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23, ISIS.
ti aarial • nd U«aua«r*flaa.
fwitgnrovo*' D®*" Oot. 2», U7S
u.'G"'" 1 '".
r.* »ri« .
£t Erie.
Ceolriri ......
bwE a Went-.
. cent»'.
it c*n poll.
W.New, * Î .
U, ..
1 «'*
S'* Of . .
local Stocks »nd Dondi.
Binirton Coal (is* Company.
Sul Bank of Delaware. .
to National Ban«.*..
iSHloiiHl Bank....
ter»' Bank,...
tilBauk Wil
Kire Inn. Co.
R. R. Co.
restai* Bonds...
upon City*«.1W \
iftooCity 5« . WJ
ulleCounlvLoan. 101
«Railroad, flrat Mortgage..•••• lflB
« Railroad, eztenalon.
udSorthurn,first Mortgage...
ire Wertem R R Co Htoek, î»
iuen*er Railway Co. 1st mort.. lOO
e •« Stocky 2
. 100
•1 Brandywine.. 18
MBall Ce Fond«..
" Slock
lilnringlou in ar it eta.
»11ÏIX0T0». Del« Dot. 23, tiff»,
x.mi »1 the Brandywine Mills lot
111 Orain- Corrected Daily.
::;,Flour. . LtJM *75
I Flour. eiloaTiie
UnKiour.-. «Ma 30)
1 Mai 07
iTHegraplilc Summary
per Kaffir war ou the British is
Ut-iWaraliia was formally Sar
to Uu.'siu on Monday—-It is
nt Bombay that an advance into
mo will be iiupobslble for some
rtWwholtf Italian cabinet has re
K&tformation of a new Austro
pruiibmft is to be settled with
nee folic Bosnian question—The
fsoailM agitators at Paris lias be
of the Vanderbilt family,
, continue
tile tin? dead Commodore's reputi •
cd character, regardless of the ef
tbe»e efforts upou their own.
Li Street Yesterday.—T he
inrkot was fairly active, but fever
ioid was steady all day at 1004.
u&eutbpnqs wore steady, S gtt$
id railroads irregular. Money on
i easy at 5 a 0 per cent.
t «uhpBuaeil witoe
ï Ki'ssi ax s piously blessed ilieir
pivr, which was launched at Pliila
yesterday, and thereby dropped a
tlie benefit of our
wii nairy, for
>d§ will do a ship any good the
y of our war ships can stand a
«1 of i*.
(ancrai Ne
^H ln-avy t ax Imposed on
CrdtiM^ 1 'v'L of ^kwelaud, Ohio,
t?, , 11 ' ? :,tioD{ d Bank of that
ISJ«* itf * capital from * 1 , 200 ,
h:lr . , '''«per, who wait
' h, J" 1 */' MouiUy night, in
ra., by Charles Bungly, died
Bt,l iH* ' »"«"ted. He
I «1 u iu telf-defense.
Buitaett Perk, Provillen,.« H
raft'll» 2. öd nUu* trottln» nee
ErEiritoiotnl; b,-ht time 210, in
touk til. Brat, Nur
UwLimli«" 1 Heur y 'ho third
, of u,.!;;;
v, j *. ,,l ' ,len 'of the Mexican
•Wjwir » 1U ® lut0 Texas because
«h» *,?' «? flai ' 1 oft "luce July,
I f ot irJJ®"/ of tro' ps bave dis
do is r * *' ""hilatence. Gen.
«tld .. *®d Very til in hi, .
T " «attituai operation may he
« friends oom
"rity of his treatment by
a, " 0, >oti of foreclnsure of a I
S* the AtUuiic MiraiL?,im
"^■lrotsii.v Kngii'sh handhold*
•i Virt " - L ' 1,iu ''* «tateeCirciit
| B,r,T ol '»"ttd, v a VH .t« r dsv
S n' 1 H "Khes presiding The
pj^h'ilders. ri | ,'usentit.a&uuo
„ to tit« suitas
9 was cuiitiuuod umfl to
'S U " f the Arm of Dodd,
'» is J|, Louts is aubooui* l!
