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suy, ï ?• V K. Cor. 4th ami Mar
"-'ïmn.nt'îo». r>«l.,aUI'.M. uv
roii ..
u, i,i
îoff , J. A J
(;otl poll..
2»g 23*
rton Coal (»a« Company
Bank of Iieiawart*.
ational Bank.
lional Bank.
fBiu'kVii'. and Brandywine. .
feHtat* Bond« .
. M
. 000
ton City Loans. { «
J fiÄ'flrst Mortgage!!!... l«3
Balldosd, extension. too
d Reading, first Mortgage. 3»
e Fire Inn L'o.j......
non * Wentern R. It.
pit R. Stock ..
r mington, Del. Feb. 13, 1877.
the Hmmiywlne Mills for
i (Iraln-Corrcctcd Daily.
r Flour. »•««» » I*
Flour. ïï, a i?5
ne Flour. ÎÎÎÎÎÎÏ
1 40a I ISO
. MttBOe
elphia cattle market.
Monday, Feb. 13,5 P. M.
lie market was quite active this
il prices were a fraction higher,
sold at the West Philadelphia
nl st l.utite , and 700 head at the
iladelpmu Drive Yard at fl*aC* o.
mss, as to quality.
in fair demand, 9000 head
West Philadelphia Yard at 4*a
Uoo heiwl ill the Nortli Phllaael
ic Yard at 5;;ade. per lb., gross,
tre unelianged 3500 head sold at
Philadelphia Drove Yard at 7La
Dund , and 700 head at the North
lliiaDrove Y'lml at 9aloe. p<'r lb.
i r,
Novexbkr 27th, 1876.
rill leave Wilmington as follows
plilA ami Intermediate Stations,
1.00, 9.62, 10.45 u. m. 2.30,4.30,7.30,
id New York, 2.02a. m. 12.14,12.40,
re and Intermediate Stations,
. m.
re and Washington, 12.52, 1.55,
1229,1.26,6.19 p. m.
)i Delaware Division, leave for:
110 , 5 . 00 , 0 . 20 . 92 ) 5 , u. IU. UW, 0 .. 10 ,
nkand IntermedialeStatlons.B.OO,
6.30 p. m.
and Intermediate Stations, 5.00,
Ilptiia ami Intermediate Station)),
k 5.00.6210, p. m.
Ilphla and New York, 2.02 a. m.
tore aud Washington, 12.52,1.65 a.m.
trllier inlormation pasAengera are
[to the time table» posted at tile
[ the cure of weak stomach, gene
h', indigestion, disease of thener
tein. constipation, acidity of the
•M« 11 ««« requiring a tonic.
Siii!»?" 1110 most agreeable and
iron we posse«« ; rifratx»
wl,, ' the most
vegetable tonics— Yellow _eru.
t In many cases of debility, loss
litnnrSn"^" l.proktratlon, Iof an
ve f«^SÏ« 0 h mb " ed wlUl our v "*
>e, is most happy, it augments
ft.2 J . 8e,UlÄ pul * w tAkofi off muB
blne«8, removes the pallor of de
i giveB a florid vlger to the
Än?° Q m 5Ü ,n * to «trengthen
- • ' Ï good appetite? Do you
P your constitution ? Do you
«h*. « y°u want to get rid
tn^i 8 Do Æ ou want energy ? Do
Ä; a aH e c!Ä^ n -^-'
«R$> pÄl°ef T F« 6
thcm. U ' er " are «bbtcrfeit^
7*1'* Worin.
,Äh Ur "? vegetable
til the *hood 8J ' sUîm »live—
Hen Is treated ÇjT F VS? me and
'«5 Ninth m su.:, . I £V nkei -,
Ki'iit, pin a, ', ti jodeiphla: Ad
vert. Xsk vonrs S - tom . ach Worms
KM SYKuî P-f"*!)* 1 ror Kcn
kcular. ' * e Per bottle.
'► Mir*,
nus)" 10 "* Co, * ** r rwr
Hi** aiÄM:
»a» H», Morr
Nail FnS t Vjttj* 1 il n Iir ". Rh e«. Hand
Ä£ , i^& 1 "' Ba U* Sponges,
" v v 8 'Ntraw Br ïh var '«y- Also
'Ä? ■'° , " or,e
^Ä la nd RR M T afke C t°Ste.
many other
* ^ M Mleet
Ornaten, m e /.
