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Entered at tu« uu»t em- «
nmHuum, Ort., *» • '-WwwiM« muter.
fou xi-J^o. its
jt trVUKMXKtt.
nlANDOPBRA B° u **j OIII0TIB(n .a.
fu**day Eve'g, November 21,
n, *.n»ui r~»* *****
daoDurtel bf HA YUS à WHIW»
' ,pP Dnim»U0 Coapaof
^r,tt.roMSS- *
FOGrö-'S ferry.
0|,ERA H< MJJIuinC md-LE.
Wednesday, November 22, '82.
ffco»Bt<rMnfiOt roapoet fully aaoounce»
AM l,trd hy the foUowIng ArtUt»:
in» MACD MORG AN, Harplat,
.M. HOBLT-HANdKN. Barilo«*.
lid th<diitlegulahed Norwegian Plaolirt,
KACRICK STBAKOttCH, Musteal Director.
, Rrnrrve.1 *r«U, 91. Vor »ole
A To.'* tbrrr. day« In advance.
noYia- 0 t-»
Ihn «lui" Ion. W
EbLäTE II 3 O Kl) EU.
kkuistkr'h Orne*.
InrCsètle Co.. DH., October IX tSSÎ.
rv,i th* application of Charte» I're era »a,
lutLtflr of John bowden, 1*1« of Wiluitnx
■ kundred. In *»l<1 county, deceased. It I» or
«dHi).1«Jiri(bU hr the Kegt«tor that the A4
*uf*!nr iif')r«**»ald fire notice of trraatlajror
tntsry upon the eaUtn of U»«
S^r.1 With th«-date of granttae thereof by
f ilurtliemenu to b« poMed within forty
kit from the date of «ach letter», ln »tx ef the
nubii<- i»l %!-*■» of the county of New Oa«t|e,
piflni; «II p< noli having demand» agalurt the
p -'the «aine «r abide by an act ot
I» oa«s made and provided. And
roc to he Inserted within the «âme
Daily gazette. » new*.
M In Wilmington, and to be co«
n I». (e. o. d.)
the hand and aeal of office
a|ore«ald. At Wilmington,
( aunty, s forcée Id, tbe day
H. C'. RIGOR. Rcfft«t«r.
ülr^mnihtTlng claim«, »galnat theeatateot
sCwawl, must prenent the «am« dill V »floated
»ihr tf-utor, <»« or before October Xrth,
K't »Mr the «et of A ««cmhi v ln «uch cam
l»1emdprorltled. rilAKhKH rRRKMAN,
■ r
l ». J«i the Keyl
B»'« i*>ATo wrltt'»n.
•! •;
idlrw-: Thurlow. Ps.
l«TKK'S OVFtOtt, »
I STY, DHL., (>ct. ISth, 1SS2. }
on «if Jo«eph Purl«, Hxeculor
late of Wllmluàton hun
«rtA.lnol'Uuuntv, UucvaH**4, It U «»rderod aa4
4lr«<vi»iji8*Kr*[ inter that the A«1uiluUtrator
«/ttrrwU|lTrivtloe «»f «ranGns «»f tetter* T
iMi'flurrupiMi th«* r-tal«of thr deoeated, with
WMtiPoffnnuuir thereof, by canning adver
llr'jn.at. u i,r p»«t<-d «Uhln forty day* from
(Vnit«uf Niii letter« In «lx of tho ino«t public
pl»iY#of the county of NewCoaUe. requiring all
hnvni having dr in an da agalaat the eatate to
pyirtlif *«nir. or ahlde by an Act of A*»embly
nude and provided; and ate«» c*u«e
Inerted within the lime p« rio<l In
uewMpaper publlahed
tluued there in Ihre*
JplHlLY (iAZKTTE, ft
wnliijfton aud to b«i
kU-F.... d.
(ilv«*n nr*.«ter tbe band aad Beal of
.onxvof Register aforr»ald, at Wllmlng
>- ». I ton. In N«*w « »*ia|«' county a/orwiald, tbe
*■*• d«rmd year above writutn.
t*. C. BIGG«. Beg later.
Iwtci.-AU p»r»on« haoiag claim» agala«t
—**p«f ihr d<y'««««4 inu*t pr«»»«*nt the umr,
fp »M^t.d to the Kx«<cutor ( on or before
to»wiith. is*.\ or abide tbe Act of AMemhly
»•«ofa*« m«.te nnd provided.
JUBRl'II PUGH. Executor,
sis North Kleventb »tree!, l*hUa.
—..A— "
UR 1 G tt vit ft.
An Item of Interest
tolioiw'keopors is a handsome
linen Table Damask at a mod
erate price. Owing to the fact
I*;" 1 ' *»e have a surplus stock of
waelipd Goods, we will on
Jdnnday morning make the
Hlowing very liberal reduc
in' in prices, for
50c. Blearlied Linen Table
uamask reduced to 40c.;
70c. to 60c.; 80c. to
rf ; 31.00 to 80c.; $1.25 to
and $1.50 to $1.25.
wdsomc patterns and splen
*4 value.
p would also invite your
'Mention to our very complete
•softmont of Grey and White
wool blankets
wo arc selling at prices
, otl ' 1 5 the attention of the
* l0 *d cash buyers.
' f|f1 Market Street.
l0K bow nr.ADT.
" Writerssndlrsral
nVfr KsfoMno* H-Sk
Brnonymout word.: For .
si"", worth pries St
ThùP'" r îb Caleadsr; OreafAM«»- I
l iniï î Vnll«l H tatest i»;»
Ï /"»„.it,,, ,' ir 1 unctnatton; Ktfonett* for
SjSL'or-rnlîi itum of Starrt*««
l* »n. I!, ' p i! plISC atati.tica: Interest, In.
