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ItlllH I
OL. XCYI-NO. 236.
ÜTâ»"ï «*""*
skooSiiclasb HATram_
for United State* Sena
held iu tbe legislatures af a
of butes to-day.
re-elected in Delaware for
the 4tb of March next,
membeia voted for
jn were
u tuber
aytril was
i years from
lie Republican
ulhouy iliggiu», Esq.
hat been inter
fWtd on the Funding Bill. He say*
1 he 8 per cent, limit is one that caunol
■ safely agreed to Wv tbe Senate. Peo
tieein is Ignore the fact that the
,ilith (lever muent wboee credit la the
longest in the world, hss nevsr ytl
ton able to sell its 3 per cent, consol,
ml this In spite of tbe fact that
are intermina
pir, a
u British 3 per cants.
», while our 8 per eeut. bonds are pro
!utied for short tsrms and
tha New York market, which
tbs Loudon maiket.
wd to be
il upon
not at strong aa
have found the 4 per cent,
nd to be a popular bond which lo
iters seek eagerly, and which sells at
I We have *082,000,000 of ludebt
im s* to provide for and 1 suppose that
I put that auiuuut of 4 per cents. OU
L market might aehd them down a
k l», but auppo»e ws issue *600,000,000
( 4 pur cents., and they toll si 110.
[lie premium of ten per cent, would
K vu ns *0o,OoU,U00, and that amount ol
L debt could he absolutely wiped out.
[ u to bo observed, m >rs ver, tba'
Kuiiy iuvcsturs are ptacucally eoiu
■ilml, as the custodeaus ol trust funds,
I invest Iu Government bouda, uo mat
e at what late they are iuued. Upon
Iris largo class of investors tbe 3 per
eut. rate would be a peculiar hard
Mr. Blaine's point is a good cue. But
I» duub; whether sixty million« of pre
miums could be got ou au issus uf
tails at 4 per cent.
Trig population of lbs United fitstes
nUi.'islly announced at 60,152,866.
[lui indicates extra ordinary growth,but
b» country it big enough for stilt greif*
ir expansion in population.
rua Hum gave s dinner party
io llauiel Dougherty, iu Washington,
last Saturday night. Among Ih _>»• pies,
but »«re lion George Bancroft, Lbiel
111*1100 Waite, fiir Edward Thornton,
Secretary HcLurs, lion. Lavi P. Morton,
kriJihePreucIi aud (Jarman ministers.
Col. ItoBKBT U. lNOsmoLL .broke
own at the fuuersl of bia »later at Kile,
a., and could not deliver tbe oration
appearauce be has, aged
eiuce the death of bis Sigler.
xpectel. 1
'HU DREW TH E I.A8T f100,0007
1 he graud extraordinary drawlug
h» lemisioua 51 ale Lottery occured
Orleans, on Do. ember 14lb last, and
hu dinirihu'iuu ih. u aiade published lb
tu V U. pap-ra, evidences ibe rairaeae
d the Aiairigeuieut of Gens. G. T, Beau
- gard, ut I..,, aud Juba! A. Early, ot
, ■ * lie lucky oue« are widely dlatrtb
Iteil throughout the Uulled Stales' Tbe
>im of ibe grand capital
" i ul tluu.OW, residiug one in Will
aiuehutg, N, V„ cue iu Chelae«, Mas»',
wo iu I uri Wa> ud, lud', one In a bille
owu iicor New Orleaue, and so on—aa
iLiltenug a» ponalhla. Any one who
"" a* information will reoelve it on ap
d caiiuu tu M. a. Dauphin, No. 31«
»roadway, New York City, N. Y.. -
laute person at New <lrl»aua, La. 1-12 Ü
ni I»
Uie registration of dogs is still (o
V u * bu ' 11 Wl11 ll »*e to beoomt
ueb brisker ,1 »U t| le ,j OK , in tUe
Lf. »G ",T.° n:d by lUa »»th inst—
r . dato unrugmerod do« will
Ie impounded and killed. Dog Catoh
I Hont is getting bis rope. Ind
■uly to commence a crusade on is.
.registered dog, a. soon^t ^
1 t'l'/itZ AND
>t»^e will be occu
Of the Lest travelling. The
occasion I« . u rge
au» i'*"n *' l1 uol * u uht please
iced so «s tlî^'h 1 rlees ba ' B keen
" 10 ba within the reach of
The Opera House
f J ou Wedln
1 is
loyraiiim,) lor .ha
"d vaned
h Will)
. MAI 'Y ANDKUsoa.
