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must ataaioji.
Heii?if?Thursday, February 14, 1860.
The PRESIDENT of the Senate laid before
the body a letter from the Secretary of the Trea
sury, communicating the report of the Supeiiu
teudent uf the Coast Surrey, showing the pro
Sres>? of that work during the year ending the 1st
foveuAer, 1855.
MrJRARCE submitted the following resolu
tion :
Resolved, That 10,000 oopies of the letter of the
Secretary of the Treasury, communicating the
report o' the Superintendent of the Ctfgt Survey
for the year 1853, iu addition to the udHnpiumber,
be j irinted, 5,000 thereof for the use oHne Senate,
and the remaiuder I or the use of the Survey
Office ; and that the tame be printed and bound
with the plates in quarto f>rm ; and that the plates
be printed under the direction of the Coast Sur
Alter remarks from Messrs. PISH and JOHN
SON as to the form of printing, the resolution
was referred, on the motion of the latter, to the
Committee on Printing.
A large number of |etitions and memorials
were presented.
On motion by Mr. BAYARD,
Resulted, That the Secretary of War be directed
to report to the Senate an estimate of the amount
necessary to complete the fortifications of Pea
Patqh Island, in the river Delaware, and of the
time within which the said fortifications can bo
By Mr. BROWN: A bill to establish it library
for young men in the District of Columbia.
[This bill provides that the Justices of the Cir
cuit Court of this District, the Mayors of Wash
ington and Georgetown, Secretary of the Smithso
nian Institution, and their successors in office,
with such person* us the Mayors of the two citit s
may designate, shah he created a body corporate
forever, under the name of''Columbia Library for
Young Men," and in this name to sue and be sued
in any court; may possess property for the nfore
caid purpose, real nnd personal. If a lot be granted
for sail library, no sale shall be made without the
assent of Congress. Power is given to appoint
all needful officers, messengers, and lal>orers, and
to compensate them ; also, the |>ouer to pass
all by-laws, Arc., and to alter or amend them ; to
limit the nge* within which young men may be
entitled to the provisions of the act ; to diffuse
knowledge among them in such ways as are best
calculated to instruct them, elevate their morals,
nnd fit them for usefulness, Arc ]
By Mr. BRODHEAD: A bill to increase the
salaries of the Judges of ihe Circuit and Criminal
Courts of the District of Columbia.
[This bill gives the chief judge $4,000 per an
num, nnd the associate judges and judge of the
Criminal Court $4,500 each, to J>e paid quarterly
from the Trensury ]
By Mr. WELLKR: A bill providing fur an
overland mail from some point on the Mississippi
river to Ssn Francisco. California.
Other bills were introduced and sppropriately
The Senate then proceeded to consider the fol
lowing resolution, submitted by Mr. Wilson on
the 3d of January last:
Resolved, Thai the President of the United
Stnte-> be requested to communicate to the Senate
nil it.formation in the posession of the Executive
in respect to the disturbances in the Territory of
.Kan-n-s directing the freedom of elections, and
thai he be further requested to inform the Senate
by what authority armed men from the State of
Missouri were marched into the Territory of
Kriikss. npaimt the peace and go-d order of the
Mtiti Territory, and also what steps have been
tak? n by the Executive to prevent these outrages
upon the legal rights of the people of that Terri
tory; and what persona hoi ling office under Ex
ecutive appointment have participated in these
acts, and to what extent.
Mr. CLAY moved that it be indefinitely post
Mr. WILSON expressed the hope thst such a
course would not be pursued. It was very desir
able that the Senate should have the information
called for by the resolution
Mr. WELLER thought ihe resolution bad
better be postponed. The Executive had no
special information not already in the possession
of the Senate
Mr. FESSENDEN contended that the Senate
bad no information other than that derived from
public rumor and the public press The President
bad called their attention to the doingsin K?n?as;
nnd it was fair to infer that the President had not
acted upon rumor, but had information of an au
thentic data, which it was desirable that the
Senate should also have
Mr. YULEE thought there was no necesiiy for
the passage of the resolution, as the subject was
under investiiraiion by the Committee on Territo
ries. who could call on the President for any
necessary information touching the snbject
Mr. OKYEK had no other objection to the
resolution than that it was not sufficiently enlarged,
lmt assumed aa a fact that men from the State of
Miasouri had been marched into the Territory of
Kansas for the purpose of taking possession of
ssid Territory He thought the difficulties had
grown out of the doings of the Emigrsnt Aid
Society, who had sought to take possession of the
Territory and exclude from it others who bad a j
like right with themselves That men had gone
there from V*tssouri for the purjiose of settling he
was sware. but that they went there armed for the
purpose of controlling the elections he did pot
believe. Why had there not been societies for
the settlement of Nebraska. Utah, New Mexico,
Mr. FESSENDEN contended that the sole
object of the resolution was to have any informa
tion in the possession of the Executive, snd spoke
of the excitement in the public anind in relstion to
the subject, snd thst it was due to the occasion
that they should have communicated to them all
the facts in the hands of the President.
Mr. TOUCEY hoped that the resolution wonld
be adopted, bat in proper form, calling on the
President for any information in his possession re
lating <o the afTurs in Ksnsas. He thought Coa
gress shou'd direct its attention to the matter snd
come to the aid of the Executive in sustsimng
ihe laws. He approve! of the whole course of
the President; and, so long as we bad a Constitu
tion snd lavs, it waa the duty of all to sustain
them. He thought the subject had better be post
poned, a? the Senator from South Carolina,(Mr.
ui'Ti.itt|wss entitled to ihe floor oa snother sub
Mr CLAY 1?ithdrew his motion to postpone in
deflnatehr ; when
Mr. WILSON avowed bfa willingness to allow
the snbject to go over, and that it should be so
modtfled as to assume any shape that Fenstoia
pleased, as his object was merely to obtain the
The farther consideration was postponed until
The Senate then took up fhe following resolu
tion :
Ret?ltvd, That the Secretary of the Navy be di
rected to communicate to the Senate a copy of the
report made to his Department by the Hoard of
Naval Officers convened at Washington, in pur
suance of an act passed February 2d, 185ft. entitled
" An act to promote the efficiency of the navy."
/ and of the record, journal, or other papers sccom
psnying ?sid report; or. in the absence of such
pspers,thst he further inform Ihe Senste whether
the csuses for which officers of the navy recom
mended by thst Board to be dismissed or retired
accompanied their report, or were otherwise made
known in writing to Ihe Depsrtment; snd if so,
that he communicate to the Senate a copy of the
Mr. Bl'TLER sddressed the Senste st length,
condemning the law, bnt defending the members
of the Board acting under it from any impurity of
motive. Some of them were his constituents, and
men of as muck integrity of eharacler ss sny
living on earth He defended sit the memorialists
whose pspers he hsd presented with much sesl,
particularly Lieutenants Roland nnd Mafitt, Com
manders Fettigru, Oedney, and others Dunne a
portion of his speech the applaoae from the gal
leries was of so unmixtakesble a ehsrscter as
to very properly csll forth a rebuke from the
Chair, that if again indulged in the galleries (with
the exception of the ladies) ?ho?U be clesred.
