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( Continued from flr*t poça. )
hour said order aba 11 not be oomriled
And whenever tbe said Board shall
have evidence, which It deems sufficient
of the theprevHienc* of any lurectlous
or eo«tagioas disease in any | lace in the
United State«, or elsewhere, It shall
have power, with thecousnrreneeof twe
thirds oi «11 the members of the Board,
to regulate or Interdict the Intercourse
by land and water between such places
and this olty and neighborhood, te the
» dhUMjnoeofone mile from the bounda
ries of O-* city, for the purpose of pro
ves i ! ng he introduction of such disease
into (u<a city and neighborhood. The
regulations or t interdiction thall be b>
proclamation, and It m y be confined to
the oity or extended to the nelghbo:
hood A vote shaH be takeu In tbe
Bo aid at least every tenth day after ir
t-uing such pioelamatlon upon the ques
tion of oontinulng l', and if, upon such
question, there shall not be two-thirds o'
»11 U*e members of the Board lor the
eontlmuance, the pit clsmallon shall ex
pire. I fa vote ah« il not be so taken the
proclamation »hull expire at the end of
the tenth day from the day exclusively
of the vote last taken, whether lor the Is
suing or (or the continuante of the proc
lamation. If any ship, packet, steam
boat or vesstl shall be brought wuhtn tbe
limits of this city, or within one mile oi
the boundaries thereo*, or If any good*,
wares or merchandise, or any paasenger
* or other person shall be lauded or
brought on shore within the limi's of
thiacily, or within oue mile of the boun
daries thereof, from any ship, packet,
steamboat or vessel, or if any »ooii*,
wares or merchandise, passenger or per
son landed at a grea 1 er distance than one
m'lefTomihe boundaries of this city,
* with an Intention to be brought to this
brought to this city or with
I its boundaries, in coutia
ventlonof any proclamation lirued
aioresaid, the master
city, shell be
in one mile ol
peraou having
charge oi such ahip, packet- «teamboni
er verfcel, aud e\ery owner thereof, con
senting or being privy to the bringing oi
the same, aud every owner aud consig
nee oi such good", wares or murchaudi e
consenting or being privy to the bring
ing of the skine, and ill persona aiding
and abetting In the premises; sen 11 each
forfeit and pay a fine oi five hundred
d< liars; and tue Board of Health shall
have power toorder the im neu late re
moval of auch vessel, packet, steam bo *i,
or goods, wares or merchanofse, to a dis
1 le iront tlie
tance not exceeding
boundaries of this city, aud to charge any
officer, or other peno.i, with the execu
tion or such order, and ihe expenses Mb, «II
be paid by the master r i erson having
charge of such ship, pavkei, steam b at or
vessi 1, or he owner or co..Mguee of su -h
goodi>, wares or merchandise; and Ifsuch
g iij meut b- refused, the Treusurer of ihe
oard shell pay the same, and recover the
same, with interest * nd cost«, from any
person liable, as deb's of lige amount
recoverable. But the mum er
8b4p, packet, Hlea-.iboai or venu« 1,
agent, shall heaillber'y to come once on
shore /or the purpose of cou.
Hei 1th Officer or doln
boat's c
leave the boat, and his stay does not ex
ceed two hour«.
A ship, packet, steamboat or vessel
bound torn place above Wilmington and
pausing directly up the creek,
unloading any gcods, wares
dise or landing any pas engers, con
ry to tbe preceding provisions, shall
not be within ibis ordinance.
Hing a
ig business at the
tloying a suitable
»provided the crew do not
I t hout
If any person shall bring or aid In
bringing, or shall supply any carriage
horse or coi veyauce lor bringing to this
cl*y, or within one mile ofthe boundaries
thereof, any person or any good«, wares
or merchandise, iu contravention of any
proclamation, iMHued as aforesaid, every
such person shall lorieii and pay a fine
three hundred dohar«.
if any person shall come to
this city
stay iu
or within one mile of ihe
koaotiaTieu thereof, in contravention
any proclamation uaued us aforesaid
•very such pers «n shall, for every such
offeuse, fo. lelt »Dd pay a fine of îoily
dollars, and Ihe lurthcr sum of ten dol
lars for every tweuty four h( urs' con
tinuance in this city or within one m ie
oi the boundaries thereof in contraven
tion of such proclamât ion.
If any person shell entertain, harbor,
receive or keep anv person, goeda, wares
.erchandise, coming or brought to'
this city, or within one mile of the bouc
darles taereof, lu contravention of any
proclamation, insued as aforesaid every
suck person «hall lorfelt an.i pay a fl,,«
er forty dollars, an i the Board of Health
• hail have power to order the Immediate
removal of such persou . goods, warej and
merchandise, to a distance not exceeding
one in ie from tbe boundaries of this
♦lty, aud the expense shall be paid by
Ihe person having the goods, wares or
merchandise In possesion, or by me
owner thereof, ana if such payment be
denied, ihe Ireasurer ofthe Board shall
pay the same aud recover the same, with
with interest and coats, from any person
Hal le, as debts of like amount are rtcov
The medic 1 attendance In all cases of
epidemic or aslatis cholera, son ll-i ox or
veilow fever, shall report i u wrulmr tn
the Board o I Mea.th within Zx Sonn
after being called to visit such case
esses, occurring between 6 o'clock, h. m
and6 p. in., or within eighteen horns if
such call be made between u o'clock n
m. and 6 a. m Buch report shall state
the najie s^x, age color, umion, residnnee
and duration of disease at the time of
report, The said report or report« shall
be filed and record* d by the Secretary of
tue Board of Heal h. Jf any medical at
tendant shall fall to observe andcomolv
with tue above regulations he shall tor
fail and pay a fine of fifty dollars.
