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tDtooteS f'o ?tmpftanre, Jnoralttij, ?iteratnrt, ^rta, 0(\tiue, Business anb ?tntral inJtlligtntt.
> inx'i mfi :ji?I i. uta
ULYSSES WARD. Editor and Proprietor.
jrtr- -??
VOL. I. NO 262.
Kev. J. T. WARD, AssislantKditor.
?4- '1.1 I ? . it
h ?.4il
assisted BV his SON,
rev. J. Tf WARD.
At One Cent per Number.
the WEEKLY fountain,
At ^ cent# pfr number, $1 pertyear.
3 subscribers, $3.
Office on Pennsylvania avenue, * few
I doors East of the Railroad.
1 square of 14 lines, 1 insertion 37 cts.
l do " " " 2 insertions 62 "
1 do ? ? " 3 ? 75 ?
J "3 times per ween for three
months , $*75
1 line 1 insertion ?
For every subsequent insertion ?>
Business cards of 5 lines for 3 times
per week for three months ft 1 J'1'
For one year
" Payable invariably in advance.
tff* Printing of every description neatly
executed: such as Books, Pamphlets, Cir
culars, Cards, Handbills, etc., etc., on as
good terms as at any other office.
While the "Columbian Fountain" will
be devoted to the cause of Temperanca, its
columns will be enriched by original articles
ou subjects calculated to interest, instruct,
and benefit its readers. It is intended so to
blend variety, amusement, and instruction,
as that the various tastes of its patrons may
be (as far as it is practicable) gratified.
Commerce, Literature, and Science, and
every other subject of interest, not inconsis
tent with Temperance and morality, will re
ceive the earnest attention of the publisher.
Nothing of a sectarian, political, or personal
character will. be admitted.
The Eastern Mail for Baltimore, Philadel
phia, New York and Boston, closes at 4$ and
9 P.M. daily, except on Saturday *'ghts
No mails sent East of Baltimore 6n Sunday
morning. . . . ,
The mails from the above cities arrive daily
at 9 A. M. and 8 P. M. except Sunday night
The Western Mail closes at 9 P. M. and
MS'A. M. and
HZe^en"m7!yA.M.?'9 P.M.d.ily.
fx?pl Sun(l?y, ?a WUich d?y. U iWJ" &??>
7* A. M. to 10 A. M., and from 12 M. to 1*
P. M., and from 7 to 9 P.M.
sMSS- e
atitution, I am prepared to receive pp
Tl, ?.bl? the\...u,rore mo..
feb 34-3tawtf
earthenware, china A GLASS
rnHO PURSELL has just imported per ship
Tm?-S ??*. from
shttv-four crates and hogsheads of Earthenwa e
and China and from our own fi?*
0f cut, pressed, and plain <Wass, all ot
fateststvie which, with his former extensive stock,
imbues almost every article in his line of busi
"""'Cornelius's solar, lard, or oil Lamps, new pat
terns, and at reduced prices
Lamp Glasses and Wicks, of all sites
Waiters, Ivory-handle and <?ther Knhes and
Forks, in sets of 51 pieces or otherwise
Real, silver, and Albetta table, tea, and dessert
rUtSTierman Silver and Britannia Castors
Cut and plain Hall Lamps
Liverpool Stand and Side Lamps
Plated Cake Baskets, Looking Glasses
Shovel and Tongs, Spittoons
Rich cut and plain Decanters, Clarets, Fing
Bowls Wine-coolers, Champagnes, Hocks.
These go^will be sold, wholcsa.e or retail, at
th<" assortment of common goods, new pat.
tern and excellent quality, suitable for rel.il
Pioofl. in boxes
First quality Stoneware, at factory prices
Atso Britannia Ware, wholesale, at factory
prices, from the best manufactory in this
FngThBritannia Coffee and Tea Sets, Coffee
A <?H from hi* frier.ds and the public Ro??*r?ny
i* solicited, at hie store, opposite Brown s H<nei,
W thT pursfu.