^aè/ci J
'Äs'"'" 1 of foreign and domes
e b "l first-class
, , em
ani1 feed Store,
rW «.W.HT v ra Ptly
B*«rd of Trade.
-r. A ? *#°"™ cd meeting of the'Board of
Trade, for the purpose of hearing the ro
^ special Committees, apoint*
ed at the meeting last Friday evening, in
CUytouHoSe T ' HeuW ' undel ' «*«
jSiSÄSäsSS:«* «• «•
The Committee on Limited Fartnsr
SUi Kd mît cÄÄ"""' 8tated
hot hi mla" 1 l * ie f-ommitteo together
but that he had examined into the Taw of
Pennsylvania, bear! ng ou the ease, and
thought asimiharone for this State would
answer the purpose very well.
By rcqupst of the members Mr. Neilds
t./thtek iîîf TH! c1 ' the mem bers seemed
to think suited the case exactly.
tlut ùmnirert h. wh ? wa * P res, ' nt stated
that there bad been two very good amend
vfc"ds 010116 *° th6 * aw Ju,t read >>y Mr.
On motion of Mr. Heald, the Commit
tee wore instruuted to have a bill drawn
up to oonnforra to the law just road with
the amendments, and present the same to
the Legislature.
The Committee on State ta*. Mr. Rid
dle, stated that the matter had been fully
discussed at a meeting of the Committee,
and that they deemed it expedient to
make an earnest effort to have the state
tax on manufacturing reduced. The tax
was wrong and inexpedient, and now is
the time to have it repealed. The Com
mittee also deemed it nnwise to ask that
the ^tax on merchants be reduced.
Mr. Bush moved that the report bn ae
cepted, and the Committee be instructed
to prosecute the work at Dover.
Mr. Todd moved to amend that the
Committee have the power to increase
their nutqber.
The amendment was accepted and the
report adopted.
Mr. Hayes wanted to know if this re
duction would have any effect on the
State license. He was answered that it
would not.
The Committee on tlio cultivation of
the Sugar Beet, Mr. Pusey chairman,
made a lengthy report, and offered the
following preamble and resolutions:
W h eke ah, the subject of beet root su
gar miuuifaet.u.ing is one that interests
all d afcA of society, and
JlBreAS, the development depends
entirely upon our ability to grow the
beet properly, therefore, in order to se
geoerai interest in the subject and
to induce a thorough and systematic de
monstration of onr ability to grow the
hset in our State, it is
Itttolced, That we request the Legisla
ture to make an appropriation for the
pnrpose of offering premiums for the
years 1877 and 1S7S the amount of
for the best results in growing sugar
beets; suggesting that the premiums
be awarded by a commission consisting
of the President of Delaware College, the
State Chemist, and one person to do ap
pointed by the Wilmington Board of
Trade, and that said commission be au
thorised and empowered to establish
each rules for, tlie disbursements of said
premiums as shall in their _ '
contribute most to the success 'of the de
sired object.
On motion the report and resolutions
were adopted.
The member from the Board of Trade
will he appointed by the President at
some future day.
Mr. Bradford, who
core a
was not present at
the opening of the meeting came tn about
9 o'clock and as he had Just come from
Dover, he was called to give his views as
to what he thought of the success of
getting the present State tax reduced.
Mr, Bradford, stated that while in
Dover, be had a conversation with Mr.
Holcomb, Chairman of the Ways and
Means committee, and that the ge
man had stated to him that he had
gathering data and found that Kent
county paid a state tax, SI,800; Sussex
$750; and New Castle, $12,700. Ha (Mr.
Holcomb) thought that the tax rate
would be reduced one half as the mem
bers of the Legislature were not in favor
" it all.
d wished to know whether
there was any chance of having the
usuary laws changed.
Mr. Bradford did not think there was a
shadow of a change as it grew stronger
with every Legislature.
After an address by Joseph Grubb, of
the Philadelphia Board ofTrade on the
usuary laws, the meeting adjourned.
of re
Lint,—T o-day is the heffinmnff of
Rent and appropriate services were held
ip all the Episcopal and Roman Catholic
Churches in this city.
Sermon.— B ishop Lee will deliver a
highly Instructive sermon this evening, In
St. Andrew's church, upon the subject of
"Intemperance as a National Sin."