It shall be tue duty of every prjyaician
other person who shall
in charge or medical auenda
any person sfllictei with tn*
within the limits ofthi* ciry within
one mile thereof, a ter the recovery of
such person, upon a careful and ►aW
faotoiy exainluatten, to rnl«n every
such person with a wrltt3u ..-ertiflcate à
his or her recovery from said dUeas«
Any such person who shall nave been
afflicted as aforesaid, and who «hail
leave his house and go upon the public
street«, high ways, lanes or alleys within
the limits aforesaid, without bavin« first
obtained from the phys.clau or person
in whose charge he may be, the certifl.
ca'e aforesaid, snail lor every such of
fence forfeit aud pay a fine of Twenty"
nve Ijollarn aud any physician it
« "„I Pf r " L ' n ,*" charge of-lodi pefau,, h
.fflicu-d aa aforesaid, who ahall „
recovery of su* b person from sâ
•at«, netleet or refuse to furnish t«
llflcate aioiesaid. shall for eye. y
ofleiice foriqli and pay a ,,r i.-.
Dollars. The forfeitures and fines lueur
red to be recovered b fore the Mayor for
the city, oue-ha i theis/rto he
paid to the lalor.uer
II aliall be unlawful for any raember
of a family In wblca stual -(hjx
leave the bouse alter tbe posting or a tl
or. If leavlnx it, [o re urn durl..« tbe ex
istence ol tbe cum aalou la that laindv ■
and it .ball be tbe duly ot m e Board er
Heallb to employ a proper number ol
persons to take tbe orders ol those iam'
lles and bave them filled a nd returned to
them, whether in lood or medicine, and
any inmate of sarh house, as aioresaid
wbosb 11 be Inund upon a nubile street
oralley, Define said dw llm* shall nave
been dlKlafecled, shall be liable to a nen
alty not exceeding 4Ä1.0Ü. '
It «ball be tbe duty of every person
who .ball have recovered Irom an attack
ol small-pox or lu whose hous.hi Id a
of said disease Bbail have existed on
tbe receipt of tbe certificate olreooverv
as provided aioresaid, to re ort to ibe
Bo '' rdo ' He ""h. whoso
dutg it shall be to stud forthwith
iTxecutlve Officer to examine mid hou*«
and to report whether disinfected or not
The said Executive officer shall r nort tô
the Wec.etary a oreiaid without delay^
If no sanitary measures shall have been
taken in saiu house, the hecretarv afore
said sba 11 order the Lame to be ime •• ®
dera penalty oi Five Lollars lor
It shall be the duty of every inn keeper
and householder whenever it shell come
to his or her knowl dge that any inmate
of the inn or house sua 1 ba sick with
small-pox to hang over the door of euch
lim or house a yenow flag absut two feel
square as a signal mat some
wiih'n such Inn or house U sick
smell-pox. Any Inn keeper or hou»~
holuer falling or refusing to comply with
this requirement shRll upon conviction
before the Major be fined ttoe r
Twenty Dollars.
Any vessel within the limits of said
city, having on board a body dead from
a pestilential disease, the tapta.n or
chief officer or such vessel shall be re
quired to have the same buried within
three hours after death, If occurring dur
ing the day ; but ifsuch death happens
In the night, the burial shall take place
before six o'cloek, a. in.
If the cap'aln or chief officer of such
vessel shall vlelate the provisions o' thlh
ordinance, hé shall he liable Ut a fine of
not less than oi e hundred dollars nor
more lhar five hundred dollars, to be re

«after be
ul <ih -
um oi
&ov«red before the Magre» In the
manner me fine« a*d forfeltaree of
amoant are reooTerable at law,
«motion 11. The board, when eatiefled,
after an examination, that any celUr,
room, tenement or bulldliif within lie
jurlAdlolloD, occupied a« a dwelling
t lace. baa become by reaeon of the imm
er or occupant ■ or want ofoleanlineee.or
other oauee, unfit for each purpose, and a
cause of nuisance or sickness to the occu
pants, or the public, may direct the
owner or owners, or occnpauU thereof,to
have tae premise« props-lj cleansed, or
lftbeyseeflt, require the occupants »0
remove or quit the premises within snob
a I line aa the board may deem reasonable
If the person or persons so notified, or
any o them, negieet or refuse to oompiy
with the direction of the board, the board
may cause th - premises to be properly
oleansed at the expense of the owners or
may removs the occupants forolbly and
close up the premises; and they shell
not again be c coupled as a dwslilng-plaoe
without permission, in writing, of the
board ; and if inch owner or owners re
fuse to pay the expenses incident to the
execution or such order«, the treasurer of
the bo*rd, shall recover the same with
Interest and costs from the parson who
ougut to have paid the same, as debU of
like amount are recoverable.
