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C. P. Johnson. Editor and Propriktor
Tmm Dam. y Gasrttr Is published every
afternoon (Sunday excepted,) at 416 Market
Hbms|»aüa served by carriers to subscribers
in ss parts of the city and surrounding
towns and villages, for six cent* a week.
Tm Dilawaki Oasrttr, established
RM, is the largest and most flourishing
weekly paper in the State, and has a larger
■I ran latin n taan any other on the Peninsula.
Puhltahed every Thursday afternoon, at $2
ad vanes.
per year. In
February 18T7.
A Good Movk,— The proposition offer
ed by Mr. Holcomb in the State House of
Representatives to issue $500,000 State
bonds to run ten years at fire per cent, to
take up the present six per cent, bonds is
more. When six per cent, call
bonds sell at a premium, we can see no
reason why a stable period 5 per cent,
bond would not be taken readily, and we
believe it would find ready sale. Should
this proposition prove successful it would
result in a considerable saving above the
oast of negotiating the bonds ; and it is
needful that every advantage should be
seised to reduce the State debt. After
the money in the Treasury is applied to
the purchase aud extinction of eighty or
ninety thousand dollars worth of hoods, I
there will still remain out nearly a mil
lion dollars worth, and if the proposed
issue was made $800,000 instead of $500,
000, it would be still better; as the
yearly surplus, if any that remained in
the Treasury could be applied to the re
demption of such bonds as could be
bought at a slight premium.
Hbadlet regrets that he erer allowed
himself to* act as oue of the Commis
sioners. Well he may. He knew in ad
vance that an Uonesl decision was ex
pected of him, and be moreover,
that he was incapable of giving it. If be
suffers from his want of fairness, the fault
is his own. If the finger of scorn it pointed
at him, and his name goes down to pos
terity unhonored, if not dishonored, tbe
fault is his own. What he did was done
deliberately, if not with malice afore
thought, at least with the full conviction
in his mind that be w as incapable of ren
dering a decision in the interest of fair
ness, if upon that decision depended the
suceass of Hayes.
The President is preparing to vacate
the White House, which he declares he
win leave with snch joyful feelings that
no temptation could induce him to return
to it. Well, as nobody proposes inviting
him, and he is so perfectly delighted at
leaving, ws beg to assure him that the
joy is mutual.
Another Tyraak al Act.— The
people of South Carolina were not al
lowed to celebrate Washington's birth
day in Charleston yesterday. The Presi
dent ordered otherwise, lie will soon
give his last official order it is hoped.—
Gov. Hampton's reply te this tyranical
aet is in excellent taste and contrasts
well with the vulgar and illogical pronun
ciamen'os by Grant.
The Electoral Return Board is
pected to count the three votes of Oregon
lor Hayes; not to do so would defeat the
whole pre-arranged programme of Ed
munds, Cameron & Co.
thing in the Democrats to trust to the
worth ot Radicals whom they had b -en
accusing of oonniving at the fraud of
counting Hayes in without regard to
It was a silly
Uoturning Board fit ayes was defeated
hy a papular majority of nearly a quar
ter af a million votes at the November
eteetioa, but he was elected by two scal
la wags, two negroes and three Judges of
the Supreme Court, and it ts expected
that he will be made President.
Vit are indebted to James Vi. Vi
Esq:, of the House of Representatives,
for copies of the bill entitled an act for
the benefit of tho Public Schools in Wil
mington: and seaeral other bills.
There are thousands of honeat Repub
licans all over tbe country whoiadlgnant
ly denounce the Electoral Returning
Board for gross partisanship, and who
regard the work of Bradley and Strong
as simply infamous. Even those who are
willing to profit by their treachery and
|veriury will hereafter look upon them
with the same scorn with which Bene
rhat ir rD °h* was looked upon by his pur
Strong and Bradley went upon tbe
bench of the bupreme Court as the result
of a corrupt bargain by which Iheir votes
were literally bought in advance by the
corporations which procured their ap
pointments. They have not been entitled
to confidence orio respect from that time
and whatever social toleration thev have
gained has now been destroyed by their
submission to the demand of the
It has been proposed to burn these iu
dnual traitors in effigy: as a mark of the
pubhc resentment of their infamous ac
xton. But that is no remedv for the
wroag they have inflicted. Let them be
shnuneri and dispised bv ail decent men
and their names be branded with deserv
ed disgrace, so that the rising generation
■ v t)all have the example a* a warning
before their eyes.— X. Y. World.
a.water ffhsrmau's Hcsainption Bill.
Just presented to the Senate, proposes
the redemption of $ 100 , 000,000 of Ie<ml
or"" 1 ov, ' r »-'5-000,000 a year'or
»JWU.UUU in ariv oue month, and in ex
change for them the issue of bonds be ax'
-ng four per --eut. interest, pavabb in
thirty years in coin: aud further, that
pecnharks may be exchanged to the
tent ot $80,000,000 in silver.
