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Thep 4 )aily Gazette.
[rst edition.
[KALO & ca '
11,1, i; H» *i BBOKKB8»
» .liiu m
I , mu non A"<1 <1«««™' Oolleo.
bviïï I» »"d draft« on Ureal
I I ,,, oor pari, of 111 . world.
ial »ml'Cy©ni■*■***••!•
MI soTo7"l)el.. March 18,1«»
"i m-k quotations luruuiued. by
1 ivi ('fayton House Buddln*
'pel., at UM. to-day.
stock quotations.
a Mull.
11 »*4
. -l6k
. 67*
! Uulon
4 Buffalo.
16 if
4 West
. 4)
[Coupon ..
. 102 *
. 10 *
»fsl Stocka Md DomiIe.
j Bank of Delaware.
itliuml Bank..
latlonal HniiK,...... • *•••
IBank Wil.and Brandywlno
»' Bank.
KU»n roal tia* Company.
re R. K. Co..
„ w«tern R H Co HUwk,
irii. ft «sillmore R. R. Co.
e Fire I
•f State Bonds
irtonntv «s..
. 600
K. K. Co
ton < il y 6«..
,ie('«unty Loan...
Kail road, first Mortgage
i. extension.
«Minier Railway Co. 1st mort.. I°°
*• Stock, 4
Hall O Ronds. '
Mill t.V
'llmiugloii ftlsrkct«.
•h 18. IH79
the Brandywine Mil's for
hui, furnished by W. G.
A Co. r >rrect*»d Rally.
Flour.... 0 76a 7 76
.. 6 26a 7 re
.. Oja ft 00
lie... M
Il G
[ale it Pr
»y .
v Flour
1 15
18 03
er t*n.
;u Telegraphic Nummary
day was another lively day for
lifts in the German Parliament
niwd in Berlin that a friendly
lulling with the Duke of Cum
will he announced on the Etn
iVilliim's birthday—The loss by
Hood is estimated at ■£!,
The Emperor Joseph visited
a yesterday—Habron, who was
ii of a murder iu England, which
iVace confe-sed under the gal
have committed himself, has
rdoued—'Westou challenges Ro
the walking championship.
Milt Mins DOESN'T 8EKA1 to
i"id'»f lier Senators as she lias
' * been, and it must be confessed
b;n not much reason for glori
I nun Charles Sumner's mag
for reconciliation and
to Mr. Hoar's contemptible
wo over Jeff Davis is, indeed, a
r plea
^ Department lias received a
I fana Alle«
Francis, American
It Va
:ouvt r Island, staling that
bailed the «.«llic al report of the
of tiie British gunboat Os
h English caplalu stated that
««1 tiie UiiiUid »Stabs
ùileoit inadequate 10 afford pio
o this inhabitants of Sitka, and
d teiuaiu there until relieved by
cau iiuu-nt-w ar.
ftr-Kivg senators will be sworn
! Conspicuous among those iu
Mnig, Caiuer
ho have been re-elected
and Morrill, lte
*' Mul Vorhees and Gordon,
Us. or these twenty-five sena
tou arc
entirely new to tiie Sen
""'y lWo «f the fifteen, Houston,
'US, ami T.iiilleton, of Ohio,have
'"the lower House. This is an
ol lresb senatois.
'he twenty-five
ell know
1 Mint (j
re a few
to the country, a« for
arpenter, of Wi.*cousin,
A* Logan, ol Illinois, who
'"erly sens 1 01 s, and Gov. Wade
", of South Carol!
d North Carolina,
tia, Gov. /. B.
and Zaih
P N \l Ad u. \ U V"* at
h or ,iurin s tiie
lowin.it, 1 1,0, »«r of St.
t 11 '"»in'There u lla '' C r raiS( ' J ^
Ph; iu the 1 u i- Ue l ' ve tllüUi
Ihm, screanre.f"* g ', a " d wo,ui '''
Za T'
It,red. ld ' tt " J order
phnis and m'| i „' l ®! Ha I l Pnintn)ent
Specially Reported for the Gazette.
Dover, March 17. 1870.
The Renate met at 11 o'clock and ad
journed till 3.
Upon re assembling the bill in relation
to tram ns was passed.
