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Addles* to the People of the Southern
At a large meeting o| Southern members
of I otii Houses of Congress, held at the Capitol
on the evening of the 7th ultimo, the
Hon. Hopkins L. Tirnkv, of Tennessee,
having been appointed Chairman at n previous
meeting, took the Chair; and, on motion
rf the Hon. David H pub a rp, of Alabama,
the Hon. Wii.i.iam J. Ai. ?ton, ol Alabama,
was appointed Secretary.
Whereupon, th.' Hon. A. P. Hcti.fr, of
South Carolina, from the committee appointe
I at a preliminary meeting, reported an Ad
11ITSS lO UK* .-?uuiuriii )" , irwinureii'Miithe
establishment, at Washington City, <> a
newspaper, to le devoted to tlie support and ;
defence of Southern interests ; which was j
read, and with some slight modifications, I
The following resolution was offered bv i
the Hon. Thomas L. Ci.ixom.vn, of North j
Carolina, and unanimously adopted by the I
. 1
Its Halved, wtftniinowslyi That flic committer, in !
publishing the Addrcc.?, lie instructed to give Willi it j
the ttjtu'.'S of the Senators and Representatives in <
Oon<rrr** wImj concur in the proposition to c?t.ihli*h ;
the Southern Organ, as manifested by their subscription*
to the several copies of the plan iti circulation, :
or who may hereafter authorise said committee to in-)
eiiule tluir names.
Maryland.?Senator: Thomas G. Pratt. I
Virginia.?Senators: K. M.T. Hunter, |
J. M. Mason. Representatives: J. A.I
Seddoa, Thos. 11. Averett, Puulus Powell,
K. K. Meade, Alex. R. Holla day, Thos
S. Bocock, H. A. Edmundson, Jeremiah
Xurlh Carolina.?Senator: Willie P.
Mnhgwn. Representatives: T. I<. Clingtnan,
A. W. Venablc, W. S. Ashe.
South Carolina.?Senators: A P Butler,
F. H. Elmore. Representatives: John
McQueen, Joseph A. Woodward, Daniel
W allate, W m. F. Colcoek, James L. Orr,
Armistead Burt. Isaac E. Holmes.
Georgia.?Senators: John Mel*. Berrien,
William C. Dawson. Representatives: Jo
soph \V. Jackson, Alex. 11. Stephens, Roh-|
eit Toombs, H. A. llaralson, Alien F. j
Owen. I
Alabama.?Senator: Jeremiah Clemens.
Representatives: David Hubbard, F. W.
Bowdon, S. W. Inge, W. J. Alston, S.
W. Harris.
Mississippi.?Senator. Jefferson Davis.
Representatives: W. S Featherst-.n, Jacob
Thompson, A. G. Brown, W. W. McWillie.
Louisiana.?Senators: S. U. Downs,
Pi.'ire Soule. Representatives: J. 11. Harmansori,
Emile La Sere, Isaac E. Worse.
Arkansas.?Senators: Solon Borland, W.
Scbstian. Representative*. "William R.
Texas.?Representatives: Vol. E Howard,
1). S. Kaufman.
Missouri.?Senator: D. R. Atchison.
Representative: James S. Green.
Kentucky.?Representatives: R II. Stanton,
James L. Johnson.
Tennessee.?Senator: Hopkins L. Turney.
Representatives: James II. Thomas,
Frederick P. Stanton, C. II. W illiams, J.
G. Harris.
Florida.?Senators: Jackson Morton, D.
L. Yulec. Representatiw: E. Carrington
Cab ell.
And upon motion, the meeting adjourned.
HOPKINS L. TUltNEY, Chairman.
Attest :
W,m J. Alston', Secretary.
The committee to which was rejcrreil the
duti/ of preparing an Address to the people
of the slavehoUling Stales upon the
subject of a Southern Organ, to be established
in the (-i'y of Washington, put
forth the following :
FKM.ow-crrizr.Ns: A number of Senators
and Representatives in Congress from
t e Southern States of the Confederacy deeply
impressed with a sense of the dangers
which beset those States, have considered
carefully our means of self-defence within
tin: Union and the Constitution, and have
come to tlm conclusion that it is highly important
to establish in this city a paper, which,
without reference to political party, shall he
devoted to the rights ami interests ot tlie
South, so far as they are involved in the questions
growing out of African slavery. To
establish and maintain such a paper, your ,
support is necessary, and accordingly we j
address you on the subject.
In the contest now going on, the consti- t
tutinnal equality of fifteen States is put in u
question. Some sixteen hundred millions r
worth of negro property is involved directly, i
and indirectly, though not less surely, an in- j
c alculable amount of property in other forms, j
Put to say this is to state less than half the
doom that hangs over you. l'our social
forms and institutions?which separate the
European and the African races into distinct
classes, r.nd assign to each a dilTerent sphere
in society?are threatened with overthrow
\V hether the negro is to occupy the same
social rank with the white man, and enjoy
equally the rights, privileges, and immunises
of citizenship?in short, all the honors
and dignities of society?is a question ot
greater moment than any mere question ol
property can be.
Such is the contest now going on?a contest
in which public opinion, if not the prevailing,
is destined to be a most prominent
force ; and yet, no organ of the united interests
of those assailed has as yet been established,
nor does there e.\iV. anv paper
which can be the common medium for an
interchange of opinions amongst the Smith- !
in States. Public opinion, as it has been
toriiu'd and directed by the combined influence
of interest and prejudice, is the force :
which has been most potent against us in '
the war now going on against the iustitu- j
ti?n of negro slavery ; and yet \\\? have ta-I
ken no effectual means to make and inain-l
tain that issue with it upon which our safetv !
and perhaps our sochil existence depends. ' |
Whoever wi'l look to the^hmtory of this;
question, and to the circumstances tin- i
der which wi are now placed, must see
that our position is one ot imminent danger, ;
and one to be defended by all the means,
moral and political, of which we can avail
ourselves in the present emergency. The
warfare against African slavery commenced,
i mi. f t n.:i..:.. .. i... ..o ..
IIS IS Known, w Mil Virciii i7i 11? 111% v> uv, a\i i
Having contributed mainly to its establishment
in the New World, devoted her most,
earnest efforts, for purposes not yet fully ex-,
plained, to its abolition in America. How i
wisely this was done, so far as Iter own colonies
were concerned, time lias determined ;
and all comment upo,, th:s subject on our
part would be entirely superfluous. If,
however, her purpose was to reach and embarrass
us on this subject, her efforts have I
pot besn without success. A common origin, J
. ? ^
! ,i cpuiinwa language, have made the Ehg1it.li
literature our# to a greet extent, and the
efforts of the Ifrrtish Government and people
to mould the public opinion of all who
peak th? English language, have hot been
vain or fruitless. On the contrary, they
j have been deeply felt wherever the Engi
lish language is spoken ; and tli3 more
efficient und dangerous, because, as yet, j
I the South has taken no steps to appear and
j plead at the bar of the world, before which !
