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, „SOTO!*. Del.,Nov 28, 1*77.
WI ? „Louons furnished by
8 Cloy House Building
* 12 M. I«-Joy:
. ts*
p 1 '
: S*
:. ft
« 2 *
j. Vew, J-ftJ
1(81 *
10 *
.. 121 ',
. .10" T,
ycst' , re<l
Mton »'n;,: (ias Company.
« Hank of Unaware.
jonal Rank.
Mini Rank.
» Bank..
ilBank Wil.and Brandywine..
Fire In». Co.
K l. R. Co...
re Mate Ronds ...
îlonGiy «'■
on City 5 s
1, first Mortgage
re Rail
re Railroad, extension.
imiXortliern,first Mortgage
re Western K. It., Ist mortgage. 17
unwer Railway Co. 1st mort., loo
.. 100
. 25
He Hal! C
Wilmington, Del., Nov 28, l«T7.
Utile Brandywine Mill« for
mi- Corrected Daily.
s.ooa o.oo
7 noa 8 oo
5 75a 6 fiO
Tuesday, Nov. 27.6 p. m.
trtod Meal.—'Tho market continue«
silesoi2wo harrels including lOOOon
mis; also Minnesoto Extra Faml
il for ax port, at *5 75a035: extra 6 50.
•hanged; sales at 4 25. Corn
roar Is
Mull; the last sale iirundy wine was
Ifo b.
h-Wheat Is quiet, but prices are
Bpil. Sales of 7000 bushels Pennsyl
imi.good. at $143; Ohio amber at
T«tero white 145ai55. Corn—But
ikdoing. there being only a light de
Idom tin* shippers and local consum
es in small supply and prices have
i»i Hales ol 30.000 bushels, includ
ed Southern yellow ftöaOO; Penn
ine, afloat, at 05c; Western high
ioldpt64a65; Western white at 37a40.
iny—"5barrels Western iron-bound
lull 10 per gallon.
rmy and set! stocks,
Iloiids and Gold in N
York, Phlla, Baltimore
i and local markets.
tcHouse Building. Entrance ou 01
Wîor American, Red Star, Inman
toanl Lines to Great Britain and
sen ot Europe.
1,6.0 Mechanics Loan Associa
te, to,OOO Franklin Loan Assocla
Nov'r 26th, ltfI7.
P»wllllfeuve Wilmington
ke'phlaand Intermediate Stations,
3 H\0 47, 10 00 a. in., 2 30, 4 50
Ef-P. m.
kind New York, 2 09, 5 44, a. m. 12 37
Mü,p. m.
pore and Intermediate Stations
*®°reand Washington, 12 51,1 16, 839,
12,59, 5,09, p. m.
~î, !or Delaware Division, leavefor:
FUsile, 6.20, 9.30, a. m. 1.11, «30, p.m.
äh»* and Intermediate Stations, at
J**' 1 15,6.30 p. ui.
waud Intermediate Stations 9.30,
'ip- m.
^Ipliia and Intermediate Stations,
•5.0»i. 6.30, p. m.
«pliiaand New York, 2.09, 5 44, a.
*id Washington, 12 51, 1 16 a
information passengers are
• tables posted at the
11. F. KENNEY,
1 father
f 'i ii it k e 1 ' h lEitter
•Vine of Irou.
^veriffKnown to full In the cure
n'i, • »lauded with symptoms, ln
J™ 7 exertion, loss of memory,
ot breathing, general weakness,
A Qwease, weak, nervous, trembl i ng.
,'K r " r death, night sweats,cold
, Ss !'"mness of vision, languor,
jassiuuie of the muscular sys
^nnoiis appetite, with dyspeptic
tenfn llu JH ls * flushing ot the body,
ù n . 'J J *' s kih,tm,llid countenance and
m ti„ i 1 ,ilee * Purifying the blood,
» ii• :aViness of the eyelids,
vJ, spots flying before the eyes,
suffusion and loss of sight;
tarir» 0,1 ' e,c * A'hese symptoms
ta E K Wt ' akneH8 » and to remedy
Kunkol's Bitter Wine of
n,,» i . , r rails. Thousands are now
Be a ,, "'ho have used It. Get the
t j K J"' 1 ' 1,1 81 bottles. Take
Bitter Wine of Iron.
■Wvt ua * ,le tonic has been so
■itythat i «*tll classes of the com
ii»i a , l ' s now deeineil liulispensiv.
