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bj- 4
A Letter ef A4vl?e.
From Miss Medoria Tsvilian at Paru, to Mitt Artmmta
Vavasour, in Londoner
winthrop mackwosth prael*uEi\fin,
Monsieur, un kommt aimiahU?
Violapourquoi jt nesaurats t'aiiner.' ?(Scribe.
You tell me you're promieed R lover,
My own Araminta next week ;
Why cannot my fancy discover
The hue of hie coat and his cheek ?
Alan ! if he looks like another,
A vicar, a banker, a beau,
Be deaf to your father and mother?
My own Araminta, say "No !"
If he wears a top boot in hie wooing,
If he cornea to you riding a cob,
If he ta'ka of hie bakipg or brewing,
j3 If he puts up hia feel on the nob,
f\l, .. If he ever drinks port after dinner,
- If hia brow or his breeding is low,
JJ If he calls himself Thompson or Skinner,
*.* Mv own Araminta, Bay, "No ?"
If he studies the news in the papers,
J* While you are preparing the tea,
*' If he talks of the damps and the vapors,
* Wl ile mor nlight lies soft on the sea,
If he's sleepy while you are capricious,
If he has not a musical "Oh !"
If he does not call Werter delicious,
My own Araminta, say "No !"
If he ever sets foot in the city,
Among (he ttockbrokers and Jews,
If he has not a heart full of pit?,
If he don't stand six feet in his shoes,
If his lips are not redder than roses,
If his hands are not whiter than snow,
If he has not the model of noses,
My own Araminta, say "No!"
If he speaks of a tax or a duty,
If he does not look grand on his knees,
Ifhe's blind to a landscape of beauty,
Hills, valleys, rocks, waters and trees,
If he dotes not on desolate towers,
If he likes not to hear the blast blow,
If he knows not the language of flowers,
My own Araminta, say "No !"
He must walk like a god of old story,
Obme down front the home of his rest,
He must smile like the sun in his glory,
- On the buds lie loves ever the best ;
And, oh, from its ivory portal,
, Like music his soft speech must flow !
If he sp^pk, smile, or walk like n mortal,
My own Araminta, say "No !"
Don't listen to tales of his beauty,
? Don't hear what they tell of his birth,
Don't look at his seat in the country,
Don't calculate what he is worth ;
But give him a theme to write verse on ,
And see if he turns out his toe ;
^ If he's only "an excellent person, "
My own Araminta, say "No !"
a p hi c.
New York, July 15.
The steamer Asia bringing Liverpool dates
to the 3d inst., 65 passengers, arrived this morning.
The Hermurin arrived at Southampton on
the 1st inst.
Mr. J. EDREHI, a native of Morocco, has the
' honor to announce to the public, that he has for
sale an excellent article called AMULETS, which
is preventive of Cholera, Scarlet Fever and other
contagious diseases?was extensively ' worn in
England during the rage of Cholera in 1832, and
it was approved by the Medical Faculty tn that
country. This Amulet is a berry that grows upon
a tree on Mount Lebanon, in a Botanic Garden
near Jerusalem. It has been patronized in the
four quarters of the world. This Amulet is an
cxeellent article to prevent the spread of contagious
diseases?from its smell is a preventive of
Fevers and general uecline of the system. It is
worn as a necklace around the neck for ornament,
ar.d also as a bracelet around the wrist. From its
strong odor, it is an excellent and a pertain article
for the preventive of moths in clothing.
This article is patronized in England, France
and Italy, and likewise acquired universal patronage
in America. Mo one should be without this
> excellent article.
L r.n<tiM and gentlemen ! Ynu have now the only
opportunity of purchasing theinynu will have, or
have again when 1 am gone. They are sold at a
reasonable price?from |l to $4 for each necklace
Mr. Edrehi will remain but a short time, and
may be found at the new Segar and Tobacco atore,
between 4} and 3d streets, Pennsylvania arenue.
July 12, 16)52.
Building Association on a (lev Plan.
CAPITAL,Two Hundred and FiAy Thousand
Dollars. Shares, Twenty-five dollars each,
payable in monthly instalments of one dollar.
Loans made to members for five years, on security
of real estate.
Books of subscription are now open at the office
of D. N. CALLAN, esq., F street, near 15th
street, D. A. HALL, esq., C and 3d streets, II.
M. MORF1T, esq., 4J street, GEORGE PARKER
4 CO., Pennsylvania avenue, near 6th St.,
and at the office of the Sonllurn Prr$?.
jan 20
Pacific Mall Steamship Company,?lhe only
Line for Callfonla and Oregon.
fWlHE public are informed that, under the new
_R_ arrangements of this company, steamers inspected
and improved by the Navy Department,
and carrying the United State* mails, will continue
to leave Panama and San Francisco on the
1st and 15lti days of each month, unlea* detained
by unavoidable accident, and will touch at Acapulro,
San Diego, and Monterey The following
steam packets belonging to the Pacific Mail
f Steamship Company, one of which will be always
in port at each end of the route, are now in
the Pacific:
Oregon. ...........1,099 tons
Panama 1,1*1?
California ] ,050 "
Tennessee 1,300
> Northerner 1,200 ?
* Columbia HIIO "
Republic.... ..1,200 "
Carolina 600 "
Columbus.. 600 "
Isthmus ?
IJnirr.rn 600
Fremont 600 "
The new stesmship Columbia will ply between
, 8?n Francisco and ports in Oregon, awaiting at
the former porta the arrival of the mails and passengers
from Panama, and returning without delay
with tha mails and passengers for tha steamer
from San Francisco.
A regular line of propellers will be kept up for
the transportation or freight and transient passengers
between Panama and San Francisco.
The well-known steamship Sarah Sands, of
1,500 tons burden, now under charter to the company,
and peculiarly commodious in har cabin
arrangements, will he kept running aa an extra
Ifomily boat.
One of the above steamers will keen us the
connexion betweeif Acapuleo and the otner Mex
ican porta.
The connexion i? the Atlantic willibe maintained
by the DnitetfBuies mail eteamehtpe?
Georgia. 3,000 tone
Ohio 3,000 "
Empire City .'2,000 y',
, Creacent City.# 1,500 "
Cherokee ...1.300 "
Philadelphia. .1,100 "
Leaving New York for Chagres on the lltli
and 96th of each month.
The new steamer El Dorado and the Falcon will
form a direct line between New Orleans and Chagres,
leaving at such periods as will insure at
little detention as possible on the Isthmus, and
forming with the Pacific steamships a through line
to and from New Orleans and poita in Mexico,
California, and Oregon. Pnssage from New Orleans
can be secured from Armstrong, Lawrence,
A Co., agents at that place.
The fhre for through tickets from Now York to
San Francisco haa been reduced from?
