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@1» gaily
Til Daily Gazette Is published every
afternoon (Sunday excepted,) at 416 Market
Street, and served by carriers to subscribers
it all parts of the city and sn'rounding
towns and villages, for six cents a wee--,
payable weekly. Yearly eunscrioere, g8 In
TAVIMIataiii Gazette, established
In 1784, lflthelargest and most flourishing
weekly paper in the State, and ha* a large*
ci rchHitfoirtnan any other on the Peninsula.
Thursday afternoon, at «2
Published every
per year, In advance.
Subscribers who change their residences
are required to give notice; in doing this
it is necessary to name the place or poù-ojflcm
left as well as tiie place mtetd tb. In a large
subscription list tiie.e are mime ous per
sons of the same name; besi le the naming
of both places foci ligues the book-keeper m
making the change.
Apx-il SI. 1877.
Tub Russian Wah Manifesto.—
The news received to-d*y from Europe
states that Russia h- - issued a war mani
festo, setting forth the reasons which
have induced the Czar to I ake up arms
and the objects tor which he will use
them. It makes the conventional prom
ise usual in such cases, that Russia gi as
to war not for conquest, but to pro. eel
the rights of the Sclavonic fellow-believ
ers of the Russian people in the Turkish
These Sclavonic fellow-believers of the
Russian people bave not been consulted
hy the'r protector m the matter, and
there is little rear on to doubt that they
are cursing him in their hearts to-day for
his interference more bitterly than they
have ever cursed the Sultan or the Sal
tan's servants for the oppressions which
are Its pretext. Tf Russia marches into
Bulgaria for the purpose of occupying
that province, as the manifesto declares
that she means to do, the unhappy Bu'
garians. who hate the Greek Christians
much more Intensely than tbeMabomet
ans, will be . bairied out of bouse and
home by the contendmg atmiei. They
are a quiet people, and in ordinary times
a rather prosperous and well-to-do peo
ple; hut their land, smokiug still /-om
the ravages committed by the Turkish ir
regulars during the disturbances of last
year, will be brought near to desolation
before Russ'a can succeed in "holding it
as a material guarantee'' far their happi
ness and peace, and that of their Cbiis
tlan fellow-subjects In general.
Louisiana to be Fuse on Tubsdat.
—The whole country seems to rejoice In
the promised freedom of Lou'siana on
Tuesday. The President's order for the
removal of the troops on that day is pub
lished, and the Secretary of War hes is
sued it to the General. But somehow or
other that functions y always happens to
be away om his office when such orders
are sent there. Tn th's case we be
lieve his absenoe will not cause delay ;
in previous c ses we believe the absence
of this man from b ; s post was deserving
of severe censure. It is hoped that the
order o r the President will he promptly
obeyed, and that all the States in the
Union will bj once mere Independent
sovereignties. Th's great result has no.
been brought about without much labor
and determined ef 01 L on the p? - of Dem
ocratic statesmen, and the credit for the
benefits resultlr" is a'mo't wholly due
to the unity of the Democratic peny on
the ques-ion.
How it A FF*' .'Ta t n EM. — A dispatch
o the Philadelphia Press (Republican,)
ys the ac.ion ort'ie President ; n direc.
ing the witbdrawl ofthe troops bas occa
sioned widespread cot "te.-ration among
the friends of Packard in W' hingtou,
who have been vehemently declat ipg that
he would contest the settlement as pro
posed by the commiss on. It Is believed
that hy the time the order for the removal
takes etlect the lna'oiily if not all of the
Returning Board membe-3 in the Packs d
Legislature will have gone over to
NichoUs, aod that the body known a° the
Nicholls Legislaa' e will proceed to the
■ election of Un' ed St .tes Senator, and
then adjourn. The President said to-nlgh
that he apprehended ro fur .her complied
t ors in the Louisiana question.
Hayes' Letters:— Those who read
tl^ orders of the President with regard to
the presence of the U, S. troops in Loui
siana and South Carolina, cannot fail to
observe the studied care taken to state
the fact that he found the troops there
upon entering upon his official duties.
Th's, in connection with his repeated
declaration that he could find no law or
reason for continuing them in that posi
tion. is of itself a condemnation of the
the policy of the late administration, and
must be so considered by Grant and those
who were in his Cabinet, and their back
ers aud excusers.
The Effect of the War between
Russia and Turkey, which may now be
said to be declared, although formal dec
laration has not yet been proclaimed by
the combatants, will no doubt be io in
crease very materially the price of flour
and wheat. It is possible that beef,pork
and many other articles will be stimula
ted above their present prices. There
said to be a scarcity of wheat in the
couutry, and it has already advanced
from $115 last fall U> $2, and flour which
then sold at $8 is now selling for $11.
A cur ous fius is now ou exhibition
at Mitchell s drug store, Elkton. It ha
a serpent's head, an alligator's body
a monkey's hands and a fish's tail. _
was caught at Barnes' fishing shore,
Northeast river.
aiicRotn ^ijr ffii'^- Arc iPMT—
Last Monday an excursion train
came down the Columbia and Port
Deposit Railroad, containing Vice
President Roberts, of the Pennsylva
nia Railroad and a number of other
railroad officials. They were met at
Port t pesit by President Hinckley
and Superintendent Kenney, of the
P. W. *> R R. R ; , and Preaident Scott
of the Pennaylvania Railroad. After
being escorted through the town by
Hon. Jacob Tome, the parly returned
lo Philadelphia hy way of the Phil- A
Balt. Ceotral R. R-What conclusion
they arrived at is unknown but it is
believed that the result of their visit
gill be the speedly opening of tri vel
on the Cslumbia St Port Deposit Rail"
L»«t week, the team of Robt. Crulk
shank was frightened by a train on
the railroad near Rowlandsville. and
ran away. Mr. C. was thrown out and
severely injured, receiving a cut bead
and various bruises.