*\7" i?, ?"v " |
the political literature ol the wothl has been
directed against us. The moral power of '
public opinion carries political strength along v
with if, aiidjjkpgainst us, wc must wrestle
with it or lalirlt, as we tiinily believe, truth >j
is with us, there is nothing to discourage us t
in such an effort.
The eventual strength of an opinion is to u
be measured, not by the number who may p
chance to entertain it, but by the truth which e
sustains it YVe believe?nay, we know, that Ml
truth is with us, and therefore \v3 should not |
shrink from the contest. We have too much n
staked upon it to shrink or to tremble?a jt
property interest, in all its forms, of'incalcu- S]
lable amount and value ; tbe social organi/.a- p
tion, the equality, tbe liberty, nay, tin- exis- ti
tencr of fouitecn or fifteen States of tbe Con- 0
federacy?all rest upon the result of the |>
struggle in which we are engaged. YVe n
must maintain the. equality of our political C(
position in the Union ; we must maintain the r;
dig ity and respectabil ty of our social posi- U|
tion before the wothl; and must maintain p<
and secure our liberty and rights, so fat as w
iur united efforts can protect them ; and, if th
lossihle, we must effect all this within the ju
iale of the Union, and by means known to th
he Constitution. The union of the South ef
ipon these vital interests i;i necessary, not pj
>nly for the sake of the South, but perhaps
or tbe sake of the Union. We have great
nterests exposed to the assaults, not onlv of
the world at large, but ol tliose who, constituting
a majority, wield the power of our;
own confederated States. YVe must defend I those
interests by all legitimate means, or'
else perish either in or without the effort. To <
m. ke successful de'cnce, we must unite with
each other upon one vital question, and make,
the mcst of our political strength. YVe must ?
do more?we must go bevond our entrench* 1'
o ,ib,
merits, and meet even the more distant and l(
indirect, but by no means harmless assaults, jo
which are directed against us. We, too, '''
can a|?peal to public opinion. Our assailant?
act upon theory, to their tncorv we can op- r:
pose experience. They reason upon an 11
imaginary state of tilings to, tliis we may (
oppose truth and actual knowledge. To do 11
this, however, we too must open up avenues jo
to the public mind ; we, too, must have an .
organ through which we can appeal to the ?
world, and commune with each other. I he p
wa; .t of such an organ, herctolore, has been i
perhaps one ot the leading causes of our pre- ,
sent condition. p
There is no paper at the Seat of Govern-1 '
inent through which we can heni or be heard 1
f'airlv and truly by the country. There is a |e
paper here which makes the ulxditioo of si a- J
very its main and paramount end. There i
arc Other papers here which make the main- (t
lenancc ol political parties their supreme and ! r
controlling object, but none which consider A
the preservation of fixtccn hundred millions
of property, the equality and liberty ol lour- j
teen or fifteen States, the protection of thewhite
man against African equality, as para- s
mount over, or even equal to, the mainH n- ^
nance of some political organization which is
to secure a President, who is an object of interest
not because lie will certainly lule, or :
perhaps ruin the South, but chiefly tor the
reason that he will possess and bestow- oflico | J
and spoils. 1 he South has a peculiar position,
and her important rights and interests *
are objects of continual assault from the ma- 1
jonty; and the party prevs, dependent as it ''
is upon that majority lor its means of living, *'
will always be found laboring to excuse the r
assailants, and to paralyze all etlorts at resistance.
How is it now? The abolition party
can always be heard through its press at
slip has been summoned, and by which she
has been tried already without a hearing.
Secured by constitutional guaran ies, and
independent of all the world, so lar as its
domestic institutions were concerned, the
South has reposed under the conciousness
of right and ndependence, and foreborne to
plead at a bar which she knew bad no jurisdiction
over this particular subject. In this
we have been theoretically right, but prac- i
tically we have made a great mistake. All i
means, political, diplomatic, and literary, j.
have been used to concentrate the public j
opinion, not only of the world at large, but ;.
of our own country, against us; end resting 11
upon the undoubted truth that our domestic. {
institutions were the subjects of no Govern- |
ment but our own local Governments, and j (
concerned no one but ourselves, wc havel<
been passive under these assaults, until it
danger menaces us from every quarter. A ,
great patty has grown up, and is increasing .
in the I'nited States, which secrrs to think ;
it a duty they owe to earth and heaven to ,
make war on a domestic institution upon |
which arc staked our property, our social I j
organization, and our peace and safety. ,
Sectional feelings have been invoked, and ,
those who wield the power of this Govern- :
incut have been tempted almost, il not quite, ,
beyond their power of resistance, to w age a |
war against our property, our rights, and .
our social system, which, if successfully , |
prosecuted, must end in our destruction. ! {
ft very inducement?the love of power, the
desire to accomplish what are, with less ;
troth than plausibility, called "reforms"? ;
all are offered to tempt them to press upon ,
those who are. represented, and, in Iact, ,
seem to be an easy prey to the spoiler. Our
eqalitv under the, Constitution is, in effect, ,
dei'p'd; our social institutions are derided j
and contemned, and ourselves treated with
contumely ami scorn tnrougn all tne avenues j
which hsve as yet been opened to the public
opinion of the world. That these \
assaults should have had their effect is not ,
surprising, when we remember that, as yet, |
we have offered no organized resistance to |
them, and opposed but little, except the iso- j
lated efforts of members of Congress, who |
havj/occasionally raised their voices against t
what they believe to be wrongs and injustice. ;
It is time that we should meet and main- j
tain an issue, in which we lind ourselves involved
by those who make war upon us in ,
regard to ever)' interest that is peculiar to .
us, and which is not enjoyed in common with
them, however guarantied bv solemn com- ,
pact, and no matter how vitally involving out ;
prosperity, happiness, and safety, it is time ;
that w e should take measures to defend our- |
selves against assaults which can end in j
.nothing short of our destruction, if w e oppose |
no resistance to them. Ow ing to accidental ;i
circumstances, and a want of knowledge of t
the tiue. condition of things in the Southern s
Itircrnr nnrilrin r?f tlw? nrnut ?iml ?\f
the Seat of (lovefnftient. but tnrougH%rh?t
organ or press at Washington ran Southern
men communicate with the world, or with
each other, upon their own peculiar interests.'
So lar from writing, or permitting
anything to he written, which is calculated
to defend the rights of the South, or state its
case, the papers here are engaged in lulling
the South into a false security, and in manufacturingthere
an artificial public sentiment,
suitable, for some Presidential platform,
though at the expense of anv ami every .into:
est you inay possess, no matter how dear
or how vital and momentous.
This state, of things results from party obligations
and a regard ;o party success. And
tliey but subserve the ends of their estab
hxhment id consulting their own interests,
and the advancement of the party to which
they are pledged. Von cannot look to them
as sentinels over interests that arc repugnant
to the feelings of the majority of the sell sustaining
in the h ed?Vul Legislature the South has
some voice and some votes; hut over the pubic
press, an it now stands at the Seat ot
llovernmeut, the North has u controlling inluenee.
