera. K
#40,000! .'10,000! 20,000! 10,000 "
Class SI,
'o be drawn in'Baltimore, December 20th, ltDl.
i tize 01 >0.1,000 1 x rize ot > mi
do 30,000 20 do 1,250
do 20,000 20 do T.J 1
do J I),QUO 'JO do .TOO
do 5,0110 'JO do 400
200 Prizes of $300 ! !!
Tickets $12?Halves $0?Cluarlers $3.
!ertiAr'ute of Package 20 Wholes $160 000
do do 2li Halves 80 0001
do ' do JO Uutyters 40 000
$00,000 $10,000 >20,000 $12,500
J0U Prizes of $2,000
'o lie drawn in Baltimore, December 27th, 1851.
Prize of >(!(),000 1 Prize of $4,750 j ?
do 40,000 100 do 2,000
do 20,000 100 do 0001
do 12,000 HI do 400' J
do 0,000 05 do 200 w
'ickets~$20?Halves $10 -Quarters $5?Eighths j 1
$2 50. j J
iertilicate of Package,of 2(! Wholes $280 00 |
do do 26 Halves 140 00 J ,,
do do 20 Quarters 70 00 ! i,
do do 20 Eighths 35 00 i a
Orders from any part of the United States, Eu- j p
)pe, or the Canadas, will meet with prompt and : a,
ireful attention, and the ulfkial drawings sent to I
II who order. | w
A u t) it i; s s i at
F. MORRIS & CO., .Managers.
Dec. 8. Bai.timork, Mn.
& new and elegant paper, published at Col J p
1m. umbia, South Carohn.,, und Edited by S. A . '
oilman, solicits examination and challenges
umpurison wi ii any Northern paper.
It is a large sheet, magnificently printed upon |
piendid paper, contains Original i'aies, Sketches, I
lews, Poetry, Agricultural Articles, and wliut-1
ver else that will inlet est mi intelligent conimu-j
ity ; besides,' four elegant Engravings each
reek. ' Terms, jyj per annumaddress,
Columbia South Carolina. Nov. 21
4.0M>E\ 1(1 I.E.
\ paper for Odd-h ellows and their Families.
This old established Family Paper, on the
st of January, enters its sixteenth volume, and o
i ill Ire found upon examination by the Fraternity L
i> lie peculiarly adapted t) tlietr wants, and a , 1
tost welcome visitoi the firesied.
It is published wo kly at i t<
$2 t'O per annum in advance. j u
li 00 ibr four copies.
12 00 for nine copies. 'j n
1J 00 for twenty copies. ' j I
ll contains the Proceedings of the Grand Lodges h
if the United {states, and the .Stale Grand Lodges
iiid Encampment, Inatiiution of the new Lodges,
LI dresses, accounts of Celebrations, Editorials '
ipon ?> J J Fellowship, and everything that can e
merest the Order.
For binding, it is admirably adapted,mid make* j
rnrly a volume of over eight hundred large page*.
Laide trotu the Odd-Fellowslin department, it
olitmus choice Tales, I'oetry, Note* of Travel, C
nd in short all the variety that goes to make up A
first class Family l'aper .: L
For years the Gazette and Golden Kule has en- j
>yed the highest confidence of the Order, and its u
ublishers feel assured that there is not a brother, t!
o matter what hia rank in the Order, who w.ll F
ot from reading the Golden Kule, learn to up- L
reciate still more our glorious Frsicrmlv, and
e better abU to extend Us broad lusntlc titer 3
14 Ann-street, New York.
01 FF LttLES, BI A.l t.KH >.
,1ttornty> at Lav, Waihingtan City, It. f.