■ »1 the \V™' U|1 largest Jobbing
">«11 AI à7": !ÂaM *. Herat
1 , lrlo *&Uo ef t v 1 'tv Messt»,
111" ri'ed LurlÂîr; *
aSli ''«'"lirtes are estimated at
'"""Ll 1 ,','T,'"'e had of this
°*'k. 'iuu to merchants iu
^ _ j
Sdilitor of tbe Kslt
Î •Whittled ilÜS *»" receive«, ;
'"•■'ey, " ver 1,1 that road,
W. o, resigned, and H. VI lard
L fc| '»Pital.t 0 E" 1 ® n ' of Lowell
jywea rsceiraH Ul,9t , ou yesterday
'"•king ai 'I 1 " "'ollastou
tits oy that acci
i * Co " of th* '
lb4t 'failed 0ttaw »(C»ri»da)
" vest*.
'•Iticaao*'' At N. Y.
uiug ttjJ , '
^ Mai,
SO V b T t 1 I^J L M1 y0 ton COM
Teleumph Wire» Down, Fence* Broken,
IVees Uproofed and Doute» Dernol
"A* I, —Scenes and Incident».
.hf^Ei! 7,« -M «°» , ed fwm their matin
»lumber., HI* morning, by the roaring
°^t*f W . U , d, J Thl 1 ? U blew iu heavy titful
,,t 1 , i" Ci JPT y frc Hi 'be northeast
Slid rattled overy movable or inn-cure
Object within lis reach. At tint no
thought ot serious damage entered the
whTle l.°L* l, "i P ' 0p1 "' '»'' before a great
while it was learned that the storm bad
' * "V immense amount of damage,
ana that its ravage« were constantly It
ceasing. The exact extent of thl de
struction it is impossible to state, but the
following fai te gathered by the Gazette
reportera wiÜg.vM an Idea of the devas
'abng efleeis of the storm :
*£' ui .'bc "ortb end of Thisd street
.Ira ® »"pewanee of the usually
p ap d L.tri*tima w,s l.uoat atp l ing,
«ri, r 'be Uood extended over Mouth
Wilmington that the creek appeared to
be tully two miles wide, while this broad
expanse of water was Chopped into beavv
w«vs bv tl es r mg winds. The tide ran
up the channel like a race horse, ami beat
the wavee against,the Umbers of the
bridge with a force that every minute
threatened its destruction. Here and
there the water was dotted with half sub
merged houses, showing clearly that the
residents must have been in an uncom
fortable, not to say dangerous condition.
The lira» of Third street bridge was
raLed off the pivot, and all travel over it
was suspended from an early horn this
morning, on account pf the grave fears
eniertalned for its safety.
principal place of interest ws<
he sburt s of tbe Chrisi iaoa, wh re
great damage was caused by the unpre
cedented high title which whs occasioned
by tbe wind. The sou'h hanks aud the
wnarves on the north side, were com
pleteiy overflowed by nine o'clock, with
the tide still swiftly running up, ami the
time for high water two hours off. On
Market street bridge a large crowd of
sptotators constantly assembled to wate!«
tue mail waters as they surged along, and
to speculate upon the probable effects of
the flood. Tlie river was filled with
driftwood of all descriptions, and dozens
of men were engaged in frantic efforts
to supply themselves wlih fire wood by
fishing it out.
along t
Ah u nal in cases of high Hoods South
Wilmington im tlie principle *
The whole of the country Ling between
the Delaware Western Railroad bridge
on the west, aud the Delaware river
the east win completely covered with
water, extending to the south in some
cases over a miie. On the Newcastle
cuiuteway the water was from two to six
feet deep, ami before ten o'clock travel
was completely suspended. The travel
to this city Is bv the way of New Castle.
Iu South Wilmington many of the
houses were submerged as high as the
second floor but the exact condition of
the people in thin locality was a matter
of mere cunjvc'ure, as it was impossible
to r»ach auy of them on foot, and the
high wind and roughness of the water
forbade auy attempt to cross the marshes
in a boat.