4400 in state room to $3.30
43.30 ia lower cabin to ;,.$390
$300 in steerage to
The ratei from New York to Chagres will be
the lowest adopted by any safe sen steamer between
these ports.
Each passenger is allowed 350 lbs. personal
baggage free, not exceeding in measurement 10
, cubic feet
Freight will be taken to Chagres at 70 cents per
foot, and from Panama to San Faneiaco at the
rate of $100 per ton.
For choice of berths apply at the office of the
company, 54 and 55 8outh street, or at their
agency, No. 177 West street, New York city.
Aag 19?dly
'rpHlS INSTITUTION, incorporated by tl
X Legislature of Maryleud, is in succeaaf
operation under a Faculty of twelve Professor
and haa a large attendance of a'udents from Pen
alvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Sou
irolina, Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri and A
kansaa. The course of inatruction is extenaiv
and is calculated to develop the intellectual, soci
and moral faculties, and impart a thorough, a
I complished and Christian education. All the a
rangenients of the Institution are of the most co
venient and comfortable character. Boarders r
side in th? College with the President and Profe
sors. References: Wm. King, esq., Charlestoi
8. C., Dr. Holmes and David Gordon, esq
Spring ltidge, Mississippi, who have daughle
in the College. Catalogues and Circulars statu
teims dec. on application to
N. C. BROOKS, President,
July 15. 53 St. Paul-st., Baltimore.
FOR JULY, 1852.
Gregory dc Maoht, Managers
(Successors to J- W. Maury A- Co.)
Lottery for the benefit of the
#65,000 I
Lottery for the Benefit of the
Class D, for 1852.
To be drawn at Wilmington, Delaware, onSatu
day, July 24,1852.
13 Drawn Numbers out of 75.
1 Splendid Capital of #65,5(
1 do Prize 30,01
1 do do 15,0(
1 do do 15, l)(
1 do do 10,(H
1 do do 5,31
30 Prizes of 2,51
250 (lowest 3 Nos.) 61
dec. &c. See.
Ti?ir*iu AQfl-Halves ftll'-Q-uarters 45-Eieh. #2.J
Certificate of package of 2!i Wholes $26U I
Do do 25 Halves 130 (
Do do 25 Quarters 65 (
* Do do 25 Eighths 32 f
Lottery for the benefit of the
Class 50, for 1852.
To be drawn at Wilmington, Delaware, on Satu
day, July 31, 1852.
78 number lottery?13 drawn ballots.
" 1 Prize of $34,906 40 Prizes of $5(
15 Prizes of 5,000 200 do 2(
30 do 1,500 &c. &c.
Tickets $10?Halves$5?Quarters $2.50.
Ce nificate of Package of 26 Wholes $140 {
, Do do 26 Halves 70 (
Do < do 26 Quarters 35 (
JLf^Orders for tickets and shares and certil
cates of packages in the above splendid Lotterii
will receive the most prompt attention, and a
official account of each drawing sent immediatel
after it is over to all who order from me.
Address E. E. O'BRIEN, Agent,
(Successor to J. & C. Maury,)
June 22. Alexandria.
Philosophical and Chemical Apparatus
Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
HAVING been for many years a practice
teacher, having indeed pursued his collegia!
course with the intention of making that his bus
nets for life, he enjoys unusual advantages i
knowing what are the actual wants of teacher
He will be happy to correspond with any wh
may have laboratories to arrange, or who ma
desire an addition to their present stock Appi
ratus securely packed (without charge for boxes
and sent to any part of the United States. Tern
cash. July 9, 1852.?tf
f3 AN away from the subscriber, October 27l
1837, from his residence on Willow Swam|
South Edisto River, Orangeburg District, Soul
Carolina, a negro rhan named HOWARD, aboi
six feet high, and otherwise well proportions
and of black complexion, full faced, high fori
head, a prominent nose, and no whiskers; havm
on one of his arms the letter 8, or a mark reseml
ling it. He had a scar on the inner ankle of,
Eresume, the left foot. He speaks with plaua
ility and ease; is rather assuming in his aadresi
Jet mild and humble in his manners. He is
een, shrewd fellow, walks fast and quite erec
and is apt to bear uncommonlymuch on his to<
when hurried. He said that he originally b
longed to a farmer named Joshua Lee, near Clu
ton, in Virginia; either there or Norfolk or Ricl
mond, in that State, 1 presume he took up qua
tersi Any person finding and apprehending t)
same, and delivering him safely into the hands i
the subscriber, shall receive the above reward i
one hundred dollars, besides reasonable expenw
that he may be at in coming and returning.
villi I I A V u II CV
Fans, Fans, Fana, Fana, Fans, Fans, Fan
Fans, Fans, Fana, Fana, Fana, Fana, Fan
Fana, Fana, Fans, Fans, Fans, Fans, Fana?<
our reduced prices, from fij rente to $35 each, I
Fancy and Perfumery Store, Uneler
National Hotel.
ATTENTION is respectfully called to my ne
undertaking aa*General Agent for all New
papers, Periodical Magazines, Ac., published i
the United Stales and Europe. I shall receit
and canvass for subscribers, aa well aa collect
accounts against parties here and in Mobile that
may be entrusted with, having had an experien<
of over ten years in the Book and Newspaper bun
nessas proprietor of The Mobile Lilt rmry Depot,
(latter myself that I can and will give general sail
The following are the rules that I have adopted
1. Principal Office to be in New Orleans, whe
I shall confine myself strictly to the interest of rr
agencies alone, for which I shall charge the usu
commission*, or such as may be agreed upon.
3. I shall confine myself strictly to the cai
principle accompanying my orders (when a dm
can be had for the nmount) with a sight check
when not so accompanied, the publisher can dra
on me at sight for the amount tmm receipt of tl
rder, or if requested in writing, I will enclose tl
cash itself and remit, hut in all such cases it sh?
be at the risk of the Publisher.
Proprietor of the Mobile Literary Depot
N. B.?In the above I do not ask for a so
agency, but merely authority to receive end cc
leel subscriptions.
.Yew Orleans.?Lumeden, Kendall A Co. I
Corcoran A Co. J. D. B. DeBow.
Aew York.?WillmerA Rogers, H. Lone A Bi
i JamN uoroon ntniim, mniyi ? inwnwiKi,
Philadelphia.?L. Godey, Geo. R. Qrahar
Andrew McMakin.
Ronton?C. A V. Putnam, R. Liftell A Co.
WaMngtonftf. C.?Fisher A DeLeon Hon. V
! J. Allaton, MC
CkarUtlm S. C ?Walker A Richards.
Montgomery, Ma.?A. P. Pfister.