A farm o[ 71 seres at "Corot r Ketch''
was sold a few days ago to John W.
Sobold, for $4,010, and a large st me
store bouse at Rock Run lo Wm, Cat
tle, for $2,310
Theannual session of the Teachers'
Institute for Cecil County will be held
in filkton on U e 23th, 26th, and 27th
of April.
Tbaddeus S. Smith, a former native
of Elklon, died recently at St. Frances
ville, III., in the 38th year pf his age.
Hitherto streetcars on the Ameri*
can pattern hare found qo fgver at
Lyons, France but, lately a contrac
tor, taking advantage of the prevail
ing stagnation in tne silk trade, has
proposed io that municipality to con
struct a line at hia own coat, and
hand over all the proceeds for the first
three months for the benefit of the
distressed operatives. Then, if the
muocipal authorities so desire, he will
remove all traces of the line. The pro
pobal is likely to be acceded to. In
>Act, the Prefect hardly dares refuse,
with all the hungry men he has just
now around him*
The appointment af Mr. Schneider, of
Chicago, to bo Minister to Switzerland,
wjs decided upon by the Cabinet yester
day. The Cabinet also detenu ned, upon
recommendation of Postmrster General
Key, to appoint A. A. Freeman of Ten*»
n see, Assistant Attorney General for
the Post office Department, to succeed
Mr. Spence, who nid retire on the first of
May. Mr. Freeman is a prominent law
5 er of Tennessee, w' •» Repub' can candi
ate for Governor of that State a few
years ago, and hr« been several times a
member of its legislature.
By virtue of a writ of Levari Fa
cias. to me directed, will be exposed to
Public Sale, at the
LAFAYETTE HOTEL, 841 Shipley 8t.,
kept by Geo. W. Ortlip, in the city of Wil
mington, New Cast)# county. Deluware, on
Saturday the 5lh day of May,
1877, at 2 o'clock, p.m.,
the following described Rkai Estate, viz:
All that certain lot, piece or parcel of
land, witii a Uuee storied brick house there
on erected, situate In the city of Wilming
ton, bounded and described as follows, to
wit: Beginning pt the corner formed by Lhe
southerly side of Second street anil the
westerly skie of Lombard street, thence
along said side of Second street westerly
about seventeen feet to the middle of the
westerly gable end wall of said house
thence southerly paralled to Low bard stree.
and passing through the middle of said
wall 86,feet to the northerly side of a three
feet wide alley, thence along said alley sldè
easterly parallel to Second street about
seventeen feet to the aforesaid side of Lorn -
bar(l street, and thence therewith northerly
eighty-six feet to the piaoe of beginning, be
the cordants thereof what they may ; except
ing and reserving therefrom the vi^ht and
privilege of using and. building into and
against the weste G y gabie end wall of the
house hereby conveyed without any costs
or charges ,or the same by Albert Thatcher
« heirs and assigns.
Seized and taken in eieoutlon as the pro
perty of William Dufly and Mary Duffy
his wife, and to be sold by
_ ISAAC GRUBB, Sheriff.
Sheriff s office, New Castle
April 18, l»77.
aprCr Maw' i.
By virtue of a writ of Levari Fa
oUs. to me directed, will be exposed to
Public Sale, at the
At Townsend, In Appoquinlmluk Hun
dred, New Castle county, Delaware, on
Tuesday, the 8th Day of May,
1877, at one o'clock, p.m.,
the following described Real Estate, viz:
All that certain farm, plantation or tract
ofland situate, lying and being in Appo
quinlmink, how Blackbird hundred afore
said; bounded by the public road leading
from Taylor's bridge to Flemlning's land
ing, by tiie Smyrna creek by the north-west
branch of said creek, by lauds of James C.
Laltomus and by laud now held by Cathar
ne Maieyas tenant in dower. Containing
one hundred and sixty acres, be the same
less, with a frame two story dwel
llnghouse. kitchen,barn,stubllng,grauery,
etc., thereon erect«!.
Seized and taken In execution as the pro
orty of Jacob Deakyne and Caatharlne
leakynehis wife, terre tenants and to bo
sold by
u, «« ISAAC GRUBB, Sheriff.
Sheriff's office New Castle, {
April 19th, 1877. i apr21-3tawts.
A djourned sheriff's sale
By virtue of sundry writs of Vendi
tioni Exponas lo me directed willbeex
posed to publie sale on the farm of J R n
Olo.iam occupied by William P, Siloox
near Ogletown In White Clav Creek Hun
dred, in New Castle County, Del., on
MONDAY, the 30th day of April, 1877,
at 1 o'clock p. m ,
the folowing described Personal Property,
viz: Four good work horses, three colls,
six cows, one sow and pigs, five shouts,
one ir *m wa;on, one market wagon, one
rriaie, one reaper, one mower.