» «.LoPutatlonTabies-A.Ifs mallmsi
R, ! f"5!Klr!f rt S: *«•!*«» taws. Roles,
■ V, r 1 ,8*0.1 Bari Domestic and Torntltn
IJ °y»V bnwn. nt*.: flow to
So DiUl Jiî'i'îi of tbo Wort L«*!
4 *,,
3 :

2 1 1 a
- U mU *
î K I
o %
p-ff« - _ B
9 m
fE M
BT -<
* m

K 30
^HANKsmviNu phocLTmatUnT
state or Dveavtask.
Wo are appro arhlii»
ho« Iwen eüt.'ihlUlictl
tho annual p»-r»*id which
by outturn l«r a public
aeknow|f<taciiieiit of nur obllprntton* to AiuiUhlr
Jiod for iimutfob! au<t iiuuierlted hh-*«hi|(a which
he ha« *4i grarloieUy behtoweit uixjn
fear. The peace and good order which li
valleil within III« Mate a» the result nr a
and Impartial admlnUtratlon of law In et
partaient of the
?o»t with which
ble«i"*d and the exempt Ion of
K » tile ace a*»d famine, should cau ne
tt» rovetTnt and grkteful Iwwi-t--« to Hint who U
tho areat vourre or life, lualth, prosporlty and
Now, 'liereforr, I. John W. Hall, Governor of
the State of IMuwnrc, do horebr aet apart
•a a day of Thanksgiving
earnestly request the peonirto âaaciuhle at their
respective place» of worship, between the hour»
of 10 o'cl'*ck, a. in. and 12 o'clock, m M for the
purpose of rendering thnnk» to Uo«l fur Ills
and goodm**« In the pitst aud Invoking
d direct um In the fui
(liiriQK tbo
1*1 til Mil
rery «le
nt. Ihr sbioulaut Imr
r bauds lut* been
home« fru»n
thr labor
4 pmU«*, nn«1 moat
we may be able t*» fully appreciate and dl»cbar«re
all the ri'«pon»lbllltle« which accompany life to
all U« varf 'U« re la ion».
In testintony. whereas. I, John W.
. aforsuld, hare hereunto
han'l and caused t"e (ireat Huai of
Dover, tht« Iftlli
Hall, Gove
•> t
L ft.
th» h(at«* to b«- affixed
day of November, In the jvar
thousand eljrht huu<lre«1 and eight-two.
lly the Governor:
Janim L. WOLCOir. Secretary or State.
■ •I
..1 OWNKK8. Thoaf who nell or tranafer real
estât* and do not wl«h b» pay the taxe* of l»»J will
oblige th'* und©r»!gned by lêaving notice thereof
at <»ur that wr wav av,««a It to the proper
Kl'MlIM) I»KOV«j!*T,
collector« of City Taxe#.
, between Market
in., aud 2 to > and
Offlo* N«>. 10 East MlxUi »t
an4 King. Hour», Sa.
t p. in.
. to 1.
..N ALL FKRMONH who havo*ol4 property
1ng tho prrno'it roar tmi«t id'c n«»tico of
traupfur to the Kogl tl rar at th# office of the
Wat«*« Impartaient »»«•for«'the >nth «lay
her, ins?. Oth«*rwlM they will t»r hef4
th«* water r«»nt f«*r tho noxt vrar. Any alteration
ma«lc In any hill afl«*r the above d»to will b«» at
I he Reglotrar.
of Novem
llahlo for
tho ««pilou
1. A. BOND,
N otice.— i hereby give notice
Til A r IT 1« my Intention ta prefer a peti-
tion to ti«e Ueneral A*w*in»>lv of th«- State of ltel-
awarc. at It'» next «c»*l .n, praying foratllroroa
from the bond* of matrimony wltb inv bu»band,
William A. Cammina. LOUISA CUMMINS.
WILMI.VJTON, Nov. 14, *<g. aoTlfr-dlw-wloi
WITH tl»«* following involution, tluly
pa»*ed by the City (Jouncll of Wllmlufton:
Tt K«tMlved. That tl»c Mayor h«authorlz<-«lto(»ffcr
a reward of fin for U»e arrenta»»*! conviction of
any of tb« person» win* w«m* euratred In the
rtotouH aud disorderly conduct which tertontly
<1l«tur»>e«l the public |>eac« »tid eudooxered the
Hvr« of many ritlio-n« in the western part of the
city on Tueaday, Nov« mhcr_7th; ' I, Ma
Wlhnlnyton. Del., hereby
tinned In acc«>rdauc«* with
•peclttcl In the roaoluthm.
JtHIN P. WALES, Mayor.
d for tho purpos*«
. w, is«.
O ABOUT NINE YEA KM OLD. came to th«
E rcmlM't. of Th
und r«»id.
llushandh. Iu Brandy win«
Wedn«wday. NoT«'iiibc.r Sth. Th«*
owiuvrta obtain po-*i.ci*il«»u of tlm above n»
« ni m ai by proving property and paymK for
« .1
I 1016 WASHINGTON street. Eleven room»
-t.h .11 «nv 0 nlep«-. u ^. fi ÿr | J. )A LBV
novU-lm! »U Market street.
100 Acres of Standing Timber.
Cht.flf YKI.I.OW CIN K »nil M.t'LK,
d three mil«*« of
within one mile of railroad
water, an«1 adla.-ent to other large and fine
of timber la«<l the growth of which I« Hkewlae ou
Hie market. K«»r particular« an tol«»caUon. price,
teruiH, «'te., addre»»,
#epU3-d, wA*-II
36 Desirable Dwellings.
1 S-otorv brick, No. S07 Washington
1 4-Ntorr brick, 616 King »tre«t.
