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i iiiini
Ili um !
X— NO. 20.
tor To-I*»».
Ai Untie Stales fair
«in.is, mostly soutb
■ barometer, station ry or
M U key y esterday.— Stocks
ukcii advance iu
I,lit CHl*««"
crib« Nnl.tle
ktliM varia'
t nta t i
A 1.1.*"
. 11 111.
Money was easier,
very strong aud
active at higher
t'luiueiits *cra
ivay bouda were
. Furuigu exchanges were high
L v i,nj,di Miller, a superannuated
hisU'i "I ib« Wilmington M. E. Con
[ ,(„.(! at bis residence iu Slid
L V(|t y (Jjttcll Arno a county, ou
Lj of last week, at an advanced
r AIr. Miller was pastor of Elk ou
IE. tLuiuli iu 1878 aud 1874, aud
.„riled as a" able proacber.
Lillie great Ne» York and Pbiladel
U Sunday papers arrive In VVilming
U| - a . u) , Davis, at 318 Market street
idling and delivering at that
._n for the last five Sundays
In'-ln-d m «I ol ins subscribers before
b w«i« "i 1 -
;i Tuesday last A. 1*. Shockley, auc
Keuhen Haines, attorney,
I of Thomas Janney, near
nrel fill
tbe lai
View, C cil County, Md., enntain
117 acres, to John C. Murray for
in Monday evening, Bullalo liiil,
I occupy Un- Opera Bouse, witli bis
r play written t.y John A. Stevens,
filed "1'ialrie \\ ail." liuff.lo Bill is
ays sine ut a lull house in tins cily,
lis name seems almost to be a house
id wold.
iCIllltOII Age SI
■Ji.tl.ilo it
■teiciicu to bis play,
wine again as usual to
k -d oveifliiw ng bouse, hundreds
ay iinalile o get even standing
i. "l'rai IV ail, bis new drama,
e strongest Bonier drama
d. BnI I
r pro
.*:f hlio
cd lo bplt
ll«.* shooting lirais any.«
Vantage. Ji
•oiupauy cup
11 are good,
e imiiabh are fh>* pure, genuine arti
. Mill always perform* just what be
.* uio, hence tbe se
il»; always bas big
l* * and justly deserves then». Come
kin. liisou William, you are always
(ting is a tl
tl f iih *
[Jannia J is the
ord that expresses
' u "I be Opera House last
pub 'lie occasion of the
h "P"
, i.tii '■ ui Maggie Mitchell, after an
Jears. The play she
"Little Barefoot,"
!" las only presented but
iillm, eity.
i. .
kirn e
li »'.iild lie Kupordous to attempt to
11,1 Hggiu Mitchell's actiug. it
s mil need eiitioism, for iu her act
perfect. Her appearance
' 11 t: "' st ago was signal for hearty
'■ 1 he support was good aud
" « satisfaction to the large
[" *''■ husubtio aiuliei ce.
' ■ sing Miss Mitchell, will
! r engagement in this eity by
eseniitag ifi u "Pearl of Savoy."
f »lie
' '-■»fi itluy afternoon oilieor Cham
b» ko - lud Hie notorious Emma
#l ' 1 .u Water and Market streets.
l' 4 'l un bibed somewhat freely,
« luv. veut to her feelings by curs
i ou I lie opposite side of the
• I lie officer was escorting her
" Ball, she i mformed him that he
' let hei go ns she bad the
''''l *. Tfijs startling anuouuce
1,1,1 no died upon the officer, as
'a-' very \y«U who be was dealing
" " ul1 «lie was placed iu the
! . »'ing, she crio^l out,
,.'■ Mayor, 1 have got the
nan pox."
isVi '""Y for you Emma," replied
" «ui but that dodge wont work
i ].'ii,.,''Vr 1'naiing thu testimony
'«'I Lin ma lo pay $1 and costs.
1,1 'ZENBERG'S funeral.
1 luiieial ol tbe late John Lfizeu
]{ » ; "HI cj'iiductoi of the P. W. A
l ',' L "'' k l'L'ce from bis late
m Pfiffi
t» lam
i ipüia, yeitorday.auii
<; 'i ul eiiued by
un,.. I 'datives and friend».
:U ah,,„, "'i* Ue at -M-odla, aftei
in ii Iinud.ed iriei.ds wore
bipluous' 18 ,* *, rB ® Uutol > wliure "
meat Wa8 prepared. It
, ll,e deceased that biB
l l JVIdB 'I lui at the Rose
ibe de
bids l, u
"cd of h
be den, a i
»I. tin
people for an
''■p'.rlug Kidney-Wort
""lull tors, the wi II
oggiM», Wells, Rtob
' ,! Burlington, Vt., to
' 'n liquid final a»
<11 tbe labor
'»equally efficient
"y persons. Kidney
i peri,,., , veiywbern pro
"t remedy —B uffalo i/ttr».