. - loi of
tanning implements, aoout thirty acres of
wheat in ground, Ac.
Seized and taken In execution as the pro
perly of Goerge P. Pretfyman, Frank W
Pretty man, and Maria H. Prettyman, and
to be .sold by
WM. H. LAMB80N, late Sheriff.
Sheriff's office, New Castle, )
April 18. 1877. J
Where he has opened a large and well se
lected stock of
Gauze Merino Underwear,
Boniery, Gloves, Notions,
Zephyrs, Itvjjlinys, Ties, Etc.
T Ucc;t gippU fationg.
by give notice that 1 aball apply In
writing to thcJndgea of the Court ofGeneral
.Sessions of the Peace and Jail Delivery of
the Suite of Delaware, In and for the coun
ty of New Castle, on Monday, the 7th day
or May next. A. D.. 1K7, being the first day
or lire next May Term of the said Court,
for a license to keep an Inn pr tavern In
School District. No. n, Pencaaer Hundred
Pleasant Valley. New Castle county. Dela
ware. known as the ''Iron Hill Homo,"
to sell Intoxicating liquors In less quanti
ties than one quart, to be drunk on the
premises, and the following respectable
citizens recommend the said application,
to wit:
Patrick Sullivan, Richard Bnlllvan,
James Sullivan, John U Koarke,
John Schools, James O'Roarke,
Hugh Murphy, Valentine Kemether.
John Blown, Thomas Brown,
Mar, la Kemciher, Edwxul McGnnlgal.
OTICE.—I, Lon Is Raymond do hereby
give notice that I shall apply to the
Judges of the Court of General Sessions of
the Peace and Jail Deli very of the Htate of
Delaware, in and for the County of New
Castle, on Monday, the 7th day of May «
next, being Uie first day of the May Term,
A. D., 18T7,fora license to sell lntoxlcat
lng liquors at No. 61 5 Shipley street In the
5th Ward of the city of Wilmington, In
less quantities than one quarr to be drunk
on tli© premises, and the following re- a
spectable citizens recommend this said ap
plicatlon, to wit:
Thos. M. Culbe. j.
Geo Allmon
Joel Frist '
B. Keile, '
Adolph Hurst,
L. Curran,
Wm A. Murphey
James Monaghan,'
George Zeigler, ' *
Joseph J. Rebman, le
Joseph J. Breen.
Patrick Taggaft.
James Murphy
A. Given,
B. t* Hasson,
C. F. Breizacliey,
John Ferry,
Henry Miller,
John I*. Donahoe,
Andrew Trfkyoor.
John T, Gardner,
Juhu K. Kaue,
Levi Bird,
E. Huche.,
Wm. H. Robinson,
apr20 3t
OTICE_I, Thos. Lawless, do hereby
give notice that I shall apply to
Judges of the Court of General Ses
sions of the Peace and Jail Delivery of the
.State of Delaware, in anil for the County
of New Castle, on Monday the 7th <lay of
May next being the first day of the May
term, A. !>., «77» for a license to keep an
Xnat or Tavern known as tiie ' Ml. Pleasant
House, in the village of Chanesum, in
Sohool Districts No. 23 and 75, in Christiana
r odred. Now Castle .county, Delaware, to
I intoxicating liquors in less quantities
than one' quart, to be drunk on tiie premi
se!. and the following respectable mtzens
recommend this said application, to wit:
Peter Collins,
Thomas Moran,
James Toner,
John Doran,
_ Thomas Toy
witness John Clark Peter J. McCaDn,
Edward P. Conner Hugh Flinn.
Charles O'Donnell Robert Gamble,
Patrick Haughy.
apr iö-3t#
James Toy,
Patrick Daley,
John x Shields
Thomas lawless.
OTICE.-I,Philip G. Plunkett dô here
by give no.ice that I shall apply to
Judges of the Court of General Ses
sions of »he Per ce and Jaii Delivery of the
8la»e of Del-ware, in and lor the County
of New Castle, on Monday, the 7th day of
May pext, being the first day of the May
term, A. D., 1877, for a store license to keep
a wholesale llqour store at No. 207 West
Front street in the city of Wilmington, In
tiie county aforesaid, to sell intoxicating
liquors in not less than one half gal
lon not to be drunk on the premises.and the
following respectable citizens recommend
this said application, to wit :
Daniel McCusker, Robert M. Gibson,
James McKenna, Christian Strobel,
Julius Guenther, James Monaghan,
Thomas J. Bennett, Thomas Curley,
William Huber, John F. Long,
David WoolirjMi, Thomas MoCormlok,
F. C. Howard, John Ahrens,
Jacob Bulz, Frederick Hubers,
William T. Glenn, J . II. Reed.
Wlll nm Kyne, J. H.Tranhagen,
Jacob Kienle, Fred Weil,
Owen J. Hession, James A. Plunkett,
George II* Kiesel,
ap 1-20-3 1 *
N OTICE—I, George W. Ortlip, in com
pliance with the requirements of
the act of As^mbly in such case made and
provided,do hereby give notice that T shall
apply in writing to tive Court of General
Sessions ot tiie Peace and Jail Delivery of
the Statt» of Delaware, in and for the couoty
of New Castle on Monday,' the 7th day of
Mav next, A. D., 1877, being the first day of
the next May Term of the said Court, for a
license to keep an Inn or Tavern known
Uie Lafayette Hotel, at No. 811 Ship
ley street in tiie Fifth Ward ofthe city of
Wilmington, to sell intoxicating liquors
in less quantities than one quart, u> be
drunk on the premises and the following
respectable citizens recommend the said
application, to wit:
A. Given. John P. Donohoe,
W. s. Elliott, M. J. Gal'avher,
8. I). Smith, N. L. Tomllnsoa
J, N. Cieland, James Murphey.