An idea of the height of the tide may
he obtained when it is stated that the
water was within a foot of the lower sur
'f»ce of the bridge.
O 11 account of the high tide, all the
business establishments along the creek
a seri
& Son's ice houses and coal yard, in
South Wilmington, were completely sur
rounded by water, and two of their horses
were caught iu deep water and had a
serious struggle before they could reach
a patch of high ground close to the side
of the ice house.
At the Diamond State rolling mill and
were considerably flooded, causing
ous incotiveuience to business. C
, ,,
Lobdell's lower mill work was partially
suspended, and all of Pttsey, Jones A
slufps were shut down on account of
tlie flood and the wind, which for a while
seriously threatened the safety of some
0 f th« buildings.
Work at the Harlan & Hollingsworth
Company's sliip va'ds was stopped on ac*
count of the flood,aud the steamer 0 o p*
Umr.j was floated over the witarl by the
high tide. The steauser we* floated into
d. eri water ago,it, without serious dam
& Co. uptlt
sideraldy ffooned.
The freight store house and wharf of
'Messrs. Charles Warner & Co., at the
foot of Market street, having (teen re
«etitly raised about tkree feet, escaped
aay serious damage, as the water did not
r1 "'' l' 1 » 1 ' enough t* come over. But tlie
freight house of Messrs. Geo. W. Bush
& «•'» &rea ^'Iter hadly,
The Water peuied in a flood over the
wharf aud ran all in upon the first floor
of the house, damaging quite a large i|uau
fly of freight before it could be removed
to a place of safety. Among tlie freight
thus i. juted wore several barrels of flour,
which were damaged by the waier.
n,e water also flooded the low ground
around th. P. W. & 13. K. B , round house
»hd nearly every si i eut leading to the
Christiana was Hooded nearly to tbe
Christiana. Front stn et between W »1
nut ami Poplar; was also covered with
waUr, while Tliini street was flooded
from tlie bridge half way lo tlie railroad.
bate ml lie of Walton, Whann
e Christiana, were also cou
Last evening two freight barges, o wned
respectively by Me.* s s. Warner and Bu»h,
made the usual trip to Philadelphis, and
took on the cargoes for the return i rip.
They started dowu again, iu the tuer o a
tug, when they arrived near (Juarryvil e
the wind was so strong that ihe captain
of the tug made an attempt to turn t • the
windward. In the attempt the hawser
broke, and the ba ges got adrift. T hey
floated off with the wind and tide into
t;,e darkness of the storm. The tug
came on to Wilmington, but I he barges
bi.ve not been seen or heard of since.
The damage to the shlppin
Delaware river was undoubtedly very
grea', as vessels of various descriptions
can be seen aground ail along the shores.
There are also several small craft float
lug in the now deep water on the South
Wilmington marshes. The shipping
along the Cbriatiaua, being stoutly motr
ed, did not sustain any serious damage.
the city and particularly In
tbo suburbs the wind has played sad
havoc with the roofs of h ni Hing*, and at
— prawnt time the loss is incalcuable.—
the follow lug is a list of roofs blown off
so far as heard from :
The tin roof on the buiMlag at the ».
W. corner of Fourth and Market streets
has been torn frohe the fastenings, and
Bo w Hes on top of the bmldiug, bei ns b
» very slight ta-Utanee, and U lk.._
hie te fail to the ground at any inlnuie.
Several of the upper windows In the
building havealso teen damaged, lu aoms
cases ail of the panes being broken from
the great volume of water and wind
The tin roof on H.R. Briughunt'a drug
store ha* also beeu damaged, and the
cliiuinej on the came building was blown
down* aud the bricks fell through the
skylight over Thompson Bros, jewelry
store, doing considerable damage.
T'heroofof the stähle beloogiugto Ger.
W. Bright, at Water aud King streete,
was lilted bodily, and carried by the
wind about Z0 feet, from the bi tiding.