Whenever the board of healtu shell
think It necessary for the preservation of
the lives and h 1th of the clllsens to en
tera place, or building, within their
Jurisdiction, fbr the Ipurpose of examin
ing into atd destroying, removing
preventing any nuisance, source offilth,
or cause of sick uess, asd shall be refused
such entry, any member of tbe board
may make complaint, under oath, to the
Mayor, stating toe facts of the case as f*i
as he has kno« ledge thereof. The Mayor
shall thereupon Issue a warrant directed
to any constable of the oeunty, com
manding blm io tafco sufficient aid, and
being accompanied by two or more
members of the board of healtb, between
tbe boars of sunrise and sunse', repair to
place where such nuisance, source
— flith, or cans« of disease may exist
and the same destroy, remove or prevent
under dlreoilou of such members of the
MiOriczv 12. It shall not be lawful,
hereafter, for any cemetery company or
supe lu tendent of any cemetery or bur
1 plate,
tue grounds
tery or burial place, the leinama of any
person who *<*ay have died of smell-pox
or other Infectious or coutagious disease,
within six mouths Unwed a tel y pi seed
ing the time of snch disinterment.
Betöre any diBiuterineui and removal
shall take pla-e, the superintendent of
tbe cemetery or burial rises, or tbe per
son acting as superiDtenueht or grave
digger, shall tir-t have in his pot-s^sion
a wrl'ten or printed permit tbrrefor,
duly signed by the "Reg-strar of Dea bs
and Burials/' setting forth the name,
time of death and nature of tbe disease
of the person to be ext umed and re
It shall not be lawful for any rail
road, steamboat or transportation «on.
pauy, or for any p» rson or persons, by
either public or private conveyance, to
tring Into this c ty the remains of any
person who may have died of any infec
tious or contagions d »ease, within a
period of 6 x montl s immediately pre
ceding the time of suob conveyance,and
at no time thereafter, unit si a permit,
ps I rovided for in V e second paragnpb
of this section, shall be first had tor that
lu all cas s of violation of any of the
provisiors of »b»s section, tbe party or
parties so offending shall, upon proof
thereof, before tbe Mayor, be fined fifty
dolla stor each ofiense.
Tbe bur'ai of all pe'sons having died
within tbe limits of tbiseity from epi
demic or üs'atic cholera, yellow fever,
small-pox, scarlet fever or diphtheria,
shall be private, and si a 1 take place
with n tweaty-fiur hours after death,
without any expoiure of the body to
public view.
Section 13. If tbe owoer, agent or
tenant of any vacant lot within tte city
limita shall a low weeds or i ubblsh to
collect tbercôn, and shall refuse or nr
giect. io remove tbe same within five
nays after receiving notise from an Ex
ecutive Officer of the Board of Healib,
such owner, agent or tenant shall be
subject to a pen Ity cf five dollars for
such refesal or neglett, with an add'
tion penalty of one dollar for each day
'be nuisance is permitted to remain after
the expiration of the notice.
»motion 14. That section 1 of the or
dinance entitled "An ordinance to fur
ther amend
t) disinter aud remove from
enclosures of said ce me
ordinance, entitled "An
ordnance provldiag fur the cleaning of
the streets by coatract, ' passed at the
City Hall, July 8 , lHol, be and the same
Is kerebv amended by striking out the
word "Ju y," where it oeours in the
third paragraph of said section, and in
•ettii g iu iltu thereof the word "Janu
Section 16. It »hall not be lawful
for the ötreet Connut Stoner, or any
person in his employ, or any other per
the scrapings and sweepings
of the public streets, in filling up other
street, in localities wheie such deposits
will prove detrimental to tue health of
the neighborhood, nor shall any such
scrapings or sweepings be p aced on
any vaoantiot.
Section 16. It shall not be lawful
fur tbe owoer
, to
tenant of any bouse
w erected, or that may be hereafter
erect-d within tbe limra of tbe city, to
dig or sink a privy well tu tb« cellar of
ea<d house. Any perjon violating tbe
provlslOLë of this section, shall be liable
to a penalty of teen. y dollars.
Section 17. All fines and penalt es
imp. sed by tbe provisions of th s ordi
nauce «ball ba collected before the Maj
or, at tbe suit of auy ofiic r
ot the Board of U< alth.
Section 18. All crJir ances or par's
of ordinances ineouMsteut with or con
trary to tbe provisions of tb h ord*
nauces, be aud the same are hereby re
pealed, trade null and void.
. R'Bsed at the City Hall March 14th, A
D., 18S>.
PreslUeut of City Council.
Attest : Uenky It. Penington,
Clerk City Council.
- *
r \
~ Cooler Creamers.
Greatly Improved.
"1 In dally use In 16.000
- V factories and dairies.