Th" debate was continued by Messrs. MASON
when, without tsking sny question.
The Senste adjourned to Mondsy.
House of Represent stives.
The SPEAKER appointed Hon. Jons Lktcwxr,
of Virginis. s member of the CommWee of Ways
snd Means, in the plsce of lion Urn. W. Jones,
of Tennessee, who. st his own request, waa ex
cused from serving on that committee.
Mr. COBB, of Georgia, moved thst the Presi
dent's annus! mes?age and ncr-ompsnying docu
ments be taken up and commuted to Ihe Com
mittee of the Whole on the state of the Union,
and ordered to be printed, which motion was
?greed lo. H? then moved that 'AOOO extra
copies be primed ,
A discus?lon ensued as to ibe coiu|>eteucy ol
Ihe llou?* Io act upon ihe laiter motion at once,
or whether (lie subject should first he referred to
the Committee on Printing
The SPEAKER, on appeal by Mr. H. MAR
SHALL, of Kentucky, decided that the motion
was now in order lor the action of the House.
Finally, the subject of printing the extra copies
wax referred tolh ? Committee on Printing.
Mr. FLORENCE, of Pennsylvania, presented
the memorial ol A. II. Reeder. contesting the
seat of lion. J S. Whithkld, the delegate from
Kansas ; which was read. It sels forth the gene
ral ground* that Ibe anting delegate waa illegally
elected. Mr F. aaid that in presenting Una peti
tion he had arrived at no conclusion in relauou to
the case, but would make up his mind Iroiu the
evidence that might be presented to the House
and the country The memorial was referred to
the Committee of Elections, aud ordered lo be
'"mV KNOX, of Illinois, presented the memorial
of William U. Arclier, contesting the seat ol Hon.
J. C. Am.en ; which wasfcrferred to the Commit
tee of Election*, and ordered to be printed.
Mr QUITMAN, of Mississippi, presented the
memorial ol Miguel A. Otero, contesting the seat
of the Hon. Joss Manuel. Gaujeoos, delegaie
from the Territory of N. w Mexico; which was
referred to the Committee ol Elections, and or
dered to be priuled.
Mr. TAYLOR, of Louisiana, presented the me
morial of Albert Fabie, contesting the seat of ibe
Hon. Georoe Eus'riS, jr., of Louisiana ; which
was referred to the Committee ol Elections, and
ordered to be printed.
The SPEAKER laid before the House a large
number of Executive communications, _among
them the annual report ol the Commissioner ol
Patents, the annual report ol the Secretary ot the
Treasury on the finances, the annual report of the
Superintendent of the Coast Survey, &c,; all ol
which were appropriately referred, and ordered
to be printed. .
Mr. HOUSTON, ?f Alabama, moved lo take up
the special message of the President of the United
States in relation to the Territory of Kansas, and
that it be referred lo the Committer ol tbe W hole
on the state of the Union, and ordered to be
printed. t .
Alter some debate as to the proper reference ol
tbe message, whether it should go to the^Commit
tee of the Whole 011 the sta e of the Union, the
Committee on the Judiciary, or tbe Committee 011
ihe Territories, lt>? question was taken, and it was
referred to the Committee of the Whole on tbe
state of the Union?yeas 86, nays 83
Mr GROW, of Pennsylvania, moved to recon
sider 1 he vole by which the laws from tbe Territo
ries of Utah, New Mexico, and Minnesota, were
referred to the Committee on ihe Judiciary, as
their proper reference was to tbe Committee on
Mr. WALKER, of Alabama, moved to lay the
motion to reconsjder on the table ; which motion
was agreed lo?\ eas 81, nay* 81.
Mr. STEPHENS, of Georgia, subnuiU-d the
following resolution:
Rmolurd. That the Cleik of ibis Houhe turnish
the members aud delegates with a copv ol ihe
Constitution, the Manual, and Rule*.
The questiou was taken, and the resolution was
Mr. FLORENCE moved that when the House
adjourn it adjourn to^eeton Monday next; which
moliou was agreed lb.
Mr. STANTON,of Ohio, moved jhat the House
do now adjourn; which motion was agreed 10,
aud, al a quarter alter three o'-lock, the House ad
Supreme Court of ttie Uultcd States.
Thursday, February 14, 1856.
Hon Samuel Caruthers, of Missouri, and John
T. Brady, esq., of Kansas, were admitted attor
neys and counsellors of this Court.
No/ 01. Drea Scott, plaintiff in error, M.
John F. A. Sanford. The argument of this
cause was concluded by Hon. M. Blair for the
plaintiff in error.
No. 62. Richard C. Stockton, appellant, va.
James C. Ford. This cause was submitted to
the consideration of the Court on the record
and printed argument by Messrs. Reverdv
Johnson and Stockton for the appellant, and
by Mr. Duncan for the appellee. ?
' No. 142. William Stairs et al., plaintiffs, t*.
Charles II. Peaslee. The argument of this
cause was commenced by Mr. Grisworld for
the plaintiffs, and coutinued by Mr. Gtllet for
the defendant.
Adjourned until tomorrow, 11 o'clock.
Friday, February 15,1856.
William B. Webb, esq., of Washington, D. C.
was admitted an attorney and counsellor of this
court. ? , .
No. 142. William Stairs et al., plaintiffs, M.
Charles H. Peaslee. The argument of this
cause was continued by Mr Gillet for ihe defen
dant, and concluded by Mr. GriswoW for the
plaintiffs. ... - . . .
No. 63. Samuel Ward, claimant of the bark
Mopang, appellant, vt. William M. Peck et al.
This cause was argued by Hon. F. P. Stanton
for the appellee**, and submitted on the record
by Hon. J. P. Benjamin for the appellant.
No. 64. James L Hanson, plaintiff in error,
m. Thomas J. Davis, administrator. This
cause was argued hy Mr. W. S. Cox for tbe
plaintiff in error, and by Hon. H. W luter Duvis
for the defendants in error.
Adjourned until Monday, 11 o'clock.
llaa arrlrrd at Will*id's Hotel, Wash
ington, D. C?
Id ibe delay attending (be organization of
Ibe Hou*e, it is ? matter of con grain lat ion
tbat the member* of both branchea of the Na
tional Legislature can, without violating their
political principles, settle upon oae popular eaa
didate for their lavor. Mr. Fox, in his capacity
a* a Tailor. repre*enting commerce, baa ever
merited and cotftloue* to receive ibe distinguished
title of Leader of Fashions of tbe United Stale*
To tbat laudable distinction be ha* been elevated
by the unanimoua auflragea of the people Ue
baa bad the happy fauulty of uniting tbe disaen
tient voice* in ibe realm of faahion, and now
repreaenta them in one undivided aentiment.