B. W. Cheer, of Fhiladtlphia has
been elerted prit., ip I of Elkton Àes
detnyin place of H v. Dr. Phœbus
resigned. '

a bKv/tsr nt:Moo*ATra%cAccv*
Hl" T Ä -
Washington, Feb. 22.— An informal
ami secret caucus of leading House
Democrats was held to-night In the
Speaker's room to consider the appropri
ation bills remaining unfinished and pen
ding upon the calendars of the two
, and particularly the expediency
of appropriating money to the army un
der the present disturbed state of affai
in Louisiana and the country at large.
Among those who attended were Speaker
Randall, Mr. Hewitt, Mr. Springer,
Judge Holman, Chairman of Approp ri
dons Committee; Gen. Banning, of the
Military Committee, Mr. Lamar, and
other Southern representatives. Louisi
ana was the theme of an earnest and at
times excited discussion, several mem
bers favoring the withholding of money
for military support until the President
recognized the Nicholls Government,
was finally agreed, however, that Mr.
▲tkinf should to-morrow report the
Military Appropriation bill from Mr.
Hotman*6 committee. The use of the
army tn sustain Hayes in case the Demo
insist upon fair play
some length, but Mr.
itt and others urged that the President
would find a way to sustain tbe army in
case of conflict, whether the Home
granted the money or not. and that it
would be otherwise bad policy to with
hold an appropriation on that account.
Another question discussed was the or
ganisation of the new House. It was
argued that an early organisation would
be decidely favorable to the Democrats,
and that this could be secured by a de
lay of two or three of the appropriateoa
hills until the end of the session.
The most serions obstacle to an agree
ment between the Houses, is the subsidy
jobs tacked on the Post Office bill, ma
king an aggregate increase of $2,700,000.
Of this increase, $1,000,000 is divided
equally between the Brazilian and Pa
cific Steamership hoes, and the remain
ing fi.700,000 is made of railroad and
misoellaaoue allowances.
Judge Holman told tbe oau
his opinion the House would never agi
to this extravagant addition to the b
as it went to the Senate. The Deficiency
bill is also largely increased on various
erat« should
considered at
eus that in
In the United States Senate yesterday
Mr. Reman introduced a bill authorizing
the New Y ork Land and Ocean Telegraph
Company to lay and maintain lines of
telegraph cables to Europe. The bill ap
propriating $250,000 .for thejereelion of
a fire-proof building, adjoining the Smith
•oian institution, for tbe National Muse
um, was called up by Mr. Morrill, of Ver
mont, and paased. The Deficiency Ap
propriation hill was passed, with various
amendments increasing
the bill. Tbe Bouse bill
revision of the statutes was passed. It
oinits a clausein the hill as vetoed by the
President, which makes an objectionabli
provision in regard to advertising. Tbe
Naval Appropriation bill «ru reported
and ordered to he printed. It adds to tbe
amount appropriated by the House $4,400
000, of which $1,070,000 is for pay of the
navy, $1,800,000 for construction and re
pair, and $1,200,000 for steam engineer
ing. After an executive session the Sen
ate took a recess until moring.
In the Bouse, the Sundry Civil Appro
priations bill was considered in Commit
tee of the Whole, and Mr. O'Neill moved
to increase the appropriation for the
Philadelphia Poet-office to $400,000.
The amendment, after being opposed by
Mr. Holman, of Ind., and favored by
Messrs. Harrison, ot 111., and Freeman,
of Pa., was adopted. When the item ap
propriating $800,000 for the engraving
and print'ng of bills, bonds, stamps, etc.,
was reached, an amendment was adopted
providing that the work, shall be done in
the Treasury Department.
Without disposing of the bill the
committee rose, and a joint resolution
was adopted authorizing tba President
to accept tbe statute of Liberty when
presented by tbe French Hepublic,
and to desigoatee a suitable site foi
the statute either on Uovernor'a or
Bedloe's Island, in New York harbor.
Mr. Willis, from the Committee on
Naval affairs, reported a bill authoriz
ing tbe equipment of aa expedilianto
the Arctic seas. The House then took
a re-ess until this morning.
the amount ivt
to perfect tbe
W AsiiixOToy, Feb. 23, 1 A. M.
Daring Friday in the Middle and
Eastern States, northeast to southwest
winds, stationary or lower temperature,
rising barometer, and in New England
partly cloudy weather, butin the Middle
Atlantic States threatening weather and
passibly light rains.
. After Mr. Foster of Ohio had finished
his eulogy on Gov. Hayes the other day,
and told the House he would "'administer
the Government so patriotically and
wisely as to wipe away any and all
ressity rr excuse for the formatioa of
parties on a sectional basis," Mr. Sparks
of Illinois got the floor, and replied in
these scorching words:
"The gentleman from Ohio has given
us quite a little dissertation upon the
patriotism of the Republican coudidateTor
tbe Presidency, a..d he tells us that he
will make an excellent, good President.
T doubt the patriotism of any man >cho
trill take tkehighest office m the Republic
when it is thrust upon him by fraud, and
this man knoics, if he gets the Presidency
it comes to him by ami through! undis
guised fraud."
Fire Insurance Company»
OrrieE No. 404 Markst Stkeet.,
Wilmington. Del.
"W*. Bright. President,
Dr. Jas. R. Tantcm, Vice President.