'■'""1er on ,Ue.. Truth..
>*, and const!patttil bowel»
'-'•■i i
1 «I
a £
it i,,,
"i ilrv f
'' 1 1 *
. It
H I .
* "ft
I'Ll kul
"• Um
Wo^rC" 1 c * iro " < o diseases.
ÎIÎÏÏ* SJ«» tbousaii.I
t mitnher. 0,40 more to
■'''■vm!.Mca» V ?""* 1 " ffli,t8 "'"'oils
urcu. u Kldnej-Wott
l l "'' ,l l"oVtïirraï" ' oured; kido ej com
k"« 4d v y years blinding. Try it.
y it
mil ,
k"v P u**', r "' ir ■"• 'to« D.
tl.oc t y i,j» r ul Ksltimür«,
"avy I lui,T,wi Menu
and tak i h. iu tofiaoco, "Good Ehouvh "
Utsitiug A " r 8 B We adTise all
e » good chew to give It • trial.
BKIHG unable: to arrive at ver
Wlieu tbe U. 8. District Court, re
assembled, this morning, at 10 o'clock,
a communication was received from
the jury m the case of ike United
States vs. Charles Shields (who had
bien out siuce 11 o'clock Friday morn
ing), stating that they were unablo to
agree upon a verdict and wished to be
discharged. The Judge sent for them,
inquired how they stood, was inform
ed that they were quit« evenly di
vided, and then ask'd the District At
torney if he had any objection to their
The latter first inquired of tho jury
if there had been auy change iu their
opiuions siuce they commenced to de
liberate, and if liiere was auy reasona
ble prospect of'an agreement.
The foreman replied tha< the last
ballot was the a:.me as the first, and
that I hoy would never come to an
agreement, ilo thought tkure was no
use ptinislriug tho jury by keeping
them longer co .fined.
All the jurymen assented to this
vtew, whereupon they were discharged
from further consideration oftlio cuse,
aud discharged from attendance uutil
Tuesday morning, at 10 o'clock. This
jury stood seven fur convier ion aud five
lor acquit tal.
Mr. C. J. rlall, of Milford, a mom
ber of this jury, who has also been
summoned as a Grand Juror for the
Kent Coun , y Court, which meeis iu
Dover on Monday, asked the Court
what biB duty was under the circum
The Court informed him that his
duty was to continue his attendance
upon the District Court.
Next the jury iu case of the United
Slates vs. Thomas liridgemau (who
weal out at 11 o'clock Thuisday morn
ing) came iu and asked lobe discliatged.
Alter the usual iormal questions
their request was complied with
and they also were discharged un
til 10 o'clock Tuesday morning. In their
delibeialions they stood steadily night
lor acquittal and four for conviction one
ot the Republican voting with the Demo
crats for acquittal.
Speaking of these election casts one
of tbe furymen said to a Gazette re
porter this morning tliut it w as a pel feet
larce to continue them any longer.
Tbe Unit four cases resulted iu ver
dietsof acquittal, but in the last two
pol.tical consider At tous bave beu lb jet t
<iU, aud will doubileas remain to such
tu extent as to rcutl.-r it Impossible to
oblaiu a verdict. A continu. nice of tbe
cases, in bis opinion, would prove a
useless expense und millet unnecessary
punishment ou tbe jurors.
In his travels and explorations in south
America, became deeply Innrested In the
wonucrlui properties ot tue Coca plant. J
Coi sumption and asthma, ku »ays, are i
unknown among the miivov who uhm it, |
aud it ia !u. ihuiint.ro couducllve In
longevity. The 0<>ca fortuit
■iiiK<e>)l»iiUs of lire Liebig Co.'8 célébrait «1
C -ca BeeI Toute. "It m ooudncttve to
huallli and longevity. It* umo In very
oeneUciai. h.*uinpleH of lougevity rue
immeriiUR amoii|{ lue lndito* who from
boyhood up have used it. C
unirLqueut of Indian* allaiuiug lire
great age of )8u years'" wry h Pro terror J
J. VAaN TrttlUlJi, (Travels In Peru, along
Lire Andes, etc.) Li'* sure and get Idehlg
Co.'s Coca Be*-1 Tonic as there are wo rth
iess counter f its. ll is in valuable in dya
pepsin, liver complaints, etc. a in it riots
will be prosecuted. îrti-Ot
ol the
James II. Satterfield who was Ser
geaut-at-Arms of the House of Repre
sentatives in Dover, this past session,
will open a first class ho.el iu Hariing
ton tins week. His son, Fred, will
lake the position of clerk.