Id* Charming and
1 ul make h».r third
>:y on
leading aclrsas
5*1,1» I «PPoarenee in tbia
1 huma» A Lu U "h* UbtaUiad at C * *•
ïlmrsdi* ° Uk ,lürB °" •««* Hier
h"U3 Uel,v E , Y V UU TUKN NIC *T.
ire? v,m" d , tWl ' dol, » r « by
"'«ville, Ky. K * M ' bcardinal),
11 ^c M i'i k iu"re" r o * tJu- w "' oflr " r dnrlB «
i::*'- Da«M^* u t ^ u j ;* ianc * ot 'h***
N huy"r mUUa b " IU *
ll "" r winter
wüo Liar* uoi m»d* aii
Purchases, win do well lo
examination of lUla at
oiferlug at 621 Market street
Id tike
* •peoial
n#«tiu«s Ts-iiigst,
H. v. tl,
hliujolu Ltidge, No u if n f p
A-") luin i Ur<: "• ko. b, il. ol U.
City Counoil held an adjourned
sion, last eveuing, for tbe purpose
passing upon several matter» of legiela
presented by the Legislative Com
Tbe first bill was one providing for
tbe change of tbe fiscal year from Jan
uary to July. By ita provisions tbe
year instead of ruuning from January
to January, will run from July to July.
Tbe appropriation! will be made at tbo
first stated meeting in June, tbe esti
mate# having been made in tbe pre
vious May. Council is authorised to
borrow enough money to carry on the
city's affairs until July 1, 1881, and is
sue promissory notes for tbe same,
payable in tour annual installments.
The appropriations already made will
run to June 80, of this year, and then
tbe new appropriations will go into ef.
feet and run until J uly 1, of next year.
Tacked to tbe bill is a provision
that the Mayor and Council shall not
be empowered to borrow money for
other purposes than named in the bill,
and for suoh oibers as are already pro
vided for by law.
Mr. Rodney opposed any obauge of
the fiscal year, but. favored tbe change
of tbe official year of tbe olty to tiie
first of January, to make it ooiucirlent
with tbe fiscal year. 1 bis, be thought,
could be effected by chaugiug tbe city
election from September to December,
and fixing tbe first of Jauuary as tbe
time for tbe commencement of tbe of
ficial terms of members of Council aud
other elective officers of tbe city.' In
regard to biidging over the financial
vaoaucy between Jauuary, wbeu tbe
appropriations are made, aud July,
when tbe taxes te meet them are re
ceived, Mr. Rodney favored an arrange
ment by which money sufficient Tor
Hit purpose would be adraueed each
year by tbe banks.
Messrs. R. U. laylor, Paynler and
others opposed any system that would
necessitate tbe boirowiug of money
from year to year.
Finally, after furtherdiaoassion, the
bill was laid over antil Thursday even
The next bill was one providing that
all land iu the o
S»coud, Eighth ami Niutu wards, on
which manufacturing establishments
fur tbe employment of labor may ho
erected shatll be exempt from State,
county or municipal taxation for tbo
space of ten years. Tbe land so ex
empted to be in tracts of bve acres or
less. The bill was approved.
Another bill was presented and ap
proved, authorising tbe Council to va
cate the north sidewalk of Water
street, from French to Poplar, for the
purpose of allowing the P. W. & B. B.
it. Co. to erect a new depot.
The next bill waa oue authorizing
Counoil to condemn water rights aud
water courses, as well as laud, for Uie
improvementof the water works. Also,
wheu water rights ere offered for sale,
to purchase the same by a vote of iwo
ihiida of ail the membeia of Couucil,
and issue promissory notes for certifi
cates of indebtedness, payable in one,
two, three and four years, iu payoseut
of the same.
A bill authorising Council to tax
telegraph and téléphoné poles and pro
viding that in case of a refusal to pay
such a tax, the poles may be taken
down by tbo city's authoruy, and tbe
taxes aud oolluotsd by auit, waa also
sections of the
ISlancbard .llowu, weil aud favor
ably known iu tbis city, died sud
denly on Saturday last at the rest
deuce of bis broiuer-iu-law, iu Sal
emn, N. J. The cause of his death
was fatty degeueraliou of the heart.
The deceased resided with liis moth
er near St. Georges uutil about
three years ago, wbeu he engaged
as bar-tender with George W. Un
til) at the Uuited States Hotel_
When Mr. Urtiip removed to the
Clayton House, the deceased accep
ted the positiou of head steward.—
He resigued hit positiou iu October
last, and went to Saiemu u few days
ago for tbe purpose of consulting n
physician ot that place. He hud
made arrangements with tbo physi
cian to accompany him to Philadel
phia this week to consult oue of the
prominent protessors of that city,
but was prevented from so doiug by
his sudden and unexpected death.—
The deceased was a very prominent
Odd Fellow and it was mainly
through his efforts that the hand
some Odd Fellows'Hull waa built
at St. Georges. He wus iu the 52nd
year of his age, aud his lather was
at one lime a prominent Presbyter
ian minister. News of his demise
was telegraphed to Mr. Ortlip yes
terday, aud that gentleman drove
down to St. Georges and informed
the family of the sad event. His
remains passed through this city on
tbe 6.20 DelawarFtrain last evening.