The tlu roufs at the residences oi M'.
A. Ü. Warner, No. 1Z0Z Delaware avenue
ami Mrs. Buwman, No. 1200 Delawgre
avenue wer« blowu oil' about 7 o'clock
this morning.
Part or the roof and the belfry of Oli
vet church was also wrenched from the
fastenings, aud deposited upou -the
A number of feet of the front pait of
he roof at the Masonic Temple, wae
lifted from the fastenings, and so great
was the force ot the wind that the ilu was
cairied over the Institute building, and
deposited in th<i street, at Eighth and
At No. I School the damage done will
auoiiut to over *200. The entire roof of
the front building baa been blown off,
and is now lying In French street. The
back building is also meeting with the
asms fate. IU consequeuce of the acci
dent the school has beeu dismissed.
No. 12 School has also sutiered damage
by the roof being blown off.
8ix of the new houses on Pine street,
below Tenth, erected by Speakman &
Doane, of Goatesvilie, have also suffered.
The roufs have been laid waste, and the
bntidlugs, will bave to be partly rebuilt.
Ou the Hunsberger building at Water
and Merket streete, now occupied by W.
H. Wright, a« a carriage factory, the
entire roof, boards and all, was toro off.
At the P., W. Sc B. R. R., car shops,
tlie roofs have also suffered from the tor
The roo's on four bouseson Van Buren
street, between Eighth ami Ninth, be
longing to Pierson & Poole, were also
blown off.
The roofs of two of the new houses be
ing erected by Harlan Gauss on Walnut
street, below Eleventh have also suffer
i d
other damages*
Jn every street throughout tbe city
were the storm king could gut a footing
trees are to be seeu lying in the streets,
awnings torn, windows broken, fences
blowu down, and in mauy places the
pave me uts aie covered with bricks from
old chin*uev*.
A mong the glasses broken are two in
the show window on Sixth street, of 2,
James Belt's drug store at Sixth aud
M ai ket streets. The wind first tore away
tbe awuing, and the lion frame, and a
part of the frame dashing against the
glass broke two of them. These were
the first Freach plate , glasses ever put
in any store, and have withstood the
storms of over 40 years, They were over
2 of an inch thick.
Around Anbury M, E, Church the fence
has also been blown dowu.ai d several of
tne trees have been levelled to tbe ground
The board fence at Third and French,
and on Third street, used bv George W.
Jackson, for post!ug b.Ils, Is also lying
on the pavement.
Two trees ou Seventh street between
King and French, succumbed to the
force of the wind, aud are now lying
across the street,thereby obstructiugtrav
A new house erected by Samuel Coyle
at Chestnut and Adams streets, was com
pletely demolished.
A show case belougingto A.P. Beecher
wan also thrown to ti e pavement and
gla-s completely shatteied.
A large pane of glass in the bulk win
dow of the store No. 413 King street, wsh
also broken by a piece of awning frame.
graphic communications ban been
id, owing to the great number oi
poles being down. At ihe Western
Union office they are unable to send or
receive any dispatebes. The lines along
the different railroad lines are also down,
aud the.uompanieH are unable to run »heir
trains by telegraph.
Thus fur the travel on,the various rail
road hues has not been interfered with
to any con iderable extent. The bed of
the P. W. & B. Railroad is all right, al
though the trains are ruuning at » de
creased rate of speed,having to "fee 1 their
with their usual
accidents, have
way." Theoompan* w
al urity to guard against
a car and locomotive with steam up,
ready to start at a moments notice, with
a large force of workmen, to repair auy
damag*« that might occur.
The morning train ou the Delaware
Western R. R. w'is delayed about 25 min
utes, owing to the laigu number of limb«
of trees that were ihr iwu aoioss the
track. Th'« bed of tbe road has not bt.eu
The Delawa e train north, wlich ar
rives here at 8:50, was delayed uearly au
hour, on account of telugraph poles being
blown acrosss the imck.