(i !£ ,< : wtecllclne. It costs hut little,
tab rL 1 ll<Ml ' un,i gives tone to the
Sii!e ° vale8 Uie «ystem ami pro
ask a trial of this valuable
*Kpi i , on iy per bottle. E. F.
Öi j°J. e Proprietor, No. 259 North
Ü'Ül.bp]' ^ *
% r * «'tier Wineoi iron, and take
Jkü wriir , I,llol °grapli of the proprietor
p l' er i ull others are counter
, Phi la., Pa. Ask
Do not let your
^„i„ , ou Huy ljut Kunkel's, which
fci si* 1^.^? a h°ve represented. You
ïietriai 0lllc ' s ,or ^5. Ail I a k is one
^ Worm llcmoved
iï'ÏÏî!! ,® orn Pfi'te in two hours. No
retn,,V, , s, .' K ' s eat, pin and btomacli
*7 Br. Kunhel, 259 North
vice Iree * No fee until
is lin! !! S! Î 08 ln one » a-uff alive, Dr.
o! JU ntrv fh? I ,i y fill ccessful Dliysicianin
y ° r, i> Hvrf. 1 rL,rn oval of worms,and
0l . "' U P is pleasant and safe for
îf °r ask Persons. Bend lor cir
y i'ripi l a of Kunkel's Worm
^t. u L! 1 », bottle. Get it of your
never fails. nov2-im
, a n/- Hull Scissor8.
S)XaM t ï?; , i ght, V? îa11 Brushes, Hand
b y * L' Nail Brushes, etc., for
Corn «?2 N y H URBT & CO.,
or uer Bixth and Market Sts.
K alh -1 o\v*eis',Hawi Sponges,
* gloves «»i 1 ex tensive variety. Also
IS F r w/f a Ç s » Brushes. Ac.,of horse
^ les of thesis Cloves, and many other
same classes.
aud Market Sts.
Proceedings of Court.
A Combination of Civil and Criminal
Business -Counsel lor Chambers anil Col
lint ask for a new Trial—More Liquor
Cases Ground Through.
New Castle Nov. 27.
The time from 12 m. to 1.30 p. in., was
consumed by counsels, in the civil suits
arguing the whys and wherefores of each
individual's ('their clients ) interests In a
trial, passing over, or a continuance of
their respective cases.
Near the time for adjourning, the jury
in the case • of State vs. Hinson having
brought in a verdict of guilty,the court sen
tenced the prisoner to pay $3 restitution
money and costs of prosecution,on Satur
day next be whipped with 20 lashes, be
imprisoned three months, and
convict jacket for three monthsthereafler
as a badge of his crime.
At half past one, court adjourned until
three o'clock in the afternoon.
wear a
Court re-asseuibled at three o'clock.
Immediately after the Court had been
opened, Mr. Vallandigliam, counsel, for
Samuel Chambers and George Collins,
who are now in jail awaitiug their sen
tence of death, for the outrage upon Mrs,
Smith, asked for a new trial. The rea
sons assigned, lor the application oh the
part of Chambers are, that the minds of
the jury were prejudiced against him.
through the bringing in,in the trial,of the
statement, or confession, of Geo. Collins.
The refusal of the court to try the priso
ners separately made it necessary for the
introduction of the statement, to he used
as evidence against Chamber. The fact
that Collins confessed, under oatn to be
ing with Chambers and participating in
tile act; aud that his confession bore upon
the minds of the Jury detrimental to
Chambers safety, w
counsel, as reason weighty enough to in
sure Chambers a new trial.
And again, since the trial he lias dis
covered that he can prove an alibi.
alleges that he can bring sufficient proof
to testify that fie was somewhere else be
tween the hours of eight and nine, on
that eventful night.
On the part of Collins, the counsel's
prayer set forth the plea that the trial
was illegal, because of an attempted act
being being tried in connection with an
actual one. (It will be remembered that
there were two indictments—each priso
ners being accessory to the act of the
other.) It also set forth as a strong plea
the lack of evidence on the part of Mrs.
Smith to fasten the guilt upon him. The
Court refused to grant a new trial.
The Sheriff was directed to release Mr.
and Mrs. Smith from custody. The fees
of the two persons combined amounted
to $280, which was given to them and
they departed.
thought by the
In order to fill up the leisure moments
advantageously ttie liquor cases were
taken up.
The first was that of State vs. Charles
Doustrap, for selling liquor without li
cense. He plead guilty. The court sen
tenced him to pay a fine of $100 and
costs of prosecution. There was anoth
er indictment against him, but owing to
ill healtli aud other circumstances it was
continued under the promise that he
would violate the law no more.