M 1 4. CHILD, Tr as.
Kalsomine vs. Whitewash.
Kalsomlners and housekeepers who hav
or y<»rs back beea troubiwf ay tbe peel
iS* of "m whitewashed walls, can oVer
a°Sa ¥ ,8 1 by *? e new process withthepow
Üf"'! Balsoniine prep , r ,^ i n the fashtona
ble shades and tinis. Mixed with water il
can be applied by any person with an ordi
nary brush.
Baraple cards of the shades can be adh
from the agent for this State,
sa R s
to me direct)
e of /
Cd, will be exposed to Public
writ of Levari FaelaK,
Hale, at the
LAFAYETTE HOTEL, 8*1 Shipley .St.,
kept by Geo. W. Ortllp, In the city of Wil
mington, New Castle county. Delaware, on
THE 7th DAY OP MARCH, 1477,
at two o'clock, p. m.,
the following described Real Estate, viz;
AH those two certain lots or pieces of
land Nituate in the city of Wilmington,
bounded and described as follows to wit:
1 .1, Beginning at the side of Ute Ken
Turnpike at a corner stone ; thence by
a new line dividing this lot from land of
Philip McDowell south forty-eight and
half degrees west one hundred and twenty
one feet to a stake; thenco by Another line
dividing from the said Philip McDowell
north lorty-three and a half degrees west
twenty feet to a stake; thence pamlli l with
the first mentioned side north lorty six and
one-hall degrees east 118 to the side of the
aforesaid Turnpike the last mentioned
line passing through the division wall
partition between this and the adjoining
dwelling belonging to Mild Philip McDow
ell ; thence along said Turnpike road south
fifty-five degrees east twenty feet three
inches to the place of beginning, be the
contents thereof more or less.
2, Beginning at a post at the south
westerly side of the Kefmelt Turnpike
read, a corner of the land of John A. Mc
Dowell: thence by said land south forty
six and one-half degrees* west one hun
dred and twenty feet to a line of land of
Philip McDowell; thence thereby south
fifty-one degrees east fifty feet six inches to
a comer; thence by the same north forty
and one-fourth degrees east one hundred
and thirty-nine feet to the side of the Ken
nett Turnpike road aforesaid, and thence
thereby north sixty-five aud one-fourth de
grees west fifty-one feet six inches to the
place of beginning, be the contents thereof
what they may.
Seized and taken in execution a* the pro
perty of John A. McDowell and Ann Mc
Dowell, tils wife, and U t., aud to be sold by
18 A AC GRUBB» Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, New Castle,
February 10, 1876.

By virtue of a writ of Levari Facias,
lo me directed, will be exposed to Public
Hale, at the
LAFAYETTE HOTEL, «41 Shipley St.,
kept by Geo. W. Ortllp, in the city of Wil
mington, New Castle county, Delaware, on
THE 7th DAY OF MARCH, 1877.
at 2 o'clock, p. m.,
the following described Real Estate, viz
All that certain lot or parcel of land situ
ate in the city of Wilmington, bounded and
described as follows, to wit : Beginning at
a comer formed by the line of the southern
side of Eighih street and the southerly side
of DuPont street; thenoe southerly along
side of DuPont street one hundred and four
teen feet to a stake ; thence westerly and
parallel to Eighth street sixty-four feet to a
stake northerly forty-eight degrees east to
the southerly side oi Eighth street ; thence
easterly by along side of Eighth street 26
feet to the first mentioned course and place
of beginning, be the contents thereof what
they may.
Bel zed and taken in execution as the pro
as H. Lewis, and to be sold by
IHAAC GRUBB, Hherlfl'.
Sheriff'* Offir». New Castle,
February 15, 1877.
perty of Thom
By virtue of a writ of Levari Facias,
to me directed, will be exposed to Public
Sale, at the
LAFAYETTE HOTEL, 841 .Shipley St.,
kept by Geo. W. Ortllp, in the city of Wil
mington, New C'astle county, Delaware, on
THE 7th DAY OF MARCH, 1*77
at 2 o'clock, p. m.,
the following described Real Estate, viz:
All that oertain lot, piece or parcel of
land with a two-story frame house thereon
erected, situate in Christiana hundred,
county of New Castle. Stete of Del., bound
ed and described as follows, to wit : Begin
ning at the intersection of the easterly side
of Rodman street at fifty feet wide with the
northerly side of Fifth street and extended
thence along said side of Rodman street
northerly fourteen feet to a stake ; thence
easterly parallel with Fifth street seventy
five feet to another stake; thence southerly
parallel with Rodman street fourteen feet
to the aforesaid side of Fifth street, and
thence thereby westerly seventy-five feet
to tbe place of beginning, be the content*
thereof what they may.