The incorporation act of the Elkton &
Middletown railroad was read a first
time It having beeu introduced without
being read on Friday.
The act to amend section 104, of the
Revised Code was read a first time.
The act to consolidate the Georgetown
districts was p >s-e t.
The art to amend chapter 42, of the '
Revised Statutes and to divorce Kate
Boyd wer« introduced by Mr. Sharnley.
On Mr. McWhorter's nioiion the act
as passed. i
Tin* act to divorce Cssste and Robert
eat n w is r< ad a second time.
Th act to extend the limits of district
Ö3 New Castle county was passed.
Tiie act iu regard to dlstiict No. 8 New
Castle county was passed.
The an to incorporate the Laurel
Lodge of Odd Fellows was passed.
The Unity divorce bill was read a first
aud second time.
to divoice Al- xandfi and Mary E. David
Mr. Couch had the act to prevent the
Wiimiugtou Citv Couucil from p issing
any cd.nance to prohibit, fanners from I
stdliug meat in the city, read a first time.
The bill to Incorporate the Laurel
Orange Store Co., wa« passed.
The act to incorporate the Hudson
Branch Ditch Company, was passe«!.
The act iu relation to the commence
meut of the term-« of Sheri If aud C
ner for Sus»«;x county was read a second
House met at 3:30 p. in.
Mr. Ware introduced the Senat«» bill
in rtrlatlou lo luechuuic liens which was
The b' II to prevent live stock running
at large in school district No. 6 Sussex
county was taken up aud pss-e<1.
Ou motion of Mr. Conaway the bill to
divorce Edward Bantv from his wif-^
Maggie H. Bauty was taken up aud
The Senate bill authorizing the laving
out of a new public road in Mispillion
Hundred was, on motion of Mr Needles
taken up and passed.
The bill iu relat
law for the Kehohoth ('
to creating a stock
p Meeting
property,was on rnotiou «if Mr. Houston
aim* passed.
A bill authorizing the reftimling of the
State «lotit was presented by Mr. Hall
and read.
The Senate bill to re-enact and revive
the incorporai ion act of the Gr«»en
Branch Dliclt Company, was, on motion
of Mr. Nee«ll«*s read the first asd tn-coud
time and referred to the Committee on
Un motion of Mr. Kooks the stock bill
for hcImjoI district No. 43 Sussex county
Mr. Conoway introdure«! a billsupple
enMiig the act regulating the sah* of
r«*ad. (It
extension of power,upon
intoxicating li«|ujrs which
provides f-»r
minor points, however, of the court, in
relaiion to applications, and also pro
vides that in every case of indictment,the
party so indicted shall be tried unless he
plea«ls guilty.]
The Senate hill to incorporate the
Frankford and Breakwater railroad,was
introduced aud reatl; also the bill to
aun'iul chapter 144, volume 15 laws of
Delaware in relation to the Frankford
and Breakwater railroad company.
Mr. Ware introduced an act to incor
porate the Christiana Marsh Company
of Wilmirgtou winch was read.
House adjourned.
When Rev. J. B. Maim assumed the
pastorate of Union M. E. Church, two
years ago, the debt upon that edifice was
about $2300. During these two years
the receipts from all sources were $5,
054.06, and the payments as follows:
paid lo pas or, $1005 ; to sexton, $600;
to Presiding Elder, $216 ; for the Bishops,
$10; for commnnion wine, $24; for
rent of parsonage, $352 ; paid in loan
association, $300; miscellaneous expen
ses, $77780 ; total, $4140.80. The bal
ance $1805.07, was applied to the extin
guiubment of the floating debt, reducing
it to the sum of $01)4.03. The payments
to b<' made to the loan associath
continue nearly five years, und w'll
ainouut t«> about $500, making the total
d. bt of Hie church $1004.03. As nearly
one half of tills is to he paid in early
At 5:33
... .
moutbiy installments, with fitt, vtare lo !
run, it may be safely said that the church ;
is in a good financial condition. I lie j
spi'ituul condition of the clittrrh is also j
good, and tbougli the membeiship is not !