George A limon, W. Montgomery,
Joel Frist James Scott,
W. E. Williams Henry Pyle,
W. C. Wood, G,H. Bennett,
John K. Kane, Jcb.» K. Bai'ey,
John T. Gardner, Daniel Bick'.a,
Joseph J. Breen, ^George Zeigler,
Andrew Traynor, John Harkins.
apr?J-3t# 1
N DTICE^-I, Geo; F. Robinson do hereby
give notice that I shall apply to the
ikes of the Court of Genetal Sessions of
Peace and Jail Delivery of the State of
Delaware, in and for the County of New
Castle, on Monday, the 7th day of May
next, being the first day of the May term,
A. D., 1877, for a license to keep an Inn or
Tavern at No. 112 W. Tenth street, known
as tiie Seventh Ward House, (German
Restaurant,) in the Seventh Ward, ofthe
city of Wilmington to sell intoxicating
liquors In less quantities than one quart to
be drunk on the premises, and the follow
ing respectable citizens recommend this
Id application, to wit:
John H. Edwards
Richard Walker
Chan. Reynolds,
Wm. B. Hickman,
Jos. H. Morrison,
Wm. Kh*k,
Jno. I*. Dever,
Jas. Thompson,
Jas. Ware,
J. R. Ham boy,
John Hartman,
Sam'l Ji. Bay I Is,
Adrien Hughes,
W. G. Thompsor
Frank Car
W. S. Downing."
Tbo.i. J. Mellon.
s Campbell,
Allen Cloud,
Franklin McCal'.
Sani'l S. Bayllg Jr. Jas. Cusack
. J. Evans,
Evan Walker,
John L. Malone,
James Peoples,
'apr 19-31*
OTICE—I, Michm i Malloy do here
by give notice that I shall ;
. .3 Judges of the Court ofGeneral Se
ofthe Peace and Jail Delivery of the State
of Delaware, in
apply to
(1 for the C
ity of New
Castle, on Monday, the 7th day of May
next, being the first day of tire May Term,
A. I)., 1877, for a license to keep an Inn or
Tavern at No. 1120 French street i
Eighth Ward of Uie City of Wilmington, to
sell intoxicating liquors in less quantities
i quart, to be drunk on the proml
respectable citizens
application to wit :
ses, and the following
recommend this said
Andrew McVey,
Jolm M. Patterson,
Davis B. Patterson,
Joint S. Sparks,
Charles E. Tarnan,
Michael Curran,
Robert Lynn,
William Curran,
A. J. Weber,
Geo. E. Kleinstuber,
Hugh Mugui.e,
J. C. Foulk.
Patrick Dally,
Robert Ingram,
Tlromas Donnelly,
Thos. Welch,
James Anderson,
Michael O'Mealey,
Joseph Miller,
James Boyle,
J. W. Cook,
Thomas Donnelly,
James Kenredy,
John Neary,
«ny ana sell Stocks,
Bonds and Gold in N
York, Phila^Bal timoré
and local markets.
Clayton House Building. Entrance on5tu
Agents for American, Red StRr, Inmnn
and Cunard Lines to Great Britain and
Continent of Europe.
For Hale.
$7000 Chester Water Loan Bonds.
200 Masonic Hall Co, Bonds.
SPBy virtue oMuwrlt of Levnri Facias to
S three ted. wdl be expo, ed to Publie bale.
at the hotel of
in « 1 * village of 8t. Georges in Red Lion
Hundred, New Castle county, Dei., on
at 2 o'cloci:, p. me,
the following described Real Estate, viz:
All that certain plantation or tract of
land lying ami being in the hundred of Rad
Lion, in the county of New Castle and stoic
of Deluware aforesaid, bounded and do
se ri bed as follow«, to Wit: Beginning at a
large poplar tree standing In the touth side
Co.îeï Neck Road and which is also a
corner of land heretofore of John A. Fen
nlngton; thence with the land late Ofthe
said Jon A. Pennington south fotu* degrees
three quarters of a degree, east one
.Jred ami ninety perçhesto »t.J »eo^e «*
creek: thenoe up the said creek by tiie sev
eral courses thereof about two hundred
perches to the mouth of a ditch on Ute land
fate of Enoch Thomas, deceased; thenoe
along the land lttlo of the said K. Thomas,
deceased, and hy laud formerly of Lewis
Reece north thiny nine and one-fouth de
grecs west fifty and six-tenths perches to
« corner of laud late of the said Lewis
Reece; thence norih «»xty-slx and two
tern**» lurches to a corner for land late of
Thos. liooth now Samuel R. Sutton: thence
north twenty-iour and one-fourth degrees,
east sixty-three and four tenths perches to
a stone six tenths east ol a stone m a line of
land late of Henry Grlndoge, now of An
thony M. Higgins: thence norih twenty and
three-fourth aegrees, east tifty-llye and
eight-tenths peiches to the Coxes Neck
road aforesaid, thence along said road
eighty three and one-fourth degrees east
eighteen and one fourth perches; thence
south eighty-four degrees,east one hundred
and twelve perches io the place of begi
*hg, containing one honored and ninety
ont* acres of land, be the same more or
le ss - , , . . , . ...
