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[ ?
X5i xit sr
2 ULttttOft flSHEft t EBWW Dfc UOffl.
DAILY, ... fill 00
EM1-WKKKLY, (Triweekly during .eseion) I 00
? Subscriptions payable in advance. Any per
on procuring tiro subscribers .ball rsceive one cop?
gratis All letters to the Editors to be/OaT-PA o.
Q?".*, Ptnntylvania Avenv., between Third and
Pour-and-et-iatf streets.
' II.
II.FE INSURANCE.? British Cominercia
. 'T.ife In?ur8.*ce Company,established in 1820,
nid ? i.powe*?I by act of Parliament, for the In>2
i r&nce of Lives and Survivorships, and the ent
. wn?rot of Children, <3fcc., ?S-c., CAPITAL
* ^"Office 3d story Colonization Buildings,
W n Jrckson Hall, Pennsylvania avenue, Wash4
i' ton c ty, D. C .
0* October 21,1850?dtf
all lE United States Mail Steamship Company
will despatch the Rplendid double-engine
tear., hip GEORGIA, on Wednrsday, Dec. 11,
at 3 o lock, p. m., from the pier, foot of Warren
etrec North river, New York, vith the Government
nails and passengers for San Francisco
a .d irmediate porta.
Th? connexion at* Panama will be carefully
. * 1 Pnr Ha,. Franciccn are
Jiepwupi auu n ?w? -
guaranteed that they will not be delayed at i'ann^
ina beyond the usual stay in.port.
The books are now open, and passage can be
secured at the following rates :
State-room berth-* - - - - - - $100
Standee berth, forward salooon - - - 80
Steerage berth, found bed <& separate table f>0
State-room berth ------- $300
Steerage berth, found bed & separate table 150
Slate-room. Standee. Steerage
To Charleston or Savannah $25 $20 $J0
To Havana - - - - - 70 55 25
To New Orleans - - 75 60 25
Freight to New Orleans 30 cents per cubic foot
Freight to Havana will be taken in limited
quantity at reasonable rateB.
Passengers for Chagres will be transferred at
Havana to the new and splendid stehmship PA.
To secure freight or passage, apply at the office
of the company, 77 West street, corner of Warren
steet, to M. O. ROBERTS.
Special Notice is given to shippers by this
line, that the company have prepared a form of
bill of lading adapted to their business, which wilf
be furnished to shippers on application at the
company's office, and with which they are requested
to provide themselves, as no other form
will be signed by the agents of the company. All
bills of lading must be signed before the sailing of
vessel. . Dec. 7, 1850.
WILL be opened at Mrs. S. Parker's,on Saturday,23d
inst., at 10 o'clock A.M., in the
new store under the National Hotel, a rich assortment
of Winter Millinery, consisting of Hats,
Caps, Head-Dresses, Feathers, Florences, Ribbons,
dtc. &c. PARKER'S
A RESPECTABLE man, who has his forenoons
unemployed, would like to occupy
himself in a suitable way during that time. He
writes s good hand, and would undertake copying
translating from the French or German, keeping a I
set or two of books, where a regular book-keeper ]
is not employed, Ac. Please inquire at the office I
of this paper. 6?tr
Any person sending us three subscribers will be
entitled to a copy of the " History of Propellers
and Steam Navigation," republished in book form
?now in press, to be ready about the first of October.
It will be one of the most complete works
upon the subject ever issued, and will contain
aDout ninety engravings.
Oct. 92?tf
CJTEVENS, No. ], Brovn't Hotel, has just ren
ceived a further and full supply of Beebe'e
Hats. Also, a complete assortment of hit own
make, of evrry quality and style. Gentlemen
wishing Hats of fancy shapes can have their orders
filled at
STEVEN'S great Hat, Cap, and
Gent's Outfitting Establishment, No. 1 Brown
Nov. 30?6tif. (Intel. Repub. Union.)
"TVRESS COMBS.?We are just opening an
u other and prettier assortment of those hand I
i some Rope and Chain pattern Shell and Buffalo
Dress Turk Comba; pricea from $3 to &2U earn
AIho, 200 different patterns Spanish Dress pan;
Larea from 75 renin to f]0 each.
THE Subscriber returns his thanks to tne
public and the old customers of Simm* & Sow
and informs them that THE GROCERY AND
WINE BIJSIN ESS heretofore carried on by tnem
is contiued by Edwasd Simm* ; he has addeo a
full and fresh supply of the finest TEAS, BLACK
has also on hand a full assortment of the finest
I WINE, and. will be aold at the lowest rates,
amongst which will be found 100 baskets of the
choicest brands of Champagne. Hock, and Clare
Winn, of the purest kindsBRITISH
k F.tlabli'htd in 1820, end KmpovrreJ fry sft of
For the Insurant e of L ves, and the Endowment
of Children, Ac
CAPITAL 3,000,000
Ifice on Pennsylvania avenue, one door
i West of Jackson HaII
or THE
To Mechanic*, Inventor*, awl Manufacturer* :
"rPHE Publishers of the Scientific Jlmerican reI
spectfullv give notice that the sixth volume
orthie valuable journal, commenced on the 21st
of September, offering a valuable opportunity for
all to subscribe who take an interest in the progress
and developernen- of the Mechanics' Arts
and Manufactures of our country. The character
of the Seienttfc American ie too well known
1 throughout the country to require a detailed account
of the varioue subject* discussed through its
i It enjoys a more extensive and influential circulation
than any other journal of its class in
Jim vi iw.
fit will be published weekly, a* heretofore, in
Quarto Form, on fine paper, affording, at the end
of over FOUR HUXltRF.lt PAGES,
with an Index, and from Five to Six Hundred
0R10IXAL EXUR.1VIXV8, deecribed by letter*
of reference; heaidea a vast amount of practical
information concerning the progress of SCIEXtific
ixo, MAXUFACTURIXO in ite various
axy,?in ahort, it embraces the entire rai.se oi
the Arts and Sciences.
It alao possesses an original feature not found in
any other weekly journal in the country, viz., an
qfficxml Li?l of PA TEXT CLAIMS, prepared ex
presaly for its columns at the Patent Office,?thus
constituting it the ? AMERICAXREPERTOR1
op LXVFJrrioxs "
Terns*?|2 a-year ; #1 for six months.
AH letters must be post paid and directed to '
Publishers of the Scientific American,
j 128 Fulton street, New York.
^Inducement! for Clubhinf.
Any person who will send us four subscribers
R? six months, at our regular rales, shall be entitled
to one copy for the same length of time ; or
we will furnish?