1 S-»tory brte-k, '-•*« Waatiluxton
I j-storv brick. I" Market »tree!. 3j«o
1 k-»tory brick, »19 Lturtcu htreet. 2<«0
2 2-» tory brick, VC A »»I Idwton street 2^ eaoh
I t-»tory-brick, 3.W S. Van Buren btreet 1 W
4 2-*iori brick. «16. l»S.«N, Klm nt. 1 800 each
l 3-»torv brick, 40f* .Mouroe street. -.... 11««
' l too each
1 listory brick, N. \V*. cor. kilrn aud
, ÎÎSÂÂ i ijii üm *>
4 2-*u*ry brick, 30», 311, 31», 315 Houth
Van Buren »tr«*et . . » itfj eaca
4 2-*.tor f bnck. Tu». 7W, 710, 712 Brown ^
8 2-Htory brlcli, 707, 70» »1)4713 Wright
street.. 1
J 3-Hlory brick, 9t!
now In cour«! «»f erooHon. Also val
nablc truck farm on N««'y Coat]« ave
nue, containing 12 acre* and g<*od
buUilUi**. VtM . »"»
. sum
»trert H 506
and Franklin
eootuin from 5 to IS room» .
,„.„UU!"gur L eh^ p * gS !Tta
nn Wadilngton »
r\A~NIEL ii7 'foster,
(Seventh and Market etreots.)
^»S?lîiÂw^WüM C ihSi?d E nîfiâKÎ
■ n<l M K Tt< L'Kl AI, I/. A 1 y - K N 5 A C K of S« N.
"■*" or .!;.i
parson, during the hours of< ». m to 2 p.
8 ïdvVccfr«©. Whosoever should knpwhl# o
«aSfSï® way toimproreHshould read
receipt ol thre«-c«nt <twB * l ' l ^ pt , 4 . M «
t» hi. new rmidenc«.
wAum r rmi.tr,.
S*®™ •*»
Th« Ttir«e-Cfir«l Monte Man Who Is to t*
Brought Her« and fils Pal Who Had a
• Gazan«" Io Hi» Pocket.
Chief ol Pol let Hawkins went to Doter
yesterday after a réquisition for Edward
Rodgers, who waa arrested In Philadelphia
some days ago on suspicion of being a party
to the robbery of Joel Woodward, the
farmer living near «Newark, lu a From
street cigar store on October 24. Joseph
Lloyd anas Boyd, who was also arrested,
will not be brought to Wilmington right
away as he fa wanted lu Philadelphia for
robbing Poole, the chan from Michigan, sad
yesterday he and his accomplice la that
affair, were held for court.
Boyd, however, Is doubtless the man who
assisted Rodgers to rob old man Wood want,
and what tends to establish the susplchui is
that he had in his pocket when arretted a
copy of Tnx Gazkttb of October 25, giving
an account of the three-card monte game iu
the cigar store.
A Philadelphia
paper of to-day thus
speaks rd the hearing of tbo robbers who
fleeced the Michiian man : "Joseph Lloyd,
alias Boyd; William Miller, alias Baker,
-alia» "English Bill," aud Edward Bodgerr,
the confidence operators, were yesterday
givt-u u further hearing ut the Central
station. Matthew Poole, of Hillsdale,
Michigan, who was swindled out of 912T In
gold sovereigns In this c*ty on Friday last,
recognized Lloyd and Miller as the men who
robbed him. Louis Bolt, of 255 North
Ninth street, testified that Miller came into
his place on Friday evening and there met
Lloyd,and both had adrink,Miller tendering
In payment a sovereign, ot which he had
several. George Steele, bartender at No.
809 Vine street, stated that Miller offered a
gold coin for liquor nt that place. Detec
tive Peter Miller stated that the prisoner
Miller admitted having stolen twenty
sovereigns from Poole aud offered to return
ten of the pieces. Special Officer Dunbar
of the Pennsylvania railroad testified to
having seen all three defendants around the
Broad street station. On November 2 Miller
swindled .lohn W. Sawyer of Wells county,
Indiana, out of 925 ;* Novi tuber 7 be at
tempted to gain the confidence of A. Austin
of Lancaster, Pa.; November 14 he en
deavored to fleece A. J. Allen of Mont
gomery, Ohio ; he also made an effort to
Î :ain the confidence o! a Baltimorean aud a
Jerman,Rodgers taking a hand in the latter
case. When asked if he had anything to
say, Lloyd remarked, "I am iunocent." He
admitted that he had been out of prison but
two weeks. Lioyd and Miller were held in
91,500 ball each, and Kodgers was com
mitted to await a requisition from Wllmitiff
ton, Del., where be is wanted for swindling
a citizen out of 9500.
The Regular Meeting Last Night—Cnwnr
A. Rodney'» Diary.
The regular meeting of the Historical
flocicty was held last night, with Judge
Wales in the chair and a number of mem
bers in attendance. It war decided to hold
tho aiinual meeting on tho first Friday in
December. Dr. L. P. Bu^h, Cœsar A.
Rodney and Dr.R.P.Johuaon being appointed
to make urrangemeute for that event.
At the request of the Society Cæsar A.
ltoduey read some interesting extracts from
the diary of bis great grandfather, Thomas
Rodney, of s Journey from Dover, Delaware,
t-o New York iu the year of 1790, describing
the Incidents during his passage through
, Wilmington, Trenton,Washington,
N. J., Germantowu and other pla«ics. Mr.
Walter read a paper on tho "Ifckd of Peri
cles," explaining why, on account of the
peculiar formation of his head, Pericles Is
usually represented In bronzes aud Images
with a helmet on.
Donations were reported, as follows:
Journals of the House and .Senate of the
Forty-fifth and Forty-sixth Congress, 16
vols.*, Hou. T. F. Bayard; New Jersey
Archives, first series, vol. Z, from the New
Jersey Historical Society ; MaseachusetU
Historical Collections, vol., VIII, fifth series,
(rom Massachusetts Historical Society ;
History of the English Settlement in
Edwards county, from the Chicago Histori
cal Society; Articles of tho Rciiauce Fire
Company, bearing date of March 18, 1794,
from Clarkson Ogden; twenty-two vols.