State vs. Daniel Creeden, of Mill
Creek hundred, for the same offence as
His name being called and failing to
answer, ids bail bonds were declared for
feited, and the case went to trial.
From the testimony it could not be
positively stated whether the party kept
a bar for the sale of spirituous liquors,
whether it was from his own private
reservoir, that his wife, who had sold the
drink to the witness, had drawn the elix
er. That, however, was the subject for
two hours' discussion by the jury who re
turned with a verdict of guilty.
John Henselman, who was indicted
for selling liquor without license, not
answering to his name, his bail bonds
declared forfeited. Mr. John
Fehrenback was his security in two iu
iudictments, $200 each.
His trial proceeded and iu each case
the jury brought in a verdict of guilty
without leaving the box.
About 5.30 the court adjourued until
10 o'clock to-morrow morinng.
The King street curb market was the
largest tbis^ morning, than lias been for
several months past. Poultry was abun
dance and prices were very reasonable.
Tbe following were tbe ruling prices:
Butter, fresh 35a40,' roll 25a32,* Bradford
county, 30a33; eggs, 30 per doz.; chickens
C0a$l, turkeys, $lal.75. The prices of
potatoes, apples, turnips and other arti
cles remained unchanged.
The Assault upon Constable Town
send .— Yesterday the Gazette pub
lished an account of an assault u P°n
Constable James C. Townsend of
The facts of
About 5 o'clock Monday evening
About O uuvui , ,,, .1,.,,,"
Constable Townseull staitud to driv.
for Middletown, having with him a
neuro prisoner named Frank i bornas,
negro prisoner , , , j
who had beeu committed to ]iu iu
default of sentence for commuting an
assault UDon another negro. Ho de
»^gutd placing his prisoner in tl.eMid
tew c n a utn P Âi.L U în%e h morn
Mr. Edwin R.
Townsend, by a negro,
lire assault, as given by Constable
Townsend to Coroner Rose, are as fol
ing. When opposite
Cochran's gate, near Middletown, the
negro attacked Mr. Jownsend in an
unguarded moment, knocked him out
of the carriage, and then attempted to
beat him to death. Mr.
right wrist was fractured by the fall
from the carriage, and he was thus
rendered powerless iu the nands of the
ilcsoerado, who after severely beatin g
the offleer and stamping him about
the head, swearing ail the time the
Dead, swearing all the tsrne that he
would kill him, lied at the approach of
a carriage, along the ruad. Mr.
Thomas was cared for by »de persons
at whose approach the negio fieo, and
after having 1 his injuries attended to
relumed home. Frank Thomas
Variant, is about 20 years old of
dark brown complexion about 5 i feet.,10
inches in height,and weight,17o or 180
n" unds. He wore a brown overcoa
Lith red lining, blue overalls and
with red lining, -
coarse boots.
5'XiJ..™'"sÄÄS. 6 r.r'd
Remaining receipts were sold
hôîîiërs of matured stock, 1st series.
stray waifs.
Go to church to-morrow.
Get your turkey for to-morrow.
Police business remains very dull.
Court will not be in session to-mor
Union Loan Association meets this
See the play of Pink Dominos at the
Opera House this evening.
If you have an aching tooth, go to Dr.
Gallagher, No. 8. E. Fifth street.
The American Rifle s fair opens in the
Odd Fellows* Hall this evening.
The largest stock of teas in the State at
Itigney's No. 118 W. Second street.
The Gazkttb of yesterday contained
more localuews than any other paper in
the city.
The street market was unusually large
this morning, owing no doubt Unit it was
the day before Thanksgiving.
I took King's Good Samaritan cough ,
syrup. All druggists, sell King's Good
Samaritan cough syrup. At 25 cents per
Wood burnt building lime, 34 cents per
bushel; bar sand, f 1.75 per load deliv
ered ; at Bright's coal yard, corner Water
and King streets nov. 13, tf.
A Severe Accident . —Yesterday morn-1
ing, about 10 o'eiock a» John Kennedy, a I
ratnter, employed by Barker and Htrad-1
ey of this city was engaged in painting I
sudden'iyLttackecl'wTth 3 vertigoLand'feh I
backwards from off'a ladder upon which
he was standing, to the ground, a dis- 1
tance of about thirty feet. He was
brought to his residence, So. !J0!) Orange I
street, in this city, aud Dr. Jones, was
snminoned to attend him. It was found L
upcu examination that his colmrbonewas 1
broken, and that his lower limbs
completely paralyzed. It is thought
that his spinal column is injured. Hopes
are entertained of his recovery, hut his
condition is very critical. He has a wife
and one child. 1
Iiuf/by Examination .—For several day«
past the pupils of the Rugby Academy.