Tbe House of Representative* has boen at a lo?a
for a leader for aome lime, but tbe R*tpreaeata
live of Faahion ia alwaya organised Tbe lashion*
in the plastic hand of art is to the akill of tbe
artist what the disorganized elements of tbe
Representative Aasembly are lo tbe genui* of tbe
orator. Tbe one aocrumbs to the ta*te of the
artiat, tbe other ia aubdued by tbe eloquence of
tbe orator. What the Utter ia to the Coagrea
aional Aaaemblv, Gtoaoa P. Fox ia to tbe Popular
Aasembly of rafehion. We have thus far mal?
tuted a parallel, but parallel* only run cloaely to a
certain point, thence they diverge, and thua it ia
wiih onr leader* of faahion* and our leader* of
politic*. The Speaker of Faahion (for such we
will designate onr repre*enlative) is never at a
loaa for tbe right fit on the right man, and the
ngbt man ia never at a lo** for thengtii fit when
he a|ipliea to oar loader. Hi* vote i* never ca?t
away, nor yet hi* money. Both are equally well
and aafely invented. Unanimity of opinion can
not He *upposed to atway* en*t in political as
?emblie* of men representing a diversity of prin
ciple*. but in the realm of faahion there can be
bu| one opinion, and that is, that there i? but one
American faahion and G?o. P. Fox i* its leader.
TAYLOR A MAf'RY hare the honor to
announce the completion of preparation* lor
tbe fe*tive ?eaaon. In addition to their ordinary
clock, (which ha* alwny* l>een characterised bv
elegance and variety,) they have received?
A choice *election of beautifnlly ilium rated and
tastefully hound Boob*.
Article* of" vertu," in Porcelain, Bronze and
other manufacture.
Writing I)e?k*. in papier inache and roaewood
Card Ba*ke a, Inkatanda, Indies' Cabas.
Cigar Stands and Caaea. Portemonnaie*.
Taper Standa, dec
Together with a general aa?orttnent ot iioveltiea
remarkable for a combination of the useful with
the ornamental, at price* ?nitable to the artisan o
Book and Stationery store, near Wth *tren.
rahuavlvamia avbkiia
ToVai aui) personal.
Public Laud*.? lu accordance with a revolu
tion of the House of Representatives. passed dur
ing I tie last Congress, the Commissioner of the
Land Office has transmitted lo that body a -tuU*
ineiil -huwmg the amount of territory subject to
the wet of August, lftiil. to reduce aud graduate
the price of the public land? to actual settlers aud
cultivator*; from which tl appear* that there are
lu Ohio 70,495 actea; Indiana, 4oh 700; lllitioi?,
1,354.010; Wisconsin, 1:906 757; Michig-n, 8,785.
890, Iowa, 505,480; Missouri, 13,850,020; Arkuusas.
14,212,010; Louisiana, 7,800,340; Mississippi, 7,
60^,043; Alabuma, 14,039,502; and Florida, 0,848,
f06; making a totul ol' 77,561,007 acre*; which are
thus divided; ol' the first class, (a dollar au acre)
18,708,759; seventy-live cento, 15,054,148; filly
cents, 11,540,920; twenty-live cents, 0,485,827;
twelve and a half cents, 25 114,353 acie?. The
pricea are graduated accoidiug lo the tune the
lands have remained in market.
A Word 111 Heaaon.?The Rev. George D.
Cummins, the rector of Trinity church, has pub
lished a card, bayiuK that the presentation of Iiim
name I'orthe Chaplaincy of the House, was 'entirely
without his consent, desire, or suggestion," and
thalhe has "not the slightest personal acquaintance
with the gentleman who proposed it." lie aays,
in conclusion, and with undoubted truth, " 1 urn
strongly convinced that the means adopted of late
years by applicants lor the otHce ol Ch iplain to
Congress, in electioneering for votes, Jec., have
brought odium aud contempt upon the sacred
office of a minister of Chiist, and have rendered
Ibe honor of an election a doubtful one ; while
they go very lar to deprive the Chaplaiu of his
proper moral and religious influence over th<!
members." ^
f A Novel Spectacle.?The Orange and Alexan
dria Railroad Company, haviug been advised of
the arrival, ijt this city, of a splendid new pas
senger car, made arrangements for removing it
to Alexandria over the ice; and, yesterday after
noon, it was safely on its way thither, drawn by
five horses. 'The car weighs twenty thousand
pounds. Passengers from Alexandria, at half
past lour o'clock, reported that the halfway house
had been reached by the extraordinaiy team.
Never before, perhaps, has the Potomac been
frezen, as it is now, to bear so much pressure
upon Us icy surface.
Mr. Anthony Kennedy has been elected by
the Legislature of Maryland lo the dena'e of the
United Stales, tor the term of six years, from the
fourth of March, 1857, in the place of the Hon.
Thomas G. Pratt. Mr. Kennedy is a " Know
The Militia in the States and Territories, (ex
clusively of Iowa, Oregon, Washington, Nebraska,
and New Mexico,) amounts to the aggregate of
nearly two millions and a halt of men; that of
the District of Columbia lor the year 1S52 is
stated at over eight thousand, hut at this time it
is probably leu thousand.
Kellel'.?The iueuil>era of the House of Rep
resentatives (through the H?n. Lewis L) Camp
bell) have subset ibed three hundred dollars "for
the relief ofthe poor of this city.
Governor Shannon, of the Territory of Kan
sas, is now on a visit to this city.
Thla (Saturday) Evening, February 10,
ON which occanon Mr. Winter will distribute
io hm patrons over one hundred nnd sixty
two dollar*' worth of beautiful and costly presents,
which can now be seen in the window of the
Fancy Store of Messrs. Hutchinson <3c Monroe,
No. 110 Pennsylvania avenue.
In addition to the exhibition of Chetuical Dio
ramas. See., Master Withers will execute on tne
violin one of Deberiot'a Solos.
Ticket* 50 cents only, and are limited.
Full particulars in small bills.
Feb 16?
RS. FRANKLIN respectfully inlorius the
m Ladies of Washington that sbe continues
to give instruction in Vocal Music. From her
long experience and professional intercourse with
the b< st Artute* of Europe and America, she leels
contident that her method of cultivating the voice
nud imparting correctness of style and expression
will render satisfaction.
For terms and hours apply to Mr* F.at her resi
dence 403 L street, between 9th and 10th streets.
Reference is made to Mr. R. Davis nnd Mr. G.