United States Patent ( 'fflee Reports ; a num
ber of pamphlets from L. P. Bush ; Mera
of the life and character of
Halkham and Carpenter,
Bayard ; Remains of William
for their removal to Pennsylvania, from tbe
Historical Society of Pennsylvania; New
England Historical and Geneological Regis
ter," October 1882, from Northeastern His
torical Society ; American Antiquarian and
Oriental Journal, from the Rev. 8. D. Pett.
The Ninos of Wilmington »nd Reading—
Points About tl»e Active«.
TheGAZF.TTB announced yesterday that
Pflo and Albert of Reading had formally
signed with the Qulckéteps of this city to
play next season. The club will brobably
be composed as follows: David Miller of the
Cincinnati, aud Charles Kcnuedy, catchers;
Pvl« of Reading und Gus Sballar of Cincin
nati, pitchers; Gut» Albert of Reading, short
stop; Fields ol Reading, first base; Smiley
of BallImorc, second base; Barber of the
Mcrrltta of Camdcp, third base; G.C. Waite,
left field, Doris, centre field, ar,d one of the
e *Tho ActtveE of'RcJlng will l,*ve au nn
......r and the
uaoeliy stioiijf i liii * ' . b
player« *« WJ T £S." r "
r! probably be c inpo | •
r^nea^'tlTo^tlanth^Ctt'v^ edtchnit'
r d ...d U n. i , f the Baltimore
Laude* and Dad Reynold* of the. Baiumov*,
E UC ^uLP„ C " S e> à^S l a^iioovlr thW
base , MomWi' ■**25? Heifer 'ceutro
fiddV»int the D ch.n«e catcher rhrht^field.
, ÄTÄ r* H." i burr* He
| 8 «rpnli ng a élu. at Harrisburg, iw
ÏÂÂ ° f W,th th *
0 *It fs Btated that Shelillnc wanted Ï125 a
month to play in Beading next year, hut the
"ThfSKdluS 'ÄwÄry 'lit (or next
yel^o^ve, trjOO. _
The l.lquor Men'. AaaoesmenH.
An authoritative denial ia made of the
charge iu the—noruiug organ to-day that tbe
Democratic party made afs. ssmeijta upon
ail the lluuor meu Iu Wilmington, to help
! tho last campaign. There was no I
-rrPillar organlxatlou of llntior meu In behalf !
i ,hn Democratic, cause, and very fow of [
! the liuuor men were a-keil to contrlbntc, ;
«nil none werodirectlv*«i'5«od. Tho charge j
that the Democrats made a direct b)d for the I
linuor men's influence come* in with had ;
grace from the morning organ, in view of |
Mr. Bird's expressions on that subject in hi* |
Brit Fourth street speech.
orial Addre
Hon. T. F.
Penn, the plan
It, A. Cochrau'a tt til*
The will of Robert A- Cochran, >»«• of
C***»d, b the eyreutor of the wlJL
Th« flMHof« Before Hin Könnt Last
At tbs police court lut er« ling Serge*
McConnell occupied the neat of Chief
Hmwkln*, who wu .hunt on bualneu.
Sergeant Decker opened the newton by crying
In a stentorian tone, "Hats otf.gentlemon.
The few spectator* wearing their bead
suddenly doffed them, and John Fcrc«*w„,
John Collins and William Jackson were
placed la tba dock. The Brat wu* duly
fitted |1 for beta, druck, the second *R
being drunk and In a fighting mood, aod
the third Slfor being stupidly drunk.
Moor*, au aged blank man, era*
fined SB) and coat* for allowing • now and
three plga to run at large. It wae ahown,
however, that the plga bad broken front
tfaelr pen nnd bad been saenred by the
owner when notified by the police. The
fine waa therefore remitted.
The father of two small stone throwing
boys wu allowed to pay the costa of haring
fais seas arrested fog Indulging In their
dangerous propensity, and the case was dls
inlesed with a wonl of advice from ills
"The court is through now, gentlemen,"
cried out Sergeant Decker nnd the audience
Tina morning's Heakinos.
The Mayor this morning fined four men
50 cent* each for simply being drunk, aud
three men 91 each for various stages of
drunkenness and disorderly conduct. Emma
Washington, a yellow woman, was found
druuk during last night in the vicinity of
the gas works, and after i
locked up. She was fined |2.
uch trouble
Th« Op«n1og To-Wight— A Pr«a#nU»U<ra
Wednesday Evening.
The fair of the Water Witch Fire Com
pany will open in Institute Hall this even
ing, and to-day the tables and room are
being put In shape and decorated. The hall
to night will present a very handsome spec
The Fair Few», the dslly which will be
published during the fair, mad# IU first ap
pearance last evening and waa given a wide
circulation. It Is a very pretty little sheet,
f trlnted by James A Webb, and has much
nterestlng reading matter and full ad
vertising columns. T. Ellwcod Slngley IB
the editor. The business management is in
the hands of competent men whose names
have been published.
Wednesday evening will be un interesting
one at the fair. This is shown by the fol
lowing dispatch which waa received by the
Gazette to day frum Frederick, Md : "As
a reciprocation for tho courtesy shown the
United Steam Fire Engine, No. 3, of thia
city by the Water Witch Steam Fire Engine
Company, of Wilmington, the fbrmer com
pany last night resolved to present the latter
with a handsome piece of silver ware, the
presentation to take place In Wilmington
nt the W r ster Witch fair on Wodneeday ovn
Hx-Chtef Max wall D»mand> 3>e R «trac
tion of • Llb«loua Fubllootiou.
In the Republican of tbe 18th inst. and
the Morning Xewt ot the 20th appeared
atatementa charging ei-GW«f of Foiico Wil
liam J. Maxwell with attempting to In*
fluence the principal witness against Peter
9. Blake, a colored man, charged with
keeping a gambling house, and promising
to have the case fixed with the attorney
general if the witness would do as he was
dirocted. Mr. Maxwell denounces the en
tire statement as a vile falsehood, and this
morning called upon the papers making the
charge against him, Informed the propria
tors that tbe publication was a tissue of
falsehoods as well as a gross libel and de
manded a complete retraction.