as lug» 1 as it Inis been, it is of au I in
proved character, the pastor's '-weedm*
1 ii.. „I, i, ,.«• « I
out policy having rid the church oi a
number oi unprofitable members. 1
To B« llmitf j
The coming Spring, 20,000 pieces of
wall pa|)er and 2,000 pairs of wil1 - [
dow shades, all from t lie reliable
Wall Taper House of J. K. Doll, 220
Market street. Mr. II >lt is selling 15e.
paper for 12«c., I2«c. for 10c. ; 10c. for
Sc., and Be. for 6c. per piece. These
g iods are of the very best make, and
guaranteed at full length. Mr. Holt
will sell you enough paper and border
to paper a room 12 ft. by 12 ft. for the
small sum of 75 cents. So, you see, pa
ltering is cheaper than whitewashing.—
Tiie spring designs are stylish and beau
tiful. Good oil shading lBc. per yard.
Window shades aud fixtures, hung com
plete, $1.75 ltd pair. Gilt pape is and
I)ado work HO per cent lower tnan ever.
Give us a call and be couvenced that the
above is uo humbugging advertisement,
but facts,
Juun R. Holt, 223 Market
tlalm Rclflctl.
Mr. Thomas McCorkle, Jr., agent of
Mutual Life Insurance Com
tiie 1*
pany of Philadelphia settled,cu Sat un' a •
a policy of $5000 on the file uf the late
William S. McCaulley, Esq- The Mu
tual Is one -of the oldest 'comp «nies
the country, and has always
prompt in settling claims against it.
Leander F. Kiddle, of the firm uf James
Kiddle, Son & Co., will iu a few weeks
start on a trip to Eutope. During his
visit he will make an inspection of tiie
cotton machinery in some of the larg<st
and most noted manufactories.
Philadelphia Conference will Aid in
Raising the Debt — Hern. Mr. Wil
liams and Quigg on its Wnnts.
At the meeting of the Philadelphia M.
E. Conference, yesterday, Rev. C. F.
Turner, chairman of the special coramit
tee to whom was referred the report of
the Wesleyan Female College, asked
l«**a to present a report. Tim trustees
of the college, in their report to the con
ference stated that the floating debt of the
•"!!««« amounted to »7,123.63. "The
Board of Trustees," says the report,
"have considered the situation with a
great deal of solicitude and care, and are
' pwwiaded that unless, iu the present
emergency, the Conference of Philadel
P»daand Wilmington can raise aud pay
within six months the sum of §4 UX) to
enable the Trust
i terest, taxes, &c.
h* 1 saved t
over «lue in
leyan cannot
the Methodist Episcopal
to pay
h* We
In their report the special committee
present the following resolutions:
Resolved. That
ieyan Female College to the favor aud
patronage of our people.
Resolved , That we hereby invite the
R«*v. J. M. Williams, President of the
Ctfllege to visit out congregations and
present to the people the interests aud
need« of the same.
I Resolved. That wc hereby ple«lge our
«♦'Ives to use our influence to secure »lie
«»na of money n^*c««ssary to relieve the
present embarrassment.
Resolv&l, That we recommend the ap
pointaient of W. C. Robinson and M. D.
Kurt» as a visiting committee,
«rom mend the Wes
as move«! that the report, with the
resolution-», bo adopted.
Professor J. M. Williams, of the col
lege, and Rev. J. B. (jnigg, of the Wil
mington Conferem*«, were ln.'roducetl
ami spoke at some length of the wants of
the college.
The Mew Court House Bill.
the Gazette.
The bill for the removal of the seat of
to Wilmington, renort«*d bv the
mate Committee, passed by that body,
and now oeforetbe House, expressly limits
the cost of land and buihlingato $70,
000. Forbidn the Levy Court to borrow
spend for both of those purn
than that amount. Requires th
to be erected by contract; the land to
cost the Count v nothing. These t»ro vi
sions cover all the expenses of biuMlngs
for every purpose, viz: Court House,
County Offices and jail for the tempora
ry detention of prisoners. The county
will retain its New Castle jail, in ail
these particulars the bill Is clear aud ex
That the $70,000 will be amply suffi
cient we are prepared to prove by the tes
timony of experienced aud responsible
The bill takes mcay from the Levv
Court in respect to the proposed build
ings iu Wilmington, the nower it now
bas as to the buildings in New Castle, to
expeud money without limit.