Lave been busily engaged undergoing
examination in what they have studied I
during the term which ends this week.
Tiulirincr frnni fti<*ir praminatinn ivmAi-H
J udging irom thur examination papers,
there is every reason to suppose that they I
have made good use ot their time
since September and are not afraid of I
work. I
Rugby has now about eighty pupils I
and has entered upon the present year's I
work with most auspicious prospect». 1
... I, , .
Tile winter term will begin next Mon
day, December 3rd. I
.4 Good Cow.— Edward Gilpin who re
ront i„ un p| i,|q rminfrv ««at of «l«v«n
cently sold his country seat ot f»« ven
acres in Blrmington, townsfcip, Delaware I
county, Ra., to Lewis Williamson
$5400, and removed to Wilmington, sold 1
also to Mr. Williamson for $100 a cow I
which gave twenty-five quarts of milk I
nAr (lav when fresh anti vielded fifteen I
Emmdi nf hiütnr ner week She is of
pounds of butter per weeK. sne 18 I
common stock and was purchased a few I
years ago from a drove for »40.
rink Dominos .—'This rich and racy
comedy will be presented at the Grand
Opera House to-morrow evening, by the
Walnut street Theatre company. Ke '
served seats are now being sold at C. F.
Thomas & Co's, and those who purpose
going should secure them at once.
* ,, . . ; 0 an iA
Reported Hale. —Mrs. Scott, is said
have sold the house No. 1210 Delaware
Avenue to counsellor Wm. D. Dowe for
| row
GRAVES —On the 27th inst, William H
uraves in his 52d year.
Funeral to proceed from his late resi
dence, No. 220 French street, on Friday
morning, at 10 30 o'clock. no28*
SWEENY_In this city,on the 17th inst
, aged 72 years, ltw
Catharine Sw
cs I extract I
fiünl of a letter from a I
WEg Medical Gentle-1 to
K] man at Madras I ma
Bl to his brother at I
Hdl Worcester, May, I
^■T%e 1851. "Tell Leal
■KuyAA Perrins that
^««»Itlielr Sauce is 1
Ëy^7to|iilghly esteemed I
India, and U,
iSiu-Hb aa in my opinion,
And applicable »»»««Withe most palate-1
[EflCzi-sS^ble as well as the I
to everv wholesome I
HRfJsauce that I wr
of DISH. made." I
... l n* . Q.nnû on
Worcestershire O auce,
g the Consumer not only the I t ,
IN i'BICE or
Pronounced by
to be the
"Only Good,
Thus givin
best, but tho most economical
O^C ay
Signature on every bottle.
md 1 Union Square, New
. nT,m,o. i
Institute for New Castlecounty will be |
Hall, Odessa, Del.,
2:) Murray St.
Teachers' Institute.
held In the Tow
1 n^ie'mber 6,7 and 8, t877.
Theoxercises during the day will be so
varied as to meet the wants of the teachers bl
Jahools There will be leoutres dellv- w
ered Oil Thursday and Friday evenings by
mom inent gentlemen, as well as able in- to
Hnrinv the dav All teachers of
»trucion c n^*isfCommissioners and friends "
on cor a la iiy Invited to be
)U us . uo me ; we need your presence as
wèilasvour help to make tills, our third
weH as your P 8Urp ass in interest all
annual I "™" t g,' Iltlol f of teachers Is kindly
air ,, cte ' d to See. Il Of an act in relation to
^Itesehoote ^ wftlUngat Mld a,etown
at]0 o'eiock. Homes wil be provldedtor |
teachers. Music will he furnished by Com
mittee of Arrangements. ^ Q roves,
nov28.29dec3,4d,aw2t Sup't, &e.
, ,
P ROPOSALS.— Proposals will berecelv
ed at the office of the Street Commis- L|
sioner until I
vrWFMRK.R 30 1877.