Fine Watch Repairing
C-.CHRONOMETER, Duple*. I*e*r, Lepine,
_y Repeating and Music Watches, aocuretely re
paired, also common Waiches, p^ks and Music
boxes, put in order, at the sign of the Watch, with
the guard, key, and chain, north aide of Pennsylvania
4 uinno hptwren second nod third utreeis*
Avenue, aT7NcEY WARRlNER.
STEVEN'S & EMMONS will introduce the
S^umm" fashions for Gents Hats on Saturday
S#fn accordance with our usual custom we shall in
troduce ?i>iHi's,*nie0B,'y' "Levy * an e (
U^e?ntln*nX have ^ ??? regis.ered wub
HouN-Furnlibinf Store, Penaiyltanl#
Avenue, South tide, between 9th and I Of A
i streets, Washington.
I have on hand new and lecood^hinj gooda:
?uch M Bedsteads, Bads, and Bedding i Ttblfi,
Ckiiri, Bureaus and 8ideboards; China, Class,
and Crockery ware, Cutlery, Hollow-ware of every
variety, Shovels and Tonga, Carpets, Brooms,
Brushes, Willow and Woodenware; with a va
riety of articles too numerous to mention, apr 16
~ benjamin homans,
Auctioneer and Commission Merchant,
Between 10lh and \ Uh Street*, fronting Penn
sylvania Avenue.
Sales of Real Estate, Furniture, and Personal
Property, attended to at Any place within the city,
march 9-tf / 11
TvENNIS PUMPHREY'S Livery Stable, cor
\) nerof 6th and C. streets. Horses and Car
nages to hire. Horses taken at livery, and kept
in the best manner. ' ?:
House Carpenter and Joiner.
Shop corner nf 9th and M streets, Washington.
Where, at aH times, Sash, Blinds, Doors, Ate., can
he had.' All manner of work in his line will be ex
ecuted at the shortest notice.
HOMOEOPATHY.?Dr. Jonas Green,(late of
Philadelphia,) tenders his professional ser
vices to the citizens of Washington and its vicinity,
as r practitioner of the Homoeopathic systemot me
dicine. His resilience is on C street, near 3d.
dec 33-tf
BRISCOE & CLARKE, Dealers in Cloths, Cas
simeres, Vesting*, &c., Pennsylvania avenue,
a few doors west of Brown's Hotel. ?
T SAACSTODDARD?Blacksmithing in gene
1 ral, on Four and a half, between E and F sts.
Work done cheap.
Old Centre Market, opposite J. Walker's.
KEEPS constantly for sale all kinds of fresh
meats; meat well dressed, and at moderate
prices. march II-if
P~ RES LEY SIMPSON, Pennsylvania Avenue,
Worth side, 2d door ta?lof 1 Ith street, keeps
. i i .XI I- - B O
4 ora* attwj v" ; s ^
a general assortment of Family Groceries.
a N DREW 7. JOYCE, Horse Shoeing and
A Smithing Establishment, Successor to John
DiTev corner of 14th and E streets, near \ uller s
Hotel' Thankful for the patronage he has receiv
ed from a liberal public, he solicits a cor^nuancs
of the same. _ ! ,
6th streets, near Pennsylvania Awm*
^"HAMILTON P. HOWARD, tenders his
D professional services to the oitisens of W?
inrton D. C. He may be found at Dr. F. How.
artTa, N. E. corner of F and 11th sts. Dec. 2?
Merchant Tailor and Qentlemens furnishing store,
Pennsylvania avenue, between 'fth a'"J 11
streets, and adjoining fuller s Holel^
march 12?tf ?
TTTM. NOELL, Venitian Blind maker, south
VV side Pennsylvania avenue, between Bth anil
lUth streets. Blinds of all sizes and colors, fur
nished to order. Old bHnds retrimmed and painted.
penter and joiner on K street, shop corner n
and 8th streets.
Cower, Tin, Sheet-Iron and Stove Manufacturer.
Roofing, Guttering, Spouting, &c. South side
Penni>ylvsnia avenue, near Third-sUeet, Wash
ington, City, D. C. |?