10 copies for 6 moe., |8 I 15 copies for 12 mos. |22
10 do 19 15 I 20 do? 19 " 28
Southern and Western money taken at par for
mibscrlptione; or Poet Office Stamps taken at
their full value
Hfj~To show what i* dune, and what should be done !{J
?? office. JT# ?'o
CHARLES M. WILI.ARU, \ Editor,and Proprietor, clu<
TERMS.?"The United States Postal Guide and pe(]
Official Advertiser," containing about 32 svper-royal ven
octavo pages, is published monthly ffir ONE HOI.- ' -j
LAR ONI.T, per annum, payable in udeanre?or five
dollars for six copies ordered. '
The enterprise in which we now embark, and and
of which thi? paper is at once the connnene.etner t, wil
and a aample of the papera that are to follow, las wit
for its aim no leas a purpoae, than to impart in- for
struct ion, in tkfc general and detail, to the Officer tioi
and Agents of the American public, in respect both Ian
to their duties and their rights, and to make them, ?
and the people at large, acquainted with the organ- Tu
ization, decisions and action of the Executive departments
of their Government. There has hitherto
been no vehicle for the regular and proper
communication of information of this kind. The (
publication of the Laws and the issue of instrur
tions, more or less comprehensive. and at intervals yij.
more or less extended, have prJXed wholly inadequate,
in the absence of the copptruulfcn of thoie
Laws, as applied to particular cases, and of details T
and illustrations to make the regulations and in Li
(ructions intelligible. The valuable documents ing
annually reported to Congress,are too voluminous. Ma
and are printed in quantities too small for general fy ?
circulation; whilst the debates in Congress and cu'
the commentaries 01 tne press upon tneir proceed. ?< ^
ings, and the proceedings of the Executive branch
of the Government, besides turning mostly upon By
general principles, address themselves only to the
oarty ends, and to matters of national poiieyj by
These publications in their various forms are 0f
highly useful in themselves as far as they go, and *]
some of them indispensable; but there is much j lar)
that do not reach the hands of all, nor if they did,! pnj
do they furnish those rules, methods, and exam-1 ant
pies, for the despatch of the public business which , hig
can render the discharge of public duty either safe j inij
or easy, whether in respect to the incumbent him*- fori
self, or the department or bureau under which he ! ha]
acts. We shall make an honest effort to supply | tic
this vacuum, and to provide for these necessities. | the
If we succeed in rendering the functions of the I wj|
primary offices more uniform, methodicul, und ex 0f,
act, we shall make the administrative dutiesof the "]
departments more easy and effective, and thereby nu,
promote the real and substantial interests of the ene
country And this we expect to do, to some ex the
tent at least?apart from, and indepedently to at I
any party or personal interest or question what- ']
ever. |?v
It is known to mo3t of those to whom this pa Th
per will be Nent, that the Senior Editor was Audi Th
tor of the Post-Office Department until the month Th
of November last; with by far the larger portion Th
of both postmasters and contractors, lie has had
direct intercourse, in person or by letter. He en- Bl<
tered the department fourteen years since, and for /
min? vears nreviouslv. had been, first in the War n.-il
Department, ai:d subsequently in the Treasury. J,or
He has therefore had the best opportunities fot j,?C|
understanding the arrangements or business in ah the
the department*, and being acquainted with those fea,
who curry it on. Since his official connection with #/<,
me Government censed, he flatters himself lie liaa ?/,,
preserved the respect and regard of most of the and
present incumbents of the departments, and iH on Her!
becoming terms of intercourse and civility with wrj
them all. The Junior Editor hasbeen usssiduously pHI
engaged for several years, in studying, by per- Sta
aonal inquiry and examination, the practical and \e
daily routine and details of the Post-Office and
inner branches of the public business. It is with 0f,
this stock of experience, and these advantages for |ea,
reaching the various souroes of administrative ac prj,
tion, and for imparting minute and illustrative in B|a
struction, and valuable periodical and slatistica' (
information, that we challenge your confldeuct \ja
and solicit your support and patronage. ren.
We have fixed upon the 15th of each month as
the day for the publication of our paper, so as to
afford, time for Ahypning front the departments
all the orders, ^ tps and changes issued, or raadt *
by them durinj^B preceding month. Table* c I *
Post Offices, and compilations of the Laws and *
Regulations, are issued by the Post Office Depart- '
ment only once in two or three years. It is a f
matter of inconvenience and complaint, for which '
hitherto there has been no remedy, that m one *
month from the time of these issues, there are of- '
fire* in the tables which are no longer in operation, I
and offices in operation which are not in the table*;
At this time there are perhaps over three thousand /
offices of the two descriptions. In like manner pri<
laws have been passed and regulations established mo
since the issue of the last volume of regulations, wo
nf u l.u li msnv postmaster* and Mhersnr* wholly Re'
ignorant. We projiose to prevent, for the present, oft
any increase or the evil of. either kind, and from no i
the time another taaue ehall be made, our paper "
will furnish the additions, corrections, and m oJ.fi; puh
cations, made in each inonlh, and by being filed allc
and preserved, will afford to postmasters full and II
exact information upon both subjects, up to and be i
for time being. How much of the present misdi [
rection, remailing, doubt, conftiaiun, error, and alw
imposition, will be saved by the progressive slate Pul
of foil and exact knowledge, for which we hav*
provided, and for which we engage, every intelligent
postmaster ran estimate for himself.
These advantages alone and independently of all {
others, are worth many limes the price we charge Pr?
for the paper, and will, it is honed, induce every 8<x
postmaster who feels a just pride in his office or
a patriotic regard for the credit, prosperity, and
efficiency of the whole Post Office system?at once ,
to subscribe. The same considerations apply to Xf
the orders and notices, decisions, and inetrumore ,
of the War, Navy, Treaaury, State, and Intarior *.'
departments, and the same courae is intended in
respect to them. Notices of the decisions of th? m*
Supreme Court, in cases turning u|?on questiom u""
of official duty or national interest, will find aplac rV'
inthispaptr. ^ ^
f 11 he undersigned, a committee of publication, on 10 '
X the part of the Muscogee and Russell Agricul- .
lural Society, respectftilly invite public attention .
to the following prospectus of a MONTHLY Wl*
JOURNAL, to be published in this c^y under the
auspice* of the above named asaociation.
The work will be devoted to the interests of.Jgrirullure
and Hartienlturr, Dnmttlic and Knrai &
Economy. Under these several heads will be in- P""
eluded all that concerns the culture of crops, the ",ni
improvement of the soil, the management of the r*3
fhrm, the garden, the orchard, the flower yard, ?
and the house-keeper's department. Inlheirconnexion
with the interests of the soil, the other in- wij'
dustrisl pursuits of the land, will receive their ap 0 p
propiiate attention.