The Bishop Is a pleasing speaker, and
the church should be filled to hear him
oki this great aud vital subject.
Arrest of ohick«n thieves. —At
last some clue has been found to the
thieves that have lately been robbing the
hen roosts of the fanners in the vicinty of
this ciiy.
On Monday evening officer Brickie, went
out to Browntown, and arrested Joseph
Mitchell and F. Jackson, on suspicion} of
being concerned in some of the robberies,
and this morning they were given a private
hearing before the Mayor, charged by a
former named Moore, Itvingjin Christiana
Hundred, with robbing him of several
pairs of chickens.
They were held in the sum of $1,000
each for a further hearing, Jaud will be
sent to New Castle to-day.
Bold Bobbery
Last evening, about 6 o'clook, a party
of theives entered the residence of Geo.
Allmou, No. fill W. Seventh street, and
stole from the hat rack a fine seal skin
cap, worth $12, and a blaek felt bat.
They also stele from some hooks in the
back part of the entry one spring over
coat, and one heavy winter overcoat, the
property of Mr. Allmon, and also a lady's
wîiter-proof cloak, belonging to Mrs.
The theives, it is thought, gained an
entrance through the front door, ae Mrs.
Allmon had iust gone out to the grocery
store, and sne thinks that she aid not
close the door, but left it ajar, and the
theiver who were standing in the vicinity
took advantage of the door being left
open and went in with the success as
stated above.
No clue has as yet been obtained as to
who the theives were.
The Triumph Truss Co. t of 1315 Chest
nut street
The Triumpn lrusa uo., oi uni uueni
nu» ...pc, Pnila., and 334 Bowery, N. Y.
re curing rupture in from 30 to 00 days,
give a written guarantee of cure,
ffering areward of $1,000 if they fail.,
all or se nd ten cents for their new
book. d&w
A New York claim agent and a clerk m
the First Auditor's office in Washington
be arrested to-day for having exact
ed heavy fees for the collection of tin
claimed interest. It is charged that the
practice ha* been carried on for several
years. . it 1 ■
M'M»! Matter»». I
>- f
l ut b r Aï* Work {I°18B—A public
meeting oftWelniavqï Of a State Work
House, will be hold in the City Hall this
evening at 7-SO o'clock.
U n T c h ■ H b Drr-The large bullock,
weighing over 3,600 pounds, and belong,
lag to Joseph Gould, was butchered yes
terday, and will he for sale at Mr. Gould'»
•tall in the Second street market house,
on next Saturday. The steer was fed by
Keubcn Kattcrthwaite, residing ner Wan
Arsivalof W S Hillbs Bodt.—T he
body of the late William 8. Hilles ar
rived in this city yesterday at noon from
PbilaucluniL Mfuneral will take
S lace on Friday from liis late residence
( Jo* 160b King Htrcet, ai 10.30 o'clock.
The remains will he interred at West
Laurel Hill Philadelphia.
Election or Officers.—T he follow
ing gentlemen were elected Board of
M anagers ot the Artisans' SavtegBank,
yesterday morning: Geo. W. Bush, M.
L. Lichtenstein, Chas. W. Howland, Job
H. Jackson, Edward Darlington, Clement
B- Smyth, Ueo. 8. Capelle, N. B. Benson,
H. F. Dure, Win. H. Swift Anthony Hig
M. Stotseuhurg and William ÏÎ.
ns, E.
Election.— At the annual election
yesterday of tlie Artixans' Savings Bank,
the following gentlemen
managers for the ensuing year :
George W. Bush, M. L. Lichtenstein,
Charles W. Howland, Job H. Jackson,
Edward Darlington, Clement B. Smyth,
George S. Capelle, N. R. Benson, Henry
F. Dure, William U. Swift, Anthony
Higgins, E. M. Stotsenhurg and W. M.
The Board will meet this afternoon at
5!30 o'clock, to elect officers.
were elected as
Blots Carried off _Many of the
buoys in the Delaware river have been
carried away by the ice. The captains
report that the following arc among the
missing: Wreck buoy above tiie Middle;
wreck bnoy oft'Duck Creek; buoy in the
lower end of Pea patch, and all the buoys
in the Bight of New Castle; buoy on the
upper end of Cherry Island flau; all the
buoys off Marcus Hook; Rock buoy be
tween Chester and Marcus Hook; upper
end of Chester Island buoy; lower end of
Tinicum Island buoy, and alt above Tln
icum Island gone.
