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It was truly a fitting place for the home
of such a vagabond as he. The walla were
low, covered with smoke, and seamed with
a hundred cracks- The chimney-piece bad
once been white, but was now of greasy
lead color of age. The ceiling had lost
most of the plaster, and the tain soaking
through, dripped with a monotonous tick
upon the floor. A few broken chairs, a
cracked looking-glass, and a three-legged
table, on which was a rimless cup, were in
different parts of the room. But tke most
striking spectacle was directly before the
drunkard. On a rickety bed lay the wife of
his bosom, the once rich and beautiful Emi
ly Languerre, who through poverty, shame
and sickness, had still clung to the lover of
her youth. Ob, woman ! thy constancy the
world cannot shake nor shame or misery
subdue. Friend after friend had deserted
that ruined man; indignity after indignity
had been heaped upon him and deservedly ;
year by year he had fallen lower and lower
in the sink of infamy ; and still through
every mishap that sainted woman had clung
to him?for he was the father of her boy,
the husband of her youth. It was a hard
task for her to perform ; but it was her du
ty, and when all the world had deserted
him should she too leave him ? She had
borne much ; but, alas ! nature could en
dure no more. Health had fled from her
cheeks, and her eyes were dim and sun
ken. She was in the last stage of con
sumption, but it was not that which was
killing her?she was dying of a broken
The noise made by her husband awoke
her from her troubled sleep, and she half
started up in bed, the hectic fire streaming
along her cheek, and with a wild, fitful
light shooting into her sunken eyes. There
was a faint, shadowy smile, lighting up her
face, but it was as cold as moonlight upon
snow. The sight might have moved a
felon's bosom, but what can penetrate the
seared and hardened heart of drunkenness?
The man besides was in a passion.
I "Blast it, woman,'1 said the wretch, as
he reeled into the room, "is this the way
you receive me, after being out all day in
the rain, to get something for your brat and
you ? Come, don't go to whining, I say
but as his wile uttered a laint cry at his
brutality, and fell back senseless on the
bed lie seemed to awaken to a partial sense
of his condition, he reeled a step or two
forward, put his hand up to his forehead,
stared wildly around, and then gazing al
most vacantly upon her, continued, "but?
why?what'3 the matter ?"
His poor wife lay like a corpse before
him; but a low voice from the other side ot
the bed answered, and its tones quivered as
they spoke, "Oh !?mother's dead ! ' It was
the voice of his son who had stolen in, and
was sobbing violently, as he tried to raise
her head in his little arms. He had been
for weeks her only nurse, and had long since
learned to act for himself. He bathed her
temples, he chafed her hands, he invoked
her wildly to awake.
"Death !" said the man, and he'was so
bered at once. " Death! dead !" he contin
ued in a tone of horror that chilled the
blood, and advancing to the bed side with
eyes starling from tjieir sockets, he laid his
band upon her marble brow, '"then, oh my
God ! 1 have murdered her ! Emily,Emily,
you are not dead,?say so?oh ! speak,
and forgive your repentant husband ! ?
and kneeling by the bed side, he chafed her
white, thin hand, watering it with his hot
tears, a# he sobbed her name.
I Their efforts, at length, partially restored
her, and the first thing shp saw upon reviving
was her husband weeping by her side, and
calling her1 Emily It was the. first time
he had done so for years. It stirred old
memories in her henrt, and called back sha
dowy visions of years long past. She was
back in their youthful days, before ruin bad
blasted her once noble husband, and when
all was joyous and bright as her own happy
bosom- Wo, shame," poverty, desertion,
even his brutal language was forgotten, and
she only thought of him as the lorer of
her youth. Oh ! that moment of delight!
She faintly threw her arms around his neck,
and sobbed therefor very joy.
Auctioneer*and Communion Merchant*, Louisiana
Avcntf, opposite Rank of W<i?hington.
REGULAR sale days (opposite Centre Market)
Tuesdays, Thursday* aud Saturday*. All *ale*
ot' Real Estate, Furniture and personal property at
tended to on the most reasonable terms. juhc 16
Mlni?t?r* Shwt?with the Heads of th
President*. For uale at this Office.
june 30-tf . L.