IlilUtis, at their Music Stores on Pennsylvania
Avenue. Dec 13
| AIM KM ALPI N K Just re
cftved a superior lot of Ladies' Hlack Niid
Heewn Alpine Boots, together with a large and
Rrrsl assortment ol Ladies, Gents, Misses,
a, Youths, and Children's Boots nnd Shoes
^ Hannay, author of Singleton Fontlerov, Arc
Con* ile Espana. or Goiu* to Madrid, via Bar
Just pnblieked and tor sale at
March 0 Bookstore, near Wih street.
(or tale by
Dec 1
340 Pennsylvania avenue.
Adjoining Patterson's Drug Store
land warrant*.
rpHK KvbKrlhcn, having made addition
1 to their active capital, are now prepared to
purchaae an unlimited quantity of Land Warrants,
not only at the very highest market prices, bat at
limr$ will pay wore than say hoosc in this city,
Baltimore, Philadelphia, or New York. and cer
tainly always aa much ; and will deal very liberally
with correspondents, forwarding Warrants by
mail, always allowing them more liberal ratea in
consideration of the loaa of time necessary for their
transmission to this city, and our return draAs on
Northern sad Southern cities in payment. Address
J. M. CLARKE & Co.. Rankers, and
Dealers in Land Warrants, Washington D C.
Ccloael James G. Berrei, Poatma?ter, Wash
ington. D. C
Suter, l^ea, At Co., Bankers, Waahingion, D.C.
Alt the Officers of the Ranks in Wheeling,
Bee I we At Co., Bunker*. New York.
Pet?rs, Speace, Ac Co. Ban kern, Lyachhurg, Va.
Haul <V Hint on, Bankera, Peteiaburg. Va.
R. 11. Maury If Co., Bankers, Richmond, Va.
Caahier Bank ol Virginia, Richmond, Va.
C ashier Farmers' BankofVirgin 1a, Richmond, Va.
Caabier M ami M. Rank, Parkeraburg. Va.
Jain*** Robb 5c Co., Bankera, New Orleans,.
J. W CJark At Co., Banker*. Boatoa.
W. M. Ar J.C.Mnrtin, Bankers,Charieatoa,9.C.
P. Ar. A. Vinton Bankera, New Philadelphia, Q.
Jan. 19?lm
And Ageuts lor "Kerr'a" " rfaasP* Old Ry?t
and P. Hanger'a "Old Rye" Whiaky. Pttmtut*
All letters promptly snswered, and ordera tilleo
Feb 'JO?3...
1 JLi House of J. M. Clarke At Co.?We are a!
way* paying above New York market prices for
warrant* seal ua by mail, and return sight draft*
the aame day they are received.
Addreaa J M. ClaARKK At CO.,
Wa?hington City, D. C.
8ept *>?1 ra
j r|'Hk. UNl>KH?IUNKi><?tlfcrtheir aervlcea
X t? proaecute claima et every description be
? 'ore Gongreas aad the different departments of the
i government.
Office on I4?h mreet, opposite Willard's Hotel
t\ man PrujUsf.?Th? Workinguiau's Way in
(he World, being the Autobiography of a Journey
man Printer.
Classic and Historic Patriots, by James Bruce
Juat published and for sale at
' rpHE undersigned, John C. Dovereux, of
X New York city, and M. Thompson, ol' Wash
ington, D. C., attorney* and counsellors-at-law,
are associated for the lepal |wosecution of claims
for creditors of government, in the Court of
Claims .
They will co-operate in immediate ami careful
at|*nlion to busiuess matter* at Washington
which may be intrusted to their care by gentle
men of the profession and claimants, in the city of
New York, or elsewhere in any part ol the
They may be oonsulted at any time, personally
?r by letter, either at New York or Washington
Particular information as to claims which have
been at any time before Congress or Departments
can be furnished at once upon application, by the
parties interested.
No. 00 Broadway, corner of Wall street,
New York city.
Washington city.
| N. B?J.C. Devereux is a Commissioner of the
Court of Claims.
Feb 7?3tawtfif
XV rowski.
MEMOIRS, Speeches, and Writings, of Robert
Rnntoul, jr., edited by Luther Hamilton.
and private devotion, by James Montgomery.
Novel, by Caroline Lee Hcuu, with illustrations
Irem original designs, in 2 vols.
THE CHURCH, in a series of Discourses, by
Sylvester Judd, Pastor of Christ Church Maine.
I the English Commanwealfh, from the execution
I of Charles I. to the death of Cromwell, by M. G.
viuizot, translated by A. R. Scoble, in 2 vols.
ANT Refugees, from the Revocation of the Edict
of Nautes to our own days, by M. Charles Weiss,
Professor of History in th? Lycee Bonaparte, in 2
aiing, D. D.
VOICES OF THE DAY, by Rev. John Cu..,
iniug, D. D.
Just published and received at the bookstore ?f
JL by Henry Mayhew, price 75cents.
The Essence of Christianity, by Ludwig Fener
bach, translated from the second German edition
by Marion Evaus, translator of Straus's Life of
Jesus. price $1 2&
Travels in Europe and^the East, by Samuel
Ireneus Prime, two volumes, price two dollars.
Just published and for sale at
PIANOS, PIANOS I?We have uow in
store the largest and most reliable slock of
fianor ever offered in this city, from the justly re
nowned manufactories of Hallel, Davis & Co.,
Boston; Bacon & Raven, New York; and Kna!>e,
Gaehle <k Co., Baltimore; ranging in prices from
$225 to $500.
lu addition to those in store, we have on exhi
bition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair, at the
Smithsonian Institute, lour superb Pianos, made
expressly to our order for this Exhibition, any of
which we will dispose of on reasonable terms.
Also on hand, Guitars, Violins, Flutes, Accord
eons, ^delodeons, Banjos. Strings, Muste, tec.
ReiBmber, at the Piano, Music, Stationery,
Perfumery, and Fancy Goods Store of
A TEACH EH WANTED as Governess
iu a private family, one that is competent to
teach all the branches of English. French, and
music. Atidress P. M. Fauquier, White Sulphur
Springs, Virginia.
Importer and Dealer
General Commission and Forwarding
No. 474 Penn. Avenue, two door* below U.S.
\1~T N B. Country Merchants are requested to
give me a call before purchasing elsewhere. '
\Lr Also, Agent forthe Farmers' and Mechanics'
Firs and Marine, and Life Insurance Company
of Philadelphia, for the ports and towna of Alex
andria, Vs.. and Georgetown, D. C.
Oct 20?ly
Gsoziax: masox,
Ind.ia.nola, Calhoun County, Ttxas.
Practices in the Courts of the Tenth Judicial
District; also in the Supreme and Federal Courts
at Austin an?l Galveston.
Hon. A. P Butler, U. S. Senator, S. Carolina.