The funeral will probably lake
place ou Thursday next lrom tbe
residence of bis brother in law,
James Garman, near St. George's.
Auctioneer Ogle will sell at public
sale on Tnursday afternoon, 2 o'clock at
hia auction rooms No. 807 Market street,
the three story building No. 012 King
street. Tbe house bas a f rontage of 2U feet
running back lit) feel, Main building 20
feet deep, with back building 42[ leet
deep by 14 feet, both 3 stories hign, con
taining 12 rooms betides a store room 0
feet by 6 feet also a one story frame
kitobeu. All tbe ttoort ou a level, there
being no break between main and back
building. Tba loca ion of tba property is
eligible, and it cannot fail of proving a
desirable investment.
Auctioneer Tbo«. M. Ogle told at pub
lic sale, IbL morning,the house of l lios.
M. Poole, deceased, on Wtahinglou
street, above Seeoud, two doors below
Public School No. 4. It was purchased
by Henry M. Dure, toe 6&,760.j
oontuaÄ -
The following la a complete Hit of the
names of the suhcoutr.ctors for the
erection of the new Court House, as fur
nished by Mr. Given :
A. Given, contra ctor, Wilmington.
F. Gramlicb, rough and cut stone
work, Philadelphia. Mr. G. abandoned
the contract before the first story was
flniahed and tbe balance ot contract
was completed by A. Given.
Reuben F. Bancroft, wrought and
cast iron work, Philadelphia.
Phils. Metal Cornice aud Roofing Co.
galvanised Iron work, F, J. Gelssinger,
manager, Philadelphia.
Tbos. K. Siginau, plastering, Phila
delphia. „
Kline A Bro.,plumbing and gas fitting,
Jackson A Sharp Co., mill work,,Wil
01 ngion.
; Jas. M. Bryan, painting, Wilmington.
J. A D. Collis, slatiug, Philadelphia.
John L. Malone, marble woik, Wil
A. Given, carpenter and brick work,
J. U. Uerleigb, lightning rods, Phila
U. T. Cornell, tiuniug, Pniladelpbla.
E. C. Stotseubura, conductor shoes,
A case of supreme impudence occurred
at tbe police statlou tbia morning during
itie trial of a young man who bad been
arrested by officer Thomas between
and two o'clock. Tbe young man was
accoinpauied by a man named Francis
P. Smith, who wss present at the young
man's bearing before tbe Mayor. Dur
ing the whole trial he was inclined to be
impudent toward tbe wiioeea. He was
repeatedly warned by the Mayor to keep
quiet. At tbe conclusion of the evidence
me Mayor required the young man to
pay $2 and costs for betug drunk and
Tbe sentence seemed to surprise the
man Smith, and ke nattily, spoke up to
ike Mayor "well if you tiue him for be
ing drunk, I'll be damned if 1 dont
think you are drunk, too." At »his ssser
liou lorbearance ceased to be a virtue,
and the Mayor required the impudent
follow to pay |10 for contempt.
The first Masquerade ot tbe season
look place last mgbt in tbe German
llali, Uerdmau budding. The ball wav
uuder tbe management ol Mr. Anton
Henze, and was one of tbe most succ aa
ful balls over given uuder bis mauagim-nl.
The attendance was luge aud tbe suits
varied aud in many cases handsome. At
U.30 o'clock the march commenced aud
was participated in by seventy three
coupiee. Everything was done to make
those present enjoy themselves, and tbe
effoi l< of tbe mauager were uol io vain
judging by tbe many smiling faces after
ibe masks were removed. Dancing was
continued until an early bourtbis morn
ing, when lbs tired and happy partici
pants retired to tbeir homes for a brief
»pace of rest, before entering upon tbe
active dunes of tbe day.
At tbe annual election of tbe Jefferson
Democrat!* Club bald last evening, tbe
followiug geutlemen were elested aa offi
cers for the following yeart
President—Jobu C. Farm.
First Y ice President — Thomas C.
Second Vi«« 1'rosideut—George F
Recording Sstretary- Charles J. Camp
Financial Secretary—William H.
Treasurer—John Gutbrie.
Marshal—Thomas Burke.
Executive Committee— H. B. Mclntire
II. B. Morrow, John T. Caiinon, P.
Xeary and Joseph W. Hart.