FRIDAY, NO VE.HDl'tt ou, 101 1 ,1
,,, .o'clock p m. I
. , 1 , nmnilvwine
For building waùstobe
avenue across Elliott s Ku , ans i ln
built of good two men stone wen ia^in in
cement mortar, one-half best quality nu»
endale cement, and one-half tleau river
sand. Walls 2* Jeet t U i c le y The I
Äo he 1 'wffh 12°inch $£S£ pave- I
ment Toi» to be of goo<i white oak plank 3
KïïS. 7 Æ"ÂÂi»? 1 5
hand rail on each side 3 feet nign. toe
work to be done under the supervision ol
U seeurRv C S T the S amou 1 nt of one hundred
amfars for the good faith of the bid, and
? „ hun r«l and fffty dollars for the com
'YÄFThS contract. The Cummittee I
p .Vn 1 <" îînncll resorve tiio right to reject any
nr aVl b"ds "a bids must be properly
Si vned sealed and directed to m
signeu, seaieu aARON CONR AD, I
Chairman of Street Committee. |
d a v n n p u h a it m m h'
muAMKcriuiup micut
By permission or A. M. Palmer, of the
Union Square Theatre, N. Y., where it lias
ljuen played with immense success, will
. _
Brightest and Wittiest Comedy,
• ■ Ok ■
I J e Ik I ^ I i AVM 1 W ftfl
IT IM K. ^UilllliUü
■* ***"■"*
A ,i mis ,i on ■>, aml so ce nts Reserved
L el)tN 75 ceilt s, t „ p,, had at C. F. Thomas
,v Co's, three days In advance. 23-5t.
The Third Grand Annual Fair of the
Will open in the
Odd Fellows' Hall,
10 Cents.
. T , , . , -p L-L-a
AD lDQUStriâi XjXQlDltlOn
undkb the ausi-ices of
 wa rf institute OF
rHE mechanic ARTS,
wilt, open
\ ... .
At fc ke Wilmington Institute, Eighth and
MarketSts., Wilmington, Del.
It j 8 proposed to present an interesting
collection of Mechanical, Manufacturing
an ,i Artistic productions mostly from our
City and State, including many new arti
cles ami recent Inventions exhibited for the
first time. Power will be applied to drive
machinery, a ^ n 8 ® ue< i'
muslc an d other entertainments daily. A
.Restaurant and Refreshment department
wl n undertlie efflclent management of
the lady managers of the Provident Society.
The Exhibition will be open during the
week from 8 a. m. to 10 p.m. Single ad
miH8ion ticket, 25 cents, or 6 tickets for »1.
children under 12, 15 cents, or 10 tickets
forl^^ Arrangements will be made with
t he different railroads entering
reduced fares, and excursion tickets will
be sold from different stations in the State,
which will Include an Exhibition ticket.
For further Information apply to J. S.
valentine, President, J. R. Bringhurst,
Hecretar y Lea Pusey, Treasurer, Delaware
institute Mechanical
tees in charge: Allen Gawthrop, 8. N.
^ u "P' J "g F T ; bÄSl jÄÄdkmib
A j vanduzee. on Merchandise and Man
ufacture ; Elwood Garrett, H. L. Tatnall,
Henry Grant, on Fine Arts and Relics ; H.
Cloward, Clifford James,Samuel K. Smith,
Ion Music and Entertainments; Thos. H.
Havery, Henry C. Jones, John Huxley, on
Machinery and Power ; Alfred D. Warner,
E a h. Butler, H. M, Jenkins,on Printing
and Miscellanies. nov21-tdec8
city for
Arts, or to Commtt
N otice.
The Post Office will be open to-mor
row (Thanksgiving Day,) from 6 45 to 9 a.
The carriers will make their usual de
livery and collection in the morning. Tue
private boxes will be accessible until 10
p. m . WM . M. PYLE,
Nov. 28th, 1877
tu I
P. M.
_ —All persons who have sold property
during the year 1877 are required to give
notice to the Assessor of the District in
which the property is located on or before
the 31st DA Y OF DECEMBER, 1877, insert
ing iu the notice the name of (present
owner name of) late owner and location
of the property, otherwise they will be
held for the county tax of the year 18T8.
All persons having investments subject
to county tax will be furnished blanks to
ma ke returns of the same on application
either of tho undersigned assessors.
Assessor Southern District,
no West Front Street.
Assessor Northern District,
novl2ljanl 832 Pine Street.
persons who have sold property dnr
j|ig*he year are required to give notice in
wr i t ing to the Registrar, at the office ol the
Water Department, No. 1000 Market street
on or before the 3oth da v of November, 1877;
inserting in the notice tfteuame ot the pre
sent owner, the name of the purchaser,and
t , ie num b e rand location of the property so
sold. Otherwise they will be held for the
water rent for the year 1878.