Hon. D. R. Atchison, U S.Senator, Missouri.
R. M. T. Hunter, U. S. Senator, Virginia.
James M Mason. U. S. Senator, Virginia.
Geu. S. Cooper. Adj. Gen. U. S. A. Wa*h., D. C.
Thoinas Green, esq., Washington, D. C.
C. C Jamison, Pres't Banl^of Bait., Ball., Md.
Dec <J?tf
OrricE No. 292, Pennsylvania Avenue,
. Corner of 10th street,over Savings Bank.
rrUI8 CENBTfiRY la laid outou Hie pint.
jL of the celebrated Greenwood of New York,
aod situated on tbe high ground, distant one atxi
a quarter milea north of the Capitol, Nortb Capi
tol street, leading directly to the Gateway. This
company have received a charter frum Con
gress, appropriating this ground for ever to burial
purpoaes, making a fee title to the purchaser, and
prohibiting all encroachments from legislation or
otherwiae, which ia of vast importance to those
who wish their dead to repose where they have
placed them ; for it has become a custom in all
(Hies when the burial ground becomes valuable
for other purposes, to sfll it, and throw the dead
promiscuously into one large pit, and leg-al mea
sures cannot prevent it, as ao titles are given to
tbe ground.
N. B. Office hours from 10 a m.,to 12 m, where
pamphlets containing the Charter, By-laws, and
a Map of the Grounda, and all oilier in form at tor
can be obtained.
All orders left with Mr. James F. Harvy
410, 7th street, or any other anderialrer, will be
promptly attended to. June 19?ly
C? >PI BB HOI.I) !? l.loyd'a
. w-v Great 8t?a*?>oat Won will
be ready on or about the 24th of October.
t oattatai
First Applicstion of Steam.
Life of John Fitch?Engrsving of his first Boat.
Life of Robert Fulton?Engraving of hia firat
American Boat on the Hudson River.
Robert Fulton and Livingston's first Ohio River
Boat?Correct Likeness?Full Particulars
Latrobe'a Fir?t Boat.
First Steulienville Boat.
First E*plosion on the Western Waters; from
an Eye-Witness.
Maps of the Western Waters; Towns, Cities
and Distances laid down correctly.
Liat ol Stesmboat Kxplo?ion? since 1813; Names
of Killed and Wonnded; List of Steamboats
now afloat.
Correct Views of Pittsburg, Wheelinjr, Cincin
nati, Louisville. St Louis* ami New Orleans, in !
1X).'); sketch of each place; Population, Bum
ness, Ate , Arc
Fsst Time of Boats on the Ohio and Mississippi
List of Stesmboat Offleera on the Western
Tbe New Sleain.Ktal Law?-With Comment a
Life Boats.
Disaatera on tbe Lakes; Namea of Lost, Killed,
and Wounded. ?
The High Water in lt>10, 1S3W, l?47.
List of Plamationa on the Mississippi Rtver.
Important United Statea Supreme Court Steam
boat Decision*.
'l hree hundred pages, with r>ne hundred en
graving*, handaomely hound. By remitting (>??
Dollar, (post paid,) you will receive n copy of the
above work
Orders from the trade solicited, and sgenls
wanted in every town and city to canvas for tbe
Address JAS. T. LLOYD Ir. Co
Post Otflc* Buildings, Cincinnati, O.
Oct 2t Jan 1
Tim* ImIwmu WMhluftuu *nl1 WI?e?Huf
but 17 l-!l n#uri t
Running lims bttwven Washington auil Cincin
nati 27 /mart! !
Through Tickets and Baggage Check* io be hud
in Washington!!!
HAVING prettily improved IU Hcuteru
connection* now oilers the lulle I induce
ments to traveller* l.etween Wu-ht.iKloii, Haiti
more, and all portion* of the We*t,the North wot
and the South weft
The connection between the train* from W ??U
ington and the train* bound west iron, Baltimore
is always promptly ma le at the Wa?h'ngton Junc
tion (lately cailed the Relay H<-u*e) U mile-* irom
Baltimore. Tht* i* the only change of cara re
quired between Washington ?ud the Ohio river.
Baggage is check d through to Wheeling at the
Washington statiou, and rechecked and transfer
red there, (wMh the passenger#) without charge,
for those holding through tickets for points beyond.
The connecting traius leave Washington daily at
6 a. m. and 4J (>. in. On Sunday* at the latter
hour only. . ,
At Wheeling direct connection is made with ttie
trains of the CENTRAL OHIO RAI -ROAD run
Ding from Bellairre on the Ohio near U heeling,
through Cambridge, Zanesville and Newark to
COLUMBUS. These train* connect at Newark
with the car* of the Newark. Manslield and Sand
usky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit.
Chicago, St. Louis, etc.
At Columbus the C. O. Railroad trams connect
with the last train* of the Little Munnt RaUroad
Xevia (on Little Miami Railroad) connection is
formed with the trains through Dai/ton, to INDI
ANAPOLIS, Terre Haute, Lalayette, Chicago.
Rock Island, St. Louis, etc.
1W Passengers holding through ticket* lor
Memphis, Vick\hurg, Natchez, New Orleans et2.,
which are also sold at Washington, are transfer
red at Cincinnati to the Mail Steamers on the Ohio.
Tickets lor Evansville, Cairo, and St. Louis are
sold by this route. ? ...
JET FOR CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to
Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, etc., tickets are sold,
when the Ohio is navigable between W heeling and
WelUviIle (forty miles) where a connection with
the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad is mad*.
Travellers are requested to notice that wlile
this is the only route affording through ticket* and
checks in Washington, it ib also the shortest, most
speedy, and direct to nearly all the leading points
in the great West. The distance from Washing
ton to Cincinnati is but 053 miles, being about 100
miles shorter than by any ?*her route'
WASHINGTON: To Wheeling, S9 50; Columbus,
$13 05; Dayton, S15 50; Cincinnati, $16; Louie
ville, by railroad, Sib 05; by steamer Irom Cincin
nati, $ib; Indianapolis, in 50; Cleveland, 61* lo,
Toledo, $15 SO; Detioil, $15 20; Chicago $20 0,?
and $10 50; St. Louis, $28 50 and $2j; Memphis
; New Orleans, $31, etc. , v>,
mont, Oakland, anil Fairmount. passengers may
leave Washington at G a. in. or 44 p. m. For ihe
minor wav atal?oii? briwecii Baltimore and vv heel
ing, take 6 a. m. train Irom Washington
gy For traius to and from Baltimore, Annapolis
etc., see special advertisement*.