Kf For k «curing oleanli
Nvss, purity and
I Jr"-.'
Made lu F -i ._ . utiai < rn RTZfrq
^fi?nm.t ) i Ur M ble Rni1 ornamental. Halm
BiitomaUc.lly without llftiDg the can».
Mostpoputar In the CREAM oathkrjno
sii vpu"« ««»Lt» Medals and Mix
A lîn nil, SUPKRIOBTY.
A h!, T Mwi "if ttburns, Butter Work
, Printers, Ac. Send postal for circu
Bellow» Falls, Vt.
I have superluteuded »everal Butter
£ ct ories. Ihe last one was turnlshed
with Cool»y Creamer*, in this factory
we maae more butter tu proportion to the
quantity of milk, and of better Quality
tha any I ever knew of. 4 y '
I hav» skimmed 120 Cooley Cans In 20
mir, otes. If any one can equal tta!« tu
any Caur except the Cooley I should
like to know 1'. Yours tiuly,
Westvii.i.1 Centre,
New York Jan, 24, 188?.
Wm. A. Wki.den, Newport, 1 . ,
IobnT, steel, Newark, ; Agenu.
The Secret
of the universal success of
Brown's Iron Bitters is sim
ply this : It is the best Iron
preparation ever made; is
compounded on thoroughly
scientific, chemical and
medicinal principles, and
does j ust what is claimed
it—no more and no less.
By thorough and rapid
assimilation with the blood,
it reaches every part of the
system, healing, purifying
and strengthening. Com
mencing at the foundation
it builds up and restores lost
health—in no other way can
lasting benefit be obtained.
79 Dearborn Are., Chicafo, Nov. 7.
I have been a great »offerer from
a very weak stomach, heartburn, and
it* worst form. Nearly
1 have
dyspemis in
everything 1 ate gave me
1 could eat but little,
tried everything recommended, have
taken the prescriptions of a dosen
physicians, but got no relief until I
took Brown'» Iron Bitten. I feel
none of the old troubles, and am a
. I am getting much
stronger, and feel first-rate. I am
a railroad engineer, and now make
ray tripe regularly. I can not say
too much in praise of your wonder
ful medicine. D. C. Mack.
Brown's Iron Bitters
does not contain whiskey
or alcohol, and will not
blacken the teeth, or cause
headache and constipation.
It will cure dyspepsia, indi
gestion, heartburn, sleep
lessness, dizziness, nervous
debility, weakness, &c.
U*e only Brown'» Iron Bitters nv»de by
Brown Chemical Co., Baltimore. Crossed
red lines and trade-mark
Repository of trr Public Money
EDWARD BETTS, President.
Paid up Capital, - . IAOO.OOO.
Philadelphia. New York and Boston Ea
ehange famished to regular Depositor*
without charge.
Discount days, Mondays and Tbarada/s
at 830 A. M.
«lohn H. Adams,
James G. McComb,
William Tatnall,
—, Eli Garrett,
Bam'l Bancrolt. Jr.
Edward Betts,
Clement B. Rmyth,
George W. Basa,
Smuel James
Jaul -lj
Incorporated January 34th, 1881.
Open to receive deposits daily from 9 A
until 4 P. M., and on Tuesday and Sat*
day evenings from 7 to 8 o'clock.
and October,
not withdrawn«
Mularly made In April
• when dividends are
they are accounted as deposits. Thus per
manent deposits oompound their in teres'
twice in each year.
Oiement H. Smyth, George W. Bush,
Ohas. W.Townsend George 8. Capelle,
Nathan'1R.Benson, M. L. Lichen*teln,
Henry F. Dure, Edward Darlington
W. Hastings, Job H. Jackson,
Edward Pusey, Wm. H. Hwilt
Anthony Higgins.
GEO. W. B1T8H, Présidée U
BO. 8. CAPEDLKjViee President,
febai-ly E T TAYLOR Treasur« r
Phila. A Wilmington
Will sail dally from
Market Street Wharf Wil
mington, Del.
AlSO'Oleek p. M
First Wharf below Chest
nut street, Phila.
kX 5|0*Clo«k,|P.;M.
-.Through rales named to all Eastern ana
Wentern Cities, and freight forwarded
promptly by connecting lines. Exprès
deliveries tn Philadelphia and Wtlmfng.
ton. Freight carefully handled uudei
our personal supervision.
Bark« Street Wbarf Wlltalagto
1 «bl-7
from Teeter day *a Late EdlUra
For the Gasetts.
Tbe Al
ta.waa Properly.
It is doubtful if aa many and aa good
biddsrs will be preaant the next time
the Almshouse property ie offered for
sale. The Board of Trustees having
directed a sale by lots according to the
plot or map adopted, should have at
leaat began tbe aale aa advertised, and
giving tboee present who came to buy
a ohanoe to bid. If the prices offered
would have been loo low tbe Traitées
ooald have at any time stopped or ad
journed tbe sale; but 325 50 a foot, by
tbs block or square at Front and
Broome atreeta would not seem a
very bad "starter."