The "SOILOFTHE SOUTH" will be under
the editorial supervision of Chasms A.Pkasoot
esq. and Col. Jamm M.Chamhes*. Mr. Peaftody our
has been for two yearn paal connected with the fro
Agricultural Preas, and in eoually distinguished a*
a practical and scientific farmer and gardener
Col. Chambera ia one of the moat intelligent and
successful planters in lha South. They will be 1
asaisted by an able corps of contributors, among Uni
the practiabArmers and planters of the land. rial
' Each 4HK>er will contain sixteen pages ol the
quarto size, printed with new type on sup'not of'J
white paper, and furnished to subscriber* a thi Rod
. ? - thai
Orrica Wilmington and Manchester R. R. Co lant
Mahick Cotjar-hon*e, S. C., t)ct. 18, l5.">l exp
SRALKD PROPOSALS will l>e received until the cha
15th of December next for the piers of s bridgv the]
across the Great Pee Dee river. Tnejob comprise Yoi
four piers?one a very heavy pier for a draw, and by |
the sinking of cast-iron hollow piles t y Dr. Pott'* thai
pneumatic procesa for forming foundations. The lant
plan and ejiecifications of the piers will be exhib- whi
ited by the Secretary of the Company at Marion lige
Court-house, and by the resident Engineer, L.J thei
Fleming, esq., at Wilmington, North Carolina. mai
Chief Eng. Wil.aid Man. R. R., Richmond, Va. pra
P. 8. Mr. Charles Pontex, 34 Liberty street,
New York, ia the proprietor of Dr. Pou's patent
in the United States. nov 5?lm (
? ?. con
If RS.PARKER will open on Wednesday loth for
llL inst-, a few cases ot French Hats. Alao a 1
beautiful assortment of Ribbons, Feathers, Flow it a
era Ac , Ac , Penn. a*.founder,.N .'Hole h
: soi
AW AND AGENCY OFFICE The undersigned,
Attorneys and Agents, practice Law
he Supreme Court of the United Slates, and
Courts of the District of Columbia, and attend
mptly to claims against the United States, 111- J
ling the settlement of all accounts of officers 11
agents of the Government, Bounty Lands, c
istons, Return of Duties, Patents for new in- e
tions, &c., &c.
'hey tender their services to members of the 1
fession at a distance, and, when the case in u
pared by a local agent, will abate one-half their ?
at fee. All information relative to the forms- 1
usages of business in any of the Departments a
I be furnished to our regular correspondent*
hout charge. They have made arrangements e
the payment of '.axes, and for the sale or loca 1
l of bounty land warrants on the best Western
ds. ?
[^"Office on Pt rnsylvania avenue, Lane A '
cker's Building
)ct. 14?3taw.3m.
EONARD SCOTT & Cc.,JYo.M Gold street
I -Ww York, continue to publish the four lead
British Quarterly Reviews and Blackwood*
iguzine; in addition to which they have recentcommenced
the publication of a valuable Agritural
work, called the
'armer's Guide to Scientific and Practical
Henry Stephens, F. R. S., of Edinburgh,aur
of the "Book of thfFarm," &c., tfcc.; assisted
John P. Norton, M.A., New Haven,Professor
Scientific Agriculture in Yale College, dfcc., <fec
rhis highly valuable work will comprise two
|e royul octavo volumes, containing over 1,400
jes, with 18 or 20 splendid steel engravings,
1 more than 600 engravings on wood, in the
best style of the art, illustrating almost every
"dement of husbandry now in use by the best
rners, the best methods of ploughing, planting,
fing, harvesting, &c., (fee., the various domesanimals
in their highest perfection; ill short,
pictorial feature of the book is unique, and
1 render it of incalculable value to the student
rhe work is being published in semi-monthly
libera of 64 pages each, exclusive of the Steel
;ravings, and is Sold at 25 cents each, or $5 for
entire work in numbers, of which there will be
east twenty-two.
Phe British Periodicals re-published are as folrs,
viz :
e London Quarterly Review (Conservative),
k Edinburgh Review (Whig),
e North British Review (Free Church),
e Westminster Review (Liberal.)
and v
sckwood's Edinburgh Magazine (Tory).
Uthough these works are distinguished by the
itirjtl fdindes aliove indicated, vet but a small
lion of their contents is devoted to political subIs.
It is their literary character which gives
m their chief value, and in that they stand con i
iedly far above all other journals of their class
ckwootl, still under the masterly guidance of !
nstojther AWt, maintains its ancient celebrity, '
I is, at tiiis time, unusually attractive, from the I
ial works of Bulwer and other literary notables, |
tten for that magazine, and first appearing in |
columns both in Great Britain and in the United i
tes. Such works as "The Caxtons" and "My I
w Novel" (both by Bulwer,) "My Peninsular i
dal," "The Green Hand," and other serials,
vhich numerous rival editions are issued by the
ling publishers in this country, have to be ref
nted by those publishers from the pages o
ckwootl, afler it has betn issued by .Messrs. Scot' I
yo., so that subscribers to the reprint of that t
s;azine may always rely on having the earliest ]
ding of these fascinating tale*.| 1
TERM ti. '
Per an.
'or any one of the four Reviews j>H,00 '
'or any two . do. - 5,00 '
'or any three do. - 7,00
'or all tour of the Reviews, - 8,00
for Blsckwood'e Magazine, - 3,00
'or Blackwood and three Reviews, 8,00
'or Blackwood and the four Reviews, - 10,00 '
por Farmer's Guide (complete in 22 Noa.) 5,00
; Payments to be made in all cases in .htrance.)
i discount oi lirrwy-jirr prrc*m. irum meaouvc
:es will be allowed to Cluba ordering four or '
re cop*** of any one or more of the above J
rka. Thua : 4 copiea of Blaritwooc or of one
riew will be aent to en/ addrnt for $3 ; 4 copier
he four Review* and Blackwood for $30 ; and '
?* Order* from Clvbt muat be aent direct to the ;
luh*r$, aa no diacouat from theac price* can be \
iwed to Ag*nl?.
doney, current in the State* where laaued, wil :
received ml par. *
Remittance# and communication* ahould be
ay* addressed, poat-paid or franked, to the
75? Fultoh SracKT, New York,
Entrance $4 Gold at '
[^^Subscription* received in Waahington by '
ink Taylor, Taylor A .Vlaurey, and W.Adam, ]
[7E beg leave to call your attention to an ad
V vertiaement, and to the memorial annexed, <
I tender our aervicea in the proaecution of any ;
ma for Bounty Landa or Pensions, which you j
y aend to ua. We will allow you one half our |
lal fee, which ia fir* dollar* for obtaining a war- <
t for 160 acre*, and threr dollart for a warrant (
eighty acre* or lea*, for publiahing our adver- (
inent.and preparing and forwarding the papere (
ia. I
f you accept thia propoaal, pleaae inaert thia
:u(ar and our advertiaement in your paper,
h the following.editorial notice;
1 We call the attention of our reader* to the adtiaemer.t
of Meaara. Duff Green, Ben. E
en, and Richard H. Clarke, Attorney* nno
rnta at Washington, D. ., and would aay
aona having claim* for Bounty Landa or Pen- '
na, that we have made arrangement* for the
niaite forma, and that claimant* calling at our
r# can have their paper# properly prepared and
warded to the## gentlemen at Washington, <
will nrmicrlv attend to tiiem in their m-noer
re.r 1 ' ' ' "
Meaae get each claimant to aign the memorial, a
I forward it to your member of Congre**.