Mobile.?c c Langdon, Messrs Baientyna (
McOuire, Measra Thadeus Sand ford.
l.ovimille, Ky.?W H Halderman, Saml Hymn
St, Lonie, Mo.?Joseph M Field, Ansel E<
Liverpool?Willmer A Smith.
Prospectus of the cuban liber
TOR, a neat Book of 300 octavo pages, illi
I trated with engravings. Price $|, payable ini
riably when subscribing, to enable the author I
j have it done in the finest style of the Arts.
Editors who ropy this, and postmasters wh
! will frank remittance*, are authorized to act t
agents for the work, and retain 25 per cent eon
mission. Confident of the most liberal support i
this enterprise, I shall endeamr to merit it, and
1 clqne a hasty penned Prospectus upon the moui
lain waves of the Ocean, as well as the draugh
for steel plates repi**.,.. 'jig the author before tf
" Inquisaters," and American Ladies and Oentl
men in Havana, throwing bags of gold as an o
fering for his liberation, upon the desk of tl
American Consul. EDWARD STIFF,
Author of " The Tesan Emigrant," and late e
to rof the Cherokee Sentinel,"at Cedar Rli
I [March 14
^ Payment of prizes guaranteed by the Stele of
uj Maryland. I
s, MARION dt Co.,
r Ojl'ice Ao. 2, L'ulverl Slrttl, Haltimore, Maryland, i
ai Nl Ft CENT LOTTERIES are moat particularly J
c- worthy of the attention of the public, comprising ,
r- eouie of the moat brilliant Schemes ever drawn in (
n- (he United Slates.
e- The Lotteries in our State are .drawn publicly |
a- in the city of Baltimore, under the euperinten- <
n, deuce of a State Commissioner, and are legally |
., authorized by the State of Maryland, thus gtiarrs
anteeing to the purchasers of Tickets the fairness
ig of the drawing.
The great number of Prizes that have been sold
by us to persons, residing in different parts of the
Union, fully authoiize us in saying that to obtain j
- a hand ome Prize it is only necessary to purchase
a Ticket of us. So we say to all?liy us; try us,
and judge for yourselves.
Address? MARION & CO.,
Baltimore, Maryland.
To be drawn on Friday, July 16, 1852Class
11. |
1 Prize of $13,500 10 Prizes of $300 1
4 do 2,500 10 do 200 1
10 do 400 10 do 160
Tickets $4?Shares in proportion.
r 78 Numbers?15 Ballots.
Certificates of Packages will sell for
26 Whole tick's, $44.00 I 26 Guar, tick's. $11.00
26 Half do 22.00 |
To be Drawn on Wednesday, July 21, 1852. (
HJ Class 30.
1 Prize of $33,000 1 Prize of $5,495 t
>0 1 do 22,000 1 do 3,000 <
Hi 1 do 11,000 20 do 1,000
Tickets only $10?Shares in proportion.
| 75 Numbers?13 Drawn Ballots. a
Certificates of Packages can be had for
Whole tickets. $130 I 25 Quar. tick's. $32 50
Half do b5 | 25 Eights do 16.25
.T-o be drawn Monday, July 26, 1852. i
Class 204.
1 Prize of $10,000 1 Prize of $2,658
1 do 5,000 1 do 1,250
)0 1 do 3,000 1 do 750
Tickets $2.50?Shares in proportion.
78 Numbers?15 Drawn Ballots,
jy Certificates of Packages can be had for
j0 62 Wholes, $32.00 I 26 Quarters, $8.00
10 26 Halves, 16.00 |
y 67,500 dollars.
To be drawn on Saturday, July 31, 1852.
Class R.
1 Prize of $67,$00 5 Prize of $5,000
T 1 do 27,500 5 do 3,000
1 do 17,500 100 do 17,000
1 do 8,216 20 do 750 '
sl Besides other small Prizes amounting in the agte
gregate to over one million of dollars. t
i- Tickets $20?shares in proportion. 1
in Certificates of Package cost, <
' 26 Wholes, |960 I 26 Quarters, $6$ 8
? 26 Halves, 170 | 26 Eights, 32 ,
Acirally the vert best chance ever afforded ,
to Realize a Fortune. e
is By sending us $50, we will forward certificates *
of tickets in any designated Lottery to the i
? amount of $100 f
For $62 50 Certificates of Tickets 125 c
h For $1.25 _ do do do 250 t
j, For $2 50 do do do 500 t
.h For $5 00 do do do 1000
it Thus we indemnify, in the worst event, our '
1 customers against the loss of more than fifty cents /
e in the dollar.
i; We are aware of the reaponaibility we assume
in making thie offer, but a confiding faith in the
brilliant lurk of our far-famed and truly fortunate
ii- house is our only apology. We have seldom
s, known a loas to ensue, while we have repeatedly
a witnessed the most glorious results,
t, KJ* We keep the stricteat confidence, we
tt answer orders promptly, and the drawings regu
e- larly, and have ao'd more Prizes than any other'
it* venders in the United Ststes.
' \_) Goods, are happy to inform their fronds and
customers, that they are now receiving by every
_ arrival from Europe, additions to as complete a
Stock of Slaol* and Fancy Dry Goodi, as baa ever
? been offered in their market. Good Goodi are
furnished at low prices, and those who purchase in
BJ their city, are invited to examine their Styles,
n( which will be found peculiarly adapted to the
Southern Trad*.
I Mil set Dress Goods and Domestic Fabrics in every
variety of .Negro Cloths Blankets and Plantation
- Dry Goods, a complete assortment. House Keeping;
w articles in their line in every variety, together with
s- a full stock of Cassimeres, Vestinrs, and Cloths.
in Alan /.inntt which will ha fnnnil fraa from inv
re mixture of cotton.
ill All article* aold, are gu ran teed to prove a* 't
I presented. Terms Cash, or city acceptance
li- 209 Northwest cor. of King and Market ata.
I Charleston, Sept. 2, 1851. law
|. To the Planim of the South:
rj I CALL attention to the cards of Hartaon A Bro.,
of Amsterdam, and MeeaA Monies, Rotterdam,
which appear instead of the card of C. G. Baylor
A Co., as circumstances render my services as
|B i per card no longer necessary.
The papers which have copied my card, will
. . will please insert the names of the above houses
w' instead. C. G. BAYLOR.
> Charleston Preparatory Medical Reboot.
l" rW^HE session of this Institution will begin on
JL the first Monday in April, and terminate on
the last Saturday in July. The dilTereiit chairs
will be occupied as follows :
, Anatomy and Physiology, by F. T. MILES,
' M. D.
Institutes and Practice of Medicine, by D.J.
Materia Medica and Therapeutics, by F. P.
