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The Daily Gazette.
•r ç
, L . LXXXYII -NO 200
ik st edition.
and dealkhh IN
:K % * COMMERCIAL paper.
and General Colloc
and draflH on Great
oilier parts of the world.
red. Co»|
. Ticke
K and l
■mui'iul ■i.rtX!ommep.l«l.
, m.iixoTTn.,., April l, IW»
qiiollUKin» lurni.hrd by
l ' 1 *eo Clayton llouae Hu'ldlng
m Vn>l.. »> *»• bi-dar
. C
, A Erie
07 «
130 *
A M »-«•
n* Mail.
!ern Uni«
20 g
ixh Hcrp.
, Paeiuc
31 V
\2 s
gl) Valley...
*1, Navl*Htl*n.
, x A Buffalo....
ral TrsiiHOO^AtiOD
a. A Erie. «
. 3*»*
vi lirai
A rfc. A West
Outrai .
\ Hu Ison....
. 3*\
. H* «*
. 101 *
, Coupon
•tfi, Coupon
pney 6'«...
I Vk of'Sl...
l.iirnl Slock« ou«» Bon«U.
onal tun« of I/ciaware.
t National Bank...
Bii National Bank..
Lai HhuU Wil.and Brandywine
.. 000
lier*' Bank.
uHigtuu Coal Gas Company
wHf«* R R. Co..
w „r* Western R R Co Block,
a Wit. A Baltimore K. K. Co,
R. K.Co.
• '
N* »filler
.. 40
. Co....
ware FI
ware Stale Bonds
nlngton City 6s..
niBidoii City 5s..
CaM ;»* County Loan......
ware Railroad. first Mortgage
kail road, extension . 101
Passenger Railway Co. 1st mort., too
.• •* «• Block, 4
•nie Hall C« Bonds.
mie Hall Co.
U Millington markets.
. I»»»
W II. VINO TON. HO**, April 1, 1879.
oOittouHat the Brandywine Mills to»
, ,l Grain, furnished by W. G.
■ted Dally.
. 6 75a 7 75
. 6 25® 7 rO
. ooa ft on
?ut I*
.,ir - Family
i«-rrlii'» Flou
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reignTel«'«ra|»iilc Summary.
hi« long strike of cotton operatives at
Li,urn, England, is al an end.—Great
Bely Is felt in »South Africa over the
kvof Colonel Pearson; a relief ex
lti"ii is organizing.—A force of two
Lan-l Afghans has been defeated by
ritish force under Major Humphrey,
s with Yakoob Khan con
L.—Forty-five persons,
L «it high rank, were arrested at »St.
Bt>burg in connection with the at
L«vl ;i.v>asainalioli of Gen. V<
l'asaanatite, tlio Italian assassin,
cut to the island of Elba.—
binai Couture, a celebrated French
pt'-r, is ikad.-lt is probable the debate
lia: return of the French Congress to
b will be postponed until alter tlie
■days.'—The British House of Corn
L Iasi night rejected fcdr Charles
«■•'s motion of censure of the Zulu
I H-cy._
MU. Stukkt Yesterday. —The
|!K market was active and strong.
» *nt bonds were firm, »States
Money on
in active demand at 7 per
t: ami rail mads strong,
ft a
ayoi: llow hi.i., of Brooklyn, yestei
'«t«H*d the bill of tbe Aldermen
"litty a emit act to tbe Automatic
l Lighting Company for
llic streets of Brooklyn with
'fitl.a at the rate of $11). 18 per lamp,
m i companies here notified tlie Mayor
future light the city for
1 '*m lamp, a saving of over $42,000 to
eity ou firmer years.