All persons who wisn to discontinue the
of water must also give notice as above
use . _
and pay $2 for drawing tiie ferrule,
a discontinuance of any portion thereof a
certificate from the plumber that they have
disconnected the plpes^ ^ HAYE3 ,
Nov l-lmo.
respectfully offers Ills services to such as
i call upon him at Z35 Market street. No
I cliarKc except for the medicine. Charges
| mod 8 ra . u , oct27-lmd
JX PAYERS OF 1877.—Persons who have
not paid their city and school tax for 1877,
bl u s having been rendered to them and
w ( 10 cannot pay at once, will please call at
our offlec and make some arrangements as
to w n„n they can pay and thus avoid no
tlca h V postal cards. To those who do not
" aU we will sellJ P™ Lal cards and also ad
verUse t n uir names and amounts due us
for taxcs , us we are determined to close out
tlliR tprm under the law.
Those owning lots had better call and set
tleat O noe, or we will sell tht-lr lots lor
Laxes and costs,
Ä" l ° "
,, ,
| 0 et2a-im
m., from 2 to 5
Collector forN. District.
Collector for 8. District.
Act ol the
N otice—B y virtue
General Assembly passed at Dover,
February z2d, 1877,1 hereby give notice to
holders of Delaware State Ronds, that 1
, shall attend at the Philadelphia National
Bank in me C |ty of Philadelphia, during
L| lc business hours of that Rank, on the
I three lirsl secular days of January 1878,pre
pared to redeem and payotrHonds from
,1 No. 7« to UJO, both inclusive,of the denomi
I nation of one thousand dollars each, of the
issue of the Ronds of the State of Delaware,
under dam of January 1st, 1865, and that
f rom and alter the said first day of Janu
i W8 Ule interest on said Bonds will
cease state Treasnrer.
I Office of State Treasurer, Dover, Novera
I her 1st, 1877. novl-2tuwtJanl
"SlGeneral Auctioneers,
Are now prepared to call sales of real es
täte and personal property either in the
city or country. New and second hand
I furniture bought and sold, Furniture and
household goods at private sale. Satisfae
uon guaranteed. Your natronge solicited.
Sales every Tuesday. Friday and Saturday
I evenings, and Wednesday and Baturday
| mornings, sep!8-d3m
I>. It. COYLE & CO.,
To-morrow will be Thauksgiving Day,
but beyond religious services at the
churches in the morning, there will be
little if any special observance of the oc
casion in this city. Services will be held
at nearly all the" churches in the morn
ing, and at Trinity Chapel the musical
exercises will be of an elaborate char
In the afternoon there will bo a small
horse race at the Schuetzen Park, and in
the evening "Pink Dominos" will be
performed at the Grand Opera House.
The fair of the American Rifles at Odd
Fellows' Hall will be continued during
the a t'ieruoon and evening, and a supper
will be given at the Scott M. E. church.
As usual many persous will speud the
day in gunning, and a terrible slaughter
0 f game may be exnected.
The Americau Rifles will march from
their armory, corner of Sixth ami Mar
ket streets, to some point up the Bran
dywine where a target practice will take
p| a ce. The shooting will be for a medal
that is now on exhibition at C. F. Thom
as & (Jo's
The medal is of silver, about the size
fa twenty-flve cent piece. On the
front part, in the center, is the monogram
of the company, "A. K, and also the
following inscription : " A (Jo., 1st reg.
D. M." on the reverse side is the repre
sentation of a target and the words "Ex
celsior" and "Hoc Signo Vinces." The
drum corps of the company will make its
, innn ,i,„ ..„„tc
hrst appearance upon the streets,
Progress Grange will hold an open
meeting at Rosebank Hall, Brick Meeting
House, Cecil county, Md., at 2 p. m.,
which will be addressed by William
Dean, Esq., of Delaware.
In order that the employees of this
office may fiave an opportunity of enjoy
ing the day no Daily Gazette will he
issued to-morrow. The Delaware
Gazette (weekly.), usually issued on
Thursday afternoons, will be issued this
afternoon—one day in advance.
Last evening a shoemaker named Ma
loney who resides in Weldie's Court .was
going around the streets, with two targe
black snakes upon sticks. He would
thrust them before persons whom he
would meet, and visited several saloons,
driving out those who were present. He
was not arrested.
Persons who fail to secure reserved
seats to-day for the performance of "Pink
Dominos," to-morrow evening can secure
them to-morrow, upon application at the
box office, at the Opera House.