1 Third street, north of Pennsylvania Ave
nue and near th' Urn I rood Depot
\VASH!N0T(>N, 1> ( .
Prices to suit the time*.
\f, l.F\N A KNOTT.
hook bihi>i:R
Penmlyvanin Avenue. '
oxr noon what of javkson hail,
Orer thr Office of the Colonization Socitly,
INFORM the Public lint ihev have entered into
I eo-partnersMp. and will e*rrut*. in a tlOTt and
workman-like ma*n?r. every vanity ot HwAinf.
? 07 , m lQNATttM M.KNOTT.
?euotcb to ?cm})cron(c, IHoralitj), ?iterature, 3rts, Stienu, Business ani> ?eneral intelligence.
ULYSSES WARD. Mi Proprietor. [ DAILY. ] ~ ~ 7 ReuIwARD^htaS.
At One Cent per JYumber.
At 3 cents per number, $1 per year.
3 subscribers, $'2.
Office on Pennsylvania avenue, a few
doors East of the Railroad. I
1 square of 14 lines, 1 insertion 37 cts.
I do " 44 " 2 insertions 62 "
1 do ? " ? 3 " 75 ?
1 w 3 times per weeK fo> three
, months $3 75
1 line 1 insertion 6 cts.
For every subsequent insertion 3 "
Business cards of 5 lines for 3 times
per week for three months $1 00
For one year 3 00
Payable invariably in advance.
Printing of every description neatly
executed: such as Books, Pamphlets, Cir
culars, Cards, Handbills, etc., etc., on as
good terms as at any other office.
While the "Columbian Fountain" will
be devoted to the cause of Temperance, its
columns will be enriched by original articles
on subjeits calculated to interest, instruct,
and benefit its readers. It is intended so to
blend variety, amusement, and instruction,
as that the various tastes of its patrons may
be (as far as it is practicable) gratified.
Commerce, Literature, and Science, and
every other subject of interest, not inconsis
tent with Temperance and morality, will re
ceive the earnest attention of the publisher.
Nothing of a sectarian, political, or personal
character will be admitted.
The EastPrn Mail for Baltimore, Philadel
phia, New York and Boston, closes at 4$ and
9 P. M. daily, except on Saturday nights.
No mails sent East of Baltimore on Sunday
The mails from the above cities arrive daily
ai 9 A. M. and 8 P. M. except Sunday night.
The Western Mail closes at 9 P. M. and
arrives at 8 P. M. daily.
The Southern Mail closes at 8 A. M. and
arrives at 5 P. M. daily.
Office open from 7 A. M. to 0 P. M. daily,
except Sunday, on which day it is open from
7k A. M. to 10 A. M., and from 12 M. to 1?
P. M., and from 7 to 9 P. M.
Mutual life insurance com
{K?MORRIS ROBINSON, President. Hav
ing been appointed agent for tho above named in
stitution, I am prepared to receive applications for
insurance on life for one or more years, or for the
duration of life. Tho advantages of the mutual
principle above the heretofore more usual joint
stock companies are so great that it is only neces
sary to understand the principles of its operation to
give a decided preferepce to the mutual plan. A
treatise on the subject and forms of application for
insurance can be had at my store on 7th street, im
mediately opposite the National Intelligencer office.
C. 8. FOWLEK, Agent.
It'b 24-3tawtf
THO. PURSELL has just imported per ships,
Meteor and Georgia, from Liverpool direct,
sixty-four crates and hogsheads of Earthenware
and China and from our own manufactories fifty
packages of cut, pressed, and plain Glass, all of the
latest style, which, with his former extensive stock,
embraces almost every article in his line of busi
Cornelius's solar, lard, or oil Lamps, new pat
terns, and at reduced prices
Lamp Glasses and Wicks, of all sizes
Waiters, Ivory-handle and other Knives and
Forks, in sets of 61 pieces or otherwise
Real, silver, and Albetta table, tea, and dessert
Plated German Silver and Britannia Castors
Cut and plain Hall Lamps
Liverpool Stand and Side Lamps
Plated Cake Baikets, Looking Glasses
Shovel and Tong?, Spittoons
Rich cut and plain Decanters, Clarets, Finger
Bowls, Wine-coolers, Champagnes, Hocks.