Local I,mm.
The shad flshertuau hauled in
about 2000 shad yesterday.
The great sale of books for $1
each still continues at 50fi Market
Juvenille "Pinafore" next Tues
day evening.
The hall of tho Washington As
sembly last evening notwithstand
ing other attractions was largely at
Have you been to the fair iu the
basement of St. Paul's Catholic
Church yeti'
Wiudson Lodge,Sons of St. George
celebrated its anniversary last even
ing with a supper at Roui
cream saloon.
The rails of the Fuurtli street rail
way will b laid across the P., W. A
R. R. tracks, to-morrow, while no
trains are ruuuing.
A blind man was placed in the dock
at the police Court, this morning, on
the charge of being drunk. Tie was
ordetud out of town.
Read the advertisement of George
Kelly & Co.'s special credit house.
Maggie Mitchell closes her engage
ment, this evening, by playing the
"Pearl of Savoy."
The Trustees of the Poor for this
county will meet on Wednesday,
April 27di -
luson's ice
In the large attain Hugur refinery ol
Moshtm. MoKoaue, New hull A Boric, on
Church A Hei', in l*h ttaUelphia, Iihf
worked for many a day
laborer, popu lur with it is com rad eH, ami
generally well liked, one WllÜAHt J.
Haw, who invested one dollar regu ariy
in a half ticket or the Louisiana Htate
Lottery, enclosing the rnouey l
hau il» m. No. 31» iirouuway, New York
City, N. Y ,, or Die
Orleans, La.
got half o! the 2d capital prize of flU.UUU.
Who will be the next to be saved lrom
middle aged
M. A.
pursutk at New
lit* readme: ln»l niontii and
Howto Succeed In Business*—
ln« majority ol
rilag out m uumI
ll :
ne-n, Lu Wisli put
would give promise
ful result». But it is * fact, that lur too
many lake this too important htop witli
ou gtvniH $1 u« const ©ration to tho ne
cessai y préparation, and lind in many
itibtuui«;» wheu loo late, tnui Ihmugn
lulsuircct efforts their career im» been
unsucoessiul. I he c.»ur.s-oi ulsctpllln«
und training which L g. ven ai uiusuun
fwrU Huwluens Colfl«ae, fetaiukmi.
Conn., is I ii tended especially to quadty
young men in this respect, and t » n them
them to oommand suoccms iu almost
every desarUnflni of commercial enter*
course es
1 Ibe moMt success
Already tbe exciieraent of tbe great
show that la to exhibit here on Friday
April 29 la manifest among our citizens.
Everybody ia malting preparations to go,
and little need be now aa'd editorially
to eusnre an ovei whelming multitude in
its colossal pavilious.
This grand aggregation has tbe repu
tation of coming fully up to what they
advertise, and many ol the papers Bay
they have done mote than this. People
ate really enthusiastic over this gigantic
organization and the splendid reputation
they make wherever they go seems to fly
ahead like the wind. ..The proprietors,
Uatcbeller & DoriH are determined that
their exhibitions here shall surpass any
thing of the kind ever witnessed.
The gieat free street parade at 9 A. M.
w ill piove the graudest allair ot tbe kind
ever witnessed. Don't fail to see It.
Il lus been the practise for years past
din ing an inquest over the body of g tier
son who hae-beeu killed on tbe P., W. &
h. K. K , to admit detectives i'i Hie em
ploy of the coinpa.iy. This was the ca>e
dining the Inquest over the bodies of the
man and woman who were killed at
Siaotou crossing on Thursday afternoon.
When the engineer and other train bauds
appeared helore tbejury detective Tag
gart of Philadelphia appeared with them
and remaiuded iu the room during the
lime they were giving their testimony.
This bhould not be allowed by any Coro
ner o: jury, as it tends to have the effect
of making employes very guarded In their
testimony, and no doubt if tho detectives
were uot present more light would be
tnrown upon accidents that have oc
curred. The practise should be broken
up at once.
Thursday the members of the Levy
Court paid a visit to Delaware City,
aud Inspected the marsh property ol the
St. George's Marsh .Company in that
neighborhood. By an act passed at the
recent session ot the Legislature, the
Levy Court Is authorized to pay a por
tion of the money ex pended lor the pur
pose of constructing dykes and cause
ways for tbe protection of the Company's
property. The reason assigned for tints
making a public affair of an apparently
prlva'e enterprise, is t.liat the company's
work has reclaimed and made liable to
remunerative taxation over one thous
and acres of marsh land, while the
causeways they constructed are really
public highways, so useful lo public
travel that their obstruction by reason
ol the river ovetfloaiug is a serious det
riment. The expenditures caused by
disaslious overflows of recent years have
amounted to $22,000 aud the sum ot
$8,000 is needed for the purpose of
strengthening the causeways and build
ing rock guards lor tbe dykes.