»«•i.i « a.— At a meeting of the bar of
PRabia, S. U., last Thursday, résolu
f Wcru adopted to tha effect that
F ea * at the
I W aucus 6d of political offenses it
approaching trials of
of the government to
r( * l fi' 5 "test oath"
ifi would
practically exclude the
01 the white citizens of the
r"«* course which could be dictated
b J' » viuilictiv
determination to
6 couvlctious, Irrespective of guilt,
trti^aii Political purposes—the bar
uuuialree'y offers the prufessio
VlCM * of iu * members to defend a.iv
citizens who are thus
,,J be maa,i the victims of uoliti
f blT Moiui.ibIJ
l> *—Tlie L
JWlUleUcud suit
'"i New Y oik
b to force h
?y *fifeli it
•Scandals Rk
,lJ _ Pacific Company
in the Supreme
against Henry 8. Me
nu to lel'und the sums of
ire ,s a ' l «g«d he received as
y the credit m °
id. -, i.j'Y' * ," c * cof «»ructed ill,
s wl I •» 8 0,1 'y one of a liumbsr
V* bought aga.nst
a.iiii B rt:< ? 1VeJ 8ilnil » r l>iotita
k i. drC . u , lu,ta, ' ce *> »» uf
*^u»4Ù,(îui'wî. 1 * muuutiu 8
The liBNt Nml Riten.
Funeral of Ki-Chancellor Hates — Feel -1
ing Eulogies by Dr. Stevenson and.
Jlishop Lee.
The fuuerul services of the late Hon.
Daniel M. Hates were announced to take !
place at his late residence, No. 1003 Dela
ware Avenue, at three o'clock yesterday
afternoon, but before that hour the com
pany began to assemble to pay the last
tiibute of respect to their deceased friend.
Those present included the leading and
most influential citizens of the citv, and
their bearing and manner showed that
each one felt as if he lnid lost a sincere
and valued friend, and the community an
honored and resected members.
The body was laid out In the front
parlor, encased in a metallic casket, of
rosewood finish. The features liore
maiks of suffering, but were calm in
their repose, and still flowed that expres
sion of swee'ness apd simplicity tlut
characterized the appearance of the de
ceased in his daily life. The casket was
of the giass-top pattern, silver mounted,
and also bore a silver p.ale, on which
was the inscription :
: Daniel M. Hates, :
: Horn January 28, 1821,:
; Died Mai cli 28, 1870. I
The floral offerings w«*ra of exquisite
taste and beauty. On the ca'ket were
an anchor aud two magnificent crosses,
while at the head was a pillow of pure
wnite flowers entwined with stnifex, and
bearing Lite word "Rest," formed of dedi
cate purple immortelles. A beautiful
basket of lilies of the valley, Marshal
O'Neil rosebuds, saffranos and violets,
aud some choice cut flowers distributed
around the room completed the floral
.Shortly afier three o'clock the services
were commenced by Rev. W. J. Steven
son, D. D., of Grace M. E. Church, who
read that most beautiful and impressive
of the Epistles of St. Paul the AjKisLle,
as found in the fifteenth chapter of I.
Corinthians. He then followed in an
earnest and impressive discourse. He
:*aid this was the voice of God in grace.
He hits spoken in this sudden death, and
how may I dure to break the solemn
stillness. How feeble are human utter
ances in an hour like this. As the mai
quis Lafayette on his last visit to tills
country, said to an old comrade whom
he met alter years of parting, "I lemem
hcr," so the most fitting and expressive
tribute of those now assembled here
would bo to gather around the cofliu of
our deceased friend, and clasping bunds
each say to the other, "I remember."
Hut though there would be no response,
lie still lives and still remembers. As
it has been said by the greatest master
of the human pa sions the world ever
produced "Praising what is lost makes
remembrance dear," aud us is written in
the Word of God, "Out of the abunuance
of the heart the mouth Speakern," I b«g
you to answer why is it that the remem
brance of our departed friend is so pre
cious? What was it iu his life and char
acter that makes lus memory so dear?
In his death we have lost one who was
distinguished for his gifts and graces,
eiuineut for his talents and virtues, who
was grandly himself, aud one whose
place cannot be filled. 1 i einem Lut, and
you remember, hut who can separate the
remembrances? I can pronounce his
eulogy iu the briefest form, for there is
no room for enlargement. His charac
ter was as ]Hiifeet in Its symmetrical
projetions, as his life was complete in
its relations to God and man. If I was
to erect a beautiful marble pillar as em
blematical of his perfect life and charac
ter, on Its base 1 would inscribe "gen
tleness," on its cap "wisdom," and on its
shaft, "purity." For be was gentle in
manners, wise in judgment, and pure iu
bean, ii is given to genlieiuhs to be
lov«d; to wisdom to # be lionortd and
obeyed ; hut ah I " blessed are the pure
in heart, for they sliull see God!