PRACTICE in the Supreme Court of th'e j
United States, and in the Courts of the lhs- T
icl of Columbia ; and attend promptly to all *i
inline against the United Slates, or Foreign Gov - J ?"
rnments. | A
WoMIVOTON, ,1ugu?t I, J?5I. j ly
3ir :-After consulting many person* interested in ' ,(J
i? principal Kail-Road* m the Umts<l States, thr lh
ndersigned propose to establish ngenciea in thu j F
ity and in New York, for tne purpose of collect- ,
ig full and authentic Rail-Rimf statistics and
jch other information as will enable them to servr
ire >ns desiring to irivest m Rail-Rond securities, ;
r to 1 rocure uiforniation ofany matters connected
ith the construction and admints'retion of Rail-1 if
pads. They also propose, especially. to urge j ra
pon Congress a modification of the laws relat- cf
ig to contracts fm carrying the mail, so nb loatiiori/#
llis I'ii-I Ofiir I ?? i 11 msnl t.i rnilrm I for
le perpetual tit**1 of Rail- Roods, and, instead <>f A
tying,as now, qiaaitcily on contracts for four
ears, to advance m five per cent. lunula of the j
nited Btr.tes, chargeable upon the revenues of j
ic Peal Office Department,an amount, tfie inte-1 I)
'St upon which at ti per cent, would equal the j
lymftin now made. |
The government now |*ay? per in;le foi I
urytng the inaii on first ?..*?? llsil-Roade. This Pi
6 per cent, on $o,<NKl. The undersigned would
rge that, instead of paying $300 n mile, per an- j ^
inn, the Departmert should deliver, on acontracl nt
i perpetuity,five <tl,000 bonds, bearing an inte- r|)
at or five per centum. At this fate the chatge
i?on the Department would be reduced from J300
a mile, per annum, and the Jk.v0 per mile (U
ned would creates unking fund which will, in a
w years,pay offthe Bonds,and give the use of such l(
tads forever thereafief, free of all charge ; there- j {
{ effecting a vast saving on the present annual f
[peoditurea of the To t Office Department, and i ^
consequent reduction of the rales of postage.
Tt-e effect will be no le?? advantageous to Hail- j
oad Companies than to the government. For
stance, such a contract would give to the Baltiore
and Ohio Rail-Road Company more than .F
!,000,0tt0, which would enable iliat complete Us )p|
ad at an early day, and greatly increase its bnsi- ,
"? f fll
Hut to meet objections and impress ihe public 1 t
ind with a proper sense of the benefit* to result |
iin thia measure will require concert of action i
i<l continued active effort, through the press : <) j-.
herwise. The undersigned lender.their service*
5 nn
your Company, expecting a reasonable coin- rfc)
naa iou, partly contingent upon the success of
e measure ; and respectfully suggest the pro-1
iety of your rending one or ri ore delegate* to
is city, on the first Wedensday in December ^
xt? to confer with delegates from other Hail- "
DNtd Companies, ax to the details of the propoxarrangement
and the beat mode of bringing the ?
bje t before Congress. '''
Snould it be your pleasure to accept of our
rvices in tliia matter, we will promptly attend
all othir busineee, which yon, or yoor Com- ""
iny, may have with the Post Office Department,
other branch of the government.
Hoping to bear from you at your earliest conr.tence,
we are, respectfully, your ob't serv ix. 110
i-if" Cm ari.Cs M. Marti*. of llaynesviiie, i w
Isbatna, is our author.zed agent to collect dues |\
id receive subscriptions for the Sovthgrn /'r?j? be;
Alabama and Mississippi. 'r<
j ^ 'fi
[No. 51.
uan of tkt Government of the Electorate <flhm
#ifi,725,000 to be reimbursed with *tlO,5ft6,(ilU.
I''HIS Stale Loan, contracted in t he YqHr 1845,
by the (iovenimeni of the Llkctokatc ot J|
L kssk, und with I lie consent of the Chamber ot ne
>e|iuties, through ihe Bunking Houce of Mlsmis V
oriiscnicn and Son*, constate of 07:25 Series of
> I to i ids each, to lie redeemed liy (id Dietribu- j fin
tins in such a mannerJhnl ilie received Capital X'a
f $6/795,000 will be repaid with 1 (>,688,010, hi lat
le following 168,125 Dividends:-? aci
11 Prizes of $40,000 $560,000
oo f| 36,000 732,000 | T?
i>4 ,, 32,000 'i 651,000 j de
60 ,, 8,000 480,000 cUi
60 ,, 4,000 -40,0001 tlii
60 ,, 2,000 1-*0,000 ag
120 ,, 1,500 1=0,000
ISO ,, 1,000 .... 180,000
300 ., 100 .... l-*0,000 r.