The press of this city takes it- j
<>nu I loin that ol the North. F.ven om i
Southern press is subjected, more or less, ti J
he same influence. Our public men, yes,
rur southern iren, owe their public standing
and reputation too often to the commendation
and praise of the Northern press. Southern
newspapers republish from their respective
party organs in this city, and in so doing,
reproduce?unconscious, doubtless, in
most instances, of the wrong they do?the
northern opinion in regard to public men
ind measuies. How dangerous such a state
)f things must he to the fidelity of your reiresentativcs
it is needless to say! They
uc but men, and it would be unwise (o supiose
that they are beyond the reach of tempations
which influence the rest of mankind.
Fellow-citizens, it rests with ourselves to
titer this state ol things, so far as the South
s concerned. We have vast interests, which
tve are bound, by many considerations, to
lefetid with al! the moral and political means
in our power. One of the first steps to this
i;reat end is to establish a Southern Organ
here, a paper through which we may commune
with one another and the world at
large. We do not propose to meddle with
political parties as they now exist; we wish
to enlist every southern man in a southern
cause, and in defence of southern rights, be
he Whig or be he Democrat. We do not
propose to disturb him, or to shake him in
lis parly relation'!. All that we ask is, that
ie sir 11 consider the constitutional rights ol
lie South, which are involved in the great
ibolition movement, as paramount to all
jarty and all other political considerations.
Vnd surelv, the time has come when all
louthern men should unite tor the purpose ol
lelf-deieuce. Our relative power in the |
Legislature, ut the Union is diminishing with
every census; the dangers which menace us
ire daily becoming greater; and, the chief instrument
in the assaults upon us is the public
jreas, over which,owing to oursupineness, the
North exercises a controlling influence. S.C
;rr as the South is concerned, we can change
ad reverse this state of things. It is not
? he borne, that public sentiment al the South
hould be stifled or controlled by the party
Let us have a press of oir own, as the
North has, both here and at home?a press
\hich shall be devoted to Southern rights,
ind animated by Southern feeling; which
hall look not to the North but the South foi
he tone which is to pervade it. Claiming
ur sharcof power in Federal Legislation, let
s also claim our share of influence in the
less of the country. Let us organize in
very Southern town and county, so as to
mil this paper into every house in the land.
,et us take, too, all the means necessary to
mintain the paper by subscription, so as to
icrense its circulation, and promte the
pread of knowledge and truth. Let even
ortion of the South furnish its full quota ol
lici t and money to .sustain a paper which
light to be supported by ail, because it will
e devoted to the interest of every Southern
inn. It 'will he the earnest ofTort of the
Dinmittee who are charged with these artiigenients,
to procure editors of high talent
mJ st.'tiiding; and they will also see that the j
iper is conducted without oppositi n, and |
ithout reference to the political parties ol t
c day. With these assurances, we feel
stilied in calling upon you, the people ol
e Southern States?to make the necessary
forts to estahl sh and maintain the propo-ed
May 6,1800.
An association of sixty-tlirec Members ol Uonires*,
enator* anil Representatives, have constituted the
ndcrsigned a Committee to superintend the entaLishincnt
of a Southern Press at Washington Citv.
> be devoted to the exposition and defence of Southrn
Rights and institutions?the dissemination ol' i
irrect information as to Northern Policy, and the'
jursc of Political affairs generally, without reference
> the old party lines of Whig and Democrat. Ar- j
ingemeiiti are uow in prog*ess, promptly to ensure '
ir n-uc of sueli a paper under the title of
>r the conduct of which, suitable Editors h.tv e been
ngagetl. who will also receive the aid of a uumbcr
f eminent and and able contributors.
There will be a daily, a tri-weekly, and a weekly
sue?the latter to contain substantially, the same
latter as the former, and intended to reach those
oints of the country whose mail facilities are limited.
The paper will not he rxchwiocly political?hut
nil embrace on its hroul sheet I he itcneiai mrw-. oi
lie day. Domestic and Foreign, fry mail and telerapli
; Commercial and Agricultural Intelligence,
.iteraiy Criticism*, Original Essay*, Literary and
ili-cellaiieiuis; and, in short, all those items of
general interest, the collected aggregate of which)
on.*titute? the Interesting and valuable Ncw*}ta-!
ier. tlreat care will be taken to (rive full and enreet
Report* of the Proceeding* and Debates in both
lon*es of Congress, as well as the action of the I
ocal Legislatures on the Southern <|ue?tion.
A limited numUt only of Adveitisenienta will Ik j
cceivfd -the mai n object being to loutish a large i
mount of reading matter.
Tl ir |M|?r will be minted on a sheet c<(U;tl in size ;
0 those of)be other Washington papers, and the ma- >
erial will be procured especially lor the purpose.
It is confident! r liojicdthat every true friend to the j
>outh will aid in procuring subscribers, and forward
be names, with the amount subscribed, to some ;
tout be ni Mejueseiitativi: at Washington, forthwith.
1'o*tmasters are nuthoriscl by law to remit sub- 1
'-riptio'is tree of postage,
'or IHily?the price will In: per annum, $10,00
for TH-weekly during the Session ol Congress,
and $? mi-weekly during the terc-j, - 5 0";
Veekly paper, J fH? |
The price of suliser.ption must Ik- paid invariably j
1 edvance, and the -ea-h accompanying the name j
erd. .
All persons procuring ton names shall be entailed to
eceive a eopv rrath for one year.
Corrected Jjtnc 15, by 3. Thompson, Stock
and fixe. Broker, 64 Wall street, JV*. Y.
New York City.
j American Exchange Bank par
Bank of Amencu... P??"
, Bank of Commerce in New ^ ork par
Bank of New York par
1 Bank of State of New York par
Bowery Bank par
Broadway Bank par
Butchers and Drovers' Bank par
Chemical Bank par
City Bank .par
Delaware and Hudson Canal Company par
Dry Dock Bank par
Fulton Bank par
Greenwich Bank par
Leather Manufacturera' Bank ]>ar
i Manhattan Company par
I Mechanics' Banking Association par
viechniHCH' i!ank p?t
Mechanics and Traders' Bank p?u
Vlercantilc Bank
Merchants' Bank pw
Merchant*' Exchange Bank pat
National Bank...
N'ew Y ork State Stock Security Bank par
North River Bank P*r
)cean llank. pa'"
Plienix Bank i'ar
Seventh Ward Bank Pnr
rmilMmrnY Bank
Jtiioii Bank of New York Pur
New YorU Slut*.
