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LiMÿrjr ol ConfMiiTTS |
i. -
7 TT
k)L. X—NO. 271 .
• t
pTs»ilï «»»"*•
» a
M, ivr.ter, ctief secret«» for Ire
' tty the advice ol the n» bluet.
s witne*» before
ml to*
•ciiuel to appear a
„ Momi'C" «rpolh'ed by the Hiu.e
■»flute the working of
o-n. BkokalH* passed
u e for fit. Pet fit
jjorrii to
„ Und »cf.—
Vi*- nu* en r
,rg. He
effort »
hI a lowed by dstooli van.
Hi bu modo tu »«euro a
ol the death semenoe pr»
ihe nlhlll- 1 ooesplrstuis at
r.burg lo pensl servitude for
Kuiltk, thedistlnguls -
tunned on
. Fri 1
, -Theodore
pisni-t and oompeser, I»
insurgent Ar.V have reap
Itte vicinity ofSfsx, where
y have taidsd upon tribe« who «üb.
tted to tbe Treuen.
Nkw Tobi " World" Rats:—
li.iyanl yesterday very olev
jy upon tbe quidnuncs of tbe
ilMiieed Republican faction in tbe
nate Hie lesposuibility wbicb really
long» to them fui their silly attack
United Stales Ministers at
»ud IVia There is not a sbad
i of reason for supposing tbat tbe
Lierveutuiu of the Uuited States"
Lbocn ei her expressly or implioitly
Ljged is tlie affairs of "neutral gov
Lmeoti" eilber In Roulh Amerioa or
ly whero else. Uulortunately, on the
L-rary, there is too muob reason to
Ippiise that the United States Gov
Lisent ha» failed lo interpose its
purity in fa vor of a j ust and honor
lie pesce betwoen curtain belligerent
ivernmeats in South Amerioa at cer
iu juncture» ai which such an inter
■iiion migbi have bean made with
i most advantageous result* Dot
ly to ibe belligerent governments iu
eatiou but to tbe iuiluence of tbe
jiletl State» and tbe interests of tbe
sericau people."
Ibk Now k ork walking matoh score
'clock this morning waa as
lie«»: Rowell, 858; Noremac, 289;
uhvan, 8
p; Hughe«, 884; Hart, 813.
in tbe
, tw<
Fitzj-rald, 815; Uuzael,
[iJostou has for some years had a
rmorial Society, whose object is to
■rid uiotiumenu to great Ameri
to in the public squares. Now it
is the linstoniun Society, whose
ji'Ct is to save the monuments al •
ady existing. Tbe society bas a
arter, lias elected Mr. Curtis Guila
the Commercial Bulletin, presi
nt, and made application for tbe
c ol tlie balls of tbe aid State
as a depository for paintings,
dures, relic», etc., of antiquity, af
f die plan of the uational museum
Independence Hall, iu this city,
he society already bas the nue
us ol an interesting and highly
«tractive exhibit. One of the most
teresliug relics ot the Father of
is Country is deposited in tbe Bos
i'ublic Library. The relic is tbe
rgecold medal presented lo Wash
glon by Congress for bis servicos
i expelling the British forces from
«ton ou 17th of March, 1776. it is
te only gold msdal given by Con
:ess to General Washington. It re
»■ntd iu the Wasbingtou family a
inured year», becoming the pro«
"Ry ol ol George Steptoe Washing«
n, eldest brother ot the General,
on alter the latter's death .—Pro -
i ^^eluma 2.00* 2.Î63*, 0.30, 6.5",
W Ö-4Ö. 10.30, i .63 a.
i7* :•? . n ; ' , 1.53, 7.80, 4.00,
!, - •* 't . G lu, ».J»., 7.3g*, 1 ,uo* p.
kor New T, rk—2. 0», 2.23*, 8 . 311 , 6.53,
1 "• IU. i 12.38ft. 1.53, 5.17t, 6.38*
<-• *. f-«), 8.38
l<l , I "tot, Ml, 6. 7, 11.04» 0. m
>iiii.c„.u, 1 .U 0 » 1 .42», 1.51«, s.oo* a.
'"lift, 6.57, II.of. P. m.
um * in termed late ata*
11 . a. iu. ; J.0J (j.Uu p. IU.
ru.ttiMlf both dally aud Sun
ruunlng only ou Sunday.
,tallr «ttd— «."0*, 9.35 a m •
trains. ''
r ll ' url "l4toii aud Intermediate sta
, ii
rir llall
*«»r H (i
■ •i,s, a r n ,'i Nort hern Kail
yiraiUH.' "* ' ,0U ' ö ' üö l 5, m * ftoHun
di"; sSrrS? 't>i cru , Railroad—10.30
w * • ln * No HuuJay trains.
^'üj'dtol'hlR— UK)», 1.12», .,47»
*; ri'lt'" • v l ï' : "Î!* 1 '?*. >2'«> a. m. ;
"is i-idW',, J ' ,c ' 4-86, f .55, 5 40,
' " '5 1.55, 9.35t, Ü.5«, iu.58»I
f l a W m°^ l Ä 43 ' 4 -'"*. 7,»t,
' m ' • fi50, 1.07 ft, 4.5' , 0.4S»,
1 ''Î!* V 2 ,' 1;i *' 9 ' nl ' 9 ' 09 >
i i-.oitt, 1.5U, 5.11», 6.30», 0.40*

Äb a a'ir 0 ^ a ^
8A5* *.
alii*. * P* ni. No Sunday
* Ftom Row Ca» tie only.