The sp aker then proceed to describe
bis pastoral relations with the deceased,
and ins iHTsoiml acquaintance, which ex
tended ovei a p<
His Christian character wi
an almost const ant associât ion
church. He grew up with it, it can almost
be said, his connection covcr.ng a period
of neatly fitly years. He was faithful in
the discharge of all his church duties,
and he ever exemplified his faith to the
outside world.
Christian law yer, as given in his eulogy
upon the late Samuel M. Harrington,
will be remembered by all who heard it.
It was, in truth, given to him, as to few
men, to jnissess tii« ideal And to fulfill it
in Ins own existence. He was a Chris
tian, so he lived, aud he died as he lived.
And when lie was a>ked, when he laid in
his last sickuess, If there w as anything to
be done, lie said there was nothing; all
had been done and be w as ready to go.
Death to him was nothing hut gain. It
may be said lie died far aw ay from home
and friends, aud alone. No; not alone,
for God was with him. "Lo, 1 am witli
you always, even to the end of the
world," is the promise of the Lord." God
was there, and sate in the aims of Jesus
he went home to rest in the besom of
the Lord.
Let us remember that lie was man's
friend, our friend, the friend of God.
And by and by we shall all gather to
gether in a fellowship that shall be for
ever with the Lord.
At the conclusion of his remarks, of
which the above is but a brief sy nopsis,
Dr. Stevenson offered a fervent and af
tried of sixteen year's.
formed by
iih tlie
portraiture of the
feetiug prayer.
lit. li«v. Bishop Lee, followed in a
brief address. Surety, be said,
could be added to such a poitraiture of
our deceased friend, tlie truth of which is
acknowledged by every hea t. 1 can on
ly add my tribute, and utter a sincere
amen to what >ou have already heard.
Who doi*s not feel that a void has been
loss sustained that cannot be
made and
remedied. The wealth ol a community
do'ts not consist in its riches and its great
industries, but in its moral tone, its pre
vailing opinion of rectitude, gentleness
and honor to God. The man who elevates
the moral tone of tlie community and
commands its confidence, afe
his iellow-ruan, and adds to the wealth ot
the city thousands and millions more
than can bo computed by arithmetical
methods. Who can compute the value
of a man with an unsullied record, whose
professional life has been an ornament,
Ids domestic relations too sacred to be the
subject of eulogy? Such men may be
removed, but death has no dominion over
them. They not only live with God,but
live here in the memory and|influence
of their fellow men; for they "being
dead, yet speaketli." "The path of the
just is as the shining light, which sliineth
more and more toward die end." This
portraiture is verv applicable to our de
ceased friend. He was a man of intellect,
of pure character, which maturing from
day to day, caused his life to glow more
and more beautiful towards the end.
His light was shining, his clia>acter be
came more attractive and winning, his
influence more and more felt. Hut his
perfect day is not for our vision. Hut
who can doubt that his beauty of life and
character but foreshadow tbe splendors
of that glorious day. Only faith can
realize aud hope anticipa'e the future of
a character that was so perfect here.
The exercises ended with a prayer by
Hisliop Lee, and shortly afterwards the
remains were conveyed to the hearse and
taken to the Wilmington & Hrandywiue
Cemeteiy, where they were interred.
The pall-bearers were Chief Justice
r 0inegys, Hull. Thus. F. Hay aid, Hon.
E. ( ». Hia iford, J. Taylor G.tuse, Charles
H. Lore, Col. II. fS. McC'oinb, Geo. W.
"Sparks and Win. C. bpruance.
For the Gazette.
Mit. Edituu:—I f you will allow me
a little space in your paper, I will Bay
something about the new Court-house.