Should the Levy Cofirt, after the pas
sage of this bill, spend orungAge to spend
one dollar more thati $70.000for land au«l
buildings in Wilmington, they would
violate the law, and be instantly restrain
ed by the injunction of the Chancellor.
oses more
e building
The Jefl'erson Democratic Club rooms
are now adorned with three of the finest
specimens of the photographic art ever
H»«en in this city. They are portraits of
President Thomas Jeflersou, after whom
the club Is named, ami of Hen at« rs Bay
ard and Haulshury, of this Btate. The
picture* of the two Senators, beside*
being splendid specimens of photography
a e remarkably life-like and accurate,
while the picture of JefiV-rsou is consid
ered by com notent judges to he th«i best
liken«!ss of the "father of Democracy"
ever exhibited in thi* city. Before being
taken to the club room the.*
were ex hi hi teil i
Themas & Co.'s book store aud Green
man & Co.'* wall paper store, aud at
tracted general public attention aud ad
miration, The artists were Messrs. Ga«
rett & Nones, of Philadelphia, who ex
pended their b st effort* on these pictures
ami feel a commemlatde pride at. the
ccsstul results with which their labors
were attended.
the windows of
Caue I*r«!w«*ntatioii.
On Sunday alto
slu-i«)h of the servi«*« 1
ol the Sacred Heart ((
about htty of the members marched
down to St. Mary's Church, Six'll aud
Pine street*». On arriving at St. Mary's
a committee was sent for Rev. Father
Reilly, who was cuudiict«*d to the church
and presented with a handsome ebony
! g ( »l«l-ln a«le«l cane, as a testimony of the
; appreciation in which the German Catho
j lies of Wilmington had iiehl his years of
j faithful labor in t heir behalf. Father
! Reilly appropriately respoml«*«! »bank
lug the donors for their generosity, and
«.luruen.Hnu the Gw.nnus tor tlm seal
I aud eihcieucy in the cause of the church,
The pleasant atfatr «slowed with the sing
1 1|lg oi * St Patrick's Hymn.
ti, after th« con
's at th«« Church
1er'mail Catholic)
j MisNlttuary Anniversary'.
Grace Church Sunday School will eele
[ | lrj te tlieir thirtecntli missionary anni
versary in the churcli on Tuesday even
ing. Bidiop Simpson will lie presentand
deliver an address. Thescholats will give
the anniversary promi es to he a very
pleasant aöair. Tiie price of admission
is 15 cents. Tickets can he obtained of
It. It. ltobinsoii, Four li ami Market
streets; C. F. Rudolph, No. 2H7 Market
St., and E. S. It. Bu.ler, 420 Market St.
excellent selections of music and
Lecture « 1 » "t aukerj."
To-motrow evening, Miss Dods, late of
the Edinburg School of Cookery, ami
holding a first cl as- diploma from South
Kensington, «ill d liver a lecture on
"Oookerv," in the new le. Hire room of
the Grand ( >p
1 ctureon VV dnesday evening Mardi 2<lth
and Tucstla af erno 11 Mardi 25 at 1.80
o'clock. Tickets 25 reins, the proceeds
lor the ben fit of lit Homo for Friendless
11«> • e. She will also
M M Child, ruul estate agent, has sold
the tl welling No. 12U» Delaware Avenue,
belongil g to the est ite of the late Ruhen
to Mrs. Flitch ■ Sharpe, for the
sum of $7,UUO. The property was erect
ed about Six years ag ,, aril cost Sld.UOU.
Ticket Olhcc Itokbod.
Some time during Saturday night,
broke into fratuors Station,
some iMirsou
the 1*. W. A B. R. R. »uti siole about
$500 worth of tickets, nothing else ot
value was stolen. .
A Hart ■''ml I n rr.
Till 1 tru-tres appointed by Archbishop
Puici'll to lnveatiaate the conditio« uf
i uicuiioiuvceugaie mim ctiuiiiiiiiH or
bi» financial alt'.ùr» buy., reported th« to
tul amount of debts for which the a».-.I
prelate,» liable to bo *3.874 1171.57. After
000, they Wave seen 3,485 cr««lit.irH or«
Kent claim* to the auiouutof 53,072,371.67.