DI .
F0 , R wi lmington
Iveiutt s/jy, ,7,1;?;* "fid W-m^i
4?p W m <:a * Ue -S'33 l
IILlmited Expre»» trains.
9.20, 11.46
a. ra. ; 4.46,
' 44«' Cwnn lekMI.
Two weak« «go l««l Monday, « )»r k e ;
pptitiou «Igued by Ibe Uermaua of ibia I
rity w«a presented lo tba Board of E lu I
cniou, praying tbe Board to graul ibe
potllioner» il e kaaqnant room lu No. 9
4, ' p *° *
1 h« petition waa referred to a apecial
coiauilU.ee, aud ou Monday laat, tlie
committee reported adveraely upon the
petition, and tbe Board ol E lucaliou
adopted tl 0 report. AltbougU tbe re
port ol tbe committee threw cold water
on tbe »boulder« of tLe petitioner«, still
they were determined not to give up the
project or atartlug a »drool.
Laat evening a large meeting waa held
in Uermauie Hall, at wblcb Daniel
Maier preaidel and Peter Ebner acted
aa Recretkry. Af er «orne discusiIon It
was decided to form an association fur
tbepurpo'C of ealabltahiug a German
American day »c ool. Those wbo de
alrrd to become a n ember of tbe aasocl
allou could do ao by tbe payment of $5.
A roll waa wpened, and aigi a I by about
la e ily person». This number will no
doubt be largely lucre >»ed, as lho»e
having charge of the matter are deter
mined lo uiak it a success.
The following ralei of tuition were
decided upon: Kur one ctilltl, 20 cents
per week; for two cbildreo, members of
one family, 35 cents per week; lor three
child o i, ineinln.s of one family, 60
Tbe following temporary commute«*
were appointed :
To Secure Room—A. Wilhelm, Fred,
lie at aud Daniel Haler
Ou Bubacnpttous—Augustus Kihl
man. Peter Ebner, Edward Seidenberg,
Christian Popp and Fred Knapp.
Ou Cons ilullou—Francis Sehen,
Uc iry Miller, J. P. T. Fuefcel, Augus
tus Grotz, and C. Henkel.
Pu Furniture—Henry Miller, Fred.
Wurste-, and Conrad Man«.
Tbe meeting then adj umed until
Wedneaday evening next when a per
manent organization will be affected.
la e Bad Condition.
Tbe bed of Eleventh stieet from
French to Pine le In « terrible condition.
Tbe mud «ud rule in eome places are
nearly bub deep, and it la almost im
passable. .Tbe rame be s dd of tbe bed
of Walnut street from Eighth to the
Brandy wine. The ireets named should
be repaired lb 4ome manner. If a tire
was to occurr down Eleventh street, It
would be impossible fir the engin'» to
get along.
TMe Sprue» Hire#« Extension.
Work waa to bave been commenced
on the Rpruce street extension of tbe
City Railway yesterday, but owing lo
tbe rain was delayed. If tbe street Is In a
fit condition work will bn commenced
to day. Mr. Jeremiah Maliouey, the
contractor, says tbat If the weather dues
not Interfere be will complete the con
tract iu two weeks.
To-morrow evenlog, Rem. Hague's
English Minstrel Company will appear
In the Opera Ucuss f ir the secoAd
time. 1
This company from other dill, ira
as iu tbe overture they do not waste
lime in ge.tmg off old stslo "gags.''
Their antarta|umenl la of a higher order
than u ually found in minstrel company
all » mgs are selecte 1 f urn the most pop
ular operas. Their second performance is
also a change from what we have been
use to.
differs from others, and those wbo di »'.re
to see a good performance should le sure
to attend.
On Saturday evening, tbe great play
of"Oue Hundred Wives" will be pro
duced by the Gosche— Hopper Company.
The Buffalo Courier says:
Mr. De Wolf Hopper, a» a reprenta
tlve cf tbe border drama, shows hiniBalf
an excellent actor a» C'en/uciua ilctlin
ley. He baa a splendid stage presence, a
lull, resonant, musical voice, au.i has
perfect command ofhlmielf iu all bis
scenes. He has learned bowtortsirve
him»-If for bl» scents, and becomes s
power when he has to declare bimself.
He is tall, lithe, graciful, and does not
obtrude btmaelf, but when a genuine
aituatlou pres ints Itself be is on baud
and does good work with It. A» a bor
der gallant aud preserver we do uot now
know Mr. UoppeT» iqual. Hia dramatic
li a incts are noe; be never steal» any
body else'» business; and be does bis
work together ln auch a manly aud
band» ime way, that we let! like giving
him a cordial welcome as representa
tive of the Western drama.

Tbe Dklawarn Gazette will be Is
sued to-day.
Tbe Firat Battalion gave a drill last
eveulng in tbe srmoiy.
A cenoart will be given in Olivet Pres
byterian ohurob on Thu s lay ersnlng.