leaae aend ua a copy of your paper containing ,
card, which wiM notify ua thai you accept ou- .
poaition DUFF ORGBN,
"n the fimntr and /Ua of Krpr'trtUativrt ,/tht C
Utd Slalr* in Congrt't oistmblrd : The memo- ?
of the underatcned, re?>|?ectfullv repreaeni* that J
y are entitled to Bounty Land, under the act
Wth of September, 1*."iP.thnt they are infbrmed
believe lti.it the unlocked warranta are worth
re to them than the (Mteiited landa would be, [
t they do not expect or dfc*ire to reaide On the r
I thua granted; that if patented to them, the
enae &t agenciea and laxea will be an anunal
rge, reducing ihe ralue of the grant, which tl
f Could avoid if permuted to eel' the warrant A
ir memorial iota further repreaent that the law, 0
preventing the Hale of the warranta, aaaunr m ti
1 ilie officer* and volunteer* entitled to bount) |
la, are not competent to act for themaelvea, |
rena many of them are among the moat intel- |
nt and reapectahle citizena of the State*. They (i
efore reapectfully aak that the act aforeaaid ||
f be ao modified aa to make the warranta for 11
nty landa assignable, and they will ever li
y, Ac.
)N the Avenue yeaterday, a letter envelope tl
taining fifty dollar*, in five ten dollar bill* o/ la
bank of Sielden Withera A Co.?also a draft II
fifty dollara on Corcoran A Kigga.
'ha finder will be liberally rewarded on ItnaAjg ci
t thia office.
larch 5, 1S52J;
~ -? ? - - '? ^? ?? ?J??
|S^Vv?Tb^r./ic>jr ,??iy V ?- - 7
R 1 - W EE K L
Attorntysat Law, Washing^ n City, I). C.
PRACTICE in mt Supre ie Court of jl
United States, ana in the Courts of the Die
rict of Columbia; ana attend promptly to all
laims against the United State , or Foreign Govrnments.
Sir :-After consulting many p jrsons interested in
he principal Rail-Roads in the United States, the
indersigned propose to estabb' h agencies in this
ity and in New York, for th? purpose of collect- J11'
ng full and authentic Rail-load statistics and "?
imL other information as will sable them to serve Pe
ilRons desiring to invest in R lil-Road securities,
?r to procure information ofai y mattersconnected an
villi the construction and adnr inistration of Rail- sa
loads. They also propose especially, to urge lje
ipon Congress a modificatior of the laws relat- Ye
ng to contracts for carrying trie mail, so as to an- !0'
horize the Foat Office Depari nent to contract foi ll)
he perpetual use of Rail-Roids, and, instead ol Pe
laying, as now, quarterly or contracts for foui "a
tears, to advance in fivj pe- cent, bonds of the Wl
Jnited States, chargeable ujon the revenues of ,ie
he Post Office Deportment,n i amount, the inte
est upon which at 6 per ceip. .vould equal tl ; ly
myments now made. '
The government now pay* >300 per mile fcr
mi rying the mail on first class Kail-Roads. This jjf
s 6 per cent, on $5,001). The undersigned would ev
lrge that, instead of paying $300 a mile, per anlum,
the Department should deliver, on acontruct
i perpetuity,live $1,11110 bonds, bearing an inte Q(
eat of five per centum. At this rate the charge
ipon the Department would be reduced from $300 1
0 $250 a mile, per annum, and the $50 per mile
laved would create a sinking fund which will, in a
'ewv ears,pay offthe Bonds,and give the use of such
oatls forever thereafter, free of all charge ; there- ,u
iy effecting a vast saving on the present annual r
sxppnditures of the Po t Office Department, and P'
1 consequent reduction of the rates 6f postage.
The effect will be no less advantageous to Rail 01
Road Companies than to the government. For
instance, such a contract would give to the Balti- J*
nore and Ohio Rail-Road Company more than r
J2,000,000, which would enable that complete its "
road at an early day, and greatly increase its busi- P
aessand profits.
But to meet objections and impress tlie public
mind with a proper Hense of the benefits to result P
from this measure will require concert cf action J
md continued active effort, through the press and '
athei wise. The undersigned tender their services *
to your Company, expecting a reasonable compensation,
partly contingent upon the success ot ?
the measure ; and respectfully suggest the propriety
of your sending one or more delegates to "
this city, on the first Wedensday in December ^
next, to confer with delegates from other Rail- (
Road Companies, as to the details.of the proposed
arrangementand the best mode ofbringing the P
subject before Congress. 11
Hoping to bear from you at your earliest con.
venience, we are, respectfully, your ob't serv t. V
fllHE undersigned, lately front Germany, begs s
M- to inform the citizens of Washington, tl
Georgetown and Alexandria, that he will give r
He has been travelling since lf'43 '1
arith Madame Biscaccianli, and performed in her r
last concert in this city. He perforins the coin- u
positions of Liszt, Thalberg, and other great eonioosers,
and proposes to teach the Thaibergian s
tlyle. Couiinunications left at the music store of s
Rich. Davis, on the Avenue, will be promptly t
iltended to. e
April 3. FR. KI EV. ?
-?-r : ?? -'' ? . ? p
American .Statistic*
A abort lima past we published aoine statistics a
elative to the number of soldiera supplied from c
he different S'?'ee to the revolutionary war. De e
Bow's Commercial Review givea aoine tablea ^e- r
stive to this, and other subjects of equal interest, d
shicii ? copy. f
1. The number of soldiers furnished by the b
American States during the revolution, and the a
lobulation of each State in 1790 and in 1847. (
2. Principal battles of the revolution, their sev
ral dates, commanders-in-chief, and losses on <1
?ach side. a
3. Amount of continental money issued to cup t
rort the war, and the estimated coel in specif c
Soldier*. Pop. 1790 1847.
Vew Hampshire, 12,497 141,891 3011,000
Maw. (inct'ng Me.) 67,097 475,257 1,450,000
Bhode Island, - 5,908 69,110 130,000
Connecticut, - - 31,959 238,141 33O,0OT
Vew York, - - - 17,781 340,120 2,7H0,00(.