No. 2—All that certain brick dwelling
house with the iol of land thereunto belong
ing, situated in Uie village of .St. George 5 «
in Ited Lion hundred andeonnty aforesaid,
and which is bounded os follows, that Is to
say by the State road or street, hy lands
formerly of Henry Grlndage now of An
thony M. Higgins, and by other lands of
the said Samuel B. Sutton, containing
about seven acres, more or less.
Seized and taken in execution as the pro
perly of Samuel B. Sutton and Mary Ann
his wife, and t. t.'s. and to be sold by
Sheriff's Offlce, New Castle, )
April its, 1677. X
_j By virtue of a wrltofV enditlanl Expo
iias to me directed, will be exposed to Pub
lia Hale, at the
kept by George Whitfield, in the city, hun
dred and county of New Castle, Htate of
Delaware on
Thursday, the 3rd day of May, 1877,
at 2 o'clock, p. in.,
the following described Real Estate, viz:
Those two certain lots, pieces or parcols
of land, a« follows: No. 1.—All that certain
lot of land situate in the city, hundred and
county of New Castle, bounded and describ
ed as follows to wit: Beginning at a stake
on Uie west side of Young street a corner
for land of John Henry and running thence
with a line parallel with Htoneham street
and with u line of John Henry's land south
sixty-seven degreeswest one hundred and
fifteen feet to another corner for lands of
John Henry at a street latd out thirty feet
wide, thence thereby and parallel with
Young street south twenty-three degrees
east twenty five feet to a corner for land of
Thomas Berry, thence with said Berry's
line and parallel with the first line north
sixty-seven degrees east one hundred and
fllteen feet to the south west side of Young
street, thence with the said side of YOttn
street south twenty-three degrees wes
twenty-five feet to the place of oeglnning,
with a frame building theron.
xso. 2—All that ceitaln lot of land situat
ed In the city ol New Castle, county of New
Castle and Htate of Delaware, and now or
formerly bounded and describ«*! as lollows
to wit: Beginning at a point on the westerly
side of Young street in the line of land di
viding the land of Hugh McGovern And
John Henry thence running by the said
side of the said street in a southerly direc
tion three feet, thence in a westerly direc
tion and parallel with the said division
line and three feet distant thererrom twenty
six feet thence In a northerly direction and
parallel with Young street three feet to Uie
dividing line aforesaid, thence thereby in
easterly direction, twenty-six Teet to the
said side of Young street and place of be
ginning be the same what it may.
Seized and taken in execution as the pro
perty of Hugh McGovern, and to be sold by
SherifTs offlce, New Castle,
April 13,1877.
apr 18-eodts.
By virtue of a writ of Tie van Facia«,
to me directed, will be exposed to Publie
TH* Hotel of JOHN E. LEWIS.
In tiie town of Newark, in Whtte Clay
Creek Hd., New Castle county. Del., on
Thursday, 2üth day of April, 1877,
at 2 o'clock, p. m..
The following described Real Estate, viz:
All that; certain messuage
sit mi a'U
Hundred, New Castle County and State ol
Delaware bounded and described as follows
to wit:
in Pencader
and tract of land
ginning at a
and where tiie south bonier of tiie premises
of said Railroad Company intersects the
eastern border of the land formerly of Wm.
Gibbons now of Edward Stroud, thence
along the outline ot said Strömt's land
south two and a hall degrees eust fifty two
and one fouth perches to a stone a course
Haves' land, thence along the said north
eighty-seven and three-fourth degrees east
one hundred aud thirty-two and seven
tenths perches to a stone
stone on the south side ol
and Baltimore Railroad
corner of Mc
Conaughey's land, thence along the same
north four and a half degrees west one hun
dred and ninety perches to a stone on the
border of the premises ofthe said Railroad
Company and along the same the nine fol
lowing lines to wit: South forty one de
gree« west twenty-tliree perches south
forty-two and one-half degrees, west nine
teen perches, south 44 degrees, west nine
perches south forty-one and one-fourth de
gree.* west forty perches south forty degrees
west fourteen porches south forty-one de
grees west eighteen perches south thirty
seven degrees west twenty-two perches
south forty and one-half degrees west
twenty-six perches and thence by a right
line south forty-one and three-fourth de
grees west fourteen and oue-lialf perches to
the place of beginning containing nhielv
eight acres, two roods and lourtceu square
perches of la id be the same more or less.
Seize d and taken in execution as the pro
perty of George M. Huslerard Ann Husler
Ins wife and Wm. C. Rambo. Mary his
wife and t. t's, and to be sold by
ci» .«M ISAAC GRUBB, Sheriff'.
Sheriff's office. New Castle, t
April 4,1877. apr.7-eodts
By virtue of
. . ... "'rit of Levari Facias
at tiie rCCtLtl W 111,6 cx l ,oSc J to Public Sale
kept by Georue Whitfield, 1
dred.and county of New
THURSDAY, the 3rd day of May, 1877.