Pomona Graogs, P. of H., will bold c
In Cnmrevllle Ha I
09 >
thus cven
Revival services will be held ln ths
Household of Faith Churob this even
W. 8. McNair will »ever bl» coDneo
tlon with tbe Braudy wine Nummary OB
tbe 10 b mat.
Tbe MtHiionary Anniversary of At
bury M. E. Huoüay HubOul taken place
IbiH evening.
Tbe relief fund for tbe benefit of tbe
sufferent at the C bester explosion,
am unfa to $0 302.80.
The Knights of P>thta<* are having e
bandHoniH «eon tary and Wardrobe
placed id tbeir lodge room, Smith build
The enginemen on the P., W. & B.
divUioa of the Pennsylvania K. K.,bav6
been notified uot to enter the new Uroad
stieet station ahead of tbe schedule
The Maggie M itobeil Dra ratio Asso
ciation intend to give a performance iq
the Opera Houre within a short time,
the receipt* to be for tbe benefit of t'ui
O bester suffer« rs.
. W1
Ison, of tbe Unitarian
ol u ob. delivered an adrirtsk on 'The
Rise or the Roman Gatholio Ohurob and
the Death Struggle of Paganism," be
fore the Unity ßociety last evening
Rev. Dr
mimionaky anaiviaaikT.
Laat evening, In apite of tbe bad
weather, a goodly number of people
turned out to the auuiversary given
by Scett M. K. Sabbath acbool, and
by 8 o'clock tbe plaoe waa well blied.
Tue programme waa entered upon
about 8 20 o'clock, openljg with sing
ing, ''Greeting Ulae," by the aohool.
Rev. P. H. Rawlins then made a abort
prayer, which waa followed by eiug
The leesona for the year 1881 were
divided into quarters, and between
each quarter tbe tobool sang a pieoe.
The pastor bold the banners, gave tbe
topic of the lesson, and the olaas hav
ing that lessen recited tbe Golden
Text. At the end of each mouth
there waa a lesson, the Gulden Text
of which waa recited by tbe whole
acbool in concert. Every class re
sponded promptly, and tbe lesions
were taken up rapidly,
second quarter the inlant school saug
a few pieeea and aome of the ohildren
spoke. A piece by Matter Joseph
Davis was well rendered. After tbe
fourth quarter Mr. Hawlint made a
few remarks en tbe lessons for 1881.
Tbe next on tbe programma waa
tbe memorial aervioe. Tbe auperin
inlendent, Win. H. Foulk, said that
tbe memorial service this year was tbe
saddest of any they ever Uad. They
bad lost two scholars by that dread
disease—small-pox. Three others had
been taken away, making In all five,
which was as large a number aa bad
ever died iu oae year out of tbe acbool.
They weis: Emma J. Gallagher, Thoe.
G. Pennington, Freddie Litzenburg,
Mabel A. Doud and Georgia Worth.
Tbe memorial service closed with a
quartette entitled "Gone."
Tbe reports of the olasses tame next
and there were in all fourteea life
member*. Morning acbool, 8; after
noon school, 10, and infant school, 1.
A uuiuber of present« were given to
various members of tbe school. Tbs
reports of tbe Secretaries came next
aud was very cheering. 8. Homer
Calkins, Secretary of tbe morning
school, read a good report. Tbe num
ber of sobolars now on tbe books is
110, and the school bids fair to com
pete with the afternoon school. Wm.
E. John-on, Secretary of tbe after
noon acbool, reported tbe number of
scholars enrolled 200, and tbe school
lo a prosperous condition. This was
followed by a select leading, "Massa
oreof Church Music,"by Mibs Joseph
ine Lock. After tbe singing by the
school, tbe audienoe was dismissed
with tbe bensd lotion.
After tbe
Polleo Vases.
In the absence Of Mayor Alluioud,
Esq. O'Neill, presided at tb* police
hearings last evenlug, and diruoeed of
tbe following cases;
John Dugan far being drunk a ' 4 dis
orderly, was required to psy »2 aud
Jubn Bayard, colored, for committing
an assault and baltery upon Alexander
Byard, alto colored, was required to pay
$2 and coats.
James Elliott, colored,for larceDy was
held iu $200 bail to auswer at Court.
James Armstrong was sentenced to 10
days aa a vagi ant.
laird UhealerAelal an Iba Llqnar
Forth« Uazkite.
V iee, my lords, is not properly to be
taxed, but t# be suppressed ; and heavy
taxes are sometimes tbe only means
by which tbat suppression can be at
tained. Luxury, my lords, may very
properly be taxed, but the use of these
things which are simply hurtful—
hurtful in their son nature and in
every degree—ia to be prohibited. If
their liquors are so delusive that tbe
tbe people are tempted to tbeir own
destruction, let us secure them from
theue fatal draughts by bursting tbe
vials tbat contain them.
Fleeing From a uaseofCinall Pox.
Vanceubkorough, Me., March 1.—
There ia gieat excitement over a case tf
smail-pox at Rt. Croix, N. B-, across the
river. Every one wbo could get accom
modation ou the Vanceborough aide ol
the river has left Rt. Croix, and to night
all tbe bridges are guarded and no one
is allowed to cross. Warranta are out
lor Ibe arrest of some half-dt zen of per
sons who persisted lu crossing iu spite
of the officers.
('■nfbt In a Gutf«r Plate.