Justices Cases —This morning be
fore Esquire Hagany, T. T. Thrall of
Reading was required to pay $10 and
costs for peddling segars by sample with
out license.
Mr. Thrall was arrested on complaint
of E. U. Singles & Son, he having gone in
there this morning and endeavored to
sell them some segars, and when asked to
show his license, he became very indig
nant and refused, whereupon Mr. Singles
Sr., informed constable Wilson of the af- .
fair who arrested him.
Anniversary _The ninth anniver
sary of Lincoln Lodge N. 3, K. of P,,
took place last eveniug at their rooms in
the Morrow building 211 Market street
and was a complete success iu every par
ticular. The large room was well filled
by the members and their friends who
were delighted with the. admirable pro
gramme that had been made out consist
iogjof addresses,solo's,select reading recta
tions, Dutch orations aud singing by a
very flue choir composed of ladies and
gentlemen. The opening
made by A. J. Schrack. In the address
of Jerman J. McMullen, he compared
the Knighthood of the present day with
that of the feudal ages and considered
that we came out second best.
The report of the treasurer showed
that the lodge had $8,<XJ0,14 invested and
a membership of 1411. After doing justice
to the refreshments, the audience dis
persed well pleased with their evenings
address was
Whooping cough,
Mindletown, Pa., April 24.
Messrs, S. YY. Fowle & Co.
About seven months since I was se
verely afflicted with whooping cough
and had almost given up the hope orre
uovery. It was a most violent attack of
this distructive aud dangerous disease.
I had tried every remedy which I had
heard recommended, but they all failed
until a trial of Dr, Wistar's Balsam of
Wild Chkrky was commenced, the use
of which gave immediate relief. Under
admiliar circumstances, rather than be
without the Balsam, I would pay flftyl
dollars for a bottle of it, believing that it
is the only certain antidote for the dis
ease. I most cheerfully recommend this
invaluable remedy to the public,
Gao. W. Etter.
80 ceuts anil $1 a bottle. Sold by al
Stray W iiüh.
Travel on the railroad is still very
The public meeting at the City Hall
this evening should be well attended.
Two drunks were the only cases before
the Mayor since our last.
No port news to-day, the movemement
of vessels is very slow so for.
A number of the colored people arrest
ed in Hedgevllle on Sunday night will be
sent over to New Castle to-day.
Go to Long's 311 East 8th street, and
get a pound ot those delicious Chicago
Caramels. Six different flavors. 0-4
One of the best patent wagons for puL
ting coal in the cellar is that of Mills &
Combs, corner of Fourth and Spruce
streets. Go order a ton of coal aud try
Chicago Caramels, the only genuine
__ in the city, at Long's, 311 East 8th
street. Try them and be convinced. 0-4
»-Kings— I don't believe In Kings In
general, hut I must confess that King's
Good Samarium Cough Syrup Is the very
best cure for Coughs and Colds that I have
ever tried In my family. 25 cents a bottlo.
I hereby give notice that I have re
moved to Wilmington, No. 626 E. Sixth
street, where mr office will be located,
and that I will personally attend to all
business connected with the Coroner's
office aa I have no deputy in the city.
All orders left with D. Fox, 6th aud
Shipley streets, will be promptly attended
to. David C. Rose, Coroner of New
CasMe County. lœd .
Allbn's Strengthening Cordial and
Liver Fills.—They have cured thousamis
of hopeless cases where all other known
remedies have failed; this, too with™*
of the horrors that attend Surgery,
the heroioraedtealtreatment. They __
worth > whole army of Doctors. Try
them and he convinced. For sale by all
Druggist*. 1anl8-d&wly.
m. > A Brutal Jliiaband
He Sell» llis IKf/e's Cote and Spend* the
Money for Whlnkrn
For sometime past Martin Kuan, living
in what is kaown as * Happy Valley,"bas
been on a continual drunk every day,and
also being out ol work, bis money gave
out, and iu order to obtain some to satis
fy bis thirst, on Saturday last he sold a
cow belonging to his wife which she had
purchased out of her hard earnings at the
w'ash tub.
In the evening he came home in a
beastly state of intoxication and
ced quarreling with his wife.