CI?" For further information, through tickets,
ice, apply to TIIOS. H. PARSONS, Agent at
Washiugtou Station. JOHN H DONE,
Muster of Transports ion
Baltimore and Ohio Hailroad. Balti ?ore
May 5?ly
made of the irregularity of the ruuning ol the
bouts between Washington and Alexandria, lor
the accommodation of the public, the undersigned
has determined to run the steamer GhORGe.
PAGE as lollows. viz :
From Washington, 6J. *. Vi- and Hi * ni I, 3,
and 4|, p. ni.
From Alexandria. 7i, bj, 10i. a. in.; 12j,2, 4,
and r?i- p. ni.
Omnibuses connecting with the boat will leave
the corner of Seventh street and Pennsylvania
avenue at 6. 7f, and 11. a. m.; l'i*, U|, and 44,
^ Nov 7 if. GEORGE PAGE
received a large assortment ol BOO.1 S and
SHOES for ladies', misses', and children's wear,
which we offer very low.
Ladies' Gaiters from $1 to $3.
Misses' 1 loots ol every kind, in proportion.
Of Children's Shoes we have every color and
style, from '25 cents up.
The Inquiry generally ia. Where csn we hnd a
good assortment of shoes tor children ? We can
answer all such querists to their satistaction li
:hey give us a call.
We would also state that we are prepared to
manufacture every style of boot or shoes usually
worn by gentlemen. iadie?. misses, or children.
AI?o on hand, every description of boots and
shoes, which will be sold very low.
Call and examine for yourselves beiore pnr
< basing elsewhere, aw we are determined to sell.
g S. C. MILLS & CO.,
i 3t No. 4tt0 Seventh st.
A Gentleman ol eonalderable cxperiene*
in busine** generally, and in account* par
ticularly, whose time i* uot lullv oceupiod, would
like to engage to kt ep the book* ol r. arge mer
cantile, or manufacturing establishment, or would
engage to keep the l?ook* of a numl>er ol eon
cerns, the busine** ol which may be deemed in
adequate to pay s competent book keeper to each.
Satisfactory reference given. Address account
ant, 503, City Po?t Otiice.
Jan. 31?1 w
MAIsUFaCIUkER of metallic gravers,
Dec T4?
on th?- Hook of Revelation, hy the R*v. John
Cuinmuig, D. 1).; T> cent*.
Benediction*, or the Blessed Lite, by tt??- K?-v.
J. Cumnung, D. L)., Tt cent*.
School Book* and School Requisite* at ibr l?u
t?l price, lor ?nle at the bookstore of
' fti Tth ?treet, near Odd Fellow*' Hall
WAS Moleii or l>eroyed from tbe corner
of 20th and I street, near my residence, on
Thursday Bight, the 17th instant, a little girl
named Lizzie, of a dark mulatto color about six
or eight years of age. Had on red calico dress,
With a green apron. She is in the habit of call
ing Mrs. Km on "grandmother," and if asked who
she belongs to wi'.l answer "Grandmother
I will gTvr, twenty dollars for the recovery of
the girl and detection of the thief if found in the
District, or fitly dollars if found out of the Dis
trict. It is supposed that she was taken in a car
riage or sleigh, as she had not been out ten nu i
utes when missed. J. II. EATON.
Jan. SM?3t#
nXCKlJ(l(>R; MfcLPtf TO jpKOUKBM
Tj in Religion, Science, aud Literature.
A new tuonihly magazine, edited by the Rev.
James Hamilton. D. D., of London Price $1 M
per annum.
Although nominally a youug MenV Magazine
>t will be a main ellori ol the conductors to pro
vide lor young men thai heallhlul stimulus and
the aids to improvements, which many *1 tliem are
now so anxious to secure.
The editor ba* secured the a??i*innce ol mauy
able and excelled contributors, and every i-Hori
will Ue made to render the work worthy nr , nt
ronage and support ol the christian public
Agents for I be District,
IN ft'KM A I IM S W AN I KIi.-l , the year
ol ltfcJ4, iMartha A. Well* ,a daughter ol Alex
ander Wells, who then lived in Amelia County,
Virginia. and who subsequently amoved to the
I cilT <>f Petersburg and died liiereiu lu August,
IfSKi.) went with a Mr. Spencer irom the county
I ol Greensville to one of the Western States. She
was then about aixteen years old and has never
lieen heard from by her family in Virginia Irom
that day to thia. By the will ol her lather she is
entitled to a portion ol his estate,or, if she be dead,
| her rbildien, if she or Ihey he heard from within
one year from the date ol his death. Any mlor
?nation in rroptn-l to ihe said Martha A. Well* or
her children, tl she hss any, would be bent licial
lo th< m aud bo thankfully received hy the family.
Address Olio W EASTWOOD,
No? 57?w4w Petersburg. Va.
for Writing Without l?en or hih^opy
lug Leaves, flanti, riowart, Hlelurci,
Patter** for Kiubruldcry, M?rklD( Llu
?? Indelibly, Manifold W rKi?|.
rpillS Aril lo i* absolutely the best portable
1 inkstand in the known world, lor u small
quantity folded aud placed in lli# pocket consti
tiiu-s a travelling Inkstand, which cannot be bro
ken. No pen is nerded, lor any stick, sharpened
to ? point, write* equally as well as the bwt gold
I it-n in thti universe. I'or drawing it is indispen
Milile. It is, indeed, ihe whole art of Drawing and
Faulting?taught in one lesson. Any leal, plant,
or dower can lie transferred 10 tbe pages of an
ulbuni, with a minute and distinct resemblance ol
nut 11 re. With equal facility, pictures and em
broidery patterns are taken, and have receive
the highest et'logiiims from the fair sex ; 10
deed, a more tableful present for ? lady could not
lie produced. .
This Magic Paper will also mark Linen, or
oilier articles, so as to remain perfectly indelible.
All the washing in the world fails to bring
Any c hild can ??<? it with perfect ease. With
this Magic Paper, likewise, one or four copies
of every letter written can (>e secured without
any additional labor whatever, making it the
cheapen mid most convenient article extant. It
is used to great advantage by reporters ol the
public pres?, telegraphic operators, and hosts ol
Each Package contains four diflerent colors?
Black, Blue, Green, and Red, wuh full and printed
Instructions for all to use, and will last sufficiently
long to obtain Five Hundred distiuct Impressions.
It is put up ill beautifully enamelled colored
Envelopes, with a truthful likeness of the Pro
prietor attached. Each and every package war
ranted. ? ...
ID"Price $2 a dozen; or five lor one dollar.
Single packages 25 cents. T
Address, post paid, N. HUBBELL,
Ne. 167 Broadway, New York.
Hiibbki.i/s Magic Impression Papkk ?We refer
our readers to the advertisement in another col
umn, setting forth the merits of this pleasing and
ingenious invention. The cheapness should in
duce all to give it a trial.?Philadelphia Merchant.
It is unsurpassed for neatness and utility, and
should meet with the sale it richly deserves.?