.Seized and taken in execution a* the pro
perty of Anthony E. deNormandie and
Mary deNormandie, his wife, and 1 . 1 .. and
to be sold by
Sheriff'* Office. New Castle, i
February 13,1877. j feblf»-3tawrs
By virtue of a wi
rft of Levari Facias,
to me directed, will be exposed to Public
Sale, at the
LAFAYETTE HOTEL, 841 Shipley St.,
kept by Geo. W. Ortllp, in ths city of Wil
mington. New Castle county, Delaware, on
at 2 o'clock, p. m.,
the following described Real Estate, viz:
All that certain lot, piece or parcel of
land witli four frame house* thereon erect
ed, situate in Christiana hundred, county
of New Castle, and State of I>elaware
bounded and described as follow* towit!
Beginning on the easterly side of Rodman
street at fifty (fio) feet wide at the distance
of fourteen feet northerly from ihe norther
ly side of Fifth street extended, Uience
along said side of Rodman street northerly
one hundred and eighteen foet to a stake *
thence ea*terly parallel wiui Fifth street
seventy-five feet to another stake thence
southerly parallel with Rodman street for
ty-eight feet to another stake : thence west
erly parallel vita Fifth street seventy-five
feet to Uie place of beginning, be the con
tents thereof what they may.
He'ied and taken in execution as the pro
Çf rty . of % , Anülo ny E. deNormandie and
Mary deNormandie, his wife, and 1. 1 and
to be sold by *
Sheriffs Office, New Castle, )
February 1ft. 1877. s febift-Stawt«.
O By virtue of a writ of Levari Facte«
.to me directed, will be exposed to Public
•Sale, at the
LAFAYETTE IHOTKL, 841 Shipley St.,
kept by Geo. W. orthp, ir. the eitv of W
imu^tou, New Castle county, Delaware,
at 2 o'clock; p. m.,
tbe following described Real Estate, viz:
All that certain lot of land and two-story
frame dwelling home thereon, situate In
the city of Wilmington, bounded and de
scribed a* follow«, to wit: Beginning at
tbe southerly side of Carpenter strict \£
tween Monroe and Adams and 4tli and Mh
streets at the distance of 80 feet from the
westerly side of Monroe street, thence
southerly parallel to Monroe street along a
line of other land of said Westbrook on the
east 4ft feet to the northerly side of a three
feet wide alley ; thence westerly along said
!ÎÏL? f iî a î d ?l ley arHl Parallel to Carpenter
street 12 feet to a corner ; thence northerly
PtarCî i e f l i^n MO D 1,06 8lree l alo,l 6 a line of
land oi r . Beekman on the west 45 feet to
the aforesaid southerly side oi Carpenter
street, and thence thereby easterly 12 feet to
the place of beginning, be the contents
thereof what they may.
Seized and taken in execution as the uro
perty of William T. Westbrook ami Anna
M , his wife, and R. H. Smith, terre tenant,
aud to be sold by
sihTiwifr- QHUBB. Sheriff.
Sheriff b office. New Castle. )
February 7th, 1877. J f«bé-3tawts.
Agents Everywhere, to' Wanted
L ' rown SeU-Closmg Ink
^ ,,^11» Itself at sight whererer ink is
* roots immense, sample 7
ud-treM. A. U. aiNlütm 4 « tv sin
MuUdnlphta Pn. taax«tmsoaili
ur street
n Hy virtue of a writ of Levari laclaa.
tome directed, will beeiposed, to rubile
oIlImn'iiOOSE, kept by George Whll- 1
field In the eitv of New Cuatle. In New
SSli IfSSdrKf. New castle Co.', Del., on
TIIE 6th Day OF MARCH, 1877,
at Xo'clock , F. M.,
the following described Real Estate, viz:
All that certain tract or parcel of land.
situate hi New Castle Hundred In the
County of New Cast e, and State of Delà
ware, bounded by the public Road lead
I ng Irom Hare s Corner to Saint Georges by
by the New Castle and Fruochtown Rail
road, by landnoworlatcofOutarbridgeand
and William Moore, by lands oflhcTrus-1
tees of the Baptist Uhureh »nd other con
telning i»«* vet I acre* more or lew Including
hll the building.« thereon, and the house
and ham on Ihc* preinIsc* thereon, lately
owned,hcldundoccupied by Mrs.UassIday.
Heir«! and taken inexécution a« (Improp
erly of John Bartholomew nurvlvlug Mort
gagor and 1.1., and to be sold by
By virtue of a wrii of Levari Facias to
dlmcted will beesposed toFubllc, Hale, |
Sheriff* office, New Castlel
February 15th, 1877.
LAFAYETTE HOTEL, 841 Shipley Ht.
kept by Geo. W. Ortllp, in the city of Wil- 1
mington. New ('asile eounty. Delaware, «in ,
THE 7th DAY OF MARCH, 1877,
at 2 o'clock P. M »
the following described I teal Estate, viz:jO
AH that certain lot, piece, or parcel of
land ami buildings, known as the Delaware
• Soap Works" situate in the city of Wil
mington, aforesaid, bounded and described
ffdlows, to wit: Beginning at the inter
siction of the northerly side of Third street
and easterly side of Orange street, thence
northerly along said side of Orange street,
feet, 11 Inches, more or less, to land late
of James Plunkett, thence along the same
easterly parallel with Third street hi feet
ft Inches to a stake,thence Southerly paral
lel with Orange street 12») feet li inches,
more or less to the aforesaid side of Third
street, and thence along the same westerly
81 feet ft indu« to the place of beginning be
the contents thereof what they may.