Vew Jersey, - - 10,726 181,139 416,000
Pennsylvania, - - 25,678 434,373 2,125,000
Delaware, - - 2,386 59,098 MO, 000
Maryland, - 13,912 319,728 495,000
Virginia, - - - - 26,678 748,308 1,270,000
North Carolina, 7,203 393,751 765,000 ,
South Carolina, 6,417 249,073 605,000
3eorgia, 2.589 82,548 800,000
Total, - - - -231,971 2,820,959 11,546,000
WVrr When Jimtr. British
fnvfht. fou^hi Com. fan. ComJ fau.
Lexington, Apr '75 ? 84 ? 245
Bunker Hilljun '75 Warren 453 Howe 1054
Ptail ush, Aug *76 Putnam 2000 Howe 4<M)
W. Plains, Oct *76 Wssht'n 300 Howe 300
rVenton, Dec *76 Washt'n 9 Rahl lOOtt
Princeton, Jan '77 Washt'n 100 Maw'd 44Mi,
Bennington,Aug*77 Stark 100 Baum 600
Brandy wine,8ep *77 Washt'n 1200 Howe 600
'Saratoga, (h*l '77 Gates 350 Biirg'a 600
Monmouth,Jun *78 Washt'n 230 Clinton 400
B. Island, Aug 78 Suit. *an 211 Pigou 260
Briar Creek,Mar*79 Ashs 300 Prevoat 16
Jtoney P't.,Jul '79 Wayn* 100 Johna'n 600
Camden, Aug'81 Gates 720 Cornw's 375
Cowpens, Jan *81 Morgan 72 Tarle'n 800
Bui I ford, Mar'8l Greene 400 Cornw's 523
?u. Springs,Sep'81 Greene 555 Stewart 1000 tl
The stirrenaer nt oorn wains at inrxtown, t>c- u
ober 1781, cloned the war; prisoners 7,079. a
*5,752 British taken prisoners. C
Amount issued in 1775 $ 2,000,000 tl
? 1777 - 20,000,000 si
? ?? in all to July, 1799 358,000,000 T
The whole expenses of the war, estimated in
iperie, amounted 1^135,193,703. p
We compile from the New York Shipping List '
ind Price Current, of the 11th September, the fol- _
( wing statement, showing the crop of Cotton in ^
he several States for the year ending 31st August
850: 1850. 18411. _
vouisinna 781,886 1,093,797 "
tlabnma 350.952 518,706 *
Florida - 181,344 21*1,186 h!
31.263 - 38/87 al
Jeorgia 344,635 391,372
louth Carolina - - 384,265 4.78,117 w
tforth Carolina - - 11,861 10,041 P
la - - * - - 11,509 17,.750 P
Tola! crop - - 2,0y6,715 2,728,596 ?
Jerease from last year - - - 631,881
>ecrease from year before * - * - 250,928 y
lie cotton trade, from the London Economist, -
lugust 24, 1K50. "it it calculated that upwards
f 4,000,OCM) persons depend entirely upon this V
ade in all ita branches.' American cotton crop :
8356 1,367,22.1 1842-3 2,378,875
836 7 1,422,030 1843-4 2,030,409 P
837-8 1,801,497 1844-5 2,394,503 '
838-9 1,360,532 1845-6 12,100,537 ?<
839-40 2,177,835 ,1846-7 1,778,651 ^
840-1 1,632,945 1847-8 2,347,634 T
841-2 1,684,211 1848-9 2,728,59' d?
- en
Average 1,635,596 Average 2,251,315 'H
Average crop of the last seven years exceeds "s
tat the nrior 615,719 bales, and the crop of the
.at just double that of the first?and ths crop of
848-9 was more than 1846-7 by fifty per cent. J
Average consumption in Great Britain of Amen- I
id cotton the first 7 years 1,153,219 bale*
Ths 2d period of 7 years ,449,398 bele.
Larr*"t cons umption, ]9 1506,608 ba
20, 1852.
The approach of Congress callH for the renet
my proposals and preparations to spread
bates before the publie. The success which i
therto attended tliis undertaking it is hoped \
ntinue, and enable me to perpetuate the i
itory of the proceedings and discussions of
dy on which the destiny of the Republic
The adoption of Congress has given the Ci <
official character as the reporter of all tha:
id and done in the body. This sanction i
en voted at every successive session for me
ai r., and by members of all parties Thepri
o, of all parlies has borne testimony to the fit
r with which the duty thus confided has b
rformed. The annexed notices, taken at r
>m from the general expression in favor of
ark, are submitted in proof of its fullness, t;
hh, and usefulness. I am compelled to or
r want of room, a page of notices which an
The great celerity with which the letter-wrii
r the distant press circulate through the t
apli their hurried accounts and views of
ibates of Congress, renders more important t
rer the full and exact official reports of the C
iKKMONAi. Globe. The hasty,* and in m
stances ex parte, relations by telegraph of u
xurs in Congress supersede, for the most p
ie exact reDorts taken .down bv reporters,
ntch formerly, in a shape more or less ab
ated, went the rounds of the press. Now
legraph accounts, with all their imperfect!
id variety of colorings, take the run of the cc
y, and no press but the official of Congress!
ublishes the full debate with the proceedingi
oth Houses unn^uilated. Indeed, no newspi
in give them, and have room for advertisem
ad the miscellaneous matter essential to their
tence. While, therefore, the telegraph admi
rs to the eager appetite of the public for Cong
ews, and meets the necessities of the poll
resM, by rurnislung a rapidly-written epit
jiled to the tasti of its patrons, perfect infoi
on of what pannes in Congress in greatly dii
ihed. The circulation of the official reports
een, to Home extent, cut off by the crude
identified accounts which, flying along the elei
r.reti, satisfies curionity, and it is almost in
tat truth puts on hie boots to follow. Still t
re a great many tuen of leisure and thought 1
ke to see what is actually said and done in (
resH, and to judge for themselves, rather tha
sceive impressions altogether from galvanic
irics. There aye others, too, who, for the i
f the future, willingly patronize a work wl
reserves a full record of the doings of the g
loving and controlling power of the Republic
The undersigned has made preparations c
lensurate witn the increased importance of
uty he has undertaken as the only reporter
ublisher of the complete debates and proceed
f both flouses of Congress. The coming
ion will probably be extended nine months,
lie reports will not be comprised in less than
oyal quarto pages of brevier and nonpareil I
-making 4 volumes of near !M)0 pages eac
'he reports for the last long session made 1
oyal quarto pages, and were bound in four
men, averaging 974 royal quarto pages each
I will publish in the Api'knuix for the next
ion all laws that may be passed during the
ion, which has not been done heretofore,
hough this will increase in no small degree
xpense of the publk-ation, the subscription j
rill be the same that it has been for several y
The Daii.t Gi.ow. will be published durini
ession on a superfine double royal sheet. It
onlain the debates en taken down by the re|
rs, and as altered by the speakers, whenever
1 - - ?I*Aiissant iiauia aI
fianc any nivcrauuno, wis uuncuv ucw? ui
lay, and miscellaneous matter. The main o
or publiaing the daily paper ia, to enable A
era to nee their remark* in it,and alter ihcm if
hall think proper before they are published ii
>owgbeb*ional Globk and ArrcKDix.