Agricultural Bank, Herkimer die)
Albany City Bank i dia j
Albany Exchange Bunk, Albany. par I
Ymcnia Batik, Lcadarille dia
American Bank, May villa ; din j
Atlantic Bunk, Brooklyn par |
Atlas Bank, Clym? r 1M) dial
uidlcHon Spa Bank, Ballston Spd J dis
Bank of Albany dia;
Bunk of Albion, Albion ? dia
Bunk of Attica, Buffalo dia
Bank of Auburn, Auburn i dia
Bank of Bainbridge i din
Bunk of Cayuga Lake, Ithaca din
Bank of Central New York, Ulicu ^ dia
Bunk of Chenango, Norwich J din
Bank of Corning, Corning J dia
Bank of Dui sviile, Livingston County......; dia ,
Bank of the Empire State, Eairport.........j di?
Bank of Genesee, Bate via . ..* dis
Bank of Geneva, Geneva * dis
i.'atik of itha> a, lllmcu |, dis
li. ak of Kinderhook, Kinderhook par
Bunk of Lake Erie, Bulfalo ,....? dis
Bank of Lansingburg, Lansingburg \ dis ;
Bank of LowvilTe, Luwville ? dis i
Bank of New Rochello, New.' Rochelle ? die |
RkxIt nf N?u,k.i . N??,-k.,w i
Bank of Orange fiounty, Goshen..>. -J ilia j
Bank of Orleans, Albion j; (lisj
Bank of Owego, Owego ; j! dis j
Bank of Pawling, Pawling par1,
Bank of Poughkeepsic, Poughkeepxie par
Bank of Rochester, Rochester ..j; dis
Bank of Rome, Rome a dis <
Bank of Rondout, Rondout par i
Bank >f Salina, Salina i dis i
Bank of Saratoga Springs \ dis !
Bank of Silver CroeV, Chntauque County... J die-1
Bank of Syracuse, Syracuse J din
Bank of! roy, Troy J din
Bank of Utica, Utiea I din
Bank of Vernon, Vernon din
Bank of Watcrtown, Waterttlwii i; die
Bank of Watcrville, Watervitle din ;
Bank of Wenlfield * dis i
Bank of Whitehall, Whitehall ;! tV? I
Bank of Whitestown ? dis ;
Black River Bank, Watertown i dis !
Brooklyn Bank, Brooklyn par
Broome County Bank, Binghampton ? dis
Camden Bunk, Camden i dis
Clonal Bank, Albany I dis
Canal Bank of Lockport, Lockfmrt i dis
Catskill Bank, Catskill rk par
Cayuga County Bank, Auburn J dis
Cuvuga Lako Bank a dis
Central Bank, Cherry Valley ii dis
Chrtmpldin Bank, EHenbun* dis
Chatauque County Bank, Jamestown J dis
Chemung Canal Bank, Elmira * dis
Chester Bank, Chester a dis
City Bank, Oswego ; dis
Commercial Bank, Albany par
Commercial Bank, Friendship dis
Commercial Bank, Lockport dis
Commercial Bank, Rochester ? dis
Commercial Bank, Troy dis
Commercial Bank, Whitehall | dis
Cortland County Bank, Cincinnutus $ dis
Cuyler's Bank of Palmyra dis
Delaware Bank, Delhi I dis
Drovers' Bank, Olean...., | dis
f jtchess County Bank, Amenia i dis
Essex County Bank, Kceseville J dis
Exchange Bank, Buffalo -J dis
Exchange Bank of Genesee, Alexandria I dis j
Kxcliango IJuuk, Lock port (lis
Farmers' Ilank, Amsterdam J dis
Farmers' Bank, Hudson pur
Farmers' Bank, Mina I dis
Farmers' Bank, Troy par
Farmers and Mechanics' Bank, Balavia ? (lis
Farmers' Bank of Geneva, Geneva a dis
Farmers and Mechanics' Bank, Rochester . .j (lis
Farmers and Drovers' Bunk, Somers par
Farmers and Mechanics' BankofOgdensburg,
Ojdenshurp ? dis
Farmers and Manulacts.Bk.,PoHghkecpsie.. par
Franklin Bank, French Creek J dis
Franklin County Bank, Malone i dis
Fort Plain Bank, Fort Plain dis
Fort Stanwix Bank, Rome ? I dis <
lenesee County Bank, Leroy din
tiartford Bank dis j
Henry Keep's Bank -J dis
Herkimer County Bank, Little Fulls i dis
Highland Bank, Newburg par
Hollister Bunk, Buffalo J dis
Hudson River Bank, Hudson par
Hungerford's Bank, Adams J dis
forties's Bank, Jamcsvillo * ? dis
forterson County Bank, Wntcrtown. dis
Kingston Bank, Kingston, Ulster Co par
Kirkland Bank,Clinton ? dis
Knickerbocker Bank, Genoa ? dis
Lewis County Bank, Martinsburg dis
Livingston County Bank, Geneseo J dis
Lockport BankandTrust Comp.,Loo.kport.. ? dis
Long Island Bank, Brooklyn pur
Luther Wright's Bnnk, Oswego ? dis
M'lntvre Bank, Adirondack J dis
Madison County Bnnk, Cazenovin ? (lis
Merchants' Bunk, Buffalo ; die
Merchants' Bank, Cannndaigvin J, dis
Merchants' Bnnk, F.llery I dis
Merchants' Bank, Poughkeejrsie par
Mechanics and Farmers' Bank, Albany i dis
Merchants and Farmers' Bonk, Carmcl ? dis
Mere.linnts and Former*' Bnnk, Ithaca ? dis
\t erchants and Mechanics' Bank, Troy.... , dis!
Middletown Bank, Orange Co ? dis
.Vlohawk Bank, Schenectady j dis
Mohawk Valley Bank, Mohawk Village... .? dis
Monroe Bunk, Bochester ? dis i
Montgomery County Bank, Johnston J dis ,
New York State Bank, Albany i die |
New York Stork Bunk, Durham . ? dis ;
Northern Oannl Rank '
Northern Rank, Madrid ? d'a
Xo-thcrti Exehnnge Honk, Brnahcr'a Fulls .die
Ogdeneburg Bank, Ogdrneburg i dir
Oliver Lcc and Co.'e Bank, Buffalo t di<-'
Oneida Bank, Uticn ........ i**is j
Onondaga County Bank, Syracuse i di:; |
Ontario Bank, Catmndaigua j tlis ;
Ontario Branch Bank, Utica & die i
Oswego County Bank & dis j
Otsego County Bank, Coopcretown J dim
Pacific Bank, Brooklyn par
Palmyra Bank, Wayne Co. { dis
Patchin Bank, Buffalo ,. i dis j
Pine Plains Bank, Dutchisa County die ;
Powell Bank, Newhttrg par
Pratt Bank of Buffalo 1 die I
Prattsville Bank, Prattsville par
Putnam Valley Bank 1 die j
Putnam County Bank, Partners' Mills ? die
Rochester Bank i dis |
Rochester City Bank, Rochester die j
Snckcu's Harbor Bank, Sackctt'e Harbor. ..J dia
Saratoga County Bank, Waterford......... j die j
Schenectady Bank, Schenectady 1 die
Security Bank tlis
Scncca-Coun'y Bank, Waterloo * di? ;
State BankjSuugcrtics " die !