For lome time | &<<t the covered gutter
on the «ait (tide of Kt» g nrreet at From
b: h been in a nomewha'. dangeroue con
dition. Tbe g'oncB tbat hold the platen
bave become so worn that the pla'en
fr qnently drop ont of tbe groove».
Toll* morning about 8.30 o'ol >ck an
P»-t*r Koand*, a peddler of oral, wa*
driving bie double tfaiu over ibe place
mentioned, tbe plate« slipped and one
of Imh bur ea was thrown violently to
tbe ground. .
Due of the plates fell upon tbe right
bind foot of tbe bon*» tua' fell, a id It
«a» s line time before the animal could
be extricvt*d. Wb*n tbeanim.l w; h
releaeed it w ta found the hoof bai been
badly tut, and the wound bled very pro
fusely, and it w h tbe geueral opinion ot
tbuee wbo Haw » be foot that the bcr->e
would have t j be knocked in tbe bead.
The owner of the animal conrempl «ten
bringing mi tagaluct tbe city, a» be con
tend* tbat the city ban no right to leave
tbe covered gutt. rs in snob a dangorou*
A revolution m the treatment of ner>
vous diseases is now taking place. Dr.
Benson of Baltimore has di covered a
sure remedy in h ■ Cellery end Chamo
mile Pills—they permanently cure eleb
and nervous headache, neuralgia, dys
pepsia, 8leepleness aud a>l nerve us dis
eat es.
Chas. N. Orl'tent'in v 115 Fulton
street New York City, sole agent for
Dr. C. W. Benson's remedies, to whom
all oiders should be addressed.
McL me, of Mar .land,
Cungret sma
It Is said, gav« the o^H'ing vo'e in choos
ing Hon. Jam is O. Blaine for orator at
the Garfield memorial at the ua.tonal
Kumars or Uabla.t Chaus«»
Washington, Nsrcb 1, 1882.
Tbe town baa
day of Cabine, changes to be certainly
announced to-morrow. Mr. Robeson it
said to be the author of a positive as
sertion tbat there would be
Secretary of tbe Navy to-morrow, and
friend» of Mr. Chandler have been busi
ly «assuring tbe credulous public tb»t
none otbe. tbau be will be tbe r.e » bead
ol tbe Navy Department.
Other reports were to tbe effect tbat
Mr. Chandler was 11 be Postmaster
General and Mr. Howe Secrsta ry of lb«
interior. In abort, tbe Cabinet makers
bave been very busy.
There is good authority for sayiog
that there ia uot a Word of trutb in these
reports, and especially no foundation
for tbe rumors which connect Mr. Chan
dler's name with tbe Navy Department.
Whatever may happen liereaf er there
is no reason lo believe that toe Presi
dent contemplates any immediate Cab
iueut changes.
A morning D»pcr here published a re
port to-day tbat Mr. Coukl.ng bad re
fused tbe place of Rupreuie Judge.
There la notiu .h In this report. Mr.
Doubling's nomination will be con
firmed by a very lar.c majority, prob
ably to morrow, aud be ban uot declined
tbe office.
n full of rumors to
a a new
Tbe Grand Jury to-day brought In a
second batch of.mdlctinems In the straw
bond and star route eases, which were
presented lo the Court as follow a:—
Kate M. Armstrong, James W. Dono
hue W. W. Jackson, Albert E. Boone
and Ran uni U. Cot mil, for conspiracy
on the 2d day < f December, lhdJ, in
signing certain blank»—tweiny-alx bids
for carrying tbe mails—In the name ol
Kate M. Aiinsirong.
Jobu W. Doraey, pe ju y on the oath
of C. F. Perkins, Geurgo B. Dalton,
John F. Foote and Georp S. Hazru, in
swearing on April 20, lfr7U, lo an affi
davit aa to route 88,113, Inin While
River, Col., to Rawl ire, to luf u-" the
Postmaster Geueral lo expedite such
John W. Doraey, perjury,on the oaths
of R. W. De Busk and W. C. Birana, in
making a similar affidavit on April 20,
1879, lo expedite route No. 38,149, from
Trinidad lo Madison.
Mr. R. Miner, perjury, on oaths ol M.
Caine, C. McClellan and others, In mak
ing affidavit as to route No. 38,135, from
St. Charles to Greet! Born, Cal.,
April 17, 187».
An Ice Harbor Wanted.
The fourteenth annual meeting of tbe
Vessel Owners' and Captains' Associa
tion was held yesterday Iu Philadelphia.
R.uce the organization of the association
there have been enrolled on tbe books
831 vessel«, agregalmg a registered ton
nage of 25» 000 and a valuation of up
wards of $15,000,000.
made to the annual repoit to tbe eff ris
of this and otber bodies towards the im
provement or the Delaware and Rcbuyl
klil river, the pilotage laws and amend
ments to bills ol lading. ' Résolu ions
were adopted urging upon Cougre.a tbe
necessity if making appropriations for
an Ice haibor, placing a permanent
lights dp at Fourteen Font Rank and
the compleliou of the Delaware Break
Helereuoe is
Fancies About a Millionaire's
Chicago Times.