'? Ot stetrics and Diseases of Women and Chil I
dren, by E. BELIN FLAOG, M D. (
" The Chair of Surgery has been offered to a j
gentleman now in Europe, who, it is hoped, will '
accept it. Should he not do an, it will be filled |
' before the time appointed for the opening of the |
Clinical Instruction will be given at the Marine
? Hospital and Alma llwue, by Drs. D. J. CAIN j
During the seaaion of the Medical College of the
'n State of South Carolina, inemliec of the M will .
"" be examined regularly on the let lure* delivered in
lhat institution. '
The Student* will be ahown eaaea among the
- patients of the rear-hem, and such aa can be taken
to the lecture room will be exhibited to them and
^ explained.
" The moat distinguished Surgeona in the city
r* hare promised, a l.eiiever they ran do so conveniently,
to perform operation* before the claaa.
Doctor* il. LKBHY and J. 8. MITCHELL,:
ir who hnve each a large ohatetrical practice, will ;
ii (aa well aa the teacher*,) give the Student* arceaa
? to all of their raae* or thi* description, which !
in they ran with propriety be allowed to viait. 1
| In abort, ample opportunities will be afforded i
r,. for acquiring practical, as well a* theoretical knowl i
I* edge of the profession.
i* Her mortuary statistics prove that Charleston j
e- possesses a salubrity of climate enjoyed by very f
f- few cities in the world, and stranger* are no longer <
it deterred from visiting her in the summer. ,
Board and lodging ean be obtained from |3.50 ; |
<jj to $5 a week.
iff Term*, fifty dollars, including examinations ,
during the winter Jan 27? eowtal '
----- - ' - --
THIS establishment having recently been
greatly enlarged and rpuch improved, can furnish
accommodations for upwards of one hun- 1
ired cure-guests. Its natural and other advantages
are not surpasssd, if equaled, by thoae of
iny oilier institution of its kind. Situated on
[he Morris and Essex Railroad, at South Orange, ,
New Jersey, about one hour's fide from the city, it j
a accessible by several trains daily, which leave ,
;he foot of Cortlandt street. Descriptive circulars
;an he found at the Water Cure Publication Ofice,
No. 131 Nassau street, New York, or will
>e sent by mail upon application by letter to the
superintendent. Professional letters should be
iduressed to I
Others to GEO. II. MITCHELL,
May Superintendent. '
Baltimore, Ularylaud. <
This office is without exception the most sue- I
:essful office in the United btates; not a day passes '
jut some of our customers get the good Prizes, 1
'who'll have the next one," as we have a plenty
eft, bo send on your orders early, if you want a i
landsome Prize. f
Witness the following grand display of brilliant
frizks, sold by us during the last few
$40,000 sent to New York, I
30,000 sent to Cincinnati, Ohio, ,
20,000 sentto Philadelphia, (
'xiimmi mild to h Citizen of Baltimore.
which they rely, in support ot the interests and j
nstitutions of each, under the hope that such a
iaper, conducted with fairness, moderation, and
andor, and with an earnest desire to subdue secional
prejudice, will obtain extensive circulation,
ind exert a beneficial influence. .
Part of the plan is to invite, by an offer of preniums,
prize essays on the subjects of British
\bolition, British Commerce, British Finance,
British Banking, and British Diplomacy, and also
>n the American Tariff, American Commerce,
Vmerican Banks, American Currency, and Afrian
Slavery. These questions, it is hoped will
rut in requisition the ablest pens of the whole
country, and give to "The \1edivm" an interest
ind character which will secure for it a support
:ommensurate with the expenditure neceesarily
As the machinery of commerce and of credit is
low organized, our Banks arid our Currency are
he weaker parts of the British system, and the
uinous effects of ths expansions and contractions
ifthe British Currency, caused by overtrading and
'peculations of the British people and British
jankers, necessarily produce ruinous expansions
ind contractions of our Currency, which enabk
iritiah financiers, by the use of tneir credit, with>ut
an advance of capital, to levy upon us enorm
us turns in the shape of profits on exchange, ineres
land commission*, inflicting at the Mametime
levere losses by greatly depreciating the value of
lur labor and property. 1
"The Medium ' will advocate a modification of
he laws regulating mail contracts with Railroad
Companies, so as to authorize contracts for the
erpelual use of Railroads upon the payment of
in amount of five per cent, coupon fronds, chaigeible
on the revenues of the Department, upon
vhich the interest, at aix per cent., would be
quel to the quarterly payments made under exsting
laws. It will fuilher advocate a general
lystem of free banking, under State laws, on dewaits
of bonds of the federal or Stale governnent,
and, under proper guarantees and reatricions,
on deposit* of Railroad securities ; because
inch a system wouto msue ine large um* in- ?
rested in Railroads available aa capital, and give :
i cheap, abundant and staple currency, and ena- ,
>le the farmer and the planter to oMain renin j
lerating priceaat home, instead of living compelled
is they now are, to aend the products of their t
alxVr to the Britiah market, to lie eold there by f
British agents at British prices ; and because
inch a modification of the laws regulating mail
lontracts, and such a system of currency aided
>y such a modification or the tariff aa will prevent ,
raud in the customs, and encourage our own in- ,
iustry, would.consolidate the interests of the whole
country, and abate sectional prejudice by <
>bliterating the lines that had heretofore created it. '
"Tub M enuiis " will not be e party paper, but re
lublican ami independent, treating men, measures '
ind parties with a searching Mutiny, guarding |
with a jealous vigilance the interest of the people
>f the United States against the dangerous inm?ince
of Britt?h financiers and British Diplomacy, j
The*price of "THE MEDIUM" will berwo
Cents per copy for the Daily, and Two Dot
ara per annum for the Weekly, with reasonable
leduction to the Trade, l.o Clubs, and to Agents
March 8.
tcelc'a few Style of Hats.
The new style of dress black Hat to
be worn by Gentlemen this spring an J
mnmmar ia mA mit tmA hu mil uirKn kattw
aeen it |o be at once unique and Win
Gentlemen'* fine black Mnleakin Hata.
Do ? Silk do,
Do ,, Nutria do.
Do ,, Bearer do.
Do white napped Reaver do.
Do black and white Caaaimere do.
Do Pearl do do.
Leghorn!, Panamaa, Pedal, Dunatable, Luton,
"ranch , Swim, Canton, Coburg, German, Pearl,
lice, Palm, Black-Leghorn ana many other faahonable
Straw Hata for Gentlemen :
\ beautiful a?ortment of Children'* and Infant'*
ancy trimmed and untrimmed Leghorn and other
Straw Hata?aome for Infant* 3 to 8 month* old ;
ilao all the coaraer qualitiee of Straw and Palm
Hata at
231 King atreet,
March, 2d. Charlaaton, S C.