C. H. VAN PATTEN, M. D., Oentlst,
PERFORMS all operations upon the ioetn.
Gums and Mouth, with the greatest care anu
skill. Office near Brown's Hotel, and next door to
Todd's Hat Store. feh *
Dealer in Tobacco, Snuff * Cigars Pmnsylvania
Avenue, between Fuller's A GaUabrun s Hotel.
april 23. ?~
-M" S. BALL also repairs Watches and Jewelry.
J., "april 32-tf
TPURSELL, Importer and Dealer in E. Ware,
China and Glass, wholesale and retail, at
his'store, opposito Brown's Hotel, Pennsylvania
avenue, Washington city, D- c- .
Who .!??l>? ?!? ?*""" tf"
as above. ? ?? - ? ? ? -? " * 1? ,
wHrrNE'Y.?B?ot an<* Shoe Dealer,
opposite brown's Hotel, Pennsylvania
? hoH^received his fall stock of Boots ami
Avenu , . plantation use, he invites the at
SJSTrf ttail wS wtohMrt from.
,ses them good bargains. '
DE.1I.ER IX LVJl|B, ggOM"'" I WE
sjlxd, and cEJviiJv/,
Comer of 6th st. ami Missouri Avenue.
Nov. 4 n
Corner of 9lh street # Few- avenue,
^SiIRNTTURK "New and second hand, daily re
ni'RNl K reasonable terms, by
I1 ce>yeii- " b HOMANS,
april 13. between 10th and^Hth streets.
f between 18th and 14th st*?.
ffc?rMs kept, and /i?mrsJs allt ndt d lo.
I Nov. 4?y
Or. Gbrlitiel Galvanic Rings and Mag
netic Fluid.
TH18 remarkable invention, which haa received
the almoat univeraal approbation of the medical
profession of Great Britain, comprise, an entirely
new application of Galvaniam, aa a remedial agent
by roeana of which the ordinary Galvanic Batteries,
Electric and Magoetic Machinea, Ac. are entirely,
dispensed with, and the mysterious power of Galvan
ism applied without any of the objections which are
inseparable from the general mode now in uae.
The Galvanic Ring* have been need with entire
success in all aaaea ef rheametism, acute or chfonic,
applying to the head, face, or limbe; gout, tic-dolo
raux, toothache, bronchitis vertigo, nervous or atck
j headache, indigeetion, paralyaia, paUy, epilepsy, fits,
cramp, palpitation of the heart, apoplexy, stiffness of
the joints, apinal complainta, lumbago, neuralgia,
nervous treinora, dizziness of the head, paina in the
cheat and aide, general debility, deficiency of ner
voua and phyaical energy, and all nervoua diaordera.
In cases of confirmed dyspepaia, which ? aimply a
nervoua derangement of the digestive organs, tl.ey
have been been found equally successful. Their ex
traordinary effects upon the system muat be witnessed
to be be belived, and aa a certain preventive for the
preceding oomplainta they are equally recommended.
The ringe are of different pricee, being made of all
aizes, and of various ornamental pattfrna, and can
be worn by the meat delicate female without the
slighteat inconvenience. In fact, the sensation ia ra
her agreeable than otherwise. ?
TaxGAirAMic B*it*,Brac?i.kt8,Bands,Uah
tkbs, Nkcklacks, 4tc. &.c.?-These articles are
adapted to the waiat, arma, wriata, limba, anklea, or
any part of the body with perfect convenience. The
Galvanic Necklaces ore used with greater benefit in
caaea of bronchitis or affectiona of the throat gener
ally ; jjgo, in casea of nervoua deafness; and Willi
almost uniform success as a preventive for appoplexy,
epileptic tits, and similar complaints.
Christie's Magnetic Fluid is used in connexion
with the Galvanic Rings, ami all their modifications.
Thia compoaition haa been pronounced by the
French Chemiata to be one of the moat extraordi.
nary diacoveriea of modern acience. I" ull explana
tions and direction* acoompany it. The combined
inventions are in every way perfectly harmleaa; they
are at prices within reach of all, and the discoverer
only requeata a fair trial, as a teat of their surprising
efficacy and permanent benefit.