A correspondent sind» the following
calculations with regard to the reputed
wea tb of William H. Vanderbilt: Es
timating It at $.700,000,000, to count it,
al tbe rate ot 32 each second aud ten
days, 5 hours, and 40 minutes. Iu gold
it would weigh 781 ton» andSOOpouiids,
requiring a train of 79 cars cf 10 tons
capacity to move it; in silver 19,714
tons aud 571 pounds, requiring 1,072
cars lor Its tramp irtatlon. Iu $1 bills
lying lengtbw s : in a continuous Hue,
it would l eacu 34,019 miles, 182 rods
and 7 feet, or entirely around ti e globe
aud along ire diameter with 1,919 miles,
182 rods, and 7 f iet to spare or more
tbau one-sevciilb of tbe distance from
our planet to the muon. If laid "widtb
wiae," these $1 bills would reach 14,500
miles, 151 rods, aud 8 fret, or f.om New
York cliy to in re lban 30 miles beyond
Cheyenne, addded to half tbe circum
f reu ce ef the globe. Iu $1 bills It
would aproad a carpet 103 fret aud 3
inches wide and 88 miles long; a car
riage drive four feet and 11 inches wide
and over 1,808 miles long; or a comfort
able promenade 2 feet aud inches in
width, aud more than 8,812 miles In
length. In $20 gold piece», lying aide
hy side, it would construct a sidewalk
43 inches wide, but a few roils short of
10 miles long: Iu sliver dollars, Tying
contiguous, a boulevard 100 f.et wide
and 82 miles in length.
London, March 1—A Vienna des
patch to the Du ily Telegraph bays;—A
special delegate i f tbe Jewish Alliance
has relume 1 from Broily, whence he
went to assist 1,300 Jewish fugitives to
return to Russia. Hlsiu ssion was not
su.xessful, as it w as learned that if they
were sent back they would be exposed
to certain death. The sum of 100,000
florins will be devoted to del ay the ex
penses of tlieii emigration to America.
A Lucky Miller who will Grind
Mr. T. M. Davis of Morning Sun was
the holder ol ticket iNo. ? » , 09 o m e capital
prise Januar» drawing in The Louisian»
State Lottery, it Is a nevere shock to
receive Information that $30,000 is sub
ject to command. He was ar aiming bis
mill machinery, but It did not unnerve
him, however. H took It coolly and
made un«* ol the oil quoted maxim* "Fool
for luck." e c. Mr. Davis la flity-two
year« of age; bat* Ken a citlze i of tbe
county forty-one years ; nas al imily—
wife and six children—, nd »■ a userid and
* onorahleci laeu ol Ms neighborhood.
He forms, keeus a sm»ll stockofraer
ch mdhte, a d ru saht, am tin and mill
at Moraine Sun. T nn. Wbeu asked 11
be would "g ind" ttaiurdsy, berepl-ed,
' as usu.ii." He is receiving numerous
l iters as dag lou
►5,000. Well, Old
, as nigh as
fellow, we never
ihonght wb n wa drank buttermilk (?)
out of tbe same caat^en eUnieen yearn
ago, with you that such a fate awaited
you.— Memphis ( 7'enn.) Avalanche, Jan. 18.
■lalatiPi Bacall.
benor Zamaoona, the Mexican Mlu
preaented hia letter of recall
Preaident, expressing hia
warmest thanks to the American peo
ple and Government for tbe kindness
shown to him, and continuing says :
'Tt has been my fortune tbat tbe pe
riod of my stay in Washington at
head ol tbe Mexican Legation baa
liven coincident with a great reciprocal
movement of approximation between
our two republics. When 1 landed in
this country as the Envoy of Mexico
tbe two banka of tbe Rio Grande shone
with tbe sinister glitter of arma, tbe
shallow fords of that river then served
more fur the p« «enge of smug glare, of
banditti, and of savages than aa a
route for international oommaroe. To
day two railroads, opened to an in
creasing trade, or os* our boundary
river, and the two peoples touch each
cher across, not by tbe points of their
bayonets but by firmly grasped hands.
Distrust and resentment baye disap
peared, tbe commercial exchanges of
tbe two countries have been doubled;
the surplus capital of this riob people
is overflowing tbe froutisr, and Mexico
gathers as tbe first fruits of ber doser
intimacy with her northern neighbors
the internal peace she eajoys, tbe
growing wisdom of her citiaens, a gen
eral ieeling of welfare, which inspires
aversions to revolts, tbe multiplica
tions iff useful enterprises aud tbe
brightness of the national prospects."
President Arthur replying, said it
was tbe constantly cherished purpose
of the people of the Uuited Stale* "to
omit no means of diape ling interna
tional distrusts aud placing the oom
mon relations of tbe two people ou en
enduring basis of friendship."
ister, bas
to the
Congress Yesterday
In the U B Senat« v«.i«rlh»'Mr
or reorganized after the first of J Uly
next. It was referred to the Com
mittee on Finance. Tbe resolution
for an inquiry into tbe Perevian buai
ness, reported on Tuesday from the
Committee on Foreign Relations, was
adopted, with an amendment offend
by Mr. Bayard. Tbe Chinese Imnai
gratlon bill was considered, and op
posed by Mr. Hoar. Mr. Kellogg, of
Louisiana, offered resolutions direct
ing tbe Committee on Education and
Labor to report a bill making appro
priations to tbe several States for tbe
purpose of securing to all children a
common acbool education. The Sou
ste then adjourned.