15,000 sent to Kentucky, i
12.000 sent to Pitlsbnrtr.
7,500 sent to Lancaster, *V i
4,000 sent to South Cnrolinia.
Besides a very large array of small Prizes sent
o various parts of the country, amounting in the
iggregate to more than
$2 5 0,000 Dollars.
We challenge any office in America to show any
hing that can compare with the unprecedented
p>od luck that attended our Lottery career durng
the last few years.
Actually the very best chance ever Afforded to
Realize a Fortune.
By sending to us #50, we will forward Certificate
iPTickets In any designated Lottery to the amount
>f SH'O
for #62 50, Cert, of Tickets to amount of 125
for'125 do do do 250
for 250 do do do 500
for 500 do do do 1000
Thus we indemnify, in thetoorsf event, our cus- .
omera against the loss of more than fifty cents in
he dollar.
We are aware of the responsibility that weasiume
in making this offer, but a confiding faith in
:he Brilliant luck of our far-famed and truly for- 1
:unate house is our only apology. We have sel- !
loin known a loss to ensue, while we have repeatedly
witnessed the most glorious results. No
btlier Agency in the Union can offer an induce- 1
ment to ticket buyers, approaching in the least
die above proposition.
Think well of the offer; it is a good one, and '
J we can almost guarantee) will Place Wealth at
Sour Disposal.
e particular to address MARION & CO.,
AV 2 Calvert Street,
April 30. Baltimore, Maryland.
r4 Newspaper to he published Daily and Weekly
in New York and Washington Ci'y.
Such has been the progress of sectional feeling,
hat a mutual exchange of opinion between the
Vorlh and the South has become indispensable to '
juiet the public mind and restore mutual confidence
md good will.
With this view, it is purposed topublish in New
fork and Washington City, a daily and weekly
V ewspaper, in which the ablest writers of both ,
lemons may present the fads and arguments upon ,
?real Electoral Heaciu State Loan of
S,71i?4MO itollam.
This Loan ia guaranteed by the Government,
and contracted by the eminent Banking House of
SONS, in Frankfort-on tbe-Main. Tlie following 1
capital Prizes must be gained, viz.?
14 of *40,0(10 I 60 of *4,000 nl
22 ,, 36,000 | 60 ? a,000 ci
04 ? 32,000 I 120 ? 1,500 IN
20 ,, 8,000 | 180 ? 1,000
AcSee. -Thesmallest Prize is 55 Dollars- tl
The next Drawing takes place irrevocably on the el
1st of June, 1852. el
The Price of the Tickets is as follows : vl
Due Ticket for <5 I Six Tickets for *25 < !\!
Thirty ,, HM1 | Sixty-five ,, 200 j t|
Remittances can be made in Bank Notes, Bills j pr
[>r Drafts on Europe, Ac. Each Shareholder will i
receive, free of expense, the Prospectus, with full |
particulars ; and after the Drawing, the List of the j w
successful Numbers, which will also be published \ ()|
in the leading Journals. The Prize will be paid )e
n Cash at Prankfort-on-the-Main,Paris, London, V(
New York, or New Orleans.
Apply, without delay, to MORIZ ST1EBEL, n|
SONS, Bankers and Merchants, Frrnkfort-oti-theVlnine,
Germany ;or to their Agents, MESSRS, j!
3. ST1EBEL AND Co..Merchants, 32, Nicholas ct
Lane, Loniburd Street, London
P.S?Remittances which arrive too late will be
eturned to the sender ; or, if he prefers it, ?liares f()
'or the following Distribution will be forwarded.
Feb. 26. d.t-w p
i'redgar Locomotive Works. ni
Richmond, Virginia. vf
The undersigned are prepared to receive orders C1
'or every description of Locomotive and Station- P1
try Engines, and solicit orders for the following
lescriptions of Machinery : C1
Locomotives, from the smallest to the largest
lize, inside and outside connections.
Siationary Engines, for Saw and Grist Mills,
Rice Mills, Foundries, Ac.
Sugar Mills and Engines, all sizes.
Horse Mills, all sizes. t0
The addition to their Works of a shop 150 by
50 feet, to be devoted exclusively to the manufacture
of Locomotives, enables them to execute orlers
for this description of work with great despatch?equal
to fifty per annum, which can be
increased should the demand require it. I"4
The position of .their works (being at the ter- m
tiiiii ot trie most important lines of railway, conlecting
with the South, Southwest and VVest,) ac
* ill enable them, when these improvementa are L
:ompleted, to deliver their Machines promptly,
?nd in fine order, without incurring the ubusI ra
leavy expense consequent upon shipments by
>ea. _
The work furnished by them will be warranted
squal to any made, and tne terms in other respects
qually favorable. r
May 2? 2m. x
criber proposes to open a private school for .
soysat Newport, R. I., on Monday, the 3d day of ?'
May next. 4*
In his regular course, he will give instruction in .
die usual English studies?reading, writing.
:nathemutics, natural and intellectual philosophy, *4
Hid in the Latin, Greek, French, and German ?
anguages. '
He will prepare lads to enter any of the colleges ?c
in the United States. .
If desired, instruction will also be given, for an 1Z
nlditional charge, in other European languages,
ind also in music and drawing.
The charge for day scholars will be $100 a year; n
Tor pupils that board with the subscriber, $300 a rtl
year. Payment quarterly in advance.
refer to ^
Prof. C. Beck, Cambridge, Mass.
Hon. Geo. S. Hilliard, )
Dr. S.G.Howe, > Boston. ?
Prof. H. D. Rogers, ) "
G. H. Calvert, esq., 1 q
Henry Gilliat, esq., > Newport, R. I. ;n
Dr. David King, ) er
Newport, April 1, 1852- April30?3t. p
Prospectua 11
or THE ,
A Southern journal, published ? eekiy, to ad- fr
rocate direct trade, manufactures, agriculture, and re
the development of Southern resources by C. G.
BA^ LOR, Washington, D. C.
The imporipnce ot such a journal as the above y
needs no exposition. The material and substantial
interests of the South have been too long ne- J
fleeted. The "iJottow Plant" is established to q
promote these interests, keeping entirely aloof
from party or party politics. A complete foreign u
?nd domestic correspondence has been arranged. ^
The best talent of the country will contribute to m
jur columns, which will present a medium of _j
;enersl communication, correspondence, and ieirormation
for the friends of the measures we adrocate.
The proper steps have been taken in
Europe and America to lay the foundation of a
iireel foreign trade at the South, and to introduce '
>ur coarse manufactures into the continental Eu- Qf
opean market. One object of the "Cotton j
Plant" will be, as the organ of direct trade, to
itimulnte the &>uth to carry out<thia impoitant (|(
We call unon the Southern merchant* generally ?
o send us their business cards, that we may lay |
hem before the country, to enable the friends of
Southern commerce, manufactures, dtc., to dis- p(
iriminateproperly in their desire to promote South- j-j
irn enterprise.