A meeting of the tax payers of Mill
Creek, White Clay Creek aud Peuca
iler Hundred», will be held iu the au
ditorium of Excbauge Building, in
Nowaik, on Saturday eveuiug, Janu
ary 22, 1881, at 7J o'clock, at which
time tbo Representatives to the Legis
lature from tbe three Hundreds named
will be preseut and will be pleased to
bear the views of tbeir constituents
upon tbe various matters now before
tbe Le.islature and likely to be
brought before it for their officiai ac
On Friday eveoiue next the third
auuual ball ut the Weccacoe Fire Com
paiiy will take place iu tbe institute
Hall. From present indications tbe ball
will he the largest ever given by tbe
company. A idler has been received
by a member ot the Company from a
gentleman In Readtug stating that about
thirty members of tbe Liberty Hose,
Pa., would be present si the
hail. T he members of the Weccacoa
C-mpany have had tbeir photographs
taken and placed in a Uue fiame, wbien
they will preseut to tbe visitor«.
Tbe bapplest moment In a mother's
life Is wutn sbe ha rs others prulae her
Oahy aud tbe best frleud to all mothers Is
Dr. Bull's Baby Mi tup, which relieves the
suffertogs of children caused by freifui
ness, or Internal pain. II Is free from
Verdict For a Fagsenger.
About tbe latter part of February,
1878, Mrs. Eliza J. Groves entered a
car of the Tweuty-third (Street Rail
way Company. Sbe ordered tbe
car to be stopped, but before sbe
got off the driver went ou, precipi
tating her to tbe ground. She re
ceived a number of bruises, and, us
alleged, an injury to her spine.—
Through couusel she brought suit
iu the Supreme Court, Fart 1., be
fore Judge Larremore, aud obtained
u verdict for 3500.
Tub saloon-keepeis of New York are
said to control 76,000 votes in that dty.
There are 10,(100 liquor dealers iu uli
on Maubottan Island.
Specially reported for Uie Gasotte.
Dover, Jan. 17, 1881.
Senate met at 3:80 p. m.
Notice was given of tbe following
bills to be introduced: McWhorter one
constituting and regulating tbe Stale
Library,- one by Connswsy to exempt
Sussex county from the Provieione of
chapter 14, Revised Code.
Mr. Cooch iuiioduced a bill In rela
tion to Immigration and bad It read.
Mr. Belts bad read a second time and
referred to Committee on Corporations
tbe bill relating to tbe "Artisans Bank."
Mr. Conaway bad read and reierred
to tbe Committee on Revised Statutes
tbe bill louchiug crimes, chapter 133,
Revised Code.
Tbe Committee on Revised Statutes
reported the bill relative to extending
tbe time of recording p
an amendment, requiring two-third«
vote of both Houses—amend* ont Ac
cepted—bill read by sections—pissed.
Tbe bill originating In the House, in
relation to extending the time of record
ing private sets wss reported by Com
mittee on Revised Statutes, raveraeiy
and indefinitely postponed.
A petition from Joseph Phillips and
oibers praying a stuck law in School
District No. Little Creek Hundred,
was read aud referred to Committee on
Roads and Highways.
A petition from oitixens of Kent
aud Sussex counties praying fora road
beginning on the public road leading
from Farmington to Douces Rust's to
divisiou line of tbe lauds of Albert
Curry. Read and referred to commit
rivate aett with
h •.
Tbe bill relating to Marsh Hope
Improvement Company was read and
reierred to committee.
The bill relating to Marsh Hope Im
provement Company was read and re
ferred to committee on corporations.
House bill relaliug to It. Uoffeeker
& liro. was read.
On motion of Mr. Cooper, rale 14,
w«w suspended.
Tbe House bill relating to Protec
tion of Game, read twice and referred
to committee—Cooper, Cooch aud
Tbe House bill relating to the incor
poration ol tbe German Library
sooialion of tbe city of Wilmington
on motion of Mr. Betts was read.
House reassembled at 3 p. m.
On motion of Mr. KobiusoD,rule No.
7, was suspended to allow tbe intro
duction of a bill for the protection of
game. Tbe bill waa introduced and
It provides that if any person shall
take, kill, destroy, sell or expose for
sale, or have iu his or her possession
after the aame has been killed, any
quail, partridge, pheasau* cr rabbit,
oefure November 1st next, shall be
deemed guilty of a common nuisanoe,
and upon conviction thereof shall be
fined $5, aud, upon rolusal to pay,
»ball be committed to tbe custody of
the Sheriff uutil the fine has been paid;
half the fine to go to tha informer;
provided, nothing In tbis act shall pro
hibit persons fiom taking birds for
piopogatiug purpose.
U uder a suspeusiou of Rule 1 ?, tbe
bill was read a seeoud aud third
Mr. Robinson then offerd tbe fol
lowing amendment which was adopt
Provided, that uotbing in this Sec
tion shall prohibit any person from
killing game at any time on his own
The bills, ss amended, then passed
tho House.
Mr. T. N. Williams offered tbe fol
lowing resolutions, which, on objec
tion of Mr. Robinson, was laid over
uutil to morrow :
Revolved, 1 bat all bills of a private
character to be introduced before tbis
House shall before being presented be
diawu aud printed at tbe expense ol
the person or persons directly inter
ested in tbe passage of such bills.