Seized and taken in execution as tile
property of Emily Porter surviving Mort
gagor and widow of Alexander Porter de
ceased. Geo W. Sparks, Executors of the
last will and lestainment of Robert D Hicks,
deceased, Annie M. Brown only child and
heir at law of mild Robert D. Hicks and
w illiam J. Brown, husband of said Annie
M. Brown, and 1 . 1 ., and to be sold by
See riffs office New Castle, )
February Jftth.1877.
I fehlT-tltawta.
by virtue of a writ of L
•directed, will be exposed
ut the
LAFAYKTT HOTEL, Sit Shipley St.,
kppt by ti
arl Facias to
»Fublie Sale,
W. Ortllp, in th«- city of Wil
, New Castle county. ItcUwim». on
DAY OF MARCH. 1*»77.
2 o'clock, p. in.,
tin- following described Iteal Estate, viz :
All that certain lotof land with two-storv
brick dwelling houses thereon ervcled, sii
uate in the city of Wilmington aforesaid,
bounded and described as follows towit:
Beginning at the northwest corner of Beo
ond and Bcarles streets, thence westerly
along the northerly *lde of Hecoixl street 66
feet to the easterly side of a three feet wide
alley hading into Second stree* ; th«nce
northerly along the said easterly side of
said alley ift feet, more or less, to a corner;
* n .°e. easterly and parallel to the finit de
■cribed line and Second street pusatne the
centre of the party wall dlv tiling thin house
from ttie one adjoining on the north 6« feet,
more or less, to the westerly side of Bcarles
street, and thence thereby southerly 15 feet,
more or less, to the place of beginning, be
the contents thereof what they
Beired and taken in execution as the pro
perty of George Crtsdon and Wllhelmina,
his wife, and 1 . 1 ., and to be sold by
J 2 AA £ GRUBB, Sheriff.
Sheriffs Office, New ( astle. j
Fcbruury 15, 1877. * tcbl7-3tewts.
THE 7r
Hy virtue i.fawrlt of Levari Facia«
Sale,at d |!hr' Kl ' W111 ^ «P°«d Public
LAFAYETTE HOTEL. 841 Hhjpley St.,
lle P t _î ,y w • Grtllp, in the city of Wil
niiugton, New Castle county, Delaware, •»»»
at two
'dock p.
the following described Real Estate, viz
wAU ïfrtAln lot ot land and two-*torv
clt> of Wiimri^ton, bounded and desertb
fti a* follow* to wit: Beginning at the
southerly side of Taylor street, l*ir
^ r U °ü and «treete. at the dJKa
of fourteen feet one and a quarter lnche«
fjsnn the easterly aide of Wilson street
thence southerly through the centre oPuié
party wall between this and the adjoining
°wV,' e we,t of Jnbn »nd par®
aller to Wilson street, thirty-four feet more
or less, to a corner; Uience easterl v parallel
'«SJ 1 « thirteen feet el^bPa'naon^
fPPJH 1 } act,eH h> another corner; thence
ItaySVuR}™ 11 ** to 0,6 Ur,,t mentioned
» ?^ ani * "llson street through the centre
Po„o'' p:i . ny W " U hi'tween thlsandumad
Joining house on the east, of Robert R
Porter, thirty-four feet, mon- or les" to thé
aforesaid southerly side of Tuylor street
and thence thereby westerly thirteen feel
eight and one-fourth Inches to the place of
îhel-ma/.' m " Wim "ÄTStat
Seized and taken in execution a* th** iytty
Rherlff's Office 1 , ^e A w C Ä?"
rebruary 10 , 1877.
i febl7-8tewt-s.
liy virtue ol u wr
,,, , - ,, , fit of Isevari Facia*
sale^tUiT*** 1 ' WlB 60 ex P os, ' d *«* Public
kept hy Geo. W. Ortllp, in the city of Wil
mington. New Castle county, Delaware on
at 2 o'clock, p. m ,
th, r following described Real Estate viz
All Unit certain lot. piece or parcel of
land situate In the city of Wifminnou,
aforesaid, bounded and described as^fol
lows to wit: Beginning at a point
northeasterly side of Delaware avenue at
the distanee of 1U5 f«H*t from the intersec
tion of tae northwesterly side of Lfocoln
street w lU i the northeasterly side ol l"a
ware avenue; theuc** in a m
rection parallel with the safodîtetif Lincoln
street lzft feet to a »»take; Uience in a north
westerly- direction and parallel with the
said side of Delaware avenue feet u, an
omer stake; thence in a southwesterly di
rection parallel with Lincoln street lifted
to the northeasterly side of Delaware
nue; thence Uierewith in a southeasLerlv
direction 83 feet to tlie place of begmidnif
be tlie contents more or less. »»niiitifc,
-, "• that certain lot piece or narcol
of land situated in the city àfore-akl C u „'
2lJ , ..f nJ d ,''" cril> < > d us follows, 10 wit : 14,'
at a point in the easterly side of
Jackson street between Bhalleross avenue
and levering avenue at the distance of
feet from rite lntcrsecifcm of the nortlierlv
won 1 ,'! 8llall< ' ro8 » avenue at7o fts-t wide
M fo-t wi ta"ta rl î 8Ule °f,J»efi«>n street at
S^LTiSh ^ l , " ral1 '' 1 wiUi said side
av enue easterly 100 feet to a
ïjSri thence parallel wiUt the said side . f
5nta motaor P C of bt ' gin,u,l l!- ^ Üre eoti
QRVBB, Shsriff.