New Castle Damasedbi Fire and
Water. —Our New Castle correspondent
gives a pretty fair idea of tlie damage
done by the tide there. Tbe water was
four feet high in tbe kitchen ofthe Jrfter
H.»n House, and well upou the street ?s
far as the residence of the late John M.
Clayton. Such a tide was never known
betör*«. Nearly all the vessels at the
wharf are sunk or upset by tbe wiud.
Much coal aud lumber bas been swept
away aud one hou.-e wa-ht-d down.
The wiud blew the tin roof off of
Kuowle's factory and the spaiksfrom
the eugiue set th** roof on fire, about 10
o'c ock this morning, aud the factory was
Call aau see those tlfe-stie Crevons tak
en by feulteily, ut-price« are low.
"Hesteldrish tu America.
Tuen come • a man to -peak me name,
A nd with the name to link the fame,
An« with the rame to adorn the claim
Of *«8eotoh-Irish in America."
For winning rille or I rich wtt
And nigged rooks of Scotlsh grit,
ear 'Suxeh-Iiieh In America."
Lecture hr Rev. George H. Smith, of
New York, In First Presbyterian Church,
Thursday evening, Oot. tola.
Manager Jamea Ward had an excellent
troupe at the Grand Opera House last
evening, and gave a good performance,
though the audience was not of an en*,
couiagingaiae. The piay w m "Tbe Dan
itee, a urama of considerable interest
aud power, detailing the rugged life
among the Sierra« in a spiriteumanner.
The performing company included euch
Marling artists as Joseph B. Nagle and
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Chapman, with
others equally as good, and as a matt; r
ot course the drama wiw performed in sin
artistic and creditable manner. The
chief interest of the play centres around
the fortunes of poor Billy Piper t the
bunted victim of the cruel Dauites,wh -jse
pitiable condition was nortrayed with
rare dramatic effect, by Miss Laura Lin
den. The other characters were fully
austaiued, and the performance through
out was full of interest. The enjoy
of the audience was testified by ii
On Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. W.
•I- F ioretiee will aj-pear at the Grand
Opera House, in their charming new
ceoi'ilv, "The Mighty Dollar." This
will be a fine entertainment.
Arrival of iStoliop Lee.
Lee, of this
The Right Rev. Bishop
city, arrived in Plilladelpnia yesterday
on the_American Line steamer Pennsyl
vania. ' During tbe trip the steamer ex
perienced some very heavy gales, which
decayed lier beyofidiher.regular time.—
Whenthe Pennsylvania readied the wharf
there was a large number of persons
awaiting te welcome those ön board,
among them was a deputation consisting
of Mbssrs. Chandler, Warner and Bates,
of the Vestry of St. Andrew's Church,
Wilmington, who in a few words warmly
welcomed Bishop Lee, of Delaware.—
Bisliop Stewart, of Philadelphia, was al
so cordially greeted by a number of peri
sonal friends. The committee from this
city, togetlier with the Bishop, returned
home last evening.
Camden's Escaped Prisoners.
Isaac Hayden and Lewis Evans, the
two escaped prisoners from Camden jail,
who were recaptured in ibis city nearly
three weeks ago, discharged from eus ody
on Saturday last and at once rearresteil,
were returned to Camden yesterday in
the custody of the Sheriff, tiie necessary
warrant having been granted by Govern
or Qartrai.fi;.
Slight Fire.
The alarm of fire about 10 o'clock this
morning, was caused by the slight burn
ing of the roof 011 a frame bouse In Rob
inson street, near Church. The flames
were soon extinguished.
Why is raising chiokens me most profit
able business. Ans. Because for every
kernel they give a peck
Woll, the reason why the Blanokard
Blood aad Nerve Food builds up the Brain
und Nen ous ay stern «0 rapidly is became
In every quart there is oouoeulratod a
bushel of wtieat.
Deceased.—T homas R. Cleland, Esq.,
one of our most worthy and esteemable
citizen died at his residence In this city,
yesterday. He was in the 58th year of
his age. He leaves a family aod large
circle of friends to mourn their loss.
Tlie Suite Against the fioaauza
San Francisco, Oct. 22.—John H.