Mr. Bwayue introduced aud had read
a bill incorporating Division No. 8,
Ancient Order of Hibernians, of Bran
dywine Banks.
Tbe fieuate bill providing for laying
out a publie road in Northwest Fork
Hundred, Sussex county, resd the first
Tbe Sonate (Mr. Betts's) bill for re
viving and extending tbe time for re
cording private acts was read tbe first
time. It provides :
That all unpublished acts heretofore
passed, which nave not been repealed,
aud that have become veid on account
of not being duly recorded, be and tbe
same are hereby severally renewed and
re-enacted aud, logeiber with tbe pro
visions therein contained, are respec
tively declared to be in full foroe, and
all acts and transactions done aud per
foimed uuder tbe provisions of said
acts sbalNtave tbe same foroe and ef
fect and be as valid to all intents and
purposes as if said acts bad been sev
erally recorded according to law.
Provided that tbe enactment ahali not
take effect in tbe case of any act that
bas been voided, as aforesaid, until a
certified copy thereof shall be duly re
corded iu the Recorder's office of one
of tbe counties of tbis State, and pro
vided further that no suoh copy of a
voided act should be reoeived lor re
cord after tbe expiration of one year
from the passage of tbis act.
Mr. Register introduced and had
road a bill amendiug sec. 45, chap. Ill
of tbo Revised Code. Tbe amendment
is in the form of a supplementary para
graph providing that tbe answer of a
garnishee in any execution attachment
may be taken by affidavit before any
person legally authorised to adminia
er an oa'h.
Mr. Matthews presented a petition
praying a stock law iu school distriot
46, Broad Creek Hundred, Sussex oo.
NOTICE.—Dr. Kline's Groat Nerve
Restorer la tbe marvel of tbe age for all
Nerve Diseases. All Ola stopped nee.—
Send to 831 Arch Street Philadelphie,
oot 20-ly
Rpectal Dispatch te the Phil«., Press.
Whipping in Jersey,
New ABE, January 16.—The recom
mendation of tbe Grand Juiy in regard
to the establishment of tbe whipping
post for wife-beatars is generally com
mented on here. Many prominent men
approve the proposition, while others
firmly deprecate it. fiberiff Peckwell,
Constable John Post end other old res
idents remember this mode ol punish
ment adopted more then fifty years
ego. Sheriff Veit Rentaeleer says he
would beve wife-bee r re lashed end
County Clerk bmitb thinks tbit mode
of puuiabment would beve e good effect'
Judge McCarter says be it in favor ef
tbe wbippiug-post and speaks freely
tbe subject. The Grand Jury was
excellent one aud the presentment good.
In England Judges b»ve authority to
Impose tbe penalty of tbe lash for c*r
tain off nsea. bo alto in Delaware.aud
In that State burglary, as s consequence,
has become quite rare, '« here is a class
oi professions! criminals to whom im
prisonment is not punishment. In fact,
some criminals commit crime to be sent
to Jail. They would fear tbe lasb. 7o
say whipping it barbarous is simply to
be seutimenial. Ex-Judge Titswortb
bolds the opposite view. He ssys be
would be sorry to see any such humilia
tion of humanity practiced in tbis city.
Tbe spirit of tbe age is to make men
think more of themselves. A man who
is whipped publicly would lose the le
aped of bis family and be looked down
upon by the community. He would be
degraded and his family disgraced. He
could think of nothing better than lm
Î risoumeut for wife-beaters. Dr. C. F.
. Leblbsck ssys it is ridiculous to talk
of restoring tbe wbippiug-post. City
'1 re saurer Wiuaiis tbiuka differently.—
Major O'Counor approves of the wbip
piug-post for wife-bealers, and Prosecu
tor Abeel ssys bq believes in the wbip
ping-post, sod to test public opinion will
probably draft s bill providing
whipping of certain offenders, and bave
it introduced into tbe Legislature. He
would have the puntsbmeut inflicted in
Judge F. H. Teae'a opinion if that
tbia mode ia out of date. While bn was
on the bench be did not see tbe difficulty
which tbe Graud Jury points out or
knew anything about wife beating which
made him think it necessary to provide
apecial puniabment for. Senator Frau
da would be willing to introduce to the
Legislature a bill providing for whip
ping wife-he.ters, but his support of ii
would depend mucb on the way in wbieh
it is proposed to bave the whipping done.
Kx-Ssuator James L. Hays said that dis
graceful and degrading aa whipping la,
it ia not loo bau for a wife-beater. A
bill providing for such punishment ought
to pass.
Rev. Dr. J. H. Mcllvane, Rev. Wm.
T. Findley, D. D., aud Rev. Mr. Kelley
favor the laah, while Rev. Henry Baker
and Rev. J. C. Suow oppose it.