.. , .. , At 2o'clock,p.in.,
the following described Real Estate, viz:
All that certai
situated in N
and lvlng on
. n the city, hun
Castle and State
tract or piece of land
- Cas,lu hundred aforesaid
the north-west side of
, I renchtown turnDrkc
road, lioiiiided by lands of the heirs
Kicbard Simmons, deceased, by lands
Sniytb and Olliers, and by the
turnpike road , containing thirty-four acres
a, 0s8 a luell dil so,le half of the
turnpike road.
stle and
l ;V ul taken in execution as the
perty of George W. Palmer and Melvina
Downey, t. t., and to be spld by
ShPHfr'w ^AACGHÜÜB, Sheriff.
Sheriff s. office, New Castle
April 12 , 1877.
Agents Everywli '""^Wanted
>e ««n P f. tei îî Cro ' TT * Selt-ClOBing
Î5 By virtue of a writ of Vbndltlonl Ex
popas, to me directed, will bo oxponed to
Public Sale,at the
kept by Geo. W. Ortllp, in the city of Wil
mington, Now Castle county, Delaware, on
Saturday, the 28th Day of April,
lffrr, à» 2 o'clock, p.m.,
The following described Read Estate, vlai
All those two tracts, pieces .
land situate in the city of Wilmington,New
Castle County, Delaware, bounded and de
scribed as follows; No. l. Bbglnnibg at
the Intersection or the westerly line of load
now or late of Edward Shipley with the

parcels of
west side of Jackson street, thence north
thirty-two degrees ekst about tbir^y-flve
feet to the southwest corner of Jkcksou and
Fifth streets, thence by Uie southerly side
Of Fifth street north fifty-eight degreeswest
hundred and niua-fee« to the southeast
corner of Fifth and Van Buren streets,
loeby til* eglitéiriy side of Van Buren
ly-two degrees west two
y*g vofeet to thoHortlieast
iron and Fourth streets
•grecs EASt twohuiidred
corner of Van
I hence by then
south fifty-«tfel
and four feet more or less to the line of
Shipley's land uforesad and thence by said;
line about north fifty-five degrees east two
hundred and eighteen feet to the place of
beginning be tiie same wbat It may. No. 2,
Beginning at a stake orl the easterly side of
Tatnall street boiween Eighth and Ninth
streets at the distance of twenty feet from a
line of land now or late of--Gordon
thence easterly parallel with Eighth street
one hundred and fifty-three feet lout inches
to a stake, thence southerly parallel with
Tatnall street twenty-feet to a stake thence
westerly parallel with Eighth street onel
hundred and fifty-three feet, four inches Ui
tiie easterly side of Tatnall street aforesaid!
and thence thereby northerly twenty feet to
tiie place of beginning with a two story
frame house thereon erected.
Seized and taken Into execution as thc|
property of John Dougherty deooused,
(Elizabeth Dougherty, administratrix, of
John Dougherty, deceased,) and to bu sold
Sheriffs Office, Nevr Castle,
April 6, 1877.
By virtue of u writ of Levari Facias,
lo me directed, will be exposed to Public
Bale, at the
lathe village of Ht. George's in RetPLloiji
Hundred, New Castle County,Delaware,oiji
Friday, the 27th day of April, 1877,
at 2 o'clock p. m.,
Ttte following described Real Estate, via|:
All that certain plantation or tract qf
land lying and b«dngln the hundred ofdied
Lion, in tiie County of New Castle and
State of Delaware aforesaid bounded and
follows, to wit: Beginning fid
a large poplar tree standing on the south
side ol Coxe's Neck Road and which is also
a corner of land heretofore of John A, Pen
nington; thence with the land late of the
said John A Pennington south four degree
and three quurters of a degree, east
hundred and ninety perches toBt. Georgeta
creek; thence up the said creek by the
several courses thereof about two huudnid
K vches to the mouth of a ditch on the land
te of Enoch Thomas, deceased: thence
along the laud late of the said E. Thomas,
deceased, and by land formerly of Lewis
Reece north thirty-nine and one-fourth de
grees, west fifty and six tenths perches to a
earner of land late of the said Lewis Reecie;
thence noith sixty-six and two-tenths pdr
cties to a corner lor land late of Bamuel B.
Button; thence north twenty-four and one
fnorth degrees, east sixty-three and lbUr
tenths perches fa a stone six-tenths east of
a stone in a line of land late of Henry GriU
dage, now of Anthony M. Higgins; thence
north twenty and three-fourths degrees,
east fifty-five and eight tenths perches to
the Coxe's Neck road aforesaid; thence
along said road eighty-three and one-fourth
degrees eighteen and one-fourth perches;
thence south eighty-four degrees, eastr olue
hundred and twelve perches to the place of
beginning, containing one hundred and
ninety-one acres of land, be the same mbre
or less.
Seized and taken Into execution as the
property of Samuel B. Sutton, and
Sheriff's office, New Castle, >
April th 1877. i
to be
1 By virtue of
writ of Vendition! Ffx.
pona»; to me directed, win be exposed
Public Sale, at the
Rotel of henj. d. Long land!