600 ? :tOi? .... 1-H'.' 00 I
100 ,, 151 la,000 |
' tit Id ,, 140 .... '^.000 j ||
100 ,, 135 13,000 f
100 ,, 130 13,000 : .
100 ,. 125 .... J.7^0 th,
600 ,, 120 i-l.00(1 |
4,860 ? 100 .... 486,0001 ^
37,375 ,, 00 .... 3.363,7d() (jI{
20,250 ? . 85 '2,480,250 |
24^250 ? 80 .... 1,010,00(1
10,25(1 ? 75 .... 1.443,610
14,250 ,, 70 JO < ,50() ,,r
11,750 ? 65 763,750 Re
0,25(1 ,, 60 555,000 _
15,250 ,, 55 .... 838,750
168,125 Prizes, amounting to $16,588,610 1From
the lsi of December, 1845, to the lat ol
une, 1855, there will be Twenty Drawings, which 10
ill take place every Six Months ; und from the J'1
st of June, 1850,.to the lat of June, 1805, there i ' r!
oil be Forty Drawings, at which period all Bond. ' Ho1
lust be drawn. j ,nt
The 1st of June and December of each yeai
lentioned in the Prospectus for the Drawings to
ike place, ure those ol the Series ; and One Month M
Aer there will be the Distribution of the Money J
rizes among the Bonds of these Selected Series, ha
:eordin?f to the Prospectus. , ?
The Re-payment of the Honda and Dividends to
ill be made by the Chief Electorate Hesse Bank, j M
t Cassel. j Li
ON THE latOF DECEMBER, 1851, |
Will take place, by AtnioRtrr or the Gov ! ,*)l
rkme.vt, the Thirteenth Drawing of Twenty j ,,n
enes, or Five Hundred Bonds of the above men i en
oned Loan, which must putn in the Distribution |
it the 1st of January, 185!?, the following Five '
lundred Dividends : SP
I Dividend of $36,000 $30,000 j'*'
I ? 8,0(10 *,00(1
1 ,, 4,IMhi 4,OUl' ' ,
I !>,0C0 d.lXM. "
!i Dtvidens 1,500 3,000
3 ,, 1,1X10 3.000 M
5 ,, 400 2.0UO,
10 ,. '-DO 'J'UUtJlot
op u |otl ;. 8,40ti j0
31 100 3,k 0
4 oy, n 5;, 123,375
5<H) Dividends Amounting to $88,875]
1.?The Tickets are payable to Hearer.
'2.?The Prizes will be paid in cash, at the option ] ?
f the holder, either in Frunkfoil-on the Maine,
.ondon, New York, or in any othei Comtnercta! j av
own. I
3 ?The proceeding of the l)ra? imj veil! he pet <
>riiietl in ilie presence of the Public and superilendente
of the Royal \uihoritiet,. '>?'
4.?The ie.iuli will, immediately after the Drewng,
be advertised in the tjerman Journals end by
..his, which will be forwarded to every Shaie- ii"
older. be
hhii K or Tilt TICKET* i "B this 1'ISTRIBl'f IOK. c"
One Ticket one pound sterling, or live dollar*. lb
The Purchaser of a certain number of Tickete
njuyi the following advantages, viz.?
Six tickets live pounds -.1, or tweuty-five dol. *1'
Thirty ditto twenty ,, one hundred ditto
Sixty-live ditto forty ,, two hundred ditto t?u
Hemillanres can he mode by Hank Notes,
holts, or Bills on Europe, which may be sent to
tessrs. IS. Stii kkl v Co , J-.', Nicbolas-lanr,
,nint aid -St., London.
fLjr?Ticketa and Prosprcliibeemay be liad of tin ?
ndersigried Hanking Itouer, who liaa uudertakei
i* principal Sale of Ticketo for Uermany art1
..reign Countries, and by whom the Official I
1st of Drawing w ill he Nent to each Shareholder 1
ept. 2K?tf /Yaa^/brif-ioi the-Mimtt.