The importance of Washington city, as a point ^
)f location for such a journal, especially in regard
o opening foreign correspondence and promoting
>ur foreign relations, is apparent. The opportu>ity
of seeing here, also, members of Congress |.
'rom every distort of the country, present or
neans of general co-operation not to be found else ^
To the cotton, sugar, rice,and tobacco planters, w
ire look confidently for support; and to the friends W|
if "direct trade" throughout the South we say, '
show your faith by your works."
The regular issue of the "Cottow Tlavt" will
:ommence in Jun^next. Advertisements are
tarticularly requested to be forwarded early,
lusiness letters addressed to C- O. Baylor,Wash- ?
ngton city, D. C. .
Correspondence from all interested in the cause
le advocate is solicited, particularly a* to tht crop ~
is we wish to give correct information on the sub '
ect wh ch is of ao much importance to the plan re
er, and in representing which he has been so often m
njured. -p
Postmasters are requested to set ns agents for !
is; and to all who approve our cause we look 0
or good feeling, kindness, and support. j
Terms: Two dollars s year, in advance. j ^
We, the undersigned, Senators and Represen-!'?
atives, cordially recommend the above journal to T
he confidence and support of the South. ...
I'homaa J. Rusk) Samp*on W. Harri*,
i. R. Mallory, W. R. Smith, w
W. Brooke, Thoa. H. Averett,
lore. Clemen*, A. G Brown,
mn. K Sebastian, D. Wallace,
D. R. Afchiaon, J. A. Woodward,
Jackson Morton, T. L. Clingman,
I. McP. Berrien, E. W. r.hnstain,
3. U. Down*, Jamea L. Orr, c
Solon Borland, Andrew Johnaon, 1 ?
Wm. C. Dawaon, V. E. Howard,
James C. Jones, George S. Houston,
Wm. H. Polk, Junius Hillver,
E. C. Cabell, A. H. Stephens, in
A. W. Venable, David Outlaw, ; th
R. W Johnson, Jamea Johnaon, ta
L. St. Martin, Wm. T. Ward, I a
Paulus Powell, Joseph W. Jackson,' th
John McQueen, John A. Wilcox, , w
B. D. Nabers, R. H. Stanton.
April 28 se
$100 Itvtrd. ae
RAN OFF from my plantation, on Red river,
eighteen miles above Alexandria, in the Slate of q
Louisiana, la?t Frbntary or Moich, a mulatto or
vriffe colored negro man, about 3.1 years old, compactly
built, and about 5 feet 6 or 8 inches high, y
nd weighs about 150 or IfiO pounds. He talkr q
lowly and walks in the same way, a good look
ing fellow, and has fine and sound teeth; hianamt *r
is Austin, but I hear he has changed his name, {
?nd says he belongs to some Doctor, at Natchi-1
Lochea. ! ~
I have reason to believe he is cutting wood or 1
working for some trilling person, near the mou'h ! "
>f Blark River, as he arrived there in company **
with another negro, in the flat tf^ carried away ~
from my Ferry.
If he went off in any steamboat 'hat is not de- hl
troyed, and will be responsible for an action of, "
lamagee, I will give 20(10 dollars for proof to conriction
in open court, at ALEXANDRIA, ,n
gainst any captain, m**ter. or commander ao al- j"
lowing him or aiding him to make his escape, on b*
their boat, from my service.
I will give the above reward of % 100 for Austin lh
delivered in any alave State jajl, ^o that^et him 9'
Cotile Peat office, Rapides Parish, La
IHHE public will be gratified to learn that-tl
[ United States Mail Steamship (Companyareti
>led to announce that their arrangements are no'
implete for sending pusstn gers through troi
lew York to San Francisco and hack.
In the first attempts of this Company to me<
te wants of travel to California, by providin
lips on the Pacific, in connection with thei
lips from New York to Chngres, they were pr<
ailed upon, at tlie urgent solicitation of the gre?
umber then desirous to iro out, to cell tickets fr
trough passages from Pauatna in advance, ft;
icir shi|)s then going round This was tion
om a deaire to acrommodate those who cotti
rocure passages in no other quarter, ami b
hich, whatever might be the detention, the
ould reach San Francisco sooner' than by an
:her line. Unforeseen difficulties, and the previ
nee of fever at Rio de Janeiro at the time, pr<
silted their ships from reaching 1'nnainn as soo
i anticipated, and cautfed detention at the Istb
[Us, which was increased by the impatience c
isscngers in going forward, against the advir
f the Company, at an earlier day than the shi
>uld possibly reach Panama.
These interruptions Hre now all removed
hree of the four ships of the Company, intends
ir the Pacific service, have arrived at Panamr
id several of them have performed trips to
rancisco and back. So that the Company ar
ow able to give the public tlie assurance that th
jyug| through from New York to San Fran
sco, will be performed with regularity ai.d dee
Their Pacific Line, from Panama to San Fran
scy, consists of the
REPUBLIC, Cant. Hudson.
1THMUS, Capt. Hitchcock.
COLUMBUS, Capt. Peck.
ANTELOPE, Capt, Acki.et.
Their Atlantic and Gulf Line, Irom New Yorl
Chagres, of the
GEORGIA, Capt. Porter, U. S. N.
OHIO, Capt. Schencx, U. S. N.
FALCON, Capt. Hartstein, U. S. N.
The connection between the two linen will b
irofullly and regularly kept up, so that no delu;
tyond the usual stay of the ship in port at Puna
a, will arise.
The large size, well known speed, and superio
commodations of their New York and Chagre
ine, and the speed and accommodations of th
lipBof their Pacific Line, olfer the most certain
pid,and pleasant through passage to California
Cor. Warren and West wts., New York
(Sticcessora to Daniel Pratt if Co.,)
iESPECTFULLY informs the public tha
they are now manufacturing
cotton gins
at Prattsville, Autauga county, Alabama,
heir arrangements for manufacturing are exten
ve and complete,which will enable them to furn
h Gins to planters on the mo6t favorable terms
s to the superiority of their Gins, they have on
to refer to the renutalion which the manufac
re and sale of over 10,000 has acquired for then
roughoul the entire cotton growing region
rom H5 years experience, with every facility ant
>dd workmen, they are confident that they wil
! able to give satisfaction to all who may patron
e them.
Jd^Their Gins are warranted to perform well
Engagement! for Gins can be made with theii
ivelling agents, who will call on planters gene
lly, or by letter directed to Prattville, Autaugi
unity, Alabama.