Wilmington has won at la*t after a forty
years' struggle to have it removed to this
place. The next important thing is :
Where ought it to be built ? The City
Council prematurely offered the county
a part or all of the square at Tenth and
Market. If the Levy Court accept, I
hope they will make them give the whole
square. While this may be a very good
place to locate the Temple of Justice,
yet 1 am satisfied we have a better place,
though it may uot bd so convenient at
present, but inconvenience, in most
cases, soon regulate itself. 1 mean the
square on Eighth street between Frank
lin and Broome. No belter place than
this could be found anywhere, and at
present it is but of little use, if any, to the
city. Now for ti e advantages. I lie
property around there is unimproved and
if we make tins the county seat, the
IHiople whoowu real estate around it will
soon begin to improve ; and in a few
years tbe improvements will pay enough
tax io meet the interest on tbe money it
will cost the city, and start business and
give employment to the working class of
community, and the inconvenience
will soon be Kst sight of. Then we will
soon have a branch railroad from. tl;e
Avenue up Franklin, by the Court-house
to Front street and then down to the
depot ; and even now it is only a short
walk to tbe city railroad.
Mr. Editor, 1 will now return to the
old basin projierty, that is worth from
$30,000 to $40,000, and it ought to be
sold and the proceeds applied to tbe
Water Department, for we are in need of
money there ail the time. 1 think if the
Council would look at this matter in a
business way they will see that for the
go#d of the city, they have made a
mistake in their selection. For the
money that the bAsin square would bring
would pay for opeuiug an Avenue on the
south tide of the race from which we re
ceive our supply of water, and protect
the water by carrying off tbe surface
refuse and drainage of the city above,
which is becoming a very serious matter.
Tbe Hoard of Health has been complain
ing of it for a long time, and this im
provement, if done, would give a nice
front for buildings, and would soon pay
for itself by increase of taxes.
I undeistaiid that tbe Levy Court is
going to pay us a visit in a few «lays, aud
see lor themselves where the best place
is to make said improvement. I think
the Levy Conn, while 1 suppose they
are going to build, are acting wisely not
to be in too much of a hurry, for these
tilings don't occur veiy often and when
these new buildings are put up they will
be for all time to come. For one I am
very much opposed to using the basin
propeity, and 1 am in favor of tbe other,
fot* it will improve the city and that will
>■'■1-0- tlie county; anJ 1 hope
Levy Court, as a disinterested part>,
wjll select the best place for both city
and county. One who Thinks.
- —
Uriel Lorulrv.
April 1st.
It looks bill ious to-day.
You can catch trout hi
now, the law having expired.
The funeral of Ex-Chancellor Bates
wan largely attended.
The General Assembly went to Wash
ington to-day
Parch»»« your garden seed** of Smith,
corner ot Fourth ami Shipley streets.
The performance last evening lasted
too long,owing to the long waits between
Dr. Willard Springer lias removed his
office from 819 Market street to 712 King
"Ten Nights in a Bar Room," by the
M. S. K. A., to night at the Opera Hou>e
The wotk of rebuilding Mt. Salem M.
E. Church is being pushed forward.
A lump of sugar saturated with viuegar
will stop a "hiccup.''
The best variety of garden seeds at
Smith's, corner of Fourth and Shipley
An iron cross-tie, with fastsuings fir
the rails Is patented.
if you desire to raise fin«» garden vege
tables buy your seeds of Smith, Fourth
ami Shipley streets.
Artificial teeth very cheap at Dr. Gal
laghers'«, No. 835 Market.
Have you beeuJApril-fooled ?
a limited train.
Lieutenant D. J. Barber,of Baltimore
police force, bad a case of rheumatism in
hi» family which no prescription here^
for«j had been auln to relieve. Less than
one bottle of Keller's Roman Liniment
gave permanent relief.
The performance of^M'Iiss, Child of
Bierras," at the Opera Hou»e, lant night,
wa« one of the most unsatisfactory enter
tul nine ills given here tor a long time.