Not satisfied with quarreling lie knock
ed her down and thftn beat her in a cruel
and brutal manner; he then packed his
trunk and left the house stating that he
was gong away .awhile. After he bad
gone liis wife discovered that her
gone and she Immediately repaired
to the police office and had a warrant is
sued for liis arrest.
Yesterdav Officer McCall found the
trunk in a house on Front street, but the
man had flown. It is not known to whom
be sold the cow or how much he obtain
ed for it.
40a4ô per pound; roll
Ö3a3ß do ; eggs, 2Öcts per do* ; turkeys
15al7 per pound, or Sl,50a$2iß each,
geese, $lal.40each; chickens,76a$l 25p»r
pair: celery, 6al0 per bunch ; apples, 12a26
per half peck ; sweet potatoes, lßa2ö do :
white potatoes,15a20 do,, and 1,20a$l ,fi0
per bu. ; pork, 12al5 a lb., or $10 per hhd.
cheese. 12al4 a lb,; lemons, 25a30 per
doz.: penpers, 8c per doz.; apples, I5a20
. P®*» quinces, 15a25 do. ; pumpkins
5a23 apiece; cider, 15al8a gal.; turnips,
8al0 hf. pk.; sweet potatoes,90a05 a bas.;
walnuts, 10al2 a hf.pk.; sausage, 14alf> a
lb.; scrapple, 8al0 ao.; mince meat, 21bs.
for 25cts,; corn, 55a50 a bushel ; oats,
35a40 do. ; beef steak, 12a20 per pound,
stewing pieces, 8al6 do ; roast, 12a20 do,
ham, 22 do; mutton chops, 16a20; legs,
15a20 ; racks, 10al5; lard. 13al5; veal,
10a25 ; cat fish, 12al5 ; rock, 18; haddock;
8; halibut, 20 ; mackerel, 15a20 a piece;
lima beans, 10al5; bologna sausage,
shellbarks, 8 per nt., squabs, 30a38
pair; squashes, 4aB a piece; beets, 8
bunch; cabbage, 3al0; pears, 25a30 hf. pk.;
onions, 18 half peek; honey, 25a33 per
pound; pigs 8Ja$8 a pair sauerkraut, 18
per quart.
, IS;
Consumption of the lung tissue must
steadily increase by the retention of the
foul corruption, Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup
promotes gentle expectoration, and
gives great relief te those suffering with
The silver mines of Laurium, Greece,
are generally known to be largely en
cumbered with scorioi, proceeding from
the working of the ancient Greeks, but
still containing enough of silver to repay
extraction by the improved modern
methods. Prof. Hendreich relates that
under the scoria), for at least 1,500 years,
bas slept the seed of a poppy of the
species glaucium. After the refuse had
been removed to the fnrnaces, from the
Whole space which they covered have
sprung up and flowered the pretty yellow
corollas of this flower, which was un
known to modern science, but is decrib
ed in Pliny and Dioscoidee. This flower
liad disappeared from fifteen to twenty
centuries, and its reproduction at this in
terval is a fact parallel to the fertility of
the famous "mummy wheat."
The Irishman who read the newspape 1
wrong side up, when asked what news,
replied, "Big storm at sea: ships up
down." Equally understood are
works and dissertations that treat upon
those vital question whereon hinge the
success or failure of every person's life.
To many, life is a sealed book, and
though they live to old age, they ate ig
norant of the power that lies dormant
within them. The recent work, "The
People's Common Sense Medical Advi
ser," from the pen of R. V. Pierce, M.
D., of Buffalo, N. Y., discusses these
matters fully and ably in their various
phases. Price $1.50. Nearly 1,000 pages,
illustrated, bound in cloth and gilt, and
about 100,000 copies have already been
sold. Address the Author, R. V. Pierce,
M. D., Buffalo, N. Y.
F OR RENT.—A House aud Shoe Maker's
Shop at Brackenville, Del. Apply to
feb!0-3tdltw* Near the Premises.
Î710R RENT—The second story front room
J? of 416 Market street, over the Gazette
office. Possession ou 25th of March 1877:
now occupied by Messrs. Day A McLeod
as a real estate and law office. Apply
this office. Jan22d&wtf
F OR BALE—The good will, stock and
fixture« of the Sorrel Horse Hotel. No.
UM West Front street; apply to
Ja31-tf Sorrel Hsrse Hotel.