Work, Wolfert's Roost and other Papers,
now first collected, by Washington Irving.
Scottish Songs, Ballads, and Poems, by Herr
Full Proof of the Ministry, a Sequel to the Boy
who whs trained up to be a Clergyman, by John
N. Norton. A. M.
Memoirs of Life, Exile, and Conversations ol
the Einperor Napoleon, by the Count de les Cases,
with portraits and other illustrations.
Manuel of Sacred History, by Johu Henry
Kurtz, D. D.
Just published and lor sale at
Feb l?> Bookstore, near 9th street
Just received u very lar?e ussortment ol
Prayer Books and Bibles in all kind of bindings;
the best a-sortment, perhaps, to be lound in the
Also* a large assortment of English Books in
History, Poetry, ice.. aud the best American edi
tions on the same subjects.
rim 12 Subscriber begs leave to liifurm his
JL friends and the public, that be ha? opened a
a new store. No. 474, Penn. Avenue between
3d and 4 and a ball street, Plagerald'a Build
ings two doors east ol tlie United States
Where lie intends to keep constantly on hand a
Urge and varied assortment of Foreign and
W1JNEH, l.l(lDO"?. SKGAKS,
And Fine Groceries,
Consisting of fine Teas, Sugar. Hour Soap,,
Olives, Raisins, Figs, Sardines, Anchovies, Otard,
Marrett Ac Co., Pinet Ac Co., and Colonel Cha
bard's Brandies, mi cases, demijohns and casks ,
Old Jamaica Rum, Sherries, Madeira, Port of
various descriptions; St. Julien Claret, Cha
teaux Margaux, in cases; Champagne Cider,
Braudy Fruits, Reynolds' Edinburg Ale, Anne
sette,Mara*cbiiio, Curacoa, Absynth,Chami>agnes,
aud a large sad various description of Havana
Also. Porter, Ale, and Cider.
Families are particularly requested lo call and
examine tbe slock before purchasing elsewhere.
Members of Congress are also informed, that
their orders will be promptly atteuded to, aud de
livered at their houses on the suorlest notice.
A general assortment of Fine Havana Segars.
imported direct by the subscriber, at Wholesale
and Retail. ,
Officer, of the Uuited Slates Navy can have
their Mesa Stor? iput up at the ahor* notice.
A neneral assortment of
Put wp at the shortest notice, snd warranted to
keep on loug voyages.
Country orders punctually attended to, and
Country Produce, ol all descriptions, received on
No. 4"'4 Penn. avenue, (north side,; between
3d aud 4i streets, two dors east of the United
Stale* Hotel. Pel 4?3t
/ 1 AUTILIR'H.?Just received a large ?s*
sortmenl ol Pate De Foies Gras. from Sua.
I bur*, in small and l:>'ife iar-.
l-.it u if ' ? 'AUTIKI.
1)2 A 1 ???) TEA nave Just re
I cetved some new styles Albata and Silver
I'laic J Ware that i oiler at manufacturers ?new;
also, a Urge assortment of Spectacles, ol every
description ; together with a good assortment ol
purr Silver Ware, ol my own manufacture, which
I will retail al wholesale price*
<1S Feiin. avenue, bet. 4i and tbii Ms,
Sign ol the Large Spread kagie.
Feb 25?dlw if
I MiW %KI? LYCBTr, Seu., Houk-Kludrr,
j Potomac Hall, corner ol Eleventh-street and
Maryland avenue, over Clarae* Uru# atore. Want
ington, D. C.
Every style ol uo<ik-bindiiig executed, either in
? civet Turkey Mwtnro, Ru?i?. or fancy colors
Periodicals and .Vluwc neatly Anil tvonnd
Vtr. Lyrktt re?pecilully suggests to bin Irieuda
thai while much ha* Iwjeii done to transmit Isimly
records, liltle care tia- lieen taken to preserve pa
rental likenetM*. He takoa+ki* inetkod to miorm
in* Irieiids, and those desirous wl |?erp?*t ualing per
? iiiihI reiuetubrnuce*, thai daguerreotype Uke
nec-es can be inlaid on the inside covers of (ami
y bibles, presentatioD-booka, or keepaakea, speci
men* of which can be seen at his tundery, or he
can be addressed by letter, wbic.hwiD l*e promptly
attended to.
MATHtMATK Al, 1)14 TlONAK* and
Cyclopedia of Mathematical Science, com
prising definition* of all the term* employed in
Mathematics, an analysis of each brauch, and of
the whole as forming a single science, by Charlea
Davie*, L? L. D., author of a completu course ol
Mathematics, and WB. G. Peck, A M , Assiat
<nt i'rofessor ol iMatheuistica United States Mill
tsry Academy. Just published, and lur khI<> at
the Hoobstore ol K FARNllAM.
C oNmI KX I and Preaerved (Utiger and
t Chow-Chow, Attea and Choong Lnong.Can
ion. tresh im|>ortation. For sale by
No opposite the Centre Market
a acura?cor?ari.i i a t en ,
For the Collection ol Claima, the Procnreuient ol
Patenta, Bounty Landa, and Pensions
From the French, Spanish Italian, and (rermao
Languages, and I or Topographical and other
Oraw tugs.
No. flh Street. Washington City, D.C
Nov Ih tl
1M>K till the lAtlt ol November
n- at, the large built house at the eorner ol
iMh and K streets. Call at the ?? Seu'iuel" oltice.
lnielligencer, Star, and Organ, one w-eek daily'
and remi b.lU to Sentinel ottice.
May 11? I wd
of the United Statea.?ROBER t J. WaLKEK
and LOUIS JAMN have formed a copartnership
under the name of H Walkrr fir Jamjjk,*' for the
argument ol cn?e? in the Supreme dburt ol the
United States, at Washington city, where both
j wilt attend throughout the future seasions of that
court. They may lie addressed at Washington,
, New York, or New Orleans
Jan 19?eo3m
MEMKKHn OK (OlKiRBtM and Visi
tor* to W?>hingiuH are rittpevllully informed
iiiui Mt TAYLOR A: NUUIIY S Book and 8<?
tionery Store, near Ninth street, they will meet
all their requirements. Their extensive stock, in
addition to ihe following important works, com
prises every department ol' Literature, Science,
and Art.
New books received immediately on publica
Weekly importations from England.
Calhoun'a Work*, 0 vols.
Jefferson's Works, 'J vol*.
Webster's Works, 6 vol-., autograph edition.
Everett's Orations and Speeches, 2 vols.
Clay's Private Correajiondence, 1 vol.
S. S. Prentiss's Memoirs. ~ vols.
Hancroft's History of the United States,6 vols.
Statesman's Manual, 4 vols.
Mickey's Constitution, 1 vol.
Jefleraon's Manual, vol.