After a thorough inspection of the
marsh properly tbe members of tl.e
J C urt ,r 5 f, h .. Marah Pnninanv
i VS. 1 *.?,.5 . Ma I?" company
at Kidd i hot el, Delaware Cily.
This Morning about 8 o'c'ock County
Constable Dillon arrested a boy by the
name of Carr, on tho chaise of steal
ing some iron. Tho boy wr.t placed m
one of the City Hall cells, anil he had
not been locked up but a short time
before he succeeded in crawling
through the aprsaturo in the cell door.
He had almost reached the front door
when he was espied by officer Mc
Clnue, who locked him up again in tbe
cell, and then locked the corridor door.
Tho boy then commenced to yell and
scream at a terrifie rate, and it became
eo unbearable that tbe Chief of Police
ordered the Constable to remove him
to some oilier place of confinement.
Six of the large iron upright posts
for the new head house of the P. W.
& B. R. R., have been placed in po
sition. The posts are screwed down
upon heavy stone foundations. Oth
ers will bo placed m position as rap
idly as possible, and the work push
ed forward to completion.
General JI«»»
The liabilities of the suspended Citi
zens' Bank, oi Atlanta, Georgia, are re
ported at $801,000,and its nominal ass»sts
at $874,000,. It is thought that $450,000
can be obtained from the assets.
The Long Branch Mews denies that
there is sny sickness approaching an
epidemic at Long Branch. Two physi
cians publish a card, stating that tbe
cases of diphtl erla rvputed existed in
only one family, and the survivors are
Edward II. Jnhnston,charged with be
ing an accessory to the murder of Samuel
Clugston, at Valley Forge, waJ released
yesterday, by Judge Watson, at Norris
town, ou bis own recognizance in $300,
to appear at the June term.
A children's ward, with twenty-four
beds lor medical aud surgical cases, lias
been titled up in the east wings of the
P. E. Hospital, Philadelphia $70,000
having been taised by voluntary contrib
utions for an endowment fund.
Rev. William Kean, Pastor ot the
Roman Catholic Church of tbe luiinu
cuiate Conception at Jenkintown, died
yesterday at St. Joseph's Hospital, in
this c'ty. Ho was 7» years of agv.
Rev. James Cunningham, D. D., Pas
tor of the Aslmry Methodisl Episcopal
Church, died yesterday, at Fhilad dphia
in his 70th year.
Aaron I) Mead and James Benders >n
were sentenced In Newark, New Jer
sey, yesterday, to pay eseti a tine or
*500. for conspiring to defraud Warren
E. Yrnng en» o* a mall eoiuract. Hun
de.rson paid I lie fin", but Mmol being un
able to do so, was sent lo jail.
Rev. Dr. Hinsdale, President, of Ho
bart College, is datigeroinly i l of pneu
monia at the bouse of a irieud in Nvra
cus , New York.
Tu« United Srstes Strainer Powbat
tan fjom Awpinwsll, via Key Wes', ar
rived at New York, yesterday, bringing
on© hundred ot the crew of tbe Alaska.
The house of Mr. Le Duc, in Holiqui,
Ontario, was burned ou Thursday night.
Two of his children perished, sud a
third I« Pel eved lo be fatallv lnlured.—
The tire whs caused by the explosion of
a coal oil lamp.
Lawrence Leis, 12 years of ago , died
ot hydrophobia, in New Bruuswick,
New Jersey, on Thursday night. He
was bitten by a dog about seveu mouths
For the Gazette.
Mb. Editoh:—T he Rep ibllcan Dress
of this ci'y hi i shout exhausted Its
stock of vitupérai leu agaict the Legis
lature, aud the City Count'll, for pass
ing measures for the good of theSwhnln
people. Now the fact Is, four thousand
voters, white Democrats ot this cily
were utterly disfranchise!) and were
poweil *s to have any measure pa set!
except It was iu the iutoresi ol the ne
gro. Tbe Uenaror and Representatives
sent to the Legbl Turn by i itimt.latlou,
fraud and repeat is from Din city aud
ouuuiy b> the Republicans bave shown
themselves to be men wnh very narrow
minds. Tbey opposed eea lv every
n-essut» presented bv tue City Counoil
from a pint no standpoint amt were
not tbe representatives ut the pecqle,
they by their cunning motives did net
succeed in deleaimg the wifi ot tbe
people. W iluilugluu aus a inajouty of
Ucaiuciat.e voters and ba- elected a
Mayor for ttuee terms, the ' .st nun. by
a majority wbicb sent 1 er.or into tbe
rinks of the Negroltus. Corrup
tion in every depaitinect by tbe Re
publicans for many years disgusted tbe
people, and the people turnv.l tin m oui.