These goods will be sold, wholesale or retail, at
the very lowest prices.
A Rood assortment of common goods, new pat
tern and excellent quality, suitable for retail
Pipes, in boxes
First quality Stoneware, at factory prices
Also, Britannia Ware, wholesale, at factory |
prices, from the best manufactory in this
English Britannia Coffee and Tea Sets, Coffee
Biggins, Ac. Ac.
A call from his friends and the public generally
is solicited, at his store, opposite Brown's Hotel,
Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington.
july 10-eo2m THO. PURSELL
Fine Watcli Repairing.
(^CHRONOM E I ER, Duplex, Lever, Lepiue,
J Repeating and Music Watches, accurately re
paired, also common Watches, Clocks, and Music
boxes, put in order, at the sign of the Watch, with
the guard, key, and chain, north side of Pennsylvania
Avenue, between second and third streets.
STEVEN'S & EMMONH will introduce the
"Autum" fashions for Gents Hats on Saturday
Sept. 5.
In accordance whh our usuel custom we shall in
troduce fiiiHilstaneouily, "Lr ay'?' and Detbe A
Costof's FdxhiMiV
Gentlemen*!}' have t',i< > sizrs registered with
OS will forwurd tlieir i?rd?rl.
Sales Rooms Nos LAS. Browns Hotel.
House-Furnishing Store, Penoiylvanla
Avenue, South tide, between 9th and IOM
streets, Washington.
I have on hand new and aecond-hand goods:
such as Bedsteads, Beds, and Bedding; Tablea,
Chairs, Bureaus and Sideboards; China, Glass,
and Crockeryware, Cutlery, Hollow ware of every
variety, Shovels and Tongs, Carpets, Brooms,
Brushes, Willow and Woodenware; with a va
riety of articles too numerous to mention, apr 16
Auctioneer and Coinmi??ton Merchant,
Between \Oth and 11 th Streets, fronting Penn
sylvania Avenue.
Sales of Real Estate, Furniture, and Personal
Property, attended to at any place within the city,
march 9-tf _ _
T\ENNIS PUMPHREY'S Livery Stable, cor
I) ner of 6th and C. streets. Horses and Car
nages to hire. Horses taken at livery, and kept
in the best manner^ ' ' '
House Carpenter and Joiner.
Shop corner of 9th and M streets, Washington.
Where, at all times, Sash, Blinds, Doors, Sic.., can
be had. All manner of woik in his lino will be ex
ecuted at the shortest notice.
HOMCEOPATHY.?Dr. Jonas Green,(late of
Philadelphia,) tenders his professional ser
vices to the citizens of Washington and its vicinity,
as r practitioner of the Hoinosopathic system of me
dicine. His residence is on C street, near 3d.
dec 83-tf . _ , ? ~
BRISCOE Sl CLARKE, Dealers in Cloths, Cas
simeres, Vestings, &c., Pennsylvania avenue,
a few doors west of Brown's Hotel. ?
TSAAC STODDARD.?Blacksmithing in gene
ral, on Four and a half, between E and F sts.
ork done cheap.
Old Centre Market, opposite J. Walker's.
KEEPS constantly for sale all kinds of fresh
meats ; meat well dressed, and at moderate
prices. U-*f
RESLEY SIMPSON, Pennsylvania Jlvtnue,
Mik side, 2d door east of 11 th street, keeps
a general assortment of Family Groceries.
A NDREW J. JOYCE, Horse Shoeing and
A Smithing Establishment, successor to John
njJteY corner of 14th and E streets, near Fuller s
Hotel' Thankful for the patronage he has receiv
ed from a liberal public, lie solicits a continuance
of the same.
ttt h. GUNNELL?Dealer in Lumber,
W Lime, Wood, &c. Corner of Canal and
6th streets, near Pennsylvania Avenue.