Tbe Newark Law Association met
last evening and selected for debate,
ing-l'ost be Revived aa
Wife Beating? Mesara.
for the
Shall tbe Wbipi
Punishment for
Burgess and Thorn spoke in tbe affirm
ative and Messrs. Black and Walthers
iu ibe negative.
TUB old reliable Commonwealth Dis
tribution Co. draws on Jan. dial. Have
your tickets In lime, only two dollars,
may pruveyour fortune. Send to U. «.
Boardman, Louisville, Ky.
[From the Nevada Appeal.]
When Congressman Daggett was in
Caudelarla be told a good story on Sena
tor Sharon. Sharon haTbeenJa gréa: read
er In his lime, aud when he baa several
drinks in his uack, as is some limes tbe
case, he is somewhat arrogant as to hit
knowledge of poetry aud history. Oue
day be was iuvited te Boston to attend a
grand banquet given iu honor of tbe poet
Longfellow by a lot of literary «harps.
Sharon waa of course, introduced to all
tbe guests, and squally, of course, be iu
imedalely forgot all tbe names. Finali;
tbe company was sealed, Sharon's left,
band neighbor being a quiet little gentle
man of unobtrusive manners. Tbs wine
was nnusually flue, and Nevada's Cali
fornia Senator was soon iu conversation
with those around him.
One of his statements in regard to a
historical occurrence called forlb a mild
objection from bis left band neighbor.
"1 can assare you, sir, that I am dead
posted OD that point," sharply responded
the honorable Senator, who was some
what nettled at having bia historical ac
curacy questioned. Tbe quiet gentle
man old not reply. He was vanquished.
Sharon was naturally proud of bis vic
tory, aud after tbe company bad letl the
table be sought the boat to find out tbe
name ot bis conquered opponent. "
you mean that gentlemen leaning aeainsl
the mantelpiece?" "Yes." "That's
Bancroft, tbe historian." Nevada's Cali
fornia Senator bad the grace to order bis
In using aerated water, ohampagse or
other efiervesotng liquids, especially In
sick rooms where small quantities are
required In frequently repeated doses,
tl is undesirable to open a fresh bottle
every lime, aud quite impossible o pre
serve for auy leugih of lime tbe brisk
ness of an spened bottle* To meet such
oases a simple aparatua bas been devised
cousistmg of a hollow corkscrew mount
ed upon a funnel shaped staud, and so
arranged tbal tbe outlet may be opened
by a slight pressure on a lever. Tbe
oerksdiew is passed through tbe cork
and Ibe boule Inveried ou ibe slaDd.—
Tbe prea-ure of the gas in tbe bottle
insures tbe delivery of Ibe liquid and
none or tbe g»a can escape until tbe
liquid la altdrawn|off. Thus the efle ve -
oent quality of tbe wine or water is pre
served to ibe end no matter bow slowly
the liquid may be used. Obriontly tbe
devioe is also serviceable In saving the
trouble and waste incident to tbe com
methods of unoorking bottled
1 quote of tbia character.
"OkI why should ibe spirit ol mortal
be proud V' We give It up—bat when we
see a man driving a "proud spirited"
Utam. we aubeeilatlngly remark—that
man nsee M. B. Robert'• Horse Powders—
II oents at all drug stores. Janl4-lm
Washington, January 16. —Senator
Wallace said to-night that he did not
bolieve the Democratic members of tbe
Legislature would support any Repub
lican for Senator.
"If there are abuses within tbe ranks
of tbe Republican party of Pennsylva
nia," said Mr. Wallace, "I do not
know that tbe Democratic party is
called upon to reform them. If tbe
people of the State wish to correct ex
lsting abuses they can cast their votes
against tbe dominant party. At tbe
same time the injustice which the
Democratic party
fered because of the apportionment,
both Congressional and for members
of tbe Stats Legislature, made by tbe
Republican Legislature, bas been so
grievous that it is not strange almost
any plan to be rid of the burden should
be considered. There are 860,000
Democratic voters in tbe State repre
sented in the next Cougress by eight
Democrats, while 875,000 Republicans
have nineteen Representatives. In
Philadelphia 60,080 Democratic voters
bave ten members uf the State Assem
bly, while 70,000 Republican voters
bsve 28 members of tbe Assembly.
Counlies have been siioed in half to se
cure Republican gains in tbe Legisla;
ture, and members of the Democratic
couni iea have been massed together,
increasing Democratic majorities in
Congressional districts, and making a
gross inequality ef representation.
Under a new apportionment of tbe
House of Representatives tbe State will
be redistricted."
ot our State has suf
Star v I UK HlmsslI so That Hie Bie
ter Might have Food.