A supply of Gins always on hand with Camp
11 6c Co , Mobile, and H. Hendalt, 6c Carter Co.
etc Orleans.
open this day at 10 o'clock, (justarrivet
FT by the Europa,) an assortment of beautifu
oods, suitable for Balls, Parties, &c.. constating
part of Coffiers, Pearl and Blond Caps, Feath
s tiped with Silver and Gold, Silver and Golt
lowers, and Ornaments for the Hair, Wreathi
id Bunches.
GLOVES.?A full assortment of Ladies am
ent's Gloves?and we promise to fit every hand
om No. 0 to No. 11. Our Gloves can also b
lied upon not to rip or tear.
PARKER'S Fancy and Perfumery Store,
under National Hotel
1111E subscriber haa opened in the city of Wash
. ington an AGENCY for the prosecution c
1 descriptions of claims against the Genera
His perfect knowledge of all the Pension Laws
id the placet where are deposited all e\ idenre o
rvict now extant, will enable him to eslablibl
any claims which have long remained suspend
I for want of proof and proper attention.
He. therefore. nil ere to the nil Mir hie icrvilfti
irticularly in the following cases, viz:
Suspended and rejected claims under all the Pen
in Laws:
Applications for increase of pension, under an)
the Pension Laws, where the pensioners an
^satisfied with their present allowance.
For all those widows who received, or are enti
d to receive, the ten years'[tension due on the 4 th
March, 1848; under the acts of July 7th, 1838
arch 3d, 1843, and June 17th, 1844, being thosi
ho were married before the 1st of January, 1794
' will undertake to establish, under the act oi
el.ruary 2d, 1848, their claims to pensions foi
'e, commencing on the 4 th of March, 1848, wher
eir pensions under the foregoing acts ternn
For all those widows of revolutionary officer
soldiers, who were married after 1793, but he
re January 2d, 181X1, he will undertake to estab
ih their claims to pensions for life, eommencini
i the 4th of xMarch, 1848, under the act of Jul]
7 1848.
To all those widows of revolutionary pensioner
hose claims have been rejected or suspended fo
snt of proof of service; or those who are in th<
ceipt of a pension under any of the pensioi
ws, less than that received by their husband1
ider the acts of May 15th, 1828, or June 7th
132, he will ensure the same amount per an
im that their huabands received, liom the t mi
e pension is made to commence by the law un
r which they claimed or have been pensioned
>r the surviving, or the widows, or minor child
n of deceased officers and privates, who eer?e<
the war of 1812 with Great Britain, the Me*i
n war, or in any of the Indian wars, since 1790
prms moderate, where the claim is established
kertcire wo charge.
The subscriber is also appointed Agent for tht
istrict of Columbia tor toe HrUitk Commtrrut
ft Inruranet Company, established in 1820, anc
ipowered by act of Parliament, for (he insuranct
lives anil the endowment of children, in Ixio
in, New York and WaahuiRfon city. Capita
l,UtNI,nOO. > |
Communication* addressed' (a' the Vubsoriber
ra?hin^i"iii, D.C., will recavv* prompt attention
Jltlornry and Cnunsrllrrr at ljaw, and Cmnmumimoner
of ffttiU for .Yurth and South Carolina
*50 RKU4RD,
jITOLEN from my room in the Franklin Houa<
5 Mobile, on the .'Met of October last, a
The caae in finely carved, representing the lam
g of Christopher Cnlnmbu*, for the first lime ii
e New Anrld ; a large ship ia seen in the die
nee and Calumbue ia in a email yacht, unfoldini
banner, with a drawn sword in hia hand. Unde
e picture, the words "Christopher Collomb" ar
The watch has a gold face, and contain* '?
ta of works,was manufactured by M. J. Tobias
id two hour hands, two minute nap***, and tw?
cotid hands, and is a splendid pwtch. It ta num
red at Messrs. HagrJen, GtrCS <* Cos Charlet
n, S. C. and can be ide"""*' ty Charlei
lapp, at Messrs. H. B- Baldwin A Co., No. '
hartres street, N, & ,
Ar." one delivering the above watch to eithei
Ir. fclapp ?r Messrs. Purvis, Wood A Co, ?*
ravier street, will receive the above reward, ami
eatlv oblige me.
Cotile Post Office, Rapides Parish, La.
l^MLLIAM TUCKER, Mrrrhant Tailor
If Lank a Trcaaa'e building, Pennsylvania
etiue, between Four-and-a-half and Sixth etreeu
respectfully calls the attention of members ol
mgreas, strangers, and the public generally, tc
a large and well-selected stock of clothe, cassieres,
and vesting* all of which he is prepared
execute in his usual elegant style. I shall havt
the course ot two weeks some more of thost
le, rich, and superior over-garments which havt
ten so much admired for their style, quality .and
imfort; and being determined to do business or
e cash principle, my motto is small profits ant
lick returns.
N. B. All kinds of military garments mads ir
is beet manner, according to the late regulation!
???j I
, 80CIEPY.?Articles of lothing - up by th?
( industrious poor are offe sd for eaie ? the rooms
, uf the Ladies' Union Benevolent 8c y, o- posit e
' the southeast .rner of Capitol junre, and oh
Seventh utreei, next to Odd-Feilows' Hall.
w | Privute work left el these rooms will also be made
11 | up upon the moet favdmble terms. And we
j would add, that as this description of work is
ft ] often of a very particular character, it affords the
r J ladies an opportunity of encouraging that distreslr
sed claws of feniflle* whowe pecuniary circumstances
j have been changed?compelling them to resort to
" , their needle for sunport- The ladies would urge
upon faniiliea, ana encourage the delivery of this
" ; private work at their rooms, ae it will afford them
'* an opportunity of benefiting this interesting class
" j of its beneficiaries, as they have done heretofore.
y E. B. MILLS,
y I June 17. Directress L. U. B. and E. Society.
y - :
Mordeeai Myers, vs. William Howland
Wright, the Merchants' Bank of New York,
Thomas W. Brockenbrough, Arthur S. Brpckenbrnugh,
Ellen A. Brockenbrough, Thomas W.
'' and Mnry Elizabeth Brockenbrough, Lucy B.