In tbe House, Saturday, March 25th,
was set for tbe consideration of tbe
bill enlarging the powers of the De
partaient of Agriculture. Bills were
reported for tbe exchange of trade
dollar* for legal tenders, and to stop
the coinage of trade dollars; to provide
for organizing the militia; and for the I
creation of a publio building at Xian
caster, Pennsylvania. The contested
eleotion case of Lanier vs. Kiug, from
tbe Fifth District of Louisiana, was
dismissed. The Indian appropriation
bill waa considered and passed. After
tbe introduction of several new bills,
and a proposition for an amendment
to the »Iu, so as to allow of tbe im
mediale oousideratiom of bill* which
are now sent lo tbe calender, the
Hoeso adjourned

dormons Arming Ibe Indians,
Washington, March L —Agent Pat
ton, at tbe Routberu Ute Agency, Cal.,
write« to the Commissioner of Indian
Affaire under date Feb. 28, tbat be bas
no fear ot an outbreak among tbe Ute
or Navajoe Indiana,
assumed threatening attitudes. He
say» the Mormons bave been furnishing
them with arni9 ammunition and whiaky
fir years. The Secretary of War this
afternoon directed Geueral Wilcox, com
mandlng the Department of Arizona, to
issue 10,000 rounds of ammunition to
the Indian Agent at San Carlos in an
ticipation of tiouble with tbe Indiana
next Friday, when tbe Indian scouts are
to be bung.
Kulelde of a Wealthy Farmer.
Frederick, Md., Feb. 28.—Ezra
Smith of Jr., a well-known and wealthy
farme , residing near Woodsboro', in
this c unty, committed suicide tills
morning by hanging bimself to a rafter
In the garret of b s residence. He was
about 62 years of age. The only cauie
assigned for the commission ol tbe act
was a slight difficulty In this city yester
day, in ci onection with the se tlement
of a small mortgage beld by him, and
which he feare d would be contested.
This, it is said, so preyed upon his mind
as to produce mental aperration.
Two Remarkable Bequests.
Boston, Mess., March 1, 1882.
Tbe will of Charles Albert Read, late
ly deceased, of Newton, Mass., gives
$50,000 to the Treatury of the Uuited
Slates to be applied lo tbe reduction of
tbe war debt. Ta tbe attending phy
sician of the testator $500 is given on
condition "tbat my head is severed from
my body, a9 I have great horror of be
ing buried alive."
Tbe Ubesapeake aud Dataware
Biltimobb, March 1, 1882.
The Board of Trade of this elty have
prepared a ciroular letter to be sent to
Governers of Stites and to the diffVrent
commère al bodies ef tbe oouotry for the
purpose of soliciting tbeir active co-ope
ration in fu-tbsrlLg the bill now before
Congress to oonneot by esnal the waters
of tbe Chesapeake and Delaware bay».—
The o reular slates tbat the matter Is
one or aational interest, a« tbe military
and commercial advantages wblcb tbe
Sbterpnse would bring about are pre
eminent Tbe letter will be signed by
Is ael N. Parr, president of the Bea r d
"f Trade, and George U. Poiter, secre
tary, and «ill be aanompenled by the
s hi- canal report end maps showing tbe
r uteesurveyed.
Falber Am Getting Well.
My ''mäh tern *av, ''Bow muob bet
1er father Is since he used Hop Bitters
Be Is getting well arter his long anffer
ing from a disease declared Inourable
ami we are so glad that he need your
Bitters.*—A Lady of Rochester,) New
Memphis, Tenu., March 1.
The gauge at tbs rlvar to-day Indica
ted thirty-live feet eight Inches above low
water mark. Tbe risa of four Inches
reported yesterday is unprecedented
when tbe Llgb stage of tbe river is con
sidered, and report» from below are to
tbe effect that ibe rls i at many places
waa six inches. To make usa of an ex
pression now frequently beard through
out this region. "The waters are over
all creation and still rising." Tales of
suffering are borne In by every breeze
from the South and West. Tbe d's'ress
la seemingly on tbe increase, and tbe
supplies tbat tbe government ware to
furnish to tbe destitute are being anx
ious y inquired after and cannot be dis
tributed any too soon to relieve the
wants of thousands.
It is a matter of impossibility to esti
mate tbe number wbo have been ren.
dered homeless by tbe floods. Tbe vast
area of country from a point fifty miles
aoulb of Cairo, 111., to Vicksburg, Miss.,
has been submerged aud thousands
bave bean driven from their homes.
Vart number» yet remain within tbe in
undated regions cooped up in boosts,
barns and gin lof.s with water all
around them and no means of commun
icating with the outside world. Tbe un
fortunate people are living on parched
ce», and not a few bave died of buuger
and exposure. It is estimated tbat in
Crittenden, Lee and Phillips counties,
Ark.,there are mot less than fifteen thou
B,nd «g™» »•><> »re ia a destitute con
r<^d for the stock will be aa Deces- !
iary M p rU vi* 10 u» for the human being»,
f or mule», cattle aud hogs are daily dy
log f jr want of provender. It is equal
ly bard to estimate the damage tbat has
been done to farms and dwellings,
Fencts have been washed away; dwel
lings, cabins, barns and their contents,
and gin bouses have floated off, and tbe
loues by these mishap» are beyond pres
eut computation. An idea of the altua
tlon may bo gleaned when it ia known
that from Memphis to Madison, Ark.,
forty miles to tbe west, there is nothing
but one wide expanse of water. Trains
ou the Memphis and Little Rock Heil
road, between Memphis and Madison,
h » Te been discontinu 'd for nearly four
N®cks. Communication between Mem
P hu »?<* L j ule Rock >» k «P' °P by
»•»»•"boat dawn the Missluippl to tbe
mouth of the St. Francis River, which
»mptl«» Into tbe Misaisdppi ten miles
»boTe Heiena and thence up the St.