Burke, of $35,000,0J0 suit notoriety, has
cuinmenced an action in the Nineteenth
District Court to recover from J. C. Flood
J. W. Mackay, J. G. Fair, and the Con
solidated Virginia Mining Company $10,
/>< 0,000 in value of the stock and di videriis
of the Consolidated Virginia,received by
the first three defendants in payment for
seventy feet of minerai ground deeded by
them to the company at a figure alleged
to be in excess of its value. In the Twelth
District Court the $35,000,000 suit has been
dismissed as to all defendants except
Flood, MacKay, and Fair.
▲ Wsid fer Hendrifh».
Harrisburg, Oct.22,-^B. B. Dailey, of
Indiana, addressed an immense mwting
in the Court House to-nlgbt. He spoke
about au hour and was enthusiastically
applauded. His speech was mainly
fined to the financial questions, Dailey
discussion it from the Jndiaoastaudpoiot.
Tbe speaker concluded by expreSfing tbe
hope that Hendricks would be the next
President, which sentiment appeared to
have beeu well received, uncle Jake
Zir-gh-r mode the final speech, in which
he took the ground chat the only cuiisti
* I *' — * money was gold and silver.
BoeiallNtl« FreMerlptlon In
Paris, October 22_The trial
thirty-eight persons arrested for the re*
cent attempt to ltold a Socirlist Work
men's Congress has commenced. The
prosecution alleges that the prisoners had
relations with foreigu Socialists.
Charged With Robbing the
Washington, Oct. 22—George R
Iticli.rdsou, a colored man, living near
Fort Whipple, Va., and a man named
MacDonald, driver of one of the mail
wagons for the House of Representatives,
were arrested on the charge of being im
plicated iu the recen. robbery of the
mails iu tlie House postoflice. They are
held for a heating.
The Australian cricketers have arrived
in San Francisco, and will play on
Thursday Friday, aud Saturday.
Eli Thayre lias been nominated for
Congress by the democrats and greeu
backers of the ninth Massachusetts dis
The run on the Poughkeepsie (N. Y.)
Savings Bank has ceased, confidence be
ing restored.
The Parade Teuterdey After
bms Isa hoasr er Their
Vl.lt-A Very Credit
table Ulspiay
The late edition of the Gazette gave
the ceremonies of receiving the Osgood
tire Company of Troy, N. Y., at the
Clayton House, up to the time of their
retiring to dinner.
About 1:30 o'clock the Water Witch
bell be
ringing for the purpose of
ts members to the engiue house
to prepare for the parade. Soon all was
bustle, and the streets in the vicinity
of the enginq house of those companies
who were going to participate in the
parade, were crowded with people.
After the visitors had finished partak
ing of dinner, they were escorted to the
Fame Engine House, and introduced to
officers and members of th tt company.
It being past the lime advertised for the
line of parade to move,the arrangements
were hurried up, andin a short time the
companies were wending their way to
Fourth street, for the purpose of form
ing in line. The Water witch formed
on Bbipley street above Bixtli aud
marched up that street to Ninth to Mar
ket, to Fourth to Walnut. The other
companies were already on the ground
aud upou the arrival of the Water Witch
they were met by the Chief Marshal of
the parade, and the line of march was
then taken up in the following order :
Sergeant Legg in commaud of twelve
Chief Marshal of parade together with
Chief Marshal of each oompany.
Chief Engineer of Troy, aud the Chief
and two Assistants of this city.
Ogelsby's Band of Chester, 1Ö pieces.
Matthew Rogers, Company Marshal of
Water Witch Company.
Water Witch Fire Company 190 equip
ped members.
Hose cariage drawn by 4 horses.
Euglne urawn by tt horses.
Open barpuebe coûtai uing four of the
oldest members of the Company.
City Cornet Bund lü pieces.
Fame Hose Fire Company 89 equipped
Hose Carriage.
Engine drawn by four horses.
Di»ring's Band.
Reception Committee.
Citizms of Troy.