S. U HIS WOLD A CO , gri
(5tiecf?v>ri (? Ihnitl f*rntl 4r Co.,)
> KSPECTFIJLLY inf irns the public that |ff
V they are now mnnufa' tunnz
- ^ (Ol
at Prnttaville, Autauga countv, Alat>ama. ' ?
heir arrlngenienta for manufacturing are eaten
ve and complete,which w ill enable them lo funi- ' u
h finis to planters on the most favorable terms. A'
i in tnf miiifrrmritv nf fli^ir lain* I* a??
' to refer to the reputation which the manufac- ii'ire
and ualeofovet lll,(HM) ha. acquired for tliein
uoughout the entire cottnu growing region. I'l
torn :<!.'? yearn experience, nitli every facility and v '
>ud workmen, tiiey are confident that ihey will Ol
" able to give satisfaction to all who may patron "f
e them. ml
Jl /'Then (iiiiH are w rratiWd to perform well. II
Engagement! for Gins ran be made with their -Wi
a veiling agente, who will rail mi ptantere gene- tV
IIy, or by letter directed to I'rattville, Autauga brt
mniy, Alabama. .I.'
A supply of Oina always on hand with C'o?i:/?- the
11 A to , Mobile, and II. I lend nil, A Carter Co., I I
eit OtUun\. ! ant
3. URI8W0LD A Co rgfj
'. Aptiklnri INK) Hnntdway York Ol
(lave now readr the fourth edition. '1
j By Hugh A. Garland, *t" o volumee ltlwio
irtraita; $ J .?0.
" Mr. Garland has given ue a deguerre'i'ype of
character more eccentric and variable than Ura
is tiaelf, and withal, two volume* of exceedingly l
nice historical reading."?[ RrpiMif. I '
The biography of Randolph has neater charm* I
an the moat exciting fiction "?Charlttler* M< - l,t't
n *f
" A good life of this remaikable man ha* n 1
en desired. Mr. Garland has furnished an ex
finely readable book; the two volumes not only j
ntain the history of hia life, and analysis of hi*
i..., ........ Jr .1 i- ll.?
'?' '? 111'^irBMiiK ' WUIII *M inv pvil*
* Bnd the public men of the day."?(Crr.crnf.
" Since Kennedy's life of William Wirt, wt
ire had no biography, certainly no American bi*' '
raphy, which will at all compare in intereat with ent
10 work. It must be read by multitudes with in *nC
me interest."?|Arte<ir/lc Daily .Idvertiser ?r
' Mr. Garl.ind has made good use of hta mate
il, and baa given a striking and accurate por uf"
utiue of the erratic and brilliant subject of his "bo
n."?|.Wir Orleann Delta. ' | C
" This book fills a blank in the biographical no* j
ea of distinguished Americans. The two vol* I
ie? gives ua a fmthful account of hi? whole < aer,
an analysis of his celebrated speeches, Ac "
Philadelphia Enquirer.
" As a biography, it is marked by directness ~pf{
d unity of purpose, and by comprehensiveness
d variety of manner "?(Bolton Pott.
" It is one of the tnost interesting American" bi* M'rtl
raphies with which we are acquainted."?(Err mt9
ng Pont. n
l'he work m written in an easy and beautiful _
y\e, and la replete with striking passages. The 11
thor i?- intimately acquainted with American y\
nature, and the great men who, at different new
lies, have played a distinguished part in the mer
una of the Republic. It forms a valoable/addi* C-8f
n to our national history."?Democratic Review j,on
March 17?d.tw-w
Ins .PARKER will open on Wednesday loth
in.?t., a few cases ot French Hals. Also a fyr<
antiful assortment of Ribbons, Feathers, Flow-i /
, Ac.,4c. Penn. av. unt'er, N. Hotel. r,.