Had tbe Republicans bad control ot
state foras long a» tbey hart control of
tbe city, no doubt the bonns of the State
and city would have been below Ipar.—
Tbey would bave commenced many
improvements throughout tbe St tie and
city tor Ike purpose ot filling ibeir own
pockeis. cook ut Cool Spring Reser
voir and the wljening of Waler street
I ke tax-payers were shamefully cheated
aud one alter another of their officials
became it fan Sers. Very tew Dela
wareans bave confidence iu a party
elected to office by negroes. When
these Republicans gel into offica they
want to rule for life. Look at tbe offi
cials under tbe Government in this
city aud elsewhere. The Demeurais
bave a 1 irgo majority in Deliware, as
well asm ibe United Slates, ami will
■oou control this uutioe. Fraud and
bypocrlcy must come to au end, and tbe
white people will rule Ibis oountry as
they do ibis state.
The regular April term of Court will
commence at Dover on Monday. There
is veiy little important business to be
considered, and the session will prubaiy
not last lunger tbau a week.
City of Mexico, April 22.—The
alleged friendship between General
Grant and General Diaz is injuring
the latter here without benefiting
tbe iormer. Many worthy people
give credeuee to u story put «bout
iu the old "Cnuservalive" circles
that General Grant has come here
iu pursuance of an agreement with
Diaz that he will take over a
kiud of protectorate to be supported
by the United btales Government.
The story, absurd as it is, has been
circulated by people of influence,and
in connection with the general be
lief that General Diaz lias engaged
extensively in railway speculations,
it is working mischief. General
Grant laughs at it,but ho will doubt
less take an early aud conspicuous
opportunity to make au end of it
Wasuington, April 92.—Secretary
Blaine attributes the numerous reports
of his falling health loan exercise of dip
lomacy on his part iu evading at times
the swarms of visiters at Lite State De
partment, who bave made it next
to impossible for him lo control lime
enough to atteuil to tbe public business.
He was at the department to-day and at
tend tbe cabinet meeting,ami is in better
health titan lot many months past.
f or the Gazette.
Mu. Editor: —The Wilmington Coal
Gas Company nave reduo d their rates
from $4 per 1000 feet in «1854 to
$1.80 in 1881.
as cheaply iu 1854 when coal was from
$3.50 to $4 a ton what must have been
the profils during all that time if a
twelve per cent, dividend can be de
clared on $2 per 1000 leet.
As coal gas was made
Sbe wont lo me play ot 'iMivelle'
AuU near an open window sbe set,
ADd by so dotug sbe there met
^lheiateoi all whorasblyget
Ho Imprudent.
She saw a notice In the weekly Star
"To Cure a Cold—Use Slue» N, nip «■
Bo she went to her druggist, and then
aud there
Invested with a single quarter
In the article.
Now if you have only occasion to.uee
now earnest and vehement Hhe be
When lelllnK how quiCKiv und'eiitirely
I |8he who cured of me cold, caught ou
ma Id settee
'Twill surp-t** you.
NOTICE.—Dr. Kliue's Ureal Nerve
Restorer is the marvel of tbe age for all
Nerve Diseases. All fits »to
pped free.—
Send to 1131 Areh Street Pbtlr ielphla,
jet 2D-1>
are what tbe hM isted neck tor,and those
who rcbort to Dr. Pierces's Family Medi
ci lien are not doomed todHuppointment.
So po-i'ively etflcacloui is hie Favorite
Pieeoripiion in all cues of female weak
uorvou« and oilier derangements
incident to the Hex, that thin potent reme
dy in sold under a positive guarantee,—
For particular» «ee Piero«'» Memoran
dum Book (given away by druggist»),
he wrappers of the medicine.—
Sold by druggists.
Wahbca, Minu., April 5, h, 1H70.
Du. R. V. Pikhok:
Dear Sir: — 1 feel that I should be ne
glectiug my duiy were i to fail iu giviug
my tentimony as to the value of your
medicine». For year» 1 bave been a
great sufferer from a complication of
chronic di»ea-ea which our physicians
treated in vain. 1 um now u*ing your
Favorite Prescription and find my»«if
almost well. Your medicines have done
me more good than anything 1 have
used. I remain, gratefully yours,
aplD-Gt Mus. E- H. FARM ALEE.