Steuben County Bank, Bath ?; die ;
Suffolk County Rank, Sag Harbor I die
Tanners' Bank, Cn'akill P1r j
Tompkins County Bank, Ithaca ? die
Troy City Bank, Troy j di*
deter Coun'y Bank, Kingston P"r |
Unedil'a Bank, Otsego County J dim
tfri'-a Branch Bank " die
Jtica City Bank ......4 die
Village Bank, Raftdblph i die
Walter Joy's Bank, Buffalo 4 die
Warren County Bank Johnaburg.,dia
i i i
Washington Connty Bank, l/nion VHIage. ..J dia
Watertown Bank <k Loan Company diq
Westchester County Bank, Peekakilt.. . . . ,. par
White Bank, Buffalo . .J dia
Wtute Plains Bank, Westchester County.dis
Wooater Sherman's Bank, Watertown { <lis
: Vates County Bank, Perm Van... i, dia
Androscoggin Bank, Topham { dis
, Augusta Bank { dis
B uik of Bangor .^dis
: Bank of Hallowell { dis
Belfast Bunk..... { dis
Biddcford Bunk { dis
Brunswick Bank..... { dia
| Calais Bank ? 10 dis
, Canal Bank, Portland { dis |
| Casco Bank, Portland { dis !
Central Bank, Hallowell i dis I
Commercial Bank, Bath. .4 dis !
; Cumberland Bank, Portland {dis 1
Easier'1 Bank, Bangor {dis >
I Franklin Bank, Gardiner i dis
Freemen's Bank, Augusta { dis
Frontier Bank, Eustport. ' } dis
! Qardiner Bank } dis
1 Granite Bank, Augusta dis '
, Keiidusketnj Bank, Bangor J die
j Lime llock Bunk, Thomaslon } dia j
(Lincoln Bank,Bath } tlia
j Manufacturers' Bunk, Saco } dis J
Manufacturers<fc Traders' Bank, Portland...} dia ,
j Ma liners' Bank, VVieruHsct } dis 1
Medoiaac Bank, WaJdoboro' } die
| Megunlicook Batik, Camden } dis
Mercantile Bank, Bangor '3 dis
Merchants' Bank, Portland } dia
Negurnkeae Bank, Vussalboro' j dia i
Northern Bank, llallowell } dia j
Sogadahock Bank, Bath. } dia
Skew began Bank, Bloomtieid } dia
South Berwick Bank } dis
Tuconic Bank, Water* ilie } dia
Thoiuaston Bank t.Idia
Vcazie Bank, Uungor } tlia
Waldo Bank, Belfast. ? dia
West brook Bank 3 dis
York Bank, Saco } dia
New Hampshire.
Amoskeng Bank.... } dis |
Aahuelot Bunk, Kecne .} dis
Bank of Lebanon } dis
Belknap County Bank '.} (lis
Cheshire Bank, Kecne } dia
Connecticut Biver Bank, Charlcatown } dis
Derry Bank } dis
Dover Rank } dis
Granite Bank j dia
Great Falls Bunk } dis
Lancaster Bank .....} dis
Manchester Bank } dis
Manufacturers' Bank, New Ipswich i dis
Mechanics' Hank, Concord { din j
Mechanics & Traders t Rank, Portsmouth.., J dis :
Merrimack County Dunk, Concord { din I
Nashua Rank | die ;
New Ipswich Bank { die i
Piscatnquc Exchange Bank..... {dis ]
Portsmouth Bank { dia |
Rochester Bunk. { din
Rockingham Bank, Portsmouth { dis
Stafford Bank, Dover J dis
Winchester Bank { die
Winnipiwiogee Bank, Meredith -...J die j
Ascutney Bank 4 dis ;
Bank of Black River, Proctorsvillc {dis I
Bank of Burlington { diet !'
Bank of Caledonia, Danville 'dis ,
Bank of Chelsea, Orange County J dis |
Bank of Manchester ? dis i
Bank of Middlcbury v. .J dis j
Bank of Montpelier .. J dis I
Bank of Orleans, Inishurgh.. { dis ,
Bank of Poultney j dis |
Bank of Rutland { dis
Bunk of St. Albans, St. Albans j dis 1
Bank of Vergennes {dis :
Bank of Newbury, Wells River {dis I
Bellows Falls Bank, Rockingham { dia I (
Battleboro' Bank ..] dis (
Brandon Bank { dis
Commercial Bank, Burlington. { dis
Farmers'Bank, Orwell. { dis
Furmersd: Mechanics' Bank, Burlington....{ dis j
Stark Bank, Bennington {dis j
Vermont Bank {dis
Woodstock Bunk { dis |
Mtumahiuctts. |
Adams Bank ..{dis | _
Agawain tlis |
Agricultural Bank, Fill* field J dis |
Amherst Bank, Amherst J dis ;
Andover Bank 4 dis |
Appletnn Bank 4 dis j
Asiatic Bank, Salem 4 dis I
Atlantic Bank, Boston | dis j
Atlas Bank, Boston 4 dis {
Attleboro'Bank ...4 dis j
Bank of Chnrlestown 4 dis i
Barnstable Bank, Yarmouth 4 dis I
Bedford Com. Bank, New Bedford 4 dis 1
Beverly Bank 4 dis 1
Blackstone Bank, Uxbridge 4 dis
Boston Bank 4 dia <
Boylston Bank % 4 dis 5
Brighton Bank 4 dis S
Bristol County Bank,Taunton 4 dia j
Bunker Hill Bnnk.Charlestown. 4 dia 'J
Cabot Bank, Cabotsville 4 dis 1
Cambridge Bank 4 dis 1
Central Bank, Worcester ] dis I
Charles River .Bank, Cambridge 4 dis >
Chickopee Bank, Springfield 4 dia j \
Citizens' Bank, Nantucket 4 dis \\
Citizens' Bank, Worcester 4 dis >
City Bank of Boston 4 dis A
Cochilunte Bank ? 4 dis
Cohannet Bank, Taunton ? dis _
Columbian Bank, Boston 4 dis r
Commercial Bank, Salem... 4 dis ; r
Concord Bank 4 dis r
Dnnvers Bank 4 dis ,
Dedham Bank 4 dis ,
Dorchester and Milton Bank 4 dis r
Duxbnry Bank ? dis ,
Eagle Bank of Boston 4 dis .
East Bridgewater Bank ? dis .
Essex Bank, North Andover 4 dis ^
Exchange Bank, Boston.. 4 dis ?
Exchange Bank, Salem 4 dis
Fnirltavon Bank 4 dis
Falmouth Bank.. 4 dis
Fall River Bank 4 dis j
Fitch burg Bank 4 dis |
Framingham Bank 4 dis ;
Franklin County Bnnkr Greenville 4 dis j
Freeman's Bank, Boston 4 dia ] ^
Globe Bank of Boston 4 dis ?