I Maxwell, Llizabeth V. Maxwell, Simeon Maxj
well, minors, et al., Defendants?Whereas,
( Mordeeai Myers has filed hts bill for partition of
l()' the property in the city of Apalachicola known as
share C. of the Columbus property, consisting of
I Lots 5, Hi, G, 1; Lote 5, 16, G 2; Lots 1, 20, H
2; Lois 1, 2, Block 20; Lots 1, 2, 3, Block
J" 37; part of Wharf Lota 26, 27, 13, 14, and
six and a quarter acres of land near the
city of Apalnchicola, in the county of Frank'
lin : And whereas, Thomas W. Brockenbrough,
Arther S Brockenbrough. Thomaa W. and Mary
Elizabeth Brockenbrough, infants, residing in the
j State of Virginia; Lucy B. Maxwell, Elizabeth
V. Maxwell, and Simeon Maxwell, infanta, reside
. in Leon County, Florida; and Ellen A. Brockenbrough,
widow of William H. Brockenbrough,
deceased, who resides in Tallahassee Florida :
It is the refore Ordered, that the said parlies appear
before th s Court in Appalachicola, and
answer said bill on or before the first Monday in
e December next, or that the same shall be taken
^ as confessed against them. And it is ftirther
ordered, that this notice be published once a
u pclr fnr tu/A mnntha in fK? P.anil /n?r.
. nal of Tallahassee, the Southern Pres? of the city
* of Washington, and the New York Herald of the
city ot'New York.
of the Western Circuit of Florida.
April 17, 1352I
certily that the above is a correct copy of the
order made in this case.
t R.J. MOSES, Solicitor.
June 19. law?2m
' Industrial Resources and Progress of the
Southern and Western States,
. In three large and closely-printed volumnes, small
i types, double columes, handsome print, paper, and
binding. (Being a digest and abridgment of the
'l twelve volumes of De bow's Review.) Price, $10,
or ^3.33 per volume.
DESIROUS of supplying the large and contin.
ually increasing demand for the complete series of
r the Review in 12 vols., now exhausted,and which it
- would require a very large outlay to reprint, the
i editor has been induced to make a selection of all
the important and valuable papers contained in
- them from the beginning, condensing, rearrang,
ing, and completing to date, and throwing the
subjects, after the manner of the encyclopaeuians,
into alphabetical order. In this manner everything
of interest and importance will be preserved in a
convenient form fur reference ; and the volumes
will constitute the only repository for the shelves
of the library, of such information, which, by
means of the monthly numbers hereafter, will
always be brought down to date.
8 The volumes will embrace the gist of everything
that has appeared in the Review relating to the
1 Southern and Western States, (an imperfect in,
dex of which will be fouud at the opening of the I
e l()th volume ) to wit:
Their History, Population, Geography, Statistics,
Agricultural products?of Cotton, Sugar, Tobacco,
Hemp, Grains, Naval Stores, A. A., Manufactures?detailed
accounts, statistics, and hislory
of all branches. Internal Improvements?
complete statistics of Railroads; results, profits,
1 expenses, costs, advantages, miles in projection,
construction, completed, Ac.; Plank Roads, Can'
als, Navigation, Ac. Statistics of Health and
Diseases, wealth and progress; relative condition,
' whites and blacks; Slave Laws and Statistics,
management and amelioration of slavery ; origin,
history, and deiencea of slavery ana slave
' institutions; the vsluable treaties of Jiarper,
Hammond, Drew, on elavery, Ac. Commerce
of the South and West in all of its minute particulars,
Ac.; together with a historical ana statistical
sketch of each of the States and cities; the
e domestic and foreign trade, resources, manufactures,
Ac., of the United States; the Census Returns
from 17911, with the complete statistics of the
1 Census of 1850.
) The volumes will be issued in September, Octo"
ber, and November, 1852; and ordero are solicited
1 in advance, payable on delivery to merchants, or
to the parties themselves.
De Row's Review, of which this is a conden1
sation, is published monthly in New Orleans, and
other Southern and Western cities, 112 to 140
pages, smtll print, fine paper, and engravings, and
irenm or nil me great inuumrmi miurri mating 10
* the Southern and Western States, and incidentally
of the North and the Union. Terms (5 per
' annum.
The volumnea hereafter will be uniform with the
condensed aeries.
A few nets of tbe complete work may be had at
p he office, in twelve large and handsomely bound
7 volume*. Trice f<2 Single number* supplied
? to make up sets, and binding furnished on reasonable
' Orders on commission merchants in cities or
. towns, payable on sale ofrrope, received ae cash.
J. D B Da BOW,
Editor De Bow's Review.
June 10, Merchants' Exchange, New Orleans.
ranqnler (eisty, Tlrglala.
* ARE now open for the reception of visitors.
f They are situated on the Kapoahannock river,
I thirty-eight miles above Frederickebunr, end fifty,
I nearly due west, from Alexandria. Ins Alexan,
dria railroad cars, issvinr at 9 a. m., carry passengers
st this time (1*1 June) within seventeen
j miles of the Springs, and first rats coaches, over
a good turnpike for the remaining distance, ran
daflv to them.
' The agents of tha railroad company confidently
' expect to be within about eight miles of ths
Springs by the last of July, when peeseager*
leaving Richmond at 9 p. m. will get to the
* Springs by noon the next day. via Alexandria?
the fare probably not exceeding $5, or $5 SO; or
may lake the Louisa Railrord to Goedenevtlle
i at 61 a. m., reach Culpeper Court house (hat
evening, and breakfaat next morning at the
Springs, at about the same fhre. Or by taking
the Fredericksburg route at 7 a. m. may
i spend the afternoon in Washington or Alexun"
d na, and be at th# Springs by noon the next day.
* TiWivly n. uce to Fredericksburg would secure
S a direct aonveysnce by hacks, so as to reach
r the Soring* "?me uay p?tngwi leave ivicn*
| A tr-weekly line of stages will ha run from
v ! Winchester to the?e Springs.
Terms of Board : $80 for the aeaaon, ending
' j October 1 ; $75 fbr three monthe; $6li for two
months jfjt for one month ; $18 for two weeks ; ,
$10 for one week ; $1 75 per day. Meals or
! lodging 5t> cents each. Servants and children
' under twelve years of age half price. No charge
f.ir children under (wo years ofage. Horace 50
i cnta a day, or $11) a month.
. Payments to be made weekly.
June a?3?w.t.aug.
CONSIGNMENT ? Omk 7U Aeast*.
\ f BROGJtSrS.?1,000 pair Oak Tanned Rtiaaia
Brogans, a prime article of Southern M&nufkr.
ture. For sale by R. A. PRINGLE,
, No 3*1. East Bay street,
10,000 DOLLARS.
THE subscriber is selling off to seduce hie very
' heavy stock of Fan-y Goods and Useful Articles.
'' amounting to upwsrda of $10,000, consisting in
\ part of rich psrier-wache Writing Desks, Work .
' Boxes, Odor Boxes, Shell Tuck Combs, rich /
' Fans, Gloves, Ribands, Pirfumery, all kinds of
' Hair Brushes, Dressing Combe, ?e.
' Persons in want of th* above article* will f nd
bargains at .
> PARKER'S Fancy Store.
1 ueder Nmt?l Hotel

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