A-ide from thi» »um Father Purcell
Owen to various banks 4117,000, au»i
$83,000 in aridition to three parties, thus
bringing the total liabilities up to the
ainouut named above. I ii the way ol as
sets the trustees report having touud
ÄÄf, ÄC'-wi'Ä, uf
hand and open accounts havtug suomi
nal value of $484,000. The report states,
lii regard to the claims of Father Purcell
tuat it, is "very probable that many valu
hie ones will yet he discovered." A
trauk coiifr-ssion is made that th** trustees
were utterly at a loss in seekiug to h^aru
m,m«; PU No OU r«^fdi"«*i" e "hnw?u"tb«
particular sums spent on the Cathedral
aud other of the church bull lings. The
system of receiving deposits has been
going on for quite forty years, aud. in
the ansence oi regular accounts, it has
Seen impossible to learn whnt part ol the
pr«H.-i,t liabilities is due to th« accumula
don of compound interest, but if is plaiu
tbat iiiueh of the ainounr. owed h is been
the result, ol borrowing money on inter
ost witliout putting the principal to any
use which would brmgin revenue.While
acquitting Father Purcell'of any dishou
eaty, the trustees attribute the disaster to
"bad investments, shrinkage in value,
niisplaced conhdeuce, and unbusiiies>
like management."
buch is the record of one of the most
disastrous failures, In both its direct and
indirect results, that litis occurred since
the panic of 1873. In reflecting on its sad
story it is interesting to note how, in
1865, Archbishop Purcell issued circulars
to the clergy of his diocese touching the
management of Church property, in
which he pointed out mat, while the pas
tor of a congregation, iu the discharge of
of hiH duty, "may b« ad vautageousiy as
sieved" by lay counsellors, "the evils
done the Church In the United States in
times past, and the scandals giveu by lay
trustees, have caused the Holy See aud
all the true fneuds of religiou to look
with disfavor on the appoiutmeut of lay
men as managers of Church funds." lie
furthur pointed out that laymen are sim
ply the assistants of the pastor in the care
of the temporal a flairs of the congrega
tion." This, as we have said, was in 1863,
and, in the light, of the facts as develop
ed, the Archbishop was at that very time
conducting a savings bunk for his par
ish ''»ihth in a manner quite as reckless as
* imagined. While acquitting both
•!ibishop and his brother of any
conscious dishonesty, it would be an easy
matter to indulge in over-much senti
ment concerning bis misfortunes. Any
sympathy should be bestowed upon the
unfortunate« who lose by his utter lack
of fores ght and bu>iues sagacity. One
of the first essentials in dealing with af
fairs is for a man to know when his
know led
his capa
know this, and yet to assume tasks for
which one is wholly unfitted, is to be
come guilfy of recklessness bantering on
criminality. The moral to be drawn from
the-»« pitif ul revelations is that tue good
man, without practical ability ami ex
perience, Is as much out of place in man
aging the temporal affairs of the Church
as in politics,— Record.
ge stops ami iu what direction
hilities do not extend. Not to
Brief Loral».
('lean up your yards and prepare for
Some of our *ha«l fishermen have gone
down the river.
Look at those shirts iu Russell & Spen
cer's show window.
A shooting affray took place at Elkton
on Saturday afternoon last.
Grace Church Sunday School anniver
sary takes place this evening.
See Dr. Gallagher, the demist, No. 835
Market street, about your teeth.
Colored *ilk handkerchiefs are made
iuto bows to trim house dresses.
The aunual C«jnference of the M. E.
Church commences to-morrow at New
Miss Dods will lecture on "Cookery"
to-morrow night at the Grand Opera
Something new on five cent counter
will be found useful in every house iu
the city, Russel & Spencer.
Another delegation of our citizens
went down to Dover this morning to look
after the court house removal b.Tl.
juib rs of the Sacred Heart
Church presente«! the Rev. Father Reilly
with a gohf-headed caue ou Sunday al
le «noon.
T he
Th« bill for the removal of the court
house to tins city will probably he call««!
up in the House of Reprcseutative* this
»Springstock of ribbons just receive«!
gros grailitoutiue satin and uiu«ttes, to
_ sold as low as the lowest at the Bee
Hive, 3<H> Market street, Russell &
One case of Spring d ess goods at 6
cents per yard, would be cheap at 10
cents. B*-e Hive 306 Maiket street,Rus
sel A Spencer.