A Native of This City. —Mr. Jame
F. Pierce, who was lost from off the U'
S. Steamer Huron, on Saturday last, was
a native of this city. During the year
of 1875 he worked for tbe Jackson &
Sharp Company aud boarded with James
F. King, corner of VFater and Market
streets. He joined the Huron in 18T6
and remained with her until last sum
mer, when he received a leave of absence
for five days, during which time he visit
ed this city and called upon Mr. King,
and also his mother-in-law, who resides
at Wooddale, on the Delaware Western
R, R. During his leave of absence he
deserted the ship, was captured in Phila
delphia and taken back. He leaves a
wife and one little girl who reside
in Philadelphia His'parents also re
side there. He is a nephew of W. H
Pearce, of this city.
Candidates for Coroner.— Candidates
for the nomination for Coroner, on the
Democratic side, bid fair to be as numer
ous as the aspirants for the Sheriffalty.
Nearly all, thus far, are of this city, An
drew C. Alexander, ot North Christiana
Hd., being the only candidate from the
rural districts. The Wilmington candi
dates are Jacob Butz, David W. Hug lies,
Sam'l Adams and ex-Uoroner Groves,
positively annonneed with some half
dozen others in the back-ground, waiting
what their chances are likely .to
be betöre they sail in.
New Mail Arrangements .—Owing to
the refusal of the P. W. & B. K. R.,
to carry mail from Philadelphia for
the Baltimore Central Railroad the
Post office officials were obliged to
carry the mails front Philadelphia to
Lamokiu by pony express. Now the
pony express is done away with, and
the mails are shipped by way of the
West Chester and Philadelphia Rail
road to Lenni, where they are trans
shipped to '.he Baltimore Central
i I.
Thanksgiving Music —'Thanksgiving
day music, iu Trinity Ghapel, by Trinity
choir. Services at 10( o'clock, Anthems,
"Singing the reapers homeward come."
Thou crownest the
by W. H* Gill,
vear," by Thomas Smith. 'Thanksgiving
hymn, by SirG. J. Elvey,Conrad Kocher
and Dr. J. S. B. Hodges. Canticles,
'•Laudate Dominum," by Sir F. A. G.
Te Deum," by Wm. B. Wilde
"Jubilate" by Tours. Ascription, Kyrie
Gloria, by Cornell, Frost and \favien.
AnExcellant Sauce.—There can be
few arc unaware of the delicious re
lish that the use of Lea & Perrins,
Worces'ershire Sauce gives to meat,
Bsh, game, soup &o., as it has a popu
larity covering the last fifty years, it
has recently been greatly reduced in
price, its excellence being kept at the
quality however, anl all may
euj ,y this best end most econom
ical sauce.
The Manaoehs oi'tbollome for Friend
less and Destitute Children will thankful
ly receive contributions of potatoes and
other vegetables for tbe use of the chil
dren. Contributions can he left attire
Home, corner ofNinth aud Adams streets.
Mothers will grow weary and sigh over
the baby's troubles when Dr. Bull's baby
syrup would relieve the child and there
by give the mother rest. Price 25 cents.
fob sale cheap at
No. 244 Market Street.
Also a full line ol
Canary Birds.
Now is the time to
buy wliiie they are so cheap at
W. N. CHANDLER'S, 611 Market street
Wilmington, Del.
Monday's session of the United States
Senate was not concluded until 4 o'eiock
yesterday afternoon, the Senate having
been In continuous session for twenty
eight hours. Throughout Monday night
and until noon yesterday the Republicans
Interposed dilatory motions and read vo
luminously from ku-klux reports In order
to stave off a vote on Mr. Thurman's res
olution to discharge the Committee on
Privileges and Elections from the further
consideration of the credentials of M. C.
Butler as Senator from South Carolina.
At noon Mr. Hoar, who was In the chair,
called attention to the fact that the hour
for the dally meeting of the Senate had
arrived, and then decided tnat tho legisla
tive day continued until an adjournment
took place. A motion from the Republi
can side to proceed to the consideration of
executive business was voted down—yeas
22, nays 25. Finally a vote was reached on
Mr. Thurman's resolution, and it
adopted—yeas 29, nays 27—Messrs. Patter
son and Conover voting with the Demo
crats. Mr. Edmunds then objected to the
present consideration of the credentials of
Mr. Butler, and under the rules they were
laid over. Mr. Thurman then moved that
Mr. Butler be sworn in as a Senator from
South Carolina, but said he did notask
the Senate to take it up now, and the Vice
President ruled that while the whole sub
ject of the credentials went over under the
objection of Mr. Edmunds, the Senator
from Ohio had the right to enter his mo
tion. Mr. Edmunds gave notice that im
mediately after the reading of the Journal
to-day he would call up the highest mat
ter of privilege, touching the credentials
of Wm. Pitt Kellogg, of Louisiana. The
Senate then, on motion of Mr. Thurman,
by a vote of yeas 28, nays 27. went into ex
ecutive session, and when the doors we.«?
re-opened adjourned until to-day.