Ohbistis's Galvanic Sthbnothknino "fAs
TKiia.?These articles form another valuable applica
tion of the mysterious influence of Galvanism. : I hey
are an important adjunct to the genuine Galvanic
Rings and their modifications, acting upon the same
principle, but having the advantage of more local ap
plication- They are confidently recomended as a
valuable addition in the speedy cure of rheumatiam,
acute or chronic \ in alt nervoua complaints, and aa a
positive remedy in caaea of pain and weakness in the
Seat or back, pain in the aide, in aathmatic affections,
and in weakness or oppressioni of tl? or"
gans. In spinal complainta their eflfooU *re of the
used with complete success. They are also of the
greatest advantage in peifla and weakness ef , the
breast, and are highly recommended for many of
those complainta to which females are *?>ciflly li
able. As an effectual means for strengthening the
system when debilitated with disease aqd other cau
ses, as a certain aid in constitutional weaknesa.as
a preventive for colds, and in all affections of the
chest generally, the Galvanic Strengthening Plas
ters will be found of great and permanent advan
UErrV CAUTION. The celebrity and aucceaa of
these articles have caused them to be counUrfe.ted
by unprincipled persons. Dr. Christie cautionathe
public against spurious imitations. He has butane
authorized agency in each city of the Unlw, where
the genuine articles can be procured. 1 he only
agents for Washington are?
Nos. 1 and 2 Brown's Hotel, Penn. avenue.
Explanatory pamphlets, Ac. may be had gratia,
with the strongest testimonials of success and l?ne
fit. i . 1
sept. 22?Bmeod
Farm for Sale.
HE subscriber offers for sale 329J acres of
land, lying in Montgomery county, 2.1 miles
from Washington City, on the road leading from
Rockville to the mouth of Monaccocy : one third,
or more, of the land is woods, containing good
timber. The cleared land w of good quality, and
easy to be improved. The building* are a large
two-story brick dwelling house, with a basement
and garret, barn, tobacco house, stable, &c.
Fo, ..,m. .nquir. on AN.
july l#-tf [Rockville Journal 3t.]
medical card.
DR ALFRED H. LEE tendera his professional ?
services to the citizens of Washington and its .
vicinity. Office H street, near 7th.
july l8-6m \
Washiubton Citt,
Pennsylvania Avetiue, between 9Ih Jr UMh ?l ?fi
april 86-tf. _ i
Keep Clean.
THE largest assortment of the best BRUSHES <
constantly kept on hand at my Hardware and
Variety Store, Pennsylvania avenue 9th -reef, ?
wholesale and retail. E0,
april 22-if INat. Intelligencer 3U]
INE OIL and Solar Lamps of the most ap I
_ .?OVOll patterns, and sold at the lowest prices.? ,
A ?Ll.n. ?PHT f * B?H Pin. OH-P? ;
Sperm Solar and Summer (111?Burning Y lu.d
?'? (Jtobes? Wiks, &c., for aele by
ey h Cilobes WHrrn BtJEy
^ h <5 at. Todd'a Buildings.
DR.?PHILANDER GOULD offers his proles
sional aervices Ui the cilizena of Washington.
Office on Pennsylvania avenue, eppoaite Messrs.
BroWn'a Hotel. \\-9m
in all if varieties, neatly and expediltouily
estcvtxl at the office of the Colum
bian fountain.
Gun, ?nd Belt-Hangtr, D, Beiuven 6/A
nd 7Ih Street*.
Its vrord*
Are lew, but deep and solemn, and they break
F(eih from the fount of feeliii*.? Ptrtival.
I love to see a nice young man.
Whom fortune smiles upon.
Avoid the friends of early years,
When all their cash 19 gone;
It shows the goodness of his heart?
His care for 'number one'?
The love he feels for richer friends.
Who might his presence shun,
If he should mingle with the poor.