The "lOBtherB Prcaa" Trl-Weekly,
published on Tuesday, Thurj^lay and Saturday
of each week.
The * Southern Preaa,"?Weekly.
is published every Saturday.
# ?_ __ ^
>r one square of 10 lines, three insertions frl 00
' every subsequent insertion, - - 25
Liberal deductions nukle on yearly advertising A
[^-"Individuals may forward the amount of their
bscriptiona at our risk. Address (post-paid.)
Washington City.
w Fashionable Tailoring Establishment.
H. F. LOUDON & CO., )
em* Jihrcers anil Tailors, Browns' hottl, Pa. are.,
" 1"AVE jubt opened their new store, with a
large and well selected stock of goods for
mleniens' wear, such as Cloths, Casaiineres,
eatings, and Furnishing Goods generally.
Army, navy, marine, and revenue officers, will
d an assortment of Swords, Epaulettes, Sashes,
issants, Laces, and such other articles as the
est regulations of their respective corps prelibe.
_ y
/vn experience 01 many years in legitimate
tilorius?a new and select stuck of goods?a
sire to please?with ilie cash system to protect
stumers against high prices, are inducements
tt we oiler; and most respectfully solicit patrone.
Nov. 18?tf.
pu a reapecta pand thor Highly competent peiL
con will be let the Saloon under the NationHall,
in the city of Washington, together with
the places in the Theatre above set apart for reishmenta.
The advantages of this saloon exceed, perhaps,
jse of any other in the country, being sufficientextensive
to have attached a Restaurant, BillJ
rooms, Ac. <tc. The great saloon is accessi
not only to the audience of the Theatre, but
10 from the street, during the day us well as the
fling. . .
Applications (post paid) can be addressed to
rite Proprietors of the National Hall," at the
public office, Washington city.
iETWEEN ninth and fottr-and-a-halfstreets,
A the Avenue, on Tuesday ntori)ing last, a
11 of money, containing one twenty dollar gold
ece, another of two and n half dollars, a five
tnc pi?ce, and two small bank bills. The peril
will he liberally rewarded on leaving the
mey at this office. dec. 4?
nut: treneral estimation Ion? eninved liv th*
L Perfumes issuing from the premises ofLueiv,
iving led to a variety of worthless imitations aim
unterfeita, notwithstanding the signature affixed
each label accompanying the genuine article,
Pixix Phot, proprietor of the Establishment
bin", has the honor of informing his friends and
e public, that lie has now substituted for li s
nner labels one of a wholly different description,
d that lie has caused to be manufactured for his
velopes a description of paper presenting in
rm of a watermark the seal of his house.
In order, therefore, to avoid deception, he re-ectfully
begs them to pay special attention to
? label, appe nded to 6ucli articles as bear the
ine of his house, and to entrust the execution
their orders only to dealers of respectability, or
dress them directly to hit premises, No 55, ruo
e-Aiine, Paris.
pening to cay in Extracts, Heliteape, Geranum
usk, Winter Rlossom, New Mown flay, Joekeu
ub, Mouaeliue, Amber,dec. &,c. with all the
ler choice articles of the same house,
Fancy Perfumery and Comb Store
neiir the National H?tel,
?v. 12.? 3t17ILLIAM
TUCKER. Merchant Tailor?
L vnk t 1 rcKtiR % building, Pennsylvania
enue, between Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets
respectfully calls the attention of members of
oigi'iK', h'rsngers, e.nd ti.e pubuo generally, to
* large and well-aelected stock of cloths, casst
crc?, unu vpkinigh, an in which ne in prepared
execute in Ins usual elegant style. I ahull have
the comae of two weeks some nioie of those
it, rich, and superior over garments which have
en *o much admired for their ntyle, finality,and
mfoit , and being determined to do business on
e cash principle, my motto n> amall profits and
nek returns.