Osgood Fire Company 35 equipped men.
Uni led Corner. Band 15 pieces.
Weccacoe Fire Company.
Weccacoe Actives.
Hose carriage drawn by four black
The line of march commenced about 3
o'clock, aud when it dismissed at the
Fame Hose house it was 6 o'clock. A
large number of the houses along the
line of march were decorated with fiags,
as were also the various engine houses,
noticeably the Washington. As the
parade passed by the houses they were
greeted with the whistling of the engines
aud the ringing of bells on the hose car
riage», anu when the visitors appeared
they were greeted by three hearty cheers
In passing the Washington Engine house
Mr. Johu T. West, on behalf of that
Company stepped out and presented
the Chief Engineer of the Troy depart
ment with a magnifiée nt bouquet of cut
While passing the City Hall the bell on
that building was rang, showing the visi
tors that they were welcome to our city.
Iu fact their reception was a perfect ova
tion. The parade was was witnessed by
thousands of persons, not a stjeet along
the line of march but what was crowd
All the companies looked well, and
tnay well feel proud of their appear auce
and marching.
The Water Witch Company so ar
ranged their men that they presented an
exceedingly fine appearance in march
ing, takiug up the whole street. The
two englues in line were cleansed to a
handsome degree of brightness.
In the Fame Hose Company there were
a line of horn beaiers, and also two lines
of silver toruh bearers. They aNo had a
fine dog very prett ly trimmed up. The
Weccacoe also deserve praise for the Hue
appearance of their hose carriage, wbioh
was also very handsomely trimmed up.
They also had a number of Indians with
There were a number of visitors from
Philadelphia, who were the guest« of the
Water Wilon Company. Among them
First assistant engineer Hammond, of
the Philadelpnia paid fire department;
second assistant engineer, James Baxter;
Foreman Gamphor, of truck D; James
Mack, foremau of truck B; Thomas H.
Peto, dealer in fire apparatus; James
Rose, of truck D: M. Levi, of Levi Bros.,
manufacturers or firemen's coat«; F. Pin
ker, of truck D; Samuel Killen, of truck
D; M. Tolden, of engine No. if; George
Biough, of truck D: William H. Quirk,
night clerk in the Philadelphia post of
fice, and A. Blaw.
The guests »ere entertained by
Water Witch in their parler, and after
the parade they sat down to a collation
aud refreshments that had been prepared
for th« m, at the conclusion of which sev
eral songs were sung and speecho» made.
Thomas H. Peto presided, and there Was
ue end of fuu. There is no doubt that
Peto i» one of the funuiest men alive,
and he kept the company assembled in
the room in a continual r>ar of laughter
and good humor bv his funny saving, in
f ct all the I bho. 1 ' were prlnc s • got d
The companies that took part in the
larsde deserve the thanks of the citizens
or their effors. The visitors are tobe
show 11 around town this moruiug, aud at
1 o'clock they go to New Castle in a spec
ial train, if the weather permit«.
A. Luthersu KflTorl.
On Monday evening, in a room over ihe
grocery s ore of Messrs. Gray and Bro., N.
VV. corner Second and King streets an at
tempt was made, by the young men of
the German Lutheran Churcli, of this city,
to organize an association, having for its
principal object the study of the Lutheran
religion. Although but few were present
at this meeting, nevertheless considerable
enthusiasm was shown, earnest opinions
of willingness to promote this work were
expressed. It was agreed to hold another
meeting-at the same p.ace on the follow
ing Monday, when it is hoped the work- ;
ers will be able to carry out their plans
by the organization ot such an association.
Take your children to Hutterly « gallery
for a good picture, toi Market street.
A Guilty Canacleuec.