Mise Auiiie Hixley, in the title role, and
Mr- J. E. McDouou«h, a. "Yuba Bill."
were, of courue, «-xjelJ.nt, but the sup
porting company was composed of as
miserable a set of sticks as were ever
fraudulentlyYmpo*ed upon a legitimate
lUI 'S;„, l''I ly tuuKood apUy to
that attract the Intelligent theatre-goers,
and abounds in thrilling points that sei
the "gallery gods" wild. Presented by a
good company it is amply able to hold its
but presented æ it was last night it
degenerates into a disgusting bore. For-1
tliH Hiokouiiig impelitictiou. of Hie sup
porting company. Her vocal sélections
w»iro rapturously encored, and "Polly,
the cows Ate in the corn," was reewiv. d
with a perfect morn. of applause, even
though the musician's accompaniment
*'S""b , ."t a* LarwouioUH a, the noUw of
made the audience feel at all satisfied at
having attended the performance. Tins
is not the first tune Mr. McDonough has
imposed a company of incompetent arua
tours upon a Wilmsngton audience, and
rows of empty benches will be his only
treatuient 10 ******* lU MUCÜ uu « yUürüUS
Uu" 1 Monday evening next, Mr. and
M r». George 8. Kniuht will appear at tbe
Opera House in their great specialty,
"Otto, a German." They have made this
play famous, aud receive the warmest
endorsements of the press wherever they
... .. . ot iC ,, n
St. Geukukh, March 31,1870.
Mit. Ed itou, Sir :—Our town is im
proving rapidly. Mr. A. lie utter lia*.
|Q aMtore yvitb a line dwelling at-
tHC i„ ^ ou Mam street, opposite the Odd
Fellows' Hall; she has also begun to
paint and improve her hotel property
w occupied by Mr. Robert O. Hayes,
e of iln* first-class hotel ReenerN in tbe
State of Delaware. Wo also nave pros
pects for several ottier lino dwellings,
which will be a great improvement for
our little tow n of St. Georges.
A good trade passed through our caual
last week improving.t rade for stone, etc.
Very Respectfully. A Citizen.
During the past mouth there were
thirty-two building permits issued at the
Survey Department. During ilie same
tiionrh la**t year thers were thiity-elght,
showing a decrease of six for this year,
hut that no doubt is owing to tbe severe
weather during the past three months.
Tlie following were the permits
granted :
Delaware Avenue Baptist Church, cue
chapel at the N. W. corner of Twelfth
ami DuPont street.
G. B. Guyer, five houses on the west
side of Pjplar street, between Twelfth
ami Thirteenth.
Carey Sc Marr, one stable on ea*«t side
of King street, between Front aud Sec
Swift 8* Courtney, office building, at
the N. E. corner of Fourteenth aud Wal
nut streets.
N. B. C/idhert, one bouse on the west
side of French street, between Ninth
aud Tenth streets
Harlan Gause, twelve houses at the N.
Ë. corner of Eleventh ami Poplar stieets.
C. K. Rudolph, two stores, at the N. E.
corner of Fourth aud Market stree s.
William Beadenkoff, four houses on
N. E. side of Delaware Avenue, be
tw» en Lincoln aud Union streets.
John J. Haugli, one house, ou N. W.
side of Jackson streets, between Gilpin
and ShallcroKH Avenues.
John G, Basse, one house, on eaat side
of French street, betweeu Third aud
Fourth streets.
Edward H. Chippey, two houses on
east side of Change stree, between
Twelfth and Thirtscutb streeis.
Joshua Mans, E-q., oue house on the
south side of Fourth street, between
Market and King streets.
••Ten Sight« lu u Oar Room."
This popular play will be pioducedat
the Grand Opera House, this evening.
That '.lie play is an interesting one, none
who have ever seen u will gainsay, its
design is to impress the inllids of the
youth with the beauties of a temperance
life, and to show' tlie sad and pitiable end
of the drunkard's career. It never fails
to accomplish good. On tbe 28th of last
February tbe M. £>. It. A., placed it for
tlie first time at our Opera House, and it
was conducive of bringing many young
men within the influence of the Associa
tion. Tbe object of repeating it is a two
fold oue, to induce young men to sign the
pledge, and to endeavor to raise furniture
for their hall. None who take part re
ceive the least r. numeration except the
talent from Philadelphia*. All tlie pro
ceeds for the benefit of the M. B. R. A,
Tbe admission is but 25 cents witli 10
cents f,,r reserved seats. All should pur
chase a ticket and thus give a fresh im
petus to a cause that lias done so much
good in the past. Bee adveitmoment iu
another column.
For the Uakettk.
Tlie Hew Mt. Salem C'lmreli.