Jail Delivery.
Some time during last night or early
•add their
litis morning, three prisoners
from the K lit county jail, at Do
ver. How they made their escape is not
known at this writing but will he found
in the fifth edition. The naines ol the
escaped prisoners are Julian Kent, col.,
Huam Gr.liiu and Thomas Cox, white.
Ilot Wonls Between Olllclt»!*.
Some very hot words passed a few day.
s no<* betw«?eu Gov. N chois, of LonBina
AU d Slat« Frinter Dupro, in the office ol
the former. It seems the Btate printer
made some stat«*m«iitihat the Goveuor
pronounc'd a falsehood. Dupre replied,
according to his version, that he would
retraiu from resenting the insult,because
from tiie Goveuor ami a crippled
hieb the Goveuor re
al! all that, sir, 1
office. au«l 1 will
it eatue
soldier, anil to
speeded, "I willwai
«halUoon retire fro
b- respuniuble to you then Dupre re
snoud.d: " Very well; in the meantime
I have nothing more to aaylo you,' aud
Everything needed in a first class cook
stove. W to be found In ihe/farrest Home
Hanger This rang« with twenty other
patteras of cook stoves is to he found at
Ef. Pickel» 1 », Nus. 7 ami h E. Fourth
»Ueet. f#b21 -* f
~~ ~— : ~~ -- ==
«VII inn It I A 1 II
" * 1 "
Bad Sequel to the Uinde-Jam »« Duel of
| J)ectll/ „ Laet-Terribl. Endof
I ÄtÄ" y ° U,,i/
.. , ... 1MI , T i.
| Dai.timohe, March 16, 1870. The
Hmds-Jemes Ouel in December last, tl.«
1 l>ai tieul.*ra of which desperate enc »unter
were publish d in the N. Y. Herald , has
a peculiai ly distressing sequel in the death
at. her residence last evening, of Miss
jjzz \ e James, who, it is charged bytlie
£•«•" *"»y. "» Grayed b? Hinds.
«'"James wa» a young lady «1 more
U***' ordinary i>ersonal attractions, o t
engaging manner, intelligent, educated
and accomplished, and her dealli under
such circumstances has naturally proved
a terrible blow to her relatives and
f iends. The deathbed scene was a liar
r " wi ,"S "P*"' following the bulb
° r her ci.ild, puerperal convulsions,
superinduced by excitement and grief,
seL in and the unfoitunate victim yielded
up her young'life in great agony, sur
rounded by her grief stricken parents
and o lier near relatives, with the name
of tlm Iuail s ,, e l0V(ilJ uot wise |y but loo
,, . » 3
Vi ' nci ,
For some time previous to the duel and
before any suspicion of trouble existed it
was well known to her fiienda that she
was strongly attached to Hinds, whose
family was opposed to their intimacy. It
was remarked by some ladies and gentle
who were urgent at a lar n* nrivate
mm, who wcw (présentât^ a lar^e private
excursion of a W » si End soual club hist
summer, bow pleased and happy Miss
James seemed on the afternoon of that
day when Mr. Hinds reached the grounds
where the excursionists were and joined
her, aud it was a'so noi.iced that lie was
tender j u ] x | s manrwr and devoted in bis
. In.le^i it was the general
attentions. inueeo, it was me general
f eiwa rk oi the inends of both partie* that
h* spite oi pareutial opposition they
would ultimately make a in itch, and
those who knew'Miss James certainly
never anticipated the terrible results that
f.,n., w
The allray on Baltimore strei t, with
its sad disclosure, was crushing in its ef
fects upon both families, the parents of
Mr. Hinds seeming 10 lake the matter to
heart almost as keenly, it that were pos
sible, as the p «rents of the unfortunate
young lady, who has ever since been in
the most pitiable condition. Her mind
constantly reverted to t he man whom
she loved, and during periods of delirium
which were not frequent, her cries for
him were agonizing. Her mother, who
appears to liavd grown older by y«ars
duringt.be weeks that have elapsed since
the exposure, endeav«jred to procure a
visit from Hinds, but did not succeed.