Tbe decision by tbe Trustees at
their meeting just before the sale to
ohaoge tbe mode of sale advertised,
end to offer tbe whole properly in
bulk, whioh is reported io have been
done ip requeit, would seem to be in
tbe interest of speculators. It cer
tainly is not in the in'ere-t of tbe gen
eral pub ic, wbo ought to have a
chance to bid at a sale of the publie
property, and thereby give tbe land
a ohanoe to selli'self.
That Is the ttuestloa.
The Seiet slated yesterday that tbe
new steamer A tutor», being constructed
by the Harlan & Hollingsworth Com
pany for the Maryland Steamboat
Company, was to ply between Balti
more and Ocean CUy, and thence to
Salisbury, Md. The question that is
now agitating tbe mijdt ot several
well-known persona who are thor
oughly versed in geography ie : bow
is the boat to ply overlaud f rom Ocean
City to Baulsbuty? as there it no îoute
by water.
Blwodbounds In in« City.
It li time f >r Ihe authorities in do
something to rid ihe elty of s lot ot rav
age bloodhounds thsl mf.-tt il. They
are of no pi ssible use except ss watch
dogs, and good for nothing for that pui
pose unless ss savage u unlimited u eat
sod an ever present chain can make
them. An equla number of panthera or
bear would be uo mure daugeroua tha a
these ferocious beasts, and would not
be is likely to get loose and go about
shewing up men and boya. Good
watchdogs are not a > rare as to compel
the use ot bloodhounds.—JV. Y. Herald
Birth of a Sea Lion.
A sea lion belonging to W. 0. Coup's
show, which arrived in Baltimore on
Tuesday evening on route from New
York to Augu ta, Qa., ytsterday gave
birth to a cub at Union deoot. The
mother has bean in captivity abiut two
months, baviog been taken on tbe Cali
fornia coa.'l aud forwarded to Central
Park, New York. Oa Monday last she
was placed in a cage or van such as it
used foribe exhibition ot semi-ampbib
tous animais, which contains a lank ot
water. The van was placed on a freight
car In charge of Mr. ätauley Carl, an
experienced keeper, for transportation
to Augusta, where tbe show is now in
winter quarters. Accompanying
another car containing a large number
of birds and monkeys. Tbe latter
suffered very much from the wintry
weather which prevailed yetterday, and
it became necessary to wrap some if
them up to preserve their lives. The s *a
lion, however, being a native cf a colder
climate, did not require uuuaual atten
tion. Tuesday uigbt was - passed at
Union depot iu order to give tbe animals
a rest. Yesterday morning Mr. Carl
made the into resting discovery that an
addition to his stock bad taken place,
but unfortunately the new comer was
dead. Tbe little fellow was tfadaik
seal color and weighed about ten
peunds. Very fine soft hair covered the
body, and a beard s milar to that of a
full-grown cat surrounded the mouth.
Tbh feet were perfect, eyes well opeo,
aud the form was a complete copy iu
miniature of the mother. It is thought
that the cub was alive at birth,but in the
limited space ot the cage was killed by
ihe molt, er lying ou it .—Balt. Sun.
H. M. Aider), editor of Harper't
Magatine, has gone to Nassau
mouth's vacatiou.
lor a
President Arthur has recognized
Joseph Laplace as oonBular ageut of
France at Kiohmood, Va.
Florida bas one place called Ruth
erford aud another called Beecher.
Truly, there is no accounting for
Lord Bennet will give Prince Leo
pold, as a wedding present, a hand
somely mounted bull's head from
of the Chilliriuhant wild eattle,
Oscar Wilde
ooutract in New
yesteraay closed a
York with California
parties for a series of twenty lectures,
to be given on the Paoifio coast.
The new Lord Lousdal. has Insti
tuted a reign of strictest eeonomy on
all bis estates, pending tbe liquidation
of the euurmou» debtB left by the late
Senator Hill remarked the other
day, when praised for his fortitude
nnder bis physical affliction : "I am
tired of appearing as the hero of the
Prince Prisdang, of Siam, who is to
visit this country soon, is well versed
in European manners, epeaks English
and French fluently, and is said to have
a decided tsste for literature and art.
Telegraphic Notes.
The statement of the treasurer of
Pennsylvania for February
21,760,992.70 in the general fund on the
Li of March, and $1,231.062.30 applica
ble to current expenses.
Herbert Pennypacker, of Pliceoixville
Pa., was arrtsted yesterday, charged
with offerlug a forged cbeck lor $7,500
at the National Bank of PI oeuixville.
By an accident In lowering a boat of
the United State, steamer Tenneswe,
al New Orleans, yosterday, Nicholas
Johnson was drowned.
The banking Arm of Ralston, Mc
Qualde & Ue., ol Fairview, P«., suspen
ded yesterday. Liabilities between
$200,000 aud $300,00«.
Robert Griffith, conductor on the At
lanta and Charlotte Air Line, was
killed by the car. at Atlanta, Ga., jes
JudfeJolrn A. Meredith, of Rich
mond, Va., died In that city yesterday
evening, at>ed «2.