The Congressional Globe ia made up ol
laily proceedings of the two Houses of Cong
nd printed on a double royal paper, with i
ype, (brevier and nonpareil,) in quarto f
ach number conuunin* sixteen royal qt
>ag*s. Theepeechea of Uie Member*, in thi*
brm, are sometime condensed?the full repc
he prepared speeches being reserved for the
Evnix. All resolutions, motions, and other
eedinga, are given in the form of the Jour
vith the yeaa and nays on every important c
The Appendix ia made up of the Pre*idi
Denial Message, tba Reports of the prim
>tfirera of the Government that accompany it,
II Speeches nf Member* of Congrssa, wr
iut or revised by themselve*. It is printed n
ame form as the Comormmonai. Globk,
laiisll y makes about the snme number of p
uring a seseion.
During the hist month or six weeks of a
ion, there is rarely more business done than
nake two numbers a week?one of the Cong
iokal Globk and one of the A envoi* ; but
ng the remainder of a session, there ia uat
utficient matter for two or three numbere of i
very week. The next session will be unuat
nteresting ; therefore, we calculate that the (
iar.*mohai. Globs and Appendix together
riake at least .'W*1 large quarto pages, prinir
mall tyi>e?brevier and non;?reil. We fur
ompiete indexes to both at the end of a seei
We will endeavor to print a sufficient numb<
urnl us copies 10 supply all that may be miacan
r lost in the mails ; but subscribers ehouli
ery particular to file their paper* carefully,
Mr that we *hotild not be alile to wupply ah
>*t number*.
If aubacriber* ahalt not be *a defied with
rora, the money paid by them for it will b
inded lo them whenever they return the num
rhich have been received by thein. I will
lie aubacrtplion price for any previoua volumi
lie CeNoaaaaiONAi. Cit.oa* or the ArrBNDiz,
rill thank any pereon who will let me have tii
I have a few coiuea of the brick volume*of
!o? oar.??iosAi. Globe and Arrr.uni* form
5 a volume bound, which it te probable wi
apoaed of eoon ; and when they are, they
ten, no doubt, command nPleart $1(1 a rolu
?they cannot be reprinted for le*a than that e
'here are ?> back volume*.
or one copy of the Dailt Globe during the
aion $
drone copy of the CoNoae?aior*ai. Uiont
during the aeeaion
or one copy of the AeravniK during the
aeiwion .
The money may be remitted by mail at my r
ank note* current where a ?ub*criber remde*
* received at par. Subacription* *hould r?
ere by the loth December, at further, to im
ll the number*.
The price* for theae paper* are *o low th
lo f i m. lit nut fh#-r
sr?on need order them unless the money nrc
iniM Ih* nriirr JOHN C. RIVEI
tf Fashionable Tailoring Rittkllikm
f'Wj'Af/rterr and Tmknl, Drown*' hotel, Pa. t
a AVE just opened their new atore, wi
large and well aelected stock of food*
ntleinens' wear, auch aa Cloths, Cansime
eatings, and Furnishing Goods generally.
Army, nafy, marine, and revenue officers,
h! an assortment of Swords, F.paulettea, Sasl
assarts, Laces, and such other articlea aa
teat regulations of their reapactire corps |
An experience of mantr yenra in legitin
ailoring?a new and select atock of goodt
aire to pleaae?with the cash system to pre
istomers against high price*, are inducers
at wander; and most respectfully solicit pan
;? Nor. IS?t
I IWk newest patterns Evening Dreae F
L\"t/ (Spanish) mounted in Pearl, Iv
Papier macne, just opened at PARK El
fkar.r and Perfumery JStore, under the
| l
[No. 10.
(ONLY through line for California and Or#
gon.)?The public are informed thnt under the
f8 new arrangement of thin Company, steamers inspected
ami approved by the Navy Department,
va| and carrying the United States mails, will conns
tinue to leave Panama and San Francisco the let
lnM and 5th days of each month, unless detained by
ml unavoidable accident, and will touch a Acapulco,
lull ; San Diego, and Monterey.
tne l The following steam packet* belonging to the
u<>. I Pacific Mail Steamship Company, are now in the
Pacific, one of which will be always in port at
)eK i each end of the route : j
is Oregon . . . 1,0th) tons. Republic . 1,21k) tons
nan Panama . . . 1,087 ions.' Carolina . . (UK) tons.
inv California . 1,050 tons. Columbus. . bOO tons.
>.m, I Trnnbsikk . 1,300 tons. Lthmuh .. . ?tons.
je|. : Northerner 1,200 tons. Unicorn. , . COO tons.
een I Columbia . . . 800 tons. Fremont. . 000 tons,
a,,. I Antelope. . . ? tons.
tne | The new Nteamship COLUMBIA will ply heme.
tween San Francisco and ports in Oregon, nwaitiiii,
j ing ttt the former port, the arrival of the mails and
t hi I passengers from Panama, and returning without
; delay with the mails and passengers for the steamier*
er from San Francisco.
eie- A regular line of propellers will be kept up for
me the transportation of freight and transient passenlian
g*rw between Panama and San FranciscoIon
The well known steamship SARAH SANDS,
any of 1,500 tons burthen, now under charter to the
mat company,and peculiarly commodious in her cabin
ari, arrangements, will be kept running as an extra
anu family boat.
I)re. One of the above steamers will keep up thecontne
nectron between Acapulco and the other Mexican
ons portsj
iuii- The connection in the Atlantic will be mainover
tained by the United Statee mail steamships
? of Georgia 3,000 tons. CrescentCity 1,500tons.
ioer Ohio . . . 3,000 tons. Cherokee . . 1,300 tons
envi EmpireCitt'2,000 tons. Philadelphia 1,100 tons
ex- Leaving New York for Chagres on the 11th
ms- and 20th of each month.
rees The new steamships EL DORA DO and FALticai
CON will form a direct line between New Ormue
leans and Chagres, leaving at such periods as will
ma- insure as little detention as possible on the Isthliui
mus, and forming with the Pacific steamships a
Gas through line to and from New Orleans, and ports
an i in Mexico, California andOwon. Passages from
;tnc New Orleans can be secureo from Armstrong,
vain Lawrason &, Co., agents, at that place,
here The fare for through tickets from New York to
who San Francisco has been reduced from
yOii- $400, in state rooms, to $330.
n to $330, in lower cabin, to $200.
bat $200, in steerage, to $lb5.
i?Ke The rates from New York to Chagres will n?
luon at the lowest adopted by any safe sea steamer bereal
tween those ports.