The duel between Hinds and young
James took place at. about eleven o'clock
on the morning of December 22, in the
basement of Robert Moore & Co.'s store,
corner of Baltimore and Hanover streets,
where Den wood B. Hinds, one of the par
ticipants, was employed. The assailant
was William M. James, a brother of the
unfortunate lady, and a clerk in the em
ploy of the shoe bouse of Buck, Heme
bower «& Co. Botli were members of the
Fifth regiment. James' reputation had
always been that of a quiet, geutlemanly
and well behaved young man; but the
belief that his sister had suffered the worst
injury that woman can receive had driveu
him to desperation. Having received
from Hinds rep ated refusals to render
his sister the only satisfactory reparation
possible under the circumstances he drew
a revolver and began tiring up »n b in,
Hinds promptly lespondmg in like mau
Both displayed unflinching cour
age, firing shot aber shot at such siiort
distance that it is wonderful either es
changed before the c »inbat ended. Both
leceived wounds that narrowly miss d
viial parts and both ultimately rec vered.
Hinds did not appear against James, but
left the city and went to Bellâtre, Ohio,
wheie lie remained until a short time ago.
His present whereabouts are not known.
About a dozen shots were ex
Current Hofe».
Somebody has had leisure to counter
feit the three-cent nickel coin.
It is l-atiicr startling to find the Nation
al Journal of Education talking about a
A blacksmith in Burlinaton, Vt., who
must have graduated from lloston, lias
just opened "a conservatory of horse
The marble top of the Stafford (Coon.)
Congregational Church communion table,
•Inch was carried oil in the flood over a
lias b en recently recovered
year alto,
and put to its original use.
Tiie favor.te name of princes in France
is Louis, that of Prussia is Frederick,
that of Austria is Joseph, that of England
(notwithstanding the imported George)
is Edward, with Ferdinand for Spain.
The Madrid Historical Academy an
nounces, aller investigation, that there
is no truth iu the report tliat the re
mains of Christopher Columbus had
been discovered in the Cathedral of Bt.
The Board of Health of tiie city of
Darmstadt ( Baden) announces "ulticialy"
that since the milk yen dots have been
under strict suiveillame, the mortality
among children from diarrhoea has de
creased 50 per cent, against former years.
The Kentucky Supreme Court lias
decided that the statute agdnst gaining,
which tumbles a person losing at faro
table to recover his losses from the pro
prietor, will not work the other way, and
allow the' proprietor to recover losses
from fortunate players.
The farmers on tiie line of one of the
Canadian railroads have sent a train of
ten ear loads ot w. od to Quebec for the
poor ol that city. The railroad carried
t free.
Tapestry Carpet.
A line of new and choice tapestry car
at 75 cents per pard, may be found
Kenuard <& Co's. These are no old
goods, but of the best make aud newest
Tint notable school will close Its sixth
mouth» mou on Saturday next Ali
propriété exercises will b« held in «la
" cllu , ül roo,u - fifth »ud Kiu« a-rects,
^"«ren* Sf ïlÂLlrTn 0 .n^Th»
, fïSf" -Ued
p AT(l - v„ w v
I Ay op THK Nkw Yohk 1 Of.fCB—
Juuge Doimhue, ol New York, lus issued
a mandamus against the police board of
that, city, requiring them to pay to the
Police the 20 per cent, reserved from
their saliiies in January under the con
"esi»?«,! hv'Zi t ,!S Whk *
y 'f 'fPectore, captains
and patrolmen of the force. Judge Don
oliue says : "A careful examination of
the point in dispute leads me to the same
conclusion as that reached by the corpo
ration counsel, that the act under which
the deduction was made has been re
"gf» 1 d
u»oeU§rter of VH3 wmt into eirect.
cnaer tins decision the New York police
w ill continue to draw the/r original pay
i "bile the charter remains in force,
■ ."The relations of the Christian
Lhurcb to popular amusements engaged
erary Association of Hamilton, Ont., one
night last week. The Rev. Mr. Lvle
maintained that "all the lower animals
' up to man enjoyed amusements," and
! consr-q neatly tli** theatre was not'to be
| condemned simply because it was abu
® e '* as well asus<*d. "Because dress is a
b,, »«<i. demauded the reverend debater,
«« Mhoilld we <li8Cara it altogether?" Thii
argument from analogy seemed to make
a strong impression upon his auditors
many of whom blushed aud murmured,'
, "Let us keep on wearing clothes aud go
| iQ g to theatres."