Oscar Wilde hu contracted to deliver
twenty lectures on the Pacific coast.
A Kobuer Declared an Outlaw.
Releiqh, N. C., March 15_Pink
Boat, a notorious colored robber aud
burglar, has been formerlly declared an
outlaw. Heavy rewards have been offer
ed for him dead or »live.
I'ro.pe.t. ef bap Id Drali>a*e~Tlie
Tb» enormously increased draining
power of the Atchsf.laya In u an Im
portant factor in the problem of recovery
and regeneration from the effect < i the
flood,end there I» a general bellt f among
tboae who bare given tbe matter thought
that tbe water will be carted off the
land, falter than ever tefore, giving am
ple opportunity for the setting ot another
crop, or for the resuscitation of that al
ready encroached upon, in this enuuee
tien the following figures ei
•bowing tbe rapid leer* aae
city of this greet nutlet to carry iff the
floods. The Agaren are from eurvej a by
tbe United dûtes engineers.
In 1831 the Atob falsya bail a width
of 730 feet and a maiitr um depth of 32
feet. Io I860 tb*t"e dime clone had ID
creased to 830 feet width and 63 feet
depth, lu 1K74 tb<H »'.ream was »91 feet
wide and 114 deep. In 1879 it was 910
feet wide and 130 fn. t deep. In 1881,
from surveva not fully completed, tb*
data will juitlfy the belief tb
Atohafayleya waa 1 200 te. t wide, with
no decrease of deptl ; alone 1874 it ban
Increased lu carrying pow- r very grea'
1;, au i »luce 1831 the Increase I a- been
something like 300 n*r cut. Aa ell Ihr
flood water Irom tbe hreake above the
mouth of Red River and on tbe weat
side af tbe river, tv aide, the surplus
from tha Ouachita and Red Rivets, can
go out ay that ehaouel, touch la to he
hoped for to tbe way of early draioaga
of that 8tate-ju.t aa soon, lu faet,aa toe
Mississippi aball oeaae to fl Ad it.
e important,
of tbe cape
From tha Memphis Avalanche, Mar. 10.
Tbe fear ta exp'«seed that, aside from
tbe heavy loi-a of liys at iok and tbe dr
atruclon of t uildings, fences and other
improvements, tbe pru^nt unpreoedei t
ed Hoods in the Ik fom auds mav
osqhh grvst daaage by delaying p'aut
eratiorin. Whether thl* tear is
ing op
well rounded remain« to be Reen, but it
is certain that many planter« are very
much d soourAged at tbe outlook. The
river is now at a very high a ig», a vast
qnaktliy of water Is Cuming down
throagb Its northern tributarieM, and Ma
the outflow Is nut neatly so rapid as
could bo desired some tune tuay eli|se
before tbe Mi«s's«lppi will decline mffi
oiently to leave the rich lowlaio's dry
enough for farming work.
i be gauge this morning registered fif
ty-seven and a ball f-ei, with the river
»-111 rising at tbe rate of six inches in
every twenty-four hours. To-day's re
g s'.er is only four feet I.ss than that no
ted io 18fl2,tbe year of the^igbest, water
mark ever reached at Vic sburg. Yet
all signs indicate that even ibis will be
exceeded, as tbe rise Is steady, strong
and regular. Already the water has al
most completely submerged the lower
portion of tbe city, aud Is washing over
tbe track of tbe Vicksburg and Merldsn
Railroad. The cotlou press it also be
ing inundated, and all owners of cotton
tc-day received notice to remove or leave
on tbeir own risk. Notwithstanding
this, Lowever, the city of Vicksburg is
located upon too high ground to
to be much damaged even io tbe *eveLt
of any still higher rls#».
HasMi's^uccMifal 8lral.tr
Philadelphia. March 15.
Haztel sailed for England at 7 a. m
the Indiana. A number of people
were on the warf to Bee him off.
He w rre a belt said to contain 810,
000. He came to Philadelphia yes
terday morning aud kept Incog,
until night, when he registered at
the Bingham House, He said that
when he came over for the last
match but one, Martin's company
was forcedon him and he was induced
to visit his saloon, and Martin took
the few hundred pounds he brought
a consideration. As he
didn't propose to accede to Martins,
demands to give one.half the match
receipts, he concluded to slip
quitely before the court could get
hold of him. The only regret of h.
visit to Amerca was that he met
Martin. Huzael was in high glee c:
be chuckled over tbe way in which
he gave the New York constable
the slip.
over a*
Itiipl.uaul for John Sherman.
W asbinuton, March 15.—The evi
dence citca in the voluminous
, .. _ repot
of the Uommittee on Appropriations
in regard tu the so-called Sherman in
vestigation, was submitted to the Sen
ate this afternoon, and shows that a
great deal of work was dore by em
ployes of the Treasury Department on
Mr. Sherman's new house and paid
out of the Treasury. The old carpets
were sold at private sale to suudry
employes by Pituey and subordinates,
great irregularities existing in these
sales, as in the disbursement of tbe
Contingent Fund generally. Copious
extracts are giyeu from Mr. Sherman's
testimony, but the report bears heuvi*
ly upon him neveitbeless. lie 8 l v 8
tbat Pitney was his business ageut
and that Pituey mixed up. Pitney is
scapegoat, and as he is silent now, it
is to be hoped that be will not begin
making his "disclosures" hereafter.