TAR. HAMILTON P. HOWARD, tenders his
[J professional services to the citizens of WV h
ington, D. C. He may be found at Dr. K How.
ard's, N. E. corner of* and 11th sts. Dec. 2
Merchant Tailor and GentUmens furnishing store,
Pennsylvania avenue, between 14th and 16th
streets, and adjoining Fuller s Hotel.
march 12-tf
W- M. NOELL, Venitian Blind maker, south
side Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and
10th streets. Blinds of all sizes and colors, fur
nished to order. Old blinds retrimmed and painted.
penter and joiner on K street, shop corner K
and 8th streets.
Copper, Tin, Sheet-Iron and Stove Manufacturer.
Roofing, Guttering, Spouting, &c. South side
Pennsylvania avenue, near Third-street, Wash
ington, City, D. C.
C. hTvAN PATTEN, M. D., Dentist,
PERFORMS all operations upon the Teeth,
Gums and Mouth, with the greatest care and
skill Office near Brown's Hotel, and next door to
Todd's Hat 8tore. feb 25-ly
Dealer in Tobacco, Snuff Cigars, Ptnnsi/hania
Avenue, between Fuller's <V Gallabrun's Hotel.
april 22.
-w- g. BALL also repairs Watches and Jewelry.
1 t april 22-tf
rp PURSELL, Importer and Dealer in E. Ware,
China and Glass, wholesale and retail, at
hii store, opposite Brown's Hotel, Pennsylvania
avenue, Washington city, D. C.
J A large supply of best Sweedish Leeches,
already on hand, to be applied or for wle, by
8AML. DEVAUGHN, 9th street.
Who also has ICE for Hale whenever called for,
. april 2-tf
as above. '
\\j WHITNEY.?Boot and Shoe Dealer,
\Y opposite Brown's Hotel, Pennsylvania
Avenue has received his lull stock of Boots and
Shoes suitable for plantation use, he invites the at
tention of those who wish such articles, and prom
ises them good bargain*.
Corner of 6M st. and Missouri Avenue.
Nov. 4
T). & co.,
nir a f FRS IN FANCY AND Si. AI Lb* DK\
l,fc?mSs,1CARHETlNr.8. OIL CM?T?IS,
Corner of 9iti street $ Penn- avnnjr>
FURNITURE.?New sml second hand, daily re
r eeived. For sale, on reo^Mmble^rm-.^
april IS. Between 10th anil 1 Hh street.
F between 13th and 14th sts-.
*#* Neurits kept, and funerals altmdid to. J
Nov. 4?y
Dr. Christie's Galvanic Rings and Mag
netic Fluid.
THI8 remarkable invention, which hat received
the almost universal approbation of the medical
profession of Great Britain, oompriaea an entirely
new application of Galvaniam, aa a remedial agent
bj means of which the ordinary Galvanic Batteries,
Electric and Magnetic Machines, die. are entirely,
dispensed with, and the mysterious power of Galvan
ism applied without any of the objections which are
inseparable from the general mode now in use.
TTie Galvanic Rings have been uesd with entire
success in all cases ef rheumatism, acute or chronic
applying to the head, face, or limbs ; gout, tic-dolo'
reur, toothache, bronchitis, vertigo, nervous or sick
headache, indigestion, paralysis, palsy, epilepsy, fits,
cramp, palpitation of the heart, apoplexy, stiffness of
the joints, spinal complaints, lumbago, neuralgia,
nervous tremors, dizziness of the head, pains in the
chest and side, general debility, deficiency of ner
vous and physical energy, and all nervous disorders.
In cases of confirmed dyspepsia, which is simply a
nervous derangement of the digestive organs, tl.ey
have been been found equally successful. Their ex
traordinary effects upon the system must be witnessed
to be be belived, and as a certain preventive for the
preceding complaints they are equally recommended.
The rings are of different prices, being made of all
sizes, and of various ornamental patterns, and can
be worn by the meat delicate female without the
slightest inconvenience. In fact, the sensation is ra
her agreeable than otherwise.