Gloucester Bank 4 dis ^
Grand Bank, Marblchcnd ^ (lis ^
Granite Rank, Boston j dis ^
Greenfield Bank 1 dis , ^
Grocers' Bank, Boston { dis i ~
Hamilton Bank, Boston { (lis .
Hampden Bank, Westfiehl J dis ,
Hampshire Mantif. Bank, Wareham \ dis
Haverhill Bank . i dis i E
Hingham Bank { dis ! E
Housalonic Bank, Stockbridge { dis E
Ipswich Bank J dis E
Laighton Bank { dis I
Lancaster Bank { dis F
Lee Bank j die 1 E
Leicester Bank { dis ;
Lichton Bank ....... i dis j 1
Lowell Bank . I dis j E
Lynn Mechanics' Bank 1 dis : F
Machinists' Bank, Taunton J dis E
Mahaiwee Bank, Great Bnrrington, { dis j F
Manufacturers' Bank, Rowley ? dia ; jj
Marblehead Bank. ..... I dis | E
Market Bank, Boston J dis ! C
Marine Bank, New Bedford \ die (
Massachusetts Bank, Boston j dis C
Massusoit Bank -{ d'ts E
Mattajvan Bank dis E
Mechentes* 1 Jiini*, iV'wburyport 1 dis
Mechanics' Bank, New Bedford { dis r
Mechatticb' Bank, South Boston. j dip J"
Mercantile Bank, Salem I die | *
Merchants' Bank, Boston . { dia r
Merchants' Bank, Now Bedford i dis J*
Merchant?' Bank, Salem I dis ?
Merchants' Bank, Nswburypoit j dis f
Merriinac Bank, Haverhill j dia r
MilbufV Bank I dis 0
Milfmrd Bank J dia , t
Naumkeag B.ink, Salem ......{ din j
Neponset Bank, Canton ! dis H
New England Bank, Boston j dis i L
Newton Rank, Newton j dia 1 L
North Bonk of Boston. {dis l
Northampton Banlr J dia I
Ocean Bank, Nrwburyport j dia A
Old Colony Bank, Plymouth .} dia IS
Oxford Batik I dia N
Pacific Bank, Nantucket { dis , IV
Pawtnc.ket Bank, Roxbury { dis IV
People's Bank, Roxbory. { dis | V
Plymouth Rank .....{dis IV
Powow River Bank, Salisbury { dis P
duiney Stone Bank, duiney j dis P
duinslgamond Bank, Worcester ....{dis R
Railroad Bank,Lowell { dig | s<
1 Rafitfolph Bflpk...........iv [.... i J/T.. .i <fip
t Salem Bank ~ 4m.
, Shawmut Bank, Boaton.,.. dh
I 8ho? and (^taiHer Denier*' Bank..dit
1 South Brieve Bank 1 dia
South Bank of Boaion J dia j
8|Hru>?k?Ui Bank dia
State Bank, Boaton dia :
Suffolk Bank, Boston i dia ;
Taunton Bank i dia i
Traders' Bank, Boston J die j
Tremont Bank, Boston. | dia j
Union Bank of Weymouth ? ?-........ die i
Union Bank, Boston.' dia J
Village Bank, Dan vera... j die j
Wrtlihuni Bank .....idie |
Wnreham Bank .^ die j
Warren Bunk, Dan vera. i dia |
Washington Bank 1 die |
Western Bank, Springfield {dia
Wiiuhrop Bank, Roxbury { dia
Worcester Bank J dia |
Wrentlium Bunk | dis
llluMtr Island.
American Bank, Providence J dis ,
Arcade Bank, Providence 4 dia
Bank of Bristol J dm i
Bank of Kent, Coventry., i dia l
Bank of North America, Providence J dia '
Bank of Rhode Island, Newport 4 dia '
Blackstonc Canal Bank, Providence J dia
Centreviflo Bank, Warwick ..4 dia
Citizens' Union Bank, Scituate 4 dia
City Bunk, Providence 4 dia i
Commercial Bank, Bristol. 4 dia
Connnercial*B(Uik, Providence ...j dia \
Cranston Bunk.- j dia
Cumberland Bunk I dis
liable Bunk of Bristol j dis .
liable Bunk, Providence 4 dia
Exeter Bank * dia
Exchange Bank, Greenville I dia i
Fall River Union Bunk, Tiverton ] dia
Franklin Bank, Chepatchet J dia
Freeman'a Bank, Bristol 4 dia ,
Globe Bank, Providence ." 4 dia
Globe Bank, Smithiield j dia
Hamilton Bank, North Scituute ? dia j
High-atreet Bank, Providence I dia
Hope Bank, Warren J dis
Landholders' Bunk, South Kingston... 4 dia j
MauufacturerH' Bank, Providence .....{ dis
Mechanics' Bank, Providence | dis j
Mech. &, Manufacturers' Bank, Providence. . J dis
Merchants' Bank, Newport ;... .J dis
Merchants' Bunk, Providence. 4 dis ,
Mount Vernon Bank, Foster 4 dia
Nnrraganaet Bank, Wickford ....4 dis
National Bank, Providence 4 dis
New England Commercial Bank, Newport..4 dis j
New England Pacific Bank, N. Providence..{ dis
Newport Bank i 4 dis
Newport Exchange Bank | dia
North Kingston Bunk, Wickford.. J dis
Nortli Providence Bank 4 dis '
Pawcatuck Bank 4 dis
Pawtuxet Bank. i dis I:
People's litnik . { did '
Pluenix Bank, Providence J (lis '
Phoenix Bank, Westerly { (lis
Providence Bank { dis
11. I. Ccntrul Bank, E. Greenwich ] dis |
Ilhodc Island Union Bank, Newport ) dis i
Roger Williams Bank, Providence i (lis
Smilhfictd Exchange Bank { dis
Smithfie.ld Lime Rock Bank. J dis
Smith He Id Union Bank J dis
Traders' Bank, Newport J dis 1
Traders' Bank, Providence ....{ dis
Union Bank, Providence { dis
Village Bank, Sniithtield { dis
Wukcticld Bank {dis
Warren Bank { dis |
Warwick Bank { dis j
Washington Bank, Westerly ...] dis j
Weybosael Bank, Providence { dis |
Woonsockct Pulls Bank, Cumberland... r'.{ dis j1
Bridgeport Bunk, Bridgeport J dis
City Bank, New Haven ; ...{ dis
Connecticut Bank, Bridgeport { dis
Connecticut River Banking Co., Hartford...] (lis
Danbury Bunk, Norwalk { dis
East Haddum Bank, East Haddum { dis
Exchange Bank, Hartford { dis
Fairfield County Bank, Norwalk { dis
Farmers Mechanics' Bunk, Hartford { dis
Farmers', Bridgeport {dis
FTartford Bank, Hartford { dis
Iron Bank, Fall's Village { dis
Tewett City Bank, Jewell City { dis
Manufacturers' Bank, Birmingham.... { dis
Mechanics' Bank, New Haven { dis
Merchants' Bank, Norwich { dis
Meriden Bank { dis
Middlesex County Bank, Middlctown { dis
Middletown Bank, Middletowh { dis
Milford Bank dis
Mystic Bank, Mystic { dis
New Haven Bnnk, New Haven { dis
New Haven County Bank, New Haven....{ dis
New London Bank, New London { dis
Norwich Bank, Norwich { dis
Phfflnix Bank, Hartford - { dis g
luinehniio> Hnnk. Nfnririrh A ?! ?