F OR RENT.—A Farm of 75 acres of good
land, with 3 acres of strawberries, on
the Hare's Corner road, about 2 u miles
from Wilmington. Possession given at
once to a good tenant. Apply to
deelfl-tf WM. BRIGHT.
T YPE FOB SALE,—Fonts 200 to 400 lbs.
of second hand nonpareil type for sale,
would work very well on a slow press with
damp paper. Price 20 cents per lb. Apply
at this office. |nov27-tf
Ï .IOR RENT—The dwelling No. 325 East
' Eighth street, between Walnut and
oplar; one of the best neighborhoods, In
the city. Apply at this office.
OR BALE OR RENT.—The old estab
lished Bakery, together with dwelling,
fixtures and stabling, avthe N. W. corner ot
Fifth and Totnall streets. Apply to
On the premises.
some fine toned second hand Kstey Or
gan nearly new. Apply to this office, feteöti
F OR SALE OR RENT—The handsomely
located new dwelling 1210 Delaware
Avenue. Apply next door.
Î .IOR BALE—Three building lots on
1 Jackson street, between 6th and 7th—
Ive building lots on Fifth street near Van
Buren, four on Front street near Jackson,
and a lot 21 feet front on Delaware Avenue,
near HArrlson. Apply at this office, maritf
No. 4 Allmond's Builtling.
the Importer, a full line of Black CaRh
m?res at 75, 8714, »1.00, $1.12#, $1.20, $1.37 >4,
$1.50. TheHe desirable fabrics are at Lower
prices than we have offered for years, and
we recommend them for color and durabil
fourth and Market Bis.
Speeche» of Senator « McDonald and
Ilowe and Mr sere Jenke, Hurl
bat and Carpenter.
Wash I. vu tom, February 18.—The
Electoral Commission resumed its ses
sion at 11 a. m. to-day, took a iecess at
4 p. tn. for an ltour, and sat from 5 to
0.20|i. m.. when It adjourned. A plea
from the Democratic counsel for six hours
in closing was refused and the time for
the presentatisn of argument was limit
ed to four hours and a half on each side.
Both circumstances indicate an earlier
close than was anticipated. It is probable
that the commission^ pass in£> secret
session on the Louisiana case to-morrow
evening, and will certainly do so Thurs
day mo nfo;. A decision Thursday after
uoon or Friday morning is well nigh
certain. This will leave the way open to
a decision In the üregon'casc by the mid
die of next week. ^
The Louisiana case opened to-day be
fore the commission without a particle
of listless interest. A scattering audience,
the familiar counsel and the unchanging
bench came together again at 11. This
settling a Presidency and deciding the
claims of a sovereign State has grown in
a fortnight to be a most commonplace
matter, running from day to dav in
smooth worn grooves. The objectors be
gan. Senator McDonald, a Western law
ner o^ae^ef of f a " e " phaUC "f 1 :
to ÆCa te which* the 6 'apologists
of an election by a returning board and
government by the grace of forgery stand
Involved. Either the law providing the
Returning Roard repealed the earlier law
providing for a canvass of votes for elec
tors, or it did not. If it did the electors
could not iill vacancies. If it did not the
"Ä 1 *°, ° anv " s
the votes for electors. Turning from the
broad right of the board to exist and act,
he took up next its methods, and had de
fined t he limitations assigned to its
workings by law when Representative
Jenks took up the burden of argument.
His singularly perspicuous plea deserves
the most careful attention, as it received
to-day a most respectful hearing.
A thin, spare man, his speaking is as
clear and deliberate as his diction, and
his argument moves along to the quietest
gestures, one stretched forefluger dropping
lightly on the other stretched forefinger as
he makes one point and another in his
close knit, logical argument. Represent
alive Hurlbut and S?nator Howe appear
the f firs t f b wfih Pl fh ll re I1 i flh' 1
the first with the technical right of the
Returning Board to canvass the vote as it
pleased, and the last with the essential
validity of the acts of a de facto and a de
jure State government. It was nearly 4
o'clock when these speeches were over,
Some little discussion followed as to the
precise time to be allotted to counsel, in
the course of which Commissioner Hoar
 tat Z^ r, tÂnd*Ï^Sehîv w lr_
refused to the Democratic counsel, no^y
a vote along party lines, but in a manner
which most construed unfavorably to the
Democrats. It is unfortunately the cose
that the discussions of the commission
seem to have scored pretty deep lines in
the commission. It is growing constants
ly more and more easy to tell by a Com
missioner's manner on which side his
ympathies rest.