I Three revenue pris«niera were released
from the jail at Ila- tsville, Tenn., on
Sunday morning, by a gang of fifty

LRGQ-MEEKS—On the 13th Inst, by
Rev- Daniel tilrtwell, at No. 616 Welsh
"Meet, Chester, Pa., L<*uis B. Legg to
Mary E. Meeks, both of Wllmiugton.
Del. *
Baltimore Co., Md. papers please copy.
HALL—TEMPLE—On March 6th, 187 »
by itev. 11. F\ Phillips, at the residence
of the bride's parents, Temple's Mills,
Fla., Mr. (ieo. Frank Hall, of Phila.,
Pa-, to Miss Mary C. Temple, uf Tern
pies,^Fla., both lormerly of Wllming.
Wilmington and Phila. papers please
MacBRIDE—O il the 16th of March of ty
phoid pneumonia and hooping c »ugh,
Josephine, youngest daughter of Joan
MacBrlde, aged 3 years, 10
mouths and 16 days.
Funeral on Tuesday afternoon, at 9
o'cIock. fr«>m her parents residence ffo 14
W. 13» h street, to which, friends are InvlU
®d* marlT 9t*
and F.llen
B OA HD K Its. — Gentlemen boarders can
be accom moduted, by the meal. «lajr or
week, at 304 KING STREET,
mar 15-1 in* M AH Y A. TO WN8END.
P UBLIC BALE.—The subscriber will
sell at Public 8a>e, at the stables of R.
M. Gibson, Jn French street., between
Front and Second, Wilmington, Del.,
At 12* o'clock,
17 head of well selected herses,
ljpalr ef mules, all young, of
good size, aud good workers and
drivers. The horses will be at
the stables from Monday morning until
day of sale, fwr inspection.
a credit of 90 days will be given by the
purchaser giving a b likable note with an
approved endorser, ii. «HAfiPLESa.
L. W. .Slidham A Bon, Auctioneer«.
marl8-3td* wit*
FINE A K T 8 !
Hpeclal catalogue sale of a choice collec
tion of Oil Paintings, together with h «ml
some and elaborate frames, to be sold at
Room, 8U Marner street., commencing on
1879, at VA o'clock, continuing thereafter,
afternoon and evening till the whole
lection is disposed of.
•✓•This collection will be open for in
spection on the morning of sale.
fe/~Genilemen and Ladies are invi.ed to
Inspect this b. uuiuul collection.
iciiout reserve, at the Auction
o09 market street.
We have Just received a large stock
Tapentry UrutiNels, Three,
(ply Ingrains and Daniask
Also a large assortment o*
Give us a eall aud satisfy yourself that
are giving bargains
Registkk's Office, i
New Castle «jounty, Mar. 17,1879. <
Upon the application of Bailie B. J»avls a
Administratrix of Eliza Moore- late
of Wilmington Hundred, in said eoun
ly.deceased,it is ordered and directed tjy the
Register that the Administratrix atOibsald
notice of the granting of letters of ad
ministration, upon the estai« of the
ueceased, with the dateol granting there
of, by causing advertisements to be post
ed within forty days from the date of such
letters, iu six of the most public places of
cjouuty of New Castle, requiring all
persons having demands against the es
tate to present tiie same or abide by an
act of Assembly in such case made, aud
provided. And also cause tiie same to be
inserted within the same period in the
Wilmington Ga z KTTE,a newspaperpub
ished in Wilmington, aud to be contin
ued therein three weeks, (e o d).
. Giveu under ihe hand and seal
{ of office of the Register aforesaid,
)> at New Castle, iu New Castle
county, aforesaid, tiie day and year aoove
B r BitfUB. Register.
L. S
All peraou. uavnig ctatuib against the
esutle of the deceased must present U,e
same duly attested to ttie Administrait lx
on or before the aeveuieeuUi day or Maron,
A D. 1**1. or abide toe act of Assembly in
such case made aud provided.
Admlnlstrati lx.
Address, 320 South 21st t-t., Fhdadel
phla, Pa. martb-Sw tou,

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