The Galvanic Belts, Bracelets, Bands,Gar
ti:*s, Necklaces, dtc. Ac. These articles are
adapted to the waist, arms, wrists, limbs, ankles, or
any part of the body with perfect convenience. The
Galvanic Necklaces are used with greater benefit in
cases of bronchitis or affections of the throat gener
ally ; also, in cases of nervous deafness; and with
almost uniform success as a preventive for appoplexy,
epileptic fits, and similar complaints.
Christie's Magnetic FlaM is used in connexion
with the Galvanic Kings, and all their modifications.
This composition has been pronounced by the
French Chemists to be one of the most extraordi.
nary discoveries of modern science. Full explana
tions and directions accompany it. The combined
invehtions are in every way perfectly harmless; they
are at prices within reach of all, and the discoverer
only requests a fair trial, as ? test of their surprising
efficacjrand permanent Iteneflt.
Chhistie's Galvanic Strengthening Plas
ters.?These articles form another valuable applica
tion of the mysterious influeqoe of Galvanism. They
are an important adjunct to the genuine Galvanic
Rings and their modifications, acting upon the same
principle, but having the advantage of more local ap
plication- They are confidently recomended as a
valuable addition in the speedy cure of rheumatiam,
acute or chronic; in all nervotla complaints, and as a
positive remedy in eases of p?in and weakness in the
cheat or back, pain In the aid#,In asthmatic affections,
and in weakness or oppression of the pulmonary or
gans. In spinal complaints their effects are of the
most decided character, and they have often been
used with complete succoss. They are also of the
greatest advantage in pains and weakness of the
breast, and are highly recommended for many of
those complaints to which females are especially li
able. As an effectual means for strengthening the
system when debilitated with disease and other cau
ses, as a certain aid in constitutional weakness, as
a preventive for colds, and in all affections of the
chest generally, the Galvanic Strengthening Plas
ters will be found of great and permanent advan
(?j* CAUTION. The celebrity and success of
these articles have caused them to be counterfeited
by unprincipled persons. Dr. Christie cautions the
public against spurious imitations. He has but one
authorized agency in each city of the Union, where
the genuine articles can be procured. The only
agents for Washington are?
Nos. I and 2 Brown's Hotel, Penn. avenue.
Explanatory pamphlets, dec. may be had gratis,
with the strongest testimonials of success and bene
sept. 22?Bmeod
Farm for Sale.
T1HE subscriber offers for sale 329J acres of
land, lying in Montgomery county, 23 miles
from Washington City, on the road leading from j
Rockville to the mouth of Monaccocy : one third,
or more, of the land is woods, containing good
timber. The cleared land is of good quality, and
easy to be improved. The buildings are a large
two-story brick dwelling house, with a basement
and garret, barn, tobacco house, stable, &c.
For terms enquire on the premises, of *
july 16?if [Rockville Journal 3t.]
DR. ALFRED H. LEE tenders his professional
services to the citizens of Washington and its
vicinity. Office corner Pa. avenue and 7th street
formerly the dagureotype rooms.
july 18-3m*
resident dentist.
Washington Citv,
Pennsylvania Avenue, between 9/A if 1 (i(h ?/
april 30-tf.
Keep (/lean.
THE largest assortment of the best BRUSHES
constantly kept on hand at my Hardware and
Variety Store, Pennsylvania avenue, near 9th street
wholesale and retail. CEO, SAVAGE.
april 22?tf [Nat. Intelligencer 3t.]
PJNE OIL and Solar LampH of the most ap
proved patterns, and sold at the lowest price*.
A constant supply of FRESH Pine Oil?Pure
SpcHu- Solar and Summer Oil?Burning Fluid ?
('him ey's Globes?Wiks, dtc., for sale by
JT 6 x <' ?*. To,Id's Buildings.
DR. PHILANDER GOULD offers his profes
sional services to the citizens of Washington.
Office on Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Messrs.
Brown's Hotel. april it-6m
JOB rici vi i \4?.
in all its varieties, neatly and expeditiously
ejtcvtul at the, office of the Colum
bian Fountain.
fun. Locksmith, and Hell-Hanger, D, Between 6th
ud 1th Struts.