It was quite dark when the commis
sion reassembled after its recess.
Candles were brought in and placed
In rows on the Commissioners' benches
ifnd the tables of the counsel- In the
Correspondents' gallery, high up over
Î ead. a dimmer fringe of light barely
iscloaed as large an attendance rela
vely as there was on the floor, which
bad a solemn and quaint look in its
Î seeing dress. Mr. Carpenter
romptly on hand, impressive i
Î esence, and began the opening
ent on behalf of the Democratic
tors in Louissana. He had spoken
but two thirds of bis time, when be
Was compelled to stop from inability
tip read his brief for need of a better
light or to speak longer in the suffoca
ting smoke of the spermaceti, Although
laboring Under these difficulties, the
dx-8enator spoke rapidly, with a pre
cision of thought and clearness of ex
pression that marked- the lucidity of
I deader, as well as the passion of
eady debater. He impressed
ence and the bar, and prompted
red inquiries from some of the
hers of the commission. Bf pro
d as he opened that hedid not sp
as counsel fer Samuel J. Tilden,
ail voted against him once, and if
commission decided that there
been no election should vote
ist him again. But he was here
ie counsel of 10,0t)0 voters who
been disfranchised by fraud in
siana and whooe case had been
feferred to tbie- tribunal to inquire
Who and what persons had been duly
appointed eleotora in that State, This
tribunal, he argued, was in the nature
of a legislative commission of investi
gation and had neither judicial nor
executivefunctions.for its conclusions
were all subject to the revisionary ac
tion of Congress.
It was created like those commissions
out of which British legislation had
grown to correct sueh frauds nB were
peeping out of the ballot box in England
ant wereappealingto-night for a triumph
in this trihanal. H
unctions of the commission were very
iffeotive and seemed to meet with no ob
ection by Mr. Evarts, who sat beside him.
The people will not be content, he added
on mere technicalities to have a Prcsi-,
lent counted in on false certificates. No
udge ought to rest his decision on a pri
na facie case, for there was devolved
pen him the clearand unambigous duty
of going to the very bottom of the frauds.
If it was answered that there waB not
time, then the commission ought to dis
solve and notify Congress of the faot. As
Mr. Carpenter approached the case be
tore the Court he round he had trarelled
over a good deal of time, and therefore |
struck at once upon thé laws of tne State
show that they did not provide even
for the election ?f Presidential electors.
■He made a brilliant analysis of the col-1
lusive aots of Louisiana, and with a
splendid audacity held up the rogut a of
the Returning Board to the legal light
which they had overleaped themselves.
The State nad tailed to provide the re
quisite law and it« electoral vote most !
in his
o elec
is conclusions on the
therefor», be blotted outof the Klectorai
college. Justice Bred ley took notes and
âakea questions, while other members of
the commission made inquiries on the
illegal i xietence of the board. Mr. Car
penter also showed that Congress ignored
the board four years ngo and declared
if it was a fraud then it was a fraud ..
which this tribunal could not yitali
He had proceeded this far when, as
stated he appealed for delay till morning.
''Are you sick, Mr. Carpenter/' inquired
Justice Strong and Miller and Edmunds.
Freliughuysen and Hoar stra'gbtway
voted that he sheuld goon, but Justices
Bradley Clifford and Field, and Messrs.
Thurman, Bayard, Abbott, Hunton and
Payne voted for a recess till 10 a, m- tc -
ffi o r iw. Garfield and Morton were ab
sent. The vote excited comment amor.£
the people v ho filed into the c jit id on.
. . „
s l*-' olal Dispatch to the Press,
Washihotow, Feb. 13.—Some of the
Democratic members of the Electoral
Tribunal, and of the committees which
f ra medthe bill under which the tribunal
a 5H n $' „'I e had several conferences
&£ SÏ. Är&£
tion which was put upon the electoral
bill during it» consideration in the mat
ter of going back of the returns. They
bave very generally agreed that it was
•mnoedeil by the Republican members of
Î..S committee that the provisions of the
bill authorized an investigation of the
This however i« denied h» «,.*.„„1,
lican members ' The Democratic mem
bera, however, reassert that this was the
understanding, and, judging from the
intimations of some, it would not be sui
prising if they were to make a point < f
this before the Louisiana case is disposed
°f- . Tj : w hat extent they might ureas
their interpretation of this feature of
the bill remains to be seen. It might be
ff™!* <*'»"tof ainptme
plaçai upon reeird te tbe°form"f âpre
the rnUn ' ° f the tribun " 1
TH * B0ARD °k tt»anc* parts witR thi
LMT of its seal and personal pro.-
Monda, all the real estate and person
al property remaining in the hands of
the Centenial Board sf Finance, with the
exception of an old cedar tank, near
George's Hill, was sold at auction by M.