In the House Mr. Morrison, of Illinois,
spoke at length upon the currency ques
tion, during which he claimed that the
provisions of the anti resumption act
answer to but an evasion of the
demands of the West. He declared it left
with the banks the power to issue curren
cy, and gave them control over the volume
of the currency. Mr. Morrison declared
that he would vote for no bill that did not
look at some time to resumption and to a
coin basis for currency and money. A
large number of bills were introduced and
referred, among them a bill providing for
the appointment of a board of five naval
officers to examine the condition of the
vessels now being repaired at the navy
yards: another restoring to the pension
rolls the names of all soldiers stricken off
on account of disloyalty,
was adopted requesting the President to
state what legal Impediments, if any, exist
that prevent him from executing the laws
In relation to the Union Pacific railroad
and its branches. The House then adjourn
ed until Friday next.
A resolution
The issue between the French Chamber
of Deputies and President MacMahou
continues the aggravating feature of the
situation in France—Emile de Girardiu
gave a grand dinner to Gen. Grant in
Paris last night—The opposition party
in the Spanish Cortes has decided that it
is too ihsigniiicant to contend with the
government—An official return places
the Russian losses from the commence
ment of hostilities to the 21st inst. at 71,
705 men—Goctschakoff, the Russian pre
mier, is reported in diplomatic (inter
course on the peace quastion—The Clyde
strikers will return to work, the masters
agreeing to consider the question of more
wages six mouths hence—A new natur
alization treaty, on a much wider basis
than the existing treaty, is being negoti
ated between tbe United States and Ger
Select Party.— Mr. and Mrs. Colonel
Field entertained a select party of friends
at their residence, last evening. It was
of the most brilliant events of the
present social season. Among the ladies
present were Mrs. Harry Gause, Mrs.
Canby, Miss Harrington, Mrs. Evert
Smith, Miss Bates, Miss Rice, Miss Febi
ger and Mrs. Dr. Wales ; among the gen
tlemen present were Sam'l and Austin
Harrington, J. Ernest Smith, Mr. Folk,
Mr. Hoffecker, Mr. Champion, Mr. Bis
sei, Mr. Harry Gause, Mr. Read, aud
many other pleasant society men. Col.
Field's courtly hospitality adds much to
the refiued social attractions of this city.
Obituary..— Mr. W. H, Graves, of this
city, died last evening about 0 o'clock,
after ao illness of two weeks. Mr. Graves
well known throughout this city,and
had a large circle of friends,
the time of his death chief clerk in the
Delaware R. R. office, and had occupied
the position, since 1S0Ö.
caused by remitting fever and affliction of
the kidneys. He was about 35 years of
age aud leaves a wife to mourn his loss.
In respect to his memory. The flag iu
the yard of the machine shop has beeu
placed at half mast.
A Successful Sportsman.— Mr. Charles
Wentz, a conductor on the P., W- & B.
It. R., returned from liehoboth on Satur
day last, where he had been spending a
few days in gunning. He was very suc
cessful having secured six geese, twenty
ducks and about fifty partridges.
Coroner's Inquest.— This morning, Cor
oner Rose, held an inquest over the
body of a colored child three months
old, named Mary C. Pinket, residing
in Plunkett, residing in Plunkett's
Court. The jury returned a verdict of
death from pneumonia.
Personal .—Francis W. Reeve, a young
printer of this city who served his time
at. the Gazette office, leaves, to-night,for
Canajoharie, Montgomery county, New
York, where he will take charge ot the
job office connected with the Padii uews
paper, of that town.
E/fra Brewing. —Messrs. Hartmau &
Fehrenbaeh, brewers, will have on tap
to-morrow, au extra brewing of beet
made especially for the occasion. Lovers
of beer should not fail to give them a
call as the beer is of excellent quality.
n as
He was at
Ilia death was
Consumption of the lung tissue must
steadly increase by the retention of the
foul corruption. Dr. Bull's cough syrup
promotes gentle expectoration,and gives
great relief to those suffering with oon
I friends and the public generally that he
has taken Fout's old yard, at the foot oi
West street, and is now prepared to sell
at the very lowest market rates.
The attention of housekeepers
ers is particularly called to his stock, as lie
feels confident that they will find their in
terest thereby promoted.
and build
sap .»a lid wall Coal

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