Its words
Are lew, but deep arid solemn, and they break
F?e?h trom the fount of feeling.?Percival.
Air?"Auld Lang Syne."
Shall e'er cold water be forgot
When we set down to dine 1
O no, my friends ; for is it not
Pour'd out by hands divine?
Pour'd out by hands divine,, my friends,
Pour'd by hand's divine ;
From springs and wells it gushes forth,
Pour'd out by hands divine !
To beauty's cheek (tho' strange it seems,
'Tis not more strange than true)
Cold water, tho' itself so pale,
Imparts the rosiest hue,
Impaits the rosiest hue, my friends,
Imparts the rosiest hue ;
Yes, beauty in a water-pat'/,
Dolh find her rosiest hue.
Cold water too (tho' wonderful,
'Tis not less true again)
The weakest of all earthly drinks,
Doth make the strongest men,
Doth make the stronges men, my friends,
Dolh make the strongest men ;
Then let us take that weakest diink,
And make the strongest men.
We see the bells of tulips turn
To drink the drops that fell
From morning clouds ;?then why should not
The two lips of a belle ?
The two lips of a belle, my friends,
The two lips of a belle;
What sweetens more than water pure
The two lips of a belle?
The sturdy oak full many a cup
Dolh hold up 10 the sky,
To catch the rain : then drinks it up?
And thus the oak gets high,
'Tis thus the oak gets high, my friends,
'Tis thus the oak gets high ;
By having water in its cupa;
Then why you and I ?
Then let cold water armies give
Their banners to the air;
So shall the boys like ot\ks be strong,
The girls like tulips fair,
The girls like tulips fair, my friends,
The girls like tulips fair;
The boys shall grow like sturdy oaks,
The girls like tulips fair!
"If you enlighten tftc people, do not torget that this
is but half the work. Let them be made virtuous and
religious, or you leave them more exposed to danger
than they were before."
The gray morning was already dawning
when a miserable wreth turned into a dirty
alley, and entering a low, ruinous door,
grouped through a narrow entry, and paus
ed at the entrance of the room within. That
degraded being had once been a wealthy
man, respected by his neighbors, and sur
rounded by friends. But alas ! the social
glass had first lured him to indulgence, and
then to inebriety, until he was now a com
mon drunkard.
The noise of his footsteps had been heard
! within, for the creaking door was timidly
opened, and a pale emaciated boy about 9
years old, stepped out on the landing, and
asked in mingling anxiety and dread,
kls that yon, father ?'
'Yes, wet to the skin?curse it,'said the
man, 'why ain't yon abed and asleep, you
i brat ??
The little fellow shrunk back at this
j coarse salutation, but still, though shaking
with fear, he did not quit his station before
the door.
kWhat are you standing there gaping for?'
said the wretch. 'It's bad enough to have
a wife grumbling all day, without having
you kept up at night to chime in the morn
ing. Get to bed, you imp. Do you hear.'
The little fellow did not answer; fear
seemed to have deprived him of speech; but
still holding on to the door latch, with an
I imploring look, he stood right in the way
by which his parent would have to enter
the room
I 'Ain't you going to mind?' said the man
j with an oath, breaking into a fury, 'give
me the lamp and go to bed, or I'll break ev
ery bone in your body.'
I 'Oh ! father, don't talk so loud,' said the
little fellow bursting into tears; 'vou'll
wake mother; she's been worse all day, and
hasn't had any sleep till now.'
And as the man made an efl'ort to snatch
! the candle, the boy, losing all fear in anx
iety for his sick mother, stood tirmlv across
the drunkards path, and said,
'You musmt't?you mustn't go in!'
'What does the brat mean ?' broke out
(he inebriate angrily; 'this comes ol learn
ing you to be as obstinate as a mule. Will
you disobey me!?-Take that?and that,
you imp,' and raising his hand hestrurk the
, iittle sickly being to the floor, kicked aside
his body, and strode into the dilapidated
I room.

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