Thomas t Sons, in the Finance Building
on Centennial grounds. 'There were
about ssvea hundred persons present,
andth ? bidding for some buildings
?h.?of th. Fi^Ôe B^d* ng t""he Phil
adelphia and Atlantic City Railroad
Company, for 8675 The cost of this
building was $2)0,050. The Commission
offices, which coat $10,050, were sold to
the same company for $600. The
P any ala ° p 2, r ,„ a f, ed of fbepolic«
barracks for $140, $140, $200, and $130 re
MA CA , M-^
an »®*°f Machinery HatfforlSOIkt'he water
Lffl ca f or $35; 1,040 feet of the fence at 10
oents per footj gates D and E. at $l*.5u
per pair; the heavy iron gates, on the
railroad, for $40; and admission gate and
money exchange offioe for $27 50; a large
admission gate for $47.50: gates 55 to 66
inclusive, fur 75 each; the Lafayette Bes
tsuraUt, whioh cost $20,000, for $700. and
m h e Centenial National Bank for $45L
^be PhiladeTphU 6 aid"iCfteSy
Commission and Finance Buildings, The
smaller buildings will be ute l along the
road, which is to be opened about the 1st
at June,
Recently introduced after years of study
and research. Theyareofquadruplopow'
er. Imbuing the system with a constant
current of VUaUting Electric and MapneH.
,orae .
A Sovereign Specific In Dyspepsia—Ner
vous Debility—Diseases or the Lungs—
Rhenmatlsm Paralysls-Epllepsy-Solati
oTsoÄof teo'KldaTyÄSd'XSSS^
difficulties generally. *
The Appliances are strongly charged_
Electric, Galvanic and Magnetic Influence,
different degrees of intensity, suitable tc*
References to numerous Physicians
Illustrated Pamhpleta explaining
i /' < 'JP , e 8 0f action, Cosf etc., free ou
"PPHemtoq, Address
at? o'clock, at No. 103 West 2d Second
street, aflne line of ladies', gents' J »nd
misses' Boots, and Shoes. Hole on Wednes
day morning at 10 o'clock and oontluue
afternoon and evening until sold.
feb!2 J. C. ALEXANDER.
city hall,
ILMINOTON, Del,, Feb. 12, 1877.
In accordance with the request of several
cltiseus a public meeting of Urn citizens of
Wilmington is hereby called to conslder
the subject of legislation relating to n
"State Work House." The meeting to be
held In the City Hallern Wednesday Eve
ing, February 14th. 1877.at 7 w o'clock,p. m.
feb!2-8t _ Mayor.
Don't Forget It I
Safety Guard
Is worth all the Burglar Alarms ever tu
vented. Agents wanted everywhere. SI1
ver plated sample postpaid on receipt o
25 oents. Address A. H. Wingers. 438 Wa
1 1 St. Philadelphia, Pa. mur3weomly
Wilmington, February 3,1877
Our packets will resume their trips be
tween here and Philadelphia on Monday
next. Goods handled carefully and for
gdw did promptly. We solicit your patron
Dissolves gradually In the mouth and
are thus brought more directly in contact
with the diseased throat and bronchial
tube« than when taken In liquid fortn.
Manufactured and for Halo ov
210 West 2nd street, Wilmington, Del.
Price 26 cts. per box. Ieb8-6t.
Buy and sell Stocks.
Bonds and Gold lnN.
Y ork, Phlla,Baltimore
and local market«.
Clayton House Building. Entrance on fit!
$100 Wilmington City Loan.
38ahares Union National Bonk Stock.
Heald & Go.
Restoring the Nervonsand Debilitated.
Imparting Life, Strength, and Health to
the waning organism.
Successfully treating Disease without Medicine.
East m
centh Street,
ÏNew York.

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