Paris. April 11,1881.
Correspondence of Gazette
The food supply of such a city as
Paris with its two tuillious of per
manent inhabitants and Its 200,000
limiting population, is a serious
matter. The harmony of supply and
demand is maintained at a great
cost, though, perhaps lees than
would be supposed by any one who
bases estimates on tbe cost 1er cits
its of proportionate size iu our own
Tho annual duties levied on food
articles seeking a market in
amount to over teu millions of dol
lurs. This secures a better quality
of supplies, though it enhances the
cost correspondingly. Wholesale
prices average at least oue third
higher for the same class of ar
ticles than in Wilmington. While
Lire labor employed in their produc
tion is less by oue third than with
The inference follows that
trming is profitable iu France.—
As practiced hero it is perhaps as
profitable as auy other business con
ducted with the same skill and cost.
Hut tbe laud is chiefly owned Dy
others than those who reside upon
it aud cultivate it. Beside, by rea
sou of cousiaut cultivation through
a long successtou of years tbe soil is
enfeebled, aud requires stimulating
at great expense iu order to maiu
taiu its fertility. The rents and
taxes are high, and the fertilizers
expensive, all of which must be paid
for by tbe tenant before he can lay
by a sou, or indulgo in what we
should consider esseutial comtorts.
Happily the French farmer has a
différé ut standard from ours in the
matter of material comforts, and in
this lies the secret of his success.—
His simple, abstemious habits aDd
the economy, which tho practice of
generations has made a part of his
nature makes the French one of
the most thrifty aud independent
Were the soil of Fiance swept away
iu a moment and substituted by the
rich, new soil of our West, and treated
by tbe French farmer precisely as be
treats his native worn-out soil, Fiance,
iu a single decade, would be the one
"Laud fiowiug with milk and honey,"
aud the French the richest nation in
the world.
Two thousand years ago Virgil, tue
sweet singer of a neighbouring state,
sang tbe songs of Labor, aud proclaim
ed it tbe strongest of forces. France
illustrates this truth to-day by the en
ergy with which she has more than re
paired the waste aud havoc of her late
disasterous wars.
Recently, some of the trades of Paris
struck for a decrease of the hours of
labor without a corresponding decrease
of pay. The discussion in the news
papers on tire subject brought out the
statement that in tbe rural districts
from twelve to sixteen hours were
cheerfully given as a day's labor. With
these rural people economy goes hand
in baud with labor, and contentment
and prosperity keep equal peace.
Nothing on the farm is wasted that
will pay for the time given to save it.
The tuasterconsiiiers it a waste to sell
or slaughter a bullock for beef before
it is brought to perfection by careful
feeding. The matter is well considered
and settled iu Ids mind as to the exact
point where a lurlber expenditure of
food will mako a corresponding gain
iu thu weight aud consequent value of
the bullock. When cost equals gain
it is a loss to coutinue feeding.
So with the mistress and her poultry
yard. Her profit is iu her eggs and
spring cUickeus, and consequently the
parent lien is eucour&ged to lay all the
eggs possible without being required to
w aste her Lime iu batching I be eggs aud
rearing tbe young brood. Tbe hatching
can be done belter by artificial means,
ami the cfiicxs ateiaised by band with
iras percentage of loss than when the
ben manages the job.
But tbe dairy is the most profitable
department ot the farm, especially when
wiihin easy reach ol a large eity. A li
cense is required to enable one to sell
milk in tbe city, and the eity protects
tbe dealer or diaiymau iu all his just
l iglils, so that theie is fairness equally
lur bttyet and seller. Milk is delivered
to customers as U is ordinarily aerved iu
our own cities, though iu limited q'uan
titles. It is sent from greater distances
in sealed china jars containing one and
two quarts each. It will keep, sweet a
week or even longer in these jars, aud
by a simple prucers that I was unable to
learn, it will keep a much longer time.
Two companies, with a stock capital
of several hundred thousand francs, are
formed to send the cows iuto l'aris ev
ery morning, wheie llie cows are milked
iu preseuee of the customers. Oue of
these drive the cows in from pastures in
the Hois de Bologne ; tbe oilier sends
them in the cars from a greater dfitance.
Both plans are said to work well, aud
tbe stock is profitable and sells at a pre
mium. The milk is eagerly sought after
aud commands a much higher price tbau
that sold from tbe cans or oveu the cbi
ua jar.
Lovers of a really good chewing tobac
co should auk for Miller's Good Euough
Navy Plug as it is the only tobacco which
has not tbe flavor of a Drug Store aud
dues not cause sore mouth.