-->ew 1 usiic,/
SheritTs Ortii
.V .Ui, 1877.
c: _ JA.
S'ufWlrlun'or ft 'writ of Venditioni Ex
IK>nll ; tomedlrei-ted will beexpoatd to pub
|| C M | e
at Kirkwood, in 1'eneader Hundred, New
< -tie county, Delaware., on
187T, at 1 o'clock, P. M.,
The followingdeacrlhcd Real Estate, vlai
All that certain lot of land situated In
rencmler HundriKl. New Castle oounb,
and State of DdUware, bounded on the
south by land of — 8»aw,
on the eaat by land of .Thomas R. Uo ulden ,
oh the north by lands late of W JRI»™ Beck,
containing ten acre* of land, more or less,
with a La>gHouse thereon erected,
Seised and taken into eseenUon a« Mu
property of Thomas Lea Is, and to be
*w>*d by
Late Sheriff.
{ feblfWtowt*
Sheriff"« Office. New Coalle, I
Feb. 13lh, 1877.
ALSO, All that certain lot or land situ
ated In Fencader Hundred, New Castle
eounty, and State of Delaware, bounded
on the North by lands of A. Titter, on the
west by lands of William Taylor, on the
east by lands of 8. Huber, and on the south
by lands of Charles Nichols, containing
twenty-nine acres of land, more or less,
with a Log Hou*e and Log Burn thereon
Hclzed and taken In execution as tho
of Isaac Nichols, and to ho sold
Lute Sheriff.
sheriff's office. New Castle ,)
Feb. 13th, 1877.
S feblft-Stawts
By virtue of a writ of Levari Facia* to
me directed, will be exposed to Public Hale
at the house of Wm. W. Anthony, In tin*
village of Stanton, in Mill Creek hundred.
New Castle county, Delawure, on
At 2 o'clock, p, m„
The following describe«! Real Estate, viz:
All that «*ertaln messuage and tract of
land eompos«*d of two adjoining tructs, sit
uated in Mill Creek huudred, New Castle
county, Delaware, beginning at a stone In
the place of an old whiteoak; thence by land
latcof W m. Baldwin south 00 \ degrees west
161 84 100 perch os to a stone in the middle of
a public road; the nee along the middle of
said road south 1# degrees east 90 2-10 per
ches to an old corner of the land formerly
of Andrew Walker, and continuing along
said road southerly to the corner of land of
the heirs of H. Rankin* thence thereby north
81 degrees oast 148 »M0 perches to a stone;
thence nort h 7 degrees west 13 8-10 iierchcN
to a stone; thence north 75.^ degree* east 99
one in tbe Turnpike Creek
road; thence thereby north 28 perches;
t hence north degrees west 42 perches;
thence north ssij,' degrees west 18 perches
thence south degrees west 10 perches;
thence north 93 degrees west 4 )>erenes to a
new corner; thence by land of the heirs of
Wni. Baldwin south 63\ degrees west eleven
perches and ninety-five hundredths to the
place of lx'glnnlng, containing about one
hundmland twenty-three a«*resof land, lx*
the same more or less, with a-house.
frame barn and other outbuildings thereon
I torches to
H** ized and taken in execution as the nro
Perty of ( buries Whiteman and Matilda P.
his wife, and 1.1.. and to be sold bv
.Sheriff's t >fflee. New Castle. )
February 7. 1877.
\ feh8.3tawt*
S heriff s hale.
By virtue of
writ of Levari F acia*,
^directed, will beexpo**l to public
kept by Geo. W. Ortllp, In the city or Wil
mington, New Castle eounty, Delaware,
at '.'o'elock, p. m.,
the following itescrlbeii Real Estate, vix:
All that certain lot of land with a two
storv frame dwelling house thereon, situate
the said city of Wilmington, bounded
and described as follows, towit: Begin
ning at the southerly side of Carpenter
Monr,>e and Adams and 4th
and 5th streets, at the distance of 6k feet
H 1 " westerly side of Monroe street ;
L'ion* T ,u £. r| y Parallel to Monroe street
along a line of other land of Joseph L. Car
™ m « feet tn the north
mli fe V l w 'de alley leading
said them» westerly along
neuter i.Sit JV? 'V.* 5 ' " nd P urallel to Car
therlv Damme nTli!" " co , rner ' Ihencenor
first mentioned line
5?iahfw2/£^, t a a iS n .( " llne of other
Said iSuth7ri» n e west " foet t »'<'
then™ il . f . C *,^ nU ' r * tre *L "nd
of he7in^h^ {L fa t ' rly V 2 f «-t'othe place
IhevmSv ' N th • OOBtont * "»"»»of what
Seized and taken in execution a* the nro
T We8tb f°ok und Am...