? -1- r l l._ _ A *1 ~r . l.?
i r or choice 01 ucruis, appiy ai mc viuu ui w<
on) I Company, 54 nnd 55 South street, and at theii
m. | agency, 177 West street.
infrl. National Medical College, Washington,
aej, District of Columbia.
ai), tTMIE annua! course of lectures will comment^
A on the first Monday in November, the 4tli
Lyr?r in; taut:
(, rAcni,TT.
Midi 1 Tlios. Miller, M. D., Professor of Anatomy an<l
voi-1 Physiology.
Wm. P. Johnnon, M. P., Profesnor of Obele
scs- tr'r'' a,M' 'he diseases of women and children,
sea- Joshua Riley, M. D., Professor of Materii
At- Medics, Therapeutics, and Hygiene.
lMe John Frederick May, M. P., Professor of Sur
irice S'Vr,carM
Grafton Tyler, M. P., Professor of Pathologj
and Practice of Medicine.
' tne Robert King Stone, M. P., Adjunct Professo
^ W,U of Anatomy and Physiology.
p0rl. Edward Foreman, M. P., Professor of Chem
thsy ! iatry and Pharmacy.
f U| | James E. Morgan, M. D., Prosecutor and Dein
l,lec: oustrator.
leoi- Clinical lectures three i;aei a week, on case
iney "elected from the Washington Infirmary.'A)pe
i tne ral'on performed before the claas.
For a full course of res - - $9
r tne Demonstrator's ti, , - 1
rees, Graduation fee - .2
imail Good board can be procured at from $2 to 5
orurrrP'r week.
hrB, Sep 3?2awtNo?lif Dean of the Faculty.
rtBl C. At K. L. K R R K I H O IS At CO
'nt's ^^OULD respectfully inform their friends am
p-hwi yy thrxt who purrn?*f uit i uv/uua in mo
, and city, thai they are now prepared to.otfer a large
men choice, and well asaorteJ stock of
i me Foreign, Fancy, anil Nt .pie Dry Gooda
am! i As they receive the bulk of their good* DIRECl
ages | front EUROPEAN" POUTS, they feel aaaitred o
j being able to compete successfully with any othe
e?- market in the United States'
wiil | C. A E. L. KERRISON A CO.
"* -1 209 King street, north-west corner of
<)ur-! King and Market streets,
isiiv Rep 3, 1850?3m
IB,,T' or
:;.i irisii i, i iriis.
'd ?o rpHE sutsirribers are constantly receiving direr
men I from the manufariurers, MADE TO TH EIP
non. ORDER, and expressly adapted to the Souther?
rr?f trade, and to whu li tliey wuh confidence inrit<
ried, the attention of purchasers, with a guarantee tha
i the goods will be found PURE FI~1X, to wit:
, for *V>hirtinf and Fronting Linens and Lawn*
I the Pillow Case, Coatee, and .Sheeting Linens
Russia, Bird's Eye, and Huckaback Dutpers
the Bleached and Browp Table Damasks, of as
r re- sorted widths
bers Damask Doylies, Napkins and Cloths, of vari
Rive ous sizes
rem Do wlaaa, Glass Cloths, Black, White A Browr
and Holland
iem. Lady's, Gent's, and Children's Linen Cambrit
' iht I Handkerchiefs, etc. etc.
leat C. A E. L. KERRISQ?> CO.
II be WJ King street, CKarie,u>n< C.
will Sep. 3, 1830?3m _ f *
Institution will commence on the first MimtLt]
"*?-j in November next, on the following branches:
5 OH I Anatomy, by J. Holbrook, M. D.
Institutes and Practice of .Medicine, by S Hen
3 Oil ry Dickson, M. D.
Ntirirerv. bv E. (JfllJinr*. M. D.
' | Physiology, by James iNloullrte, M. D.
Materia Medics, by Henry R. nwt, M. D.
Wl" Obstetric*, by Thos. (i. Print mu, M. D.
'ac' Chemistry, by C. U. Shepard, M. D.
t?* Demonstrator of An*"*iny, St. Julian Kavenel
, M. D .
" Dr. D. J. Cain, Physician to the Marine Hoe
n# piiaI and Cltncal Instructor. Lectures twice i
ome week on the Diseases nfefn t Institution.
N Dr. K. B. Klagg, Physician to the Alms Hou^
? Lectures twice a week on Diseases.
Dl, Demonstrative Instruction in MedicanodhdSur
?ery at the College Hospital.
HENRY R PROSXe-"* *>., Dean.
for n.ANNEL#. a
res, 'THE SUBSCVLtrfR*, fhrrti Imporlm W all
1 WOOLKN/^rOODS, hare just received pei
will 8hips, "Ouisere," Orion," and ? Somerset,'
lies, from Lijeffoo'. their fall supply of PLAINS,
itate' Kilmarnock Cape, Scotch Bonnets, Ac., Ac., txpressly
suited to our Southern Planters trsde, and
itari; to an inspection of which, they confidently in nte
me all who rum the Charleston Market,
on-i C. A E. L. KEKRISON A CO.,
f. Vtfl King su, northwest tor. King A Market at*
Charleston, Sept 3?
nriM niNLAiD.
n* TJAPERS in the case: of Thomas Crown, govern
ment contractor for bnck, Ac The finder wil
\y be liberally rewarded by restoring them to Um
odlee of theNegional Hotel, or to me
Tb? "Inntls^fi frMi" Tri Waafcly.
la puhliehed on Tuesday Thursday an>.' Sa? jr?
day of each week.
Tk? ** l?u(h?ra rrMa,"?Weekly.
la published every Saturday.
anvicaTuiM? tarsi.
Cor out square of 10 tinea, three ineartiona $1 0U
** every aubaaquant inaertion, 5
Liberal deductions made on yearly advertising.
{^^Individuals inay forward the amount of their
subscription* at our risk. Address (post-paid.!
Washington City.
VA.?The thirteenth Annual Course of
Lectures will commence on Monday, the 14th of
October, 1850, and continue until the 1st of the
ensuing March. The coinuiencmeni for conferring
degrees will be held about the middle of March.
R. L. Boiiannan, M. D., Prof, of Obstetrics
and Diseases of Women and Children.
L. W. Chamhkri.ayne, M. D., Prof, of Mate
ria Medica and Therapeutics. ,
S. Mampin, M. D., Prof, of Chemistry and
Chas. Bei.i. Gibson, M. D., Prof, of Surgery
aiid Sui-ileal Anatomy.
Cartter P. Johnson, M. D., Prof, of Anatomy
and Physiology.
i David H. Tucker, M. D. Prof, of Theory and
I Practice of Medicine.