Work on the Mt. Salem M. E. Church
is progressing quite favorably, and it is
expected to have it ready for dedication
by the first week iu July. Tbe work is
being done under the supervision of the
Building Committee, witli Messrs. Arch
er and Strickland in charge of the car
•ork und J«jlm M. Mackleui in
charge of the stone work.
To be Feasted.
A number of our prominent citizens
are making arrangements, lo dine the
members of the General Assembly, tlie
Levy Court, and City Council at the
Clayton House ou next Thursday after
Tlie thr« «-masted schooner Theresa , of
Philadelphia, arrived at Pusey, Jones &
Co's, wharf, yesterday afternoon She
in being loaded with machinery for Para,
Police Cases.
The only cases that have been heard
by the Mayor since yesterday morning,
were two drunks. Fifty cents and costs
were imposed ou'cach case.
IK. F. Townsend, Georgetown's Alleged
Defaultin'/ Clerk.
From the Phi la. Tunes of to-day.
On Sunday afternoon a Seventeenth
district policcmau found a well-dressed
vu ry much intoxicated and desp«
r "t|ily uiud-bedragtjled, as though froiu°a
of adventures ill the First waid
gu-h-rs. Out of compassion the police
man took him to the station house to
sober up. When the tun key came to
search the prisoner hiseyes opened as big
^ saucers wnen the first document diawn
r.* w " rTr k ä ou r the
hxjÿange bauk for *4,000 iu favor of W.
lownsend. I his was the name the
name the inebriated man blurt'd forth
a-» his own,Georgetown, Delaware,being
his residence, Tie said. L eulenaut
fScliooley telegraphed up to Chief Jones
about Ids "Hnd." Tl.e Chief recollected
«"«*■ **»">** a
P JS ^ a a man by tbe name
lownsend, wiio was warned iu Dela
ware. Some telegraphic inquiries made
of the Delaware authorities ob allied re
plies that warranted the re enliou of
Townsend. Yesterday he was taken be
foie Magistrate Pole and given a prelim
HiT.igii.ueni, mid remanded to
art a t a requisition from the Delaware
authority as a lugitive Irom justice. The
man who is now iu custody is W. Fisk
Townsend, Clerk of the Peace of Sussex
couuty, Delaware, and editor of the bus
s cx. Journal. His oflice was at George
tswn, Delaware. A week ago he had on
deposit in the Farmeis' Hank, aL George
town, four thousand dollars, which he
had collected a» btalu taxes.
Several mouths ago the Legislature
adopted a resolution lequesting Governor
Hall to remove Townsend on account of
his intemperance, but the easy Governor
let up on Townsend because the latter
made abundant promises of reformation.
Ou Mardi 27 Townsend's sureties were
astonished aiul felL a gtip at their purse
strings on dis.overing that he had drawn
out of the bank every red cent of tlie
funds aud had disappeared, even selling
off his personal effects. lie was looked
for at Petersbuig, Va., his wife's foimer
home, but ineffectually. Two days af
terward he turned up iu Wilmington,
denying any intention of absconding,
aud declar.ng that he had only drawn
out the funds to make some purchases.
The county authorities meanwhile got
wind of tbe fact that Townsend's inten
tion was to draw upon the Corn Ex>
change Hank,Philadelphia, for the $4,000.
They sent a telegram, which effec
tually blocked that move, s» that even
had he kept sober and presented his
check at the desk yesteiday it would not
have been honored. Constable Wood
ward was in town yesterday, and there
was some more telegraphing done be
tween Chief Joues and the Delaware
Cougress Yesterday.
Tbe House
day. Iu the Senate proceeding
void of special interest. Mr. V
troduced a
cases from State courts to federal courts.
A resolution was introduced instructing
tbe committee ou tbe library to inquire
into tlio expediency of purchasing the
portrait of Ciccilius Calvert, the secoud
Lord Baltimore, painted by Van Dyke,
and the portrait of Washington, painted
by Peale. Tbe Senate discussed, without
final action, the bill authorizing the Sec
n taryoftbe Treasury to contract with
John Gamgee for tbe constructing of a
refrigerating ship for the disinfection of
vessels aud cargoes, etc.