And their rude insolence endure. *
Now mark him as he walks the streets,
With stately step and slow;
The quality of those he meets,
You by his bow may know:
If poor the weight, be upward stares,
With aspect most profound;
But let him meet a monied man,
a His head bows to the ground;
Nor think it strange, dear reader mine.
For he is in the codfish line.
And there's no harm in selling fish,
Provide they are not stale;
Nor is it strange he shuns the poor?
They never buy wholesale; 1
Besides, we must all bear in mind,
And every one must own,
We never to the poor apply
When we require a loan;
They may assist in flood or fire,
For such things nature's law require.
Another class of men, I ween,
In this fair land abound;
In city dark, or country green,
They'are always to be found;
And when the people congregate.
Their rulers to compare,
Or settle the affairs of state,
You're sure to find them there?
With honied words, and aspect bland,
They kindly shake your rusty hand.
Oh ! how my bosom throbs with joy
When such scenes 1 behold;
They 'mind me of the peasantry
And barons stern, ot old?
For we are ta tight in learned books,
That in the ancient days,
The proudest would humble their looks
Before the vulgar gaze?
While loud and long the people cheered
? ivt.??
But, thanks to Freedom's kindly reign,
A happier land is here;
Where the rulers at their homes remain,
Nor in the crowd appear;
But in their stead; a smiling band
Are on the anxious seatt*
Who, when called on, with vu.ices bland,
The 'great unwashed' will greet,
How oft upon the stand we aee,
Those who are not?but hope to be !
<< If vou enlighten tne people, do not lorget thmt this
is but half t ie work. .Let them be made virtuous and
religious, i / you leave them more exposed to danger
than they were before." |
From the Temperance Herald.
* The young wife sat alone in her plea
sant chamber, and her husband's last letter'
was in her hand. The paper looked soiled I
and worn, and the hand writing was nearly
illegible; they might well appear thus, for
the letter had been carried in Margaret's
bosom and read amidst blinding tears, until
every word was engraved on hei1 heart. It
was many loag months since Harry Leslie
departed, to engage in profitable business,
and prepare for the emigration of his fami
ly to a distant land, and since that letter
came, bringing news of his safe arrival, no
tidings of the wanderer had reached his
For a long time Margaret hoped all might
be well; she prayed for patience, and strove
to conceal from her father and ner child
ren the grief which was stealing the bloom
from her cheek, and giving her such long,
weary nights of anxiety and fear.
Hut the grey haired*parents saw her true
feelings, and almost rejoiced to see that
Margaret only trembled lest she was wid
owed in her youth, while the old man had
learned the sad story that the wine cup
over which Harry loved to linger, was
leading him down into dark paths of degra
dation and shame.
Circumstances at length obliged him to
reveal to his sorrowful child the truth, and
she had gone to her chamber to search
vainly in that old letter for a denial of the
fact; to weep her tears of agony alone.
The young wife sat long in her window
holding communion with her own troubled,
suffering spirit. She gazed?but not upon
the sweet valley which lay sleeping!calmly
in the moonlight: she listened?but it wa*
not to the low soft breathings of her uncon
scious children?she looked up to the qaiet
watching stars, and wildly prayed them to
guide Harry Leslie back to his home?and
the stars returned to poor Margarot glances
of hope; she felt as though the eyes of an
gels were watching her In sympathy,, and
she was comforted.
Hiat very mgbt the subject of Murgaret
Lctlie a prayer. and tears was sleeping in
the street* of a distant city. Aye, in the
streets, with only the blue starlit sky lor a
covering, with the cold grey stones of the
pavement for a pillow I Oh ! cotHd that be
one for whom faithful eyes had been w?ep
iog, and faithful hearts yearning with un
utterable love ? Alas! it was too uuc
There, covered with ita rags and shame,
lay the wreck 6f a Stately form, perhaps,
too, the wreck of at noble a spirit. That
erejaing he had exchanged the last arti.
. v?lue which ha possessed > for tha
poisonous cup; aud ere midnight the wretch
who tempted and destroyed him had driven
him helplasaaod homeless into the streets.