In Oie villingo offSt. Georee's In R*I Lion
buiKiml New Castle comity, LeittWaWjon
Friday, the 27th day of April, 1877,
at 2o'clock, p. m.,
th« following described Rial Estate viz
All the following described lots or pieces
of land situate In the village Oim. OeorgWK
New Castle county and Htate of Delaware'
No. 1. A lot fronting on Delaware stivet
Ofty feet and extend lng back at right angles
with Delaware street aforesaid to llenry L
Peckard's lot, bounded on the northeast bv
Samuel 8. Baldwin's lot and on the south
west by James Gorman's lot, containing
seven thousand live hundred square feolt
land with a Drug store thereon erected
No. 2. A lot of laud on the east cornerform
ed by the Junction ofthe Delaware (['tty
road with theGdessa road, In said village
of Ht. George's as follows, to wit: Becln
nine at the Junction orthe uforesald rdads
and running thence with the Odessa ruud
south forty degrees east one hundred ond
fifteen fiait, thence north forty seven and
three-fourth degrees east eighty-four forty
eight one huudreths feet, thence north
forty-two and one.quarter degree west one
hundred and fifty leetto theaforesuld Dela
ware Uly road, thencewithsald road south
forty-seven and thi*ee-fourth degrees ivest
eighty feet to the place of beginning, con
taming twelve thousand three hundred
square feet more or less with a store bouse
and dwelling thereon erected. No 3 .
lot or land In the said vlllageofSt. George's
bounded on the south by Main streeCon
the west by Hecond street, on the east bv
land of Samuel 11. Hutton and more parti
cularly described us follows to wit- Be
ginning at a point on Main street i'qrlv
two feet three Inches from the corner
said Main street and Second street tllenco
along said street the same distance
.Second Street thence north forty-nine and
three fourth degrees east one hundred and
thirty one Icet lo other land of Frederick
G Sutton thence southeasterly and paral
lel with Main street forty-two feet (lireo
inches thence southerly and parallel With
Second street fifty.two and' one-half de
grecs west one hundred and thirty-one feet
to the place ol beginning, lie the Same
f'reotixl >r lLSS ' w *'*' Uie building thereon
Kiil/.ed and taken Into execution a» the
property of Albert N. Hutton, and to
.sold by *
Sheriff 8 offlce. New Castle, '
April 6, 1877.
By virtue of a writ of Levari Facias
Sale! aUhe 0ted ' Wl11 bU e *P° seU toi'ubllc
LAFAYETTE HOTEL, fill Slilploy st.,
keiit by Geo. W. Ortlip, in the city of Wll
iiilntton. New Castle county. Deluware
•h. foHowlnï de°sÄ P r£i EstaUi vl*.
S? ÿrovS-afÆssifÂK
aÂIÂïïMfbV rgttret toung
Sheriff's Office,• S,1< ' rl "
April 4,1877. j apr7-3tawts.
KRiff'h sale.
By virtue of* writ 0 f l.».,,
ept by Geo. W. Ortllp, i n the en St 'i
Blin (ton, New Outlie county Dcl l ^* r Wil.
Saturday, the 28th Day of \T?
1W7,at2 o'clock, .pm ptU>
the following dexcrlbed Real ,
All those «ovcrai ami rwtpcnivo in»
parcel« (rfland situated In andlÄ^
city of Wilmington aforem 11 d1 -
wo. 1 ,—HttiiaU) In New Costa* rtn'ili , —
said county containing iffi, SÄ* '»
by computation twoVre. and ,^' un,ls
perches of »and more or less. i*"n R
premises conveyed to Robert Tavlorï 6
Win. Peoples and wife March au h ,J?
book 3. toi. 6, (rage 22, Ac U
No. 2^-Hltu«ic in Christiana Bun,i. ,
containing two acres one quarter an" .sf
ty-üve perdics ol laud more or le?» S lr '
the same land and prcmlsciwi. X
Morrison and wife conveyed to" ■ - meä
bdok H. vol. #, page s*. * c .
No. 3.—All thoactwo certain traci.._
br paroels Of Huai situate ln Nw fiSS.
Hundred aforesaid deslgnaled us ,' T
So. lo, number # contain™« tu »»}
10 iicrches more or less, and No loïïïï^ 1
lng two and a half acres, more or R
Ins the same land and premises hù, ? e :
Win■ Webb and wife and »ÄÄ
conveyed lo Robert Taylor March 21 ,«?
Book X, vol. a, page 1, Ac. 1# ".
No. 4 —situate In New Castle Hundred
aforesaid containing three acres threerS
and thirty porches of land, Ikj the iam.
more or less, being the same land ^
n emlses Which William McCanUev Si
Vimaru Bright assignees 5 Th" tfmîa
on the oth day of March, A. u I8K! "j
grant and conHrm unto Hoben Tu'ylor
Hook K, volume 7, page :i2f., Ac ■ r '
No. *—Bltoate In the city of Wlimlmsnn
aforesaid bounded by Seventh street Jack
sou streets and others, he the couteuti mo,,
hr less, being the same premises which
Wllltam Morrow and wire convei™ t«
Robert Taylor December 19, lsor Hookr
vol, 8, page 434, AC., containing aWigethw
Hdcen aores and thirty-four perçues, more
Sçlzêd and taken In execution ns the
property of Hobt. Taylor and lo he sold liv
0 , _ ISAAC GRUBB Sheriff
Sheriff's office, New Castle
i j Ap«| 10, 1377.
V lay.