Last evening, as Miss Annie Pixloy
went to supper, she took with her a
small cabba, aud as she seated herself
at tbe table, she laid tbe cabba on an
empty chair alongside ot her. When
she left the table sbe forgot the cabba,
ami left the room without it.
A colored m<
who was assist ir;g
picked the cabba up, and appropriated
it to himself. This morning lie was ai>
rested and locked up to await a bearing.
The cabba coûtai u«d a small pair of dia
mond earrings and a® number of gold
finger rings. The staen articles were
recove re«l.
not in session y ester
s werede
rVbyte in
bill limiting tbe removal of
named Edw. Williams,
;air. on the table
During the month of March, the police
rests, for the following
Drunkness, 55; diuuk
31; disorderly conduct, 32;
battery, 14: larceny, 7; vagrancy, 7; fast
driving, 3; keeping unregistered «logs, 5;
interfering with officers, f>; fighting in
streets, 2; receiving goods under raise
pretences, 1; abducting a child, 1; using
indecent language, fi; firing pistols in
street*«, 2; throwing stones in streets, 5;
threatening language, 1; total, 17'J.
j hundred aud
seventy-nine ar
misdenieauors :
ami disorderly,
«au It, and
Tlie Arllugtoii .Mille Strike.
Y esterday, Mr. Gambrill, superinten
dent of tlie Arlington mills, Ninth ward,
informed the striking weavers that if they
would resume work, that be would ad
vance their wages two cents ou the "cut."
The operators refused the advance, as
they struck for an advance of 10 cents
per "cut."
Extra Services.
Extra meetings will he held in Rodney
street Presbyterian chapel, every night
this week, and on Friday night Easter
services will be held. Last, night tlie
meeting was addressed by Wm. Y\ War
ner, Car leton Jefl'eris and John B. Birad
During tlm month of March there
ere 102 deaths for this city, reported to
tr of Deaths and
her 19 wer® caused
E. B. Frazer, Registry
Burials. Of til
by consumption alone.
Clias. .Tester, of this city, has gone to
. He will
ail on a business visit
return ou .Saturday with two car loads of
hi ulus and souiu fine trotting horses.
City Treasurer Vincent is to-day en
gage«l in payiug the April interest on
the city dabt. The interest amounts to
$7,630 50.
Round the World In « Sail Boat
The boat now being built for Lewis G.
Goldsmith, the latest aspirant to cross the
ocean and ultimately to go round the
world is almost completed. It is eighteen
feet and a half in length, six feet beam,
and three feet depth of hold, built of oak
and hard pine planking. It is so con
structed aa to be a boat within a boat,
haring nine air-tight compartments. It
Is sharp at both ends, and it can bail it
Goldsmith and his wife expect to
circumnavigate the globe aud terminate
their voyage at Sau Francisco, returning
to Boston by rail.
Mr. Cutting, who recently paid the
debt of St. Ann's Protestant Episcopal
Church, Brooklyn, has subscribed $50,000
towards the erection of a model tenement
house in New York, in accordance with
the plan advocated at a recent meeting ot
capitalists of that city. Cornelius Van
I derbilt, Jr., has also put his name down
for $20,000.
haw I*artuer»laip DlMulved.
Th« law partnership heretofore exist
ing between Henry C. Turner and Harry
Sliarpfey, Esqs., has been dissolved by
mutual consent. Mr. Turner continues
in tbe office of the late firm, and Mr.
Sharpley has removed to room No. Id,
Exchange Building, formerly occupied
by Wm. C. Spruance, Esq.
THOvtPHON —Near Ked Lion, Dei.,
Monday, Marc j 31st, 1879, Anna Mary,
daughter of Wm. F. and Ha nah B.
Thompson, aged 31 years.
BiCKTA—On the 3lst Inst., Joseph M-.
of Joseph aud Clara Biokia, aged 10
The friends of the family are Invited to
attend tlie funeral from ttie residence of
the graod-pareuts, Cor. 9ih and Madison
streeis, at 3 o'clock, Wednesday, April 2d
Room No. 13 ,;Exchanoe Building,
Wilmington, Del.
OrlCE.—The Wilmington L
ciation now offers
stock for sale.
The first payment may be made af any
time to the Secretary. UKO. MaKIs,
inar3l-lin 601 Hhipley Mt., 2nd tloor.