A Large Death Certificate.
Ye.tfr<l»y the body of Alexander C.ood
in»n »rrlved from Hahw*y Betrc»t,Virgin!*.
On the llil oi tho box in which the body waa i
received waa K lu*d the certificate of Dr. J. |
Painter, setting forth the tauee of death.
Undertaker Mitchell de.irlug a hurlai per
rail and boliiï unable to remove the .vrtlli
* ) d Bhouldared the , 10tr ,, gnd
carried It to Regl.tr.r IWr, who took a
copy of the document end issued the permit.
^he eerUfieaU, a. K;. g ,^ar
ttKk .îf Ä« «lÄ pStidî' bLlng
of gre( . n oak It w „ undoubtedly tho
•J^hM^offliSrr! 1 * Theïe«»Md V w*» ÎS*yTare
ef ago a nd married. _^
why They Fear Blake.
To the Edito» oy tue Oxzette.; U
ff",!« pubî" Ï
n gambler before It is proveu hy tho court.
W hy they thus ririke at Blake, we aje fa-
formed, la becauso there ia great fear ..he
may open up certaiu frauds committed by ;
certain Republies n leaders in tho recent t
I elections. Blako knows something about
! those tax receipts issuedin the Seventh ward
[ at a certain house on Orange street near
; Twelfth, ife know* who tried to Induce
j him to bring repeaters here. If Blake over
I raise* the curtain the atmosphere will he
; very warm for some ona. In the eyes of the
| Boyublleane Blake now I» a very bad man,
Th« German Bchool.
The German-English school Is now suc
ceeding very satisfactorily in the quarters
which have been secured iu tho First Presby
terian Church. The school first opened in
September with Mr. Grebner, as principal.
At that, time 50 scholars worein attendance.
Since then the Board has secured the ser
vices of two lady teachers—Miss Carstccn
son, who instructs in the German branches,
and Miss Lillie Sutto», who teaches tho Eng
lish branches. 8inca these young ladles have
taken charge the membership of the school
has increased greatly, and the school has
every prospect of permanent success. On
Thursday following Christmas a festival
will be given to the children at the. German
Hall, at which time prizes will be given to
the best scholars, and presents will be gen
erally distributed. The school is In charge
of a committee consisting of E. P. Preye, A.
Kohl maun and Peter Ebner, and it should
be well patronised by our Qermau citizens.
Credit to Whom Credit I» Du«.
Tom Editor or the Oazbttb:— The
Jfinct, of this morning, in an editorial speak
ing of the health of the city at this time
■ays it I» " wholly due to natural causes as
nothing has been done for the better pro
tection of the public health " The va»t
amount of work done by the Board of
Health since last May in draiuing cellars,
lot# and other sink holes, and the large
uumber of alley# graded and paved which
had been used as receptacle# of dirt and
filth, and the prompt means used in having
the night soil and garbage removed and all
slaughter houses inspected weekly. The
market# Inspected twiae a week, and filth
removed from gutter#, all count for nothing
in 1ho estimation ni the .Von. Verily wis
dom took wings when the editor of the Xao*
left New York. Thi# wisdom is not appre
elated in Delaware.
Th* Friend.' Dyeenui.
The Drat meeting of the Friends Social
Lyceum for the eeeton wae held et Fourth
and We»t street* )**t evening, when pleut
ef organisation for tba winter wer» carafuUy
discussed. At the uaxt meeting, oo Monday
ereaJn*, effleor* will ho alectsd.
A «quitted of Plrlng Into a Crowd-Recog
nUauoo Forfoit«d--Froco#dingft T«»t«r
day Afternoon--Highway Hobhory*
At the opening of Court yesterday after
nooii the case of the State against Dennis
Sbowell, colored, charged with attempting
to shoot some one unknown, during the pro
gress of a row at Paultu'a hotel, Middle
town, on the night of the 19th of August
last, was takert up.
Joseph W. Geary testified to hearing the
disturbance, between II and 12 o'clock ; he
ran from his shop across the street towards
the hotel ; there he saw the defendant
fire a pistol five times, shooting up un alley
way towards a crowd of people*, none of
whom he could see er knew ; he did not
see the pistol, but saw the flash and beard
the report ; recognised Sbowell, and stood
but a few feet ajvay from him ; a Isutcru
hanging over the entrance to the alley
furnished light ; the prisoner was the only
person he saw ; appeared at the preliminary
hearing against SnoweU ; there had been a
disturbance before he arrived at the hotel,
and Windows were mashed in ; the prisoner
did not fire directly at any one.
Edward W. Ta mall ana William
son heard the row, which was amoug the
negro element, but neither of them
Maggie Oibbs, Abbie Emerson, Henrietta
Johnson, Geonre Williams and And. John
son, all colored, testified that Sbowell was
in Horntown from 9 o'clock that night until
8 o'clock next morning. Johusop said pos
itively that Sbowell did not fire the shots,
was not there at all during the row, and
that he, the witness, had passed another
man who had a pistol in bis pocket which
want off and sent a ball through his pants.
L. C. Vandegrilt, Esq., represented the
State and John K. Bradford, Esq., defended
the prisoner, who was acquitted after the
jury had been out about 15 minutes. With
the admonition of the court to beware of
firearms in tho future the defendant was dis
charged and left the dock aud was received
by some female friends who embraced him
and kissed him in an affectionate manner.
Isaac Hayden, who was only released
from jail ou the 13th of tho present, month,
was found guilty of stealing a key from the
office ol Joues, Guthrie «& Co. on the 11th
lnit., pariicnlais of which were published in
the Gazbtts at the time. The prisoner de
fended himself and claimed that the key,
said to be worth 20 cents, waa only worth
two cents. He was sentenced to pay 50
cents restitution money, cost6 of prosecu
tion, to be given 10 lashes and to undergo
an imprisonment of three months.