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Professor PATTIBUN, in ms celebrated
woj k ou *• Diseases of Womenof reliev
lug me sufferings ol palulul periods. It
wards off' lie suffering without iu any
way i iierieriug witli the proper and
natural llow." Beware of cheap Counter»
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apr 19-61
Washington, April 22.—The irregu
lar and fraudulent transactions which
have been uncovered In the contract office
ol tl e Post Office Department by tbe
investigation of Postmaster-General
James are the Principal topics of discus
sion throughout the city to-day,especially
iu thu Execu ive depart meets, where
eager iuqitlrie are made of those who
ate supposed to be acquainted with tbe
facts as to the number of persous and
who they are, that will be affected in
their official capacities.
A member of ex-President Rapes' Ca
binet, in 'conversation on the subject
this morning, expressed great bui prise
w hen he was told the corruption extend
ed over the entire period of *lbe previous
While the gentleman expiessed Ids
faith in the honesty and intergrity
immediate predecessors of Postmaster
General James, he said that if tbe cur
rent statements .were true, they clearly
indicated that those affidavits had been
sadly ignoiaut of the details aud opera
Lions of the yarious bureaus under their
The case against General Brady and
his friends has been presented in its in
complete shape to President Garfield and
luslructiuus wero at ouce given to com
plate the evidence and lay the whole sub
jest, including tbe accumulated mass of
documents, affidavit), and various des
criptions of incriminating memoranda,
before Attorney-General MacVeagb for
such action as may hereafter be deter
mined upon. Meantime very little infor
mation of an official character can be ob
tained, but it is intimated that instal
ments will be furnished for publication
as rapidly as seetnajudicious to those
having the investigation iu baud. The
statement that Judge Tyner was im
plicated m the frauds is said to have no
foundation, and if he is replaced at all
which does not at present seem likely,
it will not be on account of auy connec
tion with tbe Brady corterle.
of the
Bridgeport, Conn., April 21.—The
powder maganizine situated in West
Stratford, about three miles from this
city, containing about 1,000 kegs or
powder, owned by the Union Metallic
Cartridge Company, exploded zhoitly
after 11 o'clock this morning. Build
ings about» the city were shaken as by a
shuck of earthquake, people were
thrown from their feet and plate-glass
and small windows were in many
places broken. For a time the wildest
excitement prevailed. Shops weie at
once emptied of employees and hun
dreds of womeu rushed wildly about
tbe streets crying. The damage to
buildings about the city Ib estimated
at $5,000. Tbe explosion is supposed
to have been caused in some way by
the rifle shooting of two men *n the
vicinity of the magazine. One of
these men, Egbert Pinney, standing
about 100 yards from the building,
was badly cut about the head, and the'
other was badly shaken up, but not
otherwise injured. As far as can be
ascertained, no lives were lost. The
explosion was heard for miles around.
London, April 23, 1881.
About oue hundred invitations to the
funeral of Lord Beacousfield were sent
out yesterday. They include personal
friends of the deceased aud representa
tives of foreign Powers. Prince Leopold
viewed the body on Thursday. It is
understood that the House of Commons
when it meets ou Mouday will pass a
vote of condolence for the death of Lord
Beacousfield, moved by Mr. Gladstone,
and Immediately adjourn until after the
funeral. Nearly all the members of the
late Cabtnot have expressed their inten
tion to be present at the burial. Lord
Beaconsfieid's coffin was closed and
fastened this morning. The face showed '
no sign of change. Several members of
tbe royal family have intimated their
intention to attend tbe funeral. The
Prince of Wales will represent the
Queen. Admission to the churchyard at
Hugbendeu will be strictly limited to
bearers of tickets issued by the execu
Temple Bar.
Tbe Quaker body in Ireland does not
now much exaeed tbree thousand, in
cluding some very poor people iu tbe
manufacturing districts ot Ulster, wbere
Edmundsou's work began. The dis
tinctive dress has been abandoned. Now
and then the old questions arse,
as tbe other day at Waterford, wbere a
Quaker juror refused to doff his bat.
"Let some geutleman take his hat off
lor him," said Mr. Justice Barry. Tbis
having been doue, tbe scrupulous juror
affirmed, aud marvellous to relate a
vet diet of guilty was returned. Iu a
changed state of society, the sect has
lost rnueb of its old imporlauce, but its
work should always be remembered
with gratitude. Peaceful wheu all
around was at war, toleraut wheu all
otherB were ready to persecute, tair aud
just in their dealings, the Quakers have
showu a good example in Ireland. Dur
ing tbe miseries of 1847 they were fore
most tc alleviating distress, aud they
have always doue much to lessen the
religious animosity which has been
Erin's greatest bane.