BALE.—At L. W. Stidham A Son
No. Ill East Fourth street, on SATUR
DAY, APkIL 5th, 1879, at 3 o'clock, p m.,
thirty-two hundred and twenty-five dol
lars, six per cent. Interest, bearing bonds,
redeemable iu 1890. mar.U-.U
A uction*—l. w. Stidham a son, win
sell at No. 320 East 7th street, o.«
Thursday, April 3rd, 1879, at 10 o'clock, a.
in.,all tlie furniture, consisting of beds,
bedsteads and bedding, bureaus, tables,
chairs, carpets, marble top tables, mir
rors, table ware, tubs, buckets, stoves, <tc.
VTOTIOE.-Mr. Miller 8tra4ley who has
been under our employ as book-keep
er lor the p.ist three years, has tels day,
left aud engaged with Messrs. Walton a
Bros., and Is not entitled lo use our names
hereafter. Also, Mr. Robt. Bradford, who
drove our wagon west of Jefferson street Is
now employed with Mr. Jacob Pusey. We
ders to them,
agalnsi W. B. Loomis, formerly driver of
e, who was employ
ed by Walton & Bros., this morning.
api-3t J. B. CON ROW A BON.
customers not to glv® their or
We also oauilon them
Market street
The Western Hotel and .Stables.
House 2nd aud West Bl® , containing 10
House 13th aud Market street, contain
ing 10 rooms.
House 402 East «Third Bt., containing 7
House 511 Weal Beeond Bt., containing G
House 919 Chestnut street, containing 6
House 812 West Firth street, containing 7
Apply to
3rd and Shipley streets.
By virtue of a writ or Levari Facias,
directed, w»!! be exposed to public
s .le, at Ike
LAFAYETTE HOTEL, 841 Hhipley 8t;
Kept by John J. Dougherty, in the city of
Wilmington, New Labile couuty, Dela
Tue lfltli day of April, A. D., 1879,
at 2 o'clock p. to., the following desciibed
Real Estate, viz :
All llnu certain lot of land and three
story brick dwelling house thereon erected
situated In the city of Wilniing»on, bound
ed and described as follows, lo wit : Be
ginning at the southwest ooruer of Taylor
and Kirkwood streets; thence westerly
along said southerly side of Taylor street
feet 5g Inches to a corner at the easterly
side oi a three feet wide alley leading from
Elghui to Taylor street ; thence southerly
along said side of said alley and parallel
to Kirkwood street 14 feet 3 Inches to a cor
ner ; thence easterly parallel to
mentioned line and Taylor street through
the centre of the party wall of this and the
adjoining house on the south 65 feet 0 m
1 neues to the aforesaid westerly side or
the first
Kirkwood street ; and thence thereby
northerly 14 feet 3 inches to the plase ot be
ginning, be the contents thereof what they
seized and taken In execution as the
properly of Johu G. Helnl and Anule E.,
ills wife, and t. t.'s, and to be sold by
Bheriff 's Office, New Castle, March mb,
18 9 mar31-eodls
By viriueof a writ of Levari Facias,
to me directed, will be exposed to public
sale, at the
LAFAYETTE HOTEL, 841 Shipley St.,
Kept by John J. Dougherty, In the city of
Wilmington, New Castle County, Dela
ware, ou
The 16th day of April, A. D., 1879,
at 2 o'clock, p. m., tbe following described
Real Estate, viz:
All that cerium lot of land situate in the
said city of Wllmiugton, bounded and de
a* lollows, to wit: Beginning at
the northerly side of Eighth street, be
tween Clayton aud DuPont street, at the
disiunce of 75 feet easterly from the easter
ly side of DuPont street; thence northerly
parallel to DuPont street HO leet ; thence
easterly parallel to Eighth street 75 feet;
therly parallel to DuPont street
iiO feet to the aforesaid northerly side of
Eighth street; and thence and thereby
*terly 73 feet 10 lhe place of beginning,
be the contents thereof what they may.
Seized aud taken In execution as the
property of John Tregonlng and Nellie,his
wlie, aud t. t's. and to be sold by
RherllTs Office, New Castle. March 29,
1879. mam-eodU

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