■ E f- IZ *h* TH ' N- J-, Ootober 22,-Ben
jauun 8. Dean, ex-collector of Summit
towusblp, indicted at this term of com t
for embezzlement and broeny of nearly
ten thousand dollars of the township
SP*? 0 *?* J> fa fori "er P 1 " of not
gultty and pleaded guliiy to the last count
of tUtfS: ■ ' ou "® nt < 0 "arging grand larceny
CL EL AND — Iu tbla cily on the 22 ml
ÿ"Vo7m."it K - °'® Und ' "» '"® *»'h
er»l from bis late residence No 7 o vt mlh
Lo"j. pL? h ?^,'9 ck - *■ m - interment at
r irai Presbyterian eburou oemsiery.
M ra^ F n,o KBTY - In °"y ^me 2 aet
Ä^'p^äÄm ar Iis r Tttri
rt?i t, ^ nCe, » W0,810 0»nge Street,on Thura
h^^?™' d *'. U) ®. ï4 " 1 »« » o'clock.
High mass at St, Peter's ohurcu. lm»r
ment at the Cathedral cemetery. sf»ct 22 - 2 t*
NEW AG YElt I'laEMtC V Ti.
A democratic meeting
will he held In the Cltv H«i*
** muel Towns,nd
£^x>£'. 0rub ! > &,e ex P*cted io address
the meeting. Aaener.il invitation is px
tended to citizens to attend oct 23 -tf *
N ° T a 1 u ï«ï° p «OFKhTV HOLDKR*a._
All sidewalks must be pro per I v ro
w"thmFIV*1ÎA 1 vï < î >d or ï e V"^ wmier
wiunn 1 1VR LAYS from the date oi this
H,°r^f're r th 'l "® me wl11 be do "e by th*
Htreet Commissioner at tbe cost of the
owner or agent of such property.
oltreet Commissioner.
October 23rd, 1878.
Of a Large Consignment of
Trimmings. Notions. &c
,J. HD . B o D ^T AFTERNOON, Oot. 22 nd,
1878, at 2 o'clock, and Evening at 7 w
o'clock, and to bo continued until all is
00193 . 2 t. Auctioneers.
All forms of Kidney and Urinary dig.
ease«. Pains in the Back, Bides aud Loins
are positively ourad by
IU effects are truly marvellous in Dropsy.
Gravel, Bright's disease, Seminal losses.
JLeuoorrhoea, and lost vigor, no matter
ot how long standing the case may be,pos
itive relief is had in from one to three days.
Do not despair, hesitate or doubt for it is
really a specific and never falls. It is
purely a vegetable preparation, by its
timely use thousands of oases that have
been considered incurable by the most
eminent physicians, have been perma
nently cured.
It is also indorsed by the regular Physl
oluns and lfedloal Societies throughout
the oountry, sold in bottles at T so dollars
each or three bottles which is endugti to
cure tne most aggravated case, sent to any
address on receipt of Five dollars Small
trial bottle One dollar each, all orders to
he addressed to
Grants Remedy Manufacturing
111 Sl » *^ trcMi ®r« Mam
Front and DuPont Nto «
Wilminerton Del.
We are prepared to larmsn at tbe short
eat notice, pressed, paving,
salmon hand made brick
mall quantities.
Orders left with Lewis H- Coxe 006 Vf.
10th street. Alvan Alien, 512 W. Ninth
street, and Robinson's cigar store, Its E
Fourth street, will receive prompt atten
N. B—A speciality made of pressed
red, hard and
s, in large or
Best Undershirt
For SOc.
In Wilmington !
Excepting none of those kept by Jews
Gentiles, Carpet Baggers, or any other
W. B. €OLE,
Mel's Fssrniahlug Goode,
202 MARK T T
D elaware; uarpzi tiou-*.
sot) MARKET STRf tT,
The aheapeat lace In the city r,, t,. . y. g
Xiet'her'll JUllftlc Klore
- k.J 4
ANl >VlNDO'A' öHa' K
lie nr v Greebc
l wo
ettesi notice
N. B— Flag Oar ne
and lowest marke
y ï
Pianos, Organs, and Sheet Musto,
Wo. 991 Blarket Hired
HUkf'M Plaaaaa apeelaity j also, good
eeona baud piano* lor aale and for rent,
m usic lessons given in private sud in
Classes. Terms moderst«. in*uT-

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