ConPe^r^rtapansTand^'l^oT; 1 ,^: 11 -
Sheriff. .officeÄ^t^ BB ' * hJ,ir
h ebruary 7th. 1877. ' j febMlawts.
By virtue or a writ of Levari Facias
»; , r UM, - W,B bo fvi'O^J lo Public
wCJÄ? W. Ortllp, In the City of
Wilmington, Newcastle county, Del. on
SATURDAY, atth day of FEBRUARY',
1877, at 2 o'clock, p. m.
the following described Heal Estate, viz:
.. u 1 } i^ at "'*♦•1" lot or parcel of land with
a brick messuage or tenement thereon lv
ing and being situated in the city of WÜ
mlngton, county and State aforcsUld boun
ded and diwcribed as follows towit: Be
ginning on the southerly side of Betts
B n rc P t i., ^tween Lamott street and tbe Phil
m lwMTÄ road, attire dlstancriof
in reel, ft^ inches from the westerly Hide
fon I '*üî ,1 u t t^.» roet ttt of tlie divis
ion wall between this und the odiolnlne
mou* street *s'i n™, Uj , t ' rl> P"«»«! with lot?
mon street 81 feet to a stake in the south
e I 1 . 8 ** P** - wide alley; thence
along said side of said alley westerly par
allcl to Betts street 12 fe2>t to a stakc
*5«"" , b > " »ne of Craig & TatnaU's land
Ä e i y „KS ,,e ! i to I 'f, m<ltt »troet «1 feet
CTly * ldo ° r Betts street ; thence
easterly along the southerly side of Bett*
placeofibeginning bo
may° nlCntS Wlthln Kal<1 bouI1!l8 what tiiey
Beized and taken in execution as the
property of William H. Pierce a" d tare?
tenants, and to be sold bv ' terre
Sheriff's offiee. 1 1 !? ( Vc C ai, i 5 lJBB '
^ ebruary 7th, 1877. '
to mc^dBecuid "uo, i W i rB of ^' nri Facias,
Sa" at the ' 1 Public
LAFAYETTE HOTEL, 841 Bhlpley st ,
kept by Geo. w. Ortllp, |„ the eitv of Wn
mington, New Castle county, Delaware
at 2 o'clock, p. m.,
the following described Real Estate viz
land' with ft r m 1 rV7tar P vT , i V, arwl uf
house thereon, situate In thi city of Wll®
mington, bounded nnd desirlliS l r, '
mirtlierly 19 fi«t lo tlie plac«» of beginnimr
»teïïîffî: l' WT r ! theyma'y.
saÂCÏÏÎWiiïîûft"' ur " 118 "-'
*»eriff"s office.^e A w A t C ^, BL I BB '
4ebruary 7U, uw. 'J feb8-3tawu.
lyHeriff s
n By virtue
meal reeled. «
of a writ of i,,.,.,..,,,,
, will he cxpowl t„ »'ubîfeï,^
at tb
kept by Uoorgo W. Ortlln link
Wilmington, New Castle euu'ily'^' 1 ' 1 I
At 2 o'clock, p.ni
T he follow ïnR described
All that eertaln piece
with a three «tory brick houwoïïL?! -V
led, situate In the city of "* ?•»«
■akl, hounded and descrlUa Ä" «•
Wt-Bettlnnlng at a «takeM tft'dtolZi*
17ft feet from the IntcrRmion „nrH
«trwt with Front «trm; U ,w, S
and parallel with Ulayton »irm w.? 91 !
Tu III) atraet ; Ihenre a lone tlie ,' w l
of Tulip street easterly Ä 'MM
other lamia of the «aid Wm ll e,*.:
Uienoe northerly and parallel wiS ,!*"
atreet 145 feet to a «Lake on
thenen westerly alone the kiiiuSHS
h root at root 12 feet to the placeofhiffl
bo the contenu thereof what ii,e. 0 S IB1 <
Hclxed and taken in execution^a
petty of William H. LeraÂ"."*»
u " b UÄP^
Ktdruary 7, 1877.
Sheri ITs
O By virtue of a writ nr Levari tv .
ÏJ the ' Wl " ,H ' 101
kept by George W. Ortllp, in thccltyorê
min*ton, New Castle cuunty, iMw"*
At 2 o'clock, p. in.,
The following described Item Estai.
All that certain lot or piece ÂÆ
6 two story brick houses them/nTmïï
situate In the city of Wilmington toïï
and described as follows, to wit JW)«!!
at the Intersection of the soatberivtu.
(illpin u venue and westerly sideof TtS
street; t lienee along mi Id side of Î3
street 4a feet to a stakt-; thence westeivm
parallel With Gilpin avenue 66 WL!
inches to a stake; thence northerly««»»
rallel with Lincoln street 43feettoiS!
erly side of Gilpin avenue; tkcntefoS
easterly 6ft feet «Inches to the piaeeofb*!
nlng lx* the contents thereof whattWJ
Seized und taken in execution ai tL J
pert y of William 11. Peirce and Eltafl
Hogan, Thomas Bowman. JamwSeu]
and Angeline Rlghter, terre tenant«
he sold by ISAAC GRUBB
Sheri ffs Office, New Castle '
February 7, 1H77.