c j - - - - - " " '4 "
Baybrook Bank J dis c
BtantforJ Bank, Stamford J (lis
state Bank, Hartford \ dis I
Btonington Bank, Stonington -.J dis I
rhamoa liank, Norwich { dis I
rhompson Bank, Thompson | dis
follaiid County Bank, Tolland $ dis f
Jnion Bank, New London J dis f
iVaterbury Bank, Waterbnry J dis ?
Yhaling Bank, New London J dis
Vindham Bank, Windham. J dis ?
Vindhsm County Bank, Brooklyn J dis
iVinsled Bank, Winsted 4 ^'s F
New Jersey. J
telvidere Bank 2 dis S
Jurlington County Bank, Mcdford j dis E
Commercial Bank dis .
Cumberland Bank of N. Jersey, Bridgeton. .g dis
farmers' Bank of N. Jersey,Mount Holly..| din
farmers' Bank, Wantage . .*) dis ?
farmers and Mechanics' Bank, Rahway...J dis ?
farmers & Merchants' Bank, Middletown.. J dis p
Mechanics' Bank of Burlington 2 dis p
Mechanics' Bank, Newark J dis p
Mechanics & Manufacturers' Bank,Trenton dis j ?
Morris County Bank I dis ?
Newark Banking and Insurance Company..J dis | ?
fewhope <Jfc Delaware Bridge Company....? dis I Q
irange Bank, Orange J dis !
Vople's Bank 3 dis :
Mainficld Bank ? dis p
'rinceton Bank, Princeton J dis
ialem Banking Company, Salem 3 dis p
lomeraet County Bank J dis : p
Itntc Bank, Eli7.nbelhtown J dis ! p
Itate Bank, Morris ? djs p
'tate Bank, Newark 3 dis p
Itate Bank, New Brunswick... 3 dis p
lusscx Bank, Nfiwton 3 dis p
'ronton Banking Company, Trenton 3 dis p
fnion Bank, bover ? dis p
P?nnsylv??tn. g
lank of Chambersburg li dis B
lank of Chester County -| dia B
lank of Commerce J dis B
lank of Dclnware County < dis B
lank of Germantown dis R
tank of Gettysburg . 1, dis B
tank of Lewistown, Lewiatown ? dis ; B
tank of Montgomery County .dis B
lank of Lhc Northern Liberties ....] dis R
tank of North America J dis 1]
tank of Northumberland \ dis R
tank of Pennsylvania { dis B
tank of Penn Township J dis B
tank of Pittsburg, Pittcmtrg 1 dis A
tank of Susquehnnnah County ? dia A
"art.ale Bank, Carlisle 1< dm II
tolumbia Bridge Company, Columbia.{ dis P
tommcrcial Bank of P< rinsylvania { dis S|
)oylcstown Bank, Poylcstown { dis S|
taston Bank, Easton. par C
trie Bank, Ki ie 2 dm M
txehange Bank, Pittsburg 1 dis M
'arniers' Bank of Buoka County { dis Fi
'armeis' Bank of Lancaster j dis D
'armcis' Bank of Reading ^ dis D
'arrncrr & Mechanic*' Bank, Philadelphia.. J dis N
'armrrs' Bank, Schuylkill Haven | dis H
'anncrs & Drovers' Bank, Waynesburg... 1J dis S<
'rnnklin Bank, Washington 1^ dis
tirnrd Bank, Philadelphia i dis
larrisburg Bank, Harrisburg 1' dia | _
{onesdale Bank, iloncadalc...J die
[enuinglon Bank | dis ri
sincaster Bank, Lanraster i dia i I
.anraster County Bank, Lancaster i dis 0T
.ebanon Bank, Lebanon J dis in
ehigh County Bank ? dis pn
Ianufacturcrs and Mechanics' Bank i dis bj
feehanics' Bank, Philadelphia I dis
TerchantsA Manufacturers'Bank, Pittaburg-1 die
liddlctown Bank H dis j
tincrs' Bank 1 dj8
lonongnhela Bank, Brownsville 1 dis s
loyamensine Bank k dis v
hiiadelphia Bank ? 1 j-' ^
ittahurg City 8crip 1? "is ol
elief Notes 3 dis
:huylkill Bank ? u
SootHwark Bank v. ..i... J dm
Tradaaman'? Bank, Philadelphia ... -i dt*
.Western Bank ;..v . i di*
! Weal Branch Brtik, Williamsport J dm
I Wyoming Bank, Wilkeabarre. . ..J di*
York Bkhk, York 1] din
Bonk of Delaware | die
Bank of Smyrna .. 1 dte
Delaware City Bank . I dm
Farmers' Bank of Delaware j di.1
Union Bank of Delaware J dia
Wilmington and Brandy wine Bank.... { dia
Bank of Baltimore 4 dia
Bank of Weatminaier, Wmmin?ter ) dia
Chesapeake Bank, Baltimore ] dia
Commercial & I'arm era' Bank of Baltimore. .1 dia
Cumberland Bank of Alleghany............1 dia
Farmera' Bank of Maryland a
_ I ?* L 1 * i ? I IIH
Farmers and Mechanics' Bank, Frederick.. .1 <lis
Farmers and Merchania' Bank, Baltimore...' dis
Farmers and Planters' Bank, Baltimore I die
Fell's Point & Savings Institution, Baltimore .1 dta
Franklin Bank, Baltimore...
Frederick County Bank, Frederick...?t.. ,,| dia
Hagerstown Bank, Hagerstown .....1 dis
Havre de Grace Bank......... dia
Marine Bank, Baltimore | dis
Mechanics' Bank, Baltimore dia
Merchants' Bank, Baltimore I dis
Mineral Bank, Cumberland i| dia
Patansco Bank, ?llicott's Mills .1 dia
Salisbury Bank 1 die
Union Bank of Maryland, Baltimore........ ? dis
Washington County Bank, Williamaport.. .1 dia
Western Bank, Baltimore... J die
District of ColumlHw.