The case of David Ucoeou, for carrying
concealed deadly weapons, was continuel!
until next term. Court adjourned at 5.45.
M. Wil
Court vat opened at 10 o'clock ami after
the grand and petit jurors had been called
the case of Reuben Reynolds, charged with
carrying concealed deadly weapons, was
taker* up. The détendant, who was out on
ball, failed to appear when called and hift
recognizance was declared forleited.
The Attorney General, however, decided
to try the case iu the absence of
the defendant. A jury was
and tho case presented by
Bradford, Esq., on the part of the State.
The defendant, a white roan, who lives at
Newark, drew a pistol upon a colored man
on Front street, this city, on the evening of
November 5, last. He was seized by two
men and banded over to officer McCullough.
The jury after a very
announced a verdict of
John K.
brief deliberation
Robert Linn and Henry Magruder, Noth
white, pleaded not guilty to having assaulted
aud robbed William If. Moody upon the
public highway. WUliiug counsel and not
being able to pay for th« same, Austin Har
rington, Esq., was appointed by the court
to represent them. At his request the case
was continued until tills afternoon.
Richard Harrington, Esq., visited the
court room for a short tim« this morning.
George C. Gordon, Esq., formerly of this
city, but now of Philadelphia, and for some
time past iu ill health, appeared in court
this morning aud after a brief chat with the
judges and members of the bar. retired.
« Foggs Kerry »' at th« Op«ra House -
•* Hom'l of Fo»en " Last Night.
The Minnie Maddern troupe will appear at
the Opera House in the western melo drama,
"Fogg's Ferry." Miss Maddern, the star
of the company has already won great praise
from the press and the public in this city
lor her personation of Chip in"Uucle Dan'l."
Wherever sho hoe gone this seasou she
has won the highest enconiums. Tho play
is In every respect an interesting one. The
plct is well laid, the character parts are well
worked out, and the leading part, that
taken by Miss Maddern, is lone of the
finest in the modern melo-dramu. The per
formance will no doubt have a large audi
ence. It certainly deserves liberal patron
age on the part of tho theatre going people
of Wilmington.
"8am'l of Posen" last night had a much
smaller house than was exacted. The part
of the Poem Jew was filled by Mr.
Curtis with hie usual ability, aud it
is one of-the finest and moat original char
acters ou the American stage. The support
was very poor, and if Mr. Curtis had not
been in the troupe the affair would have
fallen flat.
WbOtPool OfUoe Change» Produt ».
(rhlladelpbia Prc*«, Hep.}
The scramble for the Towanda post office
Is getting under way and before it is finally
settled the President will have abundance
of time to remember that the appointment
of a postmaster at W'ilkesberro helped to
el«ct a Democratic Congressman, and the
interference of the administration iu l)ela
»olllics, by removing a good man from
the Wilmington postmastership, helped to
clinch the Democratic hold upou tho little
pocket borough.
r arc
A Reverened Re»lgner.
[Centrevlllc (Md., ) Observer.}
rho was
Rev. Vaughn Smith,
vited;" about four months ago, to serve
Asbury M. E. Church, near Crisfield
the balance of the conference year, vice
Rev. G. 8. Gasfaway, resigned, tenderei bis
reslgnaita#^to the official board of the
cliureb last week.
An Ipqaest at New Cfutlc.
Coroner Smith and Dr. Ogle, his phyal
to New Castle this morning to
clan, went
investigate the death of the thrcc-uiontha
old child of Perry Ambrose, colored. After
an Investigation a certificate o! death from
natural causes was giveu.
Degree* to bo Conferred.
Bum»nlty Circle, No. 1, Brotherhood of
tfha Union, will meet this evening at the
hall, No. 605 Market »treet. Alter the
regular butine»» 1* transacted degress will
b* conferred ou some of the new member*.
4 foil atlsndsncs 1» desired.
Spéculation Frocticnllj Dead and rh«
Money Market Btrlugeot—Tti« CauMe.
Chicago, Nov. 20.—Speculation oo the
Chicago Board of Trade is practically dead.
"Settling committee»" and a remarkably
•trlngrnt radney market have done it. The
report of the committee appointed to fix the
closing price of September wheat has made
everybody inad. The market value ot Sep
tember wheat on the #0th of that month
was 91.07. On the same day October sold
for 94 cent». The short», pf courte, de
manded that the settling price be Axed at
the latter figure. The longs wanted the
"market value" for their goods. To please
both sides the committee split the difference
at 91.02, and the result la that disgust Is
general and widespread.
There will be no more settling committees
in Chicago. A yea rot two ago, when J. D.
Lyon and otbeis were cornerlug the market
every month, there war, o great outcry from
members of the Hoard of Trade and many
outsiders agitluat the praefb-e. In deferent*
to this a rule was passed prohibiting corners,
and providing fop the adjustment of prices
by settling committee*. The rule partly
cured onedI#n»Me, but it brought on auother
which was much
became the rule,
a contract
worse. Defaulting
To Uvo up to
was unfashionable, be
cause one did not have to. 8o scandalous
have matters grown under the operation of
the n»>corner rule, that moneyed oieu will
not venture their capital iu eu iutslitutlou
whose rules afford them no guarantee that
they will not be robbed of It. Tbe last set
tling committee ha* sealed this plan of
doing busluc*» very effectually. There W|!l
be au open meeting oi the Board to-morrow
and the uuti-corner rules will bo repealed.
The man who then default* will have to go.
Iu relation to ifce money market the old
est inhabitants cannot renal 1 a time of
greater stringency than now. Money is
firm st 7 and 8 jo*r cent. The fall trade has
been very unta Lie factory to merchants, ami
collection* «re simply out of the question.