The Cona'itutioii oftho United States, 1 vol.
Elliot's Debate- aud Madison Papers, 5 vols.
Marsh's Orators aud Statesmen. 1 vol.
Story's Works, 3 vols.
Lives of Chief Justices of lliti United States,
1 vol.
Lieber's Civil Liberty at d Sell Government,
2 vols.
Wirt's Life of Patrick Henry, 1 vol.
Kennedy'* Life of Wirt. 2 vols.
Garland's Lite of John Randolph. 1 vol.
Partv Leader's, by Baldwin, 1 vol.
De Tocqueville's Democracy in America, 1
The Federalist, 1 vol.
Grimke's Nature and Tendency of Free Insti
tution.*, 1 vol.
Constitutional Text-Book, 1 vol.
Carey's Past, Present, and Future, 1 vol.
Seaman's Progress of Nations, 1 vol.
McElligotl's American Debater. 1 vol.
Future Wealth of America, 1 vol.
Smith's Wealth of Nations, 1 vol.
Every description of American, English, and
French stationery of the finest qualities, at the
lowest prices.
Visiting Cards engraved and printed with the
greatest promptitude.
Dec 3?dtf Near Ninth street.
The healing OF THE NATIONS, by
Charles Linton; with an Introduction and
Appendix by N. P. Tallmadge. Published by the
Society for the Diffusion of Spiritual Knowledge.
New York, 1 large octavo volume, pi ice $1 SO
For sale at
TAYLOR Ac MAURY'S Bookstore.
May ?') near 9th street.
MISS BROOKE,from Philadelphia, will
tor younir Ladies, on Mon/Liy, September 10th,
at No. 138, Penn. Avenue, corner of
| Seven Buildings and 19th street. Miss BROOKE
will be assisted by the most competent Profes
sors in every department.
A French lady, recently front Paris, is engaged
as a resident governess, and every means will be
used to accomplish her pupil* in that language.
Drawing will be taught in various and elegant
"My frieud. Miss Brooke, is a most estimable
lady, of great intelligence, whose qualifiations a
a teacher, and who?e accomplishments in English
literature, entitle her to high consideration.
"Miss Brooke is well known to me as a lady
who is entirely capable of conducting successfully
the education of young ladies, and i* every way
worthy of the patronage of parent*.
The Right Rev. ALONZO POTTER, D. D.,
LL. D.,
Right Rev. G. W. DOANE. D. D., LL D.
Professor A. DALLAS BACHE, Supt. Toast i
Professor JOSEPH HENRY, Secy Smith
soian Institution.
Gen. JOHN MASON, Washington 1# (
JOHN S. MEEHAN, Esq., Librarian to Lou
Hon. ELLIS LEWIS. Chief Justice of thu S.
Court, Pa.
Hon. G. W. WOODWARD, Associate Judg?.
of the S. Court of Penna.
Hon. GEORGE VAIL, M. C. N. Jersey.
Lieut. M. F. MAURY, LL. D., U. S, OUe, a
tory. ,
Ci/cnlars staling the terms to l>? had at tit/
principal llook Stores, or of Mist, Crook*, No
13b Pa. Aveuue. ??
August 30?3tawlm.
Another and a very large supply of Warm
Under Shirts and Drawers this day opened, of the
best qualitv and at low and uniform prices, at
STEVENS'S Sales Room,
Nov 15?3tif Brown's Hotel.
A Weekly Jo urn al Published at U??h
lagtoa City.
'I "UK uoderilfucd prupwte to eomnieucn
1 about the first of June next. in tbe City ot
Washington, tbe publication of a weekly newi
paper, to b? oalled the Spxciatok. designed I or
general circulation among the people of the United
States. Its columns will commit u full digest ot
the news of the day, foreign and domestic; a
weekly review of finance and the markets; a
synopsis of the proceeding* of Congress during
its session; tables of election returns; the impor
tant political action of State Legislatures, and ol
party conventions; interesting miscellaneous nud
scientific matter; articles on Agriculture, together
with original, articles upon the leading topics of
the day. Much valuable information relative to
the operations of the Executive Departments, to
gether wtlh a weekly list of new patents, will l>e
found in its culumue. A large portion of its
space will be devoted to light literature, original,
and selected Its location at the political centre
of the Union, will aflord op|Kjn unites alwaya t??
procure tbe latest and most reliable information
on public alfairs
It is the intention of the 'undersigned to make
tbe SricTATui an acceptable visiter to ?very
house in tbe Union, and it will therefore not as
sume on any occasion the po-ttion ol a partisan
paper, nor will it owe any allegiance to meii ; ? ut
entertaining fixed and decided views on qtHst>< is
of political economy,and upon our^ystem ol g< r
ernment, it will disseminate and promulgate them
a* occasion may require ?always keeping carefully
n view the interests of the country, growing uu I
of loreign as well as domestic affairs.
The Smctatox will be printed in quarto form,
on good paper and new type; each number cihi
taining eight pages of matter malung one volume
annually of 410 pages. Each volume will be ac
Companied by a lull and comple index to its con
tents, thus making it a most valuable paper for
preservation and reference. It will be published
every Saturday morning, at $!2 per annum, payable
alwaya in advance. No paper will be continued
beyond the time for which it is paid.
All subscriptions and communication* on bust
ness should l>? addressed to the undersigned at
Washington, 1). C.
Washington City, April 13, 18ft5
New bk7mc*?w.c.zantzinguk hi,?
just received front tbe publishers, Finn,
Fond ?k Co., New York, auti George Willie*, jr.
Baltimore, an assortment ol their latest puhlicn
Pianos tuned, warranted to give satis
adjoining Kirkwood House.
Dec 16?3t s w 11
ry's Bookstore, near <*h street?
The Plurality of Worlds, with an letrtxlui-non
by Edward Hitchcock, D. D.
A Lamp to the Path; or, the Htble in the Heart,
the Home, and the Market Place, by tbe Kev. W
K. Tweedie, D. D.
The Catacombs of Rome by me Right Kev. W
J. Kip, D. D.
Narrative of a Voyage to the Northwest f'ons
of America, by Gnbriel rraitcheie
Corinne, by Madame De Stael, new etfium,
Vathek, by Beckford, do
Female Poets of Great Britain, do
Western Scenes snd Adventures, illustrated.
Life of Napoleon, by Haxlitt. do
Modern languages i>. ur?ux,
a native of France, teac.ier ot Modern l*ao
fuages, especially French, S|>*ni?h. and German
'ranalations made with correctness and punctu
ality. Professor of Nuniesmatica, for the classifi
cation and explanation of medals and coins.
Pennsylvania avenue, south side, between 6tk
md 7th stroets,opposite Brown's Hetel.
Furnished Rooms to rent at thnt place.
Sep 31?dtf

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