He tottered along slowly, sometimes falling
? upon the hard pavement, sometime? creep
ing like a foul insect, until at last, exh mat
ed and nearly insensible, he crept close to
the walls of a building which cast over his
wretchedness a friendly shadow, and fell
When the inebriate awoke from hia
death like slumher, he was in the full pos
session of his senses, end he looked around
him bewildered, and wondering where he
was. He thought he had been sleeping for
the first time in his life with no canopy
above him but the starry heavens ; yet no !
not for the first time, for uow he remem
bered that once in his boyhood he had gone
with the hunters over moorland and moun
tain, and slept on their beds of fraarant
heather. But that was in his mountain
Scotland, then he was young and pure and
free: now'he was in a strange land, friend
less, degraded and enslaved. As memory
led him back to the past, reason and con
science asserted their power, and all his
dark life was clearly pictured before him.
He could see the gradual stepping stones
by which he had descended into this whirl
pool of vice, he aawtbat he was now in
the very depth o( misery and want^and in
these lucid moments there were pale faces
which seemed to approach tyoked mourn
fully into hip own. Poor Leslie \ , Those
pale faces made him nearly njad?oh how
he hated and loathed himself! He looked
wildly arohnd upon the dark stones to find
something with which to end his wretched
life, but saw nothing, he thoi/ght of the
L " 'AA,Mf4?oIr A A 1
he gazed up to the stars, and they seemed
to look down into tiis wear^ tortured soul
with so much' Compassion, that he became
again calm and capable of reflection.
There in the stillness and quiet of night,
with only the stars for witnesses, he prom
ised himself to forsake strong drink forever
to seek employment, and become a better
man, ? ? ? l .:. ,1
With the morning sunbeams, Leslie,
strengthened by his good resolutions, pre'
sented himself before one whose reputation
for generosity and kindness had reached
his ears, and encouraged him to apply,
told his story without reserve, and begged
employment. _ But he was destined to meet
with disappointment, and all that long day
did he wander in his fruitless search. Some
had never known temptation, his shabby
and miserable dress prejudiced others, and
thought he told his touching story simply
and with a inanlv and truthful lace, no
heart allowed itself pity, no hand was
atretched forth to save. Poor Leslie had
hoped and struggled to retrace his fearful
steps, but his heart sank under his many
discouragements, and he again sought to
drown his misery in the intoxicatingdraught.
Mr. Marshall had quitted his store earlier
than usual one evening, and was walking
briskly homewards when his attention was
arrested by a group ofboya, gathered around
a drunken man who was vainly endeavor
ing to protect himself from their insults,
with his terrible curses. At length he fell
violently upon the rough stones, and a loud
laugh from his tormentors fell painfully
upon the ears of the gentleman who sud
denly appeared in their midst, dispersing
them ajone by the dignity of his manner,
and kindly offering to conduct the inebriate
in safely to his home. To this kind offer
however, no answer was returned, th?
drunken man was evidently injured by tfifc
fall, and as Mr. Marshallti generous feel
ings forbade him to leave a fellow creature
in such distress, he cftlled a carriage and
had him conveyed to his own home.
Concluded in our next.
JUST received on commiaaion, and for sale cheap,
15 or 16 thouaand White Oak Stavea, and head
ings for barrel*. Enquire at the Wood *nd I.um
ber Yard of the subscriber on the corner bf 6th at.
and Missouri avenue.
oct 3-eodtf <?BO. COLLARl).
? ,
AuttimtfTf ond roMisia'M Mfrrh&nta, Isnitsu.na
Avtnur, nppo*itr Rank of Washington.
REUTJLAR 4,ay8 (?PP?8??c Centre Market)
Taendayn, Thursday* and Ratnrdaya. All aalea
of Real E??atc, Furniture and pcrannal property at
tended to on the moat reaaonahie term*. . june 16
Our cuatomers need not fear thatoui Ice will fall
short, a? we have a heavy atock. Petaona wiahing
lor wilt please leave their addreea at the LumU r
Yai*l of W. H'. Ounnell, otywmite Coleman'a Hotel.
Jy 14?edtf UUNNRLL & BIRD.

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