Farmers who saw wheat selling iu Chicago
wheu the 1832 crop was growing at 9L*5 to
91.50 per bushel, ure uot dlsposod to sell at
the prices now quoted. Tac crop of 0,000,
000 bushels forced prier» down to 92 cents,
but ot that figure the agriculturist has none
toeell. Receipts here run from 100 to 20d
car» per day when they should at this »ea
son reach 800 car».
The Clou* of u Moat I'roeperona Rafting
Hestou lu Miclttgan.
East Saginaw, Nov. 20.—The test log of
the season of 1982 wa» rafted by the Tittaba
wttssce Boom Company yesterday. The
seaaon has been unuMiol'y favorable for
handling loge aud the results are the largest
on record. The Tat tabswassee Company
has bandied about 619,000,000 feet. At the
commencement of Operation.» lost spring
there were 800,0tK),0(X) feet of old logs in ths
streams ; uow there is not to exceed 50,000,
000 feet back.
The Rifle Boom Company has rafted out
of Rifle River and tributaries the present
season 100,000,000 feet oi logs, and there
were back last spring 18,300,000 feet.
The Saginaw Hirer saw mills are all in
operation, and will uot ahut down until
Deeembcr 1. The product of the year is
1,000,000,000 feet.
The price of lumber ft* steady
for good stodf. ^ules are light, and made
to bold on dock until next seasou. Good
lumber is In demand, but there is not much
call for coarse stock. In the neighborhood
of 300,000,000 feet will b« held on dock
until next season. The year has been a
prosperous one to manufacturers, as lumber
has sold readily at good prices, and in con
sequence lumbermen are in a good bumor
and carry fat purse«. A full stock of logs
will be put iu for next year's cut of the
mills. The lumber shipments tor the sea
son by water alone will be considerably In
excess of 800,000,000 feet. Shingle mills
are shutting down. The seasou opened
with prices firm and active and a good
demand. During the ls-t sixty days thcre
has been a decline in prices, t be demand has
holding large
stocks over. Tbe season's product will »j*.
grsgate about. 325,000,000 feet.
and firm
fallen off, and the mills
The Norriatoxxn Poisoning Case.
Norristown, Pa., Nov. 30. —The inquest
in the Garber poisoning case was continued
here to-day. Albauua Roileau was re
called, but could uot recollect having pur
chased any arsenic on May 29, 1882; if he
did, it was hy direction of bis father. Dr.
Elwood M. Corson stated that the cause of
Charles Garber's death was poisoning by
arsenic. Martha Hyde, who has been the
housekeeper for the Boileau» since January
last, was then examined. She had neither
heard John nor Albauus Boileau make threats
against tho Garber family; she knew
nothing of the cause of the sickness of ihe
Garbers ; she was not awaro that Albanus
used arsenic to kill rats ; she was positive
that Albanus was at home all the time dur
ing tho three days preceding November 2 ;
lie was never permitted to go out alouo on
account of his feeble health. It waa de
sired that Mrs. Garber should bp present, as
thtf jury wished to ask her a few questions.
G. W. Rogers, her counsel, appe
said that she was. unwell and bad
vised by her physician to remain in the
house. After a lively tilt between the lawyers
it was decided to adjourn until Thursday
afternoon, at 3 o'clock. Juror Jamison took
occasion to remark during the afternoon
that the duty of th« jury was to find out the
cau«e of Mr. Garber's death and not to say
who was tho guilty party. The District
Attorney thought that the jury should en
deavor to find out whether the poison had
been introduced into the food with evil In
tent, and by whom, or whether It had found
it# way there accidentally. Old John
Boileau says that he remember» that
Albanus put the arsenic in the rat holes on
May 29, as s«*
was impressed «u» his mind by having seen a
paper bearing the word "poison" in one of
the rat holes some tiino afterward.
a red and
been ad
F. Burns,
Robert Garrett, Jobn Spear Nicholas, John
Gregg, William W. Taylor, James Carey
Coale, G. Von Lingen, Decatur H. Miller,
Joshua G. Harvey, George W. Dobbin,
Henry C. Smith and Aubrey Pearr#. The '
president and directors submitted tho 56th j
annual report of the uffair# of tho company [
for tbe fiscal year ended September 30, 1895, •
bought; that fart
us it w
The llHitimorc It Ohtn Railroad.
Baltimore, Nov. 20.—The annual mast
ing of the stockholder* of tbe Baltimore «.t
Ohio was held to-day. Th« following di
rectors were elected to represent the stock
hold«* rs in the Boards William
which shows lii.t the «jiçrcitRle caru- i
ings, working expenses .nfi net re*ult* i
I of the main stem and all branches :
, for the fiscal year were a»follows: Earninzs, I
; »18,888.875.72: expanses, *10, 0ÜO, 213.65; |
net earnincs, *7,f54,o02.0'. There is * com-I
parative decrease this year in tho net profits I
of *273,202.24. The paymsn'a mads and,the '
increment* In slnhiiijr fond« during the
ye* r for'account of tho respective d*hls
»mount to *017,711.50. The *ttere(r»te ol
payment* made on account of ths principal
and investment* for sinking funds on ac
count of debts ore stated to b**8,401,063.33.
.The profit 4r.d loss aceount »hows an in
crease for the past ye»r of *1,648,078.23. It
will be seen by tills acootlnt that the surplus
fuud which represent* invested capital
rived from th* earnings and which t*
represented by either stock or bonds now
»mount» to *i3,007,656.84,

Republican Manufacturer» Trying to
Work up Capital for tbo M«xt Campaign
—A R««ital of Horrors.
Kalmob, K. C., Not. ao.-Mr. Ambros*'
Byrd, a very prominent citizen of Mitchell
county, N. C., wa* murdered on Saturday
under peculiar circumstances near Bakera
vllle. He was engaged extensively In busi
ness with three brothers, Charles, Edward
and Marlon Whitson. They came to the
store and demanded that Byrd should sur
rrndt-r his property s od Isaac. All JBHliwSE
mod to the teeth
kill him If lie
not instantly
depart. Byrd left the store, but as he re
turned all three shot him, riddling bis
body with buckshot. He died as be fell.