Washington, Jan. 16.—A story of
self-denial that ia tarely equalled has
just come to iigbt. The culmina' ion
aud denouement took place yesterday
in tbe War Department. A physician
who some months ago came to tbis
oity and opened a modest little office
on Seventh street, yesterday ascended
to the third story of Secretary Ram
sey's department, and, stepping from
tbe elevator, was seen to stagger and
then fbll heavily, bis head striking
against a doorway of tbe hall. He was
picked up by a number of cleiks and
a physician was called. The doctor
said that the man was starving to
death* They adminisiered brandy to
him, which be at first refused to take,
as it was afterwards ascertained on
temperance principles. Finally, a
small quantity of dilated brandy was
forced through his clenched teeth, and
afterwards a sandwich was given him.
He seized the pieoe of bread and bam
and was about to swallow it without
masticating, when be was prevented,
aim sums broth was substituted. Af
ter lyiug awhile on a lounge he recov
ered, and soon his story was told. He
and bis sister live together. He could
not get enough money to procure food
for them bo b, so he heroically starved
himself, teliiug his sister that he was
taking his meals "down town." He
had ou yesterday morning spent the
last cent of which he was possessed for a
soup bone. After his sister had pre
pared the soup and asked him to par
lake of it he refused and wem out.
He proceeded to the War Department
aud fell as detailed. Secretary Ram
sey learned the man's story, and im
mediately had bis war record looked
up. It was found to be satisfactory,
and the gentleman was at once given
a clerkship iu the Surgeon General's
office. It seems that he had for some
time been endeavoring to secure a po
sition iu the department.
Harrisburg, Pa., Jauuary 17. —Of
tbe uiuety-three Democratic members of
tbe Peuusylvauia Senate and House
eighty-five were in the caucus lo-night.
One of i he oibers is a Pittsburg man,
whose seat is in dispute and who'may
be currying favor with the domiijaut
parly aud another was a Philadelphia
member. There is no reasonable doubt
that at least ninety Democrats will act
together for Democratic interests ss tbe
caucus majority may determine- Sena
tor Wallace was renominated, receiving
U6 votes on the first ballot, tbe otbei
votes beiug divided between ex-Senator
Buckalew and a few local favorites. But
Senator Wallace's nomination was made
unanimous. A slight disposition was
manifested to entend encouragement to
tbe anti-Cameron bolters, but s general
discussii g of tbis subject was prevented
and a motion to adjourn wlthont mak
ing a nomination was quickly voted
down. Tbe Democrats will adhere to
tbeir caucus nominee and will only re
convene the caucus wbeu the Republi
can factions become irreconcilable and
one side or the other offers terms to the
Democratic members. At present the
Démocratie teutiment is decidedly
against any alliance. Tbs Republican
anti caucus element claims to be sup
ported by local aeulimeut and tbe inds
peudeul pres« of tbe Slate. Tbe auti
Cainerou members bave pledged tbem
eelves, most o' them, to voie for Grow
at But, never to vote for Oliver or auy
other Cameron candidate, aud io put a
new man in the field whenever two
tbirds uf tbeir number shall agree on
that policy aud designate tbe man.
Oliver's friends profess lo be sanguine of
bis electiou, but no well-informed politi
cian eau discover more than a hundred
votes for him.
•*l'm drawing a conolusion ' remarked
▲duainldab as he pulled the cal 's tall—Ed
L. Adams: and "I'm beating the Doc
tor" remaiked Ami's wife, as she took a
'ttyrup of Tar, Wild Oherry
and Hoarhound lor her sough. A Jo cent
bottle does the business. For stie by ail
druggibts Janl6-lm
dose of Hines
Tux Auguste, Me., Ktnnebte Journal
•ays: "Governor Plaisted is tbe first
Greenback Governor and will be tbe
last* prophets bave declared that this is
to be a year of great afflictions. Wo be
lieve it. We have Govenor P,aisled,
und that will do."
Special Dispatch to the Gasetto.
Doter, Dal., Jan. 18.
Both Houses of tha Legis latura
ballottée! for a United States Senator
this morning. Tha Democrats voted
for Hon. Thomas F. Bayard, and the
Republicans for Anthony Higgins,
Esq., of Wilmington. Tha vote
was : Senate—Bayard, 8 ; Higgins
1. House—Bayard, 14 ; Higgins, 7*
To morrow a joint session will be
held and the result of the ballots
formally declared.
Washington, January 17.
Fernando Wood was not in hit neas
In tbe Honae to-day, bat sent notion
that be would to-morrow call Jap hia
funding bill and press It to a vote before
sdfourumeot. there are some doubts
wbetber this desirable result eaa be
reached. Nota few, however, arete
favor of extending tbe session late the
night if neoesaary to the disposal of tbo
bill. The antl-fundere and tbo .general
opposition coy it cannot bo dons!