S HERIFF'S »Ai.i.,
By virtue of a writ of levari Fuel»«
me directed, will be exposed to i'ubllo
Sale, at tlio
kept by George IV. Ortlip, In the city of
Wilmington, Newcastle county,Del., ou
Saturday, the 28tli day of April,
1K77. at 2 o'clock p. m.,
The following described Real Estate vir
All that certain lot. piece or parcel of
land with two-story frame house thewott
erected situate in the city of Wilmington,
bounded and described as follows, to vit*.
Beginning at the i utersectlon of the north
erly side of Elghtn street, and tiie wente.ly
side of Madison street, thence wesleily
along said side of Eighth street eighty-five
feet to the east side of Monroe street at
fortv-flve feet wide thence north alon? the
saiuslde of Monroe street sixty-seven teet
six indies to a corner thence east and par
allel with Eighth street,eighty-five feet
the aforesaid side of Madison street, and
thence . hjreby southerly sixty-seven feet
three indies to tiie place of deglnning, be
the contents what they may.
Also all that lot or piece of marsh land
known as the Deer Cneek marsh, situated
In Christiana Hundred. Nl*w t Gastlecounty
aforesaid, beginning at a point in the mid
dle of marsh laml, being also a corner of
Charles a. Murphey's marsh land,thence
extending south nineteen and three-quarter
degrees west along the middle of said land
and four perdiesand sixty-six hundrethsof
a perch to a point, thence still along the
same south twelve and three-quarter de
grees west sixteen perches and ninety-four
one hundreths of a perch to a comer of
marsh belonging to heirs of Caleb Stroud,
thonee by the said last mentioned marsh
north seven degrees west forty-one perches
and one-tenth of a perch to a point, and
north twenty-nine ami one-half degrees
west three-hundred and flve-hundretiisof»
nerehtoW. W. D.C. Wright's marsh,thence
by the same north forty-and one-quarter
degrees cast twenty perch r*« and flfty-two
hundreths of a perch to a corner of the
said diaries A. Murphey's marsh, thence
by the same south sixty-six and three
quarter degrees cast thirty-four perches
uiul sixteen kmxTrfths of a perch to the
place of begtamiiig containing five acre«
and twenty eight perches of land.
Seized and taken in execution as the pro
perty of Robert Taylor and John Donnant!
Elizabeth Dunn, 1.1., and to be sold by
-, A&AAG GRUBli, ëberiff.
Sheriff's Offloe, New Castle,/
April 11, 1877. i apr!2-3tawts
S HERI* t '8 HADE. ir , lMfA
By virtue of a writ of Levari FactM tO
directed will be exposed to Public Sale,
kept by George Whitfield, in the city, bon
dreri and county of New Castle, State or
Delaware, ou
Thursday, the 3rd day of May,
at 2 o'clock, P. M.,
the following described Real
All that certain plantation or wart J 1
land, situated, lying and being in the
dred and cqunty of New Castle in the 8
of Delaware, partly on the north and 1* j
the south skte of the Hew ■Ogg
at the
on the „ __ _
French town turnpike road—
lands late of Kinsey Johns, Esq.,U e uo»
lands late of Kinsey jonns, ^
orablo John M. Clayton, by
the heirs of Richard Simmons, dei»«v.
land late of Janie* Caulk, dec'd,
of Samuel H. Burnham, deed W 10
road leading from the said tunq is
Christiana Bridge and by tlieticw t*
and Frenchtown Railroad a™! "J ncr ,.,
containing one hundred and clgbij » n
more or lea*, excepting thereout ■a ™
pieee or parcel thereof containing te
moreorless. , ,,lece
Also all that certain °t he f t r J*t "[ r ?!,iii
ofland situated lu New Castle Hu
the county of New Czstle , v «t
ware aforesaid, and lying on ! ll J"[| ltm ni
Hide of the Now CaztU; and Irenm^
turnpike road, hounded by •* n< , l , 1 vS iwids
heirs of Richard 81 minons, dee "J b , tta
late or John Smyth and °i ll fj"',7'i rt i-foar
said turnpike read, containing, • ,
acres more or less. Book B, vol. ». V *
Seized and taken In execution
pet ty ol Melvina Downey su C n j jîelvin»
gager of Edward Downcj and
Downey tils wife, Joseph I. Jolm
c. t. a. of Edward Downe} ■ <*«<. ' i sl)U[ ,
Downey, Mary PeunlegtonwiJ
Pennington, Edward Hownejn pown«!'
Downey, Harriet wife of Clay, poa
devisees and heirs at law °[ f- 11 by
ney, dec'll, and t. ß t^ a.MUjbe^l.
Sheriff's Office, New Castle, I lg 3ul ,v«
April l!ä. lkil■ s " p _
By virtue of a writ
tome directed will be expo
Bale, at the
Lafayette Hotel, 841 Ship .
•pt by Goo, W. Ortlip, in tiro cit> ^
mington, New Castle county
5th day of May. '
Of Levari
• of W»*
« . n m
on at 2 ° cl k ' 1 ' j Estnte
The following described Rea ■
. * „ „n«.« ofla n(l .
! "'kàirh ïïfeÿ ^
' àt ÄS5 SSs&V*
r 1 gherire Offlco. New apr i«l»* -
^ April 121877. 1
, vi
be tlio

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