London, April 21.—The Berlin corres
pondent to the Standard says: "The
Cear still reside* at the diminutive
chateau of Gaischiua, guarded b? six
oousecuiive cordons of soldiery. Hi§
Majesty is never seen outside the inner
circle. Meanwhile the Anitisohkoft
Palace, His Majesty's towu mansion has
been entrusted to tbe guardianship of
300 men of the Pavlowsky Guards.
According to to day's Intransigeant of
Paris a Nihilist manifesto announcing
the approaching death of Alexander
. has iust beeu received by ail the
Russian Ministers aud court officials,
For the Gazette.
Tbe inmates ot 829 Shipley street
were very pleaaatly surprised ob Mon
day night last by the appearance of the
Key. Mr. Shilling of Brandywine, M.
E. Church with about twenty-fire of
liis members, who hi ought with them
many good things to cheer the feelings
of their former pastor. After an hour
or more spent in prayer, song and tes
timony aud partaking of lemonade
and oake, they left for their homea
bearing with them the greatful ac
knowledgements of the recipients for
what they lett behind, which was not
May the Lord pour out his richest
blessings upon (hem all for their kind
remem beranoe of one in affliction.
ÖAXTON. —On tbe 22 nd Inst., Susanna,
wile ot Isaac G. Saxton, In ber Mat
'flie relatives and (Mends of tbe family
are resjectfuily Invited to attend her
muerai from tue reeidenoe or ber bns
bni.d, No. 211 East I bird street, on Mon
day uiternoon. Servies, »t ihre» o'clock.
HEWITT.—On March IB, Joeeph M.
Hewitt, bod of smith and Mary Ann
Hewitt, aged 32 years.
JOHNSON.—In this city on the 19th mat.,
from convulslone. Willie Benson
Johnson, son ot Thomas and Amy
Jobuson, In his 15th year:
Tb' relat ve. and friends of the family
are invited to attend the funeral, wllhoni
furtbur notice, from tbe residence of his
parents. No. 612 West. rd street, on Fri
day arternoon, tbe 22nd Inst., at 4 o'clock.
Interment at tbe WHmlngtoa and
Brandywine cemetery.
"He has found sweet rest."
N OTICE.—The Mechanics Loan Asso
ciation has Just issued 30v shares of
new stock. The erst payment to be made
on tbe second Tuesday in May. Persons
desirous to Invest should apply at once
to W. J. MORROW, Secretary
417 French Street.
Ofllce open from 7 o'clock a. m. until 7
o'clock p. m. Orders by mail promptly
attended to. apr231mcod
1881 .
1801 -
in ocs
We have on hand the
Fine Foreign and Domestic
Piece Goods
In the City, lr*m which we ere melting
Suits to Order at Bottom
Fit and Workmanahip Guar -
OUR CUTTER is as good as ran
be found in this city or els«when.
Call and t>e convinced.
apr. 23-lrao. eod Jr 4tw.
N OTICE.—I, Dennis Bradley, In com
pliance with j.the rtqu tramants (of
tbe set of Assembly, ln such
and provided, do bereby give notice that
1 shall apply in writing te tbe Court of
Genera) sessions of the Feaoe and Jail
Delivery of tbe State of Delaware, In
and for New Castle county, on Monday,
9th day of May next, A. D„ im, being
first day of tbe May term of eala
court, for a license to keep an inn or tav
ern at No. Ö01 W. Front street, being tbe
N, W, curner of Front and Washington
streets, in the First Ward of the eity ot
Wilmington, I el., New Caatle county
and Stale aforesaid, and to sell lntexf
catlng liquors In less quantities than one
quart to be drunk on tbe premises and
tne following substantial freeholders re.
com mend tbe said application, to wit:
Franols Kelley
Fred Well
Geo. H. Marple
Joseph Neidermaler
John Jonee
Edward Rodg
Patrick J. Long
I he
Patrick Newell
James Monaghan
Patrick Hugh
Caleb Miller
Patrieh Lally
James McKanna
Daniel McCusker
Phillip G. Plunkett Henry Graham
Lawrence Kleran James 0>>ak
Thomas Haye*
Joseph Hendla
L. W. Palmer
Henry Bradley
Augustus Ascheubach Daniel Maler
Extra Fine launch
E. I». F HE YE'8
Saturday night, April S3.
Bock Beer! Bock Beer
Diamond State
Made of the finest selected mult and
Imported hops. This beer, for flavor and,
quality cannot be surpassed in the »tat ■
will be on tap to-day by all my patron
and at the depot
apr22-2t _ '
'bock beer
Hartman & Fehrenbaoh'i justly
W ill loe ou tap to-morrow at their
custemers, aud at a the depot

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