By virtue of a writ of Levari Pi
to me directed, will b«- •*xi»hd<| w >h
Hale, at the n
kept by George W. Ortllp. in theft
Wilmington. Newcastle count),lit,
at 2 o'clock, j), m.
the following described Real Editai
All that lot, piece, or pared of ludt!
two three-story brick house* thereum
ed. situate in the city of Wilmingumifa
said, bounded and described as Axlm
wit: Beginning at a point on til«-note
side of Front street, at the <li*UD*tfl
feet from the westerly side of Hayt«
thence westerly parallel with Front M
24 feet to the middle of the brick psifil
wall between these ami the m(joiningbl
on the west; thence southerly and pet
through the middle of said brick paifl
wall 14ft feet to the northerly sideofli
street; thence therewith ewiterlyiMMi
stake, and thence northerly parallel i
Clayton street 14ft feet to the place of ty
nig, be the contents thereof whattheyi
Seized and taken in i*xh'uUod«I
property of William If. I'eiroe, aoC.
and to be sold by
.Sheriff's office, New ('adle,/
February 7th. 1877.
l f«*b»-JUH
The Mio wing deaerib 1 Best oak,«
All that lot or parcel o! lac! l itaitt
city of Wl,mington ab.reaald, boo*!
ae cribed as follow». to-*ii;
So. I Beg main* at a poiatontaW
side of Haald atr. sl ol «0 leet »i«|2
taaca of to feet soul hetlj from
* ide °< Lobdell street st 61 feel «
westerly and parallel with IMÜtÿ
feet 6 lichee ta a staks: theta kg
and parai. el with Hea d street *•*
ches to a «Ute; Ibenoe ei«erlrtj]
oiiei with Lobdeil street 1 2
the aforeea d wenteriv *lde ot
and thence thereby nortber y 4* JJJj
to the plaoe of beginning. conMP^I
wha' they may .
Seized and taken in •
n t »•» i
CsaF-airr* h*lk
IO By virtue of s wilt »I Iwvsri
mo directed, will be evgoitil to Vo!
kept by George W Ortllp, la the
mington. New Oaat.e county, Del.« t*
At Î o'clock. P- »'I
perty of George K. Townee
M. town send his wife *ad
I?M aC GBBflB.
»henffe Office. New l«t e, \
February 7. 1877. _
sold bv
By virtue ot a writ <■!
me directed, will bo exi o ed »
a. tbe ,|
kept by George W. Ortllp. »
mligtau. New Cattle couniy, W"
THE 24th DAY OF FElHtl**''»'
At 2 o'elock. P n
The following described lte»l |i '"jj l ,
*11 that certain lot ot ItaMB*
said city ol A Umington, bouudea*- ,
bed as follows, ta-wu: l'ÇP^"'f 1 , a rl
on tbe northeasterly side yg
between Soon and Lincoln »wcL,
lance of 184 leet Irom ibe nor«" j
id scolt street; thenco
rallel to roott and LhieolnilreJJ'J)
n stake! thence north »eeteriy.*?-^,,
Uilpin avenue75 feet to a j
weeterly nod pam.lel to » 1^1
streets ISO feat to the aliie*»™.y,
a.enue. thence »o a ' b888l *, r h ! qmU 1
of uiliiin avenue 75 feet to tbe -
Bing, he tbe contents 'hereof
Seized and taken In oxecoh 0 ","
perty of William T, WeBihr<.ot ^m
hU wile, and 1 . 1 ., Y^uküôK**.
Sheriff a Offloe. New CasUv -1
February 7.1877, JJÎ
S nERIFF'8 SALE- I v tfi 1
By virtue of a writ w
to me directed, will he txp* 9
Sale, at the Kh | P w
kept by Geo. W. OrtfiP.
mington, New Castle coun >
at 2 o'clock, P-"" jy*
the following described (1 rf
All that certain lo t or P" ueH
three two-story briejj
ed, situate in the oityo^ v-iiqw«. WJfl
ded and deseribed «g gido^.J
ginning on of r ^ -
avenue at the ßid°°^ i
westerly from .^'rallel Wj
street, thence southerly ij
street, and passing these J
the division wall divide *' t fi I
adjoining house* p' 1 pl h ,, n ft rttll<' 1 \
stake ; thence w ® sl f r ! y i,!rlH ,f{
pin avenue 33 with C'Sîm
thence we*terly oi
43 feet to the «ouüieri> mu
nue aforesaid; thene« ^ of
feet 4 indie* t« tl V what tiny n *5,
the contenta thereof xecl ition*C
Seized and teken in e^ ellI1 d g
perty ofWiMianilL^^
Hogan. Thomas Bow ßt ,jina R 1 ®
Jamc* Scanlon and A'*"
and lobe sold b^ AAC
Sheriff's office. New t» 6 " 0 ' |
February 7 th,
J Ail ^" K 5SiSvVi^

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