N. B. Ail kinds of military t'urinenth made in
e best manner, according to the late regulations.
Warned, two or three good coal hand* ; none
i tin best workman need apply- ' ?v.22?3ts
or i na
It 1 EN T I Fit A M E K 1 C A N .
r? Mechanic*, Imentnrs, anJ Manufaclurcrt:
MIE Publisher* of the Scientific ,1merican reepec'fully
give notice that the sixth vulcmc
tluc valuable journal, comiUenced on the 21st
Septen ber, offering a valuable op|>ortunity for
to subs ribe w ho take an lutereat in the proess
and lev-elopement of the Mechanics' Arts
d Manufacture* of our country. Thecharacof
the iVirrttyie .Imtricun is loo well known
oughout t ie country to require a detailed acunt
ot the various subje-.ts discussed through its ' <
It enjoys a more extensive and influential cirlation
than a.iy other journal of its class in
Il will lie tilth.I: lied wceklv < her-.-mfnre in
in*to Form, oil fine paper, all'ordiiis, at the end
the year, an ILLUSTR.ITF.lt EXC YCl.OL'/)/.#,
of over FOUR H UXOR LI) P.1GES,
tli an Index, a"H from Five to Mix Hundred
HGlX.it. FX* 'f/.WS, d??crilied by letters
reference ; bean >*a.,t ntuuuut of practical
briiMiion coDceruii. \progress of SCIEXFIC
and M F. C It A r.1 L IM I' R O V F.
F.VTs, ( IIEMISTR, 'i ll. EXUIXEF.Kti,
M.IXUF.1CTL XG in ita various
\\uUt*,.!RU HITEUTURt.,.V.1S0XR 1, HOTiT,
?in short, it embrace* the entire rttB't ot
Arts and Sciences.
t also possesses an original feature not found in
r other weekly journal in the country, viz.* an
icinl i.ist of r. I TEAT C7?</.VS, pmiarnl exssly
for its coluuius at the Patent Office,?thus
Limiting it the .1MF.RH.1XREPERTORY ?
rrams?J-.'a-year; $l for six months.
Ill letters must be post paid and directed to
Publisher- of the S^ientifia American,
|IJ8 Fult(?n etrrei, York.
Inrlnctmtnts for Uhihbing.
Viiy prison whs will send us four subscribers
six months, at our regular rates, shall be en d
to one copy for the same length of time ; or
will furnish? ~
:opie? for 6 moi , $*" I 13 copies for 12 mos. f22
do 12 15 | 20 do 12 " iM
outhern and Western money taken at par for
lecriplions; or Toct Office Stamps taken at
ir full value.
^ny person sending u.s thier subscribers will be
itled to a copy of the " History of Propellers
I Steam Navigation," republished 111 Mok form
iow in pre?s, to be ready about the first of Ocer.
It will be one of the most complete works
>n the' subject eter issued, ami will contain
nit ninety engravings.
>ct. 22?tf
IFE INSURANCE.?British Commercial
Life Insurance Company,established in 182U, ,
empowered by act of Parliament, for the In
nice or L.ivm ana Jsurvivorsnips, ana the enrmeiit
of Children, Ac., Ac , CAPITAL
hf.f .y/n i. w.v not.i.ihs
^ Office 3d story Colonization buildings,
Jackeon Hull, Pennsylvania avenue, Washn
city, D. C
cioher 31, 1830?dtf
7 ILL be opened at Mrs. S. Parker'a, on Sat/
urJay,23d mat., at 10 o'clock A. M.,in the
atore under the National Hotel, a rich assortit
of Winter Millinery, consisting of Hats,
is, Head-Dresses, Feathers, Florences, Ribs,
,RESS COMBS. We are just opening an
' other and prettier assortment of those hand
ie Rope and Cham pattern Shell and Buffalo
Ms Tuck Combs; prices from $2to |2U each
Llso, '200 different patterns Spanish Dress f an;
:es from 75 cents to <110 each.
. ... Hats ... iiSiriiWil'fi .

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