At the moment a party of Byrd
came up and a battle began between these
and tho Whitsons, in which several were
wounded, hut all the brothers escaped aud
took to the mountains. Two huudred
raouutaineers are iu pursuit. They are
guarding every road leading into Tennessee
and swear instant vengeance ou the mur- /
derer», w ho will bo lynched the uiomeut
they are captured. The Governor, tbo
county aud the citizens have offered heavy
rewards for Iheir capture, aud such an ex
citement has not been known In that part
of the State for years.
Bt. Lons, Mo., Nor. 20.—Guy Bmlth,
the youthful parricide of St. Louis county, r
was this morning sentenced to Imprisonment
in the county jail for the term of one year.
By arrangement lietwcen the Prosecuting
Attorney and the prisoner's counsel his plea
of not guilty was witbdfawn and an plea of
guilty of murder in the second degree en
tered. The hoy,who is not yet thirteen yeans»
old, was of a most unruly and passionate
nature. One morning ahout eight months
ago he was severely chastised by Ida grand
father. After receiving the castl
cried awhile, then washed hi» face and
hands and went into an adjoinlug room.
The grandfather was standing in the d«wr
looking out when the lad returned wHti,«**-«
shotgun and »lipping up behind theoldgen^ V
tleman placed the muxjcIc of the gun behind
his ear, fired and blew on« side of his head
off. The boy was tried and convicted of
murder in the first degree, after which an
order for a new trial was granted.
Amsterdam, N. Y., Nov. 20—Six Italians
Indulged in a bloody fight last night with
revolvers, knives and stones. Two of th«
number named Franko 1/eauritino amd
Paulo Meggiano, were terribly cut with
knives and dangerously injured. Meggiatwv
after being ehased for a mile and a half,
tried to escape by swimming across the
Mohawk river, but w as struck ou the head
with a stone and nearly drowned. His eon -2
dit ton is considered criticsl.
'» friend»
OU lio
Wooten» Steel-Kail Mukeyn THre*»«uing to
CIo»e Their Work« ta t rer«ot Tariff
Chicago, Nov. 20.—The story sent to the
East about the closing of the steel and iron
mills here are to a certain extent sensations J.
There is no break between the irou men an«l
the laborers. It haa been undoubtedly
affirmed that, in view of tho election to tbe
next Congress of a majority supposed to be
hostile to the existing tariff on steel rails,
the manufacturers might think it good
policy to close their mills, though there are
no reasons in the present condition and proa- *
pect« of the trade for sued» actions. The
manufacturers claim that at present prices
any reduction in the tariff rate would mako it
impossible for them to continue business pro
fitably. What they mean by"profitably" is not
so clear*—that 1«, it is not so clear as It might
be whether the}' mean enormous profits or
living profits. This i» a point to be care
fully looked into and ascertained. It is re
ported her« to-day that the threatened clos
ing of the mills may be aimed also at th«»
workmen who aro now conferring as to a
reduction of wages. It »« said the workmen
are willing to stand a reduction of 15 per
cent, on their wages, but the mill-owner«
want to mnke it 25 per cent. This subject.
I think, will be settled peaceably between
this time and the first of January. There
appears to be no reason known to the public
why work should be stopped, as it is prob
able that there will be a large demadn for
rails next year.
He Decides to Cut Off the Head of tlie
I'hlladelplila Postmaster.
Philadelphia, Nov. 21.—Senator Cam
eron held a conference with Colonel Quay
and other Stalwart# last night. It was de
rided to obtain the rcpioval of Postmaster
Iluidcrkoper for Independent proclivities,
and give the position to A. W. Norris.
The standard OH Company Suntaitieri.
The litigation between the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania and the Standard Oil Com
pany was terminated yesterday by tht*
Supreme Court reversing the Judgment ob
tained against the latter for eori^oration
taxes and penalties. The suit was begun
over ■ year ago at the iustaneo of the State
Treasurer and the Auditor General claiming
The Oil Company
93,145,541.54 to b«^ue.
appealed fron» the assessment to the
mon Picas ol Dauphin county, where tho
case was agreed before Judges Simontoti
and McPhereou. The Government there
abandoned its original claim, but main
tained that the State was entitled to
9798,642.20. The Judges, alter considering
tbe argument rendered a decision in favor
of the Government for taxes due amounting
U) 931,801. This sum was swelled by inte»
est; penalties and attorney-general'« com
missions to 933,277.59. From the decision
of the lower court giving judgment for thi#
aura, both the Common wealth and the oil
company appealed to the Supreme Court.
The former, upon the ground that all their
»mended claim was due; and the latter,
upon tbe claim that they were not liable for
interest on penalties, no sufficient demand
having been made upon them. The opinion
of the Supreme Court was w ritten by Jus
tice Paxsou and favors tbe Standard Oil
Company upon both appeals,
j —
' i>«ino«r»ttc Gain« in Virginia. „
Xhn Rkhœond U.i,atch publishes conn
nleit 1 returns of majorities for conjrrws
ma u Jt-larpn in Virginia, from which it *p
, >flirs that John S. Wise, Mahoneite, lead« v
yf» H y, Democrat. 4,245 totes
{„ stste. The majority of Camjron
0 vcr Danisl last year for Governor wa»
njifl, w that the Democratic pain shire
then haa been 7,471. It]* not at all prob
able that the Mahoneltes will ever again
carry Virginia and, in view of result* gen
er»lly in the country, Wise could uot be
elected to-day If the election were to be held
Callander'* Minstrels.
The representative of Callander*« Min
•trele called at the offlea this morning.
Tbay showed In Library Ball, Pittsburg, la, I
night, and a dispatch aays that hundred»
were turned away.

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