I £"<;'? ,* here <U !* y '"Li*
c ., T uect w tb thc * ,e » mer » ,rom •bis
y '
bepobtb of loss of life confirmed
»f intelligence at vickbburg.
Vicksburg, Mies., March 1, 1882.
river is rising slowly. Ibe
weather Is clear and warm. Reports
' rom , »be™ state that very serious
which will put tbs northern p&rt ol
Washington ind the back lands of Isa
quena and Sharkey counties nndsr
water. A nnmber of people were
drowned at Riverton, and there has been
considerable suffering and loss of life at
other places.

A Baptist Parsonage Bnrned.
Snow Hill, Md., March 1.—The
Baptist at Modestowu, Ato
mic county, Va., waa totally destroyed
by fire Sunday afternoon last while tbe
pastor was away filling an appointment.
The library and all ibe furniture was
Tbe was no executive session of tbe
Senate yesterday, consequently no ac
tion was taken on tbe nominations of
Messrs. ConkLng and Sargent. It was
stated, "on excellent antbarity," tbat tbe
President bad not received from Mr.
Coukling any intimation that the latter
will decline the office to which be bas
been nominated. Tbe ex-Senator is ex
pected to arrive in Wasbington this
morning In connection with the sub
The truck trade has opened strong
between Norfolk, Va., and the North
ern cities. "Greens," in crisp eru
dition, are moving in heavy quantities
from Norfolk to New York, Ao., and
industrious farmers are reaping a
monied harvest in return for tbeir
winter labors. Oneof Piincess Anne's
cultivators, colored, has realized
enough from kale, spinnage, etc., this
season to pay for a homestead.
Tbe Preaident yesterday nominated
L. L. Lewis to be U. R. Attorney for
Eastern Virginia; Philip T. VaR Elle, of
Michigan, U. 8. Attorney for Utah;
William H. Chase, Justice of the Peace
for the District of Columbia, and James
M. 'l arble,Col lector of Customs at Pen
Gbain Statistics at tbe port of New
York sbow a steady tailing off ln expor
tations by sailing vessels. For example,
during tbe past fourteen months not s
single American vessel loaded witbgrain
has sailed from New York for Europe.
The sailing ship evidently has had its
day ln ibis trade.
Tbe steamship Helveita, at Boston,
yesterday, from Antwerp, enoouotered
immense masses of fi' Id ice and ioe
bergs on tbe banks of Newfoundland.
On the 23d ult., in latitude 47, loDgi
tude 47, she' was completely sur
rounded by ioe, and bad to turn baok
80 miles in a southeast direotion to get
The yacht Eva, from Norfolk for
Jacksonville, was capsisod In a squall
yesterday morning off Charleston
Bay. No lives were lost.-The three
masted schoonsr Hannah M. Lollis, of
Wilmington, Delaware, with lumber
from Bavauuab for New York, went
ashore yesterday morning, fif een
miles north of Chinco ea_o 1 Station.
Her crew were saved.
A Texas Taras««.
The northern portion of Taxa* was
visited by a storm on Monday Bight
°f exceptional severity, lathe
of Hempstead tbe two ohuronas .
badly damaged, and a private real
dance waa lifted from its foundations.
A seminary building was so badly
wrecked that the etudenta were
obliged to make their escape by means
ef ladders pot op to the windows.
The town of Valley Milkt was almost
completely destroyed- Brinkman's
hotel waa moved some distaaoe from
its foundations and it is completely
wreck. Tan persona were In the
building, all of whom were slightly
HARE.—in th La olty, on the iat instant»
Ablgel Bhepherd, wife « Wm. Hue,
In the 73d year of her age.
The relatives sad friends are Invited to
at end tbe funor..] from tbe reeldenoe
ber nunhand. No 23 1 French street, on
Friday afternoon. Mervloee nt tbe boa e
at 2 p. m. Interment at Wilmington an
Brandywine Cemetery, •
DIXON.—In Florida, on tbe 23d instant,
George B. Dixon, of Philadelphia.
Interment ml tbe WUmlagtam and
Brandywine cemetery on Thursday,
March 2d, at 3 o'etocr. Carriage» will
meet the train arriving at the Wllmlng
ton station from Philadelphia at EtO p.
m,, and proceed to tbe oemetery.
W ANTED.—A oook, white, good
washer and tronsr, and with ref
ereuoc, at I0S K. Water street. marMt*
Monday, March 6 th, 188 a.