Bank of the Metropolis, Washington. 1 dis
Bunk of Washington, Washington 1 dis
Farmers ifc Mechanics' Batik, Georgetown. .1 dis
Patriotic Bank of Washington 1 dia
Union Bunk of Georgetown, Georgetown...1 dia
Bank of Potomac, Alexandria. ....1 dis
Bank of Virginia, Richmond............... 1 dis
Bunk of the Valley, Winchester. 1 die
Corporation of Alexandria Scrip ? dis
Exchange Bank of Virginia, Norfolk .1 dis
Farmers' Bank of Alexandria, Alexandria. .1 dis
Farmers' Bank of Virginia, Richmond...... 1 dis
Merchants & Mechanics' Bank, Wheeling. 1J dis
Northwestern Bank of Virginia, Wheeliug.l J dis
IVorth Carolina.
Bank of Cape Fear and Branches lj dis
Bank of Fayetteville 1J dis
Bank of the State of N. Carolina & Branches, lj( dia
Commercial Bank, Wilmington l| dla
Merchants' Bunk, Newbern 12 dia
South Carolina.
Bank of Charleston 1 i d is
Bank of Georgetown l] dis
Bank of Hamburg 11 dis
Bank of South Carolina.. 1$ dis
Camden Bank 1.... 1J dis
Commercial Bank... 1 j dia
Merchants'Bank 11 dis
Planters and Mechanics' Bank 11 dis
Southwestern Railroad Co., Charleston... .lj dia
State Bank of South Carolina 1 i (lis
Union Bank of South Carolina 11 dis
Augusta Insurance anti Banking Company.}! dis
Bank of Augusta I5 dis
Rank of Brunswick 11 dis
Bank of Milledgeville 1] dis
Bank of St. Marv'a if dis
Bank of the Sluteof Georgia, Savannah... .11 dis
Llcorgia Railroad and Banking Co., Athena.] J dis
Marine & Fire Insurance Bank, Savannah, . lj dis
Mechanics' Bank, Augusta 1J dis
Planters' Bank, Savannah 1 \ dis
Bank of Mobile, Mobile. 1 dis
Bank of the State and Branches .....6 dis
Bank of Louisiana 1 dis
Canal and Banking Company 1 dis
Carrollton Railroad and Banking Company.. 1 dis
City Bank of New Orleans ...1 dis
3as Light and Banking Company 1 dis
Louisiana State Bank 1 dis
Mechanics and Traders' Bank 1 dis
Union Bank, New Orleans..... .' 1 dis
Sank of Circleville 2 dis
Sank of Geauga, Paiucsville 2 dis
Sank of Massillon, Massillon .............2 dis
3ank of Norwalk .50 dis
3ank of Sandusky, Sandusky 15 dis
Sank of Wooster ..60 dis
Canal Bunk, Cleveland 2 dis
City Bank, Cincinnati ...2 dis
City Bank, Cleveland. .....2dis
City Bank, Columbus 2 dis
Clinton Bank, Columbus. 2 dis
Commercial Bank, Cincinnati ..............2dis
Dayton Bank.... 2 dis
Clyria Exchange Bank .2 dis
Exchange Bank, Columbus 2 dis
Yanklin Bank, Cincinnati .2 dis
Yanklin Bank of Columbus 2 dis
Yanklin Bank, Zancsville 2 dis
..afaycttc Bank, Cincinnati 2 dis
)hio Life Insurance and Trust Company.. .2 dis
Itate Bank of Ohio and Branches 2 dis
State Bank of Indiana and Branches........2 dis
lank of Louisville, Louisville............ '.2 dis
lank of Kentucky and Branches...; 2 dis
Northern Bank of Kentucky and Branches.. .2 dis
Tennessee. - lank
of Tennessee, Nashville 3^ dis
'lantern' Bank and Branches 3^ dis
Tnion Bank of Tennessee and Branches.. .3] dis
lank of the State, St. Louis 2 dis
'armers and Mechanics' Bank, Detroit,.. .2$ dis
lichigan Insurance Company, Detroit... .2$ (lis
tate Bank of Michigan 2| ilia
'eninsula Bank 2j dia
Wlncouiin Territory.
Visconsin Marine and Fire Ins., Milwaukee.2 dis
Canada, die.
lank of Br. North America and Branches.. .3 dia
lank of Montreal. 3 dia
lank of the People, Toronto. 3 dia
lank of Upper Canada, Toronto 3 dis
lanque du Feuple, Montreal. 3 dis
lity Bank, Montreal 3 dis
lommercial Bank of U. Canada, Kingston. .3 dia
lore Bank, Hamilton 3 dis
tuebec Bank, Quebec 3 dia
ilia on London, 60 days'sight, .? sterling, 9 @ 9J
per cpnt. prem.
ills on Paris, CO days'sight f. 5.30 @
tills on Paris, short sight 6.27J ?
ills on Amsterdam ? ?
ills on Antwerp 5.321 @ f.5.311
ills on Hamburg, Marc Banco 35? @ 35 J c.
ills on Bremen, Kix Dollar Tb'J @ 79 c
ills on BoRton, at night.. J dis
ills on Philadelphia J dia
ilia on Baltimore ." * dis
ills on Richmond ...J'S'l dia
ills on North Carolina.;.. 1$ <? 2 dia
ills on Charleston >! } ST I dia
ilia on Savannah \ (X. 1 dia
ills on Augusta :. .j @ 1 dia
ills on Columbus 1 dia
ills on Mobile, Bank Notes 1} 'u 1| dia
ills on Mobile, Specie Checks..... .J @ j dia
ilia on New Orleans 1J dia
ills on Lout#vilie I] If dia
iHs on Nashville 2 ?3 dia
ills on St. Louis, Specie Checks.... .1J (f? 1J dis
ills on Cincinnati dis
ills on Detroit ' 2 (&; 2J dis
morican Gold. Old Coin o o
- ?2 l 'v
merirnn Gold, New Coin par @ j pre
alf Dollnra par # 1 pre
ortu<rue?c Gold, par @ J pre
panish Dollars 3 @ 5 pre
aoniih Quarter Dollars per <8> J dis
arolna Dollnra 4 ?- ? pre
Icxican Dollnrs J 1 pre
Icxican Qunrter Dollars par '? 1 din
ive Franc Pieces 94 r<* 341 e
ouhlooiio, Spanish.., Jill 70 # 10 90
oubloons. Patriot 15 HO #10 ?
apolcona 3 85 # 3 b7
eavy Guineas 5? ?
vereigns, light and heavy 4 82 # 4 87
fC|=* A heavy Sovereign weigha 5 dwis. 2| grs.
New York, .tpril 20, 1850.
TAYLOR A MAURY, booksellers near 9th
gtrect, have for exhibition a complete copy
rthis valuable and beautiful work, now publisher
in numbers, to lie completed in twenty-five
rta. Subicriptions taken, and the work supplied,
March 27 TAYLOR <fc MAURY.
J. Knox Walker,
.Attorney at Imu? and General ,1gent,
)F F E R S hi? services in his p?ofes?ion and as
s Agent for the Prosecution and Collection of
laim* before Congress and the Departments, also for
plaining Patents.
AH business confided to him will be promptly itnd#d
to. j 17 tf

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