Mr. Nawberry of Mioblgaa, lnlrod ne
ed in tbe House to-day a Joint reselatton
to provide for a joint commission of
three persona to examine Into th* alleg
ed fraud iu tbe Halifax fishery award.—
Oue of tbe Commissioners is to be ap
pointed by tbe United (Mates, one by
Great Britain and the third by tbe two
countries. Tbe resolution recites the
allegation that certain documente pre
sented to tbe commieein by tbe British
government contained false, fraudulent
and forged statements, Mo., and reqi_
the President to call tbn attention af
the government of Great Brltata (e
tbe allégation, and request said govern
ment to join tbe United States la tbe ap
pointment of a commission to consist of
three persuns.ooe to be appointed by tbe
United oute», oue by Great Britain, and
one by the two governments joonjulnlly,
to fully investigate all questions of fhiae
and fraudulent proofs and doeomante
of every kind and nature, and moke a
report of such investigation, with the
proofs adduced and tha ooaolneiooe
thereon to tbeir respective go vernmeau.
There ie some mystery ebon! ibis
charge of fraud in the Canadian statis
tics, if Mr. Hind's statements are oor
rect there ia no doubt that tba statistics
were cooked, but it is asserted here that
thane statistics and tables were not b»
fere tbe commission and formed do
ground tor the award; that, ha faot,
wbetber they were cooked or oortaol,
they had no part In Influencing tbe
award, and that whatever may bo prov
ed In regard to them will therefore be ef
no coneequenoe so far as upsetting the
award goes. There ie raason to believe,
also, that tbe State Department has eer
renponded on tbe subject with tha British
government and that tba English aie
expected to lake tba initiative in aa In
"Facts are stubborn things," and soar«
coughs aud oolda. bat tbe latter will la
variably yield to Dr. Bull's Cough By rap,
which cost but 25 oents.
LOGAN —On Jsn. 16th, 1*81. Thomas J.
Infant son of John A. and Maggie 1*0
Î an.
be funeral will take pises from tba
-wan Hotel, Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'
CUMMINS.— On the 18th mat.. Sarah A.,
wife of Wm. Cummins, In thstoth year
of her age.
The relatives and friends are raepeet
fntlr invited to attend Ibe fanerai Dom
the residence of her busband, *06 East
Seventh street, on Tbnrsday, the lath
mat., at 1.30 o'clock p. m. Services at tha
house. InUrment In Wilmington and
Brandywine cemetery.
O cent.
5 oT
N otice to real estate owners.
TUoas who sell or transfer Real Ka
rate and do not wish to pay tbe taxes ot
1881 , will oblige the undersigned.by 1er—
Ins a notice thereof at anr offlee, that
may assess it to tbe proper owner«. .
Office No. 10 East Bixlh street, between
Market and King. Honrs, * A m. to M n;
2 to 6 and 7 to 8 p. m. Janl8.2w.
N otice.—T o dxlihqurwts of city
and School Taxkb fob I8*u. Bills
have been rendered and called for, nrd
the year having expired, those who wish
to avoid trouble, had better call and set
tle, or we shall proceed to oeHeol the
tea es alth oosts.
Offlee No. 10 East Sixth street, betwaaa
Market aud King. Hoars, t a. m. to 12 m.;
2 to 5 and 7 to 8 p. m.
ANTED.—A boy betw
years old to learn printing. Apply
office. J*nl8-St.
M and U
at this
l'UB BALE.—A three story brick boose,
r No. 718 French street, (12 rooms) with
hath room, hot and oold water. Hoe as It
leal frout, lot 25 feet, running back ICO
will be eeld on easy terms. loot
on the prom lace.
Kkgistkr'b Omen, I
New Castle Co.. Jan. IT. MM. i
Upon the appllenllon of Emmn S. Trap
hagan. Administratrix of John 8. Trop
häe an, late oi White Clay Cr«ek Hun
dred, In »aid county, deceased, U 1«
ordered and directed by toe Register
that the Administratrix aloreenld
give notice of granting of Letters of Ad
ministration upon the eetate of tbe de
ceased, with tbe date of granting thereof,
by causing advertisements to be posted
wilbtn forty days Dom tbe date of sack
Letten* In six of tbe most publie plnme of
the county of New Castle, requiring aU
persons having demands against toe es
tate to preseut the same, or abide by an
Act ol Assembly In sum case made and
provided; and also cause the same to ba
inserted within the aame period In toe
Wilmington Gazktttb, n newspaper pub
lished in Wilmington, and to be eontln
three weeks, (e. a. d.)
.—, Given under the hand
( L. B. [ of Office of tbe Register aforeeald
t—,—Hat New Castle, In New Oastle
County aforesaid, the day and year above
written. 8. C. BIGGB. Regtster.
ued therein
All persons having claims against toe
estate of the deceased, must, present tha
same, duly attested to tue Administratrix
on or before Jau. 17,1882. or abide toe Ato
of Assembly in suob case mode and pro
vided. EMMA 8. THA PH AG AN,
Address—Cbrlttlaxo, Del.

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