In their reconstructed mosleel
oddity of
or Fan
tlse Pleasure Grseadi.
a universal success every
Admission 25 end 50 oents ; reserved
seats, 75 cents ; for »ale at Thom*» A Co. 1 *
three any» In ad vanne. nur2-tt
The undersigned will aril at Pnblle
Sale on the rood leading from Wilming
ton loCbadd'« Ford, on
at 2 ^'olock In the clternocsi.
eome of her household goods, cs IM low» I
3 stovee, one of them a good oook stove,
1 dram, eome rag carpets, chicken fea
ther bed, ohalrt, tables, tabs, clothe»
wringer, 1 Iron bound vinegar barrel, 1 if
barrels with IB gallon« of good eider
vinegar, a lot of air tight fruit lore, atone
lore, large size sewing maohlae, grain
bag», u lot or ohlokena, clothe» prone,
clotnes basket, hackle, Venetian blinds,
oil »hades, wash stand, lamps, Hewer
stand, milk pai », bucket», large p
log k tile, dripping pans, knfvee and
fork», looking glasses, good wood saw, 2
axe», garden rake and hoe, 1 scythe,
slothes line, oloek, sod iron», butter tub,
acalee, print and a good many thing! too
tedloua to mention. Condition* mode
known on dav ol • le.
i ses vv
Samuel Garrett, Auctioneer.
The htats of Delawaex.
. -_- To Henry Walker, Margaret
j SEAL j Mason, Elisa Walker, uoae
I-— » Walker, Kate Walker, Elisa
Walker, widow o! Cornelius O. Walker,
dec'd, Kaonel Warren, Henry H. Walser,
Kate Deokyne, Anna H. Walker, Rachel
Walker, Wllsua W. Waikerand Willard
W. Walker. Greeting: Whereas Wm.
W. Walker has filed his petition In our
Orphans' Court for New Castle oountr,
setting forth that on tbe 24th day of
nrjannary, A. D., 1881, an Older was
made hy the HoDorabls Leonard E.Wales,
Judge of this Court, for the partition or
I hat part of the real estate of Henry
Walker, late of Appoqulolmlnk Hun
dred, deceased, thrretoiore assigned as
dower to hia widow, Phoebe L. Walker,
now deceased.
That the freeholders appointed In said
order have made return of their pro
ceedings thereunder to the present term
or this Court whereby It appears that
they have mode no partition of aald land
but have appraised the same at the mm
of twenty five hundred dollars, wnleh
return has been approved and confirmed
by this Court,
T bat tne parties entitled to sold land
are Henry Walker, Eliza Walker, Mar
garet Mason, leoao Walker and Kate
Walker, who together ae the ohildren and
heir» at l >w of Co nellae C. Walker,a de
ceased son of said Henry Walker, the
lutestate.are entitled lo the one-fifth part
tbereoi subject ta the right of dower of
I heir mother,Elisa Walker,widow sraaid
Corneliuso, Walker, deceased, Rachel
Warren, Henry H. Welker, Kate
Ueakyue and Annie H, Walker, who to
gether os children and heirs at taw of
Isaac P. Walaer, a deceased son of said
Henry Walker, are eut tied to the one
filth part thereof, subject to the dower of
Rachel Welker, widow of said Isom P.
Walker, deceased, Wilson W. Walker,
Willard W- Walker and your petitioner,
William W. Walker,sonsof sa fdIntestate
who are each entitled to the one-fifth
part thereof
That »11 of the said parties reside In
Hew Castle County and State of Dela
ware except kllza Walker, widow bf
Cornelius C. Walker, deo'd, Henry
Walker, iBaac Walker, Margaret Mason,
Eliza walker aud Kata Walker, his
children who reside in tne State of Penn
sylvania, and Henry H. Walker, eon Of
Isaac P. Walker, dec'd. who resides la
Omaha, Nebraska.
That by the provisions of the Statute
applicable to the said estate, the parties
entitled as aforesaid have the right lo
accept the whole of said lands and prem
ises at tbe aloresald appraised value
thereof. In the order prescribed by the
said statute.
Your petitioner Is advised and believe*
that none of the parties entitled will
aocepi or choose the land and premises
which have been appraised as aforssald,
but desire that the same may be sold.
Your petitioner therefore praye Yoar
Honore that an order may be made tor
the sale of the aald lands and premiss* so
appraised as aloresald, and to great s
rule upon the other, parties entitled aa
aforesaid to appear In this Court on aome
day In said rule to be appointed and
show oausd Itany they have why an or
der of sale of said premises shall not
mode In accordance with the Statute In
that behalf.
Now, therefore, we command you tne
said Henry Walker, Margaret Mason,
KHZ' Walker, Isaac walksr, Kola
Walker, Eliza W»l»er, widow of Cor
nelius C. Walker, dec'd,Rachel Warren,
Henry hi. Walker. Kits Deakyne, Anna
H. Walker, Racuel Walker WUson W
Walker,and Wlltsrd W. Walker.thatlaF
mg aside all business and notwlshstand
lng any exonses you be and appear at on
Grphaus' Court to be held at WUmlnglqa
on Monday, tbe 8 h day al May next/hdn
and thei e to show cause, II any yon have,
why the prayer In the above petltlau
should not be grauted. Witness tha
Honorable Willard Baalsbury, Chan
cellor, President of seid Court at Wil
mington this Slit day of February, A. D„
Attest: J. M. Houbmah.
Clerk O. Ct.
Issued February 28,1S82. wtmö

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