Arthur lu. rK.ncoi.A*, M. D., Demonstrator
of Anatomy.
The study of practical Anatomy may be prosocuted
with the most ample facilities, and a' very
trifling expense.
Clinifial Lectures are regularly given at the Hoi
lege Inrmary and Kirhmond Almshouse. The
Infirmary, under the name rbof with the College
and subject to the entire control of the Faculty, is
at all times well filled with medical and surgical
cases, and furnishes peculiar facilitiee for clinical
instruction Many surgical operations are performed
in presence of the class; and the students
being freely admitted to the wards, enjoy, under
the guidance of the Professors, unusual opportunities
for becoming familiar with the symptoms,
diagnosis, and treatment of disease.
Expenses?Matriculation fee, |5. Professors'^
fees, $105, Demonstrator's fee, #10. Graduation
fee, $25.
The price of board, including fuel, lights, and
servants' attendance,'is usnn ny #3 to per
The catalogue, Ac., containing fuller information
concerning the institution, will be forwarded
to those applying for it, or specific inquiries will
be answeree by le?$cr Address,
Oct. 2 Dean of the Faculty.
A SMALL IIOUSE on Capitol Hill, con
Btjjfl taining six or seven rooms, with conatuer
able ground attached.?Apply at this office.
Oct. 16?3t.
fMMIE undersigned respectfully informs his old
JL customers and business men of Washington
t n particular, that he lias put his Book and Job
Printing Establishment again in complete order 4
having added new type, presses, Ac., to his for
titer materials, which enables hits to execute)}
Kvrry descrijitum of LrticT-frcas Priiiling
1 [ in a superior style, with nealnews and despatch
1 and as cheap as it 'an be done in any of the NodQ^
! ern cities. i
Having added a large Napier Steam Press to
' his establishment, he can print pamphlets, books,
or any other work, with greater speed than here
. ...r it, ,, ,i.?
# .rvw.??,, Pv.iv.-M V1
the buHUt#** comtminttyj
' G. A. SAGE.
. Office : Pennsylvania Avenue, next to Jackson 1
H-| , Washington. |
r rPHE VVinier Course of Lectures in the Medical
I Department of a t Cincinnati Literary and Sci*
tutiific Institute, (formerly the Literary and Bojanico
Medical College of Ohio,) will be resumed
* in the College Edifice, Third street, east of Broadway,
on Monday the 3d of November. A fire*
liininary course on Anatomy, Physiology, and
Operative Surgery, will be commenced on the 5th
of October, Lnere were ...dies In the Bprirg ]
I) class, and the most of these, and many others,
" are expected this winter. The subscriber will be
5 aided by some of the ablest and truest men in the
3 ranks of reform. The College Edifice is elegant
and convenient, and abundantly supplied with
everything essential to the illustration of every departme
>t of medicine
or TMK
, Maryland Mate Agricultural Society. .
> a PPEAL to iht Members or tux M irtland
[\ Stats AoaicciTtraAL Sociitt.?Wedesire
J thai you should bear in mind, that on the 23d,
r 24th, and 25th days of October, your Society will
, hold its annual Exhibition end Fair at Ik* city of
Baltimore : and we appeal to you, one and all, to
. bring for exhibition thereat portion# of your dock
P the product! of your orthardt, and of y our gar dent|
f Don't presume that any animal, or product, you
r may own is inferior to others that will be here,
tnd be thus deterred from bringing them, as it ia
only by comparison that the relative merits of any
thing can be determined. The safer presumption
for you to arrive at, will be that what you have
as as good, if not o?oier than that of others, and
hat it behooves you to gallantly enter the list of
ompetuion : sf defeated honorably, and the high
L. .?a> /.f iha imliTM n a ruaranfM that vein
j?n? / -'
in be defeated in no other way, you will eiyoy
I ha luxury of knowing that others war* mora en'
led to auecea* man yoursslf.
And while wa address you to bring such article*
' ?a arc proj>erly in your department, wa crave per'
minion to aolicit your interest, to induce your
viivi and dmnfktrn to bris; whatever appertains
to tktir peculiar departments, aa embrvtfirry, m>nukotd
mmnufatlurti, Iht prvuutl* if Ike dairy am/ of
tkt poultry yard, pre*rrrt>,Jdomt*tu ttdnti, eon/rttu
n*, and, above all iKiifv to coma tktmirlrf, a*
trUkoul \rmnan, aad tkt ktontiful elaboration? of htr
or I' andgtmut, no duplay con kt ptrful.
, To the Monofkrturon if .Igricultural Implement'
and Tool*, we would aay, that intaraat and patri*
. otiam both combine to enjoin upon you the pro
priety of making a grand exhibition of your machinery
of all kinda, a* from our preeenl advicea,
we are led to believe that the assemblage of farmera
and planter*, and of distinguished stranger*
from moat ot the State# of the Union, will be
' greater than upon anv ftirmer occasion here or
eleewhare. We therefore aay to the -IgricWtural
? Implement nudtri and.Veekanirtoftke United Stalet,
II make it a matter of pride to display your machinery
at our exhibition, and vie with each other in 1
having the beet and largest assortment on the
ground. Such ambition i* laudable?ta worthy of
American geniua, and should be cherished by the
Amencan heart. ,
JTy* Editor* with whom we exchange will confer
a favor by copying this notice.
WILLIAM TUCKER, Mia. h**t Tamos.
(of the late firm of L?mA Tucker,) would
11 -? Lim frigniltf and f Ka nutdis maawa_
qui tne anew j
* #raiiv to hi* I""* -f U"od* "?w opening, which
fc he- '*y himself from th? largest imMtCrunc.
houses ?n Xe w York,and bjr far the great'
*?i variety ami richer! stylo I ever oifered in thia
citr. Stranger* are reapertftilly and earnestly #o"
|ir >ted to give me a call and examine my Mock before
purchasing, as I am confident it will be to
heir advantage.
And I would especially call the attention of officer*,
imth of ft.e army and the navy, to the fart
, that I am prepared to execute all kindeofnniforme,
' according t'j the late regulations, at the shortest
notice, and at moderate prices, warranted, both in
the rutting and making department*, e<|nal to any
' establishment in thi* country.
W. T tendera his sincere thanks to his numerous
friends for their long and continued patronage,
' and hopes, by the same diligence and attention to
| business, to merrt e continuance of the same*
All order* promptly executed,
sep JO?.'it w.1*?dAtrw
WILL BR RECEIVING every day during
next week, a besutiAil assortment of Fane*
Goods suitable Ihr PRESENTS, Ac Also a
. large assortment of fresh Perfbmery, Pomatums,
i Soaps, Hair-waahes, and every article pertaining
, to the toilet. PARKERS' Perfumery avid
Fancy Store, Penrt* .Nations t *|
I eepJl?Jtd

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