France and American Park.
Iauib, March 15.—The committee
of the Chamber of Deputies on the
bill abrogating the prohibition against
the importation of American salted
pork has adopted a report in favor of
the bill, with the proviso that tbe
system for the Inspection of the pork
upon its importation shall be re estab
lished. The report will be submitted
to the chamber to-morrow.
State Electioua Till« Year.
Tbe polit ciana will Dot bu luacti v. thtH
yasr. Elections take pl.ee in t»e. tv
ortSS® Ç 1 " 1 ** ^fiodeJslaud will upno tlfe
content next aiunth w.tu an oieouou flS
Governor, State offloerH guff a Learisl».
ture. Gegen will follow tn Ju£e,.Ä
(ltiüücr i'u are su ooi.fideut of victor*
although Ueu< ral Garfield c rf r eu il é
8 ate, that they liavsoille.lth*ronnv«ii
non tn advance or tu» repub "ans*
htfitucky will oteo, a C |„ k uf p lta l l, a ;"
ot Appnsl, ttt Augu-t, at.d in tttn sa u a
mouth Tsunmste aud A'ai , ,
chooa., Guveruors and L«al«|*turai
"• n ® ""<* "1 ng in September.* oho
will elect a Governor and a LeniNiat
which will have the filming of ?£nimr
tosucc.es Mr. Frye, who,Ttwllber!
memhersrt, ttoppod Into Mr. BUiu, «
v.caut plan, iu th. »„nate when he 8
«aine »«cretary of blau. loOoiob. r
Ohio aud Iowa will fill some oi thelï
£ "with",?"«. 0 ' l0raj0 w111 hfuvl Ie her
seit with a Governor and LeviMUtn «
and West V.rgln.a will ïïle.t'an V'
seuitly which wld choose a
Slates Senator to lucoeed Mr Uavi.
Novemb. r Uonoectiiut. Delawsre it« '
»as, Maisacbu-ette, Miob'uiu Nsh'IIÏ "
Sou1i d *'p N8 T. a *^ 8b ' re '"Ȁla
Sou b C rollon, Texas and N«.
rn! 1 / 1 '? Ql, i Te f no '*' whlle i'ffnol. 1 ^
have fï le P' ,tlTe candidate» who win
hate the dWt nv ot M-. David Dsvia L
8"ha or In their keeping. Br tb Darn ê
Phnty of work belqr.fhem, P tôr 0 8
be issue of the State coniests will d
P*" d » gccat measure the ne« great
stmggle for the Presidency 8 eut
Cintal ulio* Traf.
Ottawa, March 15.—'Tha ratura
presented to Parliament by the Fl
naooe Minister to-dav respecting tbe
ooltou trade shove the average price
of American gi
Canada to be
pouud. The aveiage price obtained
by Canadian manufacturer» U 29
cunts. The average price for Ameri
hleached cotton 1 » 47 93-100oenU;
cotton laid down In
73 100 cents per
for Canadian 38 routs ; showing that
Cauadian goods sell al ihe mills for 20
per cent.. leas than the American, or
7| per cent, over the prices of the
American market without tbe doty
AT a trial or tbe Mokaraki com
pressed air motor, in Philadelphia, on
Tuesday, it wee found that street oars
oouid be propelled at tbe rate of aix
or seven miles an hour with ease, and
that enough compressed air oouid be
stored in ten minutes to run tbe oars
sevea or eigbt miles. It it claimed
that with the motor. Hues of street
railway oan be operated touch more
obeaply than with horse power, and
that the motor does not fngh en
horses. These qualifications are ex
actly tboae needed in a substitute for
tbe present system, wbiob sooner or
later, muet be superseded id all large
Mo Imminent Hanger of War«
London, Maroe 15.— Tbe Tim?!, in
an tutorial article tnis morning, says :
"War botween Austila and Russia is
always a possibility ; but at preaent
there ia not, we tius', serions peril.
The establishment of the Bervian
Kingdom under Austrian auspioea is
an important guarantee of peace, nor
is the Slavonic storm likely yet to
break upon Germany. We have rea
son to believe tbai Priooe Bismarok
has no fears iu that direction, aud ihat
he neither expects an ai'-aok nor in
tends to strike.
A Bailie wills Mexican Baadtla.
City of Mexico, March 15—A dis
patch from Guadalajara, capital ol tbe
ätata of Jalisco, ssys that iu a tight be
tween a detatchmeut i f State troops and
an orgarixed baud if robber«, Montes,
tbe chief, of the robbers, who lies long
been a terror to tbe authorities, was
killed. LI u.enant Balm-, a prominent
Mexican officer, was captured by tbe
robbers wbo fled to tbe mounts lus, with
tbe troops In close pursuit.
Tbe Equitable Life Assurance Society
of the United Slates effects an important
agency organization here to-day. Gen
eral Cacied receiving tbe apppolntment
of manager.
It Is impossible for a woman after a
faithful oou/se of treatment with Lydia
K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, to
oontinue to suffer with a weakoess of
tbe uterus. Enclose asttmpto Mrs
Lydia E. Plnkbam, 233 W«ntern Ave
nue, Lyno, Mas«., for her pamphlets.
Death of Judge Meredith
Richmond, Va., March 16.—Judge
.lohn A. Meredith died at his residence
beie at 7 o'clock to-night, aged 62 years.
He was au emineut jurist, sod at tie
time of hie death was president of tbs
Board of Aldermen cf this city.
A ( AMD.
To alt who are suffering fTem the errors
and Indiscretions of youth, nervous
weakness, early decay, loss of manhood
Ac., I win send a recipe that will oure
you. FREE OF CHARGE. This great
remedy was dlucovered by a missionary
in Mouth America. He mi a self-addressed
envelope to the Rev. Joseph T. Inman,
Station I). Neio York Oitj/. oct2tt~d£wflm
SnUnFAIUNQ r v ForallSkin^
Remedy such as Diseases
CM ■
Symptom* are moiature, stinging, itchinv. won« at
öi g ht, »*em,„ if irin-worms were crawUng about
the rectum ; the private paru are often affected Ah a
^YEB'SCHERKY pectoral,
For DIseaae. of the Throat
Lunge, .neh aa Coughs, Colds,
Whooping Cough,Bronchitis,
Asthma aud Consumption,
The few compo
sitions which have
won the confidence
o f mankind and
become household
words, among not
tv one but many
m tlons.must bave
xexiraordlnary vir
■ ues. Perhaps no
cone ever secured
-so wide a reputa
tion, or maintain
ed 11
. long as
■ Cherry
1 ^«M^B^Pbctoual. It has
been known to tbe publlo about into»
years, by a loug continued series of m»N
velous cures, that have won for It a ran!
fideuce in its vlrtaes, never equaled bv
"I °Ui»r mejiclne. il 5tUi £ak£
the m > 8 t effectual cures of Coushs. Colds
«*i n . M kni Pt T OI ?. tliat Cftn fi«made*by raedl
Pf th, f ?LÄ' t*« h en ,Ä 8 .eSäL "f"?* 8 '
family should have HIn thTcleset foî
bers re ïï! y u a h aU »«»mpt relief Of itemcm
savêd R ^ k î,??s"'
wl.ewlll'^r.'Veelr ft 'tTyoi *g? T
œ'ë^cï. nüriu by «■ «"■/ m
»R. t. C. AYER * CO,,
Lowell, Haas,
Practical and Analytical Chemlata,
tmount to much* ininfV 011 !*»
JJotnedlclne has i-v" 1 b. l ','!'. w
s«*»«»« b«r iuSïï " a "
A *bw extracts from
read as follows ;
or twenty live yean I
I ■
cured.—T. Wimumro*. *■
Dr. Walto* write* from c<*h<*w .
Kille» cure« dli-htherl*
le tiiMtaniw. Thkia?.
y nick with ÄSfflftäB
Ho men y childmi hi7dwl
<»U e physician, and tnS!
K. H .®. wm taken on kZl
raid to
movers who
It could
loelnir notant
For Chills and Fever Paih gr
î equaL It cures when evomhî
Delays are often dancerm
Pain Kii.i.kk 4n the househawt
no family should be without.
p4Ä f " u " u,tM *^ # s
Aa it is ft» ail diMUM or th«
It oImuumm the system or Uum
that censes tbe dnadJui
only fcho viütiou» m
of th<> worst forma o. this ton
bave been quickly relieved, lai
perfectl y cun
ut AM wonderful auret«, Aid n
solo in OYery port of tb« Country
it hu cured whirtil
(tolled. It is mild, but officiant C
IN IT* ACTION, but hAnultuisi
, Htrengt bras ail||
Life to all the lmportaniorgiaioM
The natural action ofthe Kldntjilr
The Liver Is oleanaed of üidiMM,
Bowels move freely and hultfefUÿ
tho system.
As it has boon proved by tbo
is ths mo«t effectual rm«d7forele
system of »11 morblo eeeretim II
used In every houeenold
Always ouree BIL10ÏÏ6NEB8, U
Ie pot op in Dry Vrfeteble Fwa.
one psekasr«) of «hl<<> *nitke«*qtut:tt
Aleo In Lfqnld Fern,
the convenience of tboae
pareil Itattatritknuul
(Win eend the dry poet-peid.' IfW
MOQ.tr <kTTK8,
»-PLY LINKNB, iront 3M U)5 J"
We lnvlt. an «amination ofotulR
and NKW STOCK of Fs»«" 11
Krade«, at and ander mar»« rtm.
HitO ana 822 Marie'
MUX KtiülUK&l"
JUSTiOK or thx P 8Aflt|
Offloe 8, W. Gam« of Third»«
Bruts. Puulona, Patent. 11
A TTO&NM T-A .wj,
^UMtoXWn. W.
THE «AXE tté
H tre* 6
410 Market

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